Newspaper of Evening Star, December 19, 1857, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 19, 1857 Page 4
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EVENING STAR PLAYGROUND LirKRVTI RE. W> know of no better way to bring a imllf to young America's face than by giving place lo iiorh1 of the queer literaturp of the play-ground. It ha* always amuwd us, and as we harp grown into manhood, many a tiine In hearing theqnaint rhrmn and ahsi:rd concentration of ideas, have we tripd to fathom the origin and meaning of them. Of courw our wit? wri unable to solve the riddle. One "count out" we remember is thin: ?'OnyrT. two ?ry,ickery an, Bot^tl. vme<ar, tittle and tan, Harnm. scarum, Macernm. nwrum, Get out you little old man.'* Another runs a* follows; H inks, spuiks. The devil winks. The fat's begin,in* to fry; Nobody's at home, ? Bntjumpinf Jo*n, Kathcr, mutnor. and F. O-U-T out, W ith a long biaok scout. Out, pout, one. Hiokory. hoary hairy Ann, Busybody over span: Rare. pare. Virgin Mary, Pit, pout, one, une. Such gibertsh as the following we never hear without a hearty laugh, and wander who in vented It: One-ery, two-erv, d:ckery deven, ?kabot Arabone. craekahone, ten or eleven; Spin span must ??> on. Twiddi e 'am, twaddle 'em. twenty-one. Spin span must ao on. Twidd e 'em, twaddle >m. twentv or.e Hawkers, heulk 'em, bonny Crawkam, Hiddlepum, hiddleeuiii. bastard, O I-Tout. There, boya, you are in print, and we hope you will consider us friends for a very long time to pome. JT7" The farmers in New Jersey, in 133S, lo?t three millions of dollars tiy kseping their pro duce back till the uouutry was blockaded with snow. L/- The Senat* of Alabama has pa??rd a bill, ordering the horning of the bills of thP State Bsnk and branches. They amount to ?1,100, OUU IXjT The Southern University of the Episcopal Church has been locatPd at the Hewanae Coal Mines. on a peak of the Cuml>erland mountain, 1 J.(Mt feet abvve the level of the sea. ITT" A German in Albany lately came into pos session of kJl/iMl, the bequest of his wife, who ran away to California with another man, some years tgo. and acquired the money by a dissolute eourse of life. lO" An Impertinent editor iu Alabama wants to know when we ?' iutepd to pay the 'debt ot nature."" We are inclined to think that when nature gets her dues from hiin it will l>? by an ?TlCMllOM.?LouiiVtiU Journal. A thief entered one of the public schools in Newark, ou Thursday afternoon, and stole a considerable amount of clothing, consisting of bonnets, shawls, and overcoats, belonging to she poor children. IU?" ThP citizens of Santa Crn*. California, re cently held a public meptlng to p*pre?s their appreciation or the humanity and kindliest of the people of Norfolk. Va , towards the passen 5ers rescued from the wreck of the Central merica 1CT In Bangor, Me., an officer named Ring, essayed to arrest a fellow named Donahoe. who retreated to the roof of his dwpllin^. The officer followed, and after an exciting tussel on thp edge of the roof, the officer secured his prisoner. \VJ- The hog drovers in Columbus, Ca.. have entered into a combination not to sell their hogs ai a less price than ten cents net. and that unless they can obtain that price for them, they will bacon them up, and run the risk of the ba< on market next summer. Sixty 9lavb* E***cipatki> ?Mayor Weaver recently recpived a letter, dated New Orleans, from R. K. Walker, who states that he was ap pointed executor of the estate of Raker Wood ruff, of Lonlsiana. lately deceased, who by his will liberated all his slaves, numliering about sixty, and left Instructions that they should be conveyed to Pennsylvania, and provision ir^d" for them for one year. .Mr. Walker writes tl-af Pittsburg will probably be the destination of these people?P?tt*6urg Gii*tie. ARRIVALS AT PRINCIPAL HOTELS BROWNS' HOTEL ?W Mitchell. Md; G P Jenkins, do; P Myers, Pa: J Myers, do; P P Al len. T\ ; Geo Brent, Md, H A and lady. Pa ; Mrs A McLaughlin. Md ; Mrs B?nson. do ; W C Hampton. NY; C Hampton, do ; M Swain, Pa, J W Mitchell. Md ; F A Carnps. Va: F Deetherage. do; Mrs J Wood, do; Miss J Faut. 0 A Homes: do; N Rives, do ; R H Butchpr and lady, Mass; A Brown. Va; W H Smith, do ; W Pierson. Md; W M Sutton, Va; J Daders, do; It Richardson. La; Thos Howard. Pa; Tbos Ma*. lin. Va; W L Ellsworth, NY;0 Robinson. NY: A Dodge, do ; S J WaUb, West Indie* ; J is 1. Wheeller, Md; Or J Dare. Md; J Lambert. DC Geo Bell, NY; F. Shippen. do; B M DeWitt Va; W Lloyd. d<?; W C Logan. Mo; J McCnllough. NY; J Greeley, NY: A Smith and lady. O; J B Swahrl, NY. WILLARDS' HOTEL.?J M Smith. Va; N C Smith. Ct: Gov W ? Packer. Pa; P Dougherty, do; R M Magraw, H D Rogers. Md; R S Ti Ira nian, I SN; J N Hambleton, do; l)r Forlws. do; D Bell, I SA: Hon J A Stewart and fam, Dr P F Thomas, II Rolando, Md: Jno Woodbum. Mi*s R Irish, Mich; D DeWolf. W Baldwin. II Perry'. A B Gettz. N ^ k. S M Kenyon, W John?on. Me; W Morgan, Pa; Mia* A Jackson, Miss Smith, F Ager. Mass; \\ S Williams, Va: G D Scott. C Arnold. W C Baker, Pa; J B St John, St Croix Fails; J R Shuinpstein, W A Barstow. Wis; I. B Crocker. M Alfrc?| and ladies. W P Sabey and lady, NY, Gen A Ilealey, 111; J R Yates. NY: S A lloxsie. T Al Coleman. Pa, Mr Smith, Thomas Ra.nev. NY. K1RKWOOD HOUSE.?O Barrett. T C Mac Dowell. Pa; W S Moseley, C ? stains, M??; J B Bingham, Va; C S Merritt. J A Taylor and !y, NY, E W Caatmil, 111; Z B Beall.Jos Worthing ton, do, W H Rogers, K Ter, A Maddox. Md; f Glover, DC. Dr Forb~s, Com Mervine; C H >; J Fraser, c W; II N Thomas, N Yk; E L Russell, Pa, Jm Springbok, 111. C. 8 HOTEL, (L O Smith s )?T Hilde brand, W B Brooks. Md, J B Mewart, Mrs f P? A Bnimmrl, La, J T Blllenst.ln. 1 a, H Turner. NY ; W Thouifmon, Mo; A Tbcrn !^n,; IW,i J,j M*rr' J R K?ehlv?l. W M llume. K II KiocUeloe. Va; Leo Smith, NM. OCR Ay STEAMERS' SAILING DA YS Fault 1MB U.N1T1D STSTBS. Li?m For. I)<*ys New York Npw York...Glasgow Dec 1ft America Boston I-iverpool...Dpc II Edinburg New York.. Glasgow.... Dec 31 Fsow Kviori. Persia Li ver pool... New York... Dec 14 Arago Southam'n..New York...Dec Iff City Baltimore. Liverpool...New York.. Dec 16 The California mall steamers leave New York the tth and SOth of ear h month. T?.. _ ? A R R f A G E S. HK subeeriber Bavrn* inu? a-lditiocs to his t actory. making it now one of the lirint. jvmg tn the District, wnere his faoilitiPo fortoR.iSSe' P">"ft*fft?4rina al kind* of CAR JBErEK?? li . LIOflT WAtiONS ovu.ot be ?ur ,rt*" h,? '"?* experierioe in the bust ness. he hopes to five genera, satislaetion. ^Ah kindsuf Carria?es and Lifht Wi(uM kept on ly^tteni??one.and all urders prompt m - -? *s7. T:" 1,1 ?f nir o?w ^no-tf ANDREW J. JOYCE, oorner oruth and F. sta. \IA>?yCACTL RKD TO ORDER lgJrJJ.rfS.1 la ~..i Indies' duuMe soled lleelM Waiters. ' ? ^ .. wi'^ont heels, ?/n. ,, b^.Morfoes-heets3 B?H.t,. a 1.7*. " WAi.klSf 4t Mass's a 'aid Children s tn proportion. Gen'.leiaen's doeMe soled Ro<>tsat tSapair. M C^II ?c JOHN F. CREWS', ? I* 'm* No. 4347th at., between G an.1 PI. r^HINESE SI ?;AR cane SVRI.P.-Txaart' *v much improved in the manu.acturefrvui that lr?i HMa, u j?tt reo<!iveil from R eeves' M ill, a^tl for sa e t>y J. B. W| LSO.N. Groeet. No. XI Peans)! van in avenue. The pu> lie are request^ (lot to take the various mriips in the market.a? ?ppciii>en? itf this now ul lereu , or even that hrst u<ad?, a lurh are are ?<>w Seining at half price. J. |{. WII.St^N. Ar.