Newspaper of Evening Star, December 23, 1857, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 23, 1857 Page 4
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WHAT IS DEATH? Vpunase in Longfellow's Golden Legend *' 'Tie the retM'ion of our brifttli. 5*iient and motionless we lie: fnd ix> one knoweth more than Ibis. ?aw our little Gertrude die; She left off breathing, end no more I amooth'd the pillow beneath her h<*d. ?*ne vai more beaetiful then ever before. Like violets laded wore her eyes; By this we knew that she was deed. Through the opened window look'd tho skies Into the chamber where she lay. And ttto wind was like the sound of wm*s. As if the angels cam# to bear her away. Ah' when I saw and felt these things, I found it difficult to sta) : I toaged to die as she had died. And so forth with her. side by side. Tee Se.nts are d?ed, the Marly rs dead. And Mar* and our l?ord; and I Would follow in humility The way by them illumined. The St Lawrence river ie still open, ar d boats are moving briskly. |?7" A new paper is ?t>out beinjf st?rted in Al bany railed the State Military Tribune. JH" At a late meetin? of the istockhol Jers of the New York Central Railroad. it wa< rwiolved tbat all fiee tickets ?bouid be abolished ^ a seizure was made in New Orleans, on the atb instant, of 1J4 loaves of bread, for being short weight. \f~7~ It costs the New York Central Railroad Company one million three hundred and flfty tbousand dollars a year for wood. The deepest *haft in California is 21 * fe*?t In depth, and the ro< k taken out pays i'Juu per ton \rj~ The Brunswick. Me.. Tele^-aph says that November 25th was the coldest day of November in that vicinity for the past fifly-two years All the pork bog? at Petersburg. Va , *r?5 In number were purchased by one individual last week, at ?a 50 per cwt. 1177" There is at present a heavier amount of Itfiiuage at Mobile. Ala , than was ever befoie collected there. # \rr In some parts of Central Africa, ivory is so abundant tuat Dr. Livingston ?w seventy ele pbsrtts' tusks around one chief's grave. |?J- Mr. Am.isa Rice. of Plttsfleld, Mas*., has had seventy sheep and lambs stolen from his mountain pastille this season. A man named Howard Wilcot shot him self at a bouse of ill-fame, in Augusta, Ga , on Wednesday night last. |There are now over on* hundred female practitioners, regularly educated physicians, In the United States. Scmk*k? t*dt PoKTHr ?The Schenectady Star Mfi that "the ire is thick over Erie's bosom and h?r waters throb no mora." (?7" Jubilee College. Illinois, the especial care of the venerated Bishop Chase, was destroyed by tlrr on Friday last |iy An old reprobate, uame<l Deusmore, of Phelps, Ontario county, is In jail on a charge of committing an outrage upon his own daughter, only K. years of age. |0" The Camden and Am>-oy Railroad Com pauy now run their freight cars through to Phil adelphia. instead of unloading and reloading on board of the ferry boats at Camden, as done here tofore. ARR1VA A T PRIXCirA L HOTELS BROWNS' HOTEL?H M Jones. Md ; Jos Goodwin. NY; W W Humphries, N'C, A Haruy do; W 11 Goodloe. do; A B Washington, do ; D S Goodloe. jr. do ; W K Pendleton, Va , Miss F C Frozer. do; Mi>? 1. A Frozer, do; Miss N G Turner, do , W T Muore. Ky ; II H Haley, Mo j R F Turner, Va ; K t* Anderson, do; B (iavs, O; H C Moore, do, S G Kerr, Md ; Capt I. B? ney, Mo; I, F Terrv, Md; Hon J S Carlisle, Va; W T Jinkins. do; W II Hardgrove. do; R Coin stock, NY; C Van Dine and lady, LI; W Halls dv, NY; J Chandler, Va; Jas Brady, Md; W M Harwell. Va; J J Lewis, Va; J Stephenson. Va; Lt Col Simpson, Can. Mrs Siupson. do; W Rus sell and lady, Md; A M Harrison, CS : K Smith, MT; W S f.aird, do; Wm Cogne. Md ; K Web ber, NH; G T Wentworth, ; d B Chapman acd lady. NY; D C Lock wood, 111 Miss L L Lockwood. do, K B Sfrous, Pa; aignor Tiberini H G Thunder; C A Stuart and lady. Va; R W Hyman. Md; J Kennedy, O; A W \\ eein?, Md. R P Trippe. Ga ; J H Com-dock, La; J Bishop Hall, NY; W Hastranghe. NJ; L H Holt, Ky; J Bigler. NY; L M Ferris do; I. M Ferris. Jr; do; J Parsons, do; T L Hunter, Va; G W Hobson, do; Mrs Dr Dean, do. J P Marot, Ky. KIRKWOOD HOUSE ?J W B Hutchins, Md; T Irvln, do; J R Annon, d.?; R M Jordan. Va; p W Strader, O; W I, O'Brien, do, L M Cole. Md; L G Perry, do; L Barney, Mo; R S Hone, NY; * Mnfiiine. Pa; W E Jone*. Va: L War fleld. Md; W D Jenkins. Pa; C Needles, do; A fc^rghaus. NY; Com Voorhees. USN; J Rob bins. Mass; S 0 Nash, do; R H Toy. Md; K C Davidson. Ohio; C G Alexander, Va; G E Guss nuss. do* J Parnay. Europe- S Brentwood. Mum, J C Downing. NY; Dr S J Boarrmtn, Md; Mis* Barbour, Va; E BurUmr, do; II J Raphael, Cal. WILLARDS" HOTEL?PA Egerton and son. Md; U Sander?on. N Yk; Di Pierce, Mass. J W Jenkins. Ua>?; F H North, Dr 11 Isbaiu, NH; A Dodge, Me; N B Webster and lady, N York. M S Chambers aud lady, do; A S Percy, Md; F Hay, NY; *C Bea>i. do, J F Jay, Mich, Ueuj'u Bars row. Mass; D DuBarry. Pa; E Tushemsn, Mass; E G Beckwith and fain. R A fide*. Kansas, F. C Davidson, Ohio; W l.elaud and lad\. NY; W R Hill, Va: J no A Baker, A D Russell, D R Stan ford. O Cola. Geo Lwary, NY; Maj T J Sherlock, F Linck, Ohio; Dr J Rndensteen, L'SN. U. S HOTEL, fL. O. Smith s.)?Ed Clark, Penn. XV H Noland, Tern; I. E Auderson, V*; R Moore, J 1. Sbel:m?, A B Venables. J Laslie, S I.a?lip, T M Washington, J Murray, H Shack elford, W J Gie**n and G Gibson, Va; A I. Black. Ill, A M Holtz and lady, Md; W ?* Walter. O; J 9 and B L Hipdon. Md, D F Slaughter, Va; G W Plummer. Ind'a: E C Guy, N S Cooke, G R ? O: <? Hunt, Ohio. OCEA X S TEA ME US' XA ILIlSU DA it Fuom thi Usitu Statbs. Stmmtrt. Ltav*. For. Dn^t. New York New York...Glasgow....Dec 16 America Boston Liverpool... Dec 10 lsdinburg New York...Glasgow....Dec 3U Film Eukopb Persia Ltearpoot... New York... Dec 1*2 Antgo rtoatham'a..New York...Dei- 10 City Baltimore. Llverpool...Nww York...Dec 16 The California mail steameai leave New York M the Vh and -a*b of epeh month 1 Mclaughlin's moLaughli.vs , Fancy Fancy St>?re. Store. d 21 HKOOMS. BUCKETS. Ac. I So dozen BROO.Ni S. ail si7en 11?dozen2and Shoop 111 I KI.TS 17 d'-zen Brass bound BUCKETS and cnOLKRs 28>(?>?( Ht-urid wo<vland other MATCHES XSnales PATENT TWINE l5miM LAMP WICK V> r>es?? BASK KTt*. all kinds 'J' riesfs t KD \ R TUBS. Jutt received per schooner J?ea Witch from New Vork. and for sale by _diKe.?t BARBOUR & SEMME9. h:as. eoFFtK. *t. He* enests lmp?rial. tiunp?>wder, Younr Hyson and lilaok TEAS. :?i> Whitear.d Green COFFEE, A? pockets Java COFFEE. :in t*cs LAGl'YR A COFFKK, jn boxes frus^ liMOl ND COFFEE. audoxss VEAHf POWDFR. " 4 > U ie? SO A P POWDER. I ust roc?iv?d per sdiooners Seawitch snd 9p*ncer from New York, and for sale by d II tioo BARHOUR it SKMMFS. IONDON JUVEVII.E BOOKS. t H&ns A ndersoo's Tales aud Fairy Slor>ee, I.uu.s's School Days, 'aiiford ai<d Msn?b, Kvet.c^s at H..?n Fjinar Clifroo, or Kithtand Wron*. Fsp?raiiz?, or the lloma of the Wanderers, (irimm's Horne rlor:N, The ( aatawsTS. or Adventures in Afnoa, ford, a Story for W.eYouug. P.very Boy's Book. Fairy Ta es of ths Conntees D'Aulnoy, Arainan N'uhts. Robinson Crusoe. Just received L?y J 1? FRANCK TAYLOR l H w ~ ? T CARRIAGES HE Subscriber navnif made additions to iiia Factory. makm; it nowoneof the ,ar*est/ in the District, where his facilities f manufaeturinc a I kinds of CAI RlAiiESand LIGIll WAGONS cannot be sur l?M?ed.aad from his lo?g experience in the busi ness. be hopee to give general sa!mDcti<in. All kinds of Carriages and Li^nt Wagons kept on hand. Ali R EPA I RS neatiy done,and a! 1 orders prompt ly attended to. ?v?oood hand Carnages taken ir. evehance for tew ooee ANDREW J. JOYCE, d ln rf eomerof 14thaad Rata. C'HINFSK SI GAR CANE SV R1 P.