Newspaper of Evening Star, December 29, 1857, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 29, 1857 Page 4
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EVENING STAR. HIAW AT HA. , (X'rired nad Rtr'ttd.) "Oh! the fever and the famine." Oh! he took the agae badly. And it atiook him, ?>h?ok rum sorely: Shook his boot* off. and his toe nails; Shook hia teeth out. ami hi* hair off; Shook hi* coat all into tarter*. Awl hi* ahirt all into ribbons. Shirtless. coatles*, hairless, toothless, Minn* b<>ot* and mx> tiM-oaili, StiK it ahook hint, abook him till it Made him yellow, taunt and bony; Sboak him tiil be reached hi* death-bed; Shook him till it shuttled lor him tMf hia mortal coil, and then it Having made him oold ax ooold be, Shook the earth at ill down upon him, And he ?till lie* 'iioath hi* *ravt'*toue% Ever shaking, shskuig. shaking, ~ And a shaking, shaking, si.akiug. \L?n{cust. J]j* Leonard A me* committed suicide Mon day la*', In Athol, Ct , by hanging himself with a t*rd cord ID" At Oakbill, Pa., on Saturday, James Hol land. aged 19. killed hi* u. other Ity kicking her while hi- was drunk. frr Mis* Parnum. of Wellsville, N. Y.. threw herself in?o the river at Elmira, on the 14th iust., and ww drowned. ITT- On Saturday nl"bt. near Alleghany city. Pa , a little daughter of Mrs. Ridge was run pver by the car*, and one of her feet cut off IC7- A bov named Whitfield Burton wa*. last FriVi*ay, at Oswego, N Y., smothered In a bin of short* ? T-jm ordinance making it obligatory on baker* and ./?w-keeper* to aellbread by weight, ha* passed the . ew > or* Board of Councilinen. irr \Va*on A CoV ?r builders, of Springfield, Mas* , have eonclud-^ a contract with the \ ice roy of Egypt for forty passenger cars to run on an Railf 07- Three sons of Jo*. Tully have been ar rested at Clarkson. Mich .. eha rged with the mur d?r of their fitlier. whose body Hra* found burled near the house. 07" At a fight recently In Washington county Wis, the participator* came out, cfoe mill*?, a nose and the other thumblcs*. as to bis right hand. 07" Rufus Uphtm, of Cherry Yalley, Y., went out to dig a grave for a person wh<t hiwt died Sometime afterwards a youth. pass'ng, found him sitting upright in the bottom of hole. dead. 07" Tbe ?w Orleans Crescent learn* from the matt * of the steamer Col. Edwards, that only two white persons and two negroes were lost by the burning. It is relieved the boat'* *afe con taining *5.00? Will be recovered. 07" A large party of Civil Engineers left Phil adelphia Wednesday for Mexico, to commence the location of the Mexico and Pacific Kailroad. rnnning from Vera Cruz to the City of Mexico, and thence to the Pacific ocean 07" The editors of the Miner*vllle (Pa.) Workman's Advocate, have been convicted on a charge of publishing a liliel on Mr. G Bast,hav ing stated that two inen lost their lives in Mr. Bast's mines, by fire damp, owing to Mr. Bast's '?niggardly and parsimonius conduct." 07" A man in Lockport has opened a t; Chris tian grocery," He state* in explanation of this singular heading, that he ha* opened a shop for the dispensation of a '-little wine," and other kind* of spirits, '? for the stomach's sake,'* and that, a* he wished to make it a Christian shop, and wished to accommodate Christian custom ers, he would take for hi* pay, considering the hard times, all kinds of religious books, tiart*. Ac 07* A writer In one of the magaxines, emulous of the fame acquired by tbe inventor of the In* dian Dauphin William's, starts the story that the real Louis Napoleon died In a tit, in a drinking house in New York, some years since, and that a Yankee named Bowen, who had long been his companion in dissipation, assumed ais name, sailed immediately for Europe, attended Queen Hortense as her sou in her dying moments, im posed himself upon the French people a* a gen uine Bonaparte, and has finally succeeded ia reaching tbe imperial throne . ARRIVALS AT PKINC IP AL HOTELS WILLARDS' HOTEL ?Purser Harwood. I S N; R Phelps, NY; F Lynch. Pa T It Silber and lady. N Y; T H Swooe. Ky; J F McClnre, Mass; R A Edes. Kansas; j W i'tiensult. Ky; J F Tan ner. R st Archer. Va: R J Lacker. I) C.; Capt F Engle, ISN, T D Crane, NY; HP Brooks. Md, H Seals, C P Nixon. N\ ; Lieut Col Myers, |'?A Mrs Myers and family; Com Salter, L'SN; L W Smith.'Va. I> R \1.-Rae, NC; J M Parle. Pa; J \ Tuell, W ti Hunt. NY; LieutTfcorbnrn. I'SVF Alvamora. NY; A J Mosrs.Cal; A ti Richarifson. do; O H Ketten. S C; J H Hall. F O Van Vllel. Hon Eiijah Ward. N V . BROWNS' HOTKh.?A G Richards. NY; II Fitxhugh, Va; J J Dennis. O: W E Cole, NY; J Rogers, va; J Richards; G Lawaoa, Va ; Miss Birdi do, J udge Saunders, NC; J H Hurst. Va; R B Drake. Kv; J Bickerston, .\Id ; W Sloeper, Pa; John Staunton and lady, N\; W Agnew. N J; J H Coaten, NY; V S Anderson, Mo; W R Musser, Md; G P Eddy, NY ; II S M.Collimi, Ind; Mme A Naurrit, l*a ; P S Duval, do ; A W Yenable, do U. 8 HOTEL, (L.O.Smith ? )?A P Withers, J T Cline. J T Culleii, Jaine* Rodders, J H She nard. J M Mankin. Va, J T Robins. Ohio; E Harris arid lady, NY; W Gellwick and lady. Pa; Misa C Greenwalt, do; A R McCleery, Md; Geo Lae, Tenn. KIRK WOOD HOUSE?M Howland, NY; G Warner. Pa; Dr N M Miller, Mo; Dr J L Moore, do; C Ballance, 111; J H Fairitauk*. Mass; W M Hall, NY; J Frimpton, Ohio, R Fuller. Md, M Fannel. do; H C Hewlett; J Williams, Tenn OCEAy STEAMERS' SAILING DA YS Fiok the U kited States. Sienmert. L* are. For D?yi. Edinburg New York...Glasgow....Dec 30 Fbom Kciori Persia Liverpool...New York...I*>c l'2 Arago Houtbam'n..New York...Dec 16 City Baltimore. Liverpool...New York...Dec 16 The California mail steamers leave New York *? the Sth sad 'Mb r f nwh month j A RETIRED PHYSICIAN. / A 75 iisri of Ate, J\\ bose sai.d* of life have nearly run oiit.discov #ered while in tbe East ludies, a certain cure for I Corsumptinn, Asthma. Hrorichitis, Couxbs, I Cold*, and General Delnlity. The reineot whs | di*<* ivered t?> bun when bi* only ohild, a dnu*li ter. was giveu up tu die. He nad henrd uiuoti ' I the Witnderlal reatoratire and licalibR quaiitie* ??( prep aratior* mad4 from the F.a*t India Hemp, and the tboucht oceurrsd to h>iu that he might make a rem edy lor hi* obi d. He studied hard and suooeednd in reaiixina ins wishes. His child was cured, an>l is now alive and well. He lias since administered the wonderful remedv to thousand* of sufferers in *11 parts of the world, aud tic naa never failed in mak iBC them completely health* arid happy. WikbiiiK to do as muoh X'hhI as possible, be will *eml to i>och t>f bis afflicted f?l.?>w (temts a* request it, tin* re cipe with full and explicit directions for inakiux it up and aiicoessfiilly uaiiix it. He requires eaoli ep L.ioant to enolose him one shilling?three can's to I Ha returned a* p?