Newspaper of Evening Star, December 19, 1857, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 19, 1857 Page 2
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EVENING STAR. WAS1 UN<>TON CITY: SAT! RIHY I?fr?mhfr t*. Jp" A4ftrlMfmrnt? should be sent in by o'clock m ; elhrrvrl*# thfj may not np prar until the iiftt <lnv. THE W l.KKLY STAR. Our weekly paper is a large double sheet, of beautiful ty]?ogr:?phy. an<l the cheapest psperof its clxss in the Southern States It coutains the latest and most piquant Washington gossip, all the current general and political news of the week. *pi?jy personal paragraphs choice literary selections. editorials, correspondence, etc , etc. It is furnished to subscribers at the low rate of ?1 "25 per annum ; single numbers 3 cent*. SPIN IT Ob THE NOKNJNO PRESS The Union is to-day devoted to the publica tion of report*. Congressional proceedings and npws; and the IntsIltgeHctr is also altogether a newspaper to-day. WASHINGTON NEWS AND GOSSIP. The Manifesto.?Since penning our brief article published yesterday, of the tenor of Governor Walker"* curious pronuncismcnto, we have taken occasion to give it another and careful reading. The most striking impres sion it has made on us is the fact that it proves the truth of the adage that when men get bit ten with the Presidential mania, they imincdi atcly go crajy over the notion of the import ance of their own individual opinion* and views. No perfectly sane man of any party can study his manifesto who knows the details of his course in Kansas, without coming to the conclusion that the principle on which bo acted was. that tha risk of civil war and every other public calamity dire, were mere bagatelle*, compared with the matter of preserving his in dividual consistency. He tells the world, in effcct, that the Constitution of the I nite l States itself is unconstitutional; insomuch cs it vaj not submitted to a popular vote before its adop tion; and that every State constitution put in operation without being previously so submit ted. is in flagrant violation of fundamental national law, and therefore unconstitutional. And. indeed, that all law in this country is illegal, because he disputes the legality of everything of the sort that may not have been submitted to a popular vote before going into operation. Though not his words, these are but legitimate deductions from his premises and arguments, the former being squared with quixotic nicety with an old speech of his deliv ered in l&HO. hi? never-to-be-forgotten Tcxa-1 letter, his Kansa.-> Inaugural, and different Kansas addre.?:>c*. the positions of which he evidently regarded a? being more imjiortaiit to be kept in view in his administration of the affairsof the Territory, than the instructions of the President, the pith of which was that he should interfere neither for nor a-'.-iinst slavery. No une can realire the intensity of his prag matical self imi?ortaut-e without reading hi* references to his lormer sj?eeehes, letter". Jkc.. which be evidently regards a-* higher authority in the s-ience of 'iwverument, than aught else. In his iatens -exertions to prove that he has been consistent with Lis record made years ago. he overlooks the fact of his admission of gross inconsistency with his ]>ositi?ns in the Territory bef-re making up his mind that the pledges of his so oft-rei'erred-to inaugural, nnde it his duty to turn Topeka-ite when he found that lie could not dict.ite to the Lecompt^n Convention in all things It will l>e remembered that he found no fault whatever with the apportion meet for the Convention or the manner in which it# member? were chosen?saw no uncon stitutionality. irresrularity or outr?:re of popu lar sovereignty in anything connected with the Convention?sufficient to justify him in uttering a word of disapprobation, until it declined to make good hie personal pledges to the Topeka ites. one of which justified rebellion in promii ing to join the people?i. e. the Abolitionist-?in making a revolution in case what be deemed the proper course f >r the Convention to pur-ue wai not acquiesced in by that bod v. liut our limits will not permit us to criticise his extraordinary pr -nunciauiento further to day so full of new readings of the theory of sovereignty, and absolute plump and entire de nials of the legality of delegated authority in any case whatever. a? it i-: as well as of egotism to the extent of urging tint for the Convention to refuse to carry out the doctrines of hi.- record from ./ to the date i?f bis appointment to govern Kansas, was sufficient to justify hirn in scouting the letter and spirit of his instructions not to interfere for or against slavery, or, in deed. to shape the will of the people of Kan1 is on any point u[>on which, under Uio provisions of the Kansas-Nebraska act it wa? their prov ince alone to decide primarily or thr ugh tb'S3 to whom they delegated the necessary authority. Verily,'Governor Kobt J Walker is, indeed s? rely afflicted with the "big head just now. The Ket to the Filibi stehs' Sidde.x Pe sabtcrk ?We have every reason to believe, from private information in which we confide, that the following from the New York Tune*, embraces much truth : ?? Tt.e ? wis- who know profess t<? explain the mvviiom conduit of certain persons in authori ty in regard to the ' U'a',her expedition.'by pcoc ni,- rhe speedy ai.i t.iluion of that dis tinguished Central Ainerbin Romutus It wmn he is not to be considered a Romulus at all, but rather a R>mn? whose ? vaulting ambition ha* ?-v?ri?-aped itself.' I tie ***? ret ? Junta. to whnm the (rran^mrni of the Nlcaragwan business was < oi?fl:lcd .tud of wl ,rU Mr }*onle w?4 leading member, being convinced, it In said, that Walker', capacity an a military leader wan more than nuea'ioiiabie. *'*d? up their wind* that the warlike interest* of the n?w adveutuie uiu.t be conlided. not to him but to (teneral Heiiniiigseti This arrangement wra* by no inranN palatable to the ' President of .?Nicaragua, who aciviiiari's passion for tar He* ?"d u*a:.'*uv.'ev Me, therefore, pretended to a/quumee ;n ihe pl.-n. but.when the Fashion was , ) a?lulrljr slipped oil in>ard anil set off, to surprise of aobodv more than of the atofeaaid, a,dl to the chagrin ?f nobody ino-e than of Gen- ral Henainn?eu -Of euuiM hropHt, tnui?^ will bemntaiaed in .ne step to whitL I e ba.s now roii.aiitted the fort ones uff the ? regenerating ,|ub." but the atti tude of President Buchanan and the delaved de parture of i,en Henninysen, the presence ?i fLilt K'ntbrnaii in Washington, while tue'v countenance the shape in which the story of the plot reach** mm, air.Kd reasonable ground for doubting whether the aspmn^ 'JVnn?M?.^., j.a, ?.of really transgressed the fttaj Uni t* of hot destmy ^ The qnarrel i.s n ??very pretf> one a* it ? amis. and l!? |x>sstiile issue* are of a i^raviiv >? i. < it eutilie A to the watchful attetitiin id the puhi. I. i? certain that M alker ?llecihl hi- landing with a force of hardly more than two hundred men. all told- a hundred ai.d fifty under his immediate outoiuafel. ?.,i fi|tJ ulMjer c? m man l "f ' ??!. Kuiik Ander.on. at the mouth of tlnr Cnlotmlo. .u,.i ,hat their Mb-k of I rov!