Newspaper of Evening Star, January 1, 1858, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 1, 1858 Page 2
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EVENING Stilt.' WASHINGTON CITY: FRIDAY January 1, JC7" Artrrrli?rmrnt< ?h?ald he seal la by ]'i t'rlMk im.; ?ihrrwur they may nat ap pear until the nnt day. ?/'/*/'/(>/? THti MUHNING Ptik&S The Jjitrlliiftuctr. to-day, moralises over the departure of the o|<| \eor, ahd philo*opb??es over the ?>luut of it.-* successor. The I 'tn?n, to-day. discusses the distTibo tiuD of tlio proceeds of the sale of the public land?, and publishes the passage at arms ora torical, "between Senator Fitch and Senator Dougla*. occurring at (ho conclusion of the recent great ?pee:h of .the former, wherein. a.? the editor truly intimate*, the gallant Indi aniau m>n a glorious triunif h for the cause of the ratie party, as involved in the ques tion of the admission of Kansas into the Union on the Lecoiopton Constitution Aur'vai. at Nrw York.?The arrival* from foreigh ports during the past year, at New York. num??er :KVIH0; passten^cm 214.IUa. including It/JfiS from CaiifurnU. Of the vessel*, i.'tW were American and 71.? Biitish ^ %i.? k of a man's like.?Thefollowing mem oraaduin was reeently foil ad on the desk of an Il linois rhadaiitantbus. on "aentene* day.'* A steals from It ^15. and is incarcerated in tlie States prison one tear; C kills |>?nd is sentenced 4* the same place eight year*. what is the value ul a man s life ? Answer?S-JXJ Aptly i II u*'rated. ID" The.Ion-talked or match of billiards for *?.???>. between Mkhael Phelan and R Benja min. which bas excited I be amateurs at billiards, look place Wednesday night at the billiard rooms, corner of Twelfth ar>d Chestnut strecta, Philadel phia I'oelan won the first, seeond. fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth game*. and in this game bent his adversary- hT ten points, winning alsothe tenth and eleventh gam**. Benjamin winning tha third and ninth only. The match w is to 1* de cided by the winning of the greatest number of games out of stiteen, and on the deriding ?amc being concluded there were three rounds of ap plause given for Pbelxn There were about one liandrtdaud flftv persons in the room, compris Jngall the chief amateurs from New York, Bos ton, Baltimore and Philadelphia ID* The Rev Mr Kalloch had a very large audience to hear him preach in New York on Sunday la?t. The Herald of .Monday say*? The majority of the congregation was com Posed of ladies and young men. though not a few'renMcmenadyan<-ed In life w> re preaont tali'r!f .. f . IT a Ye,r>"fine looking yonng man. tall of stature and withal sinewy, and of attrac ,wSrP'225; f hha^ 4 h*h N,1,marl oity, smooth forehead; unexceptionable whis irda'rk? S wi ljhght b1rl*ht??"'- ^-dhair of a darker tint, which curls somewhat over l,is conspicuous fr:)n? His manner is calm and his jff**1"** ?iybr graceful, but his voice has a disagreeable drawl occasionally? particularly in reding?which does not improve bis elocution. lie prtart .d yesterday without manuscript or note*, and secn?d to speak tzu mpore. though h,s language was studied and elegant His?en m^i^' n ;,nd W*rinK ar?- modest (for a mart) r). but still n.> one, we think, can f-',I to f'rrv/r ProP?rt,o? *>f l'l??k ?n his nonsti tation It shines ont both through the matter 3Ui<i manner # f his divioar^ n SB2IATOB Do Co la. a ami hi* \\i>- k?The Wa^h ington correspondent of the Cincinnati inquirer ?ays : 1 "I called on .Senator Douglas last evening for ? short time, and found him bus" Tahs^tudv franking copies of bis speech all over the 1'^lion D, gently engaged In directing the speeches as 'iSZSt&tZV1 V >,rs D-?<C^ant ai>a neautiful in her elegant evenin? aitire st, wtote rapidly abold firm band, which evln-d eneryj and decision of character; while she car. 0rL.* *J"rt in ,b* ronv^rsation at the same lr,,Jy * Tei7 ^""f'll ltdy in form and figure, with a countenance expre<?We not oul) of lutellect and energy, but affection and puie womanly sympathies: She ha* ? t i i . some of her remarks ex iiib Ifed considerable feeling concerning the , Ji un of Kansas affairs. A gentleman had j,'t m, ^t in so,,., three hundred names ?f citi/.'n," f ,M cinna,,. and she preceded at once . e! , l'l"] - nJ! i "m F ?' _,'"v Newell bas roiuinualcated officially to the ruunsH of Donnelly, condemned to l^bung for murder, the refusal ?f the fon t or | aidons to commute bis s. ,, ei,ce He p-e. laces ? with a,, investigation of the c.-rum-tan 17,Zl f i;,llTd ,nurrter> to the f.tirn*os f the trial, and its endorsement by the Supreme Court and Court of Krrors |Je says ?be punishment in a ca>, where g?l" w ,s [\ ' iz I ? coaclusiou he iutmofes that the prisoner eaaaoteipeeteven a reprieve, artd d.?jrr, f| /:,atl"f,,!,y ?*iW C . day Appointed ,, aw?January**. ' rh'KSOJVAL. ... Among ?h- notabilities at the |?-vre i "7 \ic. I.ougworth. the tn,?t .. ding o/, VCisi^; "wc^'L'V : s ?c.e a '"rge company ot friends a?d relativ. s! .JS; wV.1"; - Celt-rsj,, ^ 1 l,C Col. Sa.uuel ?.b. ij. i.,f ,./* A little while ago the Provident ?? if i w^. k7?Wdfc aln,ONt of corn, but for the i uj ~k irnportations ex? eed IW.tM. bushjla tD'H'iHT'iau dixl Butns. ti?e nukcr. .?j " ployment of CkiuaiiMu trough the em u?ul TK "nfo.'iV"ha^s'\*lTyln Lo.: of 1M6 feet The drill ,s ti.To^. ,deftb" of alternate hard and - >Tr st df, b -v ,im* -'?one , C7- The first bonnet worn in r. i . brought f'om Daly in therelyB Cf Was a compromise helw^* lb" bat and the French hood ^lw,*tn .. T^' w r, r?? :,r ST.w"'1 - w?Kl h .. W lt"n ,h'' r??yal baby of Snain wt, t^,? T' !"" '',"T ?"'""W?d ' ""nie'. ifk. a d,V!" ,h*y ???w i~? i,u> .,.,,1?;!; <rp i""*''" ??r,j ? u .v.Srxr.'Sf r:,?rr ??> a fiuid U,,t, ,' 7 7 ,r P"'r"- *r,d I'tfbted s-mon, s Vr ,,"1 H T T " Mr F"?? ? UP ?? a v**iy s|J m*,r*"?C'e?ns lil.tK'iig burnti,;r(w>,wn wjt "nd'Tn ?!?<-' ?*Ld irrbtl.n .n rt.*- ia? KfrifctZ?*0.' * ,rvtr' bark.aiMl s. alte, luw Itr 11 J ?' 1,1 OM th'' tion, Fortu,.at?ll fhe a,t dl" it hHd done J?y 'wr*"M?i,,guisbed V??s y "'"n-ge. and Mr. Flint The Day -New Year's Day with us, on this J occasion. is indeed a bright particular Jay. Thw sun chines brightly. *?'