Newspaper of Evening Star, December 18, 1857, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 18, 1857 Page 3
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LOCAL l?JKIAi?mCKt Errr*Ti?*AL Convex tic* ?Pursuant to a call previously made by a C?ti?|ttN of the Teach ers Association of this city, a Convention opened at the Smithsonian Institution last night, at 7 o'clock. The CiHiTfitllon was railed to order by O. C. Wight, President of tbe Washington Teachers A**oclittion. a On motion of Mr Rlcketts. Secretary Board of Trustee* of ibe 1'ubllc Schools. Rev Dr. Binney President of Columbian College, was elected Prrcdral of the Convention 4>n motion of Mr Young. Secretary of Tnrh er? A?*ociation, G J Abbott was appointed Sec retary. On motion, it was determined that tbe sessions of the Convention should hereafter be opened with prayer. '/. Richard*. R R icketts anil Otis C. Wight were appointed a committee to propo-* snbjeet? f*?r discussion jMr Z Richard*, chairman of the Committee on business. read the programme, which they proposed to follow during the sessions The President here introduced to the Conven tion Prof Alexander Dimitry, late Superintend ent of Kdiwation in Lonisiiina who delivered au add re** to the Convention, the subject of which wa* "The Relations of the Past and tbe Future to the Present," and particularly bearing upon the education of the young, and the duties of pa rent* and teacher* to tbe young. At its close, tbe thanks of the Convention were voted to the sjieaker for his able and excellent address. The twines* committee here reported a subject for discussion for this morning, which won, ' How far are teachers responsible for the moral education of their pupils'" And after the transaction of some minor busi ness matters, the Convention adjourned to this morning, at 9 o'clock The Kdu'-ational Convention met this morning. On motion of Mr. Richards, theSecretaiy of the Board of Trustees of Public School*. Mr. I.oomis and Mr. While were appointed a c? rnmittee to wait upon the Committees of the District of Co lumbia in the Senate and llonse of Representa tive*. a?id to invite their attendance Ibis evening at tli*' meeting of the Convention, when a discus sion will take place?immediately after the lec ture of Mr. Barnard on the report on the statis tics of education in the city of Washington. In the temporary al?sen<e of Dr. Binner, Mr. Wight was chosen president, pro tempore'at the Convention. When our reporter left, an interesting discus sion was going on upon the subject??' How far a<e teachers re*pon?jtile for the moral education of their pupils ?' On this subject, Mr Emerson, who for many years was at the head of one of the >?e*t seminaries in Boston, gave the result of his long and successful experience in respect to moral teaching. Further remarks were made by Messrs. Richards. Wight and l<ooint? In view of the celebrity of Mr. Barnard, and hi* successful labors in the cause of education, and the interesting facts which will tie stated in legard to the want of schools in the District, and the large number of children who are growing up in ignorance in this city, we hope an expect to see a large attendance of our citizens, espe cially the members of the Citv Councils, teach ers and trustees of public schools, and all others interested in the sunject. Sixth District Police ? B'/ore Jmtire ChII. A rather singular ease w;m up the other day ; In which Ibe plaintiQ, one Flora Moore, a colored woman, brought suit against one Martin Young haut/?a German, to recover certain moneys al leged to be due her for her servic es as midwife - in the defendant's family. The defendant was bad up. and on appearing, ruled the day for a trial of the ca*e In tbe meantime be thought to sell the sLarp-witted constables by eflecling a compromise with the ex-midwife, and accord ingly be went to her and forked over tbe amount of her bill, and took a receipt in full of all de mands When toe day of trial came about the defend ant appeared at th? magistrate's office and exhib ited his receipt, and of course tbe case was non suited The German chuckled bfartilv at the manner in which he bad done tbe constables out of cer tain anticipatory fees, and went on bis way, ie joicing. The officers somewhat chagrined at the unex pected upshot of the case, put their heads to gether to see how thev might get even with the ennnin; German Thev ascertained that Mr Younghautz had in bis possession two goats, which he was harboring about bis premises without having paid a license for so doing. So a warrant was issued at their instance, and the aforesaid Youngbantz came before his honor on the above serious charge The defendant plead that tbe goats were necessary in his family to supply milk to an Infant child in the failnre of its mother to perform that essential function ; but the fact lieing proven that tbe animals in ques tion were billy gnatt, it was held by the magis trate that proof was wanting to show their use fulness in the alleged capacitv ; so Youn"hautz was lined S3 and costs, the offi< ers thus having the laugh on their side. Ciimixai. Cotrt ?The jury yesterday found a verdict of guilty in both the cases of James Williamson and John McCuen. charged with larceny of money, and they were sentenced each to Ave' months imprisonment in the county jail, and to |?ay a fine of SI. Anthony Ray was then arraigned, charged with stealing from John Hays one gold piece and one fco gold piece. The verdict of the jurv was not guilty. Hetogiii;>n'fs were forfeited in the cases of I.ewis Carr. Jeflersoa Payne. Ituiiert Squibb* and Thomas Johnston, alias Thomas Foster. Ad journed . To-day, the Conrt met at o'clock, and the jury was sworn first in the nsf of the I'nlted States r.?. William Jones, (free negro.) brought up on the charge of the larceny of a honk note of the valoe of ?."? from oiw* Fiedeiick Stinger, on or aliout the 10th day of September, Ie57 The defendant's counsel contended that as the said note was a promissory note of the Corporation of Georgetown, promising to pay to the holder the vatu?? of its face in Virginia bank notes, the in dictment wn not sustained, and asked the Court to no instruct the jury His Honor decided 'hat the law in such ca<es made the redemption of promissory lutnk note* r-d'-einable in specie or other valuable thing of the value of its face. The indictment, which read ?? a promissory note for the payment of five dollar*, and of the value of five dollars," was not sustained. The jury accordingly brought in a verdict of not g.iilty. The Court then took up the esse of the I'nited States rt Anthony Bias, in which the defendant wa? cha'ged with the tarceny of eight cords of wood from C M. Key*, on the loth day of Sep tember. 