-i ,iss landed from the Fa-hion ws not m. re thai. <uft?Meot b, sustain his small force, so totally inadequate to acUve o,orations against either Nicaragua or CosU Kiea-much les. against both combined -for more than per liaj'S a fortnight. It is also certain that Couiiuod.,re Pauld- | '^g on tho p?rt of thin Govemmeot, fired w..h indignation at the failure of th? cttp- i tain ??f the Saratoga to carry onf the -pirit | hi inrliuer.ons Uli A spin* vail with Ls ?lr, hip. th<* Waljsh, fur Juan, on iLe ' >?? ant he heaid of Wither* being at that t p" rt and Un Liri'iah rofimauder on ' " M did the sine thing Though r.o' * -'-"g i't core^err, their purpose ii bJi ntical?t) lr T-nt ,i.c landing vfre iuits o^ ^iccor for 1 tha ilMtartar, ?f toy kM. It to still hrtfcit oarttin that the moment the Government at tAis joint receiveJinformation of the departure ! of Walker and his followers, with hostile inlen tiars against a nation with whom we have a treaty of peace, amity and protection, orders were issued which mast cffcctaally Mock hi* game. lie cannot get twenty recruits herenftor from the 1'iiited .States, armed, equipped, and banded together. Thus he must surely be com pelled to play over at San Juan, if not sooner taken and hung by the NicarSguans or Costa Ricans. the >n!r of Col Kinney. Naval Courts ok IsgciRT.? IJoforc Court No. 1. to-day, Commodore Reed was examined in Government behulf in the ca.<e of ex-Com mander Lecompt. Court No. 2 was waiting for testimony in the case of Cemmander Johnston. Ilis defence is to be read on Monday, at 11 a. m. Before Court No. 3, this morning, the defence of Commander Chauncey was read by his at torney, Mr. Phillips, aud the defence of ex Captain Levy was being read by B. F Butler, Esq., of New York The Naval Court* aro now about finishing their protracted labors, and expect to be through in the early part of next week. Tiie Treasury Note Law.?It is very clear from yesterday 's proceedings of the Senate, and their determination to meet to-day, that the majority do not intend to adjourn to-day with out having passed the Treasury note bill, which bids fair to become a law ere Congress adjourns over, according to custom, for the Christmas holidays Another Dirim'tast for tub hosor ok be isg Ssxator Dot-olas's Fii.b Leader.?The Towanda (I'a.) liiyorler, the special organ of the Hon. (ialusha A. Grow, insists that Senator Douglas in his late memorable speech, merely argues in favor of the correctness of the posi tions of the spccch of that gentleman (Mr. G.) delivered on the 4th of March, 1806. This claim means that the Republicans regard fc'on ator Douglas as having mounted upon their platform. Tun Respouse.?We havo every reason now to believe, that if but by way ot' preventing the political opponents of the Democracy from nr gu ng that the Administration cannot success fully reply to the manifesto of Gov. Walker, he will, perhaps, to-day receive an appropriate response to his missive from the Secretary of State. Turn Weather ?The following report of the weather for this morning is made from the Morse Telegraph line to the Smithsonian institution. The time of observation is about 8 o'clock a.m.: DSCKMSKR l!?, 1K57 New \ ork, N. \ lf*r, pleasant Philadelphia. I'a clear, pleasant. Baltimore, Md clear, pleasant. Washington. D. C Hear, pleasant. Richmond, Va clear, pleasant. Petersburg. V? clear, pleasant. Wilmington, N C clear, cool. Columbia. S C clear, cool. t harles'on. S C,.... Hear, pleasant Augusta, Ga ..............clear. pleasant. i Savannah, Ga .............Hear, cool. I .Ma. on. ?Ja. clear, cool. Columbus. t?a ..clear. Montgomery, Ala Hear. Lower Peach Tree. Ala...clear. ( iiiiiIm'Il.uiil. .Mil cloudy, cool | \\ heeling. \ a Houtiv- cool li.nonieter at the Smithsonian. ri.ermomeri-r. on the Smithsonian tower, min [ imum last ni> lit. 1"i . The M alker Filibusters Itepnrt Progress. The W* Orleans Picayune of December lUth gives a letter froin a correspondent who went out with tne Walker filibuster*, and who furnishes a narrative of their proceedings thus far Hr.ving (l?*"ril?l virion* mishaps encountered in getting away from New Oileans and into Mobile bay, he says : ; After getting under way, there was, fortu nately- i.o more let* or hindrances. The rev-n :e ? utter having spoken the Fashion as she came into the |.av, the day previous, was content to let pt?s oil' without further notiie [r would h ive m de but sltyh' difl-rence had the revenue ' Til' ?-rs buaideil the I'.ishioii, as her pipers \r?-ie al! in shipshape, barring the ''emigrants." The ci'??t p.i<<e?| up the bay a* the Fashion passed out As Mionasthe stej?nier was fairly out to s'-a. and l?eyond the Government vigils, a bat talion was form< tl. composed of four cmpanies, containing foily-three incn each, rank ami tile! Col. Thos l!?nry and Li* nt. S T Tucker, lutu mwndiiig '?The entire force is about fwo hundred. This may le- considered rather small to efleet a land ing upon a hostile shore, but it is more reliable, l?Hag mostly good and determined men, than twice the number would Ik- who had only ?k-? ii led to join 'he expedition under excitement And if ?i?n Walker -nc. eeds hi seizing any of tin river l>r?ats. ?he first intelligence you receive of his operations will be that he has opened the tivcr to the lake " r The tiller of the Fashion broke on the morning of the*_Msf. leaving the ?? emigrants" in a peril ous situation for sortie hours Their running in sight of I'liuta Arenas was a mistake, and thev m>m d'.iteiy rbang?d their course and run down the shore to the mouth of the Colored* 4 branch < f the San Juan, where forty-five men were land c i and sent up to intercept the river boat*, if anv of thoin siiouid ' bance to l*e at Greytown and at t tnpt to escape, on seeing the steamer btilentr' that port. " They then ran for Grcytown, as heretofore ! sta?< d '?On the evening of the gfith, a small party | ?ain?