Newspaper of Evening Star, January 6, 1858, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 6, 1858 Page 1
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pububhmj} m9mmt jlftmmjfoojf, /?ONDAY BXCBPTEO,) " AT TH* ITAA lUILOlRdl, c?rnm- mf pm. mmd jzlff+mth ttrni By w. D. WALLACH. ? >* Meat*., ft for tkre. months; &iid for imi than ?r*e month. at the rate of tss: #*nu *? tw? o?^?. /"**"? (of ??Kkt ime. to the s?nare> ?"mi-week??"**'"*" f?f t,; ?T#fT *U*r d%T or per oem. adiafoe 0*nt? "* ^??#! ?D<" * W#ek'* EsrAPK and RRIAPTIHE ?r THE R ??*XELLY. DESf,??AT* ErroRT for Prirhojh?SpIedt KicApTrti. [From the Monmouth (N. J.) Inqoirrr Extra] F*BR?ot,i?, N.J. Monday. Jan. 4. I8S8. in tK? u JameaP Donnelly, confined ? l^rrUtV*,UntJ jaiI' UDder ??ntence Vii* ?! %'t ?n Frid^ n9xt' for th? murder ol nf a *" .*?"6!,? ** the Highlands, on the 28th ^UiP! " effttCl?4i his em-ape about 10 0 elock ast evening. The watchers employed tjssh th0 J"1/*' ^e night, Messrs. oQuh Lamberson and James Iirusbanan, had not en place UP?U daU** when the escape took Their attention was first attracted by hearing Jartwkinh' J'K'r ha<l l>ean *but ^ the jail S?the C,rHfCJ WerVUl'DS in t?>e front rim of the Court Howe, which is occupied a* a sit ting room by the family of the jailor. (The Hon" l*th^e!7 lD ,he rear of th* Court IK f he/at once went there and tound the door of the prisoner's cell locked as usual thl? loo)k,n*aro1ond- however, they dieoovered the i.orvdoor loading to the jail Jnr(i ?|iKhtlT h?l jhna *}.onc* 'urtni.**d that the prisoner h.^fl *nd entered his cell to ajicertain. *A There the bed presented ratber an unusual h bol9t,'r having been placed bo a. Tkl 7k Pf>tarau^ ?* * m?n lying asleep 1 he cha.u with which he had been confined E? atWrI?UnTh " thn rU' hu 'rin* Cut ??d 2,1 j T,h? ee,i door had a,s"' heon an tSrSi tlT W- L -e heftv* door ?P*ning into the jail yard, which is inclosed by a brick wall about 14 feet in height. ??*n of 7??!* b66u P,a-e<l against this wall leading to the window sill, from which the top was reached ?n4a.ladder had been placed against the outside, bv which the descent wa? made easy and safe. I p to this time this is the ! th? prisoner, so far as we have been enabled to learn. An soon as it was found that Donnelly was out the alarm was given, the Court-house bell rung, and the citiiens of the villago gathered to |eaxn the fact. Messengers were at once sent to Jamesburg to telegraph to New York, and to Keyport. aud all the various stations on toe route. The Jailor. Mr. Van Doren, was in the jail a few minutes prior to the time the escape must have been made but discovered nothing wrong Dossblly Ricaftcrsd. P S M o'clock.?Donnelly has been re taken He was captured between this villar* and Keyport. by Messrs. Lamberson and Chas Lonover, who met him on foot. They had been to Keyport. and saw a boat standing on and oft and being satisfied that this waj intended to' carry bim away, they set out to search for him and met him near the residence of Mr. John w Herbert. When told to stop, he paid no attention, bul u ij' ' on unt'l Mr. Lamberson took hold of him. when be at once gave up. and wa* brought back to this place. lie completely ex onerates everybody connected with the jail Donnelly say* he had a team engaged to take #bim away, but they did not come; that he has spent a great amount ef money in the attempt which has so signally failed, and boasts of his ability to pick any lock on the jail. He ap pears to consider hia capture dne to the saea city and perseverance of Mr. Lamberson ol whom he speaks in the highest terms of admi ration. THE LITTLE* MURDER. The Rochester Democrat published an aceuunl of the murder of Littles, which is evidently basod on the revelations of his wife Ira 8u>?t aud Mrs. L agreed that Littles was to be made away with, tb .u^h the motive for this is un known. On the evening in question the jealousi of the husband was excited, and he wa* led k believe he would surprise his wile in with a paramour. , Mrr Littles went to the ground below Falls Field, a little before 9 o clock on the evening ol . aturday. I?ecem?