??* o^b^o** the horizon. and the *tmo*fcfere is as balmy as that of a spring morning. Our population, resident and transient, ar? All on the streets, parsing fn?ui house to hooa*. the Mt-upffet* of which have throwttopen their doors for the re ception of their friends ; nil having first paW their respect* to the President at the Kmcu live Mansion, and then to inost of the Heads of Departments, who welcomed all. citirens or strangers, complimenting them with a call and the oongratttlations of the season. Pennsyl vania avenue never before wore an air so l?ril-_ liant." Bright and showy equipages are dash ing. an we write, hither and thither over it. and its sunny sidewalk is literally covered with thousands of pedestrians of both sexes, all in 4 best bib and tucker," wearing smiles of joy ous festivity upon their countenances?being, indeed, evidently as happy as even such an oc casion justified At II a in., the usual Diplomatic roeeptior, and that of the Justices of the Supreme Court of the I'nited States, took place All the For eign Ministers. Charges, Attaches of Foreign Legations of all grades, with the ladies of their respectii ehouseholds, now in Washington, were of course there Their various uniforms and elegant equipages made the scene upon the great north portico of the Mansion, as they suc cessively reached it, a brilliant one. Within, when the company described above were assem bled to greet the distinguished and dignified Chief Magistrate of the I'nited States, by whom they were cordially and frankly received, the s:ene wa< eminently imposing. At noon, the great gates of the grounds sur rounding the mansion were duly thrown open, and the impatient crowd that had long been waiting to obtain early entrance rushed up to the vestibule arranged for their admittance, and at once pouring into the mansion, for nearly two hours, the stream of thousands on thousands, some on foot and others alighting from carriages, was swept five or six abreast, gradually into the entrance hall of the man sion, where tbe Marine Band in full regalia, were as usual, discour'iog their best music, from thence into the parlor. where all were separately introduced to President Buchanan, and tbe ladies to his accomplished and dig nified niece, the mistress of the household Thence, the pressure of others entering, swept the human wave into the vast and gorgeous j 1 Ea~t Room." Irom whence, after remaining at will, they proceeded to the passage by which their exit was made from the mansion In the ' East Room" the visitor for the first time had an opportunity to comprehend the extent of the crowd of which he formed an integer On the whole, the day was a most int? resting and ex citing one, and will long be remembered as perhaps the gayest New Year's occasion so far occurring in the Federal Metropolis. Their Mock Heroics.?The New York Tunc* contains an exposition of the sillines*. of tbe mock heroics in which those sympathizing with the filibusters have indulged on account of the extradition of Walker and his marau ders, well worth attention. Who doubts that Walker escaped from the United States in gross violation of law ' What honest man, even though he desires the acquisition of Central America by our fellow citizens, is not aware that Walker's former career in Nicaragua was one to cause true chivalry to blush, humanity to shed tears, and the spirit of hearty, honest, true Americanism, to hide its face in shame on account of the heinous crimes against life, lib erty and property committed by Walker and bis aiders and abettors hi re and there, in its name ' What man is there, of common sense, who does not realize that while none but the (?ovcriimentof the Teriitory said to have been iux aded by CoUiiuodore Paulding has aright to complain ot his act, that Government and I'l e will hail what Commodore Paulding has done as an earuest that the l uited States mean in good faith, in honest truth all that the President takes 'casion to say in his annual message on the -ubject of filibustering ' We quote from the article referred to above in the Time*. as follow* : '?The seizure was made upon the territory of a foreign Power The case was preci*elythe same as if an American official weie t<> pursiiea crim inal into Canada and llieti arrest him and tiring him l?a< k Within the jm isdictioli of the Uovern uicnt whose law* he hail violated. 11? every Mich ? ase the I'owei wIkhp dominions are thus Inva ded, has a valid ground of complaint, Itritain, in the case supposed, Would unques tionably demand retire-,., from the oticiiding party tor mj. It a trespass upon her sovereignty Hut we do not vcrv well see how the part) arreted could ava.I himself of this violation of international i IW. to secure immunity from trial and from punishment if convlc cd No wrong had l?een done to hihi directly. He had placcd himsHl I under the protection of a foreign power, and might, perhaps, complain if that Power nes/lect cd to enforce it* own sovereign rights and thus | come to his assistance. Hut we do not see how , he could. at any bar, plead the illegality of his I seizure a* a detent e ajjainst the crimes for which lie might Ik* brought to trial. Nor is it any mo e ? oiici val.le that. i ii such a fi?f. the (.overtitm-nt in whose nam" ihc a- re?? might tie made, should repudiate and disavow it, except to satisfy the Power against whom alone the wrong had hen dire* ted It ? mild not object to having theerim- I mat within it* jurisdiction, unless indeed it sym pathized with hiscrim" ?' In 'he present case there is no doubt that t'uiuiii'idoie Paulding violated the sovereignty, by trespassing n|ion the jurisdiction of the Ite piihlic. of Nicaragua. He had no ri-^ht to invade the M>il of thai country, for tlie purpose even of arresting a fur itive from American justice. Me had no more right to capture Walker at Poiqi Arenas than the city police had to arrest Hrker njion the high for the murder of Poole. And if the government of Nicaragua Were, to make complaint of this trespasa, she would he entitled to ledies* and reparation at the hands of the I nit*d r*?nie* Our Government, in that case, could not avoid the