Newspaper of Evening Star, December 22, 1857, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 22, 1857 Page 3
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LOCAL INTELLIGENCE. ClTT CoVRClU.? BifrH ?/" Ald'rmtm ?Tbe Ujard met at tb? usual hwf yesterday, the Pres ided. W F Bayly, iu the chair. Mr Ciark pres-nted the petition of John Co*- 1 tigaa, asking for rfmui)fr?lion for the expense* ?f"<?rertiMg a pump on R street south; referred to the committee on claims. Mr. Goddard, from the improvements commit tee, reported hark a resolution authorizing the jeniuoeratiou of certain police officers for services and efforts to repress thedisturbance of the peace in the city of Washington The committee a?ked to be discharged from further considera tion of the resolutloo. as they had conferred with the offi.ers in question, and they had icfused to accept such remuneration; the committee was discharged. Mr Harry, from the committee on the Are de partment, reported a bill for the relief of the Per severance Fire Company; passed. Mr. Clark, on leave, presented a joint resolu tion authorizing the Mayor to offer a reward of *lt?>. for the apprehension and conviction of the person or persons who, on last Saturday night broke open the door of the truck house of the American Hook and Ladder Company and took therefrom the truck, and so mutilated and in jured it as to render it unttt for use; passed Mr. Moore, from the improvements committee reported a bill making an appropriation to sup ply a deficiency in the appropriation for repair ing and improving a portion of II street north; pa-sed Mr Rr.ff, on leave, presented a bill for the re- i lief of John M Roberts, M. D , and Thomas Miller, M. D , for services rendered OlBoer Rob in?on ; referred to claims committee Mr Houston announced that he bad at the last meeting voted against the Fire Bill, he now moved to re-consider the vote by which that bill was lost; reconsidered. Mr Riggs moved that the bill be laid on the table for next Monday night Mr Pearson called the ayes and noes on the motion Pending which Mr. Donohoo made some gen- J eial remarks to the effect that it was iu his opin- I ion a wrong movement to move to reconsider a bill jnd tbe'i vote against Its passage, as had l?een announced hy Mr. Houston, lie should vote jvain>t its lieing laid on the table Mr Dove also spoke to the motion, slating his objections to its passage m geueial terms. Mr. Riggs *a<d that he haid always held it as a principle that tireuie.t who risked their lives for the safety of the public property on^l.t to have some s iy in the election of their Chief. He did not think it right to confine to the Mayor the ap pointment of the man who should l?e Chief of that department. He believed tbat if the Coipo ration should keep the apparatus iu jjuoil order and take care of the widows and orphans of those who died iu the tire department service, there would !>ea lespectable lire department in the city. Mr. Barry did not understand how the Corpo ratlou conid go to work and confiscate the prop erty which had been subscrilied to by members of ibe tire department or given them by an act of Congress. The ayes and noes now being called, resulted in the loss of Mr Riggs'motion; by ayes 0? noes?. Mr. Clarke, on leave, presented a bill authoriz ing the repair of the apparatus of the American Hook and Ladder Company. This bill was discussed, and then, on motion, referred to the lire department committee. Mr Miller, on leave, reported a bill to supply a deficiency in the appropriation for repairing, grading and graveling '1 wenty-second street, from F street, north, to Pennsylvania avenue; passed. Mr Miller, from same committee, reported a bill to grade Twenty-third street, from F street north, to H street; laid on table. AUo, a bill from the lower board making an appropriation for cleaning gutters and alleys in the Fourth Ward; passed. Mr Dove, on leave, presented a bill authoriz in;! an appropriation for making a gravel toot walk on the west side of Twenty-third street, from Pennsylvania avenue to N street north ; passed. And then the Board adjourned. Commam Co nun.'?Mr. Orme presented peti tion of Dauiel Price for opening alley in square ?5ti. referred to improvements committee. Mr. Kennedv. from claims committee, reported a bill for relief of J no. F Tolsou ; passed. Mr. Jefferson, from asylum committee, reported a bill for the relief of Johu R. CJueen; laid on the table Bill from the Board of Aldermen making an appropriation for the education of the deaf and dumb and the blind of tbe city of Washington was referred to public schools committee Bill for gradiug and graveling F street, from Third street to New Jersey avenue, with an amendment increasing the appropriation to was passed. Bill to supply deficiency for improving I street north, fiom Vermont to Connecticut avenue, was leferred to improvements committee Bill for regrading and trimming portions of Second street west and Massacbusetts avenue was referred to improvements committee Bill to grade and gravel F street north, and for other purposes, had the same reference. Bill to pay M O'Sullivau for work done for the Corporat:ou also had the same reference. Bill for relief of the Perseverance Fire Com pioy was referred to tl e department committer. Joint resolution authorizing tbe Mayor to offer a rtward for the arrest of certain persons con cerned in injuring the apparatus of the American Hook and I.adder Company was postponed one week Bill for supplying a deficiency for improving a portion of 11 street north was passed. Mr Turton, improvements committee, reported Aldermen's bill for supplying deficiency foi improving 1| street north; passed Air Kdmoimtou introduced a bill to supply a deficiency for grading and graveling Missouri avenue, from Four-and-a-half to Sixth streets. In the Fourth Ward: passed. Mr O'llare introduced a bill to supply a defi ciency fur grading and giaveliug a portion of N street north, passed. Mr Fishet offered a hill making an additional appropriation for cleaning streets,alleys and "Ut ters, in the First and Second Wards, referred to delegations of the First and Second Wards Mr Pulton offered a bill for the relief of Pat rick Callowan. Mr. Kennedy moved to amend by providing that tbe money shall not be taken from the funds of any pther ward l.ost; 'ind the bill was passed Mr I.loyd offered a joint resolution relative to the construction of the new Almshouse ; laid on the table. Bill from Aldermen fur a gravel footwalk on '^d street west, was referred ?.o improvement ?onmiittee. Pill for supplying a deficiency for grading and graveling Jl'A street west ; same reference Mr Clark presented tbe petition of Patrick Buckley ; referred to improvement committee. Mr Brown ofiered a resolution to grant the use of the hail to certain charitable associations : passed Mr. Tree offered a icsolut.on granting the use of the ball for religious services temporality on Sabbeslb days; passed The Board then adjourned C*imxu C.TRT ?After our report closed yes terday. the jury in the case of Thomas Richards, free negro, charged with larceny of one pair of boots from August Breuhl. returned a verdict of guilty. The case of Warren Wallace was then taken up,charging the defendant with larceny of beots, stockings and a handkerchief, from Jabez Hall Veidi.