^r 19. an 1 ; followed bv Ira fttout and Littles?the firmer armed with an iron weapon, supposed to have been un known to Littles, and the latter with a piece ol chair, found on the spot. On reaching the ground, a favorable position was sought by Im and the blows quickly given, which felled Lit l L 1 Tat ,nstanllJ proved fatal. Littles Efltlir .the opportunity to resist or defend huusell. and the blows were repeated until he had alin-jst ceased to struggle 'lr?Wl ?he body to the pre f il l n^.heinz familiar with the ground H tl?rth !?' *,"',Unc? ^'ine thirty feet his shoulder and arm striking so as to break the latter, as has boen heretofore described. In ho terr-.r lie called to Mrs L.. and she. not fulh comprehending the canse or extent of th* ca lamity. ?Urted to goto his assistance, ami be fore being aware oi danger, she too went down the precipice and in the fall broke her wrist ? rrili5bt ^juries The bruise, upon Mrs. L s t*ce, ic . were cause ! by tht wiV. I "! * . prrfui<3|y' an(1 her clothes were Probably made blo-niy from this rathei than by the blood from bar murdered husband fa ^TJr/r u'?e' ntirely hel ;>less, havinj fainiod away^ He believed hiuis?|f to bo dying ' Mf? Litt,C4- however. rJcof ore.1 sufficiently to n,li and drag Littles bMv u the water, assisted, we presume, (thoughof thii we are not positively informed) by Mrs. Littles i?*? down to the oblique path will gr at difficulty, and her torn skirt*, brokrr cmbs. lost rosette, aud the burs in her hair are accounted for by this fall. an(1 bj the ,nb. *l?ng the steep bank and then up the path t.) the stone quarry. Trial* of m Y.nns Lady?Loved Two Deep. If. hat Lout Both. Pfcti 1It!I*k-,'le?.e.of romjlIlce came before the J hiladelphu 1 olice Court on Tues<lay last which we copy in the hoj^ that it may be a warning to you ,g ladies who wish more thar one lover at a time : A Miss Mary Tipton, a nice little dress ma *er ha* for some time been encouraging the address of two lovers, one a taUer named Feo llJSlw??. ?rocer>- c,?rk called " spouse Pl e)M;b ]'ar^in ev^ the!TmV*.ninS' h"!h lo7.e? happened loeallai the same tune; and. while they were waiting M*arvChot^ai*donti'm tu ?PP??r. Mis.? a nroJ^r ttdJ?'n,n5?P*rt,o*nt. overheard ??.?T.h11" ^ 7 V^rm? his rival h2! t t J. S'Ye "P tb* Pu"uit in dtfavM arcft tfrf,m tbe torment of 1boP< * "'a*11 ST,>i,J th? horn o^hef THiL ni *?.<lD8 M*rJ united to th? ether. This suggestion, which showed thai S^'Jnhl b^??tnfrr feelin?than love iu the mTv burlt!JST!il,0r'hU?t once. th?7r t * r(^U> "n<1 -sacked-' him on u?'pr'y A'/?"a " German had departed grocery clerk, and threw him into an extacy bv ieclann^ that be was lb. elected of her heart 1 he tender scene which followed was bronrtii to an untimely terminalion bv the re-entram e ?L[r ir 'h rej,;Cteld.,Uld infuriated Ih(,, tailor He had ?>een to his shop, which h<?p pene.J to be m the neighborhood and brought away a large pair of shears, (one of the innde inept* of hi? trade,) and caflne back with the avowed purpose of executing vengeance on his successful rival. Never was there a more fe rocious boss tailor than thi? Feodcrman Amu ra was a mere sucking Iamb in eotnparison tr ,"k!? f *rwoery caught a gliinp* th t *'?ain,ng steel ?nJ hear FeiHlerman, n? e? iJ9< tai,or' ? determi nation to cat off his ears, he fell on bis knees al1 clai? fo tbe h?i.d and heart of Mis. Mary Tipton Naj. he pro eelib'n'/* ,f ^ ma,le a v,'w of perpetual eel.oacy^ a,;d w.llmg to swnr by the riv.-i iLrai'n*' if V 1 W"Ul<J '"'Ver '""k at a W"in ,n ag un if Fenlerman would agree not to cab bage any po.tioti 4,| his ears Th. screami ?>] ffj' 1,1/.h" ??Mnwhile, had brought iu ?vme ij the police, but it waj too late. &e re ?reant grocery clerk had saved bit hearing ap * ???'-?/'? i <;? i sjv c * rv, i ?mttig ?tar. ii??4 _ u , * ? ^ ??? ' VOL. XI. WASHINGTON, D. C., WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 6, 1858. NO. 1,548. ?. " ? paratus by a full And final renunciation of his sweetheart. And so, inateadof two beaux Mis* Mary now has nose at all. But sbe avenged herself, in a meagre, by baring Feoderman arrested, and bound over to keep the peace. WHAT'S THE ISK T Smith had made a purchase of a quarter cross box of matches, ? because." as he said," we should study economy in these times of no busines* and little money, and these cost only twenty-five cent* at wholesale price, and would cost seventy-five at retail." ?Tone* laughed at the idea, yet he acknowl edged there was something in it; but when he saw Smith oarefully marking his name and number on the bo*, be grew impatient at tbe delay, and wanted to know, ' What's the use?" " Why, in caso I should lose it, the finder would know who it belongs to." Jones laughed immoderately; first at the sup position that it would be restored if lost, and secondly,4? W hat's the use, when you are going rigbt up in the oars and will carry it yourself? and your marking it looks as though you didn't know where you lire, and so you putyour num ber on your purchase to remind yon. Yon are like the follow I have heard of that pinned a guide-board upon his hat." And