Newspaper of Evening Star, January 4, 1858, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 4, 1858 Page 1
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THE EVENING STAR !? PUBLISHED BTBRT AFTERNOON, (SUNDAY EXCEPTED,) AT TUX STAB. BUILDING*, C#nwr tf Pm By W. D. WALLACH. P*p?n tarred in paakacee by earners at 94 ft yaw, or 97 oente per monUi. To nuui aabeoribera the a?b aonption pnoe la f3Ji>? ytmr, in erfreae*. *2 for e>x Moatha; ?1 for three montha; and for taee than Mtree montha at the rat* of It oenta a week. Stag la eoptee. one aaat; in wrapper*. two oanta. ABvaaTiaaHK!?Ta (of sight lines to the aaaara) inserted three times for tl; arary nthar day or seuii-wsekiy.2S par oant. advacoa; one* ?week.5n per Mat. sdvsjioe. a. . \K".OU GVU **5\ VOL. XI. WASHINGTON, D. C., MONDAY, JANUARY 4, 1858. NO. 1.54t?. A M E>t; im A jithv room. A Thrilling Story. I once had the extreme felicity of leaving my business to serve upon "thrJury.*- I plead in *11 manner of way* for release, but to no effect I could not swear that I was deaf, nor blind, nor yet non eompobut did tell them that I bad already formed an opinion. They asked mo if my opinion would prevent me from re teiving the testimony in gvod faith, and render ing a verdict according t., it. f replied that of conrse I should weigh the evidence carefully, 1 then informed that I "would do. ' The case to be tried was one of arson?then a capital offence?and the prisoner at the bar was a young man. named Charles Ambold. whom I had known from boyhood, and who was natur ally one of the finest youths of the town where he resided. He had a widowed mother who depended upon him for support; and his circle of friends was large and choice. I was morally ^ certain that he did not commit the crime, and k^TL? *m *urt?- thoffe who wtre friendly to h.m me on the panel. and had me retained. the trial commenced and we twelve men took oor seats in the jury bo*. I had a very respec whnm 71-!11 L?'??D'-V th*TO one man m i> \r 1 86e there. This man was Monlton Warren. He was a dark-faced sinister IT? V I?7rLatJ Ienst to ln? 1 know that young Ambold had one fault. He had recent ly been addicted to drink, and had been known will ,K,r.e['Ut.\ bou!,e3 Xt was one of those wKi?l? k k jw n burned- f<?r setting fire to which he had been apprehended. i iITj r had often tried to persuade Charles m lhe cour!,e he was pursuing, lie had repeatedly promised me that he would re form and as repeatedly had he broken away. ?*i k kDj , \? L,m of hi" P??r mother, until he had wept like a child; but the effect as not lasting. Thero was a power of tempta tion more effective than any influence I could e. ? He would fall away into this evil com panionship. and for a while his manhood was gone. One or two abandonod women had gainedI great power over him. and upon them he w&9to<| much of hi.* substance. And I knew that this very man who was now upon thejury?this Moulton Warren-was the one who had done more than all others to lead the poor youth away. It was Warren who had drank with him, and who had led him away to those more abominable haunts of sin and polln tion. Why was ho upon tho jury> I could only account for it upon the ground that Char ley still supposed him to be his friend. The Poor scorchcd insect was still ignorant of the flame that scorched him He really believed t-u ? n arren was his friend. <? Tu ur'nl. Comn,eoced. The indictment set forth that Charles Ambold had. "with mulice aforethought, and with all sorts of wicked and felonious intents, set fire to a certain dwelling house, thereby endangering human life. This dwelling, a* I have already intimated, was a low sink of iniquity, where the abandoned of fcoth sexes were wont to congregate; and where the youthful prisoner had spent much of his tlD6. The evidence for tho prosecution cam* on. and I was startled. One afier another gave in their testimony, some of them very reluctantl v. and I was frightoned when I saw how plainly it all pointed to the prisoner as the guilty party. Nsveral eredible witnesses swore that they had heard him threaten to burn the house down ; and others had heard him say repeatedly that he wished it was burned down! Then came *?T?ral witnesses?three of the prominent citi icns?who saw him lurking about tho premises on the night of the fire W ith regard to the provocation on the prison er a part for such a deed, it was proved upon his own admission, that be had been ill-treated uaare and that he had sworn u? have revenge. And furthermore, it was proved that he had been heard to say tha\ his salvation of soul and body depended upon the destruction of that Nextcame more testimony stronger still. The tire had been set in a back basement room, where shavings and other stuff for kind ling were kept. Entrance had been gained through a back window, which