-t? not guilty Jas L'sma vsas then called for, and on stand ing up to liear the arraignment read, plead not ? u lt\ He was charged with stealing boots, ?iuckiu*:? and a handkerchief, from Jabez Hall Tbe jury found a verdict of guilty. J?tf>i?oii Payne was then put In the dock, on a i barge of assault and battery on Mary A Harvey. Ye>dict?guilty. Robert Squib* and Charles Hurdle were then brought up on a charge of riots at the Railr ?ad Depot This case was given to the jury, but they had not found a verdict when the Court adjourned Charles ,\ i< bolls was brought up next,charged with Lar?eoy of a book fioiu Alfred Huuter. The juiy found a verdict of not guilty. The next case was that of KUlward Mahoney, who was charged with stealing a coat and a re volver from one Hillery Hutchins Verdict of the jury?guilty as Indicted. Charles Brown came up neat, on the charge of participating in the above depredation upou the chattels of Mr. II Hutchins; and tbe jury said guilty In bis case al?o This finished up the cases for tbe da^ . and his Honor proceeded to pass sentence against those who bad been found guilty Thomas Richards was senteuced to one year's imprisonment in tbe Peuiteutiary; Jaiues Corren was sent to jail for nine months, and made to pay a line of SI; Jeffer son Payne was sent to jail for the space of four months, and to pay a fine of $1; and Fdwa d Ma honev and Charles Brown were each sent to tbe Penitentiary for the space of one year. The Court then adjourned To .lay, the Court met at tbe usual bour,]aiid tbe sealed verdict of the jury iu the case of Holiert Souths and Charles Hurdle was read. They found Robert Squibs guilty on the second count in the indictment, namely: Guilty of un lawful assemblage and affray. Hurdle they ac quitted The case of Catharine O Rose was then taken up. charging the defendant with larceny of three #*?5* gold pieces aud tnree 91 gold pieces front Wm G Phillip*. This case was pending when We left the room To-Nioht Miss .May'sconcert at the As?euibty Rooms, on wbleb occasion our charming vocalist is to be supported by some of tbe most eminent performers of the day. PoLict Rimiti ?Tbe number nf case* re turned to tbe Chief of Police for the week ending Saluiday last was 'Jb ? First district 9, Se?-#ed 4, Third II. Fourth 3er. Fifth 7, Sixth 5, Seventh 4 Off* CutiTiii Directory ?There art yet hosts of article* to be purchased this week in the shape of Christmas presents?Chrtntmss eat ables, drinkables, and wearables, etc , etc ; ac cordingly we continue oar lint of places where we knots they can be purchased to advantage. Cuxirctioxrrt, Ac. As a pendent to the solid delicacies, and gen erous liquors, that go to make up Christmas good cheer, there will be wanted at every table a sprinkling of confer tionerv niceties ; bon-bons, comfits, pates, jellies, lees, kisses, frolt, pound! sponge and fancy cakes, Ac., Ac. AH these ar ticles and a thousand other delicious knick knacks to tempt the palate, can be fonnd at Gau tier's. at Potentinis's, Shafltold's, Grupes, and Ridenour's. CLOTWISC AXB F t R.XI?H! XOS . Every man likes to be well dressed at Christ mas. At the following stores purchasers will be sure to obtain line fabrics, beantifni styles, and perfect fits Wall, Stephens A Co , P J Steer. J. T Mcintosh. Geo H B White, HlutonA Teel, \\ lesen field A Co, Here can be obtained every variety of garment, and also the most varied as sortments of gentlemen's belongings.?ties, sus penders, cambric handkerchiefs, gloves, scarfs, collars. Ac., An. * ' IIats, Caps, Ac. Nor must a light highly-lustred hat, or a jannty cap be omitted in recruiting the ward robe These, of all sixes and prices, can be pro cured at the well-known stores of Todd A Davis, Stevens A Co., Steininetz, and Anthony. Dav Goods. Mantillas, Cloak-, Ac. The ladies, loo, generally have something 'odo in the way of replenishing their wardrobes at this season of the year, and aho need articles ft r children's wear, and for housekeeping purposes There are mantillas and cloaks to be lw>ught, muslins, ginghams and velvets, silks, collars, scarfs, handkerchiefs, gloves, damasks, nnpkins, carpets and oilcloths, children's woolen com forts and circulars. hoods and gaiters, etc., etc. These, and hosts of kindred articles, pile the shelves of Messrs. Col ley A Sears, Clagett. New ton. May A Co , R Hyatt. R B Hall. C F. Perrie, W. R R iley, Shuster A Co , Kgan A Son, and Geo F. Allen. Milmskrv a if p Fanct Goons. Then next in order, perhaps even they should take precedence in importance, comes the varied train of millinery and fancy goods?the bonnets, ribbons, collars, laces, feathers, flowers, Ac ,4c. Our advertising columns give the names and places of business of the leading dealers and ar tistes in this line . M Willian, .Mrs King, Max well A Bro , W P. Shedd, R C Stevens, Mrs. Etchison, Hutchinson \ Mutiro, Mad.nne Ferre ro, Mrs M A Hills, Mrs. L. Allen, Mrs A Speir. MissM. E. Wilson, Geo II Un-sidy A Co Rkstapkaxts. It is very convenient at Christmas time to know where lo send, at short notice, for some nice oys ters or a tastefully got-up meal; or where one can take a friend for a little treat. For anything in this liue we can challenge the World to l?eat our friends Hammack, W. F. Benter, P. M Du bint, J E. D'lvernois, B Adams, W. S Simp son, J Boulanger, Samuel Breieton, and M. Ruppel. Depend upon it, what they cannot fur nish in Ihe eating line in season is not of the right stiipe, and Lad better be let alone. To-morrow we shall continue our list of no tices, and adveitisers, who desire to figure in the directory, will govern themselves accordingly. Out Bi.oomvr Brekciies and B abv Contro versy ?In 11 The Sibyl," published at Middle town, X. Y., edited by Dr. Lydia Sayer llas brouck. we flnd the following : Oh Hush ' " Rnrk the V raddle, Liddy ?It becomes our painful duty to announce that a bouncing Iwby has actually l>een born, in due course of time, unto Dr. and Mr. Hasbroack. The former will Iw rememl>ered as the Star's fair, bright-eyed and piquant little corres|x>udent who used to perambulate Pennsylvania avenue wearing the Bloomer breeches, and to lecture on the rights of women and the wrongs of men so eloquently in Temperance Hall, on E street. Who that drank in her words of wisdom (with out peeping into ber devil-mav-care womanish countenance for a' that) would have imagined that the Doctor could have actually condescended to have a baby, aod that, too, ''square up to time,'* as they say in sporting circles. Doctor' Doctor ! ! Doctor ' !! we blush to record the fact, that your entrancing philosophy failed to prove sufficient to save you from going the?way of other llesh feminine.? Washington Star. Remark? ?Now. friend Wallach, you are not much of a physiognomist, or you would not begin your first fatherly admonitions by instructing us to do so great injustice to our baby as shaking its ideas all in a confuted medley l?v continually rocking it in the cradle. J ust remember we are posted on these things, and feel a little egotistical in the premises. Yes, Dr. Sayrr