Newspaper of Evening Star, 28 Aralık 1857, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated 28 Aralık 1857 Page 4
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EVENING STAR. A PSALM Of LIII. What tk* H*?ri of on* Etf 5*?d to Another. IirOlTll BY HOWKfltW' Tell m? not. is asoorufal numbers, I.Ife IS hut an empty dream! Chickens in their oval a unil?ers Arc by no m?u? wlmt they iwi. Life i? reel. lif* is earnest; And this shell is not its pen; Egs taou art, and egg reaiamest. Was not spoken or the hen. Not enjoy ment. and not sorrow, Is our destined end or way; But to scratch. that each to-morrow Finds ns fatter than to-day,, Art is Ions, and time is fleeting. Be our bills then sharpened well; Not like muffled drums be beating On the inside of the shell. In the world's broad?eld of I*ttl0, In the treat b?rn*aTd of life, B > not like the lasy oa'tle. Be a rooster to the strife! Tr jst no hawk, however pleasant. And yet nevurbe it said, W lien the birds of prey wore present. Yon were skulk ng in the shed. Lives of old onek* al ? remind us We can make our lives sublime; Awl when roasted leave behind us Bird traoks in the sand o| time. Bird tracks, tbat perhaps another Chiokendrooping in tne rain, A toriors and hen pecked brother. \V hen he sees shall ahall crow again. Let ns then be after hatching, tiiinn neari lor every I tie. Ever crowing, ever scratching, l.earn to oackie and to prate! Cat* Co*. Cask is Straccss. N.Y.?'The fyiruw Standard Imrim some of the particu lars of a case of entn. cum between parties who reside in that e?tv, which will probably soon mike some stir among the scandal lovers. The lady is the wife of a wealthy farmer named Black, residing a few miles from Syracuse, and the man is a well known officer of the United State* government in that city. The lady had been suspected, and a short time sine# she start ed from home to go West on a visit. Th? of ficer started about the same time, and the pair we e watched and discovered in Buffalo in a Crullar pusftTin. The liusliand of the faithless dy, who is a very respectable and wealthy man, has Instituted a suit for trim, con , and will probably apply tor a divorce. Sucli occur rence* are not unfreqnent In the Immoral city of Syracuse?at least so we Lave been informed. A r*sident of Syracuse once remarked that twoout of five of the married women of tbat city warn addicted to drink and free love associations Syracuse may be Justlv considered the hotlied of immortality ."with a Splendid yield of forbidden but SniiiLi Editors ?The editors of Kentucky met in Convention at Frankfort on the ltfth Inst., and agreed to adopt the cash system after the 1st July next. \fjT The corset manufacturers, who are very numero is in Wurtemburg. Germany, feel the ef fects of the financial revulsion in America, more severely than any other branch of industry. [jjr The Tribune says : '* We are prepared to state, 01 the best authority, that since tne crisis began, there has been an addition of fifteen hun dred pr >stitute? to the grand army of the God forsaken and broken-hearted in this city." 0hocriso?In Cincinnati, thirteen of the young lady teachers in the public schools, as ap pears from the report of a very special committee appointed to examine minutely into the myste ries of the interesting subject, have lately resign ed In consequence of approaching matrimonial alliances |p* The new Congress, it i* said, presentstbe fact that among the northern democrats there are but ten who have ever before sat in Gpngres* The South pursues a different practice. Of the Virginia delegation, for example, the average term of service in Congress is eight years. C7~ A new kind of omnibus has b^en recently Introduced in England The conductor, when the vehicle is full. In hot weather, has only to turn a small handleaiid the roof is at once raised, giving a rush of fresh air into the interior; if the weather is cold, the roof can be lowered in less than a minute. A Giiit Work ?It scms now probable that the first volume of the '? Historical Dictionary of the French Language," at which the Arndeinv has been working since 1*<53 or 1S31, will l?e pub lished bef?re the end of the vear. Although this volume contains more than 4:>0 quarto pages, yet It does not include more than the fortieth part of the letter A Where's Webstar* HT Park Benjamin has been having ' a hit of a row" with the Mercantile Library folks of Cin cinnati. Suit for breach of contract?I!bel suit and tbat sort of diversion. The Cincinnatian give Benjamin a coat of as many colors as that of tne scriptural man of the same name, and Benja min retorts with a good deal of virultnce Clear the ring ! IT/" A Mr. Hawthorn, of South Canaan, Ct , had recently been butchering, and his son assist ing him, during which the bov got considerable blood on his clothing. On going into (he stable to water and feed the horse, the animal be -aiue furious by the sinell of the blood, attacked the lad. pawed him with his fore feet, breaking bis thigh, and would have killed him had not the boy crept under the manger ARRIVALS A T PRINCIPAL HOTELS BROWNS' HOTEL.-W A Ouarnln, Va; W B Burglett and daughter, Kv; II D Barrett, do; A Majors. Md: J Adtms ami family Va; J Grav do, D Howard, do; T B Monroe, ir, Ky ; J as C Pendergast, NY; J W Hughes. Mo; H Hump hill, Md; J B Steediiisn and family, O ; W B Fethermsn, Va; T J TLomai, F B Straus. Pa; C Gacbet J P Batthews. Na; .Mrs Baker NY; .Miss Millard. Mass; W H Reed, do ; J I! Bradbury. NY; J Theisen, Teaas; H B Rogers, NY; Jas S Hill man, do; T Taylor, jr. and ladv. Va ; S I. Hentzler. NY; A A Kagg. Md; L r* Bragaw, N Y; C A Errlcson and lad,', Va, L Mahon, Ky; R Boyce. SC ; M F MeGehee, Alias; A liartuiig, Va; E O HoeBirk, do. Josbu i S?al, Del; A How ell, Va; G llairston, do ; Mr Kelly, Md ; Jas B Smith, Fa: J Richardson, NY; A H Toibert. Pa; W rt Barnard, Va. U. 8 HOTEL. (L. O.Smith s.)?J ,\1 A Arm bruter, J M McClintock, G S Goetz. J M Hunger ford. Md; J A Christian, A Finch, NY. J C Wad dle. M E Waddle, Va; Col J Walias, R J and J C Willlngham, S Car: E Ward, Va; G II Jones and lady. Oregon; W T Hansen. Mrs Han son. Miss J Hanson. Texas; F Fog. Va, C A Mc Lvoy. R F G'een, Md. |)r C M F Hedges. M S Barber*, J H Long, T Allen, W Preemaa, Va, O W Herbert, Md ' ' WILLARDS' HOTEL ?G A Lewis. N Y; W M Armstrong and lady. I' * N; p Q Eaton and lady. E O Guy and lady, N V; I) C West and Iv. Va, W liegeman. NYk; A Douglas, jr, Mass, W Burch. F B Pen nl man. NYk; II Fuller, do; Chan Ma.