Newspaper of Evening Star, December 18, 1857, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 18, 1857 Page 1
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VOL. X. WASHINGTON. D. C., FRIDAY, DECEMBER 18, 1857. NO. 1,583 It PUBLISHED EVERY dUFTEElfOOB* (SUNDAY IXClfTU,) AT Tin STAB BUILMItas, c*nr*. By W. D. WALLACH. I*ap?rs served in ptokuM by camera at ?4 a jmr or V cente per Month. To ma* suSsonbers the iBt)J senptioft pnoe is f1_V?a year, u adranct, ft for ? is months; ft for three months ; and for i*n than three months at the rate of II oenta a week. &acle oopies, one cent; in wrappers, two oenta. Advbrtiskmejts (of eight lines to the seaare) inserted three timea for ?l; .very other day or semi weekly. 25 per oent. advanoe; onoe a week so per cent, advw? LOVE IK A STEEL-TRAP. ?<? THE COLO!*KL. 44 Lor* laugh* at locksmiths/ we are told ? hut rat trap* are no subject of laughter, even to the blind g<><l himself. as I shall show you in the sequel of this brief story ? But will jou go to-night?'' " Ye#. I will." ??And if I hare old Bob behind the barn, at twelve, you II be waiting inside, and we ll drive the *!??? * g<?t a,srricU riSh< ?U-aight off Y?V?Whe? "" tbe fo,ks 'n *** *nd asleep, I II steal out of the wash-house door. go to the bam. get in, and disguise myself. When you come put in jour finger, lift the latch. open the barn door, and I II drop into your arms like a ripe anple. Oh. I do so love to run away. >> on't it be delightful?'? MT.h V^" were Ju? c,aver* and Mary Miller I need not mention that they were lovers. Mary s father was a prosperous farmer in Connecticut, and Mary herself one of the wi.dest, most light-headed, romantie. innocent and afinctioiiate creatures ever made after the -almost divine model of mother Eve Joe a g^n^fas. impulsive youth,whose parent* had once seen flittering days, but had of late ?ven unfortunate, and fallen into comparative I?oTerty. 1 tarnier Millor, m ho drew rich, grew ambi tions. Mary was his only child. He looked to her settlement in the world as a means of his own social advancement, and had already sc lected. in his mind s eye, a suitable match for her Of course. Joc'a attentions, therefore, did not meet with his approval; and while ho wu unwilling to bo thought sordid enough to reject Joe openly, f??r his lack of means, he had sur ges twl to thai young ndventurer the propriety of absenting himself altogether from Mary s attractive presence. This done, he had assured -Mary r.f hi? resolution to disjtoso of her hand according to his own notion* ol ferninino happi ness. 1 r I need not say that the<e facts, operating upon the mind of a thoughtless, loving, ec<*en* trie, and spirited child like Mary, had a pecu liar eflcct. That very moment she determined to marry J-?e Clavers. He was evidently per ecu fed' Persecution only made him the dearer to her She liked him before, hut now t-he loved him. Jn fact, the more she thought ? f it. the more she was convinced that he was an angel and that perfect idolatry on her part w- iild only be an act of noble devotion. It Farmer Miller had been a scusiblo man. and at all disposed to study human nature, be would have adopted perhaps a vory different course towards his wayward daughter. He would have introduced his propo.-ed son-in-law nnd forbidden her. at the same time, to indulge in the slightest regard for him. The proba bility is that she would have fallen desperately in love with him at first sight, and ^iven Joe bis crn^r without further ceremony ; but Far mer Miller had a way of his own in all things, and he was satisfied that, should Mary feci disposed to play him a trick, he was quite able to manage a Roland for her Oliver. The very next morning after he had. in this manner, *4 opened his minJ, as be called it, to his daughter, he luckily happened to see Joe Clavers make his furtive entrance into the kitchen where Mary was busily at work, but not ringing as usual, for she was brooding over the parental cruelty. Farmer Miller did not permit many minutes to elapse before he had placed himself in the wash-house, which adjoined the kitchen, so that he might hear all that passed between the dis comfited lovers. He did hear the dialogue with which I have commenced this histoiitte He posse .-sed himself of the plan of the con templated elopement, and he was satisfied. ? She is going to run away, is she ?" be said to himself ?? I II teach hi,,, a lesson. I war rant ine ; and as for the little Oipsey, I'll settle her business very speedily." After tea that evening. Mary retired to her littie room her heart beating with anxiety for the approach of midnight. Her surprise may by imagined when, half an hour afterwards, she tound herself a prisoner. She tried the handle of the hick. It would not move ' What was to be done ? Could it have been fastener on her by accident' She railed for her father, and he came. ? What's the matter. Mary ?*? was his excla mation. without, however, o^enin ' the chain ber door. * My door is fast ard I can't get out!'' V i' \cry well, dear, wi< his reply; "go to bed. like a good girl, and I II open'it in the in??rning. She knew it was not of the slightest use to remonstrate. He must, by some means, have discovered her de-o^n. She could do nothing but weep and bite her lips with vexation. 