Newspaper of Evening Star, December 19, 1857, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 19, 1857 Page 1
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VOL. X. WASHINGTON, D. C., SATURDAY, DECEMBER 11), 1857. NO. 1,534. THE EVENING STAR It PUBLISHED EVERT AFTERNOON, (SUNDAY RXCLPTBD.) . AT TH? STAR BlILDINei, Ctm#r of Pa av*niu> and EUvnth strut, By W. D. W A1LACH. rapers served in packages by carriers at #4 a year, or 37 oeale per month. To mai saheonbevs the aab seriptmn pnee is f.l.Vi year, in mdvmnet; $t for ?:i month*; #1 for three months ; and Tor ess than thr?e months at the rata of 12 oei.ts a week. Single copies. one oent; in wrappers, two oenta. Advfrtishjssjits (of eight lines to the square) iti?*rt*i three tia^es for f! ; every other day or semi week y.25 per oent. advance : once a week, 30 p?r cent. advance. THE TW ICE HANGED. | TRANSLATED F Row THE FRENCH.) I hare only to state that at the moment when the tale I am about to tell commences, it is noon, in the French town of La Piroche. that the in >nth is May. and the year 141S. Two men, one older than the other, one the father and the other the eon, both peasants, are jogging along the road into the town, mounted on a eouple of ponies. whieh trot at a pace sufficiently agree able. considering they are only ponies bestrode by peasants. " Shall we get there in time?" asked the son. '? Yes; it won't take place before two o'clock," answered the father, '* and it U ouly a quarter past noon, by the sun " ?? It is what I am very cnrious to see." ?? I have no doubt you are." " And so he i? to be hung in the armor he stole ?*' ?- Was the armor handsome ?" " Magnificent, they May, embossed all over with gold." " \nd he was caught as he w?.< making away with it .*'* Yes ; you can comprehend that the armor ?y not to bo carried off without making a hor rible clanking and rattling The people in the chateau were awakened by the noise they heard.** ?? And they arrested the fellow ?" '? Not immediately; they were in a fright at first ** - Afraid of whom ?" "Of a gho?t This wretched thief, of an rpmmon strength, held the armor in front of hitu. m such a way that his head was at about the level of the waist of the said armor, so that it apf*>ared to be of gigautie proportions in tho corridor along which he parsed. Add to that a hir<h noise which tho cunning rascal made be hind him. and you can fancy what a terror the valets were in. Unfortunately for him, they went and aroused the Seigneur of La Piroche, who care* a straw for no man. either living or dead, who simply, and without any one's a< sis'aace. stopped the thief, and delivered him up. bound hand and foot, to his own proper justice."' " And his own proper justice V* ? "Condemned him to be hanged, clad in the armor '* '? Wherefore that clause in the sentence ?'* Because tho Seigneur of La Piroche is not only a brave captain, but a man of sense and spirit, who wauts to obtain from this just con demnation both an example from others and a benefit for himself. Well.don'tyou know that whatever has touched a hanged man becomes a talisman for its poseeosor ? The Seigneurof La Pir-?che. therefore, ordered the criminal to be clad in his armor, that he might take it back again after he was dead, and so have a talisman in onr Cuming wars " ??That's a very clever stroke." '? I >bould think so. indeed "' ?? Let us push on; then; for I particularly want to see this poor wretch hanged" The father and son continued their journey, chatting as they went, and half-an-hour after ward* they reached La Piroche. There was an iinmence concourse of people in the grand square in front of the cnateau. for there the scaH >ld was erected?a very handsome gallows, ia truth, made of superb oak wood. The two companions got as near a* possible to the scaf fold. ia order to lose nothing of the events that were about to take place; and like everybody else, they awaited the spectacle, with the ad vantage of being mounted on pony-back, and of seeing better, with less fatigue. Their sue jen*e was not of long duration. At a quarter to two the gate of the chateau was opened, and the condemned man appeared, preced by the guards of the Seigneur of La Pi roche. and followed by the executioner. The thief was in the armor he had stolen, and was riding ba< kwards on an as.- without a saddle. lii? vi*or w.u> down, and he hung his head, lie wailed clo?" to the scaffold, and a picture that must have lw?en anything but agreeable to his feelings began to be sketched in upon the azure back ground. The hangman had just set his ladder leaning against th* gallows, and the chaplain of Seig neur La PiroclM, mounted on a platform pur posely prepared, was reading the senteuee. The condemned man did not stir. You would have "aid that he had played the spectators the scurvy trick of dying before there was time to h?n< him They called out to him to get off his as- ai>d give himself up to the hangman. H* did not budge an inch. We can understand h.? hesitation. Then the hangman seized him by elbows lifted him off the ass's hack, and set hiin down upright on the ground. When we jiay that he set him down upright, we ?peakthe truth. But we*hould tell a false hood in saying that he remained in the same position in which he was deposited. In two minutes he ran through two-third* of the al phabet?that is to say. in vulgar parlauce. in stead 'if remaining straight as an 1, he became erooked as a Z. I>uring the change of attitude, the chaplain had fini.