Newspaper of Evening Star, 16 Aralık 1857, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated 16 Aralık 1857 Page 2
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EVENING STAR WASHINGTON CITY: WEDNESDAY Dfffmkfr 16, 1W. AdffrtUrafiti ihoild k Hal la *T 19 t'dtck m.; otherwise they may Mt pftr aatU the aext day. SP IR IT OP THE MORNING PRESS. The Union, to day, shows that the Philadel phia Prt?* ia wrong in iu statement that Con* gress of its own motion, required the submia ?ion of the wbols constitution of Wisconsin to a popular vote before it* acceptance here. The truth ia. the convention framing that constitu tion required it: and Congress, acting on the principle that the convention waa the people of the Territory acting through their legally au thorized agents to determine what stages the constitution should be passed through before the State's admission into the Union on it, of course enacted that its (the convention's) direc tiona on tbe point in question should be carried out to the letter. The T/itrilig.Hcrr republishes, with appro batory comment*, nn article from tbe Albany Argm. counselling tbe Democracy of Congress to wait further developments in Kansas before determining what to do with the Lecompton Constitution. That is to say?in tbe present aspect of affair*?to wait until Lane. Kobinson. fetanton A Co., make a successful revolution tbero l*efore venturing to prepare to maintain tbe supremacy of law in that quarter. Such is the plain Koglish <4* thi* reooininendatiun. l?v" Fourteen colored persons were baptized in tbe river at Alexandria on Sunday afternoon. Tbe new Collins steamship Adriatic, Which was }<assed SO* miles from Liverpool on the 1st li st., proltably made tbe trip out in about nine day* and thirteen hours. ID" Rumors are current that an expedition is fitting out in New York to join Walker in Nicar agua U. S Marshal Kvnder* is on the look out for them, and at the first favorable moment in tend* to rapture the whole gang. |pT All the banks of New York city continue to pay specie. The large receipts from Califor nia by the Star of the West see in to stiengthen the opinion of the friends of resumption in the propriety of tbe movement. fET" The subdivision of Teaas into two or more States is revived la tbe public journals of that State. No State ia the Cnion has increased iu population and wealth during the last few years more than Texas Her estimated population at thiatime amounts to more than half a million. ITT The New York Htrnhl says: -'Our city and State banks have just saved their necks by resuming specie paj men's. It is understood that certain members of the Legislature had in their portfolio* a series of ingenious racks, boot and tbomb screws. in tbe shape of bills, which were to be applied to the banks this winter." \?J~ I* Madrid, it Is reported that the Govern ment has sent orders to General Concha, Captain General of Cuba, to organize a body of infantry, with tbe necessary artillery, In order to be ready at a short notice to commence hostilities against Mexico. In the event of the present negotiations The Harts correspondent of tbe London Times, WTTlting on tbe gatb of November, says: 44 The Ia?t accounts from Mexico state that the eltnation of that country is snch that tbe French Charge d'Atliiires has resetted the French Ad miral on the station to send some ships of war to tbe Gulf of Mexico, for the protection of French ?objects.*' PERSONAL. ....Com Htringbam and Cant A M Pennock, V. 9. N , and J VV. Fabens, Ksq, N. Y.. are at W11 lards' .... Charles Mackav, the English song writer and correspondent of the Loudon Illustrated News, is to be in Washington during the session of CongrtaM. .... Hon Sidney Breese. formerly a Senator from Illinois, has recently been elected, by a large majority, Supreme Judge of that State, and has entered upon his duties More About the Landing of the Filibusters. Tbe correspondent of the New Y'ork Time*, writing from Aspinwall, gives the foi-lowing account of Walker's landing : Our first report was that the Fashion when tbe town hove in sight. ran in nnder a full head of ?team and anchored close to tbe point before Capt. Cbatard conidget his boats out to stop her. The infe-ence is that ?>e had no lime to prevent the landing of tbe men and arms But tb.s is not so 1 am assured by an officer of the British steamship Dee. that the Fashion was seen by tbe officers of the Saratoga tbe day before oil'the har bor ; that there was ample time while she was coming ia for the Saratoga to have hove her to with a swivel from one of her boats, and to have boarded her before she cot in Besides. Walker was two whole days fnndinj men. provision* and munitions of war by the boats of the steamer, while lying directly under the guns of tin* sloop of-war Wten the l)ee came into tbe harbor, Capt Chataid requested her master to an< hor in ?ide of the Saratoga. so that she might not be be tween his gnns and the Fashion, but no steps against the landing of either men <>c stores. As soon as i' was ascertained that tbe fillibus ters were routing iuto port, the people of Grey town sent a boat up the river to CohUi Kica, and also to waru the steamers and forts, but as Walk er'* expedition was already on its way into the river, by tl*e t'olorado, when he landed at Punta Arenas. It is not unlikely these despatches were intercepted by him Incase tuey Wtre not, the news must have reached San Jose de Costa Kica, by way of tbe Serapiqui Kiver, about tbe h November Commodore Paulding, who was here in the Fnited f'tait-s steam-frigate Wabash, appeared somewhat chagrined that Walker succeeded ia landing ?o easily, and at the request of Captain Cbatard steamed away Ust evening for Greytowu. 1 have considerable doubt, however, whether he will deem it his doty to interfere with any ^im migrant'' vessel coining into Grey town. if he finds her pa:>er? ail straight. About half an hour after Com Paulding sailed, desf>atches arrived here for him from the Commander of the United States steamer Fulton, now at Chiriqui Lagoon Tbe British llne-of-battlc profiler Brunswn k, ?ailed alxiut 0 o'clo* k this evening for Greytown Tbe Fashion has arrived JIM) tons of coal here, and will sail in a day or two for New Orleaus There were four small boats about Scott's ship yard, wbieh Walker had taken possession of The day the Fashion left, Walker had sent one of these boat* up the river r*an Juan, to endeavor to intercept the Costa Kicau mail boat, said to have on boa'd f&.UUU in money. Walker planted two of bis 4* lone star" flags over the buildings be occupied In Punta Arenas on landing, lie landed six Held pieces, and tbe men were daily drilling, each one with his rifle W bether Le took out these rifles with him I can not leaiti. When Locki idge ai>andoiied the river last Man b. he delivered over to the (ommander of the British frigate t'ossack. about three hun dred stand of arms, which were deposited witb Captain Scott, on Punta Arenas, for safe keeping. I undei stand these arms were still there when Walker landed, so that if be wanted them he undoubtedly appropriated them A letter from one of tbe oflb ers of the Fnited Sta'en sl<?np-of-war. to a fellow officer ou the United States steam frigate Wabash, says : 44 Walker has again landed at Gre>town His ?teamer. the Fashion, passed right under our ?tern There were only a few men visible on her deck While we were wondering who the devil ? he could lie, or what was ber errand, she hauled alongside an old hulk n?