Newspaper of Evening Star, January 5, 1858, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 5, 1858 Page 3
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Lffert tUMatmnof. CiTT Cot*cu,s ? JmH ?f AUUrmtn ? Th? Board met at the usual boor; the President, W. F Bajrlf, in the Chair. A oommnnicition was read from the Miror n<Hnl?ating John D Brandt an,ion!7Tf the eastern ?e< tiou of the W ashlar to* Canal in Place of Joseph Croas, removed; ,?S Sill Tboaipwi), h Police Magistrate of the Thlid PUtrirt, In the place of J)an(el tfmith, remold ? aU conflrmtd rm",,yj "Ul "fterw"rd< '?*?? up Mr. Moore pigmented the bUI of Wm Parker for biasing the Northern Liberties engine hou^ cnm-ltte? hoUSe' zsas:.^ p?" ?-?? -EKWSss tee'repon^d Vfo^tK hT ,mPro**ments commit ru'thf*.^! , * ,OWer a biI1 *? ??P fl' j i" the appropriation for gr.d N Vrrct nor,b F-nh \7r Nrw Jen*y ? venae; pa,sed Miit Mowr7* froin wme somm'ttee, reported a to .^ld?PP Y i defideni;yln the appropriation tw,^ J ' ? "??rVrI,D? Misuari Yveioe, be ^ Si,,h bm "" A communication wa* read from the Mayor announcing that the ,1* thousand dollars of7rhe bond, of the Alexandria and Walton Rail X?iffiSSSrt bH due on i i??tanr, had not >>een redeemed, and that ?? provision bad been made by that Company for [he*.* month, interest on the whole amount of t^f ,S. ?" ,h** 3Ul u?*?o; referred primedC?mn,l,t"f ?n "nd ordered to be Mr Ooddard. from the police committee r? p-rted k a bill from ?h^ower loan ^e a' tion to dog,; laid on the table fHa' f on' V>e 'ower board for regradinjr and mmiug portion, of Second Rtreet and \!i?? chusett* avenwe: passed .Maaan laiToTS^ah'.?! ??^rd' * *>?? Previously a 0" 'ame, In relation to do<>? wa, r .ken up and dtrussed at some length, and finally And the hill wa, ordered. Mr *niith offered the following In relation to the tlnanr^l condifion of the Corporation "X ?; *** of Mir c,fy?f Washington h.., failed to communicate to this Board ,inre bis election to the office, the financial conditio,! of this Corporation ; and whereas, it it the ore vailing opinion of the peopirof thi, city that the finance, are ?n a bad rondition. and that the Cor pora.ion is largely in debt; and whereas to di, IT" , rU^'iC m,od on the "uhject. therefore o*T?c'oZ.Z*, ?? M SP'.^.*.75'^:?;%?' c-p-'h wh-?hr Upon fh<* ~??Hon, in ?La ? o Moore, ?m:th and lv>ve partici pated, Mr Rigg* moved that it lie laid over in i*crmu? ?,7^11 ii<>n Wa' the ?t'h of l?,'tl'li?8 "P n the Mayor to ma*- a . r.itement.of the debts of the Corporation a Dor douV!'^>f.h Wa" alr?,d>* Pr<*P*red? and'would th. ?wh tor th* con,ideration of tj.e hoa.d shortly To this proportion Mr Muilh concurred and It was no o.dered ?n ?f ^Ir- Moore, a joint resolution di rI\ K th- settlement of tb^ accounts of R J I ^lJ?:irr C"llertor ol Taiett, wx, uken i tnt* taMf and tion ? Moo"e Ihtn offered the following resolu K'**lr<d, That the Mayor be, and he is berebv VleraVi Ik 'l'0'1" lhu Ward whether John M'. ^ the late Collector of Taxes, ha., made , , account w'lh thin Corpora te V ? ? *x*onl? he not settled, then ?;,al.e,h' r Condiiion. and what pro*re*,?i" "hereof15 C towards the stttlement The rnolutioa wa, laid on the table. *' D?7e "'trodwed a bill making an appro re?M,,r,n? ,hc br?d^ at lhe iuteraet - ti'?n of h ,treet north mid Rock Creek ? kIm # .x' fro,in !hp clalutocommittee, reported ^ i/or r'lirf of John II Robert, M D and Thoa. Miller. M !) ? pa.,.,ed. ' ' And then the Boaid adjourned. Hvtnl of Commom Council.?Mr. Clark, Vice President, in the Chair. u,ylT^Jref> P*2*",ed the P*?'tion of H. Kin<r mHt^J ' ,trferr,,d to thc itnproveineDts com" ih?!r\v'U?k\.fr?.m e,,1''^,ion, committee, reported w!l ir.K 3 q,,a,ifl?d uicui'ier, and **? at the date of hid election W,"d,,M?h*rK?1 fro"? 't? fnr itiT con,ideration. t^,^1 reported from public school commit a r ^ i .ld'Jrmen ? bm ^r the education of j s-ied mu?es *? the city of Washington; hr^rt and qnaldv of ^ ^ th# Aldermen, Wa, taken up and the aiuend>nents concurred in Mr Wallv;e moved to take up the bill for the rtljef of John K. ((utrn; passed n^The biU was theu r?Iened u, the asylum com *r?*n"?T off"r?1' ?>ill for the relief of Can. lort"ry; Teferred ^ in.proven,ents com A1m?, a bill for the relief of Charles Htewart ? name reference. ? Mr. \\ arera o|f?rrd .i bill for grading II street f;r;iraty-rm"tb to Twt"ty-?'xthM.,.; f?me Mr. Lloyd offered a joint resolution authorizing he committee l>cfore Cougre,., to axk an amend in.m to the City Charter; leferred to ways and means conuaittee. ren?rt?J!!'fr0,n ?,mProv',"i'-nt* committee, reported a bill to snpply a detl, iency for "radinif andSf*ve",nK Ohio avenae* pa?ed. rJ-T-i o"1*0 ttoVrd to take up the petition of c?mm,tie!r^I:Jd reto,?"?t to improvements r^t^%hrr\tr:,m nrr dePaftment committee, and I r'\- IrlSef of the American Hook ?n<3 I.aadrr (. ompauy. Anir,^K??rdy l,,oved to lay It on the table, lost. And the bill wa* paused \i^?rtt*Lfr oflt"',?d 4 resolution requesting ?he Ma>or to have the reports of InsJ^ tor of Ftre nW/h" f,,rni^dtb? Ho,rd promptly for the u,e of the committee; ptasoed. Al<w>. a bill authorising the Mayor to off?r a reward for the arrest ?.f reftain partie,; Pa.,sed dJU,r'wm ra,,'i'1 "P ,b' ,"il iH '^tion to dogs, with an amendment by the Aldermen ,!f ,>rn'? moved to re-coinmit the bill to the police committee; carried. Mr. JetT-rjion, from the select committee to whom wa, referred the bill of the Hoard of AN dermen fo, the relief of the assignees of Vespa tTt/J r~; a?!**' . t,,e Mme w,th amendmeuts J**' "Pwt ww lengthy,and the reading oct u fl iT I,f" ?'1^'Mal demand was rrUucrd t1'" ao'oont to *1,1 aPd .,bc WII, a? amended, further re *, J u T,,'' c?0??nitte? also recom mend that if the app.opriation be mad", mea sures be taken to recover the whole amount, or V \! M "i" 7!ay' v.,dur frrt,,, ,Ue Ute collector. J. M. McCalla,or his sureties ] next' lost"* U1?Vrd to P??,P,I"? it till Monday Mr. Lloyd, in explanation of his si-nature t, the report, said, by endorsing It he wished to cmnprom,.e with the committee for the benefit of the petitioner* He wa, of opinion that Mr bill* wa, entitl-d to the full amount. The bill ax amended, was |M>,ed. ' Mr. Lioyd ulfcred a resolution lust.uctinjr the ??> turn coinmirtee to report to this Boaid all change, inthe plan, Jd iprcia!tti new_ aims hons^. and moved to print it and make Hjhe special order for Monday ; subject pass^ The Aldermen's bill to settle the accounts of -rv n" Li collector, wa, passed. I .ie Board then adjourned. ?'Otb UuaoKt "*?H? C*BJX*T.-Tb? New ^ ork papers announce the death in that citv of Ldward W Clay, aged ? years, a relative ef Henry Clay He had served in the navy, prac tised law. and afterwaid* taking up the urofes IMOU of ail artwt, became one of the f.e,t rari. ? ?"e?.Vin?tf? i<lay ^ ttr,t achieve! V? / ln,hi? l?ne wa* his celebrated sketch "The Lat* leaving the Falling House," on the diss* lution of Jackson's Cabinet It ier>re,enr^ ti member, of the Cabinet (in JUTormTra,.) ?caiupering away in every direction while Om "'Ik?ry with a I look w^.LinJ to deialn the rat Martin Van Buret*, by piacln Vih. v "'o" 19,1 Fro,n thi, o?l?lnat!8 i,' ln 1 * fcfin#u? torn mot, who l^itifr ** ! I4.