Newspaper of Evening Star, December 22, 1857, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 22, 1857 Page 2
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EVENING STAR. WASHINGTON CITY: TIEKDAT ???? Dfcfmbfr '22, ~irr A<TrrtiwHf>to should be eent *? 19 ?'clock v.; tlkfrirlM tkey ??* *P* pear ulil Ik* next day. SPIRIT Or TUB MORNING PRESS The inteJltgturtr is to-day devoted to a re publication of the report of Postmaster General Brown, and a sammary of yesterday 9 proceed Ings in the Senate The V rnon is to-day devoted to Congressional proceedings WASHING TO N NK WS A ND GUSS IP. ? What s os* Mil * Mbat is A*oth*I Man's Poisoji.''?Mr Kob?rt J. Walker evi dently thought of little else hut preserving the eousistency <d hi* " record" in the adminis tration of his trast in Kansas. Subsequently he hru carried the ridiculous idea that one must be governed by like considerations in all possi ble combinations of circumstances. to the points of absurdity evinced iu his recent resignation manifesto wherein he virtually proclaims a predilection for the existence of civil war and other calamities dire, a.- a preferable alterna tive for aught in bis conduct that might possi sibly savor of inconsistency on his part. While he has in that way arrived at the point of strengthening the hands of the ad versaries of the Democratic party, with all his might and main, his co-laborer in that work, Senator Douglas. ha* reached it by a very different road, indeed?by utterly and flagrantly scouting his "record." Senator Green, in his late so able speech exhibited him as scouting his own Congressional record, eovering the entire period of his services in the National Legislature wherever he had occasion to vote or speak on point* wherein were involved questions identical, or even akin, to those involved in the question of the admis sion of Kansas on the Lecompton Constitution. Some of our cote mporaries arc already fish ing ap from his voluminous record, made out of Congress, treasures, in the way of showing that though apparently aiming to go precisely where Governor Walker is going so last.he pre fers to travel a ditTerent road to that end?any other than by the way of his "record." We quote from a speech delivered by hiai in Chi cago. early in June last, and published in the Chictgo Times of the Ifith of that month, the following excerpt, showing when taken in con nection with Senator Green's opposition ol' bis congressional inconsistency, that he is almost as badly bitten with a desire to be inconsistent, as Got. Walker to be confident. "Upon the Kansas question he had little Jo say. His opinion* on that qiiMtinn weir well known, and he Lad nothing to add. except that subsequent experience and reflection had con firmed him in the correctness of the judgment he had so often advanced in the Senate and before the people. ?' He spoke of the fairness and the justiceof the law, g?v mg the people an opportunity of express ing their ncnest convictions on the subject of slavery in a constitutional manner, by means of a constitutional convention ?ooii to meet, to decide that and all other important matters connected with the future of the new State of Kansas. The people of that beautiful Territory would t.oon speak pin the election of delegates to the conven tion ?Ed ] We wouid soon have, he had no doubt, a fiee and quiet expression of opinion, by means of theelective fran bise, from that silent but most certain weapon of a free people?the ballot-box Should the enemies of tuat mode of settling the much-vexed question of slavery in that Territory blindly and obstiaatelv refuse to exercise the rights assured them by the laws of Congress, upon their heads and theirs alone.will rest the responsibility For his part, he was sat isfied the Democratic party in Congress had done their duty, and he was equally well sat!*Med that the Democratic partv in ttie territory of Kansas would do theirs in a manner gratifying to the heart of every friend of the Constitution and the L'nion " For our part, we can only interpret the fact that these two distinguished gentlemen travel ?ucli signally different roads to the same point, to the probability that there is a 3ort of rivaly between them as to which .-ball get there first ?a Sort of " devil-take-the-hindmost" rivalry. Tub R espoNse.?Wc have searched our Northern exchanges for a fortnight past, with care, in order to note the effect ot the positions assumed by Senator Douglas and the argumen tation of his late spceeh upon th<- popular mind of the region to whieh it woa especially ad dressed. The result of our investigation is, that we hare not seen a line in approbation of bis course in any nominal Democratic journal that had not previously gone off with Messrs. Stanton and Walker This is positively true. So far as the effect ol his speech on the North ern Democratic popular mind Is concerned, therefore, the reader may rest assured -if tl.e tone of the Northern Democratic press be a criterion on which one 10/13' safely venture to form an opinion?the speech of Senator Doug las has fallen powerless. On the other hand, the Republican party press can publish just now concerning little else. Their editorial and news columns are devoted almost entirely to praise* of his effort, anecdote* of bis sayings, and prognostications of bis future course, ail of which g<? to .-how that be is to become a very great prophet in deed in thnr Israel. All this is in excellent keeping with the fact that the Republican members of Congre?? have already subscribed lor one hundred thousand copies of his speech, while he almost aloce ot the Democrats ol either House have concluded to give it circula tion and notoriety under the member s frank. These f-cts are significant - they bear out forci bly, our repeatedly expressed opinions that its only effect on the political future of the country will be to strengthen the cau?e of the dire foes of the Democratic party?and that such is the opinion of the almost unanimous trae Democ racy t>f the North As for the South, we are very ture that not a -iugle newspaper in that section of either party has expressed approba tion of its positions?not one Tnt OfERATMS Akainkt tiik Flokida I.xiuass ?The War Department have advices from Fort Brooke to the ?th instant, from Col. I**>mis filth infantry, (who is in oommand in Florida > giving a detailed account of the rc cent operations of the aruiy against the ftcuii nolos embracing a full history of the expedi tion of Captain Cone s regiuient of mounted volunteers. (Hi in number,) south of Fort Doanc. which he conducted with great tact and perseverance, surprising one of the secret hid ing}..aces of the