<f. alav. a lull aasnrtmant ol choice (ir<?crriea H" sale by _dJ51?w JESSE B. W11.SON. ^m.oThing Mali, to order. Oeot einen wi i,,ng toaupp > therawelvea with hne ", J rx"c> 1 'ansiiuere I it*Hiouui, ? *ivV ft? <J vfafs nindM t<? trie l^a, u,a,.?er are inv't^i airwne our present tar?e vsriet, ,.f (i rt1. r i w>" r,,rn'?h i Ifciow rfie usual citj ar.ces W A I.L. STfe|?HK\?i A Co _ d 16 6t r.'C Pa. av.. between ?e! Heh sta Im-'W Iabper's magszank kor j>v I I aY rec-iveil and for sale t. r. s 1<h>k ?'??rp. -,ii |c nun.' ?rs for as'e, i,r snl. ?<"l J'K,n? 1S |k r ci f'.r '!;? w??r. Su; <viprujUm re<- r. ed far ai> the n a-aziops st t< e put.liehers prices, d ?\er^>l to any part ?>|'he etty or rent f??*r iuao to ab sarltof ih* 1% if.rt ??taf',? ' '?' H - I M. f?? \ . i, , H<*'Iiii???i , < liuililuir, ' * , auisH i'.smI l'? av. I/R? SH ROIL BfT-r r. K J n^re^n r-l.'s* ' R??LI. Ill i'I EK,/fom Roearne nnf*. \a .*n(1 will reeetvw weekly Iroir the ?ante dairy. Beat Roll at ate. aer pou> d J li *.? ?' M ? .THo* STEWART, City Market, oorner litj? and H sta. Pianos, fco.t^ , A BARGAIN IN A PIANO.-One of Ballet, /\ Davis A Co.'sbest PIAVIW ?? | case, seven mUvm, iron frame, *01(1 by "'IfWI for ?a'*'hut a short time ago. it now for'"* 1 sale at oar store for #2V? cash, or a not* at short date bt?anng interest, with ?oo<Jendorser. theowner being compelled from private circumstanees to lorce ?aid Piano off. 1 un prepared to warrantand guar antee said Piano a* hrmlv arxi strongly m any 1 iano 1 ever aula. Thi? is a bargain in reality. Alio, a large stock of new Piano*. Pianos for rent by evening. month, quarter, or year. JOHN F. ELLIS, Penn. avenue, n?Mf ? near 10th street. Fivk work of raven. bacon A CO.'S superior PI ANOS, just arrived at the^ Warerooms of W. G. METZEROTT. Seoond hand Pianos for sale cheap. n 20-tf VTU.NNS A CLARKE'S ^ ^ fjd * .Jpa H A I.LETT, DAvVs A CELEB RATED PIANO flUiTES, Constantly receiving mud fur sale only by * JOHN F. ELLIS, 3P? Pa. av., between 9th and 10th sts. Purchasers will find it to their interest to examine for themselves the superior qualities of the above Piano*. Stools, Covers, Melodeona, Ao., Ae? also on hand. _ n 16-tr CJOLD MEUAL ?*MlUyiAM0 WILLIAM KNABK, (Senior partner in the late farm of Knabr. Gabhlb A Co., Continues the manutaotore and sale of grand and square PIANO FORTES, under Wie name-?-^* of William Knabe A Co., at the old stand, IE^Km Nos. I, 3, 5 and 7 North Kutaw street op- "? 1 *? ? posit e the Eutaw House, Baltimore. They have also just opened a new Seles Room at No 207 Baltimore street, between Charles and Light streets, on the premises partly uooupied by Mr Henry McCaflery as a music storo, where they will keep oonstantly on hand a large assortment of plain and highly-finished grand and square Piano Fortea* also. Melodeona, from the beat makers, from 4 to 5 ootave. some with double key-boards, double reeda, and atop* to suit small oliurches. Being extensively engaged in the manufacture ? f Pianos, we will aell wholeaaleand retail, on the raw t liberal terms. Our Pianos were awarded the highest premium (gold medal > at the Fa, rs o| the Mary land Institute two auooessive years?October, l?iS5, and 1856?in op position to fourteen and eighteen pianos from nome of the best makers from Nevr York. Boston ami Bal timore. We were aisoawarded the firs' premium at the Industrial Exhibition held in Richmond, Vir ginia, iav> and lR5c. They have also l>een awarded the highest premium (silver medal) at the Metro politan Mechanic*' Fair for 1857. In addition to this we are in possession of teatimo niais from the most distinguished professors and amateurs in the oountry, which oan be seen at our warerooms, speaking for themselves and others ol the high appreciation in which our instruments are every where held. All instruments are gnamnteed for five yeara, and a privilege of exchange is granted within the firat ?ix months from the day of sal* if the instruments do not give entire satisfaction. Wholesale dealers will find it to their advantage to give us a call before purohasing. Pianos exonanged, hired, and tuned. mar 16-1 r WM. KNABE A GO. The music depot of w. a. metze ROTT, corner of Eleventh streut and/sCCTfkfB Pennsy Ivajua avonne, is th? largest an'lp |yf! only c?>mp!?tc Musical Establishment in' ? ? ? ? the District ofColumbn. Baoon. Ravtn A Co's and Rosonkranxe'a oele brate?l PI AM>S are alwa> s on hand in gre\t varie ty-ala<>. Pr;n?i's superior ME LO DEON S. Together \rifh an immense stork of Musical In atruments and Sh?et Music of every description. Piaw forte tuning executed bv Mr. Rebine. d!> tf Insurance, fto. G OLD AND SILVER PURCHASED AT THE BEST RATES. FORE lay BILLS OF EXCHANGE SOLD, ON THE PRINCIPAL POINTS IN EU ROPE. IN SUMS TO SUIT. GOLD CURRENCY, AND VIRGINIA HO NEY ACCOUNT*', WILL BE OPENED FOR D EPOS ITO RS, PAYABLE IN SAME FUNDS, OR IN GOLD. CHARGING THE CURRENT RATES.-C HECKS MUST BE MARKED ACCORDINGLY. SIGHT DRAFTS ON ALL THE PRINCI PAL CITIES OF THE UNION. SOLD IN SUMS TO SUIT. BONDS AND STOCKS SOLD ON COM MISSION. UNCURRENT MONEY BOUGHT AND SOLD. LAND WARRANTS PURCHASED AT THE HIGHEST RATES. SWEENY, RITTENHOUSE, FANT A CO., d t-.1m Bankers. rpEN PER CENT. INVESTMENT. Corporation Bonda of the City of Davenport, Iowa, paving 10 per cent, interest by Coupon in New York. B-mns of QUI* each. The growing city of Davenport has now aiiout 2?,0I*> inhabitants, and is rapidly increasing in wealth and population. Ita municipal debt is only SI.if*,<<*>, and its railroad debt only ??I2S,?'>-, and cannot now l>e increased. The statistics of the city were published in the Intelli gencer of th* 3)tn September. We reoominend these bonds, thieving them to be as sate as any Stateorcity bonds. oc fi CHUBB BP OTHERS WASHINGTON INSURANCE COMPANY, CHARTERED BY CONGRES8 Capital. ?? ? 'M This Company is now prepared to reoeive applica tions for IN'SinANCE ON BUILDINGS, MER CHANDISE, Ac., at the usual City rates, without any charge for Policy, at their Office, oorner of Tenth Street and Pennsylvania Avenue,over the Washington City Savings Bark. DmacTORs. Wm. P. Bayly, Samuel Baoon, Joseph Bryan. James F. Haliaay, Wm. Orme, Hudson Tailor, Eraneis Mohun, M. W. Gait. enj. Beall, JAMES C. MoGUIRE, President. 6rapton D. Hanson. Secretary. ap 11-ly I>ANKING HOUSE OP l> CHUBB BROTHERS. Deposits. ? Deposits received and Cheoks paid without oliarce. Drafts on the northern aeaboard a.tif* received on Deposit at par, and Exchange on sard Cities furnished to depositors without oliarge. Intkhuton DKrosiT*.?Interest will t*e allowed on Depoaita ai suoh rates as may be agreed upon. Dxpoaira iji ViKbiMA aid 1'?cikhk*t Money. Deposits in Virginia and other I nourrent Money re ceived to l>e checked for. payable in same funds, or to specie, we charging the regular Exchange. D'?coC!?t?.?Notes, Drafts.and Bills of Exohanre will he disoou uted, and I .oans made on Stooka, Bunas, and Securities, at the market rate. Lxttkr* n? Ckkdit.?Letters of Credit will be furnished, negotiable in the different Oifiea of the United States, on Deposit of Money or Collaterals, and inter??? sllowd if Money is deposited, and charged if Collaterals, on ssoh terms as may be screed avblins Bills or Excmawsb.?Traveletawill be furnished with drafts in auch sums as may tie de Sired negotiable in the ditlerenTCities of the Union Bills and Lrttkr* or Ck kdit ox England, las LANb amd Enaors.?Bills of Exchange and Latters of Credit on England. Ireland and Europe, furnished at the market rate for Exchange, in sums to suit. Bonds, Stocks, Ac.?Bonds, Stocks, and Seouri ties paying from ?