Newspaper of Evening Star, December 16, 1857, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 16, 1857 Page 3
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LOCAL INTELLIGENCE. Th* Riv*? ?At the long bridge the country people keep up the marrh of travel, bringing tc tb?<ity the pr?di?cts of their corn and wheat and pig ?tyea- The real old fasbloued mulf team* begin to arrive from fhr-off counties with nork and boga-head-cheeaa. A curioua sight It la to see I'acle Toby astride of a high mountain ol desd hogs. wbwb are piled Into a wagon which resembles more an ola fashioned fishing atoop than anything else. to which la attached from six to ten raw-boned disconsolate mule*, driving . arefulty over the bridge.his bUck face expressing alternate grins of delight at the prospect of a real visit to the city, and daep apprehension thai some accident will befal tin- draw of the bridge, and precipitate his porcine cargo into the muddy tide below. Any one who watches Toby's face for a moment can read aa plain as print that all hit little personal earning.-, for the last twelve months are stowed away In one corner of that wagon. and that the little cash which he expects to receive from his peck and a half of beans, his shoat. and d'ied peaches, will be invested in a dollar a half arr-ord"on for himself, and a blazing cotton handkerchief for Aunt Dolly, his eountry wife The river looks dark, muddy, and very wet. and a thick grave-yard fog spreads over its sur face About the wharves oysters abound Sotne2,0W) bushels are atowed awav lit the pungas which surround Riley's wharf, and the buyers are plentv. Thereare no late arrivals of coal at the wharves The Collyer brought up, on her 9 o'clock trip this morning, 100 bbls of apples, which came over the Orange and Alexandria Railroad yester day The Washington and Alexandria Railroad did not resume travel on Monday as was confidently expected, some little clearing np on the track, which It was necessary to have done, being the cans** The cars will be running, however, In a day or two. At Alexandria, business was dull, and no ar rivals of vessels worth noting. The Great Southern Mail was transferred to the river route on the 1st instant, and work* most successfully, not a failure ro make the regular connections has been experience! thus far, not withstanding the heavy fog* which have pre vailed during the jmst two weeks The railroad track l?etween Richmond and Fredericksburg has l>e*?n relaid, with heavy rail, to within a few miles of the latter city, and cost ing tl?e company some Sl-iO.UiO. and the rent of the route is to be lelaitl at a cost of some SloO.iHKi more. Some ?*?> tons of iron have arrived at Aqma Creek within a few days, for the railroad im provements. The steamer Powhatan has been put in com plete repair, and will be brought to the Compa ny's wharf to-morrow; she will not, however, be put in service until the river becomes frozen. CucciT Cocit.?In the case of A. E. L. Keese. to show cause why he should not be dis missed from hia office, was pending when our re port closed yesterday, the Court decided that Ke?-*e should be suspended for the space of six months, for demanding a reward for the appre hension of parties while knowiug their wherea bouts. The Court averred that when a reward was offered for the apprehension of fugitives from justice, an officer might with propriety receive such proposed lewanl as an incentive to dili gence on bis part. The case in question was where the defendant bad found tbefugitivesfrom justice, and placed them in a position where be could lav his hand* ou them at any time; after which he went to the party interested in the ar rest of the fugitives and said ?'what will you yive for the arrest of >aid partie*?'' The reply fixes the amount; and, on the instant, the officer inide reply that he had the prisoners. The prin cipal then refused to pay the reward, and a ma gistrate's decision compelled him subsequently to pay it to the officer. An appeal was taken, and the Court reversed the magistrate's decision, and inmosed all the costs of Court upon the offi cer. The Court deemed it necessary to make an example of the officer in question, although, as befoie stated, a reward had been offered; but, at the same time, in consideration of his previous good character and energy in ferreting out crimi nals, in many instances, they made the punish ment as light as possible. The Stav.xtox Traoedt.?The body of Wil liam Mullins. the unfortunate man who was shct at Staunton. Va , on the lltb Inst., was on Mon day evening, brought to the residence of his mother on Seventh street. The agonizing cries of the bereaved mother and widow were affecting In the extreme. Mnllins, it will be remembered, was found dead, on Saturday night iast. near the house of Dr. Daniel Downey, the Catholic priest In charge of the church at Staunton. An inqaest was "held and the jury returned a verdict that the deceased was killed by a pistol or gun shot fired by Daniel Downey, who was forthwith committed to jail, together with four witness#-* who were in the Lous*; at the time the affair took place. Downey confesses that he shot Mnllins, but says the deed was committed in self defence. He has a bruise on Lis forehead, showing that he received a blow. When Dr. Downey was found, after the shoot ing. be was lying in his bouse stupified from the effects of laudanum and spirits he had taken, and his mind is now in such an excited state that it Is considered unsafe to allow any one to converse with Lin* We learn that It wa* stated in Staunton on Sat urday night that the deceased had sednced a girl, and that in an interview with him Dr Downey endeavored to induce him to marry her Thia led to an altercation, which terminated in the deaiti of Mullins Cimisil CuriT ?After our report cloned yesterday the ca*e of the United States vs. George Crouse, for assault and battery on John W Hil lery. with iutent to kill, which was then pend ing. was closed, and the Jury returned a verdict of guilty an indicted Lemuel Harris was then called up on a charge of assanlt on Alfred Carter. This case was sub mitted to the Court and bis Honor, npon bear ing the testimony of the prosecuting witness, and ia view of the fact tha; the defendant had alieady been in jail three months, sentenced him to be further imprisoned in the county jail for a space of tbree weeks and pay a fine of f I George English, alias Marian Cond, was then brought up for ait assault and battery on Andrew This case was also submitted to th? Court, and English was sentenced to lie impri soned in the county jail one month, and pay a fine of S5 Crouse was nor sentenced; the Court reserving Lis sentence until the pending motion f?r a new tiial in the i asc of Jacob W . Powers shall have be*-n decided. Tunt motion is to be argued before his Honor in a day or two. The Court heie adjourned To-day the Court met at IO o'clock, and the ra*e of Wiilaiu W ilson was taken np, in which the defendant wjs charged with assault and battery on Michael Bowlin, with "iutent to kill, ou tb?