Newspaper of Evening Star, December 26, 1857, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 26, 1857 Page 2
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- EVENING STAR. WASHINGTON CITY: SATURDAY Drombfr 86, 1H57. ITT Advertisements should be tent la by 12 ?'clock as.; ?ikfrwiw ihry may Mt np> pear aatll the next day. THE WEEKLY ftTAK. Our Weekly paper of thii date is fairly over flowing with interesting Washington News and Gossip incidental to the opening of a new ses sion. Those who wish to post their friends at a distance with regard to matters and things at tbe capital city should mail them a copy by ail means. Our Weekly has also a rich budget of general news and miscellaneous matter, tales, poetry, amusing sketches. ?<*. Terms, $1 2o per year ; single numbers 3c. SPIRIT OP THE MORNING PRESS. The Union of yesterday reprints 4i General Cass's letter in reply to Gov. Walker, because, by an inadvertence equally mortifying and in excusable. it was allowed to appear in yester day's Union with many typographical errors." As we copied this letter from the Union with tbe above errors, we reprint it also as corrected l.ETTEB OF ACCIPTAXCI. Dipartmkst or Stati. \ Washington. Dec. W. 1-57. $ SU? : On Wednesday last 1 received your com munication of the 16th inst , tendering your res ignation as governor of Kansas This ie*ig nation is accompanied by u long argument on tbe afiair* of that Territory generally, to which, you are well aware, it would be improper for tbe department to reply. If any oth< er of the government who feels himself constrained to re fuse i>l?'dieiire to the instructions of the presi dent should pursue this unusual course, and thus pbare on the tiles of (he appropriate depart ment a criticism on the policy of the admlnistra tion. uo person knov*? better th.tu yourself to what consequence* this might lead. The de partment must either cause charges and argu ments at ainst the President to be filed among the public archives of the country without con tradiction or reply, or it must spend the time which ought to be devoted to the public service 111 controversies with ?ul>ord!nate officers who may disapprove the President's policy. Whilst duty, therefore, foibids me to enter into a con troversial discussion with you on tbe various topics embraced by your argumeut, it Is proper that 1 should make a remark upon a single point. You state that the President has changed his policy in regard to Kansas. And why this alle gation? Simply because the conventicn of Kan sas having, in the exercise of the right >?elonglng to them, decided that they would not submit the whole constitution to the people, although they have submitted the all-important and dan gerous question of slavery, which threatened to convulse the Union, and was alone prominent In tbe minds of the people throughout every State, he bad not treated the submission of this moment ous question as a mere nullity. I nder these eircumstaiu?*s. it was bis impera tive duty, and this in strict conformity- with pre vious instructions, to tak?? care that a fair election should be held on this vital question, and thus give peace to the Union. Had he acted in any other manner, merely because be preferred the submission of the constitution generally to the people, bis responsibility would have Itren of the gravest character. He never entertain'<1 or ex pressed the opinion that the convention were bound to submit any portion of tbe constitution to tbe people, except the question of slavery, much less that tbe otbei portions of tii?constitution would be invalid without such a submission Had he entertained such an opinion this would have been in opposition to the numerous prece dents wbich have ocrurred since the adoption of tbe federal constitution by the different States. The question of slavery was the all-absorbing nest ion. and you were'sent to Kansas with the ull confidence of the President to carry out the principles of the Kansas-Nebraska act. With the question whether Kansas was to be a free or slave State you were not to interfere. You were to secure to the people of Kansas a free and fair election to decide this question for themselves The President was, therefore, happy to learn from jour despatch to tbi* department of tbe 15th of July la-?t that in all your speeches you had refrained from expressing any opinion as to whether Kansas should be a slave or a free State I aui instructed to inform yon that your resig nation of the office of Governor of Kansas has been accepted. 1 am. sir, your obedient servant, Lewis Cass. Hon Kkbkrt J Wai.keb. Washington. Tbe 1 t>t%!ti?rurtr gives place to a long and unfavorable notice of the Revised Code. BCCHtXAX MkKTTMJ II Pnit.ADFLFHlA ?A mass meeting of the f iend* of the Adminudra tion is to be held in Philadelphia Monday even ing next irr 1 rank Leslie's New Family Magazine for January, received from J Shillington. contains Its usual large amount of interesting reading and any number of engiavtngs?good, bad. and Indifferent OF THE FaiRMOS OF 1UC ADMINS- I 1 a a t ?on i* Detmoit ?A large and eutbu?iafltir 1 meeting of the friends of the National Adiniuis- I tration, to respond to the President's message, J wa? held in Detroit, Michigan, on the-Jlst of De- I center. ll/~ Proin J Shilltngtou, udeon limlding, we I have the Atlantic. Monthly tor Jauuary, and Dickens" new Christmas story tor 1 , "The Penis of certain Knuli-sh Prisoners.Tnis last production of IM< kens' pen has more of the old ?*Boz" flavor than any other of his late works. Important fro-4 the Utah Expedition.?A I correspondent of tbe V w York Herald writes I from Leaven worth. Kansas, under date of Dec. 14, 1-oT, as follows : An express from the army for Utah has just ar- I rived at the Fort Hv it we have intelligence of I the command up to the ?-tb ?,f No vent tier, the day I the rider left Col. Johnston with Gov. Cum- I ming. and the escort of six companies of the *2d I dragoons, had joined the main body under Col. I Alexin der. and the wiioie force were at Black s Fo k,on the Green river. Snow had overtaken I them, the thermometer at times, down to zero, I and the animals feeble, many of which had fro- I zen to death. The command was pushing for Henry's Fork. I on the Gieen River, distant about one hundred I miles from ?alt Lake City, and where a supply I of wood could i*e obtained At this jtnint ft I would obliged to halt until spring A little I grass b;:d b en found in the valleys, but the snow I was covering it Tbe Mormons, mounted on Indian ponies, were I continually hovering about in small parties, stain- I pedini' and stealing such animals as could l>e run I otf Between the thefts of thi^r fanatical j>artU I sans and the cold, it was feared but few. if any, I of the animals would In; left on ariival at the I < on tern plated winter quarters. The Quartermas- I ter to the (ioveruor's escort had lost forty mules I by stampede Tbe officer* in charge of the trains experienced I much difficulty in getting them up, owing to the I serious los?es <?f animals; while the sufferings I of the sentinels guarding them at night wnrs very