Newspaper of Evening Star, January 1, 1858, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 1, 1858 Page 3
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LOCAL INTBLMUBNCE. ? I ' ? Criminal Cor?T?After oar report doled vesterday tbeCa*e of the Fnited State*r* Joseph K Birch was continued by the defence calling rkorlf$ Thompson, sworn ?Wu a partner of Birch at the time mentioned an the night of the shooting; after Lanahan and Hook bad lieen in the room and gone onl. the crowd, some twelve or ft flee n in number, followed. at thai time Birch was in the Kick ?room with bis wife; Birch then r?m' in the Kir-room and went out at the front door: in a few seconds after that witness heaul the report of a pistol; Birch could not Lave been more than twenty step* from the house at that in stant of time; he was perfectly sober: in another minute be returned into the bouse; he wasdressed in a light-drab coat and black hat; there was no J>er*ou in tlie bar-room wben the pistol was Ired?that is to say. no frequenters of the place: witness thought something was brewing when he saw all the crowd go out, Bircb returned ?lone?went up stair* and took hia coat and bat off John {"*?*>'*?sworn ?Was barkeeper at Birch's at the time of the shooting: went out of the bouse at thetime Birch did. and both walked together as far as the arch, when, hearing a pistol discharged, Birch remarked that the place was getting too hot for him. and he was going home; he did so, and witness followed him, and on en - tering the house Birch went into the back room. Cnpl John Mtlf* ami Dr Wa!lar? were sworn, and Kith testified as to the good character of the defendant. John Cook was sworn, and tenlilled that the first proposition to compromise the matter came from the prosecuting witness, Lanahan * The case for the defence rested here, and the prose* ution called, as rebutting evidence? T C. Don*, magistrate, sworn.?Aaw Lanaban alvut half-past ten o'clock on the nigbt in ques tion; noted his statements; this was at the In. " firms ry; he was *ol>er and perfectly rational; he whs clear and delil?erate in what he said, f This evidence closed the case as far as the giv ing of testimony was concerned; and .Mr. Maury pre ceded to address the jury, citing the strong points in evidence, with great force and perspi enity, and at Home length. He was followed on the other side by Messrs. Hamilton and Rat cl IT>. Mr Hamilton is a young member of the bar. He made an able appeal to the jury in be half of the defendant, entering into I he details of the testimony. He was followed by Mr. Ratcliff'*, who ar gued the ca-?e in continuation with his accus tomed tact. Mr Maury closed in another exceedingly able ?ftv>rt, and the case was given lo the jury about 3 o'clock. p. m. The Court, after remaining in session until can dle light, and hearing nothing from the jury, ^?nvc orders that should!heyagree upon a verdict lo seal it. and leave it with the Clera. The Court then adjourned until Saturday morn ing next at 10 o'clock. I,p to 9 o'clock last night the jury were out. being up to that time unable to agree as to the verdict ?? Crazy Visitor ?A few days ago the mem >?ers of the House of Representatives, while in session, were startled by the sudden entree into ?their midst of a person who came upon the floor under the impression that he was In some judi cial body. The burthen of his cry was a very loudly ? xpressed desire to be taken to jail at once What his crime was could not be deter mined in the House of Rcprerentatives. and the crazy visitor was politely handed over to the Capitol Police, who as politely escorted him to the outside gate They had hardly returned to their posts, however, before the hard case again madj his appearance in the rotunda, and an - nounced his arrival by three lusty cheers for '? I'nche Sam." ?? the President." ?? Congress. ' the Democracy,'" and va lous other populat in stitutions His political proclivities, however, albeit they were on the right side of the ques tion, did not save hint frr m being conveyed with considerable dispatch to the Capitol Gnard Toom. where he was safely locked up for a while His eccentric freaks did not end here; for on some member of tbe police happening to go into the room adjoining bis prison, tie called loudly for a drink of water, which being handed tobim be instantly threw aside, and with a portion of a chair which he had broken up while there, he dealt the man such a blow over Ihe head, as nearly to do his business for him Tbe maniac was however conquered and retained until some of bis friends could be sent for, who conveyed blm out of the city. SrrREMS Court?Tuvrsday?Hon Fenner Ferguson of Nebraska, was admitted an attorney and counsellor of tbis Court. ? No* SI and V? Kdwin M. Chaffee. trustee. Ac . plaintiff in error. c.? Nathaniel Havward ant Horace H Day, plaintiff in error, cs." Nathaniel Hay ward. Mr. Chief Justice Taney delivered the opinion of tbe Court, overruling the motion of Mr G illet to dismiss these cases. The United States, appellants. r.t Jose Sanchez de I'acheco. Tbe motion to docket and dismiss this case was argued by Mr Crittenden in sup port thereof, and by Mr. Attorney General Black in opposition thereto. No 224. Mary L. Benham. appellant. r? Felese Cnonce's administrators et a I Appeal f om the Circuit Court of tbol'nited States for Miss. *irI On the motion oi Mr Blair, of counsel for the appellees, this appeal was docketed and dis missed. with costs No !<* II oraceC. Silsbv et. al appellants. F.lisha Foote The motion to dismiss this cause was argued by Mr Gillet in support there of, and by Mr Hlatchford in opposition thereto No. 23. The Commercial Hank of New Or leans appel! ants. ri. Alexander Comp'on et. al. Che argument of this cause was coutuiued by Male for the appellant Adjonrned until Monday. J?e J ?,r'1 Ax Officer Shot ?About one o'clo< k thl? timing. the attention of the Guaid* and special lice, was attracted to a number of young men ?ongreyated about the Perseverance engine house, itid who were net connected with Ihe company The officers immediately went to that vicinity to note the actions of the suspir ions looking paMy t?n tlicii approach a pistol was fired at them, and the ball passed through the clothing of watch man Reynolds, and into the foot of special offl'-er Bi>w<-r?. As socn as the pistol was tired, one of the crowd named Roliert Dudley, started and ran, the wounded oihrer following blm. The fugitive finding himself headed by another ot!l ?er, turned and fired deliberately at Bowers, who drew a large Itoarding pistol and attempted to fl'e it. bi t if was riot loaded: of which fact the effii-er was Ignorant when he took It out of the ?*ase at the guatd-lionse Dudley was arrest ed and held to bail in .>.>11" for his appear, nee at t ourt. tliod *20 and costs fur carrying the pistol, and *."