- first day of last June The assault grew out of the electiou riots in the Seventh Ward, at the lost June election Cartlngton and Rooker for the defence. The case was concluded ? ud given to tne Jury as our report closed Mm. Philbbicx's Giit Sales, at 176 Pennsyl vania avenue, are in the full tide of successful operation The public properly appreciate the giarefil liberality of a trader who. after selling to his customer a sterling book of poetry, philoso phy. travels, romance, biography or science, to adorn and in?t-uct his mind, accompanies the sale by a splendid gratuity to ornament hia or her person, in the shape of a watch, bracelet, pair of ? leeve-buttons, or some other equally ricn gift. Such a bounty f??r customers argues an expansive and liberal spirit, and of course brings them in throngs Remember, Mr. Pbilbrick dispenses jewels of the first water for the mind, at a most ? rasonable ratv. and jewels for the person, with out money and without price, as an accompani ment A little cash invested at his establishment Is like striking two blows with oue stone. It Siscvlar Case ?In the returns from the east ern lock-up is the name of James Butler, a slave, on suspicion of larceny The case was tried Wfore Justice Cull, and the evidence against the prisoner Was suffi. lent to justify his punishment. By law a slave cannot lie punished except by con sent of his master, and the punishment iii lieu is a designated number of stripes. The order was issued, but when the officer stripped the prisoner to apply the lash, he found his back so filled wtli gun-shot that it would tie iiupotMibte to strike him without punishing him unmerci fully. The fact was stated to the Justice, who dismissed the case He Was shot while engaged lu other mischievous pranks Sipr:.we Coirt, > ksterdat.?John B Bris bin. fl*q , of Minnesota, was admitted an attor ney and counsellor of this Court. .N'os 4 audi*. The Ocean Tow-Boat Company, owners of s|*-aml*oat Star, et al,. appellants. rt. The ship Ocean (Jueen and the steamship Cres cent City and Chailes Hill ft a! , owners of the ship Ocean ijueen, appellants, r*. The I'nited states Mail Steamship Company, claimants of the steamship Crescent City The argument of these cases was continued by Mr. Cushing for theshif Ocean Queen, and by Mr Cntting for the United States Mail (Steamship Company, claimants ol steamship Crescent City. Adjourned. Death or Mas. C. T. Join*.?Information was received this morning in this city from Charles T Jones, Kaq., of the Treasury Depart ment, of the death of Mrs Jones on board th< steamer i>en Pike, fifteen miles above Natchez, on the tftb instant Mr. Joaea, wife, and twt daughters were on their way to the South for th? benefit of his wife's health, but ere they reached their daatmattoa her spirit departed She died Of consumption. GZVeHlv ,nl*" Qp"T1" pot, by a dilatetZwould aeem to In ant 1?H1 V Mn ?*?Hy folks in that plea* ITiill,!?. " ?b"""? ?? SuIta^'SiV, We are astonished Waihrogtoo ke,n*laDCe" MVer *?PP?ed in T..'wr?u'4miTw oi ?? w* <fvn t rBfu??' "L *? *M?k a little plainer, ? _ 1 "V mjamnr all may know, la it any bodj'abaeineea If a lady due a beau.' -- " l&i* any b?dy'? business When that gentleman does call ? h? '?***? the lady. Of if he laavea at all Or is it necessary That the curtain ahoald he drawn r? J?r* T,ro? further trouble The ontaide lookers on ? ' I\\*h???*on OB tk# *lde *?lk. "3J fir .r "?* por,on naeana to eall > Or. if you ,?? a Mr,on> u om" la itmH * ^,,in* *nrwhere, ??y of yoor bus mesa What hit business may be there.' Hnt??! ,b0J13r.*" ^siness. But the lady's, if her beau Ki.'-a out with other ladies. And doe* nt let her know ) m 1n\ U>d' * business, But the gentleman's, 1/ she Accepts another escort ?> hen he does'nt choose to ba? ? The substance of my query, Simply stated. would be this *?rfny hodJ,'# business \\ hat another's business is 1 If it it, or if tt isn't, U a should really like to know. For I'm certain if ir isn't, I here are soma who make it so." Chixesb Sugar Case IX Tit* VicmtTT or W ahhimgtom.?Through the faror of Mr J B Wilson, we have before us a liberal sample of Chinese sugar cane syrup, of excellent quality, made at Mr. Reeve's works, on the Plank Road four miles north of the city. These are the only works yet erected for the manufacture of Chinese sugar cane syrup, i? this part of ,Le t.ountr* which are regular and complete j? the construc ??<* where the system at the South in clari fv inland boiling (town i* carried out. A< the juice is rendered perfectly clear previous to boil ing, this syrup is entirely free from that greasy flavor so prevalent where one kettle only is used A rtBt.ic Coxvk*ie*ce ?Osborne's Alexan dria and Washington Express Baggage Line is a great convenience. Indeed, to the public of both cities. Mr Osborne calls any where in either city for freight, as requested, and of course de livers it where desired Persons desiring to have freight or packages of any size carried oetween the two cities will And Mr Osborne's order slates at the Star office, at Bacon's store, and at the United Stales Hotel. All orders entered upon either of them will be promptly and cflVct.veiv 7^1 'w a fro,n ^e card, having re wagon Oct*-"'?" to employ his express The Second Ex mat tmx of the Washington Art Association opened last evening in Mr. Cor coran'* building, on H street, between Thirteenth Fourteenth, with an address from the Hon ? T^r0"'uh,ch KaVK niuch satisfaction to the critical audience assembled. I pou its con clusion an adjournment was made to the picture gallery, which, though not vet dNplavin** all the work* of art expected for the exhibition was yet felt to be a decided improvement iu many "re spects upon that of last year. Thk Educational Comventiox to be held at at the Smithsonian Institution, will open to morrow evening, and will be continued durin" Friday and Saturday of this week Addresses and lectures will be delivered by Prof. Dimltry, R^hard M Smith, Esq^ . of Alexandria; Hon Harnard ofConn l,eo. B Emerson. Esq , of Boston. Mass , Professors Bache. Henry and others. J The Public fi*?r.FXK* is taking advantage of the present mild weather to have "large portions of the Capitol Grounds, which have been injured by the late excavations for the sewer to drain the new Capitol, carefully resodded with green turf This work was rendered the more necessary in view of the fact that portions of the green bor dering the walks were completely worn away by being used as a thoroughfare for foot passeegers. Bottled Ale.?Arny Jt Shinn are certainly furnishing their customers just now with an ale, equal, in all respects, to any ever imported to this region They term it their "Burton Ala " We know not where it may have been brewed but we do know that it challenges a favorable com parison with the beM English or Scotch Ale we ever opened A mono THE plea*aj?t ixcidemts last evening at the Wesley Chapel Fair, was the presentation of a handsome Bible to Rev Mr Krebs, pastor of that church, by his congregation