Indians in the big Cypre-s, capturing an aged warrior, five squaws and thirteen children, and killing a warrior and a U?y lie found several of their secret towns, well stored with provisions, all of which he de stroyed. Indeed, he has at last broken up Billy Bowleg 0 biding plane The town where the Indians were surprised was a new one. On his return the Indians tried to ambuscade his lorce. but tailed . A detachment from Col. Rogers'* command, on the southwssl coast. Commanded by Captain Park hill ot the mounted volunteer regiment have also destroyed a towu On bia return, in an encounter with Indians, Capt. P. was killed and five of bis men were wounded The In dians retreated after the irst fire from the troop*. It is not known bow much they were damaged The most active pursuit of the In dians is to be kept up on ail the lines of opera tions of the troops. and the force is to be in creased where the enemy is most likely to be tound Bowlegs is said to k anxious to have the In dians come in. but it overruled in council. The Micasockies art the band which prevent Bowlegs from making peace. The Actios thb >'atal Courti or In ge in y ?Owing to tk# pftsMl* *??n ott* col umu.4 yesterday, and the hut*y in Arhich IV wm obliged to be set up Just aew*? ware going It press, we were anakW to claaify satisfactorily the list of naval oHoars as alec tad by Ilia ac tion of the Courts of Inquiry. We accordingly give such classification to-day. and also a list of those who are left in the same position they were placed in by the action of tha Retiring Board The whole number of officers affected by th? action of the retiring board waa 2ul. Of these. 110 demanded an investigation by a court of Inquiry The three courts hare dis pose J of loi eases; two cases are stiil pending, viz : Capt. Levy, and Commander LeCompte, and three remain to be investigated, via: Capt*. T Ap C. Junes and Ramsay, and Commander W M Armstrong The findings of tha courts have Wen approved by tho President, and | all those officer* whose positions have been changed have hoen nominated to the Senate for confirmation. Those who go upon the ae. tive list will take the places in their respee tive grade? which they would have occupied if they had not been retired. The following embraces the names of those who go upon the active list, together with the positions they occupied under the action of the Retiring Board: Captain?Joseph Smith, from leave pay. i'omiiuiHJrrs?J H Jarvis, from leave; James Glynn, h ave; Robt Ritchie, leave; C. H infold, leave; J. 8 Sterrett, leave; Roliert D. Tborbnrn, leave; Samuel l.ock wood. leave; W. S. (Vden, dropped; John Calhoun, leave; Murray Mason, furfoughed l.t'Mtrmints.?Win. F. Hunt, furloughed ; M. K. Maury, leave ; JautM S. Palmer, leave ; Ro twrt Handy. furtoughed ; Henry W|l|r, fur loughed; Lewis C. Sarto'i, furloughed: Fabius Stanley, furlong bed : J. N. M.ilh't, furlong lied ; A. D Harrell, dropped ; A Murray, furloughed; Van R. Morgan, furloughed ; Ahner Read, dropped; George A. Stevens, dropped ; Tbos. H. Steven*, dropped Musters ? A. McLaughlin, dropped; W. \V. how. leave. Mid ^hipmrn? J. Howard March, dropied; Jas. S. Thornton, dropped; Kd. C. tiraftou. furloughed The following list embraces tho mimes of those who were dropped, and have now boen placed on the reserved list, together with the class to which they have been us-igne 1: Li'MtnttMnt*.?W. A C. Farauut. placed on leave; R \V. Aleade, on furlough; TIkm. drown ell, on furlough. Muster?Julius S. Bohrer. on leave. Passed Midshipman?X. T West, leave. The following list embraces the name* of tli-xje officers on the reserved list whose positiou has been changed from furloughed to leave-pay : Captains Jesse Wilkinson, Thos. M Newell, W. K. Latimer, John F Graham, W. In man. Commanders? Charles T Piatt, llenry Bruce, Charles H Ja< kr>on l.i'ut'*nnts?Peter Turner,'G. G Williamson, S B Bissell, Joiin J Glaseon, Henry A S'eele, W Chandler, J M G ill in a, J p Parker. E C Bowers, Augustus S. Baldwin, W. B Whiting, M C Mann Master?R C Jones. passed Midshipman? S.inmc I Pcarce In thr*e ca^es where the Courts have recom mended no change, the action of the President, whether it be that of approval or disapproval, will not vary the result; but leave the parties in statu quo. This list of those when the sen tence of the Board ban boen sustained, com prises tho following names : P F. \ oorhees. furlough; S Paine, furlouuh ; C Roarman. leave; William Jameson, leave, T It. Gedney, furlough; 1 N Stone, leave: John S^ Nichols, furlough; A. II I .on,;, furlough; V\ in Green. fuilou^h, T G. Benhaiu, leave; O Bullus. leave; T D Shaw, leave; John Man. ning, leave; J M. Watson, furlough; W. it Porter furlough; J. C Carter, furlough; S B. Bissell, furlough ; A. II. Kilty, fuilough ; A Gib son, furlough ; George R Grav, furlough ; Henry C. Hagg, furlough ; D Lvnch. furlouuh; II. N. Harrison, furlough; C. Hunter, furlough; J. Boyle, furlough; R B Riell. furlough; Henry Rolando, furlough; M C. Perry, furlough; F. A. Parker, furlough; J F. Abbott, furlough; V\ m B Fitzgerald, furlough; R. M. McArann, fu lough. The following are dropped : H.H. Rhodes, L Pennington, W H Noland, 1) F Dulany. J K Walbarb, W A Barllett, S C Barney, A. C Rhind, Peter Wager, and John P. Hall Thk Wheei. with is the Wheel ?Of late, we have repeatedly bad occasion to expose the sinister character of the op|suition Post Office war being waged in Philadelphia ; and as it is very certain that those at the bottom of it are drumming among the members of Congress to induce that l?ody to reverse its previous deci sion on the question we quote n late number of the I'e//Htyivaniun, exposing the sinister character of their labors to that end as fol lows : Cejialu iainl speculators and decayed archi tects in our city are busily employed in an at tempt to induce the Postmaster General to dis continue work on f|?e site of the new Post Office to ij** erected in our city, and also to change, if possible, the position of the same from where It has located to the Custom House on 4'best nut street, al>ove Fourth street Theprebxt fir this movement is, that the self, ted site is away I'OIH the cent re of the city, and therefore not suit i able for |H>st office purposes, hut the real obje? t to locate the building in the Immediate neigh bor of certain properties Iteloug to the priu.e movers iu this scheme, and thus enhance their value. " We have lief.,re shown that the present Kile selected tor a Post Office, is strictly In ti.e "'V Centre of the ?ity. that it is inclose piox imity to tbe Merchants' Ijxchangeand the Banks; that all the heavy impoitiug and jobbing houses are w ithin a few squares ; that