>*tace on tne re-ipe, v.d " maiader to lie applied to tbe payment of t vertisenent. Address d a I to | re- I J ITNITED STATES PATENT OFFICK. J WasMiSOTos. Deoemher Zfcl. 1RS7. On the petition of Henry McCarty, of Pittfhurxh. Pennsylvania, prayinr for the extension of a patent granted to him <>n the itth of March, IM4. fur an ihi srovernent in ** Sospewlmr, openiot. ami closing Lock'iates," for seven yenr* from the expirati<n of said patent, which takes place on the IGth da> of March, )<1W : It is ordered, that the said petition he heard at the Patent Othce on M<>uday, March the nth next, at ? ?'clock m.; an'l all person* are northed toappesr and show cause, if any they have, why said petition outfit not to be granted. Persons opp<>?nyi the extension are required to fj'e in the Patent Oifiee their objections, saecinlly s -t forth in writi'ir. at least twenty da) * l^fore the day of hearing; all testimony hied by either party to l>? us~l at the said hearing must be taken and transmit ted in accordance with the rules of the Offioe. which will h? furnished on application. The teatimonv in the ease will beelosedon the?Mh of February : oofositiona and other paper* reli/d ? p?>n as testimony innst be hied iu thetiHice on or bef>re the mornjng of that day; thearguinents.if.iay, within ten days thereafter. Ordered, also that thi* notice he poHished in the i'nion, National Intelligencer, aral Evening Star, Washington; Republican, Baltimore; Argus, Phik oelphia; Daily News, New York; and Inquirer,Cm cinnati, Ohio; onoe a week for three successive week*, previous to the Sth day of Maroh next, tbe day of hearmc. JOS. HOLT, Commissioner of Patents. P. 8.?Editors of th?ala*ve papers will pleasscopy, and send their bills to the Patunt Oflioe, with a papei oontajn.a* this d 24 law .vr T_"' CARRIAGES. HE Subscriber having maUs addition* to hrs Faotory . Ri&kinc it now one of the largest ^ariiu ia the District, wnere his facilities for inanufacturins al kirais of CAR ,mr "** "Vg^. K 1 A<j hs ti,.] LH?HT WAGONS cannot l<e *ur paaied.and Irusu his long experience m the busi ness. hs bopaa to give general satiafrot.on. All kinds of Carriages and Light Waguus kept on hand. All REPAIRS neatly done,and ail oiders prompt ly attended to* Sooond hand Carriage* taken in exchange for new ones. ANDREW J. JOYCE, d ie-tf _ oorner of 14th and F. sts. CHILDREN'S BOOKS FO* l?M,-T|ii L.ttle y Com?nodo'e. Mother's True Sfone*. The Won derful Mirror, Richs.d. the Lioa-heart?d, Heroes of History, Tale* nf S*a #nd Land, lnqni?itiv? Jack, Dick M?>!dhero, What to do and how to do if. Siberian Salle Hunter. 'I'm" wtor.e* and F>l?e Tales f/?.ui tr.e Gernan, Helle and I illy, or the Goiden R<la. Aont Mavor'* Nuner> Itl.yire*, Naugl.iy Hoy* and Girls, Fairy Talo* ir> tbe Coor. tess D'Anlnoy, a?nl nripy others for youth r?f all ares, some of !b*iri just from I ?ndoa, _d . . I'RAM'K TAYLOR. MeLU'flBLIM'i \\ ? \ \ I (, II t.l \ > I aocy |- aney Store, P'ore, d 91 Plait, 6*. aMt. MTM OOUTN, irog frame, eold by for fffln bat a short tint* mo. is w* IwHl l'J sals at our store for f?> <*?h, or a aote at short <Uts bearing interest, with good endorser, the ow Bef itting oompelled from privntecireumetaneoa to force m<l Piano off. I sin prepared to warrant and guar ante* ?aiJ Piano a* h'inly and strongly as any I i&no I ever sold. This is a bargain in reality. Also, a large slock of new Pianos. Pianos for rent by e retime, month, quarter, orj ear. JOHN F. ellis, Penn.avenue, n 27 tf near 10th street. fMVK NIOKb OF RAVEN, BACON k. CO.'S superior PIANOS, just arrived at the> Wareroomsof^ ^. METZKROTT. Seoond hand Pianos (or sale cheap. n 20-tf j^UNNS A CLARKE'S ^ } ? ? J|-i HALIiKTT. DAV*S A CO.'S*-* * ' 1 ' CELEB R A TK D PIANO FORTES, Constantly reoeiving aud fur sale only by john F. ellis, 906 Pa. av., between 9th and loth sts. Pnrohnsers will find it to their interest to exainiM for themselves tba superior qualities of the above Pianos. Stools, Covers, Melodeons, Ao., Ao., also on hand. n 16-tr rjOLD MEDAL PREMIUM _ .... PIANO FORTES. willianTknabe, (Senior partner in the late hrm of Knabs. Uiihli * Co., Continnes the manutaotnre and sale of grand mad square PIANO FORTES, under Mie name, G of William Knabe A Co., at the old stand,] Nos. I, 3, 5 and ? North Eutaw street op-' posite the Eutaw House, Baltimore. They have also just opened a new Sale* Room at No 3*7 Baltimore street, between Charles and Light streets, on the premises partly occupied by Mr Henry MoCaffery as a musio store, where they will keep constantly on hand a large assortment of plats and highly-Janished grand and square Piano Fortes* also, Melodeons, from the beet makers, from 4 to &? octave, some with double key-hoards, double reeds, and stops to suit small ohurones. Being extensively engaged in the manufacture cf Pianos, we will sell wholesaleand retail, on the most liberal terms. Our Pianos were awarded the highest preminm (gold medal)at the Fairs o( the Maryland Institute two successive years?October, 18.W, and 1M6? in op position to fourteen and eighteen pianos from some of the best makers from New York, Boston and Bal timore. We were also awarded the brst premiumat the Industrial Exhibition held in Riohmond, Vir ginia, 1855 and 1856. They have also )>een awarded ths highest premium (silver medal) at the Metro politan Mechanics' Fair for 1857. In addition to this we are in possession oftestimo male from the roost distinguished professors and amateurs in the country, which can he seen at our warerooms, speaking for themselves and others o| the high appreciation in whioh our instruments are ffvery where held. All instruments are guaranteed for live years, and a srmlese of exchange is granted within the first six months from the day of sale if the instruments do not give entire satisfaction. WL'oleeale dealers will find it to their advantage to give us a call before purchasing. Piamsi exchanged, hired, ai d tuned. mar 16-lr WM. KNABE * CO. The music depot of w. o. metzf. |{(?TT. corner of Eleventh street and^ Pennsylvania avenue, is the largest and! onlr mm pi e<" \Iumcal Eetat Iishment in* the District of Columbia. Bacon, Raven & Co '? and Roaenkranxe's ocle bnst?i PI AMOS are always on hand in great varie ty: also. Prince's superior MELODEONS. Together with an immense stork of Musical In struments awl Sheet Music of even description. Pianoforte turning executed by Mr. Rebina. d 9-tf Intxirano*. Ac. OLD AND SILVER PURCHASED AT THE BEST RATES. FOREIGN BILLS OF EXCHANGE SOLD, ON THE PRINCIPAL POINTS IN EU ROPEAN SUMS TO SUIT. GOLD CURRENCY, AND VIRGINIA MO NEY ACCOUNTS, WILL BE OPENED FOR DEPOSITORS, PAYABLE IN SAME FUNDS, OR IN GOLD, CHARGING THE CURRENT RATES.?CHECKS MUST B E MARKED ACCORDINGLY. SIGHT DRAFTS O N ALL THE PRINCI PAL CITIES OF THE UNION. SOLD IN SUMS TO SUIT. BONDS AND STOCKS SOLD ON COM MISSION. UNCURRENT MONEY BOUGHT AND SOLD. LAND WARRANTS PURCHASED AT THE HIGHEST RATES. SWEENY, Rl'l TEnTiOUSE, FANT A COM j d 4-dm Bankers. pF.N PER CENT. IN VESTMENT. Corporation Bonds of the City of Davenport, Iowa, pating lu per oent. interest by Coupon in York. Bonds of J3iii ench. The growing nity ol Davenport has now aU>ut 3>jMin inhabitants, aud is rapidly increasing in wealth and population. It* municipal debt is only #l?B,l**?, and its railrond debt only H!