> to It pr. cent., always f>r sale, or bougnt in the different Cities at a commission of aj^ pr. cent. Where Stocks are lioiight upon orders, we reserve the right to call for a deposit of in pr. oent on the oost. Bonds or Stoeka will be ordered by te!e ptpk. Railroad, Citt. abd Statb Boitds.?Railroad, City, and State Bonds oan be plaoed in onr hands for negotiation, either in this ooantry or Europe. Rtil rond Iron purcnated for oash or with Bonds. Laud Warrants.?Land Warrants bought at ths murk at rates. All Warrants told by rs are fwirea i??d in every respect. Ijvud Warrants located on oommission. Mnd Warrant quotations regularly furnished if re quested. Warrants will be forwarded to Western Homes or, orders, or sent for sale on commission to responsible parties. Real Estate and Insurances.?Real Ea ate bought and sold, and Insurances effected. I Claims on I nitkd States, Court op Claims, 8on? a ess.?Claims on the United States, beforethe ourt of Claims er Congress, intrusted to us, will be ?roseouted by prompt and able attorneys. CHUBB BROTHERS, Jan n Opposite the Treasury. ANKING HOUSE or CHUBB BROTHERS. Depositors depositing Bank Notes will please mark their ('hecks payable in currenoy. Depositee of fiold will l?e paid in Gold. Aecoiints will tie opened with depositors allowing t1i?-iii to deposit liold and Cheek r?>r currency, the depositor being credited wi'h the difference. ?e ai tf CHUBB BROTHERS. NTEKEST ALLOWED ON DEPOSITED. MONEY to Lit AN en STOCK SECVRITIES CHUBB BROTHERS, BANKERS. :an 27-tf <tpp<>i\ir tht Trtasuty, I t\T I No iNOTICE OF THE HKMOVAL OF THE LAND OFI'I' E FROM MINNEAPOLIS To FORKS I' CI TV. IN THE TERRITORY OF MINNESOTA. In accordant with the provisions of tt-e act of Congress, enti?'ei| * An set authorizing changes in the hxviti'.n of laml offices." approved March 5, ih.*?, it is liMreby declared and ma<le known that the offi<>* lor the sale of I he puMic lauds at M in t ha Territory of M.mirsota. will Ikj reim?ved to ForK?T City, in said Territory, n* enrly a period m prmriirable. Further i.o'ice as to the precise time of rcinovsl will l?e issued by the regi -der and reci'iver lor the lend distru '. ?liven uuder in*, hand, at the city of Wash ngton, IhiM-th di? of |:?wmlvr, A. D. I It <7. itj o.dernl lh>? President: f HiA. Ill NDPICKS, Coii)ini: rinner of i tie l.?iiei;il I .and oiic o. d l(> !?; ,V*W H^Al Til I I. WOOLI-.N 4iO<iDS, SOCKS, Mitt, Comforts. A r.. tPu., at .1 ?? MeLAl'GIILIN'S. ?7" A i II ION A B LE PER ?* I' M f-RI ES, from ?lie tis*r hf'iises. at GIBBS'Sj, liw the turner uf 13th sticef. Pa. ave. n m liu Trmyif' DirtoWry. Tkt Skips eompotint tkit Lint tf? : The ATLANTIC ?? .Cm*. Oliver Eldrid**. The HA LT1C..??. Joseph Com took The ADRIATIC ? Capt. James West. These ships having boon built by oontract exy.-essl y for Government seivioe, every caro has t>een rakes in their oonstruotion, as aso in thoir engines. to in sure strength and speed, and their hoc inmodations for pesssn<ers are unequalled for eJega^oe and oom fort. The steamers of this line have improved water tight compartments, and no expense has been spared to make them .ill as good as new, the thorough exam ination giveu them proves their mode of const!uc tion) et unequalled. Price of passage tronn New York to Liverpool, is first oahin, in ssuond do., #71; From Liver Bool t< New Vork, ?' sud W guineas. An experi penenccd So-geon attached toeaoh ehip. No bertha uan be seourew autil paid for. rROPOSElt DATES OF SAILING. rioM raw tobb. | rmoM Liverpool. Saturday, Jan. IK WW. Wednesday, Feb 3. 'R5R Saturday, Feb.13 Ikifl Wednesday, M'ch 3 l"5H Saturday. March 13 1M8 Wednesday, M'oh 3- 1MB Saturday, April l'? 1R-# Wednesna*, April28 18.53 Saturday, A_pril 24 Wednesday, May 12 lMfl Saturday, May R 1M* Wednesday, May 2?'? lnw Saturday, May 22 1P5R Wednesday, June 9 .IWW Saturday. JnneV.. .lflV. Wedueeuay, June ..*1 to R SHUur.lav, Jane 19 .. .uk*. Wednesday. July 7 IS;* Sa'nrday, July S Wednesday, July 21 13 8 I ? I ? H ..?-l???_J J Saturday,July It. Saturday, Aug. 14 ... j ?> ?o o Wednesday, Ang. 4 l&a Wednesday, fept. I .1858 Saturday, Aug.2U . vVedn?*day , S*pt. 15 las# Saturday, Sept. It ...145* Wednesday, Sept. is iftiH Sfttnr. nv Sent 9A IflSu' iiJ. J?r" rr "v/ ? ?-'r ? ? ? ? . . . ? mjm, vvcui icsun* , COPI. *.;? . If.rJi Saturday, Sept. 2d .. .I?5tt'Wednesday. Oat. 13 li6H Saturday, Oot 9 1858 Wednesday, Oct. 2i. .1858 Wednesday, Nov. lo.iass Wednesday, Nov. 24.1*53 Saturday, Oct. iB IRS) Saturday, Nov. t> IK5ii Saturday, Nov. SO 1?:s ?/ 1 ? 1 "v^v? ^??UIUOJ I . i T . Wednesday, Deo. 8 18 a Saturday, Deo.4 18.-8, Wednesday, Deo. 82 1V8 For freight or passage, apply to KDWARD K. COLLINS, No. M, Wall street, New Vor<. BROWN, SH1PLKY A CO., Liverpool, U G. WAINWRIMHT*C4>.. Pane. The owners of these ships wdl not be aooountabis for ("Id, silver, bullion, specie, jewelry, precious storms or metals, uii.ena bills of lading ars signed therefor and the value thereof expressed therein. d lft yyAattiNbTOft BRANCH KAlLKUAD. TKA1NS RUN AS FOLLOWS: From WASHINGTON at ? a. m.. conneoting at delay with trains for the West, and at Baltimore with those for Philade'.plwa and >ew York;at \. in., for Annapolis, Haiti more, Philadelphia, and New Vork ; at 3 p. m. for Baltimore and Norfolk and at Relay with Frederick train. EXPRESS at 4^> ?. m. at Relay for the Weit. aad for Annapolis. Hal U more, Philadelphia, and N*w York. On Sunday at 4.30 p. m. 1* From BALTIMORE for WASHINGTON at 4.16 and 9.15 a. m.. 3 and 5.15 p. in. On Sun-lay at 4.16 a. m. Je 12 tf T. H. PARSONS. Agent. QRANGE AND ALEXANDRIA RAILROAD ?R E AT SOUTHERN MAIL LINE Twioe Daily, (Snnday nirhta excepted.) betweei WASHINGTON CITY and ihe SOl'TH, via A LHXANDitlA, GORDONSVILLLa.lD RICH MOND. Leaves Waahinrton nt 6 o'olook a. m. '* Washington at 7 o'clook p m. For LYNCH UT RG an7the SOUTH WF.ST. Leave WashinxUtn at 6 o'clock a. 'in., arrive il LYNCHKURG nextmoruinpat 4a. m.,oonnecMr.i with the trains on tlie Virginia e.itd Tennessee Rail Road for J*.1 KM PHIS. Mail Stagea from Char ottcsviile to Ljrehburg a distance o| 60 imlea. Fare from Washington to Lynchburg, .^7.75. The steamer GKORUK PAtiK, foot of Seventh ptreet, being owned by the Railroad Company, run* in oonnection with the trains. Tioketa for Lynchburg procured on the Boat. ICr<?innibuaeaMd Ma<*r.?e Wagons will neat tht Depot of the Washmglon Railroad, to oonvey paa seugers end baggage to the Steamtx>at, for Alexan dria, a distance of six miles, allowing ample time for maaia. JAM KS A. EVANS. A?ent. Alexandria, Jn!y,1M7. iy 8-tf NK W AND IMPORTANT SCHF.DULE. FOR ALL PARTS'OF THE WEST. nix' . BALTIMORE AND OHIO RAILROAD. The recent extension and improvement of its lead ing connecting lines at tfco West liaa required an en tire revision of the running arrangements of thia road by which highly important advantages to the trav eler are secured. On and alter MONDAY, June 15, 1857, THREE DAILY TRAINS will Le run in both direction* for through pasMMiicra. Firat?The ACCOMM?>DATION TRAINatarta from CamdefTStation, Baltimore,at 7 A.M..(except Sunday,) stops at way ttationa and arrn ca at Cum berlana at 4 P. M. Seoond?'The MAIL TRAIN starts (Sunday ex cepted ) at R 3" A. M.. and arrives at Wheeling at 4 28 A. M., connecting at Meuwood with Central Ohic trains for Coiuiniius, Cincinnati. Indianapolis, Lou isville, Chicago, St. Louit, Ac., and at same piacc with trains fr>r Cleveland, Toledo, Detroit. &o.. by Cleveland Road.and alao at Paikeral urg with Ma riana Road. Third?The ST. LOUIS and CINCINNATI EX I'll ESS TR AIN leaves daily at s.ns P. M., oon noctirgat Benwood at 9 A. M.with express trains from Heihire to C;noinnati, lirithout chnntt qJ Ci*< at Columbus,) and renewing there in but 21 hours from Baltimore and J* hours from Washing ton. It also connects direotly. in tM>tIt directions, at Grafton with cars by Parkersburg and Marietta roiula for Chilliootlie, Cmoinnati, etc. These trains oopnect at Xnma for Indianapolis, Chicago and St. Louis, and at Cincinnati wi?h the Great Ohio and Mississippi Express for Louisville, Cairo and St. Louis through to St. Louia tu l^sa than 42 hours from Baltimore. By Una 'rain the time to all the central and si/Tithern placea in the West la much less, while the dijciw' <i is from 40 to Ifn miles shorter than by the shortest of other routes. From the West these tonnecHou* are equally close and satisfactory, ar riving at Pnltiniore hi R.3f' A. M. ICT Baggage checked through to ail points. TIlRtH'GH TICKETS s??W at lowH rates ai Camden Slat ion and nt Washington. D. C. Pn?