^ed reading the sentence. ?? Have you any request to make?" he in quired of the patient. Ye* '" replied the wretched man, in a sor rowful and scarcely audible voice. ?What is it?" ?' 1 request my pardon !"* I do not know whether the joke was invented on that occasion, but then or never was the tiuie to conceive and utter it. The Seigneur of La Piroche shrugged his shoulders, and ordered the hangman to do his office. That official per sonage prepared to mount the ladder, leaning ag*in?t the gibbet, whieh. impassible, with out stretched arm. wa.? about to tear a soul out of a living body, and he tried to make the crimi nal mount before him: but tho thing was not easy. It is scarcely credible what an amount <>f difficulties condemned men in general make. The executioner and his present client ap peared to be engaged in a eon test of poli tenons. The point at is?ue was. who should go first. The hangman, to make him uiouut the ladder, hail recourse to the same mean* which ho had etsblwyed to make him get off the ass; he took him by the waist, set hiin on the third stave of the ladder. ;ind then pushed him up behind. Bravo ! ' shouted the crowd. There wa? no help for it. except to mount. Ihen the executioner adroitly slipped round the patient's neck the running which orna mented the end of the rope, and giving him a violent kick in the ba^k, sent him swinging into open space An immense clamor followed this expected "'??ne and a shudder ran throughout the crowd. <>f whatever crime he may be guilty, a dying man i.< always, for an instant greater than thoae who come to see him die The hanged man swung twoor three minutes at the end of hi.? rope. a? he had a right to do. ki.-ked. writhed, and then remained motionless and stiff They stared a few minutes longer at the suf ferer, whose gilded armor glittered in the sun shine: the ?|?octat*r* gradually formed into gp>ups. an i theu went their several ways home ward". discoursing on the late event. The next morning, at break of day. a eonplc of guard" Walked out of the chateau of La Pi r?che. to take down the l*>dv of the criminal, and to strip it of the armer belonging to their lord but they found what they were vary far fr-?m ex|?*-ttng?namely, that the gallows and the rop?j still remained in their place*, but that [ the hanged roan was nowhere to be seen. The t ?o guar Is rubbed 'heir eyes in doubt whether they were dreaming or Dot; but sa>*h was the j No body, auu, as a utlural consequence, no armor. The most extraordinary circmn stance was. that the rope waa neither broken nor cut. but exactly in tbestate in whieh it was before receiving the criminal I fie guard went to announce the new* to the >e gneur of La Piro-he H w ?u!d not believe th-iu bat insisted on ascertaining the truth ?i?h bis own eyes So puisaant waa tbis same Seizuuar, that be felt a*?ur?d the body would J?e f >?nd in its place, in obedience to his wishes; hat he only saw what the other* had seen W hat had become of the dead man ? Fjf tho condemned thief wascertainly dead the dav b? the^r^iII,ei|rh<!!epoPuUUtion h"d h?held with their eje.i Had another thief taken advantage of the night to take poMewion of the armoj which covered the body Perhapn ?o; J"**- *hile taking the armor, he wS^'ft17 have ,eft the which which he h?d no occasion. Ilad the friends or relation* of the sufferer determined to give him Christian burial ? The case waa far from im possible. except that the sufferer had neither frieuds nor relations; and people acting under religions motives would have taken the body and left the armor. That supposition, there fore. was not to be entertained. What, then, were they to suppose ' The Seigneur of La Piroche was in despair' He was mad about his suit of armor, lie offered a reward of ten golden crowns to whoevor would deliver up the criminal, attired as he was at the time of his death. They searched the houses; nothing was found Nobody came to claim the reward. They sent tor a learned man from the city of Bennes. and put th.s question to him: -How can a man who is hanged to death contrive to escape from the neck '" suspends him in the air by the The wise man demanded a week's timo to think the matter over At the end of the week, he replied, " lie cannot manage it." Then they put a seoond question: 44 Can a thief, who did not succeed in a theft during his lifetime, and who has been condomned to death g?car' ho thieve after death *" The wise man replied. 