Hasbrouck has not forgotten her old friend, the Star, nor has she lost remembrance of the many pleasant walks taken on the various avenues and streets of Washington. Strong and free she threaded them in sensible dress, with pants, just as she hopes again to do, ere she leaves, tiiis busy sphere of actlou, with that yrtrious baby by her side Then look out, friend Wallach. when we call in the Star sanctum, (which we most assuredly shall.) for the safety of your locks; for, of a surety, you will find our baby a bouncing, bright-eyed, frol icsome little elf. whose chief delight consists in pulling hair and twisting nasal protuberances, sometimes much to the discomfiture of the un lucky wight who falls within her reach Heigh ho ' brother chip, is it possible for a blush to mantle your cheek ? We have our doubts on the subject, but in this instance you need not force a flush on our account, as we con sider babies decidedly institutions. We have a faint conception we were once one ourselves, hence have a whole stoi k of sweet and precious love in store for the darling wee little ones Then, had yon attend<-d those veritable lectures you tflk of, you would ha\e heard us eulogite the wife and mother duty, giving it an elevated position Inferior to none other, while, at the same time, it stimulates instead of unfits woman for tilling other sphere ; hence, do not for a moment imagine we are less a public actor and worker than formerly, but on the contrary each duty only helps to perfect our being, adding unto our gifts and graces adornments we could never boast were it not for the advent of our priceless baby. We glory in oitr baby, and hope, dearly hope, it may be spared for a life of future usefulness, prompt to be and <b> theduties it may meet with ; an eye ever on the tlowl rap/><?</ hill. neither fal tering nor turning aside, though in her pathway may be many an obstacle?feeling to do her all of duty is the highest meed of reward living, trusting, hoping, acting in every sphere of life up to its highest requirements, not feeling it a condescension to fold within the rich embrasures of her warm and noble heart a wee precious gift germinating by and fed from hlr own heart's blood, budding and blooming as a fair dower to cheer and guide the weary and aching head and hand forward to other d?s-ds of active life. Ilro ther chip, won't you tell your readers our opinion of the baby institution ' Also our determination not to feel less interest a1?out our expected seat in the White House, for we arc ambitious you know.? Editor. Columbia LuDiii, I O O. F., proposes to Lo d its annual Levee on Monday evening, January II, I'ioH. This large and harmonious lodge Invari ably performs all its promises square up to the muk, whether it is in the way of an excursion, a levee, or a work of love, duty, or charity. The tine time enjoyed at its last annual levte'we are su e yet lingers in the memory of our readers who were present, aud they will not be slow in determining to attend the coming one. There will be some good speaking, somu Hue music, Ac , and after the mental entertainments of the evening are over we presume the young folks can, if they like, take possession of the floor. aud use the instrumental music for a little exercise of the muscles. In short, we haven't a doubt they'll dance some. Thi Mcrdrr or Mas Hall ?In our paper of Monday week, we published a notice of the mur der of Mrs. Hall, of Alexandria county. Va., by a slave woman belonging to the husband of the d? ceased. It aiso contained some reflections con cerning Mr Hall's treatment of his slaves. Our attention having lteen called to It by a neighbor of Mr. Hall we can but express our regret that any such allusion was embraced in the account of the atfair. Nothing could be further from our purpone than a disposition to wound the feelings of the husband and friends of Mrs Hall, who has met with such a sudden aud heartrending death, and who, to our peisonal knowledge, was?for we resided long in the same neighborhood of Alexandiia county?a most worthy aud estimable person. ? Elictio!* of Orricu*.?The following named gentleineu were last evening elected officers of the Jackson Democratic Association of the Sixth Ward F McNerhany, President; S F.Gates. First Vice President; Win H K lei bolt i, Sec ond Vice President: David Kleiss, Recoiding Secretary; L. H Tuell, Corresponding Set retary; John D. Brandt, Treasurer. Dr. A W Miller was elected chairman of the Executive Commit ter A series of addresses will be delivered at the regular monthly meetings. The meeting tost night was Large and enthusiastic. Wk recommksd our readers who are |n quest of something Handsome in the way of a Christ mas present to a friend, to call at Shillington'a Bookstore, Odeon Building, comer Four and-a half street and Pennsylvania avenue, where they will flnd for sale a most beantitu! collection of Wr iting desks, work, jewel aud trinket boxes, mad* from rosewood, beautifully Inlaid, and pa per macbe, richly ornauieoted These are, in deed. moat useful and appropriate presents for Christmas and the holidays WkcaLL attrition lo the advertisement in another column of IntafN M Nebreaks, by Rev. C O. Gross, a gentleman well qualified to do I justice to the subject. Ciwtm Market?Notwltbataadiag the unfa vorable weather, the approach of Chrlatmas has filled the market with dealers and purchaaers. The supply was large this morning, and dis played to advantage in the various departments. Dealers were kept busy and sales were brisk, rork at the scale house continues abundant, and 2U".Znorn.!"* Prlc?* ***? 07.19 and $7 25 per IU01b? Very little hay in the market-prices #1 an? ?1 tS per cwrt. Poultry stands were thor oughly supplied. The prices were for Btef, fresh, pr lb. Gal9 Pork 12 Mutton ? ?? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? 12 Lamb, pr qr 75*1 00 Sausage, pr lb.... 12W Lard 15 Veai 18*15 Beef tongues 75a#l Calve* he?d*,enrh 25 Baron 15al6 Shoulders 12al4 Breast pieces .... 16 Dried 9al2 do. apple*, ph.. 60 Roll butter 25a3l Phil'* print 40 Honey, per lb.... 25 Onions, per pk... 37 Cabbage, pr bead. 6aP2 Apples, pk 37a75 Beets, per bunch. 3 Carrots 2 Celery 5a6 Turnips, per pk .. 20 Dried beef 16]Chestnuts, pr qt.. 12 Chickens, pr pair. 50a75|Turkey,each.. .75aJ5? 50 Corned salmon... 15. Wild tnrkevs.... Herring, per dot.. 20a31 Terrapins, each... 37 Irish potatoes, pk. 37 Sweet potatoes, pk 50 Corn, pr bush.... 75a85 Pheasants, pr...Slat 50 Geese, each 7.?a$I Rabbits, each.... 18a25 Ducks?Canvas... Jfr.? Mallards 75 Corn.ear,pr bush. 40a45|Red Necks .o Beans, pr bnsh ... *'2 Shufflers SOatH Rye, pr bush 75a**0, Widgeon* 50a0'2 Oats 4Ua45 Meal 87a?0 Shorts 'Al Shipstufts 45a75 EgS*. per dot.... 25 Small 37 Sturgeon cuts 12a50 Rock, per bunch.. 