- down faun the ,'ommand up the river, after provisions They report that they were twenty-three hours iu rowing up the Colorado the rain falling in torrents most of the time They took possession, or rather position on L'-efe's, formerly Kiikland's Island, which gave theni en'ire control of the river. At the mouth of the Colorado Col Anderson took five native prisoners, and used them as pilots In goln'' up This party returned on the 27th. taking with supplies for the command for twelve days The writer adds : '?At present it i> difflcnlt to say when we shall leave here That will depend upon the arrival of Gen Henningsen We bave no boats to as. cend the river with, cuctpt row boat*. To at tempt to ascend with any number of men will l*? a tedious affiir At present we have no ar tillery, The gun* left with Scott are under the protection of the Saratoga's gun*; consequently we shall be unable to attempt taking Castillo unfit we get artillery. Another correspondent writing to the Picayune Irom Asplnwali, D? c.4, ?ay*: "The I S steam frigate Wabash, at this port, by request of Captain Chatard, went down to reytown yesterday. ??Com Paulding appeared somewhat chagrined that VNalker bait landed so easily : but 1 doubt if h?? will stop any ye*?e| coming into Greytown with ??Immigrants." if her paiiers are f,.mid to lie all riuht 'About half an hour after the Wabash -aib-d a messenger arrived from the I*. S steamer Ful ton, now at Chiriqui Lagoon, with despatches for the Commodore The liue-of-lmttlesteamship Brunswick sailed this evening about 6 o'clock for Greytown ? The Fashion will coal here to-morrow, and will sail here In a few days for New Orleans or Mobile." A correspondent of the Charleston, ? C , Cou ner. writing from on l?oard the L\ 8. ship Sata ?oga. say*: '?We are la\ing here watching Gen. Walker's movements, with a spring upon our rattle, no nitiinir ri1M hfon^ht to \*;\r on any of Ills vessel, ,jlal (I1J(V f? eutrr the harbor I lielieye lbut t' .pt Chatard has no positive or deisconcei".,^. Walker, but will act according lo discretion * lloTst Hrit>irt> The Fichauge Hotel, at Fred'ii ksbirg, V.? , was destroyed l?y lire on Th'irsdaf Wight A Fowl Juxk.?The following conundrum litely took the t?r'/e at a |?oiiltry show V\ hat reason nave we for believing that chick ens have no future state ? Answer? Because they have IheirM*cJrs tirirltd in this ! I]7" Th?re will b?? at least seven editors in the n<xt Pennsylvania legislature. U.7" Tliere are I/* U Methodists in California, of mL'Mii !?t ate m.uisiers jH* I' is-tated tli it Mr Douglas lia? ordere I I vmiy i Li'lisalit) < <plc? of his spee. h, and I h?* olae lilindl'll thousand copies irT* All enterp-isint; HfifOli.lli l.oudOll, U llUe.l t' following the lead "f Ma inuii lias olt-ied aiH.HSI for N? mh Stliib, bis sword and clothes 117- A pwblie meeting was held at Helleville. Ill . a f'-w d-?ys since, at which it was resoiv-d that mounted volunteers should at once be called Ivt to light the Mormon* t CONGRESS TONJtL. Thirty-fifth ieajreee?First Session. In the ?knatk. yesterday, nfter the Star went to press, tlir debate on the Treasury Note Bill wai continued by Mr. Hunter for it, and Mrmr*. S'limions, Bell and Crittenden for a National bank ia it* Mead Tfcry adjourned at a late hour without taking the question. 1* the TTousk, Mr Clingman modified his pending proposition, so that it read as follows : ResolctA, That the accounts and conduct of A\ tlliam Cullutn, late Clerk of the House of Rep resentatives. he referred to a select committee of five, with instructions to inquire into the various item* of his accounts, and iwport thereon at any time, and shall have power to send for trcrsons and papers, and that they likewise have authority to look into'the accounts and conduct of anv pre vious clerk, and report thereon at suoli time as they may think proper. As modified, the said resolution was shortlv afterwards adopted. Mr. Jone<?, of Pa , reported from the Ways and Means Committee, a hill to authorize the issue of Treasury notes, the annual Indian and Consular and Diplomatic appropriation bills ; which were seveially committed Mr Harris of 111., presented the memorial of Mr. Vallandingham. contesting the seat of the Hon. I,. D. Campbell, of Ohio; referred and ordered to be printed. Mr. Quitman reported fiom that committer a resolution authorizing the employment of a clerk bv the Military Affairs Committee. Mr. \\ ashOurne, of 111., moved to amend it as also to authorize the employment of clerks by the Committees on Elections, Foreign Atlairs, Naval Affairs, Judiriarv. Territories, Commerce and Post Otfire and I'ost Roads; amendment not agreed to, and tlie original resolution lost. Mr. Faulkner moved to take up a communica tion from the Secretary of War in relation to a clerical error in enrolling the last army appropri ation act; not agreed to. The House then went inton Committee of the Whole on the state of the Union, (Mr. Phelps in the chair,) and the Treasury note bill being taken up, was debated by Messrs. Jones of Pennsylva nia, Houston, Cainpliell of Ohio, Ranks, Ritchie, Grow and Letcher ere the Committee rose. .Mr. Keilt, from that Committee, reported reso lution to allow the Public Buildings and Grounds Committee a clerk Mr. Florence moved to amend It so as to allow one also to the Committee on Invalid Pensions ; amendment and reaolution lost. Mr Smith, of Virginia, from the select com mittee to examine into the cost, Ac., of the pub lic, printing, reported the following resolution ; which was anieed to : Rtsolreil. That the select committee of seven to "inquire into the laws in relation to the print ing for the House of Representatives, the prices paid therefor, and the duties of the public prin ter. and to report upon such changes or impiove rrents therein as they may deem advisable," be also directed to inquire into the prices paid for the binding of Congress and th? laws regulating the same, and that they be also directed "to make the same inquiries into the prices paid for en graving and paner for the printing of Congress, and also for the publication, binding, Ac , of the Congressional Globe, and that the said com mittee be directed to report on all these subjects in the manner pointed out by the resolution of the House of Dec. 9, IM7. Mr Ranks introduced a bill to authorize the people of Kansas to form a State constitution. Ac.; referred. Air. Taylor, of New York, introduced a joint resolution amendatory of an act entitled " An act to regulate the compensation of members of Con gress,*' approved August lt>, l-5t>. bv which the members would receive at the first of the session th? ir m leageand compensation doe at the rate of *250 J?er month: which was adopted Shortly afteiwaids the House adjourned Proceedings of To-day. In thkSknatk, to-day, immediate! v after they came together, the Treasury note hill was taken up, and Air. A\ ilson addressed the senate at le.igth against some of its provisions. In the course of his speech there occurrtd a running debate l>wween Mr Hunter, for the b'.ll reported by him from the Finance Committee, and Air Wilson. ,\|r Fessenden, Mr Benjamin. a:id others, eie f he Star went to press 1\ tux llor-K, after the reading of the tour nal. Mr Jones, of Teiin . moved to go into Com mittee ?f the Wholeon the state of the Union; not agreod to. The committees being called for reports. Mr Wade, from the Military Affairs Committee, ie ported a bill for the relief of John Hamilton; referred ' The question then arose on Air Bennett's pend ing revolution for a select committee of nine to consider and report on ail propositions coming to the House concerning the Pacific railroad. " The yeas and na>s being ordered on the pend ing tnotien to lay it on th<- table, it was not laid on the table?yeas 01, nays S?t?. Air. Cobb appealed to Air. Bennett to withdraw his pending demand for the previous question to permit him to oiler an amendment to his resolu tion. but Mr. B. declined. Air Hughes moved to recons der the vote by whs< h the House refused to iay the resolution on the table. Mi. Washburn*, of lil . moved to (ay that mo tion on the table ; not laid on the table?yean nays H)7. ' The House then went into Committee (Mr. Phelps ill the chair.J wkeuiu the Tieasury Aote Mill i?eiog taken up. Mr. Jones, of Pa .addressed the House in explanation of it and in fhvor of its enactment. run son a l Commodore Alervinc. I . S. N .is at Kiik wo'Hls .... lion J A. Sit wart and family, Aid arc at Wiltatds Dr. i KrcTio* of '?! n \ni<t;, n v?'