thereupon Jones indulged hugely in a machination at this explosion of his own wit. Smith replied : 44 True, 1 am going 1o carry it myself, but I might ferget it and leave it in the car " 4*Oh, fudge! all nonsense! (lire it tome, if you are so much afraid of your memory; let me carry it." So Jones becamo a common carrier for the time losing. and the two went home together and dined comfortably, and by that time it was dark, and there was a call for gas-light as they came up into the hall. '? Father, you promised to bring home some matches, if I would not buy any of the peddler. Did you ? Where are they ?" '?Jones, where are the matches ?" * 'snow- Didn't you bring 'em in ' ' "Th^n. by thnnder' they re left in the car!" Then, by rain and mud, you put on your coat and hat, and take an umbrella, and walk down to the corner and get a two-cent box-^for there is not one in the house." Jones obeyed erders, for be felt a little down in the mouth, after bragging so much of his carefulness and non-forgetfuTness, to think he had finally done just what he said he should not do. ??I say ?as he stood looking out into the pouring rain, he said??? sha n't I buy a box like that one, and done with't >M " What s the use 1 It will cost double what I paid; and besides, that may eome b.iek again." "Oh, fudge." That wa*. a favorite expression of Jones'; and the idea of the box coming back, tickled birn so that he laughed all tho way to tbe cornor and back, nnd for half an hour afterward. It tickled every risible in his frame to think that a package like that should be restored He laughed till he grew fat that night, and said, by thunder ?another farorite expression of Jones the next ?lay, until ho laughed again and again to think ??how queer!"?nofwhat's the use >" of marking a bundle, when he read the following note: 0FKI?-E3DAvENrB IUlLBOAD CoMPAXV, i ? Niw York, Dec. 11, 1857. ) To Johs Smith. Esy.?Dear Sir : Allow me to return to you tbe accompanying package. II was found in a car one night this week by the conductor. Heciqgvour name upon it, I judged it to be yours, aWfltfeot It accordingly. Yours, 4c., J. Woloott LAFEitftA, Keoeiver. " By thunder," said Jones, " I have learned three good things. First?It is of some use to mark u bundle. Second?That that road will make ten timet the value of that bundle out of me for returning it. Third?The mo?t careful person may sometimes be careless, and then he will learn what's the use to mark a bundle." iV. Y. Tribune. Robinso* Crisoe's "Lkviatha*."?The following "hit" at the builders of the great steamship Leviathan (which cannot be laun ched) is. as many readers will recognize, an extract from Defoe's delightful story of Robin son Crusoe: I went to work upon this boat more like a Tool than ever man did who had any of his senses awake; I pleased myaelf with tho design without determining whether 1 was ever able to undertake; not but that the difficulty of launching my boat came frequently into my heiia, but I put a stop to my own inquiries about it by this foolish answer which I gave myself: "Let me bnt make it, and I'll warrant I'll find some whv or other to get it along wheu it is done/ This was a most preposterous method, but the eagerness of my fancy prevailed, and to work I wont. I failed a cedar tree; and I ques tion much whether Solomon ever had surh a one for the building of the temple of Jerusalem. i Wfif hacking and hewing it at the bottom. I wa*" fonrtoen more getting the branch** and limbs, and the vast spreading bead ol it cut off, whicb I hacked and beweu through with axe and hatchet, and inoxprossible labor ; after this it cost me a month to shape it. It coat me threo months more to clear the inside. \\ hen I had gone through this work, I was ex tremely delighted with it. Tho boat wm really much bigger that I ever saw a canoe that was ui.vle of one tree in my life. . Many a weary "froke it had cost, you may be sure, and there remined nothing but toget it into the wator. It lay about one hundred yards from the water, and not ur>re ; but all my devices to got it into the water failed mo, through they cost me in finite labor too. This grieved me heartily, and now I saw. though too late, tho folly of begin ning ^ work before we calculate tho cost, and before wejudge rightly of our own strength to go through with it." The farmers will brag as well as grum ble. 1 he weather is never just right, ana their crop* are all bound to be ruined ; but after they all are in, they do love to tell what famous ones they have had. and how much work they did in no time at all getting them undercover* "Out in Michigan, lai?t