- An arti / elc much improved .n the m&nuiacturefrom that first made, is just recei\ ed trom Reeves'Mill, and forseieby J. B. WILSON,Grocer. No. V7 PennsyIvaria avenue. The pnhbe are requested not to take the various Sy rups in th# market, as ssecMnena ?.f this now of fered ; or even that first made, which we are now selling at half price. J. B. WILSON. And. also, a full assortment of oiioiee Groceries ft>r sale by d 15-Jw JESSE B. WILSON'. FINE EDITIONS, in Cne bindings, of liyron Camshell. Pope, Burns, M llon, Sliakspeare Bryant. HsMeck. Longfellow. Tenmson, <'??wper Thomson, \ ounv. Akenside, |{?>gers. Gay,Hemans Hood, Mielley. Soutlie> .Gray, Wordsworth. Keats Moore. Scoit, Howitt. Spenser. Dryden. Goldsmith and inany other Poets, may Is found at tin Book store of the undersign*d, iiu-stly impoitod by him se'f direct from Ixmdon. some ?.f them with ImmuIi ful illustratioas. d 21 FRANCK TAYLOR. ORIENTAL NAIL POLISH. < a t>eautiful lustre to the finger nails, at GIBBS'S Hair Store, near 19th street, Ps sve. n 10 ^rn Pianoa, &c. - .... A BARGAIN IN A PIANO?One of Hallet, !*avia A Co.'s beat PI A N Of*, rose case, aeven "oUv??, iron fnimd. a<?id by u?Rv? f?r |35<i hut a abort time ago, is now foi'li 11 ? aale at oar ator? for #2.yi oaah.or a note at short date bearing interest, with *ood endoraer, theowoer twin* compelled from private circumstances to foree aaid Pi(ino off. 1 am prepared to warrant and guar antee aaid Piano aa firmly aod at rone It am any P?auo I erar sold. Ttus la a bargain in reality. Alao, a Large a tuck of new Piauoe. Pianoa fur reut by eveoiug. month. quarter, or year. JOHN F. EI. LI A. ** Penn. arena a. n27 tf uaar lotto atreet. fcMVt MORE OF KAVEN. BACON * CO.'S r superior Pf irerooms ol W. G. MKTZEROTT. auperior PlANOS.just arrived at thiwwsgi Warervomi ol mprfj W. G. MKTZEROTT. i? ? *?1 Second hand Pianoa for aale oheap. n 28-tf UUNNS A CLAKKK'S ^y<< juj HAI.LETT. DAVjs Jc Of >.'{<? ? ?*! ' CKLKBRATED PIaNO tVRTES, Conatantly receiving and for aale only l>y JOHN F. ELLIS, am Pa. av., between 9tb and 10th ata. Purohaaara will find it to theiMiitereet to examine for themselves the auperior qualities of the anove Pianoa. Stools, Covers. Melodsons, Ac., A*., aiao on hand. n 16-tr ^JOLD MEDAL PREMIUM PIANO FORTES. WILL1AM~KNABK, (Senior partner in tne late brm of Knari. Gakhli A Co., Continues the mann tact n re and aale of grand and sauare PIANO FOR TEA, under frtie imitip? of William Knabe A Co., at the old aland.ffeSwEl Noa. 1, 3, j and 7 North Kutaw atreet op- "II1" I pofcite the Eutaw Houae. Baltimore. Thsy have also just opened a new Sales Room at No '-2U7 Baltimore atreet, between Charlea and Light atreeta, on the premise? partly ocuupied by Mr Henry MoCaiTery aa a inuaio atore, where they will keep conatantly on hand a large aaeortinent of plain and highly-finished grand and square Piano Fortes* alao. Melodeona, from the U?st makera, Ircm ? to 5 ootave, aoine with double key-boerds, double reeds, and atopa to auit small churches. Being extensively engaged in the manufacture cf Pianoa, we will sell wholesale a:_a retail, on the moat liberal terms. Our Pianos were awarded the highest premium (gold medal'atth* Fairs ol the Maryland Institute two successive yeara?Ootober, liiS, and Hiift?in op position to fourteen and ei|bteen pianos from soma of the best makers from .New York, Boston and Bal timore. We were also awarded the brat premium at the Industrial Exhibition held in Richmond, Vir ginia, Irtdo and I&Vi. Tiiey have alao been awarded the higheat premium (silver medal* at the Metro politan Mechamoa' Fair for 1W7. In addition to thia we are in possession of teatuno niaia from the moat distinguished profeaaors and amateurs in the onuntry, which can be seen at our warerooma, speaking for themselves and otheraol the high appreciation in whioh our instruments arc ever* where held. All uiatrumenta are gnaronteed for five yeara, and a privilege of exchange la granted within the ft rat six months from the day of safe if the instruments do not ive entire satisfaction. Wholesale deal ere will find it to their advantage to five aa a eall before purohasing. Pianoa exobanged, hired, a^d tuned. mar 18-lx WM. KNABK A CO. 'rilK MUSIC DEPOT OF W. G. MKTZK 1 ROTT, oorner of Elovnth str???*t and^ Pennsylvania avenue. la the btrgest and* only complete Musical Es aMishment in' the Diatriot of Columbia. Bacon, Raven A Co *a nr.d RoawnkmiiJie's cele brated PI A NOS are al on hand in zreit rarie ty f also. Prince's auperior MEI.ODKOji? Together w.fh an immense stock of Musical In atrnmenta and Sbe#t Muaio of everr d?acrtpf inr.. Pianoforte tuning executed br Mr. Rebme. d o-tf Inmranoe, Ac. G OLD AND SILVER PURCHASED ATTHE BEST RATES. FOREIGN BILLS of EXCHANGE SOLD, ON THE PRINCIPAL POINTS IN EU ROPE, IN SUMS TO SUIT. GOLD CURRKNCyTaND VIRGINIA MO NEY ACCOUNTS, WILL R P. OPENED FOR DEPOSITORS, PAYABLE l.XSAMS FUNDS, OR IN GOLD, C HA KG ING THE CURRENT RATES.-C HECKS MUST BE MARKED ACCORDINGLY. SIGHT DRAFTS ON ALL THE PR INC I PAL CITIES OF THE UNION, SOLD IN SUMS TO SUIT. BONDS AND STOCKS SOLD ON COM MISSION. UNCURRENT MONEY BOUGHT AND SOLD. LAND WAR RANTS Tu RC RASED AT THE HIGHEST RATES. SWEENY, RITTBN HOUSE, FA NT A CO., d 4-Sm _ Banker*. pEN PER CENT. INVESTMENT. Corporation Bonds of the City of Davenport, Iowa, pa* ing 10 per cent, interest by Coupon in \ew York. Henus of #**? eaoh. The growing mty ol Davenporthaa now about 4>,<X? inhabitants, an I i? rapiJly increasing in wtxtith and population. Its municipal debt la only t idtf.uou, and ita railroad d< l>t only and o?ino?t now t>e increased. The atanatica of the cit* wore published in the Intelli k'encer of the Sl'tn Meptoniker. We reoommend tlieae l<onda, believing them to be aa aale as ai>y Stateor oily Umda. ouii CHUBB BROTHERS W ASH1NGTON INSURANCE COMPANY. CHARTERED BY CONG RFSS Ctmtl #?*>,0i)0 !!? This Company is now prepared to reoeive applioa tiona for INSURANCE t?N BUILDINGS. MER CHANDISE, Ac., at the usual Citv ratea, withont ar.y ohane for Po.ioy, at their Otfice, corner ol T?uth Street and Pennsylvania Avenne, over the Washington i*ity Savmta Bank. DlBRCroRS. Wm. F. Hayly, Samuel Hacoo, Joseph Bryan, Jamea F. llaliday. Win. Orme, Hudson Tajior, Franeia Mohua, M. W. Gait. Benj. Bea'l. J A M ES C. M cG LIRE, President. 611fton D. Han-hin. Socre'ari. ap Il ly B ANKING HOUSE OF CHUBB BROTHERS. DxroaiT*. ? Deposits received and Checks paid without charge. Drafts on the northern seaboard oilies received on Deposit at par, and Exchau*o on said Cities lurriifched to depositors without charxe. I.NTKHksT o? DrroaiTa.?Interest will be allowed on Deposits at hucIi lateaaa inaj l>e agreed upon. Dkho#it9 lis Virginia ajd L^rcRKKjcT Monkt. D< poaits in Virginia and other C'nciirrent .Money re oeived to lie ohecked for, pa) able in same funds, or in specie, we charging the regular Exchange. Discount*.?Notes, Drafts.and H.lis of Exchange will lie discounted, and Loans madeon Slocks, Bonna, and Securities, at tbe market rate. LtTTi!.a% or Cmki>it-? Letters of Cre<lit will be hmsheo, negotiati'e in the different Cities of tl.e United States, on Dr-posit of Money or Collaterals, and interest allowed if Money is deposited, and charged if Couaterala, on auoh terms as may be agreed upon. TaavxLiNfl Bills or Exchansk.?Travelers wi'l be furnished with drills in such sums as may b? de sired negotiable in the dilferent of the Union. Bills and Lkttkk* orCuKDiTo* ENof.ANU.lHK land ani> Ecaor k.?Billa of Exnhargeand Lettera of Credit on England, Ireland and Europe, furmahed at the market rate for Exchange, in sums to amt. Bond*, STOcxa, Ac.?Bonds, Stocks, and Securi ties