Newspaper of Evening Star, December 21, 1857, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 21, 1857 Page 3
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LOCAL intelligence. f PS* 1ST* A* Di?*cto?t.?The Christmas i!o ,j]vi ?l<we un?n u,,? and ?|rwK|f the ,fkl?iud impulse of business in stores and shops ['? tn that porcha*es in connection with the joy ?r**on are being made. To enable those of 0 " ,,.a<ters who are not sufficiently routed in the matter to know just where to go to make their Hlfrckmrs to the very l?e*t advantage, we shall 1 , m ?liiv ??? dav furnish a li?t of Hie principal d-aic* >n article* appropriate to the festive time. Wat* iin. Ac. of rootle- ever> body i* on the lookout for wme I -rfal suitable article lo present to some friend.** asnnvenlr of aftection Should tirvv?i?h semethln* In th* jewelry line, they , ,nnn! do 1?etter Ittan to inspect the supetbly .'ix-k- d warercom* ol Gait A Bro.. H. O Hood, \\ ScnikiH.J Eobimoa, wd M?. Vom. Here, ani'dsl tb*" da**iia|t array of articles, beautiful anil tasteful. of gold, silver. pearl and precious ,r.>ues: the London ami Geneva watches; the dia mond*. coral*. {-earls, cameos, and mr>*nics; the l.vase*. bracelets, brioche*, breastpins and lockets; the silver spoons, knives, forks* piiohe"?. goblels, cups, elc., etc.. etc., it will be strange :f the m?-t fitsliUtou* purchaser cannot l>e snited Book*. ST?TloXV*T, Ac. Shrot'.d a book, or something of that kind, be the article In request, it inn Inevitably be found at gbilliniton's, Odeon Building; at Taylor A Maury's; at Kraack Tav'ors, or at Philhrick's. On their counters cm be fouud the richest possi M- display of gift books, prayer Imok*. l>enntiful annuals, A??.. Ac., and also juvenile game*, ladies' work boxes, and writing desks, card < a<e?, gold pens, penknives, puises, hackgam iu<?a boards, portfolios and a thousand other suit able article* tor presents Fancy Aartct.r*. Tnv*. Ac. Fancy articles and toys in endless profusion aiii?|>U\ril u|>oii twe shelves of McLaughlin A In., A. i.aumiond. \V. F. Bayly, Gibbs. H. K>' hev and Mrs. ditch. Here will be found elegant articles In papicr-inache, articles for the toilet, workstand*, baskets, toy games, wagons, locomotives, crackers, trumpets, footballs, china Jit ures, automatons, and a wonderful variety of thing* calculated to please both the little folks and < biidren of a larger growth. ftBiHERISS. Good checr and Ch; istmas go hand in hand the a*oild over; so we refer those who wish to lay in a titling stock of the very liest articles in the grocery line to the (crammed from basement to attic) stores of George and Thos. Parker; Jonas T Lew; Jas H Sheckell; Thompson, Hamilton & Co , Barbour A Semiues; Kennedy A Pugh; >1 jrrav A Scnunes; Win Or me; Jesse B.\V11sob; Samuel Bacuu; Marsh A V'oss; W. M Cripp?; Jom \V . itavis. and Kiav A Burchell. Tbenuts, sprees and pickles; Goshen and English dairv < heese ; the Mocha coffee, almonds prunes and 'Zmtc currants; the fl's, Alberts, citrons, crcnm nuts and buuch and layer raisins; the orange, leun>n,quiu? e, apple ana otlter jellies; the smoked salm- n and o'her relishes, Ac., Ac , Ac., pre sented to our virw here, are autneieut to cause the in -nth of a stoic to water, let alone ordinary mor tals who are not above owning up to a moderate lelish for the good Ihiugs of this life. Wis is axd LiQeoas. But the eatables require something to wash thtm down, and an aaded lest is given to the above delicacies by the superior liquors sold by most of the above mentiom d grocers, and also as a feature bv Mr. E. C. Dyer?such <ts best Pott wine. Cognac. Sherry, London and Scotch porter, creamv Irish whisky, schnapps, old rum, Cham pagne. Madeira. Ac' Time and space are " up" with us to-day. bat to morrow we shall resume our notices, and our advertising friends had best hurry up their fa vors. so as to be fully brought befo<e the public, in order that thev may participate iu the rush of tiafti'. which is to prevail throughout the week. Ldccaijo-al CoxvasTioJi.?Wrhen our report closed on Saturday, the Convention was engaged :n discussing matters iu connection with the ed iKativiial statistics. Mfs*r? ^ oung, Loomis, Merc hant, Wight and others participated in the discussion, and also the Rev Mr Haskell The discussion was fi-iallv arrested by the Chair for the address by Mr Barnard, who made aotne interesting remarks reformative schools, and afterwards George B. Emerson. of Bo-ton. addressee! the Convention upon the ''qualification of teachers,** occupying a I'ward* of an hour, and at its clone, the thanks ni the Convention were tendered to Messrs. Bar na d ai:d Emerson for their generosity in coming froii. ab.oad to attend the Convention in so emi nently useful a capacity, and without reward Resolutions of thanks were also tendered to the citizen* of Washington who had provided en terta:i;iiieut for those attending the Convention from abroad. The Convention also passed a resolution rec ommending Barnard's Educational Journal to the attention of pareuts and teacher* generally. On motion, the following resolutions were adopted: K'.io'rft. That this Convention deem it of the utmost importance that a series of Educational meetings l?e held In the several waids of this eitv. K,<nh-fl. That this Convention recommend to the Tim*lees of the Public School*, ami the Tea. h**is" Ass.h latiiin of this < ity todevlst* some plan ts cari y <>nt the aiv>ve resolution, and that a;l lriends of education, and the public, are :e Sjiectfilllv i'ivil?-?l t.? co-o}>ei ate. /?, a ?oiiimittee be appointed at 0ii erodratta nieuiorial setting forth the facts etjch?hJ Iwfore lb.* Convention, and to procure tl.? -ai || : of tLc fItla n- Hierrto f-?r the jnir? | seof p.eser.flag It to Congress as speedily a> mmUiIv. Ait'l ht i. furtnr r r*>a1mt. That the trustee* of the public s< bonis in Ibis city aie hereby cordial ly invited anil requested to unite With this Con vention in piocuring the publication In a docu mentary fo; m ^f the proceeding* of this Conven tion and of the lectures delivered before it, Iu conjunction with the above-named memorial, at the of the ritv oovemment, by an appro priation |<( made bv the corporate authori se* for this purpow. nrtder the supervision of the ? onmittee. representing the interests of the city Congress. That Prof Ileury of the Smithsonian Institution, iu connection with other geutlemer hlr-bv appointed. i>e reqne*i?l to prepare a ph.u f<?' a ni/ht *<-hool for the accommodation of ? le? ks and other* who-e business demand their time diuiug the day, and have no other means of meiiLil culture, iu accordance with his *ug??es tirw. and that this Convention '?e requested to make an ? it > t to secuie its execuiiou. A restdntion i f thanks was voted to Prof lletirv for his kindles* hi lending the Siniths4> nian flail for the use of the Convention And tben the Convention adjourned. 