the agencies of all the iiianurarturiuu establishments are located within a few minutes walk of this point ; that all the newspaper offices are situated east of Fourth . and south of Chestnut streets; that seven eighths ! of the Insurance Companies are within four squares of Second ai.d Gold streets, that all the Broker's offices are within pistol shot, and, in fact, that the whole evidence points to this uei^h itoihood as the place of all others most convenient for the busiue?s men of this city. These facts cannot ??? overthrow n, nor will it >*? denied that this particular (siint can l?e reached more readily than any other |>oiut iu the city, on account of it oeing the terminus of the different lines of omni buses running to aud fro within its limits. Hut apart fiom this, the Sub-Post Office system now iu o|w-ratiou renders it a matter of comparative inditle.euce to the masses of our |K>pulatii>n where the central office is located. Under the present system, the letters arriving are put into the hands of those to whom they are directed five times each day, while each division of the city has a sub-office which the people can reach in' a few minutes The location of the general office. tbere foie, is only important to those who have heavy arid constant postal communication, and we have sh.-wn that tbe present aite is most admirabk adojited for that purpose." ' Mr. Biolkk s Sncet'lf ?Since penning tho brief article elsewhere iu tint ?Si,t> to-day, con cerning the remarkable difference between the ways by which Governor Walker and Senator Douglas apparently seek to reach the common end of opposition to the Democratic party on the Kansas question, we find that Senator Big ler devoted much of his great and irn|>ortant speech of yesterday to the work of exposing the obstacles in the shape of stump - record'' which the distinguuhed Senator from Illinois some time since pluced in the path he has chosen to take To a gentleman not determined to reach his end in spite of all obstacles, the tasktf dodging around some of them, crawling under others, and scrambling over tbe rest, would be appalling, indeed How difficult to be acaomplished so plausibly as that the world oannot appreciate the extra ordinary altitudes of statesmanship necessary in so doing. Senator Bigler made so plain yes ter lar, that all who run may read Iliseflort will long be remembered by all who heard it, as a warning to all American statesmen who may fancy that tbe reputation of a name may be re lied on to shield otto from the disapprobation of the Democratic parly, thut surely follows all atbuipi* to u*c tbe influence ef that name? made influential only through Democratic fa vor?for the benefit of the enemies of the Dem ocratic cause. it. Thk Dai otaji Cot ktby Kxplokatio* ?Lt. Warren. U. S. A., lately in charge of the Gov ernment's exploration of tha Daootafc country, has returned to this city, we understand, with the view of preparing bia report to be sent to the BeweUry of.War. We learn tbat he has collected a verj interesting fund of information oonoerning that portion of the territory of the Uailai States about which little is kae?m by Ik* pwMio at large. Congress and the eaunttj will dowbtless anticipate the prumulgation of the result of his researches with much interest. Enron tt>.?In addition to the listrf tWee Naval Officer* affected injuriously in their posi tions in theeervice by the action of the Retiring Board, and restored to tbe active list or plaoed in more acceptable positions through tbe rec ommendations ot tbe Naval Courts tbat have been sitting in this city so long, which we pub lished yesterday, we nay not inappropriately mention that on the 3d <? March last the Pres ident placed Captain H. B. Sawyer, who bad been furloughed by the Retiring Board, on the Leave list. We do not know that thk fact baa previously been published. Navai. Contra or Isymnv ?Before Court No. 1, to-day. Pursor Ham lton testified in the Government's behalf in tbe of Commander Lecompt. Court No 2 has dissolved, having disposed of all the cases before it. Before Court No. 3, B. F. Butler. Esq . at torney for ex-Capt. Levy, continued the read ing of the defence of that officer. Ta* Weather ?The following report of the weather for this morning is made from the Morse Telegraph line to the Smithsonian Institution. The time of observation is about 8 o'clock a.m.; December 22, 1857. New York, N. Y raining. Philadelphia, Pa. f??ggV Bnltlmore, Md cloudy. Washington, 1) C cloudy, root. Richmond, Va cloudy cool. Petersburg, Va cloudy, warm. Portsmouth, Va... cloudy, cool. Ualeigb. N . C cloudy, cool. Wilmington, N. C cloudy. cool and wet. Columbia, 8. C cloudy, wet. Charleston, S. C. d*mi>. warm. Augusta, Ga cloudy, cool. Savannah, Ga clear, warm. Ad aeon. Ga ..clear. Columbus, Ga ............cloudy, cool. Montgomery, Ala cloudy, cool. Lower Peach Tree, Ala...cloudy. F ROM TltK W EST Cumbeiland, Md cloudy, warm. Wheeling, Va. cloudy, cool. Barometer at the Smithsonian. 21) V.Hi Thermometer, on tbe Smithsonian tower, min imum last night, 'W^?. Rain last night, eighty-four hundredths of an inch. CONGRESS ION A L Thirty .fifth Congress?First Seas ion. Is thk Senate, yesterday, after we went to pre**, Mr. Bigler continued his speech In reply to the late effort of Senator Douglas against the policy of the President and the Democratic part/ upon the Kansas question. At tbe conclusion of bis main speech an Interlocutory debate took place between Senator B and Senator Douglas, which occupied the Senate until the subject was postponed for tbe day, Senator Stuart having the floor for a speech upon it at 1 p. in. to day. On motion of Mr. Iverkon, tbey next resumed the consideration of the House lull to ani'-nd the act of tbe last session regulating the compensa tion of n?eml?ers of Congress, to which several amendments were offered, yrhlch were discussed by Messrs. Ivervou, Bavaid, Fcssenden ar.d others, until the said bill was passed without amendment; when tbey adjourned. In thk Horse, tbe Treasury-note bill was fur ther debated in Committee of tbe Whole on the state of the l*nlon, by Messrs Abbott. Letcher, Banks, Lovejoy, Campl?ell of Ohio, Quitman, and Boyce, uutll the committee rose?Mi . Grow being next entitled to the Moor. Mr. Warren asked leave to intioducv the fol lowing resolution: Whereas it appears from the proclamation of Brigbam Young, late Governor of the Territory of Ltab, as also fiom the message of the Presi dent of tbe United States, that said Territory is now in open rebellion to the Government of the United States: therefore, Resolvtd, That the Committee on Territories be instructed to report on the facts, and