To-night, it will he ?een, there are to be additional attrac tions in the shape of fine vocal music, bv such performers as Professors Crouch, Daniel, and others. Notice to Travelers - The aix o'clock, a m tiain from Washington to Baltimore, which has Wen an accommodation train for some months, has commenced running as an express tram, in order to furnish greater facilities for tra vel to the North. By this arrangement, travelers leaving Washington at 6 a. rn , will reach New \ ork at 5 p. m , instead of 7 p m , as heretofore. COURT Of CLAIM1, VesTIRDAY ?Hon J A Rockwell opened the argument for the claimant in the ca?e of Samuel F Holbrookvs ThaUnited States Mr Blair, the Solicitor, replied for Ihe government Mr. Rockwell closed the argument for the claimant, and the case was submitted. Adjourned Progressing?The work of filling the large pood on Square TOO, First street east and C street South, is progressing, though it is not near con clusion. It is an improvement that has long been desired by the residents of the Fifth Ward, and was begun some weeks ago It will cost over ?2,000 to complete the job Natur ai.izatiom.?Those persons whose nat uralization papers are now due, would do well to attend promptly at the Circuit Court, on next Saturday. That is said to be the last day of the term, and those who fail to attend will be obliged to wait for the next term, which many of them will regret. W1 are requested to mention that the gentle man lecturing at the Smithsonian Institution on the ?' Phvsics of Meteorology," is Prof John I.e Conte, or Columbia, S. C , and not Prof Josr,>k Le Conte, who lectured last winter on Coal, as was stated in the Star last evening. Police Rkports ?The police offlcrs under the supervision of Captain Klopfer, Chief of Po lice, reported liftv-llve cases for the week ending Saturday last. First district, 9 cases ; Second do . 6; Third do , 12; Fourth do , 15 : Fifth do., 5; Sixth do , 6; Seventh do , *2 The Circuit Covet baa adjourned over until Saturday next, at 1U o'clock, a. m Watch R itorns ?Eastern I.ock up ?James Butler, colored. D C , suspicion of larceny; dis missed. Julia Fitzgerald, Ireland, drunk; do. Dan 1 Moratta, Ireland, drunk and disorderly; Hne and costs, $5 W Central Guard-house.?Thomas Rice, Ireland, drunk and disorderly; workhouse yo days Pat rick O'Neal, Ireland, do ; do. John Gloakey, D. C, do.; do Bridget Curtis, Ireland, do.; do. Mary Brown. Scotland, do ; do. George Cosby, N. V drunk; do Michael Handrahan, Ireland, do.; tine and costs, *:j 94. Sixteen lodgers, all non-residents. Lecture* 0* Physiology.?Prof. Fow'er con tinues ma l.ectures at Temperance Hall. The sub ject this evening is Woman, her phrenology, sphere, "right a," wrongs, faults, treatineut, aid perfection. Dyspepsia ani> Fits.?Dr. Tracy Delorme, great curer of Consumption, whs (or several years so bad ly art It eted by dy?pepma that for a part of the lime he waa oonbned to hia bed He was eventually cured by a prescription furnished lam by a young clairvot - ant sirl. This prescription, giveu by a mere ohild while in a state of tratioM, has cured every body who has taken it, neier havn.g failed mice. It is equally as sure in onsen of lits as of dyspepsia. The inter* dients may be found iu any drug store. I will s?nd this valuable areacription to auy person Who will supply me with the urines (and residences) of ten,or more, individuals suBwrmg with diseases of tha chest, lunga, or throat, as a knowledge of such inva lids and the wit to rcaoh them, is an aid u> my rngu krhuajneaa. Address Dr. Tracy Delorme, New York Poat Office. I aw i!t FossrssioN of aonie valuable certificates in favor of the Consumption Destroyer; also ol its efticftoy in relieving bronchial disease attended with sever* oough. Th* Syrup 1a pleaaant and sal*, and is composed of roots and herbs prooared from th* Blue Ridga; it i* no oommon article. They are nie?ty enveloped in my eircuiara, wkara my piaoe of r*aid*nce isa<t*n. The extract of a flower called tha Alpha Ointment for the Pile* can, with the Syrap, bj found at Mr. C- Stott'a; the Sy rup is at sev?ral other places on Pennsylvania avenue. a? wall as Georgetown, at Mr. Newman's on Bndge street, la Alexsndria at l,*dbetter's, la Baltinora, at dance's, 101 Haiti m, ^ reet ? Notio*.?All thoaa who have fooad relief froaa tha ase of this Ayrap woaid ooorar a lavor oa M.A. Moant by (bnmrdiag then thair aartihaataaaa early aa.poesible. d 7 tf To T? Cmm?? o? Wasmixotow? Wot/Vi Stkiidmm Aromitic Sekmmpps.?The proprietor ba?a leave to call the attent ion of strangera and tbe citnena of W&shington.toa very superior article of , Holland Gn, wh;oh he introduced lo the American public nnder the name of Wolfe's Schetdam Aio matic Schnapps. This Gin ik manufactured by the proprietor exclu sively at hia Distillery in Sehiedam, HoLand.It la made from the best Barley that oan he procured in Europe, at any eoat, and flavored and medicated, not by the oommon harsh berry, hot by the mow choice botanical variety ot the Aromatic Italian Ju niper Berry, whose more various extwet la distill ed and reetimed with ita apirituoua aolveot.aud thua beoomesa oonoent rated tincture of exquisite fla vors and aroma, altogether transcending in ita Cor dial and Medicinal propertieaany alcoholic beverage heretofore known. The proprietor has submitted it to nearly the whole Medical Faculty of the United States, and has reoeived anawera from about four thousand Phyaioiana and Chemieta. who ondorae it over their signatures aa ? moat desirable addition to the Ma teria Medica. Persona who pnrohaao ahould be oareful to |tet the genuine artiole, aa the whole oountry is flooded with counterfeits and linitationa. Put up in quart and pint bottlea, in caaea of one dozen enoh. and for aafe by'nil the respectable Drug gists and (irocera in the United States. Udolpho Wolfe, Sole Importer and Manufaeturer. Depot, No. 22 Beaver street. New York. WoLfi's Schieoam Aromatic Schnapps, is presanbed with great success by the Medical Fao ulty in Gravel, Gout, Chronic Rheumatism, Drop sy, Dyspepsia, Sluggish Circulation of the Blood, Inadequate Assimilation of Food, and exhausted Vital Energy; and as a beverage it has no superior in the world. Put up in quart and pint bottles, and for sale by all the Druggists and Grocers in Washington. Udolpho Wolfe, Sole Importer and Manufacturer, Nos. 18. 