1% * h??ti v:?it last Satu day night to the fl it lotion of the Art Assim iation of this city, w<* were not surprised to find gathered there some of the most disfinguistied (in various walks of life) personages iu the country The exhibition well merits such eucoutagsment. It contains a variety cf really g<?od pictures, the rooms are chcerfnl and well.lighted, and the gentlemen at the head of the undertaking have the love of their art ?o tuo'oughly at heart and aid the specta'or so in t-ll.gently in gaining a knowledge of the tecti nt' al *ie- ?,f il,e collection, that it is really one of the ino?? tempting places of resort In the city A* indefatigable as ever we noticed Dr Horatio Stone, the sculptor, who. by the way, has in the ?r>ilerlion a remarkably line bust of Governor Walker In Ibis department we notice also an sdml'able bust of Governor Wise, of Virginia, bv a Richmond artis!. apparently taken from a < ast In the ante-roou. we observed a large number of recently arrived drawings from llarley and other eminent artists These will be bung short ly. and a full *lalogne of the exhibition pre pared. whereby the satisfaction and protit of a visit will be much enhauced. lHaxiixiM or I.i math s ?Saturday night a named Aif.ed Ray was taken to the guard house for disorderly conduct, iu the morning the following commitment was given to an otll-er, wiio? on veyed him to jail, but the keepers refused ??> re.eive him upon lbs ground that the case ? bouid first be laid liefore tue Grand Jury : '* The Marshal of the I (strict of Columbia will ici-eive into his charge and custody Alfred Ray. brought before me l?v B Watson, constable, upon tUe luforiualuxt and oath of Joliu C Ray, who charges that be, the said Alfred Ray, is a liiiiati. and dangerous person, and unable from wan' of means to be pi i. ed in a suitable asylum ; liim therefore, you will -afely keep until dis ? barbed by due course of law *' Given under my hand and seal this 'Jtlth day of ifcirmbei. |?j;. ?? Tmoma* C. Lloss. J. P. (Seal J'' When Ihe it rand Jury is not in lie. tween the term* of the t'ourt, and a dangerous lunatic is found going at large, endangering the 1'Ves Of the citix-us, l.s be to tie Irft at liljeity till the next sifting of the Court' or what can be done to secure bun * A Print co*vts'Fttci. indeed. Is the bag. gage agency ofieued in Ibis city by Mr. John M. M Cliutock, well-known as the indefatigable baggage agent of the Baltimore and Ohio Rail load Having bad considerable experience of hi* manner of attending to the interests of hit ' i?t?mers, we are prepared to recommend bitn in the warmest terms as a prompt and reliable b isiue?* man His office is D street, where orders for the ? r-yance of baggage to aud from the railroad depot, steamboats, Ac , or to any point in the ibstriet, will receive immediate attention. Fi ka ?About two o'clock S itiday mo. ning, aa alarui if H e Was caused by the bU'Uing of a bay sLed. near Wendell's Pi loting Office The a*ix iiie v gus'ds and siiecial polic?, with several fit'**n* t* led to save some of the p opeity, but Withour aneeess Tbe heut I* small, but the Are I dilates Ihe pifsrnce of in<?ndi?ries in thai vi* t inity 4krisade ?On Saturday evening, the Post master General was serenaded at bia residence, netr Seventeenth Mteet. The serenade bad not bffn publicly announced, or the crowd would ha^e been immense. A> it win some forty or fifty gentlemenwere present, mostly visitor* from the North and Northwest. Withers'* Band was in attendance, and discoursed most eloquent mo sir to the night. Tie party, having been invited into the bouse, was received with the most cordial courtesy by the distinguished gentleman in who?e honor the serenade wa* given After the usual interchange of congratulations, the dining hall was thrown open, and a splendid collation spread before the ntie*petted but welcome quests. The choice liquors and viands were freely discussed; and nothing occurred to mar the general festivity. The Northwest having been proposed. Dr. Lieb. of Illinois, rose to reply. He pledged his sec Hon of country In support of Democracy, as represented by the Administration. He declared that he ws* but a single mouth-piece of thousand* of true henrts. that would cling till death to the futon and the Constitution He made some very hippy hits, and fully confirmed, on this occasion, the high reputation wUic.h he has earned upon the stump. r? The Southern press was then toasted, and .Mr. Bargy of this city, was called for. He spoke in Complimentary te*rnis of the gallant Northwest ern Democracy He said that it was upon occa sions like the present that Southern and Northern men best learned to know each other, nnd he de clared that the Southern press would always be with the voices that could utter, and the hands that could carry out the noble sentiineuts pro claimed by his friend from Illinois. Col Savage, tn an able and eloquent strain, re sponded to a toast in honor of Tennessee He said that the present social intercourse was mere ly a type of the great bonds of common feeling, which, in despite of faction and violence, would still hind together the most opposite sections of the country. Mr. McDowsll, of Pennsylvania, represented tb? Keystone rotate, in an excellent speech and a rno*t appropriate song. Other toasts were given and responded to by eloquent gentlemen, among whom we may in -<t\4?c? Judge Marshall, of III., Mr. Robinson, of Ohio, and Mr. Woodbury, of N H. The ladies, too, gathered in the adjacent par lors nnd drawing-rooms, lent to the scene that interest which is derived only from the fair. Take it all In all, this serenade, gotten up by gentlemeu from every part of the country uniting in honor of an eminent statesman, was the most lnlliant affair of the kind that has thus far oc curred during the season Cmw?5ll'? ?About 7 o'clock vester day uiorpiug, the body of a man was discovered floating in the canal at the foot of Ninth street went. It was taken out and conveyed to the Cen tral Guard House, where a jury was summoned, and an inquest disclosed the following facts. The deceased was Gen. David Newland of She boygan, Wisconsin, but formerly of North Caro lina, wMK he ran for Congress, was defeated, and congested the seat of his opponent. Mr Newland was formerly Speaker of the House of Delegatesof Wisconsin. lie had been iu Washington some live or six months, acting a? agent, it is understood, for various parties who were applying for office. He has been latterly in very straitened pecuniary circumstances, and this fact probably gave rise to the suspicion that he deliberately* put an end to his existence, but the facts elicited l*:fore the jury seemed to indicate that his death was accidental, and the jury brought iu a verdict accordingly The. papers upou his person were not wet through, indicating that he had been but a short time in the water when discovered Among these papers was a Free Mason's diploma of twenty years' standing, and the body wa- accordingly taken charge of by itiemhers of the Order and conveyed to their hall on Ninth street, from whence he was buried at 0 o'clock this morning. Ii is high time something was done with that infernal man-trap, the city canal. Let it either Im- filled up, (--a consummation devoutly to be wished,") arched over, or railed in, a? Is the rase with Jones' Tails In Baltimore. We won der the city fathers are not afraid to cro?s the ca nal after night fall, lest they should be confronted by some of the pale spectres of the drowned, who. If there be any truth in ghost stories, must hover over its turbid waters in squadrons ! [COMXtMICATICD. The Case of Donnelly?Mr. Editor: Allow me, through the medium of your widely circu lating paper, to give expression to the deep sympathy entertained by myself, ill common with many others, for the unfortunate Don nelly, now under sentence of death. Here he received his collegiate education?here be gradu ated as physician, and long resided among us, and surely the doubts ot his uuilt, and the pity for bis situation felt by hundreds of our cit izens. should not remain unspoken. The cir cumstantial evidence is, indeed, strong. But, it iniy be a?ked. has not circumstantial evidence time and again proven fallacious. Even when it tirst, it had seemed more conclusive and over whelming than in the present case' Facts an swer, Yes. Is it, then, unreasonable, when the only oositivecvidence against hiin, is that of a re puted Atheist, when a large number of those who ; ead th?