Newspaper of Evening Star, January 5, 1858, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 5, 1858 Page 2
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EVENING STAR. WAKHINOTON CITY^'i Tt ESDAT JmWT 1(W> ID" A4T?tlwarBti iho?!d k< mt ia by It o'clock a.| ttkwviM they may ?F f?tr uatil the Bfil fiPlKlTOt THE MORNING PKHSH. The J/i/eUtsyMeir and Union are to-day both devoted entirely to news. try Six persons were baptised on Sunday nigh* at (tie Baptist Chnrch in Alexandria. !CT The \,overno7 Jf Georgia b?- vetwd no less tban twt*niy-flve bills pawed l?eglsla ture at Its present session ITT" A new daily commercial paper, to be called the " Journal of Commerce," is about to be isatted in Baltimore. |p? The New York Sun says the Messrs Hoe, the Inventors of the 4i Last Fast." are building for them a new press, which, in power and rap idity of execution and completeness in all its ar rangements, will far excel anything of the kind ever produced, and will print both side* at the ?a me ti me. Thomas R Callender, as the Philadelphia *,;ent of the .New York Police Gazette, has been arrested on the osth of Patrick Maher, a member of the Moyameiisiny Ilowe Company, on charge ?f libei in a letter over the signature of 'Vidocq,' published in that paper, charging the members of tbe Moyamensing With all manner of crimes, and among others with having fired the pablic school house, at F.ighth and Pitzvater streets. no** Dkath at CwrnrH ?Considerableex ci eme it v.ns eansed on Sunday morning in the Park sreet Presbyterian chnrch, at Newark. N. J Soon after the services had commenced an old gentleman was observed ?o be sinking in bis pew. The congregation r :*h? d to his assistance, but be had died of the heart disease His name was John Lynn and he resided In Mendbam, .Morris county, being on a visit lo Newark. 1T7" The Sun says that It Is reported that Ross AYinaas, locomotive bui'.der cf that city, was about bringing a suit against tin* Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Company for alleged damage re suiting to his business from the publication of a* certain pamphlet about a year since. The pain phlet is entitled ' Papers relative to the recent ?)ntracts for motive power by the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Company and the reports of the officers of the different departments on the relative advantages of the Wlnans camel engiue and the ten wheel engine. Ac." The damages are laid at one hundred thousand dollars. It is under stood that the Hon. Reverdy Johnson and Nelson Toe, Esq , will appear for the proee. ntion. ID" The Frigate Niagara is fitting up at the Brooklyn Navy Yard for her second expedition to lay dowu the Atlantic Talegruph. Her engines have been taken apart, and are to be overhauled and refitted ; her topsail and crotchet yards, as well as her light yards and spars are to be tnade heavier, and the chain portion of her standing rigging enlarged. Everything else will remain undisturbed?just as it was when she returned. A berth is being dredged where shecan lie afloat at low tide, In 25 feet of water The large fouudry at the Brooklyn Yard, in cluding the brass foundry department, is now complete, and Is capable of turning out any de scription of work required for ships or steamers. Heretofore it was necessary to send to Washing ton for everything of the kind. A saw Cor*TKBFEiT Detector.?About the most useful thing that any person in business can Lave iu these times is a correct ami reliable coun tcifeit detector and bank note list. This want is now lot* supplied. Uetwi. T. B. Peterson & Bros., have just commenced the publication of ?-Petersons' Philadelphia Counterfeit Detector and Bank Note List''?a monthly quarto publica tion which contains all the information that can be obtained in relation to all counterfeit*, broken banks, and the rates of discount on all the tank notes in the country. Messrs. Drexel Sc. Co., the well known bar kers and brokers,of Philadelphia, will supervise it and make corrections in each number of the list, so that it mnv be perfectly re lied on, while the well known house of K W. Clark A l o., commission stock and exchange bro kers, will correct the stexk list Not being in tended lo sttbnerve the purpose of any banking house, as most of the detectors do, it will be a useful and reliable publication to the whole busi ness community, and we would advise all of our readers to remit the price of one year'* suhscrip tian to the publishers at onee for it. The price is but one dollar a year. To clubs, four copies for S3, or ten copies for 87, or twenty-five copies for 9\5. Address all orders to T B Peterson &. Bro thers, JU> Chestnut street, Philadelphia. PERSONAL. The death of Herr Koenig, the musician, at Paris, is announced. Hon. Jaines Landy, Pa , is at the United States Hotel. .... Hon. John P. Hale, N . H., Hon. Thomas ' Bowie, Md , are at the National. Hon A. S. Murray, N V.; Captains A K. Long and W, Il.Gardner, L". S. N., are at Wll lards'. Death fho* S*ae sphobia?The Tampa Pen Insular (F!a. > of the IMtb ult., says that Mrs. Jv-aly, of that vicinity, died under the following extraordinary circumstances AI?out two week* previous fo her death, a small garter snake made Us way through the door of the residence and ?>? rapped itself around the ankle of the unfortu ?ate woman, who was frightened into spasms *" or two weeks -he was ccnWned to her l?ed. In a state of insensibility, and he- action parto >k of the snake nature?twisting her body into all kindit of *(?< k.iij/ Inpr ki**acl up in a Niiakr J ike manner. Ac. At the expiration of this period death intervened and relieved the snflWer from earthly troubles. Thi Missksota C0XC11ES<MK<<?The Legis lature of Minnesota ha* Used the term of Mr. 1 ? s,*";?te at four yenrs. and Mr lT? Thr "am* bo<,v b"? decided tha' of threes Democrats declared to have the n,a ?l?ritV of votes as Members r.f Congress, Messrs Phelps and Cavenau?b shall have the iw.. seats which U-louy to u,e ne* Stale Against this Becker, tbe third elected candidate, having hid more votes than either Phelps or Cave Much decidedly ohje. is He v ill bring the matter be fore (bt Hounr of Rrprmoiaiivft. T.asg* Forttxe ?A lady in R^hw;iy. N.J, if I* Uan r^rpntly siirr??cdp(l. after *^v**ial fruitless attempts. In establishing ber title to a large amount or r?