Newspaper of Evening Star, December 23, 1857, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 23, 1857 Page 1
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the evening star IS FVBUSHUD KVtiHI AFTHRNOOIf, (HUNDAY EXCEPTED,) AT THE ITAR BULOINfll, C*rm*r ?/ ri mvtnue and tit event.A jrtraaf, By W. D. WALLACH. Piptra aarvad in packacM by camera at $4 a year, or 57 Mil per month. To nuul aabaonbara the eatv ?mpUM *rl?* t*-*>a year, in mdrantt; *2 for ? ix iMvataa; SI for tiir*? m<>utlie ; and for >??i than hum months at tha rata ?>l 14 oentaa vaak. Stasia anpiaa. on# oent; tn wr*pp?re. two oaatfl. ADVtKTi?KMSXT4 (of eight Unea to tha s*oar?> inserted three time* for $1; every other day or eetai wa#?lj.2r? pt>r oant. advance; onoa a week. 50 per oent.advanoe. THE WEEKLY STAR iva oopiee en ovptaa wenty o piea ^^^afaaan^tSia Claba ra*aa| I wiiLout tha intervention of* ? I Maavad, t? aar aeat. of Tn " ba saved. u tanntblf y??u* I Htm" tbat haa made til Fv' I lata ao ganaaaib Uroac^oat thai I i?7"9"^* ?f? Hi Iat tha ooaUter. imniadiatelj aft? Pnra-VHEF.K CKNT| | r~T Poatwuutwawhoagi^^l WASHINGTON. D. C., WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 23, 1857 MY < Rl ELTY TO >1V RELATIVES. I ha>l an sunt coming to visit me, for the first time I'inf* bit marriage, ?nd don't know what evil genius prompted the wickedness (I ac kno*ledge, with tears in my eye?, that it was su -h.) whi< h I perpetrated towards my wife and my ancient relative. ?k My dear," said I to my wife, on the day before my aunt's arrival. " you know Annt Mary is coming tomorrow; well, I forgot to mention a rather annoying circumstance with regard to her. She ? very deaf; and although ?he can hear my voice, to which she is accus tomed. in its ordinary tones, yet you will be obliged to ?peak extremely loud iu order to be heard It will bo rather inconvenieut, but I know you will do e\ervthing in your power to make her stay agreeable.'* Mrs S. enhanced her determination to make ber*e!f beard. if possible 1 then went to John Thou:as. wholoves a joke as well as say person I know of, told him to be at my house, at ft p m . ou the following even lug. and felt comparatively happy. I went to the railroad station with a carriage the next evening, and when I was on my way home with my aunt. 1 said: 31 y dear aunt, there isone rather annoying infirmity that Amelia ha?. which I forgot to iuenti<m before She's very deaf; and although she can hear my voice, to which she is accus tomed, in its ordinary tones, yet you will be obliged to speak extremely loud in order to be heard. I'm sorry for it." Aunt Mary, In the grtodnes* of her heart, pro* tented that she rather liked ."peaking loud, and to do so would give her great pleasure. Tho carriage drove up?on the ueps was my wife?at the window was John Thomas, with a face as utterly solemn as if he had buried all hi* relative.* tbat afternoon. 1 handed out my aunt?she ascended the steps. ?lam delighted to see yon. shrieked my wife; and the policeman on the other side of the started, and iny aunt fell nearly down the steps. Kiss me. my dear, howled my aunt; and the hall lamp clattered, and the windows shook as with tho fever and ague I looked at the window?John had disappeared. Human na ture could stand it no longer. I poked my head into the carriage, and went into strong convulsions. W hen I entered the parlor, mv wife was help ing Aunt Mary to uke off her bonnet and cape, and there sat John wirh his face of woe. Suddenly; " liid you have a pleasant jour ney'" went off my wife, like a pistol, and John Thomas jum|*ed to his feet. ? Kather dusty. was the response, in a war whoop , an>l so the conversation continued. The neighbors tor streets around must have heard it; when I was in tho third story of the building I heard every word plainly. In the course of the evening my 3unt took occasion to mt to me, " How loud your wife speaks ' l>on't it hurt her ?" I told her all deaf persons talked loudly; and that my wife, being used to it. was not af fected by the exertion, and that Annt Mary w is getting along very nicely with her. Presently my wife said, softly, ?? Alf, how very loudly your aunt talks!*' - Ye*," said I, ' all deaf persona do. You are getting along with her finely; she hears every word you say." And I rather think she did Llated by tiieir success at being understood, they went at it hammer and tongs, till every thing on the mantle-piece clattered again, and 1 wa-< seriously afraid of a crowd collecting in front of the house. bat the end was near My aunt, being of an investigating turn of mind, was desirous of taking out whether tue exertion of talking so loud was not injurious to my wife So, said ?hc in an unearthly hoot, for her voice was not H9 musical as it was when she was young, " Doeen t talking so lond strain your lungs * ' It is an exertiou. shrieked my wife. ?? lhen why do you do it V waa the answer ing scream. - Because?because?you can t hear if I don t. suuealed my wife "What siid iny aunt, fairly rivaling a railroad this time. I began to think it time to evaluate the premises ; and looking round and seeing J%hn g?ne I stepped into tho back parlor, and there Le lay flat on his bock, with his feet at a right angle to his body, rolling from side to side, with his fist poked into his rib?, and a most agonis ing expression of countenance, but not utter ing a soun.i I immediately aud involuntarily assumed a similar attitude, and I think thai, troin the relative positiou of our boots and heads and our atteiapts to restrain our laugh ter. apoplexy must have ensued, if a horrible groan wnich John gave vent to in his endeavor t ? repress his risibility had not betrayed oar hiding place. In rushed my wife and my aunt, who by this time comprehended the joke, and such a scold tog I men g?t I never got before aud I hope never to get again. 