duty of apologizing for tlie wrong and tendering any prop* r satisfaction, ex tending perhaps even to the punishment of the ofli- er l>y whom it had lieen committed. ??Of c ourse no sncli complaint hat been, or will he made Instead of resenting the Invasion of her t< rritory. \i<aragua will thank us for reliev ing it from an enemy whom the lax administ a thni of oui laws had permitted to land there Stko.xu Thocuutm.?John \'au Burcn is a man of pungent thought, if such a man exists His s|*ee<*h?s are always replete with strong points well put to influence the mind of the people None of his never-to-be-forgotten forensic efforts wero more remarkable in that way than his speech delivered a few nights ago at the great Democratic meeting Id Tammany Hall John undertook a defence of the Kansas policy of President Buchanan, and made clean work of it. His speech, for the space it occu pies in the Albany Arftu, wherein we read it, ieas conclusive an effort as we ever read We regret m re than we can express, our inability t? transfer the whole of it to the Star'1* co'? umns. The following brief extract, however, will suffice to give the reader some idea of the terseness and force of his reasoning : Pre*h|..?i ftiichaiian says thai, according to his count ruction of the Nebraska bill and the Cla^in ii.iti platform, the convention that met In Kansas to frame a constitution was bound to submit to a practical vote the question whether Kansas should or ahould not have slavery In that re ft "*'#t,l,e President ditlers diametrically from the feouth, with the letter of Senator Hunter, with ? JtOeison Davis?for they claim that I be con vention had absolute power to dispose of this fjueatlon for themselves Tbe President says that his unde standing was that that question was not to lie decided by the convention, hut was to lie disposed of by a duct vote of ihe people- and he also ?ays that the convention proposed to ?i|b i mil that question to a direct vote or the people, I aud they weir lo li?vc a chance to determiue the j great question ie*j , dim; this domestic imditutirn for il.. iioi lvcs The President is thus strictly Within his pledge* itliil I he pledges of ||ir N rbra* Ita bill And when rhis question Is decided in this way. Ihe P<ekid?nt itaya there Is nothing ?n the rest of I tic constitution.'or In the fact that the convention omitted to submit It to the popular vote, to authorize Congress to reject it when it may be presented to them. II* does not say that he wishes the convention had submitted the, whole) tUM be took it for granted that they would mUpIt the. whole of it to the people; and he viv* tfcat that wilt Ik- the course to pursue hereafter, ii? the formation of other Territorial ? (roviTiinitutifMA rtieir change into State govern*'T mentk Bnt the kill I in relation to Kansas wan I ??ilea! upon the subject; there wai nothing ln "?? Cincinnati platform that reaulres more than that, the iiuenllon of slavery ?haii be submitted t<> the people T he President says that if the constitn tion formed by the convention in Knn*a? "Lould be adopted by Confess. and Kansas I* admitted into the Union under that constitution, they \*-U 1 then l>e in a position to decide their inslltutioft* for themselves. and change them every tlve day* in the week, if they should think proper todo so. without disturbing the other thirty-one State* in the Confederacy Now, I <ay ibat is wise, that is jn?t. that i? statesmanlike, and no matter what may have he%n the opinions of any man in regard to the proprie ty of submitting the whole Constttntion to the people, Its not t?eing done does not authorize any man, least of all in the Democratic party, toei cite this torrent of abuse and calumny against the President. (Cheers and applause] I have not one unkind word to say of Senator Douglas I admire hi* ability. 1 respect his statement that he has not joined the Republicans; but I pre sume that be will not deny that the Republicans have joined him [daughter and applause.J Gentleman, J do not speak entirely without the book. I read to-day in the New York Tribune this extraordinary statement on the Itith of IV ceml>er, 1*57: "Our Washington advices report n full and frank conference tietween Senator Douglas and leading Republican* on the latest aspect of the Kansas nil urw." A full conference between Senator Douglas and lending Republicans on the Kansas affairs ; You and I never had a conference with Republicans on any affair?(laughter)?least of all on this, which is so important to the Democratic jmity. Hut one word further. The Tribune says : 44 The results were mutually satisfactory." A Voice?44 O l.ord, save us front the Republi cans.(Daughter! Mr Van Buren?The results of the conference between Senator Douglas and leading Republi cans were mutual Iy satisfactory ! \V hatever con ference we have luid with them, certainly we have never had one that was 44 satisfactory'* to us I trust Senator Douglas will avail himself of an early occasion tosct hitn?c!f tight in regard to the correctness of that statement. The Supbristrndkht <>r Fort Uiuglev a.nd Sut'Ttt Pass Wagon* Road.?This gentle man. Mr. W II Nobles, in rocent publications in Minnesota papers, takes occasion to arraign the Washington Star for jointing out the fact that he is interested in the operations of the Dacotah Land Company, along tho route of the road be has been charged by the Government with the duty of locating lie denies the fact, and says that, while he had nothing to do with their speculations, the fact that the Company has located cities, towns, Ac , along the route of the road located by him long before, is a high compliment to the skill, Ac., with which he has discharged the public duties devolved on him. This is all bosh We have open beforo us a copy of the Laws of Minnesota, and at page 336 find "An act to incorporate the Dacotah Land Company," approved by Gov Medary July 22, 1857. with the name of Wm. H. Nobles first on the list of its corporators Though Mr. Nobles with his party wintered on his line of operations before the date of the passage of this act. it is uot truo that he had located his work before that date. So. after he thus became atvincor porator of the Company that mado the selec tions of the land against which tLc people of the region complain, he mado the location against which they aomplain even more strenu ously, in view of those selections. Agnin. we find in the same volume (of Min nesota Laws. at. page 29P?) an act establishing certain ferries. 