20, and 3, Beaver street. New York. Wolfe's Sciieidam Aromatic Schnapps.?The proprietor particularly reoornmends tbe above Sohnapps to persons travelling or about to settle in the South or West on account of ita Medicinal pro perties m oorreotuig the disagreeable and often dan gerous effects produoed by a change of water?a visitation to whioh all travelers South and West are particularly liable. Strangers should be careful in purchasing the Schnapps, as the whole ooun'ry is flooded with cjunterfeit* and imitations. The genuine has the proprietor's name on the bottle, cork and laltel. For sale bv all Druggists and Uro cers. UnoLPHo Wolfe, d 12-Sm Depot la Beaver sreet, New York. Special Notice.?For Perfumed Breath, White Teeth, and Beautiful Complexion, use " Balm of 1 Flowers " For dressing Ladies' hair use " Woodland Creain," a new pomade ; it causes gen tlemen's hair to curl beautifully. Price 50 cents each. W P. Fktriikjk A Co., Proprietors, New York. Wholesale and Retail Agents for Washington. Taylor & Maury, Booksellers, between 9th and loth at., Pa. avenue. n 17 Dr. Pope, Homeopathic Ptyiirian tind Surgeon, Do Menou or Chain Buildings, No. !TJ6 H street, north side, between 13th and 14th sta. d l-eoSm MARRIED. On the 15th inatant, by the Rev J J Hnrbert, THOMAS MARTIN toMiaa LOUISA BROWN, all of this city. * DIED. In Georgetown, on the 15th instant, BRIDGET SWKENY, wife.of Garrett Sweeny, aged about 55 yeara. The friends and aequnintannes of the family are invited to attend her funeral from her late residence, No. Jefferson street, on To-inoriow Afternoon, at 3 o'clock. " GEORGETOWN ADVERTISEMTS. AH N Y ' S CONFECTIONERY, No. 84 Bridge Street, Georgetown, 1). C. Although determined to retire from husine&s dur ing February next, I am always ready to attend to alt orders for Partiea, Ac., with that zeal and punc tuality that has hitherto been my custom?all reports to the contrary notwithstanding. As usual, at this season, I have a pretty assort - met of FRENCH CONFEC I ION FRY. Ac., aud am now preparing a largo number of Cakes, of all kinds, for the approaching holidays. Persons there fore desiring to avail themselves of this lust oppor tunity of procunng a first-rate Christmas Cake,are requested to make eariv application. I still offer this establishment for sale. Possession given anv time prior to the l'ti> February. when, if not previously disposed of, 1 will sell at public auc tion, thus affording a good Confectioner ?n opportu nity of encaging in a lucrative business at once . d iG-dtJan3 tlntelligeuoer) A. L. aKNY. Y-V=M NION BUILDING ASSOCIATIO.V IL < An adjourned meeting of the stwrkholders will he held at the Council Chamber on Thursday evening next, 16th laat. at 7 o'clock. Members are requested to be punctual in their attendance aa business of importance will come be fore the meeting. THOMAS JEWELL, Secretary. Georgetown. Dec. 15, 1H.V7. d 15 3t j^ISH! FISH!! FISH!!! 15fl bb's. No. 1 St John's A LEWI VES. IWhbla.No. I I'.astern HERRING. New landing, per schooner Sylvanus Allen, from Boston, and for sale by HARTLEY A RRO., d 12-lw lnl Water street. Georgetown, D. C. FOR BOSTON.?The superior fast sailing clip per schooner. Sylvanus Allen, Capt./^. Sears, has arrived, and wil! have quick dis patch forth" above port. I-or freight or pa-sage apply to HARTLEY A BRO., 101 Water street, Georgetown, D. C. >1 12 Iw TA X ES.?Persons paying their Taxes or or be fore January 1st, IRW.will save interest and ex penses. ofherwise interest will charged dating back to the first Monday in ? Ictnber last. d 1-lm* C. F. SlIKK ELI.. Collector. POTATOES.?I,bushels prime white MER CER I'OTaTuESib store and for aale in luts to suit purchasers. PETER BERRY, n 28 81 Water street. Georgetown. Millinery, &c. MRS. J. E. THORN will open on Tuesday, the 15th ot December, where she will cou ^0T\ 0? tinne several weeks, a handsome assort ment\ of New York MILLINERY, over Alien's^ _ Dry.(ioods store. No.214 Pennsylvania avenue, be tween 9th and luth streets; entrance either through the atore or on D street. Repairing neatly and promptly done. Ladies will do well to give her a oall, aa her prices and quality cannot fail to ple&ae. d 14 3t* Madam Pribram a daughter, on Pa. avenue, between loth and 11th streets, south ? ide. No. 2T7, respectfully inform the I adiea that they have the newest stvle of. BONNETS, suitable for our metropolitan* season, and also HbAJ) DR ESSES, suits ble for soirees, levees, Ac. Wanteb.?Two hrst rate Milliner Hands. d ?-2w* Madam bonnel, DRESS MAKER. From Paris, No. 332 18th street west, between I and K atreet*, Washington city, has the honor to inform the ladies of Washington and vicinity, that she has fatted up a Dress Makine Establishment, where she is ready to make every kind of work, as Dresses. Mantillas, Basques, Ac., and in the liest and very latest sty le of Paris, receiving every month the Freiieh Journal De La Mode, direat from Paris. n 11 2m* Ff IRE-CR ACKERS-TORPEDOES. 25 boxes No. 1 Gold Chop Fire crackera, 25,0*10 Torpedoes. For sale low for cash by KENNEDY A PI (ill. No. 50ft 7th St., next door to Odd Fellows' d 14 eo3t Hall. OR IENT AL NAIL POLISH, giving a l>mutiful lustre to the finger nails, at GIBUS'S Hair Store, near lath street. Pa. ave. u 10 3m ATSTEVENS'H NEW FANCY STORE.3-16. between 9th and l"th streets, can be found the Mosaic, Lava, Gold Stone, and Silver, Pcnrl But tons, with Gold Banda. n 12-eotf Mince meat. In kegs Fisher's unrivaled MINCE MEAT. Just received and for sale by d II eoCt BARBOUR A SKMMES. FOR SALE.?A puir of well broke, family cai riage HORSES, large and active; a r\ riding oi bugey Horse, and a Carriage. *1 Inquire at tins office. d 15 3t* ^EZ-V ^AMIEI, P HOOVER'S HOOT, SHOE. AND 0 TRUNK ESTABLISHMENT. Come and see the assortment of Jloots, **hoer, and Trunks S. P. Hoover has on hand and selling on at vry reduced prices. Ladies' Gaiters at $1. Mlasea' old style Shoea 25 to5flcenta Gentlemen's Patent Leather and Calf Boots and Congress (iaitera at regular price* .*5. Boota and Shoea for boys and youths at the reduced price of 7-? eta. to 91 -50. 1 .Allies' Congress Water-proof Gaitera for %1.7*. Morocco Double aolnd Boota at ?1. heeled 75cts. Trunka, Valises, and Carpet Bags at ooat. Call and aee for Yourselves. Ladie*' snow and men's water-pr->of Shoea. Gliatenous and French worked Clippers White satin and kid Congress-heeled Gaiters and Slippers. Servants' t*ho*? and Boots of all descriptions. At the Iron Hull Boot rind Shoe Store, between <*th and lath streets, d 15 lw S.P.HOOVER. ?ABINET FURNITURE. Beds and Mattresses, Plated Goods, China, Glass and Crockery, Japanned Goods, Britannia Ware, Block Tin Goods, Table Cutlery, Bronxrd I rou Good* Looking glasses, Wood and Willow Ware, Baskets, Rrushea, Ae. Forming au immense variety of Uaeful and Fancy Articles, embracing almost everything required to furnish the parlor, chamber, dining -mom and kitch en, all of which I will sell at very low prtoes for cash, or on time for approved paper C. W. BoTELER, General House-furnislung Store. d ISweod iron Hall. tit If Ml REWARD will be given for the arrest <9 1UU ard conviction of the person who set fire to snd destroyed the Frame House on the oorner of N street south and Union Alley, on the morning of 23d Nov. lusn. dI-eo2w CHAS. W1LLE. f\LD WHEAT WHISKY. . ^ %mTL " J Ju tlreceived another supply ofthat Old Wheat Whisky, wiueL we wilU^l^at^a^j-juioed j<ioe. ? * C50?' 4 14-eoat No, S08 7th st. ATTCTTOV SALES. By C. R. L. CROWN * CO.. Auott. ON SATURDAY MORNING. th? J!>th insf.,at |o o clock, in front Oi tlie Bank of WishiniEl<m. we shall sell? 1 pair fine Brown llurm, gentle and wail matiuad. AI?o,1 Rrkud Harness. Term* cash. &alc positive. i 1? c. R. lTcROWN & CO.. Auelr. Hr J AS. C. McQUIR E, Aictimwr. STOCK OF GROCERIES AT AUCTION ? Preparatory to ontertng oar o?w Store, on ?*a. avenne. adjoining the Kirkwood House, will sell the present st<>ck,at corner 13th and F streets, at auc tion. on KRIDaY next, commencing at In o'clock, which constat* of? Fine Green and Black Teaa . t'odee, Sugars, and Spices Pickles^ Preserve*, and Sauces Freah Fruita and V eretables English and French Mustard JeMies, Prunea in Jats.and Figs. Ao. Together with the entire stock of Liqnora and Segars, among which are? M umm'a Champagne and Sparkling Hock Steinwein, GMmMper. and other Still Hooks Chot-Larose, Chot-Leonllo. St. Jnlien, and other Claret* Henry Sutton's Champagne. Hennessey's Cognac