had been partlv pried open with a stout kniie. This basement wall was of brick, and beneath tho sash was round the blade of a knife which had been broken off in trying to raise it (the sash.) The blade wm recognised as belonging to the prison er s knife A maker of cutlery had made a knue to order for Ambold only a month pre ?loua. and he know the blado at once, and swore to it' But this was not all The fire had been evi dently set first to the shavings which lay upon the stone floorbut piled up sgainst a wooden partition. Thia floor daia|, and some of tho euter shavings even, were not wholly burnod up. Hut iu?t at tho edge, where the fire com menced, lay a piece of paper, rolled up, and about half burned, and fr-m the manner in which it lay, tt was verv evident that the fire bad been .et with it. This piece of rolled pa per had been ignited by a match, a number of which were scattered around, and as soon as it was on fire it bad been laid upon the fl, or. with the burning end just in the shavings Of course, these shaving- were in a blaze instantly; but the paper torch being upon tho lamp stones! had not burned wholly up. And this paj>er was found to be a part of a letter belonging to the prisoner! A letter which he had recoived from a friend of bis ^and afriend of mine ' only a week before ! That friend had to ootne forward and swoar that piece of charred paper was a part of a letter he had written to the prisoner * Thisfricnd s name was Stephen <iranr He was a young merchant, and the let i! i written for the purpose of inducing Ambold to reform. Stephon tried hard to avoid testifying for he kuew. as did others, that the Are must have been set with thnt identical pa per; but be was summoned, and he could not deny his own chirography. The case looked darkT Many witnesses were willing to teetify to the prisoner s good qualities but no one could swear that he was not dissi pate I and degraded. That house had l>een to hi in indeed, a region internal. Its destruction cried out for his bodily life; and its existence had long been eating away his soul. l???r Charlie I had before been sure of his inno cence; but now I could only shake my head and pity him! FLVj'j 1?? was allowed to speak for himself lie laid be wm innoccnt of the crime imputed to him He said that he had threatened to burn that house down?that he had said about all that had been sworn to. And. furthermore he was around the house on the night of the fire He was not ten rods <>fl when the flames burst and ho was one of the first to give the alarm. He had uttered one cry of fire when he noticed where the flames must have originated, and the thought cauie to him if he was found there, be might be suspected of having set the flro. so he run away He also said that three m*htJ> before the conflagration, he bad been robbed in that house His pocket* had been emptied of every thing in tbem. and his pocket b^ok containing forty dollars in money and some valuable papers had been taken. He had lb gone there on the night of the fire to try and jwrsuade them to give him back his money and ? i#*P*ra?or at Uaat U. g?et back what he could W hen be got there, he saw a man go iu whom he did not wi?h to see, so he had oung around, waiting for him to depart. He was around by the back of the building once?and that was an hour before the fire broke out. He knew ?othing?nothing. He clasped his hands, and with his tearless eyes raised toward heaven, be called on (lod to witness that he was innocent! I have told you that I knew hiia well. I knew him so well, that from that moment I fc?*w him to be innocent! 1 knew his very ???l I knew how free aud ope* it was?ah. bow sinfully so! I knew there was no false hood ib the story he told us. ~ " My boy is innocent! My boy is innocent !*' ' heard the cry?and I saw an old womau siak hash into the arms of a male companion It was his poor mother Her heart was well nigh broken. Yet I saw that all this had hut little efleet upon the mass of spectators. The prisoner p coarse of dissipation?feifl ?a?j threats against the house?and tha very fact of his having been robbed and abused there were heavy against him The counsel for the prisoner made his speech, which was labored and hard He was foolish enough to intimate that if his olient r/w around at the back part of the bouse more than once, he must hare been intoxicated In short his {lea had better been left out. The evidence e could not shake, and be did all be oould to suppose evidence, some of it most absurd and ridiculous. I afterwards learned that Moulton \\ arren engaged that lawyer for the youthful prisoner ! The government attorney made his plea. It was plain, straightforward, and very conclusive. The judge finally gave his charge. He was fair and candid He reviewed the evidence carefully, and pointed out such a* bore heavily