I severe Fortunately tbe command was healthy I ?the four ladies e\en ncapital spirits. The de- I cided tone of officor* and men was for entering I the city as soon as the elements would permit, iu I spite of proclamations and divine revelations PERSONAL. .... Hon H Toombs and family, of Ga.t are at Browns . .... Capt Hunt and Lieut. Col. Crittenden, U. I 8. A., are at Willards*. .... tieo. N. Saunders. F.?q . arrived In town } this morning, direct from Kansas. .... The London pa per* announce that Charles Mackay? pronounced Mac-ate is not the editor of The l#oiidon News, merely a contributor. .... It is said that Thnrlow Weed is about r? - sumiug his < onneciion with the Albany Evening Journal. The old horse would die in harness. .... According to the Buffalo Express. Hon C. H Williams died twice In its obituary nothe It savs "He died, we understand, from a para lytic attack on the Priday preceding his death " .... We regret to inform our leaders, savs Por ter's Spirit of tbe Times, that Hiram Woodruff, so well known as an owner, trainer and driver on tbe trotting turf, is at present lying dangerously ill ....The St Louis Republican of the23dinst. ?ays: "Capt Van Vliet, I'. S. A., I.lent. Stock ton. USA, Geo. N. Saunders, and Mr. Rus sell, of the Contract Depaitment for the Plains, arrived in this city yesti iday, by the Pacific rail road cam." The BoMton Post learns with pleasure that the lady who was said tobe'the Innocent cause of the Kalloch trial, aiMiut three quarters of a year ago, so far from having the consumption, as was apprehended by some of her medical friends at the time, is now "as well ascould be expected " .... Col F remorit broke down in an attempted little ? pe*ch before the law students at Cam bridge, which led Judge Parker to say, In reliev ing the embarrassment, that Col. F. never failed in anything h? undertook to do, however It Wight he with what he sought to say. The Juage -vlilently forgot the Colonel's attempt to make himself master of the White House WASHINGTON NEWS AND GOSSIP. Governor Walker's Logic sorely puzzles us. notwithstanding our great experience in the sublime art of looking deep into the millstones of politicians. We thought no other person oould more quick 1 j discorer than oarself the difference twixt tweedle dam and tweedle dee. If. however, that man lives who can make common sense out of the Governor's learned and polemical disquisition on the essence and philosophy of sovereignty, we admit that we are mentally blind as a bat. in comparison to him. His letter of resignation we regard as oae of those rare productions which, the more we study and ponder over it, the more are we per plexed to ascertain the author's meaning. But in these days, when many believe that the Presidential tenure is limited to four years only, and the country is so replete with patri otic gentlemen, perhaps we ought not to be surprised at the discoveries made by the Got* ernor of the unconstitutionality of the action of former Congresses, and that " the Government, Constitution and laws of the United States are not sovereign." But this is no original idea; Senators Sum ner. Seward and Hale, and Mr. Greeley, were certainly far ahead of Governor Walker in pro claiming a higher law than the Constitution of their country. They are in advancc of him, and all the thunder he can filch from them will not amount to the crack of that Sharp's rifle subscribed by Miss Dutton. - '?Misery makes men acquainted with strange bed-lellows," and so does ambition. Who would have thought to find the Hon. R. J. \\ alker. the sympathizer and co-laborer, with such politicians as Horace Greeley A Co.; and that too. on a mere abstraction But, it is not worthy either of the Star or the Governor to deal in inuendoes. when there are facts aud arguments to faco. lla pleads in defence of his present position that the doctrine contained in his letter of resignation is only a reiteration of the principles averred in hi* Texas letter of 1S33, and in his inaugural to the people of Kansas in 18o7. This we are not disposed to ijuestion; our intontion is merely to exaiukfe his position, and to show our fellow-citizens? the sovereign*?whether it is tenable or not, and to this end we have re-read hi.* letter with great care and have come to the conclusion that his arguments would have been irrefuta ble. were it not that they hud been drawn from false premises ! He says of sovereignty that " it grant? pow ers, but not sovereign powers." hence '? the gov ernment, constitution and laws of the United States are not sovereign, but only the dele gated powers of sovereignty." Now. as sov ereignty in the abstract is simply "power," how can that which i? an emanation from it difter in its nature ? How can it differ cxcept in intensity or degree ' If what he is pleased to term the ' delegated power of sovereignty" is not sovereign, pray tell us what is? His reasoning amount* to this only?the stream if not the spring, nor the spring the stream, and we must not confound the one with the other, although the one is from the other, and they l>oth are the same water. He urges that " the constitution of the United States is the supreme law. and obligatory as such, and yet that it is not sovereign, but an act of sovereignty, because all laws imply law makers. Just, we suppose, as an egg implies the hen that laid it; or as the hen implies the eSS fr?m which she was hatched ; but a hen is not an egg. nor is an egg a hen, aud we should be careful not to mistake the one for the other, the sovereign for the delegate or the delegate for the sovereign. Now. the power of the hen to lay an egg is sovereign, immutable and indi visible. to wit: a power which cannot be dele gated. And so the jwwer of the egg to produce a chicken is sovereign and inalienable?but wc must not mistake the hen ami the egg for sov ereignty, but only as acts of sovereignty. The Government of the Uuited Stated is a the Constitution is a "power," and tne laws are a ' power,' which the Governor saj*s, are not sovereign, and yet that "sover eignty is the highest political power." It skeins to us. that to preserve his consistency, he should have said, sovereignty is no power at all. but only the source or power. This idea of sovereignty however, is a mere abstraction?there is nothing practical in it. and the reasoning in defence of it, is so circui tous. that after h?,urs of hard study, we find oarself where westarted. nor do we believeany furiberprogress can be made in the elucidation of the subject, until the grave question of pri ority is settled as to whether the sovereignty of the hen or the egg was fiist iu the older of creation, if it should be decided in favor of the egg. we all have reason to be thankful that the first chicken was not a rooster. A Gravk Orrcxi'B.?If we mistake not for a citizen of or resident in the United States to in tertere to defeat the consummation by a for eign government of a treaty made with this Government is a grave misdemeanor, or under our laws liable to heavy punishment. That the writer of the letter that will be found be low has rendered