44 Yes." They asked him how that oouldbe managed. He answered that he had not the slightest idea. He was the most learned man of the time. They sent him home again; and were obliged to be content to bclievu (for those were the days of sorcery) that the thief was a sorcerer Then masses were said to exorcise the evil spirit, who doubtless intended to avenge him self of the Seigneur who had sentenced him to death, and of the people who came to see him die. A month was spent in fruitless search. Tho gallows still remained in its placo. humiliated, downcast, and despised. Never had a gibbet committed so disgraceful a broach of confidcnce The Seigneur of Li Piroche continuod to de mand the restitution of his armor from men, angels, or the infernal powers. Nothing came ?f it. At last he was doubtless on the j>oint of making up his mind to this strange event, and the Iom resulting from it, when one morning on awaking, he beard a great noise in the square where the execution had taken place. He wa< going to enquire what whs the matter, when his chaplain entered his chamber. '? Monseigneur,"he said, ' doyou know what has happened " No; but I will inquire dircctly." I can tell you. 1" '? What h? it then ?" 4- A miracle 1" Really?" ?? Tho man who was hanged'" - Well ^ '? Is there." ??Where?" On the gallows." 44 Hanging V" '' Yes, monseigneur." " With his armor ?" '* With your armor." '? Exactly so; because it belong? to me And is he dead f" '? Perfectly dead. Only" ?'Only what 44 Had he spurs on when he was hanred 44 No." "Well, monseigneur, he has spurs on now and instead of wearing the helmet on his head he carefully laid it at the foot of the gallows, so as to l>" lound hanging uncovered." '? liCt us go and see. Altai ire Chaplain; let us go and see at ence." T1 Seigneur of La Piroch ran intothe square, which was crowded with inquisitive spectators. The neck of the hanged man was replaced in the running noose, the body was really at the end of the rope, and the armor was really on the body. It was prodigious. So they shout ed. ?? A miracle!" "He has repented," said one, "and has come hoc# to re-hang himself." " Ho has been there all the time," said an other. -only we could not see him " ;? But why ha? ho put on .spurs ?" inquired a th?rd. *? l>oubtless becauje he has come from a dis tance and wa.' anxiou* lo get back quick." '? For my part, whether far or near. I should have had no ocoasion whatever for spurs, be cause I would have taken good care to remain where I was " And then they laughed, and then they looked at the ugly grimace on the dead man s counten ance. As for the Seigneur of La Piroche, his only thought was to make sure that the thief was reai!y dead and to take possession of his suti of armor. They took down the body and strip ped it, and then, when stripped, they hung it up agnin. and the crows set to work with suuh effect that in a couple of days it was stripped to the bone, *nd in a week it was like a tatter demalion. in a fortnight it had the appearance of a nothing-at-all. Eventually the mystery was explained. It appeared that two peasant*, returning home by night, and passing close to the gibbet, heard moans, gaspings, and something like a prayer; that they devoutly crossed themselves, and asked What it eould be; that nobody replied, but that the moans continued, apj^aring to come from the body that was hanging overhead They then took the ladder, which the hangman had left at the foot of the gibbet, set it agninst the arm of th ? gallows, and the son. mounting as far as where the criminal hung, said to him, ? Is h you who are making tiie?e complaints! my poor fellow?" 1 Tbe condemned man, collecting all his strength, answered. 44 Yes." 41 \ou are still alive, then '" . " Yes. ?? l>o you repent of your crime?" 44 Yes ? Then I will set about untying you; and. as the <iu*po| commands us to succor those who suffer, and who even cause us to suffer, I will succor you and restore you to life, that it may lead you unto good . " The father and son then unfastened the dying man and comprehended how it happened that be still survived The rope, instead ef com pressing the ne?*k of the thief, pressed the ?n>t torn of the helmet in such wi?e that the patient mm suspended, but not strangled, and that, catehing his head at a sort of ledge or resting place within the helmet, he hud managed to breathe and keep Hfe existing up to the ino ment when our two companions passed by. The latter liberated him. and transported bini to their own home, where he was handed over t> the nursing of the mother and bci maiden daughter. But he who has stolen will steal again. In the pe tsaul s hou?e there were only two things to -teal, for the money he had brought from La Potene did net" belong to him. These two things were his horse and his duughter, a fair haired girl sixteen years of The ex-hung criminal determined to steal both; for he covet ed the horse, and was smitten with a passion for the daughter One night, therefore, he saddled the horse, put on spurs in order to travel more quickly, and seiied the jrirl as si* was fast a*!eep, to carry her off behind him. But the girl woke up and cried for help. The father and aon came to the reerae. The thief tried to escape but it was too late. The daugh ter told them of the violent attempt that had baen in vie; and her father and brother seeing ?learly that no re|>cntance was to be expeeteu from Mich a mm. resolved w? take instico into their own han Is, but more effectually than the Seigneur La Piroche b id 'lone. They fastened the scoundrel to the horse which he had saddled himself, conducted him lo the rqnare of La Pi r?