&?'??, aud ennuot now be increased. Th? statistics of the cil* were published. in the Intelli gencer ol the .*>111 September. We recoiniuend these lionds. belie ,'ii.g them to l>e as safe as any State or eily liouds. 006 CHUBB BHOTHERS WASHINGTON INSURANCE COMPANY. CHARTERED BY CONGRE8B CartTaL ZTZ #**?,*? !S This Company is now prepared to reoeivs asca tions for INSTRANCE ON BUILDINGS, MER CHANDISE, Ac., at the usual City rates, wit hoot any charge for Policy, at their Office, corner o| | Tenth Street and Pennsylvania Avenue, over the Washington City Savings Bank. DtascToas. Win. F. Bayly, Samuel Baoon, Joseph Bryan, James F. Hnliday, Wsi. Onne, Hudson Taylor, Kncis Mohan. M. W. Gait. j. fleaiI. JAMES C. MoGUIRE, President. ?eapton D- Hanson. Seoretan. apll-ly RANKING HOUSE OF ? CHUBB BROTHERS. Dbpostts.? Deposits received and Chocks paid rithout charge. Drafts on the northern eeatioard oities received on Deposit at par, and Exohange on satd Cities furnished to depositors without charge. 1ntkrk*t os Deposits.?Interest will be allowed on l)eposits at such rates as mat be agreed upon. I>sro?iT? in Vir?i??ia amii Uncurkkmt Monby. Deposits in Virginia and other Uncurront Money re oei\ ed to be checked (or, payable in saine funds, or in specie, we charging the regular Exchange. Discounts.?Notes, Drafts, and Bills of Exohangs rill l?*> discounted, and Lotus made on Stocks, Bonus, and Securities, at the market rate, Lkttkbs or Cbkuit.?Letters of Credit will be furnished, negotialJe in the different Cities of the United States, on Deposit of Money or Collaterals, and interest allowed if Mor-py is deposited, ami charged if Conaterals.on such terms as may be a* reed upon. Tb a vbliwu Bills op Exchansk.?Travelers will be furnished wiih drafts in suuh sums as may l.e de sired negotiable in the different Cities of the Union. Bills and Lbttkrsof CurniTon Knhlanh. In? i.and and Hrrtorg.? Hilla of Kxchange and Letters of Credit on Enxi&nd, Ireland and Furope, furtiixhed at tbs market rale for Exohange. in *ums to auit. Bowd?, SrocgH, Ao.?Bonds, Stocks, and Securi ties saying from 6 to 12 sr. cent., always for sale, or bought in the different Cities at a commission of a pr. cent. Where Stocks are Ixiught upon orders, we reserve th" right to call for a deposit of to pr. cent on the cost. Bonds or Stocks will be ordered by tele graph. Ra!LSoao, Citt. and Statb BoNDe.?Railroad, City, and State Bond* can be pined in oar hands for negotiation, either in this country or Europe. Ruil roaJ Iron purchased for cash or with Bonds. Land W aksant*.?1 Aud Warrants bought at the market rates. All W'arrants fid. by us are tuirmm tt*d in every reject. Land Warrants located on commission. Land Warraut Quotations regularly furnished if re S seated. Warrants will l>e forwarded to Western Hoaxes on orders, or sent for sale on commission to retpouuible parties. Kkal K?tats and Insurances.? Real Ksate bouf ht and sold, and ipsnniioes effected. Claims on United Status, Cohst or Claims, Cos?kki?*.?Claims on the United States, before the Court of Claim* or Congresn, intrusted to us, will be srosscutnd by prompt and able attorneys. CUI'BH KR(>THER8, Jan TJ Opposite the Treasury. Banking house op CHUBB BROTHERS. Depositors depociting Hank Notes will please mark their Checks p?yaMe in currency. Depoaites of (told Will t* paid in Cold. Accounts will l>e opened with depomtors allowing them to depoMt Cold aud Check for currency, the depositor lieuii; credited wi'h the difference. se?-tf CHUBB BROTHERS. INTERE8T ALLOWED ON DEPOSITES. MONEY to LOAN on STOCK SECURITIES ?'Hi HB BROTUFRS, BANKERS, .an 71?tf Oppotit* Ik* TVisiwy, J\T ( N??. W.J I NOTICE OF THE KKAIOVAL OF TIIE LAND OKFl* E FROM Ml\NEAPOI.IS TO FORKS'!" CITY, IN THE TERRITORY OF MINNESOTA. In accordan<y with the provisions of D'S aet of (Uiiigrekn, entnled ? An net authorizing ohanges in the location of land offices," approved March 3, i&W, it is hereby declared and made known that the office for the sale of the public land* at Mijkapoi is in the Territory of Mmnepota, wilj l?e removed to FoKr?t said Territory, ml as earlf a period as praeiirablt. Further notioe as to the precise time of removal will be issued l>y the regietersnd receiver forthelsnd district. <?iven under my hami, at the city of Washington, rhis fit!? d*? :( peoeinl?r, A. D. I8V7. Ily oidrr of the Preaideot: THOS A. HENDRVCK9, Con.iiuMioner olti.e Geneial land Oiif, d lawfiw _ _ _ __________ BRAI'TIFI'L WOOLEN GOODS. SOCKS, Mits Comforts, Ae., A e., at d it _ MeLAUGHIfl\*S. Fashionable pkh?-i mlkies, from the b??t houses, at GIBHS'S, near Lhe oorner of 13th street, Pa. ave. n 9n XisHilaaera. I BTTIJI0* OF MAU^ CONTRACTS. TrroMMla fer ?Bnr?Ttac the wli of Dm from tfep let ?f /5ly, !W, to the 1st < WASHINGTON, t'TAli, .od NBW MKXIcb; vill he received at tit* Contract Olioe of tliia De partment until 9a m. of the 15th day of Maroh n?t, to be decided by the 22d of the tame month. CALIFOKNIA. ISStS From Sea Francisoo. by Baaieta and Georgi ana, to Sacramento City, 19* miles and back, ?IX times a week, in steamboats. l^eave San Francisco daily, exoept Sunday,at 4 pm; Arrive at 9aeramento City next day by 5 a m; Leave Sacramento City daily, except Sunday, at 2 p m; Arrive at San Franeiaoo same day by 12 p m. 12904 From San Francisco, by Martinez, to Stock ton, 120 miles and beck, six times a week, in steamboats. Leave Francisoo daily, except Sunday, at 4 pm; Arrive at Stockton next day hr 5 a m; Leave Stockton daily,except Sunday,at 4 p m; ,.n. Arrive at San Francisoo next day by 5a rri. 12905 From San Franoisco, by Belmont, Redwood city, Maybeld. .Mountain View, and Santa Clara, to San Jose, .54 miles and back, six times a week. Leave San Francisco daily, except Sunday, at 8 a m; Arrive at San Jone by 5 p m; Leave San Jose daily, except Sunday,at 6am; Arrive at S*n Pvrmiroo by 5 p m. 13W F roin San Francisco to Petaluma, 50 miles and hack, three times a week, in steamboats. Leave San Francisoo Monday, Wednesday and I- rida? at id a m: Arrive at Petaluma by 5 p m: Leave Petalnma Tuesday, Thursday and 8at nnlay at 10 n m: ^rrive at S in Francisco liy 5 pm. 12507 r rom San Francisno, (by sea.) via Santa Bar l*ra and San Pedro, to San Diego, 45? miles and twk, twice a month, in steamlioats. Leave San Francisco on the 2d and 17th of each month; ArnveatSan Diego by the 5th and 20th of same month: Leave San Diego on the 0th and 21st of aach month; Arrive a| San Franeasoo by the 9th and 24th of same month. 