4c , wherein, in the seventh section. Mr. Wm. II. Nobles again figures with Joseph H. Brown as proprietors to whom the Minnesota Legislature donated the privilege of maintaining ferries " across the Sioux river, the James river, and the Missouri river, where the Government road from Fort Ridgely to the South Pass crosses said rivers, for the term of twenty years: and no ferry shall be estab lished on either of the said rivers, within two miles above or below said ferries, for the period aforesaid.*' Oti the whole, su^b operations in feme* and land companies along the road Mr. Nobles was charged by the Government herewith the duty locating, doe* not strike us as being proper. What think the public ' Rkpfslicam Pat!t\ Akravoemests.?We learn through the Washington oorrespondeuts of Republican party newspapers, that a cau cus of leading Republican members of both Houses of Congress recently came ofl at tho residence of Mr. Francis P. Blair, near this city, where there plan of a campaign (in Con gress! this winter, was discussed and arranged, as well as their schemes for the next presiden tial contest, as far ns the latter could be per fected so long in advance ot the election. It seems that the longheads ol that party, though of opinion that the present Kansas-question at titude and |?olilical Iabors of Senator Douglas and Governor I'oht J. Walker, are destined to secure for their organization a triumph in ISflO. ?coiit the idea of regardingeitlier of those distinguished gentlemen as entitled to assume the command of the regular opposition to the Democracy. According to the understanding arrived at on that occasion?their candidate is to be Mr. Seward, or Mr. Chase, or Mr. Hanks, or Mr J'issell of Illinois. However, all such calculations made at this time, arc so utterly futile, that wo wonder greatly that gentlemen ol such experience and sagacity as were present at this caucus, waste their time in ii.dulging in them I The Republican party may be dead and buried?nay, almost forgotten as a political organization by the fall of iNfilt; or men almost unheard of up to this time, may theu be ils leaders and shining lights. List or Patents.?The following is the list of Patents issued from the United States Patent Office, for the week ending Dec. 2V, 1857?each bearing that date: William Barrett, of Stephentown, N V.?For improvement in straw cutters. L. F. Barrett, of Salem, Mass.?For improve ment in baud stamps. 1) II. Bartholomew, of Lancaster, Pa ?For im proved gearing for feed rollers in re-sawing ma chines. Joseph Francis Uercndorf, of Paris, France ? For Improvement in oil cans. Patented iu France M ay ii I, |s>5ti. John C Hlair. of Pittsburg, Pa.?For improve ment In springs for railroad cars Benjamin F. Blood, of Port Jackson, X. T ? For improvement in furnaces Jno. tl Bruen,of hlmira, N . Y ?For improved method of connecting the panels of portable field 1 fences. Wm II. Bullock, of Boston, Mass ?For ar 1 rangement of deflecting plates and spark receiver in locomotive** Isaac S Bunnell, of Montrose, Pa ?For im provement in potato diggers. John Caliagban, of Stroud Glades. Va ?For improvement in lifting jacks. Thomas C. Churchman, of Sacramento, Ca! ? For improved Washing machine. Cyru? K. Cook, of Cambridge, Ohio.?Por im proved clamp for setting saws. Suneoti Corley, of Lexington, S. C ? For im provement in instruments for drafting coats. William Coggeshall. of Masillon, Uliio, and B. B Warner, of Wad?worth, Ohio.?For im provement in seeding machines Jno. Davis of Cincinnati, Ohio.?For improved machine for sawing hand rails or stair wreaths. George Douglass, of Sc ranton, Pa.?For im provement in railroad ear or carriage springs. Leopold Eidlitz. of New York, !>. Y.?For im provement in burglar-proof safes J. U Elliott, of Philadelphia, Pa.?For im proved device for attaching lightning rods Wm Gage and Richard B. Fclthousen of Buf falo, N Y ?For improvement In dry sand oore* Wm. M Galusha and Benj'n W. Safford, of Aillngton. Vt ?For improved washtxard. George 8. Griggs, of Roxbury, Mass ?For im provement in locomotive engine wheels. Geo Hall, of .Morgnntowu, Va.?For unproved machine for sawing shingles. Royal II .tch. r?f Str>.tto d, Vt ?For improved spiaig bottom* for la-dsteads Arniigel W. Ilandcock, of Allegan co . Mich For impiovemeut in mooring vessels J antes llall, of New Haven, Coo a ?For im proved tool for turning journals Wni Hart, of Mayvlllc, Wis ?For improve ment in blacksmiths' tongs Jame* T Henry and Wtlliain P. Campbell. of Pniladelpbia, Pa ?For, improvement in Water closets Ferdinand J Herper*. of Newark. N J ?For Improvement In balances for detectingcounter f* I Silas I., andMorgan P. Ja< k*?a. of Bponevflle, N? ^ ? F.Of 'niproveme?t In nnwving ??chln?s. L*l Kittmrar. of H?t Gieeavlltt, o ? F?* inp ov' d cl'-vlcf for throwing tnto iml out of K**f ibe tool ofviortismg niKhMr? Janie, J.awson. of L(WitMc*,Mi??.?F'?r im provement In seeding machine* Ho. ace A l.othrop, of Sharon. Mass ?For im provement In bo?* Ja*. M Leuare, of Aiken, S C?rorlmpiove ment in plastic rottan for moulding purpose* John, of Masillon Ohio?For improve ment ia k:uvrNler? Jar oh Momma, of Han btbnrg. Pa.?For im provement in seed drill*. Abraham Marc?iiw*. of AllMXrdim. N. V.? For Improvement in track clearer* fbr mowing machine*. Ja* A N'orrls, of Philadelphia. Pa?For im provement in journal boxen for railroad t ars. Ac. Franklin Old*, of Providence, K. J ?For im provement in grinding mill* Oliver Palmer, of Buffalo. .N Y.?For Improve ment in rotary pump*. Cha* A. Peck, ol New York. N V.? For im proved door *prlng I.winer D Phillip*, of Chicago. Ill ?For im proveinenti* in machine* for binding grain. John B. Iloof, of Youngktown, N. V.?For improvement in rotary steam engine*. John T. Hague, of Dubuque, Iowa ?For im provement in railroad car coupling Daniel fl Rollln, of New York. N V ?For I mproved machine for making volute springs A. C She I ton and Byron Tnltle, of Plymouth, ^ onn.?For improvement in joint* for carriage ton* xl. O. Blieldley, of Republic, Uhio.?For Im provement in cider inl!N. Henry T.Vinson, of providence, R I ?For improvement in portfolio* Riley Smith, of Towanda, Pa.?For improve ment in cotton presses Richard Swift, oi New Haven, Conn ? For Im provement in harness saddles. II. N. Throop, of Puttneyville, N*. Y.?For improvement in steam engine* MUhn Water*, of Tioy, N. Y ?For improve tuent in head rests. L. F. Ward, of Marathon, N. Y.