-ar Scott's place, and landed Walker and a large number of his follow ers Walker subsequently found one of our offi cer- on shore, gunning, when he peremptorily ordered him to go back to his ship The officer refused, saying he was an officer of the Fnited States Nav); whereupon Walker told him that if be did not go, he would compel him to leave. Theoffi cer finally did come Our fellows *av he ought to have refused to go, point blank, and tt.en If Waiker bad used violence we should have an excuse for pitching into him We aie afraid that Captain Cbatard will l>e court-martialed for not preventing \\ aiker from landiug. Capt Chatard has driven \\ aiker and his followers away frotu Mr Scott's place, and has taken measures to pro tect Greytowa and tbe Transit Company's prop erty from tbe pirate* " r The Tribune correspondent says: 4* Nearly one-third of tbe men now with Walker are said to be discontented, and ready to return lu tbe same steamer that brought them here, could they get away The Navy Department ought to be getting ships ready to take these wor thy individuals back to their homes, as was done a few uiooths ago " lO* The number of Hoimepatbic physicians in tbe l uited Mates ts about I.UtfJ Ttoere are two Hot no-pa! hu colleges, one at Philadelphia and the other at Cleveland, O , at each of Which, upon a fair average, 1*25 students graduate annu ifty, WASHINGTON NEWS AND GOSSIP. The 44 Press Gang" on tik New Hali. ? Great is tho indignation being manifested by the members of the press entitled to seats around the old Hall of the Representatives, at tha idea of being thrust up ia a hen-coop of a gallery, far away from fncilitiaaof instant com munication with the honorable members, from whom, for ya?rs past, they hare been ifl the habit of obtaining much of the information on which their letter for the press are based If the reporters for the daily press of the eity and the Associated Press, are to be banished up into any such galleries, they will suffer under inconveniences which must present the news papers they represent from, as heretofore, in stantly accommodating the members in a hun dred ways, on call; as they, too, will be wholly out of the reach of honorable gentlemen here after. There are twenty or thirty seats aroand the back of the new Hall, we hear, placed therefor the accommodation of the reporters or those to whom they may be assigned by the House. In our judgment, it will be a great accommodation for the House itself at once to assign them to the representatives of the city and associated press, and those not required for their accom modation. to the representatives of other presses. We an: hardly ever five minutes in tho House llall without being visited by some member on business at our desk. or without receiving a mes sage or note on business, from some member. We should be greatly incommoded in l>eing con signed toa cock-loft from which to note the pro ceedings of the House for instant publication. To place us in any such position, would make our duty of rc)M>rting for instant publication an im possible one to be dischurgcd correctly; while it will, from incorrect and imperfect reports, give infinite annoyance to honorable members, how ever faithfully wo may labor to the contrary. The Police.?Often we hear comparisons drawn between the efficiency of the police of the cities of the United States and those of Eu rope. always invidious to the former. That the latter is more efficient than ours, may be true. If so, it is, in the main, the result of circumstanccs involved in our Government, which will prove effective in preventing our police system from becoming as perfect as that of monarchical governments while time lasts. The New York Times, in a late article ex plains those circumstances most graphically. We quote a portion of what it says on the sub ject, as embracing a satisfactory answer to the complaints to which we refer above?as follows ; 44 New Yokk and Pakis Police.?The letter from our correspondent 44 MalakolT," which we published on Monday, upon the organization and duties of the French police, points out the great and essential difference between the gm* d'arnie rie of New York and that of Pari*. The French serpent tie rille, or girde mvnictpml, is a man who lives apart from the people, and is not of the people?who has no aspiration*, and no sym pathies outside of his own rorj". In it alt his hopes and interest are centred. His great ambi tion. after earning his daily bread hi an honest way. is to earn his promotion. Ue looks upon the' |K>lice as his profession, and is proud or it. Every pains is taken bv his superiors to make him consider himself one of a class apart. He is not allowed to converse in the street* with civil ians, much less step into a '? grocery"' and take a drink. He is under military discipline, wears military uniform, is taught military drill, and let us add, that besides all this, or perhaps as ttie consequence of all this, be is a very respectable and very efficient public servant. 