25 Trout 25 Taylors 25 Baqoauk Stealinu?Saturday night, after the 7 o'clock train from Baltimore arrived, the baggage of Southern passengers was conveyed to the steamboat, where a valise, valued at about *50 was missed Mr. Sorrel, the driver, set al?out finding the thief, and. finally, discovered that a young man. named Woods, formerly em ployed on the boat had the valise. He arrested iiim at the Steamboat Hotel, and brought him and Timothy O'Lenry, who went with the wagon together. O'Leary said tliat Woods took the valise; and Woods said that O'I.earv handed it out to him on C uear 4 ^ street. Both were com mitted, as was stated yesterday. Elbctioji oi OrrtriRi ?Last night the Union Guard* held a meeting at the Vuli-in House, for the pnr|?ose of re-organization. The following ottlcers were elected : Captain, M. E. Bright, late of the Boone Rifle Corps; First Lieutenant, H. N. OI>er, of the Itoone Rifles; Second Lieutenant, James Don nelly. The C6rps expect to give a ball about the Sth of January. Arrest.?Yesterday, the Chief of Police went to the Navy Yard, at a very early hour, in quest of the persons connected with the breaking of the Hook and Ladder Truck at that place A nnn named Iliram Albaugh was arrested as a pasty concerned, aud he'd toeail l?v Justice Cull. From the sta ement of Justice Mulloy, in the Common Council last night, the arrest of all con cerned may he expected Robert Cross.?The sentence of this indi vidual, whose name was so often mentioned during the election riots and afterwards, took effect this morning. He was conveyed to the Penitentiary in a hack, accompanied by a guard of policemen, it having l>een hinted that a rescue would be attempted on the rood. A Xovbltt.?This morning a fresh shad in as fine condition as any taken in the spring season, was sold in the fish market, for SI .25. It was caught in the Potomac, below Alexandria, by Carroll ft Co , who are fishinif along the shores, ?this being the time of the winter fishery. The appearance of thi* shad rather astonished the old fishermen about the Maiket. Rcsa way.?Yesterday afternoon a fine looking horse, attached to a light wagon, ran, at a furious rate, through the Avenue, alarming persons on the streets, and causing a scattering among the pedestrian*. Tha animal ran into market space, aud was brought to a stand by a heavy country wagon, with which It was entangled. Tuk xext course of lectures at the Smithso nian Institution will l?e delivered by Dr. Hayes, who accompanied the lamented Kane in his memorable expedition in search of Sir John Franklin. Subject: 4,Arctic Explorations." To-night, the great Book Sale commences, at McfJuire's auction rooms, and to-morrow the ex tensive sale of Frencfcand English fancy goods Watch Retukx??Michael Kerny. Ireland, drunk and disorderly; dismissed Henrietta Rollin?. colored, D. C . out after hours : work house ?.*o days Seventeen lodgers -non - residents. I am in fossfssion of some va!ualtle certificated in favor of the Consumption Destroyer; also of its ertirsuy in relieving bronchial disease attended with severe oourh. The S? rud is pleasant aud sale, and is composed of rwots ami herns procured from the Hljfi Ridge; it is no common article. They aie mce!y enveloped in my circulars, where my place of residence is seen. The extract of a flowercallod the Alpha Ointment for the Piles, cm, with tho Syrup, he found at Mr C. Stott's; the Syrup is at several other peaces on Pennsylvania avenue, as well as Georgetown at Mr. Newman's on Bridge street. In Alexandria at Ledt>etter's. In Baltimore, at Hance's, 100 Balti more street. dl-tf Dyepep<wa axd Fits.?Dr. Tracv Delorme. great curer of Consumption, was tor several years so bad ly ntllieted hy dy?pep<>ia that lor a part of the time he was confined to Ins bed- He was eventually cured by a prescription furnished him hy a young Hair voy ant eirl. Tnis prescription, given hy a mere child while in a state of trance, has cured even l>ody who has takeu it, never havii.g failed once. It is equally assure in cases of tits ns of dyspepsia. The ingre dients mav he found in any drug store. I will send this valuable prescription to any person who will supply me witn the nrmesiauf! residence*) of ten.or inoie, individuals suflering with diseases of the chest, lungs, or thnat, as a knowledge of such iuva li is and the way to reach them, is an aid to rny re^.u - lar business Address Dr. Tracy Delorui*. New York Post Office. n $) jut Special Noticr.?-For Perfumed Breath. White Teeth, and Beautiftil Complex ion, use " Balm of l.nui Flowers " For dressing Ladies' hair use " Woodland Cream," a new pomade: it oausesgen tlemen's hair to curl beautifully. Price M cents eaoh. W P. Fkthidok A Co.. Proprietors, New York. Wholesale aud Retail Agents for Washington. Tavlok A Mauky, Booksellers, between 9th and loth at.. Pa. aveuue. n 17 I A DIES' MERINO VEST.?We have on hand I j a Urge assortment of Ladies' MERINO VEST, with long and short sleeves, low and huh necks. Also, .Misses'and Boys* MERINO SHIRTS. WM. EGAN A SON, d 21-64 5123 Pa. avenue, bet. 6th ati'l 7th sts. ( HFTS?GIFTS! Jl FOK THE HOLIDAYS'! Splendid til FT BOOKS. Ladies' AI.BI MS. PORTFOLIOS Children's TOY BOOKS, TOYS and FANCY NOTIONS, ai the Northern Liber ties' Cheap Book?tore, 3/7 7th street d jl-3t* CRURIS I'M AS PK liSENTS?Dressing Casev, J Writing Desks, ** ork Stands, Baskets, Cabas, Satchels, Purses, Bru hes,, Scissors, Fruit Knives, Cups and Saucers, Ao. "Go early." Prices tow.i.t (d 21 4t > FRANCIS 49n".tli street. I TSKFUL PRESENTS.?Silver Plated Castors, aJ Cake Batkets. Card Baskets, Butter Dishes, Syrup Pitchers. Uoblets. Cups, Spoons, Forks, Ac. The hnest goods in this city. d2l-4t G. FRANCIS,4907th street. MRS. GEOKtiE, from F.ngland, wishes to in form the ladies and gentlemen of Washington and lieorgetown and the viciru'y, that she can In* seen and consulted on Past, Present and Future F.vents, suoh as l.ove. Marriage. Loses, Ltwsuits, and many other difficulties. She can l?e seen ou L street. No. 212, near the West Market. Hours? from H a m. until'J p. in. Ladies 25 cents : Gentle men 5? cents. d 21-2w* J.JOSIKRY, GLOVES, ft o. We have on hand a vety large assortment of Ho siery , consisting of Ladies fleeced lined bik . , silk, cashmere. lambs' wool, fleeced lined fiiJlE slate, brown, black and whi'e cotton iloaeu " , ]| Children's worsted, silk, and cotton Hosiery. of all sues and quality. Gent* silk. merino, lambs' wool, and country knit yaru Half Hose; llaeced lined aud rilibed brown 11a f Hose. Ladies kid, buck, cloth, merino, ?ilk, woolen and eotton Gloves of evsry variety; Misses. Boys, and Gentlemen's Gloves of every sue and description. Also, a large assortment of woolen Comforts, Soarfs, Children's Capes. Cloaks and Hoods. Persons baying tlosi ry aud Gloves to retail will find it to their a<lva< tage to i-xamiue our Wholesale Stock, in second and third stones; we hive fitted up these rooms exclusively for wholesale custom ers. Paying particular attention to that class of goods purchaser* will hod one of the largest and rest as sortments in thiscity frora which to make their se lection, and at the very lowest price* WM. EG AN ft SON.32J Ha avenue, d 21 At befwoenfith and 7th sis. IpOR ON* WEEK ONLY.?Cm>s7so orT (for cash only) to reduce stock, the fol owing arti cles: ladies' Dress Goods, oousisting of? Si!k and Valencia Roties, ?" a it 11 fu 1 Bayadere blacs and fauc> striped Silks, ich lancy aud plain striped Poplins, Bright figured and plaid valeuciasand Mertnoa, Mousebnede Iwiiue RoIms, Plain colored Deliage. (all wool) Silk and worsted Valencias. Misses, and chidren's Plaid Shawls. Rich Bayadere, plaid, figured, striped, Mouseline as Lair.e,(all wool) Slain bright oolored Freneh and English Merino, tnpad and flgvred French Prints. Soarlet. Uue, green, ornnsou, red, gray and figured Joaey Flannels, Beautiful Chenille, Brocha Sheila. Net, and Plaid Shawls, Indies' black, brown, gteen and drah Cloth, for La dies' Msatles and Cloaks, from fl.26 to Ladiea' velvet and oioth Cloaks and Mantles. *?? 0..W^?^; ALLKN, d IV 6*#o No. 8M Pa. iv? next to 10th at. ATTCT10V (ALB. By A. GREEN, Auctioneer CATALOGUE AT

