Newspaper of Evening Star, December 18, 1857, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 18, 1857 Page 2
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EVENING WASHINGTON OITY: FRIDAY ??err?ber ??, 1?UT> g^A4rfrli*finfato should be seat in by 19 o'clock m ; ?thfrwl?f they ??T >P pemr ?mil Ibr next >lmj. ariniTUf run mokning pkkss "Hie Union, in an article headed " What it Popular ?S>rereignty ?*' p#o<4fsts. with gren? earnestness against the idea f4 popular *ove - reiguty entertained by tbe Tepekaites, and those sympathising with thorn. raying in tbe c?t>urae of it* remark* *' " If tb? Dtmunaiu- party baa a plank in 1L* platform on whirh fanatiri*m ran *?*nd ind re *Ut the authorities provided tor tb?* government of a territory?if tbe do< trine of territorial self government ran fnakle faction* to run r>ot ovet law and order, and to romml rrtmn of the deep, eat dye vritb impunity?in a word, if popular sovereignty i* to b- mad" a successful cloak for Insurrection, irtvellion and treason, it is high time that it tie torn from oui platform and reject ed with universal warn lint our political creed contain* no ??. h cloak for crime* and criminal*., and tbe time ha*'??me onre more wli^n all tioe Democrat* *honld step fot ward to vindii ate their faith. It is no more reason for it* to repudiate popular sovereignty liwui* had men pervert it to criminal purpose* than it would be to repu diate liberty lieraii*e fa? tion?*t* and demaeoffucs seek to *belter their offences against the public good under tbe name of freedom. " The editor of the f >nou also makos due fir^ kn<>wledgment? for his election yesterday ne ?cnate printer?to the body thus honoring fcitn. and to his cotemporaries of the oily press. The l+t*fhjfeu<t r, to-day, resumes its review of the report of the Secretary of the Treasury in mi elaborate and really able article. It commends his recommendation of the issno of Treasury JK?t?*, intending that they will be worth more to the hiniiiesj community than an increa.-c of so much speeie. Tho writer also commends his recommendation of a general bankrupt law for all back*, and argues wit-Ji force against bis proposition to bring the rail road companies of the country under ita pro vision?. He wonders that the idea of a heavy stamp duty on bank issue* fhould ha ve csca|>ed the Secretary's attention, and regard* UuU. as a legitimate tax H7" From Taylor A Maury we have the fine January number of Harper'* Magazine 11/" The Legislature of SouCh Carol in* reffcets to legalize bank su.*pen*ious. |Cr Late advice* from Yucatan are to tbe ef fect that the Campearhy revolutionist* still hold Mt jjj* The (governor of Florida diiecls the tax collectors to reeeive ordinary currency In the menl of taxes Biigh?m Yois<j?This noted ??Saint" in *ald to be one of the proprietors of the town of Flo rence. In Nebraska, and ha* also special right* Jn tie ferry privilege at that place, by which his follower* are to be ferried across the Missouri at half the usual rates The fact of his owneiship Una bet recently beeu ascertained, and ha* caused no Mttle excitement among the Nebraska " Gen tiica.-? Asotues Pias.?A corre*pondent of the Jour nal of Commerce make* tbe following suggestion* concerning a mode of supplying an alleged defer' of our buiking system Let Congress pass a law autborixing the sub treasmy. at it* offices, to receive gold on deposit and issue certificates therefor in sum* of Mb, *60 and Jltti, payable to the bearer or order, m may be desired This will furnish a currency at pwr from Maine to California, and serve to euualize exchanges also. ?7" Gen t'fott In hie annual report refers to fhe ince*?ant Indian wars, the barra*sing duly thereby imposed upon tbe artny. the Inadequate force employed, and recommends an increase of the army by the addition of one regiment of horse and three regiments of foot; also the en listment of men for particular corps of tbe ser vice, a* tending to promote military efficiency A revision of the army regulations and the lufaii tactic* in u*** are also recommend* d. and auggestion* regarding the physical comfort and ncral elevation of the troop* are mad?*. Kansas Arritai.?The Kansas correspondent of tbe Ht Loal* Republican, wilting from Law rence, Dec. 7, says that the plan of th? Free State party was to snbmit the la*rompton Con*ti tut:on and the Topeka Constitution side by *id?*. ?delation of the pledge* made personally by Gen Lane. Judge Smith and Mr. Hrown. of tbe Herald of Freedom, and in disregard of tbe obli gation* of tbe me i a lie r* of thy Legislative A* aembly It was believed mow. however, that the mem bers of the legislature understand lb?*ir pledge better, and tv>!I only provide* for a ?ubiui**ion of ?he I** omptou t onstltutIon to tbe people, and and then return home He adds ; ?? It is possible they will authorize the Kxecu tlve, If the Lecoinpioii Constitution is defeated to a new ? uu*Utntiunal Convention This is talked of. an?t I think Mr.Stantou would have no objection to *nch legislation ; though it i? repo, ted that he j* particularly hostile to any artion or vote on the T<u^ka Con??itnt?o.i Bv the way, Mr l.ditor, Tuft*la, in the In dian language. |* ?aid to mean swill .? M,at word in used as ;ui adjective l^fore ConMitntmn, it is understood to signify Small r??n?titufion. which very forr-i bly it.< value ^ a legal riornmetit " Qnrte a nnralier of menahers of the Legisla ture remained in Lawrence over Sunday, and have gone to l.ecomptoi. this morning, as, in fa. t. have ltnriy our el|iwt|, A n.a*. Convention was called to assemble there to-day. In addition to this an extra session of the Legislature e.,n vene*, and it I* reported that fi-n Calhoun takes the position that the members of the old I^glsla ?V*'r UUl'1 J^'^V.and that be has ae?t out a request tftat the*e mem Iters be in at t-iutaace And then the Supreme Court of the n ?f-\. i? h1""1 ?n tr-day. as is Jml,/e ?Miller's Frol.ate Court " * IJiTEBEtrise ra,,M Mexico-The steamship Tennessee ha* arrnved at New Orleans ftom ^ era Crux the 7th instant Advices are two week, later, and of great Interest and Important e as indicating tbe re-establishment of Cotnon fort's Government, aud the apparent restoration of order throughout the Republic, the happy re. suit of the revival of the Dictatorship-events ln*,k'id^",,d d?"inKui?bed by tbe formal a. h I ^ Hresid'-nt of hiaelenlion and hi. areeptance of tbe high tru*t rep?,^d in The ceremonies took place on the 1st 1n ?^v ,^r7r,prrf?;,,"d? 'JV* th* Litraoidl eL^ or?L11 d^-aoWmnfty, and in th? pre? ence of many who have doubtless, been waverinir In the,r opinion* a, to the courag^of P?