*h*, and huaghlm exactly where ha was hung before; but th?y took care to remove the helmet and lsy it on the grvand,_to make sure that he should not escape this time; and then they quietly returned homo. As to the Seigneur of La Piroche, sinee he was in possession of a sure and certain talis* man. he joyfully set out for the wars, where he was the very first to get knocked on the head. Georgetown Advertisement*. rl^AXES.?Persons paying their Tum on or be a fore January 1st, IK56, will uvi interest and ex penses.otherwise interest will charted dating Imok to the first .Monday m Octol>?r last. d l-lp?* C. F. 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Thru door? from \Uk Strtti. Dr. BAILY begs leave to inform the public that he oan be seen at all hours, at his office, located as above. He feels aspured that an experience of fifteen rears' praonoe, with the large number of patients.ana great variety of difficult oases that he tiaatreated suocess fully, will eniWe him to surmount ant difficulty, ?oientifio or otherwiae, relating to the Teeth. Hie own experience confirming I fie opinion of many mer. eminent in the profession, and especially Drs. Harris and J. and K. Parmly. has led him, long since, todis oird all mercurial preparations for filling Teeth.aiao all Enamels, Gutta Peroha, India Rubber, and Ce ments fur the construction ot Continuous Gum Teeth, and that Poroeltan, mounted on Gold Plate, is the only reliable substance that can be worn in the mouth, as was most conclusively shown by the last American Dental Convention. Although he flatters himself from his long resi dent and practice in Washington, he is favorably known to his numerous friends tir.d patrons, he beg* leave to refer them to the following TESTIMONIALS: From the late Reotor of the Church of Epiphany of this city Dr. Stbphfh Bailt; DearSir?- I desire to express my esteem for you personally, and my confidence ij, rou as a superior dentist. The operations executed for me have been highly satisfactory. 1 hope that yon may rcoeivo the patronage from my friends and the pub! io that yonr skill so well deserves. Yours very truly, Washington, Aag. *, 1<W6. J. W. FRENCH. From one of the oldest firms in Baltimore, Meesra. ltaua, Cotnian A Co. Having employed Dr.Stephen Baily, Surgeon Den tist. ol Washington city, to execute for ine an im portant and difficult piece of work, which he did to my entire satisfaction, and in view of the fact that one of the m?*' distinguished membcraof the Dental College of Baltimore, fa??ed. after repeated trials, to perforin the same work satisfactorily, it rives me jrrpw' ploasuro to express my entire confiJence and high estimation of liis professional skill. Baltimore, Jan. 12, 1857. HARM ANN BOGUS. Extract from a note received from the late Hon. Jobs M. Clayton. IT. S. ?E!?AT*, Aug. 1$, IV*. The teeth tob made for mo work adnurably ; noth ing oou'd be better. Very grntef'jllv, JOHN M. CLAYTON. To those that seek relief from the maladies of the teeth, I oan cheerfully recommwl Dr. S. Baily aa a superior Dentist; he made a set of porealian teeth for one of my famil*,aud plugged several teeth for myself, and the work lias all s!oo<l well for in >re that tenyeara. ROBERT T. Ni XON, of the Va. Conf. of tho M. E. Churoh fc'oath. Afru n. I%V?. we, the undersigned, hiring had occasion to avail ourselves of the professional *kill of Dr. S. Baily. Surgeon Dentist of this oity, or having iw?en negoti ant of his operations on our families of friends, take p easnre in exprcasing our admira'.ion of his artiatic skill, as well as of the uniformly satisfactory manner tn which he performs the most relieite enn difficult operations in Dentil Horgery.ard we respectftillj re oommeud him to the confidence aiat patronage of thf publio. of whioh sre consider him eminenti) worthy. Thomas U. Waltfk, Architect U. S. Capito . Thomas Millkr. M. D,,of Washington, I). C. B. S. Hohbk*. M. D. of Georgetown, D. C. N.S. Liwcol??, M. D.. of Washington, D. C. Jos. H. B*An.nv,of Washington, D. C. 6*oro* Wiuon, Ex-Governorof Florida, Walter Lb*ox, Fx Mayor of Washington* HenKt BAt.nwt!!, IT. S. Patent Office, (). C. Wi?ut, Priiioipal Ritteohouse Aoademy, feban tf \v J HO WOULD not SA VI'. MONF.% THESE HARD TlMES.' Wo would most respectfully announce to all those who arc in want of a cheap l.