Newspaper of Evening Star, December 21, 1857, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 21, 1857 Page 1
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ytf .1 ? VOL. X. WASHINGTON, D. C., MONDAY, DECEMBER 21, 1857. NO. 1,535. the evening star !? FVbLlSHKD EVERT AFTERNOON, (S?VNDAY EXCEPTED,) AT THE STAR BD1LOI5I6B, Cmtf <4 F* ov+nus and Et^vonlk strut, By W. D. WALLACH. papers served in psckuM by o?rri?i at 91a year, pr 37 c?iiM r?r mrtntli. To mad sul soribsra the sub ?onptioa rnc? is tJ?a year. tm advanct; $2 for month*. 51 for three month* ; and for eaa than tbr*e ra?>ntha at the rata of 12 cent* a week. Hmtu copies. one oent; in wrappera. two oenta. ArTimaniE*Ta (of eicht lines to the Mnare) inserted tlues tiwiea for $l ; every other dav or ?emi -weekly ? eent. ad vanoe; onee a week, AN f9r r-nt. *rf"*nce. CHEWED I P BY A WHALE. Br W. p. WILLIS. Mr most interesting acquaintance at 'Scon ?ft was a Nantucket "skipper,' who had once Keen chewed np by a whale?hi* surviving to teil the atory. of course, being dimply beennn the dainty leviathan. not liking the taste of him, had dropped the willing mouthful out ng*in upon the clean table-cloth of the ocean. This was forty years ago, and it is a rare in stance. you will allow, of a morsel's proving pleasant company so long after being rejected by a reluctant stomach at sea. I should a-k pardon, however, fdt speaking thus lamiliarly of one of the best specimens of manhood that I ever had the happiness to meet? a s??>?-captain now ifWiis seventy-third year, as tall, straight, vigorona and cheerful at this ad vanced age. a* when -a mate" at twenty-five? one of th" most resj-ectable < itizens of New Ued f..rd at present, and enjoying a comfortable in df pendente from the capture of the whale that it on Id nt eat hiua. and of other whale* who sim ilarly left him unswatloweU. Cut I must give v??u the particulars of the half-rrux*t ication of Capt. Gardiner?who, by the *ay, in addition to hU singular experience as a mouthful, has the peculiarity of being tlio son of the first rkti* mill* child born on XantwArt. Newly arrived at the honors of captaincy, our Nan racket skipper was cruising along tlieooaat ??f i*outh America?just off Peru?when there was a cry from the mast-head. " A whale, ho!" The direction was given, the sails trimmed for *he ??vertaking of the monster, and when within a wile, the boata were lowered, each with it* crew of six, the captain himself taking the har i? ?on of the advancing boat ffhieh was to make the assault. Quietly afloat lay the amphibious Shyloek of the sea. (the /er i-athan. 1 take it, is of the tribe of Lrrt.) and. as the swift boat oame within harpooning distance, the inevitable iron, hurled by that strong arm. penetrated to his vital?. Not as usual, however, did the struck monster dive out of sight; but turning, and making straight for his enemies he rolled orer his huge bulk to get a fairer grip, and brought his jaws together upon the boat's prow?the forward halt ot that slight structure. Captain ani all. disappearing like the best part of an app!e-tart in tho munch of a hungry school boy. The remainder of the crew, the helman and four oarsmen, had jumped overboard; and as the whale, with another roll, dived down to die out of sight, he threw up the unswallowed Captain?the relief-boat pulling instautly to the spot and taking thecrushed morsel and the ire swimmers safely from the water. It was the chewed-up right hand of the Cap tain. a* he sat by me at table, which had first excited uiy curiosity?(stimulating the inqui ries which drew from him, at last, this thrilling stjry)?the stump, or what was visible below The coat-sleetv. looking like a twisted rope's end. but still retaining clutch euouzh to carry the chowder-spoon to his mouth. Four of the whale s teeth were driven into him?one enter ing his *kull. a second breaking his collar-bone, a third breaking his arm, and the fourth crush ing his hand?the remainder of his body being ninply squeezed into a jelly. The healing of tne wound in the head left a cavity like the in side of an egg-shell; and, though the hair has grown over it, (hair still brown and thick, with the stubborn vitality of the un-kill-a-ble Nan tucketerJ it tells, after forty years, the size of the tooth that did it. I laid thu ends of my three fingers very Comfortably in the hollow But the after history of this perilous adven ture seem* to me the most remarkable part of it With a orew coruj^jel almost entirely of well-grown boys, and the ship lying becalmed in mid-ocean?six days' sail from any port, even with a fair wind?how was this crushed and mangled sufferer to be doctored and cared for * ?'aptain Gardiner, providentially, though nearly eaten up, retained full possession of his ?eases His first mate wa* young, but a very ?mart lad. and possessed. fortunately, of Yan kee aptitude?good ?t everything ; and with toe aii ot the sufferer s directions, he d d the w?rk of a surgeon The Captain ordered hiin first to make splinters, and then to set bis bro ken arm?the collar-bone being left to heal itself, unset (as it remains to this day, without perceptibly affecting his erect *ha|?e or the ac tion ot bis chest.) and the other wounds being h indaged in the usual way. lie was then laid ?n the cabin floor, and with fans made of the leaves of the log-book, ho was kept as cool a* was any way p >s<ibl?i?tor it was the hottest of ^'?uth Sea weather Feeling, however, that hi* life depended on the exercise of his strong will, he g-*ve orders that he should, by no po# -?ibi.ity. t,e allowed to sleep over five minutes at atiiae And. with this vigilant watch kept ut. for six days, the -hip, (navigated by his di r<~ti .n? as he lay on tne cabin floor; entered the port of Peru. A boat sent immediately on shore, brought -ft the Emperor s physician who. on l??oking at lb* pro?tr.tte man and examining his wound* only that they should msnd for a coot fe?9r?r Other proscription, the medical man ???light, would be usclcas, as death was evi dently ao cloae at hand But the captain vat w a different opinion. 