1-57?the said wocd being of the value of ?IU Tbisea*e was {lending when this report closed. ; Casks in the Scrams Cocet Diaixo tiik Pee* ex i Te*x?There are five original action*; that is, case* brought originally liefo'e the Su preme Court; and the whole number of cases on the docket, independent of the five rases above mentioned, are hit, up to tbe day of tbe sitting of tbe Court. We give below the numlier of cases from each State- F.ast l.oni*iina 17 esse*. Northern Illinois II, Southern Illinois 1, Illinois proper 1, Wiscon sin 10. .M a*sac h usetts *2. Maine 1, A'kansas 7, Ivast Arkansas I. Host Pennsylvania 3, Pennsvl vmia proper 2. M iddle Alabama <?. Southern Ala bama I, Alabama pro|?r '2, Texas 7, Kast, Texas 7. Mississippi I. four hern Mississippi S, New York proper :1. Southern New York l?. Northern New Voti '2, F.nstern Virginia 2, Western \ ir ginia 1. Maryland 10, California proper 3, North ern California IS, Southern California I, Wash ington. D C.. 10. M?n?e*ota fi. Indiana 8, West Tennessee 1, New Mexico I. Rhode Island 3, Michigan I. Missouri 3. town '2, Southern Ohio 5, Oregon Territory 1, South Carolina I This list Is made up to the commencement of the present term, and some other cases have douMless lieea entered since. Maeixe Biixiri* ? May lie fore yesterday, a detarhment of one sergeant. two corporal*, two musician* and twenty privates, was sent off from the Barracks, to join the sloop-of-war Marion, now lying at Norfolk. The destination of the Marion Is understood to tie the Gulf cf Mexico, to join the Home Squadron. Inside the Barrack* quite a e'tange has been recently ?ff-*cted l?y the construction of s gun batte.y' in imitation of the broadside of a man cf war, with port-bole*, in wbich gun* are placed. In tbe u.*e of which the marines are to be instructed before lieing seut to sea. Two gun-bouses have also been constructed within the Barrack*, to contain several of the famous I>alilgren howitzers, which are to be used by the corp* in Held practice. Thus the marines are to be perfected In the use of both heavy and light a.tiller)*, as well as drilled in iiifantry practice. Cot it or Ci.aims Yesterday.?Charley D. Arfroedson e?. The United States Submitted on the facts. Benj Cozzen* Nutter r.? The I'nited States Su limit ted on the facts Hon Reverdy Johnson commenced the argu ment for claimant in the case of Jos. RstclifT rj tbe United States James Kearney ei The I'nlted States. Rufus L Baker rj. The United States Hon J A Rockwell opensd the a*gum?nt for the claimants in tbe >bove named cases. Mr McPhersoa replied for tbe government Mr. Rockwell commenced the closing argu ment; without concluding the court adjourned. Real Estate? J. C. McGulre, Auctioneer, ?old a three-story brick dwelling and lot oh Mis souri avenue, between Third and Pour-aad-a-" half streets, for ?tf.ilO Purchaser, W. P Bay Tbe lot adjoining was purchased by Mr. VV. Riley, for 7 cants per foot. 'i -VCT1 ??m I, ii!2Si?l3!S 'LrhT'* '"'"? Jsew. ^rXJo?.!; j v*h?u .?** f< ;.' N-;.; V?" S; ST^Ss?25^ JftiT'a ^?flVf yffirs and under lo? #i,.~ ,. jen to I went v 4; twenty to forty 7- fJtv i? I* ?9' , sixty |o eighty 9; over eiirblv'?> ? sixty ? ; "tillhorn 3. ^ * -? not reported Jf" tAz ??i7'vz'l*rz 1 ""ch,*n o77,!.,""AZ7 ""?StaSta? "?? house for {10 day* nromml,ted him to the woi k stasSr^"r; s ,,u? . I D District, to remove him. (i** w,? < Ar,iHT a?C4?d.-|?m Lambert, against whom warrant, were Issued for p,rt?elpatmR in 9HT^^-^^S3?S EL""/-?7 = - t.74^7^z:^'u' ?"d' The River. At Harvey * Co.'# wharf?Ar pr. ^ VR<*,*Tra ? Wh,,ldn". Jcnaon. from Philadelphia, with 301 ton# of coal q?^lRi,r.l" wharf Arrived steamer Diamond \ Piddle C,mV,.^mrntR or ?"^h,ndi,e for P * 1 Cnrtin 4 Jones, R R Clark i? i-? S"'J"ShtaX-1 V " i lie wafer in the river was unusnaiiv hi ?. #u KSi'""" ( What Thoxp*oj> Tba Fairfax N?ws says: ' learn that a desperate affray occnrred on uuday afternoon la5t, near Hunter's Mill |n this county, between a party of men wlm .....__ . wed at the tiUK- in playing r.rdr anddlrine 'he nauiber, named Moan WiE IdinM, tOCf I Vf (| V#TV kfl'Aro ... knife in the hands of another of the party named to survive" ThnmWO?nd^ ,n in "ol e* per ted 2%v, ? Thompson, who, it is -aid. reside* in W ashing ton. wax committed t* i?i| on Mon day last after a hearing ^fo-P j Z"Z] Paor Fowlbr's lecture last night on "Sexu al'ty" wan most respectably attended. Without pandering to prurient taates (rather to the dlssat ??m2iffthT(?nt,r?l!,r*e P'rson* wh?left the room, as if tbe entertainment was not auite what 'he\ expected) he enunciated stern truth which every man in the laud should know ' h My an unanimous vote Prof K was r?nn?ii.^ to repeat this lecture on Wednesday n.ght next Another Case Against Docghertt This morning, during the trials at the guard house, a gentleman entered and informed Justice l)onn IhaVn ^ - ^ar8e to Prpf? against Dougherty alias Dodson. the young man sent to jail yester ?hiinn WiST ?' " *?W watch and CDaiD. The lftftt charge \n picking the nnrkrf ri* a gentleman In the same house s Hotel of a sum of money The rase was held over to ml? I? ?irf V.1 J gentleman who lost the money to this city, to identify (be prisoner. >t prkmk Court ?Yesterday, Charles Sweeny and Claudius L. Monell. Esq *, of New York and Kendall Marbury, Esq , of Maryland, were admUted ??t?r^Ts?nri counsellors of this Court n rihef.n, u JC,nrn. " a'" in error, Msnuel Yhs^lin Y h,,r Wxt friend . The argument of this cause was continued by Mr Hughes for the d^ferniint in 6rror, und concluded hv Mr Wm (? 11 f?r ?l plaintiff, In error. Adjournei ?" H>te ?* ?*? Frr.HTijro Among thk Prisoners ?I.astni"ht a row occurred between two sailors, in the ? ells of the guard-hou?e_one an Englishman, the "J" ? ankee. This morning, when brought out. the superiority of the Yankee tars over^he of"nidV"a1 ve,rT apparent?the representative JustiV^Monn i dismantled. Jiwtlre i?onn. in consideration of the had fou?ht r?l ? ?k '"I, 'nt? ,h" " ^"een's dork" A n.r. ?v,ra| little lM,ys were found on the Avenue, with a number of daguerreotypes in their possession supposed to be S'olen No one of these children JSfeTtVl7l,,rt!ffre,7,r"0f a"e' >'et th*Y "eeined pe' Teeth It.different as to the result of the rase The magistrate at the ?uard-house. Justice Donu held all to security for a further bearin" ' Pcpposeu to be Stolen ?Yesterday, while search'ng tbe house of Ann l.ane in the First Wa d, for uoods stolen by l.amt>ert and bis as sociate* in tbe Georgetown robbery, a heavy sil ver fork was found It was inHnufartured by Gait k Bro . and marked with the initials R. W. Ain old F.nglish letters. The fork is in the possession nf Officer Daw, of the First Dis trict police The woman was committed for re ceiving stolen i;ood*. Masonic Elections.?At the communication of Washington Centennial I.odge, No. II, K it A M . held last evening, the following officers were elected for the ensuing Masonic vear, viz: Wm I! Faulkner, W M ; Allen C, Fowler. S W.; l has. C Mills. J W.; Thos J. M Barohns, Secretary; David Hepburn, Treasurer; C. F. Housam, Tyler. A Most Creditable Fact it Is, that the Young Catholic's Friend Society and the Young Men's Christian Association have united for the purpose of relieving the suffering poor of this city, without discrimination on the score of creed, opinion, or