" LTIt ?tfXTBNSIVE SALE BY CATALOGUE JU Ant-no* or . Fin* Gold and WATtatt, Jkwklry. 1'LATtu W?i. Fas t ? THURSDAY NEXT, tie 24th 15 Vy4 IBh3fI oommence the tale, by aaialojtie, at T? o efoek ?. m , at my auction rooms. No. JR. oornrr 7th and D itrwti, and will be continued at 7 o'clock every eveningthereafter (except Christinas day) until an is sold, a very extensiv* and super tor as sortment of the above mentioned goods. Terms cash in current funds. Catalogues will be ready at my s ore on Wednes day morning. The trade is respectfully invited to lh?i?1?' M f?<>da must be sold. d ^ ^ A. ORKKN. Auctioneer. MARSHA l,'S S A LK.? In virtae of a writ of mnder tkt l.rm /<l?, i??urd from the Clerk s ofline of the Circuit Coflrt of lire Dis trict of Columbia. for the County of Washington, and to me directed, I shall expose to public sale, for Cs*A, in front of the Court-House door <>f mid county, on TUESDAY, the 12th dayof January Wti, at 12 o clock m., the following described property, to wit: All defendant's right, title, olaim, and in terest in and to a house, erected en part ol Lot No. l,in Square No. 4iti. corner of G street south and 7th street west, in the City of Washington. D. C , seised and levied upon a* the property of Walter A. True, and will l?e sold to satiafv Judicial No. 23, to October term, 1H57, in favor of Cripps A Waller. J. D. HOOVER, d 19-dts Marshal for the District of Columbia. QBORQETOWK ADVERTI3EMTS FOR SAIjK LOW ?A small and comfortable *>uilt COTTAGE, having a nice fruit ami flower garden in the rear, and a handsome flower garden in front, and in one of the most healthy parts of Georgetown, D. C , and haviuf a oomm.iL.ding view of the Potomac river; and now f?M>upied by Jntnes Hradshaw. Esq. This is a rare chance for ?? person in want of a comfortable home, as it will he sold at a h\rgaiu, and only a small amount in oath, ami the Imlanoe to suit the purchaser. For terms, apply to JAMES ROBKK I'SON, Agent. No. 60 Prospect street, Georgetown. D. C. d22-st* Oivn CORUS OAK WOOD for sal* in lots to ?>\r\t suit, at reduo-d prices. Apply on Dodge's Brick Wharf, east side Market House, Georgetown, d 19 ft* s SUITABLE FOR PRESENTS. Jonv II. Smoot, No. 119 Bridge street, George town, I). C.? has received, and otters very cheap tor Cash, a good assortment of lancv and useful arti cles, suitable for Christinas or New \ ear's pres ents. viz: Fancy and black Silks, very cheap Shawls, Scarfs, and Cloaks Rich worked Collars and scls Hem-stitched embroidered and plain linen cam bric Handkerchiefs Rest Paris Kid Gloves, all Nos. Rich printed DeLnins and Merino Plaids Merino Plaids, Union, 25 and 31c. A larte lot DeLaines, IUVaiid2Sc. Gents Scarfs, Ties, and Cravats Gloves of every kind Silk white and colored bordered linen cambric Handkerchief* Children's Woolen Circulars, Hoods and Gai ters Gents and Boys Scarfs and Comforts Merinos and Silk Yestiugs.Ac. Withagreat many other desirable articles that would be suitable for a present, d '? tl J.H.SMOOT. Millinery, &c. MRS. IIKI.l.KH. No. 34 Louisiana avenue, t? tweeu7th and 8th streets, respectfully invites tlte ladies of Washington and vici nity to her first opening of W INTER H aTS. as she tias spared no pnitisin select ing a large and handsome assortment of fash-' 10, able HATS, RIBBONS and FLOWERS, and will lie happy t-> see all the ladies of Wa*liinttou at her opening on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. d 17-^w* Millinery, dress-making and TRIMMING ESTABLISH MENT. Ladie* visiting Washington are respectfully in formed tt at we are prepared to make up Drones, Cloaks, Basques, Au.? at short notice, in the latest styles, and satisfaction guaranteed in a I cases. A laige stock of Dress and Cloak Trimmings, of la'ext and handsomest styles, with CLOAKS, BASQI ES, UNDER DRESSES. BONNETS, RIBBONS, and Ml LLlN ERY, of every descrip tion, always on hand. M. WIl.f.lAN. d 15 2m opposite Centre Market. Madam runnel DK ESS MAKER. From Pahis, No. 332 18th street west, between I ar.d K streets, Washington city, has the honor to inform the ladies of Washington and vicinity. that she has fitted up a Dress Making Establishment, where she is ready to make every kind of work, as Dresses. Mantillas, Basques. Ac.,and in the best and very latest sty le of Paris, receiving every month the French Journal De La Mode, direst from Paris. n ll-2tn* JJHR1STMA8 OFFERING! EPICl'KES, ATTENTION ' GENUINE SOUTHDOWN and COTSWOOL. " Ckri*tmas rome* but ontt n y*ar. And when tt cumes ii brings good r Arsr." Ttio special attention of Hotel Proprietors. Board ing House Keepers. Private Families,?in a word, of the public generally and every body particularly? is respectfully invited to a magnificent Exhibition of SOUTH DOW N AND COTSWOOL MUT TON,on THURSDAY MORNING next, the 24th instant, at the Stalls ol the undersigned, Nos. 26 and 28 Centre Market. This choice and incomparable Mutton, pure a* the limpid mountain's stream, and fre?h as the green pastures fiotu which it hails, was raided by those world-renowned r laziers. Col. W. W. Bowie and Thos C agett, Esq.. ol Prince George Coun'y , Md A mere glance at it will delight the eye, and excite the most pleasurable sensation of the palate. 11 will be s -Id in choice pieces, and at moderate prices. Every one, therefore, who wishes to enjoy a good Christmas Dinner?every oue who desires to gratify Ins taste with a swe-t morsel?every one who loves the good things of tins life?every on* who would please the inner man?wil- not tail to call, at as be fore respectfully invited, at the Stalls of H. B. OTTER B ACK A BRO.. d 19 4t* Nos ?6 and 2fl Centie Market. CMJAMPAGNE AND OTHER SPARKLING y WINES. I have just received ? list baskets Fleur de Bouzy Wine, my own iinpor tauon :?) do lleidsick, imp by Renault. Francois A Co. J2>icases IXL, do F. Schmtzspahn. 2S basket* Jules Mil in in by J.G.A J. Boker. 