* I ranist<in." Ih- sumptuous residence ejected by Air P. T Bariruri, near Biidgeport, Conn., some eight yesrs suit e. was totally destroyed bv fire at It o'clock last night It is not known how the ||rc originated, bnt it is supposed to haw been caused by the c.,rele.sstics?? of workmen who were cn gagul In repairing and refining the building. Air. Barnum was in the cRy at the time,and only received intelligence *?f the disaster this morn ing lie left fo' Bridgeport immediately '? Iranistaii*' wa.? injured f?n SJtMMi or ?10,(NW on the house, and about $1,(JM) on the furniture. When built, its cost was considerably over igloo. l*Mi. and the outlay for furniture was ?-jn.fNNi Tiie insurances on house and furniture were held by the mortgagees, into whose h*nds it passed,with the rest of Sir Barrium's propeity, at the time of liis failure. He was making arrangements to rc occupythe premises, and had employed a large force of workmen in letltting. The furniture was removed to this city two years ago, but about half bad been leturned when the fire occurred, and on this there was a smalt insurance of ? 1 ,(H*t During his former occupancy of the place, .Mr Barnum kept the house insured for fflO.UKi, and the furniture for ?10,000. He intended to return to it as a place of residence in a short time, but is now uncertain whether he will rebuild or not The loss is a heavy Mow to him. but he bears the infliction of this n? w trouble with bis customary equanimity.?.Voir York Tim*? Y-y=??'RftF. FOWhKR I.ECTURE8 SAR 'l ? RATH EVENING,at Tcmp^rance Hall.on Temperance, ami Man's Moral Nature. Free. It XrS=M DR. POPE, L s llnmtopalhir P?y>ictan tintl Surttnn, DaManon or Chain Buildings, No. 376 li street, north aide, hot ween 11th and 14tn sts. d It eoftm r-^=- KELIMOUS NOTICE.?The Church of 1 ? Cod will meet three tunes to-niorrow in tlie German Hall. IIth street, north of F, at II. :i and 7 o'clock, if the l.ortl will. All sincere imiuirersafur truth are invited to attend. It* H EV. J(>SEPH C. STII.ES, D. I>.. for inerly ol Ceortria, will preaeli in the First Presbyterian Church, (Kev. Dr. Suiidetlaiid's,) at II o'clock, a. ni In the Ninth street Presbyterian Church ( Rev. Dr. Smith'*) at 3'4 p. m. And at the Assembly's Church ( Rev. Mr. carothers') at 7>f r. in. lt_ Y"2=? ATTENTION. I N ION d I A R li!t -A I ^ ineetiiiK of the Did inamlrcrs and all those fnvorab'" to their new organization anil their elec tion of riew officer* will he held at tic Vulcan House, Penr.arIvania avenue, .Monday evening next, at 7H o.olorfc. Every msmher is requested to attend, a? humnesa ot importance a lil come before tae meeting. dl?*-2t% rMATRIMONY REPEaTEIK--Pr.ifeiisor ( ^ i', ?t the .speuial iequest ol'his audi euo?, repeals his lecture on l.ove, ?Selection, Court s >I|| anil Married l.ile. at Teinperanee Hall. MON 1) K \ E V K.\ IN l> at i't o'oioek cIosiiik with i>ui. Ik examination. Seats Scents;gentleman atal two Itidice in (Knlii, Toe truths to he presented are in fin telr important to all ajtes anil (?>th sexes. Pri vate tlelinear tons ot ehar.icter a?;d heeded adv ice thiilv at thr- Avenue Wlilllf, ami Saturila> eVCIllllK. t^all at mm. _ lt^ nf^^liOOl) N KHI S. ?This winter and next 11 winter will not la? hard, as the t?<i prist, have heen. h> the moons; this is the last winter moon, 12 hm<I rjrlava nearer the line of the alio than she was this time last >ear, the lirst moon in the New Year's Alinanac; the spiu.ic weather will set in at the last o| that mrnm; the (noon will he twelve eU*? nearer the we?t side of the sun to the sOUth; the moon will cnanice on the 12th of April on the south side ot the sun; that will hrine her twelve rfaja nearer the sun than the was this tune last yeat ? ahc will change mx months to the south for summer and the seventh month she will chanice to the vest aide of the sun for winter. it* S. NUGENT, Mown Man. nrs=?COLI.ECTOR'S OFFICE, I Citv Ham.. November 5, IRV7. Notion is hereh* (iveu to all persons who have not tlit-ir T\xtot lor the present year, ami to ad who are ib uresis lor previous y earn, that nt the expira t ioTi r>| six tv d.iy? from this date, or aa aoon t h-tcut ter ?* the advertisenieftt can tie prepared, all prop^r^ ty on which the tuxes may'remain unpaid will l>t>ad vertisisi (uid ?old for the taxes, as the law enjoins. TlK??e who do not wish to be pat to the heavy ex peme attendant on the advertisement and sale are requested to pay ia aeMou. M J AS. F. 11A LI DAY. ii 6-cqtJau "i - Collector, rrs?A card.-lifer, w. fuiiW wouM <k_5 ?peotfullf inform the paMic that he luu re turned to the city lifter a abort absence, and re sumed the Drug business at hi* old stand, eorner of New York avenue and 15th street, where he was ao li'.ordlljr patronized for the last ten yeara. and that he I aa greatly improved H interior, and fitted it out with a complete and entire new atock of every thiuf m the medioine line, all of wiiiuh lie seiooted w ith mat care,?od icwwanieoa to Iw as pur* end fraati -vaam be ton: daav where, to the dispensing <?fwin -h kc wiTgiv" hit* strict p?isf?nal attention as heretofore, and his raeidenoc lieim- on the preariics. will enable him to demote his whole time to the linsmeas. He baa also added a targe and ?<< cant aa sorturnt o| Per'uinery and Toilet Articles, and every thing in the faacy line that is usually kept t 1a first class i)rii(t Store, and having no rent or debts to pay he guarantees to aell as low as similar goods can be bought at any retail establishment south of New York. d 19-2w rv-^-THK ANNUA). MEETING OK THE ? Yeunc Men's Christian Association, for the c'ection of officers, will l?e held on Monday evening, the 21 at Deocmt?er 1867,at8 o'clock. The members are specially inv ited. d IH 'ti R. T. MO R SEL L, Scc'y. M A SON 10?The memb*ra of Hiram Lodge. No. in, are notified that a regular meet ing will be held at their Hall on I9?h street, between Hand I st recta, on thia < Friday) evening. l)ec 18th, at 7 o'clock. Every memkr is requested to attend, an the annual election of officers will bo held. Mas ter Mssons, hi good standing. are fraternaltv and cordially invited to be present, by order of the act ing W. M. WILLIAM II. DIETZ, d 18 Secretary. APITOL HILL M. E. CHI RCH.