summer," wri'CKa friend, a number of farmers were sitt:ng in front of a country store, at the close of a sultry day, and telling storiesabout their work, and soon, when one of them took tho rag off tbe whole of them by relating his experience: ? I sav, you have told whopping big yarns now ; but I II just tell you what I done once in York State, on tbe Gene see Flats, and on my father's farm. He owned a meadow just a mile long,and one morn ing in June I began to mow?sun about an hour high?and mowed right along the whole length of the field. The graas was so heavy that I had to mow down to tbe lower end of tbe field and walk, or, as we say, "carry my swarth." Well, I worked on till sundown, and then quit. I jurtt thought, as the meadow was exactly a mile long I 'd count the swarths, and 1 did. and there was one hundred ' That, gentleman, is what ^ ork State tolks oall a big day'? work.' 'Soyou walked two hundred miles that day, did you' asked one farmer. 'And mowed all the while you was walking V said another. '8o it seems, replied tbe mower. ' I tell you the facts, and you can make a* much of it as you can " , - ^ ^ letter to the Philadephia Inquirer from New York says? I notice the arrival here of between one and ?T? ?.un<*re<* boxes of bacon from Liverpool. Ihe history of this shipment is worthy of rocord. A boat a year and a half ago they were shipped from St. Louis, via New Orleans, to England. The market there not favoring a profitable sale, they were transported to Australia. Here agair the market wms glutted, which caused a return of the lot to Liverpool; but tbe state of affairs there induced the owners to deliver the baron here, for the purposo of being soaked, scraped, and resmoksd. and tbus mane ready again for the maket when price* shall revive Special Notices. To THE ClTIZI** or WiltHMTOV.-lft^A'l StktiJam Aromatic &cknnrpi.-~The proprietor begs leave to oall the attention of stranger* and the ?'l,*en* ?f Washington, to a very superiorarftcie of ( Holland Gin, which he introduced to the Amtrioaa ["?"''factured by the proprietor excla mV5LTra Distillerv in Sohiedam, Hoi and. If is t ean be procured ,n T>ot h. t?i ffiL?.' .""d Lfllvored *n<l media*!ed, onsmnoo liarah berry, hut by the im si variety ol (lie Aromatic Italian Ju cd?nrfr^i?r??LB>rf* v"riou" "*tra?t i* (fiatill Huu"*n?i iS^tn,a'B!fo*,'lh?r lr*o*c?ndinir init?Cor h^ret?"foSlSl<C,^! Pr?P#rU"'!Miy "!c?h??lic beverage .UK JE2P"?t2.r hM ?ubmitted it to nearly the iL- i?J2 IT1 F?cuHy ofthB United States, and has received auswers from about four thousand Phy*iot*ii0 ?ml Chemist*, who endorse it ovtr their teriaMed?oa' * m<J,t <,?*lrRbl* additio* to the Ala Persona who purchase should be careful to ret the Cists n nd Grooer* in the United States. UnoLriio VVoLfB. ?% *'5 Importer and Manufacturer. IJepot, No. fc Heaver utreet, New York. WoLFK's SrHttDAM AROMATIC S<l|\APPS, IS presonbed with great success by the Medioal Fac ulty in Gravel, Gout, Chronic Rheumatism, Dmp InaH^V.' SluP",8,, CireiilatlAti of the Blond. VitafV.?ir?-?!.lon. ?f F"ud' Had ?*hau?<9d in the wo*Id ' RS * *"**? 11 'N*no suparier Hut up in quart and pint bottios, and for sal# by all the Druggists and Grocers in Washington. Udom-iio U olfi, v .? ? Importer auif .Maim lecturer, Nos. 18, JO, and Heaver street, New V ork. AN olh s Scheidam Aromatic Sthxaits.?The proprietor particularly recommend* the above Schnapps to persons travelling or al*>ut to settle in the South or West on account of its Medicinal pre I"cor.reotln5 the disagreeable and often dan g'.rovs effects produoed by ui chanice of water a tf*vel*rs South ami West rre parucujarl, Imble. Strangers should bo careful in purchasing the Schnapps, as the whole country is flooded with counterfeits and imitations. The genuine has the proprietor's name on the bottle. c?.ik and label. For sale by all Druggists and Gro C8J'** I bolpho Wolff, d 12-31* Depot 18 Beaver areet. New York. 1 a* in possession of some valuable certificates in favor of the Consumption Destroyer; also of its efliraoy in relieving bronchial disease attended with severe cough. The Sj rup is pleasant and safe, and is composed of roots and herbs procured from the time Kidge; it is no common article. They are nicely enveloped in iny ciroulars, where my place of residenoe is seen. The extract of a flower called the Alpha Ointment '"?i wlUl th" ?yrup, be found at Mr C !