*" fa?her would be|M Philadelphia rp^iied' ?Huding to the caricature, ' When the President take, oil hi, foot " ??u "tue Re..oxatio!I -By the following note ? Wlll ^ tUt *'? a met etficieut officer by the way, has resigned Hie Pre,ida,,cv of the Franklin Fire Company ; To Ik, Offttrrtaod Mrmbtr% ?/ t/,t Kankl,,, '"C leave most respettfujljr to tender my resignation a* Presi dent of the Company. In thus offering my re.,ia nation 1 can a,?uie y?u, gentlemen, that I am actuated by the purest motives; that I feel for and "hall v ver pray for t he pro,per jty of the <^?ui |^r?y. | am. gentlemen, respe, |f,,|fv, R B |)a* ' PrsaMent Frankltn Comjany. Tbi Lx.sctios or liiatLrus, for the Wash ington Gil LitfhtC. Uokpi** yesterday, when ill pursuance of recent arrangement, three direct o-s from W i,hinyton were chosen; the rrmti, Injf two from the owners of sto. k in t?hi? a i pb ?, beret, f?,e three have T.u J J.Jd the Utter pitv The \\ ??hin . i\ ^ d 'ro,n Messrs G Ri ^ (?f>i directot? a;e W Thnrni.^n n,) I,,. 6 ^'"an. mmd J. the itew d, ector aim beiiL * *"',leman ?? thoioughiy conversant with th? b^'lnLw'miTh Uiay be ex;>e< ted from his co-operation ' -V. 1 tad Charles Thomas, charged sritfc stealing a pair of shoes. valued at#2.50, from Lewis Payne, en the 2Pth day of last Augast. were found guilty Ttf Court then took op the caae of John Tay lor. charged with larceny of a shawl, valjed at W. from one Lewis Welch. The jury fouad the pri-oner guilty The cane of James Thomas, alia* Lambeg. aad Gnstv Pric*. both free colored, was then taken up The defendant* stood charged with tarceny or ten bushel* of wheat and two baahel* of corn from William T. Aud. Found guilty as indicted in both ra*e*. Tbe Court then took up the caae of I*aac Lam* bert. charged with larceny of 48 pair* of chil dren's boots valued at MM); 11 pairs of men's boot* valued at 819 50; 20 pair* of shoes valued at 800; from C buries Spate*, on the 10th day of Hept*inl>er, 1357. The jury found the prieoner guilty a* indicted. The Court here proceeded to pronounce sen tence upon John Tailor, convicted of petit lar ceny; he wm sentenced to imprisonment In the county jail for a space of 11 months, and pay i fine of SI Jame* Jo'dan and Charles Thomas were then put in the bar, and sentenced to nime month* each in the county jail, and pay severally a line of 81. Mr. Nortls here made a motion for a new trial of the ca*e of James Thomas and Gusty Price, which was acceded to, and the argument of the motion was fixed for thl* morning. The Court then adjourned. Tg-day tbe court took up, fi st, the case of the United State* rj.Wm. H Msngnm, In which the defendant stood charged with the larceny of one coat valued at 88, one vest valued at 82 50, and twenty-four pieces of silver roln valued at twentv-flve ccnts each, said to be the property of John Dade, on tbe 17th day of December, 1857. The Jury returned a verdict of not guilty. Tbe Court then took up the ca*e of the United Slates rj Isaac Lambert in which tba prlaoner, (who w*s convicted of grand larceny on yester day,) stood charged with the larceny of one coat valued at 8S, one vest valued at 82 50. and twenty four piece* of silver coin valued at twenty-five cent* each, the property of one John Dade, all of which is *aid to have been Htolen in Georgetown on the 17th day of Deceml>er, 1857. This case was pending when we left the room. Tiir i: Railroad Cowistio*'' was held last evening in room No 32 of tbe National Hotel. Mayor Magruder presided, and Thomas H. Bos well, of Virginia, was appointed secretary Gen. Duff Green proceeded to state to the dozen or so gentlemen present tbe purpose of the meet ing, and expressed much disappointment that tlie call had not l>een more fully responded to by the parties Interested. He enunciated two propo sitions, and advocated them at considerable length! First, that Government should capital ize the payment for carrying the mails. Second, that an increased duty should he laid upon iron. A discussion of a conversational character en sued, when it speedily became apparent that the opinions of the different speakers were so con flicting that no harmonious action was likely to be effected, and the meeting adjourned sine die. SKSTEScirn to beHchg.?Yesterday, the slave woman Jenny, aeed about thirty, who. a few weeks ago, murdered her mistress, the late Mrs ll.xzll Hall, at her residence In Alexandria county, Va . was dulv tried before tbe Court of Countv Justices, in Alexandria, and convicted of murdyr in the first degree. The leading evidence against her was the af fidavit made bv her victim, m ortitulo mnrtn>*. The case against her was so clear that there was no question whatever a* to tbe propriety of her conviction. The presiding Justice sentenced her to be hung on Friday, the 96th of February prox imo. ller voung child, some five or six months of aire, was duly taken from her yesterday after noon. She remains qnite hardened. Court or Claim* Yesterdat.?Judge Gil Christ delivered the opinion of the Court In the case of Benjamin Cozzens. adverse to the claim. Judge lliackford delivered the opinion of the Court in the case of Ansart's heirs, adverse to the claim. Judge Blackford also delivered the opinion of the Court in the case of Rebecca Heald, adverse to the claim. Judge Scarburgb delivered the opinion of the Court in the case of A O. P. Nicholson, adverse to the claim: Judge Gilehrist dissenting in the same case. B B French opened the argument for the claimant in the case of John I.. Wirt, and con cluded at 3 o'clock ; when ;he Court adjourned. A Law Lecture.?On Satn-day night last, when Washington was on the alert to hear Dr Mackay on " Hong* and Song-writer*," our voung friends, the law students of the city, were in attendance at Temperance Hall, to listen to a lecture delivered l?efore the I*aw Association by Tbos. A. Hendricks, Esq., Commissioner of the General I.and Office. Mr. Hendrirk*. on being presented to the Association by its President, rmdra verv appropriate and forceable address, which was'liatened to with marked attention and pleasure by his audience We understand that it is the intention of the Association to continue the course during the winter, with lecture* bv Members of Congress and others "learned in the law." Washisgto.n Firkmf.m ix Philadelphia.? A delegation of the Northern Liberty Kngine Company of this city, have been spending a few davs |>a*t upon a visit to the Northern Liberty Ho?e, of Philadelphia. It is headed by the pres. ident of the company, who took with him a quantity of gold-mounted cane*, made from wood growing at Mount Vernon, for presentation to their f lends who entertaiued them on the occa sion of their late visit, at the firemen's parade During their slay every object of local interest h^s been visited, and on Sitnrday last tbe affair terminated by a handsome banquet at the falls of the Schuylkill. At a mfetixg of ibe Medical Society of the District of Columbia, held at tbe Washington li Urinary, January 4th, IHM, the following gen tlemen were elected officers for the ensuing year : Wm I*. Jone*. M. D . Presideut; Harvey I.ins ley, M D.,and Joshua Riley. M. D., Vice Presi dents; Grafton Tyler, M D., Corresponding Sec retary: Jno C. Rilev.M D . Recording Secretary; A J Semmes, M D . Treasurer; Jame* E Mor gan. M D , Librarian ; Thomas Miller, M D., Noble Young, M D . A. V. P. Gsrnett, M. D , Ch. Liel?erman, M. D.. C. Boyle, M D., Board of Examiners. The Lecture by Hon. H. W. Hilllard, at the Smithsonian Institution, last night, upon "The Life and Genius of Milton1' held tbe close atten tion of a large audience through its eutire deiiv ; ery ; albeit his estimate of the blind poet wa? not universally coinc ided in. Tbe next lectures, on Wednesday and Friday evenngs of this week, will be by Dr. J.J. Hays, upon "Arctic Explorations/' Moset Recovered?Yesterday Justice God da rd issued a search warrant to police officers Lloyd and Gill, directing tbein to search the premise* of Mary Dulin for tbe sum of .