<ht. that ilie BKECK I N R I DG E COAL ol I. i* the cheapest oil extant, only burning in the lamnt w<> have, 3' the rate ? hair cent per hour. < all and see. No. X3 C street between filli and 7th si r-et*. ii21 tf HQUELL A MQRSELL. i^dliom. NOTICE ? The subscriber will open a Sch?H>l for itirls, ;in<l small Boys. at the IsIhikI Hall, o??rner <'f Sixth sireef aivl Vircmia Avenu*1, Wasliingteu Citt. D. f . on the first Mondat ill Januarj. Having tiad an *xper'enc>? of four tears in teaching, ho feels confident tha* ??a'lsfic tion will l?o rendered to those who may commit fh??ir children to his charge and instruction. No effort will be spared to inakcthe School merit the favor of th- ptople. For terms, A c , ofitam a Circular at any of the principal Book Stores ui theeit*. dtillaw.lw* JOSFPH R. KEENE. pULPEPSK FEMALE INSTiTUTE. This School, located at Cnlpeper C'uirt House, Va . will coiamsnoe its first session the first Monday iriFebuary, law. Terms, per session of five months, payabe half in advance: B >ard, (iu private families if preferred,) including fuel, lights, anil washing $tv! 5" Tuition in common English Branches i^i Higher English Branchea 15 10 Ancient and Modern Languages and Mnthe iri-ttics 22 .VI V. ? ? 17 50 l?i) I / Drawing t" Painting in 00 Embreidery 5 00 Rev. J. W. GEORGE,( W1LLIAM HALL, \ rnn ,B* For Circulars, with oth' r particulars, references. A o.. address either of the Principals as aUtv e. d 7 lawtFebl WINES, LIQUORS. SV GARS, AND GRC ? CKB IKS. The subscriber respectfully informs his friends and patrons, and tha publio, that a fail aud g?*n- a eral assortment of Old Whiskies, Brandies, ? Wines, and Segars. of superior age and quality, fe) oan b? found at his Store, at the corner of 12th H and U streets north. All orders strictly tilled anil delivered. JONAS P. LEVY, d 3 lrn neir the Canal. ? GAUTIER'S FRENCH RKSTAURANT In aolioiting your patronage for the ooining season, I respectfully call your attention to imv present on aur|.assed facilities of biisiuess. Having made arrangements to supply the largest Dinners, Balls, and Parties, at a few hours notice.on tho m?*t roas unable terms, with ever) thing pertaining to the ino*t lashu'liable eiitertainineiKs. Ml house presents advantages that cannot be surpassed, if equalled. Entire Dinners and Dessert furnished without any trouble to yourself or family. at moderate charges. A First ct.*s? Fkkni h C?hh can t>e oeiutu your house, at a small ch.ivre of 92. for his services, and marketing.or suoh articles as you may wish, pur chased at cost. Also, China, Glass, Silver-ware and Table t?rna men's C. GAUTIER. d 7-eo2w ?V.' Pa. ave- ue. /^ARD PLATE KNGRAA'ING, AND PRIM 1 / ING. VISITING. INVITATION. and BUSINESS CAM DS engraved in every style. oAH D PLATES printed in the best manner and with dispatch. VISITING and INVITATION CARDS,plain and enamvlled surface, furnished at the lowest prices. W. K. BAYLY. No 27H |'a. ave.. I??t. II th and 12th sts. d 4 tf I lntel.?<i*t 1 J i L R S ! FT' ~R S !! FURS !!! Just reoeived, fr<?m N??w York, the largs?t and cheapest STOCK OF FUKS?flered this season. Bought for oash, and all that I a?k is to call arid ex amine my Large assortment of Ladies' and Child ren's Rurs. Prices very low to suit the times. r*ign of the White Bear, oomer of 6th street and Penn. avenue. HOPKINS, d & 2w Diplomatic history u the Washington ai.d Ads ins Administration* liy W. H. Trescolt, I vol.: 51 25. Just published. _d 14 FRANTK TAYLOR._ I IVINGSTONE'S TRAVELS snd Researchea 1 4 in Ponth Africa, I vol.,Svo., with Maps and En gravings ; ? :i. d 14 KRANrK TAYLOR. Rye and barley malt, for aale at the CITY MALT HOUSE. onm?r or Wat trails av anue and Rlook at.. Rattimnre. Md. tn* ft t\ PD'IVERW HOTEL, A. AVENL Ktl*tween 17th and Ifktli streets, W ASUI1UT?.\, D. C. Thu establishment is newtv furnished and ar ranged on the moat modern and unproved principle, with private apartmenta. Ao. lT7~The Bar ia supplied with tha choicest of \% ineaand l.i-iuors. Same and other delicacies in season. ot aud Cold Lunch from 11 o'olook a. m. until 12 tn. n 21-tf Vocal and Inatromental Music. MR.W. HKNRY palmer's pianoforte CI.ASSESsredatly adding new meml>ers Per son* desirous of availing themselves of Mr Palm er's service* are requested to enroll their name* as early as possible. Tins Class system la more advantageous Tor the advancement of Children, than any other system ol instruction. It is equally advantageous for the perfecting ol the most brilliant performers. Tkkm* i!* At?t*<*c*. Primary Class $5 per quarter. Advanoe Classes ?lfl. All appiioationa to f>e made to Air. W. H. his residenoe. 261 F street, between Thirteenth and Fourteenlh. IW Georgetown Ciaese* meet every Monday and Thursday at l? o'clock, at Mias Harrover'a Georre towrfFeip.ale Seminar*. se J4 tf M- mTTmcal card. R. OF.OROK M. ARTII, leader of Arth's Brss* and String Hand, be* s leave toannounce |gfy to Ms Iriends of Washington, Georgetown.fc&S and Alexandria, that he la now prepared tortj?* furnish Ml'SIC for Ball". Private Parties. I'anuies, Soirees. \ r. From or.e to anv numl?er of M usictan* to t>e lind at the shortest notice. Orders can l>e left at the Musical Depots of John F. Eli sor W.G. Metserott, or at his residence, corner 6th and If streets. Navy Yard. ooS>-3m* Dancing. ANCINOACADEMY I) Mr. T F. GASZYNSKI and DAFGHTER havr the honor to announce to the l^ulies and (ien- el tlemen of Washington and Georgetown that JdS he will re open Ins Classes for Danrinc in/^9 Washington on Friday, the 9th of OctolK>r. at L.J^ Temperance Hall, K street, f'.r Misaesaud Masters, from 5 o'clock p. in.; for l.adi?