> and costs for firing it in the street. When taken Dudley bad a rough club with hilii. wh: li identified as a piece of the Northern Liber ty fl ig statt which was cut down a short time ago Dudlev i*? the kee^ier of the restauran for merly kuow ii as ?? Birch's." near the aid railroad depot The Com mria\ Armory ?Las' night, the beautiful ? handeliers in the Columbian Armory w* .e tested, in tbe presence of a number of the effirrrs of the District military, and a number of ladies and gentlemen attra> ted thither by the fine appearance of the building when illuminated. Tl.e lieanlv "f the halls, and the qnality of the materials and workman-hip. which have before Wen referred lo in the |< . al columns of this pa per. were sul?je< fs of complimentary notices bv ? tent judges We were informed bv Super i i!? mien! Frazier that at Ihe application of Major Mai ??n tbe W ashington l?igbt Infantry. Captain tames V Davis, and the National Guard. Cnpt. James A Tail, have permission to deposit their arm* in the Armory. The halls are admirably ti'ted for the purposes intended, and the lower ball could, in addition to a depository for artil lery. be used as a drill room, there being sutfi ? lei.t room for two companies to practice at the same time The ladies who were present last ? yen ng could not forliear expressing a wish that I'ncle Sam would let them have a dancc or two on (be admirable floor of the spacious main ball. The Sri?o*'? Gaiety?On the day before ye?'erday a delightful children's matinee rfis ? ant* came off at tbe residence of Senator Gwin, whose little daughter. Miss Clara, was the hos tess of the occasion more than a hundred of her young friends, of both sexes, were present, and enjoyed themselves vastly. A profuse and ele gant entertainment was spread before tb-m. and they danced and danced and danced, as children only can enjoy that amusement. On 'be night before last, there was an elegafct p?rty at the residence of the Hon Jacob Thomp son. Ser retarv of ihe Interior.attended by a large number of ladies and gentlemen, sojourners and eitlzens. Foreign Ministers, National legislators, - members of the F.ieeittlve branch of the tioverp '* ment Ac Thonirh not so large an entertainment t as that recently given by the Postmaster General and bis estimable lad v. it was equally as elegant i and rtrherrh' and agreeable, we bear, iu all Its , appointments. LRCrrRE AT THC Smithso^iav ?The Hen. Henry W. Milliard, of Alabama, wili deliver a lecture at the Smithsonian Institution, on Mon day evening, the Ith instant. npon '"The Life and Genius of Milton " Mr Hillia d Is a polished orator and consummate elocutionist, and the sub ject be has choaen for his lecture is well worthy of His high attainments CtTT Statistics.?The venerable John Seas . ford furnishes to the Intelligencer hla annual f! budget of i.Ity statistics for the past \ear The *i number of buildings erected In tbe city in 1^7 were 201 in the First Ward, IB: Second Ward. 49; Tbird Ward. .>; Fourth Wa'd.37; Fifth Ward, tti Sixth Ward. 13; s^eventh Ward, fa ~ Of these It:l are of brick, and 5? are frames The N ew Dome ?The large columns forming the base mi tloa of the new dome have lieea set entirely around, arid much has t>een done by way ? f preparation for eotntnen* tag the second sec tion os ?l?ficio* ~Wednesday nt^ht. a man named. John Normile, was arreted under auspicious circumstances by officer l)?w of the ?*"*? district police. The dwelling of the Hon. H. F Clark, having been robbed, and also the dwelling of Hon. John Plidell, by burglars, the auspicious conduct of this man caused hia arrest, but (here being no certainty as to hi* being one of the burglars he was released Last evening he was again suspected and arrested, and lodged In the west lock-up. And Captain Klopfer ob tained a search warrant to search for the stolen good*, but being unable to find anything belong ing to either of the gentlemen named, the pris oner was again released Ihia morning. The articles taken from the residence of iMr. (Mark were principally silver ware The resi dence of Mr Slidell was entered by l?oring out the door panel next the lock. The parties were seen at Mr. Slldel!'*, and chased, and they threw away the stolen goods as they ran. The goods, with the exception of some small articles, were recovered At both places thev went to walk boldly and lit the gas in the houses. Tbev left a carpet big. containg burglarious tools, in their hurry to leave the last-mentioned house. Thi Celebration or the Eighth of Ja*c * a t .?At au ad journed meeting of the Jackson Democratic A*aociation, held last night, the fol low ng resolutions were adopted: R'solvtt, That a committee of three?consist ing of Mr. A T Harrington, Mr. G Kirk and Air C Kdelin?be appointed to obtain a suitable room for the celebration of the Hth of January, and that llie said committee beautliori/.ed to em ploy a band of music, furnish a collation and all the necessary fixtures for the occasion. Rtsolvtd. That Mr G. Kiik be appointed to p-oeure thr?c hundred tickets, and that they lie distributed am.'Rg the members of the Associa tion. for sale at not more than one dollar each. Knolred. That the usual salute lie fired. Rrxoh-ni. That a committee of three, consist ing of Mr. John R. Norris, Mr. John Davis, and Mr V. I'delln lie appointed to obtain speakers for the occasion, and make all suitable arrange ments for the same. K?.\oImi. That these proceedings be published In tne Star. States Intelligencer. and I'nion. A. T. 11 akkingros, Src'y pro tem. M iscHtEVor* Reports.?To show ih<- iuju'y to the business interests of a city, neighborhood, or of single establishments, by the wanton prop agation of misi hievous reports for the purjiosc of making a sensation we may mention that a news monger entered an avenue store this morning while it was tilled with customers, and staled that a bad case of smallpox was existing three or four d??ors above The purchasers' present in st ntly hurried away, affrighted. and immediate ly the store was deierted. Keeling inclined to itscertain the exact modicum of truth in this con fidently put forth tale, we repair* d to the house in question, and at the door met the very physi cian who was in attendance there, and learned fruin him that the "ca?e'' was that of the simple indisposition of a child, and that the smallpox story liad not the smallest foundation In fact. It HAS COME TO TSK A FIXED FACT, Well known to a large majority of our readers, that our old fiiend PhilbrUk gives his customers, on an aver age, double the amount In value that ean be ol>. tained for the same money anywhere else in this country. This being New Year's day. Philbrick will keep '-open house It will lie impossible, owing to the vast throng who will call upon him, for him to provide "apple toddy' for all of his friends, but he will not fail to make a handsome New Year * present, with the compliments of the season, to each and all who favor hiui with their sinilenand pat'onage Several gold watches will lie distributed, gratis. Come one' corneall' and we pledge ourselves lhat a cordial welfome sh ill be extended Sii?n Gift Bookstore, Penn. avenue, next east l .S Hotel It A Pri>h?itaiion ?Toe employes of Wen dell's printing other, having procured a hand some gold tobacco box. which thev had bad man ufactnred for the purpose of presentation to Mr Cornelius Wendell, this morning the ceremony took place Mr. John Cunningham, in a iieauti ful address, presented It on behalf of the em ployes In receiving it, Mr. Wendell confessed that he was surprised, not having had any inti mation of the purpose of the gentlemen attached to the establishment. He thanked them hear tily for the present, and pledged himself to use every exertion to promote the welfare of those in his employ, believing, as he did. that the inter ests of the'ernptoyer and employed are identical. Election ?The following gentlemen were last night elected officers of Columbia Lodge No. 10, I. O. O F., for the ensuing term Sam'l Wise. N.G.; H.8. Bowen, V G; 8. J Thom son, F. 8.; J A. Moulden. R S.; David Fow ble, T This Lodge, by the way. are making extensive arrangements for their approaching festival on the llth instant, which promises to be a very en joyable affair The Rpv J. C. Granhury, we hear, will deliver the address. Lanim*' Minstrei.s continue to give nightly representations of their funny burlesques, to the great amusement of our citizens. Their "phan tom chorus."