1 know not what the end would have been if John in bis endeavors to appear respectful at 1 -yiapathetie. had nwigiten vent to such a diabolical noise, something between a groan ai;d a bk?r*e-Iangb. that all gravity waa up?et. and We screamed m concert. DID UK ?? It 1% It" IT J There are some "geniuses of liberty," whose wonderful achievements iu creating tun lor the millten raroiy, if ever, find a chronicler. A shin ing light among thc*e is Terranee 0 something ?.r another; this name is one of those marvellous all airs, that are so complicated in their strne r**re, that you no sooner get to his termination than you f?.rget the beginning.) aud Terranee is a genuine consolidated voter. Terranee is ** ? iarp as the paste end of a Jersey regalia, aud keeps his weather side oceular in the con <iiiioii that he does the d xjr uf his shanty? slightly u,-en tor the chancer Terrance's ocun teuau.e is as brilliant a- a sunflower in a high wind His no?e lift* itisir up like a torch to illuminate his sLed roof over head, over which his hair creeps like stocks now-a-days with a " downward tendency. " Terranee. by profes sion i. an ress man?expresses brick, by hod an I ladder up grade slow, down grade empty and ?wift. Lately, however. Terranee has abandoned all association with the brick trade, aud amuses himself by acting as light porter to a well known dry goods house in Mar ket street He is also used by the firm as an ' ??casiooal ooiieetornf small jobbing debts about town, but we are grieved to say, that on his dunning excursions, he generally contrived to ??wllect more mud on bis boots than mouey in las pockets One day the " gintleman Irom Arin* was sent to collect a fill of " twenty t ?>t ' dollars from a certain Mr. k . ki resides in Kittenhonsesqnare. and ?? u?.'ted for the msguiliconoe />f the interior Itxins" of his parlors Terranee star ted forth. The rain w^s com iug down aa If the entire heavens were empty ? u* i..etn>eive/ Mreet* slushy. sloppy and half Terraueu elevate! a dilapidated green cotton umbrella, and plunged ahead?the wa *er apparently falling much more copiously through the umbrella than any where else. l kn eonee?|nencc was that when Terranee ar nr<*d at the summit of the marble step* the j" * * mansion, he and his umbrella looked, in point Mf soaking, Smmene twins terranee ga?? the hell-knob an awful pull. 1 he do??r was opened by a servant. " Is Mr. 1l in ('' " lB dining?what d ye wantsaid the servant. not verv respectfully. Ierranc. ina?fe no reply save an indistinct a.iuston to - blaggarls. but pushed b*,-k the arrant eloeed the umbrella, and walked iuto ?ie parlor, the aforesaid "green cotton drip Iia* a small N iagara over the carpet. Servant rushed lo mforin Mr K of the horrible t rk ? *!* " lK <WP*-<1 knife and ,i,l 1 '?"ho'1 I" parlor, where he beheld _ie "np?rinr:?bleTerranee walking up and down ne gorgeous premises, ex training the pictures, his hands behind him trailing the urn all over".K h"'1 4,1 ??rf? puddles the carpet K ? wal furious ^ on Irish ra.?onl what are yon about7 what are you doing in here shouted K . J?- ?. ? *ur 1 kim af,er ?*?nty-foor dollars an I in about waiting for it v fornxi(, in?ta"tly. take that in t umbrella, and dirty boot* with you 1>?d it you h.nvn t ruined my four hundred dollar carpet?take yourself on." ' I want thiui twinty-four dollars, an' be the powers of pot hooks, diwil a step will I atir till }e pay ine. d ye mind now ?" " Go out of here you scoundrel !*' bawled Jv?? furiously. yeb^^P?rtb-thim twinty four d???? ou t said k?n ! g0 ?1\ 0f th"' 111 throw -vou IjIun<r# ?? T rU'h,ng Uf> and makin8 a P "rSr *,l#7erran?e 3 ?rcas7 co?t collar. . ? yelled Terrance, throwing Sjaked hat upon the carpet, and raising tho *rs!wCOitOU l? t char?e bayonet position. wiu'i H a UP J),a??iird ye- wid her i cfjl?o dress about yer heels ' Stan' i^i ?k V S? h?WJy ?ar# of lho b,issiJ Virgin in' biste it '' rolIu dowu >our dirtJ throat ?? Histeing an umbrella in his throat was too much for k?Terranoe was forcibly ejected from the promises by fire kitchen helps and two policemen. ... Te"*ar' OB.^?? P??nient looking at the closed door?" It tver I.put my eye on that fel , ag0* won 1 1 tuak? ^>nj think he s a double bnated. busted bank coming down in a blot tin papsr parashoot?won't If" HOW CAIRO GOT HER OAO R EPL'T 4 ? TIOX. The editor of the Cairo Times and Delta who is trying to write that place np. thus ac counts for her terrible reputation : \ ears ago. when we first became a Cairoite the reputation of the place was decidedly hard grangers stopping in the place for a change of boats, considered the safety of their bag gage by no means certain, and their chances of escape without a bullet hole in their car v tUt fi%:?J to five Citizens observing the foolish trepidation of such persons woul3 carelessly gather about them; perhapsloungo on their baggage; display (accidently ofcourSs) the handle of a ten pouud olever, a ten-inch butcher knife, or the pole of a hatchet, partly loncealcd aln>ut their persons, and commence, with a perfect sang froid, a conversation, per bapi*. in the following strain : night B?b' WCre y?U at th? bal1 laj,t ir . Yf" R,caI ni.c-6 time Tomi four men killed Help bury em this morning. Put 'em all in a queens-ware crate and sink em in the Ohio, stunk some,' 441 saw the fight?most beautiful. E*.e Lar xtn drop|-ed his 'innards' the first rake he re ceived from Dad Noel's tooth-pick. He flick ered out laughing at the pretty lick. was beau tit ul. But that infernal butcher. wh?.?e wuzen you clipped, hacked and stabbed Mark s carcass so awkwardly that I took it to be his first ? sot to. Mark, poor fellow, did his best, but, of course he could"nt fight in close uuarter* with a fenec rail.'' In this style Conversation would be kept up fh ^TfTniUtie*' Wb?n the J*"'? Collecting tnat It had been ten minutes since th??y had lickerod, under prctenca of getting a drink. would disperse. The travelers, perhaps, would scarcely recover from the horror thus occa sioned, before acitizun rolling ?u empty barrel y them, would be accosted by another citi zen : p a?k' *!iat are y?u g?ing to do with that'" Coffin, Bill?boy dead '" ' Oh. get a box? be human?here a oue? the very feller." t ??,!,ure9PUMled a minute, then shouldering it, very coolly rejoins : " Too <?