*tott s; the Syrup is at several other places on Pennsylvania avenue, as well as Georgetown at i r*nNewman son Bridge street. In Alex*nrinaat Cedbetter *. In Baltimore, at Hauce's, IUH Balti more street. d 7-tf ? ? tm ? Dtspfpsia and Fits.?Dr. Tracy Delorme. great curer of Consumption, was lor several years so t*id ly.afllioted by dyspepsia that for a part of the time he was confined to his l?ed. Ho was event ual!y cured or a prescription furnished him by a young clairvoy ant girl. rlus prescription, given by a iner* ch'ld while in a state ol trance, has cured everylaidy who has taken it, never having jailed once. It is equally as sure in oases of fits as of dyspepsia. The ingre dients maybe found in any drug store. I will send this valuable prescription to any person on the re ceipt ol a stamp, to prepay postage. Address Dr. 2! 1)?l?""e, New Vork Post Office. n 30 2m Special NoTicE.-F?r Perfumed Breath, White Teeth, and Beautiful Complexion, use " Balm of l.?Wi Flowers " For dressing Ladies' hair use Woodland Cream." a new pomade; it oauses gen tlemen ? hair to curl beautifully. Prioe cents Mul1, W P. Fktridge A Co., Proprietors. New York. W holesale and Retail Agents for Washington, Macet. Booksellers, between 9th ami mtb st.. Pa. avenue. ? 17^ THR PUBLIC. , .''rvt'vn,V!*,.Ji\vl,1K advertised f..r sale ttwn^i .#H !?i GAS,* wiicli is no thing but the well known "Kthenal Oil," therefore I ?teeni it neoessary to c;iution consumers for tfi!?ir saTetj, thn the only genuine article is known as KeintSi-l s noa-hxplosive Burning Fluid,'" and is prepared and so d y |.. STL'TZ. at Ins Depot. e..r nerol llthand h xtre.'ts, he being the sole n,,nness or ol the right for selling the same in the District o| Columbia. oc21 eo3ra _ FR. 9TITZ J^EW BOOT AND SHOK STt>RK. The subscriber respectfully informs his friends and the public generally that he lias remov .(L. hu BOOTANDSIfOK ESTABLISH f|] MK\T to No. 9H l*enns>Ivania avenue.^B.7 south side, and nine doors east of his foriner* place ol huKiness, where ina> Im found a very gene 1*'^??'? ,,f BOOTS. SHOES, and tiAl I KKS, for ? adies. Gentlemen and Chil uren, ol his own manufacture; winch will, in quality ot material ai.d workmannt.ip. compare favorab > with tho?e of the I?e8t estaitl'Miiinents. All goods made by or b.iught of the subsanber may tie relied upon as being, in all cas>'s, exact \ as represente?l. to which h? would nrnii respect?l:iy call the attention of those 111 want of good articles. 1 he subscriber takes tins opportunity of return ing his sinoero thanks to his friends anil the public in general for the very liberal patronage given hen lor the past hve yfars; and promise, in return b.r the same and for that which may hereafter betiven Dim. renewed efforts to give that satisfaction which is eo inuoh desired in our Iiusiiiqks. , ? , i. R. MORGAN, 3?0 Pa. avenue, aSO eolm eouth side. I?et. 9th and loth sts. Ha VIII A u}\YuiJ'aTny!' Deoember ai. I&i7 e^ A v 11? A. IIA LL. r.sq . having made a Convey anoe and general Assignment of all his Real and I ?re?nil Estate to the undersigned in trust for cer tain purposes, all persons having olaims against the ssid Lmvid A. Ilnll are requested to present the same as soon as may be convenient at the office <>| one of the Trustees. No. Louisisna avenue; and ail persons indebted to the said entatearo requested to pay the same without delay. WM. H. PHILIP. Harvey ljndsly, ??if Trustees. A SPECIAL < AR D.?To all persons indebted to to OS in open aroonntsor otherwissare resped runy notified that their bills will be made off and and presented by 1st January, and as we design malt "AnK',1'n <??,r business, we earnest^ renue?t that they will <*mw forward, close their areonnts by eashpr notes at short dates in settlement by the mtn proximo. We hope in view of the present financial condi tion or the entire country, ai d our intention to make a change in business, will sufficiently explain the necessity of our request for prompt pay inputs. COLLKY A SEARS, 'I 36-inteo<l V3 7th st.. 3 doors from Pa. av. ATENT OFFICE RESTAURANTS The ITintersigned having^ bought the House at the eor ner of 7th and G streets, for merly and favorably known l\ ^ as the European House,and " ? !l?^f-r.C?L'v'nt.?,, anc re?",nishe<l the ?aine, is pre fli th-Iiii. wtice, to furnish parties witli <l''the delicacies the market affords. Ol'OR ei* oTh0 h"8t,of WIN ES, Ll v , and C1G A RS constantly on hand. 1W r amilies supplied with OYSTERS at all e iY (rom 6,? cl?c? ? m., to 12 p. m. He respect i ia%'!,U,li* fronl hu fr|e,"ls ??d the public a All. 4 19 3tawlm SAML BRERKTONl 50 CASKS S"P\VH|,t(lvOL1) BOURBON pJn-W!>"0r,r^r ha" reived, direct from Wallace Pope ft C<?.. of Louisvi e. Kentuek\. 51 dozen ku penor BOlfRBON WHISKV, twenty yesrs ohf which will ha .old for per doien T y d' d 31 mwi6t J. C- MoGUIRF.. Auct. Till.' ? ? carriages. P.JK.r. ?I1!3r,be.r hav,nK "??"