-kav. Eng; tieo I Train, Australia; H F Wen dell. Va; Miss Butchinrou. N H; H C Edes, do; A A Mo?s. Pa; Dr Lynch. t'SN; B H Bartol, Pa, E Maswiw, NY, Col M M Payne. t'SA K1RKWOOD HOUSE.?M Howlautl, NY; E DescLappeile*. La; C Arndoz. do; A F Chisholm, Ark; G W Field and ly. N ^ ; R A M an ford. la; J C Harrl?on. Va; L Brentwood, Mi?s; J L Kinsrsley, NY; Mr Lyon, do: G Munson, Cal: J Marks. La; H C Jenks. Va; A Underwood. Fla WASHINGTON HOL'SE ?B F Bishop. Mrs M L Bishop, Mrs Jones, pa; Rol>ert Hultz. Md; W Agen, Pa; L Clark. Md; IN Kent, Me; W B Ctteblag, Md; S H Helb. Va OCEAN STEAMERS SAILING DA VS From thr Ujiitrd Statrs. Stemmgrl. Lt*f. For. Dmyt Edinburg New York...Glasgow.... Dec 30 From EcRorc. Persia LI verpool...New York...Dec It* Arago Southam'n..New York...Dec ltt Cltf Baltimore. Liverpool...New York...Dec ltt The California mail steamer* leave New York ?a the 5th and 90th of each month. Mince meat:-mince meat:: We have a suppiy of Dumesiio Minoe Meat wbiek caouot he surpassed. KING A BI RCH ELL, d S oorner 15th street and Vermont avenue. T CARRIAGES. HE Subscriber hnviuK niaUe adilitions to his Padi'r;, Making it now one of Hie largest in the District, wnere his facilities for man ii fact urine ai kinds of CAM^ RM<?ES and LIGHT WAOONS ouwiot l>e sur paated.aad Irom Qis long experieno? in the busi ness. he hopea to give general satisfaction. A.i kinds o| Carriages and Light Wagous kept on hard. All REPAIRS neatly doae,and ail orders prompt ly attended to, SeoutMi-haud Carriages taken in exuhange for now ones. ANDREW /.JOYCE, d l*-tf corner of Uth and E si*. CHINESE SL GAR CANE SY R LP.?An arti cle much improved in the manutaeturefrom that first made, is just received from Keevea'Mill, a.:d Jbr sale by J. B. WILSON, Grooer. No. I<r7 Pennsylvania avenue. The public are re?iuested not to take the various Syrups m tiie market, aa specimens of this now of 3ps1 ; or sven that hrst made, which we ate m-w ling at haif pnoe. J. B. WILSON. And, also, a full assortment of ehoiee Groceries for aaie by dlA-2w J ESSE B. WILSON'. i ON DON JL'VKVII.E BOOKS. t Hans Aixierson'a Tales and Fairy Stories, Louis's School Days, Saiiford and Merton, K.vermes at Home. Edgar Clifton, or It ight and Wrong. Esperansa. or the H<>tne of the Wanderers, Grimm's Home Stories, The Castaways, or Adventures la Africa, Sax ei lord, a Story for the Young, Pvery Roy's Book, airy Taiea of the Countess D'Aulncy, Arabtaa Niahts, Robinson Crusoe. ust received by ? * RANCH TAYLOR* Piano*, 6e. a A#?af? sntfrcsnsr & ssvsyotw sale at oar store for #250 cash, or a m>t( ?t ihort date bearing interest, with gr*>d endoraer, theowner compelled front prirats oironmetaacaa to fore* Mud Piano off. I mm prepared to warrant and soar antee uud Piano aa firmly and atroiutly ae any Piano i ever void. Tina la a bargain iu reakty. Alio, a large stock of new Pianoa. Pianoa for rant by evening, mouth, quarter, or year. JOHN K. ELLIS, SW Penn. sveane, n 87-tf near KKh atreet. Five more op raven, bacon * co.'s w ,U|>*rior PIANOS, jeet arrived at Warerooms of _ J W. G. METZEROTT. ? - - - - Seoond hand Pianoa for sale oheap. n 3#-tf flUNNS ft CLARKE'S^ WALLETT. DAVIS * CO.'S* ? ? ? ?? CELEBRATED PIANO FORTES, Constantly receiving and for aale only by john F. ELLIS, 306 Pa. ar., between 9th and 10th ate. Purohaaera will find it to their intercut to examine for themaelvea the aupenor qualities of the above Pianoa. Stools, Covers, Melodeons, Ac., 4q., alao on hand. n 16-tr ff^OLD MEDAL PREMIUM U PIANO FORTES. WILLIAM~KNABE, (Senior partner in tlie late hrm of Knabb, ?aewi.r ft Co., Continnes the manufacture and sal a of grand and square PIANO FORTES, under Wie name?4^ of William Knabe ft Co., at the old stand. beiski Nos. 1, S, 6 and 1 North Eutaw atreet op- HI mil posite the Eataw Hoaaa, Baltimore. They have alao juat opened a new Sales Room at No 2U7 Baltimore street, between Charles and Light streets, on the premises partly occupied by Mr Henry McCaffery aa a music atore, where they will keep constantly on hand a large aaaortment of plaia and hirhly-finished grant! ai.<l square Piano Fortes aiao, Melodeotis, from the beat makers, from 4 to 5 octave, some with double keg boards, double reeda, atops to soit small ohurones. Being extensively engaged in the manufacture cf Pianos, we will sell wholesale and retail, on the mot t liberal terras. Our Piau>>s were awarded the highest premium (gold medailat thu Fairs ol the Mary laud Institute two suocessive years? Ootober, I MA, and>?in op position tt> fourteen and eighteen pianos from some ot the best makers from New York. Boston and Bal timore. We wore also awarded the first premium at the Industrial Exhibition held in Riohmond, Vir ginia, 1966 and 1866. Tuey have also been awarded the highest premium (silver medal) at the Metro politan Mechanics' Fair for 18J7. In addition to this we are in possession of testimo nials from the moat diatinguiahed profoasors and amateurs iu the oountry, which can he aeen at our warerooma, speaking for themselves and others of tbe high appreciation in which our instruments are ?ver* where held. All instruments are guaranteed for five years, \nd a privilege of exchange is granted within the first six months from the day ol sale if the instruments do not give entire satisfaction. Wholesale dealers will find it to their advantage to give us a aa!! before purchasing. Pianos exoftanged, hired, and tuned. 16-ly WM. KNABE ft. CO. THE MUSIC DEPOT OF W. G. METZE ROTT, corner of Elevnuth atr.-nt mil, r 1 ?jjj Pennsylvania avenue, is the largest sndSywr^yi only oomplete M u?ica1 Establishment in'* ? * ? the District of Columbia. Baron, Ravnn ft Co 'a ar.d Roaenk range's cele brated PI A.NOS are alway* <>n hand in rr*vt vnrie ty:also. Prince's superior MKI,(M)K<lNS Together with an immense stock of Musical Iu struments and Sheet Muaio of every description. Pianoforte tuning executed by Mr. Rcbme. d 9-tf xnwiranoe, *o. g ? L D AND SILVER PURCHASED AT THE BEST RATES. FORE Hi N BILLS OF EXCHANGE SOLD. ON THE PRINCIPAL POINTS IN EC ROPE, IN SUMS TO SUIT. GOLD CVRRFNCY, AND VIRGINIA MO. A E Y ACCOUNTS, WILL FE OPENED FOR DEPOSITORS, PAYABLE IN SAME FUNDS, OR IN GOLD. CHARGING THE CURRENT RATES.?CH EC ES MUST BE fit ARE E D ACCORD INUL Y. SIGHT DRAWS ON ALL THS PRINCl PAL CITIES OF THE UNION, SOLD IN SUMS TO SUIT. BONDS AND STOCES SOLD ON COM MISSION. UNCURRENT MONEY BOUGHT AND SOLD. LAND WARRANTS PURCHASED AT THE HIGHEST RATES. SWEENY, rittenhousk, FANTft CO., d ? 3?n Hankers. J1 EN PER CENT. INVESTMENT. Corporation Bonds of the City of Dsver-port, Iowa, pa, ins 10 per c?nt. interest by Coupon in New 1 ork. Bonds of $^10 each. The growing city ?! Davenport lias uow aliout inhabitants, and is rapidly increasing in wen th and population. Its municipal debt is only ? and its railroad debt only #I25,i'S>, unJ cannot now be increased. 'I be statistics of the city were published in the Intelli gencer of the S'tn September. We reooniiiiend these bonds, believing thein to bo as sale as any Stats or city bonds. 006 CHUBB BPOTHERH WASHINGTON INSURANCE COMPANY. ? CHARTERED BYCONQRkSB Cimu.~. f*?,000!!! This Company Is now prepared to reoeivs applica tions for INSURANCE ON 1 BUILDINGS, MER chandise, ftn., at the uaual City rat>-s, without any 'vtmree for Policy, at their Office, comer ol renth Street and Pennaylvnnia Avenue, over the Washington City Savings Bank. ? ? directors. Win. F.Bayly, Snmuei Baoon. Jreeph Hryan, James F. Halnlay, Wm. (>rme, Hudson Taylor, Francis Mohan, M. W. Gait. Benj. Ilea!I. JAM ES C. McGUIH E, President. SliyTnN D. hansom. Secretary. ap ll-ly UANKING HOUSE OF I> _CIIUBB BROTHERS. Dsroaivs.?Deposits reoeived and Cheoks paid without charge. Drafts on the northern seaboard oities received on Deposit at par, and Kxohange on said Cities furnished to depositors without ohargs. Istkrkbt os Dkposits.?Interest will be allowed on Deposits at auck rates as mar be agreed upon. Deposits jji Virginia ?nn lnccrrknt Mo.xkt. Ueposita in Virginia and other Uncurrent Money re oe.ved to be c!ic-k?