12306 From San Franoisco to Oakland, 9 miles and back, six tunes a week, by water. L*ave S in Francuoo daily, exoept Sunday, at Sam; Arnveat Oakland l?y 9a m; Leave Oakland daily, exoept Sunday,at 3pm Arrive at San Francisco bv 4 p m. 12509 From Oakland, by Brooklyn, Son Lrandro, San Lorenzo, Alvarado, Mission San Jose, Centrevilie, and Milpitas, lo San Jose, 45 no les and lack. three times a week. Leave Oakland Monday, Wednesday and Fri day at 8 a m; Arrive at San Jose by 5 p im Leave San Jose Tue?<Iay, Thursday and Sat nrday at 6 a m; Arrive at Oak and by 3 p m. l?.r>l"i I'rom Oakland, by San Pablo, to Martinez 25 miles and liack, onoe a week. Leave Oakland Monday at 9 a m; Arrive at Martinez by 4 p rn: Leave Martinez Tuesday at 6 a m; Arrive at Oakland by 1 p m. 12511 From Petalnmi, bv Hloomficld, to Temalles, 20 mile* and l>ack, once a week. Leave Petalumi Tuesday at 8 am; Arrive at Temalles by 4 p in; Leave Terralles Wednesday at 8 s m; A rnve a- Petaluma by 4 pm. 12512 I rom Peta'uma, bv Bodega, to Smith's Branch, T> miles and liaek, once a week. Leave Petaluma Thursday at ft * m; A irive at Smith's Branch by 5 p m; Leave Smth'a Branch Fr day at 8 a m: Arrive at Potalum? bv 5 p m. 12513 From Petaluma, by Santa Rosa, to Russian R iver. 3:1 and 'ia?k. twice a week. Leave Petaluma Tuesday and Thursday at 8 a hi: Arrive at Russian River by 5 p m; Leave Russian River Wednesday and Friday at 8 am; Arrive at Petaluma by 5 s m. B ds to extend via Oak Valley, Anderson Val ley. and Albion Mills, to Big River,75 miles in all. are in vited. 12514 From Petaluma, by Novato, to San Rafael, 20 miles and back, once a week. Leave Pa'alnma Tuesday at lam; Arrive at San Rafael by 2 p m; Leave San Rafael Wednesday at 8 a m; Arrive at Petaluma by 2 p m. 12915 From Napa City, by Se1**topr>l, Oakville. St. Helena. Hot Springs, Cayote Valley, and Lower Lake, to I pper Clear Lake, 75 miles and (nek. onoe a week. Leave Napa City Monday at 7 a m: trrive at I pper Clear l^ake next day by 7 p m; ?ear* I peer Clear l.ake Wednesday at 7 a m; Arrive at Napa City next day by 7 pm. 1211.5a From Napa City, by White Sulphur Springs, ^night's Ranch, and Alexander's Ranch, to Jvinta Ross, and Iwck. onoe a week. Bid ders to state d-sOnce and schedule of arri vals and d?parturo?. 12916 From Benieia, by Cornelia, Barton's Store, Naoavi'Je, Buck Eye, Cache Creek, and Yolo, to Grafton. 75 miles and Inok, once a week. Leave Benieia Tuesday at 6 a m; frrive at Grafton next day by 5 p in eave Grafton Thursday at 6 a m; Arrive at Benieia next day by 5p m. 12917 Froin Benieia. b> vaMejo.A\a>a City, and Santa Rosa, to Sonoma. 3a miles and mck. three tunes a w*ek. Leave Benieia Tuesday, Thursday .and Satur day at 6 a m; ftrrive at Sonoma by 4 pm; .eave Son.,ma Monday, Wednesday, and Fri day at t> a in: Arrive at Berucia by 4 pm. I251R From Msrtinex. by A'mo and San Ramon, to Mission Sau Jose, 40 miles and lock, once a week. L?evu Martinez Tuesday at 6 a m; A rrive at Mihsioii Sin Jose l>y 7 p m; Leave M i.siou San Jose Wednesday at 6 a m; Arrive at Martinez by 7 p in. 1X19 From San .liian. by Wnisonvilleand Santa Cruz, a* miles and bnck, three timos a week. i*eave San Juan Tuesday, Thursday, and Sat urday at 12 in: Arrive at Santa Cruz by 7 p m: Leave S\nta Cruz Monday, Wednesday, and r riday at 5 a m: Arrive at San Juan by 12 m. 1232H From San Jose, by Oilroy, San Juan, Nativi dad and Salinas, to Mon erey. 75 miles and Iwck, three times a week. Leave San Jose Tuesday, Thursday, and Sat urday at 5 am; Arnveat Monterey by H p ns; t?v5 Monterey Moixlay, Wednesday, and I* riday at 5 a m; 11*01 ^rr,vc?l Jo*,, by nP m U58I I- rom Monterey to San Luis Ob apo, ljn nules and back, twice a month. Leave Monterey on the 1st and 15th <?r each month at 6 a iu; Arrive at San Luis Obispo in four days; I.?ave San Obyipo on the 5th and 20th of each month alba 111; Arrive at MonU-re* in four days. Bids to extend to Santa Barimra are uivited ; also lads to run weekly. 12532 From |,o* Angeles, by Tejon. Selsiatian Res ervation, Keysville. to Visalia. 22? males and Isick. twice* month. Leave Los A ncles ou the I st and 15th of each month at 8 a m; Arrive at Visalia in eight days; Leave \ isaliu ou the 1st and 15th of each month at 8 a in; n? Arnve at Los Angeles in eight days. 12&B t rom Los Angelee, by San Gabriel and Monte, to Stn Bernardino.Co miles and back, once a W PCIC ? Leave Los Angeles Monday at R a m; Arrive at M?n Bernardino next day by 12 m; l.fuve ^an Bernardino Weduesday at J! a in; Arrive at I*oa Aneeles next day by 12 in. 12*"'. From l.os Angeles U, San P.alru, Jl miles and l?ck, twii or three t.mee a month, ineouurx ion With the cms! mail-stanincrs. Bidders to state schedule of arrivals mid de partures. 125^5 From San Diego, by Santa Isabel, to Fert Yu 1 Inv *?,' '"i*" nnd l?ark, twie.? a month. L'iave Sau Diego on the ">th and 4'thofeaeh month. Arrive at Fort Yutra by the 13th and 28th of same month; Lviv. Fort Yuma on the l.Vhand 29th of oacli month; Arrive at San Dieco in one we#k. '?> Ol Arizona. Tucson, !?* . J1' ?Wi^' ' M"' ^ n *chedule to be locie ,he bMtt.Xf invited. 1252C I rom Sonora, by Jacksonville, Big Oak Plat, *x^r^ok. Split Itook.aucf f>on<lv iil6. to ManpoKa, C5 ithIps and Laclr. twice a week. Leave Sonora Mondays and Thursdays at 6 a m; Arnveat Msnposa next day a by 12 m; Liavc Mariposa Tuesdays and Fndaytat2 p Arrive at S?mora next days by 6 p m: 12S?7 From Otartzburg, bv ludian Guloh, Gwin. Leach . Store. Miller ton. King's Hiver. an?f Mcotta urg, to Visalia, Hen miles and l*ck, onoe a week. Leave ({uartzinirR Morday at 6 a m; Arrive at Viyalia next Wednesday by p m; Leave Visalia l hursday at 6a m; Arrive at Wuartzburg next Saturday by 6 p m. From Columbia, by Angel's Camp, Fourth Anireas, to Mokalumne Hill. ? miles and hnek. thr??e timesaweek. Leave Co umbia Tuesday, Thursday, and Sat uruay at 7 h in. Arrive at M<?kalumoe Hill by 4 p in: Golnmbia b^ 4 p m. 12589 P,om Stockton, by Kn.zlit'g Ferry, Green ' W'?r'?'?uma, Jamestown. Snaora. and Shaw's rial, to Columbia, 711 milc 'and nnjmw9*k ,rT,n iBt?f to** to 1st ef UforniU-r, and three times a week the re?iiliie ??f the year. L?n ve Stoekton daily, except Sunday,at r. a in Arrive at < olumbia by 8 p iu; C?l?mlea4uJy, except Sunday, at la ,o?en ?" ^5* f,.l,K'kton by 3 pm. 12990 From Stwckton, by Foreman's Ranch. Half \\ ay Hoii?e. and Double Springs, te Moke b.mne Hill. 45 miles and bacH, six times a I.?<hve Rloektoii daily,except Punday,al6am: Arrive at Mnkeliimne llill by 5 p m; ?*cept Sunday, RC o a in; " 19VM prri,r* 2 St,??kton hy 2 ? m. 12301 Fr.. m Stock inn, by Lovins's Ferry. IIorr?i Ranch, Snefiing s Ranch, Mereed F a'ls.llor ni tat. Quartz burg. Mount Ophir. and Agna ? 9* mtiM and baok, twice ? W OC m * L ave Stockton Tuesdays aad Fridays at 7 a inj Anive at Maripora neat dayaby 2 pm; e Mariposa Tuesdayand Frinaya at 7 a next daya by * ? m. 'r'M" wark are invited. AiSm?2? p North Branch. Sin snd vTih-.L"ru' r"'J*'? Angel's damp, ^.er,'n..^^?J,',^y -'"-?'Hi bae?, L L - Arrive ny? at Murphy's hy 7 p m; mam t3?&?&6Ss*as M arpky'a Tmter* Tfciwliri urday at 5ft * ?' Lwn Dntovn Tiwwy at?? ?? Arrive at Indian l)igf inxs by S p. m. Leave Indian IH?tn?sThare*ay at ? a. ?; Arrive at Dry town br 5 p m.