1 he next thing the farmer did was to visit the barn. ,\j u,,,*!, jt h?.j a |arge Wagon-door, in which was cut for common use a smaller en trance The latter was only secured by the ordinary latch inside which was lifted, in the customary way. by thrusting a finger through a *mall hole made in the door, beneath the latch, for the purjiose Farmer Miller reuiaiaed in the barn long enough to arrange matters to suit his private purp?e. and then coming out through the sta ble that adjoined, or rather lay partly beneath it, be walked hoin*?. laughing heartily to himself He first listened at his daughter s door, an 1 finding all quiet, retired to his own room and went to sleep Just about mid nigh i, a h:>rse and wagon drew silently up. on the road, behind Farmer Mil ler s barn. Joe Clavers got stealthily out of the vehicle, jumped the fence aud crept cati tiously around to the door of the buildin" in question How happy he felt' In another moment, Mary would be his own! In the morning, she would be his darting little wife. 1 armer Mdler weuld stirin. ot course; but the farmer loved his daughter dearly. He was proud of her He would therefore, relent, for give. and bless theiu. Full of these delightful aiatcip itious. Joe thrust his linger in the hole of the barn-door to reach the latch, but Ah how he yelled with pain. A steel trap, adroitly placed on the inside, so as tocatch anv obtruding article. had snapped, and his bleed ing finger was held fast with its iron teeth! It wis a cold night, and Joe's feelings may be conjectured as ne stood there, shivering and snaking, hour after hour, unable to move from the spot, held a prisoner by the savage instru ment. his lacerated finger occasioning him ea ?(Uisite agony, and his heart fairly sinking into h-s boots with the conviction that daybreak would only expose him to the former * indigna tion and the village ridicule Just at dawn, t armer Miller chuckling over the success of his rn*e, wont down to the barn. 1 h?*re still sto->d Joe. and not far off the horse and wagon. I need not say how Joe implored pardon and promised everything that could be desired to purchase it and silence Fanner Miller and he finally closed u bargain. Joe was released Nay. more. Farmer .\filler gave him one hundred dollars, and Joe was in New York, before no>n. f/# runt? tor Iowa. As for Mary?this incident occurred two years ago, and I have just kissed her first baby. >he pleased her father, and seems to have pleased herself in consequence, quite as much. ?Sunday Tinu.t. Mr George Dexter of .Saratoga, is the keeper of a livery stable at that place. In the centre of the stable is a trap or door, which is two feet in width either way. The ' opening" communicates with the ecllar. which is some eix or seven feet deep. On Friday last, a fine gray mare wu missed from the sUble. None id the doors leading to the stable had been opened, and it was for a few moments a matter of conjecture as to where the an mat was It was o >served that the trap door, like the witch s cauldron, bad sunk But the c u e of it was not dreamed of until the missing *niuial neigh ed. when it was found that she was in the ce' lar, having fallen through the aperture two feet square ' Strange as it may appear, the animal was not injured in the least; not even a hair taken off It was necessary to tear up the flooring to get her out. The Donhlr Salcide. in^^f"m.h.Tn'Tille N C" ?? '?* ?uir?d. . i wt, l ;, T'?K of Ih. k v .t n n F' "'Khtman. Esq , editor of uZ.STiiSrS"?laf' I,ubMghe?1 Jn that city. S Kn?ot7 T, a young man named M. r ? Thej wcre fHt,nd dead in the bed of Mr. Elliott, at the Sbemwcll Hou*e, early yesterday morning. \r- V.h? were fonmt two n?te!< written l>y Wightman, in one of which he say* : temnli?i?l r* (,Wi?,,tman) b*-< h?d this in con templation for two yeam. and that now, having rood company, he has concluded u, Mart for 2 better or worw ?oontry ; that he wished Dm thill Jk1 " rto exarain? *>'? brain*, so that the jury of inquest and the public would be convinced that this mode of death was not Irorn any temporary insanity, but was the choice of both Elliott and himself. thi?J?,li0^Jr 1?te? WiKh,m?n requests hi J.k.j W*f fl?e ?n,J ,ruo friend he *hft ,n death they might not be di vided1; but desired that both might be interred toge tiier. The verdiet of the jury was that they both came to their death by taking L'ynarrt of J'o Mr. Elliott was from Griffin, lia., had lived here for eighteen month*, and was much be loved by the few intimato friends which he had made. Hi* jemains were interred to-day by the Masonic Jraternity, of which he was a j member. Mr. Wight man whs a native of South Caro liua, under thirty years of age. and a writer of considerable ability. JIe was buried this af ternoon by the Lafayette Light Infantry, of which company he was a member. T nn Bast Tower or Simsobab?A corres pondent in China, writing from Shanghae on tho 7th of August, says : "O Vice Consul Harvey?docfi* ntrinxqHr "JW~t0 w " ,ha "annersand tho language of China are even as tho manners and the lan guage of Fan* or of London, tell me. what means that more than us tally ,k\s ilential stench ?' It seem* to radiate from that decaying pepper box shaf el tower which. although not 20 feet high, we must by the courtesy of China call a pagoda. I ndismayed. tho ecergctic Vice Con sul, who sometime* acts as guide, philosopher, and Inend, and expatiates with mc over this maze advances through a vapor so thick that 1 wonder that the Chinese do not cut it into Mocks and u.-*it for manure?and at a distance of five yards from the building puffed hard at his cheroot and said, ' That is tho baby tower ' , cl"T ?"?<* I inquiringly. ' The baby tower. Look through that rent in the stone work?not too closeor the steam of effluvia may kill you. 1 ou Sto a mound of wiss or bamboo straw It seems to move, butitis only the crawling of the ? t?ny leg or arm. or a lit tle neibless bone, protrudes from tho straw. The tower i* not so full as I have *een it: they might have cleared it out recently ' 4 la this aceraeteryoraslaughterhouse '' The Chi nese say it is only ? u>mb Coffins are dear and the peasantry poor When the child dies the parents wrap it round with bamboo, throw it in at that window, and all is done. When the tower is full, the proper authorities burn the neap, and spread the ubesover the land ' There is no inquiry, no cheek The parent has power to kill or save Nature speaks in the heart of a Chinese mother as in the breast of an Engli*h matron. Bnt want and shame sometimes shout louder still. There is a foundling hospital in the Chinese city, with a cradle outside the door, and a hollow bamboo above it. Strike a blow upon the bambooand thecradle i* drawn inside if it eontau.s an jnfant, it is taken and cared tor, and no questions asked. There is also a system of domestic slavery in China At an early age a child is worth a dollar?a father or mother may for money delegate their own abso lute power?delegate, without losing it; for al though a mother has sold her daughter, the duty trorn child to parent reraaiu* unimpaired, and is strictly performed The incentives thus offered by mammon, and the alternative proffer ed by native charity, may save lives that other wise would be destroyed; but this baby tower is a terrible institution. It stands there, close to the walls of a orowJcd city, au intrusive in vitation to infanticide.'