--For im provement in seed planter*. Franz. W iudhauscn. of Duderstadt, Hanover.? I* or improvement in locomotive engine* for pro ducing increused adhesion to the rails when re quired. Walter A. Wood, of Hoo?lck Falls, N Y ?For improvement in harvester* Francis G. Wynkoop, of Corning, N. Y.?For improvement in pump* H- DeWjtt. of Xenia, Ohio, assignor to himself and Butler N Strong, of same place.? r or improved circular sawing machine John M Merrymoii, of Logansport, lnd.,a? , -*,nor to himself and J 11 Jordan, of Attica, Ind.?For paint compound \\ illiain H \ an Gie*oa, of Waterburv, Conn assignor to himself, S M Buckingham and K Brown, of same place?For improvement in covering the bead-* of nail* Cbas T. Young, of North Chelm-ford. Mass , assignor to himself and Henry Crowtber, of Low ell. Mass?For steam spiing bedstead Alexander Anderson, of Markham, Canada ? I-or improvement in potato diggers. Additional Imrrovem'nt .? Augustus Stoner, of Mount Joy, Pa.?For improvement in self-ad jlisting sack holder. Patented April 1*37. The Cabinet ox the Kansas Question.? On our first page, to-day, will be found more of the letters of members of the Cabinet to the great Democratic demonstration that eame off a few evenings since in Philadelphia. They are all worthy of careful porusal by those who would master the Kansas question as it now stands. With those we spread before the .S/*r'.? readers yesterday, and that of the Postmaster General, which, on account of lack of space we nre compelled to Iny over until to morrow, they show, beyond all question that President Bu chanan enjoys the earnest and heartfelt co ope ration of all his constitutional advisers, in the furtherance of the truly Democratic line of pol j icy with releretice to the Lecoinpton constitu tion he has marked out for his administration. The VN rath eh .?The following report of the weatherfor this morning is made from the Morse Telegraph line to the Smithsonian lnstitutior. The lime ot observation is abouto'clock a m. January I, 1637 ><ew York, N. Y ? ? clea;, pleasant PLiidtlWjiLla, .... ? ???clf-ar, pleasant Baltimoie, Md ... clear, pleasant. \\ aahingtoii. D O clear, pleasant. Rii hiiiond. ? tear. pleasant. Petersburg , V * it'll r, plea* a lit. Portsmouth. V .1 clear ? 001 wind E Wilmington. N cool Columbia, S C Cbailfton, S C clear, covl. Augusta, Ga clear coul Savannah, im 1 bar cool .Macon (Ja cUai,?o< I C olumbus. rot,| Montgomery. Ala.. .-b-ar, Fho* the Wk<t Buffalo. N ^ cloudy, mild Cuuibt'iland Md clear, pu-asnnt W ha ling. \ ^ t lear pleasant Kaioiueter at the Suiithsouiau. ?*l(i

I hermoiitcter. on the Smiih*wnian t?>wer. min imum last night, 3:{\ %lr^T R- THK Mlt.r.KElTE Mt'RnRRER ? ?tOub. , .1 "!*'M ,n"r'l,,r?*r- worked iu .Ve*t Hart f od last Hiimiiier. and the farnilv with whom t.e lived lvalue very much attached to him Ou I uesday ?d last w?-ek he wan seen in Merideu ? on V\ ednesday, ut the funeral of a child iu Wal 1111^ford, .1 stranger riisliPtl info the ^roup alnnir ! 1 "r1:lvr? aside the clergyman, threw himself u(ton his knee*, and burst Into prayer In some foreign tongue After praying wildly for a few moment*, the stranger suddenly censed, and cned, with great apparent agony!41 My wife - My wife: My |>oor, poor wife:" He cl?.*i? lefr the graveyard, staggering from side to side for a little distance, when he ran. Kvery one present supposed him to be insane Stonb always wore his coat buttoned up to the chin, and this man was similarly dressed (?? Thursday and Fii ?lay he wa* seen at several places iu New Haven soliciting charity, and one night he lodged in t he watch house. On Saturday he went to"*North Haven, and refnrn'ng late in the evening was seen asking hi* way to the boat. Since then he has not certainly be n heard from .?Hartford Pie?.>. /)? - *Jti Death op a Widow *t Pravkr*?a lad\ named Catharine Gray, who resided in Adams slrect, fell dead in her house at an early h< ur yesterday morning, uhlle at prayer. He'rdeath is atftliiuteil to grief and depression of *i?ir ts by ih?> death of Iter husband, who wa* lost by the \vie? k of the Central America, on which If was a passenger Both the death of heisejf and husband have been occasioned by the d? lav in the reo i.tiou ?f a letter by her who was in California lie t-ent a letter containing a * lii'i k for and .stated that when Mieacknowi ed-jed its receipt he would forward another By some means the letter was delayed, and a nuiit e.ry gainer* having arriv?d fiucc he wrote, w thout bringing him an answer from bis w f.-, lie feared that something Was wrong, and took passage home in the ill-fated Central America atid met a watery grave Three children, the eldest but two years old, are now left orphan* An investigation by Coroner Grover elicited the above facts as connected with her sudden death, which was caused by apoplexy ?Xnmrk M'r rurg. D?.t 30. Dkath of k Jersey max in Inoia ?A letter was received on Monday, by Rev Mr Murray. announcing the death of Rev Mr Freeman and wife, who went out to India in the Musionary service some time since, 'fbey were tak*n prisoners by the natives, and after being kept in confinement some days, were led out to execution, wading ankle deep im hlood. About the scaffold where they were beheaded blood had collected In such quantities as to submerge the severed heads of previous victims, against which they stumbled as they walked They died a* they had lived, with christian bravery. Mr I reemsn was a native of South Orange, in this county, and his wife of the neighboring city of Kluabeth ? .V?ir?rfc Mtrtury, Dee 30 The Greased