5cs*es Miimm Imperial do. S do Do Cabinet do. do I .eiSlrauciimilch do. H do Neirsteiner do. S do l< udesohimer Hinterhauser do. S do Grunhauser do. 5 do Moselle do. h do Hoek ib half pint l>ottles "Cabinet Champagne,** imported by Boiiehe. EDW'D C.DYER. d 7 eot.t Pa. avenue, bet. 12th and Kith streets. pi?NFECTIONERY FOR THE HOLIDAYS. The well known reputation of my establishment renders it unnecessary to make more than the simple announcement Hint as as usual at this season of the yeor is to be found there every variety of artic les in the Conlectionery line.ol the best quality and at the lowest prices. Particular attention is called to my ia*e importa tion of Krench Kisses, Fancy Boxes Cornets, Ac., wine.i fi.r beani? and richness of style surpass any thing ever before in this market. On Tuesday. the 22d risiaut. my Saloon will be opened for the display of Cukes ol every description and all sizes. From the splendor of my estah islnnent soma may suppose the prices of goods to be regulated accord ingly. I will only say that I pledge myself to fur nish a more superior article, and at a less price than any similar establishment in the city, and at a dis count of twenty per cent, from last year's prices, C. GAUTIEK. "A la Ville de Paris." Pa. nv., d 21-St between 12th an.1 13th sts, WHO L I DA Y GOODS. ATCHKS,* JEWELRY, SILYER AND PLATED WARE. M. W.'GALT A BRo. invite attention to their stock of new and elegant goods suited to the prrs ent seuson. The* enumerate in pait? Ladies' and gentlemen's gold enamelled \\ atelier, richly studded with diamonds. Diamond Biaeelets, Brooches and Earrings, Diamond, Emerald, Ktiby.and Pearl f-'inrter Rings, Diamond Crosses, Diamond, Emerald. Ruby, and Pearl Studs, Stone, Cameo, Pearl. Coral. Malachite. Florentine, Mosaic, and all other \aueties of Necklaces, Bracelets, Brnochcs and Earrings, Solid silver Tea Sets, Waiters, Pitchers. Goblets. Cups, Spoons, Forks. Fruit and Dessert Knives, Ladles, Napkin Rings, And every other description of Fano? Silver Ware, including Silver Card Cases, Portemonnaies, Snufl and Toe a coo Boxes, A?.? Extra he.vy plated Tea Sets, Urns, Kettles, Soup Tureens, Waiters, Castors, Cake Baskets, Butter Coolers, Card Trays Ac. The above, with a world ol other articles too nu merous to mention in an ndverti?e nient, have been gotteu up especially for the holiday trade, and ? ill be found to embrace the largest variety ever offered to their customers. Those in search of presents will find it to their ad vantage to make an early selection while our stock is oomplete. M. \V. GALT A BKO. Jewellers, 324 Pa. av., bet. 9th and loth sts. ?* 21 U Mince meat. Hi kegs Fisher's uurivaled MINCE MEAT. Just reoeived and for sale by dll-eo6t BARBOUR A SEMMES. Reliable presents.-coii's new andoij in.?lel Revolvers, Warner's new model Re vol vers, Allen's Revolvers, Self coekmg and ooni nioii Pistols, Bowie Knives, An d 21 4t f R_A NCIS. 44f>7th street. NOTICE?We rospectfully notify all p?rsoos having open accounts on our hooks that their bills have be<-u iadisuriminately made olt lor issue up to this date and are ready tor delivery. Those preferring not to have theni seut in will hud theirac counts ready at our deak. lu view ol the trnuMea still existing in the countrv iu relation to monetary affairs, we l?eg that all will speedily cump.y with the wish we indicate by this notice. ) dai-aw CLAGKTT ft DODSON. MCLAUGHLIN'S MoLAUGH LIN'S Fancy Fanoy Store. Store. d 21 A PERFECT BEE HI VK is McLAUGH LIN*S Store this week. No. Jtipa. avenue, lietweea Bth awl ??th streets. d2l HOLIDAY GIFTS: lAd ea'^leather KetiottlM Purses, Portemonnaies, Ac.,at 4 2>-t i^AMMOND'S. \10TT0 CUPS AND SAUCERS, Flower 'Va *"'? ^ '??""M'a'ojifrV" AUCTI** BALIS. TO-MO ft ROW MORNIJVO. ByWALLA BARFfACD. Aaotm??a. Cotmr tj Ptnnsy.cania aj,j 0.4 Gold andsilver Watche* j?.; Monnui. Ceua*. F?n?y Gooa. tu , k\' ciiver Pitted tioods. *? vi r*ei??r W"B ? OoiifOiirm of Good. iii ita ble fur ChristmasMid i\mw Year's presenti' ,UIU . will I* hold every EVENING. at ha f-p*.t tiominfAtVl Ure ** Pe"C" *ytau** dgl-dts WALL A BARNARD. A act*. By J. C. Mo()l IKfc.AielinnMr. T A*P.E*"S f?FK F MPTORY AUCTION Sal* of k Cwotc* snat tiow or PsrxeB *xn ^3ffi*r&raus: ? "?*<*'?! V ngbsbi Faocy Goods. neveropened in tins eountr* having been imported the bUt t?ffl l?ioin* house ia .New \ <?rk. an*) sent li#r<? f!?r ulu in coiuequerce of the prostration ? f business initial eity?comprising in pait "n""1 R"alffea/'" C*"d-l*brM <>f new and beautiful Fine French Bronzes? subjects Harmony iL,|fnM tonouaP It'rf1""' ClI?id vnn?ini?^o?j and Copal v.c' i?nvJs!."i?,.r*rs^tewre? and Aj?52 Co'peland. Hunton, Thr?? i?"te John An demon rn* Jo. n U?veh!&2??'A1"i***1 Hnphordes*. I ion indent1CKS**'?** Ro"NH> r^telr"ohr'fh-r*l-,<>r.0r,' - '?>? Stand u iTt !! r irst RcpuMie, (ill HUh and Holando, diaries the ??&. Yena-aed Mercu-y. Plat inn. Decorated Vases, an entire!* new art nl? never before imported into this count rt. * S ? . ALSO. A IM assortment of H,|rer plated Tea Sets new pf?" .p?ruT^ th?> will hud to be of the lineal ?nd luost'lAKt^ful 11 Worthy to adorn the parlor* ol the first mansions iu the country. H?f'ors oi me ferms oash. _d 16-71 JAMES C. McGUIR F.. Aucf. I By J. C. MoGUlRE, Auctioneer. F ???!1II,Rd and HOI'S E II O L I) KF S\v \iY?havi*;?l1? xvkonks 2a\ MORMNO, Deoemlter 2ad. at It) o'clock at No. 4?M.tfeetf between 12th and :ui, .tr^ti slia sell the F limit lire and Effects of a Keatbinan declining housekeeping. comprising? ae?ya?aa Mahogany Sofa Hud Parlor Chairs. )\ aJnut W hat not. Ko?t Tables. I xtension Dining Table, Cane-seat Chairs, B,,r<Vn,,< Wanhataada, Bedsteads. .Mattresses. Bolster* and Pillows. China. (liass, ami Crockery Ware. Ouf ?n<l Mano^Hhv Framed Mirrors, I ari?i?ting. Hints. Matting, Kadiatorand Cooking Stove. ioKether with au assortrtient of kitchen I ten 8| I Ps Tnau: f2<1 ard under, cash; over that sum a mUres?.* ^ noli. C. McGUI RE, Auctioneer. F "t J AS. C. AIcGL IRK. A uctioneer, ^ SALK.,MV C*TAL*?GCK OF ? alcable l.oxrKis Hooks, direct f-orn Willis 136 Strand. London?On TIKSIMV JJ KDN f SUA \ .and THURSDAY F.VKM \OS l>ec. ?Jjl, i3d, and 24th, corau-encn g at GX o'clock! precisely eaoh evening. I shall sell a large i. voice of" tenf R'llh A ^<?'58, <llre0t from ,he celel.rf.teu bona of *V illis A Sothorou, |?; Strand, London c.iiiiprisiiis works in Divinity, *1 he Arts, History. Belies Lettres A i>ato?ny. Chemistry. Surgery, Voyage a I ravels, tjra>nmars, Ac., in various languace* Arotiiteetnre. AuMquitiea, Mathematics Ornamental Works. Music. Drawing Pootry, h ict.on, Natural Hist .rv Jii-ogiaphy, Aitroiogy. Me aph?stra 'If Hraina. Painting. Sculpture, Ac. hiformi"i.thc naost valuiU.le and desi^a f?!Lon ?rer ,'ffe''edit auction in this city. ryilp without rescrre. ^.?BvS?talo^UM ni',T obtained at the counting room of the auctioneer. s Terms: Cash in specie. d 17-7t J. c. McGUIRE. Auctioneer. '5 k UMVN I)S. Auctioneers IJ'XTENSIVP. SAI.K OF JKWKLRY FOR !i\v"',mAt r"^T(>" TUESDAY KVK ' "J ? ?ix o clock, at our roomi. (down So. 34 ? er're Market Space. Utw^n 7^" r'^l'A^t' ' we siiail sell, without reserve, a iarge io|,ection ol Jewelry. I ancy Goods, Catlery Gloves, Ac., Ac., suitable for Christmas and New \ ears presents, consisting in part of ? titneoaiid Lava sets, Ljtuies' Ki:d gent's Finger K mgs, Plain and tancy Rrenstpins, I-ookofH, \\ Atrhes. Pl-'m-Ln'r Plai,i.nnd *ro?Kht Sleeve Buttons, Plain and fancy Karrings. Gold, atone, ai.d plain Stu.hls, Mosaic Pins, Silver and S Iver plated Ware, AibO, I'ock^t knives oi nil description. j 21 2? . BADEN A LolVNDS, " 21 *l Anclionser*, 34 Market Space FUTURE DA YS By A. GREEN, Auctioneer. PUBLIC SALE.?By virtue ol a deed of tru?t ex \o PW r I l? r.W5,'rdt,l ?n Liber J. A. S.. i.^'i ' i ^'1* ? *tl"' ,'n<, ibl. one c-f the [anil records ol W a?hiii^t<>n count* . District of Co tor'o^t T.,U L>, (Vprn !!2 I r i 4 u c lick p. m.. IU front ol Ihc premises, th/r J r !hLe ?Ub'Lc fo ,he ?"fchesr bidder therefor, the eastern half of Lot \? E.inSauareN'c r?iiin *.U.UL,?il"'n "f J"'"' \Vila?n and Nicholas' i atlan. as the eame is recorded in the oiiice of tlie lumbia? * ,l* of ?