otherwise, during the present winter. Corporation Stock ?Tuesday, five shares of Corporation stock were sold by A. Green, auc tioneer, at lO. Watch R etl axs.?In the Central Guard-house last ni;*ht there were twenty-three lodgers?all non-residents. Mary Killigan alias l.yncb, Ire land. drunk and disorderly; workhouse days. Charles M<-Man its. Ireland, tl^htin^; do. Wm. Johnson, Ireland, do ; do. Hannah Wilson, col ored, Ya . diunk and disorderly; do Geor?e Rollins. |?. C . larceny; se. urity. Rich'd Heath. I). C., do.; do. To thk Citizens or Washington? Wnlft'x Srhfitnw Ammitir Srhnnip*.?The proprietor l?et* leave to call the attention of strsnxer* ar.d the citizens of Washington, to a ver> superior aitiaicof Holland Gin, which he uitr<Nluce.i to the American pub te under fhe name of Wolfe's Scheitlam Aro matic Schnapps. This t?in is manufactured hy the proprietor exclu sively at his Distillery in Schiedam. Hoi and. It is inade f roin the best Barley that can he procured in Europe,at any cost, snd flavored and medicated, not hj the common harsh iieiry, hut hy the most ehoiee t?>tanic?l variety ol th?i Aroinatio Italian Ju niper Berry, whose more various extraet is distill ed and rectified with its spirituous solvent, and thus l>ecome* a oonoentrated tincture of exquisite (fa vors and sroma. a tojet her transeendinR in its Cor dial and .Medicinal properties any alcoholic beverage heretofore known. The proprietor has submitted it to nearly the whole Medical Faculty of the Cnitrd States, and has received snswers Tom about four thousanO Physicians and Chemists, who endorse it over their signatures as a mast desirable addition to the Ma teria Medica. Pernons who purchase should be oareful to set the K*n<iin? artiole, as the whole country is Hooded with counterfeits and imitations. Put up in quar and pint bottles, in cases of one doxen each, ami for safe b?*NII the respectable Drug gists and Grocers in the (Inited States. t'DOLPHO VVot.KE. Sole Importer and Manufacturer. Depot, No. fc Beaver street, New York. Wolfe's S<hikdam Aromatic Schnapps, is presjrilied with groat success b) the Medical Fae u ty in tiravei. Gout, Chunuc Rheumatism, Drop sy. Dyspepsia. Sluggish Ciicu atiou of the Blood. I nadeauate Assimilation o| F<kk1, and exhauste<l YiLal knersy; aad as a beverage it has no superior in the world. Put up in quart and pint houtas.and for sale by all the Druggists and Grooers iu Washington. L'ijolpuo Wolve. Sole Importer and Manufacturer. Nos. 18. 30. and 22, Beaver street. New York. Wolfe's Scheidax Aromatic Schnapps.?The proprietor particuiwly recommends the above | Seh:^?pp? to s ?'k'NU travelling or abuut to aellie iu theSoath ur Wrst onaocouut of i's Med'ciiat pro per') s in oixreot'iig tiie dt*a*r*enhi0 and oRen daii I g r?u? eM<?ts produoed hj a chsage of watsr? a visitation to which aJJ trawl* r* S?ath and West are particular!) lis hie. Strangers should be ctreful in Purnhaatng tke Schnapps, as tbe whole country i? t).Muled with eiunterfeits and imitations. The genuine has the proprietor's name on the bottle, eo?k aad label. For sale bp ail DructisU and Gro cers. L'dolpho Wowi, d u-la Depot M Beaver ? Met. New Yoffc. * * ? * . * ' V A. ??*r . 1 AM IX n*W*?Sto* of IOM vaioaMe OWtlluatM in fbvor of the CoMMMttttitm Destroyer; also of itt elfictey m relieving bronchial disease attended with ???ere oough. The Syrup ta pleasant and sale, and ib oomjtoMd of roots and hen>s procured from the Blue Ridge; it ta no common article. They are nicely enveloped in my circulars, where my place of residence is a?en. The extract of a flower called the Alpha Ointment for the Piles. can, with the Syrup, bs found at Mr C- Stott's; the Syrup ta at several other plaoes on Pennsylvania avenue, ai wail aa Georgetown, at Mr. Newman's on Bridge street. In Alex 'odriaat Ledbetter's. In Baltimore, at Haace's, W Balti more street. Notice.?All those who have found relief from the use of this Syrup would confer a favor on M. A. Mount by forwarding Uietu thair certificates aa early as.possible. d 7-tf m m , . ? am ? DyspRPiMa a'in Fit*.?Dr. Tracy Pelorme. great ourer of Consumption, wan lor several yeara ao had ly atllioted by <ly> pepsia that for a part of the tunc he waa oonfined to hia bed. He waa eventually ourcd by a prescription furnished hiin by a young clairvoy ant atrl. This prescription, given by a mere ob'ld while in a state of tranoe, has cured every Imdy who ha* taken it. never having failed once. Il ia equally ..... M..IVM Uiivr. ? I i* r?(UOIIJ as sure in enses of fits as of dyspepsia. The ingre dients mar lw? found in any drug store I will send this valuable prescription to any person who will supply me with the nrmes land residence*) of ten.or more, individuals sutlerin* with diseases of the cheat, lungs, or throat, a* a knowledge of suoh inva lids and t lie way to reach them, is an aid to my rejta lar business. Address Dr. Tracy Delorme, New York Poat Office. Special Notick.?For Perfumed Breath. White Teeth, and Beaatiful Complexion, nse " Balm of Ijmn Flowers " For dressing Ladies' hair use " Woodland f?rp*m " ? n.? ? .. . ....el. r or urmdiug i.anies' nair usi " Woodland Cream." a new pomade ; it cynses gen tlemen'a hair to curl beantifally. Price 90 cent each. W P. Famine* A Co., Proprietors, New % ork. Wholesale and Retail Agents for Washing to Tatlo* A M aprt, Bookseller*, between l*th ar loth st.. Pa. avenue. nl7 MARRIED. On the loth instant, by the Rev. Mr. Ball, R*?BT. COVNKI.I. to Mi** REBECCA ANN HAL LA R, lioth of Washington. In Trinity Church, Portsmouth, Vfa? on the inth instant, by the Rev. John H. Wingfietd. Lieutenant RICH'D H. RIDDICK. 1st Cavalry. V. S. Army, to Mist TF.X AN A EUGENIA. the only daughter of the late Jno. Clarke, Esq ,of Nansemond county, Virginia. On the 17~h instant, by the Rev. Dr. Giirley, J AS. P. HUGH 1' to Miss I.I VIA J. PUTNEY,all of this city. * DIED. On the IRth instant, at O'i o'clock. EDWIN G. EVENS, son of Benjamin Evens, in the 31st year o| his ate. His friends and those of the family are particular ly invited to attend hi* funeral from In* father's res idence, No. 601 H street, Sunday, the 2nth, at 2o'o.'k p. m * In Georgetown, on the 16th instant. MATTIE K ER R . in the 3d year of her age, daughter of 11. ti and Elizabeth Divine. On ttie 17th instant, ROBERT HELM, infant son of John A. and Annie Rolling8. On the 12th instant, ELIZABETH ANNA. ag*d ?2 months, (laughter of James II. ar.d Anna S. Boss. GEORGETOWN ADVERTISEMTS. ry THE UNDERSIGNED returns his most sincere thanks to his numerous friends 111 Georgetown, for tli<Mr kind sympathy during his past calamity. I intend to resume my scholastic duties on Monday next. d t8-2t* DAN I EL J. G RAII \ M. SUITABLE FOR PRESENTS. Jons H. Smoot, No. 119 Bridge street. George town. D. C.,has received, and oflers very cheap lor Cash, a good assortment of fancy and useful arti cles, surable for Chribtmas or New Year's pres ents. viz: Fancy and black Silks, very cheap Shawls, Scarfs, and Cloaks Rich worked Collars and sets Ilein stitched embroidered and plain linen cam brie Handkerchiefs Best Pans Kid Gloves, all Noa. Rich printed DeLains and Merino Plaids Merino Plaids. I'mon, 25 and 3le. A laree lot Delaines, lf.