But to run from Sacramento City, loataad of Drytown, during the seesoa, are invited. 13634 From Sacramento City, by Elliots Raoah. Klk Grove, Staple's Ranch, FugiM, and Wood's Ferry, to Btoflktoa, St milaa, and hack, three times a week, _ Leave Sacramento City Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 7 a ? ; Arrive at Stockton by ? p m; Leave Stockton Monday, Wednesday, aad Friday at 7 a aa; Arrive at Sacramento City bv S p m. 12535 From Sacramento City, by Consumne, Michi gan May, Drjtown, Sutter Cr?k, and Jack ?on, to Mokelumne Hill, 55mites, six tirreaa week and back from 1st of May to 1st of De cember, and thraa times a weak tba raaidue of the year. Leave Sioramento City daily, txoapt Sunday, at 6a m: Arrive at Mokelumne Hill by 7 p m; Leave Mokelumne Hill daily, except Sunday, at 4 a m ; Arrive at Haoramento City In 5 p m. 12946 Frtfm Sacramento City, by t olaom City. Rus vifie, Mormoa Island. Salmon Falia, Pilot Hill, and Greenwood, to Georgetown, 62 miles and liack, six times a weak. Leave tacmmnto City daily, exoept Sunday, at 6 a m ; Arrive at Georgetown by 7 p m ; Leave Georgetown daily, except Sunday, at 3 a m, Arrive at Sacramento City by 4 p m ; 12537 From Seer'niento City, ay Weston, Clarks ville, Kldora House, hldorado, Diamond Springs, Plaoerville, and Cold Springs, to Coloma, 63 miles and bank, daily from 1st of April to 1st of Deoemtar, and tri-weekly the residue o! the yrar. Leave Sacramento City daily, exoept Sunday, atfam Arrive at Coloma by 8 p m : Leave Coloina daily, exscpt Sunday, at 2 a m; Arrive at Sacramento City bv 4 p m. 1253B From Sacramento City, bv Fremont. Grafton, Prairie, Antelope, Grand Island. Colusi, Princeton, Monroerille, arid Moore's Ranch, to Tehama. IV7 miles aud back, onoe a week. Leave Sacramento City Monday at 6 a in ; Arrive at Tehama n' xt \V edneodny by 6 p m . Loavo Tehama Thursday at 6 a m : Arrive at Sacramento City next Saturday In 6 p m ? Bids embmmng tri weekly service in steam boats on the part to Caiusi are invited. 12530 Froni Sacramento City, by Conn Creek. John aou's Ranch, Round rent. Rough and Ready and Grass \ alley, to Nevada Ci'y,65 miles and lack, six times a week from tat of April to lot of Pecemiter, three time* a week the residua of the year, Leave Sacramento City dailv, except Sunday, at n a tn: Arrive at Nevada City by 8pm: Leave NavadaCity daily, except Sunday, at 2 a in ; Arrive at Sacramento City bf 4 pm. 1J540 From Sacramento City, by Nicolas. to Marys vi lie, 45 miles and liack, six times a week, in steamers and coaches. Leave Sacramento City daily, except Sunday, at t> a m ; Arrive at Marysville by 2 pm; Leave Marybville daily, except Sunday, at f a m; Arrive at Sacramento City by 2 p m ; 12541 From Auburn, by Neilsburg, l?ishnn. Illinois town, nnd Mountain Springs, to Dutch Flat, 34 miles and Imck, twice a week. Leave Auburn Tuesday and Friday at 8 a in ; Arrive at Dutch Flat by 6 p m ; Leave Dutch F lat Wednesday and Saturday at Sam; Arrive at Auburn by 3 p m. 12512 From Maryaville, by Honcucut. Hansenville, Forbestown, strawberry Valley, Bangor, Woodville, Rabbittown. and St. l.ouis. to Gihsonviile, 75 miles and hack, twioe a week. Irom 1st of April to the 1st ol November, once a week the remainder of the year. Leave Maryaville Mondays and Fridays at 6 a m: Arrivo at Gibaonville next days by 5 n m; Leave Gibsonville Wednesdays ana Sundays at 6 a m : Arrive at Marysville next days by 5 p m. 12543 From Marvsville, by Charley's Ranch. Oro viiie, Hamilton, Rio Seoo, Chioo. I.assen's, Tehama,Red Riutis.Cr4tonwood.and Ameri can Ranch, to Shasta, 134 miles and back, six times a week from 1st of April to lat of De cemlrer, tri-weekly the residue of the year. Leave Mary svilledaily,exccpt Sunday ,at 3pm A rrive at Sbaata next oay by 5 p m; Leave Shaata daily, exoept Sunday,at|6 a ia Arrive at Maryaville next day by 12 m. 125M From Marysville, bv Johnson's Ranch, Cox a Ranch, Virginia, Oro City, Gold Hill, and Auburn.36 inileaand back.twioe a week. I.eave Maryaville Tueaday and Friday at 6 a m Arrive at Auliurn by 5 pm; Leave Auburn Wednesday and Saturday at 6 a m: Arrive at Marysville by 5 pm. 12545 From Marysville, liy Oregon House, Green ville. Foster's liar. Camptonvillejind Good year a Har, to Dowuievllle.Ti miles and back, tnree times a week. Leave Marysville Tuesday .Thursday .and Sat urday at 5 a m; Arrive at Downi?ville by 8 p m; Dowmevillo Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 5a in; Arrive at Marysville by 8 p m. 12546 From Maryaville, by Dry Creek. Park's Bar, Owsley's Bar, Km pi re Ranch. Rous h and Readr. and Grass Valley, to Nevada City, 4.5 mile* and l?ck, aix tnnea a week from 1st of April to lat Deceinl*er. three tunes a week the rt-aidue of the year. Leave Marysville daily, exoept Sunday, at 6 a m; Arrive at Nevada City Iry 5 p m: I .cave Nevada City daily, except Sunday,at7 a m: Arrive at Marysville by 5 p m. 125(7 From Diamond Springs, by Newtown aad Henry's Diggings. to Grizzly Flat, 34 miles an'l hack, once a week. Leavo Diamond: Arm Leav Arrive at Diamond Springs by 4' p in. 12518 From Piacerville, by Kelsey's and Spanish r lat, to Georgetown, 18 milesauu hack,twice a week. Leave Plaoerville Tuesday ar.d Friday at 7a m; Arrive at Georgetown by 2 p in; Leave Georgetown Wednesday and Saturday at b a m: Arrive at Placervilto by 2 p m. 1*5W From Piacerville to Carson Valley, I'tah Ter ritory,75 miles and tack,onoea week from lat of May to lat of Novemlior, aud once a month the rcaidne of the year. Leave Plaoerville Monday at 8 a m: Arrive at Carson Valley next Wednesday by 12 m: ' Leave Carson Valley Thursday at 8 a m;. Arrive at I'lnotrville next Saturday by I2ri. I ropob.ils to run l?v a schedule giving the rest iran 1 "r"'!V ,RilC> *'lll be considered. 1Z>50 From Piacerville, by Newtown, to Indian Dig _WnMiWd back, once a week. Bidders to state schedule and distance. Bids ?'wr "torn frequent servioe will l?c considered. 1MU F root .NevadaCity,!?> lloyt's Crossing,hw-?M land. Selcstonot,Sen Juan in Nevadacounty, anil rruman's Crossing, to Camptonville. once a week and luiek. Bidders to state distance and schedule of arri 'Vt'1 ?l*parnirei<. UjU From Nevada i"iu. by Patfcr??n, Kmory s Crossings. I mm Valley .and Forrest City, to Downievillc. 4 ? miles and liack. three timers Met'k from 1st of April to 1st of January and once a week the residue of the year. Leave Nevada City Monday. Woduesday. and r nday at ? a m: Arrive at Dowmeville liy 8 p ni; l,eav? Downieville Tuesday, Thuraday, and Saturday at 6 a in: Aruve at .Nevada City by 8 n m. 12'? From Oroville, by HidwHl's Bar, Pea Vine. Brush Creek, and Meadow Va!lo?,to Cjum oy, 66 miles and liack, once a wcrk. ? Leave Oroville J'ueMlav m 7 am; Arrive a' tjuinrv uext <iay by 4 p 111; Leave Qumoy Thuraday at 7 a m: 1 k.