-The I.adiea of the Capitol Hill M. E. Chursh re spectfully announce that the* hare commenced hoding a FES I'l VA L in Colombia Hall, New jer acy avenue, south of the Capitol, at 7 o'clock p.m., and to conMmie during this and next week. The preparations are sucn as will render the F earival the most pleasant that tney have yet held. Oyster* and Hot I otfee and Cuufoctionery of every kind will b? aervr il up in such a manner as to please the taate of an epicure. Fancy Articles of every variety, suit able for Christmas Presents ; together with others of a useful as well as an ornamental character in abundance. As the proceeds of t his Festival are 10 Ihi applied to the finishing of a church that has ac complished much good and that ia still carrying on a noble is o*r?eatly hoped and confidently ex pecfed that the friends of the church and the public, who have heretofore been so kind and liberal, will avai.i extend that patronage which has always l?een gratefully received, acknowledged, and icmem bered. d 17 fit ry-^=? ASSESSORS' NOTICE.?The voters of ik 7 the several wards wiil pleaae take notice that the A?aessors will attend at the places designated below from 10 o'clock a. in. to 3 o'clock p. m ever> day. except Suiidaj and Christmasday, from the IMh to the 3'*t of this month, inclusive. for the purpose of revising and correcting the poll lists : First Ward? Samusl Hedfern's. corner of Peun aylvama avenue and Nineteenth street. Second VV aril?Oeorgo T. Stewart's, corner of 12th and H streets. Third Ward?J. M. Downing'a, L street. 7th ai.d <*th streets. Fourth Ward? City Hall. Futh Ward?B. !?. Dyer's, New Jersey avenue, P nil'* J", streets south. Sixth Ward--Fdward Wayson's, E street, l?e tween Stli and 9th streets. Seventh Ward?John II. Bird. corner of 7th street and Marylandavenue,above O. Itoeweli'e drug ator*. d 10-d ry 5**ICK CH I-',AM. Of the purest Cream, at ^t.V* L .5 P"r gallon: Water Ices, Cakes of every va riety ai.d styles; Jellies, Charlotte dc Russe, Blauc Mange. 1'ies of various kinds ; end everything nice in the I 'onfect lonerv line, at Hie I'll I L A dELPH IA ICF. CREAM S'l'OR E, corner 12th and F sir.ets. d ?l 1m* Dr. r. fin ley hunt, DENTIST,* Xo ;>|o Pennsylvania avenue. J Will p"rfo in ;ill operat loriH U?| to his profession at his old established olTice, as alnive. d n tf ^UPF.RloR MEDICATED GIN.-Juat rr r* c.eived,eases of the celebrated I ondon Cor dial Oin and Invigorating Cordial, and for sale by JONAS P. LEVY. No. 554 12th street, corner of I! street north. Gro ceries and Liquor Store. d tii-tf 11 R I ST M A S PR ESE N TS!! J Paper Dolls. Drwsses. and Fnrnitnre; Freoeh. German, China and Rubber Toys; Misses' and Ladies' Walking and Opera Hoods; Dress Caps at 41,SO,TS and ?7J* cents, etc.; Straw and Siik Mil linerv, R ibands and Flov. ere, India Rubiier, CI- th, Shell ar:d Wwil. tinnts. country kintt Hose, with a:l kmii.s ol Hosier*. tjloves and Fancy (inods, at SH E DD'S N ew Store, tH2 11th street, __ | Intel. | ICKI. E I) <> x. S T E R s: I am now putting up a superior artiHeo' Pir.kWJ OYSTKRS.sold l>y ttieqnail or gallon. Just r?c?!ved. ?.'?</?! SWEET HA ( v A N A tlRAN'tiES: H? keps Malagn <? R A PES. second invo'ee, in ri?od ?ir dcr A,i kindsot I'OOKIMi F K I ITS. WINES anil HR AN DIES S \M'I. T. DRFRY. It* corner Pa avenii? and Utb street. P \ CHRISTMAS PRESENTS T SCHAf FIELD'S CONFECTIONERY, No th;fiih street, between H and H streets alar.e assortment o( Eauov Itoxes, Cornells, Bon Hons, French Candy and Figs. Preserves, Jollies. Fruits, Cupids, and Cake Ornaments. A large assortment ot handsome ? irn.'mented, Pound. Fruit, Lady's, Sponge ami Fancy Cakes, mad ? of the best mate rials which I will sell all at the lowest prices. Come and rive me a call, and save money. It* w J. M. COHN. HOI.ESALE DEALER tx FANCY GOODS hna removed fioni 4Gb F afreet to rui C street, l?e? twecuiirh and 7th streets, n -ar the Hank of Wash inut on. I have now on hands full assortment of all kinds of Fancy and Do-nestm NOTIONS, and a lot of H< ?SI Krt N' and <j LOVES, which I l??ught at auc tion. Children's vVorsted Hoso |or 75 nents per d"Z''P. d 19-1 w I) WIN (JIIEEN > \ CABINET FACTORY. F.. ttRKKv keen wmrtantli Oil hand a lar>:e| sn'l varied nsHortini'nt of CABINET FI R N I riJR E, ?uch as? lied '?-aiis, Bureeus, Wardrobes, Etsgeres, Par'orand !lining Tables. Tete-? trte Sofas, ("hairs, of ever) description, Waslistiuids, H;?t Itnokii. Looking C asses. Ai d ?v.-r> thing uMial y found in an extensive Fur i? if ilr?- iii'inufaoi r} . Al'ol which ho oflers at the lowest prices, for o-isii. ?'i 1 and sec. \o. I?i Penn^vlvania avenue. b? tweei !7iliat"l ll'lr streets, iidll a block beyond th e Executive buildings. d 19 3t R Y. % J>A I I.NT OFFICE RE6TAL RANT. Th" 1'ndersigiu d having, 'vo\ la Jbought the House at thec>r hj ner of7th and (? streets, for uierU and favorably known as the I nropenn House, and" ? having irnovated auO refurnished th? same, i<< pre pared , a t I he shortest notu-e. to f urnish parties * i?ii an the delicacies the market affords. t'/\ME in etnson. 'J he best of WINES, I.l <)!'''It S, ind CD' A R S constantly on harnt. }] y Families supplied wiih CiYsTERS at all hours, from fi o'clock a. m.. to 12 p tn. He respect fullv solicits from Ihh frioiuls ami llie put.lie a call, d i9-arawlm SAML. BRERETON. IONDUN JUVf.VILE BOOKS. ^ Hans And'-rson's l aics and Fairy Stories, Louis's School Days, Sanford and Morton, f v?nings at Home, EiLar Clifton, or Right and Wrwig. I-;speranza. or the Home of the Wanderers, tiriinm's Home Stories. T'io Castawa?s. or Adventures in Africa, Saxe'foid. a Stoiy lor the \ oung. Every Boy's Book. Fairy Tales of the Countess D'Auluoy, A rabian Nights, Robinson Cnuoe. J ust received by d 19 FRANC K TAYLOR. QHRI8TMAS OFFERING! EPIC PR ES, A TTE NTIO K ' GENt'lNE SOUTHDOWN axd COTSWOOL. " C^r???nin.? ro?w?< but onrt. a (car. And when il romts n brings toiul cnetr." Tliespecial attention of Hotel Proprietors. Board ing Ho.ise Keepers, Private Families,?in n word, o! the public, generally and everybody particularly? is respectfully invited to a magnificent Exhibition of SOI in DOW \ and (TOTS WOOL MUT TON,on THURSDAY MORNING next.the24th instant, at the Stalla ot the undersigned, .Nob. 2U and 2? Centre Market. This ohoice sikI incomparable Mutton, pure as the bmpul mountain a stream, and fre*h as the green pastures from which it hails, was raised by thoae world renowned srar.iera, t;<>l. W. W. Bowie and 'I'hos Clagett, Esq.. ol Prince George County, Md A mere glanc* at it will delight the eye. and excite the most pleaauralile sensation of the palate. 11 will be a-'ld in choice pieces, and at moderate prices. F.ver> one, therefore, who wishes to enjoy a good Christmas Dinner?every one who desires to gratify his taste with a sweet tnorael?every one who loves the good things of thia lite?everv one who would f lease the inner man-wil1 not fail to call, at as be ore respectf.illy invited, at the Stalla of H. IL OTTER BACK A BRO.. ' d I!'4t" Noa Cfi and 28 Centre Market. I/OR CHRISTMAS -Look in at WKAVER S for Fancy Boxes. Cornells. Bon Bona. Cheaper than ever, id IK ivri opposite Browns' Hotel. i.a(>|{ (' II R ISTM AS.?#1 jMM worth hand.ome. I rood. ch>-ap. larre and small POUND ami F R IJ IT CAKES, for Christmas, at d IH-lw WEA V EH'S. opposite Browns' Hot* I I.aoK (*H R ISTM AS.?A very handsome collec tion of Freiioh and American CON F ECTION ERN at WEAVER'S, d H! Iw opposite Krowus' Hotel. i >ICK I.ES. PRESERVES, JELClKS. (Guava and Fruit) from Wells A I'r<>\*o?it s, ^ork, ir sale iow, at " ".*A ?, ''?K ". < 1 iK I ?v opposite Browus . \\T El> DINGS, DINNERS. SIPPERS. Rec??p \M turns, and Parties of over) kind furnished in fo J 18 IW \TEDDINGS, dinne ' tions.and Parties o| ever) kind furnished tu French *t j le. by