inquire Into tbe propriety of excluding from a seat upon this floor tbe Delegate from that Territory. Mr. Banks objected, and tbe resolution was not received. Shortly afterwards the House adjourned. Proceedings of To-day. In ihb Senate, to-day, Mr Maaou reported, ftom the Foreign Attaint Committee, a hill for the relief of Sr. Achota; referred. Various petitions, from Tennessee, Illinois ai.d elsewheie, for the opening of a road to and through Arizona, were presented and referred Mr Johnson, of Tennessee, introduced a bill to give every head of a family who will settle on and cultivate it. itid acres of the public domain Much other usual morning business was trans acted ere the hour for again taking up the spe cial oider arrivtd, when the pending proposition to print the Message and accompanying docu ments having l?eeu taken up. Mr Stuart waived bis right to the floor in lavor of Mr Fitch, who was delivering a powerful speech in favor of the President's policy with reference to the ncce pi anc.e to the Lecoiupton Constitution for Congress, when the Star went to press. In thk Mouse, after the reading of the jour nal, Mr biddings was, on motion, discharged from further service on the Claims Committee, on account of ill health. A resolution was passed to close the debate on the Treasury note Lill when next taken up in t'ouiOilttee of tbe Whole, in two hours tbe ? after, and to limit the general debate upon it to twenty minutes speeches Toey next went into Committee, (Mr Phelps again in the Chair,) wherein? Mr. Jones, of Pa . moved to postpone the fur ther consideration of the House Treasury Note bill, and take up in its stead the bill to the same end received on the day before from the Senate, which elicited much conversational debate. Tbe said motion was agreed to. The said Senate bill having been taken up? Mr. Grow addressed the Committee at length against it, in a political spcech. PERSONAL. .... The marriage of the Princess Koyal and Prim e Frederick William of Prussia is set down tor the'J-'ith January. .... J. Milton Clapp, who had been for more than twenty years connected with tbe manage ment of the Charleston Mercury, died last week, lie was a native of Ohio. .... Lieut. Gen. Scott has sent Col I.ay, one of his aid-de-camps, to Washington, to engage quarters for his reception after the holidays. .... The Albany Knickerbocker denies the commonly received statement that the sculptor, Crawford, was a native American, and at tbe same time says: "We know tbat hewasa native of Ireland, and emigrated with his parents at an early age (alwut seven years) from Ballyshannon, in tne county of Donegal, and tbe writer of this was well ac quainted with his father in tbe city of New York thirty years ago. Give old Ireland her due." |I/"The uew Collins steamer, the Adriatic, at trac^d much attention at Liver|iool. She was thrown open to tbe public for two days, during her stay in the Mersey, and admiring crowds availed themselves of tbe opportunity of inspect ing tbe noble vessel. Tbe Persia was moored in the Immediate vicinity of the Adriatic, thus af fording a favorable opportunity for contrasting the two "cracks." The Loudon Time*, describ ing her arrival, says; "Hbe appeared to be under easy steam, going at tbe rate if nine knots au horn , and yet, so keen and ttoe are her lines, there was scarcely a ripple perceptible at the cutwater, while aft there was au entire absence of tbat turmoil of waters which distinguishes the "sea bruisers," tbe pet models of the old school of naval architecture, in their laborsome progress at sea. On approaching tbe Sloyne the Adriatic displayed tbe Knglisb en sign, and saluted tbe Cuuard steamers Canada and Peraia, a compliment which waa promptly returned by each of these fine vessels, each of wblch had the United States' ensign at the fore. "Viewed from the piers, the Adriatic appeared to ua less graceful on the water than the Persia, and differs but little from the other steamers be longing to the Colliiia line, having tbe same up light stem and neatly rounder stern. ' ?I'HL JffrsTsmiuvs Mlhiiek 15 Consci tk ur.? We are iuforrned tbat Mr. Sage, of Cromwell, the father of the siippoaed murdered boy. came to this city a short time sinceand brought a large quantity of piauk, cut from the floor of tbe barn where Benson Mid young Sage was slabbed. The gentlemae who made the examination saya be found staius, probably produced by guano, poudrette and phosphate of Kmc, which were stored in the barn soiue months previous. Other startling facta will yet come eut of thia business. Enough haa now been revealed to show tbat a vast deal more Ilea behind. The moat iuteiesting question of all ia?waa a murder enmmitted .' Whose body wan tbat fun ad in the river and buried as the body ef Sage ??JV?ie Ha vrn Pallatl<?<*i D(t 19, rr==- MASONIC?The mtmhtn of Hiram l^ndge !L? No. 10, are notified that a c%11ed-c.1T mat ing will be held at their Hall on 19th atr*et* between H and I streets, on THIS* (Tue?<l*y ? E V KNING Deoemlter 22d, at 7 o'clook. Master Muium, in . good standing are ^aternaHj^inv^f <1 to |^o present ^ n "iAJ. (Tueaday) E V E * IM G. at ?Jb o'clock The jk'actL ?1 attendance of #r?y meaner la desired, at ilia election of officer* for tlia ensuing year will take allk#* at tttt tima. Master Maaone m good ataudi ng are fraternally iimtea to ?ttena;Hj onfr oJXT. M. no 9. G. JAMISON. Pec. nTjr^CHl' KCH OF THE EPIPH AN Y. - This 'J^Jf Ed i hoe having been enlarged and improved, a tale ot the PEWS will take place at th# church, on MON DAY, 38th inst.,at 11 o'clook,a. m. Terms at sale. J. C. McGUIRF, A?ot.oneer, After the sale the unsold and unoooapied Pews will be for rent. d 22 5t I States. Intel., and Uan>n.) rv^=?l. O. O. F.?The Regular Meeting of Cen I tral I.odge, No. 1. for this weak will be held on WEDNESDAY, instead of Friday evening next. The members are particularly requested to attend, aa officers for the ensuing tarm will l>e elected. R. WHITE Ml DDI. ETON, _d 22 2t Secretary. GENTLEMEN WILL FIND PROF. (Jjj FOWI.KK'S LECTlHlE. to them alone, on the Sexual Relation*, at Temperance Hall,on THI'RSDaS* E VErt I NO. more practioal and use ful than any other species o| knowledge. Let those who have attended hia flrst lecture, and requested its repetition, attest its value. It is his last aud very best leoture. Thorough and reliable. Itecauae scientific,delinea tions of character till Cnristmns day anVevemng onl). Those who want to know themselves and children inuat .call at onca, lor he leaves on Satur day morning. d 2i 2t * fV"3=?NEBRASK A.?C C. Gosn, who has long ' been a resident of this Territory, will ad dress the citiz*ns ol Washington upon its Hiatory , Advantages. Resource*, ami Pr<?