himself amenable to tho pen alties to the act to prevent such interference there can be no doubt. He has notoriously been a mischi ef maker in our land ever since seeking it as a refuge from th?. vcngeanco of his own Government?Spain While we shall ever be glad to hare the United States remain an asylum for the oppressed of every civilized nation, we are well aware that no more trou blesome customers ever came among us from abroad thau many of tho class driven to our shores on account of political offences This Senor Goicuria is a fair specimen of the offensive ones of that class He has a finger in every passing pie, and has set up as a righter of everybody s wrongs?white and black He is evidently but a pecuniary speculator in the science of revolution, and if duly punished for his offence against United States law involved in the following missive from his pen, lately published in the New York papers, will enjoy the sympathy of none, anywhere Jerez to whom it is written, is one of the beads of'the Nicaraguan Government: I im IjKttli fihx GoicraiA , New Y ork, Nov. 00, lo57 . >Hor /) Jerez: K?teem?d (ineeral In the beginning of October, I sent you another letter v.? Grey town, j? which I gave you positive Vn " of ttie preparation* making by Walker Tw d*y,the thi.,K ?. nr?l5? 2Ti?. \ # l i i P",K:r wHl you of the de tails of bis departure |t U a positive tbin? also that the administration Im opposed to him but no!wittistanitu^r, you n?|st J , b? t I Mw ?rEl'ff ?*? thl. Hecond ?...iLuij m/'z,"""i" ha* uone to C<?i i lfi.7 . ? ' Allen, who you, to arrange the d im#1.'lt? '".'I** "?W ^ Wltb Mr. Allen I know J, the transit. I bill (hi. father-in-law, to SnallyTmi'.|Yand*r tion With you. in a positiv* and Uoi. qnes I. knowing itat thbt gentleman I* lif/'}' who ba? mean-, aad that he ought n joX?'? obtain again what he has lost by rea*o.. of u.. .1 fe nal machinal! >ns of Walker am of ...lint th it you ought to attend to hi* proposition. 1 he present treaty made with vou after th# may change a* you please, for | know that Uulh a" W"ly f?f ,he l,urP?>^ of effecting but^rh!rrrT,,Kr"M',,t; ?Ubj'ct to ?? but for the pur,?o,e of ln?letlUR a blow on the southern party who have facilitated the departure b lilve'ir't cou,ntry- On this arcount I brieve that you ?,ay alter this treaty as mav be 3fTiCe?I?eSr OI Wr Allen, and if you can semi at ti.? country with the new treaty | am sure even hmg will be obtained as you desire but it Is twees*.!ry that Mr Irisa r -Lould no?heleft ? lesenting >ou fo^reasotu which It Is easy to per ceive lire Injurious Principally liecause he It not a Niraraguan, and lit* it looked on in Wash ington with distrust in whatever he mar do, an he is l>elieved to he under Kuijlisli influence and in favor of Guatemala, and above all because he 1* associated with Mr J. White, I'arker French, ?ud other needy fellows, who have made an in ?trument of him in order to speculate with the granting of the transit a* soon a* they ahall ob tain It from yon On that account 1 repeat there ?honld come a Nlcaraguau, disconnected with the factions who labor only to speculate with Nicaragua without aflVctton for those principles tiiat can benefit the Republic Mr. Vanderbllt Is the only person who. of him self alone, can establish the business immediate ly, and who is in a position to make sacrifices, and Iteraiise otherwise he would sustain very considerable losses, and on that account he will make a mutually advantageous bargain with you, to which I call your particular attention k# a good and disinterested patriot, which I know yon to be. 1 must now repeat to yon again in substance what 1 told von In my first letter and which you have not answered. That when I took part in the events of that country if was with the good faith of doing good to the cause ef Liberty, which I represent, but as soon as Walker changed hi* folltics I have proved to you by facts that I ful Ued what I told you In Granada, in a conversa tion which I had with you before accepting the place which I occupied among you. And it was that I should be the first to turn against Walker if be did not maintain the principles he repre sented, which 1 did, and it contributed not a little to his first defeat and loss of character, on which account I think Nicaragua inust'be grate, ful to me and should reckon on me here, sure that 1 will serve her cause and not men Whenever you have opportunity, I beg you to send my remembrance to your mother-in-law, to whom I owe favors and attentions while I was in Leon, which I do not forget, and you in particular can command me as you please, sure to find me your friend, atlVctionate and sure servant. Domingo Ds Coicocria. Brilliant Feat or a Wasiuxotoxian.?By a late arrival we have received news from the United States Squadron on the Coast of Africa, and are gratified at finding honorable mention of a gallant fellow townsman. Early in November tho Sloop-of-war Dale, I Commander McBlair, was lying at the tnouth of the Congo river, whon private information was obtained of the presence of an Atuorican slaver up the river Lieut. T. Lee Walker of the Dale volunteered to load an expedition, and in the launch, with a crew of IH men, pene trated to Pun to da Lenha. thirty miles from the moulh of tho river, surprised tho s'aver at hor mooring?, got her under weij;b. navigated safe ly through the shoals of tho Congo, and in thir ty-six hours from the time of leaving had her at anchor under the guns of the Dale, with the captain and crow in confinement. The prize proved to bo the American barque V/. (? Lewis, of 2?U tonf She has been 3ont t-> the United States in command of Lt Ken nard. late ldt Lieutenant of the Dale, to whose position, as executive officer, Lt. Walker now succeeds. On the morning of Nov. 12th, one of the firet cutter's crew of the Dale died, in five seconds, of sun stroke. Official Instrittions to Actitg (toven xor Dr.NVKR ?Among the correspondence transmitted to the Senate on Wednesday last, were the instructions to (Jen. Denver, upon his appointment as Secretary of Kansas; but which we lack the space to give in full to-day lie is instructed that his chief duty is to preserve the peace in Kansas. Every person entitled to vote on the c?nstitutiou ought to have safe access to the polls, and to be free from any restraints whatever in tho exorcise of the elective franchise. He is instructed further that the members ot the Territorial Legislature in session, arc entitlod to be secure and free in their delibcr tions. Its rightful action must also be re spected. Should it authorise an election by the people for any purpose, this election should be held without interruption, no less than those authorized by tho convention. In conclusion, however, it is added that no uction of the territorial legislature can inter fere with the elections of the 21st December and the 4th of January, in the mode and man ner prescribed by the constitutional conven tion. 1 ai'kr Contracts A\vari>ei>.?The prop? sals for furnishing the paper required for the public printing lor the year ending December 1, 1858, was opened by the Superintendent of Public Printing on Tuesday last, and the con tracts were yesterday awarded, as subjoined: .Class No I ?S. J Megargee. Philadelphia. Class No 2 ?Curtis ,t Brother Class No. .1 ?J. II. Hall. New York. Class No. 4?