-al e-iate, in Dovton, Ohio. It IS *a.d to cover ail the ? eritral part of that town, and it i* rumored tbat tue amount is about ..Jp* '"be State of Arkansas has elevled but Sve different governors si rue 1?*J, when If was ad mitted to the | n;l>n. VTT On the lt?tii nit Alfred Wade, the first Nation, was inaugu rated. Ills address wa? in Chortaw tenant of the Carroll countv. lad., Jail, has commeaccd a suit Cor the loss of btnlO. whirb be sustained while eonfln.d therein lp-After all the mlk about the Immense value ?I.'# ? Mar.po.s gran , it is ain.ut beint. aoid for unpaid Uies, aa?ouutiUg m #7-3 u*i ITT Krrs are selling In Havans at ten e**t? e<i? h, butter Ujty ios? venty-live cents a pound uLtl the rate of board in tiist class kmisrn iH vi jo per diem fT7" On the J-.fh instant, Silas Priest, living in Ashuelot, N. H , while attempting to build a fire ill a Steve, w'.th the aid of turpentine, his cloth ing took lire and a little hoy was horned to dentK {?7* Speaking of linns, said a hard-shell firtacber. dtscouising of Daniel in the den of ions, " There he sot all night, looking at the ?bow for nothing ; it didn't cost him a cent." |?~7" Some scamp in Utica. the othor night, lwrrd hole* in three hogsheads of molasses that had l?eeu left in the street, and in the morning their content* bad all paksed Igto the gutter ITT" It appears that tbe emigration from Ger mauy at the port of New York, during the last year, exceeded that from Leland by I6,7?i The number from Germany was from Ireland. Tbe whole number of emigrants from all quarters amounted to l?5^47. IT/- We learn from London papers of Decem ber IS; th.>t William A. Attwell, who stole I.ady KlIesnMa'* jewels, and confessed voluntarily, ra"4,j *'* niouths additional sentence, and Mward Jaeks<in, the receiver, a sentence of transportaiHia for y#aM ' tbeT l,ulld In Oregon is f>irnl,b,r,vVhe'^l.0.P*,jUr' ,hrir>n?f,J ,h* floor' ?nd slot .en j , ' " v "???maalcation between the ^'ovr While the WASHINGTON NEWS AND GOSSIP. Maxitbrt Dentist?Papiw*? A!,d Walk an.?The 'higher law" of destiny baa had a ?orel manifestation in th? last month. The doctme of inevitable prtigrwe per Jag nttl 11 ffits?manifest destiny, has made a singular countermarch in Central Atneriea. in this affair of Walker and Paulding. After having col lected troop? and store? on our Southern coasts, stesnied forth from our ports, and landed them no thecoveted domains of Nicaragua, imperious Destiny seem? to have suddenly changed her mind, picked up her expedition again, and brought it back to the jurisdiction whence it set forth?relieving the "gray-eyed man of des tiny'' by another commander. Obeying her decrees. Walker had taken ike law into his own hands, fitted out and led forth bis expedition. Obeying the same inevitable fate, Paulding seems to have "taken the re sponsibility" in bis turn, and brought Walker and his command back again. If the authority of destiny may be pleaded against the statute book in favor of Walker, Paulding's sending back of the expedition in pursuance of the same preordained fate, must be welcomed with the same enthusiasm as Walker $ successful hegira was rejoiced over It is a poor rule that will not work both way? It would be monstrous to condemn Paulding for taking the law into his own hands in a single instance, while exonerat ing Walker for habitual, repeated and ruthless violations of the law. Paulding may, indeed, be censurable under the law. But surely Walker and his apologists, if nobody el?c, are estopped from invoking the vengeance of the law upon him The path of destiny is a devious an I tortu ous one at best, though it is probably unfair to cite the history of so unlucky a champion and incompetent a general us Walker in illustra tion of the fact. His wild-goose expedition into Sonera. and its iguoininiou.-t termination ; the auspicious begiuning and beggarly ending of his first expedition to Nicaragua, where imbe cile generalship, consummate folly, and mourn ful incompetency, wrought out so pitiable but so natural a conclusion of failure, beggary and misery: the loss of twenty days in inertness j?nd idleness at Point Arenas after this last de barkation, provoking a capture from some naval force possibly more ignominious than that which is now tho subject of so much arti ficial indignation in a few quarters?all prove either that tho star of destiny is a sinister one to follow, or else that her late leader in the central portions of our continent is as feeble, incompetent, and unworthy of command in her service, as fatally unlucky. The advocates of a belligerent execution of the higher law" of destiny, in opposition to the statute law and law of nations, must either repudiate their higher law, or else discard the incompetent chief who has assumed the leader ship in of its service. Even if the interests of the Southern States o this Union could be advanced by filibuster ag gression. conducted under authority ot the1 '? higher law ' or manifest destiny, it might be well for them to consider whether the unlucky General who has led their cause to so many dis astrous conclusions might not be profitably ex changed for another leader, not >0 identified with failure or so renowned over the world as a hero of defeats. Not one of the military leaders ot our Western border, who enjoy well-earned fame for prowess against the Indian and Span ish races, has yet countenanced the expeditions of TV alker, or endorsed his competency as a marauding leader, by enlisting ui.der his ban ner. One rather clever General (Henningsen) did. indeed, in ignorai c* of Walker's qualifica tions, join his first exjiedition ; but he seems to have avoided a repetition of the folly, and we believe was quietly sojourning at Washington when \\ alker consented to take pas-age home ward on Commodore Paulding's flag-ship. If the South should decide, we repeat, to adhere to the -higher law 'of destiny, in opposition to the statute law (if neutrality and the common law of nations, and to push her interests in Central America under the filibuster rather than the national flag, it would bo well, we think, for her to welcome the destiny which has brought Walker away from whence h* could achieve no good, as auspicious, and to commis sion some other leader of her fortunes Oo\erxor Bbowm's