* can only In* heard to lie appreciated Go. dear public, and witness the wonderful and mirth provoking "Hones." and the extraordinary manipulations and genuflexions of the sable knight of the tamborine. Grfat was the crush of crinoline at the Levee to-day. Due middle-aged belle, whose flounces were reduced In a twinkling from the ampli tude of a Laniliert to thedime^ions of a lath "squawked right eout in meeting," so much were her sensibilities lacerated Watch Rktcfss.?Stephen Moore, Va ,dru.ik aid profanity; fine and costs, 11 Re/in King. (ol., Md , drunk ill the street; do. Win Callan Ireland, vagrant; workhouse ?#i days Hugh Mc<"utterly. Ireland, do; do. Robert Dudley. N V , assault and battery: JR,->IN? bail for court; for carrying pistol, fine and r?st>, fill 5* ; firing fnstol in I lie street. ?ti 11. David Donaho, |re and. drunk and disordeily; security for peace T\venty-uine lodgers?one resident of Wash ington . West Loca-rr, last niwht.?Frank Rounds, colored, D. C , disorderly; flue jnd costs, #1 It Rol?ert Fleet, colored, D. C . do ? do. A darkey named U illiams was also lodged in the lock-up, b it succeeded In cutting through the door of a cell, and made his escape. MAIIKICU. On the 31st December, at H j lain! the Rev J. S Deal, J KDWIN CKAMi'TON to Miss K \TF. A. aNGF.L, both of this city. DIED. On Hi* 3nth December, ISA BKLI, *. only dsuch terof Joseph and the late Margaret Jane Gundcr, aged 7 i ear*. Tlie friend* and acquaintances of the family are resucctfully invited <o attend the funeral at .1 o'clock, fiom the resrlcnce of her fattier, on D*. between t> and II streets. Island. I Baltimore paper; please cop? 1 RUSTIC HAIR BANDS forth* J '* ^ I.AMMOND'S. h \K1V VKARS PR KSKNTS. at low 1* <l3i st LAMMONI>'S.7th at._ IWKW YLARS' PRF.SKNTS?A fresh lot just - ' reoeiveU at >lcL A I'G IU.I ,N S, ?!<> Pa. avenue. between Rtn and 9Jh streets. d 30 P I N K CO V K O Y 8 T K R S. ? 'onstantlr on hard, a rood supply of Virginia COVK OVSI'KRS of the best and f~~\ large*; kind Served updail) at HAM (*" I MACK A BRO.'S hestaurant. No.'^lUg# IfM ami ??>. \\ illard's Hotel Huild'ng, Pennsylvania avenue. d 3' 3t ^ C C O V H T BOOKS. Merchants snd others requiring a superior arfiole of BLANK IJOOKS at a moderate price for the commencement of the year taw, are invited to call and exsnurie the stock of S. DlCAMP k CO. selected hy a practical blank liook hinder with oare, am! superior to any ever offered m this city. Blank Books ruled and bound to any required pat tern. BOOK RINDING of every description nai'ly executed. d Ai-4t <31 Penn. avenue, near 4>y street. rM. J. STONK. Jr. ATTORNKYAT LAW. Has * emovkd his Office *nd K esideuoe to Sth street, on Jmiiciary Square, one diMir from Louisiana avenue. _ _ d il-aoSw CMTY ACADFMY, / ftrnt~Establi*hid in 1P32. School for L'i\il and Military Kngineeruig, the hirher branches of Mathematics. Book kwepiutt, Piain and Ornamental V\ riting. the l.aiiKiiages, Ac, Unties rosumed MO.NDVV, January 4th, IH.W. dai-lvt Ph OF, J. Fl I.L. Principal. LANK BOOKS' BLANK BOOKS!-A large and extensive assortment of Blank Booka, eni 1-rnc.iiK I tdgers, J<iurna:s and l>ay Books, of all nz-'. The New Year lieing atiout to oominefce, it m ill lie necessary to open a new nc.ouut in a i ew tiook. and all hi want of such laxiks are invited to eill at JOS. SHII.MNGTON'4 Stationery and Bookstore, Odeon Buildinr, ^ " M eomer 4S si. and I'a. ?v CW F B B R ' 8 ELKH R A T K U CO Tl LLIIN BAND talc" p'easure in anneuiicinc to the pnhlio that_ they are prepir?<t to fiifiiinh fir?t class PAR-' TIF8 and BALI.8 with MF8IC fortlieoom lug season. I'he i??t?s* end most fashionable Ouadrilles, Waixes. ?'olk.s* Sohot:i?ttes. Gallops, Maxurkss, ? ltd H il wis nave tx>en rehearsed, and also the ongieal iAuo< r's 'iuailrilles. which are performed b, this I a fid only, with jrrer.f success Orders left at me mu?ic store of Mr. Melxerott, or at Mr. Gautier?f Conf?e ionery. also, at L Welter's renidenoe. No. SiSH Seventh street, iietween G and I,( Navy \ ant,* will meet with prompt atten t Kill. d * Hu LOUIS WKBKR, leader. OEOROITOW APTERTISEMTg. Tut: libORUt WASIIINOTON CLtlKlflke gfeat pleasure in announcing to their #% friends and the public in general, that 'heir Second Annual Bill will be given at Forrest/1'? Hull. Georgetown,on WbDNKVOAY bVt UHs Nl NG. January *th, 1RV. Htya* Celebrated Cotillon Band haa been engaged for the evening. No hata or caps allowed in the room on the night of the Ball. Ticket* (INK DOI.LA R, admitting a gentleman and ladies: to !>?? h*d of any member of the Club, and at the door on the evening of the ball. By order of dft 4t? THK COMMITTEE. rr-3=? NOTICE.?L 1C A N S E S.? All peiaona 1. i whn?f License* from the Corporation of Georgetown expire on tneiWst inst..are hereby noti fied promptly to renew the Mine, otherwise they may subject themselves to a hue. d ?)-3tawtli>thJan W.VI. >.AlRU,CI?tfc. L'OR BOSTON-?The superior fast sailing Clip * per Schooner HELEN MAR. Nickerson. Maater. has arrival, and will have qurk^fc dispatch for the nl?ove port. For freight or**?* apply to HARTLEY A BROTHKR, l?l Water street. Georgetown. d 2K-Iw 'I1 A X ES.? Persons paying their Taxes on ort>e 1 fore January 1st, l&SH.will save interest and ex penses. otherwise interest will charged dating book to the first Monday in October last, d 1-1 in* C. F. SHEKEL?., Collector. WANT8. C?OACHMAN WANTKD-To take charge of a ' pair of horses in a private family. Apply at this office. jan l-3t WANTED?Situation as Co?ks.male nnd female, in a hotel or private family Best references can l?e riven. Address E. M., Star Office. d 31-fit* WANTED?At Newton's Hotel, Alexandria Va.,a YOUTH to aa?ist in theothoe. Also, three g<MMl Waiters, two Women to wash and iron, a vegetable Cook, and a settled Woman as nurse and seamstress. A. G. NEWTON, d 31 -3t HOUSE WANTED.?A gentleman with a email family desires to rent a House located between 3th and 15th streets, and 1. street and Pa.avenue, and containing fix to eight rooms. Any person having such an one to itmpo?e of will please address, through City Post Office. stnting terms, location. Ac.. WM. S. ANDERSON. jfjPjH* WATED? By a gentleman, his wife and daugli ter, T WO R < HIMS, furnished or nnf??rr>isheil, with l*?ard, with a private family and in a respect able neighborly*.w|. Locate ?. I?et ween 5th snd 13th Itreets west, and E and I streets north. Address J. M. P.. City Post Office, or Star Office. ila tf WANTED.?I wuli to rent, for a term of years, ? small FARM, near the city, for the purpose of cultivating a market garden. Any person wish ing to rent such a plane will pleaae make it known to me at Mr. D. Clagett's Farm, on the flank Bond, near the city. ENOS GUN. dW ?t W ANTED I M M E D I A TELY-A furnished HOUSE, with five or six chambers, parlors, and dining room. Apply to No. 161 Browus' Hotel. d IB tf WANTE0. ? SIX to EIGHT THOUSAND DOM.A RS, for three or five years, for which security ? ill be given in Resl Estate situated on Penn avenue, betw een 8th and 10th sts. Inquire at fhia office. d 15 tf WANTED TO HI K E.