*hin*lon. District of Co r.X'I"? ?ash' The.Propertv to t? resold at the risk and expense ofthe purch*ser unless :be tennii day of ?i?eCOmP Wltfc W,thm ,hre,> d*?' f,oln ,he dm?wi.kDW* HARRINGTON. Tru.tee. d^Jawts A. (jBEfcN. \i,ct._ By JAS. C. MoGI IK E, Auctioneer. \ SEAT at Aictio*. ? Owint; to Ihc inclemency o| the weather ?es terday , and the present pressure in the money niar k?-t. **aj. I*. Iochinan has POSTPONED Mie pub IU fflle^oi hiM rHsidt'iicc mid farm, 44 Snm?rit?r Hill in the County of Alexandria. Va., until MON DAY. the 4th of January next, at Id o'clock a m., on the premises. In tlm meantime, they are offered (or private sale; and further information as to terms of sale. *c? may tie obtained at theanction stoie of J C. Mow*. Jas. C. McUUlKE. ocJaw Auction aiul Commission Men-hant. \IARSH A L'S S A L E.? In vaatM a wi it of II.M i llVi,'. 15"' l un iau'' 'ssued from the Clerk s ofiice ol fhe Circuit Court of tke Distncl of Columbia for the Count, ol \\ ashmeton. an<t to me directed. 1 shall exao?e to public sale, lor Cash, rcciiVi \,.r,U?K V u*r.,1<K,r of *JMd "?< I l ESDAy .the I2ih da> of Jsnuarv, lio'cl'k in., th^ lojlowiiiK described property, to wit: All defendant s riglit, title, c.nim, and luterest in and to a brick house erected on Lot ?. in Square No. V8. on I bird street north, between E aid F streets weM iu the CiO ol WaalnngtiHi. I) C.. seized and levied upon as the proper, y of John W. Jordan, and will be sold to satisfy Judicial No. 4a, to Octol>er term. IK57. in favor of Cr.pps A Waller! W,,""r i . ?r L J. D. HOOVER, _d 19 t8 Marshal for the District of Columbia. A SMALL FARM AT PUBLIC SALE.?The uuilersigned is authorized to sei! a small Farm oouliguotis to Centreville, in Prince litnirge's coun t?, at private sale. This Tract of Land contains alwiut thirty four acres, and lies immediately on fhe public road leaning from Upper Marlboro to Wash ington City, being ten miles from the latter place and six Irom the former. r ' I here is upon the plaoe an abundance of oak and cheatnat wood, and several springs of very pure W fit cr. The improvements consist of a conveniently siz^d uwe'luig House, in good r-pa r. to.ether with the necessary out-houses, and a puinp of excellent wa ler at ttiP door. Fhe wbcie ptac^ is enclosed hw a sfr"na5^u l-'he l?e?.t ai-'.teri als. 1 his h arm, Irom the diameter of me ? >il. it s la\orable location, and nearners to the market*: c.S the District, is most eligibly suited for ffardcnuip purposes. As tb- owner has determined to remove to the U est. tins place can l?e bought very cheap Tor uasfi at pi ivate sale. v If not sold at private sale before SATURDAY. 2d (lav or January nexr.jt will on thai day be ottered at pub ic sale on the premises, to the highest bidder, between the hours of 12 and I o'clock. r or further particulars, inquire ol J. A. ROREY by,|eUe^rem"eS' * the UMtl*ra,*u?d? "> person or d !8-2awts SHELBY CLARK. !Y1 AKSH AL'S SALE.?In virtue of three writs i?a ol atta.chment on warrant No, Ka. 375.and 378, to January term 185a. issued frttn tlie Cierk's Ofiice ik-S^ frouir Court of the District of Columbiafor the County of W ashing ton, and to me directed. I shail expose to public sale, for Cash, in front of the P*u* ? ?* ashingtou, in said county, on TUES ? i ) ^i'1 291,1 ?' "*0,'m'>er, 1857, at lo o'clock a. m , the followiu* articles to wit: One Roan Horse, one \\ agon and Harness, seized aiut taken under at . rhr? ?>,?,Ptrl* of J"hn Cornell, and will be sold to satisfy attachments in favor of Lewis D Means, James F. Brown, and Stephen Prentiss d la t? rJm ti.' "??VER. Marshal a^H_ts for the District of Colem'.in By C. \\ . BOTELER, Auctioneer. Extensive sale of a choice coi. LECTION OK BARE OLI? WlMES AMD LlVfUoK* ?Y Catalooi*. _ Oil TUESDAY MoRNlNG. Dec. Jiuh. cominencing at II o'clock. I shall s-ll at in, sit es room, .d floor Iron Hall, a rare collection ol tiottled Maileua, Sherry, Port. Claret and Cliam pagne \\ laes, Brandies. Giu, AN hiskj , Sweet OU. Pickles. Olives, Ac. This consiKXinent is made by oue of the largest and most reliable bouse, hi theeuyoi New \ ork, and embraoes decdeOly the purest and iii>>*i rare assortment of really superior Wines and Liuuors lhal has ever l?een offered at suetion to the \N ash tngton public. Catalogues will be reedy for distribution in a few days. The attention of connoisseurs is particularly invited to this sale. Terms at sale. ff?? d C W. BOTKLER. Auet. MARSHAL'S SALE.?Iu virtue of a writ of hen facias issued from the Clerk's Office or the Circuit Court ol the District of Columbia for the Coanty of Washington, and to me oirected. I shall eap.^ ?? paWic sale, lor Cash, at R ilev's Wharf. 1? , , ^ ^DAi ,the 24thffay of Deecmlter. 1857, at i? C'VC^ lh? fwltowjng desenbed property, to Wit: One schooner called Wave, her Tackle and Furniture, sMsed and levied upon as I he p.opertj of Roltert \\ alter, and will lie sold to satisfy judi - cial No. 92, to Jauuary term IU58, Peter Prioe. ad ? miristrator of Nathaniel Todd, vs Roh?rt Walter, Keliehim Lambell and Thomas W. Riley. ^ i. . as ^ . . ? D- HOOVER, d 12-ts Marshal for the Dutnot of Coluasbta. Fraai tfefc A*<*rUt?4 Prfii i|frt HwriMf Mar4fr la RKknter. Rornccrik. Dec a? ?Our city **? janterday morning thrown into a sUts of |fit ncilrmrrt, by the diufwry of the mangled murdfrrd body i<fCbar|e? W Sillies. lawtr, nf ibis eitv. la HirGfniMH* river, a few rods Wow the Falls From the pgoU of blood, and Other evidences of Mri^xirs tbe mi Mr dew ? were easily traeed from tbe place of the fatal ronlirt to tbe river, whe* they altfiuiitnl to roaceal the evMwcf* of their crime by >l*kiii|{ lb* body of their victim Tbe water being shallow, tbe body dtd not toot awav from the thoM. and was fownd at about ' ? s- - ?w?t?U ? ' ?VUb ?even o'clock yesterday (Sunday) morning The oody w?* mimed atHy taken to the police off e and arrest made of bis Wile, her brother and several other of fats relative* From the evi dence It appear* tlm Kittles and bia wife did not live hspplly together, and that a separation took plnre about a year ago, but for tbe pa*t month or two they had lived together sgam On tbe ground Where were discovered blood and otbet evidences of a conflict, were found a piece of a victorlne corresponding with one worn by Mr* Sittlea. a maette matching one found her no* session, and a comb, a pair of spectacles said to t?el.