*pects at the Foundry Church, corn?r of !?th (i streets, on WEDNESDAY EVENING. Alao, at \\ esley Chapel, eorncr of 5th and F streets, on THl'RS DAY EVHNING; and at MoKei^trce Church on Massachusetts Avenue. between 9th and Kith sts., .m FRIDAY EVENING,ntVi o'clock. Tick.ts at the door, ?5 cents each. The proceed* to lie de voted loan object of benevolence. Those who de sign to locate in the West, or to make an invest ment will do well to attend. d 22-St* ivEXHIBITION AND CONCERT L? OK WESLEY CIIAI'EI. SABBATH >CHOOI..-The Anniversary Exhibition of Wes ley Chapel ti ihliath School will take pMceon TI'ES DAY EVENING i.ext, 2?d mutant, at 7 o'clock. Tickets of admission 25 cents, to be ha>i at tiie door, d 21-St Y75=?TO THE MEMBERS OF ORIENTAL I ? , I.ODGE. No. 19, I. O. O. F.?The niPiiilxrs nforientsl I odge, No. 19, I O. O. F., are hereby respeotfully informed that the regular meeting will take place on W EDN ESDA Y. the ?.'d of Decern ber, at 7'? o'clock p. hi., instead of Thursday, .'411:, <J2l-2t* II. KlNti, fcecreUry. ry NOTICE.?A|i ajj<>uriie?l nieeti(.g ?>] th? ' ( y Jackson Democratic Association w.fl lie held iii Kemmel's building*, on C ?t., ? at ween l>2 and Hth sta .on Tl'ESDA Y next,at 7o'clock p. in. By order of the President. d3l-?t* rv^=? SMITHSONIAN LECTF R ES.-PR <7e~. !L< LE CONTE will lecture on THIS (Mon day! EVENING, Deccmlwr *1, on the "Extent and geueral const I ut .on of the atmosphere." Oh WEpNESDAY EVENING on the "Pbyai cai and Cneim*ai ootiitnutiou of the bliuosphrre," I.eel ure to commeuca at a quarter before A o'clock The public are invited. d 21 3t .Y^?ORPHANS' FAIR NOW OPEN AT ?L? ODD FELLOWS' HALL.-'Ihe Lady Manager* of St Vincent's Female Orphan Asylum will open THIS EVENING and continue EVERY EVENING this yveek. (except the 25th> at O'M

Fellows' Hall, a LAIR f^r tne lienent of She 125 orphan girl* under I he charge of the Sisters ot Char ity. They have spared no pains to prepare ales tiva! worthy of their patrons, and will iffer an end less variety of Fancy and Ornamental Articles. To*a. Confectionery, Ac.. suitable for Christmas mi<( New Years' Presents. Th? Hall is handsomely decorated, weil warmed and Iiehtcd. and a Band of exce.leut Music will be in atteuuanre r .???ry e?e? Substantial Meals served up at all hours. Admittan e 12 cents. Season tickets 51 cents. d iil tit rr~5=?COLLECTOR'S OFF IC E. LJ? . Citt Ham,, Noveml>er 5. 1*37. Notics is hereby given to all persons who have wit paid their 'I axes for the present year, and to ail who are in arrears for previotm years, that at the ex pirn, lion ol sixty days from this date, or as a^.n thereaf ter as the advertisement can be prepared, all proper ty on which the taxes may remain unpaid will (>ead vftftised *nd ?oliJ for th* taxi**, ah t|je law enjoin*. Tho*e who do not winh to put to the henvy ex pause attendant on tha a<lvertisement and sale are requested to pay in season. JAS. F. IIA LI DA Y, ??S-?otJanS Collector. CARD,-J NO. W. NAIRN would re k i spcctlully inform tlio s.ul> ic that lie has rt turnod to tiie city after a slioit absence, and re sumed the Drug business at hi* old stand, aornor of New \ ork avenue and 15th street, where he u as so lilierally patronized for the last ten yenrs. and that he has greatly improved it- mterior, and htted it out with a oomplete aud entire new slock of every ttunr in the medicine line, all of which he selected with great care, and guarantees to lie as pure and fresh as can be fouudany where, to the dispensing of which he will give his strict personal attention as heretofore, and his residence beinr on the preinisnx, will enable him to devote his whole time to the business. He has (ilso tuh|ef{ a Inrgo and e!e?:fiiit as kortinent ol Perlumery and Toilet Aitieles, snd every thing in the fancy line that is usually kept i ia first class Drug Store, and h?vi|ig no rent or del ls to pay he nuarantoes to sell as low as similar goods can be bought at any retail establishment M iith ol New York. d 17 2w <Y"5=?CAPlTOL HILL M. eTcHI'RCH -The k? Ladies of the Capitol Hill M. E. Chureh re spectfully announce that they have con menccd holding a FKSTIVA L in t'otumhia Hall, New Jer sey averi|ie. ?outh of the Capitol, at 7 o'clook p. hi , and to continue during this and next wcrk. The piej.arations are sucii as will rcudertlie F esrival the most pleasant that tney have yet held. Oysters and Hut < o||ep 4ml Confectiouery of evpry kind wdl be sery d up in such a manner as to plenae the taste of an epicure. Fai.ry Articles of every variety, suit able for Chrutmaa Presents ; together with others of a ustlul as well as an ornamental character in abundance. As the proceeds of this Festival are to be applied to the hmshing of a church that has ac coiuplished much ^ood and that is still carry inc r>n a U 'ble is enrnestly hopedand confidently ex pected that the friends ot the church and die public, who htve heretofore lieeu so kiud and lilieral, a i!l as a in extend that patronage which has always l>een gratefully leoeived, acknowledged, and lemem hefed. d |y ttt [Tr? ASSESSORS' NoTICE.-The voters of ' k-3 the several wards will pletise take notioc that the AiNPniori will littenci at the placei desiKiiatett below from In o'clook a. in. to 3 o'clock p. in eveiy dty, except Sunday and Chriatmasday , from the 15th to the Sist of this iiiontli, inclusive, for the purpose of revising ami ooneotinc the poll lists : First W ard-Samuel Redferu's. ooruer of Penn sylvania avenue and Nineteenth street. Second Ward?(ieorge T. Stewart's, ooruer of 12th and H streets. Third Ward?J. M. Downline's, L street, betw.e* 7th and 81 h streets. Fourth Ward?City Hall. Filth Ward?B. fr. Dyer's, New Jersey avenue, D ami E ?tree!a south. Sixth Ward?Edward Wayson's, E atreet, lie. t ween fcth and ttth strata, Seveuili W ard?John II. Bird.oorner of7th afreet and Mary land avenue, above o. Bos will's drug d lu-d FT ?r--ICE CREAM. of the purest Cream, at ^t JO 'J.S PJ?r gallon: Water lccs. Cakes of every va riety and styles ; Jellies. Charlotte dc Russc. Rlauc .Mange. Pies of various kinds; and everyiIiiiik nice in the Confectionery line, at the I'll I I.A l) EI. I'll I A ICE t'R EAM STORE, corner 12th and F str.ets, d 9-1 in* Mince meatmince~meat? We have a supply of Domestic Mmoc Meat, which caunot lie surpassed. KING Sc. BI RCH KLL, d 22 corner 15th street and Vermont svenue, COKE FOR SALE. Supe- ior COK E, in any quantity, now for aale. Inquire, without delay, at the otTica ofthe tiaa Light Compa'.y. d i?