\ andZic. Gents Scarfs, Tiesrand Cravats Gloves of every kind Silk white and colored liordered linen cimbric Handkerchiefs Children's W oolen Circulars, Hoods and Gai ters Gents and Boy* Scarfs and Comforts Merinos and Silk Vesting*. A c. With a great many other desirable articles that would l?e suitable for a present. d '8 tf J. H. SMOOT. F^l N E ALES.?We respectfully announce to our friends and th'- public that we have at last sue needed in having a larne quantity of A LES of vari - ous km<ls brewed expressly to our order, which we will guarantee to be the tinent and the largest vari ety that was ever offered in this market. All persons wishing a nice article of Ale can have it by apply trig to u* for either ofthe following brands, viz: Kennett. Burton XXX Pale, India Pale, Phil adelphia and X X. We also have a hn? article of Brown Stoat and XX Porter always on hand. All orders by mail, or given to our drivers, will be attended to, ARNY A SHINN, Union Bottling Depot, 57 Green street, d 17-d Georgetown, D. C. AR NY'S CONFECTION E R Y, A'o. K4 Brill itf Sir ft, 6iomiT(iw.y, 1). C. Although determined to retire from business dur ing February next, I am always ready to attend to all order* for Parties. Ac., with that zeal and punc tuality thai has hitherto been my custom?all reports to the oontrary notwithstanding. A* this season. I havea pretty assort metof FRENCH CONFECTIONERY. *0.. and am now preparing a large number of Cakes, of ail kinds, for tho approaching holiday*. Persons there fore desiring to avail themselves of this last oppor tunity of procuring a hrst-rate Christina* Cake, i?re requested to make earlv npp.'ication. I still offer this establishment for sale. Possession given any time prior to the I"ti< February. when, if not previously disposed of, I will sell at public auc tion, thus afford in* a good Confectioner ?n opportu nity of encaein< in a lucrative tuismess at orice . d Ifi dtJanS (lntelligenoer| A. L. piSHl FISH!' FISH!!! I5n bb s. No. 1 St John's A LEW IVES. iW bbls. No. I Eastern HERRING. Now landing, per schooner Sylvan us Allen, Irom Boston, and for salo by HARTLEY A BRO., _d 12-1 w l?l Water street. Georgetown, D. C._ C*OI BOSTON.?The superior fast sa;'ine dip * per gch??oner. Stlvanus Allen, Cnpf. Sears, has arrived, and will have quick dm /V, patch forth* &l>ove port. ?* For freight or passage apply to HARTLEY A BRO.. 101 Water street, Georgetown, D. U. d 12-1w Millinery, &c. TVTKW AND SUPERIOR PARIS MILI.IN i 1 ERY.-MRS I. CLARK has just ro ceived at No. J88 D street, between 7th and nth, (up stairs.) a lar.-e ami Iteautifu! assort. ment of fa.lnonalile Paris MILLINFRN"/ to which *he invites the attentioa of the lailies of the District. Her terms are moderate, to suit the tunes, ("all early. d 17-.'It MRS, HELLER. No. 3t Louisiana avenue, I e tween7th and nth streets, respectfully invites the ladies of Washington and \ici nity to her hrst opening of WINTER II ATS. as she na* sparer! no pains in select-' ing a large and handsomeassortment of fash-* lonable HATS, RI BHONS and FLOWERS,and will l*? happy to see all the ladies of Washington at her opening on Thursday. Friday and Saturday. d 17-^w* Millinery, drrss-making and T RIM MIN G EST A ttL ISH M ENT. Ladies visiting Washington are respectfully in formed that we are prepared to m-ike up Dresses, Cloalt*, Bisques, Ac., at short notice, in the latest styles, find sati^fnction guaranteed in a'l cases. A large stock of Dress and Cloak Trimiinngr, of latest and handsomest styles, with CLOAKS, HASifl ES, UNMERDRES-ES. BONNETS, RIBBONS, and M' LLINERY, of every descrip tion, always 011 hand. M. W 11,1,1 AN, d 15 2in opposite Centre .Market. M' ADAM BONNEU DH ESS MAKER, Fbom Paris, No. !B2 lflth street west, between I and K stroets, Washington city, has the honor to inform the India* of W ashington and vicinity, that she has fitted up a Dress .Making Establishment, where she is ready to make every kind of work, as Dresnes, Mantillas, Basque*, fee., and in the best and very latest style of Paris, receiving every month the French Journal De l.a Mode, direet from Paris. n II -2m* B' UTTER, CHEESE, AND FISH ?V> kegs choice GOSHEN BUTTER, 175 boxes choice GOSHEN CHEESE, 2ftnM*. No I MACKEREL, 3n t<bi*. No 4 do. KNibbls. No I A LEW IVES. inu boxes SCALED HERRINGS. 4.m*i ll>s. GRAND bank codfish, 5.INNI lbs. HAKE F1*H, Jnstrec*ived per schooner Seawitch from New York, ami for sale by d ll-steo BARBOUR A SEMMES. S D 1 N N E R P A R T IE S. ENATORS, Members of Congress, and all Gen tlemen who desire to give DINNER, Sl'PPER P A R TI ES, At 0.. can onliat C. GAUTI ER'S, where they will hud elegant suits of Parlors, Reception, aid Dining rooms, furnished in the best manner, alway * read?. and where they will be sure of having everything prepared in the most fashionable style, aid at the shortest notice; likewise on the most reasonable terms. _ d l4-2aw2w (HANDLES. OIL, Ac. j 75 boxes Adamantine CANDLES, l,t>00 gallons W'kale and Sperm OIL, Sf> liaskets SALAD OIL, li*) boxes Brown and Yellow SOAP, 20 do. CASTIIESO\P 25 do. FANCY SOAP, ion do. PEARL STARCn, 5,nrr pounds SAL. SODA, J ust received, and for sale by d *?te..d MVRKAV A SEMMF.S. I^O HIRE.?A middle-aged YELLOW MAN. He has always l>een accustomed to hiwees, a?d he is a good carriage driver. Can come well r c ommenaed for honeetv,industry, and tobriety. A> j gentleman in want of a Coachman will do well to call early at J. P. B A RTHOLOI'S'S Agricultural Warehouse. No.5S8 7th street south. d Wjt? \f CI. A UGH LIN'S STORE, between Eighth 1"! aud Ninth streets, is the place for Christmas (ioods Buy your presents in ad vaucs of tho Holy dsvs from Mcl.AlIGHf IN, d 15 tf Pa. avenue, lietween 9th and Iftth sis. Mechanical'toys.?Running i^toomcives Steamlstats, Buggu s and Omnibuses, at tires Knettle's Depot. LaMMOND. 'i Hole A sent. LAMMOND, 434 Srvpnlh street, Knss Kriogle's eoia aceat. d 16 at APCTIM SAtM. mr j. C. Mo GUI RE CORPORATION OK WASHINGTON JJ1X pe* mkt. Stock at Avctioh.?On MON1A Y A f rEFNOON. Dec. <1. at 4 o'clock- at tie A u ca tion Room# I iMI sell in bkhm to suit? quaMe^l^ Corporation oi Washington 6 per 430 quarterly Corporation ol Wathinfloti 5 fer cent. Stook, 2W half yearly do. do. do. 1 ernt? cash in enrrent funds. d Ifrd J. C. MoOUIRR, Anctioneer. !\f ARSHAL'S SALE.?In virtue of Hirer writs It! of attachment on warrant Xu. 373.375.and 378. to January term 1K.5R. issued fr>m the Clerk'* Office of liie Circuit Court of the District of Columbia for the County of Washington, and fo me directed. I ?hall expose to public sale, for Cash, in front of the Hank of Washington, in said oounty, on TUES DAY. the 29th of I)eceml*er, 1857. at 10 o'clock a. in . the following articles to wit; One Roan Horse, one Wagon ami Harness, seized and taken under at tachment* as the property of Johu Cornell, and will he told to satisfy attachment* in favor of Lewis D. Means. James h . Brown, and Stephen Prentiss. J. D. HOOVER. Marshal d H-t? for the District of Colnrnt'ia By J. C. McGl IRE, Auctioneer. [i^CRNITlTRK AND HOUSEHOLD EF pkcts at PrBLic ArrTiox.?On WEDNES DAY MORNINti, Deceml?er 23"!. at to o'clock, at No. <55 M street, between 12th and 3th strert*. I shall sell the Furniture and KtTects of a gentleman dee'ining housekeeping, comprising? Mahogany Sofa and Parlor Ctiairs, Walaut Whatnot, Rout Tables, Extension Dining Table, Cane-s ?at Chairs,