*eugers from Baltimore or Wfutbiu^ton may vittr th* ntire road by dnylirht, by taking inorn ing trains, and lying over at Cumlierland or Oak land, and resuming uext morning by Wheeling Ao eoinuiodniioi, tram, ieavinc Cumberland at 8 and Oakland at injo. FOR WAY PASSF.NOERS. The ('umU r!nn<! Aooominodation Train at 7 A.M., will s'op at all Stations east of Cumberland, awl the Wheeling Accommodation at all Stationa tieyond Cumberland going West. Eaatwardlv, the Mail Train leaves W heeling at n.3n A. M..and Acoommo datum leaves Cumlierland at 9, reaching Baltimore at 5 n> P. M. 4IN THE NORTH WKSTERN VIRGINIA BR A.NCH, between Grafton and Parkersbiirg, wat paaven^e*s will take the Exprssa westwardly and the. Mail ssstwardly. The FREDERICK TRAIN starts at 4 P. M.. ?topping at way stations. Leaves Frederiok at 9.11 A. M.. arriving at Kaltimore f2 noon. The ELLICOTT'S Ml LL TR AIN leaves at 5.46 A. M., arid 5.15 I*. M. I.eavea Ellioott'a Mills at) A. M. and 7 P. M., except Sunday. FOR WASHINGTON AND THE SOUTH. Leave Baltimore for W ealuncton at 4.15 and 9.14 A. M., 3and 5.15 P. M. On Sundays at 4.16 A. M., and 5.15 P. M.only. Leave Waihuiztou for Baltimore at ? and ?.,? A. M. and 3 anil 4.20 P. M. On Sunday a at 7 A. M., and 4 8' P. M. only, Thefiratand foarfh trains from Baltimore,and the aeeomt aud fonrth traina from Waahington, will be express mail trams, stopping only at W&shinitoo Junction and Annapolia Junotion. J lie 9.15 and 6.16 trains from Baltimore and the 8 Jl> 12" ttama from Waahington connect with Uie trains from Annapolis. Ror tickets, infTirmation, fare, Ac., apply to J. T. GLAND, Agent, at the Ticket office, Camdec Itation. WM. 8. WOODS1 DE, jy IJ-tf Master of Transportation. Baltimore. 'pHE PACIFIC M^ILySTEAMSHIP COM One of the Steamships of this Company, carrying the ( nited States Mails for ACAPtLO, ffEM CA LI FOR.MA, and OR KG O N. leaves<xTgTT> Panajfi \ twite each month, on the arril'"? valol the 1 nted States Mail S.S.Coinpanv'asteam ers, winch leave New Orleans and New York regu larly <>u 5th and 2nth of each month with the mnUs. and pa?*eng9rs oonneoting via PANAMA RAIL ROADS. These steamships have !>een inspected and ap proved by the Navy Department, and guaranty tpeid and softly. The Panama Railroad <47 miles long) in now oom pleted from ooean to ooean. and is crossed iu 3 or 4 hours. Th? baggage of passengers is ohecked in New Vork through to S?.n 1- ranoisoo, and passengers ars embarked at Panama by ileemsr at the company's expense. The money paid in New York covers ail expenses of the trip. Reserve steamers are kept in port in Panama and Sau Francisco, to prevent detention in oase of aoci dent, so that the route is entirely rtiia6U?w> fail are having ttccurred ir. eight y?ara. Passangera leave Panama the saine day they ar rive at Acpinwall. Conductors go through tiy each steamer, and take otiarge of women and children without other proteo tors. For through tickcta at the low>?i? rates apply at theageiicr, 177 \Vest street. New I. W. RAYMOND.?or to ARMSTRt/NG, HARRIS A CO., New Orleans,- or If 34 tf C. L. BARTLETT. Boston. IJ NITED STATES MAIL LINE ONLY REGULAR LINK aNP WtTHotTT PAII.ITBX FOR KIOHT TBS KB, FOB CAI.IFORNIA AND OREGON VIA PANAMA RAILROAD. ftsgular Sailing Dey?, btk t antk oj tntk wttmtk. Caution.?So meny frauds and impoei tiopsof various kinds have been lately) perpetrated on travellers bound to C A Lf 1 rOR NI A. that lite subscrilwr. the only authorized Arent f?ir pAs?age b* the I). S. Mail Line, via Pana ma. in the oity of New York, feels it his duty to caiition all perxtna seeking pnssaue to California, i.iat, to a void imposition, they must be narefnl to hud tli< tru-*?ffue of the Stisainnhips of the U. S. \I?,. I.ine, \ 1'Hnii.ia Railroad, as bo other vffi'e iu New Voi* is authonsed toeugngc j>as Th? Coiii|?aiiies have enUr one oftine iq New \wtk. whictiisat ^7^Vel*l -treet,o<irner of Warren street, froii* ibk on the North River, at the head of the Cow ? ? -'? Wharf. tfr <>b?eirr# ray J RaV.MON XrtMiMt. '?'?-?"''flU'.-.v'-' Mr. Kbrkidt, of Rosbary, baa dieoovered la m of oar common ^utirt wwIs a remedy that cures IVKRT KTIfD OF Hanoi, _L from S??</?/a dote* to a r*amM Ptmpit. He haa tried it in orer eleven hundred, i\n<1 never failed except in two oases, ImiIIi Thunder Ha mor. fie has uow in hit possesaion over one hundred certificates of ita value,a!l within twenty miies of do* ton. Mouth b?ttl6a *** warranted to oara a nursing 8oro Ono to three bottles will oara the wont kind of on the Faoo. Two or three bottlea will olear the system of Biles. Two bottles are warranted to onre the worat Canker in the Mouth and Stomach. Three to five bottles are warranted to oare the worat kin I of Erysipelas. One or two bottles are warranted to oara all Hu m?>r in the hyea. Two bottle* are warranted to oure Running of the Mrs end Blotches among the Hair. hour to aix bottles are warrauted to oure oorrust and riKininjc IJloers. r One bottie will onre S*oaly Kruptiona of the Skin. TT?Lor bottles are warranted to oure tho worst kind of Rin* worm. Two or threa bottlos are warranted to oure the moat moat deaperate case of Rheumatism. Three to four bottlea are warranted to oure Salt rheum. Scrofula? #,<:ht hotl'a* 1r,,, our* tha Tont oaae of

A benefit it1 always experienced from the first bot tle, and a perfect oure ia warranted when the above ?uamity IB taken. Not hoi looks ao improbable to those who hare In vain trt'W all the wonderful medioines of the day. as that a common weed growing on the pastures, and along old atonowaila.ahouldoureevery humor in the ?yatern; y et it ia a hxed (aot. If you n?ve a humor, it has to start. There are no IKS nor ANUS, huma sor ha a at*>ut it suiting iome oassa, hut|n<>t yours. I peddled over a thousand bottlea of it in the vicinity of Boston. I know the effects of it in every oaae. It has a<ready done some of the greatest osrea ever done in Masaaohusetta. 1 rave it to children a year oid, to oid peopie of sixty. 1 have seen poor, puny, wr.rmy-looW ohildren, whose flesh was sort ana flabby, restored to a perfeot slat* of health b? one ?C (11Oe To thoae who art aubjeot to a siok headache, one bottle will always oure it. It %ive? great relief in catarrh and dizsiaess. Some who have t*ken it had ?wen ?