44 A physician for the ?vol is very well at proper time and place." ?uilhe; -but, at present I want one for the My?and I happen to know of one who will cure me I' so happened that?in a previous touch at 'tis* same port?Captain Gardner had heard '? the sick mate of an American vessel who had been left behind by hi* shipmate*, and to wh^m. a? a charity to a suffering countryman, he then offered a pa-sago home The man's oe?sage of reply was. that he fortunately ''^d in no need oi the kindness, as he was a.Bner CV? * Spanish d'>rtor who lived * Pura. % village back in the mountains,) and ^b. bad taken him to his house and treated b :?? liae his own child. And, for this kind old (Metor. Captain Gardiner now sent, with all convenient haste? dispensing at once with *ny furth-r attendance by the physician of it** Eio;ieri?r harlj on the aerond morning arrived the g ~*1 >^maritan. an 1 there wa'e.>mf.>rt in I'l* first look and encouragement in his first word*. He could cure the crushed man if he ''Llj had him ut h:* h >u<e in the tnountaiu*. '?a' bow to get him there'?There was no road-?only a mule path along the edges of precipices,?climbing wild cliffs and scramb **ng through tangled ravines?forty miles of footpath, penetrating the depth of a wilder ne-? Hat the C iptain s ^ ankee ingenuity second e i the ?r">l will of the Doctor. He construct ed a new vehicle, as he lay. (in the other pby "ician s opiniou.) dying on the fl<x?r. A couple of long lithe spirs were brought, by his "rlers. and a hammock was rigg?d to swing suspended from the center His friend had two mules, aud with the apart fattened to lh?ir -ides they were to walk, like the bearers of a ?*.auqiiin. one before, th?j other behind him ? tandem hammock in which he could ride, he sure, quite as comfortably as men could earry him. And. of the two day s journey which he "'V tnaie over the mountains, Cspt. Gardi ner sdeacripiion was one of glowing reuiem rance Hv the ela?ticity of the tpars which supported hiin, he w<?* b?rne without jolting ; and. part of the tiiue, he alept io"St refresh lujj ?*' the path was a giddy one. to a sailor's */e?along the edges of cliffs wh-re a single 14i?e step would have dashed him and his mules 'n-' p**-* 'pota. and bow and then turning ere his two spar* formed a bridge front mule ?> fnole, over a chasm?hundreds of feet of figged rocks nearly perpendicular, stretching f thrillirigly remembers I * He looked occasionally over the side of his mattraaa Tiiey arrived safely at the mountain home ?I the .?ld Spaniard. b??wever; an i here, all 2 '* eoiufort aud kind care They ..uly diff.-red ^ Th? ihou^ht Ui?* broken "J4!1" ?* should be ser; but t:?e Captain re [w** broken ends knit where ? '*7 were, he said, and nature s mending would do for him. And he was right ? fur af ihnw^i7 7ea^' h! ?P6n*d hi? "birt boB-m and I?1 .#"? ? Potion of the broken bine, strong and healthy and doing as rood 5 as a whole one, that very day at 'Scon wvice ?et. It took six week# of kind nursing to put him on hu legs again; and then with a grateful farewell to the kind old doctor of Pura. Captain I tfltdiner returned to his ship?taking command and once more pursning the object of his tot-' *ge. And. soon harpooning the requisite num ber of unsuspecting whales (who for a lack of a newspaper, had not the slightest idea, prob ably that it was the very same man wbotn one of their number had chewed up. boat and all, before!) he returned prosperous For an instance of indomitable energy, this can hardly be outdone, I should think ; and; to see the ereot, nobie-looking and hearty old man of seventv-three, as I saw him. an hour or two ago? walking home to bis dinner, with a lght stop and a good appetite, in New Bed ?f-"r be,riS eRt<,n ? wh*>* in the South Sea?is to get a fine idea of the ?tuff of a Nantucket whaleman!?Home Tour. CALLING THE "LOGIES " It is no uncommon practice for younz law yers. "out West. to manufacture sport at the cxpens* of Deputy Sheriffs, before the a ?r are fully initiated into the mysteries of ? f OA'i'ig An amusing in.