*'230 in uold, stolen from Edmund Buckley, supposed to be there concealed, The bouse was thoroughly searched, ami nothing discovered; but upon ex amining a privy attached, the sum < f 8210.75 was found. ' Centre Market.?The market opened this morning with a very fair supply in all the de partments. The prices in the sheds continue about as were published in the li*? of Saturday. There was a large lot of pork at the scales, aud wus selling rapidly at 8?-?5 per 10U lbs At the hay stand, the supply was moderate and the prices ranged from 1K?cents to 81 Is per cWt. Gives Up.?This morning, Wm.Raidey, who was arrested a* one of the party concerned In the stone-yard not, some w?< k* since, and held to bail foi his appearance at the Criminal Court, was delivered up by his sureties this morning He was delivered to the Marshal to await the order of the Court. Rverybjdt will be glad to hear that Dr. Mac kay, yielding to the request of prominent citizens and sojourners here, has consented to deliver an other lei ture on Saturday night - taking for his subject 41 The Hongs of England " VVk call attention to the lecture on art nod Its history, to be delivered by Hon. Geo. Taylor, before the Art AssociaiiOH this evening. The rniblle are invited to attend, and will find, in liv er ture matter richly worth hejihiig SfpRr.*RCoc?T?Momtny ?No. 23 The Com mercial Bank ol New Orl-an*. appellant, n. Alexmder Conipton etal Tjvargnm nt of this cause was continued by Mcoirs Ballinger and Hughes for the appellees Adjourned. A Bin. regntating municipril elections In the City of Washington was introduced in the House yesterday, by Mr. Goole of Virginia. It Is the same bill reported by Mr Bennett in the last Congress. , - Real Estate?Yesterday, J. C. MtGuire, auctioneer, sold a lot ou D between loth and llth street*. 25 feet front by 100 feet depth, for 8*,5?i0; purchaser, Wm Orme. The Bask or CoMM^ais, of Georgetown, has declared a dividend of four per cent, for the last six months. Watch Retusm* ? Micbael McQueen, Ire land drunk and disorderly; workhouse 00 day*, john Thos. Tenley. Ireland, drunk in tbe mar ket; do. lodgers; all non-real den's. V QKa*Lv x-rn'mf Cmrtfmitmtff Tli 8t*r. SioisiTowi, Ju.<( 1M Last night being the first Monday night In the I year, oar City Council met pursuant to adjourn- I ment. All the members of both Boards present I except Mr. Mix, of the Aldermen. I In the Cotinril, a message was received from J the Mnyor, recommending a change ia our police system and giving hi? reasons therefor; referred. Mr. Thomas presented the account of Jan. F. I Essex, (SIM),) for livery of scavenger's ho ae; I referred. j On motion of Mr. White, a message wn* tran* mittrd to the Aldermen, informing them that the I Council was ready to proceed to the election of I Corporation offlcers for the current year, and in viting their co-operation. A message in reply was received, and Mess-*. WLite ana Cropiey appointed to conduct the I Board of Aldermen'to the chamber of the Coun- I cil, where the two Boards, in joint meeting, | elected the following officers, viz : j R. Ould. Esq., Recorder. ? i Wm Laird, Sr., Inspector of Salted Provisions I and Gauuer of Spirituous Liquors. Peter W Magrader, Tobacco Inspector Ignatius Clark, Hay Weigher. L. F. Sheckell, Collector of Taxes A Haul, Clerk of Market, tx ojfirto Sealer of I Weights and Measures. Lewis Carberry, Surveyor. Henry Wingate and Geo. A. Mlem. Measurers and Markers of Lumber. 1 Jas A. Burns and R. A. Griffin, Wood Meas urers. j Capt. Tims Brown, Esau Pickrell, Morris Ad- | ler. A. Hyde, John Marbury, jr., Wm Laird,sr., I and George W. Beall, Guardians of the George- I town Hcboois. Henry M. Hurdle, Sam'I McKnight and Thos. Knuwles, Trustees of the Poor. JoUu \V. Gross and Jesse W Kitchen, Police I Officers. Robert White and Henry Reaver, Police Ma- I gist rates. William Chamberlain, Inspector of Fire En- I gines. Judges of Elections?First precinct?Henry F English, R. A. Griffin and Jos. F. Birch; Sec- I ond?E. Chapman, John U. Wilson and M. Wil- I lett ; Third?Theodore Boucher, John Burrows I and John Marbury. jr.: Fourth?Richard Fettit, I Jacob Ramsbnrg and E. B. Brown. The electron of Flour inspector was postponed until next Friday evening. 1 The public at large would do well to be on the lookout for the sharper who succeeded, bv forg- I ing the name of Mr. Benj Rowland, of Wash- I ington county, in getting from Mr Geo. Waters, I of our city, a check (see card of Mr. Waters) on I the Farmers1 and Mechanics'Bank, forffiS. It I seems from the following notice, which we take I from tbe Hagerstown Herald, that he has also I been using the same gentleman's name in that 1 quarter: | " A r'HARrKH ?Some time in the month of No- I veniber last, a man of very genteel dre.'-s and i>>- I lite manners, presented a forged order fiom Mr. I Benjamin Rowland, on* of our most extend e millers, for the sum uf SIH>, at the counter of the I llagerstown Bank, and received tbe money upon it by telling a very plausible story. The forgery was not discovered until last weelc, when Mr. R. I obtained his checks and orders from the bank, I nnd found this one among them. The ft How I represented himself to be a citizen of Lanees e county, I'a., and pretended to be on a visit to this county for the purpose of purchasing a mill, if he I could find one to suit him He had been nego- I tinting with Mr. K. for one of bis mills, and In this way succeedtd in muking his acquaintance, and ascertaining where he transacted his b*nk business. He was evidently a sharper of no mean accomplishments, and will take in others if they don't keep a keen lookout for him " The letter or order with which he succeeded in deceiving Mr. Waters, Is a very plausible one j and the signature of Mr. Rowland is so well ex ecuted as to be likely to deceive almost any one, even an expert in writing From a letter of Mr Rowland to Mr. Waters it appears that he h s quite a variety of nam-* At the Bank in Ha- I gerstown he gave his name \V. Beall. When he I visited Mr. Rowland be gave it as Thos Evans. I and in the order upou Air. Waters it is Mr. Da- I vis. It also appears that he has been traveling I