>t' 1 11 bui7 him <lereut. Vou that I cau just sav his i,s, offAnd with the same indifference that one would ex pect te observe where such brutality is 00m rnon the would separate, or perhaps take a drrok, the distressed father (*) with his aoa s coffin on his back ! .<uch proceedings of course, would n.ak? the very flesh of the ob serving stranger crawl with peifect horror lhey would confirm him in the belief of every hard story be had ever heard of Cairo* and of court*, find their wny into the papers as facta for everybody s perusal. In this manner Cairo has obtained much of her bad reputation tv N*v" ^,TotT0 A*0l"? witb a Lawysr. The Marshall jTexaa) Republican lavs down this maxim, adding, ' if >uu do you re lost; and "illustrating us follows : VW have in Marshall, as iQ most towns in Texas, an ordinance forbidiug arsons from hitching a horse to a shade tree within the cor porate limits, and atfixiug as pemilty for its in fringement a hne of one dollar. Our constable. 1" * very J'''^eut and persevwring in in in the discharge ot his official Juties, has enforced tins ordinance in a manner that has rendered him a terror to offender* Keceatly. a lawyer, whoae offi -e is on or near the square, and who bas a beautiful shade tree before his door rode up hastily and hitched his horse to it. The constable La^paned to be passtng by, shortly afterwards, and proceeded to unhitch him and take him ofT The owner, witnessing the act au l perhaps having an idea of what it meant' came out, and said: 44 Uelo, Mr B, what aro you after' What are tou going to do with my horse ?" . I !V.iy ? saidc?u?table. "you have vio lated the eity ordinance, and must pay a tine of one dollar '' I41*"" wj ?onl," said the lawyer, with great emphasis. 4-that a my tree ; 1 planted it my Can t help that, said B , 'the law makes no distinctions, and says nothing about own ership It embraces all thade trees in the town * Pon my word P?haw ' I planted that tree, as I told you, myself, and for the express purpose of having a place to hitch my horse. door*"' a n*Lt IO pIaDt a PO*t b*lor? ,n^ " ''f course you have. " said the constable. 44 " ell, then, sir," said the lawyer, "iust call it a post, as I planted it for one. and if the shad* is ?nv objection. I am willing to mw the lop of it off r J ( st Tliere is scarcely a vegetable which we at present employ, that can be found U> grow nat turally Kiee, rye, and barley have been al tered, the industry of maukiud. from plants not now resembling them, even in such a degree as to enuble us to recogniee their relations The colowort. a plant of scanty leaves, not weighing haa an ounce, has been converted intoeahbAgtj. and the potato was derived from a small, bitter root, wild in China and Monte Video, South America ; the tough covering of the almond in Ill j ^ "f tb? ; the sour .-loe into the delicious plum : the ausUire crab of the woods into the golden pipp n. The apple itoelf has been reproduced in endless variety, emulat ing the rare productions of warmer regions and more propitious climates ( if "The Montgomery Mail tells the following and we aro glad to learn from the same authori tative source that there was no backiot out in the matter: * 4 We have a bachelor friend that we think much of, who was horribly outraged an evening or two ago. Us was industriously plying with his attentions a youug and very handsome widow, when some one remarked that Miss Blank?a very lovely young lady, by the Way was without an attendant. I can't leave.' said Coelebs. 'I m fitpiigr,/ ' 'Oh,- exclaimed the widow with ebartniug naivete. ?! did not think we had gone as far as that !' " fT7" For more than two year* Mr. 6. |>. Pren | liie, Ibf ? ditor of the Louisville Journal, ban wriiirn Ui* edUirial* by amanuenses, bis bands p.iraly??*n to such a degree that he cannot us* Ibeiu ??xtba*c* , Yef pamte?to dkl not prevent biin from shoot ing at one of tbe editors of the l.rnilnrilli Courier with pretty sure aim ?Albany Argus. Georgetown Advertiiementi. P<fl4ToiS?;"i,SS buahela prim* white MKR C ER IOTA TukS in afore and for sale in lots io suit purchasers. -?? . PETER BERRY, n " 85 Y\ ater street, Georgetown. 'I1 A XES.?Persons paving their Taxes or or be 1 for* January lit, 1858. will save interest ami ex penses.otherwuw interest will charged dating back to the tirst Mouday in October list. d 1-ltn* 0. F. SHEKEL?.. Collector. ^UITABLE FOR PRESENTS. Johs H. Smoot, No. 119 Bridge street, George town, D. C., his received, and offeis very cheap for Cash, a good assortment of fane* and aseful arti cles, siii'able for Christmas or New Year's pres ents, viz: Fanoy and black Silks, very cheap Shawls, Scarfs, and Cloaks Hioh worked Collars and seta Hem-stitched embroidered and plain liri*n cam bric Handkerchiefs Best Paris Kid Gloves. all Nos. Rich printed Lie Lams and Merino Plaids Merino Plaids. Union, "5 and .11 o. A large lot Delaines. lb?