-tanco of this kind occurred in Judge '* Court, not nmny miles distant from this city, on .Saturday While our most worthy Sheriff was busily engag-d in orying off a partition sale, for the division of property, at the front door of the Court House, his Deputy was taking lesions W?umn,?'iS?"r0,lj Maggaire,7' at the . Tnis, it seems, was a mere pre liminary joke, to test the stentorian capabili ties ot the lungs of the obliging Deputy?not generally overheard and appreciated?and, to perfect the fun, he was handed a slip of paper, made out in due form, and requested to sum won the parties?consisting of "John Log," ? p f *1Mon A- Log." "Di A Log." 4-I ro Log" and " Cat A. Log/' 8 The deruty summoned each member of the family of 'Logs. ' by distinctly calling his name three times, at the west door of the C mirt House, and. when he has about comple ted, the bar was in such a titter aa to interfere seriously, with the business of the Court. One ot the bar was gravely discussing "amotion"' b-fore his honor, the Judge, and not appre hending the cause of the merriment, was some what confused. supposing the amusement waf at his expense. At this juncture, the Judge, owing to the risibilities ef the bar. had his attention with drawn from the gentleman addressing him, overhearing the winding up summons of the Deputy to the last of the " Logs,'' called out : " f>beriff. stop that noise!" The Sheriff started immediately to his feet, and fancying that some interloper was mis on? of his prerogatives, asked : What is that ' and proceeding hurriedly to the ncene of disturbance, where be encountered his Deputy?enquired : ? What the d?1 are you doing?" " Calling the parties"to the suit," answered the Deputy, producing a slip of paper, con L?r?? c?v " ,r"m" }?bn " Calling h?II." said the Sheriff; ? Don't yon know they are making a d d fool of you f . KMeTeri8aii the Deputy, ?? wait awhile and I II get em *Oet thunder"* ejaculated the Sheriff ' 'bey vt> got you ! and returning to the Court room. he. for a few moment*, looked very blue out of the south window ; but bein.' naturally of a very jocular, cheerful temper", be waved the liberty taken with his new Dep uty. and bore the joke with ft becoming phi losophy under such circumstances The Deputy took it ail in good part, statin^ that be bad no objection to the gentlemen en" joying themselves, but would have preferred that ithad not b tu at his expense." Nicblv Domb.?At a cortair. eating house a day or two sine*, a very lean, cadaverous look ing mortal, was so allured hy the inviting ap pearand of a ten pound turkey, all done up in ?fixings, that he unconsciously uttered the ejaculation that he could eat it up in ten min utes " What II you bet you can?" asked a snob, standing at the door The "lean and hungry Cassias" immediately responded "Will you pay for it ? ' - Yes," " Well, then, I'll bet you a drink." " It's a bet," said snob The lean man immediately set to. The choicest part or the fat and savory monster were consumed with a most enviable relish, but upon the ex piration of the fain minutes he fouud himself stuffed up the brim, and the turkey not a third demolished. Kuing very eoolv he acknowled ged that he could'nt go it, and quite as coolly forked over twelve and a half cent* for two whiskey toddies?lost. Snob looked blank upon beiug suddenly struck with the idea that he had been done upin a decidedly cheap package, paid down two and a half dollars for tho turkey, and left his friend enjoying digestion and a prime smoke by the stove, considerable the better for a first rate dinner for a nine pence.?Pitlthui Dupatrh. Nahbs or thb Days or the Week ?In the Museum of Berlin, remarks a writer in a New ark cotemporary, the hail devoted to Northern antiquities, they have the representation of the idols from which the days of the week are de rirtd. From the idol of the fiun com en Sunday This idol is represented with a face like the sun ho.ding a burning wheel, both hands on his signitving his course round the world 1 he idol of the Moon, from whiah comes Mon day, is habited in a short coat, like a man, but holding the moon in his bands Tuisco. from which comes Tnesday. wan one of the moat an cient and popular gods of the Germans. and is re presented in hi* garment* of akin, according to their peculiar inode of clothing The third day ot^ the week was dedicated to the worship of Wooden, fro in wheuce Wednesday. Hi* image w a* prayed to for the victory Thor. from whence Thursday, is seated on a bed with twelve stars overhead, holding a hammer in his right haud Friga. from whenoe we have Friday, represen ted with a drawn sword in his right band, and a l?ow his left He was a giver of peace and plenty. Seater. from whenee is Saturday, has the appearance of perfect wretchedness ; be is thin visaged, long haired, with long beard He carries a pail of water iu his right hand, where in are fruits and flowers. tloon Thinus to Kav.? A country eorrespon ent says: Sam Johnson and his friend Pete (vide Pioa yung Friday,) reminds me of the girls in tbe Mate of Indiana, who were sitting around a ? hristmas fire in one of the capacious chimney nooks of a western cabin, when one asked the other what she liked best to eat ' Sally re plied: "I like<pumpkin pie and lassescandv " Betsy said she "liked iswum fat and sweet '?rs Well, says Kitty; "'you may say what you please about your pumkin pie und lasses candy and your j?ossum fat and sweet tators hut jest give me hoe chitUns and Jouvf, duuiptiii*?the Lordee"" f ^Mr. IJildad Jones, mate of the Connecti cut river schooner Sally Anne, walked aft, and addressed tbe Ceptain? " Captain Spuner, if yo0 keep the skuner on this coune you'll|have her hard aground on them flat*." Whereto the Captain? ' Mr Mate, you jest go forward, and 'tend to your part of the vkuuner, and I'll tend to uii ??,' fiildad went forward, let go the anchor, w liked aft, and reported? " Capuin Spuner, my part of Uie jkuner is anchor ' Georgetown Advertiiementi. ^AXES.?Persons paying tlwir Ttxn oa or ba 1 fore January 1st, 1858, wili mv* interest and ex penses, other wia? interest will charged dating back to the drat Monday in October laat. d l-lm* C. F. SHE ICE IX. Collector.