-dtf J. F. RROWN. Secretary. ABEAI TIFUL VARIETY of Winter tilovea, Stocks, l ies. Cravats, Scirfa. Mufller*. A c.? Just the things for a Christmas present, cm l?e found at GEO. H. B. WHITE A CO/S. d 22- e 3t iU Pa. ave. bet. 9th aud .otti sis. R AISINS! FIGS!! PRUNES!!! Fresh l^ayer R AIS1NS, in quarter, hallaicl * hole boxes. FIBS in cartoons, and iu large and amall drums, in v?rt hue order. PRUNES, in class jars and caskets of various sues, being very beautiful for Chnstniar. presents KINti A KERCH El.L. d 22 corner Vermont avenue and IMh st. Navy yard! FIKL yo K WI\TKK Tins day diaelwwguig, a cargo of 227 tona KED ASH Etiti COAL. This will be di>pohe<| of from the v?.-sse| cheaper than it can be ha?f of any dealer iu Washington, as I desire to cloae it out. Terms oash. 2.24U lit* to the ton. Also, on hand. HICKORY, OAK and PINE WOOD, at lowest market prices. S. EDW. CLARK, <l23 3t* Near Nary Y'ard tinte. BIBLES AND PRAYER BOOKS.-A bu^eand handsome co lection of Bibles and Prayer Book a bouud iu every at> le of binding; aome moat beau i fully bou' d in velvet. morocoo, elo'h, gilt, invking a moat suitable present for Chriatmas and the holi day a. For aala at JOS. SHILLINGTOVS Bookstore.Odeon Building, d22-at eorner Oi at. and Pa. av. rj^EN PER CENT. INVESTMENTS. ft,'W City of Davenport Bonds, 10 per cent, interest 4,000 do. Keokult do., 10 per cent. do. 4,usi do. do. do., R par oeut. do. Itt<00 do, Evauavillo do., 7 per cent. do. With Coupt-na attached. Interest regularly paid. Th?aeb nds will be sold at ratea which will pay in per cent, aud upwarda. S. C. EDES. Trustee, At olhee of Pairo A Nourae. oppoaite Treasury. di2 e?tfw* PREPARATIONS FOR CHRISTMAS. TAYLOR A MAURY annoQDce the completioA of their arrangnmenta for the approaching aeeaun; their stock mcludea a oareful selection ol magnifi cently illustrated Stanmn) aud other Works m plain and ornamental bladings; an unprecedented varieLy of English and Amerioan Juvenile Hooka, and a choice assortment of Bitilea and Prayer Host a (in the newest sty leaf; Albtiiuc, Portfolios, Wxiting Desks Inkatauds. Caloa, Ac., to Wluoh they r? d 22 U near Mk atreet, rl FOB mr AMD SALE. / \N E 1.116b OMA M BER. furnished; also, two I I hood s.zad WMilt BOOMS, for ,Ml-?llo? o?? floflf and in sintr ?r taaarate. Boar* oan t- fur ?lif moderat e. . va> ...?A notnmodious and r?. arranged Ctr?> *K FRAM E H<>1 r-Efor Mlfor ren'.lsiltftrd aft the oorner of ISth aad U itftrti porta. If ?untatlH fare comfortable ro*tns. AafaMeand other outdoor buildings add greats Mill* ooaveoienoe an# comforts of tb? estaNish iMnt, Thft huuM.V il?o surrounded by a front, back, and side ynrd It* front and aide yard* art tastefully ornamented with fruit trees and shrub ber; of various kinds. Beside* these advantages, a puma m front of the houae affords excellent and well flavored water. Any one who may deaire to purchase or rent a handsome and convenient home, wonld hrd it to hia advantage to oall at tha p->w?i fa. No. 27.S. ICth atreet. worth. d 22 3t 'OR SALE.?Theatock and fixtures of a Dn'f Store in complete order, with handsome sold labels on the botttaa and Jars. Price between three and four hundred dollara. Apply at the Star o&ee. ' d to ? _ |?OK KKNt-ONK PARLOR AND HED F ROOM. adjoinin*. Terms moderate. Nu. ?W, oorner of P and 13th atreeta. d .7-lt* FOR RENT?Two Rooms, suitable for offices or an ottioe and chamber, immediately opposite the City Hall, and over the ni?r of C. 9. \Vattach, dll-tf Appl> to RICHARD WAI.LACH. CH)R RENT.?Hither furnished or unfurnished, I an excellent, three-story, new Bnck Houae, with basement, No. 49k New Jersey avenue, fcve minutes' walk from the Capitol, with three-etall staMe and coach house, with immediate possession. Inquire at S A M'L. \VA LKER'S Portrait Galleiy, Od?on Kuiidina, oorner 4S atreet and I'a. auer.ue. nl? tf FINE EDITIONS, in Fine Bindings. of U'l>bon Hume, Hal'am. Macau lay. Hannrolt. Irying Carlyle, umK Robertson, Roilin. PlutarcS, Ros coe. Goldsmith. Dean SaiP. Hogarth. M it ford. Mackintosh. Hornet, Kanke. Milton. Wh#W*ll. and other ami ent prose wiiters. tea) l?e found at the booka'ore of the undersigned, mostly imported di rect form London. di2 FRANCE TAYLOR. IADIFS AND GENTLKMEN? Yoar atten _t ti<m m respect full) so'icited to the examination of oar stock of DRESSING ROBES for tienlle meu. The most appropriate present to make to a gentlemen fritnd will w an artiole of this kind. Piicm ranging from >i to embracing rich and l>eautiful patterns, selling cheap, at GEO. H. B. WHITE k CO 'S, d 22-efl3t SU Pa. ave. I>ct. 9th ami H'tti ?!?. jMENTLEMEN'S Press and Feif Hatp. VI Gentlemen's Fndersiiirts and Draweis. Gentlemen's Kid and other Gloves. Gentlemen's Nock Ties and Cravats. Gentlemen's Shawls and Mufllers, Gentlemen's Hosiery, Ac. Di great variety, at CEO. II. B- WHITE A CO 'S. d &-eoSt I a. ave l?et. ?>tti and imh ats. I CRURIS I'M AS PR ESENTS.?Tha girls' de icht: J I'ap.-r Dolls a* d l'apor I-urniture, with beauti ttfnl dresses for each New Games, entitled tiia Cottage o| Content, or Right Roads and Wrong W?y*. The Funnyshire Fox Chase, a very interesting game. Also, a crest variety <if Miiiies, Prayer Books, Ju venile and Toy Book?. For sale at JOS S1111.1.1 N'GTON'S Bookstore. Odoon corner of at. d U 3t ati?J sr. O/m FOR THE HOLIDAYS. ?UU GREY. BROWN, D It All. and BI.aCKri.nTII PI.M*KS. Just received fr?>in the New Yoik auctions *Th* prices range from to t|;ey ?re worth dontile the tmtiiev IVil jsik) get a bargain et the Ladies' Cloak and Fancy Store. MAXWELL* HRO., d ?t-3i .M Penn avenue. HOLIDAY PRESEN TS. iADIES' Black ClothCIRCl l.AR CLOAKS. a'1 Very Fine BLACK CLOU1 ciRcrr.AR CLOAKS. from to Si'. ReoeiveJ t<> d?y, at the CLOAK AND FANCY STORK of MAXWELL* BRO., d'/2 3 Pennavlvanm avenue. JVOTIOK ?All persons iniiehted to m?. either b? is notea. p^st dues.due hilts,or op<-n aooonnts.aie heraliy auMhel that I shall expect them to iay the cash on or before tha 1st of Jhiius'*. l&St. All P?>r Kims not ce>mplving to this notice a* the nleive stated time w II have thqir notes, due hilts, <>r open accounts placed in the hand ofotlicers. instriic t.oua >o make the money. To in* cii?toin"rs who liave Daid me promptly and to those who buy f.?r o^sii I return them maty thanks, and ahall at all tunes l?e pleased to till the r orders with any goods appertaining to inv hupinesa. WM. ST. CR-PPS. Wholesale and Retail firr^r. At Louisiana avenue, between 6th and ?th sta. d a-tuwtiw A GOOD DINNKR AT SHORT NOTICE A French Cook of long experience, wto is enpahle of getting up a first rate Dinner. r??pe?f fully informs the public that he la ready to furnish Kep.iKta, or get them up at your domioi! without trouble to those who inay honor him with their favor. Charges moderate. He keep* a special denot of fine Preserves of all kinds, Pe'ita Pois, Champignon",1' Trofles, etc. Jama. S^eet Meats. Also. a oiioioe assortment of tine old imported Wines and l.i?