44 Now in almost every one of the foregoing par ticulars the New York policeman is the antipodes of his Parisian brother He is, in the majority of ca??s, appointed for political work of some sort rendered to somebody in otilce, and be looks upon his situation as one of the peiquisites to which his ''party'" is entitled. He gets it because he is a prominent member in a certain grade of the Eartj, and considers that he has already earned is salary by past services in politics, not that he is to earu it in thief-catching. His political char acter, in other words, his importance as a citizen is never laid aside nor lost sight of He wears uniform, to be sure, but he disdains to button it in military fashion, and exposes his suowy linen and its California diamond with as much osten tation as a railroad conductoi. To put one s hands in one's pockets when on duty is a grave military ctlence Your New Yoit policeman hardly ever puts them any where else. He smokes vigorously If he meets a friend, he takes a drink with him in a good-natured way, just as any other citizen might. He gossips pleasantly at corners of streets, and in door-ways, and " loafs'' with all the nonchalance of a man who knows the rights secured to him by the Consti tution, and \a1io means to exercise them He lives in but room, or his boarding-bouse. With his fa mil v. just as the rest of us do. 44 When we see him at his post, far from being a *?rim officer of the law, l're?h from parade and roll-call, he is ?iinply Tom, Di'-k. or Harry, of the Third or Sixth Ward, with whom we con sumed a mint julep last evening at the I'ewter Mug, and who probably intends next election to run tor a police justiceship, or a seat in the Le gislature. We clap him on the back, or punch bim in the ribs, as our manner may lie, and cra< k our joke with him. without being in the least awed by his rank He is not the seivant of the State, and would feel insulted If you called bim so He Is the nominee of his party, and to it lie feels be owe* Ui? flist allegiance. He considers it j point of bonor to use his office for the promo tion of its interests. The idea of living and dy ing ill the police never enters his head He is there simply a stepping-stone to Congress, or a foreign eml?as?v, or until be cmii get time to pursue his studies for admission to the bar. Iu shod, he is an excellent follow, with strong good sense, a kind heart, and full of an honest and honoiable desire to better his condition, but he is no more a policeman than Captain Rynders Is a statesman 4* If we are asked what conclusion we deduce froin all this, we have no hesitation in confessing that we think it is sheer waste of time to attempt to 1 ?etter our police by comparing them with that of Paris or London Police like the Knglish or French, we cannot have, and we may as well reconcile ourselves to the privatio'i at once, and the tea.son is very palpable INTERESTING VKuM ARIZONA. ? We below the following interesting extract from a letter received by the last overland mail from tho uow territory of Arizona. Mr. Ehrenberg, the writer, is an old resident of the Territory, and a reliable man. lie is also a mining engineer of high reputation : 44Tubac, Gausukn's P u a' it * i k . J 445R!d Octoiier, h57. { ??We have, of late, been seriously annoyed by the Apaches. Nearly all the animals belonging to citizens residing around Fort Huchanan have been driven ott by them. They are very iinpu deut, and commit their depredations fu broad daylight, talk to the people while they are driv ing off the animals, and always escape without being molested '?The other day they came within eight hun dred yards of the fort, and looked down upon it. 4'In order to bring them to terms the Govern ment ought to enlist I.OHO Pi mo* and I'apagos to accompany the military. Indians are the onlr person* who can successfully traverse these mountains and bunt lip their hiding places. If this is not doue, they will surely break up our settlement here Forts ought to be established in the very heart of the Apache country, in the places lit, and used by them for cultivation If this is done, we will soon bring them to terms 44 L'ntil now, our mining establishments have not b?*?n molested by thein, and we are going ou in high glee "This is undoubtedly the richest ailver-mining country in the world If the United States will make just and liberal laws for us; give us protec tion; remove those trifling and unprofitable cus tom-houses on the frontier, at least for five or six years; procure us a transit through Sonora to Gua^mas, and hasten along the railroad to Cali fornia. this will Indeed lie a prosperous country, aud will astonish the world with its production of silver and copper. But. with such terrible obstacles u those mentioned above, aud the great length of transit to transport goods over the roads which we have to take at present, progress only is possible for such as find mine* of the extraor dinary and incredible richness of the Httnlzrl innn vein If the present promises of few of these mines are realized, by working them on a scale commensurate with tueirextent and richness, I have no doubt but that tbey will equal in produc tion the whole silver exports of Mexico. 141 think an appropriation ought to be made to sink Artesian wells through the P.ipajjoscountry, between 8an Xavler and the lower Gila. This route cuts off aoout one hundred miles from the beat route via the Pinios villages. It Is laid down on my map, as a railroad route, now at the office of the tfonora Exploring aud Mining Com pany. at Cincinnati. Ohio. 44 Fbe country consists of a succession of plains and isolated mountain ridge*, none of which need to be croased. In fact, it is a dead level to Fort Yuma, and, as a consequence, no grading is necessary. There la scarcirT"of water, b?t the soil in geueral is excellent, and grass abounds all along tne line, while the mountains teem with minerals of tbe richest description The oxide* and the ??*ph"reta of copper are tbe most bean tiful and richest In tbe world Silver undoubt edly exists of equal richness .J:AU,.1 i*.l??h 1 ^ gold, but 1 hardly ^ will be eitracted by the whiles a* th#? teaSsIO wlthout Juicing on .,'' * *>r? '?T respectfully, your most obe SriT 'a %i H"*** Emkisbeho. To Lieut. ?. Mowit, U. 8. A.. " Delegate elect from Arizona, 44 Washington, D. C." The Senate Printing.?This morning a canons of tbe Democratic Senators unanimous ly nominated the Hon Wm A. Harris of Mis souri, the editor of the Union, as their candi date for the Senate printing. Their action was of coune harmonious, and indicates an election to-morrow, without opposition. Mr. Banks mag nanimously withdrew, for which he deeerves all praise. This is as it should hare been. The Umon ia the Democratic organ at the seat of the Fed eral Government; an institution necessary to the harmony and joint action of the party and essential to the maintenance of that par* ty s ascondancy The action of tbe Democracy of the Senate is a fitting rebuke to all those nominal Democratic presses which assailed the Union of late for the sake of plunder, from a disposition to be jealous of its national position as the organ of the Democracy of the Union, or because disposed to breed Democratic dissen sions for the advancement of the fortunes of individuals, which it is the province of the Na tional Democratic organ to discountenance, as well as to reflect the views of the Nationnl Democratic Administration on all important questions. The so unanimous nomination of the editor of the Union is an earnest of happy accord be tween President Buchanan and the dominant party of the Senate, on whose cordial and sin gle-minded support