* repoits of the case. I?elieve blm innocent, wb*?n those who knew him best are strongest in that twlief,? when his trial has taken place in a community where Moses w*s known, out where his al.e^ed imirde. er was a stranger, when doubts tiave arisen on all sides of the fairness of that trial, and when one-third of the judges to whom he appealed have de?-ided in favor of a new one, is it unreasonable to ask t he intervention of the Executive, to save him from what mat/ be an un merited doom ? Purely not. Out suppose him scullty?how many extenuating circumstances arise to plead in bis behalf. Young, talented, well-educated, his previous life was blameless He is no hardened criminal. True bis connec tions ar? not wealthy or influential, but poverty soothes not the grief of an ai?ed father, nor di>es i! le-?.-en the pangs of a fond sister's heart It is to 'e* hoped that the*e considerations will have their full weight with his excellency the Gover nor of New Jersey, and joined witti the reason able doubts of Donnelly's guilt, will procure for him some mitigation of his punishment. VlXDEX. R otix<; ?Saturday night a party of rowdies cheated con?~.derable noise iu the western part of the city where, for a long time, the citizens have been free from serious disturbances ; The rioters beg*n their demonstrations near Boulanger's restaurant, and went to various lo calities. stoning houses, and behaviug in a dis graceful manner. A ydung man, a barkeeper employed in a res tauraat In that section of the city, was knocked down with a olung shot, and severely injured Whether the same persons in the riot are charge able with the assault and battery, remains to l^ seen when the parties are arrested, as they are likely lobe, their movements having l?een closely watched by one or two persons who can identify them. ? Criminal Court.?After our report closed on Sxturday, the seutence of the Court was passed upon Wm. Nicholson, who had been convicted of assault and battery. H? was sentenced to nine months imprisonment iu the county jail, and to pav a tine of SI Anthony Bias was sentenced to one month's imprisonment in the jail aud pay a tine of *1 In the case of Benjamin Watsoji, charged with assault and battery on W D. Be!l. the jury re turned a vi 'dict of not guilty. To-day. W . A Maury, Esq .appeared a* pros ecuting attorney, in place of the district attorney, absent fiom illness The case of Thomas Richa-d* was taken up, in which the defendant stood charged with lar <-en: of boots, valued at 30 from August Bur ehell on the 3d da>' of Novemlter. Ii>57. This case pending when this report closed. Miss May's Fakrwrll Comckrt?Our own sweet song-bird, of whom all Washingtoiiiaii* arc justly proud, and who has just won new laurels among the musically critical Phiiadel phiaus, gives ber farewell concert at home on tu-moriow evening, preparatory to her departure for the South. She is to b-- assisted by the silverv voiced tenor Signor Tiberini, by Signor Rolopbo-en, a tine baritone singer, and by our favorite Sanderson u|*on the piatio The concert takes place at the Assembly Rooms, and oeals can be secured without extra charge at the music stores of Messrs. Metzcrott A Davis. Auction Sals or Valuable Los DOS Books. To-morrow evening. J. C. McGuire, Esq., com mences the sale of a valuable assortment of Lon don )?ooks. comprising works on divinity, the arts, sciences, history, lielles lettrea, anatomy, chemistry, surgery, vovages, travels, grammar*, etc.., ir< Greek, 1 atin, French, Arabic, Hebrew, German, etc ; architecture, antiquities, mathe matics, music, diawing, astronomy, botany, nat ural history, poetry, zoology, fiction, ornamental lllusfratlon. metaphysics, the diama painting, sculpture, education, elocution, writing, army, navy, eU:-, etc. Tiik R ivrr ?Arrivedat Riley's wharf, steamer Columbia, from Baltimore, with rndze to Murray A Semmcn,E P.CJueen,J B WiNoo.S Bacon, W llagyerty. R King, Bureau of Yards and D<k k*. B E Wi.'y, Howell A Morseil. E. Hall, P Dounelly, U. M B McPhersou, B. Jost. Bar bour & Scmapes. C White, J Patterson. Middle>. ton A Bc^IttS. E Douglass, Wall A Barnard. E. E White A Co., J S Harvey A Co , B. F Mor teJl. Vaxoali'V ?Saturday Light some persou or peSMCis entered the truck house of the American IJo.k aud L idder Company, iu the Sixth Ward, and broke a wheel of the truck, unfitting It for uv. <>\ Saturday night last, Tim O'Leary and Tim Wood were arrested and committed, for stealing baggage from the Railroad Depot. Thb Rbvisbd Codb.?The true and practical question for the people of this District to deter mine If, whether the Revised Code as now sub mitted. with the opportunity of securing proper Amendments hereafter, is not better than our present confuted and wretched body of laws. As we have before stated, it is not to be expected that a body of law* running through some seven hundred pages, will, in every particular, receive the unqualified approbation of any person. No code which the assembled wisdom and experi ence of the world could produce, would ever be so fortunate as that. A law of the simplest na ture, and of meHgTe details, is seldom passed through even a deliberative legislature unani mously. The true question for the people to de termine is, whether, when this code is adopted, we will not have a better system of laws than the present? The proposed code is to be weighed against the present law, and not against perfer tfon. Every man is to determine for himself whether the code as proposed, notwithstanding the various points of private objection he may have to the same, is not manifestly superior to the present body of the law, each being taken as a whole. This Code is subjected to an ordeal, through which no Code In any civilised community has heretofore passed. Prepaid first under the super vision of the Attorney General's oifir.e, it had to l>e submitted afterwards toa bodyofeightgentieiuen, most if not all of them lawyers, selected by the Corporations of Washington and Georgetown, a ad by the Levy Court. That has already been done, as we are Informed in the preliminary note, and the Code has received their unanimous approval. Amongst these gentlemen are at l<-ast several who stand deservedly hiffh in their profession In addition to this, the Cone has to be submitted to a vote of the people. We think we are safe in stating that no such thing was ever heard of be fore in any coiumuuity it Is a test more thorough ly severe than any Code has heretofore been sub jected to. An appeal is made to a tribunal where the opportunity of misrepresentation, in the first instance at least, is gtVst?nn opportunity which we are sorry to state, parties have availed them selves of, in this instauce. If the Bible even, as a code of morals, was submitted to a vote of the