upon the case. He told us if there was a lin gering doubt in our ininds we must give the prisoner the benefit of it. But I could plainly see that there was no doubt in his mind. We?the jury?were conducted to our room by an officer, and there locked up. A silence of some minutes ensued. Moulton Warren was the first to speak : " Well," he said. " I s'pose there's no need of our bein' here a great while. Of course we all know that the prisoner must have set fire to ! the house ?" Thcro was something in the manner of that man as he said this which oxcited my ouriosity ?I won't shv it was suspicion then?only curi osity. He snoke with 11 forced effort at cnlm | ness which 1 at once perceived. The moro I looked at him the nv>rc I became strongly ner vous and uneasy, wondered why he should be I so anxious to be rid ot the case, and have Am bold convicted. I knew that he had frequent ed that evil house, and that he had done much towards tempting Charley to dissipation. I knew he was in that house on the night on which the prisoner was robbed?for Charley | h*d told me so when I visited him in bis cell. ; 1 had then asked the unfortunate youth if ho was sure Warren was his friend. O. be was sure of it. He should have bunted him up on the night of his robbery, only they told him Warren had gone By the by. the foreman proposed that we should each take up a piece of paper and write down our opinion, and then compare notes. I went to my hat, which I had placed upon a table with a number of others, ana took out a sheet of paper. I bad zot half way back to the table 1 when I found I had made a mistake. I had got part of a letter from another man's hat. I was about to turn back when the name of the writer of the letter arrested my attention. I looked more closely, and road?" Stephen (irant.'" Next I caught this sentence? "flnd now dear Charles, if not for yoarown. yet for your mother's sake, let me hope you will do better." I started as though a shot bad struck me. I hold in my hand the other half of the sheet which had been used to fire the burned house! I went to the table and found that 1 had taken it from Warren's hat! I looked to see if I had been observed?and I had not. I put the pa Ecr back, and then took a piece from my own at. which was of the same pattern as the other, and by its side. I returned to the table and sat down. War ren was by my side. He bad written his opin ion, and took a knife from hid pocket to cut it from the large sheet. " Let me take your knife a moment, if you please," I said to him. Without hesitation he did so. I took it?it wax CharUs A mhold't knife '?the large blade wut {on* ' With all the power I possessed I restrained my deep emotion, and having cut ray paper I handed back the knife. Why should he have that knife so boldly about him. I af erwards learned. He had not worn those pantaloons before since tho night of the fire; and now he used the knife probably, without the least remembrance of tne loss it had sustaiued during a very peculiar piece of work, to the execution of which it was made subservient. We talked for some ten minutes, and I found that eleven of the jury were bent on rendering a vordict of guilty; though most of them were in favor of recommending the prisoner to mercy. Moulton Warren was decided. He had no mer cy at all. Presently I started up and pretended to be faint. I said I must go out a few moments. I kicked at the door and the deputy sheriff came He heard my plea and let mc out. As soon as we bad gained a safe distance. I told him all. He was astonished. He went away, and when he came back he brought the district attorney, and the district judge and the sheriff I told again what I had seen?I issured them that I knew what I had seen?that it wa.% no mere suspicion. And I explained, too, Warren's manner in the jury room, and his former con nection with the prisoner, and his known char acter. The offioers went away, and at the end often minutes they returned with a constable added to their number, and this constable had a fresh ly written instrument in his hand. The sheriff bade me to point out the hat to them as soon as we entered the room. The door of the room was opened, and I pointed them to the hat. The sheriff took it, and asked whose it was. Warren leaped to his feet and seised it. but he was held back. Word was instantly sent to the judge that the jury could not aeroe. They were dis charged, and then Moulton Warren was searched. The knife wa.