paying from 6 to 12 pr. cent., always for sale, or Itouxnt iu the did'erent Cities at a commission of a ^ pr. oent. Where Stooks are liouxht upon orders, we reserve the right to oall for a depoeitof in pr. cent on the oost. Bonds or Stocks will be ordered by tele (rash. Railioac, C:tt. AND Statx Bonds.?Railroad, City, arid State Bonds can be plaoed in our hands for necotiation, either in this oountry or Europe. Rail road Iron purcnased for cash or with Bonds. Land WAaaANTs.?I<aiid Warrants 1-outrit at the market rates. All Warrants jold by us are tu ira? Utd in every respect. Land Warrants l??oatsd on oommission. Land Warrant ?uoUtious regutarly furnished if re located. * Warrants will be forwarded to Western Homes on orders, or sent for sale on oomiiuseion to respo .siMe parties. Rial Ektatb and Insvbancrs.? Real Es'ate bought and sold, and Insurances efTected. Claims on Unitku Stati*. Copbt or, Co no s iss.?Claims on the United States, heforethe Court of Claims or Cisifrtsa, i?truste<l to us, will b* ?roseouted by prompt ?n>1 atile^tiorxeys. CHLBlf BROTHERS, Jan Tf Opposite the Tree.sury, |JA N K I N G HOI! HE " CHUBB BROTHERS. l?epn*itors denoaitiiif Bank Notea will pieaae mark their t'tierss payable in currency. Oepoaitea of <;..ld will lx> paid in built. Accounts will l*? op?,je?l with depositors allowing them to deposit Gold and I'het'k (or currency, the depositor licing credited wi'h the difference, ?? M tf CHI'BB BROTHERS. NTERt-.ST ALLOWED ON DEPOSITES. MONEY to LOAN on STOCK SECURITIES CHUBB BROTHERS, BANKERS, ?an Tl?tl Oppotilt the Trtatury, 1 TV [No. SKI.| In OTIC E OF THE REMOVAL OF THE LAND OFFD E FROM MIN N KA Pl>|.|s TO FOR KPT CITY, IN THE TERRITORY OF MINNESOTA. In accordant with the provisions of t? e act of Coiixreas, entitled ' An act authorizing ehanxes in th? lo<mtion of lain! offtoes." approved .March 3, IKflrj, it is hereby declared end made known that the office for the sale of the public lands at Minkapolis in the Territory of Miuneaota, will be removed U> FoKekt City, in aaid 1?rritory, at as tarly a ttriad as fra'licallt. Further notice aa to the preciae tune of removal will beisaued by the registei and receiver for the land district. iiivcn under my hard, at the oily of Washington, this stii day <-f D?'cemt>er, A. D. is.*7. I'y order of the Preantenl: Til OS A. HENDRICKS. Commissioner of the General I And Office. d in lawfiw Beautiful woolen goods, socks, Mits. Comforts, Ac., Ac., at ?M i MoLAl'i; II LI VS. FMSHIONABLK perk| MERIES, from the beet houses, at GlBBS'S, near the oorner of 13th atree^, 1'a. ave. n 10 3in Travelers' Directory. ]VKW YORK AND LIVERPOOL STA *AIL STE* XFRB 56g?BL Tk* 8*if<?tt?f,iw"r lkit ?he L^icf10 ~~ rwpti 01'Ter i?: 3?kTx%c???f?j!5raa?s? in thesr oonatruotion, u alio uj their engines toin aur. strength and speed. and their aoeomm^sUW &r**Mn,#? UD^Mjled for ?tatSTSfSST The itumeri of this line have improved wnter lom?S??tf*rt,T?rnt"' ""i1 """P*"" '?? '?een spared to make them all as rood as new. the thorough exam ination given them proves their mode of ctmstiuc tion yet unequalled. wishuw Pricei oi peaaage from New York to Liverpool in brat oabin,fi??; in ssoond do., $75; Fron^?iv'er* poo! I. New York, ?? and iW gJWeM An exeeri perioncwd 8ii(6od Ittaoh^d to each ship. No Uorthi t? aeourtu until Raid for. PROPOSED DATES 0 F SAILIXO. mJSff. R,7 ""jcV \v".iZi?FUT-,m JaturJ.,. KUt idlvZi! Bl " Saturday. March 13 liW Wednesday) M 'oh 3 1858 Saturday, April 10 18S1 Saturday, April 24 1t?8 Saturday, Ali.y 8 laan WedneidaJ\ May ? law Sa Mrdiy, May ia? Wednesday. June9 ia?! WednesuaV, April 251.1868 WeOnesdsy, May 12. 1858 Saturday, Junes ..l<io? Satnrda*, June 19 iilu Saturday, July 3...?.ia?U Saturday, July 17 I35e Saturday. Auir. 14. 13S& Saturday. A ug. 23.. v .1368 !?at urduj , Sept. tl . ..1A?.8 Saturday, Sept. S'5 Saturday, Oct. 9 1S.M Saturday, Oct. 14 ia5K Saturday, Nov. t> Ia6? Satur Jay, Nov. 2U 135a Saturday, Deo.4 la?a >\ eduosaay, June *11.urn Wednesday, July 7...W8 \\ ednesday, July 21..lft 8 \Y ednesday. Aug. 4..l?ia Wednesday, j-epi.l.185b \\ ednesday, Sept. is. law Wednesday, Sept. i9.l8?a W e. lies, u), Oct. 13 ,185a \\ ednesday, Oct. 2/. .1858 J\ ednesday, Nov. 10.1858 n ednesday, Nov. 24.1858 Wednosday, Dec. s .ia^ \\ ednesday, l>eo. 22 1858 For freight or passage, apply to New^Yor* K" No- K? atrcct, * CO., Liverpool. B. O. \\ AINU KIUHT 4t CO., Paris. 1 i:e owners of these ships will not be acoountabia for told, silver, bullion, specie, jewelry, precious stones or metals, uulesa hills of lading are signed ?r, "" value thereof expressed therein. ' O lit WA ?HINttiOft BRANCH KaILKoai;. TRAINS RUN AS FOLLOWS: T rom W ASHINGTON aj 0 a. m., oonnsotiog ai Relay wUhtra1,,, for the N\ eat. and at Baltimore with those lor Philadelphia and New \<irk; at 83 a. m., for Annaeoiis, Baltimore, Philadelphia. amJ **?w ? ork ; at .1 p. m. for Baltimore and Norfolk with Frederick train. . 5*' RE3S at 4jn a. m. at Kelay for the West, and r.?r Annapolis, Baltimore, Philadelphia, am' .'*w i ork. On Sunday at 4jr? p. in. 4 iar?m,QB,f ljT,M.OR.K for WASHINGTON at 4.l? and 9.15 a. in., 3 and 5.16 p. m. On Sunday at 4.15 a. un. *e '*-? T.JI. PARSONS.Airent. QRAMJEAM) ALEXANDRIA RAILROAD VR BAT SOUTHERN MAIL LINE IP5?!X? 'Snndar niirhte exeep?ed.) betweei iViAAH ^IVN r,TV ,h" S O l/TH . v,. MOND NDK1A- GOR DONSVILLE awd R/CH LeavCa Waahincton n*. n'olook a. m. WaAlniiKton at 7 o'clock p m. For LYNCHBURG and tbo SOUTHWKfT. i vv^uiiro1j.ft*'w' fi ?'pl?ci{ a.'m., arrive it. il .k .L . ' * G next raorain* at 4 a. m..c?nneetins with the truns on rhe Virruua and Tennessee Rail Road for M KM PHIS. Mail Stage* from Cliar otteeville to I^ynohoMrg a rlislnnce oftvi niil?>?. Fare from \N asuinctnn lo Lynchburg, 57.7b. The steamer G FOR OK PAGF.. f.M?t ofSeve-ith street, being owned by the Railroad Company. rum in ponneetion with the trains. .v'?? K for pn'eured or the Boat. ILCtVncibnseeand baggage Wag una will beat ti.e Depot ol tue \\ aaningtm Railroad, to convey p&a seugersand t?g<age to the, for Alexan dria, a distaoioe of six miles, allowing ample time lor IQMult . . t t JAMES A. EVANS. Acent. Alexandria. Jely, law. i?8-tf AND IMPORTANT SCHEDULE. tVR ALL PARTS OF THE WEST. BALTIMORE AXU OHIO RAILROAD. The recent extension and improvement of its lead ing oonneotmg lines at the West tias required an en tire revision of the running arrangements <?/ this road !?* which highly iinportaut advantages to the trav Ti*r.a^S ?lc:vr8<1- alter MONDAY, June 'i ^ DAILY TRAINS will Le run in both direotions for through passengers. 11 rat?The ACCOM M O It A TIONTR AIN starts rrorn Camdeu Station, Baltimore,at 7 A.M.,.except SULid;iv,? atops at way stations and arrives at Cum berland at 4 P. M. Second?-The> AI A1L TRAIN starts (Sunday ex eep ed) at R 3f> A. M.. an<l arrives at Wheeling at 4 *!> A. Al., connecting at Benw.?Kl with Central Ohio trains for (.omnibus. Cmcninati. In lianapolis, Lou isville, Chicago, St. l.ouis, h o., and at same place W'lb trains for Cleveland. Toledo, Detroit, Ao.. by (.loveland Riwtd, and Htso at Parkersbuig with Ala rirtfa K"ad. i/ipuwXiProf;J;?,I,S.a,,d cFncinnati LX I RESS TRAIN leaves daily at 5.<ij P. M.. o..u nectmr at Benwood at 'J A. M.with express trains (roin Uellnire to Cdioinnati, (without chant* oj I art at L oiumOui.) and rt-H.thing there in but ih hours from Uaitunore and 2b hours from Washing ton. It nl?o connects directly, in both directions. wl!^ mrB 't? I'^rkersbiirif and MHriotta roads for CiiiHioolhe. Cincinnati, etc. Tneiu trains otmneet at Xenia (or Indianapolis, Ch.oago an.i St. l.ouis. and at Cinmr.nati with the Or.?at Ohio and Mississippi Express for Louisville. Cairo and St. Louis through to St. Louis in less tliun U'hours from Knitimore. K* this tram t'le tirnr to ail tli.