|Uori<, such as fir a old Co^, Kir?eh, Champagne. Marathino. Ab siuthe Suisse, etc.; Bordeaax Wines, St Julian, Chateau L*ititte, Leoville, Eauzon. St. Julien M. doe. St. Estephe. Sherry, Madeira, Pott, Rhine, and other ines in variety. Meals ready at all hours. M. BARZOT, d 2J-JI' 210 F atreet north, near 15th street. R 1 S 8 K R INGL E ' 8 A D D RE S S.' The ioyous <Kys at length have come, Wlieii children love to mingle; And 'nund the hearthstone of each hoitie Receive from "'ttld Kris* Knncle" Those gifts ? n ?h he la wont to make. At this convivial season. Rut failing row, I e'd have fhtm take Tl;i? as an Hinp'e re?son. To LA M M ON D he has linig axsigne I Him former avoot-tlou, A nd at his 7th st. store y ou'll hud R idi giftt of every rtiape and kind. To plea?e the eye and suit the miud, tiatheied from every iml ion. d??at ^MlKISTAlAa CLOSE AT HAND. WM. (? RI'PE, Con/f rtionrr niiil Importer of Fancy lioixi*. Toy, Vnr?i*H Ft nits, 4"., I??(58 lea\ e most respeot tully to inform the citizen* gen erally , and his old customers ill particulsr. tnal he has just received direct from Europe tha largest ai.d most ? plendid invonro ot Fancy Articles, Foreign Fruits, Toys, &o. ever brought to thra maiket;eou sisting in part, viz: Fancy Ba?kets, of every de.scriptioii. Fancy Boxes, to suit all taste-. Toy sol every mastaer and kind. Foreign Fruits,just arrived and fresh. Con ecMouery ot all kinds, Fakes, Pie*, and Tarts m abundance. The conteotiotierv part .?f the eslal>li?hment temg conducte<l entirely t>* myself. in? public can rely on eaoh aid every article being perfectly pure. 'The whole establishment Itein^ now open to pub lic inspection. I n.vite everybody M nsll a?d judge orf thiustlves. WM. GRFPE. 1'a. av., south side, opposite Jncksou Hall, d 22-tt between it and 4** sts. H O I.IDAY PRESENTS. J^AMFEL LEW|8, Penosjrlvauia avenue, maim'act urer of erd dealer in WAT' H*S. J RW ELR . ar d SIL YER WARE, offers for vale, st reduced prices, hue gold Lugiish and Gene , a Watches, warranted t imekecperx. I.old Gunrd. N?ck. Ye't. and F?d> Chains, Cameo, I jva ar.d Mosaic acts of J ewelry. Biacelctn. Breast pniK and Ksrrin^t.ol every s-yle. torether Finger Kings, Heeve Buttons ntidStudds o|>\ ery devcJrpti<ui. (?old I'euo and Pencils, (*t>ld Thimbles, Go'd Lockets. Cro?se?, Ariiilets. Ac Ac.. Ar <\ Silver Forks. Spoons. Pie, Cake, Dessert, Fiuit, and Butter Kuivea. Soup, Gravy. Creain ar.d Sugar ladles. Knives, Forks and Spoons in sets for Children. Napkin Rings, Portemonnaies, With a varietf of such goods as are usually tmnd in jewelry stores. (Intel.) dS-lw O YOU INTEND TO MAKE A PRESENT.' D 'Then call at DRl R Y'S and rxanime his stock of COMESTIBLES, comprising everytl mg to tat and drink, Irom a basket of Champagne to a stick of Candy. IS IT A LADY to whom you intend to make a present 'Then go to llRFRY** and buy a Fancy Box ol Prune*, or Figs, or a dozen Havana Oranges, or a pound of Malaga Grapes, or a Jar of Preserver or Pickles. IS IT A GENTLEMAN whom you desire to please . \\ hat letter way tliaa to send Inin a l?ox of ORI'K Y'S Hay ana Cigars, or ajar of Ins superior Pickled Oysters IS IT THE CHILDREN whose hearts you wish to gladden on Chrutmaaf 'Then give them some of DKI'R\'S l*eauiif?l t'andy Toys, or French Confectionery, or Hon Bons, or t .ornetla. or Fire Crackers. For every one expect* something g<xidtoMtoii Christina*. and DKl RY keeps everything iu that way. It* Corner Peuu. avenue sud lttli street. PIANOFORTES FOR CHRISTMAS PRKS EN'l'S. Also. Melodeor>a, Yiolius. Guitars, Music, Flutes. Acuordeoiis. Tamlsiriues, Ac.. Ac., suitahle for salistantial holiday gifts JOHN F. ELLIS. Piauo and Mu to Store, *S Pa. avenue, between 9th and l'?th atreeta. d gl J. M. CORN. wALER in FANCY GOOrs I F street to &!2 C street, |?. tween 6th and 7th streets, near tbe Hank of Wash ington. I have now on hand a full aasortment of all kinds of Fancy and Do??astio NOTIONS, and a lot of "IE* " * WJ. M. HOLESALE DEi has removed from ?fi6 I HOSIKR Y and tJI.OVE8, which I Imngbt at aue lion. Clnldrea'a Worsted Hoaa for 7k cents dozen. d 19-1 \ Fj^YERYTHlN<i FOR CHRISTMAS, at ?f MCLAUGHLIN'S. <1 H an Pa. avenue, bet. Hth and 9th streets. rPHK CHEAPEST To. aad Fancv Store ta the I oily is id*l_-*> LAMMOND'8. SENSIBLE PRESENTH? Fir?-prWTea and Colfae fots, Tea and Collee Lrna. Carved Bread Platters. Silver Plated Ivory Handle Tail? Knives, kc. Something for a life tiiqs. d 21-tt Q. FR ANCT8.49< 7th stre?t. HOLIDAY PRESKNTS.-Cluldran'a Knivaa and Forka. Kitohen Sets, Tea Seta. R??*'?* r usira. Locomotives.Skatea, Poeket Kaivea, Balls, kc The plaoe for pr-sents isar d? 4t FRAN out*. ei? 7th street. KRI8S KRINGLE'S HEADQUARTERS ?a at d fl * LAMMOND l ANA' VERSARY OF THK HATTI K. (.? v\ ORl.KHTI3.-T I 1'r.Min finrdi r- ? 1 r.Km ?? cards at m- Rama* to inrir jri . that Hie i 1??ml/*? ?nt the ^ rake tr?l in f iiadt, iii'>iUi5 and iuvic. I Annual P*H w;tl take p ac?i Rooms, LomiiUA ??u tl.e ?u. of Janai, Further particulars in future notioe. If 'StitfMt r|*i> THK CITiZENS OK THK D1STR III. PkOST StBEIT AKPRItHUTKI, Bat TIMoRt. DAN KICK'S OHKAT SHOW WITH 1MB filODELL dXCU&TROVPE. Menvcneof TAME BLASTS. The largest fctud of EDUCATED H<?P-f.< aad PERFoMMINO h?MK9, ever l>ri>uibi to??ther A'jir Optu ?t<rn Afltrntom aad \>g ,t. Under the Special Sneerrumii of the amkrican hum??k?ht. D A A H I C h . Dunne the Week, at ev*r? IVriormai ct, a . i t,, introduced The TIGHT ROPE Ei.iTFHA NT. TA.Nlr. RHINOCEROS. DANCING CANKL. TALKING HORSE F.XCEI.HOR. And the COMIC Ml i is YVM. B. DON A LI HON, Til M b L Ai k CLOW'S. d 2* 2t \\ ill ilkO p 'ifatrff) 1 N CONSEqKhNCE UK TB KSB\ KM K. I \ 1 disposition uf Mi*a WiM.iaigs, Iter appearance ? postponed until further notice d Si ?} Assembly rooms. OX I.OL'ISIA \ A AYEXVF JULIANA MAVSCONt:K1fT. AssisteJ by Si*nor TIBER IN I. his first aires i. y return from South America. IIerr K I DOLPHSEN. and Mr. H. SANDERSON TUESDAY EVENING NEXT. December? programme-part Fir?t. 1. "Mwehedu Sacre," Le Prophete My eiVer Mr. H Sanderaoit. 2. Cavatina?" Rrfntn nel HiImbhi." Lucia ds UromernX'ot.... I k>i Miaa JULIANA MAY. 3. "View I*a inia Veadctta," Lucrezia Borgia Douizetti llerr Radolphtcn. 4. Ballad?" I've been roaming"... Stephen <. lo\ ei Miu J ULIA N A .MAY. 5. Roin&rze de f!i Uduut'Uee Mjerl-eer Siguor Tiberim. ?. " Di Placer." I a i.azza lAdra Roa?itit Miaa JULIANA MAY. Part Skiofta, 1. Fantasia-11 Puritaiii ....Bellini Mr. U Sanderson. 2. Ballad?" FV*li"K on lb* \Viud".?.8. Glover Miaa JL LIANA MAY. S. Melodic Vrrdi SiKuor Tibcrini. 