* found upon him, and his behavior at once exposed his guilt. The presence of that letter was accounted for by him in a dozen different ways within an hour. A new jury was imnannelled, and Charles Am bold was acouittcu. Shortly afterwards Warren was tried, and it was plainly proved that he had set fire to the house, and that the woman who kept it was to have been burned up in it. as he hud contrived to lock her into her room shortly after setting the fire. She had incurred his displeasure in various ways, and this was bis revenge Not only she, but twoof her girls had suspected hiiu frotn the first, but they dared not complain, for feur he would not be eouvicted. and would then be sure to murder them The hardened villain confessed his guilt after he had been condemned, and then it was that he tobl how he happened to be so careless in regard to the paper and knife. It was he who had rokibed Ambold. and when he took the old letter from his hat to use for a torch in setting the lire, he did not noticc what it was, and even when that partly burned half had been exhibit ed in court he had entirely forgotten that he had torn oft the other half and put it back in his hat. as be must have done. The letter bud hewn found in Ainbold's pocket book, and he had kept it ln-cause in it the youth was warned | agxinst his influence He confessed that he I held a slight idea of calling the writer to an ac count when it should become convenient. With regard to the knife, it was as 1 before stated, lie took that also from Ainbold's .toeket, and put it in his own; and on the night of the fire lie used it to pry up the sash, and when be had broken it he put it back in his picket and for got it Thus was Charley saved?and saved from uioro than an ignominious death. too. He was saved to be a noble, virtuous man; and his mo ther one* more took ample delight and joy in the love and tender care of her only child. When Charles Ambold knew that Moulton Warren had expiated his crime upon the gal lows be sat down and pondered upon his past life. The thought of his old companion being hanged, sent a strange thrill through his frame But he was able to traee out, Clearly and logi cally. this terrible result from the course of life the ill-fated man had pursued. He shuddered as be remembered how far he had gone in the same course himself; and he woaable to see the ?miv safe path for any youth. Not only must be shun temptation?not only keep clear 0 even the appearance of vice?hut, above all, must be shun evil companionship. A youth may make all the good resolutions thought oob afford, but if he continues one evil companionship be if not safe ! Special Notices. To THK ClTIZKSS or WASHlftaTOll.? 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HCHLOS8ER, Surgeon Chiropodist to the principal Sovereigns in Finope, takes this opportunity of apprising the ladies and gen'lemen of Washington ind its en virons that HK WILL STAY HERS VNLf A PIW t>\YS. and may be consu ted in everj department of Pe? al Surrerr. especinllv m CORNS, BUNIONS, and troublesome TOK-NAILS,ell of which, however lone standing or bad. he guarantees to rf(dually and permnn'ntly cure in a few moments, without Hi" cliyhtesr pain or inoouvenience, either during their removal or afterwards N. B. Oflioe?224 Fsirtrt, between MfA and Ibtk streets, near lite T'ensnty Vepartni' nt. Office hours from 10 a. m. till 1 p. m., and S till 5o'clock p. in. Will visit ladies at their own residence by giving a fjw hours' notice. ILf~ The follosv ing testimonials are similar to the th<>iidai.ds in the Doctor's possession: From It. M , tht King of Bavaria. Mr. Schlosser lias operated on H. Majesty"s feet with front skill, and Without the least p;tin. Certi fiod by II. Majesty s command. BN. FOLLER. From H. Imp. Hifhnt %s,the Prtnr* Jerome Na poleo?. M r. Schlosser's in'a estrait deacorsarce lieancoup dV.dreese ct naus la moiadre douluer. jr.KOMK NAPOLKON. From William Rice, Proprietor af the Pennsyl vania* Mr. Schlosser has extracted two corns from my feet which w?re extremely painful for many years. The extraordinriry ease with which he operated is remarkable, and I cheerfully recommend him to all who are troubled with corns as the only person 1 have ever known to perform the operation scientifi cally and without pain. WM. RICK. Philadelphia, Sept. 23,1<W7. From Piere? Butl?r, Efi. Dr. Schlosser has extracted a number of oorus from my feet with great skill and without pain. FIERCE BUTLER. Phradelplua, Nov. 9,1857. From Dr. S. M. Landts, Physician to the City Water Cur* Institute at Philadelphia. Dr. Schlosser has extracted, without pain or sore ness, eicht very painful corns in a few minutes. I would advise my friends and the public generally to go to Mr. Sohlosser and have themselves relieved of thesa toe tormentors. ? S. M. LANDIS. M. D. Thousands of testimonials from the United States, and also from Royalty, Nobility, and medical men from Europe can be seen at the ifc-ctor's Office, 2."4 F *fr? et. better en 14 r A and 15 th streets, near the Treasury i epartmtnt. Only a Fkw Dats in Washington. d 24-1 in J^ADIEfe'FURS! LADIES' FURS!! The following is a list of prices of FURS con signed me on oominiss.on from a For Company in New ^ork, to be seld at New York wholesale prices : Sets Rook Marten Victonnes and half Capes from *5.00 to ld.ur Sets French Sab e half and three quarter Capes 7.01 to 14 "0 Sets do.. Mantillas and Cloaks 16 on to 35.' o Se's Fuch V ?tonnes aud Half Capes . lo.iO to W.i*' Sets Stone Marten Victonnes 17.00 to 22.