* kirSir David Brewster argues that the mak ing a world is waste labor, uule-s the surface is afterwards stocked with inhabitants The sun. the lava-cover moon, and even Neptune, which rolls through spaee hi perpetual arctic night are supposed by Sir David to have their inhabi tants. It is well known that the majority of our men of science are opposed to this liue of reasoning, taking the ground, that with regard to the planets ot our system, one evidence is very nearly conclusive that the earth is nearly or quite alone in being tenanted by man. Jupi ter, as its density is but 1.1, or little above that ot water, is regarded as mostly liquid ; Sat turn, which is not heavier than cork, as made up mainly of liquid and vapor?and thus all the outer planets are regarded as unfitted from their nature as well as the absence of light and heat, for the highest orders of life. The earth, on the other hand, which is the largest of the solid planets, is in the terapernte tone of the planetary system, and air. earth and water have here their most equable relation, thus adapting it. especially and exclusively, as the abode of rational creatures. A Bachelor'* Defkhce ? Bachelors are style I by married men who have put their foot into it, as only half-perfected beings, cheerless vagabonds, buthalfa pair of scissors, and many other titles are given them ; while on the other hand they extol their state as one of such per foet bliss, that a change from earth to heaven would beaomewbatof a doubtful good. Ifthey are so happy, why don't they enjoy their happi ness and hold their tongues about it? What do half the men get married for? Simply that they may have somebody, as a married mnn once said, "to pnll off their boots when they are a little balmy.' These follows are always talk ing of the loneliness of bachelors. Loneliness, indeed ' Who is petted to death with with mar riageable daughters ??invited to tea and to evening parties, and told to drop in just when it is convenient1?The bachelor. W ho lives in clo ver all hi* days, and when he dies has (lowers s rewn on his grave by the girls who couldn t entrap him ??The bachelor. Who strews flowers on the married man s grave ??his widow ? Not a bit of it; she pulls down the tombstone that a fix weeks' grief has set up in her heart, and goes and gets married again, she~d<?es. Who goes to bed early because time hangs heavily on his hands'-The married man! Who has wood to split, bouse hunting and marketing to do, the young ones to wash, and the laiy ser vants to look after '?The married man Who is taken un for whipping his wife ??The married man. Who gets divorced '?The tnar.'ied man. Finally, who has got the Scripture on h i side ?? The bachelor ? St. Faul knew what be was t liking about?" He that marries does well; but he that marries not, does better." A New Way to Fill a Cbi rcr ?A corres pondent of the Boston Journal thus refers to some movements in the New York churches ?4 The struggle that some of our feeble church es make to sustain life induces them t> adopt a style of advertising that closely resembles the flash bills of a *m ill theatre They announce queer subjects for their sermona?quaint texts ?and eceentric themes for discourses. But one of the latest deviees comes rff on Sunday next. A new house of worship has boen opened in the upper part of the city. The church is a feeble one and the audience is small?and to make noted the place and attract a crowd, a military company has been invited to attend public worship in this new edifice on Sunday p. m." Itr The food peojilt* of Jan?ayllle, WU , we e rect-nlly furnished with a bit of eseitrment, It rowing out of the row biding of Mr. John p! H?yt, a well known b*aker of (ba( city, by Mrs darted a Andfrw*. the proprkrtma efa mMllnery store In (be same place Cause?Alleged unfair treatment. Georgetown Advertisement*. TA X KS.?Persons pay ing their Tuxes on or be fore January 1st, 18.50. will save interest and ex pense*, other viae interest will charged dating luck to the first Monday in October last. d Mn?* C. F. SI1KKELL, Collector^ POTATOKS.?1,5nn bushels prime white MER CKK POTATOES in store and lor sale m lota to auit purchasers. M PETER BKRRV, n *" 85 Water street, Georgetown. A LARGE ASSORTMENT OF FALL GOODS, At very Low Prices to C*sk Customers. JOHN hTsMOOT, No. 119 South Side of Briugk Sthkt, Georgetown. D. C.. has received and row offering at very low pricea to cash and prompt customers, a large assortment of P ALI. AND WINTER GOODS, purohaaed in Philadelphia and New York at the large recent Auction Sa as, and from the importer*, at very low prices, which wilt enable him to otter to purchasers, many desirable Goods considerably below their value. In the assortment will be found? Rich Silk Robes and Bayadere Siika Best make of Black Silks llavadere Valentia* and Valentia Robea Rifh Printed, all wool. Delaines and Robea Satin Fanconies, plain colors, all wool, a very supe rior goods, double width, at 7.5c. Leenm's and other makes French Merinos of all the most deaimble colors, including Whit* and Black Plain Detains, black, white and eolorcd. 