Dressing ami Plain Bureaus. Washstands. Bedsteads, Mattresses. Bolsters and Pillows, China, Class, and Crockery Ware, Gilt and Mahogany Framed Mirrors, Carpeting, Rngs. Matting. Radiator and Cooking Stove. Together with an assortment of Kitchen Uten sils. Term*: $2n nrd under, cash: over that sum. a credit oftmdays, for satisfactorily endorsed notes bearing interest. d 18 d J. C. McGUlRE, Auctioneer. Ky C. W. BOTELER, Auctioneer. FEXTENSIVE SALE OF A CHOICE COL J LECTION OK RARE Ol.D WlKKS ASP LlQCnltS by C ataloocf. ? On TUESDAY MuRNlMi. Dec. 2!tth, commencing at il o'clock, 1 shall s?ll at my sales room, 2d Hoor Iron Hall, a rare collection of bottled Madeira, Sherry, Port. Claret and Chani pagi.e Wines, Brandies. Gin, Whisky, Sweet Oil, Pickles. Olives. Ac. This consignment is made b> one of the larze^t and most reliable house* in tliccnyot New York, nnd embraces dec dedly the purest nud most ra-e astortinent of really superior Wines and Liquors that has ever been offered at auction to the W asli lastoa public. Catalogue:; will be ready for distribution in a few days. Ttie attention of connoisseurs is particularly invited to this sale. Terms at sale. d 13 d C W\ BOTKLER. Auc?. \ SMALL FARM AT PUBLIC SALE. -The undersigned i* authorized to *el' a small Farm, contiguous to Centreville, in Prince ijeorge's coun ty, at private t^ale. This Tract of Land contains about thirty four acres, and lies immediately on the public road leading from Upper MaHboro to Wash ington City, beinz ten miles from the l.atter place, and six from the forme'. 'I here is upon the place an abundance of oak and chestnut wood, and several springs of very pure water. The improvement* consist of a conveniently siz-d Dwell ng House, in good repa r. toiether wit h the i necessary out-house*, and a rump of exccMent wa- I terat the door. The whole place is enclosed by a strong, substantial fence, made of the best materi al*. Tins Farm, from ttie character of ihe soil, its favorable location, and nearness to the markets of I (lie District, is most eligibly suited for Hardening purposes. As tli? owner has determined to remove to the West, this place can l?e bought very cheap I for cash at private sale. If not sold at private tale before SATURDAY, 2d d'iv of January next, it will on that da* be <tf?red a' pub ic sale oil the premises, to the highest bidder, between ttie hours of 12and I o'clock. For further particulars, inquire of J. A. KOBEY on t he premises, or of t lie undersigned, iu person or by letter. d l?-2awts SHELBY C'.ARK. By JA?<. C. McGUIRE. Auctioneer, FEXTENSIVE SALE BY CATALOGUE OF j Vnr.i'AHiK l.oxwis Books, direct from Willis A Sot horon, I.JS Strand, London?On TUESDxN . WEDNESDAN .and Till R*DAY EVKMM.S, Dec. 22d, 23d, and 24th, commencing at o'clock, precisely each evening. I shall sell a large invoice of rare ami valuable Book*, direct from the celebrated house of Willis A Sothoron, 13?i Strand, London ? comprising works in Divinity, The Art*, History, Belies Lettres Aratomy. Chemistry. Surgery, Voyages Travels, Grammars, Ac., in various langrages Architecture. Antiquities,Mathematics Ornamental Works. Music. Drawing I'ootry, Fiction, Natural History Geography, Astrology, Mc aphysie.s The Drama, Paintinz. Sculpture. Ac. The whole forming the most valuable and desira ble collection ever offered at auction in this city. Sale without reserve. N. B. Catalogues may be obtained at theoounting room of the auctioneer. Terms: Cash in specie. d 17-7t J. McGUIRE. Auctioneer. FOR BENT AND SALE. r?M> RENT?My the week or month, Furnished I Rooms at 470 14th street, opposite Willard?* Hot? I, Enquire of MRS. A. RICHARDSON. _d^8-3t* 1/OR RENT.?A small three-story brick House, r on 11th s'reet, between B and C streeta. No. .S3", Rent $21.50 per month. Inquire at f\o. t?i2 ? ? th street. ?t |#-tf hn>R R LN t ?ON E I'Alt LOR AND BED ROO M, adjoin ins. Terms moderate. No.-34, comer of F and 131 h streets. d 17 -t* I^OR RENT -A HANDSOMELY FllT N'lSHEl) HOUSE, desiribly aitua'ed in ?he First Ward, wi h Furnace. <?** and Wa?er Fix ture* Apply at No. 14H K street. d 16-31* r|M\ O ROOMS TO LET. on Pa. avenue. t<e 1 tween 12th and 13th, north side. They were formmly occupied by Dr Villard. Dentist, for Ms office. Apply to C. GAl'TlER, 252 Pa. avenue. d 14 Iw |,M)R SALE?On reasonable terms, a coinmi-dioiis 1 and substantially built BWICK DWELLING II(?t SE. w ith back building attach <1, in Franklin Itow, wliU'h is one of the must beautiful and desirt b c |o a!| ms in Washington. 'I he house contains 12 r<>um* and iwo cellars. I>ath room, hot and cold water, gas, Ac., and has a stable for three horses, cirriage house, with servants' rooms above; oow house, wood house, and choice fiuit trees. The hoii*? will be *"ld with or without the two valnable building lot* adj -ining. Apply at No 512 i2d story) 7th street, to POL LA R I > W EBB, Agent. dll If UR NISII ED, or unfurnished apartment* can i-e had at M'*. Adams', No. m tj street, back of ilie Patent Office. The building is a large ai d ele gant one. ?ontain ng ftriir suites of parlor* aiul be<l rooms, and was formerly occupied b> Senators llnu ter. Mason. Butler and others. <1 10 oo.H * IT'OR RENT?And possession given imme<liateU, 1 rFI RN'ISHEP HOI SE. The loeat on is one of the most desirable. Apply at 238 1 streef. West End. d W-eo2t* LINTON HOUSE FOR RENT.?The Hot I formerly known as Dorsey'* Hotel, on the cor ner of ' th a:,d I streets, will lie for rent till the hrst of January. For terms inquire of MOOR E A C15* SELL. adjoining. d "6-law3w# I^t)R R ENT?Two Rooms, suitable for office*or an otlice nud chamber, immediately opposite the City Hail, and over the office of C S. Wallach. dll-tf Applyto RICHARD WALLACH. WO VERY DESIRABLE FURNISHED 1 ROOMS for rent. One a large font room, in one of the most pleasant locations in the c ty. In quire of Mrs. HUNT,47 Louisiana avenue, l*rt ween 6th and 7th streets. d*Mf P^OR RENT.?Either furnished or unfurnished, an excellent, three-story, new Brick House, with Iwvsement, No. 4!W New Jersey avenue, hve minutes' walk from the Capitol, with three-*tnll stable and coach house, with immediate possession. Inquire at S AM'L. WALKER'S Portrait tiallery, (hleon Builduia, corner 4H street and Pa. auenue. n 19 tf R JACOB RUPLEY ETI'R NS his thanks tothe nieml>ors of Friend ship Lodj(e No. |2, I. O. t). F., tor their^j kind notice of the Supper furnished by\ ^ luin on Thursday night last,on the occa sion of their removal to their new hall, and would also invite their's and