*1 for, payable in same funds, or 10 apecie, we charging the regular KxaJiange. IiiacoL'N is.?Notes, Drafts,anc' Billaof Fxcnancs wi.l be discounted, and Loana inadeoiiSlocka, Bonda, and Seouritiea, at the ina'ket rate. Lsttzk* or Cmkuii.?Letters of Credit will be furnished, negotiable in the different Cities of the Lnited State*, on Deposit of Money or Collaterala. and interest allowed if Money is deposited, and charged 11 such terms as may beo?(reed B son. TkAVBLiwo Bills or KxcHANax.?Travelerswil! famish**] with draft* in such ?tiin? as n^jr he d? sired i.cgot.a!<ie in the diflerert Cities of the Union. Bills and Lxttks?<ivchelitoji E>,hk lasd and Evaore.?Bills of Exchange and Letters of Credit on rlngiai.d, Ireland and Europe, furnished at the market rate for Exchange, in sums to suit. Bo.ii<?, Stocks. A 0.? Uouda, Stocka, and Securi Jiaa paying from 6 to 12 pr. cent., al wnya f?r aale, or boagiit in the different Cities at a connniaaiou of ali pr. oent. Where Stocka are bought upon orders, ws reserve the right to call for a deposit of iu pr. oent on the oost. Bonds or Steaks will be ordered by tel? graph. Railroad, Citt. asd Statb Bomis.-Railroad. City, and State Bonds can be placed in onr hands for negotiation, either in this oountry or Europe. Rmil road Iron puronased for cash or with Bonds. Land Warrant*.?Land Warrants bought at the market rates. All Warranta told by as are gwaraa tttd in every respect. Land Warranta located on oomraiasion. Land^Warrant quotations regularly furiushad if re 'V'arrants will be forwardedfo Weatern Hooaes on orders, or sent for sal* on ooouiuse.on to responsible partiee. Real Estatb and Inspranckh.- Real Estate bought and aold, and Inauraricoa effected, Claims on United Statks, Court o? Claims, CoMeaEss.-Claima ou the United Stafee, before the Coert of Claims or Congress, intruated to us, will be proeeouted by prompt arid ahle attorneys. CHUBB BROTHERS, ** Opposits the Troaanry. Banki n <7 house or CHUBB BROTHERS. Depoaitois depoaitinc Hunk Notes will please mark their Check a m currency. Depoaites of Gold will i>? paid 111 4>o!d. Accounts will be opened with dep<>aitors allowing theru to depoait fiind and <?heck Tor currcnoy, Phe depositor l>eiug credited wi'h tliw difference. _se? ?f CHUBB BROTHERS. |NTEREST ALLOWED ON DEPOSITES." MONEY le LOAN ? STOCK SECURITIES CHUBB BROTHERS. BANKERS. _?P _ Opp?iU Ik* TViatsry, TVI I No. *.! 1 vOTICF* OF THE REMOVAL OF THE LANDOFFD E FROM MINNEAPOLIS TO isHMostr-IN ?E ti:kk,tory Iu acoordanoe with the provisions of tie act of Congress. enlnl?*l ? An act authorising: changes in th* location of land nllices," aperoved March 3, i&?l it is herelfy declared ami made known tliat the oflics for the sale of the publio lands at MtNEAroLis in the Territory of Minnesots. will he removed to FoR^y Citv.iu said Ttrritocy, mt at early a ftrxod at pranirablt. Further notioe aa to the preciae time of removal will tie issaed by the register and receiver for the land dial net. Siven under my hand, at the city of Washington, this sth day of D eoemher, A. D. I Ml. By order of the Preaident: THOS A. HENDRICKS, Commissioner of the General Laod OSes. d 10 lavb - MeLA UGH LIN'S. N'WAmniiiii. ITks IMwwyw> iAii The ATLANTIC Oapt. Othrer EUndge The BALTIC OB**. Joseph Comjtock Tm ADRIATIC ? Cart. JunN Wwrt. Theae ships haviag been feailt by eontraat upiwll for Government MrriM, m?t tm kM b*M MM in their oonatruotion, as also in tto?ir mkioti. to ia g * atrangth and apead, and their aaoommodatioaa paaaantar? ara unequalled for elegaaoe and ooat t. Tha steamers of thie lia? Kara improved water tight eompartmants. and bo expense una beenspared to make them all as good as Dev. tha thorough a*am ination given them proves their mode of oonaii Mo tion yet unequalled. Prwe of |un?? rrom Naw York to Liverpool. ia 'i"5TS3 S' ??: fiiSTAim CrMSSS? HW3S; |sp!ig; Satuntay, A pril 24 IH5K Saturday, May 1 1H5* Wednesday, M'?h .185* Wednesday, M'cli 3 . Id68 Weduesuat. April?S 1868 Wednesday, May 12 IKS# v. ?? ??i mi? j i j i \\ ed i test lay , M ay X. . last Saturday, .Mar 22 1858, Wednesday, June St . I&V Saturday, June 5 ?1858 Wednesday, June :3 ia 8 Saturday. June lit ia?U Saturday, July 3.?.1&8 Saturday, July 17 I85? Saturday, Aug. 14 Isttn Saturday, Aug.2b ....I8&H Saturday,Sept. II ...IJ5H Saturday, Sept. 15 ...lasts Saturday, Got 9 18MJ Saturday, Oct. iS.... .1858 Saturday , Nov. b.... .I85t Saturday, Nov. *?. ...1858 Anurday, L>90.4?^.18?8 Wednesday, July 7...185M Wednesday, July 21..Ii 8 Wednesday, Aug. 4..1fc.3 Wednesday, ^pt. I 1858 Wednesday, Sept. IS l&sa Wednesday, Sept. Wednesday, Oct. 13 lgSJ Wednesday, Oct.2r .Ii58 Wednesday, Nov. 10.1868 Wvduesday, Nov. 24.1858 Wednesday, Deo. 8 .18 8 Wednesday, Deo. 22 18(8 For freight or passage, apply to EI)W AK D K. COLLINS, No. 56, Wall atreet. New Vorg. BROWN, SHIPLEY A CO.. Liverpool. B. G. WAIN WRIGHT A CO., Pane. The owners of ttieso ships will not bo aooountahla for gold, silver, bullion, specie, jewelry, precious stones or inetals, unless bills of lading are signi ' therefor and the value thereof expressed therein. W A?HlNG'l'ON BRANCH KAILKUaU. TRAINS RUN AS FOLLOWS: From WASHINGTON at 6 a. m., connecting at Relay with trains lor the West, and at Baltimore with those for Philadelphia and New Vork;at 8.% a. m.. for Annapolis, Baltimore, Philadelphia, aud New York ; at 3 p. m. for ualtitnare and Norfolk and at Relay with Frederick train. EXPRESS at 4.4J p. Relay for the West, an? for Annapolis, Baltimore, Philadelphia, ana New Vork. On Sunday at 4.9ft p. m. From BALTIMORK for WASHINGTON at 4.15 and 9.15 a. m.. 3 and 5.15 p. m. On Sunday at 4.15 a. m. je 12 tf T. H. PARSONS. Agent. ( |HangkaniTalex anuria railroad ? RKAT SOUTHERN MAIL LINE Twine Daily, (Sunday nights eiaepfnd.) hetweet WASHINGTON CITY' and the SOUTH, via feLEXANDRlA.GORDON3VILLE and RICH OND. Leaves Washington at ti o'olock a. m. " Washington at 7 o'clook p a<. For LYNCHBURG and"the SOUTH WF.ST. Leave Washington at 6 o'clock a. *ni.. arrive u. LYNCH BURG next morning at 4 a. in., connecting with the trains <ui the Virginia and Tennessee Rail Road for MEMPHIS. Mail Stages from Char ottesvilte to Lyimhburg a distance of tyi miles. ^ Fare from Washington to Lyuciihurg, $7.75. The steamer GF.ORGE PAGE, f'H>t of Seventh street, being owned liy the Railroad Company, runs in nonnedion with the trains. Tickets for Lynohbiirg procured on the Boat. fr/-On>nibu-eP. and tlacguge Wagons will no it f ha Depot of the Washington Railroad, t?> rwnvm pas tensers nnd lwg*a^e to th? Steamt>oa? , for Alexan dria, a distance oi six miles, ai.owing ample tune for meals. JAMES A. EVANS. Agent. Alexandria, July. 1857. if 3 tf NKW AND IMPORTANT SCHEDULE. FOR AI L PARTS OF THE WEST. BALTIMORE AND OHIO RAILROAD. The recent extension and improvement of Us iead ins oonneoling lines at the West luis required an en tire revision of the running a< rangeinents of < his road '7 which highly unportaal advantages t<> the trav eler are secured. On and alter MONDAY, June 15. I8.V7. THREE DAILY TRAINS will Lo run in both directions for through passenger*. r Fi/m?Tha ACCDMMODATION 1 KAlNstarta from Caim'en Station. Baltimore, at 7 A .M.,(exoept Smidny,) ?toP* at way stations and arrives at Cum <>eriand at 4 P. M. 8?o??nd?The MAIL TRAIN (Suniinr ex oeptyd)at b '?? A. M.. and arriTes at Wheeling at 4 A. ooni:ccling at Beuw.