8-4 black French Merinos,for Shawls Rich In ion Plaid Merinos, at 31 '4 cts, Dp. all Wool do. Allots, Printed Mouslin Delaine?, good styles, at IH\ and 25 oenfs 3^0 pieces, best styles, F.ngliah Prints at 12K ots. Rioh style Bonnet and Sasn Ribbona Plain colore do., very cheap Velvet Ribbons and Kriuge Trimmings Stella, Hiocha Shawls, in great variety Super double Brooha do. Chenille and Cashmere Scarfs Bajou's Kid (iloves, all colors and Nix. Sack Fhnnels, all colors White American, Welch, and Saxony do. Black Bomlwzines and ti 4 Delaines ? 'olors.-.i d black Coburg Merinos Black Crape Veils and Fnglish Crapes West black and brown and white Kngliali Prints Ixing and square Black Thibet and Bay State Shawls Ladie. and Children's plaid woolen Shawls, mall styles and prices Hosien of every description Indies Saxony and Merino Vests With a full supply of housekeeping and domestic Goods, of the bei>t maker*. oc9 JOHN H. SMOOT. B OOKS! BOOK? GIFTSI-GIFTS :!-GIFTS:.'! PHIf.BRICK'S THIRD ANNUAL SALE now open at A'o. 476 Ptnnsylrnmia ?r<ss?. ,hm.*t door ran of United >tntes Hotel. Our STOCK OF BOOKS consists of several t honsand volumes, embracing the choicest Knn?p?*n and American Literal lire, w hich will t?e a ?!J ?i the publisher's lowest prices, and oiany of them for Ih?r, and a BEAI NFI l< PRESENT will In* inade (immediately after the sain) to each purchaser of a liaok for which we receive $1 and upwards. Our PR ESF. NTS consist hi part of - Gold and Silver \\ atches. Gold I-octets. Brace lets. Armlets, Chains, Cameo, Gold stone and Mo saio Pins and Drops, Studs and Sleeve Buttons, Gold Watch Key a. Cuff Pins, Pens, Pencils, Rings, Ac. worth of Presents will lie given awny with each thousand Books sold. Catalogues of Books can l>e obtained at the store, l adies and gentlemen are invited to call and ex amine our stock of Books and Presents. Sales Day and Evening. dH-tf J. I'HILBRICK. A??wt. NEW PI BL'CATION.??Hiator .vil and I.era Examination of that part of the Supreme Court's decision in the Dred Scott case which de. olares the unconstitutionality of the Missouri Com promise Aet, and the self extension of the Consti tution to Territories, carry ins slavery along with ? I* ' B* the author of The Thirty Years' View; oc tavo; David Appletou A Co. New York, 1M7.. The aliove work just issued from the press, for sale at the well known stand,corner of 4?i s'reet and Pennsylvania avenne. Stereotype edition. Iieauti fu I It printed on clean new t> ?e. fine white pap-r and with be?i black ink. Booad in black cloth and gilt lette ed. Done up in a durable form for permanent use. Price ?1. This work is what its title purports to be, an ex amination of (what the author deems to be? the po litical part oftli? Court's opinion, avoiding any no tice of the judical pait. which related to the personal claims of the parties on reoo-d. It is writen in a spirit of entire devotion to the institutions of our country, and with total ahsfinenoe fr-m all party views. The authors own words are: ' I a nte for no party, but for all men who venerate the wo: ka of our sncestois, and who w>ah to see our Government kept on the foundations on which they placed it." ( p >9>.< And it is tielieved that this pledge has t>een kept in the woik, and which is considered, by com petent fudges, as the most original and profound of all the author's works, and so treated as to present new views to the oldest reiders.and in fact to ap pear as a new work on a subject supposed to have heed exhausted. JOS. SHILLINGTON, B.?>kseller, Odeon Building, corner 4S at. d 14-If _ anil Fa. av. J ADIES' FI RS! 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HE Subscriber having made additions to his Faotorjr.malung it now one of the largeat, ia the District, wnere his faculties fori inanuf*ctaring a I kinds of CiR-J RIAGEHaud LIGHT WAGONS cannot l?e sur passed, and froiN hia long experience in the busi ness. he hvpes to give general satisfaction. All kinds of Carriages and Light Wagons kept on > hand. All REPAIRS neatly done.and all orders prompt ly attended fo. Seoond-haad Carnages taken in exehanee for aew .e XNDREW J. JOYCE, u W-lf oorner of 14tb and E atg. Dtntiitry, fto. Dk. V1LLARD. DENTIST^ LATE OF CHI caeo, would respect full* inform the oit neua of the District and vicinity, that hav j in* located himself in Washington, be is bow prepared to perform at operation* in hia profes a ion, in the moat approved sty.e. Office. No. ?0, renti. avenue, adjoining Gaatier'a jan rj*HE IMPROVED SETS OF TEETH. If. LOOM 18, M. D.. the inventor and patentee ol Mineral Piatt T?*tk," having successfully introduced hia improvement nJ vartoas cities, ha* now permanently estab lished himself in Washington. This improvement for Seta of Teeth consists ohief It in making a aet of hut one pieoa of meteris), and tn\t indestructible mineral. No metal ia used in their oonatruction, and they are therefore free from paivanio acfoon and metAlio taste. There are no loiata to beoome filial with moiatare or pnrticlea ol food, henoe they are ??r? and titan. They are lighter, stronger, leaa olumsy. far more durable, and natural in llieir appearance. I will five a reward o One Tiiouaand Dollars to any one who will produoe a aimilar work of art to equal mine in purity, beauty, durability, artiatio excellence or any other re*uisite Quality. All work responsibly warranted. T* Peuna. avenue, between llth and ltth atreeta MlS-lr IkKNTISTRY. IJ DR. STEPHEN BAILY, Omen No. I9B Pennsylvania Avuii, Thru doors from 14Ik Strttl. I>*. RAILV begs leave feo inform laepnblic that he oa-i he aeon nt nil hours,at Ins office, located as al?ove. He fcela assured that ail experience of fifteen y eara' praciio*, with the large numt?er of patient*.anugrcat variety of difficult ensesthat hp h*streated sncceas fully. will eneHe him to surmount any difficulty, scientific or otherwise, relating to tho Teeth. Hit own experience confirming the opinion of many men