* and Gentlemen, from7o'oivck p. in. Georgetown?on WeJuesday. rheTtli of October, at Miss Harrcver'a les Sem inary. from 3 o'clock p. m. For term* and particular^ application can l>e mad? ??t Mr. G.'* residence, 4"7 E street, between 9th ami loth street*-. se 1.- *m II AT TIIE WELL-K \()\V\ EST A BI.ISII \, -o'f1 v i?i y"i^', p#",|,,,i"uii'i?*??.. , "*??""dl!tli streets. I.a* be.-n re. S of innumerable Articles of the uioKt rctm^d fpieriijnr, ta*t* and quality, artistically executed, consisting of the mo t superior Ornaiiieutal Features, imitating all k.nds ? I rui1" Summer Flownra, such as wore n< rer before ?een u, this Metropolis. . "^'ve and other requisites. the suhserilter Ik enabled to offer to the ladies and gentlemen dm IK? w"*.4' lH?.5k,U.01 theartintfciB branch, and of the Mntfre rt Hot'/, and provide the most delicious for Dinners, Suppers, balls and Parties, for an> nnml>er of persons, even to thousands. A oertatn number of guests can lie entertained at the sa.oons of his establishment, or an* wher- in the ? n;,K|or,"? "te- ? *nd gentlemen can t>e attended at all hours. For the .ipproachiiig holidays T. Potfxtim de aigr.s haviiu the 'arjest and m<>?t elegant assort men: of Ornamented, Fnist, Pound. Sp- fise and r anc> I A K K. ,) ?of Jnn| BRooms, buckets.*?. 1 J" dogen IIKO(IMS,?'l szes 11!? d?-*?n 2 and I hoop BUCKETS 17 ^1?,, BUCKETS and vUUIiPiRf* i?'gro.<s Round wood and other MATCHES 2S balas PATENT TWINE 15 bales I. A M P WICK ?Suests BASK ETS,??II kinds *> nests CKDAR TUBS. Just lecered ner schooner Sea Witch from New 1 ork. and for safe br _dI II <i<*f HARBOUR A SKMMF.S. fpEAS COFFEE, Ac. X chests Irnneml, Gunpowder, Youne llvum and R.ack TEAS, V bags U hitenud Green COFFEE, H ? peckets Java COFFEE. 35 let;* I.Afll YRA COFFe E. 50 boxes fresh <>hOl' \ D COFFEE. *>dozen Y EAST POWDER. O boxes SO A P POWDER. Just received per reho.?ners Scawttch and Spencer from New * or* , aik! for *nJo l?y d ll-Bfeo BARHOFR A SKMMES. C A !\ DLKS, SOAP, An. l?) boxes^lanunntinc. Sperm,and Mould CAN 70 Ik.xcs lillllWN SO A P. 2SboxosCASTII.E SOAP, 2 casks WINTER Oil., 2iUa*ket? SM.AJ* Oil,. U>l*?xes PKAR I, STARCH. ' 3,<"> lb*. SAL. SODA, l'? kegs SA I.FR ATI'S and BREAD SODA. Just received, aud fo r sale by d 1' -*?teo BARBOIR \ SFMMES. Raisins, a i.monds, Ac. 4 ^'xe" ^UQ0'' ar)d Later .?I?ilesS.'dl' shell ALMONDS, ?Males Hard shell M.MONDl ? t'LBKKTS. 2 ???es Pit I \ KS, < hi r'ass jars) I" boxes LEGHORN ClTKO.V. At?rrels/.ANTE CI RRANTS. Just received per schooner Sea witch from New i ork, end for snlu by '' "-Qeo BARPOt'R A SEMMFS. RANDIES, YV.NES AND SEGARS. ^'bRHNDV C"ltk8 Frr,K5il ""?i Medium '5<fisks Port. Madeira and Malaga W1\F 3-' barrel* n-irne ()| f> \\ HISKEY Vimrreiae BR ANDY. '.IN', *V?IISKFY Ac I cask pure PEACH HRAN|>\, ' " ^^^i!lNii!')*n'' IRISH W lllSKkY' (in wood and 2ie.r*ntine Havana and other SEfi A R Just received from New York, and for sale by d ll-fiieo MAR B?n; R * Si: \| M Ks. I A DIES, \\ ITH LONG M EMOR AN DEMS, ffUlin. trca,'. "r trouble by ^ u J. e KNS New I Ancy hfor?,a? hi* ?J.ock IS by far more variej than any other in the iminor. n |2.rol| |^EEP OUT THE COLD AIR. sphVn.* Donble Action DOOR. li Septeint?er 8th, tftS7; decidedly the I lost Door-Spnri( in use. The trade supplied on lil^ral terma. r i ?' VV. ??TELKR. A , , ueueral Houscfurnustunc Store. [ron Hall. | MiEAP DIARIES FOR ia?. ?. ? a x POCKET BOOK FORM. Best and cheapest Diaries for 1R5?, m Docket form _d H eolftt Pa. 12t?. sf?. PAllNIET FL'RNITI RK. Betls and Mattresae*. Plated Gooda, China, *}|ass and Crockery, Japann-d Goods, Britannia Ware, Block Tin Goods, Table Cutlery. Brnnaed Iron Goods Looking-glasses, \Vi od and \V illow Ware, Baskets. Brushes. Ae. Forming an immense variety of Faefuland Fancy rV?j??lnr^'m\'mt erer>thing required to turnlsB ttie parlor, rhanit>er, dining-room and kitch en, all of which I will sell at very low prices for cash, or on time for approved pnper ^ , kmC- "V B9TELER, . General Honse-furnishing store. d ' -jwef>d Iron Hall. jyjlTl AL 1 ?,,{KN,(^.jff<lJANcE COMPANY. AH persons insured hi this r'omparty are n. lifted that tlieir p*iliei*s will expire on Monday, th- Tirh ?eu-^ r *' r P- ??<l are requited to be re we>ipc1 Ht ?? t lieioie tfi'it time. ,?-.pVr"n,r "uJor*einenr or alteration is des,re?l. vious t!u"l ?!.SSar> "** " know" *?,n? da> s pre d U' e.nlti ril ?S. WILSON. Sec'y. \\ K VV'L VUr K K 1 4 R Ol'K I'HA.NKS TO r' our friends for the liberal patrouare we ? have received, and by strict attention to?iv? f.l^Ul,ste",,'',,,* elPK,i", ?"tl to suit We have now a laree lot of CLOTHS CASHMERES, and \ ESTINfiS. which we ,n Wehavia'v- ""i'' l" ?*.! 1 and examine. pI vpS J,Vv7-i*r5T rfcof ron'l>, ""Ml" COATS. *,. .and ?ESTS, of fine goods, which we will sell as cliean as can lie ttousht any wKere ??nta FURNISHING G<K)D?? of alTkind.