- tid wiih Central Ohio trains for ('oiuml us. Cincinnati. Indiai.ap ?lis, l.<>n isvi'le, Chtcngo. St. Louia^jAc., and af same place with trains fur Cleveland. T<-led?, Detroit, Ao., t>y Cleveland Road, and also at Parkersburg with 5ls rietla Road. Third?The ST. LOUIS and CINCINNATI hX PR KSS TRAIN leaves dailv at 5/V5 P. M., oon neotiiicat Benwoodat9A. M.with express trains from Bellasre to Cincinnati, (tnrAour cknnt* ?/ Can at Columbu*,) and reaching there in (>ut 2S hours from Baitimi>re and 26 hours from Washing ton. It also connect* directly, in !?oth directions, at tir.-kflmi with oars hr Parkersbtirg ard Marietta rouds for Chillioothe. Ciiicinnnti, etc. These trains ooi-iieot at Xcnii for Indianapolis. Chicago igid ^t. Louis, and at Cincinnati with the Great Ohio and Misxisbippi Fxprens for l.<ansville, Cairo anJ St. Loins through to St. I.ouis inlessthan 4^hoursfrom Baltimore. Hy this tiain the riw to all the centra and southern piat/os in the W'e?t is much less, while the di muii >e is from 4<i to I'm miles shorter than by the shortest of other routes. From the West these oonrieehons are equal!* close and satisfactory, ar rivi.-ig af Baltimore at 8.3H A. M. IL/~ Ba?ea*e checked throurh to all points. THROUGH TICKETS sohl at lowest rales at Cumden Station aud at WaslunKton. D. C. Passengers from Haltimore <?r Washington may ?i?u> the miirt roa<i f>y t/ayhf \r, l?y taking morn ing trams, Ijrmg over at Cumberland or Oak laud, and resuming aext morning by Wheeling Ao oominooation train, leaving Cumberland at 8 and Oakland at 1<'.5?. ^ FOR WAY PASSENGERS. The Cumberland AcoomimMJation Train at 7 A.M., Will stop at all Stations east of Cuinl<er!and, and tne Wheeling Accommodation at all Stations heyoud ]Camtterland going West. l.astwarJIy, the Mail ram leaves W heolmg at 8.Dn A. M.,anu Acoommo ation leaves Cumberland at 9, reaching Balt.morf at 5 JU r. iVI. oWSLXS1* Northwestern Virginia l?R ANCH, between GrafUm and Parkerstiurg, way passengers will take the Express westwardTy and the Mail sastwardiy. The FREDERICK TRAIN starts at 4 P. M.. etopoing at way stations. I,eaves Frederick at 9.15 A. M.,arriving at Baltimore U mKm. The KL J .ICO'l'T'S MILL TRAIN leaves at 5 45 A. M., am. 5.15 P. M. Leaves Eilicott'a Mills at 7 A. <ii. aud 7 P. M., except Sunday. FOR WASHINGTON AND THE SOUTH, heave B.iltin.ore To.- Washington at A. M.,3aiid5.|5 P. M. On Suudajs at 4.15 A. M.. an<1 S.I5 r. INT.only. Leave Washing ton for Baltimore at 6 and A. ^ Sundays at 7 A. M., and 4 4> I*. M. only, I he first and foorth trains from Baltimore,and the lotonu aiiU fourth tra:n* from Wnslitngton, will tie express mail trains, stopping only at Washington Junotion and Annapolia Junction. - Th,eo?,ll""d lrK'.n* ,r9n' Baltimore and the 8.? and 4 "/i Wains from W ashinglou connect with tha trams froin Annapolis. u-vV'r.t,?N?i?,,?fI,r,n,ltion' far?? 4o- apply to J. T. hNOLAND, A^eut, at the Ticket office, CamJau ? - . WM. S. WOODSIDE, Jy is- tr Master of Transportation. Baltimore. *JME PACIFIC ?IAIL^STEAMSHIP COM One of the Steamships of this Company, carrying yPi^ ^ta'cs Mails for ACAPUI.O, CA LI I" OR NI A, and OR I1GON, loaves<ti|Spfc I a nan ii. twi?? oacn montli. on the I?i0i i #c ,nllBd ^f*'1 ?.?.Compnny'sstaa? ers.whioh leave New Orleans and New \?.rk regu larlf on &ch Hud 20th of mcih inonMi with the mails. VAA PANAMA KAIL These steamships have been inspected and ap pro vml hy theNavy lie part meat, and gaanaly j pad rtft/g $ f\ f [ y. The Panama Railroad (47 miles long) is nowoom Clete?l frion ooean to ocean, and is crossed in 3 or 4 ours. The laiggageof passengers is checked in New Y org tnrougn to San Francisco, and passeugers are emiiarked at Panama by steamer at the oompany'a expense. The money paid in New York covers all expenses of the trip. R eserve steamers are kept in port in Panama and , n r raneisoo. U? prevent detention in case of acci dent. so that the route is entirely ttliMblt?uu fai - are having oo<Mirre?l mi eight years. Passengers leave Panama the same day thar ar rive at Aspinwall. Conduotcrs go thrtioch by eaoh steamer, and takl tors'* children wuhout other proteo For through tickets at the lowe* rates apply at thaageuoy, 177 W?t street. New York, to I. W. RAYMOND,-orto ARMSTRONG. HARRIS A CO., jy 24 tf C. L. ?atLWlg^>M*r 01 JJNITED STATES MAIL LINE ONLYRKUULARLINK AltD WlTIIOtTT UU.URR FOB KI-4IIT > RA US, fOl CALIFORNIA AND OREGON VIA PANAMA RAILROAD. K?ga/ar Smiling Dayi,t>tk t*ik sac* siosii. Cabtiow.?So man? frauds and imposi tions of various kinds have been lately rtn '"vaWs? l>ound to CA LI r CIRNIA, that the atibaoriher. the onijr authorised Ageat for passage bv the U. S. Afail via Pawl^ ?ns iu the oity oi New York, feels it his duty to caution all persons ceekiug passage to California, \ JJ**?V?Ii'*ro!'T?"j tkey must l>? oareful to fend the true office of the Steamships of tha U. S. Y1* Pw?i"a ssuo other office ^ ^th'^iand to engage pasaaga. Tha Companies have only one office in New York, whioh is at 177 \A eat street, o?>rner of Warren street, [an %\rharf R?var, at the head of the Com ICT Obaenre my sign over the door. J ?T TMMW Kins or BVMOft, from , dovon ta a tm?M PtmpU. irtrtS rfUOMtillVOIMM. ? hMuo* in hi* iouMlloa or*roM hit certificate* of itavalaa.all witt? twatty mile* "Y^boal m in wnoUd to ??ra ? naraing Sort MOn?to Urea bottlee will am ttoa warat kind of P4*woar?three bottes will olaar the *y*tam of Bila^ Two bottle* wo warranted to aura the worat Cnnker >? the Mouth and Sto?oh. Three to frre bottle* are warranted to oare the worst kind of Erysipeia*. .. One or two bottlea iri warranted to oure ail Ha roor la the Eyes. _ Two bottlee are warranted to aara Ranning of the tAri and B'otohes am one the Hair.

Four to aix bottlM are warranted to oara ooirupt aad running Floors. One bottle will oure Scaly Eruptions of the i*kia. Two or three bottlea are warranted to oare the Worat kuid of Ringworm. Two or three bottlea are warranted to aara the moat most desperate oaae of Rheumatism. Three to four bottlee are warranted to on re Sait rkeum. Five to eight bottlea will oare the worat eaaa of Soroftala. A benefit la always experienced from the firat bot tle, and a ported cure ia warranted when the above quantity ia taken. IMotbinc looka so improbable to thoee who have in ?ain tn<M all the wonderful medioinea of the day, ae tbr.t a common weed growing on Uie paaturea, and along old etonewalla, should onre every humor inthe ay stem ; yet it ia a fixed faot. If you have a humor, it nas to start. There are no 1 Fa nor A N DS, huma nor ha's about it suiting some eases, butbiot yours. I peddled over a thousand bottlee of it in the viomity of Boston. 1 know the etleots of it in every oaae. It has already done aome of the greateet curea ever done in Massachusetts. I gave it to eluldren a year old, to oid peopieof MXty. 1 have seen poor, puny, wormy-looking children, whoee llesji was aolt and flabby, restored to a perfeot state of health b* oue ^TVithoee who are aub<ect to a aiok headache, one bottle will always oure it. It fives great relief in oatarrh and dizziness. Some who have taken it had Iwsen ooetive for years, aud have been regulated by it. Where the body ia Bound it work* quite easy, but whore there is nny derangement of the functions of will oause very angular feelinga, l.ut you muat not be alarmed; the? alwaya disappear in fro :, four days to a week. There is never a l*id re sult from it; on the oontrary. when that reeling ia gone, yoa will feel yourself like a new person. 