-. V-rrlvc.V Oroville next day by 4 p 111. 125>l r rom Shasta, by Wlnskev Crera and Lewis ton to H eavervillc, 40 miles and back, three times a week. Leave Shaata Tuesday, Thursday, and Satur day at 6 am; Arrive at Weaverville by 8 p m; Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 6 am: ftrnve?*t Shasta by 8 pm. 12655 PJ?m Frenoh Guloh. Mfaeriville, Prmity Centre, and Ottitiewa, to Yreka, ion miles and back, twice a week. 1 l.eave S nasi a Monday and Thursday at ?2 m: Arnveat Yreka next Wednesday and Satur day by 6 p m; Leave 5 rska Momlay and Thursday at 6 a m; da,Vb^l2 ma"ta r">Xl yyM,neKd?' *nd Satur 1XM morT fr?1??nt trips are invited. From Uniantown. bv Cox's Ranch and Big aweek. '90 m,Je* ,um1 ODC? Leave IJniontown Monday at? a m; Arrive at Weaverville next Wednesday by f a Lenre Weaverville Thursday at 6 a m; inn t '*? Cniontown next Saturday by 8a m l-'om Tr.nidad, by Orleans Bar and Forks . f'?A 98 mil??*nd back onoe Ti In 1,1 May to 1st of Novemlier ? ?nd "JJp* the residue of ths year. * L< ave Trinidad Monday at 6 a w: Arrive at Rest_v|jlc next Wednesday by 6 d m l.eave Restvillc Thursday at 6 a m; P ' 57'I? JV1 Tri. idsd nrxt Saturday f.y 6 p in. F?r?Lu1.Vre*c*lJf City, by Waldo, Kirby villa. J?es?onrille, Oregon, ?i milDsAod back, nnr* a I?eavii Crficent Cit* Monday at n a ru; Arr veat Jacksonville Wednesday b> 6 p m; Loave Jacksonville Thursday at 6am: Arrive at Creaoeut City Saturday by 6 p m. OREGON. 127UI From Astoria, by Ca'hlamet. With. Ter ,Oak Point, Rainier, Oregon, St. Helen I R^ver. VVruih; Vaijoonvsr. Siiuvie's Island, ^ Oswego anruli l C,t'> ?L* ? nacK, twice a wiokt in FtwnilioaiH AstoriaI'uesdsy and Safurday atfam: Anive at Oregon Citv 'next dTy."g7p m; ^ ^?^^O'Kun Cily Monday ai,d Tharsdey at A^ia mjxt days by 5 a m. sldwd"" * sehedule will he oon 1W* Pi? 2!SrtiS?d'Hillshoro, Ts-la~ Leave Portland Monday at 7 a in; . ^Vay^^e^V,1? % cta-Si FwliJa,1 7a ml Monday and Thursdarai Arnveat Oregon City nexuiay.ljj m; hi nncs, once s week. ?vo Diamond Springs Tuesday at 6 a nu rive at Grizzly Flat t jr 4 p in; ive Grizzly Wednesday at 6 am; City,< il tamely Lmr Corva! fia Wednesday a at 7 a m; Arrive at Oakland Pridaya oy 4 p m. l^aave Oakland Fridays at 7 a wi; Arrive at Corvallts Mftndnyeby 4 f ? Kids to Ml at WiaekMtar are invited, in* From Corrailis, by 8oa? Crack. Lackemate. Bridgeport, Dailaa. fctaa, Plum \ alley,and Dayton, to La Fayette, 56 milea and La<4, ODMaVHk. Lnvf Corvallis Mondays at ? a m; A rnve at la h ay rtte neat day a by IX ?a; Leave La Fayette Tuesdays at 1 p m: Arrive at Corvallis next day a toy S p an. . 1*707 From Miltm, by Doak's Ferry and Moant Hood, to La Fayette,45 miles aud back,onoe ft W66k ? Leave Salem Mondays atfi*m: Amreat I-a Fayette hr*fni; l/nve U Fayette Tuesdays at6 a m; Arriva at dale* by I a m. I27VS From Salem, by iwniiam City,Central. Wash ington. Butte, Calapooya^ Union Point, Pin*. Willamette Forks, Mckenzie, and fugene City, to Pleaaant Hill, *> miles ami t?ck< once a weak. Leave Salem Tueada* j at 12 m: Arrive at Pleaa*at Hill Friday a by (pa; Leave Plaaaant Hill Satardaya at ( a m Arrive at Salem Tuesdays by 10a m. 12709 From North ualesviile.Leland. Gold River, Jacksonville, Phoenix, Aahland Mills, Tlamath, Cal ,and Henley. to Treka, Cal., if milea m.laa and back, once a week. Leave North Canyonvilie .Monday at 7 a m; Arrive at Vreka next Thursday by t> p m. Leave Vreka Saturday at 7 a m; Arnveat North Cau>onvilla next Tuesday In 6 pm. ? 12710 From North Canyon villa, by Myrtle Craek. Round Prairie, Alder Brook. Roseburgh,and Winchester. to Oakland, 47 milea and lairk, once a week. Leave North Caryonville Thursday at 5a m: Arrivo at Oakland >>y l p m; Leave Oakland Saturday at5a m; trrive at North CnnyonviHe by a p m; r??m Oakland by Kellogg's. fclkton. Sootts burg.and (iardiner City, to Finpqua City,fc> milea an?1 hnok, once a week. Leave Onk and Saturday at 12 nr Arrive at I'mpqua City Monday by 2 p m; Leave ITrupqua City VVednssday nt 6 a in; Arrive at Oakland next day by H p m. \Z712 From Albany, by Burlington and Harusbnrg, to Willamette Forka, .*> milea and hack.once a week. Leave Albany Thursday at 6 a m: Arrive at ?v illamette h orks next day by 12 m; Laave Willamette Forka Friday at 2 p m: Arrive at Allien} next da* by K i> in. 12713 From Port Orford, by Randolph and Coo? Bay. to linrdiner City, 85 milea and hack, onoe a week. Leave Port Orford Monday at 7 a m: Arrive at <>ardii er Citv Wednesday at It p m; Leave Gnruiner City Thursday at 7 a m; Arrive at Port Orford Satu?day by H p in. PropoHala to run. afier p^aiiuK C??o? Hay, via Mouth of Coquelle, and end at t"mp<ina City, about the aaine d.?tanoe as aav?rti6eu,a:e invited. 12714 From Port Orford. by Randolph and Kmpire City, to Winchester an J lack, once a wrck. Bidders to slate schedule ar.d distance. WASHINGTON. 1275^ From Rainier, < ir.. by \I?ntieello. Wash. Ter., Castle Roek CowlUz. Hchland. Newau cum. Grand M'>und. ami Suiter Creek, to Stnlaooom City, 110 milea and back.oucea week. Lf ave Rainier Wednesday at 6 a m; Arrive at Steilacooic City next Friday at 2 P m; Leave Steilaooom City Satnrday at fi a it; Arrive at Rainier next Monday b> 2 p m. Bids to extend to Seattle, Si miles luither, will be considered. 12*51 From Vancouver, bv Cascades, to Wa?oopnm, Oretoa, 96 milea and l*ok, once in two weeka. Leave Vancouver every other Wednesday at lo a m; Arrive at Wascopum n?xt Friday at I? m; L?ave Wascopum evfery other Monday at 6 a m; Arr ve at Vanoouver uext Wednesday by 8 a m. Bids for more frequent trips will he considered. 12752 From Cowlitg to Boise Fort Prairie, 15 milas and haoK.onee a weak. Laave Cow<itx Thursday at 9 a m; Arrive ar Boise Fort Prairie bj 2 pm; Leave Boise Fort Prair.e Fridav at 9 a m: Arrive at Cowlitz, by aip m. 12788 From Oak Poiut. I?y Boise Fort Praine. U? Grand Moand, 50 miies and back, once in two weaks. Leav? oak Point every other Friday at 6a it). Arrive at Grand Monnd next day by 6 p m; Leave Grand Mound evary other Weduetday at 6 a in: Arrive at Oak Point next day by fi p m. 1X754 From Olympis, by Fatun'a and Ya m Prairie, to Fort Montgomery^1 miUa an<l back, onoe in two weeka. Leave Olvmpia every other Mont a; at 7 a m: Arrive atTort Montgomery by 8 p m; Leave Fort Montgomery every other Tneadax at 7 a m; Arrive at Olympto by A p m. 12756 From Olvmpia, by Biuceport, Oyatemlle, Chenook.and PaeiftcCitv. to Astoria, Ore gon, orcein two weeka .-n I Inck toChenook, and onoe a week the re?idu?*. Biddera to atate distance and schedule of arn vsla and departure*. Propoaa-a to run ike entire root* once a week are invited. 