< ucntrai and southern places in the West is much Uss.whde the -Itttuntf IS from 40 to loo mile* shorter than by the shortest of other routes. From the West thesr connections are equally close and satisfactory, ar riving at Baltimore at 8.3U A. M. IHT" H'tSK?ge checked through toalJ points. IIIRoMiH TICKETS sold at lowest rates at < . linden Station and at Washington, D. C. i Iroin iiftltimore or ma? ei.te Hit tnttrt road by daylmkt. by t ikiiu ing trains, and ljing over at Cumberland or Oak la'id. and resuming next morning by Wheeling Ac c.Miiiriodation train, Cumberliuid at 8 and Oakland at lu.5?. Tl, ., fpl,1 WAY PA SS K N<: F. R S. rne Cumberland Accommodation Train at 7 A.M. will slop ut all Stations ea*t of Cumberland, aud ti.e H heeling Accommodation at ail Stations l.eyoni Cumberland goii,? West. T^stwaidiy, the Mail I rain .eaves X\ bee.tug at 8..*)it A. M.,anu Acc<>tnmo a?5?"p*l?r" ( ,,n,, er.aad at 9, reaching Baltimore uhamp!!*'; WESTERN VIRGINIA tiKAiiCH, her ween GraD(>n and Farkerait?urK. wat passengers will take the Express westwardly and the Mail ess: wardly. The FREDERICK TRAIN starts at 4 P. M., slopping ht way stations. I.wve* Frederick at?.li Baltimore ij noon. A M :!'!'-M.:r0,n',S Af,Uj ', KA'N leaves at 5.45 K \l 7 i? s.1' Ellieolt's Mills at7 As M. ai.rt 7 1 . M,, cicept Sunday. r?? w?hington and the south. A M SnM.T<'|,?'l?e\i'r )) ^'""jftor. at and 9.14 and 5.i'.s r. \i !,u!,! 1 ? ?u Suil?5?>? <?!* A. AI., ^'asr.inston for Baltimore at 6 an'* 8jn A. 4a> P. M? oidy 8uu<la>" &t 7 A- U.. and '"j j'1' fourlh trains from ItsltMuore,and thr sevond and lourth trains from Washington, will be ",a,i Jra,,,"*1^stooping only at Washington and A nnnpoliw Juuctioii. . i J trR.1.".s Baltimore and the 8.3P i? ,/f, I" 1 asluugtoii ooiinect with the trains Trom Annapons. KNi?'itlrlvi?' '"^niat'on, fare, *?., apply t.?J.T. ENGLAND, Agout.nt tio Ticket office, Cumdei It Mutf >r , ?? WOODSIDE, Jy 13 tl Master of Tiansportatiou. Baltimore. ^HE PACIFIC AI.y^8TEAMSHIP COM .Steamship,! o| this Company, carrying thfC" I Jed Stales Mails f.^ ii'iPl>i?ry' i?? a.'/ lV A, ariti OR EGON. leaves Rawama twise.ea<h month, on the arri-""WaBMfc valol the 1 intea Suies Mail S, H. Coinpany'ssteam Pant on?h?Tj(iTW|0r kn,and rMev> S r**n I i ? #aoh month w ith the mstla KOA^,i*f"*WT* 04"'n*otl"* v'? PANAMA RAIL ''"]? a ten ma hip* have been inspeeted and ap Nav,f "?P*rt?ent, and guaranty .<ys(d **ht ? '.''5 Can8,r"1 "ailTorul (47 miles loriglia noweotn p.eted from ocean tooceau, and is crossed in 8 or 4 houra. T he Uggaireof passengers is checked in New ? 1 Pranoisoo, and passengers are *t l!""'"1 r ?]*??'& tf t|,c (.Uinpany's expense. The money paid in Nenv York covers all expenses of the trip. Reserve steamers are kept m pott in Panama and 7n/ ranr?seo to |?event detention m ca^e of awi ^ent, so that the route i? entirely ttltaOlt?no fail ure having occurred hi eight years. riv'e "'as'Irwall" , iui<u"a f,ie ?ame l,'?y ai" Bao11 *t earner, and take charge of womeaajid oinMran without other proteo tor?. For through tickets at the lowest rales apply at the ajsiicy, 177 West street. New York, to I. W. RAYMOND.?or to ARMSTRONG, IlAHRls A CO., jy 24 tf C. L. B ARTLE1'T?{ioston!IUU,~ ?f y'N 1 TED"ferA'f t!"ma"IL LiNk ONLY REGULAR LINE WITHODT VAILDEK FOR II6UT VKARS, FOB CALIFORNIA AND OREGON VIA PANAMA RAILROAD. Rttular Sailing Dayt,btk #30/A a/ tack month. t.^i,4.DTr0N'~^0 f'fuds and imposi l>f variouu kinds have been lately F/iu vVa t?,n tny?Uers bound t.. CA LI' Asent f!.r J 'f subsoril,er. the only authorized rni .n th-^lh- ' ? ?? '^ail Line, via Pana ("Ml tl.'ll IlM n!.7 N,ew1.% ork* l>? duty to tb^t To A vom ^'i' P w>aage to California, s!?t ika ??i!^. ? U'T'05*! "??y niust be cart ful to A1 a11 1 inp ri'ifl'Ini! th? ^^"'"I'lps of the U. S. in New York is Kailr'?uJ. as no other office JS. ^ autluiriaad tt? euxaire pagoue Fhe Comp/tman have onli <?ne onioo 1^1 \ aw Vnrt which IS at 177 West *tree^cL.raer oA^arr^.tr-Jj' pany's VVbarf? N?fth R,ver,at of tbe Coki IlT" Obaenf# my aim over the door. l? * I. w. savmonfcAyflk i HsdUinet. tittbATKST MKDJCAL D I SOO f* MY OF THE AtiK. Mr. Kinhiit, of Roxbnrr, haa dlaooverod la om of our ouiuaiun pasture weed* a remedy that oun BVBBT kind or HBMOB. from Tkt vtril Stmfuln d*wn to a enmm*n Ptmplt. He hu tried it in over eleven hundred oases, nod never failed esoept in Ivooum, both Thunder Hu mor. He has now in hu possession over one hundred oertifioate* of ita value, all within twenty mdea ol Boston. Two bottle* are wanaatad to aara a aarstng Sort Mouth. One to three bottlea will ear* the wont kind ol Pimpie* on the Pace. Ko or throe bottlea will oiear the ay a ten of H ilea, o bottle* are warranted to our* the worst Canker in the Mouth ami Stomach. Three to hve bottlea are warranted to car* the worat kind oIKrysipeias. One or two bottlea are warranted to cure ail Hu mor in the Kyea. Two bottlea are warranted to cure Running of the Kara and Blotohea among the Hair. Four to six bottlea are warranted to cure corrupt and running Floors. One bottle will eure Scaly F.ruptions of the Skin. Two or three bottlea are warranted to oure the worst kind of R ingworm. Two or three bottlea are warranted to eure the moat moat desperate cuae of Rheumatism. Three to four bottlea are warranted to oure Sait rh&um. Fiv? to eight bottles will oure the worat oaao ol Scrofula.

A benefit ta alwaya experienced from the firat bot tle, and a perfect oure ia warranted when the above quantity is taken. Nothing looks ao improbable to thoae who have in vain trua All the wonderful medicines of the dav, aa that a oonirtion weed growing on the pastures and along old atone walla, ahouId oure every humor 111 the system ; yet it ia a fixed fact. If you nave a humor, it has to atart. There are no 1 FS nor A.N lis*. Iiuina sor ha'a about it suiting aoine oases, buttnot yours. I peddled over a thousand bottles of it in the vicinity of Boston. 1 kuow the effects of it iu every case. It haa already done aouie of the greatest curea ever done in Massachusetts. I gave it to ohildren a year oid. to oid aeopie of sixty. I have aeen poor, puny, wormy-looking children, whose flesh was soft and flabby, restored to a perfect state of health b* on* Mttll T<> those who are aubjeot to a aiok headaohe, one bottle will always cure it. It gives great renef in oatarrh and dullness. S>me who have taken it had l?eeii costive for years, and hare hsen regulated by it. Where the l>ody is sound it u,orks suite easy, but where there is any derangement of the Amotions of will cause very singular feelings, l-nt you must not be alarmed; the? always disappear in from four days to a week. There ia never a find re suit from it; 011 the oontrary, when that feeiing ia cone, you will feel yoarsell liken new person. I heard some of the moat extravagaut encomiums of it tkftt nvar man |j"' that over man listened to. In mr own prnctioe 1 aiw.iys kipt it strictly for hu mors -nut since lis introduotrnn as a genera! family medicine, grcnt and wonderful virtues have been found in it that I never suspected. Several eases of epileptic his?adlsoaae which waa always considered inourable. have be?n cured by a few Itoltlea. O, wbat a mercy if it will prove efleo tual in all oaaes of that awful malady?there are but few who have aeen mote of it than I have. 1 know of several cases of Dropsy, ail of them aged people cured l>v it. For the various diseases of the l.iver, Siok Headache, Dyspepsia, Asthma, Fever and Aj-ue, Pain in the Side, Diseases of the Spine, and particularly in Diseases of t he Kidneys. A c.. the disoovery haa done more good than any medioiue ever known. No ohangt of diet ever necessary?eat the beat you can get and enough of it. /iirenitai for U*e.