-f3,"(?i, for the term off yearn, secured oil an improved farm, of 3"< acres .by a deed of trust, situated near the city. In terest paid annua'ly. Anyone wishing to invest In that way, will please address J. IJ. S? Bo* 563, Washington city,stating when and where an inter view can !ie had. Interest paid semiannually if pre ferred n ?7-tf (VOTICE ?The subscriber having just opened an IN OFFICE or GENERAL INTELLIGENT at No. 319 C street, between 61 li and 7th. arid next to Todd'a Hat Store, and opposite Bank of Washing tou, requests the cilixene of W aahing'on togive him eiicoura?emcut The subscriber's olyect is te aecure good servant* to ?.ur citiz na, ^ml to find suitable places for Servsnts who come well recom mended. Such as desire employinent, and such ;i* are iiineeu of proper Servants, ahould give meacal: as soon sa convenient. d 7-lm* JEROME Gil.LISS. F j'KOM PARIS.?Fine editions.iu hue bindings, _ of Racine, La Fontaine. Sevigni. Ducis, Rabe lais. Do Stael. Delavigne, Montesquieu. l.a Bru yern. Saint Pierre. Rousseau. Chateaubriand, Cou rier. Rotrou, Balzac. Marmier, Voltaire.CapeCgue, Bossuet. Thieriv, Rochefoucauld, Malherbe, Cor neille. Scribe, Reguard, buizot, Froisaart. Mon strelet, Bnclion, Molicre. Roch, Itarthlcmy, and other standard French au'hora. import**) by dffl FRANCK TAYMH. | o GASTON & CLARE, ?*0 LOUISIANA AVENUE, second door from 7th street, under the Avenue Houxe, DKA1.KK* 15 CLOTHING AND GKNT.'S FURNISHING GOODS. The subscribers oill attention toa desirable Stock of CLOTHING which they now have on exhilu tionat their Store. No. 4J? I.ouiaianaavenue, second door from 7th street, and na they are determined to close off the lor if possible, ever* effort nece*?iry on their part shall ba used in order to please their customers In the CLnTffiXK "vpiRtmkxt we can guarantee the stock to be perfect in po|?t of durability, fit and sty le, bectuse we make every thing ouraelve-, and have no hesitation in s iying our goo-'s will ha found equal to the best order work in the country. Watching the vanou* changes of fashion. parties may rest as ured of finding rbe latest cut and make in store, subject to their in?p*eMon and approval. worth of Goods for Men's, Boys'and Ser vant's Wear, will tie sold at auction prices,and pur chasers would do well to examine tlie lot. 'I his is no humbug, *?s our assertions can be proved on ex amination. Call and see us ;.t the ali >ve Store. d#-3in GASTON A CLARK. BIBLES AND PH.WKR BOOKS, in variety, tsinnd in velvet, fine calf, and Turkey motoceo, with clasps and illustration*. French Portfolios, Alliums. English and French Drawing Booa*. (iold fens. Rodgers's Penknives, line editions, in fine binding*. of English and A titerican standard authors in Poetry and Prose, and French. English and American Juvenile B->ok? for vontli of all ages, may be found at the Bookstore of t ie undersigned, mostly imported from Europe bv himself. FH A NCR TAYLOR. fVJOTICE.?Our customers are hereby notified is that their respeo'ive accounts will he ready for delivery and settlement on the'?t January. prox. We earnestly beg that tli-^re may be no delay in closing bills, (in the usual mode) na we will require every do.lar due us to enable lis to meet our presa iim ob< gations. To those of our patrons who, by their promptness., have enabled us to withstand the pr?tH?ure of t!ie paat quarter, wearo ainoerely gra'eful. and aasure them of our dntermi nation to at inly their intercttt aa purchasers in the same apirit in which tiiey have promoted oura as merchants. Of those who, although willing, have been unnb'e to pay us on account of delay to themselves, we must now ask a settlement by note at short date, if cash cannot be obtained. With regard ?o the very few who have rt fulfil to pay or give u* any satisfaction, when well v? Ire l> "?tnted to them the difficult!*** under which we la bored, wo havo only to say "your bills are again ready nml must b' paid or put in mil?we ?an submit to no further delay." To all who have accounts with us we ngain sub mit the actual necessity of prompt, punc ual and immediate action. In ordinary season* we are will ing to wait, but until discounts t?ec< rne more plenti ful in Washington we will lie compelled to rely entirely upon our own resources. ELVANSA THOMPSON. N. B.?No new aocourit opened until the old one la closed. il Ji I w CIIAWLS FOR GENTLEMEN. lT^ Shawls for l.ndiea. all qualitiea Gloves of all kinds, for Indies and gentlemen. Black Silks, all grades French Merinos and Plaid Merinos, closing <>Ht cheap. Woolen Comforts arid Woulcu Gaitcra, for ehil dren. Black Velvet Ribbona.all widths. With many other cheap and desirable Goods for cash. WILLI AMR RILEY, d *w corner nth at., opposite Centro Ma ket. 'PIIE MUTINY IN INDIA.-The Indian Wnti J iiy to the Fa I of Delhi, compiled by a former editor of the Delhi tiazelte. prioe 25 cnts The Buccaneers, or the M? narehs of the Main, by Walter Thorn bury, Esq.. $I.Zr> Out tarn and Haveioek's Persian Campaign, b* Capt. G. H Hunt. 7Hth Highlanders, to which is pre fixed a summary of Persian Historv. An account of the various Differences lictween England and Persia, and an Inquiry into the lare War, by George Townsend: author of ??Ruasell's Modern Europe Epitomised," 91.V5 Sporting in f?oth IIeinisplieres,!>y J. D.Ewes,e?q, author of China. Australia and tne Islands of the Paeifio, , A Marriage in High Life, by Latly Scott, author of Trevelran, 39 cts. The Upper Rhyne and its Picture?qnc Scenerv, illustrated by Berket Foster, price a niagtificent book. A Manual of Domestic Medicine nnd Surgery, with a Glosary of the terms used t herein, by J. H Walsh, F' R. C. S., illuatrated, |2. Juat received by the last English steamer TAYLOR A MAURY'S Bookstore, d 3a St near 9th atreet. (CHILDREN'S BOOKS FOR 1t>?.-The LiiTie J Commodore, Mother's True Storiea. The Won derful Mirror, Richard, the l.ion-heattfd. Heroes of Hiatory, Talea of S?a nnd Utul, Inquisitive Jack, Dick Roldhero, What to do and how to do it, Silserian Sable Hunter. Tru? Stories and False Tales from the liermaii. Belle and Lilly, or the Golden Rule. Aunt Mavor's Nursery Rhtmes, Naughty Boyaand tJirla, Fairy Taleaby the Com tesa D'Aulnoy, and tnamr othera for youth of all ages some of them juat from l,?ndon. d 3ft FRANCK TAYLOR. f^HINA. CLASS AND EARTHENWARE 9 tin nertM THOMAS PURAELLA SON, 1MPOKTEKS, have just received b> recent arrivals from Liverpool and other sources, on* $ huunred and fifty packages of the above articla* of tk* latea? pattern and shape. Also, ivory handieil aid other KNIVES FORKS, nitsti ol 5t p?>rs or aeparate, Plated and Britannia CASTORS, TEA and COF F EE SETS. Piate-I TABLE and TEASPOONS, Ff)R KS, LADI ESand WAITERS. trench and Eutli h China DINNER and T SETS. vases. Toys Ac. all of which will be'aold, wholeaala and retail,at tbe very lowest prices. A fine assortment of COMMON GOODS, auita ble for retail groceries. First quality STONE W ARE at factory prices. o .3-d?w I Pl.O.VIaTIC HISTORY of (he Washington and Adams Administrations by W. H. Treseott, I vol.; f 1 25. Just published. d 14 FRANCK TAYLOR. WLAND'S MACASSAR OIL,at GIBBS'S 'air Store, near 13th atreet. n 10-am R?h