^"eJt <rnZirot\V'*'h0td"f lbe oVtLe Gov! Till fLw. r .w? ?* '** CM,,,,titutioiial ruUr. ' mt ?rr?va! of Santa Anna's family at Havana had reacbrd the ? aoital wl>*f.- it . R imor* of a Span lsb expedition to the < oast, headed by tbe ex-ljic T^WhZ?J lOXtrr, ai!a,n ln r'renlation ^ Tbe Santa Annlst journal, the Tiemnn k.. rendered itself obnoxious to the iiovefmU?Lt and been mulcted in tbe sum of SI UIO in default of which the establishment has been ieizort ,?a publication suspended 2 d and The Veia Crux papers are filled with details accounts of the singular " treasonable attempt ^ Vv however, to the information already before the reader, except that the "at. lempt and ?(ib>t-queut arrest so unsettled and excited the popular mind that it beea me neressary pr/JJul D,*niai laW ?n the "JOth, whieh still PERSONAL at WuSd.^" F Fack*r #f ,'?n?y>vanla. i. fa";:;'1,1!!*" ?-legn?phs to the Richmond ^ct?? w ? ?,V h"dl'??Wed his con with the Walker ex[icditiou. .... Senator Houston, having arrived in U'ask. ington api>eared In his seat in the Sen*? cham ll[ ,Lt UC%1 l Ulr d-rlnjTl pr": ... Gov Seward was at Colpener Court House V?.t ? Friday and Saturday oflast week olTa etalt to Hon John ? Prndl-U>n and MhrMi / line NVhlgs of the nelghlK)rhood *' .... Kor more than two year* Mr Gear</e n Preatie*, of the l.oolsvtlle Journal ba* written il!* ,>5r bis hands belae aTewi lo "ml1 * degree that be cannot u^ .i ^Thr ???^ t'onrt of Buffalo has derided ? .V'v v"'?' to discount paper paya ble ia New \ork is usurious a JLlUZLU'^t *i?"Tr A1'rtr"' haa captured % ? hundred '?pGv?e, two hundred of whout were d/owned, ~ WASHINGTON NEWS AND GOSSIP. Tub RitsifiiiATios.?It seems to be under itood around us (hat Governor Walker accom* panied hi* resignation with ? copy of his threat med manifesto to th# people, addressed to tha President of the United Sutes?ft document of ?o greet length as to require houra t? decipher t in manuscript. Th^'? dodge" could hare >een for no other purpoaa than to hare calls nade for it through resorptions ofCongress. that t may be spread on the records and become a part of tie proceedings officially published His hope evidently was, that the President ivould regard it as an official paper, as well as iis resignation, which mny have been embraced n it, for aught we know, to the end of securing ror it a position among the official papers of the Kxecutiv*? office. Without knowing aught of our own knowl edge. we incline to the opinion that the Presi dent hns accorded to it simply the same posi Hon ho necessarily gives to hundreds of thou ?ands of letters ?ent to bim on the subject of Dffice?lor of that subject it treats. It is in reality a private and not an official letter, and t<> get it before the people it is clcar to us that Governor Walker must furnish bis ilepublicun party friends with ? copy, of bis own motion, without relying on the Democratic majority of either Hon?e and the President to step out of their way to do so. Whenever it sees the light it is destined to be 14 blown over" at a great rate by the Repub lican party, nnd will form the thunder with which they will prosecute the war against the Democracy for some time to come, thus taking the wind completely out of the sails of the late oratorical effort of the distinguished Senator from Illinois. I*-S.?\\ e find it in ex<h'.nge papers since writing the above. 0\ bblattd Mails.?The loss of the steam ship Central America contiuas to be th? subject of more popular excitement than aught else at this time in California, and in the manifesta tion ot popular opinion it is bringing about, is teaching profitable lesions, if they be heeded even now. of the wisdom of the policy so long and so pertinaciously urged by Senator tJwin on Congress with reference to overland mails; the only true national system of intercommu nication with California, the feasibility, utility, and economy of which have already been am ply demonstrated in the success of the mail line now in operation between San Antonio. Texas, and California The contracts for the transportation of the mails to and from California via the Isthmus of Panama, are about expiring, and, it is said, a tremendous lobby are on the ground evidently to obtain another special 03ean wise contract via the Isthmus of Tebuantepec, for which more extensive drumming upon members of Congress is said already to be in progress, than to com pass the enactment of all other measures of special favor to individuals, besides. Believing that if the scheme of graining a special mail contract oeeanwise, via the Isth mus of Tehuantepec. triumphs, Congress will hesitate and halt in carrying out the true sys tem of frontier defence involved in the over land-mail system, we are or course opposed to it. and shall labor earnestly to make the latter the system of this Government for its future in tercourse between the Atlantic and Pacific slopes. To that end we republish to-day a speech delivered by Senator <iwin on the 27th of February last, wherein the impolicy of re lying on ocean steam lines is duly set forth, as well as the faet that sooner or later the Gov ernment in a sf adopt the policy which will alone give i?eace to the frontier and security to the vast emigration that will essay to cross the Kooky Mountains in the next decade .Mr. (fvrix ?How can we ?v?r supersede tike steamship* unless we mail across the continent and how can we ^et such a one nnttl we make the experiment ? California has been in possesion or ibe t otted States more than ten >.40. and yet wr Lave no communication across tbe continent within our own territory We are entirely at the twrcv of a steamship company?a gigantic monopoly that never ran be broken down unless you give us a mail across the conti nent. I now announce that if you will Kive us 21* T Bnd *,Te IM that librraJ patronage to ?l-Tnuerf '"titled from the Government of .., ^ ? tales, so far as I am concerned. I will never go for another steam route, nor will I e*?is.earrr,evv?K ^ * ?,,l,acl 0t ??* I'M ?< W III T?I!7k ) heiiever we can establish the fact that t he man can be carried across the continent as I know it can, if yon * ill KjVe us proper aid tins measure, we want no steam rout-., we need none of thein ' ju wkuh ^ p^p^ <>* California take so j?reat an interest as In that of a mail route aero** the continent. By a very lar^e vote. which I think indicates the pofiey'of VlCi, 'a WJH Pa,,Hed a few davs aKo hje cfTnti'll a. te'??,J,pb'? communication across u continent Now give us a mail You have J*reed to give u? wagon-roads; but they will I*. .f no use unless y?? u lh##m k e . "i n W "7"\r,J UP thr > if they are not v HI a"d what V?" ??<)?