Pig -It ia siid that at least Ave hundred people witnessed the catching of a greased pig. on Christmas day, in Dorchester Mas* Twenty-eight persons competed for the prize, each one (laying an entrance fee of twenty tlve cents, making *7 in all. Warren Haley was successful. There wa* a foot race immediately afier the pig race, in which Jonathan Baker, one of the si* young men who engaged, outstripped bis competitors. r* ITT Charles H Denison, of Westerly, R 1 intends to publish a complete genealogy of the Denison family, from the landing of Wm Deni son in Boston, in the year 1930, up to the present tlflTte r tI7* On Thursday last, In Provldenre, James Smith (colored) was discharged from prison after having served four months for theft, and oa Saturday morning was found dead and stiff from expOKure. The Re.ord, a religious paf er published in London, attributes the failure to launch the monster steamer to the impiety of the Directors in christening her the l.eaviathan ! The editor say*, with astounding profanity .?" Tbe grrnt I .?v lath a 11 no sooner receives its most inauspi cious, repulsive aatne, than Providence puts H book in Its nose, and forbids U to pro eed any further on its way !" TRFAfirRFR'S riWHEWPfcX. ' |/* ?' ? t j V ' rr.? th? 7Vr???rv. *.hT,44s. <??*/ WW tf'lMaMtiflb** ? f ?* S*#iri? ?moiiiif ?r *ii k- if j . .?- - . ., , _ .__ floras. n*4 IMS'" Mirnl mm.l Rrmmrk'i. 6* ret*mt yr?%r*4 In ' iTl.... a Miuifkf f*u i )?|m| 4m/J* knrr K??m * **w . h*t ?? r< tk'm ' - - ?. * A? -mvmni of Mtf itmmtOr* l? <??* ?/<?.fA? T **? - Aisonnt <?b? 1 1 Dr*fY? here re t l<>rc drawn. i t>ut mt ft A mount snH I**1 tlMoigb jr?* h' draO. |.ay ?iSe. C Is . - ? ? ? ? *? ??? ? | ? ? ...???????? i .?n #t ? v#y 1 #.. ????? Tro*#ury of the Vniiod Smil-WiflNnftuii. D Assistant Treasurer, MMOrhHn'tll Assistant Treasurer, New York. New York Assistant Treasurer. Philadelphia, P?Mi*;lv*hM... Assistant Tmaiirrr.('hRflfjitun,iwulliCarolina Assistant T riwurtr, New Orleans, (.otusiana .... Aaxikfll TrMnuror, Si. I^wm, Missouri Auutlnt Treasurer. Sin Francisco, California Depository at Kiirialo. Ww York.. ..., Depository at Baltimore. Mnryfcirrf . ii.? depository nt I! i<-hii?>inlt YirrmrtT. ...v. 5.. . Depository at Norfolk. \ ircima Ur^MMturr *4 V\ mtiinclmi. North 4 mruHtm.. l>epository at Savannah. i;eor*ta DrpoNitor\ at Mobile. AIhImmiw. . Kpository at Nashville, Tennessee..., positorr at Cincinnati. Ohio. pifMiton at l,mii*Tille. Kentucky .. Depository at PittsUirg, Pennsylvania - .. Depository at lialvestou. Texas Depository nt Cincinnati, <tate> Depository at Dnhuqne. low* 1H-punitory at Little Koek, Arkansas Depository at Cbiauco. Illinois Depository at l^'iroit.Mifhijnn .. .... Depositor at TUIiiIimmw, Florida r Depository at I >re?on City . Oregon. ... Assay oificn; of the I'nited States. New \ ork .Mint of the I'nited tftstes. Philadelphia Pa ... Hraneh mint of the Fmted State*. ?"Ttari?itte. N. O Branch mint of the I mted States, i>ah!otieKa. I?a. /I. ?2R.4M* l.*?t nr: WI.Hil >K.V4? 1 fit. lit *SV?M TM M< IJC3 MMJ *.7I? i. Branch mint uj the I'nited States.".New Orleans. jjt 1.?P? Jb~ 4b 74 ?? 3 ?l,*l 2*64 lk luS S.74J ?.*?? 4.<?;t 3B 2* Mi ?a.n?s tnjun -V?. 0.1 h U.TJ4 45C/.IS II. 7 4 01 #? 44 71 (X St ?J* u r w ar, 4? .'4 14 H ? 1" Vt 14 Si 34 ? 71 ??? It 4t t^i Ifi fU3 4*3 1? . t* Its ' JHrvaiU, % 8. M W4..7i; nsTW a?.,4ii I ?i 2.7 2 h. 7M * A' it ?? I ? i V ? ^77 Tm 4.184 > *iS IN Ijtc K3 HAH* 4" a.1.!**, 3N !?,?! ? 1,4?M W 4Hi J! ll.wan 21 t^4.9rr ks ?Ml .'714 3% A* Mi m IlUA* 41 141 *43 3 4 V VU ?-"? ?4t 8* 7S J4 Sri *I^J7 iS ?.??? 47 J*,**; ej? I? an<*li mint oj the I'mte*! Stnteg, S^n Fninoiac<>. CaJ ? ! I.IHI De<lnct overdraft*. #13 ,171 4H 97.VH.tS>' 4" ?!.*??} SJ W.W aS t* J7l tt I 477 4fc 12.Tff> at \*r iu 7.7 t Sf 14 jn n 4 ,'*j :# 4^?m 4t *3 91 ?.*? n I 774 St 4.V.M1 ar 1.1 M.7 4 l? a^jiaw m 71 JtSr? rs t .w.jtr: ?k t.on>.m? ? .W t?t, 173 ??? IT? Add ditfexence in transfer*. 9 ?ri m Net amount ?iibj?,ct to draft >77 e., Transfers ordered to treasury of the l*nife?| States. Washington. D. C Transfers onl?re?i to assistant freasnrer of th? t/mted Suitca. \>* Ori*'ar.s. I.ouimk ? I ransfers ordere?| to assistant t rt-asiirer ?if the I nited Stat?-.?. San Francisco. Calilo 111a rransfora ordered to depository at Norlolk. Viricmia rrain?fort ordered to depository at Pittsburg. Pn Transfers ord^n^d to mint of the 1'nited State*. Philadelphia. INi .^lna.ain <? |< A ??? <V* W> sr_s ? Ie,?s?? ?> rr?..?r an *l vr;.va> en Transfers ordered from assistant treasurer, N>w York. New York Transfer* ordered from assistant treasurer. New <?rlean*. I.s rran fers ordered from <lepos<foty *t .M 'NIs. Al'b ma rran^fi-rs ordered fnun mint of the I'nited States, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Innsl ra ordnrad from branch mint of the lulled Stat? N<-w Orleans. |,oni*iani. 1 ransfers ordered fr<?m branch mint of the I'nited States. San Fnnswei, i atifornia . Jan l-lt ;-si pnn.e?a an AHONU' ?The Hi raw l<odge, I. < No. in,are notified that a regular meeting will l?e held nt Ili?Mr H'llt, on l<Uh street, Wwwn H and I streets. THIS* Frjda*) EVENING. January Nt, nt 7 o'clock. Master in good nUndm; are fraternally invited to l?e present. Br order of tlie ac'iiir W. M. It W| f.I.f A M H. DIETZ. S?erMarv. rY~s=" OFFICE OK THK COMMISSIONER LI OF HE.M.TH. Washivqto*, U*wml#r 3'. IBV7.? I have been flirected l?y the Masor to atate that there are aeveral w?a?? of amall pox in that portion of the city adjoining Georgetown, and to request all person* who have not been vaccinated to lake that precaution .immedately. so aa to pre vent tue possibility of the disease spreading. CH*S. K. FORCK. jan 1 Commissioner of Health, i rr*3=-SMITHSON|AN L E C T L" RES.? On 'L? MONDAY EVENING. January 4 h.a lec tnre wi 1 be delivered by Hop. H. W. Hilltabp, of Alabama, on the "Life and Genius of Milton." I<ectare to commence at a quarter befirre 8 o'clock. The public are invited. jan 1 -3t rrS^VOlNG CATHOLICS-' FRIEND SO L.7 CIKTY The regaiar monthly meeting of 'his Society will be held at St. Doininick's Church on SUNDAY. J ami >ry 3d, at 5 o'clock p.m. Th? ser mon announced to be oreachen for the benefit of tf e Society at St. Patrick son Sunday next is postponed, in consequence of the orphans' fair now in progress, until the first Hondas in February. jan l-2t J. N. CALLaN, Sec"? pro tem. ;Y!r* W A SHIN GTON 1.IGHT INFAN1 R V. I < A meeting ofthe Cornpanv will take placeon FRIDAY KVKNING, Jan. I,Ikw. Particular ton si Hess requires a full attendance. Ut order: d 31-2t It. F. PEERS. t*eeretary. ,r??A LECTI'REON POPI'LAR AN HIIIS TI>RI? A I. SONG, b, CHis M?