people, bow much clamor would l>e gotten up against it ? After a vote of the people has been obtained upon the Code, It is then to be reported to Con gress for their action. It is there to be subjected first to the scrutiny of two judiciary committees, and to public discussion afterwards, if reported by the committees, in the halls of legislation. If there be improper provisions in the Code, it is easy to show them to the judiciafy committees, and they can there be stricken out. Any member of Congress on the floor can move to strike out anv objectionable feature, even if the committees refuse to do so. The whole control of the matter is vested in Congress, and they can add or sob tract, or modify an they please It is not Incum bent 0:1 Congress to adopt it as a whole, and we doubt not, even if the Code were to receive the unanimous up pi oval of the people. Congress would listen to any proper and well-supported application for any modification We ask again. Is it the part of wisdom to re fuse to accept the very many admitted improve ments contained in the Code, because of an objection to a provision here and there, when every opportunity is allowed hereafter to pro? ure a repeal or modification of such objectionable provision? " India* Delegations?This morning, a dele gation of sixteen Pawnee Indians from the re gion of the Platte ri\*er arrived In this city, and took lodgings at Mrs Mttber's, corner of Thir t?*nth-and-a-b?lf and F, streets They were in full costume and attracted much attention The delegation consists of fonr from each of the Grand. Tappali, I.oups and Republican divisious r.f the Pawnees. Another delegation is expected in a day or two at the *atne quarters. All have business with the Government. Miss May IK Philadelphia.?'The Philadel. phia papers generally speak in warm terms'of Mis* May. who rerently appeared in concert in that city The Journal, however, advises her to show more feeling, '? both ill manner and in voice *' The Press, on the contiair, thinks her voice and style all that could be desired. Tits Good Intent Association give thethird of their pleasant Cotillon parties to-night, at Mtinder's Saloon, corner Ninth and D streets. Watch Rbtubss.?West lock-up, for the week ending .Saturday last?H. Dement. .Md . vagrant; workhouse days Patrick Queen, Ireland, drunk and disoiderly; fine and cost*, 9-3 44. John Hays, do , do.: do Ann Jones, colored, disor derly; dismissed. Maria Burley, do., do ; do. Win. H Delaway, D. C , liot; security for court. Richard II Rollins. D. C , do.; do. Fonr lodgers?non-residents Central Guard House, Dec. 19 ?Daniel Hagerty, Ireland, drunk In the canal; dism'ssed Beni Parnell, D. C , breaking furniture; security for further bearing. Alfred Ray. Md., disorderly ; committed to jail as a dangerous lunatic, and re jected by the keepers Owen Brannan. Ireland, drunk and disorderly ; dismissed Richard Wat kins, Pa , do ; do. Nineteen lodgers?non-resi dents. December'20?John Roney, Ireland, disorderly; workhouse 00 days. John Kelley. Ireland, drunk and disorderly; do. James Halloday. colored, D C., out after hours; fine and ccsts $3 4i Al ander Campbel, colored. Md., do ; do Fifteen lodgers?non-residents Holiimy Prf>fnt?. ? The crowds that dai'y timing Philbrick's Gill Bookstore demnn?ti.ite the great lil.eralit) which characterize sll his operations, and is the pine? to get their presents "without mo ney or price." We learn, trom reliable auihority, that he cave away seven Gold and Silver Watches last wetk. How is r doner Ho must he equal in power to the noted Santa Clans, Vno makes g!gd the hearts of so many little ones at Chrittinas. It I am IK posskssio5 of some valuable certificates in favor of the Consumption Destroyer; also of it? efficacy in relieving bronchial dis. ase a'feiid- d with severe cough. The Syrup is pleasant and sale.and is composed of roots and herns pr??ciired from the Blue Ridge; it is no common article. They arc nicely enveloped in my cuculurs, where iiij place of residence is seen. 'l'he extract of a llowercalled the Alpha Ointment for the Piles, can, with the Syrup, he found at Mr. C- Stutt's; the Syrup is at several other places on Pennsylvania avenue, as well as Georgetown, at Mr. Newman's on Bridge street. In Alexandria at I .ed tatter's. In Baltimore, at Hance's, l<X! Balti more street. dt-if Dyspepsia axd Fits.?Dr. Tract Delorme. great curer of Consumption, wss for several y ears so t?ad l? afflicted by dy?pepsia that for a part of the time he was confined to his Tied. He was eventua'lv cured by a prescription furnished Imu by a young clairvoy ant rirl. This prescription, given by a mere child while hi a state of trance, has cured every l?od? who has taken it, never havii.g failed once. It is equally as sure in cases of fits as of dyspepsia. The ingre dients mas l>e found in any drug store I will send this valuable prescription to any person who will supply ine with the nrmes (and resiliences)of ten.or more, individuals suffering with diseases of the Chest, lungs, or throat, as a knowledge of such inva lids and the wav to reach them, is an aid to my regu lar business- Address Dr. Tracy Deloriue, New York Post Office. Special Noticb.?For Perfumed Breath. White Teeth, and Beautiful Complexion, use " Balm of I .WW Flowers " For dressing Ladies' hair use " Woodland Cream," a new pomade : it causes gen tlemen's hair to curl beautifully. Price ?0 cents eaoh. W P. Fktridgb A Co., Proprietors, New York. Wholesale and Retail Agents for Washington, Taylor k Matry, Booksellers, between 9th and loth st., Pa. avenue. n 17 To TIIK ClTlZRNS OF WaSHINRT05? Stkrifiim Aromntic SrH*app%.?The proprietor begs leave to call the attention of strangers ar>d the citizens of Washington, to a very superior artiolswf Holland Gin, which he introduced to the American public under the name of Wolfe's Scheidam Aro matic Schnapps. This Gin is manufactured by the proprietor exclu sively at his Distillery in Schiedam, Hoi and. It is made from the best Barley that can be procured in any cost, and flavored and medicated, not by the common harsh berry, hut by the most choice botanical variety o! ttie Aromatic Italian Ju mper Berry, whose moro various extract is distill ed and rectified with its spiritnnus solvent, and thus becomes* ooncentrated tincture of exquisite fla vors and aroma, altogether transcending in its Cor dial and Medicinal propertiesany alooholic leverage heretofore known. The proprietor has submitted it to nearly the whole Medical Faculty of the United States, and has received answers from aliout four thousand Phyt tuians and Chemists, who endorse it over their signatures as a most desirable addition to the Ma teria Medica. Persons who purchase should l*> careful to get the gsimine article, as the wholecountrv is flooded with counterfeits and imitations. Put up in quan and pint bottles, in oases of one dozen each.and for sale bv'all the respectable Drug gists and Grocers in the Cmted States. I'DOLPIIO WoLFK. Sole Importer and Manufacturer. Depot, No. 22 Beaver street. New Y ork. Wolfe's Schiedam Aromatic Schwapps, is prescribed with great success by the Medioal Fac ulty m Gravel, Gout, Chronic Rheumatism, Drop sy, Dyspepsia. Sluggish Circulation of the Blood. Iluideuuate Assimilation ol Food, and exhausted Vital Knergy; aud as a beverage it haa no superior in the world. Put up in quart and pint bottles, and for sale by