~Adults one table spoonful per day?children over ten yeara dessert spoonful? ohildren from hve to eiiht y*ats, lea spoonful. As no directions applicable to all constitutions, teko sufficient to operate on the 1? wels twice a day. MANUFACTt'RKD HT DUNAI.D KENNEDY. No. 12" (Tarrta Strut, Rojcbwiy, Mnimtkustttt, Agents for Washington.?Chas. Stott A Co., Z. Oilman. Kidweil A Lawrence. J. II. Gardner, Hurry A Co., D. Walsh A Co.. F. 8. Walsh, J. P. Stone, Martin King, Nairn A Palmer, ?*obwartx A Co.. O P ok well, Dame] R. Clark, J. P. Miiburu, Dunliar Dyson, Ford St, Bro. Agenta for Georgetown.?K. S. Ctfsell.O M I .ent ham. J. L Kidweil. my .7-ly AVER'S Cathartic Pills, (SVUAR COATED.) The following remedies arc of fered to the public aa the lw?st, most m perfect, which medioai science enn a fjord. AY F. R S CATHaRTIC PILLS nave been prepared with the utmost skill which the medi cal profession of this age possesses, and their ritctl show they have virtues which surpass any combi nation of medicines hitherto known. Otficr prep* rations do more or less good ; but this cures such dangerous complaints, ao quiok aiuJ so surely. as to prove an elhcaoy and a power to uproot disease If yond any thing which men have known before. It? removing the oimtruciions of tne internal organs and stimulating them into healthy action, their renovate the fountains of life and vigor,?health courses anew through the body, and the sick man is well again. They are adapted to disease, and disease only, for when taken l<y one in health they produce but littl* etfect. This is the perfect ion of medicine. It is antagonistic to disease, and no more Tender children may take them with impunity. If they are ?ock they wiil cure them, if they are well they will do them no harm. Give thorn to some patient who hit*been pros tratxd with bilious uoin^taint; see Ins l>eiit-up. tot tering form straighten with str'-ugth acain ; tee hia loug-Iost appetite return: see his clammy features t>|os8oiii into health. Give them to some sntferer whose foul blood has burst out in scrolula till his fckiu is covered With sores ; who stands, or sits, or lies in anguish. He tins beou drenched Uiside ai.d out with every potion which ingenuity could aug geit. (jis o him these I'iLLj. and mark the elf-'ot; Mi the voabs fill from hia !<ody ; see the new. fair skin tliai has groWn under titeiu: see the late leper that is clean, (iive them to htm whose ai;?ry humors have, p anted rheumatism in his joints and iMines; mu'e him. and he screeches w th pains: he too has been soaked through overy muM-leol h:s body with liniments and salves: give him these I'll i.* to purify Ins blood; thev mAy not cure bun,! there are canes which r.o mortal power nail rehci: l.ut iniirk. i>e wa ks with crutches uo?, and now he walka alone: they have curcd him. <>i\*o them to the lean, sour, tmg^ard dyspeptic, whose gnawing stomach has long ago eaten every smiie from tos lace and every NiUscie from hia body. See his appetite returii, and with it his hea th; see the new man. See her that wus radiant w ill, health uud loveliness b unhid ai.d top early wittiurmg away; want o| exercise or mental anguish, or some luiking disease, has deranged the internal nr. ai'c of ili>* s tion a.-*iiinlat!oii or secrotmn.tiil thev d.< their olfitM il . Iter blood m vitiatwd. hor health is gone. Oive her these I'm.i.s to stimulate th?< % ital principle into ienewed vigor, to oast out the obstructions, and in f use a new \ itality into the blood. Now look again - the roses' blossom on her cheek, and whore lat< iy sofiow aat. joy bursts Irom every feature. See the sweet infant wasted with worms. Us wan, sickly btuiurua tcli you without d.aguise, aiul p.>u fully dis tinot, that tli -y are eating its life away. 1 ta pin,:lied up noso and eais, and restless sleepiit^s, toil the dreadful truth in language which every mother kuow* Give it the I'ii.l* in large doses to swe.-p these vile para>ites from the body. Now turna^ain and see the ruddy Moom of childhood. Is it nothing to do these things.1 Nay, a^e thev not the marvel of tins age.' And yet tney are done around you eyeiv dav. Hirvr you the less serious sy inptoins of 'hese dis tempers, they aie the easier cured. Jaundice, Cob rivOMOaa. Headache, Stdeaohe. Heartburn. Foul Stomach, Nausea, Pain in the liowels, Flatuleucy, l.oss ol Appetite, Kmg's Kvil, Neinalgia, (iout.aiid kindred complaint* all arise from the derangements which these P.LLS rapidly cure. Take tiiem perse under the ooiinscl of a good Phys.iitai: if you can; if not, tnJ,?? Ibcm judiciously a> su^h advice na we.iveyou. and tiie distrcasiug, dauKer oiis diseases they cute, which atllict so inauy n il lions jif the kuiiian iace. arc east out like the devils of o.d-they must burrow in the hrutcs and iu the se.i. I'rioe oenls per box-5 lioges $1. D, til I.M AN', Washington; and by H. COOK A CO., Alexandria, aud ail dealers in Medioiue ovary where. dutm PK1VATK MKDfCAl- TK KATlSfc ON TUB PHISIOLOUICAL VIEW OF MARRIAGE, U? M. B. I.a CROIX, M. !>., Albany, N. V. ion pagea and 13>* hue I'ia.n and (.Colored Lilhographa and Platea. ICri'KICK ONLY 38CKNT8.JDI IL/*Stnt/n* of ro<t?f$to mil p?rt* a/tit Unim, Dr. M Crotx'a Pliyaiolnrten.1 V:ov ot Mar nare. A now and rev;god b?fi?i>?n i.f ao rac?s and tao platea. Price ia r cents a copy. A popular and ooin prehenuve tie&tisc on the duties and oaxiialtiea of single and married life? hanpy au I fruitful allianoea, in'Hie <>( securing Iheiii?infain^toiia and uilertile oueg?their ohvution and removal?.nervous debility, ita oaivo** amf oure, by a nrooeas at ?Alice so simple, sale, and effeetnal, that failure is impossible?rule* for daily ni'iiiaceinent?on esse* ou Sper nihtorrlirr-a, with practioal ohservationaonaaaferaud more auooeasful mode o f treatment?pi eon utionary hints on the evil rrsults from empirical praotioe ; to whieh if added commentaries on the di^eaees of fe males?from iiifhuoy to edd age?eaoh case graphical ly illustrated by beautiful plates. It'points out the remodiea for thosa self-inflicted miseries ami duap pmnt?d hopes so ii^ioriuoauiy p,evaieut in the voung. It u a iriithiul odvicer to the married, and those conlemplatiiig marriage. Its pcniaa! is partic ularly recommended to persons entertaining seoret doubts of their phy condition, and who are Qon scions of liavinc hazarded the health, hr?ppniepa and privileges to which every human t etng is eutitleH to. Prioe ih cents per copy, or live copies for ill. mail ed fr>e of p<iatac?to any part of the United StiUes. by addressing Dr. I.A CHOl X, (post paid.) Albany. New Vork. enclosing A cents. N. K. Those who ersi?r mar consult Doctorll.A CROIX upon any of the diseases upoti which hia book treats, either personally or by mat!. His medi oiues often cure in the short spaoe of six dais, and ooinpletely awl entirely erndioate ail traces of those disorders which ooaait'a aud oui-elm hare so long heep thour ?u au antidote, to the ruin of the health ol the paiient. His '* French Secret" is the great con tinental reined* for that class of disorders which un fortunately, physioiaus treat with mercury, to ?*0 irretrievable destruction to the patient's Oonautu- I turn, and whioh all th* Bar?ayartila ia the world oan aot pur*, O^ioe No. SI Maid*a Laa*. Albany, N. Y, NoTICK OF tIiK HKflloVAI. OF THK LAND OFFICK FROM DUNCAN TO MACK INAC. IN MICHIGAN. In accordance with the provisions of the aet of Consress entitled ''An aoi authoruing changes iu the location of land offices," approved Msrch jJ, la"3. it is hereby declared and made known tbat the otlico for the sale of puhlio lauds at Hoxcak, hi the Sta?e of Michigan, will be removed to the Ist.AMiof M ack 'jk At" at (i t early a ptrioii at practicable. Further noiio* a* to the precise time of removal will Im issued by the register and receiver for that land district. (iiven nndar my hand, at the oity of Washington, this 3d dav of December, A. D. I:t5>7. By order of the Prcsideu*. . 