Speech.?Yesterday, Governor Brown, of Mississippi, added another to the list of speeches of great power and force of reasoning that Senator Douglas has drawn out, in reply to hia late onslaught on the policy of President Buchanan and the Democratic party, on the question of the admission of Kan sas with the Leoompton Constitution. In the course of his effort the distinguished Senator Completely demolished the plea of Governor Walker and his right-hand supporter, the hon orable Senator from Illinois, that in the ele - tion for delegates to the Lecompton Convention fifteen oounties of the Territory were disfran chised. We question much whether, upon any side of any debate, there was ever before de livered. in either House of CongTess. a series ot' speeches of so remarkable force of reasoning and power as have so far been delivered con secutively on behalf of the Democratic | arty cause in this great discussion. A Clither.?A Washington correspondent of the New York llnuld states briefly one of the arguments of the late speech of Senator Fitch, which created so great sensation here, by iU perspicacity and power on its delivery We quote his account of it. no less for the rtially strong point, than for fbe effectiveness with which the commentator states it. If ever there was a gun-oratorical spiked, the reader will perceive in it that Senator Fitch effectually spiaed the plea of -the distinguished Senator from Illinois that the Kansas constitution policy of President Buchanan and the Democracy is not in accordance with the spirit of the plat form of the Cincinu.iti Conventiou, on which he dwelt so pertinaciously. In the cours?; of th?r development of the Kansas imbroglio hi Congress. tint agitated t>y Jtid?/e Douglas when be ' ? nmd*- haste" to attack the ad ministration. there is, ru pasiMMf. one feature worthy <?f iiuttee?or.e which has evidently given I be Senator trout Illinois mm h annoyance and disappointment. I allude to the position talc 11 l?y the State of Indiana through her delegation in Congress,ami especially through her Senators, llr. I'itch and .M r Bright, in suppoit of the Pres ident. Indiana, a 1*1 \v.*rfill Western State, lying by the side of. sympathetic with, and generally Ukinu the miix: polith m! course a* Illinois. thus to pronoun*? her conservative views, w.ts <t ?wi 0111 Mow to Judge Do light* and his aspiration* for the Presidency The platform he thought to build on the popular sympathy of Ihe great and growing West by "shrieking" for Kansas, has been undermined at the start. I never saw the adroit Senator from Illinois, who I* beyond all question tik?. abhst "dodwei" In debate In the Senate, *0 eloeelv cornered and irritated as In the delivery of the speech of |?r. Fltcb, the new ^cantor from Indiana. The running debate be tween the two Senators wan strikingly character istic Dr. Pitch said tin- difference between the Senator from I'liuois and himself was. tbat Mr l>ont;las denied the president's conclusion lathe argument in that part l(f the message relating to Kansas, while he pretended to cointHde with htm In his reasoning and in the conclusion. Air Vkt"d n he referred to ? Dr. I-Itch replied, "The conclusion tbat the constitution of Kansas, If It come before as w it is supposed it will, from the convention directly without previous submission, will, nevertheless' be a constitution which we can legally accept' and, perhaps, under the circumstances, ought to accept " Here Is the gist of the whole matter In a few words. Judge Douglas, In the course of the de hate. quoted frequently tin* Cincinnati platform On this hi? opponent that the Cincin nati pUtfo.m was 1-igged again and a^aiu info the controversy by the Scnatort He (Dr. FltcL) had some little, but not much faith in political pUUorm*, he knew how they were framed. A committee is appointed to diaft resolutiora they bring them forward, and because they do not happen to expremsly conflict with the sentiment* of the wise gentlemen then and there as* in bled, for anotherpurpose than to build a political plat fcftn to gui4e ait posterity, namely, to nominate candidates for pS-sldent and Viet* President, foriootli they ate to control the government and its policy from thencejbrth forever. He had no object i on to the Cincinnati platform; on the con* irary, he believed It to be an udmlrable one; and it recognised, In nlniost the langua^eof the Kan sas bill, the i light of the people to regulate their domeslh institutions In their own way. The people of Kansas have exercised that light In their own way? a Way deemed legal?a way the President deems legtrt. Whatever opposition there might be to that way, and whatever his wishes might be as to auy other way. he had nothing to uo but look at the laws and their exe cution Indue form. He ouly knew the will of the people through thetr laws, and knew of no right, except it be an arbitrary one, authorizing him or Congress to set aside or go behind their laws This powerful Indiana movement in the Senate In support of the administration and against the position assumed by Judge Douglas, seems to have been as unanticipated as it^was opportune. Th? Filibvster QrESTiox isthe Horse.? Throughout the past week the filibuster press have been predicting a great storm to have oc curred yesterday iu the House Hall.on account of Commodore Paulding's extradition of the filibuster Walker The reader of the proceed ings of the day will perceive that notwithstand ing their blood and thunder prognostications, it turned out to be " not much of a shower after all." The most noteworthy feature of the proceedings concerning the affair is the very general confidence manifested in the Presi dent e management of the matter. No one ven tured a hint even, of disapprobation of the doc trines of the Message relative to filibustering, upon which it is to be taken for granted Com modore Paulding acted Though all arc evi dently burning with curiosity to know all the President may be supposed to know on the sub ject, the self-evident sentimeut in the House Hall, as the proceedings of the day proved, is, that the President has not only been right upon the filibuster-Walker question, hut is destined to manage it hereafter entirely to the satisfac tion of the country on the basis of the doctrines of the annual message in that connection. Ihe