<' ? ill lie of no service to us unless you i-ive us nail coiiuj.uni-atioa I indicate do route let money find the best mute t? California I hope *?? ?por,,h,,? pr" - "" t?r Ll"'r must have com continent w;th the Pacific coast, and the sooner we communicate the better rhtscont act wlib the Pacific Mail Steam-hip Co npauy, and tue New V0?k and Chagrea Com pany, expires in October. 1W?only eighteen months from this time; and it williak?eighteen months to ajweriain the fart whether it is practi ui'.r n,r:;vr,ilrn,ii" arro,?' ^!. laud, and if this measure doe* not now oass it is <?' in.. <i..~ eJru I?! ir'T V,l? add,???*l contracts to \ wJ w,tT I rT?? two ?5?ans to California wo?.LI ' "f tU* m,mt ,n,,SI"iflcant nations wo iLlHtonall communications between the At Fverv ?hf? Z, ?lat'S ?f the Unit^ States Kvery ship that ?oe? to California and carrie, Cuba* and one'*,| '^'"r Paw" in of Cuha. and one ship of Wi-r there could stop all communication. We are at the mercy o/Wy nation with whom we may be at war, so far as ' '^"'iiiunicatioii ia concerned, uuleaa we have to brra^'nn'Til5 ,:0n,i1?cnt- lf K-ntlemen want to break up the ateani Unes_lf tBev want to lay of item ?Jrwh,cb we shall lilndependeid of th m, give us a mail across the continent; and the fooner we commence the better ttfbiiu which have passed the have nuMetl"uii l *?*>??, (and two of the,,, uave passed both houses of Coneresa 1 will 'Cm ,V",n "" ? *ri4 ,n 'he history of the lacilic poaaradons ot the United Statea? the Wagon road bills and the telegraph bill. N?w g /e us this mail It will show that we shall I* wUhoi.Mj.- * ro,,te within our own territory, Whv 3U! l"r a*y f?re!ga nation!' - I 'be Panama Railroad Com . y foMy-",,,p "?nes Ioiik, now charges Sl^S.UUi to carry tbe mail across iemi-UJOnthlv - close monopoly ? and yet we are forced to ulve etSsToif JI&lhy CbarKe' or h>Te ?"r nSlh ?.V no ro'n">unlcation. Mr. Hiwtan. \\ ^at !? th .. road transit there for a passenger ' . Mr. Gwm. Twentv-llve dollars. It is a close monopoly, ?Bd it is breaking up em Jration^ ? ml ??n,r'r We niust build up the country by lot ?? ,T *7?"" !>" ?"????ent7 and if we^an This ro. y V?'" 1,Ur*' 1 h?P* y?" KlVe us this route. 1 have no doubt of ita succea? I In thatrouatrv wl.u kiwi, ??,?" l'ar^o wub such a measure as this to irrrdSf"?"3 "uut if this measure be passed vT,"vi>r,"or"' ^ -ii,. nl'J", {' T "J P?K"[.ub uk?l ?!?.where of Ilk. [K.liiicl predil^tL,. teem wub WuhiDgloD leu.? purportingloem br*? bouglas-i-ana, in tbe shape of his decla rations in private conversation with the au thors and other notorious enemies of the Demo cratic party, of undying hostility to the po sition of the Democratic party upon the question of the acceptance of tbe Leeompton Constitution, and breathing a like spirit to wards the positiooof President Buchanan upon Kansas affair- We trust that thaw writers may be manufacturing their facts of whole cloth To admit otherwise. wiM be to hold that ? enator Douglas is already in close communion with the bitterest foes of lh? Democratic party ooaneelJmg with them, looking to them for syu>.' S59HESS9HI pathy, countenance, Ac., for all which the pub lic hare no better authority than the letters to which we rater, which, experience teaches clearly enough. is lamentably deficient proof on which to re|?. e a lata tbe*e facts because our reader* should know tbern Many thousands of tbam are ag anxious as oursell to find Senator Doug ?C?fn acting in harmony with the Democra cy. If ha is disposed so To do, it is very clear that ha must begin by cutting off the writers to whom we refer above from their apparent pr? ssnt facilities for manufacturing statements oneerning hia sayings and doings, which hold him up to public view as being, at this moment, ?s bitterly hostile to the Democracy as Senator Ilale himself. Thk Puoxr^CTAMEXTo ?Governor Walker's pronunciamento against the Kansas policy of President Buchanan, appears in some of the distant newspapers this morning, having been furnished to their respective correspondents in print, by way of insuring it early publication throughout the North. Though written with all the *kill for which its author is justly re nowned. we can make nothing more of it than nn argument to prove every Territory ad mitted into the I'uion as a State without the previous submission of its constitution to a pop ular vote?some eight or ten in all?have been unconstitutionally admitted. It must strike all renders at n glance that after all the He publican party flourishes over his thunder, in advance of it* appearance, it is a lame and weak conclusion; insomuch as its main, if not only point, is the absurd corollary mentioned above. After the admission of eight or ten States into the I'nion without the previous submis sion of their res)>ective constitutions to a popu lar vote, we submit that todenounce that course as being prr *r unconstitutional, by way of af fording the only possible justification for the present course of the doughty Governor and his colaborers in and out of the Territory, proves incontcstibly that their position of hos tility to the Kansas policy of President Buch anan and the Democracy is fast becoming ridic ulous only. His effusion is profusely inter larded with compliments to the spcech of Sen ator Douglas, from which much of it is bor rowed and skilfully worked over. A Letter fro* Senator Davis ?The pub lication of the very last letter of General Wool, concerning his controversy with Gen. Jefferson Davis, has drawn from the latter the pithy and appropriate reply which we publish below. General Wool is certainly one of the most un fortunate men living, with the pen. His mani festoes are all " hasty plates of soup" affairs, each succeeding one burning his mouth (repu tation) more severely than the last. The "official corresj?ondence" to which Senator Davis alludes, so completely places his antago nist in the wrong of the controversy, from be ginning to end, as that he (Senator D.) has but to again direct public attention to it to thus re fute all that the no evident malice of his assail ant can invent against him Wa?hivitox, D. C . Dec l|, 1*57 FJitor> of JV'?e York Ihit Book : \ly attention Las lieen ratted io a letter signed John F. Wool. T.s Army, headed Trov, N V Nov. ??!?, IK'?7, addressed to the editor or Hie Flay of the Colon. Jackson. Miss , and published hi a New York paper of Decrmtier *. |Kr?7. It pur ports to ?