1 heard some of the most extravagant encomiums of it that ever man listened to. In my own prmotioe I always kept it striotly for hu mors?bet since lis introduction as a general lainuy medicine, great and wonderful virtues have been found in it that I never suspected. Several oases oi epiieptio fits?a disease which waa always considered incurable, have been ouredbya few IxiiUes. O, what a mere; if it will prove effec tual hi all oases of that awful malady?there are but few who have seen uiore of it than I have. I know of several oases of Dropsy, all of them a*eo people curcd lyr it. For the various diseases of the Liver, Siok Headache, Dyapepsta, AMnina, Fever and Ague, Pain in the Side, Diseases of the Spme, and particularly in Diseases of the Kidneys, Ao., the dihoovery haa done more good thau any medicine ever known. ... . No change of diet ever neoeaaary ?eat the beat yoa oan get and enough of it. /)Trenton* for Use.-Adulta one table apnonful per day?children over ten years dessertapnonful? children from hve to eight years, lea apnonful. Ae no direction* oaxibd npplio*M? ti? all ooiiftilutiom, take sufficient to operate on the Iwiwela twice a day, KANCVA?-TrilKl> *1 D O N A 1. D KK N N K D Y . Ht. !?? Wirrtn Strut. Ilojbu ry, M* iftkmHllt. A tents for Washington.?Chaa. Stntt A Co.. Z. Gilinan, Kidwell ft Lawrence, J. B. Gardner, Hurry A Co., b. Walsh A Co., F. S. Walsn, J. I*. *'?ne. Martin King, Nairn A Palmer. Schwarta A Co. O Boswcll. Daniel H. Ciark, J. P. Milburn, Dunl*r Dyson. Fori A Kro. Agenta for Georgetown.?R. S. CissnM. O M Lent ham. J. L. Kidweil. wtM| A V E R ' ? Cathartic Pills, (SUGAR COATED.) The following remedies- are o| fered to Hie puMicaa the b?'s?. must perfect, which medical acieuco can aiord.^ A VEli'S CATUsRTIf PILLS Imre I., en pr"p-ired with Hit iirmont nkill whieh the me-li |?I p:ofeasion of tins a*" p<>s?*>sses *iH lh?-1r effects aim w the, ha\ n virtues whirh surpass rm* onoiln nn'ioii ? >1 me?lioines hitherto known. IMIiorfrept rations do more or less g<>"<l; l"it thia enres such dangerous complaints, so ijuiclc and so stirHy. asi to prove an efhoacy and a power to uproot disease be ?ond any thing which men have known t>efore. H> removing the ol>atructi<>UH oj the internal organs and Kt.iii<i!atifie th?*in into healthy action, the* renovate the fountains of life and vigor,?health courses anew through the bod), and the sick man is w?-ll a,;aiii. They are adapted to disease, and di??*ase only, for when taken by one in health they produce but little etfeot. Thia is the pet feci ion of medicine. It is antagonistic to disease, and iio mote Tender children ma, take them with impunity. If the* are sick ihev wli rore them, if they are well the) will do them no h.irin. liive them to some patient who has he.cnpros trated with bilious ooiupiaint ; see his lient-up. tot tannr form straighten with strength agaiu; ?ee Ins lung lo?t appetite return: see his c amui, features t-losson* into health. Give thein to some stillerer whoso foul bliMMl has burst out in soro.'ula till his skin is covered with sor?s; who stands, or sits, ov lies in an?uiah. He tiaa l?eeu tlrenche<l inotile and ?iiit with erery potion which inger.uity coulc! aug geat. Give him these Pills, and nuirk the eflect; sne the scabs ftil from his l>ody ; ae? the new fair "km that has grown under tkem: see th" late leper that is clean. Give them to htm whose angrv humors l:ave p anted rheumatism in hia joints and Isinea; mu?e nun. and he screeches w th pains : he too has Men soaked through every muscle <d hta Uxly with Limmeiita and aalves; give him Iheae Pills to purify hi* blood; they may not cure him. for.! there are casea which r.o mortal power cau retch; but murk, he wa.ks with crutches now. and now he walk's alone; they have cur<*d him. tiivc them to the lean, aour, haggard Ujspeptie. whose gnaw.iig stomach has long ago eaten e\ery sun e I mm his lace ami every i^,u?cie Iruiu Ins laxly. See Ins appetite return, and with it his hea.tit; see the new man. Sc.- her that was ruiiant w ith nealth and loveliness I. asted ai d too early witnermr away; want of exercisenr mental anguish, or some lurking disease, has deranged the internal organs of diges tion. assimilation or secretlon.till Ihev do t he.r olTioe lb. ller bhwHil is vitiated, her heaitli is gone, (iive her 'hrce I'lt t s to slimu<at?> the vital prin< tp> into renewed vigor, to east out the obstructions, and in fnsea new vitality into the bhntd. Now U?,>k again ? th* roses' blossom oti her cheek, nud where lately sor ow sal, joy hursts from every feature. Se? tne sweet infant wasted with worms, lis wsr. sickly |i?iture? tali yon without disguise, and pan.full* du ll not, that Ih y are eating lis life away. Its pinched up iioko and ?sir?, and reatloss slccpings, t??ll the dreadful truth in language which every mother knows Give it the Pills in large doses to swe>'p theee vile pniasitt-s from the ls?ly. Now turn again and see the ruddy bloom of childhood, la it nothing to do thowe things.' Nay. are the* not the marvel of this age.' And yet tney are done around you even dav. Have you the lefs uerious symptorr.a c.f 'hese dis tempers, they are t he easier cured. Jaundice,?'oa tivei e.-a. Headache, Suleaohe. Heartburn. Fou! Stomach. Nausea, I'aui in the itowela. Flatulency, I.oss of Appetite. Kick's Kvit, Neuiaigia, Gout.and kindred eoinp aiiits all anse from the derangements whtoh these PiLLs lanidly cure, 'l'ake them perse veringlr. ai.d under the ooutisel of a good Physicisn if yon ean; if not, take lh?'?n judiciously by such advice as we tive you, and the distrossing. danger ous tlo^ euro, which alilict so many mil lion* of the kiimnn law, are cast out like the devils of o.d the* must burrow in the brutes and in the rca. Price cents r??-r 1ml-- S lioxes for $1. Z. I?. UII.M AN. WnaliineNin: and l.> II. COOK A I'll.. Alexandria, and all dealers in Medicine ovcrxwlierc. d << tin Private medical tkeatide On THX PHISJOl.OlilCAL T1EW OF MARRIAGE, By M. l>. I.a CROIX, M. D., Allany, N. Y. ?? pages and I9U fine Plain and Colored Lithograph* and Platee. irrPRICE ONLVBCKNTg.