Brandies in glass and wood 4 bWs. F. French's Old Rye Whisky, and other Whisky, in bottles Maderia nnd Sherry Wines. in glass and wi?od Terma: All auma of nnd under $3n, cash; over that sum a credit of 90,60, and 90 days, with interest. J AS. H. SHEKEL!.. J. C. McGUIRE. Auct. The new afore will be ready lor occupancy on Wedueaday next, 2tat; will l*e open that day witto an entire new stock. d If. ta By J. C. McGL IR E, Auctioneer. IAROF. AN I) PEREMPTORY AUCTION J SaLK OF A CHOICE SKLM'TION Of pRXCII AND Kmolish Fa.\lt Goods?On TUESDAY A WED NESDAY MORNINGS, Deo. 22and 33.commenc ing at lflo'olock. on the second floor of the auction rooms, 1 shall aeli a clioioe selection of French and English Fancy Gttods, never opened in thia country, having been imported within the laat ten data by a leading house in New York, and aent here foi sale in consequenoe of the prostration ofbusiness in that city?comprising in part Real Bronze C&ndelabras of new and beautiful styles. Fine French Bronzes?subjects Harmony, Science, Organ piay era, Cupid vanquished and Cupid vic torious, Indian and pantner, Victory crowning the Warrior, Lion an 1 Deer, Tailored awl Flo rinda. Nrmph of the Rhine, Bnoehus, Venus of Napoli, Amazon, Ac, 1 jlegant gilt, bronze, and rra> hie Clocks for loantels, Ac,?Subjects. Sappho. Julius Cvsar, Tragedy, Astronomy, Bacchus, Filial Affection. Alexan der, Innocence. Mother's Pride.Ac. l'arian Matuarv by Wed wood. Copeland, Iltinfon, and Allcock ?>l* John Anderson my Jo, Three Friends. Prometheus, Christ blessing little Children, Shepherd ami shepherdess, I ion in l.ove. Pandora. Psyche. Borneo and Juliet, Indignant Cupid, Ac. Large Bronze Fuures lor Gas- Suljeofa the Stand ard Hearer of the First Republic, Gil Bias and Rolando, Charles the Bold,\enusand Mercu>y, Ac. Platuia Decorated Vases, an entirely new art.cie, never before imported into tlua country. ALSO. A fine assortment of Silver plated Tea Sets, new styles, heavily plated on German silver, sets of Fine Cutlery, Steel Engravings, Ac. The residents of Washington and vicinity are re spectfully invited to examine these goods, which the) will find to be of the finest and most tasteful description, and worthy to adorn the parlors of the tirst mansions in tne country. Terms cash. d 16-7t JAMES C. McGUIRE. Auct. C FOR RENT ARB SALE. FM)R R ENT?And possession given immediately, a FURNISHEK HOUSE. The location is one of the most desirable. Apply at 236 I street. West End. d1fi-eo?t* LINTON HOUSE FOR R ENT.?The Hot I -J formerly known as Dorsey's Hotel, on the cor ner of "th and I street*, will lie for rent till the hrst of January. For terms inquire of MOOR E A CIS Sl". LI., adjoining. d ifi Iaw3w* hVlB RENT -A HANDSOMELY FUR NISHED HOI'SE, desirably situated in the First Ward, wuli Furnace. Gas and Water Fix turea. Apply at No. I4?i F street. d lfi-St* CM'RNISHED, or unfurnished apartments can lie I had at M'a. Adams', No. G straet, t>aok of the Patent Office. The building is a large and ele gant one, containing four acites of parlors and l>ed tooms, nnd was formerly occupied by Senators IIuu ter, Mason. Hutler and others. d 16-eo3t * ?BURNISHED ROOMS FOR RENT.?A large r Parlor and Chmiber. on the first lli?or. No. 435 8th street, between G and H, back of the Patent Office. ^ d 15-3t L'OR RENT.?'Several neatly-furnished rooms r with gas fixtures for rent on Penatylvania ave nue i north side) two doors east of the St. Charles Hotel. Inquire on the premises, or to C. W. HE\ - DON, jeweler, under the National Hotel, d 15 2t* TWO ROOMS TO LET, on Pa. avTnufTt^" 1 tween 12th and 13th, north side. They were formerly occupied by Dr. Villard, Dentist, for his office. Apply to C. GAUTIER.252 Pa. avenue. d14-1w I^OK RENT?Two Kooins, suitable for officesor I an office and chamber, immediately opposite the City Hall, and over the othee of C. S. Waflach. d n?f_ Apply to RICHARD WALLACH. 17*011 SA LE?On reasonable terms, a comrw dious and substantially built BHICK DWELLING HOI SF., with l>ack building attach-d, in l-'rauklin Kow, which is one of the most beautiful and desira b e ImIi >ns in Washington. The house contains 12 rooms nud two cellars. Iiath room, hot and oold water, gas, A r., and has a stable for three horses, o?rrmge house, with servants* looms above; cow house, wood-house, and choice fiuit trees. The IiuUmh will be sold with or without the tno valuable building lots adj -ining. Apply at No. 512 (2d story) 7th street, to POL LA HJiJVVJEBB^utent^ d HANDSOMELY FURNISHED ROOMS. . The first class House No. 415 15th street, is arranged with Bedrooms and Parlors on each floor. Persons desirous of obtaining Rooms may call im mediately. Meals can be furnished from Wormier'* Clnb House. d I" tit* TWO VERY DESIRABLE FURNISHED 1 BOOMS for rent. One a large front room, in one of the most pleasant locations in the c ty. In quire of Mis. HUNT, 47 Louisiana avenue, bet ween 6th and 7th streets. d 9-tf tfOR BENT.?Either furnished or unfurnished, an excellent, three story, new Brick House, with basement. No. 4!*! New Jersey avenue, five minutes' walk Iroin the Capitol, with three-stall stable and coach house, with immediate possession. Inquire at SAM'L. WALKER'S Portrait Gallery , Od?on Buildina, corner 4S street and Pa. auenue. n l?tf CARD-RARE CHANCE.?Twelve large and handsome Booius. with Bath-rooms, Ac., A c.. for rent, furnished or unfurnished, suitable for chambers or offices. Will lie rented seperately or all together. Terms reasonable. Those apartments ai e over our establishment, Pa. avenue, lietween ^ih and liitli streets. n 18-1 m WALL, STEPHENS A CO. n()R RENT.?Prof. H. W. MUNDER having r fitted up his Hall in an elegant manner, which renders it one of the prettiest rooms in this city, will be rented upon moderate terms for Soirees, Suppers, Dinners, or Promenade Concerts Applv at the Hall on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday even ings from 7K until 9>6 o'clock. His School is now open for the reoeption of pupils on Tuesday and Thursday aftern<?on and evening, oo 22 tf W 1 CANDLES. SOAP. Ac. 15ii boxes Adamantine,Sperm,ami Mould CAN DLES. 70 boxes BROWN SOAP. 25 boxes CASTILE SOAP, 2 casks WINTER OIL, 25 baskets SA LAD OIL, 125 boxes PEA BL STARCH, 3,I**' lbs. SAL. SODA, 10 kegs SALER ATI'S and BREAD SODA. Just received, and fo r sale by d ll-titeo BABBOUR A SFM.MF.S. INES, LIQUORS, SF GARS, AND GRO CERIES. The subscriber respectfully informs his friends and patrons, and the public, that a full and gen eral assortment of Old Whiskies, Brandies, V\ ines. and Sogurs, of superior age and quality, | oan be fonnd at his Store, at the oorner of 12th I and B streets north. All orders strictly filled and delivered. JONAS P. LEVY. d3-lm near the Canal. V ENGRAVING. ISITING, RECEPTION. AND WEDDING Cards F.ugraved and Printed at short notice. Official and Company Seals and Presses. D. O. HARE, Engraver, n 19 colrri* 2fit Pa ave.. .1 doors west of 12th st By J AS. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. VALUABLE COUNTRY SEAT at Acctio*. Owing to the inclemency of the weather res terday.and the present pressure in the money mar ket, Maj. G. Tochman has POSTPONED the pub lic sale of his residence and fatm, " Summer Hill," in the County of Alexandria, Va., until MON DA Y, the 4th of January next, at 10 o'clook a. m., on the premises. In the meantime, they are offered lor private sale; and further information as to tenns of sale, Ao., may be obtained at the auction store of J. C. McGiure. J AS. C. McGUlKE. oc 27-2aw Auction and Commission Merchant. KRISS KRINGLE hereby notifies all good children that he has deposited with LAM MONI>,7th street, the largest and most l?oMiiti?nl collection of TOYS and FANCY ARTICLES ever exhibited in this city. d U-3t ROOMS, BUCKETS, Ac. 150 dozen BROOMS, all sizes 119 dozen 2 and J hoop filM K I'.TS 17 dozen Brass-bound BUCKETS and COQLKRS 2HD gross Kouud wood and other MATCHES ysbaloa PATENT TWINE 15 bales LAMP WICK 45 nests BASK ETS.all kinds *41 nests CEDAR TLBS. Just teoeived per schooner Sea Witch from New Vork. and far sale by d II e<4U BARBOUR A SEMMF.S. B TIE AS, COFFEE, Ae. HW chests Imperial, Gunpowder, Young Hyson and Black TEAS, 50 bags White and Oreen COFFEE, 60 pockets JAVA COFFEE, 35 hags LAGUYRA COFFKE, so boxes fresh GkOUND COFFEE. 80dozen YEAST POWDER, 4'boxes SOAP POWDER. Just received per schooners Sea witch and Spencer from New Yors, and Air sale by dll 6teo BARBOUR A HEMMES. AL L PERSONS INDEBTED TO C. STEVENS are most respectfully renaested to call and pay tbeir accounts at one*, as no addition will be made whan the old acooant stands unpaid, atf-aotf AUCTION 8ALS&. TO DAY 4- TO-MORROW MORNING By C. I?- R. CROWN A CO., Auctioneer*. Comer ?/ /V*my/ra*t'? ??*??? m.l *tk utrtti. Gold anp silver watches, jkwel AV, AM> FaUCY GOO?S, SUITABLE FO? THE Holtdats AT Avctwx- We shAll sell THIS EVK Nl NO, and every evening till c'osed, commencing ac 7 o'clock, * lArga invoice of fine Gold Lever Watches; Silver aud PiAted do; Gold, CAineo, Mo saic. And Florm^uwSetst>f Jewelry: Ri age; Chains; bi.toeleta. Lockets; Port-Monnaies; Calies; Silver pin ted Spoons, Forks. Castors. A c. d!4-*f C. R. I,.CROWN A CO.. A acta. By A. GREEN. Auctioneer. Books, books, at auction.-o* this . Tue?.lay i t.VKXING,lMh instant, at 7o'e'ock. at my auction store. No. ?X Seventh street, I shall eminence the sale of A very extensive assortment of superior StAbdard Books. viz: Hoi it cel. Historical. Class.oai and Miscellaneous Works, direct Iron# thepubiiskers. Also, Family and Pocket Bibles, Prayer and Hymn Books, Annuals. Albums And Gift Books, Gold and Silver Pencils, Terms cash in current funds, d 15-d A. GREEN. Auct. P. S. The ia> will be continued every evening till all Are sold. FUTURE DAYS. By J. C. McGUIRK. Auctioneer. TWO FRAME HOUSES AND LOTS IN I ths First W akd at Arcno*.?On THURS DAY AFTERNOON, Decembei 17, at 4 o'clock, on the premises, 1 shall sell part of Lot No. 15, in Square 31, frontwg feet on?4th street, between G and H streets north, running hack 80 feet, with the improvements, consisting of two nearly new two story frame dwelling houses, containing four rooms each. Terms: One-third cash; the residue in 6 And 12 mouths, with interest, secured by deed of trust on the premises. dISd J. C. McGUIRE, Auct. By J. C. McGUIRE. Auetioreer. Books at auction.-ou Friday eve ning, Deccinber iRth, at 7 o'clock, at the auc tion rooms, 1 nha I sell, without reset ve, a email tn voice of elecaritly illustrated Books, comprising? Hogarth's Works, Flowers of Loveliness, Ro>al G All err. Voyages of ("apt. Cook, National Gallery, Scripture Gallery, Americans in Lnrnpe, Ac., Ac. Also, a lot of miscellaneous second hand Books, Round Volumes of the New York Berald. Washing | (on Union, American Organ, National Intelligencer, Litw Hooks, Documents. A c , A c. Terms oaali. | dlVd J. C. McGUIRE. Auct. By J. C. McGUIRK, Auctioneer. VERY VALUABLE REAI. ESTATE AT TH K CokJIEK OF I)|LAWA1R Avnm A*n North H Strket. On FRI OA Y AFTERNOON Deoember It, at 4 o'clock, on the premises, I thall sell part of Lot No. S. iit Square No 6?6, situated at the corner of Delaware avenue and north R street, wittun one suuaro of the Capitol, And containing 13,94" square feet. This is one ofthe most desirablennimproved looa tious for sale in the city, and is very desirable as An investment, m view of the proposed Capitol Exten sion. Title indisputable. Terms: One-third cash:*the residue in on#, two, and three years, lor satisfactorily secured notes, lieanng interest. dlVd&d* J. C McGUIRK, Auct. By J. C. MoGL'IRK, Auctioneer. Handsome furniture and house noLn Effects at Auction. On SATUR DAY MORNING, Deoeml>er I9th,at !? o'clock, in front of the auction r?oms, I shall aell the Furniture and Housekeeping f ffects ofa gentleman removing from the city,comprising? Suite of walnut carved green and gold brocntelle oovered Parlor Furrifure. consisting of twotete a-tete Sofas, t wo large^Arm-cltairsand 6 stuffed h?<*k Parlor ' hairs. Two rosewoo<l blue aud gold hrncatelle Fancy Chairs, Eleeant rosewood carved Centre Table, with mar ble top. Marble top Centrc and Snf* Table, Handsome llarp. M usic Stand, Rush seat Reception ami other Fancy Chairs, Oval gilt-frame Mirrors. Shades, Crimson Hrocatellcand Lace Curtain*, Giram'o es, Bronzes, Centre Table, Velvet. Hrusiels.and Venetian Carpels, r?et of elegant cut and engraved Glassware, Handsome gold-hand French China Dinner Service. Silver plated Castor, Table Cutlery, Ac., I-on Hat Tree, Mahog.tny Sofa, Large and elegant walnut mirror front French Want robe, oost $|io. Walnut French and other Bedsteads, Hair and Husk Mattresses, Bolsters and PUIows, Bed and Table Linen. Toilet Sets. .Marble-top Bureaus And Washstands, Knamelled marble-top Cottace S?-t, Cane and wood-seat Chairs, Lonnee, Extension Dining Table, Sidelxiard, Refrigerator. Cook Stove and fixtures, Radiator. Air tight and Ha.l Stoves, Together with the usual assortment of Kitchen Requisites. Terms: and under, cash; over that simi, a credit ofSn.fifl, ami 9ndays for satisfactorily endorsed notes, bearing interest. d 15 d J. C. McGUIRE. Auct. MARSHAL'S SALE.?In virtue of a writ of fieri facias issued from the Clerk'a Office ofthe Circuit Court of the District of Columbia tor the County of Washington. and to me uirected. I shall ex pose to public sale, for Cash, at R iley's Wharf, on THURSDAY.tbe 24th day of Dec-emlier. 