>e a reply to an exposition which I deemed it proper to make some time in the Ij?h| anniuier, to the unfounded slander* which the ?aid Wool had covertly, through the newspapers, Mid in otiicial correspondence with (he Secretary of War, uttered against me The allegations which are repeated in his recent publication having lieen then snffl. iently refuted, and his purpose willfully and maliciously to misrepre sent my arU having t?een then conclusively e*. fatalished by the Records of the War Otflce, f deem unnecessary further to refute his slanders, whether they lie old ones re-vamped, or new ones contorted When the exposition above referred to \*a? made, my ofli. lal it-lai ions to lien Wool had terminated, and I closed thepioofof his gro*s misrepresentation by denouncing hi in as the t^rpotrator of a ' palpable and pitable false hood '' He now seeks to redress himself taV the publication of recriminating epithets? a remedy not recognized among gentlemen, and one to the enjo)meut of which I now dismiss him \ ery respectfully, yours 4r , JefV.n Davi?. Tnr Navai. Coikts of Isgrmv? Be foe Court Mo. 1. the case ut Lieut. Porter was con cluded to-day, and the Court organized in the case of Kx-Commnnder Leeompt, dropped Before Court No. 2 the ease of Lt Rolando was sent back for review Before Court No .'1, in thecase of Commander Chauncey. Surgeon Green was being examined for Goverumcut. Com Stringham has been ordered to Court No. 1, and Capt. Goldsborough relieved. 111 e Tmeasi'rv Note<t.?This morn ing. the \\ ays and Means Committee are un derstood ?o have unanimously ngreed to report a bill in the course of the day to carry out the recommendation of the President and Secre tary of tbe Treasury in favor of issuing twenty millions of Treasury notes, to supply the an ticipated immediate wants of the Government. There can be no doubt that it will speedily be come a law. ? Postmasters Commissions ?We have been authorized to state that the Postmaster General will not permit Postmasters to make any reduc tions in their commissions in mailing lottery circulars. Six Postmasters were reprimanded yesterday for violations of their duty in this respect, and informed that a repetition of the offence would be deemed sufficient cause for their removal The Debate.?We regret that the <6enate has not seen fit to prosecute tho debate upon tbe Knnsas portion of the message promptly, as it is certainly destined to accomplish much for the position of President Buchanan in the esti mation of the oountry. -Such is the universal opinion of the public men of the Democratic party now in the Federal Metropolis. Th* Weather ?The following report of the weather for this morning is made from the Morse Telegraph line to the Smithsonian Institution. The time of observation isaboutHo'olock a. m.: Dkcf.mbir 19. 1837 New York, N. Y..... .... .cloudy, windy. Philadelphia, Pa clear, pleasant. Baltimore, Md clear, pleasant Washington. I) C clear, pleasant Richmond, Va clear, warm. Petersburg, Va clear, coot. Raleigh, N. C cloudy, eool. Wilmington, N C cloudy, damp. Columbia, 8. C cloudy, cool. Charleston, S C,.... clear, pleasant. Augusta, Ga cloudy. Savannah, Ga ...clondv. warm. Macon. Ga. cloudy. Columbus. Ga ...cloudy, warm Montgomery. Ala deal Lower Peach Tree, Ala., .cloudy. Ciimlteiland, Md cloudy, pleasant. Wheeling, Va cloudy, cool Barometer at the Smithsonian. W.TM Thermometer, on the Smithsonian tower, min imum last night, 4.V; near the ground, 44'. The storm of yesterday was a Ung our, from North to South It reached Washington about ?l o'clock last ui^bt, and coritium d about tlve or six hour*. If?" One of the Cotinc ilinen of Portland, Me., ha* gone olTto California with his family, leav ing several forged notes In-hind him to be ac counted for. IO" At tbe recent charter election In Peoria, 111 , the Democratic candidate for Mayor was elected by a considerable majority. The entire ?ote polled was 1690. ICF Commodore Jones urges an appropriation of 9H,(MI,UIIU, to provide aimamenla ana muni tions for a volunteer navy and privateers, to be ready in tbe emergency of a war KT" Jacob A. Smith, formerly, for m?ny year* o vi,er of the Bangor Whig, assisted tint p*n< r in setting up the last President's Measm e. Ann disposing promptly of his 41 take," be remaiked that tbia the twtnttf-Mvmlk annual Preii dentlal Message which be had assisted te put in type, and, ferther, that It wa* tbe 27th in sucees sjon. r COmrR ESSIONA L. Thirty-fifth Cmvtm? First Smira. In rni Hixatr, toi^^r, much ordinary morr Ing business wu transacted?the presentation of petition)!, memorials, the presentation of hills, ie*olirt^a??, fcC.f wLich Were appropriately di.s. pflsed of. Amortj[ ibcm wre resolutions of Inqolr^of the President coMCrning Kansas all lira, ??y M?Ult Tiuiii'xtH and Pugh. The Treasury Note bill having !??*? taken up. It wm discussed by Messrs Sew and and Hunter until a message was received Rom the House an nouncing their proceedings of mtrrdajf on tie occasion of the rleatbof the late lion. J. C. Mont gomery. a memlier elect from Pennsylvania, \Vhtn Mr. Bijjler delivered an eloquent eulogy upon the chatncter and history of the deceased. li tiie Hoi ik, In the conr**' of the reading of the journal, the Special Committee to Inquire and report on what additional assistance the Doorkeeper might require in the new Hall, and what better accommodations for the pre** might be necessary, was announced, as follow*: Mr. Faulkn- r, Mr. George W Jones. Mr. Haskin. Mr. I'nderwood. The Speaker laid liefore the House various IV !>artment communication*, aud one from Mr. lobn C. Hives; which were severally referred. Mr Ciinginan asked leave to lntr?>diiee a re?t>. 1 ution directing the Commiltee on Accounts to inquire into the value of the stationery, per class, furnished to the House by the Clerk, and its real cost to that functionary. Mr C addressed the House to show the atmo lute necessity of ?ih h an investigation, alleging that there weie minora afloat on the subject, which, if true, though he had no knowledge of their truth whatever, alleged practices in pu - chafes for the Government on the part of the late Cleik of the House, wl Ich *ho. Id here, f er I e made a penitentiary offence. Mr. Houston opposed the policy of devolving the proposed duty on the Committee of Accounts and suggested a special committee (to l>e inovfd forbv.Mr Ciingnian) toexainine not only into the virtual charge* with reference to the station ery, but also with reference to the books pur chased by the same officer for the use of the inemlter*. Mr Savage addressed the House in explanation of circumstances of the late canvas* in hi* Con gressional District (of which Gen. Ctillom is a citizen) wherein similar charges were made against the integrity of (Jen. C .'* administration of the trust. He held himself bound to urge the investigation proposed, under existing circnm 8'ances, f om ni* position on the subject Itefore his constituents when himself last elected to Con gress. Mr. Mason made explanations concerning the contracts for stationery The Clerk had nothing whatever to do with the settlement of accounts for these contracts, and could in no manne. have peculated, as intimated, in connection with (hem In the matter of the book charge, his argument went to prove that the House, and not the Clerk, are justly responsible for the extravagance in volved in the cost of the books. Mr. M. made other explanations of alleged ex travagances of the Clerk, to show that he was not responsible for them Mr Maynard insisted that in justice to Generrl Cullom a special committee should be appointed to investigate these charges. He had been re quested by Gen. C. to make these demands in his name, if there was a single member who be lieved them. There are twelve convicts in the Auburn State Piison for life, nine of whom were sentence to be hung for murder, but whose sentences were