<og to ber brother, lira P Stout, a young man n^ed about years. and tbe arm of a chair, said to have been taken from the off e where Sittles wa? employed Mra Slttle*' left wrl*t and ber brother'a left arm <tcre found to be br? ken, showing lhat tbev bad been engaged In some extraoidlnarv conflict The evidence so far *eem* siiongly again*! the wife or the mmdered man and brr brother. Ira Stout Tbe examination continued through all yesterday, and wa* adjourned from twelve o'clock last niyht till nine o'clock tbka morning Tbe evidence taken yesterday, occuptna all col umn* of tbe Democrat of tbl* rooming. C apture af Slaver* on the toast of Africa. No*folk, Dec -21 ? The bark Wm G Lewi*, thirty-five day* from tbe coa*t of Africa, arrived here to-day, having tieen captured a* a slave in Congo river, hf a Iwti expedition commanded bv Lieut* Walker and Cummin*, from sloop of war Dale. Tbe brig Windward, captured as a supposed slaver, i* also expected here in a few day* The Iti ith steamer Kleetor seised tbe barque Clara l< William* and American schooner about the ??ine time Many alavera are reported on the Afi Icau coakt Twelve have been captured *lnce tbe Dale arrived out. The Dole was to leave s<?on for Helena?all well Pn**cd t'ape Ilenry on tbe 18th barque* Vir ginia and F.stflle, Wilkin*, from Babia, with date* to the 17th of November. Fatal Affray in Land**. C. U . Losnow. C. W , Dec 19.?At a dance in a bou*e of Ill-fame in this city, last nlgbt, a party of ron dlea foiced Il?e|r way into the bouse, when a botcher named Harding fired several time* ln?o the crowd with a revolver, shooting Hut;he, Wilson, son of John Wilson, member of tbe P-ovincial Pa-llament for this city, and also Me**rs Sweat man, Stevens, Merrick, Coats.and two other men and a woman Wilson has since died of hi* wound* The others are supposed to l?e not dangerously wounded. Hatling has not yet been arrested t eavictlon and Sentence. Baltimore. Dec W ?Claggett. who waa con victed of minder in tbe second degree, Cor kill ing Jerome B. White, about two months ago, wa* this morning sentenced to ten years and *1* month* confinement in the penitentiary- The motion for a new trial wa* withdrawn. A Man Over the Genesee Falls. ItocHfc?TER. Dec 21.?Nathan Newbafer, a iloorkt-eper of the last Assembly, slipped oil i plank above the <}eucs.*e Falls on Saturday, and wa* carried over them. His body has not yet been found The bridge is not used Nrw York Bank Statement. New York, Dec 21?Th* weekly statement of the City Bank* show* the following totals ? Loan* increased #6*5,(M<0; sfieeie Increased 91 ? b'*? DUG; circulation decreased N9,0tll), deponites, nominal increase 111.TWO. Total, nearly - nut. The Minnesota Senators. Chicago, Dec 24.?Tbe Democratic Legisla tive caucus of Minnesota, on the 15th 1n*t , unan imoitslr nominated Henry M Rice and General Shield* for l'n:ted States Senators. Santh t arolina an Kanaaa. AcoCsta, Dec <0 ?The legislature of South Catolina has indefinitely postponed all resolu tions and reports having reference to Kansa Baltimore Markets Baltimoii, Dec 22 ?Flour Is dull; Howard street mid Ohio at ft ?7a5 IN); City Mills at *4 5u ca*b. 94 75 deliverable in January Wheat i* quiet and price* drooping , white at ? I ISalVS, and red at 91 <*)al H5 C< rn is dull and lower; new white 35atUc . and yellow at tlia 45, W hlsk y i* *teady at 22*23c. New Vark Marketa. N*w Vol*, Dec. 22?Flour is unsettled, but lower ; sale* 0.54*1 bbl* : State'$4 3ia#4 25 ; Ohio ?4 TUit ftil; Southern (4 75ar> 0f? Wheat I* upward ; sale* of fe,5<K)bushels: Mil wmnkie Club 99nl08 Com is steady: white 50 ati-2; yellow tXiafij Pork ha* declined ; Mess f 15 50a915 90; prime SI35Ua?l3 75 Beef quiet; Chicago rep'd ?Ui 30 a!2 00 Lard is steady at \\ biskey drooping at 23^c Financial. N l w \ on a Dec 22 ?Stocks are lower gener ally, Chicagoand Rock Island 73)f; Omrb*rla.,d Coal Co ?J',; Illinois Central bonds 85; l.aCro*s<? and Mllwnukle 10^. Michigan Stvutbem li?k New York Central Itfc; Reading Rail road 53)% : Missouri G's 79.K. GEO HUtiTOWN AFFAIRS Camsfondtnn of Tkt Stmt. SioteiTowN, Dec 22,1357 Notwithstanding the very inclement state of the weather la*t night, the Ball of tbe Vigilan* Fire Company, at Forrest Hall, was very large.y atU-uded. and everything was moving on bneiy until some lawless parties from \\ ater street en tervd the room, and disturbed tbe pleasure- of the occasion for a short tltne The ofih ers Inte - fered Mid soon restored order by arre*ting sorre of the paiticv aiid taking tbern to tbt> lot k up The scamps would not stay locked up. however, for some time during tbe night they broke the door of the cell in which tbev were placed, and turned themselves adrift. It is supposed they were furnished with an **e or something of the kind from the outside, with which they per formed a work of liberation We bear It stated this inorntng that one of the watchmen furnished the partie* in the watch-house with whisky while there. If such is the fact we hope that tbe Cap tain and Mayor will give hitn some other ? in ployment, instanter. During tbe disturbance at tbe lutll room officer Gross was handled pretty roughly by some of tbe disturbers, while trying to clear the room of them. At >he regular meeting of Potomac Lodge (Ma ?onic) No. 5. held last night, tbe following bro thers weie elected officer* for the ensula^ term . Jame* (ifiiler, \V. M ; Henry Wingate. S W : Joseph Libbey.jr.. J W ; Morris Adler. S , and A II Dod^e. T This is one of the oldest ma sonic lodf^- la tbe District, having been char tered in l~l I For several years past, it ba* been iu a very nourishing condition a large numtters of our veiy I.est citizens ba\e been iddcd to Its membership Trie weather yesterday and this morning un usually gl-.tomy and wet, consequently then- is no outd?or*biisine?s of iiiomeut going on in any direct iou Wc regret to learn that Mr. Wroe. has met with another difficulty in the execution of h:s work on the Custom Hou*e and Post Office build I ig Tbe contractor far tbe stone material, in violation of his contract, having cut the cornlsb of a difiVreut kind of stoue to that in the body of the building, will render it necessary, if tbe Cor nish is reyevtMt that, that the putting on of the roof be delayed until neit spring Utilre a gay company assembled at Trinity (Catholic) rhurrh la-t evening to wlti?e** the tnariiawe of a loving couple?Mr John OITutt to M L. Xdains The Rev. Mr Aikin officiated The reverend gentleman created conaiderable merriment amon^ tbe young folk* present by bis short address, delivered before tbe performance of the ? eremonv. which was in part as follows ; My dear youn^; friend*. 1 shall endeavor to make the cereaioay as short as paa*tble. as I know thut every minute is an hour to you just uow ?? The dour nu k 't is rather inactive, and late adv ic?s have lauwd a slight decline. Held this uto'iiing at ft .aaSo; small sales yeaterday at M ""7 for good standard brands Holder*. bOW eve:, do not seem aiititim to operate to any ex tent at these price*, a* lbe stock iu market is rather light. There is very little grain of any kind coining la, and pi ices ha ve also slightly de clined I T OYS: TOYS! TOYSJ.TOVS: TheU*?aat _ stoak in th? city at LAMMt'ND S. d 21 -3t 7^h ilr?t. Edwin Gt<KKN*e OA HI NET FACTORY. K. Oaerv keoaa ennstanrty on hand a iarnsA and varied aasoitinent of CABINET Fl K -ul MI'IKK, >urh *?? in Hedstesos. Bareans. Wardrobes. Ftageres. / 11 Parlor nod Dtfitnjt 1st lea. Tete a t* te ?ots?. ? Chairs, of every deeeriftion. aafcstaad*. bai Hacks. l.ookitiK (ilat>*i. And every thine etually fouuJ in an catensive Fur nitore tnaniilaeton. AH of winch he offers at the Inweat ^rioes. for cash. Caltaadsee. No. Its Pennsylvania avenu*. be tweea ffihand itth streets, hall a bioafe beyond ik? i t-Jtscutiv? tllllUlD<S. d IV a