(i II Levis, Philadelphia. (Jass No 5.?J. II Hall, New York. Class No ?5 fileston ?l Hollingsworth, Bos ton. Class No. 7 ?Wm Flitcraft. Philadelphia. Class No. H _J. T Crowell, New Jersey ?vknats Binding.?We learn that the con tract lor binding documents for the Senate hus been awarded to C W Boteler and John l'et tibone of this city. Appointments nr the President?Hp and with the ail vice and consentof the Senate.? John A. Parker, jr , of Nebraska, Register of the Land Office at Omaha City. Nebraska Ter ritory. Charles W. Porter, of Missouri, Register of the Land Office at Plattsburg. Missouri. John S. Houston, of Missouri, Receiver of the Land Office at Plattsburg. Missouri Naval Courts of IxgoiRv.?Neither of the Courts were in session to-day. On Mondaj, at 10 o'clock a. in., Court No 3 ^riMakejip the caso of ex-Captain Ramsay. ITIr* ORrP,fl,A^ 8 PAIR TO.Nil*(IT.?Many ? I I I ? Vi . u'f"41 ?rn,u"?ntal articles hating hecii added to the tat>lc.s, tlie ladies will offer TO-i\ifi II I' eir'ly ' ,a cxPeottt crowded bouse. Come ITT" " of Temne RELIGIOUS NOTICE.?The Disciples . _ will meet for divine service in the west rooin of Temperance tlall on TO MORROW at llo'cl'k as heretofore. Seats free. It* rv-=5? ATTENTION, UNION GUARDS.-A ? I ? meeting of the Company will lie held at the Vulcan House, 3U9 Pa. avenue, on . for the election of non-couimHisioiied othoers, and other unfinished business. Kvery ineuil>er is re quested to i?e present. * 2fi-2t ,YV?NKW JKRISALKM ClU'RCH, North I Capitol street bet ween B and C. Rev. Jabez Fox. Pastor. Services at II o'clock a hi..and 3'-* p. in. Subject in the morning?Ezekiel's vision or the valley of dry bones? in the afternoon?The close of the year. It II 9 TBB MAGNIFICENT STOCK OP 'IJ? WATCHES and JEWELRY, which have l?een almost given sway during the past week, will 1?? continued on sale for a few days longer at No. 525 Seventh stree', under the Avenue House. Re member they are not auction roods, but from a first class retail establishment in a Northern city. d 2?>-3t yv=?NOTICK TO TH K M E M It E R S O K I ? ORIENTAL LODGE, No. 19. I. O.O. P. We inform hereby the ineinl*eisnf Oriental Lod<e. No. 19, I O. O P., that the N. G. and officers will call a inectin; THIS EVENING, Dec. Vt>th,at7.'? o clock, to make the necessary arrangements for the funeral of onr late brother I.. l)OKK, which will take place SI N DA V, Dec."^7lh, at 1 o'olook, p. m . at Oild Fellows' Hall, 7th street, and at two o'clock from his late res.deuce. The N. G. most respectfully invites members of sister LrMlxe* t-> attend. It* ^ N t IT IC E-The Ladies ofthe J(?H N W ES LEYAN CHURCH (colored) inform th?ir friends ami the public generally that their FAIR will open THIS EVENING, at 4 o'clock, and con tinue every evening ?or two weeks in the basement of the Old Trinity Church, on 5th street, near the City Hall, where a variety of Useful and Fancy Ar ticles will be offered for sale. They hope to be lit - erslly patronized, as the proceeds are for the l*iiefit of the Cfurch. A Permit has i?een secured. _ d K St * nr5?REV. SAMUEL R EG ESTER. Pastor of ll?j the Foundery Methodist Episoopal Church, will preach in the new Hall of the House of Rr pre sentatives on MUX DAY next. d M n nr^=?OFPICE WASHINGTON GAS LIGHT ILl COMPANY. Deo. Jlst, \Un.-NOTIC*. Agreeably to the requirement of the Charter from Congress, notice is hereby given that thero will be a meeting of the Stockholders of this Company at the Office (No. 514 11th street) on MONDAYVjan uary 4th, 111.58, at 12 o'olook m., for the purpose of electing fivo Directors to manage the affairs of the Gas Light Coiiioauy during the year IttSH. d2l euftr J. P. BROWN, Secretary. nr5=".. DR. POPE. ' L_5 Homeopathic P?y*teian and Surgeon, De Menou or Chain Buildings. No. 3K H street, north side, between 13th and 14th sta. d 19 e<?3in (Y"^* WASHINGTON ART ASSOCIATION. VK_5 The second annual exhibiti n of the Wash ington Art Association in now open at the f?allery on H street, lietween 13th and 14th streets, from 1*? a. m to l? p. m. Admittances cents. Season Tickets on* dollar, to he had at the principal Bookstores tad Hotels, and at the door. d 24 tf ry^-ORPHANS' FAIR NOW OPEN AT 'Jjf ODD FELLOWS' HALL.?The Lady Managers of St. Vincent's Female Orphan Ast!urn will open THIS EVENING and continue EVERY EVENING ttiis week, (except the 2Sth) at Odd Fellows' Hall, a FAIR for the benefit of the 125 orphan girl* under the charge of the Sisters ol Char ity. They have spared no pain* to prepare a les tival worti.y of their patrons,and will cfferaii end less variety of Fancy and Ornamental Articles, Tots, Confectionery, See., suitable for Christmas ana New Years' Presents. 'I'he Hall is handsomely deoorated. well warmed and lighted, and n Hand of excellent Music will be in attendance every evening. Substantial Meals served up at nil hours. Admittan e 12 cents. Season tickets 50 oents. d 21 -6t rfjjp-A C A K D.? J NO. W. NAIRN would re L ?? spectlully inform the public that he haa re turned to the city after a snort absence, and re sumed the Drug business at hi? old stand, corner of .New York avenue and 15th street, where he was so liberally patronized for the last ten years, nnd that he has greatly improved it* interior, and fitted it out with a oomplete and entire new stock of every thing in the medioine line, all of which he selected with great care, and guarantees to be as pure and fresh as can l>e found any where, to the dispensing of which he will give his strict personal attentions* her* tofor?, and bis residence being on the premises, will enable hint to devote his whole tune to the business. He ban also added a large and elegant as sortim nt ol t'eriumeiy nnd Toilet Aiticlea. and every thing in the fancy line 'lint is usually kept in a tirst class Drug Store, and having no rent or debts to pay he guarantees to seil as low us similar goods can bo l>ouglit at any retail establishment south of >ew Vortr. d 17 2W ryT=" ASSESSORS' NOTICE.?The voters of t L_5 the several wards will please take notice thnt the Assessor* will attend at the places designated below from 10 o'clock a. m. to 3 o'clock p. m every diy. except Sunday and Christinnsday, from the 15th to the 3'st of this month, inclusive, for the purpose of revising and coriecting the poll lists : First XN ard? Samuel Redfern's, corner of Penn sylvania avenue anil Nineteenth street. Second Ward?George T. Stewart's, corner of 12th aiifl H streets. Third Ward?J. M. Downing's, L stroet, l>etw.en 7th ant! Rth streets. Fourth Ward ?City Hall. Fiith Ward?B. !?. Dyer's, New Jersey avenue, D an" E ? treeta tooth. Sixth Ward?