nwi/rfis, that last evening there occurred much gnashing of teeth among the outsiders in Washington sympathizing with the filibusters, who for the first time realized how utterly un founded is their hope that the Southern mem bers of Congress are disposed to risk the hope of the acquisition of Cuba by compromising the Government of the United States with Walker's career of murder, arson and plunder in Contral America?as evincing official sympathy on their part would do, beyond all question. The subject cannot come up in the House again for a weok. unless ere then the President may unswer the moderate and reasonable reso lutions so unanimously adopted yesterday. As they embrace a very wide range of questions or subjects, we do not at present conceive bow they can he answered at ence. In the mean while, Mr. Wm. Walker may be expected to remain hanging around this city attracting as little attention as any other of the thousand and one folks invariably "on hand'' during a session of Congress with axes to grind before some branch of the Government or other Notwithstanding the efTorts of the wonder mongers of the press stationed here to invest his shoulders with the lion's skin of distin guished notoriety, we have to assure the Star's distant readers that already he and his case attract so little attention in the Federal Me tropolis. as that not one in fifty people here are a ware that he has not already taken bis de parture for the North, South, East or West. The trulh is, he is emphatically the hero of de feats.? .-nrreuders?of death and disaster for his followers; and all except chronic filibuster*, who are constitutionally as holiest victims as drunkards, some time since voted bim as small a pattern as a statesman and military com mander, as he is, physically, as a man ! Fisaxcial ?Sweeny. Kittenhouse. Fant <t Co s financial circular of the 4th inst quotes stocks, uncurrent money and land warrants. follows : I'mtfii Statk* Stock* . r ICM! n Bij A k"1 I.oan of 0 per r ent Ill Loan of 1?G7, o do 111^ m? Statu Stocks. Virginia 0 per cent ?7^ .Missouri H ner cent. (per cent 77 if 771 Tennessee 0 per cent ??, w(n/ California 7 percent &j 87? Kentucky ti per cent mi fir/ Bonds and Citv Stock*. St. Louis, fi per cent 71 Cincinnati,Oprct., payable In N Y. 91 94 Louisville, 0 do do 75 7* Davenport, III do do SO it| San Francisco. Ill perct., do f<5 <*i Sacramento, Hi do do 54 5.3 Railroads Illinois Central. 7 per cent H5 Hi OranueA Alexandria, U per cent... ?(? 71 Virginia J* Tennessee, 6 per cent.. 70 75 ? Hank Stocks. Hank -Metropolis, 1). C ]IIU Hank Washington, D. C 74 Patriotic Bank, D. C. ;j<j Farmers 6c Mecb's Bk, Oeorget'u. Hank of Commerce, Oeo'tn. .(none for sale) loo Washington Corporation, fi per ct.100 Jul Georgetown do e do.. sn yy Alexandria do ti do.. *0 Gold. American 101a101\ \ ictoria sovereigns 4Stfa4?7 Old sovereigns 4^,^ Twenty francs K3a3tM I en t baler pieces. 7.*sia7?"i Ten guilder pieces '.".i rpamsh doubloons lioUalWKI Silver. American 1 (Hi'{a 101 Mexican a,?j N,anl;h IM a 1U7 francs Jt;*a f* i.nplish silver 4*4> atf?l German Crowns 1M alutl American old LMf dollar* Land Warramts ... Buying. Stlltnp. 40-acre warrants, per acre ' Hi nj *' HI IWi ?< ?. p., ? iju ?? ? r? H Owing to the General Land Offic? bavini/ re stored to market about four million acres of land 1 e railroads In Iowa, the demand for land warrants has been active. The land of will be opened on the 16th Kebruaiy next The lands so restored are outside or ihe six milts, and subject lo entry at *1 15 per acre, and upon which laud Warrants can he used. The lands wublu the six iMlcfc are obtainable at v t Tr *7*' u' he Paid for only with cash. \ iigiuta scrip, or land warrants issued under the ?:/- f' '?7 8,ul warrants under Ihe act of I .j j not be 1 rig receiva ble for the 5(1 land Blotkixc thk Game or Ribellios ? Ao cording to the followiug extract from a Wash ington telegraphic despatch to the New York I iilmue. a way has already been foand to cut the wings of the rampant roosters of the pres ent Abolition Legislature of Kansas, whose ??*rts to legislate rebellion have that been rendered nugatory. Under all the cireuiu stances ot the case, the plan is evidently a good one; insomuch as it aocomplirhes its patri otic end of preventing the practical abrogation of all real real law in the Territory without a resort to bloodshed on the part of the General Goven ment : , ? W?shhgtom, Dec. 11, 1857. Letters from Kansas mate that the militia law which was passed over Mr Stanton's veto is in! operative uu account of the failure of the odlcer, to rertify to Its second passage. The bill repeal ing the act which created the Convention shared the same fate, as did also the repeal of the rebel lion act. The Tueatre.?We doubt whether there is In the country a neater and more elegant theatre than that of Messrs. Stuart and Bour eieault, at the corner of Eleventh and C streets, which a ill be ready for a first representa tiou of the season to-morrow night. In point of convenience and good taste in all its arrange ments we do cot know its equal anywhere; and we may add that its arrangements for safety from fire are far superior to those of any other American theatre. An andieace of a thousand persons can go forth from its various irpacloat exits in a minute. a> it were. The dramatic com pan j whloh opens the house is regarded as the best light cornedj company who have performed in New York of late years, embracing many nam** at iraH known to his trionic fame on the other side ot the Atlantic. as on this fide. ^ The Leoitimatb Result. ? The news per telegraph from Kansas, to-day, is the legitimate result of the aid and comfort wh'ch Lane and his aiders and abettors have been receiving for some time past from unexpected and high quar ters, including Governor Walker and Senator Douglas. Fp to finding thoae gentlemen prac cally "at his back.'' Lane eoatented himself with individual acts of murder, areon and rob bery on the part of hi* band, and with threat- i ening to levy war on the Government of the United States. .Such sympathy aa has of late bean manifested in his course and cause hasf however, brought him up to the point of essay ing to carry out bis threat*. The New Reading Clerk of the House must raise the pitch of his voice. His pronur* ciation of proper names to-day was inaudible in the reporter's gallery in many ease* That will never do. The U. S. Ship Cumberland ?We have letter* from this ship, at Monrovia. (Liberia,) Coast of Africa, on the 15th of November last, when all on board of her were well. ThE Weather.?The following report of the weather for this morning is made from the Morse Telegraph line to the Smithsonian Institution. The time of observation is about 8 o'clock a. m : jA*r*KY 5. 