extensively through the upper counties of V irgi- I nia, and in the order upon Sir Waters he repre- I sents himself as having a brother residing below Alexandria.. i The following is p.s near a description of his I persou as we have been able to gather: He is I I rather tall, near six f'-et high, tolerable light I complexion, dark sandy hair, sandy whisk>-rs, I appe trs to l?e about thirty-tlve to forty yea s of I age, rather prepossessing in his manner, w>-a~sa I dark brown cloth cap, brown overcoat, and gen- I erally wtars his coat collar turned up. S. | John Nobmii.k, whose name appeared in the watch returns of Friday and Saturday's Star, is not the John Normile late of Kansas. It* Ttie'Most Tbocblbsomk Cokxs.?From Doctor Scluosser*s work, on Diseases of th* Feet, we lenrn tliat the most troublesome corns are those to l<e foand between the toes an<l at the joint of the big toe?commonly called bunions; and that the Ion* interval of absenco of pain is not to leid to the idea Hint they are becoming inert; and that they will re ir-sin so, for. sooner or Inter, t? the great distress of the person who has to bear it, they will exliit-it ttieir real character. Pain, swelling, fever, miserr o| no ordinary description will anse, and will he difficult, to sulidue without greater attention than caw, under ordinary panl. if tho patients wiio have corns did hut know that they we re their own enemies bv their neglcct of hav ing reoourse to proper assistano?, less serious cases would present themselves. li is therefore, of the greatest importance that those suffering'rom these c >ras should sepk assist ance as early as possible; and as Dr. Sohloiser, wiio so completely understands every species of coins, can still l>e consulted here, none s'.oiild allow turn to depart without obtaining his advice. nAKKIEO. On the 2d instant, by the Rev. Andrew G. Caroth ,U^N.IKL' MI'RPHY to EMILY CAVE NAUG H, both of this city. Diacn, On thotth instant, in the2d jear ofhisage, HAR RY W only sou of John and Martha Myers. His funeral will take ptaoe from his parent's resi dence, No. 2'2 .New York avenue, between 4th and Mil streets. 011 Wednesday eveu u< next, at 3o'cl'k . Tne friends and relatives of the family are respect fully requested to attend. (Uurluigtun or llightown, N. J., papers please oopy.l ? GEORGETOWN ADVERTISEMTS. TO THE PliBLlC.?Please take notioe that I have stuped payment of a Chock of mine dated 3.v)i Dec.. 1?67, on the Farmers and Mechanics Bank of Georgetown, for $&5. S^id check was given to a man representing hims*lf as a Mr. tfavis?who brought a forged order from B011J. Row b ud. of Wa?hington oounty.for that sum. 1 therefore warn ail persons from receiving said check. Respectfully, GW>. WATERS, jan 4-St* Georgetown, Jan. 4,1867. Nm Ri'ppKL. ORTH side of Market >pace, No. 87, between Bridge and Canal streets, Georgetown, ??v announces to eis patrons tuat at his.C"^V\ f m J RESTAURAN I" may l>? found at all^^^vWjjr times the choicest and most excellent assortment of LIQUORS, the freshest OYSTERSand all kir.ds of GAME in season. Meals served at ail hours and at the usual prices. jan 4-3m ^UBSCRIBKRS TO THE STAR, in George ?3 town, are most earnestly and respectfully re quested to he punctual 111 settling with the agent or his oollector, next week, as he is very anxious to square up his books, as near as possible, the first of theyear. . . jan 2-3t <Y"3=? NOTICE.-f. !C S N S E S.-All persons IL 1 whose Licenses from the Corporation of Georgetown expire on the 31st inst..are hereby noti fied promptly to renew the same, otherwise they may subject themselves to a fine. d W-3htwtl0thJan WM. LAIRD, Clerk. LOST AND FOUND. IOST.?On Monday night, between 12th and tith -4 afreets,on H.a BHck Silk LACE VKIL. The finder will l>? suitably rewarded by leaving th? same at the Star Otiioo. jaa *-2t * WAS FOUND?On Monday, the 4th instant?A PURSE, oontsiiiing a small sum or money, which th? owner can have by calling at No. ?!% I. street, and pttyiug lor this adveitisemeut. ja n A 2i * _ IOST.? YesWrJay,somewhere betwoenthe Rai. j road Depot and the reside.>oe of Senator G win. a smulI CARPET HAG. containing baggage, that had been entrusted tothetiaggageasent fordeliverr. The huder will c uil'er an obliga Ion hy return n< it to Mr. MoClintock, llsggagc Agent, on D st . near the corner of Seventh. jan 5 St I OST.?Inthe city of Washington, on Monday or IA Tuesday of last week, and as supposed, in the vieinity either of tne Post Office or of the Capitol. THIRTY DOLLARS; three flO bills; two or mem of the Pfirenix Bank. iNew > ork.anrf the other (so far a? remembered! of the Mechanics' Bank, of New York. Please return to Gov. Seward, corner G and 21st streets, and receive reward and charges. Jan '?-?? WM. BEACH. LOST -On Saturday evening* Jan. 2d, 111 tine* lulls. Two twenties on the Bank of Com merce. Georgetown, and on* ten on the Fsrnaers and Mechanics, same place A liberal reward will he paid b> leaving it at the Star Offioe. It was lost between 7th street and the corner of 4fc, Pa. avenue, jan 4-St* ???. wim me mat 01 tier nurns snweu and lioth ears marked. Tbe above reward will I* paid for her de ivery at my house, on First, between M and N streets south or for any information wm. h may lead to her reoorsry. inn4 3t* KOBKRT A. MILSTEAD. f OST ?<>n Thorsifay. between 14th street ami I j the Smithsonian Institution, by the way of intli street, a small parcel, containing a HAIR BRAID. The finder will rec?iv? the thanks of the owner ami a suitable reward hy leaving it at the offine of tho Star. jaa2-3t - Br J.C. McGUJRE, Auctioneer. rURMTI'RK A*D HOrSltiOBD F. F r ticii AT AVCTIOH.-Oa THURSDAY MOR NING, JaiuVy 7th ,at 10 o.cluck, at the residence of a Wj dcoliniiyt housekeeping, on the went *ide of ltth street, between F and O streets; I shall sell the I-unture and i-tfecta comprising? Ma ho an j Hair-spring Sulh, Chairs and Rocker, Marble top Centre Table, Washstand, Caue and wood-scat Chairs, Lounge, Dili Window Shades, Gas (? ixtures. Car sots Oilcloth, Matting. Bedstead*, Bureaus. Washstands, Mattresses. \\ ardrobe. Pillow*. < :hin&. Ulan, tud (Jiucksrt Ware, and Breakfast Tables, Cooking and other Stoves. Kiluiien Utensils, Ac. Terms: 93D and under, rash: over that turn, a credit of 30 *utl tin daya, for satisfactorily endorsed notes, bearing interest. jan 5 d J. C. MrGI'IRR. Auctioneer. By A. GREEN, Auctioneer. Books, jewelry and plated-ware at Abctios?On THIS (Tnesdat)EVENING and every evening during the week, 1 shall seil, at iny auction store, oorner of 7th and D streets, at 7 0 clock, a largo and valuable collection of Books, Jewelry .stid Plated Ware.suoh as? 1 aw, Medical, *nd Stand trd Works, Byron, Burt s, Snelly, Pope and Mo ire's Poems, Albums, BiMea, Prayer Books, Ac., With a genera, assortment of American Works. ALSO A large and fine collection of Jewelry, such as? Gold and Silver Watches. Chaiiif. Braoelets, Cameo, Muimo Golds oi?, end other seta. h inns. Pins, muds. Cull Buttons, Pens, Ac. Eine plated Tea Sets, consisting of six piooes, iquor and Castor Stands, a fane article. Butter Dishes, Goblets, Mugs and Flagons, Ac.