^d ward Way son's, E street, be tweeu nth and 9th streets. Seventh Ward?John II. Bird, corner of 7th street and Mary land a\ enue.alioveO. Boswli's drug store, d in-d 'Y"*-?ICE CREAM, of the purest Cream, at $l.V? K? per gallon; Water Iccs, Cakes uf every va riety and styles; Jellies, Charlotte de Kusse, Bianc Mange, Pies of various kinds ; and everything nice in the Confectionery line, at the I'll I LA DELPHI A ICE CREAM STORL, corner 12th and F streets. d5 1m* BOYS' SLEIGHS, Wheelbarrows, Rocking Horses, A at LA.VlMOND'S d \K\V VEAR'S PRESENTS.?Ladies' Cahu, i 1 Reticules, Fancy Hair Pins, Work Boxes. Ac. a' I A MMMV |)'S. 7'h <1 ?> -it ATI.ANTIC MONTHLY FOR JANUARY, IR.W ?The tab'e of contents is rich. Received in advance nt tise agency. J??S SHI LI INGTONS Bookstore. Odeon Bu Id nr. d 2b 3t cocaor st. and Pa. av. \CAR D ?The r?sidiie of the Invoice of Eng lish and French FANCY'! be on private sale on the second floor of the suction room, on M ON DAY and Tt E3DA Y, Deo. *81 li and ?9'h, for less than importation co.-t. This splendnl collection embraces elegant French Clocks, Bronze (ias Figures and Ornaments, beau tiful Parian Statuary. heavily plated Tea Sets,Cms, Castors. Fes; Stand*. Waiters. Cake Baskets, Ac ' wnicn i all of which is oflered at a great sacrifice in order to P dec* 7PenSea"d trj?AS. C?^McGlVrV. Anct. f I' H K SU BSCR IBER WILL R F.CE VE 1. Proposals in writing until the 'Uh day of January next for the purchase of the Snanty. Shops. Office, and Cement House at the Little Falls Bridge. Al?o for <?ne Derrick, complete, end all of another Der rick ?-xcept the mast. The Derm-ks can be inspect ed and one <d'tnem seen in operation at the bridge. Terms of salei cash in Government funds. Proposals to be left at the office at Little Falls bridge, addresssed to RANDOLPH COY'LE. d 2fi-eot JanM Engineer in charge I M PORTA NT TO THE TRAVELING PUB LIC. BUNKER'S PATENT Fife Preserving and Bathing Shirts. The undersigned having taken the Agency for the sale of these (?armcnts. would call particular atfeti tion to spec mens they have on exhibition at their Store, No. 212 Penns> Ivania avenue. E. OWEN A SON. d jii-1 w Military and Naval Merchant Tailors. BIBLES AND PRAYER BOOKS, in variety, bound in velvet, fine calf, and Turker morocco, w I'll clasps and illustrations. French Portfolios. Alliums. I-nglisli and French Drawing Books, Gold Pens, Rodger*'! Penknives, tine editions. in fine bindings, of English and A mericau standard authors in Poetry and Prose, and French. English tmd Amerimn Juvenile B*ok* for youth of all ages, may be found at the Bookstore of the undersigned, mostly imported from Europe t>\ himself, d 2?i FRANCK TAYLOR. \ SPECIAL t A R D.?To all p?*rhiiiik indebted to to us iu open accounts or otherwise are respect fully notified that their bills will be made off and and presented by 1st January, and as we design mak ing a change in our busifi' ss, we earnestly request that they will come forward, cloio their accounts ly cash or note* at short dates in settlement by the futh proximo. We hope in view of the present financial condi tion of the entire country, aid our intention to make a change hi business, will sufficiently explain the necessity of our request for prompt payments. COLLKY A SEARS, d 2G lntiod jjTtb st.,3 doors from Pa. av. 1VOTICK.?Our customers are hereby notitied IN that their respeu'iVH accounts will lie ready lor delivery and settlement on the 1st January. prox. We earnestly lie* that there may be no delay in closing bills,(iu the ti-ual mode) as we will require every do lar due us to enable us to meet our press uig otiligatious. To those of our patrons who by their promptness, have enabled us to withstand the pressure of the past quarter, we are sincerely grateful, and assure them of our determination to study their interests as purchasers in the same spirit in which they have promoted ours as merchants. Of those w ho, although willing, have been unab'e to pay us on account of delay to themselves, we must now ask a settlement by note at abort date, if cash caunot be obtained. With regard io the very few who have rtfustd to pay or give us any satisfaction, when we h ve fre-Iy stated to them the difficulties under which we la bored, we have only to say "your bills are again ready and must br paid or put in suit?we wan submit to no further delay " To all who have accounts with us wc again sub nut the actual necessity of prompt, punctual and immediate action. In ordinary seasons we are will ing io wait, but until d.acouiits beet me more plenti ful in Washington we will be compelled to rely entirely upon our own resource*. ELVANS A THOMPSON. N. B.? No new account opened until the old one is closed. <j |w kk ARGaT.NB IN HOLIDAY ATTIRE." NOAH WALKER A CO. respectfully announce t hat t hey lis ve just rt cet veil a fre*h supply of G KN - TI.EM EN'S and YOUTH'S CLOTHING for the holidays. Winfli they intend disposing of al their usual low prices. Having established a reputation for the superiority of our k<*ids, * e offer them to t he public, confident of giving perfect satisfaction in price, make, fit, and iiialeual. Fioni our variety we enumerate the following: Moscow Beaver. Raglan and Clarendon Over Sacks, of superior sty le and various shades, Biaek Beav.?rand Cloth Surtouts, Blue and Brown Beaver Surtouts and Over Sacks, Ilei by shire Kersey Raglan Over Sacks, English Pilot Cloth Over Sacksand Coats, French Tricot Beaver Raglans and Clarendons, Fanny Beaver Raglana, fur trimmed. Cloaks, Talmas and Cape Coats, Shawls ofall grades and prices, For BUSINESS and DRESS SUITS we have - | Superior Basket Cass Suits, " Silk Mixed " ?' Fancy and Plain " " Black Cloth Frock and Dress Coats and Pants, French Breast Cass, Cloth, Silk and Velvet Vests. A spiei did assortment of Pants and Vests ofall quilities and materials, with or without sufo bands. Wo would also invito attention to our carefully selected stock of FURNISHING liOODS, consist ing ol Marseilles and I men Shirts, Collars. Hosiery, Undershirts, Diawcrs, Scaifs, Ties. Handkerchiefs, Stocks, Muthirs, Umbrellas, Ac.. Flushing Traveling Rugs. All of which we will dispose of at such reduced prices as to defy competition, (tall and examine at MARBLE HALL EMPORIUM, Browns' Hotel Building, d 24 di No. 3H8 Pa. av. WHAWLS FOR GENTLEMKN. Shawls for Ladies, all qualities (?love* of all kinds, for ladies and gentlemen. Black Silks, all grades Frencn Merinos and Plaid Merinos, closing out cheap. Woolen Comforts and Woolen Gaitera, for chil dren. Black Velvet R ibison, all widths. With many other cheap and desirable Go^da for cash. WILLIAM R. RILEY, a 24j2w corner 8tl> st., opposite Centre Maiket. ?HR1STMAS PRESENTS. M. W. GALT A BRO. have just received large additions to their stook of goods, especially deaigned for the holidays. Perrons iu search of novelties arc invited to ex amine their assortment, which will !>? foui d to em brace every possible variety of goods n the.r line. M. VV. OALT A BKO Jewellers,324 Pa. av., bet. SHh and loth ata. d 2t-3t IJOLIDAY P R_E 8 E N T S . You can get a GOOD LIKENESS, either Am hrotype or baguerrw.type, for 50 oents and upward*, warranted truthful and dur.tble. ? A fine assortment of new style CASKS just re ceived,ai R. SAND'S Gairery. d24 Pa. avenue. Itetweeii nth and 9th streets. fJoLD PENS AND PENCILS-A targe and wall selected assortment of Gold Pens and Pen TO lady ? I v?7,T -sss?.?a ui uuiu runs miu r\ cils which will U aold very cheap. A more aPP pnat? present could not Im choaeu either fora fi or gentleman. 1* or aale at a l? W i n Jf),S' SHILLINGTON'S da'str*' Buildtm, oor. 4>. at and Pa. av. Rlist of lrttkrs EMAINING in the Pf?it C><T?o?. \\ aihingtoi City, D. C~ December ah. IftW. (Ordered to he inserted in the Evbsinc Sta*. il being the newsp.-iper hiving the largest circulation ol any daih paper published in Washington ] ITT" Persons applying for lettara in the foliowini hat, trill please say they are idvutukd. i- a r?i kh 1 Lin. A'liB*, Martha B Dl. klcuta, Jnl'a Ailm,K;iMkMli L Pultl, R?rib A AlUa, Mr* Airui, Margt Irtnl, H|1U4> B'iyce. Faun I. A Br?< ketone. Mary Biy? e. Hufl K Itrown, C bui u?. Mra V Hrown, r. 0 lr.j?b, K U K H.-rry, Mary t. iiarnard, Mri K B jL'Jlbot, II ? Baiker, Mi* F Butt tu. Mary B *uchard, Mary A Hal aai Hut *r, Mary T Barry, Add K Bandar. Msrgt Coyle, Mary Conk Jat ? O ok, Kl'i belli