all the Druggists aud Grocers in Washington. Udolpho Wolfb, Sole Importer and Manufacturer, Nos. 18, 2<). and <12, Beaver street, New York. WoLFB'a Schmdaji Aromatic Schmapps.?The proprietor particularly recommends the above Schnapps to persons travelling or alsoit to settle in the South or West ou account of its Medicinal pro perties in onrreoting the disagreeable and oAenuan geroaa etleots produced by a ch inge of water?a visitation to which all travelers South ami West are particularly liable. Strangers should be careful in purchasing th* Schnapps, as ttie whole ooun'ry is flooded witti c>uutsrfuits and iirut-itioua. The geuume hw the proprietor's name on the bottle, oork and laliel. For sale by all Druggists aud Gio eers. I'owLPtio Wolfb. d '#-3m Depot IB ltr<aver s reet. New Y ork. MUb ..Oo lnBt- of paralysis, Mrs. ANN POWfcff, in the 67th year of tier age. AUCTION BALIS. Br WALL & BARNARD. Au 61ioi Cornir %J /Vaw.'r.t-aaia ?????? and 9tk ttrttt. GOLD AND SILVER WATCHRS>. Jewblsi. Port# Mornses. Cauas, Fancy Goods. Hooks, Silver Plated Goods. Together with a tare* collection of Good*, suita ble f"T Christmas ud >aw Year'* presents. Site will be beitl every EVENING, at half-past I o'clock, at Store No. 420 Penn. avenue, near Na tional Hotei. d21-dts WALL A. MARXARD, AuoU. Br BADEN it LOWXDS, Auctioneers INTENSIVE SALE OF JKWKLHY. FOR J Chi?tma? Pkksknts.?On Tl'ESD\Y EVE NING, at ha*f past six o'clock, at our rooms, (down srairsi No. 34 Market Spaoe. between 7th ami Hth sts., we shall aeil, without rose ire, a large collection of Jewelry, Fancy Goods, Cutlery. Gloves, 4c., Ac., suitable for Christmae and New Year* presents, consisting tn part of < 'amen and Lava Sets. Laoies'and unit's Finger R inpra,

Plain and fancy Rreaatpina, Lockets, Watches, (Jold-stone plain and wrought Sleeve Buttons, Plain and ftinc) Earrings. (told, stone, ai d plain Studda, Mosaic Pins, Silver and Silver-plated Ware, Alao, Poofcet knives of all description, BADEN A LOWND8, dSl 2t Aootiouaer*. St Market Space. By J. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. CATALOGUE- MAGNIFICENT COLLF.C ?> tio.n or English ami Fniscit Fasct (iooiis to he sold at Auction.?On TUESDAY, WKU NESDAY, and THURSDAY MORNINGS, Dec. ?2d, 23d. and 24tli. at in o'clock, en the second floor of the auction r?*?ms. These lieantiful good*. which are opened is this country for the first time, oomprise: Keal Bronze Candelabraa of n. w and beautiful - atjlea Fine French Mronzes. Elega-t (iilt. Bronze, and Marble Clocks, formali ties, Ac. Parian Statuary Lar^e Bronze Figures for Gas Platina Decorated Vases. an entirely new article, nevrr before imported into thia country. Alao. a hne assortment of Silver-plated Tna Seta, newstjlea, heavily jplate<( on German silver, sets of fiae Cut:err, Steel Engravings, Ac. Termaoaah. ? d 21-d J. C. MoGUIRR, Auct. GEORGETOWN ^ADVERTISEM'TS. ,l(\|\ COKH6 OAK WOOD for sale in Iota to im\F\l suit, at reduo d prices. Apply on Dodge s Brick Wharf, east side Market Houae, Georgetown. d M 3t* ^U IT ABLE FOR PRESENTS. Joh> H. Smoot, No. 119 Bridge street, George* town, D. C.. Ills received, and "fTcTs \*9rv cheap lor Cash. a good assortment of fancy and useful arti clee, aui'abie for Chriatniis or New Year's prea cuta, viz: Fancy and black Silks, very cheap Shaw la, Scarfs, and Cloaks Kich worked Collars and sets Hem stitched embroidered and plain linen cam bric Handkerchiefs Best Paris Kid Olo\6a,all Nos. H icli printed i>?-f>aiiik and Meru.o 1'laiJi Merino Plaids, Union, A and 3lo. A large lot DeLaines, l?\ and 2r>e. Gents Son fa, Ties, and Cravats Gloveaof ?very kind Silk white and oolored bordered linen cambric Handkerchiefs Children's Woolen Circulars, Hoods and Gal tera Gents and Bots Scarfs and Comforts Merinos and Silk Vesting*, Ac. With a great m:tn> o?her desirable articles that would l>e suitable for a present, d 18-tl J. H. SMOOT. JTMNE ALKS.?We respectfully announoc to our r friends and the public that v. e have at last sue ceeded in having a large quantity of ALES of vari ous kinds brewed expressly to our order, which we will guarantee to l>e the finest and the largest vari ety that was ever offered in this market. All persons wishing a nice article of Ale can have it by apply ing to ua for cither ofthe following brands, vizi Kennett. Burton XXX Hale. India Pale, Phil adelphia and XX. We also have a fin* article of Brown Stout ami XX Porter always on hand. All orders bv mail, or given to oar dri?ers. will be attended to. ARNY A. tffllNN, Union Bottling Depot. bfl Green street, ? d 17-d Georgetown, D. C. AKNY'S CON F E C T I O N E R Y, A'o. 84 Brid*e Street, GehIgeiovx, D. C. Although determined to retire from busineas dur ing February next, 1 am alwajs ready to attend to all orders for Parties. Ae., with that zeal and pure tualr.y that Las hitherto been my custom-all repot is to the contrary notwithstanding. As usual, at this season. I have a pretty assort-' met ol FRENCH CON FEO IIONFRY. Ac., and am now preparing a large number of Cakes, of al. kinds, for the approaching holiday a. Persons there for'desiring to avail thetnaelves <>f this last oppor tunity of procu'ing a first-rate Christmas Cake, are requested to make earl* application. I still offer this establishment foi sa'e. Possession given any time prior to the l"th February, when, if not previously disposed of, I will sell at public ano tion. thus affording a good Confectioner an opportu nity of e^gacm< hi a lucrative business at once . d Ki-dtJan3 |Intelligencer] A. L. aRNY. Millinery, Ac. MRS. HELLER. No. 34 Louisiana avenue, b? twean 7th and 8th streets, reap^otfally invites the ladies of Washington and vici nity to her first opening of WINTER ahe has spared no paiuain select-*" ing a large and handsome assortment of fash-" - 1 loiabie HA IS, RI RIM >NS and F LOW RRS, and w.ll l>e liappy t'? s?e ad the ladiea of Waahiaaton at her opening on Thuraday, Friday and Saturday, d 17-zw* M~ILLINERY. drfss-making and TRIMMINti ESTABLISHMENT. Indies visiting Washington are respectfully m formrdtfat woare prepared to make up Dresses, Cloaks, Hasquts, A c . at short notice, iu the latest sty les, and satisfaction guaranteed in a leases. A large stock of Dress and Closk Trimm nga.of la'est and handsomest st*lca, with CLOAKS, BASOI KS, UNtiKR DRESSES. BONNETS. RIBBONS.and Ml LL1NERY. of ever* descrip tion, a! ways ou baud. M. WILLI AN, d 15 2nt opposite Centre Maiket. A I ADAM BONNKL. itl DRKSS M\KF.R, From PASim. No. 332 13th afreet west, between 1 and K ftreeta, Washington city, has the houor to inform the ladies of W ashington and vicinity, lhat she has fitted up a Dress Making Establishment, where she is ready to make every kind of work.aa Droases. Mantillas, Basques. Ac., nnd in the !>est and very latest style of Paris, receiving every month the French Journal De La Mode, direet fnun Paris. n I Win* U7 J. M. COHN. YV HOI.ESALE DEALER i;* FANCY GOOI'S has rt moved from <66 F street to i??J C afreet, be twccu 6th and 7th streets, near tho Bank of Wash inzton. 1 have now on hand a full assortment of all kinds of Fancy and Domestic NOTION**, and a lot of HOSIERY anil GLOVES, which I bought at auc tion. Children's Worsted Hose for 75 cents per il"z?