185? New York, N. V clear, pleasant Philadelphia, Pa cloudy, pleasant. Baltimore, Md cloudv, pleasant. Washington, 1). C cloudy, pleasant. Richmond, Va cloudy, moderate Petersburg, V* cloudy, coot. PoiLsmouth, Va raining. Raleigh, N. C. raining. Wilmington, N. C cloudy, raining. Columbia, S C cloudy, ralninR. Charleston, S C raining, pleasant. Angusta, Ga raining. Savannah, Ga cloudy. M&oon, 11 a.ra 1 iiIng, From the Buffalo, N. Y clear, mild. Cumbeiland. Md. cloudy, pleasant. Wheeling. Va cloudy, cool. Barometer at the Smithsonian, 99 ifcfc. Thermometer, on the Smithsonian tower, mlr - linnm la>t night, 3G-; near the ground, the same. CONGR ESS ION A L. Thirty-fifth C?a|Tfii?First SeiaUi, In thk Senate, yesterday, after we went to press, at the conclusion of the speech of Mr. Brown upon the Kansas question, the bill for the relief of George P. Marsh was considered and passed, ere they adjourned. In the House, a large number of bills, resolu tions, dcc., were introduced and appropriately disposed of, inost of them having reference to private matters. Proceeding* of To-day. In the Senate, to day. after the presentation and reference of sundry petitions, bills. Ac.? Mr. Fessenden moved to refer the French Spoil ition hill to a select committee of seven, which was opposed by Messrs. Mason and Bay ard. and advocated by the mover and Messr*. Seward and Hamlin, ere lining agreed to. and the President was authorized to appoint the said committee.

On motion of Mr. Davis, the special order, the Kansas question, was postponed until Monday Week, Mr Brown, who occupied the floor upon it, yesterday, being too unwell to go on with his remarks to-day Mr. Gwin moved a resolution directing the Foreign Relations Committee to inquire into the expediency of providing for an U. S. minister resident In Japan; which, on motion of Mr. Mason, was laid over for one day. The bill for the relief of Ab-xsnder J Atocha was then l.tken up, and was l>eiii:j considered when the Star went lo press. In thk House, after the reading of (he journal, (which occupied more than bslf an hour)? The Speaker called the attention of the House to the legal necessity of commencing novo the n msideratton of the bills from the Court of Claims, and asked permission of the House to have them all read twice and appropriately referred.' The adverse reports left over, he remarked, were ne iessailly placed on the public calendar, In their proper order. After some conversation upon the proper dispo sition of the bills in question, In which the Speaker and Messrs. Bllliughurst, Stephen* of Georgia. Jones of Tennessee. Florence and Bo rock i-articlpated. the said bills were read twice by their st-veral titles, and appropilately referred. This process was In progress when it became necessary to dispatch Ihe Star's report of the H>>use proceedings of the day to the printers. Yt?N.L BUILDING ASSOCIATION.?Tl;e Uof stockholders and members are notilied to a?tend a meeting TO [MIGHT, at Tcinperanoe Hall, at 7 o'clock. By order of the President. 11* /. JONF.S. Pres. ry=o\V|N(} TO THK LATK TREASURER 'L3 'he Boutin Man's Christian Association having lost or mislaid his receipts for the year lftafi, those persons to whoin he p*id money for that venr. Will piease leave duplicate receipt* at the office of the Star, so as to enable him to make out his report, jnn 5-eo3t* [V-*=? ATTENTION. M O N T G O M E RY GUARDS.? You are hereliy notified to meet a> your armory ou THURSDAY EVENING, the 7th in*r. Punctual attendance is called for, as busi ness of importance will h<j transacted. By order of (.apt. Kxv : jan 5 3t THOM AS McHE>jRy, Sec. (Y"5=?THERF. WILL BE A PUBLIC INSTAL i L < lation of the othuers ot Kauai Division. No. l.Sons of Temperance, THIS (Tuesday) KVEN I Mi. at 7}? o'clock, at Temperance Hall. Addresses msy he expected fioni Messrs. Clns. A. Polt'?n. Win. Bo)tl, and other mend>eig of the order. 11* nTy^OK I'HANS' FAIR REMOVED to IRON 'JL-? II\I.L, PA. AVENUE.?The inoleuieac) of the weather hiving prevented many persons, who were anxious to do so, from attending the Fair at f>dd Fellows'Hall, the managers hitve beea pre vailed upon to continue it for n few days more, and it wiii he opened at Iron Hall. The articles for sale are marked down at the !owe*t possible pnoo*. anil the patronage of the charitable is earnestly solid sd. Neatly one hundred and fifty orphan girls are de pending upon the result of this effort t-? procure w1 at is absolutely necessary for their pressing Wants. yen S d T NOTICE.?The iiiemtiers of the Jackson ! Democratic Association are particularly re quested to meet ot Waterman's Rooin.onCth street, l.etween l^nisiana avenue and C street.on TL'F.S DAY, Mh January. at 7'. o'clock p.m., lor the put pose of electing officers. A. T. H ARRINGTON, _ jan 4 2t* Secretary pro tem. JYTP? PUBLIC I.F.CTU R E.?The Hon. Gkoror Taylor, of New York, will deliver a lec'ure before the Washington Art Association on TI'FS DA Y E V F.N IN G, Jan. .r>th, at 7,'g p. m. The pnMic are invited to attend. jnn 4 2t rv-5=?OFF!CE MUTUAL FIRE INSURANCE J COMPANY OF THE DISTRICT OF C 01, U M BIA. W a ? u i nu ton , Decern he r 2H, IH *>7.?I n accordance with the provis.ons of the ch?rter, the Managers publish the oouditicn ol the Company, as follows: Anouut of premium notes %78,:H9 01 Amount ot cash on hand . 8.t'*>n? Amount of losses during past year . I.W3 21 Notice is also given that the annual meeting of the members o tho Company will lie held at this office on Monday, Jaruary Ik, lav*, at in o'clock a. in. when an election will he held for seven managers, to sorve for the ensuing year. Bv order of the uiamger*. _>an 4-eo<;t CHj\S. WILSON, Seo'y. METROPOLITAN MECHANICS' IN ' L 'f STITUTK.?Members are requested to pav their annual dues to the undersigned. ?t 'o Lewis Wmoht, Esq. They aro now ??n their term of grace. H J ANNE Y. rt 2B-eo2w Financial Secretary. [V-5=? DR. POPE. L? Hintfopntkie Ptuiirian nnd Surgeon, DeMettou or Choin Buildings. No. 37C H street, north side, between ISHi and lot o sts. d 19 WASHINGTON ART ASSOCIATION. I|J( The smond annual exhibits n of the Wash iugton Ait Associ*ti<>u is now <>pen at the Galteryr on H street. Iietwecn 13th and Itth streets, from 1? a. m. to in p. in. Admittance ?