<?' Sets Mink Saule \|iotonnes and Hilf Capos to 25 00 Se's Mink Sable Three fourth and Full Ca pes 36.00 to 95.00 Sets Siberian Squirrel Mantillas and Cloaks *5 00 to ??.?! Sets Hulson Hay Sable Half Capes .. .65.00 to H5.on Sets do do do Three-fourth. lOo.oo Misses Siberian Square <' pes 7 51 to 9.W Misses Imitation ErmineCapes 250to 6.00 (ientlemens'Fur Collars and Glove*.... 2 50 to 5.<?? Hudson Ka? Sabie. Mink. Fitch French Sable,and other Muffs, at prions f om 3 00 to 25.00 6. H. STINEMETZ, 236 Pa avenue, near 13th street, d 8 next door to Madame Delarue. R AISINS! FIGS!! PRUNFSH! Fresh Layer RAISIN'S, in quarter, halfand whole boxes. MGS in cartoons, and in large and small drums, la vory hue order. PRUNE*. in glass jars and caskets of various sizes, being very beautiful for Christina* presents. KING A BURCHKI.L, d 22 comer Vermont avenue and 15th at. Shawls for gentlemen. Shnwls for I adies, all qualities Gloves of ail kinds, for ladies and gentlemen. Black Silks, all grades Frenoh Merinos and Plaid Merinos, closing ont cheap. Woolen Comforts and Woolen Gaiters, for chil dren. Black Velvet Ribbons, all widths. With many other cli?ap and desirable Go^ds for cash. WILLI \ M R RILEY, d 24 2w corner 8th St., opposito Contre Maiket. (O GASTON Sc. CLARK. ?xO LOUISIANA AVENUE, second door from 7th street, under the Avenue House, DBAI.KRS IN CLOTHING AND GKNT.'S FURNISHING GOODS. The 8ubsoril>ers eill attention toa desirable Stock of CLOTHING wlnoli they n?w have on exhibi tion at their Store. No. 48 Louisiana avenue, seooi.d door from 7tn street, and as they are determined to close off the lot if possible, every effort necessary on their part shall be used in order to please their customers. In the Clothing Dkpaitmrnt we oan guarantee the st >ok to be perfect in poi.,t of durability, fit and style, because we make every thing ourselves and have no hesitation in saying our goo^s will b? found equal to the best order work in the couutry. Watchmg the various changes of fashion, parties may rest as ured of finding the latest cut ana make in store, suhjeot to their inspection and approval. tl.5,u*i worth of Goods for Men's, Boys' and Ser vant's Wear, will be sold at auotion srioes.and pur chasers would do well to examine the lot. This is no humbug, as our assertions oan lie proved on ex amination. Call and see ns at the above Store. d 2fl-3m GASTON A CLARK. ^HINA, CLASS AND EARTHENWARE S THOMAS PURSKLL A SON, IMPORTERS, have just received b? recent arrivals] from Liverpool and other souroes, one J and fifty packages of the above articles of the latest pattern and shape. Also, ivory handled ard other KNIVES FORKS, in sets ol 51 p*>re or separate, Pis ted and Hritanuia CASTORS, TEA and COFFEE SETS, Plated TABLE and TEASPOONS, FORKS. LADI F.S and WAITERS, French and En?!i-h China Dl.NNERandT SETS. VASES. T^VS, Ac., all of whtnh will be sold, wholesale and retail,at the very lowest prioes. A fine assortment of COMMON GOODS, suita ble for retail gronenes. First qualitx STONE WARE at factory prioes. d .3 dVw CHILDREN'S BOOKS FOR IB5a.-The Little ' Commodore, Mother's True Stories, The Won derful Mirror, Richard, the Lion-hearted, Heroes of History, Tales of Sea and Land. Inquisitive Jack, Dick Huldhero, What to do and now to do it* Siberian Sable Hunter, True Stories and False Tales from the German, Belle and Lilly, or the Golden Rale, Aunt Mavor*a Nursery Rhvmes, Naughty Boys and Girls, Fsiry Tales hy the Cosr tess D'Aulnoy, and many othera for youth of all agea. some of them just from l.endon. d23 FRANCK TAYLOR. YE AND BAR LEV MAL'i\ TY MALT HOUSE. ie and Rlnotr at.. Baltimore. Md. my Ht ana* i Diplomatic history of the Waakiagtoa aud Adams Adminialratioas^by W .H. Tresoott, I jol, wa, i..t (^??'raNCE tavlo?. Vocal and Instrumental Xusie. C, W K B K K ' 'KLEBRATED COTILLON BANi: take pleasure in announcing to the public that )Sfj they are prepared to forniah first class I'A W -4CMB TIES and BALLS with ML SIC for the com Ttc* intMUOP. The latest and most fashionable CJnadnllea, Wa txes. Polkas. Sobott.shes, Gallops. Mazurkas, and K'drVM have been rehearsed, and aiso the original Cancer's Quadrilles. which are performed by tbia Hand only, ?ith grcat aurc'a. Ordfri lef> at the music atora of Mr. Metierott. or ?i Mr. (jautm'a Confectionery, also. at L< Wflwr'i residence, Xo.Sffl Seventh stree'. between G and I,(Nary Yard,* will meet with prompt atten tion. ?t Mm LOUfW WF.BK.R. Leader. M MUSICAL CARD. R. OKdRMK