Carr, Kllxabttli C..leiuan Hr>a M Dy.r. Mary Dlt|i. C An bay, Mary A ? ot?o, Atra T Ki k? I. Mra Saaal Flits. M.ry toney, M*rft Feber, Kill btth Ft lllr. klla V FltiBall. Aim H Uuaiia, Vlr.lbla ri' II*', fmaa Powe I. Boi aaa. F L Ha d. Ma y Bcdbird Mary Ko4*ara, Catk K* Iry, tfySi ay i h ? A at-a , Mai y Beady. M O Br.lilD*, Ml>( Mterrett, Lt.ui?a S.baaibLar*, N tlraoift. Km ma C I Mwtuoae, B U-ylord, M ? M J Shripebae, Mr* B Grt>tn, Sarala G lina*. Maiy S ~ rt> a Hcrtau, II ry M Hackati, Mra 1 liu flu*. T nitty Huw?, Mra M<?*?* h i yi b, M r* L 11* ar , tophi* llama, Fanny P Hill, Mary K C*rnth*u,M>rtbaA Johnson, S.rah C eiuti.t* I'lta Cl.apn an Kata Col un?, Zu. la C .reell, C U Chandler, C ? olllut, Mlii Cocktrlll. Uutb Carlwright, A M Put her, Mr* Juo Car*. Alio C?> kc, tmliy l>.u<Ua:ly A Ool.l.yu, Matilda l>< star, Ann K Oor.on, A Dd uy. Margt l>t la. Mm (I.a lll.uay, Mr' O T Donnelly, V J Deeeeu, lira Allen. Win K Aru strong. M'tu k A I ncld, Salul Altschat, Martin Arruiila*, Lsul* J A;.perk, Lou it Almuiiar, I. C A u?tin, Jan,,- H Ola iiwiu, J r L Alley i.t, H SI A n-it-i t?oii, u K A-i'lta- n. A K I all|i-K?r, w tu P Itani elt W in CI H Ir.l, Wiu A Barry, Wiu lint hti.k, Hi K 1 bailey A Co. Wiu Crougii W F 1 l a) d, IVm H Blich. W.n Brunall, W M Brow ii t, W A Bnrrh, V U Brierly, C?|.t T H ('?radnhaw, Na in I H?i eoil, llau 3 P H?-in >n. H Br ant S S lira w u. 9 I. Brr wne, It J I Bolliuz. Col P a J bean, M P 2 PuUas C |'t G B ili i'a,?' l IkflitDi, LC 3 I>is ? p. I. O Br diry, J. o II Bai uiz. Jo* O Boi ue, Jno V Barn*, J - ? U R'ir. Ii, jiui C B?il, Ja* M Iroiniu, J D Bai'Cb I, Jo* Browne, J rcme Barter, Jo* Bm ?u, C?|>' J B ?lr<1. J H 1 ttlont k Co. W II P.raroiiey, Heniy Buarlier, H Baker, l?aa<- M Balir-, Hrinrirb Be ken. H'<n H I, I Blake Capt 0 d B~tley, V Brow a Bait ey, K'w' l Blarke. D'tJ I'aki r, kzr* Or Bn. kinshani. K T H?ikef1aie, H<>ii K Bn-ok*. H< yd N MII:ds*. A M Brady. A Barnard, H*nry Caldwell, Win J t Clark, Win B C"le, Tii->* W Crafg, h II I'auieriio, S (I I In Id re**, K L. rnlliton, Pat Conruy, P W Connor, M Claytui, Rat M Clea y, M Crane, Jti'lg* J M Crow, Job.j Carauan.l-, II Carlar. J H Carroll. M Btapban*. Mary A hb*a ban, Mary Bay4 r, J ana PaaborD, Mary BajHii, fl >rab (ttcwa. Mat ianua Biuith,Vi clula Stuua, kllr* Bmltfc, Mr* r 8b. I |>e, Mra J K Slirm*. lleariatla KcoM, A la J"ii la?. C Amanda H?ap < a. Laity Jol**. Mra C L Baoi r. O Ub(, M*ry Katoy, Mary Lanraat r. Oath I atra c* Harriat Mil a. Batuar U Morion, Martha Mioily, Mr* Htaro*. Mr* Macalra. J F MrOxnaid, Jolla MeOurau, Mr* Mlfrba I, Anna Mil bell, Lou M?clll, Mra C Moual;, AiltlaM* l? l.?ary, Julia U Pool. Sa- ah OKWTLBMUN'S LIST. Onrbar. Ja* K kaaon 1 Uijvhiv. John 1> Jl?# de U^tic.y Hal, :?l*. t.eo B llrut Oe<? Davi*. II .u ii L Oaueiy, liantal l>ollof*. <'im? 1? I'araud a !>?* y Capt W kva.t. Win M ? vera ?,Wni i I'rtN lj Till|. & 2 Kwtftl S W Kreaon, Knrtuin S KldrMac.J C l ax a McMIrk en, J % y. Kle*t"U, J no W Mrlutoih, Ja* Kill*. Henry Eillann, Caj t J B 3 Kill,.it, K-v r. J Kvan*, Win It Fitaxrralil. H P N F'-uwkk Wu H r.Hit^r, W J Franria, din P Foackea, NtmuH TI"in:*on, Ii Taray, M ? W Icrk.r, Sal la l'?t?r. Maria L Da Ward. MrlJftt W.rt. fr* W 8 Weab, Mra B WU tank*. Ant a Watton, Harriet M Wla*iar, L?ry Weav*r. Mra M l.aon, Mra J?ru * Wl1*on, Mnrtha V ai tb'BKtou, Mra N a * in p i-d, Mi*< Ann TV II* n, I llratetL W t llaiu*, V A Wit r?, Aira M Y >ud(, Mr* Mary E B k array. tt?n! ti<>r?arty. li.i I 1 atoii Cbai it* : ft-oran, Cba* M adetla, 0 1 agrucar. B H ? Itrheil, A J B. 11 ei. Hou a; * alt Bib A MrCull ug , tt'a I'rlteiy. 1 no* M'-Cl*..uan. >aiul M? l.a a, l.ft* la MrNally. P M M--Carty. J*rcn M Corro!- k, C H M< Itaulrl, C 1 MrKendi tck. A Nat lor, W T N?wl< n. H i J W Olauwalt. Mr Or ? e. J a* K O.-ioe, F l? 8 Fiemikm, H n K T Oxden, II A 111 Fit*p.itrlrk, Col F->*. Patrlrk Fi.nk' P ? Fall, l*t J R Krenrli. Jo* 8 1 Fi^ba, Joba Fi y, John *eali y * , John Fowlrr. H W Korne, Henry F' of, BuHHl F *ke, F 8 J 0*C?-niiera, A Pea?e, O'ld Win C I Preatou, Mr m C Plerra. W 8 Phe i*. Hon W W P sraui. In* B | .???. kl< li'd H ? Pa's ar. O edl.h Foaaler, P Put |>a. Ja i ea Pi ei.Cer, J"bn Perry, John B FiUi>atilrk,Fiaa U Pt. kait. Ja ml FiWjerald E Flanagan C L Faber Adulph r l< h H. n A Fn?llret A ?roibea g. A Foul, C.|.t W to Oleaeon, Tl uot'iy tlmrej, 8 J Gellla, Pauk 1 Oelite, Hon A Graner, M Gntlnle. J B 2 Green, Ja*|i?r Gaodinan. J II Graraon, Col J B Gallag er, John Henry <iear. Ge-t W S Gtnnuai-r, R U Uaiio*. A W Gr???ry, A L Getty. A B t, ret nltouae, JIB liran M Harrlm?n. Wa!ter Hotltnau, Col W Howard, 1 boa Harrtaon, Tito* llaten II n 8 G Hani lt' ii S M I Herbert. 8 M Hadneld. K'ibt Head, Natt Hrtlihy, Mirhael Hoover, 8ama< 1 H .frr J T Harr eoa. J B H-tuplilll. J W n J M Hlil, Irvlu S llall, Jnliu W fr waid, J F Can,i.bell, Hon J Harri? n, J Sri>*t Covinctoa, J K Ucillman, J? 1 Cadwalad< r.H. n J 1 Ha .Bliif, Jno O Clark. J Ciui latn, Jna Clark*. Jaiemtab OorilJon, Jaa faiu|>li?II, J?a Crtt< bar. Jlo Cnin| ball, H(>a J > l.rk, Jao H Coa t*. Jo* H CliapV'l. Ja* II Curtlu, J ho k Croi ketV lieury Hath, Cap! H Hunt, UibaoB Hill, G M Han i*. 0?ln Haiie^au, I'baa Hod. am, A W Had tl. Wru lunae Juo O Inmaii, Capt Wui Jch - *on M Jndlii* au, Jan 3 Jtaell. Kev Mr Coflinann, Henry C Kennedy, Ti ??* Clown, Hciaklab Klup Soth O-at* II H Cuabli K. Gt? '.V Cook, Oeo F T Caton. Uao 8 Llianiberlain. G W Cla< kaon, G O Cla k A G . t 'B Co'lalb, Gcorga Cai r, I 1 ut k A Corrldan. k la J Carey, D U Clinton, liatld Coibin, C K Campball, Mr Croiet. Col C Carrtjan, V W Clark, Coi iialtut Curran, U Craa lord. B Oavauau^h, A Clark, A Collratli, A H Colliu*, Wu T l?o?UT, W P o*y, Uoa 11matby liohei ty, Tli"* Dry. R, u T O llickaou, Hun 8 3 U. it! kk B B U .rby, Bli baid Uavia U G Oonelon, P H Decker, ? blllp l>u? u*. .\ua<' 3 Drumiuoiid, N Hay, M L D rJr Bee L Utrcliii, lah Uai a, Jo n T I'uun, J B Ojdd. I*rael O u 1 le. li. J B Uol.eity. J ** Iloraiby. John Dlxoa. J W 1> uniaou, J N Dixon. H"u J Down*. Jo* J llawaou, Jaa Dale. J. In. U l'a> It, Juo A Deutaou, Jaa IN' Tl A 1,8 Keticaii, Nlrbula* Kelly, Air K a ? pt, L K rating John Knutt. Ja* A Kuui, J nitt K*lly, Ja* A Klijiu, Mr Krtea. G K i aad. Edwin Kattelmaun, C K napp Mob C L Kay, Booth King. 1 i ut'ar, Jr I .yoke, Caj t N L i ma ra, M r 1 oof J ? ??eph l,aiu*r Joa B, J op * pb I eilai e , J U?or*a l.'