>aeiits. Season Tioke's one dollar, to b-> had at the principal B> oks'ores and H<?tels, an?l at th" door. d 24 tf rf^?CtiLLECTOR'S OFFICE, 1 J. f Citt Ham.. Noveml>er 6, law. Notice is herebr given to all persons who have not paid their Taxes for the present year, and to ail who are in arrears lor previous years, tkatot the expira tion of sixty days from this date, or os soon thereaf ter as the advertisement oan ho prepared, ail proper ty on which the toxes may remain u< paid wul be ad vertised and told for the taxes, as the law enjoins. Those who do not wish to he put to tho heavy ex pense attendant on the advertisement and sale are jAg f HAMDAV, n t-oot Jaw It Collector. ry-Js-lCR CRKAM.of tho .fl-SO per ralloa: Water loos. Cakes of every va riety and styles; Jellies, Charlottede Kusse, Blanc Mnnra. Pif* of various kinds; and everything nioe in the Confectionery line, at the PHILaDEI.PHI A ICE CREAM STORE, corner lSUland F streets, d f?-lm* W.S Jan 5 MKTZEROTT Solo Afent of Erard's and Baeon k Raven's superior Piaaofortes. TWO VERY FINE SECOND Ha4t> PVaN OS for sale very cheap at onr Pw?o and Mnsic Store,3% Pa.avenue, tot. Wh and IMhsts. j%U 5 JUH~ "? BUUB, 20 PA. AVEw\,<K?^ffii2en,l A. AV*Nl _. _T ^ is running off"lo?. Ou^py IhHmonth. inord?r and 9tb streets. ? arrath, i---? ?^u maks sfrymTfcfc- frosh sopjilfc. j_ >?" s PORTSMONAlKff, PUBSkV CABAS*. IT Leather Reticulci, Fine* Ilittr Pint. Schawl Fio*. china Ornaments, Ae., eluwpfw cash. at Jan 5 *_ LAM MON ITS. 7U? st. PRIME PfIII.ADKI.PHIA PRINT BUTTER for sale a' GEO. n.BROOMLEY'f* M1I.K, hi tter; AND EGO DEPOT. jan 5-iwj Kt l'i. avenu e _ 'PUREE SECOND HAND PIANOS. J. One for -ffln. Two .or #80. At the Mubio Store of jan 5 W. O. METZEROTT. 1 CAUTION. . FOREWARN all person or persons from bar tering any part or parcel of my family, a* I*"1 <"?" termmed to enforce the law against all wno may disregard this oaution. . jan 5 3t? STEPHEN BRADY . I$Y THE PKESlkTi0NT2'i>F. THE UNITED ^TATKS: In pursnanoe of law,1, Juits Bitch mas. Praai dent of the United States of A menoa, do hereby da olare and make known that pnhtie sales Will ba hdd at the undermentioned land othoes in the State of Alabama,at the periods hereinafter designated, to Wit: M At the land offioe at ommenems on Mon day. the fifth day of April next, for the disposal of t*>e public lands situated wit am the following named townships, viz: Korlh uf the Vase line and ictst of the Tallaho? $e? tneridien. Fractional township 7.ol ranges B,1*, 10, 11,12, IS, 14,15. IC and 17. ? _ ? Fractional township 6, of ranges 18. 19, ~, 22. 23,24 and 25. , .. .. b ractiona sccfons 25.25,27,28 and 30, of fraction al town*hip C, of range '?C. f* i tctioiial sections X, 28 and 30 of fractional town ship fi. of range *7. . . 1- motional <ection 36 and the east halt of tract ion - al section 28, oi fractional town?hipH, of range 28. Liri<'sai>pri>p mcd by law ft#r the use of schools, miiiiar) mid other purposes, will I* excluded from Ine sale. The offering of the at>ove lands will be commenced on the day appointed, and will proceed in the order in which they are advertised, until the whole shall have been offered,and the salea thus closed; but the sale shall not be kept open longer tkan lire weeks, ami no private entry of any of the lands will be ail initted until after the expiration of the two wecksJI Given under my hand, at the city of \\ ashington, this twenty-sixth day of Deoemlier, anno Domini ?" ,'0""?d,,'htb"driM^9B,tCH*NAN. . By tha President! Thos. A. liF^raiexa. Commissioner of tha General Land Ofnoe. NOTICE TO PRE-EMPTION CLAIMANTS. Every person entitled to the right of pfe-emption to any of rite lands within tha townships and psrts of townshipsaltove enumerated is required toestab lish the same to the satisfaction of the R egi??er and Receiver of the'and office at Elba, and make r*V mrnt therefor as soon as prartirable af.rr teeing this notire, and liefora the day appointed for ttie commencement of the putdic sale of the lasids em bracing the tract claimed: otherwise such claim will ba forfeited. Til OS. A. HENDRICKS. Commissioner of the General laml Olnin. jan 5-law3w FOR HIRE-A first rate MAN-SERVANT, a slave, an excellent House Servant, a skillfull coachman anil of excellent character and habits. Price *2" per month. A pply at offioe Insemen' story of tth at. and Louisiana avenue. jan4-3t* LF.XANDRIA A WASHINGTON BOAT. TheSteimer GEORGE PAGK will depart at the following hours with punctualitr : 1 Leave Washington fi, 8. UK- 1J<, 4. 5>? Leave Alexandria 4>?.'}?. 9. '?%. ?z*. 3. 4*?. jan * d F.I.US I,. PRICE. Cap'aw T T H E A M B R O T Y P E S AK EN AT SANDS'S GALLKR Y are aaid to he equal toanv ttkcn in tliecity.a id much cheaper. Thev combine durabi.ity and tiu*hfulne:t. jrj" C*me early in the day. I*a. avenue, between nth and 9th streets. jan 4-ti R. SANDS. A CARD.?Tho underiigned, on the 2d of Decem A her. l?o7, deposed ofsll his stock aad running gear to L. J. Middlelor, who still oontinues to fulfil al! orders left wi h him. In retiring fr??m l>u*inest. he wishes to return his thanks to bis old fn?nris a> d customer*, and sol cits a eontii.uaiice ol their pat ronage in favor of his successor. jau 4 2t T. N. KIDWELL. CONNECTlCrT MTTI'AL LIFE INSL'R ANCK COMPANY. Capital over #2jni' oco This old aud reliable Company srr> prepared to take risk? on lives at premiums that will suit all. FRED CALLAN. Agent. Offiee?No. 213 F street, \\ athtngtou City, D. C. j\n 4-3tawaw (CHARLES MACKAY. ? Songs f<?r Music: ty j 4'tiarles Mackay, fS cents. liallads and Lyrical Poems; by Charies M\ckay, 25 cents. The t'alamandrine; br Charles Ma^kav, 2S cents. I .ecends of the Isle*; bv <'narl?*s Maokar. 25 cents. Voices from the Cr.*d; by Charles Mackay. 25 cants. Voices from the Monntains, by Charles Mackay, 25 cents. .. . Th? Lump of Gold; l?r diaries Mackay, 25 cents. I'nder Gre?n I .en vev by Charl?? Mackay, 25 ccnts. Poetical Works: Ift Charles Mackay, antntee mo rocco, $2.75. For sale at TAYLOR A MAURY'S jin2-3t Kookstore. n*ar9th street. [Intel., 1'nion, Globe,1 I\IEW YEARS' PRESENTS?A fresh lot just il received at McLAI'GHLlN'S, 2U Pa. avenue, lictwcn ^tn and ?