e nincnt in theprmeaaion, and especially l)ra. Harris a id J. and E. Parmly, has led him, long ainee, todia cird all mercurial preparations for hlline Teeth,alar aM Enamela, Gutta Percba, India Ruhlicr, and Ce ni'nts for the eonetrnction of Continuous Gum Teeth, and thtt Porcclian, mounted on Gold Plate, ia tha only relialile aubatanoe that can lie worn in the month, aa waa moat conclusively shown by the last American Dental Convention. Although he flatten hnnaelf from hia long reai denee and practice in Washington, he ia favorably known to hia nmncrona frienda and patrons, he begs leave to refer them lo the following TESTIMONIAL?: From the late Reotorof the Church of Epiphany of tin* ci*jr Dr. fTimn Bailt: Dear Kip? I dmurfttoexpress my eateem for yon personally, and iuj confidence ir. ?ou aa a anperioi nentirt. The operations executed for me have been highly satisfactory. I hope that you may receive the patronage front my friends and the yubiic that your skill so well deserves. Youra very trolr. Washington, Aag, 36, 185R. J. W. FRENCH. From one of the oldest firms m Baltimore, Messrs. Rjces, Cntman A Co. Having employed Dr. Stephen Baily, Surgeon Den tiat.of Washington city, to execute for me an im portant and difficult piece of work, which he did to my satiro aatiafactiou, and in view of the fact thai one of the moat distinguished members of the l)enta! College of Baltimore, failed, after repeated triala, to perform the same work satisfactorily, it gives ine great pleasure to expreaa my entire confidonoe and null estimation of his profeaaional nkill. Baltimore,Jan.U, 1357. HARMANN BOGGS. Kxtraot from a note reoeived from the late Hon. Jobs M. Clayton. I'. S. Sknats, Ang. 19, 1856. Tbe teeth yoa made for me work admirably ; noth ing oouid be better. Very grateful!*, JOHN M. CLAYTON. To those that seek relief from the maladies of the teeth, I oan choerfally recommend Dr. S. Baily as a superior Dentist; he made a sat of porcelian teeth for one of my hmilv, and plugged several teeth for myself, and the work has all stood well for more thac ten yeara. ROBERT T. NlXON. of the Va. Conf. of the M. E. Charoh South, A^nl 19.115#. We. the underaigned, having had oocasion to avaii ourselvea of tha professional skill of Dr. S. Baily. Surgeon Dentist of this oity, or having been oognis ant of his operations on onr families at friends, take pleasure in expresaing our admiration of his artistic skill, aa well aa of the uniformly aatiafaotory manner in wnioh he performs the moat delicate and difficult operations in Dental Surgery,and wercspectAillv re oommend him to the oonndenoe and patronage of tht public, of whioh we oonsid-r him eminently worth?. J'HoVA* U. Waltkh, Architect U. 8. Caaito . Thomas Mn.i.KR, M. D.,of Washington, D. C. B. 8. Bohrkr. M. D. of Georgetown, D. C. N. S. Lincoln, M. D.. of Washing ton, D. C. Joe. H. RxAnuxT, of WashiRKton, D. C. Gfoiiak Walton, Ex-?ioverr.or of Florida. Walter Lsnox, Rx-Marnrof Washington. Hrmrt Baldwin, U. S. Patent Office, O. C. WifHT, Principal H ittenhonse Academy, fob ? tf 1MIK GUITAR. Mra. A.Kowan will recciveafew more Pupils on the Guitnr, on application at her residence, N<?. 4<V?Tenth a'reet between <1 and H. Pupils attended at their residences, if dx?irod. I'erms: f 7 per qunr er. dU* WHO WOULD NOT SAVE MONE\ ? TH ESE HARD Tl M KS { We would moat reapectfully aunounoc to ail tliose who arc in want ol a uheap light, that the ItR ECK I \ Rl U<?E COA I. <>1 L ia the etieapeat oil extant, onlv burniiig in the lamps we have, at the rate of hair cent p?r hour. Call and aee. No. 33S C street, between 8lh and 7th atreeta. n21 -tf HOWELL A MORSELL. SCHOOL NOTICE.?The auliacrilier will open a School for l?irla, and ama!! Ho) a, at the laland Hall, corner of Sixth arreet and Virginia Avenue, Washington City, D. C , on the first Monday in .lanuitr*. Ifcifl. Having hail an -xperienc- of four yoara in teaching, he feela oor<hdeut that satisfac tion will l?e reudrred to those who may cciiimit their children to hia chirge and instruction. \o effort will be spared to make the School merit the favor of th* people. For terma. Ac., obtain a Circular at any of the prinoipal Book Mores in the city. d 12-2aw3w* JOSEPH R. KF.ENE. rjULKPKK FEMALE INST.TLTE. This School, located at Culpeper Court House. Va will oomn'-?nc? its first session the first Monday in Fehuary, I85H. _ Terms, per session of five months, pnvab e half in ad vance : board, (in private families if preferred,) mi hiding fuel, lights, and washing $fl2 Tuition in common English Branches 12 b< Higher English Branches 15 lO Ancient and Modern Languagea and Mathe matics 22 VI Music 17^1 Drawing 10 no I'ainting 10 W imbroidery 5 00 Rev. J. \Y . tf KORiib.l r*nn*i? WILLIAM HALL. < Pr,n l8* For Circulars, with othT particulars, references. Ac., addreas either of tha Principals as above. d7-lawtFebt Q GAUTIER'8 FRENCH RESTAURANT In soliciting your patronage for the coming season, 1 respectfully call your attention to inv present un aunassml facilities of biisin<*Hs. Having ni^dc arrangements to ?|yipiy the Urgent Dinners, Ralls, and Parties, at a f^r hours notice,on the m^at reas onable terma, with eveivthing pertaining to the most fashionable entertainments. .My house presents advantages that cannot be surpassed, if equalled. Entire Dnnera and Dessort lurmahed without any trouble to yourself or family, at moderate charges. A First class Fkescm Cook can be sent to your house, at a small chagrc of lor his services, and marketing, or such articles as you may wish, pur chased at cost. Also, China, Glass, Sliver ware and Table Orna ments C. GAUTIER. d7-eo2w ra Pa. ave- ue. uTllN'8 EXTRACTS,all odora, at C?IBBS'S a Hair Store, near 13th at., and at his Sales R oom under Willarda'hotel. nS Sin ARD PLATE ENGRAVING, AND PRINT ING. VISITING. INVITATION, AND BUSINESS CAR DS engraved in every atyfe. CA R 1) PLATES printed in the liest manner ai.d with dispatch. VISITING AND INVITATION CARDS, plain anil enamelled surface, furnished at tha b weat pricea. W. F. BAYLY. No Tta Pa. ave.. Ix?t. 11th and 12th sts. d4-tf Ilntel.?o6t) DUR8! FURS!! FURS!!! Just reoeived, from New York, the largest and cheapest STOCK OF FURS offered this seasoa. Bought for cash, and all that I ask ia to call and ex an.ine iny large aaaortment of Ladies' ami Child ren'a Fora. Prioeavery low to suit the times. Sign of the White Bear, oorner of 6th street and Penn. avenue. HOPKINS. d 5 2w Diplomatic history of the waskin<ton a'?d Adims Admimstratmna by W. H. Treacott, 1 vol.; l|l A. Juat published. _d M PRANrK TA Y1.