^ POTATOES?1ryw bushels prime white MER CER POTATOESm atore and for a&ie in lots to auit purchasers. PETER BERRY, n a U Water street. Georgetown. A LARUE ASSORTMENT OP FALL GOODS, Al very Low Frieit to Cask Cuitomtrt. JOHN hTsMOOT, No. tl9 SorTtt Sidk or Bkipgb Stxixt, Georgetown, D. 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B PHILBRICK S THIRD ANNUAL SALE now open at /vo. 475 Pennsylrnnt* Jm( rfoor of United Slate* Hot'l. ?k 870.rK BOOKS consists of several thousand volumes,embracing the choicest European and American I.itorat uro. winch will be sold af the publisher s lowest prices, and many of thern for les-, and a BEAUTIFUL PRESENT will I* made (immfHiiat*l? aft*r th^ *ala> to rrich purchase r of a ?> 'eoeivt! #1 ami upwards. Our I R ESEN TS consist in part of? Gold and Silver Watches. Gold Lockets, Braoe Armlet*, Chains Camoo, Ctold-xtoo* and Mo Drops, Studs and Sleeve Buttons, Hold \> atoh Keys, Luff Pins, Pens, Pencils, Rings, dc o. ?25PcW0rt^l.0t,^rfl,ent,s.^ given away with each thousand RimiIih sold. Cataloguesi of Hook" can he obtained at the store. Ladies and centlemen are invited to call and ex amine our stock of Books and Presents. Sales l>av and Evcniwr. J. PHI LBR1CK. Ag^nt. \E\\ Pi BLtCATlON.?"Histor:oal and Leza ' Examination of that pa*t of the Supreme Lourt s decision in the Dred Scott ca?e winch de clare* the unconstitutionality of tho Missouri Coin promise Ant. and the self extension of the Const i ,.u,t,'ou.,,? Territories, oarrying slavery along with ?t' By tha author of The Thirtv Years' View; oc tavo; David Appieton A Co. New York, IS57. Fhe above work just issued from the press. for ?ale at the well known st?nd. corner of 4>? s' reet and 1 enus?lv*ni? avenue. Stereotvne edition, beauti lully printed on clean new tyoe, fine white pap??r and with l>ea!. black ink. Bound in hlack cloth and gilt letteed. Done up in a durable form lor permanent use. Price ?1. This work is what its title purport* to be, an ex amination of< what tho author deems to I*) the po litical part ofthe Court's opinion, avoiding any no tice of the judical part, which related to thepersaial claims of the pnrti?s on reoord. It is writen in a spirit of entire devotion to the institution, of our ootiutry,and with total abstinence from all party views. The authors own word* arc: ' I write for no party. but for all men who veueratethe woi ks of our ancestors, and w ho wish to nee our Government kept on the foundationson wfjich they nlaoe?| it."(p And it is Iwlieved that this pleiige has bocn kept in the work, and which is considered, hy com petentju tges, as the most original and profound of all the Hiithor's works, and so treated as to present Uiw view* fo the oldest re-iders. and in fact to ap pear a* a new work o:i a sul/jc# supposed to have beed (us'cd. JOS. SHI ISLINGTON, H.>okseller, Odeon Building, oorn? r 4>a st. - f ? and I'a.av. | A DIES' FIRS! LADIES' FURS!! 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Dr. VILLAltD, DENTIST, LATH OF Oil n?AVf,hW?i'k M/eapeothilly inform the oit- ?? isons of the Diatnpt and ficimty, that '? ITrfrs^J in* located himself in Wuhinrtnti, he n^tiW now preeared to perioral a?. operations .n h.a pro/es thermit approved sty.e. j?!i ^lf '?u' avenue, a4>oming Gao tier's 1*HE IMPROVED SETS UK TEETH. ??AL^V.Vy,18' *: ?;iti?in??Btorawl patentee of sp kiss ??? Thu improvement for Sets of Teeth ooljitints ohlef It in riaktn* a aet of Imt one pteoe of materiaJ and tait ludestruotible mineral. No metal ia used id fa'?? ?^nf,^Hlnd nr0 ^"f^ore free from gavanio action and metalio taata. There are im fnlV l? Wl"' mo'*f"r? or partioies of fo-H henoe they are p?re and ?i???. T!,rT Ma Lighter stronger, leas clumsy. far nioro durable, and r:rr',n tho,.r appearance. '| will a reward o One 1 bon^nd Dollars to any one wno will produce a dnralM!itl?i?n ?art to '?ua! m,n'*,n purity, beauty, fuahtjr. 10 ex<v"^'?r>oa or any other reamaite

All work responsibly wvranred. MIWj"** aveBU?? w'wmji 11 tii and l?h streets ||ENTISTRV, Vf Cn. STEPHEN BAILY. 0*FTC|t NO. 19B *,*fl*?TLTABlA AVKITVB, riSCS) Thru doort from Htk Strut. ^SIBd Dm. BAILY begs leave to inform the public that he Ho ^lVa?urll ?i???rB,at ,,,B 0ftl0*' ,0cnt?d as above, ii mbutm that in szp6ri6nc6(if fiftA*n rA?ra' praotioc, with the large nanil^rof Datienti jmrtet,r of d.lBoult caSes iTRtk.hWViTttt^feSff ? T enable him to surmount ant difficult* scientific or otherwise, rotating to the 'feeth hT? 2mmn*fflrifin0C 0,,yfirminK 'he opinion of manr men am /I'd K t^u "'V1Dra. flams armiy. h** lod him. Ion* ainoe, to dis card all mercurial prepnraNoua for filling Teeth, also mLn?^7,1!' \'.0 ? * u iVoha. India Rubber, anJ Ce ?f.?rh ???. S??*H2ot,on ol Continuous Gum I ?h- mounted on Gold Plate ? the only reliable substance that can I* worn in the m mth. as was moat conclusively shown by the laat American Dental Convention. T ' V .u , TESTTWONI ALSr t rom the lata Reotor of the Ohuroh of Epiphany of n- a ? thia oity Dr. Stiphbj* Bailt: DearSir-I desire to express Tnn flT? JnUAP0r8oliayjj and my confidence in sszx&\tz??.Aj' & ?? Wuhiniton, A?.?. m!"?