>stive for years, and liave been regulated by it. \\ here the l*>dy is sound it work* quite -asy, our where there is any derangement of tho functions of nature, it will causa very ainsnlar feelings, hut alarmed; they alwriys disappear m from four days to r week. '1 here is never a find re sult from it; on the contrary, when that feeling is tone, you will feel jourself like a new person" I heard some or the most extravagant enoomisins of it that ever man listened to. In nirown prnctioe I always kept it strictly for hu mors? tint *mce us introduction as a general family medicine, treat and wonderful virtues have been found in it that I never suspected. .Several oa?eso( epiieptio fits?a disease which was ?uways considered inourablo, have been cured by a few bottles. (), what a meres if it will prove effec tual mall oases of that awful malady?there are but WW who have seen more of it than I have. I know of several ?jsea of Dropsy, all of them aged people cured l>y it. For the various diseases of the i.i\?t, v. to*; Headache, Dyspepsia, Asthma, Kever and Ague, Fain in the Side, Diseases of the Spine, aud particularly in Diseases of the Kidneys, ftc,. the discovery haa done more food thau any medicine ever known. No change of diet ever neceaaary?eat the beat you onn get and enough of it. Direction* for Utt.?Adults one tal'la-spoonful per day?ohildren over ton years dessertspoonful? children from five to eight years, tea-spoonful. As no directions oan lie applicable to all constitutions, take F'irnoieiit to operate on the bowels twioe a day. _ MA.NnyACTVP.ltD *T *r I. -P?NALDKKNNEDY. No. 120 Warna Strut, liozbury, i\i<ix;mckunttt. Agents for Washinrton.-Chas. Stott ft Co., Z. ?i linen. K.?tw?|| ft Lawrence. J. I!, (ir.rdner. Hurry Ac t o,, D. \\ aNh A <V>. F. }?. Walsh, J. I?., Martin Kmc, Nairn ft Palmer, Schwartz ft Co., O Bos well. Darnel B. Clark, J. |\ Milhuru, DunUr l>y!"?n. f ord ft Bro. Agents for (ieoreetown.?R. S. Cwtsll.O H (^nthai'i. J. |,. Kidwell. my ,?-lj AYER'S Cathartic Pills, tSCtiAK COATED?> The following remedies are of fered to the public as the best, inont ? . w perfect, w^iioh m?*dinl icirrc inn afford. A YE R S CATHaKTIC FILLs nave been prepared With tha utmost skill which the medi cal profession of this age po^Kesses. and their effects show they have virtues which snrpncH any combi nation of mediaino* hitherto kno-w n. Other prepa rations do more or less good ; but this cures such dangerous complaints, so quick and so surely, as to prove an efficacy and a power to uproot disease be yond any thin? which men have known before. Bj removing the olwtmotions of the internal oitan*and Btimuiatm* thorn into hwilthy action, th^y renovate tlifj foiintnint of hfo viror,? health Cf>urx^K anew through the body, and the sick tnan is well again. They are adapt?d to disesse, and disesse only, lor when tHk?n bj one in health they produce but little effect. This is the perfection of medicine. It is antagonist 10 to tlisea?e, and no more Tende Children may take them with impunity. If they aro sirk they will euro them, if they are well they will do them no harm. Give them to aorne patient who hns been pros trated with bilious coinrcaint; see his bent up. tot terinc form straighten with srrength ngain : ?ee hit long-lost eppetne return : see his oiammy features blossom into health, liiv? them to some autferer whose foul blo??l haa barst out in serolula till his skin is covered with sor?s ; who stands, or sits, or lies in anguish. Be h^s l>een drenched inside n:id out witn every potion which ingenuity could sug geat. (sive hiin these Pills, and mark the effect; aee the ncal?s from his l*xly ; See the new |*ir skin that has grown under thein: seethe late leper that is clean. Oive thorn to him whose angrv liuui'irs have panted rheumatism in his joints and nones; move him. and he screeches patna; he too has beep soaked through every muscle of his Lmk.> with liniments and palves; give him these I to purify his Wood; tho> may not onre him. lor.aia*. there are cases which no mortal power can reich ; but mark, he walks with crutches n?>w. and now he walks alone; they have cured him. <?ive them to the lea i, sour, haggnrd uyspentic. Whose gnawing stomach l??t,g ago eaten r very sou.e from Ins face aud every imiscIc from his ImmIt. ^oe hii appetite return, and with it his health see the new man. Soe her that was radiant with health and loveliness h asled and too early withering awa* wtut of exeicisc or mental anguish, or some lurking' <Iifchs", has deranged thu internal orsans of diren lion assiriiii.ilion or secretion.till thevdoihe If. Il'.'r blood M vitiated, her hcaith is toae. i.ive her these Fills to stimulate the vital priueip'e into renewed vigor, to cast out the obstructions, and in fuse a new \ itality into tlie Wood. Now look airaoi -th* roses b'ossom on her cheek. aruLwhern ;at. ly norxiw sat. joy bursts from every feature. See the sweet infant wasted with wonns. Its wan, sieklv imo^Thar*! ,OU wUbyut d!S<f,n'?e. arvl pan,fulls dis Jinot, that thry are ^afiu* its life rwar. Its puiched up nose and ears, and restless sleep,ngs, tell th" drcndftil tinth in language whioh every mother knowa Give it the Pills in large doses to sw^p these vi. e P? ran tea from the l-ody. Now turn sr-in and see the ruddy bh>oni of childh?N?d. U it notbinc to do these thingaf Nay.are thev m>t the marvel of 'insane. Aau )et they are done arouod you eveiy "V.; ve von the less serious sy inptoins of Miese dis empers, they are t he easier cured. Jaundice, C?a tivenrss, Headache, Sideaohe. Heartburn Foul stomach, r^sunea, Pain in the Bowels, Flatulenev l.osaof Appetite, King's fcvil, NeinaJgia. ( ain ? " 1 nM"e from U" deiangemeuta which these | ills rapidly cuio. Take thvin porse venngly. and under the o..un?el of a g.M?d Pliyaieaan II you can; if not, lake theiu judiciously by such advice as wativeyon, aud Ihe distressiu*. d'auc?r oua d.seasea they cure. wh>ch afflict so many mil lions of the kuman 'ace. arc cast out like the devils of o.dn they must burrow in the brutes and in the *es. | riee25 centa per Ikix?5 Imxes for SI. . ,P? UII'MAN, Waahington; and by Hi COOK ft CO. Alexandria, and all dealera in Me.lieii]? everywhere. d9^m_ Private MEDfCAL TIJUTIM OR Tit* PIIIHlpLoeiCAL VIKW OF MARRlA&M By M. B. La CROIX. M. 1)., JWbaS" N. ?. 2"0 pagea and l?l fiue^am and Colored Lithograph* .n- c 'T^RICE ONLV*CENTil.^l? It/ af peifgi to a U ytrli oftht Union, Dr. M- B. I^a Croix'i Phytiolofioal View of Mar na^e. A oew and revised editiim of pagea and ISO plates. Price 25 oenta a oopy. A popular and oom prehensivo treatise on th.e duties and casuoltiea of single anu married lire-hajppy and fruitful alliancea, mode of securing them?infelioi'oua arxf infertile onea^?their obviation and removal?nervous debility, ita causes and cure, Ljr a process at once so aimple, aafe, and effectual, that failure ia impossible?rules for daily management- anesaav on Sper malorrlitra, with practical observations on a safer and nn?re aucoeaanil mode o f treatment?preanutioaary hints on the evil results from empirioHi practice: to which ia added ootnmentariea on the diseaaea of fe rnnl1?"^fr?>m in fancy to old axe?each oase graplueel ly illustrated by ?>eautiful piatea. If points out the remedies for those self inflicted miseries and disap point ?d hopes so unfortunately prevalent in the tou;ig. It is a truthful advmer to the married, and thoee contemplating marriage. Its perusal is partic ularly recommended to persona entertaining secret doubts of their physical condition, and who are con scioua of fiaving haaarded the health, happiness and privileges to which every human being is entitled to. rnoe 2S oenta per oopy, or five oopiet for $1. mail ed free of p< it tare to uj part of the United rftatM, by addresaing Dr. La CROIX, (post paid.) Albaay, New \ ork. enclosing oenta. ?.o;.?vTh"B6 wno ?,;eler !,J,y o?MBlt Doctor ILA CKOIX upon any of the diseases upon whicn hif tsxik treats, either personally or by mail. His medi ouses often cure in the short space of aix days, and J>mpletely and entirely eradioateall traoes of thoae laordert whioh oopaiva and out>el>a have ao lont beet, thought an antidote, to the rum of the health o} the patient. Hia " h rench Secret" ia tho great con tinental remedy for that olatt ofdiaordera which un? fortunetely, phyaioiatia treat with meroury, to the Irretrievable destruction to the patient'a constitu tion, and which all the aaraaparilla in the world can not oure. |l/ Of&ce No. SI Maiden Laaa, Albany, N. Y. fen M?li Notice of TfiF. rk.4oval of the LAND OFFICE PR<?M DL'NCAN TO .MACK INAC. IN MICHIGAN. Inaooordanoe with the provisions of the act of Contresa entitled "An aei authorising changes in the location of land offices," approved M> rch 3d, IMS, It ia herebv deolaredand made known that ihe office for tho sale of publie lands at DrxcsN. in the Stn*e of Michigan, will lie removed to the Ist.ANoof Mac*"Iac at as gaily a ptrtnit as fratitcablr. FuilUer uutiooa-. to tlie precise tunc of removal wdl lie issued by the register and receiver for that land district. . Ji1J".DndCraInr Waahington. this .id d*y of Deoemb^r, A. D. 1HV7. By order of the Presideat. THOS. A. HENDRTCK^, . i- of the General I And O?o?. d t In wfw * KiwlUatoii. 