* and 25c. v Gents Scarfs, Ties, and Cravats Gloves of ever? kind Silk, white and colored bordered linen c&mbric Handkerchiefs Children's Woolen Circulars, Hooda and Ga< ters Gents and Bovs Scarfs and Comforts Merinos and Silk Yestings, A a. With a great many other desirable ait tales that would he suitable for a present. d M tf J. H. SMOOT. FINK ALES.?We res pact fuliy announce to our friends and the public that we have at last suo oeeded in having a large quantity of A LES of vari ous kinds brewed expressly to our order, which we will guarantee to be the finest and the largest vari ety fast was ever offered in this market. All persons wishing a moe article ol Ale can have it by apply in* to u? fur either ofthe following brands, viz: Kemictt. Burton XXX Pale, India Pale, Phil adelphia and X X. We also have a fin" arcicle of Brown Htout and XX Porter always on hand. All orders by uiail, or given to our drivers, will be attended to. ARNY A S11INN, Union Bottling Depot, 57 Green street, d 17-d Georgetown, D. C. Aknvs c o n f e c t i onery, A'o. ?4 Bridt* Street, ' GlOKiHTOWS, D. C. Although determined to retire from business dur ing February next, I am always ready to attend to all orders for Parties, Ac., with that zeal and punc tuality that has hitherto l>een my oustom?all reports to the oontrary notwithstanding. As usual, at this season, I have a pretty assort ing of FRENCH CONFECTIONERY, Ac., and ain now preparing a large riyrber of Cakes, of ail kinds, for the approaching holidays. Persons there fire desiring to avail themselves of this last oppor tunity of procuring a first-rate Christmas Cake, ure requested to make early application. I still offer this establishment for ?a'e. Possession given anv time prior to the loth February, when, if not previously disposed of, 1 will sell at public auc tion, thus affording a good Confectioner an opportu nity of engaging in a lucrative business at once. d 16 dtJanS | Intelligeiioer] A. L. ARNV. O O K 8! BOOKS!! GIFTS !?GIF TS !!-G IF TS!!! B PHII,BRICK'S THIRD ANNUAL SALE now open at Ao. 476 Ptnns'jlvannn a ivk u <,'.<{ door east of ? Vailtd 'Slat'j Hotel. Our STOCK OF BOOKS consists of several thousand volumes, embracing the choicest European and American Literature, wlucn will l>e sold at the puulsher s lowest pnces.and many of them for less, and a BEAI Tlt-V I, PRESENT will be made (immediate!* alter the sale) to each purchaser of a Book for whrch we receive SI aud upwards. Our PR ESENTS consist in part of? Gold *nd Silver Watohes. Gold Lockets, Brace lets. Armlets, Chains, Cqmeo, Gold stone and Mo ft4'?. V.'!1" Drop*. Studs and Slseve Buttons, Gold Hatch Keys, CuU Pins, Pens, Pencils, Rings, Ac. worth of Presents will be given away witk each thousand Hooks sold. Catalogues of Books can be obtained at the store. I .antes and gentlemen are invited to call and ex amine our stock of Books and Presents. Sales Day and Evening. <* ?-tf J. PH11.HIRICK. Agent._ NEW PUBLICATION.?"Histoi oil and Le<a Examination of that part of the Supreme Court's decision in tha DreJ Soott case which de clares the unconstitutionality ofthe Missouri Corn fromise Aot, and the self extension of the Const t uhou to Territories, carry mg slavery along with it* Br the author of The Thirty Years' View: oc tavo; David Appletou A Co. New Yoik, 1837. rhe above work just is*u?d from the pi ran, for sale at the well kuown st *nd, corner of street and Pennsylvinuavenue. Stereotype edition. Leauti fuliv printed on clean new tyne. hue white paper and with besi black liik. Bound in blaok cloth and tilt lette.ed. Done up in a durable form lor permanent us^. Price Jfi. This wotk is what itstitle purport* to l>e, nn ex animation of' what the author deems t<> bei the po litical pa< t of the Court's opinion, avoiding any uo tice of the judical pa't. which related to the perioral claims f?f the patties on ieco-d. It is wnten in a spirit of entire devotion to the institution* of our country, and with totf.1 abstinence fi in all party views. The authors own word* are: ? f wnte for no party. but for all man who venerate the wo. ks of our anoestors,and who wish to sea our Government kept on the foundations on wriich they placed it." t p '3".l And it is believed that this pledge has been kept in the work, .'-oil which ia oonsideied, bv ccn peient judges, as tU? most original and profound of all the author's works, aud so treated as to present new views to the oldest retders, and in fact to ap rtear as a new work on a subject supposed to have ?eevl eAliilinted. JOS. SHI LLINGTON, Bookseller, Odeoii Building, corner st, '? M tf and Pa.av. /MJLPEPER FEMALE INSTiTUTE. This School, looated at Culpeper Court House. Va.. will comni .nee its hrst sessionthe first Monday in t'el.uary, I am. Terms, par session of hve months, payab'e half in advance: tioaid, (in private f:imilie<e if preferred,) in hiding fuel, lights, and washing .Siii 50 Tuition in cominou English Branches 12 V) Higher English Branches 15 urt Ancient and Modern Languages aud Mathe matics 22 50 M usic ] .*'IJ7 w Hrawing 10 00 Painting ? io no Embroidery ? ou Uev. J. W. GEORGE,/ ^ ^ WILLIAM HALL. < Pnn +^or Circulars, with oth r particulars, references, Ao., address either of the Principals as above. d7-lawtFebl WINTER ARRANGEMENTS ATC~?Au" TIER'S FRENCH RESTAURANT. I'he subacritier. in order to accommodate the pub lic. gives notice that he will furn sh meals to wecJ? ly h.v"fder? at th^ rate of *7 per week. Bl LL OF FAK E wil f?e furnished every day fur the accommodation of suoli guests, and every Labil ity will ba giventogueststo BREAK FAST.I)lNE and SU P, at snch tuuen as will suit the convenience of every patron of the Establishment. BR F AK F AST from B urttil 12 o'clock. DIN N l*R from V until C o'clock. SHIPPER from t until liio'ch ek. "co'iri C. G A UTl ER . '232 P*nn. avenue. CHANDLES, SOAP. Ac. ~ ' 15o boxes^Adamantine,Sperm,and Mould CAN 70boxes BlioWN SOAP. 25boxeeCAHTlLE SOAP, 2 casks WINTER OIL, 2a Uaiket* SM.AH OIL, 125 U>xes PEARL STARCH, 3,?Kilbs. SAL. SODA, 10 kegs SALFR ATI'S and BREAD SODA.. Just received, and fo r sale l.? d II ^teo B A ft H<11TH A SFMMF.H. Raisins, almonds, Ac. 175w^'de. ^and boxes Buuch and Layer 3 1 tales *r.ft4-shell ALMON 1)S, 5liales Hard shell ALMOND*, *"? K'LBKUT^ 5barrels ZANTE CURRANTS. Just reaeivod per schia.ner Seawilch from New y otk, and for sal* by d "-^teo BAR ROI'i: A SEMMES. J^RANDIES, W.NES AND SEtiARS. 