>n. _ d 19-lw* FMiVVlN GREEN S 4 CABINET FACTORY. E. (ill kick keeps constantly on hands Iarjcc49a and varied assortment of CABINET FUR Vjl M riR E.Mich aa- . , MOK Kedsteaua. Bureaus. Wnrdroltea. Etegores, / ?! Parlor and Dining Tables. Tete-a tefe Sofaa, 1 Chairs, of every description. Waslistands, Hst Racks. l.tHiking Glasses And every thing usually found in an extensive Fur m'ure maniifactor/. All of which he offers at the lowest prices, for cash Cail and see. No.'8a Pennsylvania avenue, lie tween 17thami 18th streets, half a block beyond the Executive buildings. d 19-31 C CHRISTMAS OFFERING! i:PJCI KES,~ATTESTIO N ' GENUINE SOUTHDOWN ajid COTSWOOL. ?? Chri*ttrtn? ramf* but one* a year. And tchtn it comes it brinits good thetr." Thespecialattentionof Hotel Proprietors. Board ing House Keepers. Private Families,?in a word, of tho public generally aud everybody particu'arly? is respectful!* invited to a magnificent Exhibition of SOUTH DO v% N AND COTSWOOL MIT TON,on THURSDAY MORNING next,theMth instant, at the Stalls ol the undersigned, Nos.36and 28 Centre Market. This olioice and incomparable Mutton, pure as the limpid mountain's stream, and fresh as ?he trecn pastures from which it hails, was raised by tb"se world-renowned t raziers. Col. W. W. bowie and Thus Ciagett, Esq.. of Prince George County, Md Ameregiano? at it will delight the eye. ard excite the most pleasurable sensation of the palale. li w.ll be s< ld in choice pieces, aud at moderate prices. Every one. therefore, who wishes to eujot a g""d Christmas Dinner?every one who df sireM to gratify his taste with a awe?t niorsel?every on* who loves the good things of this life?ever* one who would fdense the inner man-wil: not fail to call, at aa l?c brc respectf"lly invited, at the Stallaof H. B. OTFERBACK A BRO.. d 10 4t* Nos- 26 and 28 Centre Market. D"~r7r. F1NLEY HUNT. DE,vr/sr. No. 3lo Pennsylvania avenue. Will perfo in a'l operationsbplongiuc to his profession at his old established offioe, as above, d 19 tf SUPERIOR MEDICATED (MN.-Just re ceived. 20 oases of the celebrated I omlon Cor s dial Gin and Invigorating Cordial. an<l for sale i.y J(?NAS P. LEVY. No. 5M 12th street, oorner of B street north. Gro ceries and Liquor Store. d 19-tf ^OODS FOR THE HOLIDAYS. Now on hand at RICHEY'S,iU2 Seventy atreet, a selcet assortment i?f LADIriS' TRIMMINGS, FANCY GOODS. TOILET ARTICLES, Ac-, auKab'e for presents. Alao, an extenaive variety of TOYS FOR THE CHILDREN. All of which will be sold low for caah. d 18JJW R1CHKV, 492 7th at. RU. RUPT? RED?-Reader. have joa been ? wearing a T RUSS that l as chafed andanm y ed tuu, and at the tamo time has not retained your rupture? If so, vail at onoe ?u Dr Shkuman (who is staying at thti I'nitcd S ate* uotel, where ho wi'l rtitiiani f'ora few days oiiiy,) and procure oi^ of nis nswly-iuvented Trusses. They set as easy to the body aa n glove to the hand, and will retain tLemost weighty rupture with perfect ease. 1 he entire Med'aal Faculty are unanimous in their praise as to its efficiency. Call and see for yourselves. No charge for advice. Instruments for every deacrip tion of deformity made to older, and warranted, d 18 3t* ^ I AUCTIQJI 8AT.H TO DAY k TO-MORROW MORNING By J. C. MeOVIRK, Auctioneer. CORPORATION OF WASHINGTON SIX Ks raa o?*t. otoc* a.x AccTieji.?MONDAY AFTERNOON, Dec. a, at 4 o'olock. at the Auc tn>? Rooms. I shall Mil in sawsto suit? $ l.iiO quarterly Corporation ul V\ a*kingtoa % p?r oent. Stock, , ... . 43?? quarterly Corporation of \> ashingt.a 5 p?r orut. Stock, half} farlj do. do. do. 1 erms onMh 111 current funds. d 1 d J. C. M*GUIRF. Auctioneer. By A. GREEN, Auotroneer. IrURS. FURS. Ac.. AT AUCTION. - On TLTTO&IY, the2.'d instant. I shall ifH. at my Auction Room, Nii &M7tb street, oorumer ciugat 10 <>'c!o?k a. m.. a very superior assortment of Furs, froift ope of rli? most extensive New York furrier*, coir prism* a Stork of 1 J1 acts, viz: Mink Sable, Russian and German Fitch. French Sable, Stone Mart is. in lift capes, half c&pn, victonne*. muff's and ctirfa, With a hue lot ofctuldren'a Fwrs, A'so, 5" aeta of Ladies' Cuff*. to be told r?parate. And a Urge tot of Buffalo and other Sleign Koues. Terms cash in cnrrent f nu*. I would respectfuIlT inform the ladies of Alexan dria Georgetown, and Washington. and the puh'ie in general. thai the above stock of Ftire it rot of the common order, but of a superior quality, and the sale wiil l>e well wor hy tliAir attention. d 17-^t. A. GRKFV. Auct. Br WALL A BARNARD. Auctioneer*. ?<ALE OF GROCERIES, FRUITS AND SU oarr at ArcTJox.?On TUESDAY MORN I NG.iAl u.staut, in front of oar store, corner of 3th street and Peruaylva/ia avenue, we will sell a large stock of Groceries F'uita, Ac., aa Sugars, brown and refined, Barrel* of Molasaea, a prune article, Sngarhouae Sirup, 111 half barrels, Baga R10 Coffee,Teas, Spices. Brown. White, Palin and Cestile Sonpa, Adamautmo and Mould Candles. Fno-Chewing Tobacco different brands, Cigara, Pearl Starch, VerHuoelU. Family No. I Snad. kits of Mackerel, Raisins, Buuch and l^a? cr, w holes, lialves and quar ters, Smyrna and MaUca Figs, in boxes and drums. Curran'a. Orsnges and Lemons, Boxes Prunes, Salad Oil, H rain I >, Whisky and other Liquors, in l?arrels and bottles. Wooden Ware. TcWe Sauces, With other roods not here mentioned. Sale positive. d 13-ts WALL A 1URNAR l>. Ain*ts. By J. C. MnOl'IR E, Auctioneer. 1 ARGE AND PEREMPTORY AUCTION ? ^ Salk of a Choi*, g m.lh rior> o? Fa> ?ch a*d E.ngi.ish Fajvcv Goona?On TUESDAY A WED N'ESDAY MORNINGS, Deo. <.'? and Zi. commenc ing at in o'clock, on the second iloor of the auction rooms, 1 shall sell a choice selection of Freuch ai,d Fnglish Fancy Gooda. opened in thuoountr*, having liecn 111.ported wiY.nti the last landa/sl* * 1 adii * ionise in Nrw Vstk.ib'l sent here for sale in rxmsequeoce of the prostration ?1 business in that ett?? comprising in part Real Bronze Candelabras of new and beautiful styles. Fine French Bronaes?snNect* Harmorj. Science, Organ p aj ers, Cupid vanquished ard Cnpid vic torious Irdian and panther. Victory crowning the Warrior, Lisa an* lieer, Itaenia nd Pie riiida. N t inph of the Rhine. Bacchus. Venus of Napoli. Amazon, Ac. Elegant gilt, bn nzw. ami 11 a* ble Clocks for mantels, Ac,?Subjects, Sappho. Julius <J?sar, 1 raised) , Astronomy. Bacchus, Filial A tiectiou. Aitxau der, lunooence. Mi ther e Prkio, Ac. Parian >tatuarv by W'edaood. Copeiand. Huston, and Allcock?aubiests J?din Aaderaon in> Jo, Three Friends, Prom?lheu~. Christ blessing little Cbildrm. Slicplierd act! >h? plierdiss. I 1011 111 l.ove, Piindora. Psyche, Romeo and Juliet, ladjcnant ?;upul. Ac. Larse Bronzu Fuures tor (>s* - Sul?ecta the Stand* ard tx?arer of the Firr*. Rcpubl'^, Gil B!a* and Holando, Charles the Bold, Venut.and Mcrc-u'y, Ac PUt 1 ;ia Decorated Vases, an entirely n'-w article, never before imported luto this countrv. A 1,90. A fine assortment ol Silver-p'.ated Tea Sets, new Ftrles. heavily plated on ??erman silver, s>ets of Fiue Cutlery, Steel F.UKravinkS, Ac. The residents of Washington ai d vicinity are re spectfully invited to txnmine theso goods, wluoh the> will find to b- of the finest and mo?t tas'efui description, and worthy to adorn the pariors uf the first mansions tn trie oountry. Terms caali. d 1? 7t JAMES C. MoOUIRE, Auct. FUTURE DAYS. ?\1 AR^'IAI/S S A L E.? In virtue of a wr.t of if! henifacas. sn</er|^ Ln? {aw. issued from the Clerk a, office ol the Circuit Court of the District of Cjnumbia for the County of Washington, and i<? me directed 1 s?!%ll expose to pdTilic s.\Te. l.?r C*.