he must rely, in a great measure, for the entire success of bis Adminis tration that has opened so auspiciously. About to .Resign.?We have every reason to believe that Governor Robort J. Walker has determined to tender his resignation to the President. From what is said around us, we are inclined to think that his step in that di rection will be promptly followed by the publi cation of his manifesto in reply to the Kansas portion of the Annual Message, which, accord ing to the especial admirers of his recont course in opposition to the policy of the Democraoy with reference to the Lccompton Constitution? the Washington correspondents of the Republi can party press?he has been industriously preparing of late. We take it for granted that a sense of delicacy forbids him to make any such publication while nominally holding the office of Governor of the Territory, and that, having com pie ted the bomb-shell. aud entertain ing no idea of returning to Kansas, he resigns, that he may get a chance to fire it off as soon as possible. A BEArTiruL Work.?Mr. Edward Beyer, artist, has just got out his second volume of \ irginia \ iews ?elaborate engravings of the most remarkable scenery in the Old Do minion. The pictures in question are beauti fully drawn, and are faithful representations (as we can testify from personal knowledge) of more or less of the wonderful scenery they so faithfully portray. The engravings, too, are capitally executed The price of the work is j?er volume, each of the many pictures thereof being worth quite that money to any amateur or person of taste. To Virginians, justly proud of the good old mother of States and statesmen, we regard Mr. Beyer s work as being invaluable. He informs us that he pro poses to call on many gentlemen to afford them an opportunity to become subscribers for bis work. \\ e recommend him and his enterprise to the favorable consideration of all. An Infamous Falsrhooo ?It seems that after effecting his landing at San Juan del Norte. Walker assured an officer of the Sara toga that he had left the United States on his present expedition with the connivance and approbation of tbe Government; and the oppo sition press are already publishing his state ment to that end as involving pr^of of the fact, though none know better than they do that the unblushing promulgation of infamous false hoods is a systematic part of the filibuster s game, as was so glaringly manifested in his false reports, bulletins, Ac . and in the letter from his camp, written notoriously by himself, or under his immediate supervision The por tion of the Message referring to filibustering, embracing as it does, the most crushing argu ments against Walker and his schemes of rob bery. arson and murder, proves this statement of Walker to bo mendaciously falte. With their knowledge of the filibuster's invariable habit of scouting the truth when that course may serve his purposes, to find the opposition press professing to give credence to his state ment referred to above, simply proves the depth of infamy to which some of them will descend to make political capital. TlIK 1 UOM'Kl TS KOH Port'LAR AmI.sKJ) exts. All around us just now. the work of improve ment and preparation for the winter's amuse ments in Washington, is progressing with great spirit and industry. Carusi's Saloon has al ready been turned inside out, as it were. A large number of mechanics are converting it into a first class theatre, as we mentioned some time ago. The fine hall connected with the Star buildings has been taken by tbe enter prising and indefatigable Metxerott, who now has it crowded with workmen engaged in re modeling and refitting it throughout for a first class concert hall. In capacity it is larger than Carusi s was, we believc: while it is suj^rior to that ball for concert purposes. Its location is unsurpassed m Washington, and it is surely destined to become, in Metiierott's hands, the fashionable concert hall of tbe Federal Me tropolis. Naval Courts of Inqlirv ? Court No. I is yet occupied with the case of Lieut. Porter. Documentary evidence was submitted on both sides to-day. Before Court No. 2. tbe case of Commander Johnston was continued, and Rev. Mr. Russell and Capt. T. A. Domin were examined in be half of Johnston. In Court No. 3, the case of Commander John S. Chauncey was commenced. Hon. J. Coch rane, Hon. P. Phillips, and T. M. Blount, Esq. counsel for Chauncey. Lieuts J. 8. Taylor and R. T. Lewis were called as witnesses for Government, but both testified in favor of ap plicant. The defence of Capt. U. P. Levy, which was to have been read to-morrow before Court No. 3, will not be presented until Saturduy next. Senator Green's Speech was being lis tened to with groat attention by a crowded auditory in and around tbe Senate chamber to-day. Ilis political friends were highly de lighted with the force and perspicacity of his reply to the positions occupied by Senator Dou glas No |other Senator has a better oratorical manner, which, with the matter of bis effort, marks him already for one of the very ablest debaters of tbe body. The Exodus.?The removal of the parapher nalia of the House, yesterday, over to their new Hall, kept everybody employed under tbe body regularly, and m host employed for the occasion, exceedingly busy until a late hour last night. The regulars performed their task without much love in their labor; for they evi dently think, with unanimity, that time was not given by the House to make the change properly. The Paw ana Ship Canal.? Despatches have baon received at the Navy Department from Lieut. t>e Haven, commanding the schooner Variia, sent Mt to surrey the Atrolo and Tru ando rivers, with a view of ascertaining the feasibility of the proposed ship eanal that be hsul arrived at Carthagaaa (Not. 20) and was shortly to leave that part in furtherance of the purposes of his mission. Tbi WtATUiR ?The following report of tho weather for this morning is made from the Morse Telegraph line to the Smithsonian Institution. Tho Lima of observation is about 8 o'clock a. m.: Decembbb 16, 1857. Buffalo, N. Y ????clear, pleasant. New York, N. Y ???? cloudy, mild. Philadelphia, Pa..........cloudy, cool. Baltimore, Md mild, cloudy. Washington. D C mild, cloudy. Richmond, Va foggv. mild. Petersburg, Va. fogRV, cool. Raleigh, N.C. cloudy, cool. Wilmington, N. C ........clear, cool. Columbia. S. C clear, cool. Charleston, SC.... clear, cool. Augusta, Oa clear, cool. Savannah,,cloudy. Macon. Ga.... cool, cloudv. Columbus, Ga ............cloudy, cool. Montgomery, Ala cloudy, cool. Lower Peach Tree, Ala...cloudy, cool. Barometer at the Smithsonian, 3U,494. Thermometer, on the Smithsonian tower, mln imum last night, 3t> j??; near the ground, 