M. ARTH. leader of Arth's Brass and String Hand, begs leave to announce to Ma friends of Washington, Georgetown i aud Alexandria, that he ia now prepared to, famish MUSIC for Balis, Private Parses. Parage*. Soirees. A o. From ore to any number of M usictau* to t?e had at the shortest notice. Ordera can be left at the Musical Depots of Jobn F. Ellis or W. G. Metxerott. or at hia resident. oorner6thand G streets. Navy Yard. ocaUis* Dancing. i) A N C I N G ACADEMY K h??a ?A Mr. T F. GASZYNSKi and DAL'G HTEK hxt? the honor to announce to the Ladies an<* C"? ileiueiiof Wasnin*fon and Georgetown that he will re open his Cl&Hses for Utuicinf in, Washing ton on Friday, the 9th of October. at I Temperance Hall, K street, lor Misses snd Masters, from 3 o'clock p. m.: for I.adics and Gentlemen, from 7 o'clock p m. Georgetown?on Wednesday, the 7th of Octolier, at Misa Harrover's Ladies S?*iu inary, from 3 o'clock p. m. For terns and partiouiars application can be mad** it Mr. G.'a r??ideuoe, 4"7 E street, between 9th and ,oth streets. se 12 6m pUKMTURL VERY CHEAP. The public are respectful'* informed that the first, second. and tlnrd fl??ora of our| large Fnriiitu'e Warehouse, are' tilled to the utinos. e*pa<? t\ wiilij every description of HOUSE FURNISHING GOODS?such as Sofas, Bureaus. BHsteade. I ounges, Washstands Writ ng Desks. Beds. Mattresses t'arpets, Looking Glasses, China, Glass, and Crockery Ware, Ac. Forming a veiv it n<~nse and varied stock, all of whieh we guarantee to sell at such prices as cannot fail to please. Houses furnished throughout, either for caan or approved paper. Call and examine our stock before you make >our pa re bases. Remember the name and pHce BONTZ A COOMBS. No. 3(59 Seventh street, ad door from d 9 1m R B. Hall's Dry Goods Store. who would not save monen *? THESE HARD TlMKSi We won'd moat respectfully snnounce to all those who are in want o< a cheap light, that the BRKCK IN'RIDGE COA I. Ol!. is the cheapen! oilextant. only burmiig in the lamps we have, at the rate of half cent per hour, Ce'l rind see, No. S23 C street, between 6th and 7th streets. n 21-if HOW El.I. A MORSF.LL. riV ROB. H. SGHWARZr., 1 ? .No. 333 E street, corne-?.f t2th street, WHOl.KSaLE ami F?T?IL PRALEI I* RAW, SHUCKED, PICKLED. SPICED, AND SHELL OYSTERS. ID" The finest Oysters the maiket afiords are put up in cans and sent to order. <1 8-lm fjMN'E EDITIONS, in fine bindings, of Hjmn Cainptwll. Pope, Burns, Miltrn, Shakspcare, Bryant. Halleck, Longfellow. Tennt son, <*"wper. I 1'homson. Younc. Akenside, Rogers. Gay. Hetnans, Hood, Mielley. Souther, Gray, Wordsworth. Keats, M??ore. Scott, Howitt, Spenser. Dryden. Goldsmith, ind many other poets, r.iay be found at the Book ?tere of the undersigned, mostly imported by him self direot froin London, some of them wita beauti- | ful illustrations. _d21 FRANCK TAYLOR. jVTOTICE ?We respectfully notify all p'rsone I* having open accounts on our l>ooks that their bills have been indiscriminate!* made off for is?ue up to this date and are ready lor delivery. Those preferring rot to have them Mat iawi!l find their ac oounts ready at out desk. in view o| the troubles still existing in the countrr in relation to monetary affairs. we be* that all \ will speedily ooinpiy witn the wish we indicate b> thi? notice. _ _ d 21 3w CLAGETT A DO WON. C'ARD PLATE ENGRAVING, AND PRINT / ING. VISITING. INVITATION, AND BUSINESS CAR D"4 rnpraved in everr style. CARD PI.ATE8 printed m the best manner ard with dispatch. VISI I ING AND IN V1TATION CARDS.plan and enamelled surface, furnished at the lowest pnoes. W. P. B V YLY. No 27*1 I'a ave. I<?t. 11th and 12th sU. d4-tf lintel.'?#t] rpKN Ptt CENT. INVESTMEN I 8.1**! City of Davenport Bonds. 10 per cent, interest d.?, Ke< Wuk do.. If per cent. do. 4,i?W do. do. da, 8 p-r cert. do. t,(M> do. R<anift|l* do;, 7 per cent. do. With Coupons attached IntereO regular y paid. Th*se b n<!s will be sold at rates which will Fay l? per cert, and upwards. _ _ S. C. F.DFS, Trustee. At offioe of Pairo A N?urse, opposite Trta*u. y. ill l<i* IMPROVE VOI R EYES. TRENGTHEN and assist them, by the Paris Optician. D. WOOLFSON. who ' lias arrived from Europe with his ^ ? own, as well a* the ii.antifac'ure of a good many others of the latest unproved SPr CT aCLLS and EV K-GLASSKS: amonu which are the PER ISCOPIC CONCAVE ami CONVEX, The DOUBI E FOCUS awl J^OI'BLE POLISHED BRAZILIAN PFBBLt-S CRYSTALS. Ftc., which are warraiite?l to improve anv EYE aflec'?-d wi'n weakness, cataract or tending to it; alao SHORT SIGHTEDNESS. Persons who are c -inpelled to use glasses, or those now imii'g them, wi'l be suited at first sight. Those wonderful DOUBLE- POLISH ED VEN EZ UELIAN CRYSTAL R?'l K have received the huthest reeommendetions at the World's l-air, at Paris, through their producmc a clearness and easiness of vision heretofore unknown in any other improvements. Also all styles of "PER A, SPY. and M AGNI FYING GLASSF*. Compasses, and MicroeoopM are f??r sale a' his stere, oomer of Kir nth str^?