/vF.'rjfiNOa. From one of the oldest.firms in Baltimore, Mnot. u . ' Cot man A Co, ?,.. Tr%m*P1?y?? br.Stephen Bailr, Sur*con [>an tint., of \\ ashingtoa city, to cxooutp for Mn m. portant and difficult piece of work, which he did' to try entire aatiafkction. and in view of tha fart thit one of tj-e most distincNished membersot the Dental Col-e-Ke of Baltimore, failed, after repeated triaia to perform the same work aaiinfactorflV. it V, vea ?,e If^h torrXprM*f mJ ?ntire cjnfiifenoe aad ii ^ Vn 'llB P[^3flQpAj flkili. Baltimore,Jan. 12, 1857. I1ARMANN BO&6S. Extract from a note received from the iate Hon. John Ma Clayton. The |Mik i. V' Sl ^W^.Ani, 1#, 13f*. roe teeth tou made for me w>rk admir&tdt ? notk ?n* oould be cetter. Very iiaiofully, ' JOHN M. CLAYTON. th5' " fro,n th* maladiea of the tee^n, 1 c\n cheerfully recommend Dr. M. Hail? as a enperior Dentiat; he made a ?pt of Vorcehan teSth for one of my famil*, an.) plumed eevenil teeth lor ?.~"d ""rob?"!'1 nIxon"*' 19 w.V*-CoIf' We, the utwjfvsiitniyj, ha^in* had ooWtiofi to arai onreelvee of the pn>f?aaioii?l skill of Dr. S. Rati? Sargeon Dentiat of this city, oT )UkVlu. &nt ??f Ins ope.-atior.s on tcir ff miliea o7 fnerds take p.rn^e ,n expressimr our r..1w,ratio? of his ar'tiatic m ? ?,r J, .'*'r,!J'BA' "'actory manner in whipti he performs tne moat dcucate and difficult operations in Dental Surgery,and w-> rosp?ctfii!lT re commend him to the confidence tn t pttronaac of t|?e publjo. ot which we consider Inm emiricutiy worthy. I ho*as V. \\ ALTKK, Arohir-,11 f. p 'lno irr '?"?*? M illkk. M. D.,o| VVMhinxton, L? C.* B. S. Bohxkr, M. D. of GeorcetoCS; V. C. ? ' ?? B001"1*. t ^ashington, D. C. Joa. H. Mkadlkt. of U ashiricton, D. C. 6*0Ha* Walton Kx -Oovon or Of Klorida, A I b*j?ox. Ex-Mayor of Washinjton. JJ'ifa.T.BALDWtif, II. S. Patent Office, ttbX tf V,8HT*PruK!l^pal Rutenhouse Academy. /HO WOULD NOT SAVE MO\K\ W / TMKSE HARD TIMES' U e would most respectfully announoe to all those T\ r! DtinE*i"oA l Vilf*? '^ht,K,hal ,hc HHK('K 1 } i!' . 1,1 *"? chMpeil oil eAtjint only tturnii.K in the lamps wo have, at the nite of halt cent per hour. Cafl and see. No. atfj (j street between 6th and 7th atreeis. v ire91, HOWE! ,'i A MORSKI.T. T1W v. KH VUGA,CHYrM?S"r'. I'A V ?I.,!| . ? A ? R* have tha honor to ann-iiiuc tha! they have mat reo?ived from London a aeries of hao aimile Wat^r Color Draw.nrs )? t|," ?""r Kn Riish artists. Irom the onemal pictures mid draw I the Jate J. W . M. Turner, R. A , ,,, the al?>ve collection, the property of?h?* Hritish "ahon ""a*! at Marlborouah House, London. ' Also, Simpson s Historical I'aintniK#?fthe Kesto ration of the Arctic Ship Kesoiute liv the I'e.pie of the I lilted Stat oa to her Msjeaty, the l/ueen of En ?hu.d, at Cowea. December II. 'H56. oonsune?l to JU t?<?SS,*$& &V,?.'21K^!!S.*SSK; from 10a m. ?o 4 p. m. nuur" Admission 2Scents. d l?-dtf pRESH GROCERIES FOR THE HOLI The subacril?er offers for^ Lale, eheap fine assortin-nt uf firat quality AIKRC U to wit : 2 hbls. Nanta Cur anta ion iHixes l.a?er Raisina 6" do frefch Prunes j(<? kits Potomac Family Shad bl>is new Mackerel ?V? kilts Vir*nia l^rd 5o Nixes Eneliah Dairy Cheese 50 casks Switch Ale?different brands 5" ao l.ondon Brown Stout ion dozen 1-evj 'aOJMVrecked a?d Mon-nwhela Spanish Cigars 2^0 dozen assorted Winea and Brandies 10 do Scoicli Malt WhiCKey 10 do Inah Do. 4, With a zeneral assortment of fine Groceries st Ca*.aTrner ?f l2tL and B "lrnet- the Country orders punctnaJly attended to. ' IH'tt JOXAS p. levy. 'T'O TIIE PUBLIC. 1 r ? rr;t? thing but the well known "Ethenal Oil," therefore I d?*m it necessary to caution conaumeistor their aafety, that the only genuine article is known as RemtzH s non h xploiwve UuruiiiK Fluid "and i? Prepared and .old ,V. Sfl TZ. atK h.a liepoU cor or r .hi *1 "V r "treeta, he tiemg the sole pos*. Columbia '* tfle Ka,,1? ,n lflB l>i?f?ct of oo21 <H)^m F*R STI T7 J^UiRTS MARK TO ORDKrT M?vei)FeTrt,n,T.n'i,h",c,'llv 0<!n have ^"IRTS I ''' *" I ? and suit them by the new s? ?tem or meaanrement. Material, fit, and style warranted stVnl.tT. i' pl Gentlemen's Bazaar, corner ofsth d > o<Hww n'nv- Hopkins. pURNITURfc VERY_CHEAP. h'^ae hurniturM \\nrehouse. niied to the utmost capnoitv wuh] ?y;!ry description of HOI'SF. M RMSH1NG GOODS?such aa S>?faa, Bureaus. Tab'cs.Chaira BodateMa. I.ounges, Washsthnda Writ n* Desks, Keda. Mattresses Carpets, Looking Glasses, China, Glass.and Crockery Ware. Ac. -E-L11!!!!!* a venl and varied stock, all of ^"jmarantee to aell at auch prices as innruit fail to please. Housea furn.ahed throughout, either A "or approved paper. 1 ' '"ner purflla^ ?Ur 'l?0k ,H,for6 ,ou ,nAka ???r Remember the name and plaoe v toob?*COOMB8, d <? 1 m ? Deu?h "'/T'? M.?l'K?r from R? B. Hall a Dr? G?H?ds Stor?>. ??ARD PLATE ENGRA VING, and PKIN'I^ ,N! VITATION, and BUSINESS 'n every style. with dispateh'^ p^ln,,>,, ,n ,he ^"f manner and visiting and Invitation cards andeenameUed aurlace. lur.,sh?|.JJMS d 4-tf N? i','i WINKS. LIQUOR^ SHiARS. and OR^ The subscriber reap?otfully informs hf? and patro-a. and the publie, that a lull an7ron^ eral asa^irtment of old \V|,miii<??i ? ft Sa?i?Si3| All ordera strictly filled and delivered Jona^ Xkvv., 01 *-? ?? VSSZ" Voeal and Imtrnmental lfmio. Mr.w. henry PALMER** PI ANOFORTH CLASSES are dniljr adding new meniters I'or ioni desirous of availinz themselves of Mr. Palw r*'s services Are requested to enroll their uninM m esrlt aa possible. This Clan* ?v?t?m is more advantageous for the advancement of Children, than any other system of instruction. It ia equally advantageous for the perfecting of the moat brilliant performs a. Terms ;.t Advajtc*. Primarv Class f5 per quarter. Advance Classes ? lft. All applications to he made to Mr. \V. H. PALMER, at hia reaidenoe. 