>th streets. d 30 HaIR. Tooth, nail ami ham> KRUSHES, at GIURS' Hair ?* nw 13th st. and Pa. av..and at his Sales Room, under WiI isrds' hotel. n 9-Tro QDD FELLOWS' FESTIVAL. The Memlicrs of COlXAlBlA LODGE. No. 10. I. O O F , respectfully announce to the putlio that their ANNUAL FESTIVAL will tike place ou MONDAY EVENING. Jaxiait 11, 1858, At ODD FALLOWS' HALL, Stvutk Street. The Committee of Arrangements have spared no exertion to insure pe lect sa'ufactioa to tln?se who m?y favor them with then pre?enoe on this oocasioi; t ?:r programme oompnsing a oarelu! seleotion Oi entertainments AdJresses will ^delivered by tno Kev. J. C. GiA'irtVi and the Hor. Kbi bbr K. Fkntiih of N^w Vo k; to l< followed bt a Dis tril.ution of Gifts to th? Orphans under charge of tie l.?>dge : Vo<al and Instrumental Mtasic; Re fi '-shmeuts. Ac . *o.. and at the conclusion of tbis portion of the entertainment, the room will be given up to tho?e d-sirous of eujoyiiig themselves in the dines?lor which the best Cotillon Music has been secured. Mr. U. H. R idenour, the oslebrated confectioner, wi;l furnish the Refreshments. Withers' Unrivalled Hraaa and Strtnf Band has been engaged. _ Ticket* (including Refreshments) QNE DOL LAR? admitting a Gentleman and two Ladie*. f omtuittee of Arrangements. W. R. McLean, P. J. Coli?on, J. P. Pepper, ?i. W.Calvert, Geo. W. Swain, G. W. Miller, S. J.Thomson, L. H. Ileun, S. C. Mills, A. H. Jones. J. A. Moulden, J. T. Mcintosh, Sam'l. Wise, W.H.Nally, Wm. Bond. W.D.Stewart. F. Peaster, U'm. 11 Vissill, H. S. Bowen. J. P. Headier, Wm. II. Boose, David Fowble, C.C.Martin, E.N. Gray, N.C. Driver. Tickets may Le procured of any member of the Committee, and at the door on the evening of the Festival. The Hall will be opeued at 7H o'clock. jan 2 S.W .SA. M NEW PUBLICATION?"Histonoal snd l.ega Examination of that pa't of the Supreme Court's decision in the |)red Scf>tt case which de clares the unconstitutionality of the Missouri Com promise Act, and the self extension of the Consti tutiou to Territ.tries, enrrying slavery along with it*" By the author of The Thirty Years' View: oo tavo; David Appleton A Co. New York, 1857. The aliov* work just issued from the press, for sale at the well known st?nd, oorner of 4X street and Penns*Ivsnia avenue, stereotype edition, beauti fully printed on e'ean new type, fane white paper and with best hlaok ink. Hound in black cloth and gilt lette<ed. Done up in a durable form lor permanent use. Pnce fl. This work is what its title purports to lie, an ex amination of i whht the author deems to lie; the po liticiti pi'l of the Court's opinion, avoiding any no lice or the indical pa?t. which rela'ed to theperso.-ml claims of the parties on reco>d. It is writen in a ? pint of entire devotion to the institutions of our country, and with total abstinence fr?.m all party views. The authors own words are: **l write for no party, but for all men who venerate the woiks of onr anoestora, and who wish to aee <?ur Government kept on the foundations on which they plaoed it."(p i3ii.' And it is l<elieved that this pledge nas Keen kept in the work, and which is considered, b? com petent judges, as the most original and profound of al' the author's works, and so treated as to present new views to the oldest readers, and in fact to ap pear as a new work on a subject supposed to have heed entrusted. JOS. SHI LI.INGTON, Bookseller, Odeon Building, oorner 4K st. d 14-tf and I'a.av. IONDON JUVKVII.E BOOKS. i Hans Anders<tp's Tales and Fatry Stories, l^uis's Seho<>i Dajs, Saaford and Meiton, Everiucsat Home, Edgar Clifton, or Right and Wrong. Esperanza, or the Home of the Wanderers, (jmuni's Home Stories, The Castaways, or Adventures in Africa, }<axelford,aMor> for the Young. Kvery Hoy's Book, Fairy Talcs of the Countess D'Aulnoy, Arabian Xirhts. R'lltinsou Crusoe. Just received by d i? FRANCK TAYLOR P. D*1 VERNOIS' HOTEL, A. AVENUE, between 17th and IStb streets. Washington. D. C. This establiabfMot is newl* furnished and bi rsnged on the most modern and improved principle, with private apartments, 4c. r p ' JO*The Bar is suppltod with tbe ehoioeet of W mes and Lienors. 8ame and other deltoaeiea in sesson. ot and Cold Lunch from II o'clock a. m. entii nm- ?. , ? ti-tf_ SUPERIOR MEDICATED GIN.-Jest re r* oases of the celebrated I oadon Cor dial Gin and Invigorating Cordial, and for sale by JONAS P. LEVY, No. 554 l?th street, corner of B street north. Gm ceries and l/tenor Store. d 18-tl MoLA^UG HL1.VS MCLAUGHLIN'S Twi. j 9i??. ds w ?e Wiok-ai^^THbeE naw. *| THIRTY-FIRST AXlfVAL BILL m in * ? < ? * . Fr&nklim Fire Company. titrth4aj of tk* *lWXnl"hr. JW/.?, At Philhakxoxic Hall, (adjoininr Star o^ce, 1 On THURSDAY EVENING. Jan. H, l*?. Til* Company rMptctfully announce to Ijj*1' friends and the pnMie. that in enoeeqaaooa wt Kraaklin'a ktrtMa; ooouring this year m JB Sunday, tar* will eelebraie it on the above# M data, by their Turty-first Annual Ball. UW Nothing will be omitted tliat may ?onineeto >He ?nioyMo(?r thoae who mat hoaor aa vita their rreeenoe. and no paiae * par ml to make it oM of the m at pleasant Baflt of the aeaaon. Artti't Celelwated Band is engaged. Refreshment- w II be terved by an experienced and pop alar o afwtgnw. , No la<1i<*t cenl* cflinvitation will leaned, bnta ftmnl mritanoB ta hereby extended to oar lady "?fic&ta ONE DOLLAR?? tenteman and iadiai. Crmmitm a/ Arrantrm*nti. W. H. Fannin*. A.J* Dant. Wm. Hutton. ?? ?? * Jaa. A Kin*. ? N.< cut. J. Hudeon. '.'IV' J.Shaokelford. J.Wagner. jan &.I2,'6.1> ? 21 - ashinuton THKATRK. O r E N I iTa N1UHT. 1 eaaee. ..... Mr. W. STtTAtT. (Alaool Wailack'a Theatre, New ^ ork.i The Thaatre. in all ita Artutic Depart raewta, will he directed by Mr. Dion Borat icari.T- fbe gen aral Management wiildevolve on Mr. W.SrvaaT. Ox TUESDAY* JasoaBT SIGNORINA TFRF.SA ROLLA. of NiMo'e. the Aoademie Imperia.e of Pane, and her Majesty'* Thea ra. L?na4oa. M. PAUL BRILLIANT. MXLE LEHMANN. MADEM OlSELLk FLORA bfflMANX, and Niblo'a Corpa de Ballet. MI9H DOLLY M ARHH ALL, (roaa the Princeaa'a Theatre, London. TUESDAY EVENING. Jasr**r S. our 'Wife. Ml** MARSHALL, Mtaa L. M ARSH*LU Mlt< DAWSON. Mia* WHITING. Mm PHILLIPS. Mt*? RUPELL. After which lha trartd Ballet Pantonine of FLORA AXI) ZEPHYR. 