?? additions to his Faotory , making it nowone of the largest- srslq mi the District, wnere his facilities for^Sfc^ manufacturing a I kinds of CAK LI?1,T waoo.sV^?^tZ7 passed, and Iron, his long experienoe in the biisi f m" b? hopea t? give general satisfaction. hand ' tarna?#" aiMl ^'Iht Wagons kept on lyMteRnfJd1oRSneAllT done-and prompt "-"mm?vi'ivt-in?" _a L [ oorner of 14th and E ets. NVJ.!ii,'*ir"To ,,,, !P"D!. Pun?tu?l oustomers I return my sincere thanks, and aak a continuance 01 thoir favors. To those indebted to me I would say, baviug slways with pleasure exeouted your orders punctually and fcithAilly. in return I respect fAUJJy 8.Vk * Pr??P? settlement of your aoeounta Alter this date, when orders are exeouted (unless ?nr n., ?, NEW MUSIC received semi-weekly: Musioor. dered from and sent to any part ef the oountry ? rausio Bound. Ac , to., at onr Piano Warerooms ** Pa. avenue, between 9th and inth stree'e d3!t JOHN F. ELLIS. A PERFECT BFE HIVE is MCLAUGHLIN'S i'LI,fcu week? No. aiPa. avenue, Utw'esn am and "Hh streets dsi ES|SS|iswif!sa^ Georgetown Advertisement#. JjjUITABLE FOR PRESENTS. " No. 119 Bridge strent. Georre ?own, D. C., has received, and "tfen very cheap Tor lash, a good assortment of fhiicv and useful arti euts' ""i Christmas or New Year's pres Fanev and black Silks, very cheap Schawl*, Scarfs, and Cloths ich worked Collar* and aeta em-autohed embroidered and plain linen taa _ one Handkerchiefs Beat Paris Kid Glovea, all Noa. Kjch printed DeLnin* and Merino Haida Merino Plaids. lnion,25and 3lo. A large lot DeLaines, l8*/and2So. Gents Scarfs, Ties, and cravats Gloves of every kind Silk, white and colored bordered linen ovnbrio Handkerclutfs Childreu'a Woolen Circular*, Hoods and Gai i6ri Gents and Bojs Scarfa and Coinforta Merinos arid Silk Yestings, Ac. ircatmaOy other desirable artiolea that would |>e suitable for a present. d 18 " J.H.SMDOT. t^lN h ALES.?We respectfully announce to our Jr!?Ddf 8nd thn Public that we have at laat *uo ceeded in havmg a lane quantity of A LESofvari ?.fi b,rew<Hl eipresslj to our order, which we will guarantee to l*? the finest and the largest van ? n *'i* over offered in this market. All persons wishing a nioe article of Ale can h^ve it by applj iug to us fur either of the following brand* ^olnhtr.'nH'v v"r,?T' X f X ln'U* ? *oelphia and XX. \\e alao have a fin" article ol *'i7n ^ X Porter always on hand. <,rd"rs '*y mail, or given to our driver*, will be attended to. ARNY Jfc SlIlft'N, . i_ . I n'?n Bottling Depot, *7 Green street, WeorgeUiw n. D. C. | ORDBYRON'S W()RKS,~? vol.., Murray's ?J Mydon edition,ln pnrpln calf hind ins.

Km<lti pint ?riai Sliak*peare, 9 Vola., octavo. London, green calf The Stratford Sbakspeare, |o vols., London, in Oai cM|S. ?ilth ,lnet 8hak*Pearo>12 vola., London, cloth British Poets. 4 vols , London, halfealf. fuM ctif" B,"gn,ph,cal U'ctumary, |<; v?|b.. London, n^s.'m'hatef"1 Hl6tory.2 vol? . London, man, vnJj-' London, halfealf. LAi^lon. ?rk"* RuSWe'8 ?d't-n.2 vol,.. vo^h17ondon"ft?tl?V?rthe ,Dduct,ve 9o-ene?,3 Bulwer's Novela, ?i vols., London, green calf. 2!?a?y "th.?r ?i?nd?r,( works in fine bindinga, imported from London, by ??*?*?, d*' FRANCK TAYLOR. J^T^eWdTys Jy WA s HiyoTOX. f-1 . JAf10 IS CUKE FOR * ) f\. .1 if, BUNIONS, SOFT CORNS. ___ t . TOE NAILS. Wtthout Cretttng or Causing the Slightest Pain?by D R. ?H C H L O S S i; R , >iirceon Chiropodist to the principal Sovereigns in l.urope, takes this opportunity of apprising the ladies and g.mMemnn of Washington urrt Tt. e?. v ir?.iis that he will stay hrrkomlt a rg\v d*\* and may l?e consulted m every depart inert of |'o?ai Surgery, especially in CORNS. BUNIONS; and it?'Te Uk ^'Lt?. all of which, however long slat,ding or bad. he guarantees i.j etrerturilly and permnnently eeeret in a few moment*, without ttie slightest pain or moenveinence, eitlier during their removal r,r afterward* N. B. Ofhoe?224 Fsirttl. belief en lit* ami 'Sr>i k' V.i h me*ikt Tr'a*"'l' o*rartm>nt. (iflice hours front 10 a. m. till 1 p. m., and 2 till 5 o'clock p. m Will visit ladiea at their own reaidenoe by girine a few hour* notion. * fO" The following testimonials are similar to the thousands iu the Doctor's possession: From H. U , the King of Bat-ana. Mr. Schloaser haa operated on H. Majesty's feet T i i"?T m ,R"d Wltbout th? least sam. CerJi hed by H. Majesty s command. BN. FOLLER. Frotn H. Imp. Hithnets, the Prince Jerome Na Mr. Schlosser's m'a estmit dea oorsaron beau coup d adrease et saus la inoiadre douluer. JEROME NAPOLEON. From William Rite, Proprietor nf ike Ponntyl rJ;?i..?k1""?r hV ??f*?ted two corns from my leet which were extremely painful f..r man* year*. :T.r,Ke%*^ ^lth whu>h he operated is remArknhie, And I cheerfully reoommend nuu u> aJ| who are troubled with corns a* tftc only person | nave ever known to perform the operation scientifi cally and without pam. W M kioi-' Pluiadelphia, Sept. 23, 1857. * r. ? u. F">m Piert. Rvtler, E,? Llr. rchlosser has extracted a number of corns from iny feet with great skill and without pam. Ph.r^nu, Nov.,a?.'',KKC,i ?l'?