*k. li"* Court-House door of said County ..m I LESDAV , the 12th day of January, I ft*, at l^o'ci'k m.. tho following described property, to wit: All defendant ? right, title, ciaitn, and interest in and to a lirick house erected on Lot B, in Square No. ?^t, on Third street north, between E ard F streets west, in the City ol \\ ashincton. V C., seized and levied upou a? tne proper.? of John W. Jordan.eud will be sold to satisfy Judicial No. 4*, to October term, 1H67. in favor ol Cnpps A Waller. ^ ,a . ? L1, . J,D. HdOVKR, <1 Marshal for the Distr?t ?f Colnmi ia. MARSHAL S SALE. ? In virtus oj a ?rit of !*ciag, undrr th< Lim In-*, is?ned fr.<n the Clerk a office of the Circu.t Court of the L)ia trict of t.olumbia. /or the County of Washington, and to me directed, I shall expose to public sale, for CosA, in front 01 the f'ourt Mouse door uf raid a.nnty.on TUESDAY the lith day of January 1853, at cloci m., the lollowing <lescrihe?j pr0nrrr>, to wit: All defendant's right, title, claim, and tn terefct in ai.d to a house, erected on ptrt of f.o' No. I, in Square No. 437. comer of G street ebuth and <th street west, m the City of Washington, D. C , seized and levied upon ai the property of Walter A. 1 rue, and will be sold to aattsfi Judicial No to October term. 1857, :n favor of Cripps A Waller J. D. HOOVER d lH-'lli Marshal for the Disdritt of Columbia. MA RSH AL'S SALE.?In virtue of three writs of attachment 011 warrant No. 373.37.*,and .778 to Jauurtry term issued tne C ^rk'i> (?ttioe of the Circuit Court of the District of Columbia for the County of Washington, and to ine d.rected, 1 shall ex??? t ? pui.lic sale, for Cash, in front of the Hank of \\ asliit'^ton. in said oounty, on TUES 1>AN ., tho J?th of l>e<temt'er, l?57,at 1? o'clock a. 111. the f i.low:iig articles to wit: Oue K<?u Horse, one *' auon and Ilari.ess, seized and taken under at tachm^utaas tue property of JolinCoriiei!, mikI w il I?e S'<ld to satisfy sttachm?nts in favor of l^wi- f). Means, James h . Brown, and St-'p'ien Prentiss . to . , J- ??? HMOVER. Marshal '' 1^ ts for the I/ir tri^t ,,f f%*!uml*ia. By J. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. F^URNITURK AND UO US E HO I. D El . / K1.TS. *.T l'1*1-"" A CtTiox.?On WE UN bS OAi MORNING, Ucoeml>er JS1. at ino'cloek, sf i?.,, street, between l^th and Ith streets. I Shall sen the Furniture and Effects of a gentleman dec irtnc housekeeping, comprising? Mahogany Sofa and Parlor Ci airs, )\ aluut Whatnot. Rout Tables, Extension Dining Table, Cane-seat Chairs, Drrssinc and Plain Bureaus, Washstauds. Bedsteads, Mattresses, Bolsters and Pillows. Chun, Glass, and Crockery Ware. Gilt and .Mahogany Framed Mirrors, Carreting, Rmks. Mattme, Radiator and Cooking Stove. Together With an assortment of Kitchen Uten sils. Terms: *2i? at d under, cash: over that sum. a credit of 60 days, for satisfactorily endorseJ notes bearing int? rest. ?I'l ?' J. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. By C. . BO I ELER, Auctioneer. IfXTENSIVh SALE OF A CHOICE COL J LKI TIOS or RARE OLl> Wl.Uii A>D LlOCOR< ?7 CATALOGCK.-On TUESDAY MORNING. Dec. i'lth, commencing at II o'clock. I shall s?!l at 1117 sales room.3d floor Irou Hall, a rare ooliection of bottled Madeira, Sherry, Port. C'aretand Chun Brandies. Gin, Whisky, Sweet Oil. Pickles. Olives, & c. This consignment is made by one of th? largest and most reliable houses 111 the city ol New York and embraces deeded I y the p?ur^t and most rare assortment of really superior \N mea and Liquors that has ever been offered at auction to the Wash ington public. Catalogues will be ready for distribution in a few days. 1 tie attention of connoisseurs is particularly invited to this sale. Terms at sale. d? d C. W. BOTELER, Auct. By J AS. C. McG L IR E. Auctioneer, pXTEHSiVE 8ALE BV C*TALUGl E ??F I J V ai.paBLK I.oidon Book*, direct frinn Willis A >othonm, 136 Strand. London ? On Tl ESDaV. WFDN r SDA V.and THURSDAY EVENINGS, Dec. ?!d. Zki, and i*4th, comm encing a? o'clock, precisely caoh evejiius. I shall sell a larno invoicec f rare and valuable Books, direct from the celebrated lions; of Willis A Sothoron. I3H Strand, London? c??mprisini: works in Divinity , The Arts, History. l.ettres Ai,atomy. Chemistry,Surgery, Voyages Travels, Grammars, Ac., in various languages Architecture, Antiquities, Mathematics Ornamental Works, Music. Drawing I oetry, Fiction, Natural History Geography, Astrology, Me nphvsies I he Drama, Paiutiug, Sculpture, Ac. The who.e formiiu the most valuable and d?i?ira ble o?dleotion ever offered at auction in this cit*. Sale without reserve. N. B. Catalogues may l>e obtained at the coutitinc r?K>m of the auctioneer. Terms: Cash in specie. dl7 7t ..J- C. McGUIRE. Auctioneer. ARSHAL'S SALE.?In virtue of a writ of r1^.f,?V-U0'M;^Ued1.,r,:,n f'eClerk'a Oftoe of the tiri uit Court ?>ftlie Dislnct of Coiumtua j.?r t lie County of W ashinstun. and to ine uirected, 1 sli* I "Bi 'iV4*H Rllev's Wharf. "" RSDA Y. the 24th day of t)eccml>er. IH57, at luo clock a. in., the follnwine dcscritied property, to wit: One schooner called Wave, her T*.-kie ard r urniture, seized and levwd upon as the property of Hubert VN alter, and will be sold to aatisly judi cial No. 92, to January term U58, Peter Prioe, ad ministrator of Nathaniel To?ld, va Robert Walter, Kellehim Lambcll,arid Thomsa W. Kiley. J. D. HOOVER. I lj ts Marshal for the Piatrict of Columbia. |VMNE FANCY CUPIDS ANDCAKE ORNA 1 MENTs, imported fiom Pana for weddings 1 and parties, at _d IB-lw WEAVER'S, oppoaite Browrg'. I HO HF.ALTIFUu READY MADE BoN llrvr METS, for immediate ?aie, cheap for anah, atSTEVKNS New Fancy Store,336 Pa.avenue, lietween 9tti and 10th streets. d 18 I^RI.SH KOI.f. BIJTTKR.?Just reoeived, St) r lb*. Fresh ROLL BUTTER, frm Ri?ki..K ham c .unty, Va.,aiid will r?c?ive weekly froir tie same dairy. Best Roll atv8o. per p?Mi d. GEO. THOS. STEWART d lS-ft* Citf Market, oorner l?ihsnd H sts. I1MBRELLAS, CARD CAStS, PttRTEMO nates. Paper, Pens, Che?a. Domtrioea, i>oll?, fcn?n*vints, at McLaU6HLIN'S. no 16 90, between 8th and 9th sts. M r Ptmi Ikt AiwcUUd Prra* FOUR OATS LA Tim FMM EUROPE. Arrival ef tbt Adriatic. KiwYoii, Dec 21?Tbe United State* mall steamer Adriatic ha* arrived off Sandy Hook, with dates from Liverpool to the 9tb Inat The Arabia arrived at I.(??rfool on tbe ?th. and the City of Washington at Southampton on the 8th in*.. The Liverpool cotton market waa ranter, hat ^quotations unchanged 5*alea of three daya. W.QQU bale*. including 4.UUI oa speculative Brrad | atntr* were dull, aud had a declining tendency? quotations of all description* being sllghtlylow er Provision* very dull Manchester advicea continued unfavn<-ai,lc. Tbe money nu'kH tea* generally unchanged Consols qnoted 91J{ for rrmiicr, and for account. One ?'i-< k later advicee had ieen received from India lien lUwlock wa* atill hemmed in at Lncknow ^ft Colin Campbell waa marching to bl* relief Tbe Bank of France had reduced the rate of discount. Additional failures are announced, bat unim portant to Amrrlca Richardson. Spence A Co '? circular reports flour very doll at fVlals dec!1i?e. Wheat dull and irrejnlir, all qualities slightly lower Corn dull and slow of sale; prices unaltered. Richardson Brothers' circular re port a wheat la Id lower, the decline belag ehlefv Inferior qualities. Cora declined 3add l<*rd heavy Su?ar closed Arm. Rice is quiet Roeiadail, at 4a. Uxoox Mum ? Breadstufia showed a de clining tendency Wbvat at la3s per quarter lower. Sugar unchanged Riee quiet. There had been severe fighting before Lurk n?