37*. CONGRESS ION A L. Thirty-fifth Congress?First Session. Ix the Sen-ATI, to-day, Mr. Allen offered the Usual resolution for the adoption of the schedule of Senate committees (as published a day or two since in the Star.) Mr. Hamlin opposed the resolution, and was followed in debate by Messrs. Doolittle, Chand ler. Stuart, I'ugh. Bayard, Wilson, and Gwiu. The said resolution was then adopted The pending resolution to print the President's Annual Message and accompanying documents was taken up. and Mr Green addressed the Senate in reply to the speech delivered some time since by Senator Douglas. The IlorsE met in their new Hall at the usual hour, and after prayer by the Re*. Mr. Carothera of the Presbyterian Church, the journal of the previous day's proceedings was read. The pending bill of Mr. Morrill to donate lands to the several States for agricultural and mechan ical educational purposes, was theu referred to the Public Lands Committee. The Chair then laid before the Ilonre various departmental reports and other communications, which were severally appropriately disposed of. Among them was a communication from many clergymen of various Protestant denominations, tendering their services to open the daily sessions of the House with prayer by turns, witnout pay. Mr. Clemens offered the usual resolution for drawing for seats in the Hall After some conversation and discussion? Mr. Jones, of Tenn., moved to lay it on the table; not agreed to. The ayes and noes having been called and re corded, ihe said resolution was agreed to. The members then vacated their seats, and the usual process of drawing for seats was gone through with, the members clustering arouud outside the bar. The tirst name drawn from the box was that of Mr Crawford; Mr. l{uitnian next; Mr. Clark of .N. V. next; Mr. Warren next; Mr. Cragin next. Wisconsin Democratic.?The official returns of the State election in Wisconsin are at last in except La Point county, which is reported to have

given a Democratic majority. The question of the choice for Governor is therefore settled. J. B. Cross, Democrat, is elected by over Ran dall Nearly one hundred thousand votes were cast. ITT" The New York Evening Post says that Senator Douglas Unds it necessary to pursue his present course, In order to make some concession to public feelinir In his own State, and thus to se cure his re-election to the Senate, by the next Il linois Legislature. ATTENTION SCOTT GUARDS!?Yob 'L? are hereby ordered to attend a meeting of the Company TO-M(>K KOW< I hursda> i EVENING. Dec. 17. at the Light Infantry Armory. Punctuality is essentially necessary, and is earnestly requested. An election of officers to fill vacancies will prot?l>ly fake place. Hy order of tha <1 16-21' LIEl.'TENANT COMMANDING. jVy*PUBLIC SCHOOLS.?I am instructed by 1the Mayor to say the Public Schools*will 0* Hosed on Friday, the tilth mat., to * fiord the Teach er* an opportunity to b? presest nt the Lectures and Debate* of the Educational Convention at the Smithsonian Institute. d ??i-^t ROBERT RiCKETTS. Sec. SMITHSONIAN LECTURES.-Prof. L? JOHN LECONTE, of South Carolina, will commence a ooinaeof Lectures on the "Phys ios of Meteorology" on THIS (Monday) EVE NING, at -.!? o'clock. The course will be continued on Monday and Wednesday evenings, subjects. 1. The sourcat from wiuoh thd earth derives its temperature. S Distribution oi solar heat on the surface of tha earth. 3. Extent anJ general constitution of the atmoa (there. 4. Physicil and chemical constitution of the at mosphere. 5. Physical causes of winds and oceanic currents, and their effects on climato. fi. Causes of rain; its distribution and ititiuenceon climate. d 14-St. f ASSKSS<>RS' NOTICE.-The voters or | L 1 the several wards will please take imtioe that tbe Assessors will attend at the places designated below lroni I" o'clock a. in. to a o'clock p. in every <1 iy, exciipt Sunday and Christ mas day, froin the 15tn to I lie T?t of this month, inclusive, for the purpose oTrevising and correcting the poll lists : First Hard?Samuel Redfern's. corner of Penn sylvania avenue and Nineteenth street. Second Ward?GeorgeT. Stewart'*, oorner of 12th and H streets. Third Ward?J. M. Downing'*, L street, betw.en 7th and 8th streets. Fourth Ward?City Hall. Filth Ward?B. !?. Dyer's, New Jersey avenue, D anrf E streets south. Sixth Ward?>*dward Wayson's, E street, be tween 8th and 9th streets. Seventh Ward?John II. Bird, oorner of 7th street and Maryland avenue, above O. Bos wall's drug store, d W-d rV y" ICE CREAM, of the purest Cream, at fljli k' PHr Rallon ; Water Ices, Cakes of every va riety and styles; Jellies, Charlotte do Russe, Blanc Mange. Pies of various kinds ; and every tlnnr nice in the Confectionery line,at the PHILADELPHIA ICE CR EAM STORE, corner 12th and F streets, d 9-lm* IAMMOND, 184 Saveuth street, Kriss Krinsle's j sole agent d Hi at Mechanical toys.?r unnmg i<ooomotive* Steamltoats. Buggies and Omnibuses, at Kriks Kringle's Depot. LAMMOND. d l(5-3t Sola Agent. FOR THE IIOLIDAYS.-China Ornaments, new, rich, beautiful and cheap, at d I*i-3t LAMMOND'S. r^OTlCE.-FREsH VENISON. Ql iiammack a bro., ? have this dsy reoeived a dflPjiiA hue lot of VKNIS O N which they are serving upV9J "?^^iii their usual style. d ie-nt* NEW YORK AND LIVERPOOL UNITED STATES MAIL STEAMERS Tki Shift composing this Lint are : ?he ATLANTIC Capt. Oliver Eldndge. he BALTIC Capt. Joseph Comstook The ADRIATIC Capt. James West. These ships having been built by oontraot expressly for Goveriunent serviee, every aare hu baen takes in their construction, aa also in their engines, to in Jure strength and speed, and their aooommodations or paasengera are uneenailed for elegance and oora fort. The steamers of this line have improved water tight compartments, ami no expense has l>een spared to make them all as good as new, the thorough exam ination given them proves their mode of coustiuc tion yet unequalled. Prioa ol passage from New York to Liverpool, is brat cabin,#180; in ssoond do., ?76; From Liver pool t( New York, Sn and 2n guineas. An axperi perienccd Su> geon attached to eaoh ship. No berths uaa be a? oare*. nntil paid for. PHOrOSED DATES O F SAILING. raoM LivicarooL. Wedaes<lar, Feb. 3. 