26o F atreet, between Thirteenth and Fourteenth. ID" Georgetown Ciaaaee meet every Monday and Thursday at 15 o'clock, at Miaa Harrover's uenrge towrfVemale Semmarr. ae 84 tf M" MUSICAL CARD. R. GEORGE M. ARTI1. leader of Arth's Brass and String Hand, l<egsleavetoannonnee )Btj to Ala f rieQils <.f Wash.rmtoi., I.e..rue'.. w: nod Alexandria, that he ia now prepared to ri2* furniah Ml'SIC for BsJls, Private Parties. Psrades. Soirees. Ac. From ore to any nutnl>er of Musicians to !>e had at the shortest notice. Orders can !>? left at the Musical Depots of John F. Eilia ">r W.G. Metxerott, or at hia residence, corner <Mh and G atreeta. Navy Yard. oc??-3tn* Dancing. i) ANCINGACADEMY It have a Mr. T F. GASZYNSKI and DAUGHTER have the honor to announce to the Ladies and Gon tleiuen of Wasuington and Georgetown that he will re open hia Claaaea for Dancing inj Washington on F riday, the 9th of October. *t I Temperance Hall, E atreet, for Misses and Maatera, from S o'cloAfc p. m.; for LAdics and Gentleman, fmm 7 o'clock p.m. Georgetown?on Wednesday, the 7th of October, at Miss Harrover's I.adiesSem inary. from 3 o'clock p. m. For terma and particulars application can be made at Mr. G.'a residence, E street, between 9th and H'th atreeta. ae l2-f>m Brooms, buckets, ac. 1V? dozen BROOM9, all sues 119 dozen 2 and 3 hoop Bl'C K UTS 17 d..zon Brass-bound Bl CKETS and COOLERS 2fi0gross Round woodand other MATCHES 25 lr?les PATENT TWINE IS Ulea LA M P WICK 45 nests BASKETS.all kinda VOneata CEDAR TUBS. Just received p*r schooner Sea Witch from New York, and for sale by d 11 eoftt BARBOUR A SEMMES. 1" ""EAS. COFFEE, Ac. ehesU Imperial, Gunpoader, Young Hveon and Black TEAS, 5f. bags White and Green COFFEE, *?' pockets .1 \ v a COFFEE, 3%l*ca I.AGUYRA COFFkE, ?V t/oxas freali iiaOLNU COFFEE, wdozen YEAST POWDER, O boxes SOAP POWDER. Juaf received per schooners Seawi'cn and Spencer from New Yor?, and for sale bv d ll-fteo BARBOUR A SEMMF.S. HANDLES. SOAP. Ac. 15o boxna Adamantine, Sperm,and Mould CAN DLES. 7ft boxes B It (> W N SO A P. C 25 boxes CAS TILE SOAP, t ca?ka WINTER OIL, 2i^?k<>tit S A I.Al'l Oil., 125boxes PEARL STARCH, 3,?>nlbs. SAL. St)DA. 10kegaSAI.ERATI'S and BREAD SODA. Just received, and for sale l?y d It fiteo BARBOUR A SF.MMES. Raisins, almonds, Ac. 175 whole. >2. and lA Ixixes Bunoh and Larer BAISiNS. nt?iles?oft shell ALMONDS, -it*!es Hird-snell Al.MONIM, 15 liaga CR EAM NUTS and FILBERTS, 5 barrels PECANS, V cats** PR UN ES, (in class jars) )o boxes LEGHORN CI I RON. 5barrels ZANTE CURRANTS. Just received per schooner Seawitch from New York, and for aaie by d li-iteo BARBOUR 4 SEMMES. RANDIES, W?NES AND SEGARS. B 2? quarters and casks French and Medium BRBNDY. 15 casks Port. Madeira and Malaga WINE, 3" barrels prime OLD WHISKEY, WliarreU BR ANDY, ?IN. WHISKEY. Ac., 1 cask purePKACH BRANDY, SCOTCH and IRISH WHISKEY (in wood and glass.) 2l".'?4) fuie Havana and other SEGA.RS. Just received from New York.and fur sale by d 11-titeo BARBOUR A SEMMES. AliiK*. WITH LONG MFMORAN DIM?, * will nave themselves a great deal of troubto by calhng at STEVENS New Faiwy Store, as Jus stock is by far more varied tuan any other in the District. n 12 eotl PD'IVERNOIS* HOTEL, A. AVENUE. Ix'tween I7th and 18fh streets, Washixotox. D. C. Tina establishment is ncwlv furnished and ar ranged on the most modern find improved principle, with private apartments. A-c. JfJ^Tlie Bir is supplied with the cUoioeat of \\ ines and Liquors. Game anil otber delicacies in season. Hot and Cold Luuoli from 11 o'clock a. m. until 12 ni. n 21 tf 1MIESECRRT INFIRMITIES OF YOUTH 1 AND M A TUR IT i, Just r*blishf>l. Uratic. the /btk Tknu*an f. A few wor>is of the Rational Tieatmeiit. withi>ut Medicine, of SP"rmatorrhea or Local Weaknesj, N>>cturnai Emissions, Genital, and Nervons Debility. Pre mature Decay of me System. Impo tency,and Impediments to Manage generally, by B. lib LANEY. M. D. Thw important faot that the many alarming oom p'aiuta. originating m the impni<Ieuoe and solitude of youth, may he easilv removed withont Medicine, is in thia small tract, clearly demonstrated ; and the entirely new and highly successful treatment, as adopted by the author, fully expiKined. bv means of whioh ever* one is enabled to cure Himself perfectly and at the least possible oost. thereby avoiding all the advertired rostrums of the day. Sent to any address, gratis and post free, in a sealed envelope, by remitter two postare stamps to , DR. DE LANEY. ss2S-dAwtf 17 Lispenard street. New York. \T~THE NVELL KNOWN ESTABLISH" ment ot T. POTEN TIN I, Pennsylvania ave., N<?. 279, l>etween lOthsndtlth streets, lias t>een re ceived, from France, a large supply of innumerable Articles of the most refined splendor, uu-te and quality .artistically executed, eonsistmg of the mot ?np?ri'or Ornamental Fea'ures. imitating all kinds of Fruits and Summer Flowers, such as were never betr?re seen in this Metropolis. By the shove and oth?r requisites, the aubscnlier is enabled to offer to the ladies and gentlemen, <Ju hnn Gou*. the skill of the art in this branch, and of the Miiirt d' Huh I, and provide the most delioious for Dinners. Supp?rs, Italia and Parties, for any numtter of persons, even to thousands. A oertaiu number of vue^tscan lie entertained at the saloons of hia establishment, or anywhere in the District, at a moderate rate. Indies and gentlemen can lie attended at all hours. For the approaching holidays T. Potfntixi de signs having the largest and most elegant assort ment of Ornamented, Fruit, Pound. Sponge and t- a ncv CAKE. d 1? eot Janl DRY GOODS SELI.ING tJFF AT tiKULCED PRICES, To close out this season. We are now soiling off our large and well assort ed stock of Rich Fanov lirvsi* Goods and General Staple Goods, at much less th^n former prices, to close them out this season. We name a low great tiarsains: Superior plain French Me-inos at 62H and 75 ceuta per yard; ver* handsome Plant Merinos at '25. 