1(157, at lUo'clock a. m.. the following described property , to wit: One schooner nailed Wave, her Tackle and Furniture, seized and levied upon as the property of Rotiert Waiter,and will lie sold to satisfy judi cial No. 92, to Januar v term Hit, Peter Price, ad minis'rator of Nathaniel Todd, v? Robert Waller, Lamltc||,aiid Thomas W. Riley. J. D. HOOVER, d 12 Is Marshal for the District of Columbia. Bv A. GREEN, Auctioneer. PUBLIC SALE.?By virtue ol a deed of trust ex ecutcd to nie and recorded in Litter J. A. S? No. 133. folios 257, 25K, 2T<9, SfiO. snd <fil, one of the land records of Washington County. Diatrict o! Co lumtiia, I shall, on Till RSDA V. the 31st of Decem ber next, at 4 o'c.ock p. m., in front of fiie premises, offer for ssle at pub i?, auction, to the highest Udder therefor, the eastern half of Lot No K. in Son are No. 387. in subdivision of John Wilson ami Nicholas Callan, as the same is recorded in the office of'he record of said city of Washington, District of Co lumbia. Terms ca?h. The property to he resold at the risk and expense of the nurciinser unless the terms of sale are complied wiln within three day s front the day of sale. EDW. C. CARRINGTON, Trustee. d9 lawta A. GREEN. Auct. RUST EE'S SALE OF VALUABLE REAL 1 Estate.?In pursuance of a decree passed on the tenth day of April, in the year one thousand eight hundred and fifty five, by the Cirouit Court for Prince George's County, sitting as a Court ot Kquitr, in a cause therein depending, wherein Al fred M. Berry, next friend of Robert E. Thompson, and others, is complainant, and Kmi'y Wall, and others, are defendant, the undersigned, as trustee therein appointed, will expose at public ssle. to the highest bidder, on the premises, on FRIDAY, the 18th day of December next, at the hour of 12 o'clock, m., if lair, if not fair, at the same time and place on the next fair day thereafter, all those tracts, parts of tracts or parcels of tard, situated in said county, formerly the property of the late R ichard L.Thomp ?on, ana now decreed to be acid for the purpose of division and partition l>etween his widow and hi* children. These lands contain in separate and near - ly contiguous parcels upwards?d Six Hundred Acres. The greater portion is open lAnd. There is, howev er, some excellent Timt?er Land among the tract s proposed to l>e soid. Some of the parcels of land i linv e valuable improvements on them. There is a valuable spring of water on one of the t;Acts. and | the s<nl of all the lMuds is easily worked And well ad apted to the raising ofthe staple nrops of the count*. These lands are in the immediate vicinity of T B, and will be sold in lots to suit purchasers. Terms of sale as prescribed by the decree.?F ive. hundred dollars in cash, to be paid on the day of sale' and the residue of the purchase money to be paid in equal instalments, in one, two. three, and four years from day of sale ; the sime to bear interest from the day of sale and to lie secured by the tmnds ofthe pur chaser or purchasers, with approved co-obligors. And upontne payment of the whole purchase mon ey aud all interest thereon. And n ?t before, the un dersigned is authorized to eonvey the premises sold to the purchaser or purchasers thereofin fee simple, at his or her or their costs, free, clear and disclmrg ed from all claims of the parties to this cause and of any person or persons claiming by. from or under them. The widow is a party to the proceedings in this case and has in writing signified her assent to to take in lieu of her d iwer an equivalent in money, a* ascertained by law. out of the proceeds of the DANIEL C. DIGGES Trustee. November 19. IH.'Tj. n 19-iawtmthDecAdts pURNITURE VERV CHEAP. The pultltc are respectfully informed that thelirst. second, and third tloors of ouri large Furniture Warehouse. Are] filled to the utmi>at capacity with! every description of HOUSE _ FURNISHING GOODS?such as Sofas, Buroaus, Tables, Chairs Bedsteads, Lounges, Waehstand* Writ ng Desks, Beds. Mattresses Carpets, Looking Glasses, China, Glass,and Crockery Ware, Ac. Forming a very immense And varied stock, all of which ?e guarantee to sell At such prices as cannot fail to please. Houses furnished throughout, either for cash or approved papwr. Call and examine our stock beforo you make y . ar purchases. Remember the nam-1 and place BO NT'/. A COOMBS. No. Sl'iit Scveuth street.2d door from d 9 lm R. B. Hall's Dry GiKtds store. Raisins, almonds, ac.~ 175whole. >*, and boxes Bunch and lJi>er B AiSI \S 3 hales Soft-shell ALMONDS, Males Hard-shell ALMONDS, li Imgs CREAM NUTS And FILBERTS. 5 harrels PECANS, 2 cases PRUNES, (in glass jars > lu boxes LEGHORN CITRON, 5 harrels 7. ANTE CURRANTS. t Just reoeived per schooner Seawitch from New York, and lor sale by d ll-4?teo HARBOUR A SEMMF.S. CARRIAGES. HE Sulwcnbor hiving marie additions to his Factory, mat i ng it now one of the largest^an?tg. in the District, wnere his facilUies forttRJiJ-^i inanufactorina a I kinds of CAK ? ' R1AGES and LIGHT WAGONS cannot ba sur pasied, and from his long experience in the busi ness. he hopes to give general satisfaction. All kinds ol Carnages and Light Wagons kept on hand. All REPAIRS neatly done,aod all orders prompt ly attended to. Second -hand Cariuues taken in excliAnse for new ones. ANDREW J. JOYCE, d 10-tf oorner of 14th And E sts. LADIES. SHOPPING, may positively expect prompt a?d courteous Attention At STEV ENS'S New PAney S ore, betwese 9tk and 1'aa sts. B18-sot I TELEGRAPHIC NEWS the Miuathatfili Tnra Kl?ftlmi. Bo?tox, Dec 14?J. W. Lincoln. Jr. ?u flfrlfd m?m of tbli etlf. to day, kf 4,0110 me - Jority ewer Charles H 11-11. Both candidate* wrre on"fl(li??' tlelft* " Tbe *? Lincoln tick et" also earned a majority of aidcrnaen and ??*??> - elmen. Enwxt.L, !)?? 14 ?Hunterton. Iht fHtun candidate. was elected mayor at tberl^ctloa Lere lo-day. NtwiriTroir.DK M -Mr Cushing and it* temperance ticket has been successful her* by JT majority. Cm?i urnw*. Dee 14?Ja* Diatwu U?: ed mayor of this city by ? Urge majority Rnmii, Dec 14 ?Mr Sleeper baa bm re elected mayor of this city. Worcbitsb. Dec 14 ?At a municipal election bcld here to-day. the "d'tEcns ticket'* **? sue cessfnl, electing their candidate for anayer. Mr. Davis. bv ? ?wjorlty. Return ai Explarera?The Pawae* Ia4laa?. Sr. I.oiia, Dac. 14 ?Tbs hi. Jntepb Jeerns' announce* the arrival of l.lent Wa'ren ta4 Dr Havden. of the geological aurvey. who were sent to explore the region between Dncota Ctty and the headwater* of the Running Water Also the arrival of Mnjor Dennlston. Indian Agent, with the chief* and six brave* of the Pawnee tribe. eo route for Washington. to ratify the treaty recently made Burning ml the fttenmbnat (*l. Edwarda? Tweaty Livea Lest. N kvt Oii-KAXa. Dec 14 ? The steamboat Coi Edwards was burned on Red River en Setarday mo-ning She ia a total loss. together with ber cargo consisting of over a thotr?