'I'HOS. A. HKNDRICKA, C'-mmisaioner of th* General ljuid Offioe. d 4 lawtiw XifoeQanftou. r 1 | bbVENTH DTRhliT 514 TOBIAS, OPTICIAN. Office Second Btnrr. three doors from Odd Fillowi' Hall. Spectacles and Glasaea emted to ererr rtfM; UpmiTrmuIidKi ,UlJ Watetomake. "AAA GUmm; Telescopes. Mwmouim rrett vtrirtf; CossnorBinio Sttfwww ''I? *7'" of superior ind oboioe piotBrnon baud. See wvir tisement in Natitmnl IntBlligeooer. Twrmojiiiu. Norfolk, September T. 1?64. Si* : The SmoUmii jom mm* for m suit mm very welt/ s!udYeem to' k*T. improved my sight mow I? "J oU... I toTstoW, ?ff7;EWEL1_ I have tried a pair or Speotables obtained from Mr. Tobias, and bnd them of sreat assistance to mj sight, and corresponding wuh hia description of their locus. I reoommend htm as a skillful optician. HKNRY A. WISE. Pbtersbcrc, October *1, IS54. About five years ago. I of tawed from Mr. Tobiaa, in Washington, s pair of Glasses for the spectacles which I used. and found them of greet umiuoe to my decaying vision; and iny opinion of him is, that he is akilllal in the preparation of Glasses for eyee uot too lar tone to be benefitted by such bj? J ? r ? M A i ? Lynchburg. November 1,1854. From an examination of Mr. Tobiaa' Glasses, and from hia observations and remarks. am convinced .i?o.... ?-"^"?';?%LACKFORD.M. p. LvNcttBrBs, November 10. IHM. Mr. John Tobias. having furnished me with Glas ses, by winch 1 have been greatly aided.'my viaton having Muttered grnatly fr??m reading at night in my earner life.I it aflords me the highest pleasure to Bay that I consider him a skillful practical optician, and well prepared to aid those who n a* need hia professional services. WM. B. R#?IZIK, Elder ot the Methodiat Conference. Wilmington, N. C.. June 27,1854. Mr, J. Tobiab? btur Sir : I am happy to as* that the Spectacles which I obtained from you laat week are entirely satisfactory. From an inequality in the visual range uf my eyes, 1 have heretofore found greet difficulty in getting glasses of tha proper local dis tances. It afford* me pleasure to state, that l>y the aid of your optometer this difficult* lias lieen happily obviated, ao that the Glasses you furnished me are decidedly the best adapted to uiy eyeaof any 1 have ever yet used. _ ? Very respectfully youra, R. B. DRANK. Kectorof St. James' Parish. Having been induced by a friend to visit the estab lishment *?f Mr. Tobias for the purpose of trying his glasses I wa? furnished with a pair slightly colored blue, wince have afforded me more relief ?nd gratifi catiou than any I have ever tried. My sight,origin ally very good, was injured by writing and reading at night. frequently to a very late hour: but with the aid of these glasses I onn study almost as late as ever, and that too without the rstn I have previous ly suflere.1. JOHN WILSON, I Ate Cotniniaaioneer Geu'l Land Offioe. Dec. II, 185S. I have used Mr. Tobias's Specttao!es for three or four months, awl take great pleasure in sating that I am much pleaded with tnein. I have been much benefited hjr them. GEO. I'. SUARBl'ROH. May 5th. I&iti. I was recommended to Mr. John Tolmwaea skilful optician ; and as I have eyes of remark able peonliart ty, I was gratified to hnJ that Mr. Tobias seemed to comprehend them by inspection and s<>iiie ?light measurement. and he has made me a pair of Si>ecta oi.'? that suits me admirably. A. I . BL'TLkR. July II, 18.%. Washington. An?.*, lifts. Having been for years under the necessity of hav two sets of claases?one for use in daylight, and one for lamp 11xlit -I procured one set fiom Mr. Tobies which answered l*oth purposes. I towve used his for aeveial months, and hnd fliein txcclleiit. F.DWAK DSTI'BBS, Of Department of State. Mr. J. Tobias. Sir: The pair of Spectacles >< u furnished me yesterday are particularly satisfactory to me. They are very decidedly the U?st I poetess, an'* I sin the owner of eight or ciue paira. careful.y selected in different plaoes and 'from opticians rec omtnended to nie on aooount of their professional standing is France, Kngland.aud the I'nited States. I have been also pleased with your remarks and di rections on the treatment of the eyes, for the par of preserving and improving the sitht Respectfully yours, CHS. CALDVYKLL. Professor of M. C., Louisville, Ky. Brooklyn Obthopakdh- iNSTiTrTtoN, April, 1854. A f\er moat oareful ex am mat ion of Mr. J. Tobias's Glasses, I mn enabled to testify that their hardness, clearness, polishing, and exact optical shape render them particularly reoomm?nd*ble to those whose merely optical mipairnient of the eyes are in wast of such auxiliaries. I consider, moreover, Mr. Tobiaa folly qualified to determine the focus of the eye.lwih by his optical knowledge and expenenoe, and hy means of his optometer. In addition, I can further state that Mr. Tobias has supplied some of my pa tients with lilas&ea. to their and my sat;*fac tion LEWIS BAl'KrR. M. I>.. Fhyaiciar. and Surgeon, Berlin; Member of the Hoy&l College of Surgeona, hngland; Meinlier of the Medical Society of London, and of tlie Fathologiaal Society of New York; late Sur jeon of the Royal Orthopaedio Institution of Vanchester, Knglaud, and Surgeon of tbe li. O. lnatitation. Nobboi.x, Va.. July 27,1854. In the expedience of even two years, I have found great liiffioulty in obtaining Spectacles that were ex actly adapted to tne weakneaa of my aigiit. This in convenience Mr. Tobiaa seema to have removed fi r the present l>y the subatitution for of better ana moreau.table Glasses. They are clear, chrystal-like and comfortable to my eyes. I would commend him to those who from age or other infirmity require ar tificial aid in thia way. J.J. SI.Si KINS, M. D. \Vu.MiNOTm?, N. C., J une Ifi, 1154. To peraons who bave had the sicht oftiieir e> ea so impaired as to require the use oTGlaaaea, I would reoommend Mr. John Tobiaa as a suitable person from whom to obtain such Glasses as they ma> re quire. rs he has suited me wit,h h pair of Spe<Hae!es for a far and near sight. Mv sight has be?n impaired ver> much t?) a service of years in the Post Office Department, whioh f*?rth required me to be on duty from 11 o'clock at nicht till after day, during whioh time 1 used but one light. W. A. WAI.KkR. Depaktuknt of Interior. May 8, I too. From natuial d?cu*cta runi the unequal range yf my eyes, I have been compelled to us? giassey for seve ral years. I have tried didereut opt.uaiis without obtaining glasses perfeotl) fcttCil to ur. eyes. Four months since Mr. Tobias made two pans especially for me, which I found to aei ve me Perfectly. H> the use of Ins optometer he is eiutblod to adaut ((lasses most ininutel) to tha eye. I most eheerful I) reootnme'iJ Mr. Tobias to all having occasion to use glnsses, and bear iny testimony as to his bxill aa an optician. HKNRY K. BALDWIN, srt .'5 Ass't Sec'j i j sign Lano Warrasta. PIMKKH IN TUK FINE ARTS. I ftlKTIN* A?u I'UoTodHApHf CoMklNBD. PHOTO UKAP II JC PORTRAITS lu Oil Coin s, ou Canvas, MlAiAiuitB ou Sizk or Lira, S. WALKER'S roRTKAIT AND PK'TtKK G All. K h Y. Odeon ll.dl, corner 4>? st. and Pennsylvania avenue. S. WAI.KKR has fitted ep the above spacious apartnien'.s at a very grent outlay of capital, thereby remterine his estKblishrMent one of the most oom fiete and handsome iu the whofe country. He ^as a large fialior) for frit ixkibition of upward of ^i*j liOil PHintings, by son.