.iuar. Jauiaa L ug llu, aa C Laaieuca, Gaii I-ally, Col H J l^rrabea. O, Or L dm tu. Cail Lloyd. Kt*uj L.wraac ?, a Laure eoa,A Leiubrlflit, P Millward, Hou Wn Ma'aball Wiu Miller. W O Mar.I,all. Wu. ? Mitchell, a in Mutphy, Ibo* Morrl*. Ibotna* Mi-ou. Ja* H Maguite. J.'lin 1 Matbar, J. ? C Mltche I. J C M iion, Ma< Juo Millar, Ja* I. Mortou, J W Maglil. Jno Ml er A Jo lien Mo ra, John Mai tin, J*mei Miller, J Wilt, t, J Mtd ll. ton, H G Paint r, J 8 rttroan, J B Patter, J F Peiktna, O O Poi ter. Col A ri .nier, Hon Knttaerford, M j R^lllne, Capt W Kaudolph, V M K Tiiold*. Mai B B Kichar^eou, R Bl bard*OD, M Randolph, J L Bn s. jaa H Koda an, J W 3 Reid, Jno W Ki- ?B oii?e, Jno B Boblua'iu, I ti ar| Ro;<n, J>n?< Bow* Jaiue* Kaiidolph John Rice, Mou H M I Bins. J H ktba* F Horen< ia 2 Ku.p, T Bead. t. ku*< h, Kd w'd Rirli*rd*on h Bay, C H Barn t, A II * luitb, Lieut W F 2 Stuart, Win Ktearua, M'iu Bullit an, W in 8 in lib, W C Mrattan, a'in B 8n.l.h,HouTrutnan ! SrnUti, Ktley Siuilb, P M bn lt i, Gau P F Simp/on, Mr Bran oa, M Steele, James Smith. J H 8uiltb. Lit ut J 8 K 8ne. an, Janice Hobao,Joba HoIIt*. Jotti A Btraaabaa J 8 T ?SbaudaifalUr, Juo Hl.eraa .n. J W Smi.b, Jack 8< liw umu Joaejdi 8 wcuui J L Mlrlngfellow. Juo H fetal <r, Jacob Bt'uU, Juo L 8biI h, L Sie\? iitoa, H L Btrvruaoit, Geo W 5a*)>r, Geo A Squibb. Or Kdw'J Suiuner, Col K V Seam a, Ii a C Brhue: inaun, 8linu oue, Cha* t b uipaju. Bill Btark. Beu) T 8nntli A Bi ,. jBlly 1 I ltail rho* a lodtl Huu a Tyeoii, Hon J K 1 Taylor Lit t t 8 eon Jito Talb. t, fi H lotuiikln*. Co! O Tolci it. Owl Tin r*.OB, B B lai'olt, Andrew Watd. O L WI.e au, a*ib jr W illug. I II DC We . b, Wni Wei ai.r. Capl Wm M addrlt, WCH 3 Walte. Wni G Whipple L L Wepl., W W t bb, W lu W'bltuee. Mou T B Walker, Ca|?t J U M l bur. J M Wall. Jaa Wn k?r J Knox W?||e, H my 8 W'I eou, Ht-nry C Wasi.luflou, H A W aid' A Bro W'arreu. Lt G K W'v>u|drldge, (i B W'lUoc, Oim in W.lia, It, 1r W.rd, C L W march, C I C W tanl. A H W tie, A P W ebb. A J W bi|i|> ?. Lt A Wlllanl, Alfred WeMrtck, A C Mac kali, Wm Owner* cf Khl|> Path F nder; CkeahL Waali Ingi ii, iniucr ol 17th and I ?M**Ut. I. G. F . T K N W P.. C fl ; I. F;. I O.B II. JAB. G. RFKURT. P. M G lie. ;?i A CARD.?Ail persons Imvitu accouata with the f%. uiitleiaiciied im hcrohj respecllully notiticd tun their ranpective acoounta will U- inade <>? t.y the iS>th umtant, ar.d tliey nr? enrneetlt reiiuealeHl !?? call and settle the aniiie. a? it m n matlfr of crcat imrorlaiioe to the underaiKiieil that they 8h.mTa be settled promptly. WII.I.IAM K. RILKY, d .'I 6t corner Itth tit., oppomte Centre Market. NOTICK.?The public are cautioned against pur chasing certain LOTS, purporting to downed hy one l,eo. r. .Massey, and to have been oonveyed to said \lHNKey by David A. Hall, no oonsideratiou ^vj?it j^'eti jiaid therehir. Aiul caution is also i>aUe to the order a aaa - asi* ?H |T?IU IIIC|r|tH, A IUI Ca U given against buying anv notes pnjal.U of the Mild Maiaey. and aigned liy |>. A.Hall. A. at m a ' a an at a a a a ? ? ? a L & ? A A . c oi iiiomiii itinase>. anti aigiietl l?y I). A.Hall. As no consideration has been giveu for these rotes their pay nieut wi I be contested. d 24-31 ' (ViOTICE ?All persons indebted to me. either by 11 ??tes past due or open aco??urits, are herebt notified that their nccomits, if not panl on ,,r |^.for^ the Isl o| January, Mill bo plaotnl iu the hands of othesrs to make the money out of. .... _ 4 JONAS P. I.KVV. \V tne. Liquor, Cigar awl Grocery Store, No. *>4 Uth street, cjrner ol B, near the Ctu&l. d J4-tw.lJaa WH O 1. 1 D A Y G O O 1) S~ ATUHKS. JEWELRY. SILVER AND .. PLATED WARE. M. \\ . GAL 1 A BRtl. invite attention to their stock of new and elegant goods suiteti to (he prea eMt season. They enumerate 111 part Ladies' and qeiitlemeu's ^old enamelled Watches, richl* studded with diamouds, Diamond Ilracelets, Bru.jches and Earrings, Diamond, Emerald. Rnby.aud Pearl Kmcer Rings, Diamond Crosses, Diamond, Emerald, Ruby, and I earl Studs, Stone, Cameo. Pearl, Coral. Malachite. Florentine. Mosaic, and all oiher varieties of Net-lclaces. _ , Bracelets, Brooches and Car. lugs, Solid silver Tea Seu. Waiters, Pitohers. Goblets. Cups, Sponns, r orks. Fruit aud Dessert knives, Ladles, Napkin Ribci, mef dal*??ther de,cnPlio? of F,u,0? 9?lv<ir Ware, Silver Card Cases, Porteinonnaias, Snuff ar.d To Iiacoo Boxes, Extra heavy plated Tea Sets, Urns, Kettles, Soup 1 ureens. Waiters, Ac"'C*1"' Bltkk#u' Coolers, Card Trays The above, with a world of other artioles too nu - merous to mootion in an advertisement, have l>An potten up especially for the holiday tnda. and will be round to embraoe tne largest variety ever offarad to their oustoiners Those in search of presents will find it to thair ad vautnge to make an early selection while our stock is complete. Af. XV. GALT k BRO. t ^Jewallars, Sft P?. ?v., bet. ?th and loth sts. W1 H1TE AND COLORED KID GLOVE*. . rrtm? (?74 untt. Jast raewvad a superior U?t ??f aid uloves. mmch we will dispose of at the unusual low arieas, 60 and Ti cents. Wj have uuite a large stock on hand and desira to run them oi. Buyers will find them to ba a good reliable Glove. ~?^ALL"STEPHENS * CO.. d?4-lw a? Pa. av., between ?th and l?h sts. AMTJSEMEITT8 Hunting PARK wmjiik. * Jnrkivn ( i t, ?nt of tonr Kr,*,, <H 1jafrHjg: The Rue? ad\erus*d to noma of over lit* Hun) ioi Park Course on the 2Mh iniUi.t, has beea p..., poned ou account ff the WMihn, Mod will po%i:iW houflMull MONl)A^,3Ktt>ii..t A k^5. for f 1W * tide. *or ha'l * mile : M GepJKine'e hay h?rae Jordan, by Imper si ~-i, lark, out of **r? Priam. F. Dutft. jr.'a, bay mare A nine l.?un \ |,( \\?,_ ner, dam Nannie h i.odea Same day, a para# for $V?. one m.le and iepe?t to harness: F. Dully, Jr.'a. grey n?r? Lizzie. C. Sharp a trey |tor??* llal<t l.igiw. CURSON A Cl E\VF.K. Proprietor* J>ck? (V*. Dee. 3fith. I v?7. if Ctrntf ont, torn'nil. To f*? />'ir*?/or'' Unit. THF. YOUNG BACH'I ?;KStak.-great pi,a. ui ie ??a hi ?9 ?L ure in ant-ounci? ( to their fi tend* i n I t'ie public in general, t bat ttieir I'irat Arm al Ha l will taka place at Odd Felowa' llx I, \av> Yard on Deceml-er Slat. ' Prof. YVithers' Ce cbrated ia ?u>t?rd Im tke occasion. No bate or caps allowed in the room exc ;.t tk..?s worn hy the respective Clubs. Ticket* ONE HOLLAH?to b# bad of an* men, k'tuf the Club, and at the door onlU tvtuiq i.f the Ball. ruwitiiH'i ?/ j<rraar?w???f?. John Nokea. Jamca Foi rearer. Joaeph Pegg, William Mi..?. dSS-M* An'bony Thompson. YY ASHINGTON THKATRK. Lessee W Sti i*t. The management l?