All of which will positively he sold jaw 5 d A. GREEN. Auctioneer. MARSHAL'S SALE. ? In virtue of a writ of Fieri Facias, issued fr.m the Clerk's Offioe of the Circuit Court of the Distriot of Columbia for the County of W ashington, and to me directed, I snail expose to public sale, for Cash, in front of the Court-house door of fcsid oounty, on FRIDAY, the 291h day of January. 1858. at 12 o'clook in . the Al lowing d"sorit>ed property, to wit: All defeudant's right, title, claim, and interest in and to l.ot Xo. 3 in Square No. 759, in the City of Washington, D. C.. together with alt and singular the improvements thereon, ?eized and levied upon as the property of Fdmond Rile*, and will be aold|to satisfy J uiicial* No. 37!, to October term, 1857, 111 f.ivor of J.;hu Waters. J. D. HOOVER. Marshal jan 5 ts for the Distriot of Columbia. By WALL A BARNARD, Auctioneers. Ccrtur of F??uiylv mia avenue and 6th street. Large peremptory sale'ofgro ck&iks. FuyiTs, I ivrnH.s. Ac., at Auctio.i.? On THURSDAY MOM NING, Jan. 8, we wi I sell, at onr auction room, without reserve, a large assort ment of Groceries, IresU Fruits, Ac , consisting of IOO whole, half,and quarter boxes Raisins, 31 drums Figs, l,0<t" Cocoanuts ?t hags Peinuts, 3 bats Almonda 2) boxes I trances ancf Leraona 19barrels Pippin Apples Imperia', Gunpowd r. ami Black Teas ft burr ?ls Br wn Sugars Shu a R;o Coliee. <5 ixiifsTumblers 20 Itoxes M uidaod Adamantile Candles 60 boxes Soap, 5 barrets Molasses 100 barrels prime Herrings Brandy Cherries, Pickte*?, Mustard, Sjices, Ac. '.11 Iwtsketa Champagne Vt cases brandy and Blackberry Brandy 2? hairels Wl isky, assorted !0 one-eighth casks Brandjr, good article frt t iitcs Smoked Herrings 15 cie? prime Chewing Tobacoo 12 nftrt Cigars, good quality. With many other articles in the Grocery lice?all of wh'cS will be seld without reserve. jan5 ? ts WAI.b A BARNARD, Anots. FOE KENT AND 8ALE. F'OR RENT.?Furnished Apartments and sin gle Rooms, with Hoard. Apply at No. 423 13th street, between G and H. ienSlw* ffOR SALE-A three story BRICK HOUSE, l?tck L'tiilding, stable, and carnage house, situated on New * ork avenue, between Huh and tliii streets. No. Price 94,'"00. Terms: $500 cash ; tte balance in four years in half yrari* pasmentf. Also, one two-story BRII'K HOl'*<E adjoininc. Inquire on the r remises, or of Mr. LEE, corner oft and 12th otreets. ? )*n .Veo3t' A DRUG STORE, neatly fitted up, with hand some Ik.ii les and jars.ani every thing complete, and in good lor.niou. is for rout. Price only $C<i0. Inquite at 113 Pa. avenue. jan 5 . t I^OR RENT.?The Basement part of No.i5'."n F, between 13'h and Uth streets, consisting ? f an excellent Dime; room. Kitchen, and Pantr>. It is mi excellent situation (<>r a Cook, who would lis we I remunerated for furnishing tn?al* to the in mates of the house, besides having an opportunity of supplying families in the neighborhood. jan 5 eo3t * ROOMS TO LET?Furnished or I nfuiiiiaii*-ri A pply at No. 311 G st., south side, near corner 1.1th. jan t 3t ROOMS TO RENT.?Parlors and Chambers, with all the modern improvements, water, gas, Ac., over our store. WALL, STEPHENS. A CO. jnn 4-2w Ph. ave.. bet 9th and |0th sis. I/OII R E NT?The dwelling part of a t hree sloty " Brick IIOI'SK. with a good linck bin ding, on Penti. avenue, nenrly opposite Brown's Hotel, < c copied be o* by Mr. Rot,inson. Jeweler. TtiC whole house h*sjust been repaired and painted. Also, 2 t wo-story Brick Hoiises, in the rear of the same, on Canal street. To good tenants the rent will be moderate. Appi) toCHR. <? H A MM ER , Attorney -at l aw. Office north sideol 1) street, between Sth andtth, r the Cnitauan Church. d3l-tf nea w UI ?? I LIN TON HOUSE FOR RENT.?The Hot I y formerly known as Dorsey's Hotel, on th>* ,-or of ' tli and I streets, will be for rent till the first of January. For terms inquire of MOOK E A CIS SKI.I.. adjoining. d ?i-law3w*_ RARE CHANCE.?For lensc for ten years the most western tsClLD'NG on t^e north ?ld?? of Peunsjlvan a avenue,(near the Treasury,' witii the l.ot on it stands. The premises front V7 feet upon the x.vnnue. ai,d extend l?tck .>5 feet to a S' feet ai ley. Apply to Pr. CH AS. H. C* A ti I \. George town.or to HKLI.ER A McKENNEV, oorner of 7th street aud Louisiana avenue. d l'J-eotf FOR R ENT?Two Rooms, suitable for othresor an othoe and ohaml>er. immediatel* oppos te the City Hall, and over the offiee ??f C S. W'aliach. d 11-tf Applyto Rli HARI) WAI.LACH. Millinery, Ac. \1ILLI\EKV. DRESS MAKING AND UI TKIMMING ESTABLISHMENT. I.adie? visiting Washington are respectfully in formed that we a ro prepared to make up Orersft-, Cloaks, B isques, Ac . at short not>oe. in the latest styles, and Bari?fsci>on guaranteed m a I cases. A large stock of Dress and Cioak I rnnmingc, of latent arid handsomest stviee, with CLOAKS, basques, cnherdrEs-es. bonnets, RIBBONS, and MlLL1.NERV, of every ?leserip tion,a:ways <>n haud. At. WILLIAN. d 15 2?n opposite Centre Market. Madame a. nourrit, No. 716 Walnut st.. below 8th, Khiladelphia. IMPORTER or FRENCH FLOWER*. HEAD DRESSES, BONNEIS AND FINE MILI 1NEHY, ^ Begs leave tt> inform the Ladiiwiw ^0\ ,iii Waslnngtoucity that bhe has opened nor two or tliiss ws.-ks only, a Saloon on Pa. avaaue, l>etween 12th ami J3th sts., No. *5*, wn?r^ Ladies will find all the alsive articl s of the latest and rich-sf style, being selected by M'me N . herself in Pans, during her accustomed yearly visit there forth t purposa. M'me Nourrit having oontracted with Mr. Felix, the celebrated CoifTsur of the Empress Eugenie and Queen Victims, for the sola depot in t<>e I'nited Mates of his H- ad Presses, she will be able to fur nish all the Coifieures of the latest pattern worn at ti e principal Courts of Europe, made by that re nowned artist. Ladies are respectfully invited to call and exnm M?e. d 31-3? A2aw4t* Madam bonnel, DRESS MAKER, From Paris, No. 3S2 18th street west, be'ween I arid K streets. Washington city, has the honor to inform the ladies of Washington and vicinity, that she has fitted up a Dress Making Establishment, where she is ready to make every kntd of work, as Dresses. Mantillas, Basques, Ac., and in the best and very latest style of Paris, reoeiving every month the French Journal De La mode, direct from Paris. nil 2m* THE SUBSCRIBER WILL RECEiVE Proposals in writing until the 8th day of January next for the purchase of the Snanty. Shops, Ollice, and Cement House at the Little Falla Bridge. Al*o for one Derrick, complete, end ell of another Der rick except the mast. The Derricks can be inspect ed and one of them seen in operation at the bridge. Terms of sale: cash in Government funds. Proposals tu be left at the offioe at Little Falls bridge, addreiased to RANDOLPH COY LI?, d 2n-eotJan18 Engineer in oharge NOTICE.?All persons indebted to ma, either by notes, past dues, due bills, or open accounts, are hereby notified that I shall expect them to pay the cash on or before the 1st of January, irw. All per sous not complying to ? his notioe a' the above stated time will have their notes, due lulls, or open accounts plaoed in the hand ofo(bcert, instruo t.ons o make the money. 