514 BEVENTBBTKEET o ftMim. _ Ofbc* Second Story, thw doors from Oiro Knwwi' Hall. Spectacles and Glassea suited to every sighJ; Opera. Reading. *"<1 nftA (?lasses; Telaswpes. M icrosoopea i?f great variety . CoMiioramic Stereoscopes with views of superior nud choice pictureson baud. !S*e adver tisement m Nationai IoteKicencer. Testimonials. Nokpolx. September 7 ItM. Si* : The Spectacles yon made for me amt me very welt. and aerm to have improved my ai|ht ?tore man any other I hare lately tried. I.ITT. \V. TAZF.WF.LL. I hare tried a pair of Specialties obtained from Mr. TMiisti, and hnd them of irntl aaaictanoe to mj aiKtit.and corresponding with his description of their focus. 1 reooinmeiid hun as a skillful optician. HENRY A. WISE. PeTEKSBCRC, October 21. ISM. AU>ut hve years ago, I obtained from Mr. Tobiaa, in Washington, a pair of Glasses for the apeotaeiea which I used, and found them of great anaiatu?e to my decaying viaion ; end my opinion of him la, that he is skillful in the preparation of Glasses for eyee not loo far cone to he benefitted by euoh aid. j. p7 may. Ltkch?c*?, Noveml?er 7,ISM. From an examination of Mr. Tobias' Olaaaea, and fn-m hia observations and remarka, am oonvinced that be la a akillfal optician. _ J. J. BLACKFORD, M. D. Ltscmtao, November 1?. 1M4. Mr. John Tobias. having furnahed me with Glaa aea. by which I nave l>een greatly aided, (my viaion having suffered greatly from reading at night in my earlier life.) it affords me the highest pleasure to >ay that I consider hun a skillful practical optician, and well prepared tw aid tho?e who may need hia professional services. \VM. B. R<>t7ZlE, Elder ol the Methodist Conference. WiLJiiNCTojr, N. C.. Jure J7,1*54. Ma. J. Tobias? U'ar Sir : I am happy toaay that the Spectacle* which I obtained from yon last week are entirely satisfactory, From an inequality in the viauai ratine nf m> eyes, 1 have heretofore found great difficulty in getting glasses of the proper foeal dis tances. It atF'irds ine pleasure to atate. that l>y the aid of jour optometer thia difficulty ha* l>eenhappily obviated, ao that the Glasses >ou furnished me are decidedly the lieat adapted to my eyeaof any I have ever > et used. Very respectfully yours, R. B. DRANK. Rector of St. Jamea' Pariah. lishment of Mr. Tobiaa for the purpose of trying hia glasses I was furnished with a pair aiirhtly colored biae^whioe have afforded me more relief and sratih oation titan anj I have ever tried. My sight,origin alUr very good, wa* injured by writing and reading at night, frequently to a very late hour: but with the aid of theae glasses I can atudy almost aa lafe aa ever, and that too without the fain I have prevtoaa ly suffered. ^ ? i i I.aia Cominissioneer Gen 1 Land Office. Dec. 11, I have used Mr. Tobias's Spectacles for threa or four montha,and take great pleasure in saying that I am inn oh pleased with thein. I hare been much benefited by tnem. GEO. I'. 81'ARBLROH. May Mb. IM6. i was recommended to Mr. John Tolnaaaaa skilful optician; and as i hav * ei es of reinarfcaMe peculiari ty, 1 was Kratilied to hnd that Mr. Tobiaa aeenied to comprehend them by insertion and some alight measurement, and ho ha* made me a pair of Speuta cles that suit* me admirably. A. P. BUTLER. July II, t&%. WAemitaToif. Ang.ft, )W. Having l>een lor years under the necessity of hav two aets of glaaeca?oiim for use in day light, and one for l.imp light ? I proem ed ?m? aet from Mr. Tobias whichanswered notta purposes. I have uaed his for several mouths. and find tbero excellent. F.DWAH DSTrBBS. ? If Department of State. Mr. J. Tobias. Sir: The p- :r of Spectacles y?>n furiiihliod ine veaterday are panicu'arly aatisfactory to ine. They are vert decidedly the l>e?t I poaanw, an?< I am the o* ner of eight <tr tune paira, carefully selected in dilleient plac?K and from optician* rec ommended to me on aocount t>f thrir professional st.indinr in France, England, and the I'ntted Statea. I have l?cen al?o pleased with your remark* and di rections on the treatment of the e*ea, for the pur pose o( preserving and improving fhe sight Kekpuotfuily yoora, CHS. CALDW KLIm I'rofeaKor of M. C., I<ouiaville, Ky. MROOKLTN OUTHOFAKMr INSTITCTIOS, April, ISM. After moat careful examination of Mr. J. Tobiaa'a Glasses, I am enabled to teatify that their hardneaa. ciearnesa. polishing, and exact optical shape render ttiem particularly reooinmendable to those whoae merely optical lmpiirment of the eyes are^ in want of anch aiixilianea. I conaider. moreover, Mr. fobui fully qualified to determine the focnaof the eye.botb by his optical knowledge and experience, and by means o| his optometer. In addition, I can further state that Mr. Tobiaa has anpplicd ?nme of my pa tients with (j liases, to their and my aatiafaetion lih\> I* HA* r4n. M? rhj airian and Snrgeon, Herlinj Member of the Koral College of Surgeona. England; Member of (he Me<Jioal Society of |,onflon,and of tne Pathological Society of New York; lat* Snr geonofthe Royal Orthopaedio Inatitntion ol rVanokeater. England, and Sargeon of the B 1). laatituuon. Nortolk, Va., Jnly 27, ISM. In the experience of even two yeara, 1 have found gren' difficulty in obtaining Spectaoies tfcat were ex actly adapted to the weaknfaa of my eight. Thiain oonvenienoe Mr. Tobia* aeems to have removed for the preaent bv the siibatitntion for me of better ar:d more fuitable filaaeca. They are clear, ohrystal-like and oomfortable to my eyea. 1 would oommend him to those who from age or other infirmity require^ar Ufiotal aid in thia way. J. J. SlMKlNS, M. D. \Vilkii5bto5, N. C., June lfi, 15l'?4. To peraona who have had the eight oftheir eyee ao impaired as to require the use oMilaesea, I would recommend Mr. John Tobiaa aa a suitable peraon from whom to obtain such tjlasaea a? ?hev may re Jiijire. an he has suited nie witji a pair of Spectac.ea or a fsr and near sight. M* sight has been impaired very much by a servioe of years in the Post Offi* i)epartm"i.t. whioh berth required me tobe on dntr from 11 o'clock at night till after day, during which time I used hut one light. W. A. WAI.KtR. Dkpartmemt or ISTaaioa. May *, ISM. From imtural defecta and the unequal range of n;y eyes, I have be*n compelled to use g'aa'es for seve ral yeara. I have tried different optioiana without obtaining glasses perfectly fitted to my eyes. Foar months since Mr. Tobiaa made two paira especially for nie, which I have found to aervc me perfectly. |ty the use of hia optometer he is enabled to adnpt giasees most minutely t<? the e*e. I inont che? rful ly re.Mnnir.end Mr. Tobias to all havo g occasion to use rlasscs, and bear my testim->n\ aa to his skill aa an