< UI, of I London, author of Fngltsh Songs and Fditor ofthe lllustiated London News, will l?e delivered at tl,e I'hilhai uiomic Hall, adjoining Star office. Peiinsy! varus avei.ue. on SATURDAY EVENING, Jan nary 2, If-Vt. Dors open at 7 o'clock: the* u re to commence at [< o'clock. l>reci?elt. Price of aairiiMion ,V> cents Tickets to Ue ot) < tuned at the Hall, nt Metxerott's Music Store, at Messrs Tavlor A Maury'a, and at the hotels. d .1 > 4t WASHINGTON ART ASSOCIATION. The s-ooi.d annual exhibit) n ot the Wa*-h ington Art Association is mow open at tl<e Oallery on U street, between i3tl? an-l Hth streets, from l?? h. in to in p. m. Admittance ^Scants Sen?on rickets dollar, to Im bad at the principU Uvt.kstores and Hotels, and at t!i*door. J .'4 tl | MKTROPOLITA.N MECHANICS' IN ? STITl TF..? Meml?era are requested to pay t!i'*ir nnimr.1 due* to fhe undersigned, or ro ? Wright, Esq. I'lie* aie now on their term ?,f (trace. II JaN.NEY. il .'""jw Financial Secretary. r~]F* DR.PoPK. 1.7 llof.t iipn t A I ? P ? ysn nm anrt Surteom, Df Menn# rir Cham liuildirvs, N-t. Tt II street, north side. t?etweeii i.tth and 14th sts d in eo.lm T^S^COLLKCTOR'S OFFICE. 'F } City Hsi.i., \iiveml>er 5, 1OT. Notice is herein giv en to all persona who have not paid their Taxes lor tUe present >?or, audio ail wiio A/e in arrears for previous years, that at the expira tion ot'sixty dm ? from this d-tte. or as therenl ler as Hie aovertisrinent can l>e piepared. all nrop.-r t> on which the taxes may remain u paid will bead v? rtised and ?t.M tor the taxes, as ihe law adjoins. Those who do not wish to be put to the heavy ex pense Attendant on t -te a?h ertia-'ment aiid sale are leuiiested to pay iti season. J AS. F. HA LI DAY. n 6 eot Jan 5 Collector. y^J?|t:i: CR CA M. of the puiest #1.V' 1 5 perealb.n: Water T<*?-8. Calies..f every va riety and style* r Jellies, Charlotte de ft nsse. Klanc M:mse. Pies of various kie.ds ; and every ihinc nioe in the CiMifeet-rtnerj hue, at the I'll I LA DF.LPII IA ICF. CREAM STORK, corner Itth and F strset*. d?? Ini* NOTICE.?To my man* punctual customers I return my ?inonre thanks an<1 ask a eoritmuauoe of their favors. To ;|i?>?e ludetited to ine I voulit ?a> . havini alwayi with rlessure executed >?iur ? ?rders pun -t uai y nisi f?itiifilttv, in rnturn I reapt c* fully nsk a prompt settlement of your nocminta. Afier this date, when ord*r< are executed (unless there is a previous nod trstandiag to the contrary 1 a settlement will be expected. JOHN MARKRITF.K. tan I-til' No. 4t4 Ttli to l^?iiiiiiorid*t. 'HI! ADVENTI'K l'.?* OF A I'AT, ainl a l.oe I t"<?. c<iiore<i ncntMp: LaaAa, i v. The Adventures of a lle.-ir antlajreat He; r too. colored encravi x?; Loudon, l:tS5. The ^liy?.'ntures ol a l>oe. and ? rood Do*, too, colored engravings: L<-irl<?n I:t5r. The Little l'ii*rim. by A ired Crowqwl, beauti fully illustrnted: London. IM7. Fairy Gold. trans!ate<l from the French, many il lux'rstions London. IH.S7. Tales and Fa<r* Stones, translate*! froin the Ger raa*i; Ijnndon. Ik?7. Sax el ford, a story for the Yonn*, many illustra tions; London, I Ml. Eda Morton, or Sch?H>!-rooin ill est ra tio s: London, 1"?57. With man* o?he? new Books, Fncliali, French, and American, for youths of all ares, jan I FRANCK TAYLOR ^JENKR AL WALKER TAKEN PRISONER IMPORTANT TO THE PUBLIC fIS.onii Worth or Boots a*d Shoes to px Solu. I st??ck of m I lave deternnaed to run off wis entire st??ck of 1 BOOTS AND SHOES at crcatly reduowd I prices. My <?bjeet in so doing is to oJose out my stock as nearae possible by the 1st ot March, in order to make extensive im provements in my store r- om. My st<?ck of Shoes is larger, cheaper, and l>efter than it has ever been before. A few of the kind I have to offer I will name : V?n pairs Ladies' B ack Foxed Gaiters, thick sites, ? at .fl,ch*apat $1 V* pairs Ladies' Black and (.'olored Gaiters, at 75 cents, rheap at $1 ISO pairs Morocco Boots, thick soles, at fl. very cheap |oe pvrs Morocco Boots, at 75 oents 160 pair? La?lies' Black and Colored Gaiters, with he'Is. at 91.37*. With a general a'sortment ol Indies', Gentle men's. Boys' and Children's Shoes of all kinds, that are kept in a first-elsss shoe store. I woold most resprctfully invite all to give me a cs|l before purchasmt. Bri g the advertisement along rtnd see for you self. Terms in all oases cash. F. M. MAGRI DER. d 31 2w corner 7th ai d I streets. No. J7>. TPERIOR SILVF.R PLATED GOODS?' Sueh a? Tea Sets, Caators. Waiters. Cake Bas kets. Muss.t 'ard Receivers, Forts and Sp ons.sll , heavily plated on All<ata, for sale at uiiupua'I* low prices. b? C. W. BOTEI.KR. General Hoiisefiirnishing Store, Iron Hall. ? d S' at ALMANACH DKGOTHA; Annuaire Diplo I matique et Statistique pour 1'annee isii. The Koyal Kslendar for &jx, a Register for Eng land. Soot land, Ireland and the t'oonies The British Almanac and Companion for IBMI. _d5l FRANCK TaYI.OR. ( BASKt^TS, DOL? S, DOLL ARMS, DOLL Heads, Doll Shoes, fte., at d 31 MeLAI'GH LIN'S. FA^'Y HAIR PINS?J?s? received, another supply of those beautiful Hair Pins, at d 31* LaMMOND'S. Hair brushes, combs, portemon- , NAlES, Card Cases, Cigar Cases, H e., a very large and superior stocs at d 31 Mel.AL'GHI.I N'S, 20 Pa. avenue. Chaffing dishks, cofkkk t *ins. j a PANN?;d WaITkRS, and BLOCK IIN! W \R K h1 tvery deacuptioa, for sale at sruails re ouoad puces, C. \v . MOTELER. %\* M Hoim^fiirni^hHic Iron HaiL 1*>Vk.RYTHl.NG FOR OMKlsrMAtt at 'j Mel. A I'G It LiN'S, d*l JO Pa. avenae, Het. *tk aodith streets. A YUSKMJ5YT&. P II I R D GRAND A 8 S K M F I. V L <?r tnr Kational Glee Clnb. The Members of tk? Nai ioual GN Clnb fall* nnnounce (? tlietr friend* and the |Hiultc that th?ir <>nuxt will tsk? place on MONDAY KVI'MMI. Januar* ?th. ati Harmony Halt, oa I> atreet. l*ot. ' ?" li and Ticket* admitting a ncutleinsii ai?d lecirs, ok ?kr*n.;kmkmt. re*p**? lie I?1 <?n JCL :Lk rs, Fi(tf W AMIINt, I U.N THKATRK. NOTICK.