()R^ | IVINGRTONE'S TRAVELS and R?amrch7s I 4 iii South Africa, 1 vol.,avo., with Maps and En gravings ; #3. JU FRANCK TAYLOR. RYE AND BARLEY MALT, lor aale at the CITY MALT HOUBE. oorner of Waat Falla av ena? and Block at.. Kaltmvore. Md. m* S fv AIR. TOOTH, NAIITaND BANDOLINE GIBBS' Hair Store, near 13th t. and Pa.av..and at hia Salea Rootn, under Wil ' hotel. n ??-.% C at. an< lards' COMBS, a and at hia 1 A DIES! TUCK, and all aorta of C a GIBB8' Hair Store, near 13th at., Wales Room, nndcr VVillards' how. - ? TMBkELLAS, CARD CASKS, PORTEMO uo 16 ao. between 8th and 9tk its, Vocal and Instrumental Untie. Mr.whknry palmers pianoforte CLASSES4aredaily adding new meabers Per ?on* desirous of availins themselves of Mr- Palm e*'s servioes are requested t<? enroll their name* ai early a* possible. Tfiis Class system is more advantageous for the advancement of Children, than any other system oj instruction. It is euuaJiy advantageous lor the perfecting of the most brilliant performers. Tiixi in Adtanc*. Primary Clans $5 per quarter. Advance Classen ? All applioations to be made to Mr. W. II. PALMER, at hi* residence. ?o F street, betweee Thirteenth and h ourteenth. in- Georgetown Classes meet every Mnmday and Thursday at 1* o'clock, at Miss Harrover's George towifyetuale Seminary. ae 24 tf M Ml'sicA I. CA K D. R. GEORGE M. ARTH, leader of Arth's Bran and String Pand, l>ega leave to announce to M> Iricnd* of Washington, Georgetown.lflDE and Alexandria, that he is now prepared to^?* furnish MT9IC for Balls, Private Parties. Parade*. Soirees, Ac. From oue to any numlter of M ustetaca to i>e had at the shortest notice. Orders can be left at the Musical Depots of John F. Kllis or W. G. Meticrott, or at his re*:dene?. ooruer 6th and G atreets. Navy Yard. oca>-dwi* Dancing, i) A N C I N U ACADEMY rl have A Mr.T F. GASZYNSKI and DAUGHTER bevt the houor to aiuiounoe to the l,adies and Gen tieinen of Washington and Georgetown that he wilt re open his Classea for Danciug ini Wash i iic ton on F rulaj, the ft li of October, ati Tcmperance llall. F. street, fur Mi**e*and Ma*teis, from 3 o'clock p. in.; lor Ladies jtnd Gentlemen, from 7 o'clock p.m. Georgetown?on Wednesday, the 7th of Octobcr, at Miss Harrover's I julies Sem inary, from 3 o'clock p. in. I*or terms and particular^ application can be madn at Mr. G.'s residence, 4"7 K street, between 9th ami loth streets. se 12 6m 4 T TIFF WELL KNOWN ESTARI.ISH inent of T. POTKNTI Nl, Pennsylvania eve.. No. '?.79, lielWecn |nth and 111 li street*. hns been r oeiee?|, front France, a larcc supply of lunntneraMe Aiticl'-s ot the most rehned splendor, taste and quality.artistically executed. consisting of the mo t. superior Ornamental Fra'nrea. imitating all kinds of Fnuts and Summer Flowers, such as were never !Keen m this Metropolis. By th? alxive and other requisites, the subserii>?r is enabled t?> oiler loth" ladies and KCntlemen.'/w ton the skill of the art in this branch, and of the Mmtrr d'Hotrl, and provide the most delicious for Dinners, Suppers, halls and Parties, for an\ number of persons, even to thousands. A certain nuinrterof euests ran lie entertained at the saloons of Iiik establishment. or an* where in tl?e District, at a moderate rate. Ladies and ceutlem?*i can be attended at all hours. For the approaclune holidays T. PoTENTiMi de signs liavmg the lartest and most elegant axsoil nient ?if Ornamented, Fruit, Pound. Sponge ag>i Mnr? CAKK. d t2 eoiJanl V ENGRAVING. ISITING, REt'EPTION. AND WEDDING Car>1s Engraved and Printed at short notice. OsUcial aud Company Seals and Presse*. I), o. HARK. Engraver, n 19 eo1m* ?W Pa. avs.. a doors west of 12th *t. Brooms" buckets, Ac. I.y .toz< n BROOMS, all sizes 119 dozen 2 and 3 hoop BUCKETS 17 dozen Brass bound BUCKETS and COOLERS 28" cross Round wood and other MATCHES 2StwIe? PATENT TWINE 15 bales LAM P WICK 45 nests BASKKTS.all kinds 10 nests CEDAR TL BS. Just received per schooner Sea Witch from New York, and for sale by d U eMit BARBOUR k SF.MMKS. T*EAS. COFFEE, *c. m 1 109 chest* Imperial, Gunpowder, Young Hy?on and Bines TEAS. 5^ l?gs White and Green COFFEE, til pockets JAVA COFFKE. LAGl'YRA COFFKE. SO boxes fresh GKOUN I) COFFEE, SOdoxen YEAST POWDER, 4 1 boxes SO A P POWDER. Just received per schooner* Seawitoh and Spencer from New Y'ors, and for sale by d ll-6teo BAR HOUR A SEMMES. C'ANDLES, SOAP. Ac. iw _ / 15fl boxes Adamantine,Sperm,and Mould CAN DLES. 70 boxes BROWN SOAP. 2Sls.xes CASTILE SOAP, 2casks WINTER OIL, 2-.Us*ket? SALAD OIL, 125ls>xes PKAK L STARCH. SjOisi ||m. SA L. SODA, inkegsSALERAT1 *S and BREAD SODA. Ju?t received, and for-ale ?>r d 11 'iteo BARBOUR A SFMMFS. Raisins, almonds. &c. 175 whole. V and >* l?oxes Bunch and Laytr BAIMNS, *! Isiles *<ift-shell ALMONDS, 5 l?iies Hnrd-shell ALMONDS, 11 t>ac* CH KAM NUTS and FILBERTS, 5 1<irrels PECANS. 2 cases PR 11N ES. tmclass jars) lo Is 'Acs LEGHORN CITRON. S linrrels '/.ANTE CURRANTS. Just received per schooner Seawitch from New York, and for sale bv d H-Meo HA R HOt' R A SEMMF.S. ORANDIES, W.NES AND SEGAR9. It iinsrfers and l\ casks French and Modium BRHNUY, 15 casks Port. Madeiraand Malaga WINE, yi barrels prune OLD WHISK KV. U liarreN BRANDY, ?IN, WHISKEY, Ac., 1 cask pure PEA0I1 BRANDV, SCOTCH and IRISH WHISKEY* (in wood and glass.) 