AVOTIW BALK. By WALI< A BARNARD. Auctioneer?. FURNITURE AND kxprkss wagon A*? BCfittV, A O.J AT Auctio.v?(>? SATUH DAY MOR NING. Jan. .2, we will noil, in Trout of our auction room*, aiargeaaaaitment of Furniture. Ac . aoeh aa? Brussels and other Carpets. Beds, Ac. Knreana. TaWes, Bedsteads Chairs, Rockers, Sideboard* On# new Express Wagon, city nade One no-top Buggy Wagon. With many other articles in the House Furnish - in* line?all of which will he sold wtth??t reserve. Terms oa?h. '? WALL A B A RNARD. A acts. Hy J. C. MoGLIRE. Auctioneer. Highv valuable business stand O* >0?T1I D STKKKT. Bl^WSr* l(?TII AJItlCTH i'THKJT*. AT PtBLK AlCno\-On MOND\V AFTER N(M>N. Jsn. 4, at 4 o'c'ock. on the prem ises, I si,nil sell the eastern hall' of Lot No. 2. in Square No. rM?. fronting twenty-live feet on north D street l> tween l*th and 11th street* west, running hick l"0fe.t. together with the improvements.which consist of a two-story kick building and a one story front huiidinc. divided into two stores, one of them now no upted us a cigar store, the other, until re cently, as a restaurant. This property is situated on one of th? best squares in Washington lora heavy business,and the sa c presents an unusual opportunity to capitalists and others to make a profitable investment. Terms cash. I*n I-d J._C. _McGl"IR E. Auctioneer. By A. GREEN, Auctioneer. PUBLIC SALE.?By virtue o| a deed of trust ex - ecu ted to me and recorded in Liber J. A. S., No 1X1, folios 257, ZW, iw, S6H, ?nd one of the land records of Washington ooiinty. District of Co luinbin. I shall, on Till RSDA Y.tlieSsl of Decem ber next, at 4 o'clock p. m., in front of the premises, otter for sale at nubiic suction, to the higheat bidder therefor,the eastern halfof Lot No. Square No. IK7, in suiMiivision of John Wilson and Nicholas Callan, ss the same is recorded in the office of Hie record of said city of Washington. District of Co iiiinbia Tvrmscash. Tha property to be resold at the risk and expense ofthe purchaser unless the terms of sale are complied with within three days from the day of sale. ROW. C. CARRINGTON. Trustee. d 9-lawts A. GREEN, A net. in-TilK ABOVK SALE IS POSTPONED until THURSDAY, the 7th January. 1R.W. same hour. By order of the Trus ce. jau IA7 A. GRRRN, Auctioneer. FOE RENT AND SALS. LM'KNISHKD ROOMS FOR REN T.-A Par ? lor and Chamber, adjoining, on the first floor, in a desirable situation, wilt be for rent on "at Jai - ?srr. Address Box 4if. Cits Post Office. jn | 31* I^OR RENT One newly built COTTAiIk F HOUSE, containing six rooms, on Massachu setts avenue, between l4th and 15th streets. Pump m the yard. For partioulars -o-'v ? MVs |? 1)1 N A W | N. 111 Centre and ?Northern Market >? or on the pr??nrises. Uii ;?? L^OR R ENT?The dwelling part of a three story ? Brick IIOI'SK, with a good liack building, ? >n I'enn. avenue, ncjir:* opp??sifo Brown's Hotel. i,? cupied Ixj'ow hy Mr. Rotiiuson. Jtweler Tne whole House Iish 111st f?een repaired and painted. Also, t wo-story Brick Houses, in the rear of the same, on Canal street. To good tenant* the rent will be moderate. Apply toCHR. GR AMMRR, Attorney at-l aw. Office north side of D street, teetween Mh audMh, near the I'nitanan Church. d 31 tf LMIK R KNT-One hundred a?dfift\ ACRES OF I.AND. in Montgomery count?. 9 miles from Washington city.on the 7th street road, with fifty ?>cres fallowed last August, well fenced with five rail post and rail, will be rented to a good tenant on the moat reasonable terms. WALI. A BARNA R D. Auc'ioneers. d *9rl w* corner Pa. avenue and ??th street. F CLINTON HOUSE FOR RENT.?The Hot | formerly known as Dorsey's Hotel, on the cor ner of th and I streets, will be for rent ti I the first of January. For terms inquire of MOOll E A CIS SELL. adjoining. d l6-la?3w* 'OR R KN'T ? Ash grocery or residence, a three story FR AME HOUSE, comer 22d and H sts. Rent ? :tV> per month. Applv a' Store of <t. J. lull NSON A CO.,or to J. Pit- RCE. Wood Mer chant, 2 st street. d coil * FjM?R R EN'T?Two Rooma. anitatile for offioeaor an otlioe and chamber, immediately opposite the City Hail, and over the oftioe of C S. Wa 'aoh. dll-tf Applyto RICHARD WALLACH. L'OR RENT.?Either furnished or unfurnished I an excellent, three-story, new Brick House, with l>aaement. No. 41*3 New .lerssy avenue, five minutes' walk from the Capitol, with three-.-?tall ?tabie and coacli house, with immediate poasea*ion. Inquire atS* M'L. W A LKER'S Portrait <?allery, Odeon Buildina, oorner 4)f atreet and l'a. auenue. nl9 tf Millinery, Ac. Millinery, dress making and THIM MING ESTABLISH M ENT. Ladies visiting Washington are respectfully in formed thnt we arc prepared to make up Dresses, Cloaks, Basques, A c.. at abort notice, in tlie latest styles, and satisfaction guaranteed in a'l cases. A iarge stock of Dress and Cloak Trimming*,of latest and handsomest stvles, with CLOAKS, BASQUES, IXDKRDR ES- ES, BON N ETs*, RIBBON'S.and MILLINERY, of every descrip tion, always on hand. M. Wll.LlAN. d 15 *'m opposite Centre Market. ?yj ADAM BON N EL. iTI DKFSS MAKER. Fro* Paris. No. 3U2 18th street west, hei ween I and K stree's. Washington city . has the honor to inform the ladies of Washington and vicinity, that she has fitted <>p 1 Itress Making Establishment, where she is leadv to make every kind of work, as Dresses, Mantillas. Basques, Ao.? and in the l>est ami very late st sty le i?l Paris, receiving every month the French Journal De La Mode, direct from Paris. n I1-2m* ATENT OFFICE RESTAURANT. The Undersigned having, llMiugl't the House it the cor ner of 7th and (i streets,for-' merly and favorably known as the European House, and having renovated aim refurnished tlist same, is pre parol, at the shortest notice, >0 furnish parties with ab the delicacies the 111:11 ket atlords. G \ \t E in stas hi. The best of WINES. LI i.JIORS, and CIGARS constantly on hand. Familie* supplied y?!in 0\ STKRS ai all hours, fi"ii> >i o'cloek a. hi., to I J p. in. He respect fully solicit a from Ins Irieu Is and the public a cil'. d i:i-3tawlm SAML BR ERE ION. Brown and rli m uars. 15 tierces prime Cula Sugars, H> lih's. prime Porto It ic> S'igars, 5 hlull prime Porto Rico .Mol-sacs. 4'' bhls. cr sued. pulverised uideiauhed Sugars J us! reoe-ved, ai.d for sale by d Zi-hte.h! __ __ B A K BUI'R A SEMM E?. I M PORTA NT TO TH E TR A VELING PI B I I.IC. BUNKER'S PATENT LirK 1'kk?kmviNft ami Bathing Smirs. The undersifiiied having taken the Agency for the sale of these Garments, wou d call particular aiten tion to spec mens they li've on exiiibitioa at tf.eir Store, No. ?'i? I'eiiiisy lyaiua avenue. E. OWEN & SON. d Ji-lw Military and Naval Merchant Tailors. on ? A R R I A e E s. I HE Subscrilier having made ndditiora to his Factory . making it now one of th* largest. 