-fti IZT" Stnt fru of FOJinga to a11 putts of tit Vniea. Dr. M. B. l^a Croix'a Phyaiologioal View of Mar nace. A new and revised edition ? of An page* and 180 plates. Prioe J> oenta a oopy. A popular end oo'n - prehenaive treattae on the dutioa aud oa<>ualties of atiigle and married life-hai>py and fruitful alltanoea, mode of securing them?infelioitoua ainl infertile onea?their obviution and removal?nervous debility, ita oauses ami oure, Uy a proceaa at once so aimple, aafe, and effeidual, that lailme is impossible?rules for daily management?an eaaa* on Sper m i torrlnra, with praotioal olieervationa on a safer and more suooesaful mode o I treatment?preoautionary hints on the evil results from einpirioal practice ; to whioh ia added ooininentaries on the diaeaaea of fe males?from infancy to old age?each aase graphical ly i-llustrated by l?eAuiiful plates, ft'poiuts out the remedies lor those self inflicted miaeriea and diaea pointed hopea ao unlortuualely prevalent lu the young. It ia a truthful adviser to the married, and thoae contemplating marriage. Ita peruaaJ ia partic ularly reooiumended to peraona euiertainiug secret doubta of their physical (wmdition, and who are ooi> acious of having haaarded the lovillh, happiness and privileges to whieh ever, human being ia entitled to. Prioe 25 cents per ??py, or live oopiea for AI. niail ed free of postage to any part of the Uuited Stales, K* addressing Dr. LA CROIX, (post paid,) Albany. New i ork. encl osing ?? oenta. N. B. Those wno preter ma* oonault Doctor if.A CROIX upon any of the diaeaaea upon which hi* book treat*, either peraonally or by mail. Hie medi oirar* often cure in the abort apace of aix days, and oompieteiy and eutirely eradicate aii tracea of thoae diaordara which oopaiva and oulieba have ao long been thought an antidote, to the ruin orthe health of the patient. Hia " French Secret" ia the great o< n tinental reined* for that olaaa of disorders which un lortunately, ahysioiana treat with mercury, to tke irretrievable destruction to the patieut'a constitu tion. and whioh all the aaraaparilla in the world oan not oure. JET" O?oe No. 31 M&idea Lane, Albany, N. Y. fan 14?If Notice of tIif? r?.\\ovai, of the I.AND OFFICE FR??M DUNCAN TO MACK INAC. IN MICHIGAN. In aooordanee with the provisions of the aet of Concreaa entitled "'An aoi suthorixing ehauges m the location of land oHioee," approved M?roli S-l lasa. it is hcrebv declared and made known that the office for the sale of pnblie lands at Duncan, in the Ptate of Michigan, will be removed to the laLsNDof Mackinac at at emrly ? ptrioM si prattirmblt. . Further notiesa? to the precise time of removal will be lasued by the register and receiver forVh&t land diatrtot. W'vesi nnder my hand, at tlie city of Waahington, this 3d day of December, A. D. 1887. By order of the President. ? TH08. A. HENDRICKS, d 4 Uwliw11**100"' ?f U* 9*ueiml a. Mifcellaneom. 514 ?*VBNTH8T*fcJtT OftM tkooad mo17. t&m doora tram Odd Fellows' Hall. Bpaotaoles and OImm. wrtwl <? ???! ?*bt; Olin, Reading, and .W Gmim; Talesoopee, Miqroeoopee in* great variety; Co?io>?ic Blirssei 3 pes with views of dKrw>r ud ??mm piotarMon h?ad. UMiMot in National Intelligeaeer. Til TIM O Jt IA L ?. _ _ ? Nok*dL*.SertemUrT.ll64. pit: Tot you made fur me suit ma ?ury wall, and seem to have improved mi suht mora than any otfcar I tar* lately tried. I.ITT. W. TAZEWELL. I have triad a pair of S portables obtained from Mr. Tobias, and had them of treat aaautaaa* to my sight, and oorreepondiug witn his description of their locus. J reoomweod him aa a skillful oetioiaa. henry a. wise. PsTiaeacRe, Ootober 21,1854. About five yean ago, 1 obtained from Mr. ToImaa, in Washington, a pair of (ilueses (or the spectacle* which I us?d. and found them of great assistenoe to my deonj ing vision ; and my opinion of him is, that he is skillful in the preparation of Glasses for eyee not too far gone to l? he nek t ted by suck Aid. ? J. F. MAY. _ LTacwaraa, Novent>er7.184*. From an uxamination of Mr. TotMas' Glasses, and from kis observations and remarks. Am oonviijoed that ha la a akillful optioian. J. J. BLACKFORD. M. D. hYscHBCsa, November 10.1834. Mr. John Tobias, having furnished me with Glas ses, by which 1 have been greatly aided, (my vision having suffered sreatly fnmi reading at night in my earlier life.) it affords me the highest pleasure to say that I consider him a skillful praotiaaJ optician, and veil prepared to aid those who may need hie professitatl services. \VM. fi. R'?1*ZTK, Eider ol tbe Methodist Conference. . _ WlLMiaoTox, N.C., June 27.1854. Mr. J.Tobias? Itrar Sir : I era happy tosay that the Spectacles which I obtained from you last week are entirely satmfactory. From an inequality in th* visual rang eofmy eyes. I have heretofore foe ml treat ?li[floury in setting g.asses of the proper focai dis tances. It atiords me pieas e to state, tnai by the aid of your optometer tois difficult* lias been happily o??vlatcd, so that the Glasses you furnished me are dt ewlcdl) the best adapted to my ejesof any 1 hare ever yet used. Very respectfully yours, R. R. DRANK. Hector of St. James' Parish. Having been induced lyr a friend to visit t he estab lishment of .Mr. Tolwa* for the purpose of tr? ins his B asses I was furnished with a pair *i>ghtl< colored lue, wluoe have afforded me more relief mid gratik cation than any I have ever tried. .My sight, origm yall? very good, wait injured t>y writinc and reading at night, frequently to a vary late hoar: I rut with the ant of these cissnes I can stndy almost as late as ?v*r,a<Mf that too without the pnin 11i*v? privioui iy suffered. JOHN Tvilson, I Ate Commissioneer Gen'l Land Office. Dec. 11.1355. I have used Mr. Tobias's Spectacles for three or Tour months,and take great pleas'ure in sating that I am much pleased with them. I have been much benefited by them. GEO. IV SoAKBl KGH. JUay 5th. IR5??. I was reoonimended to Mr. John Tobias as a skilful optician ; and as I have eves of remarkaMe peculiari ty, I was gratified to hnd that Mr. Totrias seemed to comprehend them by inspection and some sushi measurement, aud lie hat made me a ?air of Sp^oia July n,7ftW.""ad,n,ra,'I?- A. f. BUTLER. ? . . Washijiotoi*. Aug.a, IM6. Ha\ mc >*aen f?-r years under the nee*s?it? of hav -VI1: V use in daylight, and one lor lamp light?I procured one s?l from Mr. Toteas whichanswered U.tii purposes. I have u?ed his f.?r several mouths, and hud them exoellent. FDWAK D STI'RRS, Of Department of Statu. Mr. J. Tr>B!A?. Sir: The pair of Spectator* T. n luriiiahed me >e?ierday are particularly satisfactory to me. They are very decidedly Hie (.est | possess awi | the owner of eight or niae pairs, carefully selected in differeut p.aces ami from opticians reo oinmended to me on aocount of their professional standing in I ranco. England. aud the t*ui?ed State*. I have been also pleased with your remark* and di rections on the. treatment of the eyes, for the pur pose of preserving and improving the sirh? Respectfully fours, CHS. CALDWELL. Professor of M. C.. Loo iu villa. Ky. ?BOOBLr!? OaTHoPAKDIC INSTITfTIOJ*, After most careful examination of'.Mr* lA'Tohias's ??lasses, I am enabled to testify that their hardness clearness, polishing, and exact optical shape r?nder them particularly recommer.ri-ible to those whose merely optical impairment of the eyes are n, want of such auxiliaries. I o-nsider. moreover, Mr. Tobias Jul v qualified to deteiniine the focueof the e?e lx?th (?y his <<ptiml knowle<ise and experience, end t.r L7r?iTl, 1,1 "I*1"'?- I further ??tste tiist >|r. Tobias has supplied s<>me of m r.? tieuts with Glasses, to their and mr satisfac?.on p. LKWIS MAI'KR. M. D., Physician and Snrgeon, Herlini Memhwofthe ?r7iaJ 'i?^. Fr?">nf*i ^nr and. Member ?? !L ?f l^'iidon. and of the I atholojncal Soaietr of New York: late Sur geon of fne Royal Orthopaedic Institution of \ ai.chester, Kngland. and Snrgeon of the R O. Institnuor. . .. No*Poi.g, Va.. July 71,1854. In the expenenoe of even two years. I nave found 5^ Speotacles that were ex Hofty anapt^i to th#? w^akneiiM of mw sirht. Turn in wwvemenos Mr. Totnaa saems to have reim?ved l< r the preaeut oy the sal?atitution for me of iietter and more suit&bie Glasses. They are o.ear, "hrystal like and oomfortAl,Ie to my eyes. 1 would commend h.m to tfeoie who from s|f c?r ?it her r mi tj require ar uhousl Aid in tnis way. J. J. SIMKfW, M. D. WiLMiNUToN. N. C., June 16. 