7> miarte^uui \ casks Frenoh and Modiuin Iftoaaks Port, Madeira and Malara WINE. 3' UrTela prime OLD WHISKEY. Sfc l^rrels BR ANDY, 0|\, WHISKEY. Ac icasiip?r* PEACH BRANDY, ' SLOTM?H and IRIiill WHISKEY (in wood and glaaa.) SUM**) tin* Havana and other SEGA RS. . r.u2! from New York, aud for sale by d ?i moo Harbour* semmr?. ??AB1NKT FtRNlTUBE. ~ Bed? and Mattresses, Plated Goods, China, ?laaa ami Crockery, Japanned Goods, Britannia Ware, Block Tin Goods. Table Cutlery, B/onzed Iron Good* Looking glasses, ?V'sid and VVillow Ware, Baskets, Brushes, Ac. Forming an immense variety of Useful and Fancy A rti'Mes, unbracing almost everything required to "f. ?h?Mrl..r.rha.nb*r. dining-room and klfoh ?n# ail of which ! will aaII nl r?ry low pno^? lor oaah, or on time for approved paper BOTELER, ., . , "enoral House furnishing latora. A ' 3weod fron Hall. C^HEAP DIARIES FOR la*. n a J L. POC1KT BOOK FORM. Beat and cheapest Diaries for in poeket form, with Alnwimoa, Csieaders, and toafi Memo ran dums, at 25, 31, and 50 cents each, at W. F. BAYLY'S,

dll eolot Pa. av#.. bet. 11th and 12th ?t?. Dentistry* *o. 'J^HE IMPROVED SETS OF TEKTH. M. LOOM 13, M. D , the inventor and patentee of "Z.oomiV Mm'ral Plate Tttik," having^ya^^ auooessfully mtrodnoed his improvement ir various cities. has now permanently eiUb Usbed himself in Washington. . This improvement for Sets of Teeth oonsists chief It in making a set of hut one pieoa of matennJ, and that indestruotible mineral. No metal is used in their construction, and they are therefore free from galvanic action and metalio taate. There are uo loints to beoome filled with moisture or particle* of food, henoe they are pure and titan. They are lighter, stronger, less clumsy, far more durable, and natural in thtfir appearance. I will give a reward o One Thousand Dollars to any one who will produoe a simitar work of art to equal mine in purity, beauty, durability,artistic exoeiienoe or auy oilier requisite quality. All work responsibly warranted. 2TC Penna. avenue, between Utii and IZtfe streets ap IS-lr Dentistry, DR. STEPHEN BAILY, OniCI No. PtSSSVLVAfllA Avillll, Tnttt doort from UlA Strut. Da. BAIL V begs leave to inform thepnhliothat he can be s?-an at aii his office, looateo asaliove. He feels assured that an experienoe<>f fifteen tears' practice, with the large number of patient a. ana great variety of difficult eases that he has treated success fully. wiil enable hihi to surmount any difficulty, scientific or otherwise, relating to the Teeth. H;? own expenenoe oop firming the opinion of many met eminent in the profession, and especially Dm. Harris and J. and E. Parmly, has led him. lone since, todia oard all merounal preparations for tilling Teeth, also all Enamels, Gutta Percha, India Rublter, and Ce ments for the construction of Continuous Gum Teeth, and that Poroelian, mounted on Gold Plate, is tbe only reliable substanoe that oan t>e worn in the mouth, as was moet conclusively shown by the last Ameriaan Dent&i Convention. Although he flatters himself from his lone resi dence and praotico in Washington, he is favorably known to his numerous friends and patrons, he begs leave to refer them to the following TESTIMONIALS: From the late Reotor of the Churofi of Epiphany of this 01 ty. Dr. Stkphi* Duly : DearSir-I desire to ex press my esteem for yon personally, and my confidence it you as a superior dentist. The operations executed lor me have l>eeti highly satisfaetory. I hope that yoo may receive the patronage from my frieuds and the public that your skill so well deserves. Waahmitoo, Aug. 36,1836?"'^ \7.TiffeNCH. From one of the oldest firms :n Baltimore, Messrs. Hoggs. Cotman A Co. Having employed Dr. Stephen Baiiy, Surgeon Den tist, of Washington city, to execute for me an im portant and difficult pieoe c?f work, which lie did to my entire satisfaction, and in view of the faot that one of the most distinguished members of the Dental College of Baltimore, foiled, after repeated trials, to perform the same work satisfactorily, it gives me great pleasure to express my entire ootificfeuoe and nigh estimation of his professional ski 11. Baltimore, Jan. lit, I?57. HARM ANN BOGGS. Extract from a note received from the iate lion. Jo),? M. Clayton. IT. s. SE?iAT?, Aur. 19, IMS. The teeth roa made for me work admirably ; noth ing ooaid l>e better. Very gratefully, _JOHN M.CLAYTON. To those that seek relief from the maladies of the teeth, I oan oheerlully reooiumend Dr. S. Baiiy as a superior Dentist; he nvule a set ef poroelian teeth for one of hit familv.arul plugged several teeth for myself, and the work has all stood well for more that ten years. ROBERT T. NIXON, of the Va. Conf. of the M. E. Church South. Ami1 19.186f. vV e, tho undersigned, having bad ccoasion to aval ourselves of the profession skill of Dr. S. Baiiy, Surgeon Dentist of this city, or having been cognis ant of his operations on our famil'is or fnetUH, take pleasure in expressing ouradir ^u< n ol lns artistic skill, as well as of tbe unilor- ? sat isiaotory uinnnei iu which he performs the ir.