12756 From Olj mpra. by Arcadia, to Oakland, and l>ack. onoe a week. * Bxldera to ? tate distance and sonedule of arri v?ls and departures. UTA h 12801 From Salt (.akeCi' Lehirh City, Ameri can Fork. Provo *.itv, Springvibe* Paystni, Santa^uin, Salt Creel, Filltnure City, Paro wan, I- ort Johnaon, Cedar City .Bringburst's. N. Mex.. Santa Clara, Cal fornia, San Ber Wfrilino, MtJtite, San Gabriel and I/>a An geles. to 9nn Podro, 917 miles and back, once a month. Leave Salt Lake City on the 5th of each month; Arrive at Snn Pedro by tha 1st ol the follow nig month; Laavo San Pedro on the 5th of each month: Arrive at Salt L*kc City by the first of tha fol lowing month. Bids tr? run twice a month wiil he considered; atao. bids for the separate parts to and iter on d Ce<lar City, i2bomif?? from salt l-ak?>? itv.? 128?i2 F oin Salt Lake City, bv N?fl's Mills, Mill Creek. Mormon, and Holladsy's Settleinrnt, t?? Alpme City, miles and l-ack, once a week. Leave Mait I ake City Thuradav at 6 a m: Arrive at Alpine Ctt\ next day by Warn; I.eeve Aipin<> Citv Thursday at 3 p in; Arrive at Salt Lak?? City next day by 7 pm. 12WXI F rom Salt 1 j?k" City, n Lnion, l?raper. Le hisli City, liardnifr a Mil's, American Fork, Pleasant Grove, Provo City. Spnngvill*. Spaiusli Fork. Pavson.Santaijuin.Salt Creek, and Kphraim, to Manti, U i uiife* and lack, once a work. Leave >alt Lake City Thursday at 6 am Arrive at ManU Saturday by H p m; L?a\ e Manti Moudav at a m Arrive at Salt LakcCiiv U c?lnes<lay bj R p m. 12904 From Salt Lake City, by Stoker, C?ntr?vilie. Farinuigtwn. Kai sville, and Ofden Cilv, to Brieliam City tis miiaa and back, twice a wwea. Leave Salt Lake City Monday and Thursday at ?? a m ; Arrive at Rngliam City next days by 12 m ; Leave Buciiam City 1 ucaday and Friday at 2 p nt: Arrive at Salt Like City next days by K p in. 12M6 From Salt Lake Citj. by Tooele Citv, to (?rantsville, 55mi ?s and Uiok, onoe a work. Leave Salt l<akeCity Thursday at 6 n m ; Arrive at (,rai,tavilie next da* at 12 m ; Leave Grantsville Frnla* at i p in ; Arriveat Salt ijike City nexujs, by 6 pm. F roirv Suit I,*ke ( it\, Taytonvillf, \l<?nnt Pleasant, V\ est Jordan. Foit H?rrimanA?'d Gardners Mills, lo <Ne,iar Valley, <?,.uth ort.l.* miles a- d liaek, orce a week. Leave Salt l.ake City Thurs<la? at 6 a m ; Arrive at Cedar Vaile> next daj by 12 m; l?eave Cedar Valley riday at 2 p m; i&rr,v".>at ' ftkf 01 ry h<"xt rt#v '?7 6 P m. 128C7 r rom Cedar Cllj, by alarmouy and Piue Val ley, to Santa Oiare, 79 miles and hack, once in two weeks. J,rave Cedar City every other Thursdav at ? am; Arrive at Santa Calm next Saturday by s p m ; Leave SanU Clara every other Monday at ? ft m j Atnve at Cedar City next Wednesday bv 3 p lu. 1 NEW MKXICO 12851 From Santa Fe, by Alameda, Albuquerque. AlgoJopes, StKj.rro, Fort Cra(f. |^?s Cruces Bernaui'lo, 1 oi Lnnas, Fort Fillmore, and Frootero, Texa-, to El l'a?o, Texas, 3w miles and hack, t* toea month. Leave Sauta Fe on the 10th aud 25th of each month ; Arrive at F1 Paso in eight davs; Leavei Kl Paso on the 7th ?and 23d of each month; A rrive at Santa Fe in eicht day a ; Bids for weekly trips will be considered ; also, for separate parts to and beyond Alba qtierque. 1*58 From Santa Fe. W Lo. Laeero., to Fernando l>e Taos, 70 miles and heek.once a week. Leave Santa I- e Monday at 8 a in: am*** Fe,mndo 1>c Taus Wedneeday by ie Leave F rnando f>? Tao? Thursdav at lain i9B-<? ^r,,ve*t *M?ta Fe Saturday ??y m'a m. 128^3 F rom Laa Cruces by Mesilla, to Tuoeon.and Istck. cnce a week. Bidders to state the distance, aad schedule of arrival, and departures by VffcU ttoa, pro pose to run. v Pn-rn Tucson, by Ariaonaaud Colorado City. AUMjquereu..,, ZanitoViMU^?W ?Hirfnrfrf" . . ^k.oaaea m ?nth. ?TirTal! f?r m?r* fr*,nw,t tri^* will be eon o?oJ*wher^.l'!!?tr* ^lowed intermediate Sa maS. ' otherwise speoiled, Ibr assorting ?rerequired .V?l ?*'' from, and deliver it into, tke post a nAt A "Ba ?' meir RM ta?, rn?iTeJ riVffcl! *7opo<ala may ??e sab tblt Ts ^fmrtaanee of aB thesiar se- vice? land/ng 0???, o**' aa?fcty rods [rvw a station or Ji Bjol plained three tuna. Uaa >a7^4l? ti? VITi d noted. For arrival. eo?ir liehiiid time aT^o break eoaaexion with depending maile, aad not auAcieJtC tha k?d proport.onod to tbe _ ft. I^or leaviaj bob a M? portion of t, or for betngH W. w~t mm minomnp IB Kllini up or rUMIM an e preaa ooereyini iB?lli*e?ea in advuoa of tl? ma ? turur'a per mar be W?ct?!. 4. Fiaea viII t* iaipoeed. uaiea* thede ineaew Inf oropty and aatialaotonW explained h* oarti <*' a* of > wt?iWm, or lb# i>iirm of other ere ibte peraoea, (at (ailta* U> arrive ?? oonuaot Um for neglecitnc tu lake tM Mul iron#or denser it in n font office; T'>r ?ufferim it (owing either to the n anitatxearaa of the vine* or manner of oarryii* to to wet. tnjared. deatreyed. robbed, or tont; ft (or refuami after iMf) to o?nrey the frequently nn tin oontmctor ran*. ori*r?l . - ? ^ J ? ??* ? HI; I>epartment: fur reln*in? to iu chare n carrier when required liy the l>ep?rtm? a< do ao; for nnaicmn^ the oontra. t withoel tn< mm of tbe Poatme*ter tieneral: I-t ''ii.niuc H#or>n LtiifiWii ?r (or traaaporting peraona or ptcta*. oouve* in* mailelile matter out of the mail. Ti?e Poatmaeter Gei.cral imey order an tncreal o( aernce on n mot* by MWtiai HM?m a pea em inereeae rm the contract pay . lima* ebanceachm of the Inw aVre iun ii.creWee of /.TthTlV ti..nal Block or camera if nr?. TlJc. -n^'^ howe\ or. in Ike cn*e of the leereaae ?f *r.*+,. rmT uuiah the contract t., Kiv,nr prompt JT1 department thai he prefer* doii. ao c 7,7 H order latoatfeat. The p ..tma?ter ?ic neraj il? V curtail or diaonntmuc ti e aervioe. ia ? X* *" part, at pro rata deoreaae ?r pi*. *n?L1 month'a exfm compensator, on the aaJll.5 V* Eli^fTlli' m,Uen'v''r. '? ???? opi, ?n the 1,1" interest a do not reqm>e the '.iT>r.,,, in m??,. I!i* s^g,soMr^11 *? ???- '-"or tr* ?. Pa> iner.ta will 1m mad- for tbe aerv ee k. ?. r'Vrj!ier.,'h# -xp'nfion /f each .aarte^-X *?!??!?**??. Auaatt.awd Noreiuier. T infornjatmm:' ^ KJ4;r? ;r^,? i*/nr?. r(,m>,tr,.y OM rh*x in,/, ', "* "*e w-uht of tbe naif. the eonditi,. r on If, h;I!e. afre-iins, A <v, *,*1 nil ?o<j f? ina"' bo SSSr,"?1>f nnT J''"1 5* wh'rh 'xae, mar nomenrret. No c mr f>r a<lilii?'.r> ?>> i,.. orilaoeh *roui ?t? caii tie oonxidcied ; N?r Im- a. < ? ierw^i.1"." 11 f"",Myt'>?'WI?tl no io !?,- decr^a tmu^-rM. bridlton oe?tro?ed. or?.rl,er oiwtr, tiona incrcaainr dir.tnnce. (vwnmr* ii., ment . lH . i ^ *'Kl (1l,r,n* oo'ltmcf Irrill. Hrr ?Dcrvased.W 1 tfe d.atJiS^to . A ^ received after the iaat .lar and h? named, or anh<>u*. the g mm rant ee required ' > U-a that.ooiaUiw. ^veral r,.?u , ??eV, ,n W"* ntioo, aannof he oonHid^r^d in ?>?ne?* j?hm> ? .?i ?V'"W| rr*???Hr m amoa.Jt. f"r a?"v?ee?tr. t? acrxirdm* to the advertisement, and ilien, u ?l desire. *'/'?/?lor d.?. ,. ?t Nm m ? ; Lrf |.|(4 lie IU luvert ? >0? -red I i. M e a t* .?.i.? '""" 'H"1' p"? I'l'--' po jit ^ ,ou''" ''"tin a j>i IS. The route, the aervice. the v?arly aav t naincand roidence of th? fwd.t. r. <;?,,i ,? i ,? ,'lkl P4'"' eflice a<tdre?a.