-i and i'ennsylvania avenue, or Eighth street No. 49!. I>e tvMn D street and Pa. avenue. If/" Do not mis ake. the (ortier of 8tk street. Pr oes ver? reasonable, the same as at his estab lishment in Europe. n9-tf S B AGGAGE EXPRESS OFFICE D Stbeet. Adjoining Tkt Swtn Printing Ofire. The subsoriber. Baggage Agent for Baltimore and Ohio an-i W-*hiupton Branch Railroad, has opened an office, at the aliove place. ft>r the accom modation of the public, where orders can !>e left lor the use ol Wagons to oonvey Hagga^e or Packages to and from Railroad Depot. Steamboats. Ac., orfor removal to an* point in I his City or Geo'ijetowu. < ttfice open from 7 o'clock a. in. to 10 o'o'ock p. m., daily, cxcept Sun?la;,7 to 10 o'clock a. in., 2 o'clock to 10 p. m JOHN M. McCLINTOCK, Baggage Agent Baltimore and Ohio Railroad. N. B ?Persons coming to Washington or going to Baltimore, not havinc made up their minds ? here thev will stop, by giving up their checks to my agents on the cars. Willi have their laiggage taken onre ol at this office, or at Baltimore oftic?, No. II Sharp street, and no extra charge. d 10 T B A LT1M ORE V P E FOUNDRY. This Establishment is prepared to furnish every article used in a PRINTING OFFICE. METAL TYPE. ? Wt?OD LETTER, FURNITURE, ORNAMENTS BORDERS. BRASS RULE. CUTS. ""?"I'BfcSSfc?. 8TKRKOTVFING .^EUTRoTvl,1Nu. at abort notice in the best manner. LUCAS BROTHERS. 170 Market street, d 17-eolw>. Md. FROM PARIS? F Hie edition!, in fine bimus, or Racine, La Fonta.ue, Sevigni. Duel-, Raf* lais, De Stael. Delavirne. ^wtes^nien. L? Bru yere. Saint Pierre, Rousseau. Chateaubriand, cou rier. Rotrou, Balxae. Mwn.ier, VolUire Capefigue, Bossuet. Thierrv. R<H?hefv?icauld. Malhe.M. < or i to?.T.rt-,ra ?,f ? Fr..?h _ 1BLES AND PRAYER BOOKS, id variety, 9 bound in velvet, fine calf, aad Turtle* mo'oooo, with olaap* and illustrations. French Portfolios. Albums, English and French Drawing Books. Gold Pens, Rodgera'a Penknives, fine editions, in fiue bindings, of English and American standard authors in Poetry and Pros*, and French. English ami American Juvenile Books for youth of all ages, may be found at the Bookstore o' tne undersigned. "ft!' f,om E"fgcAife'{p^'Ivix)?._ P'OKE FOR S\LE. . . V/ Supe ?or COKE, in any *n?ntity. now Pw *1'; Inqsire, without delay, at the offioe of the Gaa La*?t d"?KTtV J. F. BROWN. SecrstAr*._ A FEW GOODS LEFT AT MoLAUUHLI N'S for sal* eheap. * 33 B THE WEEKLY STAR 'OUt J oopie* _ MMruUJf ?J|i in Ciak J IT" 8 IB* I ? OOflOS (IB VmrHII) ?M be pr 5SZ! ?? (17 Pu?tM*trr? vkoMtu MHU will be a ow < ? commission of ?< ooct. Dtntutry. to DR. B. FIN LEV HlNT.c?vr;s \o. Jl* avea??. 5 Will yer(?na all o?eratto;?s ln-Wigies ??*'? prolcifiMat liu uiJ established <^oo, a?*^v d HMf HE IMPROVED BETS OF T^KTH. M LOOM 19, M. D-, tkeaTtantor aad patantoe "Limw' NiMrtJ Pia? T?#?A." urMM(\i ly introduce k..? iinprovoment riMkl n uNti atiM. I'M e"*W permai.ent y mui ' ' ' Ut/iwJ tumae.f ra Washington. _ This Kn^rovrtmrtit for Sets of Teeth consists ok if k ia wtknii i ft! of bat on# p.eos of iMtcnM, w ?A\t indestrwotible minora.. No metai ii ???! tk?r eoftotruetion. and they are thereforeTree fro n vniite *ctn>n and iweta.ic There are i foist* t., tifMin" tliwi Willi nx^'uro or partio.e* f(??l. nonoe they are *?"d rtemm. They ai luliter, stronger, ie*s e>eni8|. lar wir* durable, ?i aVural in their npp^e^noe. I will give a reward One 'I'liounand l^^Ts tosny ono who will pro?luoe similar work of *?*. to esuai mine in purity, t-ei*ut< duraht ity. arthf.c exoeilenoe or any other reeuisit KV. wort twgponsibly warranted. fX Pcnflg. avenue. twtwMo Utk and IJtk streets a? ra-jr ?AEYTlSTRY. 1' l)R. STEPHEN BAILY, OffHI No. IM l'l>NMLViM* AVKMVK. Tl'ii do erg /rem ilia Stftt. Dl. BAILY bfri eave to inform the patobc that a a?-* ?i? seer at *; hisofh. ??. located H* feeis at nri?i tiw?t an e*??-rieT:oe?f fifteen ? eari practice. with the turee num.*-* of prtien?s.andgres variety of difficult oat es that no ku i< ca'erf s-u rrt? fully, will enaUe li;m to surmount *?.? difficulty scientific or oiiiorwise. rotating to Wib Teeth. Hi own rxporienoo confirming the <j^.uion of many me emuent in the prorfssaiou. u( eapeeially Drs. H?" a id J. nod K. Family. baa ted him. lone tince, lodis ovrd all mercurial preav-altons for fi'lins Teeth.a. a< a'i Knarnti.a, Uutta (Wblia, India Ru(>!