the public's attention to his Union R egtaurant, on 19th strert, bet ween Pa. avenue and H street, where he has always on hand the best OYSTERS, which I e serves up in every style,and ha* also private rooms where his friend* may enjoy the luxuries of the season unmolested. Families supplied with Oysters on lib?ral terms. Jacob rupley, d I4-St" 19th st.. bet. Pa. ave. and H st. TO THE PUBLIC. Parties or persons having advertised for sale an " UNEXPLOSIVE GAS," which is no thing but the well known "Etherial Oil," therefore I deem it necessary to caution oonsumcrs for their safety. th*t the only genuine article is known as "Reintzd's non-Fxplosive Bnrning Fluid,"and is prepared and sold y F.STuTZ. at lus Depot, cor tier of 11tli and E streets, he l*eing the sole possess or of the right for selling the same in the District oi Columbia _oc21 eoSm FR. STUTZ ^Hl RTS MARE TO ORDFR. Gentlemen visiting the city can have SHIRTS M A DE TO FIT and suit them by the new system of measurement. Material, fit, and sty le warranted, or no *ale, at the Gentlemen's Bazaar, corner of6th street and Penn. av. HOPKINS, d 5 eod2w W" INES, LItjUORS. SI- G ARS AND GRt - CEBIES. The subscriber respectfully informs his friends and patrons, and the public, that a full and fen erai assortment V\ lues, and can be found and B streets north. All orders strictly tiled and delivered. JONAS P. LEVY. d 3 I m near the ('ami. A CARD.?Six ysars experience in bus ness, oouduoted on the prinoiple of securing his cus tomers Pure and Lnsdulteiatsd LIPUORS, jnsti bes the undersigned iu inviting the "ttentiouof ti e community t4> his present stuck, vhich cXuuot be surpassed iu the District. Mav.ns a near connexion, resident in Havana, who is ajudi;e of arlieles in the TOBACCO liue, in oreastd security lor choice and desirable tftiods is sdorded through his personsl attantioj. Psrtie ilsr lusads secured to applicants at a trilling expense., p?. ?v.. aiuit ?uusoriDvr rovpeciimiy iniormi nis in^DQB .trons, and the public, that a full and gen- a ssortmeiit of Old Whiskies. Brsmlies, M (.and Segars, of superior a^e sndqnality.M fowml at his Store, at the comer of 12th ? ? treets north. TO-DAY fr TO MORROW MORNING. J. C. McCtlRK, AiMtiomiir. ' ' OOOKS AT AUCTION.?On FRIDAY FTE f> XING, December 18th. at 7 o'ciortr, at the auc tion rooms, 1 rfaad gHl. without reserve, a am.tll in* ?oice ol elerantfT illustrated Hook*, comprising? Hogarth's Works, F?r?wera??f Loveliness, Koyal 6slier*, Voyages ol Capt. Cook. Nntiofs1 Gallery. Scripture Gallery. Anmcui ia Europe. Ac., *?. Abo. * lot of miscellaneous se-"*nd hand Book*. Hound Volumeaofthe M<w York Herald. Washing - ton Uniim, American Organ. Natro.ial Intelligence r. Law Books Documents, A c , A<. Terms gash. _d lo d J. C. MoGl'IRE, Auot._ By J. C. McGt'lRE. Auctioneer. VERY VALUABLE R E A I. ESTATE AT TUK CdkXLK or DXLAWARK AVXXCX AM) North B Sthert. On FRIDAY A* TEKNOON Deoernber 1?, ar 4 o'clock, on the premises, I shall i partofI.ot No. 6, in Square No Hag, situated at the corner of D *lae-are avenue and north B street, within one square of the Capitol, and containing ld^? square teet. This isoue of the most deei rah! e unimproved loca tions for sale in 'he city. and is very desirable a* an investment, in view ol the proposed Capitol Exten sion. Title indisputable. Terms: One-third cash: the residue in ons, two, and three rears, lor satisfactorily secured note*, bearing interest. dlvdAda ^ J. C MoGUIRK, Ann. By J. C. MoGUIRE, Auctioneer. Handsome flrniti re and HOUSE HOLD Kfkkcts at AcrTton.-On SATURDAY MOR N I N<?, Deceml>er imh. at )<? o'clock. in Iront of the auction r?oms. I sha'I aell the Furniture and Housekeeping Eff ects of a gentleman removing from the city, comprising? Suite of walnut carved green and gold brocatelle oovered Parlor Furniture. consisting of two iete a fete Snfas. two lar^Arm-chmrsand 6 stuffed hick Parlor ? hairs. Two rosewood hue and gold Iwocatelle Fancy Chairs, Elesant rosewood eirved Centre Table, with mar hie top. Marble top Centre and Sofa Table, Handsome Il.irp, Music Stand, Rush-seat Reception and other Fancy Chairs, Oval gilt-frame Mirrors. Shades, Crimson Brocitelleand Lace Oi'tains, Giranto'es, Bronzes. (Centre Table, Velvet. Hrussei*. and Venetian Carpets, Set oi elegant cut and engraved Glassware, Handsome gold-lsind French China Dinner Servioe. Silver plated Castor, Tabic Cutlerv, Ac., lron Hat Tree. Malingsny Sofa, Large and elegant walnut mirror front French Wardrobe, cost If IW, Walnut French and other Bedsteads, Hhir ari'l Husk Mattresses, Bolsters and Pillows, Bed and Taltfe Linen, Toilet *ets. Marble-top Bureaus and Washstands, Enamelled marble-top Cottage S-t, Cane ami wr>od seat Chairs. Lounge, Extension Dining Table. SideUiard. Refrigerator. C<?"k Stove and fixtures, Radiator. Air tight and Ha'l Stoves, Together with the ususl assortment of Kitchen Requisites. Terms: 6-'i and under, lash: over that sum, a rredit iifsn,t9?. an'i f"da\ s for satisfactorily endorsed notes, branny interest. <1 !?'? d J. C. M^-GIMRE. A net. Br WA LI, A BA KNAR D, Auc'ioneers. Corn< i of Pfnntylcnninnvt nut ami91A strerf. POSITIVE SALE OF a STOCK OF RICH A\!> Elbsaht Jewelry. Fink W ATCHFS. *11. - ver n.triti War w. A r., I<eirig the st?wk of one of ? be larges? whole-^ic a-nd retail esablisnients south o| New York: sold on acconnt <>f the senior partner w rhdravrinc from busings*.?On WEDNESDAY VI OR N ? Nf?. Iwh instant, af in Telock. *t stor?; No yti. i?oritb sided I'eimsylvRnia avenue, between 4'? and Hih sts. *Ve name in but part? Rich sets in Mosaic. Corel, and Lava. do. in time, with !>i celets t?- mau-b. Camro. Garnet, Coral and Mosaie Brooches, d->. do. d". Far drop*, M"-aic, A^ate.snd Coral Studs. Arateand l.ava S one Latte'ns. I .ava. C?>ral, and Cam- o Bracelets, Diaviond. L<?*l>et. Sea' Htid Mouru'.n..' Rim ?. Hlaiu (jold. eitased and regard do.. Fine <?olJ Guild, Fol?,arid t'batalainc Chains, Silver Card Caec:- and Forteinomuues, Bouquei Holders, hnt Gold Keys. LockrtSKLd E>r glasses, also.alar-e sto--k of the finest quality Lever, Duplex and French Watches, in Hui tin-and Opt n trie* Cases <>l hue ?<?k|, I') the best and most < ele brated makers. All of which, with a erear stock of other goods in the line, will be sold without reserve, ;<ud persons M-ishinc to purchase ^uch po<s!c are a?Mir?*<l that this is the finest Mock ever i liervd in this city. The goods are on exhibition till sale. Terms cash. .1 15-dts WALL A BARNARD. Aucta. \JZT THE ABOVE SALE WILL BE CO\ titiiied ??n F R! I>A Y < to-morrowt M O R N 1N<?. IBtii at ii o'clock, and at nuht at 7 o'clock, d 'T-a wall a HAllNARD. An. Is. m C. R. L. CROWN A Ct).. A net.. ON SATI RDA\ MORNING, the 1 "h mst.. nt )u o'cU>ck, in front o the Bank ol N\ asinngtou, we shall sell? 1 pair hue Brown Horses, gontle ai.d well matched. Aliu, 1 IL'i' k and Harness. Terms rash. Sale positive. d 16 t* C. R. L~ CROWN A CO.. A nets. By A. GREEN. Auctioneer. Hooks, books, at alxtio.n.?On this (Tuesday ) EVENING.15th instant, at 7o"cock, at my auction store, No. .S3) Seventh ?treet. I shall cuniii'tice the sale ofa very extensive ncEortinent of superior Standard Books, viz: Political, Historical, t'lass oal and Mifce1]ane<uis Works, direct from the publishers. Also, Family and Pocket Bibles, Prayer and Hymn Hooks, Annuals. Alburns and Gift l??Hiks, (jold and Silver Pencil a. Terms oash in enrrent funds, d 15-d A. GREEN. Anct. P. S. The fale will lie continued every ev eiui.g Ml nil are sold. _ FUTURE DAYS. Bv A. GREEN, Auctioneer. 