-Tk public re*per?fully informed that the ex-ee- m? mcieniftney and nanipnc#s r>f III* vmh^r havint retarded thewnrk??'f ''e<y??ation and tne pain'in* ofthe auditorium. the M'r>nc%n>ent :? oblige J to postpone the Dl?it-t until MONDAY, January the ??h. The announcement of tl"* fn?t(N'n' m?rt wi"1 re pubhah^d '?r Saturdsv. *rd tpe !?<?* olfire w '1 b* opened At ino'Hork on M??nd?? inormni for fcemrins texts. (Intei A- 1'i.ton ? d .'M I RUT ANNUAL AdSKNILV or th* Marble Polishers. F They take thi* method of informing their friends and the public in general, that they will give ff\ their First Ai>nn*! Assembl? on KRIPA V ifl KVKNIKG. January let, Ins*. at '>ntr?l/*M A<nd?im Hal . eoruer Ivth and K street#. 1 nlP 'I he Committee p!*d?e then a*!vet that the Iwat order and decorum will ne pr?*aerved No k?>i or caps allowed to be worn in the rwan. Tickets KIK f\ CK\ I S. vlraitting agemeoian and lad e* : to l>e had frown any nr.* ??! the't t?e, iir at the door on tn? evenin* of the A>wml'lj. II) onder: d:jl COM. OF ARRAMiKMKNTB. \1 fil.ODRON. I,ai* To.. !!,-, ivl ftmntWrmmtn mr*mwt.m?T t?tA. Theatiore p ace hi* t.een entirely renovated end arratiKed witn u?v *ia*e icenerf, mil. A^.,n press!} f??rthe Minstrel business. under the direr ttofiof JOHN v\ . I.AN IMS. i? now open for the Winter season With 1.ANDIS C?I?KI(\ TIUH'PK, Cosnpriaing iweive talented perf irmert, STARS IN THK PROFUSION, who will Kive their nnaut:il?le performance* airhtiy comprising h?a ^uno, Uurlntiun, Negro Kcc n tricitie*. A c. A tirand Performance on THI'RRDAY. (New Years' l>a?.i Alfo. every SATI KUAV AI'TKK NOON*at o'clock. Admission .f> cents: lb-or* <>pen at 6\ o'clock; commence at 7l? oVock. M. H . COOM IIS, Trna-nrer. I.rt MaLIoHY, Huaiiieaa 4'*m Iw \\ J ASH I N'?T< ?\ THKATRK. Lea ee. \V. Sitaht. mnnaremen* See* to a\n??ui ee that the New Th'-atre will Iw iiuivheti on the iHtii l?eeeinl<er, a Wtii ite opentd On J \NTAK Y lat, IAVL Th^ C >mpaxiji will include Mr. Blake, .Mr?, lllakc, Mr. I .ester, Mra. Yeruoa, Mra. H?>e*. Mr. Sloan, Mi** taannon, Mr. T. H.Johnat* Mr. Norton. Air*. Co ike. Mn. All?a, jMr. \\ liitn . Mr. A- II Davenport. Mr. Oroivoner. with thr entire eonipan* <if \\ ^!lack'? 1 heatre. Nrjr Vnik. alterna* nt tn'tween \Va*hin|rt<>n and York, aa re?n?ire?l. Ma<(emoi*?'Ue TKRKSA ROI.I.A. >fr. Paul Rni'.tnt. Mtie Juli* Lei.nnn. Mile l.-nman. M r. Seh?t?erl and Ihe lul. ?'.? Fnilti <?( A ?'</*"?. aie like wine eiiftiged to tiuiii<urate tlie upt'uuy: p' rf<. rut anoex. The celel.r*te?! ** Fair* Sra?.r* MISS At.NKS ROl?KRTSt?N, will appvar on Monday, Januar* Irth The Finment C<>ine?li?n. MR.CHARI.KS MATHKWS. will appear on Monday, etn Fehrear?. II f" Parti*'* de*irou* ?if retaimnc Seat* f??r 'I p lira' two perf<>rniauc?? wi'l pleaae |?*v* tbeir at Metierott'a Music Store. Star HuimIih??. d ^Hi: SIXTH anntai. uaiX or TttK Montgomery Guards, AT THK IY4SHI Mi TO .V .4 NN K M FLY KOoM*. Loii*<a>a Avkm k. On MONDAY KYKNINV, Jai.uar? 4(Ji. I v. The MONT<*OM KR Y lil'AR PS, in ?nnooii'j". this their Sixth Annual Bail, pl*-dce tbeta f'vfe to *p.-ire n?? paiua m iiiakinK it tk* lin : of th< *e**Mn. 1 K*put?'a celel>raled*bend it enoged for the oor^M-m. Kefrerh*?etit* awl Supper will t?e nerved e*periet;oe^ awl popular caterer. i.C. RcTtio ?'*? 'I'ickef*. ON K UUI.I AH: edui'ttir'.g a pen' e>: a id ladie*. .\o hat* w(1l b?* ? orn in the lia.i Ri?o> except l>y the intluar). Com inittet c.f At* 'ft*ti ? m r*. Capt. Key I.tent < ?ldhe d. I<ieut. Ke elier, Serr. Mnrra*. Private Knrieht, PnvsteJ.O. U?1 (|r Mast. Maber. d ?? t?. ANNlVKKHAKY OF THK N KW OR KK K NS.-T ? e I nion ?. nards r\ taka creat pleaaure in anif nremf to tt'?*ir 31 friends, military and wvie, that ttie r riiirdfi !? Annual Kali will take place at J lie Ammb1?> UJWk K<Miina. I oui*iana aveioie, ??n the*tli ?>I janii"' Further particular* in fhture notic*. d 22-tf < States I LOST A1TD FOUND. ttin RKWAR D.-l.ttST-A r^ir COCKI ? 0? HP SPANIKLS, ?p?>t'e?l !?!?? a Ca white, tie* bitten or the le;?. and inui x!??d. The aitove reward will be riven it ' rettirnej tn?y< l!Bb street, al" ve P IttSI"?On Frida?.o|i || airewt, t>etwe-n Hi* J fith, a J KT R INti. contan ini; hair. nia?k.?! "T I.C." Any one Ittavinc it at 3*S tilli Btioet w < l-e liberally rewarde<1. #Q RF.VYARD.-I. O S T A amelj >.HH' vO DOG. .InniiihK o'd. He i* ?lnte.<j|w .1 ? ~ * _ _ . ....... ? ??? .? ii. n r i a ? iil'.e. < except a tlicht y*l.ow iin*e on the ??ar*.^ Theahove reward will b- paid on In* re-? lira t" *47 Peni at i vaaia arenue d aa eo.1' ? * RKWARD? Taken Irt-in tne ?ar* hn*e- ? V*? Baiimoreand \N ash .iir ??m.on V . D*1 ? *tb, a dark brown DKKSS COAT. The tinder. l ? leavint the oam- at the Dm* S'ore of |). H. t'tara. corner o| nth street and Maryland avenue, will r? ceiva the above reward and no sieihon* **ked. d ^TRAVKD AWAY friiin the .n^?;rilwr, a re and ?n te ML'l**? AI.O t't?W. witb * m^TM atar in her forehead, four wlnte te?-t; crap and underlet in the ruht ear. and erap ai,d^k*Ji? hole m the left. A amiable r?*w*r?l witi I.#- pniA ?m d I.very to W.M. ? IKlPtM". 4ih *?reet, <t ? 31* lietween A an<i K?*t i apito! *treet. HI! AM MACK A BRO., AYR just reenvefl, eer laat ateamer.afene .??? of KNtiKISH PHKASANTS. They ^ will be eold by tbepair.or eerv^up iioIJ^^ order. As we Lave the only lot in the^pRA city, we wou'd adviae per??.n? in want zi w to call early, for they are in treat de ? maud. N<>*. and 2f*. Wulard'a Hotel Bui d in*. <> ? ? THK ACCOUNTS OF OI R CCSTOMfeR^ | are made oil to date , and will be preaented do the eoaninc week R>r aettlement, when we earnea' hope that a'l peraoua will be prepared to meet tl aame with the caeh. No additions will be made to an* account until the old one it paid. WAl.L. STKPHFNt* A CO., d an-St (Intel A States > St Ken a av. tpKR R APINS!?TKRR APi.NS I! Jus received at HAMMACKft RR<>.*#Ref Isuran*, a feae supply of TKRRaPINS ^ - whioh laey are prepared tw serve up ui tin*. hest style. Also, (oe Mountain Veiu* hi d .?* %t