>er, ana Co in^nta for tba ooWructioa ol Contiauona Gun Teeth, and that P>#t5oliaii. luonnted on Oold Plate n the only rt'.ia^Ho subat&oco that aan t>o worn in thi m >utk,a* wk moat cnuc.usivoiy shown by the iaa American Lfcnitai C<>tivontioo. Altiiouck bo fattars himaoif from bia !onc real don jo iu? practioo in W aalnOKton. ho la faror* i knuwn fo hia Luirttrcna frie^da and pat rota, ho t??i leave bo refer them to the following TKSTIMONIALS: Praan the late Reotor of the Church of EpiHmbt <? tbia cut Dr. ?tk?he!? Bailt . DearSir? I doairefoezpreai my esteem for > ??j poraonal y. and my oonbrf^r"** i? jou as a superior dontiat. The operations osecated lor me have teen highly satisfactory. I hope that; ?? may reooiro the pat-i.j ?e *r>m ?ri? f^ionaa and l. ( ?ubiic that yoar skill so well doeorves. YOtara very tralj. Wash;nfton, Aof. ifc, io*. J.W. KRfcNCB. From cue ol tboe'ieat hrms in Baltimore, Meesra |?.<cra, Cotman A Co. Havinc o??o^oyed Dr. Stephen Bai.y, 8sr?oon Den Ust. of VVaetiinirton city, to execute for me an im portant ai^ difboult piece of work, whtob be did tc my entue katisfaction, and in view uf the fact that one <>< tbe umst diatiusnisbed memberaof the Doata: Colt??? of Baltimore, failed, after repeated triala. to perform the same work rives m? croat pioasu-e to exp^esa my entire ounfidenoeand Hcti octimation of Ii:h profonsiorn (.kill Jan. U, 1W7. HARM ANN BOGG*. Extract from a note received from iheiaie Hiaa Jota M. Claytoc. U.?. Sk>at?. Aug. 19,lea. The teeth vog made f' r me work adwrnbly ; coth ia< ooald Le better. Very tra-efia'**, _ _ /OHN M. CLAYTON. To those that seek re^ef from the maladies of I he teeth, I or r: cheerfully reoemmerd Dr. d. Uai t as a superior Dentist; he made a set of poroelian teeth foro'ieof my ikir.i'*, and Flagged eeveraJ teo h for my self, and tbe work has all stood well for more tbaa too years. ROBERT T. NIXON, of U>e Va. Couf. of tee M. E. Cbarob ttoutk. Apn! 1m. 1X5S. We. the uBdaraigned.bavmc bad o?5paeion to aeau oareeivea of the pn-fsssiooai skill of Dr. 8. Bai t, t*ur*eon Dentist of this oity, or tiavina been pogma ant of lits operations on our families or fnouds, take w pieasu~e in exproeainc onr admiration of his artist ;0 skill, aa well a* of the aniformly satisfactory n^nnet in which ho performs the most aeliaate aad rliftou't<<iib iu Dei '.-vl Hursery.and we rospoctfullr re h.m to tue confidence v?d patrota?s of tba sub io. of wlnoh wo consider him eminently worthy. Tsoxas r. Walter. Arolijtoo* C.9. Okeito . TfloKis M iLLRa, Im . U.,ofW sailing ton, D.C. B. ti. BoirtrrM 'D. of Goorretown. E). C. N.8. LiirroLS. M . D.. of Washington, D. C. io?. H. Bsato.ct, of Washington, P-C. woaea \Vii.r"5. Ki Go\onK?rof Florida. Walt** Lnm. Fx Mayor of WeahingU*, Hknst Biliww, U. 8. Patent OSoa, O. C W iarr. Principal R ittonhonse A aad em y, tebantf b'M. F KAMA, ? \\ ii'. r>nsnd Keteil Heeler in FANCY AND RTAPLK STATIONKR\ , ,V(i 27rt Pa. ?!??* u?, Ofl?"ra to th? public, at 'Muoeil prioct.alu'.l an-J onnit<!ete a????rtiii<-nt of? W ri'iBK and trotter IVp?*ra. Knj lah ant Amoruar \?>?e Papera French Kuemeiied and Rnet<-1 lionrd Writtej* Carda Weddina an?l Business Kr.veW>pea F.xtm h< * Kri.ves. ?cian?ra,and Raxors. Farcy a: d P'ain Paying <^arda. Poftkaard 'A ork-' xea. Backgammon Boards. Chof>a Men. rheckera. tismes. Gold P*ns. I'encua, Card ? aara.Ac., Ac. d 4 tf |1nt>l.'r<>H ^?TOP THAT RATTLING. J? I am now prepared to eut on ** Chapman'* Aotl-Hattlinc "liaft F-'?tentr," a anre. reinctly lortliera't ;"g of the ??>att-oUp?^ of Cnrri?>gea ai. ' Wnunna.whicli can t<o< put on at a enfl! exponse. t'ai ard ex*?min?? at my Fac'orv. where I have certificates from the leadiTic ? oaehnmser* in the oonntrv. ANDREW J. JdYrK, ?i 10-tf oorner U'k cd I" M? 1'HE SECRET INFl?< VI I i? 8 OF \ Ol 1 H i AND M ATI HIT , , Jutt Publif heti. Grmttc. tkt ib k Thousand. A few wor s of t?e Unions! Tro tmer.t. WitboJt MedToine.of Spermatorrhee or Looai anknost, Nocturnal Kimasiooa. ^nm/g/WL Genital, and Nervoua Debility, l're mature |>ecay of ipe System lmpo t?-nct.and In.podimccts Mairiage geuerally, tc B. l)t. l.ANEY.M. D. The important fact that the many alarming oom p'ainta. onginatmc <n tl.e imprudei o? and solitndo of yanitti. iiiii l?eeai?;:v reio< vod without M'^iCine, ?a ivi thia snial' tract, cl* arly demoi strated ; and tne enliroiy lie* and highly bucc*?s1u: treatment.aa latoptrd by the author, fully exp mned. la mwri <? wliic.i ever* one m en.'Mert t"cure Himself perfectly and at the leant poceible cot>t. t^erel>y avoiding lul tl>e advertitod rosframe of the day. Sent to -n? address, gratis snd post free, m a sealed envelope, by reinittini tw<> poat?*re stamps to DR. I F. I.ANF.Y. se d& wtf 17 Lupenard street. Now \^?rk. ^ lean "d p o r t e r . 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I ir_IVINGSTONE'S TRAVELS awlI Reaearrtiea I j in Sonth Africa. 1 vo'..tvo.. with MapsauJ En r*id u""" 1 **" PR ?M'K TiVt OR I EVEBSiiMG roe cSiu?T$7g^ i d tt ta Pa avonue. ?tr*et? INCE MEAT!?MINCE ME^T'.! I We have a supply of Domestic Mmoe Meat whioh cm."' i- '^rpayrt.^ ^ rURCHELL. d ^ ooraer lMk strapt and Veraaoot aveaat