1^.54 n3i.?lri"l"'". h,lve h'L<1 the *'cht e>e?'ao impaired aa t? require the use of(jlAs?us. 1 would reo..mmeiid Mr. John Tobias as a su.rab> r^rlo,; from whom to obtain such Glasses as they may re quire. as he Us suited me WitJi a of Spectacles fora Ptr and naar slant. Air sight Ws l^en impaired y^ry much by a of years in tn? Post Oft-ce Department, which berth required me to be on diitv from 11 o clock at night til! after day, durinc wluoJ time I used but one Tight. w MlS *ltrA>*,T?T*T nr l?T*a?o*. May 8, 1855. From natural dslrcts ki.u the ungual rauge of n:t ?yes. I have been compelie.1 to use ^ for .e?' rai years. I have tried different optioians without obtaiuiuggVasses perfectly Stted to my eyes. Four months ainoe Mi. Tobias made two peir/especi' v H* iW rl taV* ??> serve me p?-ifect!y ?",f hl* t,IP,onf?ater "s enablejto g.asses most minuteiy t?? the eye. I must cheerft:] iy recommend Mr. Tobias to aTl having (HtMmlto use glasses, and l?ear mr testimony as to his skill as an o^'cuin. ni .NRV ^BALDWIN, se 25 Ass t Sec y to sign ijirwl Warrasti. pROGRKSS IN THH FINE AR !*. t rAIItTIM AWb I'HUHwEAfHI CoMllNKD. photographic portraits In Oil Colors, on Canvas, MlNlATUaa OK SiZK o* I.ltt. S. WALKER'S .PORTRAIT AND i'K'TVRE GAILEK Y Odeon HaJI, ooruerst. and PennsyiAvenue S. WALKER has fitted as the a^>ve sdi "iod? m*ut* a great outlay of capita) fheie .? P'r'llrt Ult <>r^00m"LW,th ?'nvM* ro'.ii.g SDartn^nti for ladiee. and purrhasml rhe finest poss'C n.tri inert* and engaged a first class o^Va'ive ait,.t7o "za'l'u miniatvri to tite c' l',r, ,h# lVii'r'r!'iluC^5"rtr*'t* lliat have never bueu celled f?.r their fidelity aud life likjoxDrelaion s?rxs.swv52s;" .L^asois gpiasaafisfa ALEXANDRIA A\^\VASUINGTON RAIL (in and after Monday, the i'st instant, the Trams on this R<>ftd, until further uotioe, will ruu ruguiail) at the following hours: They will leave Alexandria for Washington at ?JJ?. 10,113% o'olnok. a. m., and at 1*^. 3Ki, and 5!*, p. in , and eonuect with a line of omuituses at the Krid?e, runuing to the offioe of the (Tempanv on Sixth street in the National Hotel Ruudiug. a few doors fioiu Pei<ns)Ufani:i avenue, and to the Haiti more l>epot in tuue for the ore. For Alexand la the oiiunbu'.es will leave the of lose of the < 'ompai'T at ?,S^. 9^?. !1.V? a. hi., Aud at l.'?. amt :jo'clock, p. in., connecting with the cars at I he Hnd$e. Light articles or bundles will 1-e forwardird l?e Iwet'ti Alexandria ani Wasluiuton froiu theollioe in either place. Heavy iieight will l?a transported over the road, if delivered at the Depot in Alexar'dria. or at the Lous Bridge. d 18 d?w J V MKSJs. FRj-'.NCH. President. WINES, LUil'ORS. SI-GARS. AND tiKU CERIKS. The subeorilter respect fully inform* h.s fueudx aim! patrons, sod the puttlio, thai a full sod ten- m era I aaaortinent of Old Whiskies, Hr?itdi??, 1 \N ines. and ^egars.of superior age and qua'ity, A oan l?e fo?nd at his Store, at the ooruer of uthv And R streets n<>rth. ? All orders striolly felled aim! d' livged. JONAS P. LEVY, d 3-1 in near * he Canal P O R~MO UHT V a R N O JT.~ The Steamboat THOMAS COLLYEK, having fieen thoroughly repaired, will make .ff? L regular tripe to Mount Vernon, leav ?ng her wharf, in this oity. TUESDAY and FRIDAY MORNlNU, At ?o'oik. Duriug the intervumng time she will ruu regulAr trips to Alexandria, as usual. _oo8 tf THOMAS RAKER.CaptAin. OTKAMKK GEOKGE PA8K JP*? ? HOVRS nr nnPAK+TTHE Leave A laxaadna At ?K. t?. I. ufc^iV^Muvff.A f UblN'S EXTRACTS,All odors, at QIBBS'S -1 ??k" Xiactllaneow s?5Wa,^p'^ Navy Dvamut, > December If, 1M7.( 9calvt> P*uPosal?. end oreod " Propoeals fn< 9teMB MMfcint ry for ????* ? ropeoer 8io..p of v*r " Ti;i u* received at tins Department until I I oeiock.tbe mh of Jaiiu?rr. la*, for the e>.<aple<< I oooetnietioa ?( tlM> steam mactoiaery and I UM. aed ptaeMig '? ?? ???'* ? **"*+>** of-war toaildiag Ml til* CwU< Stales nv| yaid at w? - .UK n wann IM Work ? completed. and he acrompen ed If the a sua rMr ulM r(^?ir?d toy law. The mun? ol the NltMMti rnrut in v ill ok the work 11 to l<* <imui?4 awel i* stated. The details of Um dtnin ?wl arrangement <> the machmtr) will be lefl with the pert) whoeepro poaitioa may tie accepted a* con.Ui.tng the (rente*, Dumler of advantages. keeping in rn-w ump.>c?r? of conetrwction. readtnees >>( a. c**? (.* adiusi Jaao in <?pen*i.<??i. and not ie w s?<i?eot twds icut in the working parts . it h?u.? ii?e offset Department to obtain the iimtt speed \oC pcwcr with the awt ewmomioel cntun pt,..n ?( fuel, and the greatest stowsge of oo?l which t*? space available for that purpnee will admit. The boilers to he of iron wit h te e?eopio enmke. pipe, which tnust l?e placed at the greatest precis Me d.stance fro? the Biaitimaei: ike propter, ?lt| the oornirx ions for hoisting, to Iw of ?-??Hipo*.'><>(. the macmuery for iioiatiiMi. for ptimpa. apparatus fin veutilatmg. and apptirtaoaiioea of ail kinds necesss ry for the perfect working of the whole to *>e of if,, most approved kind a The ??*l hunkers snaft-pas ease. two athwartshipe iron bulkheads. a o.?ti m apparatus for fresh water from which ran lie maJi not lea* than ??' gallons per da; ; aii the t.ans j & duplicate pieoes ne?*??"? ? 1 . ? HUIS tk __r , .. ?-r? ana ratisfactory f..r v eft.'.out oruiaing steam aby ol war must tie . eluded in the proposition, ana a ist of them mutt ?? famished. The wood and carpenter woik (except the t? r w out the dead wood Tor the shaft i neernnry tn im the vessel for the reoertioa of the maolunen, I mi em. and appendages, wi.l he provided at* pec of the Navy Department, and it Will permit tj,. Q? of such facilities aa it mat have for hoisting the l.ea v? machinery on hoard. Kor tn*accomntoxlation of the entire steam m* chinery and the fuel there will fie allowed in the u.?i, of the ship the entire space und*-i the lierth d?.-t at & feet aliaft the main ma?i, as thence extending forward a distance of K Within this space it is ex pert ed to carry c.m?; f??? ? days full steaming, the daily consumption of a t the bidder will state in his upeciK car ions and th weigh* of the machinery. Water in l-slera. ahs propeller, aid appeiMiacea. with the tools nmi *p?, work, muat not exc eil 34' tone, of ?.24n p?nmli> IhediaKnibe from the aft sideoftiie mam mta to the aft side of the forward atern |>oat wt!)|iea ???, 9f>feet, and tha diatnnce lietween the forward an the after stem post will tie 7 fee: ; the depth In., the !oad water line to the top of the keel under th propeller will be US feet. Steam engine inanulaoturers whodesire to 1h<I ? oiitain a oopy of the seuNuu of the veaaci uio making application to tlie department. The pio|M?Mil muat fie aooi'mnunied t.y full speeif catioua and general (ixving the po?fti?.ri? the centre of giavity of the machinery, f*.r,er?. 4c. marked on them ; riving a!ao the cepurit* ?,f steam ey tinders and area of f?M>t ai.d de ivery vk and of air pump and outltuerd dafivering u iti vpaoe for steam almve the aater line in Imiier* ti. hre and srate aurface; aleo the diarrn ter. pit oh ?UT face, and kind of propeller Jind other priricip* p..1Bti that oompariaoua fwn readilt kie made. Tfiers a a'so f>e giveu (lie estimate of the weight of eiig.i,e Itoilers, water. Imnkers, appi nda?es,tooU, aud aM w? rk, in t<4l* of 2.24H pouiidk. The t?nns of paj went will fie that when wr,e fourth of the mater^la and iat<r>r pr. a idr-l |.ir it t ,, f ?i?traet rhail have fieen completed to the ?