4. Cavatmi?l.iuda di Cbenoumx Donizetti Miaa JULIANA MAY. 5. "II llalen"?II Trova lore VnJ llerr Rudolpliaeu. 6. Trio?d'Attila. Admission to all partsof the Hall, One Dollar. Door a open at 7 o'clock. Concert commence at ? uvluat. South *ecured Witliost extra charre. Tick*?ta I. ?r baIp Mt iI'm ? fi Ait< 1 M ubio ? ir^h of Messrs. Dav a and Metzerott. d *i-at s O I R E E D A N S A N T E ? I ROF. II. \V. MI'NDER takea treat p ea^ire lu aiiUoiincinc to i?iH fri^itd* and patron* tli?t ?! Ina next SO|R EE will take place ?>* hm Mall, iff rriier ?th and D ?treet?. on THI RSDA\ / * VKNING. l)?--riiiU r SI si. las?. UwW Thia being New Yeaia' Eve. aoum ladxa aid *entiem?n who have friqu^iitlr enjoyed theae ?if lichtfnl entertainment* will have tne p>a?nr^ dNRctnc the " Old Year out and th?' New \ car m " Ipon i|im ooiruiMa Hie re Iterated Lai?-wr h ' I < iul ? rille will l?e intnwluced, 'Uia Ueinj th?? t?r?f repre aentation hi puHie in fliia city. It w?a firat |Mre duced at the State Ma la in Knrope and ha* lte< tlx* moat tUvn ?d ??|'all Ihe la>hioitali.e dune", Iwit.i ?vjnduoive t i c?ace. atldni! ?a*e and d^aaoi to the Cinmee. The new Polka and M?i?urli? Ousdri r% will aUo be lot'odaced. ir?akiuc on* of the nnwi varied pro|[rainiuea ewer otter* d at ai y a?>iree (iven in \Va?lnnKtnji. Ail p<>raonk wishinc to take ieaaona in the Laiioer'a Quadrille only, ran do ao uynu rraMimMt teirr* by app yine to Prof. M. _ d IS S.Tu Tliit 'RAND MILITARY AND CIVIC HALL I or THK Washington Yagers. ( The WASHINGTON Y AtJF.RS let leav t? announce to I heir friend* and the i>nblic zen- el erally. that ihey will rive their Ball, at the Aaaemb> Koonia on MONDAY EVEN'ING,/^v December JJtth. IR9T. ' - ^ The Committee pledge th? maetvea to make rh ? one of the l>e*t Balla of the aeaaan. The Bar and Suppar will tie furi.nhed by r. Schafer. Weber'a Celebrated Baad t.aa beeaeMcnceJ for t MMMMk Tickets ONE DOLLAR, a.In ittin* a Gentleman and I^adiea. Cemmitttt of ilrraaceoatit. O.S. E. Loeller, Sat. G. Schu's, S*t John Wahi, Corp. F. Stir,xmr Private C. Juat. d 'S 'I .Th.S. ? .Th.S.M FOURTH ANNUAL BALL OF THE TEN!7 an nork Cli I. at Odd FiLLotrt' Hai ?, trk Navy Yard, on Tnuraday evemni. Ja >UKri 7th. 1MB. the proooeda to lie appropriato-t t i hj erection of a monument to the meinor) ??* - mtk B. C. Greenup. Particular in future advert iaement. d 19 3t* OUSWTTRR. J^(>TICE.?1 he Annual Cotillou Party of ihe Northern Liberty Asiriciation will take place on Tt'ESDAY, the 2-d oi D** the Hall oft hair Enkiiie Houae, in the Nmth ern l.ibertua. Tioketa #i,admittinit a ;uid ladi?a d ta ?? Third annual^ XXliT OF THE American Hook and Ladder Co. Vo 2. The AMERICAN HOOK AND LADDER ? ?? . No. .'.bee lea ve to aunouno>' to the public that fl they wilijiive a ttraml Ballon TII^RSDA^ ia EVENING. December ^4th, I as?, at (hid Kel Iowa' Hall, Nav) Yard. The Company have pledned thems*lvea to nwln* tlua one of the moat airteali!e eutertainuie. ? - t th?* ?enaon. Withe k* Celebrated Band haa l>een encased t 't the occa?u>u Tioketa ONE DOLLAR, ndinittmK a ceiitlemsn and ladiea?to Ite olitaine?l Irmn auv one of tt?- inetn bera of the Company . d lit 1 w WAVT8. WANTED ?For iui Ethiopian Troup*, tne ?r ?ix k.hmI PERFORMERS totiav*} >? u'l. For particulars apply at the Knifed State* H? >t? . from In a. iu. to 4 p. m. da-A* V JOHN B. MAGILL. ?r? m. A VEGETABLE fotlR -A ieapeetat?e an.l die-aKed white Woman wiaheas Sl'l'l ATM'N in one of the hotels, or lar*e lumil n* Ii4?aae*. Apply at 333 Pa.avenue, ta>twteu 4', and CtIt *ir<-e'? a 22-2t* WAXTKII-B) a respectable iouiic Woinan.s SITUATION m? Chainl*? inaul o? Nun*. GtMid reference ziren. Ad.ireaa Hi x 14. Star <?fl > e. _dS{-lt* WANTED?A younx SERVANT MAN.ew petenl to attend up?n ihe dmmf r<?aa. familiar with seueral hotmework. f>r ?? fai,i ? ot three peraona. A pcririauent and reapeetaMe ma? l<e secured fc* one ^walrbeda?Ht williat- Aya ? at this otltce. |jt| WANTED A COOK; also, a BOY for waiur. App > to Bev. Di.Ct M M I .NS, No. 21 lint.* * x\ euua A rz - A FURNISHED HOI SE l.n -a *n, tleinau de*irea to rent a e?>iiifor'nli e l>u' p'-' Turnisiied HOI'SE in Washmcto i Cit? dii'in. t' e aeaaum ofCoii(rcsa. He is imiI partic ular about - catiou. ao that it l?e not very l^r fr<?m the Dep^iri ineuta or Penn*y Ivauia a\ enue. Addreaa Ho* ? ?' Post < )mce of the House o| Keprefentivea nit Ihe Capitol I atatinr locatioaand terms per month. u 21 -itt W AN I ED ?A situation, l?? a youiu man. in u.e ?? srocery buaiucaa. Ha* had th-ee year*' . rienc*. Rrfererces xiven if Ad.lre , I". W. C. at this offioe. ,) ,>i c VV ANTED?A MAN ivhiteur color*d i to dii> ?* furniture waron. and nuke himself K<* y useful alatut a cabinet wareioom. t.?o ^ . EDWIN GREEN. JJ! 31 _ No. iai> I'a. ay.. Inrt. 171 h and iHih *ta. A LADY FROM NEW YORK, who i.iLr.l ^a clasa Dreaaiiiaker, wialiea to obtain a Hi I I A THIN in a family a* Dresamaker. or to enxat:e ! > the day or week. Apply at No. 4*> Ml street ea?t. n I* Jtt ? WA NTKD I M ME l? I A T ELY-A fu7i?*h. d HOUSE, with five or aix <*hainl>era. parlor*, and diniu< rooiu. Apply to No. lei Hrowna' Botei. d 18 tf w ANTED?The advertiser ha* invented in a f ?>in( mercantile business in this city and a ishes a partner with a ca?h crpita* of |>?ne. i lor oi a-'hird interest.I Profats I try actual exarn' uatmn'S'i percent. Refereuoes given and required. Addre*a "Merchandise" at Mar Offioe. d ll-la WANTED.-SIX to KIGHT THOUSAND DOLLa RS, lor three or h >e y ear* for which security will be given in Real E*tat* situated or Penn avenue, between tth and luth sts. Iiiumre *t Una office. _ d 15-tf \*7ANTED TO HI R E.-t3,?w. for the term of 5 " years, aecured or an improved farm, of ?*? acres .by a deed of trust, situated near tbecitv. In terest paid aunua'ly. Any oue wishiua to invest in that way, will please address J. H. S., B< x 5*a, Washincton mty, stating when and where an inter ? i?W can be had. Interest paid semiannually if pre ferred r i? tf NOTICE ?The suhacnlwr harms lust opened an OFFICE or GENER A L INTELLDiEN ? E at No. 319 C street, between Mb and 7th. and next to Todd's Hat Store, and opposite Bank of Washinc ton, requests the citixens of \\ aalnnc?<>n to give him eneoiiracement. The auhscrilier's olact is to seeura *??od aanraats lo aar citiz na, and to find soitabls places for Sar\ants who oorne well rectmi mended. Such as desire employment, and suoh as are in nead of proper Servants should give metra I as soon as oonveaiaat. d 7-liu* JEROME G1I.USS LOW AMD FOUND. f 09T.?Two Black Leather TRUNKS from m* of my hacks laat night, between Hn tnTTW Railroad teat aad Itta street. A liber* trfgR 5*wa?rwUI be Raid fur Umu dab vary at the*^' " Uaioa Hotal, Ueorgatowa. EDWARD GKAY.