'J o my ou?tom*rs who have paid me promptly and to those who buy for eesn 1 return tliein msny thsnks. and shall at all times l?e pleased to fill their orders with any goods appertaining to iny business. WM. M. CR?PPS, Wholeealeand Retail <i?pner, iil Louisiana avenue, between 6th and 7th sta. d 22 stawfiw PGOOD MILK. ERSONS wishing PURE RICH MILK can obtoin it at my store, or by leaving their nam" a?-d nnmiier of their residence, and I will aentl it to them. I have made an arrangement with a gentle man. living a short distance from the oity, who is makiag targe quantities of Clram Pure HicklMilL, ,?d will 1 W W,.?. b brown, iau 2-2w corner or llth and I sts. air brusiif:h, combs, portkmon NAIES, CardCaaea, Cigar Caaes, Ac.,a vary large and superior stock, at d 31 MoLA I ^HLIM'S. 20 Pa.avenue. 1MIE SONGS OF SCOTLAND, with the er grsved music,and Piaaioforta aocompaniinents, bar Graham, Madie, Dlbden, Dun,and other eminent musicians. C??mplefe in one large volume, noniy bound, and ooutauuug abmt three hundred melo dies, beautifully ergraved. Prioe ^6 30. Imported I.? PB>TAYKIR. p)TY ACADEMV, _ 48310(4 strtft-11tail**kid ?* 1ft?. School for Civil and Military Engineering, tha higher hranehea of Matkematioe. Book keeping, Plaffi and Ornamental Writing, the Ijangaaget, Ac, DntieereenntedMONDAY, Janinwy 4tM858. dso-ioc PROFt J. FILL, Principal. . AUCTI01 SAUES, TO-DAY \ TO-MORROW MORNING Br wall a berdard, a?cu. Comtr of Pemnsylra*taaten+4 andStk strut. Large sale of rich and costly itf3WJ5TiAT A*ctu>s,.-o? W EDNESDAY ? OKMNO, 10 o'clock. we shall a il. without rcterve, the lar.cst and finest assortment of Rica Jewelry, ft c , that has e?er Wen uuiiifMl or ofiered for sale in tin* cuy at auction. Hold on ac oountof the senior parmer of a .Northern laW?e withdrawing from basmesslat the store on 7th st.. near f'enusy IvantaHvenue, under the Avenue Mouse W e name in part? Rich set of Coral. I?ava, Mosaic aud Turqui-s do. in unie, with Bracelets to matm. Cameo, Coral, Garnet and Moeaio Brooches, do. do. do. Eardrops, Mosaic. Agate and Coral Stud*, do. qii. do. Buttons, ? ilver Card Cases. Pwtwiu?'nr?, l'lamocii l ocket, Seai and Mourning Rings. Wat ell Chains, Guard Chains, G?dd Kr*s, Also, a large assortment of the lineat qua i'j Le ver, Duplex. Chronometer and oilier French and English \V atchea. nil of of wh'oh will be ao'd. jan 2 da WALLA BARN ARD. Aucte. By WALL k. BARNARD, Aeotr. C^REAT SALE OF STANDARD BOOKS. I Pratt's Twestiith Auscal Boob Salk, at 4** rraeiy/caitta nritw, north jirfs.?On THIS EVEN ING. and every evening this week we will ?ell, without reserve, a great aaaortment of Law. Medml. Stan inrd and Miscellaneone Works. Albania. Annuals, A c. in ever* stvle of binding. English and Am?ri"nn Publications, Also. Family and Pocket Bibles, io velvet.calf, and rnoroee > bindings. Prayer and Hynn Hooks, Ae All o( wi'ioli must be sold. This stock is perhsps the largest ev"T off-red in this city. Every book warranted perfeot. jan4-iw WALLA BARNARD, A*?ti. FUTURE DAYS. IK MAK^HAl.'S SALE .? In rirtne of a writ ol fceri facias, wndrr tA* Litn /a?e,is*aed from tne Clerk's office of the Circuit Court of the Lis triot of tVlumbia. for the County of Washington, and 10 me directed, I shall expose to public sale, lor Cask, in front of the Court-House door of raid oouniy.on TUESDAY the 12th day of January 1858, at 12 o'clock m., the following described proeerty, lo wit: Ail defendant's right, title, olaim, and in terest m ard to a house, erected on p trt of l.ot No. I, in Squire No. 431. corner of G street south and 7th street west, in the Cit) of Washington. D. C , seised and levied upon a? the property of Walter A- True, and w.ll be sold to satisfy Judicial No. 2d, to October term, 1857, in favor of Cripps A Waller. J. IK HOOVKR d l?-dts Marsha1 for the Di*tr;st of Columbia. By A. GREEN, Auctioneer. PI BL1C SA I.E.? Ry virtue of a dt-H <>f tru?t ex ecuted to me and recorded iu Liber J. A. S.. No. IJ3, fulioi i!37, 2'il, 259, 26", and Vt?l. one of the liud of ashir^ton county, Distrtot of Co lumbia. I shall, on 'I IIL KSUA V. the 3 st of Deoein l>er next, at 4 o'c ock p. in., in front of the premises, oler for sale at pub;iL auction, to ;he highest bidder therefor,the eastern halfof l.ot No Square No. >i7, in subdivision of JoLn Wilson ami Nichols* Call-in, as the ?>arr.e is recorded in the office of 'he record of said city ol Washington, District of Co lumbia Tvrms cash. The property t? be retold at the risk aud expense ol tbo Lurch-ser uulers the terms of sal- are complied with within three days from the day of sale. EDW. C. CARRINGTON. Trustee, d 9-lawts A. GREEN, Auct. H7-THE ABOVE SALE IS POSTPONED until I HI FSDAY, the 7th January, 1858. same hour. By order of the Trus ee. jau IA7 A. GREEN, Auctioneer. By J AS. C. Moli I' IKK, Auctioneer. TRI ST EE'S SALE OF HOUSE AND LOT, ox tub Jslasp ?By virtue of a deed of true', bearing date on the 1st day of .Nove<n'.<erf 1 . and recorded in Liber J. A. S., No. 75, folio 24, et s?q., tie subscriber will sell *r pnblic sale, on SATI'R DA\ , the I6ih day of Januaiy. l?V?,at 4 odock. p. ui,.on the promises. Lot No. 10, in tbe sul-d?v:sion of Square .No, 4?i5 fronting /3 feet 8 inches <>u 6th st. west, between south D and E strrets. and running back ? itl* Hiit width 12" f-et to a fifteen-feet allev, with the improvements. of a Dvtllirg hoiise Terms of aalf: One half cash, the residue in six, nine and twelve month* for notes bearing interest from ia\ of sale, secured b? a deed of trust npon the property:'and if not compliel with in .*<davsalter the sale, the property wi 1 Ik? resold up??a one week's the ruk and expense ofths pureli???r. Ail conveyancing ai the expense of the purchaser. The trustee will convey only ??ich title a? is vesttd in him. CIlAS. S. WALl.ACH. Trustee. d Jy-eodAds J. C. Mc'ttlRE. Auot. MARSHA l.'S s A I. E.? In virtue of a writ ol fieri facias, umdtr the I.itn 'iir. rs*ued froni the Clerk'f oftio^ ?>f tha Ctrcuii Courlof the District of Columbia for the Count* of Washington, a id to me directed 1 shall expose to public sale, lor Cn?h, in front of t iie Court-House door of sanl Coui:i?.o?i I I l"SI> \ Y, t he i?tbday of January, !2o el'k m..the following descnbed property, to wit: All defendant's right, title, o.aim, and interest in ard to a brick house erected on Lot B, in Square No. >8, on Third street north, betwen E a> d F streets west, in the City of W %.*hingtoH, D- C., ?eixed and levied up<?n as the proper?> of Joliii W. Jordan, and will be sold to satisfy Judicial No. 4#. to Octoler term, I8&7, m favor of Cripi>? A Waller, J D. HOOVER, d 19-ta Marshal for the District of Columbia. 1'RLS'i'EE'S SALE OF VALUABLE RF.AI. 1 Lstatr.?In pursnance of a D"cree pa*?ed on t ic tenth day of April, in the >ear one thousand eight hundred and hfry-tivc, by the Cirent Court for Prince George's county. Bitting as a Court of ? quitv. iu a caune therein aerendtng. wherein Al fred M. R'-rry, next Iriend of Robert E. 'i homrson n;iu others, >? complainant, and Emily WaM and others are defendnnr*. tbe undersigned, as Tru-tee, therein appointed, will expoao at public tale, to the highest bidder, ou the preiioses, on TH L K ?