21?'j?no hue Havana and other SEG A RS. Just received from New Y'ork.and f??r sale hy d n-wreo harbour a semmes. I A DIES. WITH LONG MEMORANDUMS, j will save themselves a icreat deal of trouble by willing at STEVENS New Fancy Store, m bis itock is by far more varie-j than any other in the Distrvt. n li ?ntf EEP OUT THE COLD AIR. K I'orry's Adjustable. Double-Action DOOR SPRING, patented September 8th, '857 ; decidedly the tiest Door-Sprint in use. The trade supplied on lil?eml terms. C. W. BOTELER. General Housefunushinx Store, d leolm Iron Hall. iMHEAP DIARIES FOR 1R?. L/ POCKET BOOK FORM. Best and ohoapest Diaries for 185R. in pocket form, ? it'i Almanacs, Cs enders. and Cash Memoran 37, and 50 cents each, at W. F. BAYLY'S, d 11 eolOt Pa. nth and Uth ?ts. A BIN ET F U R N ITU R E. Reds and Mattresses, Plated Coods, China, ?'l*s* and Crockery, Japanned Goods, Rritannia War?, B.ock Tin Goo?ls, Table Cutlery. Bronzed Iron Gixids LookuiK siasses, W?-od and Willow Ware, Baskets, Brushes, Ac. Forminit an immense variety of Useful and Fancy Articles, embracin* almost erer> thine required to iirnish the parlor, rhamber. dininc-room an<l ki'ch ?n, all of which 1 will sell at very low prices for Huh, or on time for approved paper C. W. BOTELER, General Hou^e-fiirnishinc More. d 1 3weod Iron Hall. Ml I' L A L FIRE INSURANCE COMPANY. NOTICE. AI! persons insured in this Company are n tified hat their policies will expire on Monclny, the 2<ith nstant. at <5 o'clock p. m.. and are required to be re newed at or before that time. IneA'seany endorsement or alteration is desired, t will be neoesanr) to make it known someday s pre rious thereto. d 12-e.wUt CH AS. WILSON. Sfc'r. 11 K WOULD RETURN OUR THANKS TO It our friends for the lil>eral patronage we< live received, and by strict attention to civ* hem carineuts in elocatil style, and to suit J1 tabtes. We have now a larce lot of CLOTHS,' "TASSIMKRES. and VESTING!*, which we ui Mtc our friend* ami strangers to oall and examine. We have a very large lot of ready made COATS, 'ANTS, and VESTS, of hne ru<mJs. which we will ell as ohe.ip a* can be Itought any where. Gents FURNISHING GOODS of all kinds; all rhich will be sold very low for cash, J. T. MoLNTOSH t CO.. Merohant Tailors, 452 Penn. avenue, n 24-eo'm near 4H street. rHE SEC RUT INFIRMITIES OF YOUTH AND MATURlTi. J*sf r*bli3htd. (iratie. <A?25t* Tknnimnd. A few wor>?s ?>f the Rational Trewtreent. without itedioine.of Spermatorrhea or Lo<*l iVenkness, Nocturnal Kmissioiis, Jemtai, and Nervo?s Debility. Pre-^ nature Decay of the System. Iw(>" \ ai?w M. p. Tke important fact that the many alar mine co?J ilaints. onfinatiM ?? tU? imprudence and .olitude .f ?onth may he easily removed without Medicine, ? n tkM SMli tract, clearly demonstrated ; and the Stireli new and hmhJy sucoeaafuI treatment, aa opted by the author, fully explained, bv means of rhio*every one is e^biedtocure Himself perfeetbr ' ? least possible cost, thereby aveidiataU ;1 tod at the least possible cost, there he advertu ed rostrums of the day. 8*at to any address, gratia and , . in iealed envelope, by remitter two nostare stamps o DR. DE LANKY, se2i-dAwtl H Lupeaard street. New Yert. D'j? _ WHEAT WHISKY. u t'reoeived another supply ofthat Old WheaX A'hisky, wluoh we will eell at a re*need erias KENNEDY k PUG d H-eo3t No. Sm 7t 7th St. THE WEEKLY STAR. TVBBtj OopM . T-t , i Cmtk. iMcrMtlf ta mdt By ssbeoriNng la Clahs imiaed uh?i iiHM|i?? Without the intervention of ft msi. ((Mt.ii wifl be pereeive<i. *< m cent, of T? H tun ttAl *?ll I* se v*d. It invariably contains til* " W*skf4 Um Nessi" that ha* made TbbBvchiim Stab atr? ?ftt* so genera. I j U> roseBoat the touU). IIIT1 Single copies (in wrappers> oaa he proewrjd ftt t*e ooiAtar.TmaMlAtaij kf>er tft* urtt ? tta paper. Pnce? rHREECENTft. B'Postmasters who aetaa agents Vill be aU?VBd mie?i<?r. ?f jn out Watch?#, Jewelry, fce. y^ATCHES, JEW^Rj^AND fancy ah I have <?n hac*i some of the !*?t Gold and SilTer WATCHkS, fine Gold jKWKLKV. la gt sets and single p.eoe?, FAMC\ ArVT CLES, *o. 3 Call ami examine, at _ Aw* J. ROBINSON'S. netr tm 949 Brown#' Bote:. New jewelry, watches. silver WARE, Ao. M XV. OALT A BRO., open this mnniin* ? very h?r#e assortment of the above named goods. Persons ia Mare* of am ihing new and elegant in their hue arili do vail to oalL _ M. W. GAI.T A BRO.. n V .*64 Pa. between 9th auJ l"th it?. WA CARD. . F. take this method of informing onr patrons and the public in general, tha*. in oon?eeuence of the financial crisis. we have datermirad to sell aii oar Goods at a great reducUon. We have marl *d down ell our goods?each article being marked in plain figure* at our lowest cash prioee? in order to effect a speedj sale. and mske it an otaeot for persona won are in tee habit o| puirhasing for cas M.t? oa- la >d examine our goons ar.d prioea before purchasing (liewhtn. Oar large assortment em' races Fine Londou nod Geoeva \\ atches. for Ladies and tJent'cincn; warranted time keepers. Rich Jewelry, such aa Diamonds, Pearls, Corals, Cameos. Mosaics, eto.. etc. Pure Silverware. Spoons. Knives. Forks, Pitohers, Goblets, Cup*. And a large assoitment of Fane* Silverware, sbi'b ? Me for wedding and holiday presents. Best Silver-slated Ware. Spoois, Forks, C?ea and Tea Sets, Baskets nod OBStora, eto.. e*c.. cheaper than ever ofitted before in thia market. Hotel and hoirnekeerera who wish to refurnish their T*Me Ware ere invited to look at the Goods. All the RiMtda ?re warranted aa represented. II SKMKEN. No. 33n Pa. ave., bet. 9th and 10th at*, n 2^ dtl)sr-^ ?altimork, Washington, and vir titi^ Bank .Notes ?it*cn at par for all stnds oL noli <?*| (anhi'iimlila GOLD JEWELRY, tna G O I. D end SILVER WATCH ES. GOLD CHAINS. SF.AI.J*. KEY*. LOCKETS, a*d ail other ohoice goods, for a Tew dars. I have just reoeivcd a fine assortment of new (Jood?, which I am prepared to aell at vary low prices. Pi case call at J38 Penn. avenue, sirs of the la rge Spread Eagle. _ Vt? tf H. O. HOOD. C"? LOCKS!