-KR. From pr. S. M. Landis, Physirian tn the Citti ?u/?r (,*r? lmtiiute at Philadelphia. Dr. Schlosser has extracted, without pain or ?ore ness. eight very painful ?oms <n a few minutes. 1 would advise niy friends and the public geoerAlly to go to Mr. Schlosser and have themselves relieved of these toe tormentors. S. M. LANDIS.M. D. Thousand* of test imoniir* from the Umt^l State* and also from Royalty, Nobility, and medical m??*) rroin Europe ?ui lie aeon at the Doctor's Office 224 b .arret, htiirrtn UtA and Ibth Hreeti.ntat the Treasury i fpartwunt. , Om.\ a 1* Eta- Days in W a ?H i No to 5. d 24-Im A DIES' FURB! LADIES' FLKS! The following is a list or price* of FURS eon signed me on oommi*s on from a Fur Company m ^lew york, to be sold at New Voik wholesale pnoe* : ^fron ^*rt6n Viotarines and half Cape* Seta Frenc.ii Sable half and three quartnr tu 1 t apes 7 o1 (d H Spin,lo.. Mantillas and Clonks. ! i .'le'tm r., y, mi ?*eta I; iich \ etorines and Half Capes lo.m m ?i ui sa:asrlSKsr*?5^ S?t.PMini[ Tliroe ft?urth ?iij Fuil^U^tW*'Vn0 ?;****?* sv-n to ,1? V* r,au Mantillas ?ud Cloaks mio in on m Seta II ii (son Bay Sabln Half Capes.. .64.00 to Hftitm a? ^ mu du o dw Three ronrtfi. lOO.nn Misses Siberian Sjaara Cepes 7?tn <?jo .11 ^i!''>n Capes 2 50 to 6.00 GenKemens Fur Collars and <> loves. t.H) to ft.?W J 1?^' Franoh sable, and other Muds, at prioes f<om Si? to26? B. if. STINEMKTZ, .. 236 Fa. avenue, near 13th street, ? 8 n?*' door to Madame Dclarue. By THE PRESI^STt^F. THE UNITED a 'i1.P"r.,.UAf,?? of.1. JAKirt Bcchanan, Prnai d?.nt of the Lmted States otAmenoa, do hereby de olarn and make known that public sales will t? hdd at the undermentioned laud of^nes in the State of Alabama, at the periods hereinafter designated, to ^<?? Elba, csmmoncing on Mon oay. the fifth day of April next, for the disposal of tie public lands situated within the following named townships, vi?: Aorth of the base tin* and trest of tht Tallahas see tnertdion. 14, r^uTand |^,*rns'"p 7* ranges 8,9, 1?, 11,12, IS, 23^2?and25l tOWn,,h'P6,0'rnnBM 18, '9* ** 21' 2j .i S6'21'28 *nd of fraction al townships, of range shipr6Cof range"V?n" * and 30offrn?li0,?*l town I ractional seotion ? and thn east half of fraction al section 2B. of fractional towns hi pf?, ofrflngnat. I^ands appropriated by law for the use of sohools, mniiary and other purposes. W!!! be exolnded from iff ??"! e. nnF. h. of 'he above lands will be commenced fn fhRppo,n i ' a'.Kl Pr?cend iu the order in which the* are advertised, until the whole shall SieVhSK't8k?k*"? ,h? ?R/Ie" th,,B clo8e,': l?ut the !I > J n kept open longer tkan two u>*eks% and no private entry of any of the lands will be ad mined nntil after the expiration of the two weeks & Given under mj hand, at the city of Washingtolr this twenty-sixth dsy of DecemUr, anno D^m m onn thousand eighfhundred and fiftt-seven m B, .h. PrMident: JAMtS *?UANAti. I Hos. A. Hkndhioks, Commissioner of tha General I And Ofton. NOTICE TO PRE-EMPTION CLAIMANTS. fcvery person entitled to the right of Dre-em?.t1..o to any of the lands within the fownshl.s^Sd Ki ?i i T01 P1 i? enumerated is required to?*ntnh lisli the same to t lie satisfaction of the Register and ntiHt tmcT?jOT (is toon as ptacitcfible. af ?r this notire., and liefore the day appointed for the ^amcmlVheTrIlL0Lihe 2,ur>l'C ^ Tthe lands em* olaimedjot her wise such claim will bn forfeited. TH6?. A. HEN DRICKS. jan 5-lawTw "*10n*r? tll#G?n?r?l LjuidOttoe. C (,i?^a^,F?R The' Littln ,Urfn Tn, rV?ther " Troe Stories, The Won ?r^u! ; !* , l?h"fd. the Lion-hearted, Heroes P n SW iJf1 #nd Land. Inquisitive d?^T' J BohUwco, What to do and how to do it, Siberian Sable Hunter, True Stories and FaUe from the German, Belle and Lilly, or thn Golden Rule. Aunt Mavor's Nursen Huvme. f ""hty Boy* and Girls, Fairy Ta;e? by the Coun tess D Aainoy. and many others for )t?uth of all ages, some of thpin just from UidIob. -dW y FRANCK TAYl.f>P Vocal and Instrumental Music. CW E B F R ' S BLEBR ATKli O O T1 l.l.ON BAN'I) take pleasure ir announcing to the poWic llwt Wj the* are prepared to furnish first cl"?? PAR v*.? TlfcH and BALLS with MIMIC for the com ??