*P \ the It'll day of January, &5fl, at the hour of twelve 0 clock m , if fair, if not fur. at the same time and place on th? n? xt fur d*? thereafter, a t those tm<rrs, parts ol tract*, or puree's of I and, hitua'e hi said county, formerly tlie propeity of the -ate Rieh n d L. Thomysoii. and now ib creed to l?e so(d tor the purpose of division and partition ' ctween h's wid 'w .mil his ehildreu. Tnese Lands or-nixm, in oeparale and uearl) contiguous parce s. upwards <>f mx Hundred Acrcs. The greater po'tion i? opt-n I'liid. There is however, some excellent Tia.her Land Among the tracts proposed to be sol j. Some of tue p-'uceU of Ijnd liave valuable improy-et ents oU them. There is a vi'uabie ?pnng of water on one of the tracts?-and the soil of all the la. ds ?? ? a Rily worked, and well adapted to the r^iMnt of the staple c-ops of th? cui"ty. These lands are in the immediate vein ty of, and will be cold m 'ots to snit purchase's. Terms of sale, as prescribed by the Decree: Five hundred dollars in ca*h,to be paid on ?he day of sale; and iherrudue of the purchase m^oer to U paid in equal ixetAlnients in one. two, three, and four years from the daj of sale; i he same to b-ar in terest froin the day ol sale, and to be secii'ed bv the bonds of the purchaser or purchasers, w ith approv ed cm b mors. And upon the payment of the whole purchase monr t and all interest thereon, ard not befortt. the ni.dorsigned is authorized to convey the premises so'd to the purchit>eror purchasers tnere 01 in fee 3imp e, at his or bcr ?>r the.r coats, free, clear, and di^churg -d fiom al! claims i f the parties to this cius? and of any p *rs'?n or person-- Claiming hy, from or uiitier theio. The wiJow is a p?rt? to the proecedinr.e ir. this case, at d has in writing sig niC??d her assent to t ke in lieu of her doworan equivalent -n money, as asoertainea by l.w, out of the proceeds of sale. ? DANIEL C. DIGGES.Trus'ee. d^| lawt Janl^Vdts rrHUS TEE'S SALE OF VALUABLE HEAL * r?TATK.?In pursuance of a decree. pas*<d on t^?e sixth day of Novemlier, 1H57. Ii> the Circait ? ourt for Prinoe George's oounty. sitting ??aC<?urt of Equity in a oeuse in said Conn depending, wherein Marcaret S. A- Cumming. next friend to Edmund B. Cumming and others, is compl-tinan*, and l-dmund H. Cumming and others are defend ants, the undersigned, as Tiustee therein appoiyted. will, if ibe same is not previously disposed of at Crivate sale, expose at puMm sale to ibe huheet idder.on the premises,on THUhSI) A \ .2 st Jan nar?. IJM, it tfio hour of 11 o'clo'-k a. na., if fur. and if not fair at the same time and place on tbe next fair day thereafter a.I th<t v?luabie R.-a| t state situate in said Oounty. which was neretofore oon veytd to the Hon Thomis W.Comming now de ceased and intestate by one Martin Huoii and Lu< y Ann, his wife hi fee simple, oon'aimiig on' hui.dieu *"d seventy-seven and a ha'f acres, more or less. rhese Lands are very v? ualtte; the soil ie of a character peculiarly adapted to the cuttivai p i, and maturity of garden and farming production* ; the county road to Washington, by the wa> of Sev rntn and North ncr^cfrt. i* a touudiirv nn one side. The health and eociet* of the nei hl>or n<>od is unsurpassed in Maryland or the Di-tr.ct. There are several streams of pure water and one large spring o>. this estVe, winch i? witUin two inilcs at the "Soldier's Home " and wi?bin five mibs of the Ceulrc Market. The land has l*>en divided into several lots, raiisinc in me fn?in I i to 7ti acre*, with a sufficiency of Wood on most of the lots, and will l?e sold in parcels if deemed to the in terestel the pa ties. The Dwelling House and Oat-bouses on th's es t?te ar? large ard oomn.odious, and in exeelleut older. This estate adjoins the property of late Ste phen Markwood, the Messrs. W lugerd. Digger, Clark and others Any information will be given to persons desirous ofpurcbasiug.on application to tl??' Mtemened, personally or by letter. The Terms ofSale as prescribed by the decree are as follows:?One tiivuxaud do iars oash ?>n the dv ol sale, to l?e paid in fnwls of some Distr.ot or Haltnnore Hank. The residue of the purcbAse mo ney to be paid in one, two. three and four veers, m equal instalments. Itearing interest frrm the d?> of sale, and to lie secured b? the Uinds of the purcjia ser or purchasers with one or more no-oMwers, o bs approved by the undersigned. Upon the pay ment of the whole purchase money, and all interest thereon, and not le*fore. the undersigned, as trustee, will oonvey to tlie purchaser or purchasers, or f heir heira, tbe property ao rurehas* d by them. fre?.clear and discharged from all claim of the part ins to rttis suit, and of ail persons claiming I?t them or under them. The widow has joined in the prooeeding for a sale, and has signified her ooneen' in waiting to tskr an cquiralent in money (in heu of her dower out ef the proceeds of sale, a* ascertained hy ?aw. Daniel C. DIGGES. Tmste?. d 3t-3taw?wAdts rliNGFELLOW'S POETICAL W ORnS L Londo.i copy, with one hundred designs, by Uil I Art tMhsiela"?l otb-rs. finely bound. TENNYSON'S POEMS, Loudon ocpy,nuiner illustrated and finely bound. HOmW AFFECTIONS. SELECTED FROM THE POETS, Charles Mackay. one volume, smal' ^uartv?,L?Ddoii, I'M, hcoly bound, with 100 eugtav 'TrY ANT'S POEMS, small quarto, 71 engrav ings. hneU bound. LALLA RooKH, anall qaarto, finely ill as trated and b?und. BRACEBRIDGE HALL, small qaarto, nimar ou? engravings and finely ls>?nd. And 6ne editiMS of most o<her English and A me rman writers, in Poetry and Proae.eotiM bewyfilWjy illustrated, others nehty Ix uihI. may k foandat the bookstore of the uuderaigaed. mosily imported l?y himsolfdirect from Loadon. j.m | riANCIJ^I IAtK. BASKETS. DOLLS. DOLL ARM?. DOLL ^JHeads. Doll Sho^, Ao., TELEGRAPHIC NEWS r?rtfcw lr?a Kium. Cinc'xkati. Jan 4 ?The W Lout* Democrat *av? thai tbe passe-nyers f om Kuui report tbc following Oa Fr>day,3?th olt., nfw? LMmwtrik of an mtrafrnmit bet wee* tbe troops under Gen Lane. at *??ar Mount and the I'n'ted !