-CLO? KSV-CI.OCKS!!! > CLOCKS'. -CLOCKS!!?CLOCKS' ! A food BASS CI.OCK for #1. Lvary atjie of Clocks at J. ROBINSON'S. a Alv>. flock Mwtena-a, such as Ke* a, Ba>.s.l \> ires. Oils, Hand*. Ac. Clocks to (he trade at wholesale prioea. Cam and examine, at J. ROBINSON'S, oc 3> 2m MS Pa. av? oppo. Browna' Hotal. jie oi a ^ IMPROVE YOUR EYES. STRENGTHEN and assist them, by the Pana Optician. D. WOOI. >? SON. who r 1 ir has arrived from Eerope with his "V own. as well aa the iiAiiufaoture ofaxood mar} others of the latest improved SPkcTacLES and EYE GLASSES; among which are the PERISCOPIC CONCAVE and CONVEX. The DOl'HI.E FOCLSand DOI'HLE POLISHED BRAZILIAN PEBBLES.CRYSTALS. Etc.. which arc warranted to improve any EYE afleote-d wich weeknesa, cataract or tending to it; Biao SHORTSIGHTEDNESS. Persons who are oompel>ed to nee glaaeea. or th'?ee now using them, will lie salted at ftrat sight. 'rb"se wooderful DOI BLE POIJSHED VENEZl'ELIAN CRYSTAL ROCK hair* received the highest recommendations at the World's Pair, at Paris, throngh their prodaoing a elearnes* and easiness of vision heretofore nnknowB in an* other improvements. Also, all styles of OPER A. SPY. and MAGNt FYING GLASSES, Compasses, and Microscopes aie for sale at his store, corner of EigiifTi street and Penasyl\-ama avenne.or Eighth street No.?!. be tween D street and Pa. avenne. ITj^ De not mi* ale* the rorner tt/ 9th ftrett. Pr ees very reasonable, the same as at his eslab liahmen! in Europe. nt-tf SILK Wit! ^LOTHINGOF FINE QUALITIES. We invite the attention of Gentlemen to oar large assortment of? OVERCOATS. ^ DRESS AND FROCK COATS. BUSINESS COATS, KINE AND COMMON PANTS, p AND VEl.VET VKSTS. Ao. 'ith a large and oomp'^te assortment of Gentle men's Under Garments of all analities and aiaes. WALL. STEPHENS A CO.. as Pa. ave.. bet. 9th and inth streets, d 9 11 nlei.A State# 1 Baggage f. x p r k s s of Fict 3H D Stuht, Adjoining Th* Stmt** f nstiaf OJHrt. The _subscriber. Baggage ^gent for Baltimore and Ohio and Wsshsngton Branch Railros opene<1 an ?tfice niodarion of the opene<1 an ?tfice, at the above plsoe. for the aocom publio. where orders aan be left lor the use o| Wagons to oonve* Baggage or Packages :oand from Railroad l?ep<it. ?*?esml???atB. Ac., or lor removal t.? an* point in *lus Cit? or tvoorgetown. Oftce open IroTii 7 o'clock a. m. to in o'clock p. m.. daily, except Sunday, " to 10 o'clock a. m., 2 o'clock to 10 p. m JtiHN M. MoCLINTOCK. Baggage Agent Baltimore and Ohio Railroad. N. B ?Persons coming to Washington or going to Baitimore, not having made up their minda ?har? they will atop. I>? giving up their cheoka to mv agent'on the cars, Willi nave their baggage taken nare ot at thi? office, or at Baltimore omoe, No. II Sharp street, and no extra charge. die WMF. BAYLY, v* Wholesale and Retail Dealer in FANCY AND STAPLE STATIONERV, Xo. 278 Pn.mrr nme. Offers to the publin. at re?luoed prices, a lull Bnd oomplete assortment of? Writing and letter l*apers. English snd American Sole Papers French Enainelie<i and Bristol Board Writing Cards Wedding and Husiness Envelopes Extra hne Knives. Scisaors, and Rsxors. Fancy ar.d Plain Plaj ing Cards. Hesks ?"d Work-Soxes. Backgammon Boards. Chess Men, Checkers. Games. Gold Pens, Pencils. Card Casta, Ao., Ac. d 4-tf llntel.eoCt) CTOP THAT RATTLING. i>~ I am now prepared to put on " Chapman's Ela?tio Anti-Kattlmg Shaft Ke^tener." a sure. remedy lor the ratt ing ?>f the shalt e?(ip?.> of Carriages and Wagons, which can tie put ou at a stuall expeuse. Call and examine at m* Factory. w liare 1 have certificates Iroin the lea<ling Coa^hinakArs in tlie country. ANDREW J. JOYCE, d IQ-tf rftrner 14th and E s??. ^LE AND POR T E R. I lieg to inform the inliabirants and visitrtrs of 'he cities ol W ashington and itsonte'own. D. C., that I have and shali constantly keep on hand, a stock of XX ALE and BROWN STOUT PORTER. nianiifactured here cutirely fr in Malt and Hops, warianted free from all injurious ingredients, pot up in ea?k? of various sixes. suitaMe lor Hotels. Restaurants, Boa riling-houses aixl private families, dehverod b> mr own drays, in Buy part of the above cities, at the B'ewerj prices. Orders received by post will be attended to the dav following. Also, Malt and flops for sale. Brewery and Nlalthouse corner of K and mh s s., Washington city. D. C. d 14 *m JOSEPH DAVISON. 37Q PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. ?^-(J A !a-?e stock of READY MADE CLOTHING and GENTS. FURNISHING GOODS lust re oeived.and for sale at terms suited to the mom** sri.osre. Also, TRUN Kt?, VALISES, etc.. of the t>esl eiiality. We suggest t?? persons in pnrsnit oLa fcret rate liargain to call at the above numlier before enrchas ing elsewhere, as they are confident that their ex tensive stock t? suited to the lecuirements of the moat fastidious. No. rm Penns* lyania avenne. un?ter Browns' Marble Hotel. d1? .IW " IStateoA Intel 1 Y'ir.ima and swrsKgrjora. rAII rou BOOTS, SHOES. A NO TRUNKS. ?? ??? jsmi Ptnn'ylrantn artsst, bttwtrn 9tk and \0tk ttt. I have just returned from the Northa**^ with B splendid aaeortment of % Mia _ . kinds of Ladies. Gcntiemens. Mis-^B>x7li ' V^tes. BoyS>, Childrons', and Servant?' KtmiS and SHOES. A .so, t large stook ??f THINKS. CARPET BAGS. VAI.lCES. and s *TCHELS, all of wlodi 1 will sell lor the tiers monev. Call early, at SAM'L. P. HOOVER'S, ae V Iron llal1. T. ROB. B. SCHWARZE. No W E street, sw of '*th street. WIIOI KSsLK AND H ST Alt BBS LSB IB RAW. SHUCKED, PICK I.K.k SPICED. AND SHELL OYSTERS. lL/~ The koost Oysters the market afords are put up ia aftnsaad BBat toorder. d t lia PD'IVERNOIS* HOTEL, A. AVENUE, between )7lh and ISth WeauiBOTOB. D. C. This nstaMishmaat is aewli furatshad and ar ranged on the most modern snd improved pruioipie, with private apartment a. Ac. irTThs Bar is supplied with the nfceiee*t of Wines and I.iaBora. Game and other delieaeteg id season. Hot and Cold Lunch from II o'elock a. m antil MBS. Btl-tf pKMkMBER MCLAUGHLIN'S STORE. No IV a?PB.avenue, het. Mh and9th sta. n 77