d 18-1 w W E AVER . opposite Browns'. Silver waiters, baskets. Ac.: ai?o Cutler? and China Ware, aud Glaaa, for ail kinds of parties, for hire at It) per cent, at 0 in iw wraver;v> opp "site Browna'. I^IN'I. FANCY CUPIDS ANDCAKK ORNA r M EN TS, imported froin l*ans for weddings and fart io?, at '' ... d!^ Iw WEAVER'S, npprwute Browea' |AA HKAllTIFITt. READY .MADE HON MHP METS. for iiiiinedia'e sale,cheap for oash, at STEVENS' New Fmic? Storr, fOft Pa. avenue, tirl^een 9tn anJ lntli sireeti^. d 18 LM\K SHIRTS.-Twcn'j-live, ifatsen mpenor T quality SIIJRTS. FRENCH BOS, Ms, stitch*! In hand, with or without eoihtra, tue of ere<l tor sale, by the dozen or half-doxen, at very low prices, to eoser atlvanota. 8. L. HANDEL,. d 17 9t 'J#? south side Pa, a v., bet 4.'? &. gth htt. RhMAlNING in the Vost O^o*. Wuhmftoii City. D. C.. Dfo?mH?r )?. IWT. [Ordered to be inserted in the Evinm* Star. it being the new?^?per iHUriBg the largest circulation cf uiT daily paper puMisHltn W*n4un??..n ] , CIT Person*?fplyinit for letter, tn the following list, will pieaxeawy they ve advhtmct>. ladut Liar A"fel',"r? 0"'UB Frailer, rr* Allen. Elian *1 rin<i. Mat A?sni>. W A Jf. D It All?r. J??b Airy. li.ry Allan, Mary A Bljrl y, f lit , M-rla A Baibir. Vlrglria H? krii* inch, n Bc?br, Vine Biooka, Mr* J*. O Howard M.?y Hrt> k, Mary H Hnatbrecl.t, K Mrown, Miajarlaa Hvl, M?rj I, HUnrltai .1, Wary A Hi a*. Mary I ft, Mai ft B It. Marict f Coano'ly. HIh rv?a>??, ra li arise rnrkflri'l. Ut-tli Clinton, E >ti Ccuck, Margl Oierct'lll.C trie Car land, Lyterla Co..w?y. Eileaeor Dtnutflt 1 II ri R UtiBford, Margl l'air.M u Lu' iri Eilmir. J alia A Fraiirh, Vlr*l Is Vow ar, Harriet R?1hr? I lii|? KlMrl. A Baa lleii, Mary flat*. Earhal F *al4an?plner MraQ (??!?, Carolina Stew art, Mrs Waller Welbait Mlaa Smith. Mnl V Mmirn, HI I la Jao* Smith, C M Unit*, AiMitl ? rallh, M r Speak, Inl I Mane. Virginia A Smith. Mr* H Jarkaou, Mary Ann Ttiipln, K A I.yi dan, Catherine licktr, (Hirt Ma*an,i, Mary Thowipaon. K tia Maat-ry, U T a'nan, Mary Metirter. I,anrn W 1 orner, Emi.ia Miller. I.oalaa Tcunlay. Maria M?(tlra. T F White, bride ?t Mai.rce, Elizabeth) Wlea, Margaret a (tilling! Btrail P fi?tw, Mary I firltift, I ,/ahath llfiWrt. M?ry 0 II nr cent. M E llanolie. Mary Hilton, f,.ara Harr- y. T W H"il{k >, II n Hari w, A hi y r. aetai, Mary A Apai. Mr Ai.<l?fwn, Li-oy A ? xaa, Ja? R MrCari., Add M< Cab*. Maria Mahony, labor* Maglll Mra C WlUhall, Ann Mil, K'tty Morrla, Lnrioda O"Brian. Mrs Paytou. K-aa Patter, Elian SKKTLKMEX'S LIST. right, Maria WIWoa.Mrt laeae M Wo< daiaa, laabaiia *alker, E 'aa Wat ra, Ann Whitney, Sarah * Wat- ra, C Yoang, M A To?< e, Barak C Hill. Wm Mall W J Haura, Wi Applewhl a, J. R#t Hujitt. Wm O traoM, H? nr? P Howard V K Aikl'ii. Hlraiu Hoctora, Tkm H M' Kaana. /aim Mac I oil'?ah. Jus L McWlliiaaa, J 8 Met dame, Jaa Mrkendry. Henry MrUIll, H M Ara elrong, Frao< t? Ham y, TV>a,Capt I M' Uhan. P Alancli, K Aerlil, C E a; en. a K An<leram. Tlira H Uiake. W p Bla k. Wm 1 Harw ill. Win W Barth, W Wr I'o^iman, Wiu 0 H?r?t Tiict Benaon, ? P, Hon Hi , Kami J Bl>a. Ba- f.-r f Bi.-ua'ana. RnM Burke. Kadumud Bral>aan, H Hoa Be *?'?t K<-ht Be?l y. Pat Burt M Blaia. I.allier > Bi(l*r, J aa M Hnn Jaa B..ak, i * Baal, i Kmory Boh? iiat Joa A Ratta^iby, Henry I'ullir, Oao H Ha'ttiar. Ox>. I?r Bn mi, i iAA x B- ' ker, Ua">, H^n Bnlay, U Botlear, T Barnard,F ? BerkwUf, II) I Kurlelgb. B L Berk. l> H Bolielmaun, Cl;r Bi???d. i:? i Bn( er. Col Bi I-ha, C'haa Beirliart, A 5 Curtla. T A fiillda. Saml Ciyre, Rol.t S Canill, P t ?'arr?!l, Pat ?' a*< II. M Carter, R?mp O C"Ok, J I, ri Criflicr, Ji hn C riiuelt. Jalm CUrV. J H Crrrkweil. J K Cr't' lien, John CUapraan, J'.a Cli-t ke ii, Jchn C' 0? ?y, J In. H Oo' per Jaa, Hon Cnriiel' u?, Jiio WT f>?rrerly, J liu fie". Jarcia Caud l, Henry C'ha' ??, He?> A J Calwell, K * Cole, l>?* id r Bis. CI a? B Carter. B K r ?, Km P llin at*. M'aaii'u lull, Vi in K I'i-'kaoii, ft. Hum llTnger, Koli llaeia. It-,I t n t vIda. J no H I) rlialll. Jaa l??vi.le? ti J. H i Daria, Jaa W Pe C?IU]> J hn Pnhait. J H l><vle->a, Hanry liaii' kla. H A Drakn, K K I>\Tl<l-"ii, f. C llnTall, K ?> I'eway. I?r IHino. Itr-i A Ci Ha*ia, Acu la K'ne.t, Saini T E lin-inaion J, Col Fealy, Pat Fcsd, ?mT F- ater, Tha i II ? itap tn- k K. <M Kal fat. Kavmorid Fov l?r. Rlr . rd Kf rd, Michael 8 F'.aier, Mr Freneb, I, H F?>a>tli. Jaa H . Fn*- It, Ja? a Nitid, fl, H -n 1 Hutobioeon, aaml Hunakc, Paiar Ri Ian. M H Harria. Mat hlaa H Lilian, Hub nn .U4. Jbj M I Hala, Jahn nind*. Jaa A Hltc OOi k, Joa T Ka"tar, Join J* H?u1 Jna W Lai dim. Ja? K T llaniM n, Jaa l a-tli p. j n McKay, D MrVowan. Daniel MrC(.riCl(k C H MrCally, t li?a MrCaHo?. A T tioyea, W in J Na< k?lla, Juo M Won la, laraal a Koyaa, Jacal' Capt Muilbap, Hen y Cvl Qao I Noyas. U?o kulakd, C 9t 0 kelion. Almon Orkatadt Wm Hnliln?aa nrUi, 4 S O'Nril, Jal.n C I Ha aey, John Hall. Joa H Hnyler, Jofca H ?j *, Job ? Heal>r->u, Jaa It Hoy>, Jaa B ll**nd *? aou, Joa llaakell, Kaory W Hail, O W Hill, A H Hem lu,a?n, flen Hoy'er, Q?" D H>>pkln>, Ueo W Karris. A W Hut bell, F. J Hala, Kiiaa W Hollow.y. I> P n?'t * C??. C aa tlarrt(aa. Cliaa J<-naa, Wn: J Jei man, Tiioa J Jnnae, Saml Ogdaa, |? A O'SatllTan Da?'d <>aden D A Hon I Oil?er, tnlraw Pollard, Ei'liard J Pareell, Patrlrk Pr. clor, John Prlty, Jaceh Tarkar, laaar Parkir oe. JWDr Tarry, Jal ?? W Pioaa-nia Jacob Pcudleina, J II Pb?lp>, H D Pl-ck, o W Won Pariar. 6 Hob PaWerauB. J A 4 P.rrott, Kdwln A Pilntny. I> 8 Col Payne, ( baa B ynlro, Jaa Kainey, Tiioa I?r Jubiiaon, 8 H, Rod K?*dy, Mack Junta, Mepliaa H'?-|ia, John Jot ea, J hirhler Jnr.ea. John Jokueou, Henry J uiea, Krantla Junee, D II I J?M a. |i C Jn-t'i, K Jai-???, Chaa P Jiiit-a, A<-<]>iiila, Jr K rt<eber, Wm Ke'l.iiif, Wm K lilar. J K 'pp. pel 'i W Krim , :<iej.|jen K-lle-, Mr K ins Jaa ea Kin*. Jo*, |>n Harder J'<a A K nnx, J, H?n 2 K roll, J uo K Kni t Jaa. Ron Rb<>na, J' lin Koblneoa. Jaa K~bbaiil, Bemry Way C H K ? nd"tph, W If l> ira H<il?r Capt Kuat, A H"S Koherion. A'htrt Shaw, Wtb >wau, W 0 Hi'ti Khrsre, Wm A ^tnar<t. Win U Cut * . 8 hcith. V fi Nfrilh. Wm * I teei?ns. V K S? h? al e. J ul P. Sto-kion. K F Hon ftrraita Pi >?peri? Butitli, I' H Pi'^maii Mr *iv?i?||i, J M.Hou Kt"iln. h'.pp. I E uedy, J P l*w<eny, l.awi>s a Kellard Fra'k Imilli Ja? I^iw A H??ka'l RliafTer, Jno B 1 I, immiy. Pri Joha LlvlUK-ton.TCk Co hoO'hworth, J D Snlli k, J B l.?e, Tiioa lx*w, Mji?mn"d Leu la. Kufua U l.a^kT. H H !.'?* i jr, K li, I.I 1 l.yi h, M a, Lanreni a l.urVftt Joa J Lee, Ji?a Lily, II E LIvL catin. Com l."