* of the best ancient and modern masters, to which ha intends to aud freeh importations. S. Wai.xkk has also fitted up a oom plets suit of rooms, with private rolling simrtments tor l&dies, and putuu^scu the (iuest pos?i(Sie instru ments, wid first class operative artist to r.ssist him in the department for taking aii kinds of PHOTOGRAPHIC. AMHROTVPK AND DA f?TKR R HOT YPK Vf? K T R A ITS, fnon tha tmullrftminia'.nrt te tit* ef iif*. S. \V ai.ssk. ??y ooin''infng tlie Photographio Pro cess with the art of Pointing, of which ae has 2S years' experisnoe, and speuimens of life size portmils may be seen in initio of the first fami lies of the city, sis well as those exh.hiied in I ts | Gallery, h<* will be abln. by the combination of the two. to pr.iduce portraits that have aever been ex- ] celled for their fidelity and life likaexpre?Bion. run. vns and ts?rde prepeiud by Buiuoll expres^y for the purpose. Psrtioulsr attention paid te tha paintia^ of Por traits. Miniaitiie or life, jrujl; piClUl ti of dtrtn.ifil /riess't. Photographs t%V*en iv*1 eorpaei, or sick f .'rior.s t.iksn it tui own residences, on inimediate r.otioe. C^oiuilUees anu o!:uises taken in an* nuiulier in groups, and any quantity of c.ipies froi;. the soiue so.J at reasonable charges. Likenesses paintod on Copper for Tomb Stones, Valuable Oil Paiutiiigs, tuid Old Family Portraits, carefully oued aud restored to their original freshness. Indies and gerit'etnen are rospootfctly aolicitoJ to call at the Gallery, over SuUiiurton't taKik Btore? entrance 43. street, two doora from Peunsylvama avena*. iy 11 bin UNITKD 8TATF.S PATENT OFFICE, Washington, |W??embe? wh. 1W?7. Oil the petition ofSilssC Durgin.of Holyotre, Ma?sachiisettk, pray ing lor the ?il eusu^u of a patent grar.led t<? lit in on the 9th of March. 1*44. fr r an im provoment in "Machine for Measuring stid Folding Cloth." for seven yeer* i??im Jhe expiration of Mid patent, which takes pisoe on the'.Hh day of Maroh, Isat; It i i ordered, the Kaid petition lie heard at the \ Patent <lflic^? on Monday, the 1st day of March, ' at 12o'oloek. in.; aud all persons are notified toap pear nnd show cause, if any they have, why said pe tifion ought sol Oi be granted. Person* opposing tne e^teusiou nre required to hie in the Patent fiflice their objections, specially set forth mi writing, at teust 1 wenfy day s before the day of hearing; ail testimony bled by either party to be used at the raid hcar:t<K must lie token and transmit ted in accordance w ith the rules of the o&oe, which will lie furnished on application. The testimony ill the case will f>e closed on the 18th of Kebruary; depositions nnd other papers relied upon as testimoii) must lie filed in t he om je on or l>? fore the morning of that day ; the arguments, if any, within ten days thereafter. Ordered, also, that this notice be published in the t'niou, lutelliiiemjer, and F.vciiinjc Star, Washing ton, D. C.: Argus, Philadelphia. Penn.; Daily Ne\r?, New York; Poat, Boston: and Inquirer Cinuiimati, Ohio, once a week for three successive weeks previous to the 1st of Miirch next, tfee day o( hearing. JOSF.PH HOLT. Commissioner of Patents, r. S. Editors of the a1s>ve papers will please oopy, and send their bills to the Patent Ofiiee.with a p<per ooiiian.uu tins uotioe. d IU-law3w JP O R M O U N T V ?T R N O N . The Stanml>oat THOMAS COI.LYER, having been thoroughly repaired,will make regular tripa to .Mount Vernon, leav ing her wharT, in thia city, svery TCRHDAY ami FRIDAY MORNING, at Bo'efk. During the intervening time she will rua regular trips to Alexandria, as usual. tf_ THOMAS RAKER. Captain. OTKAMKR GKORHK PAGK. I ? W HOURS OF DKPAkTURK. Leave A iexaodria at 414,7J?, 9, in^.1 * ^aav^VMhlngton at i, t, <%, 11>6, l?. ae?-d Kl.llfrf C PUlOFl. iVmus. f OWN'S F. X'l'R Ai'TS, all odors, at OIBRTO 11 Hair Store, near istfi st., and at liu Sales R.m.ui under Willania' hotel. bR dm pip*, whioh must be placed a' the rrcateat eract Uedistance from the ??Win?t ; propeller. w ?'h the connexions fitf boutIR|, to I* of c..mpoeit ? k. ?. -? ' * * me c.i.iirRom rf!H!Ti?TTitI. to If <.r position the macluuery (??r k?)i(tiD|< fof H1"!*'*W*r?tui)?r venti.atieg, and appurtenaucea ol ?11 kiuds n Hboellaaeoua. sTKA t eml1Shk' 8l.*\Wrip-" ? N*?t UnrtimiM. * _ _ . Deor int?er lb, \g9l \ Skaled PkcresALt. endorsed - Proposals V_ Steam Machinery for Screw ? r?p* |^rFHlooT V V,r- *?'? hV'??''v71*? l?ee*r:n,eni uoi?> | 0 clock, the 20th ? f JAu?ry, Ik.4, for the o*?iiir owiiatmotion of the itMm macniners ami app nd aaee. aad niacin* it on hoard a Mrrv pi. pe.ier s: lB. g^J^ku tiding in tti# I ruled States mv; yard *t *?/<" a specifce mm for setting r# "??wewel uperation ; must UKi.lldc a., patent lets for any arrangement* thai n^i t? aro ?tate the time m wtool) the w ork wil, be completed. and he accompanied by tne usual ?u*; antee required b, law. The nam* of the ssMt'isk mentm which the work is to t?e execute must he slated. The details of the dentgn ami arrangement of the asaciuMry will he left with the part) whoaeixv position mat be aecepted n? ooisitiiioiif the sreate.t n urn tier of advantages. keeping in new aims ,ui<t of construct ?oti. r^fidinciM of scoess for iilmif - ment wbtn in operation, and not tie ng sutaect to de rangement in i|?e working parts ; it tone the obiccr 01 tha i*eparinient to o brain Ike most ?pe<d and power with tha moat economic*; c insnmptiOa fuel, and tha greatest stowage ol e?>al wl.ica toe apace available for that purpose will admit. The Ux'.ers to be of iron, with teieroopio amoke ipa. whioh muat lie placed a? the greatest r_ ? aft ? ? . ? . .1 ller wMti position ; irat u a for " ?rr?n*n?wr. ... ??? >.uu. neoe*sa ry lor the perfect working of the whole to l>e of tha moat approved kirtda. The coal tinker*, shafts* ?age. twoathwnrtahips iron bulkheads. a rtistiTiin# apparatus lorfre*h water from which uan t?e maje not less than ??? gallons per day ; all tl>? tooia an.l Jupiioat?> pieces nro?-?aar> rh?j uitialao?o<? <.* KR *9*f! oruian.e staam ahip-of war muat t?? ln cluuad in tha fiopoaitton,and a list ol than, must furnuhad. The wood and carpentar work (axoapt tha N rint out th? dead wood for the HiaH i ner?-?-.mry t?? a<1*pt the vessel l??r tha reorption ??l tha ho*l era. and rtpp<MMt*??s. will be prot 'dad at tl evxpenaa of the Navy Uapartinani. and it will paiuit t,,? Uaa or such lacilitie* as it mat havelor Im latma tha Iim v? niachinor) on Uiard. For the nccommo<lation oftha entire ataam n.a ohinerjr and the furl there will fallowed in tke ImvI* of the ship the eutire apace undt-r the berth d?-.-a ooinmaiiciiig at fa?t atmft tha main m?at. an.l thence extondmit forward a of SC f??.( y\ ithinthia apace it ia expected to mrij c f... if d^ya full ateamiiic. the daily conaumption of w l.irh the t?dd?r will state in hia *p?HiCnaimm ; and weight of the machinery, water in InMlera. ahait propeller, at..l appei.<l%|ea. with the tooia and a^ai? work, muat uot exceed SJH tona. <>| pouada 1 hediat^iice ff.niitlie aft aide of the man, mast to th^ all ?ids of t l<?rwar<) nt^rn p???t %ri1! I># atmtit 9Sfeet. and the diatanoe l?etwean ti e forwaWI and tha alter stern-noat will 1^7 leet; the depth Iron, the Ion! water line to the top of tke keel uuder the propeller will be UK feet. ? tea m engine mviuiact nre raw ho desire to Ud ear. ohtain a eopr o| the section of the vaaae. uion making application to the department. 1 he propoaa: muat he aoeomaamed h* foil apeeih catio(,a and jeneral diaw hat mg tha poaftj-m of th.