*nd bales of cot ton and many cattle Fifteen or twenty person* perished in ber. The Forged Paper at BeMea. Ro?ro*. Dec 14 ?Colonel Falk returned from Cbicagoon Saturday last, and states that every thing will he m.ide clear regarding his alleged connection with the reported forged paper afloat here and at Bangor. ? ?correct Report. Chicago, Dec 15 ?The statement of the elec tion of Messrs Shields and Steele as Senators from Minne*ola i* unfounded At the latest dates no election had taken place < le*e of Navigation ef Erie (anal. A i. a any, Dec IS ?To-dav I* the la?t of canal navigation To-morrow the water will be drawn oil by order of tbe Commissioner* All loads at any consequence are at their destinations ___ ? Peruvian Lamas. N?w VotK. Dec 15 ?Tbe brig E Drummond has arrived at Aspinwall, bringing 42 Peruvian I.amas Seventy-one were originally ahippc*. but 31 died on the put*age. Found Gailty. CixcixSati, Dec. 15 ?Loefner, the German who killed his wife and her employer, N T. llortun. in July la*t, has been found guilty ot murder ia the tirst degree Baltimore *1ark*ta Baltimore. Dec 16 -Flour ladnll and heavy; Howard at. and Ohio are held at 96, City Mills *4.? tor cash and on time. Wheat is firm and active; white 91 SOaSI *; red* 91 05a 91 l(i Corn steady?new vrhMt 46< 50. ? , yellow48a52. Whisky is lower, City 21, Ohio 22c. New York Markets. New \ ore. Dec. 1G ?Flour continues to de cline; *?les 5.500 bbls : State 94 40a94 50; Ohio C<5 06*5.45; Southern 94 90a5 25. Wheat i* declining; **le* 30,000 bushels: White *120,140: Red 115al2H Corn is firm; sale* 17,000 bushels; no quotatioua of Southern klnda Pork ha* declined; tness 915a91fl Lard is da dining, but quotationa are nominal Whisky is better; Ohlo22^'a23t. Financial. New \ on. Dec. 16 ?Stocks are firmer Chicago and Rock Island 75; Illinois Ceut'l sha 91; Illinois Central bonds a6< |.n Crosse and Mii w.iukie lOki Michigan Southern 21 fc; Nsw York Central ?4>i; Pennsylvania Coal Co 64, Read inj/ Railroad 58^; Milwaukee and MIssissIdoi Railroad 29 Misnouri 6 s TV. " V b'OH GETOWN AFP A IKS . Corrtspendtne* ?/ Tkt Stmt. Georgetown. Dec. 15, 1897. Our city ia unusually quiet, and the demon strations for the approaching Christmas holidays among our merchant* and others aeem to as to be far le*s attractive than we have generally seen them heretofore At a few places tbe display i? quite attractive and tempting, and these either h*?e Wn or are now designated in tbe columns ?f 'be Star For instance, Seymour, at hi* hand some hat and fur emporium, displays an assort ment of good* sufficiently tempting to besrildcr our sense*. and cause him or her to go to tba very depth* of their purse. In the way of dry goods. Mr John H Smoot presents a grand display, ar.d oflV-rs tare inducement* to the ladle* to purl ch?.<c A S Arny. in the way of confectionery, has an assortment rarely *urpa**ed and on terms so moderate that any one can afford to procure a S.d supply for the Christma* holiday* Mrs llins also otters a floe assortment of toys for Christmas presents for the children We advise all the readers of the Srar In this locality to <*; at the before mentioned place* before purchasing elsewhere. The tine building now In courae of erection on the corner of Gay and Congress streets, for D. Snyder will be topped out to-day This build in? has be?>n erected by Mr Ignatlns Dyer, car penter and aichitect, and Mr A Barber, brick layer In point of design, and execution of work manship it will compare favorably with any building of a similar kind in the District The walls of the new post office and cuatem house building have bean carried up to the squaie, and the handsome cornice ia now bet ng put on. Mr Wioe, the contractor, hat been de layed several weeks in getting a portion of the stone material*, otherwise the building by this time would have been covered in It i?, howave., the intention of the contractor to push the remain' Ing portion of the work to completion with all possible dispatch. The canal boat Ann Ellxa, Capt Hayne* while attempting to get into tbe canal from tbe river, whither she had gone for a cargo of wheat, ran' upon a rock and bilged Thr wheat will be a total loss. As the time approaches when it is anticipated that navigation is likely to be closed upon the Potomac, the shipping at nor port begins to thin off The whole water front this morning preaenis rather a beggarly account of vacant wharves The Hour mat let yesterday was rather dull and somewhat depressed, but it i- supposed that the Euro|>a'? news will have a tendency to revive it, and cause more activity to-day Held at 95 to standard biands, extra qualities command a trifle more. No change in wheat or corn The etc k of flour is unusually light for the season, and but little arriving. g jjRANDlES, WiNfcS AND SE?iARS. qUHKfHNL)V * c"kl French and Medium 15 casks Port, Madeira and Malaga WINK. 3? barrels prune OLD WHISKKY. *2 barrels BRANDY, WIN, WHISKEY, A a I crisk pure PEACH BRANDY, SCOTCH and IRISH WHISKEY (in wood and 21?m?? fine Havana and other SKGA RS Just received from New ^ ork.and lor tale l>* d II -6teo BaRBOIR A SK.MMES. IkKKsS >111M I S, in great variety and ot a l WW Sizes..can l<e lonnd on our shelves ; pr.oe- vary inc from fit! per doxen up, to suit purctuieert. (Jrders for Shirts taken, and execut.d with sk..i ami dispatch. <>?nk1 materials, workmanship, and t.t guaranteed. Call at GEO. H. B. WHITE A CO.'3, ^ Pe?n*> ivania avenue, next door a ?? .. Wl,t Taylor 4 Maury's Bookstore a l(V-3teo I A DIES, WITH I.ONG Mt.MOR ANDl'MS. Lj will save theranelves a great daaJ of trouble by oailing at STEVKNS New Fancy Store,pa hi* stock is by far more vanea than any other in the Distnet. n It-eott j^EEP OUT THK COLD AIR. Torry's Adjustable, Doable Action DOOR SHRINti, patented September tfth, ?MT ; decidedly the f?e?t D???>r Spnn* in use. The trade supplied on lilieral term*. C. W. HOTELFR. General Houscfumishim Store. d 1 eolm I row Hail. '?HEAP DIARIES FOB ms?. -> , I'OCKET BOOK FORM. Rest and obenpest Dianes f,?r I pah, in pocket form, with AliiiSBnc*. Caieuders. and Caeh Mem. rar. dumi. at Jtt, St. and S*t eents each, at W. K. BAYLY'S. d 11 eoHH Hajxve.. I*?tItk *o<l l?h ?ts_ SCHOOL NOTICE.?The sabseriber will nun a School lor t.irl?, and small Boys, at th? island Hall, eorner <>| Sixih street and Virginia Avenu.-, \S aslmiKton City, D. C-, lite krat Miwi?? iu January. Ikl. Having Kad an exprn?*r? ol 1-or years ia tMHchias. he fees* confident ta'lKlac tioa a ill lie reuderad t?> those who may oommit their children to his chTxe t.n<J instruction. No eM>*rr will lie spared to make tae Seaool met it the far.* of tb? people. For terms. Ae , obtaui a Cirenter at aay of the principal Book Mores in the ?l?. d IS^aawSw* _ JOSEPH >? KERNE The guitar _ . Mrs. A.Monav wdf reenter a few mora Pupils ou the Guitar, on application at her residence No. 4tto Tenth street between G and H. Pupils attended at their reaideaeea. if .iesited Terms #7 par <ssrjr. d U-eoSt *_ AT>TErENS*8 NEW FANCY STOBE.SM _ Pa. avenae. betweea tU and lath streets, o be found an sx si laat assortment of Opera Hoods a IS eotf 1