1858 Wednesday, M'eh 3 1851 Wednesday, M'eh Si. tasa Wednesuav, April 28 IK58 Wednesday, May I* 1858 Wednesday, May 28 1858 Wednesday, June 9 . .1858 Wednesday, June ;3.i*8 PROM new Toa?. | Saturday, Jan. 16 1858 Saturday, Feb. 13 1858 Saturday. March 13 1858 Saturday, April in 18V Saturday, April 24 1K58 Saturday, May S IH3H Saturday, May 2V 1858 Saturday, June5 .185H Saturday, June 19 lam Saturday, July 3 IteH Saturday, Jufy IT 185n Saturday,Aug. 14 1S58! Wednesday,Sep't.l Itefl Saturday. Aug.28 1S5S Wednesday, Sept. iS.ISM Saturday. Sept. II .. .1SMI Wednesday, Sept. 19.1158 Saturday, Sept. 36 1858 Wednesday, Oct. 13. .Ittt Saturday, Oct. 9 1?5? ? ' " ? " Saturday, Oct. i3 ItSH Saturday, Nov. 6 185R Saturday, Nov. 20. ...1858 Saturday, Dec.4 lSSi Wednesday, July 7.. .1168 Wednesday, July 31. .18;8 Wednesday, Aug. 4. .IV!! Wednesday, Oct. 27 .1858 Wednesday, Nov. 10.1858 Wednesday, Nov. 24.1153 Wednesday, Dee. ? It 8 Wedaeaday, Dee. 22 IK8 ?, Wall street, NBRO\?N. SHIPLEY 4 CO., Livar?eot. B.G. WA^NWRIGHT ft CO., PariaT The owners of these ships will not be aoooantable for gold, Bjlver, bullion, ssewe, jewelry, precious TO HIRE.?A middle-o?ed YELLOW MAN. Hs hu ftlwftya l>een socu.tomed to horses, nod he is ? food carriage driver. Cftn come veil r -c otnmended for hi?nestj,industry, and sobriety. Ar y gentleman in want ofa Coocttmaji will do well to oa'i early at J. P. BA RTHOLOUS'S Agricultural Warehosae. No. MB7th atroft soptO ?t '?? 3t* ?LOTHINO M ADE TO V)KDEK. Gentlemen withing to aapp y themselves with fane Dmt ftod Frock Coots. Black and Fsnc> CisMncn Pantaloons. Velvet. Silk and Satin Vests, n ado tu their measure, in the boat manner,ore invited to ei ?nuneour present large variety of li ods for Gen tlemen'* woftr. whiohwe Will fomish at rates con ?ideiftLly below the usnal oitv prices. WALL, STEPHENS A Co., d 16-6t 325 Pa. av.. between 9th and loth st? A CARD.?Six yeara experience in bua ness, conducted on the principle of securing Ins ous tomers Pure and Unadulterated LIPUORS. j?sti hes the undersigned in inviting the ?ltentioaof the oommumty to his present stock, ohish cannot bo ?nrpofi.^d in the Distriot. Having a near connexion, resident in Havanft, who to o Jodro of ortielee in the TOBACCO boo, i? creased security f?r choice and desirable roods is afforded through hia personal attention. Particular biftoda secured toapplicants jt ?tnWai?tigBio. d 16 6teo Pft. ftv., hot. Itth and i?h sts. AN EDUCATIONAL CONVENTION WILL BK HOLD AT THE SMITHSONIAN INSTITUTION, WASHINGTON CITY. I - C., On THURSDAY, FRIDAY, and SATURDAY, Dec. 17th, lath. and 19th. 1*>7. On Thnmdav evening, at %Vi o'clock, the Conven tion will organise lor transacting business, i>) the appointment of a Chairman ftnd Secretary. At ~)i o'clock a Lecture by Prof. A. Di.*itrt, of Washington City. Friday, at 9 a, in., ft Discussion. At 10a. in.. Report of the Committee on the Edu cational Statistics of the District of Colambift.with Discussion. At II ?. m.,ft Lecture by Rich'd M. Shith. Eeq , of Alexandria, Virginia. Subject?"PuMio educa tion politically and socially considered." At 12S p. m . a Discussion of the Report 00 Sta tistics. continued. At "7K p. m. a Lecture by Hon. II. Barnard, of Connecticut Subject?'Reformatory education ami Schools." Saturday, at 9 a. m., ft Discussion. At II ft. in., an Address by Gfco. B. E*kk*on. Esq , of Boston. Prifeasors Barns. HKMtv.aiid other diKtingmsh ed triends of education, will be present during the sitting of the Conventiou and wul participate 111 its deliberations. School Committees and ail friends of education are invited to attend. Free entertainment will be pro* ided for Delegates and especially lor Ladies from abroad, who attend the Convention. By order of the Columbian Teachers' Ast-oc.atioa. CHAS. B. YOUNG, sVoC-WI<illT> Pyfr? I JbX I'LEMEN'S DK ESS 11 <a Ts*.?Oor assort - al ment of L)K ESS II ATS from "Keet.#*' isra now complete, with the "patent" flexib e leath V 1 er. making it as ciay to the we*rer ax the anfl^? bat. Gentlemen who hftve not aeee tins improve ment are invited to call ftt STEVEN'S d 14-flt Sales room. Browns' Hotel. piANOS FOR SALE AND RENT. I have just received several fine PIANOS, which I will sell or rent at the lowe?t prices. First-class Instruments on v ottered. Those wishing to Imy or rent would find it to their ad*ant*ge to call at my residence, on G street, between Uth and IMh BENJAMIN REISS, d 14 St* Teecher of Music. AT THE WELL-KNOWN ESTABLISH ' *? "icnt of T. POTENTINI, PPnnsvlvania ave., No. 279, lietween loth and 11 tli streets, has Itven re ceived, from France, a larite supply of innurner*i?!e Articles of the most refined splendor, fast* nr>d Muaiitj, artistloalIjr executed, consist in* of tlie m?> t superior Ornamental Features, imitating a,I kinds 01 r rlilts and Summer Flowers, such a* were never before seen in this Metropolm. By th* aU>\e and other requisites, the subscriber is enabled to otter to the ladie* and fceutlpiupo. '/v bon Coui, the skill ol the art in this branch, and of the Maitre d'Hotrl, and provide the mowt dHicious for limners. Suppers. Halls snd I'arties. for an) niimlterof persons. even to thousands. A ecrtain nuniber <>f guests can be entertained at th* saloons of his establishment, <>r anywhere hi the District, at a moderate rate, ladies and gentlemen can lie attended at all hours. For the approaching holidavs T. Potf.stim de signs having the largest and most elegant assort ment of Ornameuted, Fruit, Pound, Sponge and t-ancyCAKE. d 12-eorJanl M JSL INNER PARTIES. _jNA TORS, Members of Congress, and all Hen tleinen who desire to give DIN N UK. SUPPER PARTI E*. Ao.. can onllat C. G AUTI ?-!r'S. where they wi:l find elegant suits of Parlors. Reception, and Dining moms, furn.shed in the best manner, always read?, and where they will l?e sure of having everything prepared 111 the most fashionable style, ard at the shortest notice; likewise on 'he most reasonable terms. d I4 2aw2w FRESH ROLL BUTTER .-Just received. **? I be. Fresh ROLL BUTTER, fmm Rocking ham county, \ a., and will receive weekly froir the same dairy. GEO. THOS. STEWART, d 15-fit* City _Market. oornerJ2th and H sts. C^HRAP PIANOS FOR SALE OR RENT.? j Two 1'ianos for .$'5 eich; one do. ^75: two do. Jjion each; two do. 9)2* each; Jn addition too large stock of Boston and New York unrivalled Pi*nos. __d Mtf J??HN_F, ELLIS. MCLAUGHLIN'S STOKE, l<etweon Eighth and Ninth streets, is the place for Christmas Goods. Buy vour presents in ad vance of the Holy davs from Mcl.A UGHI.IN. d 15 tf Pa. avenue, between 'Jth and loth sis. CHINESE SUGAR CANE SYRUP.?An art - cle much improved in the manuiacturefrom that hrst made, is juat received from Reeves'Mill, ai d for sale by J. B. Wl LSON. Grooor. No. 327 Pennsylvania avenue. The public are requested not to take the various Syrups in the market, as specimens of this now of fered ; or even that first made, which we are now ?elling at half price. J. B. WILSON. And. also, a full assortment of choice Groceries for sale by d I5 2w JESSE B. W11.SON. \f ILLINERY. DRESS MAKING AND i*l TRIMMING ESTABLISHMENT. L.Hdie* visiting \\ &?limyton ftre respectfully in oirmotl that we are prepared to make up Dresses, Cloaks, Basques, Ac., at short notice, ui