> aiel tli>>ae of mri nKiiiUi i atnterl . aiao thr m<?1* ?.f notive%anc?, J ? ( riKHle than horx-tw^k !?? ?,1.1;<|?t. \ ItcVord* ??? iZSZSL-SS*^ ","1 ...acn^ indnyto tM iwodaof narmiH*. ??,|| rorKt.ti,.. 1^n * ?'"W " iiiirnded, ii<>?t ? SS i apec n.uat tie nan:e<l. 14. Biddera ye rrqucntxd to n?e. aa far a? prar onb.c the printed f<>im of propwa!* furnichrd ht ? UeDaitnicnt. to write out in full tbe nm cf tb hida. aud to retain copies of t'.em. F*rm tf /*r? pe<?f. _ ' ?" "? of , county of . ? ?f Propoae Ui ronvn the mail* of the | ?,ted <ta fn'tn July 1, lav*, to June :p?. Ikk,-. on route - . from ??-to , acree?i< ? to the vtr. ?' *ba Partmaater i.onemi dated Ocr. A., ihoi.aud by the fo limine i iode of oonrfltan v,*:. for the annual antn nf dot a Thia prneo?a! ia mad? m ith full kn< ?l?d?rc ..| i diatance of the ronte. the weirht of the ih?i to oarriM, pnd a. 1 other particulnrs ui ref#?r#ewe t?. t rout? ?ml tcrvior, ?nd *\m> ?fWr cwrefu! m**um ?ion of tbe laar? and luatruotioaa attached to the ? vertiaement. ,Hlr,Li Dated tM?ueO. GmartiHtet. TM nnderai^ned. reaidiec at . State of and'rtake tliat. if the forego inc bid f<?r r^rr- .ra ? niai. on route No. hea<c> pteti l>\ the PoMtd ter r?eneinl. the Ittdder aiial , prior to the In da% Auguat, |!tv<, enter into the required ol4iaa>i i.. oo>jUac?. to perform the aervioe prop<>aed. with ?? and aufficient auretien. ' r' do aatf'r>i4arfi*( itt*11mr'lp ikr jifiiai ami hnbiitlte* o*?mntil by rimrooti um4?rtht?tlk ftritom of ikr art aj Ccmcr.f J y 2| 1 tinned by twornarantofi _ Ctrtifirntt. Tbe on?le,-wicned. poat master of , iMaie . certifica. un-i- r Ml* oath itf rjtrt, l ? acquainted with the above puarantora. tn<< kt n them to lie men of property, and t.lila to tr.-kr c> tne Kuarantee. b'?l* nhotiid not be aann.iiteo; n ?bonld In da onoe autanitPed l? withdrawn. Kaeh liid muat tie ruarantied ??> tw.. re?p.?(,> ?uaraa ee* cannot l*a.l i tt .V-?? .? *"'j - ph..uld I* ?.*?? 4 pla tj. ? the full name ?feaoii person. f } hjkl>?parliij. at reserve* the rtfht in re ecu ?Md which may ?m. deemed extravaCr>nt. ami aiae tl m ?"??ntraotora a.nd bnbi'ra ??. I he h..l aiioaM Ua *eate<l; ,Mpertoril^d - \|. Propoi aU. Ni^tg or Fcrritort of ?a? th? .-w i SecorHi A^sistKNt r.#vn:^ ter ??en*?ral. Contract OlRoe.and ?e:.r i,,; ,, iiy or to an ajrent; awl postioaMera ? t'l >.?-rr - retur"r f 't,er*01 "u> ?l^n^mrur ? '?L ooo^racta are to he execircl aiM irtan# ?*Jh? partmeiit by or liefore tjte i*t ><( Aiii-c law. t>ut lite lo-rx ioe inuht lie ooinnificed ontb* i Ju y. or the mm! day i.ext afier that date. whet!., tnp ooiitrartP I^ fx^cutrd or n??t. No rropc^r* ?< for tranafi ra will be eonaidi-rt'd un'il rhe aatiii *r* M routed and reeeivonnt Ue depart m^i.t: ar th.-n n,i transfer* wi l tto allowed aaiena cmkIm aumcient reaa<>n? tbercSor are Ktvea, u. I*^rin inined liy I nt-departuient. 15. S-?ot|<? i I? o' nn ect of t'"tnrr>ii, apr"'' Mar< h S,l*(J, provide* Ihit eor.tracta iorthrtir p??rtation of the mail t-l all l-e |?t ?? in e* r>*? ? the >owe?T Ncider taiNlertnc ?ufln-icrt cuanM'teci U* P^rf'Tmance. without t ther rrlrrmort?'' modr-M of *ycti trK:isp.irtati'<ii than ma* lieuio >? ?o prwvide for tie da* celerity . <-ei t..|Mi>. a:d rit y ?i| au( h tranNp. rtai ion.*' I' tdcr t 'ii* la* in <t.??cnpti?ni of|.id? ha* l?t-n rrcei\e<l. Tii?-? d apooiiy n mode of coive>ar>ce, l?n* cnpace t.i'-i tiiccntire mail encti tnp with eeterit?. cer'Mi' and aecurift. n^iuc the term* o( the law. T ? ?ids ".re aty ..- d. lion, tne in n hi.-ti '!.? ? ? de*irnatcd oa the liook* o: Itie drpiilaifBt ' ? ti * 'hey will lie c n*trii?M| ;?? proMitn? tne e*>nvcyar:ce of lh<> entiie mail, A w?t-.r/o . arid lrha'ro, m?? tk, ? r,|M ft, ,? ? im V ' r" ??'f Xf.mi'o. i 'll*.caaea vhere the l?iw *t of ?? UlTJi V/ Ifv 00 ?'U&'-I^iit. Ihe lowest l?d ?.>' K*>?miit4cd, ,B preierei ce to a"-' or *j>ecit>c r \\ hen the lowe?t l?d i? not a *tar Hd.artd *pe< either !?? taode.THb iin i. ^ c fie'i . i VSl neeepteri. i,,lt .r, a, Tviei?!. tTVy h<! nrrM?-,0 ?er\,<e. veW. l i<J 'Z0'* "r-ecify the iiifile ?( ? ? t fik^i *."? w,'ru lf prop..*. * t? ,T,lrv "arr,, r. the advertisement.'M ut ^i^out a; eh r*ee kei" i!.* beconMdep d a* a propyl f, r A'. A modifioation of n hid ir an* of it* e*> T' ety!.'^i" '""'yH'unt to a new bid. a,,.! c n,?.i t mftll JJ? a>) f.? mferfcre with a ro^i' ai Ooii.peL: if n,e ."",t '?MMr ?*'t f?r reeetviri|t I .ids. ? ? oatmaatera are to lie careful not to eer* f' ' ?' ** '^rnntor* aa anre'ie* wither' kf? . i n L iP are P^raona of anfbrient re?p<.!i?i?"' aiMl all rudder*, ruarai.rr.r*. am. *nre' ,e* ^re di*rr ij notiaed that, on a failure to enter into or per. ir.'^n.,r?5t" (,,r tl,e wrie* pu-?,k. d lor is ;?? r . i^d,' U,#Jr teirai l?*?*litie? w. i be ?**? ?oioatthem. Preaent contractor*. *?d per*.>r? km-w *' *' Uepartment. muat. equal > with otli-ra. pre. ? Jl'*r*,i|<>t*nnd oortifieate* of their nifbneiic* ? #.rln f"rm* nUive preacr Sed. IW(J' titicates of nnftoieney muat be aicued I t a p<>at<1 ter or a judre of a ouiirt of record AARON V. KK??\V\, ? _ _ Pontinaster G.'r.wa Poar Orriri Dkpa*tvf*t. . tTetobrr 2i' 1*57. oe 35 l*wt> P'A?f.Vr0*T,-S F?K niRI^TMA" l'ntH 5. K>?'S Alao. M e odeo* ?, V.. ?:?. (iir:"~ \?r Ao???fflp.iTin. TruntioriBr*, A ' ? mtalile (or autiatai.ti'U iioiid.i) *n>a ? . iOTlN P. F.I.VJS. ri*m? and Wane Store, 3tai Pa. ?veuue, k'*" Pth and loth atreet*. a .i^ lvUITIO\8|iii Fim Bindii^i.ofii. I name, llallam. Maeaulaj, llaii'-roft |?i (arljIe. I.nmb. Rohertaon. Kellin, l*lutarek,S"* eoe, Goldamitli. Dean !*wiP. Horarth. Mt'f> Mackmti ah. KarnM. Kanke. Milton WWwrk.* other ? mi ept proae writer*. ?ya? t* foand il ouok*'ore of?lie nthlcrauned. UH>atl) iniporW r#?Lfl,r? London. -?a pn \\ck ta vi pRKPARATlO.\8 F OK CHRISTMAS*. tavlor a mac* V anao?eC# the o- mp*' oi tneirarrangrinentt for the arpro*i*hi' i ?"* ii include* * careful aeiection of W e^ntly illustrated Standard and oth-r Won pinn and ornamental birdinjr*; an aepr<?*?*"' variety of Knciivh and Amerioan Javenila **'" and a ehoioe%- ,<rtinent of Ri'mc? *nd f'ra.r* "* linthe neweat *'jiea); Album*. Portf.di .a. P'ikj (uka and*. Cal*ia. Ac, to wlnrL M (peetful)y invite attention taylor a maikv?Bi^L _11 O-tf ,#*r wltkruir mkdicatkd j *? <*fea or the ce et rated I omlen' dial Oin and Invigorating Ordia!. awl Ihr *??*? ^ .. jonaj" r i *?*\\ No. &M 12th atreet. oornei of B atreet norta . ee and Liquor Store. _ ON DON JrVKVIl.K HOOK" * Hana Anderaon a Ta.ea and Pair* Stona*. Lou ia'a Sobool Day a. Sanford and Mertoa, >va?incaat Home. KdrarChfton, or Richt ami \Vr ?? Kaperanra. or tbe H im of tbe W anderar ttnmin a Home Storiea. P" Caatawaya.or Adventnre* in AfVtea. eaie'fcfd.a atarr (or tbe \ qun. tvary Bnjr'g Bo?i Fairy Taiea of the Countaet D'Aulnoy, Ii ra'nan Ni|hta. lolnnaon Cruaoe. ]tt*t received by d l* P R a NTK T A \ I M'vlS'L'Sf/JT* ,*^ MP?T " Wkieh "M T ?f i'omcMic Min?< *' ? **ooot be aarpneaed dat ... KINUA 01 RCHKbU m oorner 15th street and Vermont a??" ( I