c ununited. IXI7" The Commissioners for building an in ternational Bridge at Buffalo have organized and appointed A M. Ross. Engineer of tbe Victoria Bridge at Montreal, their Chief Engineer. JC7" Simeon Holton, of Middleburg, claims to have invented a thermometer that will register any degree of heat or cold without the u?e of mercury, spirits, or anything of the kind, what ever. IfT" The city authorities of Nashua, N. H., have made arrangements for a constant supply ot baked pork and beans at the police office, to l>e given to transient persons who make applicatii n for food. IfT" Mr Roiicrt Welsh, of Cleartleld, Pa , a silversmith a few days ago, drank by mistake, from a tumbler which contained cyanide of pot assium. which he had been using in his business, f.oiu the effects of which he died in a few min utes CD" The Rochester Democrat says the quan tity of butter in the hands of farmers is believ?d to !>e larger now than at any previous time for many years The best roll is freely offered at sixteen cents, and country store lots are difficult to sell at fourteen cents Even at these price* the article will scarcely bear shipment to the New York markets rf"5=?THK ANNUA I. MEETING OF THE Yeung Men's Christian Association, for tbe election of oihcers, will l>? held on Monda> evening, ihe^lst Deceinlier 1HOT,at 8 o'clock. The ineml<ers are speciallj invited. d ln-3t R. T. MORSELI., Sec'y. y - M aSON IC?The members ot Hiram Lodge, No. in, are notihed that a regular meet ing will l>t? held at their Hall on Hth street, t>etwe?>n Hand 1 streets, ou this (Friday > evening, Dec istli. nt 7 o'clock. Ever) member is requested to attend, as the annual election of officers will l#e held. Mas ter Masons, in good standing, are fraternally and coidislljr invited to he present. By orderof the act ing \Y. M. WILLIAM II. DIET'/.. d 18 Secretary. -y~5=?CAPlTOI. IIIIX M. E. CHURCH.?The K 3 I.ailies of the Capitol Hill M. E. Chareh re sp<-<-t|ully announce that they have co-rmei.ced holding a F t S*1"? VA I. in ? Columbia Hall. New .ler ?ey avenue, south of the Capitol, at 7 o'clock p. in., and to continue dnring this and next we:k. The preparations are sucii a* will ren?ler the F estival l he uiont pleasant thst tne> have yet held, (hitters and Hot Coffee and Confectionery of every kind will l>e served op in such a manner as to piease the taste of an epicure. Fancy Articles of every variety. suit able for Christmas Presents ; together with others of a useful as well as an ornamental character in i\!>ondanoe. As the proceeds of this Festival are to beapolied to the tiiiishiug of a church that has ac compiinhcd much good and that is still carrying on a n hie work, it is earr.esMv hoped and confidently ex pi t ted that the friends of the church and the puh'io. who hive heretofore Ix-en *o kind and liberal will again extend that patronage which has always l>een gratefully reoeived, acknowledged, ami remem hered. d 17 fit ;Y"5=? ASSESSORS' NOTICE.?The voters of 1_? the several wards wi'l please take n??tice that the Assessors will attend at the places designated below Irom in o'clock a. in. to 3 o'clock p. m every d*y. except Sunday and Christmasday, from the l-jfh to t lie Jl' st of this month, inclusive, for the purpose of revising and correcting the poll lists: Firsr 'N ard?Samuel Redfern's, corner of Penn *\ Ivania avenue and Nineteenth street. Second Ward?George T. !*fcwnrt'8, oorner of 12th and H streets. Third Ward?J. M. Downing's, 1. gtreet, Iwtw.en 7th and 8th streets. Fourth Ward?City Hall. Filth Ward? B. I*. Dyer's, New Jersey avenue, D aiK* E streets south. Sixth Ward?Kdward Wayson's, E street, l>e tween ?'Ith and 9th streets. Seventh Ward?John H. Bird, oorner of 7th street ar.d Mary land avenue, alMiveO. Boswell'sdrug st< r*. d W-d ICE CR EAM. of the purest Cream, at fl.An per gallon : Water Ices. Cakes of every va riety and styles; Jellies, Charlotte de Russe, Blanc Mange. Pies of various kinds : and everything nice in the Confectionery hue, at the PHILA DEt.PHIA ICE CREAM STORE, corner 12th and F strsets. d 9-ltn* FOR MENDING CHINA-Forncrook's ce!e t?ra?ed Cement, JS cents a l>ottie, nt d 13-If l,AMMOND'H TOYS! TOYS! TOYS!-The grestest variety in the city, wholesale and retail, at d lU-St UAMMOND'S, 7th street. FOR CHRISTMAS-l.ook in at WEAVER'S for Fsne> Boxes. Cornetts, Bon Hons. Cheaper than over. (dtH lwl opposite Browns'Hotel. FOR CHRISTMAS.-ft.nm worth hand.ome. good. cli*ap. large and small POUND aud F RIJIT C \ KES, for Christmas, at d IH-l w W EA VER'S. opposite Browns' Hot* I DOR CHRISTMAS.?A very handsome coilec a tion of French and American CON F ECTION ERVat WEAVER'S, d IR Iw opposite Hrowns' Hotel. DICKLES. PR ESE R v78. J EL I.I ES,7g ua va I and Frnitifroin Wells & Provost's, Mjw York, for sa;e low, at WEAY'ER'S. d 18 Iw opposite Browns'. WEDDINGS. DINNERS. SUPPERS. Recep tions, and Parties of every kind furnished in French *t>la, by d IB-tw WEAVER, opposite Browns'. SILVER WAITERS, BASKETS. Ac.; also. Cutlery and China Ware, and Glass, for ail kinds of parties, for hire at It) per cent, nt (I In Iw WEAVER'^, opp-nite Browns'. tMNK FANCY CUPIDS ANDCAKE ORNA 1 MENTS , imported from Pans for weddings and parties, at <1 is iw WE* VEK'S. opposite Browns' 14111 BEAUTIFUL READY MADE BoN IIIU N E PS. lor imme<iia>? sale, cheap for cash, at STEVENS' New Fancy Store, 3W Pa. avenue, between ?th and HHh streets. d 18 /^ reat Attraction r RIBBO X.? KIBBOXS-RIBBO.XS. Ten thousand yards for sale very ohe?p for oasii. at STEVENS' New Fancy Store, 3% Penn. avenue, between !Kn and H'th streets. tl 18 J BOOTS AND SHOES, L'ST raciived Quitted. DouMe and Single Sole BOOT< aud SHOE*; D? uhle and Single, S de Cslf and Patent Leather GAI TERS;] "ootch Sole SHOES. HH ^J^'eoSt. 436 Pa av.. n^ar 4ii street. the approaoliina holidays. I would re s sect fully request all my customers to^^jJjgr imt me liave eech onler as oooa as pos- \S? ?ihie. as I do not keepoysters ready t?f#trr!r?BBV. If corner Pa. avenue and tub street. QOOD9 FOB THE HOLIDAYS. Now on hand at RIcnfct *S,W* Seventh street, a lelMtuiodi^t of LADlfet*'TRIMMINGS, KA bl ?