7fphyr , , Signorina Tereaa Bulla. Piirca or Anxieeto*. Dress Ciroleand Parquet..... .... .JWiwnti. (Iroheatra Stall*..... #1 Private B<?xe* }7 The box-office will I*? opened at Metxerott'a Muaie Store th a ( Monday i morning. at l?> o'c o> k. where seats ma* !?*? seen red. jun * MKLOUKON.* Coo* as* Hall.) Ptumtyltami* Mrtnmt, nrnr l?f*. The aboee>* baa hfn entire!} renovated and arranged with re* state acenery. seata. A e.. ex pressTjr for the Minstrel l.tisine**, under the diree tion>>r JOHN W. LANDIS, is now opea for the Winter aea*on with LANDIS' OFEUA TKorPK. Comprising twelve taJenlad performers, STARS* IN THE PROFESSION, who will give their inimitable perfornan~*? n>cbtlr omprisir* new fongs. burlctqucs. .Wgro Lcc n triaitiea, if. A (jrtnd Parformaoee avary SATl'RDAY AF TKR NOt)N. at 3 o'c.ock. Admission <5 cents: Door: open at t>X o'clock; commence at o'c'ock. M. K. COOMB>*, Treesarar. Mallort, Buainesa A rent. jan 4 If '?^HIRD <?R A > D CoTII.LON PARTY <?F 1 TIIE COLUMBIA OCT B. The m^ntberaof the Columbia Cluti t\ka great pleaaur-* in annoui cinc t?. th?"ir frier.da ard tnp pulih'" that their ThikdOa???DCoTiLt.??ji PaKTt of the sMfuin w ill l? si* ?n *1 Colum bia Hail, on MOV UAV. J ui. ilth. 1851. Ticsels FIFTY CENTS-adinitiinu a R?i;t:em.->n ard ladiea. By order j,n4 7<* COMMITTEE * treat 1 H ONOR TO WHOM HONOR 1^ DUE. mosi ra sa 'EL FOURTH GR AND BALL OP THE Terpsichore Club. Tha tuemlx-ra of the T?*rp?.ch"re Ciab moatja apecifullt ancom ca to their nuineroua f iei ds ~ aud the public in general that they will ive one of the,r GRAND BALLS at Odd Fel Iowa' Ila 1, Nav* Yard, on THURSDAY EVENING, January 7,1X>1; Ibe proc-cds to t.e apr:?rriate4 t?* erecting a aiunwiTciit to the memory if B.C. Gre^e up. who loat bis iifa in the discharge of his d?.ty as a fireman. _ _ Tickets ONE DOLLAR. to be of any ?f lha members of the Cluh. Most pontively i o hats or caps aliowed tutua room, excrpt aorn by 'heClul?s. Withers' celebrated b^rd ban been er,paced. Aa there wi'l he t.o |.?dir?' tiiVitatioua is>ued. wa most c^rdia'lT mvita the r attaxlaiM. COMMITTEE 'ALKPStCUoRfi CLUB. jan 2, S. X. <?.?? I^HE GEORGE WASHINGTON C' l Mf ka ft treat tlaaaure in ai nounciot to their friends and the nubl.e in general. th?t their Second Anaual Ball will kiv?" at I'orrrBtJ H*H.<iaortecown.on WEDNESDAY EVE-I NING. January 6ih.l?5K. Hsya Celebrated Cotilloa Band bna bees enpagrd for the evening. No hata or caps allowed in the room on the niaht of 'be Bali. Tickets ONE DOLLAR, admitting a centleman and ladies : to he had of any member of the Clnli, and at the door on the evening of the hall. By order of d3l-4f THE COMMITTEE. A icre >n A Anniversary of the battle of NEW ORLEANS. The UNION GUARDS take treat pleaarre <n announcing to their friend*, military and ~ civic, that their Third Annual Ball will take plaoe at the ASSEMBLY HOOAIS. ON THE EIGHTH OF JANUARY The lTnton Guards pl?-dte tiiamsetvea i?* apare no pains to make thia equal it not superior to their laat (eJI, which wa? ao well patr??iiis?*d by their fnetd*. military aud civic. Eaputa'a Cele>?rated Band i? engaged foriheocca a ion. Refreabments and Supper will be seived l?y aa ex perienoed caterer. Tickets. ONE DOLLAR; admittirg Geatleman and I .sdiea No hata worn in the Ball Roomexoeptby the Mil itary. Committe* of Ar ram term* f*. Captein Bright. Oaart?rma?ter Flaherty, Lieutenant < ?t>er. Sergeant Laeky, 1 leuteni n? Donelly, Se a?nnt Keen. Lieutenant O'Har-% Ser.eant Dooly. jan J-St WAVT8. WANTED? Bv a moat reapeotabie mud<e age<i White Man. a aituatma aa M aner la a family. He tboroughlr understands Ins bus nesa in alt i*a branch*a Any p?raen wiu'iag one a? evch will plaaae addreaa O. H.. at the < tfaoe of tuia paper. 11 Will be moat attentively attended to. v?t ? WANTED IMMEDIATELY.?Several Whrt* Men (Without familiealto wora on a F arm. S miles Irnm the cite. References r? qimed Apr'y toS. PI MPHREY, corner 4^? and south N stree'a. I an S 4t* WANTED?By a Younc Man. a situation to wrik on a harm ami mane Imnselt tc-nenU!> uaelat. Good reeominendations tiven. Apply at Nt?. lf<~ B street, l>etween 2d and 3-<. ja-i 4 3t* I^O ENGINEERS AND MACHINISTS.?A Practice: Draughtsman ?? de?irous of oli'.aiaing emp'oj mant in oopving draw inc. making out work In* drawings, and makint tracings. Ae. Applv.hy letter or peraon. t?i A K., 6Hi L atiert north. jan 4-3t* A WIFE W AN TED.?She must be 1*1 ween 17 - a. and 25 > ear* old. and ahe mast Im a rood a< am stress. One that ha* ik? eh Idren.oi ever waa mar ried. Such a one will fi-dacood Hafband. He t* not rich or handsome, but his treatment and good oondui t towards a a ;f<s is iu* guarantee He can easily make from aix to ni?e hundred dollars a year. Addreaa a letter to Daniel pi*r<*?, ?*rar < ilhoc, atat int where an interview can be had. The w??>ai aacre. I aecreay will be kept. ian 4-2t* WANTED?Situation as Co?ka.m%:e and t< na*..e, in a hotel or anvaie tamii) Best referenoea rni. l>e riven. Address E Mfeiar Ottice. d SI -nt* WAN r E l>? Iri gent lema a, t.ia wife sid Hau*h t^r. rW O KOt.NlS, furnished or unf ?retahed, wita board, with a private family and ir. a reaprct abte Beighla>rh(Kid. Located. |*? weer 5U and iStii 'a weal, and E and I street a rorth. Address J. M. P.. City Poat Office, or Star Otfir*. 4 *a tf W A??7.&V.1 M WJK D I A T ELY?A fumished . HOUSr., with five or six chambers. paH"'*. and dining room. Apply to No. Ifil Browas* d (8 tf WA^l5Dr?fl* tn eight thousand DOLLARS, far three or five ?eara. for whic" ?ecurily will be t?ven in Real F.sUte aituated oh re?n avenue, between kth and loth st*. Inamrv st thia office. d 15 tf WANTED TO HIR E.-#3.<?'. f<?r the term of s yeart. aeenred on an improved farm, of &? acres .oy a deed of trust, aituated near the oil* "* tereat paid annua ly. A a* one wishii.t to invea Will please address J. B S? R' X Wnahinrton Oily. atatint wbeu and where *n view can be had. Intereet paid aemiannuatly if fas9 . tn * w wBffd on nn irtipr??T^? r"Wi "? ?? acree ,i*y adeed of trnat. aituated near the oit?- la tereat paid annua ly. A a* one wishu.t hi invest ia ?k., ?- ? t. . . 11 , vr, inter i ? ;<? ?? WW UBU . 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