1<M'RS, HKS, Ac.. AT ALCIION. ? On 1 Tl FSDAY. they'd instant, I shall sell, at iny Aoction Room. No. 5>i 7th street, commencii.g at In o'clock a. ni , a very superior assortment of Fura, from one of the most extensive New York furriers, con prison; a stock <>f ijn sets, viz: Mink Sable. Russian and German Kitch. French Sable, Stone Martin, hi la'ge capea. half capes, vicTormes. mutts and cutis, Wilto m line lot o( elii!dr?;n's Furs, A'so, 50 bels of I ailies" Culf?, to be sold aep-irate. And a l:irn<s lot of Butlalo and ulher Sleigh Robes. Terms cash in current I nus. I would respcctfull* inform the ladie? of Alexan dria Georgetown, and Washington, and the public ill general, that the *l?-ve st<M>k ol Furs is i ot of the common order, but of a supemr quality, and the sale will I>c wcl! wor iiv their attontion. d 17-d A. n?KKV. Auot. Bv J. C. .Met*IT RE, Auctioneer. IARt.E AND PEREMPTORY AUCTION -4 Sale of a Choii e Sel*< tios or Fk xch * English Fam y Good?OnTI'ESDAY A \\ ED N ESDAY MORNINGS, Dec. and 23. ctunmenc i:ig at 10 o'clock, on the second floor of the auction rooms, I shall sell a choice selection of French n?,d EiiKlish Fancy tioods. never opened in this country, having been imported within the last teudafv bv'a leading house in New York, and eent here for sale in uousequci:ce of the prostration < 1 business in thai oitj ?eoinprisiag in part Real Bronze Cnndelahraa of new and beautiful st j tes. Fine French Bronzes?subjects Ha'moiiy, Science, Organ-players, t.upid vanquished and Cupid vio torious Indian ami pantner. Victory crowning tne W arrior. Lion an > Deer, Tanered ?nd Flo rinda. Ntmphof the Rhine, Bacchut, Venus of Napoti. Amazon, Ac. Elegant gill, hronzs, and n aihleClocks for mantels, Ac,?Subjects, Sappho. Julius C??ar, Tragedy, Astronomy, Bacchus, Filial A flection. A lexan ?ler. Innocence, Mother's Pride. Ac Parnin '?tatuar* by Weil wood. Copeland. H union, and Alioock?subieets J??hn Anderson m% Jo, Three Friends, Prometheus, Christ blessing little Children, Shepherd and !*h* pherdess, I ion iu Love Paudora. Psyche, Romeo and Juliet, I nd i g naut C u p id, A c. Large Bronze Fuures for Gas - Sulycots the Stand ard lienrerof the First Republic, (iii Bias and Rolando, Charles the Bold, Venus and Merou?y, Ac. Plat ins Decorated Vases, an entirely new article, never liefore imported into this oountrv. ALSO. A fine assortment of Silver plated Tea Set?, new styles, heavily plated on German silver, sets of Fine Cutlery, Steel Engravings, Ac. The residents of Washington and viainity are re spectfully invited to examine these goods, which they will find to be of the finest and moat tasteful description, and worthy to adorn the parlors of the first mansions in tne country. Terms cash. d 16-71 JAMES C. McGUIRE, Auct. By J AS. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. VALUABLE COUNTRY SEAT at Acctio*. Owing to the mclcmency of the weather yes terday,and the present pressure in the money mar ket, Maj. G. Tochnian has POSTPONED the pub lic sale of his residence and farm, M Summer llill,'' in the County of Alexandria. Va., until MO.NDAY, the 4th of January next, at Ifl o'clock a. m., on the premises. In the meantime, they are offered k?r private sale; and further information as to terms of sale, Ac., may be obtained at the auction store of J. C. MoGuire. J AS. C. McGl'l K K. oc 21 2aw Auction and Commission Merchant. MARSHAL'S SALE.?In virtue of a writ of ben facias issued from the Clerk's Offioe of the Circuit Court of the District of Columbia for the County of Washington, and to meuirected.l shall expose to public sale, for Riley'a Wharf, i on THl RSDA Y,the J It h day of Uecemla-r, iaJ7, at in o'clock a. in., the following described property, to wit: One schooner called Wave, her Tickle an<^ Furniture, seized and lentil upon as the property^ of Robert V\ alter, and will lie sold to satisfy judi cial No iW, to January term ?SB, Peter Prioe. ad miuistrator of Nathaniel Todd, vs. Robert Walter, Keilehini Laiubell.und Thomas W. Riley- _ J. D. HOOVER. d 12 ta Marshal for the List net of Columbia. B? A. GREEN. Anetiotieer. PU BLIC SALE.?By virtu* ol a deed of trust ex eoutMl to me aod rwowid m Liner J. A. o.f No. 133, folios i?7, 2W, 2SB. wo, ?nd ibl. one of the land records of Washington oownty. District of Co lumbia. I shall, on T H LTl SDA Y. the SI st of Deoem har next, at 4 o'c <>ck p. m., in front of the premises, oiler for aile at puWic auctioa. to the highest lq?lder therefor, the eastern half of Lot No. Seaara Nr. 3W7 in aalidivision of John \N ilaon and Nicholas Cailan. ss the same is reoorded in the offioe of the record of sa:d city of Wasluu*ton, Dist riot of Co '"ilrliia caah. The property to be resold at the risk and expense ofthe purchaser unteee the terms [ of sab* are complied with within three daya from the day of aale. EDW. C. CA R RINGTON, Trustee, d 0 lawta A. GREEN. Auct. IT'OR THR HO LI DAYS.?China Ornaments. I ra.?~urul -1 "'-?LSWmonp's. TELEGRAPHICJVEWS Frta the iwKUtH Piiw Af<ai. LATER FROM EIROPE. Arrival of the Mrtnthlp C Halifax, Dee I* .?.The Roral (Mil atemmhtp Canada arrived here ibis morning, with fonr da*-*' later Ktroprtn intelligence The Adriatic arrvrcd eat on the rvemDfi mt tbe 3d Inst. Parliament opened on the 34 The l^oeen de livered her speech In peraon She rfro?i?*n<l?^ an indemnity bill for tbe relief of the Bank. and promises a I'arliuiiruUrv reform The Maickt* I.ivfbtool. Frld???Cotton; nl?? of week 4(?.wm !>?!'?? The market opened mt a derline of *?"*?d , and closed slightly lower, exempt for middling qoalitiea, but piicca WWI steady, sale* of the wrri to speculators Io.jOu bales, ud toea porter* I *?> Estimated sale* on Friday 3.00^ the market - le*1ng with a downward tendency Breadstuff* were dull Provision* very dull. The money tnarkef wa* generally unchanged, but active. Consols closed Friday at 91 \ Later from kanat-Tk* Le|itkalirr. St l.ncti. Dec. 17?The Republican has re ceived date* to the 10th Tl?e Legiriatart had done nothing in iegard to the recommend* tion* in I he menage of Acting-Governor SUnion Tbe election return* of Kickapoo had been de. i lan d fraudulent. and tbe Republican memtier had b*en admitted to a seat 1n tbe Hou?e The Democratic Convention at l^ecompton bad nominated John Calhoun for Governor but lie declined the nomination, and Frank Marshall had hern uouiiiiatcd Jn-stcad VV G .Matthew* w?? nominated for Lieutenant Governor. and Mr Carr for Congress District Attorney Welx de clined the nomination for Congress Ueneral Denver, the newly-appointed Secretary of State bad not arrived in the Territory. Knicide of a Lady* Lor no*. C XV., De?