the latest st> ies, and sal ml ict ion guaranteed iu a 1 caseti. A large stock ol Dress and t'ioak Trimmings, of latest and handsomest styles, with CLOAKS. BASOI ES, UNDER DRESSES. BONNETs! RIBBONS, and All LLINER\ . of everv descrip tion. alwa)s ou hand. M. WILL'AN. J 15 -m opposite Centre Market. R~ JACOB RUPiTeY E'l URNS Ins thanks to the members of Friend ship Lodge No. 12,1.1?. O. F?. for their> kind mitioeol the Supper furnished byC him 011 Thursday uight last,on the <?ee.t sion of their removal to their new hall, and would also invite their's and the public's attention to hia Union Restaurant, on 19th street, between Pa. avenue and H street. Where he has always on baud the U>?t OYSTERS, which i.e serves us in ever* style, and has also private rooms where his friends may enjov the luxuries of the season unmolested. Paniines supplied with Oysters on liberal terms. .. ? JACOB RUPLEY, 1** ?t^bef. Pa. are.and H st^ J^ADIES' FURS! LADIES' FURS!! The following is a list of prioes of FU RS con signed me on oommiss on from a Fur Company in New \ ork, to be sold at New York wh<>lc?ale prices: Sets Kock Marten Victoriuea and half Capes ? ??,? ; ? ?? v ? ??" i 10 Sets I- rench Sable half and three quarter Capes 7.0a to U.?n Sets do.. Mantillas and Cloaks Ifi.nn to 3S.tO Sets Fitch V ctorines and Hall Capes in.isi to *'.ig> Seta Stone Marten Victormes 17.i*i to 2^.'? Sets Mink Satile Victormes and Half Capes JO.nC to IS ??i Sets Mink Sable Three lourthsnd Full Capes ....... Sb.n0 to 9d.?m Sets Silieriau Squirrel Mantillas and Cloaks 25 on to Seta II11tson Bay Sable Hall Casss... JibJto to aijsi Sets do do do Three-fourth. lon.tsi Misses Silierian Square t'spes 7..W to Miases Imitation Ermine Cares J jfi to ti.nO Geiitlemens'Fur Collars and Gloves 2 J*i to 5^<gi Hudson Bat Sal?le. Mink. Fitch. French Sable, and other M utis. at prices from. 3 <si to B. 11. ST1NEMETZ, Pa. avenue, near 13th street. d g ^ nyt Uoor to Madame Delarue. Sk ra o| i- riend OOKS! BOOKS!! GIFTS!?GIFTS !!?GIFT8!!! B PHILBRICK'S THIRD ANNUAL SALE now open at No. 476 Pt*n*ylrania at enut. door east ?f Untied Stat** Hultl. Our STOCK OF BOOKS conaists of several thousand rnlumes, embracing the choicest European and American Literature, which will be sold at the publisher's lowest prices, and manv ofthwm for less, and a BEAUTIFUL PRESENT will I* ma.te < immediate!) after the sale) to each purchaser of a Book for which we receive $1 and upwards. Our PRESENTS consist in part of? Gold and Silver Watches. Gold Lockets. Brace lets, Armlets, Chains. Cameo, Gold-stone and Mo saic I'ins and Drops. Studs and Sleeve Buttons. Gold Watch Ke)s,Culf Plus, Pens, Pencils, Rings, Ac. $7S> worth of Presents will be given away with each thousand Books sold. Catalogues of Books oan be obtained at the store. Indies and gentlemen are invited to call and ex amine our stock of B<Kiks and Presents. Sales Day and Evening. d I It f J. PHI LBRICK. Agent. TO THE PUBLIC. Parties or persons having advertised for sale an ?' UN EX PLOSIVE GAS." wtich is no thing but the well known "Etherial Oil," therefore I deem it necessary to centum oonsumeta for their aftfety. that the only genuine article ia known aa "Reintsel'a non-Exploatve Burning Fluid," and is prepared and aold y F. STITTZ. at his Depot, ?or ner of llth and E streets, he being the aole poaseaa or of the right for aslling the aame in the District ol Columbia oc31-eoSm FR. STUTZ_ Butter, cheese, and fish ?5 kega ch?ic? GOSHEN BUTTER. 175 boxes choice GOSHEN CHEESE, 25 tib!s. No | MACKEREL, St) bbls. No. 4 do. loft bbls. No. 1 ALE WIVES, lAOboxss SCALED HERRINGS. 4^miHis. GRAND BANK CODFISH, 54*10lbs. HAKE F1"H, Just received per schooner Soowitch from New York, &nd for sale by d tl-?te> BARBOUR A SEMMES. yyOOD! WOOD!! WOOD!!! U. B. MITCHELL hfta now on h*nd ? good *s aortment of Oak and Pine Wood, and will sell on ressonable terma. Call and look at aij atock.aal would be pleased to aocomnodato all persons who feol disposed to patroquo mo. ? Yard on llth atroot, botweoo Pft. avsooo ftnd E ?troot, No. 48, dlt-lw' A GREAT ATTRACTION T THE LA DlKS' FESTIVAL ?t Odd Fel low* Hall fWiiimH' CROItCM and DAN1EI , a?*?ted *>? the AaadeB-* ?. lee ?Uh m d <? hti?. ? >H giv# a CONCERT. THIS KVFMNw. at V, o'clock^ * ftiwilMir Itii oeou. U R A N D COTI LI ON P AHi Y TO BE Gt Vf N VI try the COLUMBIA CI.L R.MCotMB., a Hall, on MONDAY Jan. 11th. ikM RarticBlam in future advertta-menl Tiekiti FIFTY CENTS. By order of ? if COMMITTkk :& 'p H E WAUHlNOTwN THEATRE. Li t% 4 f,? . - ? W ? wAllT. iklio Leitr* of \l aiiaok's 1 hentre. A** Yoik ) Mr. STUART hegs to annontM?? ik? Uuiulieg know aa Carusi's Saloon is ?>w uiderg.iag a. tera at ion to transform it into A Small asp Elcoaxt Tmkat**. Contract! have heeti m ?lf a itr? awl tbe th-atre Vilt br eonstroeted tw Mr. |)arr,?l tkitdi). alt?r a design furnished by Mr. B"u cicaut. 'I he brst pe - formaaee trnl take plsoe on Chii?tma? Oat. The HMui wilt ooasist of sixteen weeks. compn sine performances of The hithe?t e aa*. The anhecriliersare k.i d > requested to pay their subscriptions to Messrs. R iu> Ir Co . bankers. The plan of the orohestr* ataUe and private bi>rn nn? be seen at th* Th< atr-' on Mend*? mt'. .1 1 V5t (Urn n& Int I.) WW. STI AllT\_ Exhibition OP A STATI E Made by out of tki greau?: Arlutt cf Pam. There baa arrived in Washington a Sts'ue, of which the subject is "Cupid g?>mg to ?t-rpn?e h i Love." The sabjeot ha* been executed hj tin Chevaiier Raggi. one of tbe brat Artists ot Pans, the aauie who ha" exposed fit the univeraal Fx hihi - fion at Paris in lttv?, the niagmbcent troupe of tha Kiug, which wan reuoa ned aa one of the moat l?eautilul productions on e* tulntton. ami cava to the celebrated artiat tbe medal of gold. Tbe Cupid mentioned was ordered in IS47 by Louia Philippe, the Ku.? of the French, tote prepared bv the J* ulptor Ra;?i for his prixate ?taller>. After tbe fall of the Kin*, in iwn. Rasgi ..sine hia commission. aiH Iteing re>i ranted t>> den cac?,nnd having the hope one da) of !> s to vim this ehff tl'ourTf upon him who had ordered it.ard wishing that no one ahotild see it. veiled it ai.d ???oka the model to prevent its Ireing copied. It ?aa oui) after the death of Louis Philippe (bat the treat art lat consented to send it to Ameni-a. The amateurs are requested to come to aee t hia Statue, winch has tiie double merit of being the original aud the 'k'f ?f'? *?r? of a treat matter aa well is bring formed of Italian Mart ie of brat qnalitv. To be aeen ever* da*. except the Sabbath. on Pa avenue, north aide, No. 562, between lat and Cd alreeta. Adm iaamn.2* cent a d 14 piRSr GRAND BAI>1. OF THE t*EAM?