(H*fct TOILET ARTICLED. He. Also, MjiiienihfWM'fff .. TOYS FO<SSfK CHILDREN. itn '' 19 hich Witt btfikl lo#JS*r ? I ? -?"HKY. 4* 7th it. THE Tl RNfR ta\ l.OR A MAl'RY havetae honor to announce thtt thay hav0 juet received t?m Lwlon?i?ir<of Fac simile Mmrr Color Drawing*. by the l*?i En gliah artiats,fr..nithe . picture* end draw mra by tue mtft J. nV. M. lu'iier. R. A., in the attove ooll* ction. the property of the Bri'iah am mo. now riliiliiiint at Marlbofourh Htm*. London. Aim), Simpson ? Hi atones I Paintingof the Resto ration of the Arctic Ship Keso'ute l?y the People ? f I he linited StatM to her Majesty, the Queen of F.n stand. at rowel, n#??ml>er II. 'J"*. consigned to Mfwri.Tn lor A .Maury by the Queen's publisher* Messrs. Colnaghi A Co., London. On exhibition at No. 322 l'enn<? 1 vatiie arenue. over Messrs, Wall. Stephen* A Co's store. Hour* from 10 a. m. *o 4 p. m. Admission V> cents. d T* dtf f A R R I A<i ES~! C A RRI AG F.S " * CARRIAGES!!! We respectfully invite the attention of citizen and strangers to our select aasottmei t of# CARRIAGES. consisting of? Bnsgies.i Phaetons. two and four passenger Rock J a>vrt\? and Chariotees. and hrat claaa Wagons, whioh we warrant equal to the heel an* where, an.I whioh we proffer a* loa- as the lowest. We have purchased the right of Margatroyd's Sprints nnd Geannr, which. tor eaae of riding and (Iu' ability. we esnsider superior to an\ other in ant for light work. Repairing in even l>tanch done in a superior man ner. puuc nally.nnd at lew prices,and all work war ranted. GARDNER A PLACE, d 18 eobt \sa I2th st.. sonth of Pa. av. RU. Rl'PTI'RKDr?Reader, have yoa Keen ? wearinc a TRl>S that has chafed and annot ed you,ard at the same tune has not retained your rupture: If so, call at once on Dr. Shkrmax < who is staying at the I'nited S ate? Hotel, where he will rruain for a few days only,! and procure one of tn? ne? ly -mvented Trusses. They set aseasytothe body ns a c'ove to the hand, and will retain the moat weighty rupture with perfect eaae. The entire Medical Faculty are unanimous in their praiseaa to lis eliioiency. Call and see for youranres. No charge f-.r advice. Instruments for every descri, ti >n of deformity made to order, and warranted, d llUSt* Mils MOST elegant book ever pro DL'CKD IN AMERICA. WORLD-NOTED WOMEN. Or, Tvr's nf Pnrtirvlar Womanly Attributes ?/ nil t.nn '.????/ ilfi, i iu*trat<?d with seveuteen splendid steel plates, awl bound in lh? most exquisite taste. At so? A large collection of CHILDREN'S BOOKS, embracing all descriptinna oi TOY BOOKS, printed on linen ar.d paper. * ith numerous illustra tions. plain and colored, suitable for Chnstmas and the hohdavs. Fo. sale at JOS SHILLINGTOX'S Bookstore. Odeon Building, d ?8 9t corner 4S sireet ar.d Pa. av. JI ST RECEIVED. to dozen c*ns hermetically sealed Peaches, II do. do. Tomatoes, 8 do. do. fwi, 1? do. do. Corn. 4 io, extract I."inon, 4 d<> do. Vani'li, t do. do. Roae, 4 do. do. Peaches, 2"> do. Orange. Lemon. A pple. Qnincr. Cunant and other Jellies, 3 do. John Vuli hauce, 10 do. Worcestershire Sauce, 10 do. English Cauliflower. 10 do. do. White Onion, 1 case Prunes, in fancy boxes, 1 do. Figs do., 2 barrels Split P*as. Also on law),a large aaaortmer.) of hue Fam ly Groceries, Wine and Liquors, which we aarraut ta p:ea?e. THOMPSON, HAMILTON A C??. <1 13-dl w No. 3M Pa a%-., I>et. 4H ?nd 6th sts. Alexandria and Washington rail road. i On and after Monday, the 2<st instant, the Trains on this Road, until lurther notice, will run regularly at the following hours: Tliey will leave Alexandria for Washington at 1\. io. ll)i o'clock, a. in., and at IS. SS. and &V, P in , and connect with a line of omnibiiaea at the Kridze, running to ttie < tlice of the Couipany on Sixth street in the National Hotel Building, a few doors from PennsyIv.nnia avenue, and to the Balti more Depot in time for the c*ra. For Alexandria the omnibuses will leave the of hoe of the Company at ^h^. !**i, 10? a. in., and at ll4- 3\i "ad 5o'clocl[, p. m., connecting with the cars at tho Bridge. Light artioiea or I'undles will be forwarded be tween Alexandria aad \\ aahington from the office in either place. Heavy freight will be tranaportcd over the road, if delivered at the Depot in Alexandria, or at the Lone Bridge. d 18 d*w JAMES S. FRENCH, President. fj'RESH GROCERIES FOR THE HOLI 1 DAYS. The subscriber offers for sale, cheap for cash, a line assortment of fcrst quality MERCHANDISE. to wit: 2 Mils. Nantx Cur anta 1"0 U.xes Lajer Raixins .V? do fresh I'runes io kits Potomac Family Shad 20 bbls. new Mackerel .V'kitts Virginia I .aril ?ifl boxes F.nglmh Dairjr Cheeae casks Scotch Ale?tfiflerent brands 50 do Loiid' ii Bri-wu Stout loodozen Lev.'* Oid4Wrecked and Mon<n:ahela Whiskey s Spanish Cigars 3> ? dozen assorted Wines ar.d Brandies 10 do Scotch .Malt Whiskey 10 do Irish l)o. Witb a general assortment of fine Groceries, at the corner of l.'tt. and B streets north, near the Canal. Country orders punctually attended to. . I*-tf JONAS P. LEVY. STEAM MACHINERY FOR SCREW PRO PELLKR SLOOP-OF-WAR. Navy Depaetme*t. I Deceintier 16,1857 \ Propo?als, endorsed " Proposals for Steain Machinery f??r Screw ? ropeller Sl<?op o| war," wiIIIm. received at this Department until 3 o'clock, the 20th of January. for the complete ooustruotioQ of the steam machinery and append aces, and placing it on board a screw propeller ahip of war buiiding in the United States navy yard at Bonton. The efTera muat be for a specific sum for patting the whole in successful operation : must include ail patent fe?s for any ariargemeuts that ina? be pro posed ; state the time in which the work will be completed, and l>e accompanied by the usual fuar antee required by taw. The name of the esinb i4i meut in which the work is to be executed must t?e stated. The details ?d" the demcn *nd arrangement of the iiiachinery will be left with the party whoeepro positiou may lie aecepted as combining the greatest nuinlicr of advantage*, keeping in view simp'icity of constrnotion. readiness of aecesa for adiust tnent vrlifn in operation, aud not lie ng subject to de> raugeincut in ihe working pnrta ; it lieing the ohject of the Department to obtain the moat speed and power with