< centre of gravity of the machinery, boil era. Ac., nyiiked on them ; giving alao the ,aaa?i|y of tke steam <:y liiiu^rii nod area of foot an<1 dfe.ivtri vaivt^ ?ii(] of Mir pitoip and oiitUiard delivering valves! -pace for ateam the water line in tioilere, tke fire af?d irate aurKoe; alao the diameter, pitch, aur faeo. an<l kind of propeller .and other principal pointa. that oomiMtneona can readilt l>e ma?W?. There will a'a??lH? given the eat unite of the weight of en?iuea. nutii-ra, water. buijk?ra. appcudages, Uk>Is, abd spare W?T ?ln (%f ^.*4" pounds. The terms <?f ra;no?iit Will ??e that when oae fonrth of lh*? r>.^f^rmln and ishor pro%-ided fV?r in tha contract rhail have t-een completed to the aaii.fao tion <>f the Ijejsertiaeat. there will be ma.l. * ??< ment ol one t;P>i part of the whole amount of tii? ?*??utract ; when one half the work fhnll in lika manner l>a com pletra there will lie a further ray meat of one firth: when three fo?rtha the work shall have been oomp'eted. a further pa* ment of one fifth; when the whole ahail have been e. .tupIf ted. a i?l have made n Katisftr*t?vr\ triel o| one w^ek, the n \ further PV merit of one hfrh: and when the ship aha,'! have performed aatiafa. tori'y a' aea for a of three months, then tire remaininc sum ahafl paid . Tl|e repairs nece.aar) during thia period from de fcc'ive w ori. inaii'inp or material* will lie at the ex p?nae of the contractor. TI.e propo at. mu.t explicit, and r.o uualifitd or conditional offer will be conaidercd. ? , . _ ISA4P T(M CKV, d lft-S*twt Jan.ii Secretary of I he Navy. Office of Army Chitiiini. am> t vt ii'ioE.# S., Pmt necamlier 4. RS?. \ KA11.hi) I R <?Pt I t* nre in>-ited. iiihI will ?ie - received a? this office, until Mi o'clock a m of the 4th da* of Januar) i.ext.for lurm.hirg ?.? oon traot tha r<db wiiig Army t*uppliea and Mktertals aeliveniUeat the I mted States t.'lothincatd ham pare Depot, (?chii) Ikill Arsenal,) tu quat,tilis? aa reqiiired. vij; 6,u?i*ardt k i dark bine (indie** wch.! dyed > cloth lor caps and lands, weickieg about (4 ?M"?esper yard. 63,tali yardx ft-4 dark l?lue < indigo wool dyed; t wi led ,_ ,uji cloth, weikbinc i'l ounce, per <ard. IJ'/Mt yards 6 4 ak> bluei indigo woo!?l?edi twilled ? i ci" oyucca per yard. in,nun yard. % dark btue iindigo dyedt cotton and wool fiauu*i, weighiii{ oiiuoea per yard. 2K',<wn yard* 7 fl white llannel (cotton and wool) to weigh f'? oun'-es per \ard. >ards 6-4 d?rk blu-. Uanuel, wool dudi^o dj cd? in.nnn yards 47 inch alpam(black, t 'Ud.flOO yards \ oauton llannel. to weigh 7 oonces per yarl 175,0,0 yards \ unUeached drilling, to weigh ?>* ounces per yard. 25.000 yards % wub'eached drilling, to [weigh 7K ouncea per y ard, 36.W yards 30 ineh(eottonduck,to weiith??J? cucrci per yard. 15^*0 yard. & inch cotton duck, to weigh 1S)4 ouroeK per yard. 85,1X11 yard* i.*)* inch cotton duck, to weigh 14*. ouuee. per yard. 2^,000 yards 2?H juok tioitoudu. k. to wei^h 10ounces per lard. S,ooo yards 22 inch cotton deck, to vfi| h II ouncee per yard. 3 5UU yards tuch cot bin duck, to woit:h 9 ounces per yard. 16.1W0 yai ?s 24 inch cotton duck, to weigh I2W ounces per yard. ysrdk S3 inch cotton duck, to wt-i# h &>? ounces per *ard. 12,USiariny blsnktrts wool, sray, ?with the lett?e-s L.K id black. 4 1 ache.c m lengtn, in tho centre?to t?e 7 leet long, and 5 leet 6 inches wide, each blanket to weigh 5 pounds. 7.5<\)dozen paii. half .lockings. 3 sizes, propeily made, ofaood &ound tieec.' wool, and with double and twisted yarn, to w eigh 3pounds per dozen. ItvMO pompon* for engineers, ordnance medioal de partment, dragoons, rifles, artillery, and in fanry. Syidaip bodies. I2.U4I vardsKiazcd n!k, f?;r covers. t4? N. C. S. bras* acales, pairs. #?0 sergeant's do do do 8,u*> corporaI . and privates' brats scale*, pair*. 5 N. C. 8. bronzed do do Si sergesnt a do do do 5ui corporal's and privates' bronzed do do TC.tvO yards in worsted lace.( ?ellow, scarlet,sky 5.W* do. S in do. do. y blue, orange, green C,7(*> do. red bunting, do. white ik%. 2 tMi do. blue 4o. 2.**t gtort ooat butt< ns. 3 v? do. v^at do. r- !>wr buttons, white metal. 4.500 do. shirt do. do. 4,S.?0ft tent hattons. wood, aittall. tent slips, ?{,i. do. S.tfe tent buttons, do. large. 1,<x*i tent kIiss, do. do. l?v hosp.tal tent poles, set*. wall do. d.o. ?f*'common do. do. * Ralvanifed iron wire nnls, for tents. Jo.nrti d?. rto ? ta)iles, do. S.t'On mesa patu. in>n. I.?*t Oiinp Kettles, iron, three sizes. U.fmnB eauteeu*.(3 pints, weight 115. nuaoes.) with stoppers. 1,(Ktei pick axes, two aizes. 2.??? do. handles. l^tOnainp liatciiets. 4" trumpet cords and taaaeia, orange. 4tt trumpet cords and tsuiaels, yellow. i . .. do-? kwb. fcuma. .Vrtiltery, oomplete. 7<> do. Intantrv, do. l.lui do. heads, batter. 7tw da. do., snare. do. anares.sets. 2W d j. atiska, pairs. a>0 do. do., oajnages, All ttieaboye-mentioned M-tielea must oonturm is all rnpectj to the keeled standard pattern* fn tins olfaoe, wjiere thty Wn be examined ; ar.d samp.e pat ? tarns will be *Ciit by man. with any additional infor mal totm, regard to thein, which inay be reeueated t?* manufacturers or others wishing to ofler propo ?e.%. |t 1* desirable that all the articles be of do mestic manufacture. Oeliverio. to oonune* oe oa the IStk day of Feh rua/f uext, and one half of the euantity oontraeted b>r U> be delivered 111 eunal inouthiy proportions, b* or liefore theStfh April. IkSR; the remainder within four months Iroin that date, m monthly or greater proportions, as the ountractor tuay find it conve nient. The privilege is reeerved bv the 1'nited States of incr.vaKiiir from one-third to one-half the aoantirp ol nil the supplies aliove ii..ntioned, by giving the contractor one titouUi's nol.oe of such aestred in crease Payuienle will be ma<le ou each delivery, should < oiitreas have miula an appropriation to ?n??et them or as noon thereafter as .111 appropriation shall he made lor that put pose. Ten per eent. of the amount Ol each deliver* will rriHiiix.1. until the coetraot stall I* ooiupleted, which will lie foileited lo the I lilted States in caaa of defalcation ou tke part of the contraotor in fulfilling the contract. Bids will l?e received from m.".nufact urers or rern lar dealers, onl*, ia the nrlicle. prop<ii>ed to lie fur nished : and none will l?e oon.ntered in whick the 111.11111 fact 11 rer's cull or dealer, place ol Lusiaeee ia not specikcally set forth. Contracts will lie l?*ed on accepted proposals, for the fulfilment of which two or more sufficient secu ritie* will l*< reuuired. The names, addres*. and I he rcspom bilitv of the persona as securities, w.t^ the aoknowi edKinent r.f eaul person* that they will lie fuch secu rity, or will see that good and euifee?ent security te furuiakod 111 case a coot 1 act i* obtained, will be transmitted with the pr< pu^als. It is to lie distinctly understood 1m evcrs person obtaining a contract. that aaid contract 1* not trans ferable without the consent or proper authority, atd that aav sale, assignment, or transfer of it. "well cunsent having been obtained, 1 except under a process of law.) will tie regarded as an alswabmiiieat of },b* oj?*i the oofitractoi and his securilie* w!il be held responsible for |l| loas or damase to t lie 1 ntted rtates w hich may arise from said ahau'lou ment. Prowoala wrill lie addresse^l to the nndera!rned, and will be endorsed " Prop<i*als f.w fenual.iug army supplies and materials." . HENRY C. WAVNK. d 5-3swtJ;.n< lit. Maior. A.Q. Mfc MCI.A1G11LIN*8 STtJKK, lietween hightb and Ninth atreeta, is the place for t'hriatn^is *t"nds Buy sowr presents in advance of 'he Holy - dsia froas Mot.Al't.HI IN. ! d IS-lf Fa. avenue. Iietween 9tk and imk ate. RKMKMUhR Mel.Al OHUN*8STORE. No Jtt Fa. aveoet, bet. Sifc and !)ih su. ail