^st deliuuta and di Jicult operations m Dental Surgery,and we respectfully re ooiiimflad him to the oounde<ioe ai.u patronage of the pubi'o. of pfiioh we outsider him eminently Worthy. TnosrVs I'. WaLTkr, Arohitoct t'. 8. Capito. Thomas Mili.kk, M. D..oI Washington, D. C. B. 8. lioiiRKit, M. D. of Georgetown, D, C. N. 8. Lincoln, M. D.t of Wasnington, D. C. Jos. H. BkAnLKv.of Washington, D. C. Gkok..k Wai.tom, Ex-Governor of Florida. WALixa Lenox, Ex Mayor of Washington. Sktiry Baldwin, U. 8. Patent Otfioe, . C. Wiser. Prinoipai Ritteuhoase Academy, febao tf Mills i LEXANDRIA AND WASHINGTON RAIL ROAD. On and after Monday, the 2'st instant, the Ttains on this Road, until lurther notice, will run regularly at the following houis: The> will leave Alexandria for Washington at 'i*i. 10. D>6 o'clock, a. m., and at l*4. ami Mi, p. in , and connect witn a line ui omnibuses at tbe Hnd?e, imining to tbe < thco of the Company on Sixth strict, in the National Hold Ruudin/, a feu dou-s from Pennsylvania avenue, and to the Balti mire Depot in time for the wis. For Alenand'ia the omnibu*es will leave the of hoe of the ? 'ornpanT at 7*?. 9\. ll>^ a. m.. and at ' V and 5o'clock, p. in., connecting with tho cars at the It idge. Light articles or bundles will b,j forwanird be tween Alexandria and Washington from theolhce in either place. Heavy freight wiil be transported over the road, if delivered at tiie Depot in Alrxai dria. or at the Lone Bridge. d Id d.'w J AMES S. FRENCH, President. A DIES' FIRS! L A Dl ES' l^UH sTT The P-llowing is a list of prices of Fl'RS oon signed me on commission from a Fur Conipnny in Now \ork, to be sold at New York wholesale priccs : >ets Kock Marten Victorines and half fapes froni ?5.iiu io ld.isi bets h reneh Sab.e half and three quarter Capes. 7.(r?to 14T0 Sets rio.. Mantillas and Cloaks 1G ?*> to 3f>.t 0 Se^s Fitch Victorines rind Half Capes to 8u.i>g Sets Stone Marten Victorines 17.00 to ii.'O Sets Mink Sable Vnotoriues and Half Cupes 30.1)0 to 25 00 Set* Mink Sahle Three fourth uuJ l'ull t'apes to 93.00 Sets Siberian Squirrel Mautillss and Cloaks % on to 6<M*? Sets iluJsou Hay Sable Half Caves t'j.uo to m.Vio Sets do do do Three-four lit. 100.1*1 Misses Siberian Square C?pes 7.3f> to 9.So Misses Imitation ErminoCapus ^Siito C.O0 Gentlemens' Fur Collars and Gloves 2.50 to 5.i0 Hudson Hn? Sable. Mink, Pitch French Sable, and other M ufls. at prio^? f om on t.? B. H. STINEMLTZ, 236 Pa. avenue, nenr 13th street, d 8 next door to Madame Dolarue. linM'.S. LIQUORS. SKGARS, AND GRO Tv CKUIKH. The subsortber raspeotfully informs his friends and patrons, and the pnblio. that a full and gen eral assortment of Old Whiskies. Hran<T:es, \Viues. and !>esars, of Riiperior at;e and quality, I oan b<> found at his Store, at the corner of 12th and B streets north. 1 All orders strictly tilled and ?ie!ivere?l. JONAS P. LEVY. dHm near the C?nal. nJ. Mi'L A L'GII LIN, No. Pa. avenue. I?e ? tween 8th and 9th streets, is ope mg this week new Goods, seleoled last week In New York, d II RYE AND BARLEY MALT, for sale at the CITY MALT HOUSE, corner of West Kails av *nne and Block at.. Baltimore. Md. mvfi-tV IT.MBRELLAS. CARD CASKS, PORTEMO J naies. Paper, Pens, Chens, Dominoes, Dolls, Engravings, at MCLAUGHLIN'S, no I** 9<i. between nth ?nd <4th ?ts. l^OR CHKISIMAS? Look in at WEAVER'S ? for Fancy Botes. Cornetts, Bon Bona. Clieircr than ever. (dlK-lw) opposite Browns'Hotel. FOR CHRISTMAS.?% 1,000 worth hand .ome, ?h"ap. large and small POUND nnd FRUIT CA K ES, for Christmas, at d 18-1 w WEAVER'S, opiiosite Browns' Hotil. FfHMt I'll K ISTM AS.?A very ^r,ndsome collec tion of French and American CONFECTION F.RV at WEAVER'S. n 1* lw opposite Browns' Hotel. IlH'KLES. PRI'.SER VKS, JEl.f.IKS, (Run I nnd I- ruiti from Wells Ic Provost's. New Vork tuA tf1?'0*'"1 WEAVER'S, ? I? Iw _ _ ? opposite Browns'. WEDDINGS. DINNERS. SUPPERS. Pecep yv tion*. and Parties of every kind furnished in h rench vtyle, by ?IH-lw WEAVER, opposite Browns'. SILVER W AITERS. BASKETS? Ac.; a'so iy rnfi-r^ and C hina \\ are, and Glass, lor al kinds of parties, for hire at 10 per cent, at lH-lw W EA V E R's, opp .site Hrowns*. THREAT ATTRACTION! J,1 . RIliHOXJ-RlBKOSS-RTBBOyS. JSR vV.UxWii'^J'lrdVfwr vt"^ phe*p for oasii, at ? ? L\ E\S New l-ancy Store, 3Sk> Peun. avenue, between 9tn and 10th streets. d 18 I IVINGSTONE'S TRAVELS and Researches A J in *..uth Africa, 1 vol., ?vo.. with Maps and En gravings; %-x J*}* FRANCK TAYLOR. Jy EEP OUT THE COLD AIR. ?ppVl\* A?i"."!5l>!f' ^"'^ Aetion DOOR ?J i . September ttth, ?857 ; deuuiediy the best Door Sprmr in use. The 11 title supplied on liberal terms ? , W. BOTELER. ., General Housefurnishing Store, Iron Hall. t^lPLOMATIC HISTORY ofthe Wavhingtrn * * and Adams Administrations by W. H.Tresoott 1 vol.; ?1 35. Just published. FRANCK TAYLOR. Vocal and Instrumental Music. j\l JitJfR V/A?'? ANOFORTK r, _ ^ LASSES are dauy addiug new mamt>ers l>r ?on. de.irous of availing them.elve. of \|r Pal* ke s .crvicea are requested to enroll their mm aa early as possible. .;r.hl> _ la*W5?.m.ww* advantagaon. forth, tduncim^i't of Children* than anj other s?fttem of instruction. ?d?nU?*o? for the perfeotuu ?f the moat brilliaut performers. D . Tumi iy Advance. ? iV"Ti!l.7.?^Lf5''er<iu?rt*r- AJvanoa Pai w r ^ j U made tn Mr. XV. H. Th.rt?Ln'?h;?H rS re.,,de"c*. 2*' F street, between I hirteenlh and Fourteenth. rrlls Georgetown meat every Monday and StettlS 1*? clock, at Miss Harrov.r's G^rge towrfT emale Seminary. ae 24 tf M? od?.*WICAL card. K. GKORih; M. ARTH. leader of Artb a oraa? iand(StringHand, beg s leave to ai.nounoe V%, to ais friend. of \\ ashmgton, Georgetown fu'rnishPin'"siv?