*? >i?r lion of the liejpartiaent. there ml, lie uuideaMi. ment of one hnh pert of the whole r mount oft ti? ountraet ; when one half the work ?ha!l u, ,? manner l>e oompl-ten there wi'l fie a further pavw?r< of one fifth; when three fourths the work ahs have lieen completed. .1 further pm menf of one fiP when the whole shall have lieen omipleted.and hav made a salibfactort trial of one week, then a furtne parment of one hfth: and when the ?h>p ?l.a hsri par for Med Mtiafactorily it sea for a period of thre. mordli?. then the remaining sum aha.; he paid. The repairs ne<>eKKary during ttis pernnl fr m ,> fective work matikhip or materials will l>e at the e* penae of tlie ??ontmctor. The proposals muM he explicit, and uo ??n*.,k(i or conditional offer a ill he coua.dered. . WAAC TWICKV. d 1R _*wt.Jan2i> Secretary of the Navy. Ornc* or Am fi.i'iKiv. ami *vcir***,* ? . . _ PHILAtoat I'HIA. IN oeild^r 4. t OK A l-KL) r Rot OS A 1.9 are invited. *t>< ? t, k rrivived a' tins oftce. un'il l? oVo k a w.,. thettli ^at of Jarnarv next, for fii'inshllig !?><?? tract the follrwmr Arm* Snpplte* a^d ? d*-iiv(-r?lne at the I sited Stales t'iothincand K^ni paro In pot. (ScliU) Ikill .\r?ei.?i,i .Ut a a re<|iMred. vix: t,'<?'jsrds 6 t dark filuc i indigo wool dyed i ei<4 for caps and lands, acikhiag ala u*. 1 owes per vard. h3.'|On yards fc I dark bluet indigo wool d*ed twi iei cioth, weighing 21 ouiues per *ar?l. IW1 yards ti i sky Nue i indigo wool >lyeo tn;! e cloth, weirhmg ounces per rerd. in.AMi yards \ dark blue < indigo d> ed i mttoa r.a wool flannel, weighing ounces pe yard. 2|C,i*m yards 741 white flannel icotton and wim > t. weigii ?>>, ounces per tard. 10,000 yards 6 4 dark blue Manuel, wool ( ci> hJ l yard* IT tneh alpaca ililack t yards \ canton flannel, to weiicb 7 <>ureripot yard. 175,? 0 yards \ unlileai hed dniiiLg. to neikSf', runcci. per yard. yar..s \ unl. cached dril.iug, to^wtui*1, ounce* per yard. a.,'**1 yarda incii]c?' wuiu^', ; oei per yard. 15,0141 yards ?J inch e<otton dnck, to weigi l.fc oui oes per yard. SS.trO yards 2fc)? inch ootton duck, to weifch U , ounces per yard. 25.000 yards J8S mchoottonduuk, to weigh iOoctcer per yard. S.000 yards H inch ?otter, dock, to aei, ii II osi.oes per yard. 3JU?ya.-d? 22 inch cotton duck, to weigh 9 <?om per yard. 16.000 yat>? 24 inch cotton duck, to vtatk ounces per yard. '35.W" ysidk 33 inch ?>tton duck, to v <-,(h newer* per i nrd. 12.000aiiriy Meiikets. wrvMit, gray, i w:tli tl.e ^f-'r 1 . S. in I4ack. 4 inches hi errt'<, is tiia cetitre ) to fie 7 feet long, aids fet t r ;? tr? vide. ?ach blanket toweirfi Sp?'utMl? 7J0Uik>aer pa,is h*!f stockings, ft sigea, pi"f< '? made, of fi^id sound IWrce w<i*>1, ai <f w 'h donh'e aid twiste<t yaru, to Spr.uiia per Dozen. lojM) pompons for engineer*, ordnance, ?'? par?meut, dra^oocs, rilles, artilieiy, hudib fSn-rr. S^.one cup Uifiea. I2.un vards rlaaed ai k. for ivivers. 141' \. C. S. bra*s aoaU-s. pairs. OH aerie*m?s do do do 8,trri " iM-ra!> and privates' brr^s ??;. es. i* ?. S N. C. S. bronsM d?i u.i 3n sergeant s do do d.? V?I corporal's and privates' hronzeddo ?n> 7?i.?*t?yards *? m worsted .ace,/ sellww,s?ar>t.cky 5.'ni d?i. Sin do. do. \ liiue, oianse.arees ti.70n do. red bunting, ?.(Ssi do. white do. 2 do. blue do. ?.V? gross i-oat buttons. 3.5m do. vest do. feU"P*t>oer tiuttons. white m*tal. 4.VW do. ahirt do. do. ?.i?si tent liut'ons. wood, small. tent slips, do. do. 5.iso tent buttons, do. I*rge. l,?*i tont slus, d... do. l?o hospital tent poles, sets. S?i' wall do. a?. Si*' common >ln, do. galvroused iron wire rods, for teute. I?,? do. do. ataplea. do. 3.?*> mepa pan*, iron. 1.t*ai mmp settles, iron, three sizes. IS,"**'tin uaiileeu*. <3 pints, weight li>? oui^a. with stoppers. I.OfO pick axea. two sizes. 2,?s? do. handles. f.0isi oamp hatchets. ??? trumpet cords and tassela, orange. Ail f mn.n^i .. ?J -* - ? lnUBPdo??rd' > " 'w. gte?-i;. ?> drums. Artillery, oon?rlete.' 7? co. Infimtrr, do. l.HU do. heads, hatter. 70l? do. do., snare. *? do. onares, sets. ?*? do. aiicka, paifa, ?n >. . *? Qllr' "*gse* All the above-iuontioii^dart.cles must oonfo/th ?* ?'! respect* tc< the aaa>ed attunlard psiieriis ia tt. ' olhce, where the* ?hi be eaaikiued : at d aaiup.L ;? terns will be sent by mail, with any addition*' ?ii'1 mition m regard to them, which lie te<iue?.:? l?? tnanufatturtrs or or hers *rishin^ to r^t-r prci.. sa!s. It is desirable that ail the I* of ?h?* moetic manufactnre. Deliveries to coinine-?y> on the 15th day of riuiry next, and one half of the euaniiti c?>ntraet'>: for to tie delivered in earn! monthly proportions.!' or ta-f?re the Jfth April. Hill; the remauiJur wub s four months from that date, hi montfil* or greats proportions, aa the oootraolor inav find it or*.** lueot. The privilege ia reserved by the Fnited States ?f inereaaing from one third to oue-lmlf the i^iantit' of all tlie supplies alaive m.utioned. to gi?n.g '?>* contractor one month's notice of such desired is crease Carmen's will ft* made on ea?'h de'irerr. shns ?l ' onsfess have iimkIi- an sppropriativn to meet ther or a* soon thereafter as an appropria'.ii>n sits *? made for tliat purpose. Ten per cent, of the aiw?'' of each deliver* Will lie reiaineil. until the <?ontrse( ? hall l<e noiupletrd. which will tie forfeited to tfcs I uited States in r*?e of defalcation oi: the pa"t ?? ?? 5**tr*cJor in tulklling the contract. Bids will lie rcceiveil from manufacturers or rerr lar dealers, only, ir. the articles proposed to la- f" Misued : aiid none will I ? oonsulered in whick manufacturer's mill ??r Uualeia place ol I'Usiue* not spewhunll) set forth. t'ontiarla will be based on accepted p'opoas?-T the fulfilment of which two or more surticient ritiea wili be reunited. The name*. mT.iress, and the retpwiilnliti persons prtiposi-tl as aecurities, wilh the aikie?? n'ctWiiI oTsaid neraons that they will *?e such se city, or w it: see Inat (uml and sufi.ceni securrt' <* fill lushed ill uate a .-oiilraol is ublaiued. wa> " trsnamitted a :th the proposals. It is U> he distinctly uialerstotid t>r ever* per*' ofitauurig a cmntract thai said contract i? rot irsi ' ferahie without the oonseut of proper aethorit*.s*J that any sale. as?uiiiiieut. or transfer of it. w sneh consent having k*rtl ob'aiued. texr'epf n?dsr ' process of law.) Will lie recanted as an ahai:d-?i.n<<* of the contract.and ih? coAtractor and his s.cur ti" Will toe held rasponaihU for ail loss or usmas* Iv** I'kited State* whioh way arte* from said ahataas dflff t s Tropoeala will he addressed to the orderaigse ?n<i will h* ^ndi?mec1 H Pro?oK&!? fi?r lff supplies and inaterud*." . HKMRY C. U'AYNK, d i SlWt Ja?4 Hr Major. A. U ? MCI. A roil I.IN S STt>RK. Utweea and Nlulli streets, is the place for t hrist* fioods Buy yrour presents in advance of 'he d\rs from Mol.Al t.HtlN d 15-tf fa. avenue, betweea ?th and >'*h e?s KMBKR MeLAl'GHI.IN'S STORE. >' K ?T?MMab?t. tUMdMkUl^ ?* RVK