111 the District, wnere his faculties fori manufacturing a I kinds of CAR RIAGES and LIGHT WAGONS cannot bo sur pasted,and from his long experience 111 the bun iicss. he hopes to give general satisfaction. All kindsoj Carnages and Light Wagons kept on hand. All REPAIRS neatly done,and ai!?rders prompt ly attended to. Second hana Carria^ca taken 111 exchauge for new ones. ANDREW J. JOYCE, d Mi-t.f oorner of 14th M F. sts. \ SPECIAL 4 ARD.?'To all persons indebted to to us 111 op--n accounts >>r otherwise are respect fully notified that their bills will be made otf and and presented by 1st January, and as wedesign mak ing a change in our busio*as, we earnests request that they will come forward, close their accounls l y oisii or notes at short dates in settlement by the Hit h proximo. W e hope 111 view ofthe present financial condi tion id the entire country, ai d our intention to make a change in business, will sufficiently explain the necessity of our request for prompt pavm-Mits. COLLEY A SEARS, tl 2K luteod .V.l 7th st.. S doors Irom Pa. a v. 1aO THE PUBLIC. Parties or persons having advertised for sale an ?* UNEXPLOSIVE GAS." wl ieh is no thing but the welt-known "Etherial Oji.** therefore I deem it necessary to onutiou conauineis for theii safety, thst the only genuine article is known as ?'Reinttera non-Fxplosive Burning Fluid," and is prepared and sold > F. STUTZ. at his Depot, cor iier of 11 th and E atreets. he being t he sole possess or of the right for aeHinj: the same in the District oi Columbia 0021 -noSm FR. STUTZ N J K W BOOT AND 8HOE 8TORK. 1 Irirnds The aubscriber respectfully informa his friends and the public K-nerally that he has remov ed his BOOT ANDSHOE ESTABLISH MKNT to No. 3 3 Peniiaylvaoia avenue, s iutli side, and mue doors east of hia forinfr' _ pit ee of busine.<at where may be fouinl a very geic - a1 and seicct aes irtment of BOOTS, SHOI'.S, and GAITERS, for ? adiea. Gentlemen and Chil dren, of his own manufacture; which wi'i. hi quauty of matrrial a? il workmanship, oompare favors by with those of the Imst establ alnueuta. AU g*Hi.*is made by or b ???ght of 1 he subsc- il?cr may lie relied upon as being, in all cases, exact y hs represented, to which he would most respectfully call the attention of those in want ol good articles. The subscriber takes tuis opportunity of return ing his sincere thanks to his friends and the public iu general for the very liberal patronagu given h m for the past live years; aud promise, in return for the same and for that which may hereafter ba , iven linn, renewed rfl.Hta to give that satisfaction which is ao much desired in our business. J. R. MORGAN, Pa. avemie, d J'-eolm* south side, l>ct. 9th and H*th sts. DW a a h 1 ivr. to m, Deoemt?er U?, 18*7. AVI D A. HALL. Esq , having made a C01 ve> ance and ge?era! Aasianment of all bis Res1 and Pers ?n l Estate to the undeisigne<l in trust for cer tain pnrpivses, ?ll persons having claima againat the aaid David A. Hall are requ'ated to present the same as soon as may be convenient at the ortice ol one of the Truatees No, 41 I ouisiana avenue; Riid all persons indebted to the snid e?tate are requeattd to pa, the same withoutdetay^ pHu jp HARVEY LINDBLY, dS? eotf Twills. OR I ENT A L N AIL POLISH .????* ?fcmnflful lustre to the fiager nails, at GIBBS S Hair Store, a?tr 13th atreet, Pa. are. ? 10 3m AUCTIOV AALE&. TODAY * TO-MOKKOW MORNlFfQ |\f ??ALfc.-ln virtu* nf fhrw writ* ?? I.?.; .*"?!! ?" ?r*T*nt No- 373- J7g. of ,r!V '**? fr.m the Clerk's Oflioe h? r!iL r'u?rt of t*? Dntxiii of Columbia lor ?a!L ashwgton. and to me directed, I Ifa^ik oF\v? i* r f"r '? of "ie 1,4V ?hm,M **,d ooents, on TI K8 th? 'irfr*??h>,:?r, 10o'clock a. m . \\ Til* ,VUc,#fc * " : <??? R?*n Horse. oue . hiki **ize<l juhJ lAkfn under nt heiuridt.Wa't ?T f#r.?*7" ?r J'^'Curnrrt, and will uA i ?ttachmsnts in Ifcvor ?,f |,ewis i?. Means, James F. Brown. !\n<1 Hyphen Prei.tifc* d ,. .. rJ fl- HOOVkr. MaraUl 0 ,8U for 'he Disrric* of Colombia flT-THK ABUVK SALK IS POtJTl'ONKD in coneeqnence of tbe rain entii MAVTRDA Y. the 2d of January , |&jtfv miuo kour mul pine*. . . J. I). HOuVr.R. 'Marshal " f'?r the District of Columbia. By WALL A BAR N AH i), Auctioneers. Center of P< nn lyhimio nvnm ea/f !?ffc street. (ifi.LR AWOSILVI-.R WATCHLSJuvuiu Porte Mi?nu?ei, Cat?aa. Fancy Goods, Boofca, Sliver Plated Goods. ?,L'rge!K?' Wlth * '*nce collection of Goods, suita ble fort hrtstmas and ,>?w Year's presents S* le will I* held everv KVKMM5. at hair rast tiona' lti'jtVl OJ Penn. avenue, nar Tfa d2l-dta WALL A BARNARD. Aucts. FUTURE DAY8. By A. GRFKN. Auctioneer. ?tock, crop, farming itk\sii, 4fh i? 'kA.m AL! Iio.N VUl1 MONOaV. ti e h?. i u ^ ?'?all se!'?,Rt the rcsiderce of Mr. Baail Benson, on North P street. between 4th and 5th street* west. at 10 o'clock a m r?rn VV^H. r^a. l superior Milcli Cow Corn, Cor nf<Millar and Shucks 9 f;,amilj Carnaee and Harness 2 Carts and Gear. Plows. Harrows. Ac... 4o. A'""?an excellent lot of Furniture, such as Mahogany Sofa. Sideboard rane and other Chaira Bedatoads. Carpets, Stoves Kitchen Furniture. Ac terms: Cash, in current funds. _'' A. OKKKtt. Auctioneer. l\I ?K,r?" A'*virtue of a writ of ..To imI'J rii8, "*/7 ' "m '*'*? ?????! fi. rn the Clerk * office of the < ircuit Court of tlie Pis trict of i .olunibia. f..r i he Count, of Wash melon, and to mc directed. I gliall si|x.?(> to public sale for ""*? f";"' ?r Ihr fourt-llouJ door"? ;.T,d county.on I I K9I)A\ the 12th day ol January INK, ah .TV ij? fv"<,*r,n,t d?*scril>ed proWerty, J" . L , P"J,a,K s riR|,|. o|a,m. and in errst in and to a houee, erected en p?rt of i.oi No. l.iuSqusre \<i. 4jr. cornet vt O ttrcet south and J hT ' i'n U" "f tt'?*hinfton. L). C . I * r ,uP?B ,a4 the property of U'alter t f ?'. V . *??W *o aatisfj Judicial No 28. t?? (loto|>oi term. I?:.?7, in favor of Ctiops 4 Waller. [ 1?> ?Bs Marshal for the Dutnet ofOdmn^.ifc. By A. (iRKKN, Auctioneer. calkatthe MARINK RARRA?'KS. hv .I V ,1 Vl !,,r "n l (>> ll?,r,oV l h J?n" 'h?>' fba 1 ? I. at 'he Muri. ? Harracks, l>y order ?.f tlie Quart*>riiia,t-r. at la-Zoi's II'.. t ll^ ffi'loWiUjj liutxiii, v .VH Ba>oaet "fii iards. 3J l$a> one* KHtfe. ??> Ce'lrxlce Box?*s, .'?!? art> idc? Im.x Beits, *' A sword B-!?a. I Drum. J* 'Jrutn M.el.s. ? Fife,3B Wai-t Bolts. . J I erctiKBioii fnp pouches, 2 Fej.ders. I carpft. |<?t|tr-ss. i t?rate. 3 Storcsfanil lot of Pipe, A l?-t of Carpenter.' Xpola. Terms casli, in sp? cie. d A coilAdi A.GRKKN. Auctionaer. \ S'AjAl.i. FARM AT PI B? |t: SAI.K.-The a%. utiderKuued is authorized t<?sel! a.mall F?r?r contiguous t<? OritrevilJe, in t.V.'ee's private sale. This Tract of I and contains f iI*Mi in !,r aorefc- 'ies immediately o* 't,e ! ^ r/> , from I pp-r Marli^ro t?. \\ ?*u- I LtHial* rJZLii!"f " m fr"m tbe la'fet plate, i at-a six from tlit* ff?rm*1''. the t!ace 1111 ??>?n?'aece of oak and water ? w,jik1, nn" ?-?veial spr-n-s ol verj pure liil'fi.'-i'Ii" *men'* consist of a convenient l? siz?d Pwe tin? House, in good ropa r. to-ether with the "er'a'r.V,; P ? P of e, or J lent wi . " the d<N?r. I he whole pi?- e i*. enclosed li\ a "['?'"Kj fence, made of the licst niateri l.Inr.l 'l'i T1' from the eharaoter of ih?sr>iJ. its iavorat>le loi<r<i|on. and nearness to the markets of the District, is most cluibly buited for nardenine I purposes As th? owner ha? determmod to remove ' for mh ??