*r*'"u n? t> DOW E,r?P*t?d to??* ?*oi?ii? ? Balla, Private Parnea Paru,e?, r?i[Tl- i\.\rotn oi,e to any of M usician. .j a' ",e *hortest notice. P Rn![,?VUrtaftJ,.,tal Muaioal Depot, of John Metaarott, or at his residence corner nth and G .treats, Navy \ ard. oc 20 .Hm* Dancing. ~ |)ANCIN(i ACADK'My,' " f Wr.T F. GASZYNSKI and DAUGHTER hare the honor to announoe to the Ladies arid Gen tiemen of V\ Ahington and Georgetown that ai he will re open hi. for Dancme in/fa ashington on Friday, the 9th of October. atLljfc Temperance Hall. E .treat, for M laaeaand MaSETs, frllm 7S v.f ?? P' m*ii,or l'!Mhe* nnd Gentlemen, from 7o clock p.m. Georgetown?on Wedneadi* the 7th of October, at Miss Harrover*. I,adies Sem' mary, from 3 o'clock p. m. r*em ?t ul *n?Part,colara application oan be made rM deno?' 407 ^ ?feet, between ?Hh and l"th atreeta. ae 12 t?m Pa a v w P'.'.X14." Nt>l?HOTK fT a. a. AVKMK, between 17th and 18th atreeta. V\ akii;noto.\, D. C. rJj?r, ??t??>l,"h,n.enl J* n*wl/ furniahed ami ar ranged on the most modern and improved principle with private apartment., Ao. ,Bar ,s ?"PP'ied with the choioeat of \> ines and Liouora, Game and ortier delicacies in season. Hot and Coid Lunch from II o'clock a. m. until u m* ti .I-tf ptRMTUKh YERY CHEAP. Theaubbc arc respect fully informed that the first second. and third floors of larae Furnifuro Warehouse, h,! .4 to lhf> utm.iii capacitv with SnQfJllSSntk!11 ?f house "? | FLRNI8H1NG GOODS?suoh aa Softs. Bureaus. Tab'es,Chaira ii<;dsteads. I .ounces, Washstands VV rit ng Desks, Bods. Mattresses Carpets, {.(Miking lilassea, Chtua, Glass.and Crockery Ware. Ae. Forming a very i&meus* and varied stock, all of wlyoh we guarantee to sell at auoh prices as cannot fail to p!ea*?. Houses furnished throughout, either for^oasn or approved paper. pur*liases ei!,,n'UM our ?toc,c h*fore you make your Kemumber the name and plaoe ar moB^TZ A POOMB9, . No. 3C.) Seventh streo*, 2d door from R- B. Htiri Dry Good. Store._ w HO WUl'LI) NOT CAVF MOMKv " , . ^ THP8K HARD TiMKS.' \\ ewnu.d most respectfully announce to ail those Tv H mV^^a i ",^r4p '"htvth,lt ,h? BRKCK i ? COA L OIL i. tne oneapest oil extant, onlv burning in the lamDs we have, at the rate of ha r cent per hour. Call and see. No. S3 C atreet, between 6th ami 7th .treet. ' ""-'f HOWELL Jk MORSELL. TMlna?I KmV,Ru J a,2y:-m?'??. TaV ? ? if ! WAl K\ havi* honor to announce that the; have ju.t received from I^ondouaattriraof r ac timile Water Color Drnwm^s by the fw-st J'.n f iish artists. Irom the origirjil pictures ?ind draw ings by the late J. W. M. R. A., in the aU^ve oolUction. the property of the nat,on. now exhibiting at MariU-rough HoU.e, I^ndon. Also, Simpson a Historical Painting of the Resto ration of the A ret 10 #hip Heso'ute l?y the People of iu a f,^ her M*ieBtT. the gue?? of En rland, at Cnwe., II, '?M, to \ 2!!\r!| A v1?."" .hy 15" publisher. .Msr?. Colua^hi Jr ( o.t l.ondon. (?n exhibition at No. X2 Pennsylvania avonne over \le.ars. Wall. Stephen. A Co?.X., ZB"' from 10 a. m. ?o4 p. ni. Admission 25 cejts. d 18-dtf pKESH GROCERIES FOR THE UOLi The subscriber offers lor uile. cheap for ca?h a hneaj.ort.uant oi fiistguality MERCHANDISE, i M?.'s Nantz Cur ants i"0 boxe !.a\er Raisina 5? do tresh Prune* ?*> kits Potomac Fainiiy Shad 3o bblg. now Mackerel &'kitts Virgn,ia Ijird 5"U.ose8 F.ntiliah Dairy Cheese '?> oatiks Scotch Ale?different brands so do London Brown Stout loodoren l *vj'. Oid.Wiecked anJ Moa n4ab?la ? W hi.key. ppanish Cigars ???do2en aborted Wmwaid lo do Scotoh Malt WfaisAey IrisO* Do. \\ itn a Karv?ra! assortment of tine Grocenes, at CaiaT rn*r M atreeta norfh, near the Country order, punctually attended to. * - JONAS P. |,|. VY, I |KY GOODS SELLING <>F F 1 . AT H EDUCED PRICES, I o OuMe out this seas<>n. e are now selling oH our lhrteM.d well assort ?1'lu?,ZLk ,or <jooda and General . f"pie Hoods, at much less tn.n lonoer clone fhein out this season. ' We rrnnie a few great bargain*: Superior plain I ifilch Meanos at <i?.% aud <5 cents p<*r yard; ver? hand,.,,?e Plaid Merino, at 25. 3-. m,,|V per ,ard all liiiicv dre*s >ilk? ai d Snk KoU-a-?o..-e at leei I hail cost; very , ,0h hSuretl all wool De I.amsand Valentias; a ta'fo lot of Shawls and Scarf., very elieap; Ladie. It ack and grcv Clolh Closks, very haiid?oine anil at muf.h less than I. ruier prions AIho. JU.I received from Auction, a large a> .1 e'e ?vDiLtB",r"? "f r,cl? Embr."de, tes- ?,> Slo-ve*. Collars, and Set*; mu.Jin ai>d cambric Flounemgs r'rTn?nM )H&rl ?tr,"-fV/ whl<jh *?-e very de-' ?*raMe. Kj;d m nliout bt?lf pf ice. fi7* invite the ppeoial attention of* all Ca*h SotrVtfcerat',ed!,e#U>Vtt Rrt,C,e'- W,t" ~ ja COLLKY A SEARS. 7th street, ill, d2w *d.'or* <1 Pj.ave. J l'ST UECE1V ED. 10 dozen odim htirinut uvtlly sealed Peacbee, " do. Tflmatoes, iA ll do. Pea., i . . ? "?* Corn. T ?jo. extraol I.emon, 4 do Jo. Vaui'la, 4 do, do. Ri?fle, 4 do. do. I'eaclie*. A"'? 3 do. John Mull J-ance. lo de. Woice.t.r.hire <ance. 10 do. EnHisii Cvuiitlowei. 10 d??. do.. White Onion, 1 case Prune., in fancy boxes, 1 do. Figa do., 2 barrels Sp'it Peas. Also on I.a ul.a mrg? assortmen) of ftna Family (> rooorii;., \\ ineand Liuuors. whioh we w arrant iu please. THOM P<i) Y, H A MI LTON Z ctf 10 d la;dlw No. it>3 Pa. av.. bat. 4K and 8th sts. OK. R. FINLEY HUNT. D K XT IS T .v .. Peii!i.>lvaiua avenue. ') \V||| perfo 111 a l operations u^longin* to hi. V4\%*UtU Ul hU "iJ a. aUive. m'PF.RlOK MEDICATED "<51N.-Ju?r re ^ oeived, aj-oa^es ?f the celebrated I om'on Cor dial Gin and Invigorating Cordial, and for snl? I y No. V?4 12th street, corner'of R & treet north.Viro ceru sHiid Liquor Store. d i<t tf (jJOODS FOR THE HOLIDAYS. Now on hand at RICHEY'S. 402 Sevenfl, utreet a .eject assortment or LADIES* TRIMMIVO?5' FANCY tJOODS. TOILET ARTICLKS ke' .uifab.e for preaents. ' AUo, an extensive variety of TOYS FOR THE CHII dukv All of which will Ui 10U low f?.r oahh. . RICHLY. 