?i e, A W Lanrancs, A N, ('? Lang, Aie\ srew art, J B Stl'-kney. Jno Col Bt? anabaii, J S T I Sen.John Smith, Jaa B Lieut Hoarf, j ? i?"lber. Henry Hi," lly. Ilanry tt-vlre li J llun xm'tli Capt fawyer, A fn. t, A C V Hlee>. A J Mill r.ell, Wm. Hon Trp n, Cliaa Karl.II, Wm. Hon TvifLmari. TI ..a 1 Mo re. W Wlnsa Tl.oinva T SX Hon Jlalo'y, Wm Taylor, 8 F Milea. Win Porcber Ti^d, Poo Morri*. W iii H l naley, J 8 Mev Ml ler, Sia th, Hon Tluale/, laaar II arten, P Turner, J M Capt M. rrae, X C, k'aj Ibompa- n, J.?hn HI Mmphy M^aa. Tr^*d, Henry B 1 ay lor, R * R?t liora ta. Fall* ? Tot ..ii, F:an<-,a ,'ona , r> O Ma, , Mirliaol M ii nay. V I) VoihI y. Jam a Murpliey, Juo P Miller, J D, Or Moore J H, L1?*ut Mac rid ja, Jo* F Meiabruca, Jaa Millar, Jain?a Fn r(ier?'in J K, Hon Sluodv Jaa, Joa F M.nin, H. Hon Farnaa ..rtli J, Hon Mrrraj, h Frenib Ja? S Foi t H 8, Hon 6 Firs* H r Knllor. II M Flonriioy, li M Kllrv raon, K Parr, Ci an ller G?ier, Win tiood* in, s K, Col Oiff rd, .1 I? 'i Unllit la, J 11 (iHHtikaii J Mrasdrlda r. J L Uajlaichar, John Inauth^ni, J r W M. oie, F W M< i ran. K R Marprsi.a, K Mu leu, Haiil Maroi. C W Mmk>ii Oiu Marttbln C X Martla. Hi HV Maa n C, Hon Mai-ony, C Marahman, A (I Miliar, A P *? i 11-1 a ii y, A L M. ltar ir!y, Jna MrUenoy Jno l? _ II inly. .Iiio la. C?|'t Mrl?oii.ald, St?|t|i?.n W lill*. Harlan) H" ,M kpmiiu, Win M * lahi* be, P C. -r. C-.W MrCoru'tl. Win Wl.ile, n.?rc? G-^mliaattMii Hum M tlar an W K Dr W?rUma"n F,dw d flomea, K 3 M<Farl? ?I.Saoiyel l>?\id W tl rd n P "n ith Ml'.r-?!I ,t r |. t, W.i'dau t tT1(ia C Oon'd. A X, Capt M'limir Philip W*i?.u, C K Hon Mackdoaal<t,? Hen WriKbl. Benj MrOuIre, Mr WUIle, PepjF M-Konny, J 8 Wj ??r, A K I of A^rlruUnral 8n<-?.?y; Oilen'al 19; ^aahliiKtui Sentinel.]. (Vn-tao Tola-ill, U Tolcott, C??l Wa ker, Reford Wn^bi, Mr Wagnar, L 8 Wite. Jai Wate a Jno W Wal?t> um, J P Wi-rki J A Wild. Jehu Wlthara. John W...*lrufT, j Hon Wood, J w?i-idworth. J II wii,i?r#i i, j ii W araley, J H J We)a a. John E Wmadel., Joa Wlll'ava J U Whitman-. J K Walatinin, John Wrtei t. Hetry Wonhtngton. I H 0<*rar, A ni n Hnhball. W W Ha |. \T A IXintLS- Prea|1?, l.olsa, | O ?? F . So Hie. C?*liiar if I nion Bank, Kali mal llano, T'a Xailonai ; Pen ani La?ar; Ifon. E W ; W. K. p.; F I? ; Xa*y Y?id !?*? kil. JAS. O WEWWPT. P M Cll H lijTM AS* I'M KHKNTS. ^ ^ HALT Jt Hill). I.ave j ti Kt received ijtfc nil<11mod* l<> flieir stuck ol sonde, cspeciai v UPbien^d for Die holHnva. J Hei sutf in si^irrh <if iM>\-e|i imp sr<* invited to ex amino ib' ir n?8or|{ncnt, whicli will l?e f..iin<l lo ein braot' cvety ponsihle vruieif c?f?;.KHl?c id their line. M. W. fiAl.T A RRn , . ,_ Jewellers. :Bi I'h a?., I?t.9th and |?Hh sts. fl 17-3t C^ANDI.KS. OIU kc. -> IS Inixcs AduiiMiline ('ANDLKS, l,i*ii KsllojiH Wksle ?ud Sptrtn (11L, i-HmffkelH MAI.Al) Oil.. Iiio Itnxi's IJriiwn ami Velluw do. CArS'I'I I K St.) Al* * do. PA NOV SOAP, li?? do. PKARt. STARCH, j/xm pounds SAI.. St)UA. iu?t received, aud for sale liy d ?-6ieod MI R R AV A SRMMKS. r|,'J 1 H K. PL BLU'.?Tne undersigned respeet A fully notifies the puhlio Ihst he will nfieud to the coilecLion or Accounta end Rents p'aeed in his inn.lH witn promprnesa and hdeiity. All business n? w in hia uand will he oiosed up without delat, and prompt returns maile. May l>e seen at Cspt. 6od daid ? ofhoe, and aomunts ma\ he left wn h bun for md'l7-af A E* L- KKtt*E. T P B A L T I M t) R K K FOUNDRY This KstsMishinent is prepnred to furnish even article iiseil m a ? ' METAL TvWVr,N? ?K"'CE WOOD I.KTTKR, FIRM ITU K K, ORNAMKNTS BORDKRS, URASS RULK, CUTS, INK, STEREOTYPING and PRESSES, ELECTROTYP1NC, at short notice in the l*st manner. LUCAS BROTHERS, , ,, ? I'M Mark-t strret, d n-e.'1w Baltimore, Aid. Dry oooiis sklmng off AT hEDt CED PRICES, ... To close out this oeason. \Y e ere now-sellinr oft our lar-e end well assort M stock of Kioh Fanoy Uress (foods snd Genersl Staple IhknIs, at initcJ; it-ss th?u fi>faier prices, to oloae them our flue nenson. We name a few Kreat herrsms: Superior plain Frvtic.h Monnos at 6?!S and 7b cents per vard; vert handsome Plaid Merinos st a. 3%. kwI .tHc. per yard; "II fancy dress Silks and Silk ? torr.i-Ht les' th in cost; very rich fnctir^d all-w<hi| tie l.a.naend VAlentiaM; a lar*.- lot >?( Shawls ami Sc-tif very cln ap ; l.a lies liia^k and itrey Cloth Doaks, very liftn-l?ome and at much leas than fotmer pric-a Also, juai received from Auction, a lareeand ele jcant assortnient of rich Embroideries?in Sleeves. Collars, and Sets? muslin axid catr.brio Klounoiuxs ??me in * vnrds ?tripa for sHrts, which are very de siralile. and at nhotit half puce. ' ITT* We invite the special attention of all Oa*h pttr. ha?ers to tiieatsive article*, with many othera not enumerated. * " ' i ? h>wCOLI'EY 4 ?KAR?, ?S7th street, _i . _ _ 3 doors ntirth of Pa. are. |l'ST RECEIVED. 10 dozen cms herm?tiowlly.?ealed Peachea. 11 8 10 4 4 4 4 20 do. do. do. tomatoes. Peas, Corn. d.?. do. do. ? o. extract Lemon, do do. Vaiuilt, do. do. Rose, do. do. Peaches, do. Onuire, l^mon, Apwle, Qnmce, Currant and other Jellies, do. Ji>hn Huli>nuoe. do. VVorcestershire Sauoe, do. Eniclish CnniiHower, do. do. Winttf Onion, I osv? Piuiihs, in f-tnev lioxes, 1 do. Firs dti., * Imrrels Selit peas. AIkoon land,a large assortment of liwe Family d 18-dlw No, 99d P4. av? M, L'4 wn4 8th at a. s III 10 Ifl CmTo, f. Ol.'MBIA I<<II<GF.. N<> I". will ho?d th#>ir AN>I AL LEVEE, at '>dd Fellow. Uali, o? MONDAY EVENING, Jn>Mn l<tli. iM.-vkw, Iood sp?-akirg. fine must*.. voosl and wairiiMiittl.i :o.,4c.,bim t?e Tickets i admitting a gen Mr in a and two ladies i 9t?including Refeshinonta. PatticM'ers hereafter. It TtfK COMMITTER. I?M?t U TM ANNEAL HAM. OK THE TEKP ?*mii CicmtOmFumv* liu, Navt \ sun fi> Thursday evening. January Jm 7t h. ItiA. the proceeds to t>* appri prist ed (i|Tf tli# erection ?.f ? monument to the mowr; < iLJn ?H. C. Greenup. Particulars in future adrertisemeet. d 1!? *? COMMITTEE. NOTICE.?The Anmal Cotillon l'*rt? of the Northern Liberty Association will take place on TI'KSDAY, tbe2.'d of l??-cemlier. the Hail of their Engine House, in the Norl ern l,ih?rt? a. Tickets 91, admitting a gentleman and ladies. d i9-<t* 'PHK MEMBERS OF THKi.OHlilMKAT ft Association* Part* at Munder' streets. on MON1 has lieen engaged. the room. TiekrU I aad lad*. B* order COMMITTEE OF ARRANGEMENTS. It* UOIREE D A N S A N T E . ? PROF. H. W. MENDER takes jr?at p'ea*nr* in announcing to hi* friends ami prx trims ih?t Ins next SOI K EE will take place *? his Hall, oortier ?wh ami 1) street*. on THIRSDAY/ KV K \ INIi. I>~ eintier 3'st. 1: 77. I This l<emg New Year*' Eve. young ladies ai.d genilemen who have frequently enjojed these de lightful entertainments will have tne pleasure of dancing the " Obi Year out ami the N?w Year in.'