(> to announce that the \< w Theatre will be finished on the .Kin l>.c nit ei, *i. f will l>e opened tin JANIIAK Y lat. 14V1. The Company will u.ciud* Mr. Biake, Mrs. Blake. Mr. ? ester, Mrs. Vernon. Mm. Hoc*. Mr. Mmn. Mim (ianron, Mr. T. K. Johntlor, Mr. Nrrton, Mrs. Cooke. Mrs Alio*, .Sir. \\*, Mr, k || Hitewyritt,Mr.firntvsanf. with the -ntire coinp*n? ol \\ a.lack'* I beetle, New York, al^rnat ng between W nrhitigtou *i?l N*w York, as required. Maiemoiselle TERESA ROLI.A. Mr. Paul Hrillaut, Mile Julia Lehman. Mile L*hm?n, Mr. Schi'i-ert, aad the full Co>r* >le B*llet of ,ViU*?n, ?r? like wise engnged to inaugurate the opening peifotiu ano*e. The celebrated " Fair* Star," MISS AGNES ROHKRTSON. will appear on Monday, January l&th. The Eminent Comednn, MK.CHAKI.I-> MATHEWS. will appear on Mouday.tth February. ID" Partiea deairous of retaining Seats for th? hrat two performance*) wnl please leavetheir uan a. at Metzerott's Music Store. Star Buildmsa. <1.4 fHt SIXTH ANNUA I. BAI.L 1 or THE Montgomery Guards, WAS HI Xti TO V * J S.S EMKLY R O O M S. 1.011*1 A.\ * AvrMk, On MONDAY KYKMNti, January 4th, l&i,{. The MO\T(iOMF.R V GUAR l> annooneiog this their Sixih Annual Ball. pl?-dtre tli?iu- rl selves to spare no prima in making it the Ball jfl o| tli* Hensofi. JtH Esputa* celebrated'tmud is encased for theLw&k occnfion. Refreslimeiils and Supper will be served b* anex perienoed and popular <-aterer. Tickets. ONK HOLLAR: admitting a ..eni emit and 'adiow. No liatr. w ill bd worn in tlio I>al! K<?*m except l?y the miinary. Commitlte of Jrrnf'M ?(?, Capt. Kev, I. eut. < Mdneid. I.lent. Kellelicr, Serr. Murray. Private Enrieht, Private J. O. |,e?-Y. Qr Mast. Maker. d tn SUBSCRIPTION S U I K K F. Subscriber^ are respect fill It i :. for tried that th? first SUBSCRIPT I '. N MMItKH ? i take pla. it the New Phillioriiionio Hall, adjoining tie Star Office, on TI'F.SDA V KYKNING. l??o 2??th, 18S7. Withers* Aaaembly Band has twen secured. d a St MKLODEON. I.atk Cspim' Hut, Pennxglrama ar'aa/,a#sr l<>r?. GRAND OPENING NIGHT or Landis' Virginia Minstrels. TIIE M A N A<?ER takes pleasure in announcing to the citizena and xtrancers o| \Vasbirr*<>n and vic.nity. that lie has htted up tbealiove Hall in the moat recherche manner, with a splendid sfage. pro oenium, seats. Ac. and decorated in a m?>st o*t ? manner?making it. all in all, the tiest and hands<>ni esr p'ace of amusement in the District. The above Mall will tie opened f??r tfe season on thursday EVENING. I?ec 24th. Performance on CHRISTMAS DAY at three o'clock Admission 25 cents; Orcheatra Seats 3R cents. JOHN W. EANl>IS. Manager. M. R. Coomb*. Treasurer. I.kk Mallohy, Business A^ent. d?3 d ave til & G2RAND M1LITAHY AND CIVIC HAM. ? or th if Washington Yagers. Tha VV ASHING TON YA'>ERS l?eg leave_tk? anuounce to their friends and tne public sen erally, tb?f they will tive their Hall, at the Asaemti > Rooms on MON DA V E VeN I Ni. .i December 2?ih. If57. ( The fommiltee plfd^e themselves to make tin? one of the liest H* Its of the ?wiioi>. The Bar and Supper will be furnished by C. Schafcr. Wel?er's Celebrated Band has bet n engaged lor the occiaton. Tickets ON E DOLLA R, adiiiittinx a Gent einan and Ladies. Committee of ArranK<Mfm's. O.S. F.. Loe^ler, S*t. G. Schu'r. Sgt John Wahl. Corp. P. Sttazmg. Private C. Just. d 15 T.Th.S. ,'l'h.S.M Anniversary of the bait- t- ??r NEW ORI.EANS.-Tne Fnion GuanU take great pleasure in anni>uncing to th^ir friends, military and civic, that the r Third/"* Annual Rail will take plaoeatthe Asremb'yLaJV^ Rooms, I ouisiana avenue, on tbe ?lh >.f Janu.?t\. Fur'her particuiais in future notice. d 22-tf (States 1 WAFTS. WANTED- A servant YVOMAN. ae.. reoonim i d <d. to do the cooking, wa^biiu ar d housework lor a family ol three persona. Appl? ??i 472 10th street, between D and E streets, d -t >i WANTFD.-I a i sh to rent, for a tei m of \ ears, a small FARM, near the city. lor the purpose or cultivating a market garden. Any p*r> wi>l> ing to rent such a place will p'e^e taken know i to ma at Mr. D. Clagett'a Farm,on'Se P aok K. ad. near the city. EMOS d 2K-M Employment \>anted?b? as'eady.m duatriou* n,arrie?l maf? ha* a cheat ol ? mp" ter s Tools, snd knows how to use then ; l.:ts sr.-ik ed one year at Photograph Printing Hu>mess. Ha no objection to drive and take care ?.f a horse. I w .ges withaaUady #ituation will be taken. Best of reoommendat ions furno h-d. l^ail on oi a<l.lre?> A. W. H-. Ifl Vh street, naar N streer It* 117ANTED?A GIRI. to do genera. hou?*?i rk Apply .at iS7 New Jers<-> avenue, l<eh?w the C?i?i?t S'irv < \ . (1-4 .t ' A LADY' perfectly competent to track Music si. sw French, with the Kug'iah br? nchca. de* re SITU ATION in a lamtlr. either m tiisms try. She can give eaeelient refetpiiiih Athlres. M PS, E. II AH Dl Ni?. YY'asi Miiitwu P??st < D. to An uitervieu- ctu l<e had at corner It t h *tree: and Pa. avetiue, at Mrs. Betk's. d 2< e< 3 " WANTED?A steady YVOM A N to <hi genna housework for a sn.all fa4n;ly. App.i on the corner of 13th and L streets. d 23 tl WANTED.? A Woman to take ?are of a l>oy in his third sear. She muit come *>? recommended and bring her recommendations will, her. App!y to JNO. SCIIWARTZ. 46a Pa a\. d 28 St W I M M K 1) I A T ELY ?A lum??hr.l HOUSE, with five or six chamber*, ear!.**, and dining room. Apply to No. Ihl Browns'Hotel, d I* tl' \lfANTED ?SIX to EIGHT TlltMSAM* ' * DO LL a R S, for three or li ve sears, lor a'hitli security will l?e g.v.n in Real E?tate Mtuated ?>:i ' eun avenue, betaeeu Rtli and H'th st*. Inuu rr- i.t this oihoe. 4 ivtf VV ANTE 1) T<? HIM E.--|. r t he I <? r i years, anctnetl on au nnpri?v?-d farm. o| ??' acres h? a deed ol trust, situaied near liiecitt. Ii> tercet paid annua Is. Ant one wishing to int est n wr41 Wl" P'ease addiess J. H. S.. ?< x Y\ ashington city, atati'iS when and where *" 'titer view can be had. Interest paid tf pre fetred. w t"-tf |\!OTICE.?'The aubacrilter having just opened i?n l\OFFICEo? GENERAL INTELLH-KN I at N?i. 319 C street, l?et seei, *th and 7th. ai.d next '?? Todd'a Hat Store, ami opposite Bank of Waatunr ton, reqneata the eitizens of Y\ aalung*on t?igi?-e hun encouragement. The sul?acni>er's . hie?-t i? secure good aeivauts t?? our citiz ns, at?<l to Inn) suitable places f??r Servants who roms well reo??ni mended. Such as desire emplorment, and suuh a? are m need of pr?>per Servauts. should give me aca I as soon sa convenient. t..DnM?, d7-lni* JEROME G ll.LISS. LOST AHD FOUND. L OST-"n the 2SJ inatant, near the eorner of <*h j and M streets. orStli stie. t ai.<: Cei tre Mi'k' ? a DAGUERREOTYPE of a I Adv. now decease.!. The tinder will oonler a great favor, and will tlao l>* liberalU rewarded, by leaving it at this othce. d 24 St* MAYOR'S OFFICE, ^ M loet YVs*hi*otos. Dec. 22. UW. The usderrgneJI will, until Tueadas, the ?k ia atant, receive offere lor the loan of fifteen thoinanu dollar* to the Corporatma of YY aahingtoe b>r eae rear.ataiz percent, interest, in aiimi of rot les? han one thousand tfollara. Tkia kiau will be "?so under authority of an act approved Deoemtier *?'. IKS7, autborianig the mayor to auticipate toe re?e nuea of the city for the purpoae of paying for the ereotion ol a new alrm house and other eurretit tx peaewa of the Corporation. d2a-td W. B. MAGRl'DER. Mayor. JUST RECEIVED?A apleinlid lot of hee fre." ?alt water OVSTERh. which will^^. f\ be sold at a low arioe, acoordiug to li# ^^mioiwiiii. d 3S-St oorner of Itth and F street*,