optician. HVARY F. HALPWIN, Be i? Aaa't Seo'y to aien Land \\ arra*ta. PROGRESS IN THE FINE ARTS. Paiming a^d Photography Combined. P HO TO G RAP HiC PORTRAITS In Oil Colors, on Canvaa, MllttATFRE O* HtZl Of iurx. S. WAMtER'8 PORTRAIT AM) PICTURE GALLERY. Odeon Hall, corner 4H at.and Peunsyirautaavenue ?. WAI.KER has fitted up the ahore spacious apartments at a very great outlay of capital, I hereby reudering Ins estahiibiiinoul one of the moat oom piete and hnndaome in the whole oountry. He liaa a large Gallery for frte exhibition of npwanf of and hue Oil Pmntings, by aomo of the beat ancient and modern masters, to which he intenda to add freah irrportal nna. S. \Y*l?kk lias alao fitted up a oom pleta suit of rooms, with privau robing apartmenta For ladioa, and purohaaod the fineet postiAie matru menta. and engaged a firat claa# operative artist to assist hun iu the department for taking all kinda of PHOTOGRAPHIcTAMBROTYPE AM) DA GI KKREOTYPE PORTRAITS, from lb* tmallfi^minintnre te size lift. S. VV ahe*. by combinrng the Photographic Pro oess with the art of Painting, of which he has had 2S years' expenen'W and wneae speoimena of life sue poitraits may be aeen in aome of the first fami lies of the citv, as well as tho?? exhihiicd in bta Gallery, In wifl liable, by the oombination of the two. to produce jfFrtraifa that have lever beon ex oellod for their hdeiity and life likeexi>re?rion. Can ra? and boarda prepared by himself expressly for the p?rpoae. Partioula* attention paid to the pai^tiug of Por traits. Miniature or Itfe-aiEe, from small p.otvrea of i diet astU friend*. Photographs takeu from oorpaea, or aick persons taken at thfir own residenoes, on immediate not;oe. Committees and classes taken in any number in groups, and any quantity of oopies from tb* same aold at reaaonable oharg??a. Likenesr?s painted on Copper for Tomb Stones. Valaable Oil Paintings, and Old Family Portraits, oarefulty hack lined and reatorad to tbeir original fre8hnesa. Ladies and gentlemon are respeotfully aolioited to cnil at the Gallory. over ShiUiniton'a book store? entrance 4X atreet. two door* from PannavIrani* ?venue. |? 11 Ai? UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE, W ash i no to TV, December ?th. UM7. On the petition of Silas C Durgin. of Holyoke, Ma'saobusetts. praying tor the extension of a patent gra .tad to him on the 5th of March. U44, for an im provement in "M?chiaa for Measuring and Folding Cloth," for aeven yeara from the expiration of said parent, which takea place on theftth day of March. 1MR: It la ordered, that the aaid petition be heard at the Patent Office on M<?i?da?, the lat day of March, at IS o'elock. hi.; and all persons are notified to ap pear and show cause, if any thev have, why said pe tition ought not to be granted. Persona opposing the extension are required to file <n the Patent Omoe their objection*.specially s-b forth in writing, at least twenty dars before the dny of hearing; all tealimouy tiled by oi'.her party to used at the said hearing must l? taken and transmit ted in acoordance with the ruleaof the office, which will lie furnished on application. The tentmion? hi the case will be c.oaed on the 1 Rth of February; depositiona and other papers relied upon as testimwn) must l>e filed in the office on or ha fore the morning of that day ; the arguments, if any, within ten days thereafter. Ordered, also, that this notioe be published in the Cmon, Intelligencer, and Evening Star, Washing ton. D. C.; Argus, Philadelphia. Penn.; Daily News, New York; Post. Boston: and Inquirer Cincinnati. Ohio, mice a week for threa auooessir# weeks previous to tbe 1st of March next, tha day of hearing. JOSEPH HOLT. Commissioner of Patents. P. S. Kditora of the above papers will please copy, and send their tails to tbe Patent Of&ce.wilh a p^per ooniAinnif this notioe. _dlO-laaSw pO R M O UNT V b R N O N. The Steamhoat THOMAS COf.LYER. baring been thoroughly repaired, will make regular tnpa to Mount Veraon, leav ' >ng her wbarf, in thia oil*. ?very" Tl'ESDAY and FRIDAY MORNING,atto'dk. Daring the intervening time she wifl rnn regular trips to Alexandrta, as nsnal. ncR tf THOMAS STEAMER GEORGE PAGE. HOURS OF DBPARTVRK. Leave Alexandria at Oi. 7*, 9.1"V( l*S. 9. 4 rs. a, 4is. I CHIN'S EXTRACTS,a.I odors, at GIRBS'S near iath St., and at his Sales Room under WHlards' hotel. a 9-dm Navy DtrnmnT, i _ _ I>?Wbw M, 1*57 < Stat.*? Proposals. manned " proposals for St#an? Machine? foe Screw ? reseller SI<.o? of war. will l?e rwurtl at thia Pepartmeat urftil 9 or January. IE?, for the nom?l?>t<? Oooetruetioa of (he itnm machinery and upMvd ages, km placing it on lionrd a ?rrcw propeller ship of-war building in the i nited States navy tard at Boston. Thf ?ffrr? moat be for* specific sum for pc*ing to# whole in1 auooessful operation ; muat mr udx a . patent mh a for any arrangement a tnat mat b# ?ro poaed : a tot# the tiwie in Thieh the work will ha oowa sted. ai??t lie accompanied l?? tor nana] guar ante# required try law. The nam# of the #s?al> isfc m#nt 10 which the work ta to be executed muat be stated. 'I he details of the design an<l arrangem#nt of the machinery will b# left with th# party whose pro position may lie accepted aa combining the great#st nuaitier of adiantages, keeping in view simplicMv of coustraetion. readiness of access for adraat meal waao la operation, and not being subject to de raag#ffl*nt in ih# working parte ; it being the i?h?eet 01th# [department to obtain th# moat apeed and *1''he moat economical consumption of fn#l,andihe greatest stowage of c?>al the ?f*o# available fnr that purpose will admit. The hoilera to h# of iron, with t#i#s?op,c smoke fi'rV m*to* "<?st be placed at thecrsatest practiea biedistanoe from th# aiainmast; th# propeller, with the conn#x 1011a for hoisting, to tie of ooir position ; in# machinery f'?r hoisting, for pumps, apparatus for ventilating, and appnrtenancea of all kinds uecessa ry for th# perfect working of the whole to be of the moat approved kinds. The anal bunkers, shaft pas aag#. two athwaruhips iron Imtkheads, a emfifiing apparatua for fr#ah water from which can be made iV.JmJUT. gallons per dsj ; all the tool a and .ij ,0*'* pieces necessary and satisfactory for an -hip of war muat be in fsrtusfird. ^n,P0?'t,OD- *'"> * li?t of them mast be The wtiod aad onra#nt#r work (#xe#pt th# bona* out the dead wood for the shaft? necessary to adaK the vessel for the reception of the machinery. holl ers, and appendages. will lie provided at the expense of the Navy Department, and it will permit the uae of such laeilities as it may have for hoisting the hea vy machinery on board. For the accommodation of the entire steam ma ohinery and the fuel there will be allowed in the bode of the .-hip the entire spaoe under the berth deck commencing at ? fe#t alwft the mais maat. arid thence extending forward a diatanoe of 36 feet. Within this apace it is expected to carry ooal :i **? 5i Steaming, the daily consumption of winch the ladder will state in hia ap#et float iona; and taw weight of the machinery, water in hollers, shaft, pmpeder, and appendages, witn th# tools and apare w"[?. muat not #xc*#d SW tons, of 2J*> pounds Thedistanoe from taeaft side of the maw, mast to the aft aide of t he forward stern poet will lie about ?reet. and the diatane# between the forward and the after stem-poet will 1*7 feet; 'he depth fr.*n *? ,b# to* of th" under tfie propeller will tie 14** f#et. Si earn engine manu lecturers whodeaire to t^d c^n olitoin a ctpy of the aection ol the veasel uion making application to thedepartment. The propoe?ii rnuat be aooompamed l.y full specib aetiona a?,l general drawlnss. having the p?.afbon of ? he caiilre of ciavity of tlfe inarlunery. Uiilera. 