the mont economical consumption oT fuel, and (he greatest stowage of ooal which the spacc available for that purpose will admit. The boilers to I* of iron, with teiesoopie smoke pipe whioh inuat be plnced at the greatest practica ble distance from the mainmast; the propeller, with the connexions for hoisting, Io lie of composition; llie machinery for hoittmg, for pumps,apnaratua for ventilating, and appurtenances of aII kinds neoesxa ry for the perfect working of the whole to tie of the most npproved kinds. The ooal bunkers,shaft pas sage, twoMthwartslnps iron bulkheads, a distilling apparatus for fre?h water from which can be made not less than hiio gallons per day ; all the tools and duplicate pieces necessary ar:a satisfactory for an efficient cruising steam ship-of-war must t>e in eluded in the r roposition, and a list of tham must be furnished. The wood aud carpenter wotk (except the brnng out the dead wo<H tor the thaft > necessary to adapt the vessel for the reception of the machinery, boil ers. and appendages, will l>e provided at the expense &f the Navy Depaitmenf, and it will permit the uae of such facilities as it may have for hoisting the hea vy machinery on board. For tne ac<v?mmodation of the entire steam ma chinery aud the fuel there will lie allowed in the body of the ship the entire ?p*ce under the lierth deck, at 2i> feet abaft the main mast, aad thence extending forward a distance of 56 feet. Within this space it la expected to carry coal for il days full steamn g, the daily consumption of which the bidder will state in hia specifioations ; and the weight of the machinery, water in boilera, shaft, propslier, and appeudMes. with the fools and spare work, must not exceed 3JO tons, of 2.240 pounds. The distance from the aft side of the mani mast to the aft side of the forward stern post will be aftout 95 feet, and the distance between the forwa-d and the after atern post will lie7 feet; the depth fr?wn the lend water line to the top of the keel under the propeller will be US feet. Steam eiiiine manufacturers who desire to bid e*n obtain a copy of the section of the vessel uion making application to the department. The proposal mu?t be accompanied by full apecifi cations and general dmwipgs, having the posKjon of the centre of gravity of the machinery, boilers, Ae., marked on them; giving also the capacity of the steam cylinders and area of foot and delivery valves, and of air puinp and outboard delivering valves, space for at earn aliove the water line in boilers, the fire and crate surface; also the diameter, pitch, sur face. and kind of propeller.* nd other prinoiaal points, that oomparisons can readiU he made. There will also be given the estimate of the weight of engine*, boilers, water, bunkers, appendages, tools,and spare wcrk, in tona of poands. The terms of payment will he that when one fourth of the materials and labor provided for in the contract shall have lieen completed to the satisfac tion of the Department, there will be made a mi - ment of one fifth part of the whole amount of the contract ; when one-half the work shall in like maaner he oompteteo there will lea further payment of one fifth; wbea three fourths the work shall have been oomp'eted, a further payment of one tilth; when the whole shall have been completed, and have made a satisfactory trial of one week, then a further payment nf one-fifth: aad when the ship shall have performed satisfactorily at aea for a period of three months, then the remaining sum afcafl be paid. Ti)e repaira necessary daring this period from de fective workmanship or materials will be at Ihe ex pense of the contractor. The proposals must he explicit, and no gaalifted or conditional offer will be oonsidered, ISAAC TOUCEY, d 18- Seoretarv of th? Vsv*. N OTICE.?FRESH VENISON. HAMMACK A BRO., ?L HAMMACK A BRO., ; have this d?v received a 40Phue lot of VENISON .#JTT\?V InkMik which they are serving up d ie-3t * ln tk*iT ??*rstyTe? Store, near 13th atrtet, Pa. ave. 810 9m 0 A VTw V A t BA L* 1 * * HookiuiAtom Co. !? 8. Hail* Nar The CtMtl) this on* of the wltSr?'" Celebrated the occasion iickrti^NK DoLLA R,?d?itiiu * aeetl*. ?.. Md ladie*?to o? obUined (rum any one of the mem h?r? of ' It" OiiIWikm. d TH IW HII.HARMONICHAl.L. Pa. ?r? he/terra II** aad It/4 *??. GRAND OPENING NIGHT. MISS K . I.. *tr I 1,1,1 A MS, Tlw H9?nlith N'ijI fti?r"l*.M On MONIMY F.VK <INw. Be.?what ?.HU . One N icht Onlr. in her Grind Knifrt?i?mf?t, enit tied the IjmW * Drearn. <>r ' he I niki ol < i im-?. Mab, written ?i|*rnsl) for her by Sanme, L'>\er, the celebrated author. aiid per i. f?r d ?K-!W formrd t?y her to crowded h<>*i^i. the leaf *n years, in Kurope.Ne* York, and PhiMflyliia. ^ 8 8 K M B L V ROOM**. M ISS .11 iTTAN A M AY Reap*ettally announces that her Cosmert, wi.irU wm unavoidably postponed. will positively take place wn TUESDAY EVENING NEXT. DMernktrS. (Being p<> itivelr her In*t appearance in \Ya*hia?. ton previous to Iter departure lur tin- Sniik I On which oonaion *he will tie aaaiated by SIG^OR TIBKRINI, tl.e i -i cheated Tenor. SIGNOR RODOLPIIOSKN. Baritone. Mr. H AR R \ SA NDKRSON. the favorite Pianist. Tickets 91 each; a-ats secured withi ut extra ci.arge. Concert to commence ut H o'cloelt. 4 IT t f imum VAiaiNoTo? tiiatii Ltt*" W ?ri *ir. inlro Lessee of Wsf'urli'i Theatre. New York i Mr. PTl.'A RT len to itanoaree that the btuldirc know as Carusi's Saloon u now undergoing a I rem at ton to transform it into A Svai.l *!?r? Klkh?!IT Theatric. Cout recta na\e ??een in de with aid the th'a're will be constructed br Mr Dnrr.? f this dtr.aftera design furnished I * Mr. Bonrricanit. The t.r?f per forma nee will tak?* place o? ( iiais? ma* Day. The newon will coraiat i,f?ntern week*, eompri Bine per ormancrs ot t tie htxhest r as*. The aabacribera are kindly re^n'sted t? per their sulwcrivtiotiN to Meon. R igcs A Co . hanker*. The plan o| the orchestra sta Is and private Ui*es may ha seen at th" Theatre on Monday next. d I*-** (I'm-nA Int-I.l \V M. !?TI ART. l/lRSf GHaNU BALL OF THK 8KAM?\ GRAND FIR KM KN"' AND ClTiy.FNS' BA LI*. The VIGILANT FIRK COMPANY.rfG^r* town. D. U., ha* leave to announce to their friends and the publio generally, that they will jn give their Ninth Annual Hall at Forrest Hal./ '* on MONDAY K\ KNING. Dec i at. ?RV7. L-A The Compaut pledge tbem*elve* to malie Una one of the heat Kails of tne sea?on. No hats or caps will he allowed in the room, e* oept those worn t>y Firemen. No intoxicated persous will be admitted in the Ball Room. A strong Police force will l?e in attendance to pie serve atrict ordar. Supper and Refreshment* will he furnished I? an experienced caterer Scott's Celebrated Cotillon Band ha* been enga< e(| for t|?e occasion. Tickets ONE DOLLAR, admitting a Gentlemaii and I adies. M*nat m(M on rke r?rt af Cmzcat. Hon. R. R.Crawford, A. L. \ ?rl>r. Ka^.. Hon. Henry Addis->n, II AY. Blunt. Km. Roh. Ould, I'.sq., Ja<> A. Magnifier. Km - Hugh Caperton, Fsn., Gil. V*r?derwerkrn, fcladen Fwiat. Eae. 3f<t**(rm'*r ?s tkt Part ?f tkt Han.C. Addison. John Scott. Jno. Shackelford. I,em'!. Brown, Henry O. Reaver, ??eo. Collins. Jno T. Findly, John W Gr< ??. 