3*. und i*ic. per yard; all fancy dress Silks and Siik Robes ? io?r?? st les than cost; very rich figured all wool De Lainssnd Valentias; a large lot of Shawls and Scarf , very cju?p ; Ladies b ack and grwy Cloth Cloaks, veiy haii'lsome and at rnuoh less than former prioes Also, just received from Amotion, a large and ele fan', assortment of ncN Eirfbroideries? in Sleeves, 'ollars, and S?*t?: innslin and cambric Flounetnes. some in 4 yards strips for ?l0ria, which are very de s.raMe. and at alK?ut lialf pace. ID" We invite the special attention of all Cash puroh tsers to theahove articles, with many others not enumerated. COLLEY A SEARS,5837th street, d 17 d"2w 1 doors north of Pa ave. J~Tst received. 1ft dozen cms hermetically seated Peach**. II d.t, do. Tomatoes, K do. do. Peas. In do. do. Corn. 4 tut. extract Lemon, 4 do do. Vnni'H, 4 do. do. Rose, 4 do. do. Poaches, 2n do. Orange, Lemon, Apple, Quince. Currant and other Jellies, 3 do. John RullWance. 10 do. Worcestershire Sauce, 10 do. English Cauliflower. 1ft do. do. White Onion, 1 oe*e Primes, in ft?acy buses, 1 do. Fi(i do., 2 barrels Split Peas. Also on hand, a largo aeeorlmeni of line Family Groceries. Wine and Liquors, which we warrant to pea^e THOMPSON, HAMILTON A CO. d Ift-dlw No. 3ns Pa. av., bet. 4H and 6th sts. HM*. TOOTH, NAIL AND BANDOLlPfE BRUSHES, at fclBBS' Hair Store, near l?h ?t. and Pa. av..and at his Seles Room, under WU In rds* ho?el_ w I A DIES' TUCK, and all sorts of COMBS, a a GIBBS' Hair Store, uaar 13th St., and at kis <>*le* T?oom. under Willards* hotel. si 1m HEAP PIANOS FOR SALE OR RENT. Two Pianos for 9*5 eteh; one do. #75", two do. $lt<i eeeli: two do. $12s eaoh; ia addition to a large stock of Boston ana New York unrivalled Phno?. d 1* tf JOHN F. ELLIS. ?mm THE WEEKLY STAR. ? - VfcM MMllwt Family ud FV< *^inc ? grmtrn variety of Lniereenni ?a be foand ia Mr ?U>r m nUuM ?teirihiaK in Cluha raiaed amoac neighbor* ?re^ _V' j-'B *r<r*Bt'0n-0( * "ftV ??entNaa w. h? T? owit of T?? WtKiLT^TA* wnTl V.-T" . J.1 ;?T*n*?T 9?>tafiu the " :r?tktnitm+ Lu? k . r",l hI**oirwi* ? r-*L^_ ' thr<>u'bo*t 'tie ooantry. onptea (hi wrapper*) ou be Mn?ir?< jus* p^vnrtrStsS."- ?? ? ? i2ilS!!rr.f*;*<?!?"* - ,n" * Watchw, Jewelry, 4e. ^Y'ATCHts. JKWKl.RV AND FANCY AK 1 have on hand tome <>( the beat G<>!d and Wvei 1 bare on hand ium? of the !*at G? WiTCRn, 6oe Gold JKWgLR eta i " :LKi Call and examine, at 'KLRY, .. ?JM and mb^U pieoaa. FANCY ARri v LKS, Ac. J. RQBINS*ON*t*. oe y-tm st? Pa. av? opwo. Brr.wna' Hotel. !?CLOCKS'..' ery aty.e of TVEW JEWELRY. WATCHES. SILVER - 1 ? ^ ? WARE. 4o. M XV. GAI.T A HR()? r>pen thia morning a very lar*e asaort mei t of the abova namod goods. I eravna iu search of any thin* new and eiegant ia their line will do well to call. _ _ M. W. GALT A BRO.. n SO 384 Pa. av.. bet ween 9th and lith ata. W.. A CARD. * ' [? t**e this method of informing our patron* a*d the publie in general, tha', inoon*eqo*noe ?l the nnanoiai oriaia, Wf have determined to acll all iur Gooda at ? great reduction. Wa hatre mnrk?d down | ell our *'W><1??each arwcie tieir.c marked in piam ricme* at our lowest caab prioea?in order to flt^ot a speedy sale, and fwke it an oMect for peraona wIk? arc ir, tne hatat ?<t purchasing for < ? call and ?lamina our goods and prioea liefer* purchaaiut elsewhere. Our large assortment em- racti r ino London and Gm?ra Watches. for Ladiea an^t (iN.tieinfn; warranted time k??epera. Rich Jcweirj, such aa Diamonds, Pear.a,Coraia, Caoieoa. Moa*ica. etc., etc. Pure Si'verwnre. Spoona, Knives. Forte, Pitohera, GobUta.Cup*. And a large a*e?>rtment of F?ney Sdverware, aaita ble for wetid.-ng an 1 holiiMT preacuta. Heat Hi'-, or plated Ware, Spoor a. Forka, Coffea and Tea Seta. Baskets and Caatora. ate., etc., oheeper than ever oflered liefore in tbia mark?j_ .w *n" houaekeepera wlio wiah to refnrnfaB their rahie \V are arc u.vifd to lotik at the Good*. A?1 the KiK>d8 are warranted na repreacnted. ? ? , H. ^KMKF.N. ? . . No. Xrf' Pa. are., tiat. 9th and loth iU. n y-Ht HxCT CLOCK^:-<:i OCKS!!?CLOCKSV C1,0<' K ?!-C IA>C K !?! :-C A frvKl BASMCl.OCK for $1. Ev t/loeaaat J. ROBIN?*ON"(*. __ Alao. Clook Materials, auoh aa Key a, Bai?. FSjj W irea. Oila, Hnmla, Ao. Hfl ('!??cka tothe trade at wholaaala pnoas. Call IS'J and examine, at J. ROBINSON'S. _?r ^ 349 Pa. av., oppo. Br<>vna' Hotel. JMPROVK YOI;R EVES. K F.N<,TIM'\ narint thorn, by tbe Tani ? ip'irtan. P. VVO(>|>CON. who C ? has arrived from Lurope with hia P-/ T * own. as well as the uianurictiire ofacood many ""proved SPf CTaCLES and Sr '.?