4c.. marked on them; givinc also the capacity of th steam cylinders ami area of foot and delivery valv??. and of air pump and o?it!i<>ard deliveriric vaives, spac# fur ar#nm aNive the water line tn U.ilcra, ine bre .ind grate anrface; alao the diameter, pitch, aur nee. and kind of propeller and other princinal points ttiat eompanaona can rea<lil? lie made. There Will aleo be given the eatimate of the weirht of enciaea. hollers, water, bunkers, appendagea. ttfiis. and spare wrrk. in tous of /ponnda. r iit trrrT,B nf W"??t w.ll lie that when one M'lirth o| the materials and t>i-.r provided in the coiitrect ?ball have lieen eompletrd ?o the eafiafac ? ion.or the l>#pirtr?#nt th#rew.ll madearer ment or on# hftn part of the wl.ole amouat of the oonlraot ; wnen one hair the work thall in like inai.iicr ]?#comp:et#ti thrre will l-e a further rey irent or one-hrh: when three fourths the w-irk shall hare lieen eompleted, a further payment of one hOii. when the whole shall have been completed, and h*v* mad# a satisfactory trial of .me week, then a further payment of one faftli: and when the ship shall have perforated satisfactorily at soa for a perMNl,.{ three months, then th* remaining sum sha.i i>y p?:d . rlie repairs nccesaary during this ftoin de fective wortmativh'p ?ir materials will lie at the ex psnae oT the contractor. The propo-ale must l># explicit, and no qualified or conditional offer will be considered. .ISAAC TOUCKV. Jad2H 9ecretnr) of the Nnv j. Optics or Army Clotkiim ajid I v' tFant.f S.,. , PmiLAimLrtiA. I>eoenilier 4. ia?7. \ h. A I.KI) I HOI Of* A L8 are invited, and will lie V .t,u* ??ce-MnTi1 '? o> otk a. in. ..r th#4th day cr Jannary next. Tor rurniahii>c In cnti tract the following Armv Supphea and Materials, oeliveralile at the I'nited States Clothin?aiid Ksm p.t?o Depot,(Schuylkill Arsenal,) in uuactitiea as required ?n: t?,??uyaids 6-1 dark blue (indigo wool dyed I cloth for caps and t<a:.ds, weighing aleiut 11 on*-Cf-s ner yard. l>J,nnn yards fi-4 dark blue<indigo wool dTed I twi led cloth, weighing 21 ounces per jprd. I^ymiyardi, 6-4 sk) blue i indigo wooi dyed I twihed elo*h. weictung iS ounces per yard. IO,(Xs' yards \ dark biue nrdigo ried) coiion ai?l wool flannel, weighing ounoes per yard. 2ie,mn yards 7-8 white flannel (cotton and woo!) to weigh 6>? ounces per *ard. in,nnr> yards 6-4 dark blue fUnnel, wool (indigo djedl in.w yards 47 inch alpaca < black ! Ofl.OfiO yards \ canton flannel to weigh 7 ounces per yard. 175,0 ? yards \ unbleached drilling. Co weigh ? S ounces per yard. y ants unli'eached drilling, to weigh otiuces per yard, 2G."00 yards jn inch|oottonduck,to weigh2?%i-ubc#s p#r yard. IS,or*) yards 3n inch cotton duck, to weigh I5K ounces per yard. 85,0n? yards inch ootton duck, to weigh 14,'i ounces per yard. 25/wo yards 2?H inch cotton duck, to weigh 1" ounces per ysrd. 3,"no yards 2a inch cotton duck, to weuh II ounce per >ard. 3-5?"yards Zl inch ootU>nduck, to weich y ounces per yard. 16/w yarss 24 inch o<itton duck, to weigh IIV on aces per yard. 25,"0(i yard* 33 inch c?itton duck,to weigh ^ ounces per tard. I2,'?"arm\ blankets, wool, gray, (with the letters I . S. in hiack. 4 inches in lengtn. in the cent re) to lie 7 fert long, snd b Jeet <r inches wide.? ach blanket to weieh 5 pounds. 7Jrt'dozen pairs half stock incs, S sizes, prope. i* made, of g<od eoiifid fleece WikiI, and with double and t wist#d yarn, to w rigli 3pounds perdoz?n. I1*,?'*1 pompons for ennni#"!rs,ordnance, medical de pariin#nt, dragoons, rifles, artillery, and in fHn'ry. 3",ntn cap bo?ties. U.<?si ?ards riaxid si'k. for c?ivers. I40 N. C. S. hra?s scales, pairs. 0"?> sergeant's do do do 8,ow> oorp?iraJ'a ami privates' brass, p*irs. S N.C. S. bronzed do do J1 ser?eint s do do do V*i corporal's and privates' bronzed do do 7??.(?*? yards S in wors'ed laoe,/ *ellow. scarlet.skr S.'**1 do. H in do. do. \ Lite, orange,green 6.7?o do. red bunting, ??,(**? do. whits do. 2.**) do. b!u# do. 2-VIP gross noal buttons. 3..V do. vest do. 3>V? do. vuspencer buttons, white metal. 4..V0 do. shirt do. dv. *V**> tent buttons, wood, snmll. I2,ts? tent slips. do. do. teut Mi'tone. do. large. 1,0*) tent sliss, do. do. !<t) hospital poles, sets. If*' wall do. do. common do. do. 4.iss> galvanued iron wire rods, for tents. lo.isw do. do. stiplei, do. ineaa pans, iron. J.'sw) camp kettles, iroa. three sises. H.isfl tin canteens. (3 pints, weight life cancel,1 with stoppers. I.f**? pi#k sx#s, two sixes, do. handles. l.fttMmp hatchets. 4ATrumpet eords and tassels, orange. 40 trumpet oords and tassels, vellow. *}. green. 40drums. Artillery, complete. 70 do. Infsntrv, do. I,|oo do. heads, mtter. 700 do. do., snare, do. snares, sets. 300 do. sticks, pairs. 8"0 do. do., carriages. All th? a!wiv#-mentioned articles mnst ooiJorai 1n ''j fi'P'Cti to the sealed standMrd patterns m this ofaee, where they c?n lie examined ; and sample pal - tenia will Iaent liy mail, with an* additional in/br mation in regard to them, which mar be reenested by manuraoturera or othsra wishing Ui otier propo sala. It la desirahle that all the artieles be of (K? mcstie mantifaeture. Deliveries to comme ee on the 15th day of Feb ruary next, and one-half of theauantity contracted for to be delivered in eenal monthly proportions, by or l*fore the*>th Apnf. IRM : the remainder within r?ur months from that date, m monthly or greater proportioue, as the contractor may find it aonve nionti The privilege is reserved by the I'nited States of increasing from one-third to on#-half th# Quantity of all tha supplies above mentioned, by giving the contractor one mouth's notice of such desirwl tn creaae Payments will he made on each deliverv, should v.ontr. as nave made au appropriation t?> meet them ot as siioii ther##fl#r as an appropristum shall Ka made for that purpoae. Ten per oent. of the amount Ol Wich deliver* will lie retained, until th# contract sha.l Ite eompleted. which will t?# forf#ite<l to the I int#d States 1a "n?# of defalcation on the part of the contractor m rulfilluig thesortraet. Bids will lie reoeived froir manufacturers or regu - lar dealers, only, is the articles rroposed to be fur nished; mid none will Ih* considered id which the manufacturer's null or dealers place of business is not specifically set forth. Contracts will lie on accepted proposals, for the fulfilment of which two or roor# sufficient s#cu ritica will lie restured. Th# names, addresa. and the respoiisiUlity of the persons ppipoeed as securities. With the acknowl edgment of said person* that they will lie such aecu rity, or will see thst gocnl and sufficient aecurit, be furmahml in ease a eoutract ia obtained, will !?? transaiitted with the prop* sals. It is to be distinctly understood by every peraon olHaimng a contract that said eoutract is not trans ferable without the consent of proper authoritv. aid that an* sais. ??r transfer of it. without such consent having been ob'atned. (except under a process of law.) will lie retarded as an aforidonnient f.' ? 'u# corttracter and hia ascnntiea Will be hHd r#apossible for all Inaa or damage 10 tha Hniied States which may arise from said atetidou nrtt. ?Ji?'fl?!!!!* l2 lho undersigned, ZlX.-,op" j . ? ,. HKNRV C. WAYNK, d&SawlJant Ht. Ma,or AJJ Mr. ^TOKK. betweaa Kigblh i'iaad Ninth streets, is the pla~e |.,r Ohr.r' '????'ds buy aour prwseaHs in sdvaaoe of lb# tl?.|? d%rJfir" p . Met AH,III IV. <1 lS-tf Ta avenue, between ?i h and lwh sts. R?" -KMRKR McI.Al'GHLlN'ii STORK. \a P*. ?vsnne, bet. 8th aad tth sU. a SI