*??t'"" l"*c? C"1 l>e bounht \ ery cheap lor cash at p< ivate tale. v I If not sold at private sale before 8ATI RDAV 3d das of January next, it will on tuat .lai lieorf- red' ' at put. ic saleion tbe premises, to the inkiest bidder. befw. cn the hourK of l2ahd I o'clock. l-orfurtner partiouUrs. inquire ..| J. A. ROBKV lV/,]etterien,1"e#* ?r0^f undcrstuned, in person or "d SHBLBV cr.ARK^ TBy J AS. C. McGUIKK, Auctioneer. RCSTFF.'S SALE OF HOl'SK AND l.f?T, ox thk Isl4no.?By virtue of a deed of trust. nearin* date on the 1st day ?.f NovemVr, 1HS1 simI !?k!l"T,J- A. S.. No. 75, lolio I'i. nt s*bk, l?A\" fh- ilir.r T a' PnW,e K*1'- ??" SATI R , "A i , thelbth da> of Jsnuar), * o'clock p i !he cronnses. Lot No. lo, in the subdivision of Square No, front,ns ? feet H inches ..n Mt. st west, l.e ween south Hand K street*, IUIU1 n_ fh "" W",,h 12,1 ^ f'f>^?n-f et a,ie^* | M.'i e '- '..MtHmc of a Da't-llinf- I 1 ernis of anl*: (>ue half casti; the residue id six. nine and twelve month - lo' notes bearing interest ' froim-a) ?.l -a e, be.'ured ' a dee<l of trust upon the I'T /k*: 411 "uf c" :"plie'1 with in 5 da> ? after the I .-a e, the pr. pert? *i I l>e resold upon one week's i notice, fit the u?k and expense of ttiv Mirc.*i?ser. i ";,nv? 'he expense ol :hf purchaser. ? ^e trustee will convey onfv such rule a? o> ?. e?tcd dT? ha . C,lAS^^ * AL'.ACIL Trns e d .y.-codA .is J C Met; I I^K. Au.l_ By J AS. C. McGI'IRF., Auctioneer. VnJ .W'm' ?L|N,'RY ^KA T AT A i ctioK. tenia, ??i.V- "clemency Of the weather ?es tcruaj, and the preseu* pressure in the mnncv iu?r r/J *-1 y rM-' liaa P? ?S I'P(?NKl? the snb " Siimn n Hill." V J]} '*!!"!* ?'f AIexandn.1. \ a.. Ill,til M??N l?A V. nr^o. i'.' Jaruary in o'cl.ick a m.t on tb? OUV-. nip '? ief 'hey arc offered tor i! J. further information as to terms of JJ'SiV" ?""' '?? obtained at the auction store of J C-Mofiu're. JAS. ?\ .Mo<tFli\K. oc * Auction and Commiiiioa Maroliaats Tf'tITs- KiS SA,'K ur y^' l ARLF RkVT. tioin M V '"pwrsosnce of a D' passed on ten,lj da% of April m i?e year iliousmd r'f i?rV11U* i- 8 - * the Ciicuit Court lor I nu.-c t.. orKc s c.-iuii), s,u,..k * Couit of ? K,n fd-P-i-rt,*. a hcieit! Al and ? "eXi 11 H, U'" J:- 1 boir rson and others. (? cuiuplau^i t, aud J cnly V\ all and ;dhers ^re rfefeiidsnts the udders,ru. d. a* I riAtr i **P"?e at Fubiia th- I ti i ii I f?11 ie Premise, on 1 H I R >JlA V. the 14'h day of Januaiy. ULig. at the hour of twelve ni.l.1!, 11 ,a'r* ltr '",l '??r. "t the t-ame mne and Place on the u;xt f.tir da, thereafter, si ti:,"e traciB. parts of tracts, or puree's of I and. situate .. ??.l l"ru,c',y ,'be property of th?|atc K,Ji aril i,. I nouip(ou. and now decreed to t*e ?otd f>,r the purfo.e < f bivisioa and paitMi-m 'ciweei, j.iK w.d wnnd his children. Ti.cae Lands T^ m.Tdr'oV'l* V wjjjetti'as r ice r, npsards ,.f ii "i ? A cies. Tlie kieater porn,,M is op< n land. I here is h< wevei, souie exerllent Tiu.t^r Lvid mnnBii t,ie tracl. pr??pr??cd to lie ? oi?i. Some ol rite parcels ol land have * aluable iinpi<>veiri<>,,t? on them. I here is a v-i'uiWh sfriic water on one . f the tracts? a? d the soil of ai. the !a^.is "J'> we'l adapt.d to ti.e r^isinf o,'t|^ staple crops of the county. I hete lands are in il.e immediate r<cin ty ol Brandt wme, and will tie sold is mts to ruiI purchase's. T?rm* of *aie, as prescribed |?\ the Decree: Five hundred dollars in cash, lo be Pa,d on the day of sale, and the residue of tlie purchase money to be Pai l in equa. instalments iu one. two. three, and four years Irom the day of sale, i he same lo ?>** in tcrest from the day o| sale, and to aecM'ed b? the la.iids of the puichaser or purchasers, with approv ed eo obligors. And upon the pa? meut ol i|4e wfiole purchase monr* and aU interest then on. aid not before, tlie umlei s;tne.| is aulhonxru to co?ve? the prennse4 so d to the purchiser or puichasers there fi,i"p T'?U h'J"r h,*r "r ,bv'r ows??. f ee. c.ear, and discharged from all ceini* of the parties to this c.iukc and of an> or p^rKon^ c miii.ii c by, from or under them. The w. tow is a part* to the proceediius in this case, ai <1 has in wrilinc su uibed her sisseut to t ke )n lieu of her iluw?i au r?;^i*Xi:.:ra: ?* -?"??-???? .1 J. ^.?,j.,,?!iMliL C' "1G,iE?. !VI s ?) ?' '? virtue or a w. ,,| ifl fieri faoiaa. iinrty the Lt,n taw, issued fr-?m the t lerks office of the Circml Court of the District itL JirMtn? f'lf the ( ouutjr or Washinclon. and to me directed 1 shall expose to public sale, lor Cn>A, rrV'SlV* V"tl i ''"S? d?"?r ..r said Couutjr.on ' 1 ;V _Vj*.* ? 'no 12th day of January, lxiH,at Uocl'k m.. tha following descrit?e?i propartv, to wit: All defendant s risht. title, c.aim and interest in and to a hnok house eroeted on Lot B. in Square No. y h. on riurd street noith. between K ard F streets West, in the Cit> ol Wasbiartoa. D C.. ?e.?ed and ?? 1Z W.Jo. da. a,d wih l?e sold lo'satisfy Judicial No. 48, to < >ctotier term. 1857. in favor of Cnpps A Waller .. ... . J D. HOOVF.R. d 19-ts Marshal for the District of Columbia. I APIKK FI'KS ! LADIES' Fl'RS! The following is a list of prices of FI RS o>>n rgned me iin eoinnnss on from a Fur Company in * ork, to be sold at New York wholesale prices: S-ta Rock Marten Victorines and half Capes a f??"> - ? ?? ? $5.00 to I0.ISI Se.s I- rench Sable half and three quarter Capes 7.U* to 14.cq Set. do.. Mantillas and Cloaks I6.MU tote.< o Sets Fitch V ctorines and Half Capes to *?.?? Sets Stone Marten V ictonnes 17^*i to 22 i 0 Sets Mink Sable \)ictorines and Half SetsPMink SaMe Throe fourth and Full*> W> to 25 ?? SetsPSii>erian Squirrel Mantillas and^ * " >s,"w Sets'*!!i* ison Bay Sable Half Capes to.!* t'oaslUI Set. do do do TkreeZnh K Misaen }<it^rian Square Cspea . 7S0to <)'%i Misses Itniiation Krmme Capes. ?^orl! Gentlemens Fur Collars aueliiovee *jmm $ ^ Hudson tfa; Sable.Mink FTt^ FWoh l? 5J* SaWe.andotker prioes fcum. 3 go to 25JW J*i p. V " ?T1NF.MLTK. a. A ,^?venue.nearlJthetseot. aext Uoor to Madame Delarne. JJA1SINS! FIGS5!! PRUNK8!!! boxLsSh l**y4,r RAISIN'S, ib quarter, ba.fand whole mu'" -??" *?? m.t/i 'i,!?.?^* lo **??? hid caskets of various sizes, beinc very beautiful f?r Christmas preseuta. KING A BI RCHKI.L. * a oorner Vermont avenge and l&tb ?t. AFKW GOODS LUFT AT MeLAl GHLIN'8 for sale cheap. 4 ? T?LKGHAPH1C!NE*w _ rr? *** Afcxcmn Prru Ajeat. FiltbaMcri at !0f? OrlftM. Ntw Opt.r***. Dee 50 ?The ???-? # Nicaragua (H .tiii ^ fo? ci.vaad MoMle-JSSZSSZr*"*** l? ima<>iiir tk^ Miw> hr re '' '?'""P^uMe .... -I,.??2.*????'SE"? thl* (kit 4f|. itt ^ from liftoff! for thV fray ^ NFxrO?,rA*.,J.n | _Tb? Nl^r.?, ini; laM ni|>lil wt? imu*-n?elv attended ??d a hiKb il.Kre.-jof enth<iva?m prevailed R-m*,. i.oa* wer, H.flrtbyro?M?ta?) d^ mn^-1 lo.i...,odoie PenMing. and dnuMl!^ the i;?? enln..,? ?? restore f.en Walker to NWar*,^ ; J^jST Werr Ul*<le b> ~vt>r?: <* ??r promtiH-nt Th? * oil** Trade. X>W OlLliXI, rw *| ?Cotton 1* L'l.T.llv unchanged Sale* af 3 Ja? b,le* . bolder. and buyer* are awaiting dwnndtit^ D>rea??d ?n Us1 v'ar 177?"""balea I>?" n-a-o at all Southern port*. halo, Hia. k n. r-.t rm^w.-w Fi.M.r t. ? m ,nd hoide^ demand an advanre \|iH rorn 5.V Mob.!.f, Df 81 -Sale* of ,otto?. to-dai amonnteu to l.rtWi hair*, at a de< line of ?,vr' middling tf\a?