9 Koonta. John J. Medul lar. Jno.Thccker, Joaeph K<M>uta. d 10 WAHTS. WANTKD?Br a rcspectahle younc Wunu a SITUATION as N'arae or Chami*rm*id. For relerenoe inquire at XU H at reet, corner of Yer inont ave'.ue. It ? A N KLDKRLY LADY WISHING A SITI'A a1 TION aa Housekeeper in a sma'l family, can procure one by apply inc. wit* good referet-ces. ?t .'55 Pa arenoe, opposite Kirkwood House, il It ??* UriNTRB fM M K DIATFLY-A htW rr HOL'SK. with five or six cnamlterr, parlor*, and dining room. Apply tv No. lil Browm bottl. d 18-tf WANTKD-To hay or rent, a medium :i?ed BRICK IIOI'SK, with moOerniinprovr-ment , ?wntrally located Pnec not to exceed rer.i not orer Prompt pav may lie ex parted Ad oraes S. K. H . Star t ifhoe. 4 jMl* WANTKD?Now. Indies, is the time to rive K re?man a call, and part haa* at least one | air of thoae fine thick aoled tiaiter* |or > ? ; Heri d Do. % I _V; MoriNMX) Ro?.r? jjl- Heeled D". thick soled Moroeeo and Kit Walking Shoe* ? ; Sandala and <iveriln>e* *.'? c"?t?; Rnti'er B<~>t? ??2.2S. Misses* tliM-k-aoled lia te s e-i:t*: Do. Heeled liaitera-?l.25; Kuhltera >? c*?. Boya* Sli.^s TSo*nietofl, Children's Shoea IS1, to .V? eta ; Do. Rubbers <2 cer.ts. DAN. FkKKMAN. d U Jt^ sa Pa. avenue, het. 2d a:id 3d street*. WANTKD.?The advertiser haa i a reeled ir a payinc mercantile t>nsine*s in this citj ar.d * is tea h partner with a ca?h capita1 of ?S.its\ (f<?roie "lord interest.! Prot>t* iby actual ei; m, nation'* S percent Reference* givenattd reauirMt. Addr a< " .vjerchandise" *t Stsr tiftice. di<i- w WANTKD TO HIRK.-A go-d. aeoond hai l, rr one hor*e, *adlesa Chain Power, for ilir^ inonths, <>r I Wi': pnrrlia?e. if prj^e suit*. |n<|ii .e at Ueorgetown Post Ortu-e. d K VV/ltiA", WANTKD.-A stea?!), trust*, and UtreAiva rr MANiwhiteor e??n?redl to Cook and Ws.t on one p? ra >ii. Pay f uei nonth. Apply, wjfi. recofumeiMlation. to A. B. NttR'I'ON. t-orner >t lit h street erist and Pa. aw. at ai??ut t o'clock p. w?. d t<;-?p>t? WAXTKD7-SIX to KIGIIT Yfit?l Vx \ H DOLL * RS, for three or li ei ears, for * htrli security will he t r-n in R?ai K?tate sttu> ??n I'enn avenue, ttei weeu Ktli and l?lk*U. Iihiu r ?t tkis ofiea. 4 i' tf IVI^>TICK.?The sn'^criler hiving just opened an I* OF KICK of GK\ KR AI. INTRLLIMKN K at No. fllfl C street, between Cth amt 7th. and next to Todd's Hat Store, ami opposite Knnk of Wminw ton. requests the citizens W asliir.g'oa if f ? him eticouracement I'he subscriber's ?>biert i* '<? seaure g?w??l servants to titir eitix ns, akd to h*?! suitable place* for Set\ ?nts r ho c<>'oe well re?o?n mended. Such as desire employment., and Kiirti-<< are in need of proper Servants, slxuld five me s <a . aa soon as convenient. d7-tin* JFJOMK GH.I.ISS. WANTKD TO the term >?( "> years, secured on an improved farm, ?>< J*' acrea .I)? a deed ol trual. situated near inecili In tere^t paid annua ly. Am one wishmc ta mrest in that way, will p'eaae address J. H. S., B'x *->. \Yashin?t<?n oil*, statin* when and where an li ter new can he had. Internet paid aemianiiuallr |! pre ferred a 17 tf LOST AffD FOTJHD. p,ir.? I NOTICK.?^Yas oomnntted to the jail of T'i'? George** Coantv, Marr'snl, on "aMi-dar the 5th day of |>eoeiti'>er, eitteen iiiiti,lred and fifty-seven, a* a runaway negro boy, who r?lls hunself DANIKL. He la al-?it twenty ?rars r of age, black, rather likely. He ha. I on. whsn-" committed, n suit of c??mm< n k? r*? , such a' usuallr worn l?y aervants. h?e savs he lie???ii;i> t< Chandler 8haw. Ka<|.. of St. Mary s Count) . The owner, ifany, of the ahove described r.etr" < requeated to come lorwa d. prove aropert* rs? charces and take him away, otherwise be w discharged acoordinc to law. dl8 3t JOHN \Y. \VKB?Tr.R. Sher ff TO TIIK PI*HI.IC.?The undersigned respect fully notifies the pnt>lie that he wi'l art*ml t?? the collection of Accounts and Rents p aced in i??* hands with promptuea* and fide ity. All bus lies* now in his hand will lie c!o?ed up without delav, at >1 prompt returns made. Mny lie seen at Capt. <????! dard'a oftoe, and accounts may l>e left wi h tmn l<>r me. A. E. L. KKKSK d 17-3t* - lu'U HARPKR S MAGt/INKKOK JO I' AR\ received and for sale ?' ^hi n< ton's liookstore. Single eaml<ers for sale, or sir acriptiona taken for the year. ?ul?*?ripti(>ns received for ail the magazines at t s paMisherx' prices, delivered to an* part oftheeity, or sent per mail to all parts of the t inted s?tat? s. Apply to JOS SHILLINGT' N. Bo. ka?m^r, Ode<in Building, d 17 St <^>rner l'; ut an?t i a av. I^HRItSTMAS PRKSKM S. V M. W GALT * BRt?. have rust rei-ene>l large addifions to their stock of tx>os. esp*>t is! ? destined for the holidays. Persons in search of iiovelnes are ;avited to ex amine their assortment, winch will be found to < in brace every possible rartetr of good* in their line. M. W. CAI.T A HK.l . Jeweliara. 324 Pa arI>et. ?*ti? and loth sts. d 17-3t FINK SHIRTS.?Twent|-hr<- dozen niper r MUftlity SHIRTS. FRENCH Bt?S< MS. at itched by hand, with or witlvoit collars, are ot ered lor sale, by the dozen or half-dozen, at vet* low prioes, to eorer advanots. 8. L. B * NDFI , d 17 St !W3 south aide Pa a v.. I?et C7 A i.tli sts. RY' GOODS 8RLI.ING OFF AT hKDCCKD PRICk>. Tocloeeout tuis D We are now selling ofl our large and well aasort ed stock of Rich Faitci Dress ??oods and General Staple Goods,at much leas than former prices, t*< cioae them out thia season. We name a few great hareaiat: Superior plain French Memos at and 75 cents per yard; verr kaadsome Plaid Mennoe at 25 S^. ?im S#>e. per yard, ail fanay dresa SiIfcs and Si k Robes -io* eat es> than o?>?t; very rich figured ail-wool Do I-ainnad Va entuu; a large lot of Sh?wls ai,d rwif . vny eheap; I adies b<ack and grer Cloth C| *kt, re y handsome and At much iesa Mu a former pr te ? Ala<>, ;uat reo*ir*d f, out A io ion, a lar<;? ?4'd e e gant asa. r'meu: of riofi Kmhr<>idenes?in SJeerea. Collars, and ^eta; masbn and cemhrtc Flonncn??. sobs ia 4 yard* airipe for skirts whicu are re y oe sirahie, and at ahowt sail p. im UT We invite the special attention of all Ca*w purchasers to theahoee articles, with many others not enumerated. COLLEY * SKA|IS, JcO7th street, d 17 dtw ?door* north ef Pa-are.