-. IT?Ml** M< Failane, neice of the sheriff of Hamilton, committed sui cide by drowning heteeff la*t night She left ? note s'aimg ber dleriiii nation and its can^e?un requited love. ??? Execution of IMarderera. PiTT-B? *o. Dec IR?The Governor ha* issued warrant* for the execution of the McKe?*port murderers, Fife and Charlotte lone*, on the 12th of February, and Monroe and Stewart a fortnight la'er. ? %now fclorm*. Ro?toW, Dec IT ?Snow fell ye*terday In rba vicinity, a* well a* Exeter, K?*n*. Portland. Me , Montieal. Canada, and St John, N H Be Hun ere vinrheta BALTiMoaa. i>ec It.?Flour infirm; Howa'd street, super. *1 T-?; extra do , S5.Toa<5 25, Ohio, super. ?4.T3, extra do.. So MutS 7$. City Mill*, mp-r. .>4 o0*S6; extra do , 55 3ba*t?, Kre four ?4 .'UK Wheat?white fl l9?1.A5 for fair to prune, and M 35 for choice, red #1 ?i3*l 0* Ctrn ?new crop while 45aj<)c ; old do. WWWi new yellow tta.Vi, <tnd old do. MliO'.V . \\ Li sky , Ohio ?2 New York Mark*u. New Volt. Dec Is?Flour i* unsettled, but lower, sales hi 1**1 bbl* ; State ?4 35at4 SO; Ohio SI OH45 35, Southern ?4 rSao JO. Wheat i* very dull; sales unimportant and price* nominal * Corn I* dull, and nominal Op* ? rator* generally awaiting the steamer Pork has dw lined Mess S15 !iSaS15 75. Lard i* lewer at OH: Whiskey firm at 23 t|C Plnacia!( Nkw Vont. Dec 1= ? Stocks are general!y higher. Chicago and Rock Island T7; Illinois Central ?lare 91; Illinois Central bonds La Cro*se and Milwaukee U'\; Michigan South ern New York Central 7*?\; Cumberland Coal Co. 10; Reading Railroad 59)<; Virginia 6 s 99; Missouri *'?5 79;*. GEO li GET OWN AFFAIRS Corrttfond*nt$ ?/ Tkt Star. Gioicitowh. Dec 1*. I0fi7 Officer Gross. a?si*ted by officer* Dewdney and Daw of your citv, succeeded yesterday in arrest, iug, at the residence of a woman in tbe Find Ward. Washington, by the name of Anna Lane, Henry SIicer Mangun and l*aac Lamberth. the paities who robbe d the Montgomery Hotel on the night previous A portion of the *token clothing wa* found in the ponaeaaion of tbe woman, and the purse in which the money was at the time it wa* stolen, was found upon the person of one of the partie*. aud some ait or aeven dollars of tbe money, and identibtd by the owner All three of the guilty parties were taken before J est ice Reaver, who commuted tbetu to jail to take their trial befote the Criminal Court I .am berth seemed perfectly < omposed?satisfied altout tbe matter, and informed the officer that as there wa* a num ber of other cases pending against him bees p-t ted to *erve his country ab^ut fifteen years Otti' er fiross also arrested, last night, a bla? k f II-w, who hails from Capitol Hill, charged with stealing a roat from tbe clothing store on the comer of Bridge and High street* He was lodged in the wati h house until this morning, from whence he was taken before Justlse Reaver who committed him to jail. Mr. ??Ite*,'" please keep your < on*titue.ats in your own dominions, all four of these parties are suhj. ct? of your citv Tue Vigilant Ball is all the talk anions the lovers of the mystic dance. It comes off Mondav night next, and from the extensive arrangement* which ate t?eing made, we think that it will be one of the grandest. mo?? peaceable and agreeable entertainments of the kind that ever came ofl at Forrest Hall. The list of managers is a sutfi clent guarantee that every thing connected with it will be done up in good style, and that a pecti liailv pleasant time may be anticipated Procure you r t ic kets earl y. After the gloom* weather of yesterday and the drenching rain of last night, the sun rose this morning bright and clear, with an atmosphere as mild as May We have no change to note in the m**ket* Srxcra rn*. CKS OF .11 B MAM> ACTFRF.D TO ORDKR. GREAT RKIH'CTION l\ PRICES OF BO??TS AND SHOES. I oflar the fol.oaiuK K'>ods at pnoesenura ernted betow: 1a(1iqs' d?>uhla *o|?d lleeie<l Gaiters, " ** without heels, 9 " " black Moroeoo heeled Boots, 91.75. " " 44 wit boat heels. #1.37. " Walking Shoes at $1.14 and M<sse? and Children's ir prop.irti?in Gentlemen's double soled Boots at ?5 a pair. Call at JOHN F. CREWS'. n Its Ini* No. 4?4 7ih *t.. tier ween G and R. I IGHT \Olit HOUSES. We have in store and are daily reoeirinc. G AS CHANDF.I.IERS snd l t\TI R KS of ever* de sor ption and hnish. Tlie* arc from the factor* of Cornelius A Baker's. Puiladelptiia, and ocinpute man; of the newest patterns. Persons furnishiu?, houses will hud it to their ad vantage to examine. J. W. THOMPSON A BRO. Mi Pa.ave.,bet. iutuand llth sis . d IQ-eww south tide. ROOMS, IU CKKTS. Ac. l?)doz-n BROOMS. list do. Painted BUCK KTS, yi nest a Covered do. tio do. Willow do. 25' cross M ATCHFS. yi dozen COM us and LIN ES. 2 liales MATS, Now landiuic from psofceta fr??in New N'ork. Forsaehj MIT.KAY A SEMMKS. d 8 6tetMi IT'RKSH ROI L Bl'TTF.R.-Just received. r |h?. Fresh ROI.I. HCTTF.R. Irrm Rookmc ham '? 'unty. Vs., an?1 will r* oeive weekly fron the aaine dairy . Best Roil at 2*e. per pon d. ??KO. THOS. STEWART, ?f 15-^t* City Market, corner 12<h and H st*. A C\lTlON. jTaLL persons nre cautioned scainst pnrehasniK Unit VN srruts No. SIJH. for lfl? acres, issued to John l.indsey: No. &.MJ. for W acres, issued to Wm. MoConchie; No.37 tbtt. for *' acres, issued ?? W m. W. Puch* No. ? M tor M acre*, issued to I sham Ivey. Said warrants havina been stole* tr<>m my office, onveata have been entered in tae General l*and Ofhee te prevent patents issuing on said war rants, and application will l?e made to tbe Pension Othoe for the taauiux of dup ipate warrant*. VN M. J. MARTIN . n 10 w^w Attorney for Warrantees FIRE CRACKfcKS-Tt*R PEDOES. 25 ts xes No. 1 t?old Chop Fire crackars, 23,<)iio Torped??es. ** . F??r sale low for cash I y KENNEDY A PL'GH. St., next door to < Kfd Fellows' No. UK 7th dl4-e?at Hall. CHINESE (WOAR CANE SVKlT^laM j de much improved in the mauu.actnrefrooi thst hrst made, is just received from Reeves' Mill, a d for sale by J. B WILSON, Groeei. No. %n Pennsylvania avenue. Tne public are requested cot to take the variou* Syrups in the market, as specimens of this new ?>( f?'red ; or evcu that first made, wineh we are now selluiK at half price. J. B. WII.&ON And,also, a full assmtment of choice Grwoer,<?? for sale by d t5-2w JESSE p. Wllfi'N. ^VLOTHINO MADE TO ORDER. G rtlemen wi hiac to tupp y tkemaelvea with hire Dress and Frock Coat* Black and PMicy Caomw-'n Ha?taloon*, Velvet. Silk ard Satin Vests, toads to their mesau'e, io tlm best* incited to et aifineour preaetit larre variety of G >sla fr-r <*ea tlemen's w?*ar. which we w.ll furn.ah at rates enn s de;abl> bjuwtiic usual C?ty prices. WALL. STEPhT;NS A Co.. d 322 Pn. nr.. between p-L and With sts (MIKtP pianos for sale or rent / Two Piaoos fur 9'5 esch; one do. #TS{ two d... a:anescl>: two d<< fit* eeck; in adilittou to a ar?e a to ck of Boetonaud New Yerk annmlled l'iu>-s. dl* tf __ JOHN F.ELLIS. INCE MEAT. _ in ke?a Fisher's unrivaled MINCE MEAT. '"ktfSbvK 4 StMMK? M