/-vIjASSES ; amoiir wln^b are the PKRISCOPIC CONCAVF. arid CONVEX The l>OU*LK PQLiVhED BRAZILIAN PEBBLKS.CRYSTALS. Ffo . which are warrantee to improve any EYE atfeoted with weakness, cataract or tcndins to it- aiao SHORT SIOHYEDNESS. ' Peraons whoare ovmpelled to uaeglaaaaa.or tboae now u?ins thein. will be suited at firatanbt. I boae woM^rni I DOCBLE-TOIJSIIED VENl.ZL'LLIAN , CRYSTAL ROCK ,h* Jbifthaat reoommendarmna at tlia i "'Id s I-air, at I aria, thrcuch their proiluoinc a olearnea* nnd Hannesa of rinun heretofore unknown many other improvementa. FVIV,?'rVTa?'T-1 KA? SPV? ?Dd MAGM J ^I.ASKKS.Compaaaea. and Micmaoopea are for sale at li is store, oorner of EirhtA street aod Pennsylvania avenue, or K:nlitb atreet Xo.4?l. ba tw een I) atreet and |*a. avonue. P r 2>o *of tn>$ nJef tkt tcrH't r>f Hth strett. r ccsvenr reaar>nable, the same aa at hia eetaK liahment in huroae. n 9 tf ^LOTHINGOF FINE QUALITIES. ^ e invite the attention of Gentlemen to our tare* a?aorrnent of? OVERCOATS, BTSIMKSS c< "tJ.89 and ?",OCI1 c?*" silk and ,?K-E/?Bsa!a?* a?Kl oomplete asaortment of Gentle men a I nder Garmenta of all qoalitiea and airea. JVALL, STEPHENS A CO.. . ?**' a. ava.. l et. 9th and IHh atreeta. ? 9 I ltitei.ASta?ea| Baggage express office ^ ? 8r"Pt Aajotntnt TKt Stmtt* Printing 0#ri. . Jhe aubsCT'lKar Baxaaxe Afent for Baltimore awl Ohio and Wsahmxton Branch Railroad, has opened an efiioe, at the above piaoe, ft?r tbe aooom modation of the public, where <>rdera oan be left lor the usei of W agoua to cenvc* Bacra^e or Package to and from Kaiiri?ad Depot. Steambo^a. Ao.. ot lor removal to any point in thia City or Oe<?rcetown. office open from 7 o'clock a. m. to 10 o'olock p. m., daily, except Sunday, 7 to 10 o'oiocka. m., 2 o'olock to 10 p. m JOHN M. MeCLINTOCK. Bruirace Agent Baltimore ami Ohio Railroad. N. H ?Peraona comlnjt to Waahington or ftoinx to lialtimore, not bavin* made up their mi rid a where lliey will stop, by giving up ibeir cbouka to mr acentsonthe <ars. wild have tfeir hagcace taken oare ot at thia office, or at Baltimore office. No. U Sliarp atreet. ar^d uoextra charge. d 10 IVM F BAVLV. bo>*al-> and Retail Dealer in I A N C * A N p ST A P L E STATION E R Y. At.TIH P?.?risii?, oners to tne put.lie. at retiuood prioea, a tail and oomalete assortment of? \\'ritiriK and letter I*apera. Kncish and Amerimn .Note Papera French r.iiameilcil and Rratol Bi*H Writing CarJa \> fddiriK unit Krvelopsp Kxtra fiue Knives Snaaors, ai.d Rarora. Fancy and Plain I'lay in? Cards. 0??ske and \\ ork b<.xea. Backgammon Boards. ^ ness >1 en, t'beckera. Games. Gold Pens, Pencils. Card t asrs. Ao., A c. d4 tf I Intel.e.Ki! ) j^TOP THAT RATTLING. I am now prepared to put cn "Chapman's Ela.tie Anti Kattur.g ??h?ft l-astener." a ?urt. jBrno rcmed? lor the raft line of t h-s shpft -eliprfe?5SeV 0 Lnrriagea nnd agona, wbHO oan t>eJ^^=E~ put on at a small cxpenae. examine at nt Factory, where I hare certificates Iroui tbe leading Coach ma k era in the coJ1!,i7r ANDREW J. .IOVCE, " ' " _ snrasi u-n nn<1 F ata. ^LE AND PORTER. I heg to inform the inhaKuanta and viattora of cities ot Washington and <>oorgeiown. I). C.. that v vV'.V1i,' i ??n*tantl> ke?n on hand, a atock ..f XX AI.F. aod BROWN STtll'T t*( IR TE R itmnufactureH here entirely fr< m Malt and H?<pfc, warianted irea from all iijurieus inare<<i>':''s t?t up in casks of varioua sixes, sifttable for llofcls. Kestaupiuts, Boarding-bouses and private faun ick. delivered by my own drays, in any part of the ah... o cities, a| top Drswsry pnoet. Orders received by post will be attended to tl,a da* following. Also. M.->it and Hops for aale. Bowery and Ma!thouae oorner of K and iTTh n . Washington city. D. C. *'? d u >? JOSEPH PAVISftN. ^ GAITIER'U FRENCH RESTALRANT In aolirurincyopr patronage for tbe ooming aeaaon. 1 call your attention to my preaeM un mcilitiAt of h(i9ine?it? flu vine nvult arnrn^ementa to auppiy the , arc eat Dinners. Pa^a. and I artiea. at a f.-w hours noti?e. on the m^st reaa onahie terms, with everj thing pertaining tothe moat iashionalilc entertain men's. ...^^intarea that oannot l>a au'pv?st d. if eqeall^d. Di-n^ra and Desert fnrniahed without arr trouble to rourself or family, at m.?derate cha'gea. ? ? iKsr < L*ss I- r*km m ^iKig can ba ?emto your house, at a small chavre <>f ?i, f?tr hia aervicea, and ^ased aT^?art*" ar,,olM M >?? may wish, pur Also, China. Glass. Silver ware and Table Orna C. GAI'TIRR. d 7-eo-w 29 Pa. tti' ue. 870 "^KSYLYANU AVENUE. A, of READY-MADE CLOTHING and GENTS. FL'KNIoHING GOODS juat re ceiverl, and for aa'c et terms suited to the ?n?rs fre?t?r?. Alao. TRUNKS, VALlSLS.atc..of tka best quality. We suggest to persons tn pnrwnit of a flretrate latrgain to call at tbe aUove uumlter l<ef<Tr? purohaa ir.g elsewhere, as tuey are confident that their ex tensive at?.ck is suited tothe reauirementa of tM moat fastidioua. No. TO) Penna) Ivauia a venue. under Browns' Marble Hotel. d t'-aw I StstenA Intel 1 VIRGINIA AND DISIRICT MONtY * TARES AT PAR roa BOOTS, SHOES, AND TRUNKS. S. P. HOOVER'S IR0*N HALL BOOT.SHOK AND TRUNK E!*TABLISHMEN't. rennsilranta mremue, between 9tk eimd 19tk ttr. |i) 1 have jnat returned from the NorthM1STU 911 aaaortment of aliRTOf f TR k,nd, Gentiamena. Mia hc?TV?'TLi and Servanta' rb r v sa r.?d d&S' Aiao. a large atock of iFrruvi BAUS, VALICES, and ? rrHKL^.alf of which I will ??lifor tlie tbovf i?8j; Caj. early,at BAM'L. P. HOOVER'S, I roa flail. TRob. b. schwarze, ? No. lOB E atreet, oorae' of iltk atreet, RAW.Vlfl&PrffeVWrVr.VKWE*. AND SHELL OYSTE&S. rrr The fineat Oyatera tbe marketaforda trt put np in nana and aent to order. d t-lm HomcepathIc p'hVsWian A surgeon. 4JT nth atreet ad door from Wizards' Hotel. Offiee hours from *S to a. m., X to S, aad 1 to ? p* m. R'/treneef -Dra. J F. ?ray. J C. Petera.aad F. Basard, Naw \ork; Dr. A. H. Okie. Providaaoe, R.L dU-aoW"