* I'pi.n t|us occision tlif celebrated Lam-er's uad rillewill be introduced, this lieing the tust repre sentation in put.lie in tbi* city. It was first unro ll need at the Stale ItaMs in Europe.arid has tiecome the moat favored of all the lashionnMe dances. being rswducive to rrace. a<tdtn; ca?e ami el^rance to the oirnage. The new IVikaand Masourka Ouadri Ira will a lev lie introduced, makinc one of the moat varied programmes ever ottered at any soiree given in Washington. AH p?r?ons wishing to take lessons in the Lancer's Quadrille only , can do so upon reasonable terms l>> applying to Prof. M. d 19 S.Tn.Th3i ICHIRO A N N I A L II A L L orTMR ? American Hook and Ladder Co. Ho 2. The AMERICAN HOOK AND I.ADDER CO.. No, 2, beg leave to amount to the public that they will rive a Grand flail on TllrRSDAY *xL E\ ENING, December 24th. Itt7. at Odd F el - /T? Iowa' Hall, Navt Yard. LuAt The Company have pledged themselves To irnke this one of the nr>at agreeable entertainments of the season. Withata' Celebrated Baud ha> l>een engaged for the occasion Tickets t?NE D< >LLA R .admitting a gentleman and ladies?to tw? obtained from any one of t*e mem bers of the ''ompanv. d 13 lw J>HI e*?sre 'a LH AHMttMt; H A LI., I'a. sr., btiicitn 111k and L'fA ft* GRAND OPENING NIGHT. MISS F. . I.. *W I I. L I A M *. Th* ?? Welsh Nightingale." On MONDAY EVENING. l>e.-emN>r SI.??V. One Night Only, iu her Grand Entertainment. enti tled the 'a Drei.m, or tue i'rtaks ol Ou?-eii Mftt?. written expressly for her Irr Satuuul l.over. the oetebratei! author, Mid per forn!^ by her to <*rowd#*d houses, for the last *n yrars, in Kurope. N?-w York, tind Phitsdelph'a. rOLVM KL< )S. (K war of K(.ilo?;iie.t 11,1.FSTK ATI V E VOt AI. SK ETr H ES Itaimn!! Swiss!! S*.-.?tch!! Krencli" .v|>at.i*h ' Adn.ihoion an cents. .W Heoured scsts at ?1. to b# nad at thr .M usir Sr.irea |#???r open at 7 o'clock ? to er mmence at 8 o'ciook. ?l l:; ^SDEMBLY ROOMS. miss jiti"Tana may Respectfully announces that her t'uBMrt. which was unavoi'Khly poatponed, will positively take place on Tt ESDAY EVENING NEXT. DecrmlierX:. (Heing p<> itively h?r last appearaoce in Washing foil previous sober departure t<?rthe Souihl Or wiurh oo?*asio?i fhc will le* assisted by SlliMiR TIHI'.KIN'I, tlie r?lebmtrd Tenor. SIGN OR KOIXH.PHOSEN. Baritone. Mr. II \ K R Y S a N DKIISON. the tavonte I'laniht. Tiok"ta 91 each; seats secured without extra eha-ce. |i"r"Seifs ran he *??curod, withoit ertu cSarrr. at 'h- Piiuio ami Muaio Mores ol Mes ra. Dana and \letzerwtt. C??ncert to conunence at R o'clock. d 17 tf rw* II E W ASH I N 6 TO N T H E A T R E. Lr?vf \V. StrnitT. (also Lessee of Wallaok's Theatre. New York.I Mr STUART begs to announce that the building know as Carusi'c Saloon is row underg. mg altera ation to transform it into A S.MAI L ASP El.E'-ANT TllMTKE. Contracts have lK?en in do witn ai d the theatre will be constructed bjr M r. Ditrr,? f this citr, after a il ?ign furm?he?n?y >i r. Bou r? icau. t. The first per formanco will tak?* pfcw on ( hkistmas Da\. Tlie scacon wili com>iHl? fsixteen wffki, otmipri ?? k per!orina?-ces ?<\ \ lie hieheal c a>s. he ?utiacnber?. ?r?* kin'lly remitted to pa? their Mih*<-riptiou* to Messrs. R >ggs A Co , iMiiker?. Th* plan < f the orch?'stra sta'ls and private U>xrs may l-e seen at th" Th< a're on M- n'lu n^it. Mi-v i I'm. n A Intrl.) \VM STI ART. _ (VJtn ICE.-The NATIONAL GLEE CI I'It will give ?hoir Thtrrt ?irnnd Astftnlilyiw el MONDAY EVENING. Jan. the 4th. For particulars aee future vIvertisemenL / d 12419" L-JV. RAND MILITARY AND CIVIC BALL or THK Washington Yagers. TU? U'ASHIN?iT<?N YAGERS l^e l^v" u, ?nnoui.oe to their Iriends ami ?ho ruh irgi-n rt\ erally. thft llu?> will giw tli-ir l< ???ii. aiiiir jffl Asaemb ? Ito..nis on MON DA V EYEN i N't ? ./'? December .nth. H?S7. L 'I li? Crnnmit w rled^e themselves to m*>ke th * one of the best 11*11* of th<% ?fflMiit. Th* Bar and Suppt-r wjli tia furnished by C. Srhafer. \Vel>er'a Celel?rated Band has fw?i urn<cagod for tlie occasion. Tickets ONE DOL1.AR. admitting a Gentleman and l<adies. G Vommittr* e/ Arrant* m'?n. <?.S. E. Li?elier, S?t. J^chiilit, Sgt John Wahl, Corp, F. Stinzinr. Pnrate C. Just^_ d T.TIi.S.? .Th.S,M I^IRST UR\ND BALL OF THE SEASON GRAND FIR FM ENS' A N D CITIZENS' BALL. The VIGILANT FIR E COMPANY.ef<Je.?-t? town, l>. C.. t>eg l?-a\e to announce to 'heir friend" and th? nulilio general y. t| kt tl?? ) w;:l W give their Nmtfi Annu-il fall at l-'orr?*?t "a;l,/^? on MONDAY FA ENINC. D'c ."st. ia%7. t:!S\ Tho Company po>dge tr>?rtn?eives to make this one of the best lt?,.s of the M INNS. N<> hats or cap* will l-r aliowed in tlie room, ex cept thoaaworu iiy Fnemen. No intoxicated persons will lie nduutted in the Rail Ro< in. A ftriiit Pohee ftiree will Ik; iti attendance to pre serve strict order. Supper and Refreshments will l?e furnished by an expcr-epc?.i caterer. Jvjof r"s Celebrated Cotillon Band has Seen engaged for the occasion. Tickets ONE DOLL A R, admit tine a Gentleman and I ndies. Mi not mrut r>* tke P*rt f?? Ciltr?ns. Hon. R. K. Crawford, A. L. S'ewrbv, Es^.. Hon. Henry Addison, H \V. Bmnt. I'.aq . Rob. Ould, Esq., ^ Ja?. A. Magrudei. Esq . Hugn Caperton, Fsq.. ??il. Vanderwerken, t sq , Bladen Forrret. Esq. Mannnrmnt o? the Part t>f th' Cctnrnay. Ilan. C -Addison, Jonn Scrtt. J no. Shackelford, Lem'l. Brown, Henry O. Reaver, Geo. Collins, J no T. Kindly, John W t?r? s?, S Koonts. John J. MK^oillan, Jno. Thecker, Josepn Koouts. d in. LOST AFD FOUND. I? 'ST.?A of lady's ROLD SPECTACLES, ^a ith oase. in going from S??iifh B street 'o the new Hat;, Senate, and fcupreme Court. The bed'r Will be suitably rewardrdbt leaving the same with DA N I El. MAJ"R.g' South B >trret H ? f*Ol'N'D.-On the l?th instant, a pair of SPEC TACLES. which tue owner can nave by payn'g for this adveitisrmejit. Call at the Washington City Saying's Bank - It* NOTICE.? \Yss committed to the jail of Prince George'* Couuty, Maryland, on Samiday AA the 5th lay of December, eutet-n hundred and WL fifty seven, as a runaway negro , who rails himself DAN I F. I.. He is al>our twenty ?? ars iff of age, black, rather likely. He had on. when ^ ? committed, a suit of eommon krrse., suoii a> is usnally worn by servants. H'* sa?s he beU'ii^s to Chandler Shaw, Ksq.. of St. Mary's County. The owm-r, if sny, of the above described negro >s requested to come lorwa.d, prove property, pay charges and take ?::m awav, otherwise he will be discharged according to l*w. d l? 9t JOHN W. WEBSTER. Sheriff. RUCTION BARGAINS. UAROAlNS. French worked Collars and Embroideries, Cambric, Swiss and Dimitr Bands. l<adies' Frcnah woiked Collars and Sleeves, in sets from 91 t'> 9". Indies' French worked Collar*, from three cents to 95? , . . Ladies' silk, merino, beaver, and kid Gauntleta, "5 cents a pair. ... I Ad 11 ?' merino Vests and black lace Veils. White and Itrowu Talile Diaper, Infants' Hoods. Biact elastic Belts, US oeuts; Brass Hoopt.SScts. a set. Linen .Bosoms, 6*4 els.: kid Gloves. 2Scts.; Reeda.g cts., ?. _ SnperK>r black velvet Riband, from lf>% cte. to 93 apiece. Lad '?#' and Misses'Skirts; white and colored Hist ^irts, 1 wadded) Indies Unen Haudkereiiiefs. x ets. Infants' ^ aistsand Roliea. very low. Superior Bimnet Hilar.d, 12S| ce ts; Napkins, f'4 ?eat*. Piudi atd Merino Sosrfs, La lies' Mantles aad * loaks. from 92 to 9^?. Ladies', mt?ses'and boi s' vnsloii <iliiv?i ai.d Ho ei"r?. <?E<?. P. AiTLEN. d 17 fteo Ns /H I's ay , arit te l*tti ?t. HJ. M?L4DGHI.IN, No. f* Pa. avenue. h? ? tween Htb and 1Kb streets, is op* ing this week aew Good*, saieefd last week 1* New * or*, d