*UIe? dragoon*. Tbe otBeem ordered Lane to suriender. but be rrfuaed. and tbe dra poop* rbargrd upw bun. aod were epulard wilb ? lo*? of thre* of their number The d?a |ooi< then retired and sent to Governor Denver for reinfo-crments, who o-d? red three more coai panics of diagoons lo tbe seat of war. It vm ex per trd there would l>e bloody work soon. When tLe n*-WH of the en^a^ement wu re ceiwd the people commenced nnraniBiui:. and were burrvinj to assist Lane. and It was ?? pec ted before tbe dragoon* arrired be would be reinforc*d l?v 2 jiti men. There wu isteneees citemeat, ai d tbe |<eupie of Lawrence were pre paring to take to the Held Mr. Calhoun, tbe president of tbe Constitutional Convention, bad fled 'be Territory. . Let* ol the Bark bam tlick. Boitow, i?n. 3?The American bark. Hani Slick. fiom Boston for London, put ta'o St Mi chael* (Arores) on tbe 4th ult , leaky. Tbe crew cut away her inast* and threw tbe cargo over board, and were obliged ultimately to abandon her. She van at < td> ntaily aet on Are. She lte? Oil tbe rock- four m'le* west of flt Micbaete. a total loss. Tbe crew were saved. Caatradictad. CurisiATi, Jan 5 ?A * penal dispatch to tbe Osteite denies the trutb of the report from Saint Iiouia, vMterday. In relation to Kansa* It also adds that the accredited a^ent of tbe Associsted Pre** at St. Lou in baa been itrk for aeraral day*, and bin dutiea hare b?en perforated bjr proxy Etecutlen af Den nelly Peetpeaed. Newark, N J . Jm 4 ? At tbeaperiai request of Donnelly. Gov Newell ha? chasped the day of bin execution from tbe bth to tbe Uth cf Janu ary?the lonpeet period under the cmystitution of New Jersey to which it could be delsyed by tba action of tbe Oorernor. __ Wreck af the bfclp Junpw NnfOiLUKi. Jan 4 ?The ship Jun1ft?r. of Philadelphia. Tom Rio liouiid for New Yerfc, went ashore IV* mite* MMith of Pemamhueo Her cargo consisted of C.tHJW big?nf coffee Tbe rea-?el is a total lone. The crew were aaved Vw York Bank Mateaeat Niw Ydl, Jan 4 ?The weekly atatement of the city bank* ?howt the following total*: l>ouns increased. specie iiureaaed. 9I.4W.mhO; circulation Increased. 913s,UK'; nominal increase In deposits, S2,9B5,0U9. Marine Diaaitrr. ArorsTA. Jan. 4Tbe acbooner E 8. Fud H?.M?n, Charleston for Indian River, 1 ion d.i, with (jprenuiKnt stoies, w? wre< k?d at tbe hitter place on the 14th ult. Tbe cargo was lost, but the captain and crew were aaved. Escape from Jail. Philadelphia. Jan. 4.?Donnelly, who is un der sentence of death for murder, in New Jersey, escaped last nip bt from Monmouth county j>il, bat was re arrested early this morning Arrival of the Cahawha. Xtw Yobk. Jan. 4 ?The steamer Cahawbs. from Havana with date* to the 3tHh nit . hse ar rived Sugar was active at a slight advance Walkers steamer, the Fashion, was In port L'hel Salt Withdraw New Yoke, Jan 4 ?Ths fifty thousand dollar I'bel ouit of the Austrian consul against the New Vork Kxpress was withdrawn this evening, by mutual agreement. Tbe New York Legislature. AvBs.Hr. Jan. i, 1<k p m.?The t-enate has organized by electing Republican officer* One American voted with tbe majority and two did not vote at all. ?? ( oagrr ssional N omlnatisn. Boaxos, Jan 4?Geo. Osborn ha* been nomi nated by tbe Democrats, in tbe Seventh district, for Congress, to supply Mr. Banks's vacancv Baltimore Markets Balttmokf. Jan 5 ?Flour is .t--ady at S4.50 for Howa'd street, Obio. and City Mills Good to prime white wheat SI lClaSl 20, fair to p-ime red 51a.fl ig> Corn has adrauced, sales cf white at 53aS5; yellow 55*57. Whisky is quiet at 20ss2Lc. New lark Markets. Ngw Yobk, Jan 5. -Flow el?*ed buovint at a partial advance of V : *a'e? of?,000hhls :enir inos to good State P5 i5af 5 St. Ohio S4 6Sa4 Hit; Sonthern S4 9UaP4 90. / Wheat Is firm; sales of 3 500, Southern white f 1 25. red *1 !0*?1 15 Co-n elo*ed with an im proved tendency; sales of :)*? bushels; Soutt e'n wl ite at 59-6!r Po k ?* heavy Beef and lard a?*dull. W bisky is dull at 2l*il ^c for Ohio Fiaancial ? Ntw % okk . Jan 5?Stocks a^a dull and irreg ular. Chicago and Rock Island Cumber land Coal Com. ; Illinois Ce itrai sha es 91, M ichiiran Southern )9j N?w York Central 7a Iteadiu^ o3\, M.lwaukie and .Mississippi jJ, Virgiuia 6 sMissouri 6'* Ttt. ^JLNERAL WALKERTAKKN PRISONER. IMPOKTiyr Tn THE PVBLIC Jt5?cn Wobth or Boors a??d Shoes tobbSolp. stock of PfL I I?' ? determiRcd to run ofl my entire stock of BOO!S AND >H<?KSat creatlyradaaa , vricee. M> o ject in so doiti* is to c<obc1 itU hit stock as nosr as possible by the Utf ? ?I Mat ah. m order to make exton*ive im provements in mj store r? om. M v stock of Sboes is iantar, cheaper, acd better tiisu it lias ever t?eeu taefore A few ol tne kind I have to ofier I will asms 3tX> pans l.adies Back Foxed Gaiters, thick a^ios, ut S'. uh^ap at 51 >' 250 pair* l adies' Black and Colored Gaiters, a! 75 cent* ? heap at 51 i5fl phirs More000 tt? ots, ttuek soiea. at #1. very cheap I *? purs Moroe o Boots, a' 7i cents i5i> pa;rv LaiicK' Black and Coa-rvd Gaiters, vith heela, at f i J7H With * rener*' a *sortm*nf of Ladies', Gentts men's. Boys' and Cluidrsi.'s *(ioes of all kinds, that are kept iu a first el-ss shoe store. 1 would rr.obt ra?p? cl.uiiy invite all to aiva me a ciil before puichasior. Bn g ths adveritsauieu. along and see for jou self. Terms in all oases cash F M MAflVl'ORI. d 3< 2w corner "lh a< d I streets. No S1J. B o o K s! books:: GIFTS :-GIFTS !!?GIFT?* :?! PHILBRICK'S THIRD ANNUAL SALE n?w open at .Ve. 476 Pemmftflramm arrast.jl ft deer cast a/ Cniud .tat*s Hottl. Our STOCK OK BOOKS consists of wereral thousand vo.uui**.embracing thecboioest hi ip p- aa Amerioan I .iters'ure. wind) wi! i<es'd *t tne publisher's lowest prices, and manv of rhem for le?f, and a BKM'TIKt't. PRESENT will be made <iii'?n?iiate|y aft?r the saie)t<>eaeh purctuuer of a book f?>r which we reoeive 51 atsl upw ards. Our PRESENTS consist ir> part ?Y? Gold a'id Silver \\ aiolies. (Jilil la>cksts, Braaa let*. Ai inlets. Chan a, Caim o, Goid-t>U>ne aud Mo sa.e Pins and Drops. Studs and Sleeve Butt??i a. Gold Watch Kevs, Cuff Pins, Peua. Pencils, Kin**. 4 c. ?iTyi worth of Presents will lie &ireu away with each thousand B<Mik* sold Catalogues of B<*>kt oan !>e olrfained at the store. I> and centletnen a:e invited to call aud ex amine our stock of Rooks and Presents. Sale* l>ny and Lveuine. d 11 -af J. PHILBRICK. Aaetit. f OK D BYRON'S WORKS. Murray s I i 1.01 .Ion editi n. in rurpie e?<r hi'd?ng Ktityi t's Pictorial Siiakspeare. 9 vols., octavo. Loado'i. f reen calf . The >t rat ford Shskspesre. 10 vols^ London, in ^TliaCabioat Shakspears, IS vols., Loudua.eioth " British Poets. 4.?ola . London, half oa f. Rose's Bio?raphioal Dictionary, 12 vols., London, "k^Iiu's Ancient History, X vol a., 1/oadon, many maps. 111 half oalf. Uuinct's Histories, i vois^ Lendoe, iialfea'f. |>ran Swift'* Worka, Roscoc's cditfn, 2 v.>'s., London, half ealf. W be well's History of the Induetive Science* ,s vo'e.. Lend on. fn 1 oalf. bu. war's Novels.^" vols.. Lontlon. green on If. And n ary other standard works m hue hiud.nga. imported froin Loudon, hj d?i FRANCK TAYLOR. THF. ADYKNTI RKS OF A CAT. awl s fcne Cat. t?M?. ooloreil eiigr*vuicr; Loudon. 1B'7. The Adveutures of a Bear mda creat Besr. too. colored engravings; l.ondim, 1K57. The Adventures ol s l>og. and a good !><?, too, citloroii engrs' iuf*; Lad w IS57. 'Hieiattlc Pi'snm. by A'fred Crowgui., l>cauU fu'ly illustrated; London. 1857 Fairs G??ld translated from the French, many li lustrations: I o??dou. 1U57. . , Tale, and Fa>r* Stor es.tianslated from the <>er roan; London. 1*57. _ ? _ Sasetford.a st<?ry f. r the icang, many illustra tions: I AWKhm, 1IWT. ... tvda Morton.?r School-room Deya. many diustr* tio-s. Loudon. ItJ^- _? With salt ottoe1 new B?K.ks. Lnalieh, hreacti. A li American,for youths ofal 1 sees^ / a RI EN T A I.N AIL PO LI SH, orisg s f^atc ju 1 U lustre to the finger nails, at GIBRS^T Hair Bteee. naar Mah at rem. Pa. svs. w *? a*s w M. J. BTONE.J*^ ATTO RS FYATIAW. Has aaMorsnhis Ofhoe sad H eside? ee toVh dis t, on J udietary aquaee. one done fro" Louiawma avenue. *ti OKALTIFI L WOOLEN ?OODS. SOOTS