\v fim Outram reported wounded. i ..... ??? ???* - ? - f?? - ??*? ?? w?il*??"? ? I.ivehtool, Wednesdag afternoon. Pec ptb.? Richardson, Spence ft Co , report sales to-dav I 3.<mi bales, at a decline of >ta3 16d. Breadstuff* dull. Consols 91 \ for monry, 9?account Tbe I tah Expedition. !*T I.?ris, Dec Itf.?The Leavenworth iK T) Herald of the lOtb inst , announcing tbe arrival Of an express messenger from Utah, atatea that be passed Col Johnston'* command near Port tMd~er. Tbe hasj^age and provision trains *"f all safe, and the troops were *n good spirits This is the only news that transpired relatlre to the Utah expedition. Nicaragua Meetmj at ^labile. Ac&Cit \. Dec. 19 ?A Nicaragua meeting va? held at Mobile on the 1 lib, at which Governor Winston presided Addresses were made by ,Ve*sra rercy. Walker, C. Langdon. and Judges M?ek and Hopkins and otbera Resolutions were adopted favorable to Walker &onih (arolinn Banks. C"i.rmbia. Dec 18 ?The House bill on tbe hank question, with amendments limiting the c ire ulution to three times the specie in the vaolta, c id tu notes of a not leet denomination than ton doHara after tbe lat of {January. 1 ?*'.), has pasaed the Senate in a committee of tbe whole. The Revelation at tampeachy. Nkw YrtRi. December -20?Accoaata from Yucatan to The 5th inst , via Havana, have been i received The revolution at Campeachy bad been suppressed, the island of Cabmen having I F.ubmitt<d to tbe government. The repo-ed lx<iiiba:duienl and capture of Siaal is said to be false Inundation on Warrior River. Acocsta, December 13.?The Mobile Register reports au inundation in Warrior river five feet above low water. Between four and five thou sand hales of cotton have been loat, with one t'acusand bushels of corn, cattle, and other ipmperty. ?. Governorship of Malta* Halifax. Dec 19?Sir Caspar Marchant haa been promoted to the governorship of Malta. Ha is to be succeeded here by the Karl of Mulgravo. m ?? From Havana. Nnv Yor*. Dec.'JO ?The steamer Black War rior, fiom Havana, with dates to tbe lath haa ar rived . Sugar* were active and pricea advancing Bank Suspension Legalized. Momkhiiv. December 18?Tbe Alabama Legislature ha? legalized the bank auapenetona until the 15th of November next Baltimore Markets Baltimore. De?-.41.?Flour iadull, Howard street and Ohio at *175. City Mills ?4 50 Wheat is quiet and prices drooping ; white at 9 1.15al 45, and red at 91 Ttal 0? Corn is dull aud lower; new white Jual-c. and yellow at 43a 19c W hiaky is steady at 22a*33c. (J EORdhTuWH A ttA 1 H S Co'tupondturt mf Tkt Stmt. Gioigitows, Dec 9I.1S97 Wc regret exceedingly that negligent* upon the part of tbe messenger who waa directed to ?>ear to us the friendly invitation, prevented ua from being presc-nt and partic ipating in tbe grand lianqaet given by Meaars. W. H A Joseph L S'tumes, to their band*, one evening last week. Thia good ru?toat the Messrs Gimmes have kept up for several years past. Since the repairof the break upon the canal near Aututam flour, in considerable quantities, haa tarn coming in The Ixiats J jel Charles and R M Biocher came in yesteiday. with about l,?w bhls each A wild cat of extraordinary sire was killed near the sboreaof the Potomac in the neii-bl)Orhoo#"f II oad R tin. by the hands on l?oa;d the canal boat P K. Thomas. on Wednesday last We would advise the proper authorities to see to I he breach*-* ia the street paving iiuinediatel% on (he south s.d-* of the canal bridge atid n?a<ket !*j>a? e. We have several tiutes privately called the at'ention of ?om? of tbe mArer* to it* coadi ? ton. hut at yet no attention has tieeu paid to it When we flrat called the attcntiou of some of th authoritles to this place, all ihe damage tLe;i done could have bet n repaired for flve doilats ; now. it could not I* done for less than twenty When r^ball we have a superintendent of at etU' How much longe. is that ngly-'looklng pile Of rubbiab, of whic h the ueighitora are coiiip.awitng. to be left iving in Bridge street, between tireen and Montgomei\ * Don t all iut'-reated anawer at once We hear of no changes in ?be markets since .-hit r p" t of Saturda) S 'POYS! T??vs: Tt?\S!-The createat vanet r 1 in the city, wholea^le ?nd retail, at ?I ik at LAM MOXD'S. Tthatrert. | kKlKNTAi. NAll. I'tiLlMl. *ivin? s i-eautitui " ' lustre to the finger iiaila. at GlBBS'> Hau Stora. near IJtli street,Pa. ave. m 10-3vt HJ. MoLAUOULIN, No. Pa. avenua. he ? tween Kth and 3th street*, ia ope u.f t^<a ?ick uew Good a, aelecled laat aeek In New York. d II a L8XAKDKIA 4KB W ASHINGTON RAH. A__ RUAD. <*n and after M'hhH*. the Vst instant, (he Tratua on thi? Koail. until Inrther notice, will runrofnlarlv a*, the following lioura: The* will leave Alexaudna for Wsahinrton at 1\. 1?. 11^ o'clock, a. ni . ai:d *t 9H. and r. in . mid oouuect with a line ol omuu-ueea at the Mridee, running to the < Pice of the Companr on Sixth atreet. in the National Bote; Building, a few Uonrsfrom l'enna>lvar.ia avenue, and to the Ba M more Depot in time for the r*ra. For Alexacd' ia the oninibu?ea will laara the of lice c.f rheCo?npanv at 7>*- 11 ^a a- m., and at L'?. 3la aad .So'oiocn. p. ni., conneoting with the cars at th?< B<id^e. Light artnitca or hundlea wiH l>o fcwarded be tween Alexardria and W ashington from the uAee in either p.ace. H?iv? ireicht will l?o traraported over the road, if delivered at the Depot in A iexanlria. or at the l.oiu- HridK6. _d ?? cttw J \ M K*s FRF.NCH President. ^CHUOL NUTICt ?Tba ?ubseriber will o?ei ? a Sohool for Girla, anu ama ! K.-vs, at the Islaad Hail, corner of Sixth street and V.rginia Aveaue, Wa?lungtnn City, D. C . on the hrat Mooda* in January. IRV4. Having had an egpMnenee of four >eara in teaohiqa. he fo-la confident that aa?isfao tio.n will be rendered to those who may commit thou children to his ch?rge and iiistruotion. No eH?u* will be apared u< make tbe School merit tbe favor of t he people. For terms, Ac . obtain a Circular at any of the Drmcipal Book Mores in the oity. dliSwrSw* JQSF.PH R. KLRNE. ^ULFEPFR FKMALE INST TL'TK. Thia Sohool, located at Culpeper C? urt Hoaae. Va , will commence its brat aeaaiou the 6rat Monday in *? ehuary, I85H. Terina, per aeaaion of five months, payah e half in advanee: noard. (in private frmiliea if preferrad.)inclndiri; fuel,lighta, and washing ??V Tuition ii common Knglish Branchot i* A<? Higher Knilish Branches !5'0 .?* notent and M??deru languages and Matke nialica f* M Mnain. i7 Jt ('rawing to aa Painting io Embroiders ? Mn Rev. J. W.GMJRGE.J s...,. WILLIAM HALL. < f1nr,> For Circulars, a ith otb r particalars, references. A?., address either of the Prmoipela aa aU^ra. dI 7-lawtPehl WINTKR A R R A NGE? KN TS AT c. ? AU yy TIF.R'S FRF.NCH R ? STAl RANT. The aut?ctiber. in "relax u> aceuniniodaU tfce pub lic. gives notice that he will furn ah inra.a te waea I) ixHtrdcr* at the rate ?f *7 per week. BILL OF FaREwiII be luruiahcd every das ior the aoooiuiuodalMMi of suoh gtiesta. and everj fcf.' ii > will l?e givea to quests to HRi. A * F A SI .I'l N i. aii'l SIT. at aur h tin.ea aa a ill suit the oonvvtueai of every eatren of the F.atabliahnie?<t. BKKAKFAST from t uo*il I* e'eluak DINNER Iroia if unt-il 6 o'oiock. SUPPER from6 until Miu'oiock. uSU-oolin C. GAUT1ER.SS Poan.avenne,