- all which will be sold very low for cash, ' J. T. MclNTOSH A CO ? 24 eol.n rrhant Penn. avenii'e. _ n ?4 en'm tS st,*.t. 'IMIE SF.CRHT INl'IRMITIES OF YOUTH r ... AND MAT! KIT ,, * 1 M Juu I ubltsk'd. Ofattf.ikristl Tk?msmnti A few ?or<is of ,hc Katiowu Treetment wd^.?it Medicine, of Spermatorrhea or l^t?tl Weakness Nooturual Kmiasio,^ M?I?BL. ?ieniutl. and Nervous Debility |'r..' mature Decay of ?he System!lm^ generally, by DK. LANKY. M. D, ..Iff lmP,,rtant fact that the many aiarmiftg <*>? p.aints, originating in the imprudence and solitude of youth, may be easily removetl without Medicine, ?? in this small tract, elearly demonstrated ; and the entire.* new and highl* successful treatment, as adopted bv the auth??r. felly explained, by meana of whieh every one is enabled to cure Himself perfectly ami at the least possible cost, thereby avwidinc all the advertised rostrums of the day. Sent to any address, gratia and poet free, in a ?euled envelope, by remittinr two posture stamps H^B fcHBSSiJ[i &B2r st. and Pa. av? and at his 8alea Room, under Wil ' n I A '/if*" "'tfts Ol COMBS, a i . G'BBS Hair Store, near lath st.. and at h? Sales Room under Wdfards' hotel. n * Sm | TM BR ELLAS, CARD CASES. PORTKMo EncraV^i'is af*r' Peni' Ch'", l^-e.-^ ^lVs now Mol.A UGH LIN'S. no **. between Ith and WJi at a. Kl? TO i THE WEEKLY STAR. Vtta MMtlmt Fanly m4 Nfti Jonrt mtrntm ? cnmtm nrWr ?* I mm b? fomad la Mr ?ttar-U p*ta*a4 m ttn*4e oofy. per aaaaa #1 m Fi**o?ri? ? 9 TmaofiM.. ? an Twtaijnofif. _ . u ?. fw*. 4m t^FMci. _?J "V^TrihlBt '* flub* *%i?ed am>>ng neighbor* J? *U1,*rT'0,,<H:r0i* "W1 XNt. M Will be P** *Wr ?f Twa W iuli Staii wilt >??!'? tiJ, ?"**nably oontain* the "Wm$k*ntfn *teY> i wh. /.k"*'1* Tk^ Ktmkiiw STaa oirea * * throughout the oountry. ItTBtalta O'PIM (in mil he procured at in* aAer the iuvi ? ut paper. CENTS. )[,/" I1'!*?iHMtwt whoMlM agents will be allowed a C >llltll I ssi ? >n of JL> cent. "" Watehes, Jewelry, 4c. WATCHK*. JtU^l.pV^AND FANCY AH I have on band some of (be beet OoM and Sii?oe WATCHES. hoe Gold JEWELRY, in A sets and single piece*. FANCY ARTI U1<KS. Ao. k^i 4 Caii and examine, at sJfc. J. HOFINSovs. or y-Jm S0 Pa. nr., opp?. Browns" Hotel. jVKW JEWELRY. WATCHES. NLVER WAKE. Ao. M W.GAl.T A BRiT. open this morning a very lsr,-e assortment ofthea!?>ve umed goods. I ?rj"M m s?*rc?i of ant ihing new aod elegant la their fine will do well to cell. _ M. W. C.AI.T ft BRO.. n 3n SI P?. iv, between *?th and loth ate. V\ ? A CARD. T ?'**"? metbou ??f informing our patrons end the public in iwie^l.tha1, in consequence of the financial crisis, we b;tve determr t-d to eel I all our Good* *t u ? r?at reduction. We have marked down ail oar goods?each article l>einc marked in |>Imb figure* at our lowe?t cash prices- in order to effect a speedy sale, and msk<* if an object for peraona who arc in tne habit of purchasing lor cssa.t* call aod examine our goods arid prices liefure piirc.Laaiac elscwtiete. Our large assortment ern ' races? r we |/>nilrNi and Geneva Watches. L>r Li.dies and <jc. t emen: warranted time keepers. Rich Jewelry, such e? Diamonds, Pearl*, Corals, Cameos. .Mo** ica, etc., etc. Pure Silverware. Spoons, Knives, Fork*, Titchera, Goblet*. Cup*. And a large assoitment of Fane* Silverware, snjta I tie for wedding and holiday presents. Best Silver-plated Ware. Spoo>a. Porks, Coffee and 1 aa Set*. Baskets and Castora, etc., etc., chaeper than ever offered l>efore in this market. Il'ifel and housekeepers who wish to refuraila their r*hle Ware are invited to look at the Goods. All the fcooda are warranted aa represented. H SEMKF.N. No. 3Si) Pa.ave.. bet. <>th and 1Kb ata. n 2Vi?t PewT.S J>ALTL\lOKE, Was-HINGToN, AND VIR I J rinia Kanlr Notes taken at sar for all kinds of rich find fash.onnhie G(U.D JKWKLRY. t.nm G O I. 1) md SILVER WATCHES. Gt?Ll> CHAINS. SEALS. KEYS, LOCKET* aVd iui otnrr choice for a ,'cv I have juft received a hi.e assortment of new ? kkxIs, which I Km prepared to sell at very low prices. Please call at w Perm, avenue, s:rn of the larce Spread Katie. ???sn-tf H.O.HOOD. C*Locks:-? i.(.m Ks::-( i.mcks'7: CLO''KS!?CLOCKS!!?CLOCKS'! A rood BASS Cl.OCly, for )|, tverv attie of Clocks at J. Rt?BINSON'S. Also. CI. -k Materiala. atichat Keya. | W iree. Oil*. HaivU. A c. I Clocks to the trade at wboleaale price*. C*ll and exam ne, at 1 _ _ J. ROBINSON'S. ocan 2m S49 Ps. ar.. opp<?. Browna' Hotel. yie ot . IMPROVE YOI K EYES. J. iRENGTHF.N and a*t.i*t them, by the Paris ftptioian. p. WUOI.I-SON. who - fcr - , f?aa arrived from Europe with hi* own, as well as the manufacture ofaro.?i many yfiy*" ?f *??e Intcst improved SPECTACLES and O.-: ?,n,,nl wnich are the PERISCOPIC CONCA v E snd CONVEX. The DOI BI.E F<H"1"S and DOI BI.E POLISH ED BRAZILIAN PEBBLES.CRYSTALS. Eto.. which are warranted to improve any F.VE alleoted with weakness, ,-ataracf <?r tending to it- also SHORTSIGHTEDNESS. "* Pera?ns wiioare compelled to use classes, or those now usiiik them, will ?