4SC 7th at. IIAll?i vm2IHl SAJL' and bandoline ?? ?n 1 ? SUES, at 0lUH?*' Hair Store, near 13th Urds" * hl?^- Koom. under W,h I jVimi&' Ll CKJ Rnd ,l" "orts u< COMBS, a *J. Hair Store, neir Ufth at., and at hi. ^ales Hitom. under Willards'hotel. n 4 Sm (^ARD PL ATE~ENGKAVl SG, AN D PRLN'T rilW0- ?NVfTAtf(?l5f AND BUSINESS CAB D.S engraved in every .tyle. CA H D PLATES printed m the be.t manner and wif h diNpatch. \ AND INVITATION CAR DS. plain and eaaiiMlled .urlaoe, furmsned at th? lowest Pfioe.. . V. V. BAYLY. d 4.tf_ ,nd ?? CV CUP/W ANDCAlt UBJIA. and ?>"P?rteJ from Pans for weddiuxs d H fw WF?* YEW'S,* 100 5-KADY MADK DON between_gthjinil 10th streets. d 18 ?1L' *? G?',25i~8 Wttchet, Jewclr^&c. ?d Silver A WATCUt*.JEWTIJVf^ANl? riScnr J h*T*.on k"1** "OKI* "f the beet Gold tad WATCHES. ho* Gold JKxVKLKWTn fffV2n?*ta pieces. FANCY AR*ri vLr?9? A O. Call and examine, at J. lOBINSON'c, oc 30 twi y Pa. av., oppo. Hot*:. IVtVV JKWELRY. WATCHKS. SILVER. J. ... " AKK, Ac. M W. GALT t HRO op* a tin mornmi a try ?f* the above i .anted coqds. ??,.rB"*? ?n tearoh of anv thirur new and elecant in their Hue will do well to caU. _ M/W. GALT A RIO., P" ?f.. between*th and loth sts. W- A CARD. J.L iitt" method of ihLrmmr oar patroos and the puluio in ceaeral, tha', tn consequence of the financial ori>i?,?p have determined to sell all oar ?*m,d? at a treat reduction. We have marked down all ?>ur annas? each artiole hem* marked ir< plain tn urea at our lowest ae?h priori*?in order to effect a speedy aaie. aad make n an otyect for persons wfco ate in toe habit <*t purchasing tor cash, la oti aitd examine our g<?ods and prioea before parobaciuc elaewhere. Our in.raro aaaortment em? raoee? r ine Lon<ton and Geneva Watchea. for Ladles aud Geotlefnen; warranted time keepers. Kioh Jewelry, aueh aa Diamonds. Pearls, Corals, Cameos. Moaa os. etc., etc. "rGobtV,T.Curp#aF<^?. P'icher.. And a lar*e assortment of Faacy Silverware, stiita Me for wedJinr end holiday presents. Beat Hi'ver-elated Ware. Spoo. a. Porks, Cotfee and Tea Sets, Haaketa and Castor*. etc., etc.. oheaper than ever t.tfered hetore in thia tnarkat. .k ' r ., . housekeepers who wish to rafkfmh their rabie W are are invited to lit* at the Goods. All the foods aie warranted aa represented ar . H. SKMKEN, C1 LOCKSJ?t'l.Ol KB!*?CI.QCK8!" CLOCKS!?C LOCK S'!?jfi LOCK 81 ? C&.K2 "Vomk'w)!'!."'Kv'ri vvAi^' BMch 11 Balis,Ejj* V!i Cill?f Hand*, A o. tj] Clocks to the trade at wbolasals prioas. Cail^HSi Mid examine, at ' ? "'f wp?. Optician. D. \VOOLtSOS'. who r T~t ? , haa arrived from F.ur<>p? with his own. aa well aa th?? man u fact are of a rood mac* EV^* r I 'a CTa^LKS sad E\ ]"?-'>LASShS ; among wliich are the PERISCOPIC CONCAVE aad CONVEX Tk? DOrHf.K FOCI S an! DOI BLKPOIR^Kn HRA'/IMA N PFBBLES. CR WtaT rhtch are warranted to improve ar-v FVF wlfrrt mA *^knffi, cataract or tendinc to it ? alao SHORT sir,HTKUNK8S. ^ ? Pers^iia who are c-?mpajied to naor .asses orthoaa now usiiis them, will be suited at first sicht. Those Wonderful Clearness and easiueas of vision heretofore un knows in any other improvem?-nts. F^i\o%^ASK^?>&?A'8PV* ^ MAGNI 5J ING GLASKr.f*, Compasses, and Microsaopea we for sale at h is store, ooper of Fifhtti airset and ^:ln2,l^fTe5H2:or m\u tween T) street and Pa. avenue. If* ncl ?"'<??*? tke former Vk Ur'tt. free, verr rr*a?oaaUe, the same as at ffs estab lishmsut in Knroce. aT-tf ^?LOTHING OF FINt QUALITIKS. ~~ aslortasitof- a,t#ntlotl of Gsntlsmen to oar taris OVERCOATS, BISINKS8 CuSn." AND *ROC* C?4T9 ! sir.* ,vo vk7Wtav^"Aon ,ants ;va I.I., ?t*:ph i.vJii-o"; ??? flniw AlJltl'"' '?"? *,fW* DAGGAOK EX PRE #T~OF FICh J?1 V WIKT, Adjotmtmt Tkt Sft'i tr,*ttn, OJict. The subscntier, Racgase Aserit frir o?? ^th'? "ia1 XV"**/,n*'on B^nch Railroad, baa oper>vi an office, at the abovs place, for the anoom modation of the publio. where orders oan tie toft lor the use of \\ a^ona to oonv?r Bacaace or Packaxe* to and from Railroad Uopot. ^teamt^a^. *7!^? an/ Point ,n 'his Citjr or Georcetowa ()?oe open from 7 o clock a. m. to to o'oiock p "m ^r.erpt Suada,, 7 to 10 o'oiock a. mTtoSJt' H- MeCLTNToCK, Aceit Baltimore and Ohfo Ranrtxd d^J; B ?PersonK comioK to Wasfuu^oa or coinc to Baluinore.not havins made up their miada where tbey will .top, by |iv,?, up their check" to mm agents on the cars, will! have t>.ctr ha#ta*c taken gtre of at tlaa ofto4. or at Baltiiiiora ofloa. No. II ?l?arp street, and no extra oha^ae. d 10 \VM-F BAYI.Y, ????. V a % ,r.\Vboir""l?'"?<1 Retail Dealer in FA.\C\ and staple stationery, __ ^o. fn Pa. av?mue, uners to the publie. at reduced srioes a full oomplete assort meet of- priow. a iu.i aM Writing and l.etter Panera. Kri? ish and American Note Papers TvW and Board Writ ft* Garde \\ ?ddiii| and Business Knv^lopea Extra Knives .Set nscra, and Rators. Fancy and Plain Playine Cardn. hessaaml Workhoxea Back gam mot, Boards. Cheas Men, Checkers. Games. ?'" Gold Pens, fencils. Card Casee, ftc . Ao tf |lm>l.>o6t| ^top that rattling. ~ ll.r>S5.K,ws put on at a small expense. Call anil examine si mv Pactorr vhAra i kat.A fU'm thVN^KU-V.^VB ,h# - " l-'" . ?WM Utti sr 1 F'ets. T3 <?? J" Medioine.of Spemiatorrhwi or Looai xy?akijdss, Nocturital EntUMiooa, Genital, and Narv. us Oel i ity, Pre-. mature Decay of i.,e S> btei.i, iu.p., ttney. and 1 mpcdii..vr.ts to Ma'-Jtse Kftneiaily, by II. j)E LANKY. M. O. The important faot that the many alarmms oom ^ '^P'?dei ee and ^5.1 ,^3. 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