\ 1 * ' CHARLt?T?K. Ore 31?Sales of the week amount to MM* bait-*, closing at a declhttaa tl.e week of %? %? SavamUN. |*r 31 ?The rofton ma'V* ?. d? pressed, closing at Pjfanjfe a? ty quidite. At sr?T* . Der .11 -Thrmnkfl ??datLrMic at a decline of Improvement la Financial an* R?*1ae*? .. Affair* in tarapr. *r. M?r\n?. I'ee :j| ?The London rorr?~ r~? n?n? of the Commercial w |(^ th.,? the Pgfwul P"HM<-?* of imp<oreinenl j? nt, Thr ? of the hank w*. lapidlr Mreti^thrntn aid i? would ?.w?n ie?Me to r? pay the two m.iiton- wf over nmar, -nd ledure the rate of irteieM t.. H o. ; CTf "** For,her failure* vrere *?pretended hut Ibev reaae |rt att.act notice The tunic w da'\? thiee million* ?l" dohar* |n ^old in t* ? I hi? latest Hamlinrg ad vi, e? *tate that the -ri als W?< -- T|l>- I r| 11|_ Pi irate letters fioin Havre, dated the 16th D '<w?er note a verr Irreyalar cation market a* MfVa'ne. e" b4K 0r,<'a,"? had at Has Maujhtrr at Laalsrllle. ?rf;?C^ M1 ' ?' 31 -?nf! **'?"+ nine. I'm 'L";'^n4l hare W? kl,led a.o?td 4*IU ana ,u Pt'?'?'?"? yeai up tola*! eventM^ >avi?atiou of the Ohl?. , "iVr?.! ,W ?* ?'?? hwn a he*vv nil blliilill llili aAeraoon. Th? river ,? *ta .i'<ua:), w Ifh sitieen feel ?.f water ia diet haaurl The Srw Orleaa* 4*??< lat?<i Pre**. , fit*? 0'" ?*V ? J?n ? -The l>ailv |>elfa. one of the pape.s whkh ?? ?>. |?d.-d from the \M cwl Assor .atiun here, ha? been re-aduutfrt ?l^HlSIS Ttt NOTIFY THF. Mt-OK WIND # , f8 ",,d ' pul'!io in neri'-ral, that I ?n in ii?r.< ro.irsected withit ?? e ntrart awirded l.j tt>e Senate iswaiarfetts:"-* ?v~"* ?i? e' K* rt M PF.TTI*?f>\H. rP''l< SI.'BSCKIBKR U ||.,. KM K VK r^r, - "'^'I',? rii.dH, of J,n.??,? rrj V 11h*ru?*n*e, f .;i< S'.aiitv StM.p*. on^-. Jtid C . net t Hoo?? at the l.ittl* I'all* Hndte. Al ?. f-?r?n*? l>eirick, complete,and all ,-r I> -r The l^m-ka can 1^ in*acc o*' nn<i <???? of tnen mm ,n oprran,,!, at t|.e l?ni?e renn* of *aJ.: easti in Maverm ftwt.. I ?p?' tl* to l?e left at the ofhea at lit 'e Fa' a hr.dge, addreM??d to rm * d * eotJ.mii RANDOLPH COYI.K, * e J?wl8 Ktmnfaer in olt*rK/> \? rich ~ AH perv'in* indebted to m?. *i'rt~r ??> 1' n<'tea P4*t duen.due iNlla.or <>p n ioo <n.t? xre , rii u"'\brr u,r1 1 **?"* ri."^. r.v '* >re til ? l?: of Janu?')t IKSi. \ , prr r?'?VU"t Com?;,'??K fo notion a- tft.- abo< ? Mnf-d time w have their arte*. d?r |N| ,, ..j,,,,. acc??unt.< pia<?d in the hiuid ol ?.fhaers. tuttruc ' "u? ?? o,ak" tt??aaoftey. Iij inr cu-tom-r* ?|K? liave D*?d me promptly and tilalkl'l I i T\ ,or C**B ' te.urn then< niar,-. tuai.k*. ain! iha.l at ail t uit-e !?>? pi a??d to bU ordrrs w,tu ?u) ?<?? -ds appertaiain; to m? I mi; men* ..... , W'M. M. CK PPS. ? hole*ale ai.d Hetail lir< eer. a l'""'*,aa* *venue. t?*ween Mti ai.d 7fh *ta. U U'-WtlbW bi N ION'S. SOFT COR NH. ... . TOE NAILS. I CntUug ?r Cih'imq the Pain?/>? w... D " ? C H L O ? H K R . fcWua( liiropodiat to the Sovereign* id r.ii op??. takes thm opportunity of ^.pprl^ ng tf.e i? lie* and ^euMemrn of U^*mncion and it* rr VIIIMIJ th^t MK WILt,*raf NUtOMt * I 1 \v 1. VC. ?n<i iii*> |w? r.'hMi tert in ever* ill l> rt >ur? ?*r?. e*p?-ci*i/v iii Ml \lo\? *u !.rn* tr.Te of which, however i?5 _ "t lNid.he fcuar^ntee* lo ,/rtrtm*U* !"* P'rwon milf, rwrt in a f^? momentg. wit|H,u' jue Mi.iitcat p*w ?r inoiHiveiiienae. * darn^ their reaM>\alt>rafterwaid* * N. H. Offion?T/i Fatrt't. H'k d?.fv? , n?ar Ik* T"ai*yp i-tratfm nt. (i|. ii-? tri.'ui 10 a. in. till | p 0l., Buj J Uj io-cl( ck \\ ill visit ladiee at the:r own reaidetc^- Ir* ?IV ( * a L-w hours notioa. '* J> ' 1he fo!If?-ing tebtuiioi.iaU are *iovi?r to !li* thonsand^ iiitiir ijuLtt; i t t'MtftiKip : , F'tm H. M ,tk* Fimtrf Rf tr'a. ? ?r* s" h!o?*rr h** operated on H Mne??',*, f,.?t with cre*?t?kiil,and wittooai ili? ic*?r p?,*. < ? h*_*d '? II. liajettj i ciimarl I! N. fill.I KH Frrrn H. Imp. m. th< Printt Jtrtn r /. ? PoJ'O*. ?, '/? ? clilosaer * ir: a est rait de* corn aroe hearcou'* u aitre^te et cau? la lad^e douiuer JLliOML aAIOLFON. Fro-n WiHtnm hirt Fr rriitjt tit t?*m<i Mr. ? ch|i>**er ;*as t-zlractttl iv" rotnt from u.% lt? t which were cxtr?-m?l> pairfii' fur nuii.-. j.nrh. I l?e eXtno>"1irar* rtek? ? i?^ whic? h^? L |? retnarkal an.l I ctieerluli) re<.?>mii:ead h tn r* ? h I ?:r?' tr<.h: e? ? f;ti c?..-n< *? tt e onl? pirt. .. I have ever ki own to p^rfoiui tfce opt ration ic><>ei ,ti en v and wit??.??! Pu,M Wjj m j. Pki nrlelp??,s*. 2J. .. ? . Fr?m Pi'tr? bu:'-T. r-f. Ur. Sclil..???;? lias ?*tr-ct.dn nun.<>?r of /?< rr> from in> leet with n?at skill and without pain PL.^I^H-. Nm ,.,r"f?CK ", FLtH Fr?m P'- .c. M l.ff'lis. Tkksit'infn ;4?. C* v ir- a| plif^Wplw. llr. Schio* s?r h?>* Pit i actfl. * it.n'ut pun or t ore - uet-e, eitht \ ei? painful *??>!u* in a few m. inte* I nould advi*e ?.y fnei d* and tfie public ??rter>? It ? . eo fo Mr. Sehio??rr and have t?ietnsel\ es re'iev-.1 ol ttiei; t<* torineulora. S M. LANDIS. M D. ThotiR*nd* ?ifrestimoui*:? fr? 01 the !'nite<1 >at-? aud a m. from k< valt> , \. l i.i?* . and m?t,-,i from Liir->pe rmn Ue seen at th* HoctorV ??tho4-' f hrnrem 14'* Had ii'a f?r .*? Tl l<T?Kfy t (f<lr(M||?|. j V>, T 4 ?" i.w 1?av* t?i WawaiNCToa. d <4-lm OOK,S^ HOOKS i?i F rs:?gifts :-t;11 B PHILDRICR'S TillK I) ANNl'AL SALK v now open at AO. 47t? f, n it f ft I run in <it<?nn , * n| doer e?t?r "f ImttJ rtate* Hon I. tlur SI Ol K OF BOOKS oonsiot* ?.f *ei t*' tlMmand \ olume?.rml-raoiat thech?ice?t Fnropeah andI A nier i ran I.item' me. wliicn wil. lie ? ? d ?t t?ie pui>[i*her * l< west priees.and nmiu ?'fth?m jot ln>. and n Hh*l TIFI'l. PKKSKNT wri 1* m* Ii tmtnediateH after the rale* to ea.-fi pur^haaer of i tioi'k for which we rereire ai?l nrvanls. Our PK FSi:\TS '.^?t*t in part of? (told an?t Silver \\ airhe*. <o.!d I .ocket*. Hr*< e iota. Armlet*, Chair*, i'an?-o. ?.,.id stone and M.? a??i? I'm* ami llropn, S*ii !? end Sleeve hut'-n i.old \N a teli Key a. I ud tin?. I'nna. PnnnU. Kim 4 C. 97.VI worth of Pre*ent* will he riven awa? ?i>i. each IhiMiMMid Boob* M.ld " Cntal.Htue* of Hook* am. he .4>minnd at the *?.** I ad.e* Mid reiitiemeti are invited t?> nail and ??* amine our st.K^ .jf Btn.kaand Praaent* >?W l?a> and Kvaninr. J" ,f J^PHIJ.BRICK Area*. I rendered to i ho? who miv ?i nmiit t I c.r hildren to hi* ch?rce and iiiatracf ion. No rII .ri Se pei?pTe l? ,h* merit the fevur of .r^IiTT* ? , h*",n * Cir<-ul?t at anj of the prtneipai Hook Mores in il?e e:ty. dl2 2*w*w* Ji'SKPH R KF IAK \1 *?** iiriinob, lr??m l.eciai.d, wi^he* to m4 lo rn the (adie* niid i^ni *nifn of ?:!,i. at...i and (ieoraetoa n and the vicim ? . iha' aiie oat. I e eeen and c?m*uited on I'aet. I're.ent and Future Kve t*. ?u< >i a* I ovf, Maniaco, l.oce*. {."weair*. and man* olh'f d Ihenliie* She he torn . n |) atreet. No. 2IA ?i?**r f(|e *Vnl Market. Honrs ? fc>m 9* to until 9 p. in. Ladies 25 oc?f? : fient :? men W eent*. d/I tm * JVTKW Ml'SIC reeatw-d *?m.i weeklr: Mm' der ?il fr*>tn and *ei4 to iui* pan ol i l.e neat ?r. Music Houinl. A e . Ac.. *i our Hum. W ?Tor>wi' ?* Pa. avenue, tietweea 5Kh an^ teth a're?*s ' d*< JOHN F. FI.LI3 APFRPF.CT BKK HlVfcm Mol.M t.Hl I Store thi* w?ek. No. 7? sven??. he'?Vi, dthami ?h a reel* Tfi I A 1)1 KS* TICK, and ail -ort* ol COM u* . *-rl SW^r-"' - "? HfSSTiSTiW a 9-aw