>e sutted at brat aicht. Tboae l wonderful DO I U I. E POIJSH K D V E N EZ I E LI A N CRYSTAL ROCK li"?*e rcocive<l the hiahert recommendations at ti?e ?> orld s t air. at I'aria. thronsh their prodnninc a clearness and easiness of vision heretofore unknowa many other impn>vement*. Aleo. all styles i4 OPERA. SPY. and MAGNI ,0LASSES. Compaaaee. and Miero*o>>pea are f.-r sale at h -a store, corner of Eishth street an*1 I enasyKama avenue, or Ei*htb street No.491, be tween I) street snd ra. avenue. I IT* De not mtsitke far f?fs?r ef trh r oes verv reas?.|?able, the same as at his eetab lialiment in Europe. a9tf ^ 1 LOTH IN G OF FTneq UA LI TIES." ^ e mvite the attention of Gentlemen to our larce assortment of? OVERCOATS. KI-MNES* c'&f8 AND KROCI COAT" silk and '*??? Vcomplete aseortment of Gentle, men ? I nder Garr-.-nt, ,,f all uualities ami sue*. WALL. STEPHENS ft CO., , ?-? I'*, ave., I?et. 9tb and intb streets. ?< 9 I Intel.4 State* | Baggage express office 3H I) Stimt, Ailjoinmt Thf Slsf.i Printing OJKre. The ?iHu.crilw. Hat cage A cent for Baltimore and (Ihio and Wsshiiifton Branch Railroad, hag opened an I'lfioe, a! the alnjve plane, for the aocom j'?n ??! jhs puMu*. whrro nrdsri r^n l?e IaH for the use <>| \\ acoui to oruivey Hnccace ??r Parkaces t?? Ironi Hill road l)er.,t. Ste^inU.ais, A c.. ,?r for r? inoval t i any point in 'his Citv or iteorcetown tiibc?* open Iroin 7 o'clock a. m. to |Oo'o?(M.k p. m., ?Hily.exc?pt Su!idaf.7to ino'ci.K?ka. in.,2o'clock to Hi p. in JOHN M. MeCLINTtrCK. I'actat" Aeci;t Baltimore and (Mm R N B - IVrsorc cominc to Wa*hia?t?Hi or coinc ?o Kaltnri-re, not ha vine made up their mind* ? uere the* will stop by rivins. up their cheeks to mv atrnts on Hie car*, willl have tfceir haacace t*keQ enre ot a? this office, or at Baltimore ? fR."e. No. II Sharp afreet, atid nocjfrn charge. d i? WM. F n \YLY. hol"*ale and Retail Dealer ir FANCY AND STAPLE STATIONERY. Ae. i!TH fa. n rrn v. Oners to the public, at reduced prices, a lull aad oompiete asaortment of? Wnunc and letter Papers. Enc ishand American Note Papers French F'.nam^liad and Bristol Hoard Writing Cards \y eddinc and Busme** Fuveiope* Ext'H h.:*- k iiivea. Scissors, and Razors. Fancy and Plain Piaj uu Carda. \Vork-J?>xea. Bn -kcammon Boards. Chess Men, Checker*. Game*. Gold Pens, Pencils, Card Caies, Ac., Ac. d 4-tf | Intel.eottt) ^TOP THAT RATTLING. I am now prepared to pat on "Chapman's Elastic A nti- K aft i ric Shaft hastener,"' a sure. remedy for th* ratt.'inc of *., ? shaft clip* of Carnage* *"<1 Wagons, which can be put on at a small expenae. a,,'d "-tuine at mt Faotorr. where I have certificates from the leadinc ? oaciimekers in tba "7217/ ANDREW J. JOYCE. " corner 74th a- A E *ta. ^LE AND PORTER. i beg to inform the inhabitants and visitor* of 'b* citiesol \\ asbtngton and Georgetown. D. C^ that I have and atial! constantly ke?p on hand, a sti?ok vf XX ALE lint HRfiWX SrOl'T f'ORTKR rmnufaotured here ?ntirely from Malt and Hon' warianted fre* from all mjurioua ingredients, put up hi oa?ks of vat ion* sues, sttitable lor Hotel* Kestanranti, Boardin: houses and private fainries! delivered by my own drays, in auy part of the above cities, at the B-ewerv rrines. Oitlara received by post will be attended to the da* lol owmr. Also, v|al!aiid Hops f??r sale. ,.H'?wer* Ma'thouse corner of K and J7th s s W ashiricton city, D. C. '*14 2in JOSEPH DAVISON. ^>70 PKNNSV,A^A AYENI E. JJ--Q , \ 'r tVrw1 L-'i MADE CLOTHING and GEN rs. M RMSHING GOODS jaet re OfiTH, and for nt f?*rins su;t?*?i to mem** rrnsttrr AUo. TRUNKS, VALISES, etc.. of the t>e*t quality. We suggest to persons in pursuit of p first-rate tiargam to call at the above nurnl>er before purchas ing el??ewhere, as they arecoubdent that their ex. tensive ?fock is suited to the requirements of the most fastidious. No. 37t> Pennsj Ivania avenue. nndcr Bmwr.s' MaiUe Hotel. H t'4v f**tate*A Infej I Virginia and district money TAKEN AT PAR rot BOOTS, SHOES, AND TRUNKS. S. P. HOOVER'S IRON HALL BOOT.SHOE AND TRUNK ESTABLISHMENT. Pennsylvania srrss?, htt*r,,n 9tk and 10(4 cjg, I have jnat returned from the Norths with a splendid aea<irtment ..f a lEvtiW kinda of Ladies. Gentiemens. Mu-^u'U , WJ"'. Childrens', and Servants' BOOTS and SflOf^S. A s?'. a atock of THI NKS. CARPET P.At.S. VAUCkT ai S* rt HELS,all of which I will sell lor the aU?e money. Call SAM'L. P. HOOVER'S. Iron Hall. TROB. H. SCH WAR'/. E. ? No. 331 E street, corno* of '7th street, WMOf. B* ?LK AWD M RT A II T>Xa1RR IX RAW, SUUOKIUK PlCI?i> b. AW D SHELL OYSTERS. ID" The hnest Oysters tbe market affords are p0t np in cansand sent to order. dt-lm H DR. VERDI. OMtRPATHIC PHYSICIAN A SURGEON. 44' 14th street 2d door from W illards' Hotel. Offio* hours from bH to IQfc a. a., S to S, and 7 to 8 p* m. fi'frrraf.-Dri. J F.Gray. J C. Peters, ard F. Bayard, New York ; Dr. A. H. Okie. Pr< videnne. R I. < e.<t* HEAP PIANOS FOR SALE OR RENT - > Two Piano* lor $14 etefc; one do. #Tfc two Ho. #too eech: two do 912* each; in addition tea large stock of Boston and New York enriv*!'*! Pi%n<?*. a 1A tf JOHN F.ELLIS 11 C