\ GKANl) F1REMKNS7 AND CITIZENS' BALL. The VIGILANT FIRE COMPANY,* fGeorta tnwa, D. C., let leave to announce to their frienda aud the aubbo generally, tbat they wili give their Ninth Annual Hall at Forreal Hall.i on MONDAY EVENING. Dee ?iat. inS7. ( Tbe Compan* pledre tbemaelvea to nutke thia one of the beat Halla of the aea>'xi. No hat a or cap* will l>e allowed in the room, e* oept those w??rn f?y Firemen. No intoxicated peraona will lie admitted in tbe Ball Room. A strung Poliee force will be ir. attendance to pre serve atrirt order. Supper and Refreahmeut* will be famished by an experienced < iterer. Scott'a Celebrated Cotillon Band has been engaged for the occasion. Ticketa ONE DOLLAR, admitting a Gent'eman and l.ndies. M+ncg m?nt on tkt Pari nf tk? f iiarai. Hon. R. R. Crawford. A. L. Yearl?y. Esq., Hon. Henry Adilisou, H W. Blunt. Ese , Rob. Ould, Esq., Jiu. A. Magruder, Es?i.. Ilugh Capeiton, Esq., Gil. \ anderwerken, Es?., Bladen Forreat. Km. Mnnnx?mrnt om the Part ttf the Co*<r*mv. Han.<7. Addi?on, John !*<-ott, J no. Shackelford, l.em'l. Brown, Henry O. Reaver, <?eo. Collins, Jno_ T. I'lndly, J<din \V Gr"S*. S. Koonts. John J. McQuillan, Jno. Thccker, Joseph Koonts. d l?v. PROF. FOW LEK . t)V NEW t OF K col tmuea his Lcotares on H timan Pci enoe and Life a* expounded try I'hre Temperanue Hail, on Even nigs and Sutuects as follows :? Satur dty, Dec. 12. Head* of distinguished men; Sunday. 13th, Man's moral nature as teaching a God and future state, A c. (free;t Monday, 14th, The mental farul ties ?nd their culture: \Vedne?dav 16th. Female character, or the tr?? woman. Seats,25 oents; eight tickets. *1. Thorough and reliable, !<e^auae scientific, dehnea t'ona ol Obaiacter, with needed adeice aa to health, children, marriage, Ac., da>lv. and Tnesdaj evening at his private apartments at tbe Avenue House, d 12 4t ieorge a A N NUAL BALL OF THK "Merrie Bachelors. i to an ? The MERRIF. BACHELORS beg leave to an Bounce to the public that they will have an other oue of their Glorious Reunions on THURSDAY EVEN I NH . iMc. 17th. Isi7 atJ Odd KeHowa'Hall. Nm t Yard, to u-nich thayCs>i^-' numerous frienda, tbe ladies especially, are invited. Withers' Celebrated Band iias t?een engaged for tbe OC?NSKtQ. ..... Supper furniabed by J.C. Reynolds of the Eldo rado House. Ticketa ONE DOLLAR. Cotnmitttt of Atrantfrntrnt?. l.em'l. Gaddis. Wm. Clements, Cha*. Miller, Jr.. \Vm.?;addis, F. Triav, Jas. W. Robertson, J no. Rair.tx'W, l>. A. Tuell, Juo. Russell, Geo. Padgett. Ed. Ber ks, *1 hoe. J. Miller. Wm. Hodge. di-7f WAHT8. WANTED.?A Situation as Nurse or to wait on a sick lady, by a middle-aged Wonian. Satis factory relcrence ?iven. Addi? ?sB?x No. 10. *?tar Ofcoe. If WANTED TO HIRE.-A ??rod. ae. o ?d hand, one horse, endless Chn.n Poaer, for tbr>e months, or I wi!' purchase, if price suits. Inqmre at Georgetown Po?t Ofhee. d|t w,1 M>.3? \\TANTKD.?A steady, trust), and attentive H MAN ivhre or foioiwi to <%iok and Wait on one person. Pay $3' per month. Apply, with recommendation, to A. B. N(?KT<'\. c<'iuei of llth street east and Pa. alrout 4 o'clock |. m. d K-rwrtt? WANTED.-By a reapect&b e youug woman a situation as nurse or chamt?emiatd. Best *?l raoommend^tion given Aadress Box No. 12. at this odica. or call in the lot cornerof H <?tre t and Vermont avenue. it* W ANTED-To aell. rent, or exchange. b>r tin " Property, a small F A R M . I) nig in the lnatri.i. a abort oiatano* from the city. Irnuoc a' No. -'.-' 8Ch atreet, laian.l d 16 >1' WANTKD.-A BOV, ktasrn ti e ages ?<f 12 ai it 14 >ears. to learn tbe Engraving business. One who haa a taste for drawii-t;. Must oaaw we ommendfd. Apply at DEMPSKY'S Card t'ugra* ing KstabjiKhment. U*2 Pa. avenue, in tbe nnin irn:. d in u* WA M T E D.?A >i uation, a re p ? steady persim, as /\urse, 4shaoit>eimajd. St-amatresf, in a raspectAble private family. G< " d reference given Ad<ire?e M.. at this off?oe. It I WANT A SITUATION AS OVKtKKKR ? I Gardener. 1 understand KraPuif, bud dine, ami ?warpiug fruit tree*. Also, vegetal. ? tanning and the management of bands. 1 wul pro duce the treat references. Apply at tbe Vb.^u House, No. 3tl9 Pa. avenue, or apt I) to me by letter. \V . A ft II. d lfi-2t* Alexandria Post Olhee. WANTED.-SIX to EIGHT TIHH SA M? v v DOI.La KS, lor tiirec or h e veara. for wlncU recnritv Mill lie k.vmi in Real E tato situate < on I'enn aveuue, tret ween 8th and H'th sfs. Inuu r 't this office. ? '? w ANTED ?A YOt'TII to learn the ArotUe eary huBineea. Apply at this ofhoe. d 14 St * ANTED TO RENT for the session, a Hon^e comfortably furnished, with every asar* and at least hve chamlrers. located between 1Mb anil 4^, streets: not further rnrrth than II. Address A. B , Senate Post Office, giving particulars. de?cr p tion. and the lowest price per month. d 14 ?i \1TANTED.?A GIKL to Wash. Iron. a?d ?io ?? general Housework. Apn'y at G. E. D' VEK NOI'i Restaurant, No. 159 Pa. avenue. betwe?n 17thand 18th sta. d 14 Hf SITUATION WANTED.?A B4>OK-KEEPU.K Who is tliitrtrughly ac<iuainted wi'li tha t>usines?. wiahea a situation in some Mercantile or Baiikiut House in this city. References as to character and qualifications will be furnished to some of tbe best houses in Baltimore. Address A, B. C. Box No. 218 City Post Offiw, Washington. d l-eo2w * jVJOTICE.?The suliacrilrer having just opened an In OFFICE or GENERAL INTF.I.LIGKN' E at No. UI9 C street, Iretween 6tii and 7th. and next to Ti>dd'a Hat Store, aud opposite Bank of Washing ton, requests the citixeus of \\ aabing'ou tofite him encouragement. The ml?scrii>er's obieet is To secure g?*>d servants to our eittx lis. and to hnd suitable places for Servants who ooine well rin'm mended. Such as desire emplo* meut, and suon as are in need of pntper Servants, should grve me a> a I as soon as convenient. d Mm' J F.ROM F. GM.I.ISS, WANTED T4> HIM E.?ft?r the term of ? yeara. seemed on an improved Carut, of >*' acres ,by s deed ol trust, situated near Ihecitv. In terest paid annually. Any one wishing to invest in that way, will please address J. H. S., B- x Washington city, statiug when aud where aa Mitei view oanbe had. Interest paid semiannually if pre fer red. ? ?7 t f LOST AND FOUND, fMVE DOLLARS R E W A R D?Stra?ed fiom the residence td tbe suirecriber, on 'he^^-nH 14th of November last, a deep red COW, J?a? long and a ide horns?no white save the tipJbaJaaB of tbe tail. The alrove reward will Ite paid for her delivery at ltd F street. First Ward, If I. A.STOHROW, M.D. BOARDING. TJRIN ATE BOARD.?A ladv and seiitleiu n or ?. two sieitle gentlemen, can lie acc.t?un<rda'cd With a pleaaaat front ROOM. 3d floor, teatly far nished, with or without Board.iua private family - No children or boarders in the faintly. Please to as fl? at M7 I street north, betweea 8th and Tth streets, dint* E^SKr'L? a lat h ? tract, Pa. ave. B m-su