* Lnr seasor. The latest and mo?t fashtonaMe Ooadrillea. Watcea. Polkas. Sobottishes, Gullnps, Mazurkas, and KhIi wm have b*en rehearsed, and a no the original l.anoer'a l^tiadrilles. which are performed by this Hand onlv, with erent soceess. turners left at ine mu?io store of Mr. Metzerott, or at Mr. ??autier'a Confectionery. also, at L W< tier's restdenoe. No..W Seventh street, between G and |,(Navy Yard, > will meet with prompt atten tion. H JVlm LOIT1S WEBER. leader. \T MUMCALCARD. IHr. GEORGE M. AK1H, leader of Arth's Brassand String Band, beps leave to announce Jg/j to kis frieuds of Washington, Oeorgetowr and Alexandria, that he is now prepared ?< Tis* furnish MUSIC for Balls. Private Par'iea, Parade*, Soirees. An. From one to any number of M usicians to t>e bad at the shortest notice. Orders oan be left at the Musical Drpotsof John F. Ellis or W.G. Metxer<?tt. or at bis residence. oorner 6th and G streets. Navy Yard. oc 2" *m* Dancing. ITER have Gen- M I tbrt J9 nc in/*? ?er. st || A N C I N G ACADEMY, Mr.T F. GASZYNSKIand DAUGHTER have the honor to announce to the I .adies and C tlemenof Washington and Georg??tow? ... he will re open his Class** for LKmcinc 'A'a?hiugt<n on F ridav, the 9th of October. ...... Temperance Hall, F. street, for Misses and Masters, from 3 o'clock p. m.; for Ladies and Gentlemeu, from 7 o'clock p.m. Georgetown?on Wednesday, (be 7th of October, at Miss Harrover's Ladies Sem inaiy, from 3 o'clock p. m. For terms ami particulate application can be made .at Mr. G.'s residence, *"7 E street, between "tu and mth streets. ? . ae 12 bm piRMTl'Kfc VERY CHEAP. The public are rcsp??otfuIly informed that flic first, second, and third floors of large Fnrniture XVarehonse. are} filled to th" utmost capacity >*l'h I ev?rr description of HOUSE FURNISHING GOODS-suchas Sofia, Bureaus. Tables,Chairs Bedstead*. I ounces, Washstsnda Writ'iig L'esks. Beds. Mattresses CaTpots. Looking Glasses, China, Giass, and Crockery Ware. A e. Forming a \ery lii.meusc and Varied stock, all of which we i uarantee to sail at tuoh prices as cannot fail to please. Houses furnished throughout, either for cash or approved piper. Call and examine onr stock before vou make vour purchases. Remember the name and place BONTZ A COOMBS. No. 369 Seventh street,2d door from d 9-lm R. B. Hall's Dry Goods Store. TROB. B. RCHWARZR, ? No. SSI E street, oorne-of '2th street, WH(ltK??LI AND KKTAIt. LEALEK LS RAW, SHI'CKEI), PICKLED, SPICED, AND SHELL OVSTE&S. The finest Oysters the marketafford* are put up in cans and sent to order. d H-1m F1 VE EDITIONS, in fine landinga. of Byron Campbell. Pope, Burns, Milton, Shakspvare, Bryant, Halleck. Longfeliow. Tennj*on, wper, Thomson, Yonne, Ak?neide, Rocts. Gay. Hemar.a, llood, Shelley. Southey.Gray, Words worth. Keats, Moore. Soott. Howitt, Spenser, Drvden. Goldsmith, and many other Poet*,niay l>e found at the Book store of the undersigned, mostly iiupoiteK by hini se'fdireet from London, soma of them with beauti ful illustrations. dJl FRANCK TAYLOR. !WOTICK.-We respectfully notify all p rsons I? hiving open accounts ou our b iwks that their bills have t>een indiscriminately made oil for i*?ue up to this date arid are ready for delnery. Those preferrtnr not to have them sent in wili find theirac counts ready at our desk. In view of the troubles sn!l existing in the oountrr in relation to monetary affairs, we be* that all Will speedily oomp.) witn the wish we indicate by this notioe. d 21 3w CLAGETT A DOOSON. ^ARD PLATE ENGRAVING. AND PRINT VISITING. INVITATION, AND BUSINESS CARDS engraved in every style. CARD PLaTKS printed in the best manner and with dispatch. VISITING AND INVITATION CARDS,plain ami enamelled surface, furnished at the lowest Prices. W. F. BAVLY. No. 27R Pa. and 12tb sts. d * -tf ?lntel.-a?t] ROM PARIS.?Fine editions, in tine bin-'irus, I of Racine, l.n Fontaine. Sevigni, Duci?. R*l>e lais, De St;?e|, Deiavitn?, ^lo-itesquten. La Brn yere. Saint Pterr*1, PonvS^nu. Chateaubriand. Cou rier, Rotrou, ItaizH^. Mariuier, Voltmre.CapehKue, Bossuet, Thierrv, Koch^foticanld. Maiherbe. Cor neille, Serilie. Ri?i:nard, Guizot, Fr?>issart. M<m strelet, Bucbon. Moliere. Hoch, iinrtlilemy, and other standard French authors, imported by _d? _ FRANt.K TA\ ?.??R. W . IMPROVK VOI R EYES. ^ TRENGTHKN and a?s;st ttiem, by the Paris Optician. D. WOOl.FSON. who j r, has arrived from Earope with his ^ own, as well as the ntaoufaeture of a pood many ?r the laf,4*t improved SPt-CT*CLES and ni.t yLASSKS; amour which are the PERISCOIMC CONCAVK ami t'ONVEX. The DOl'Bt.K Ff^CUS and DOI H|,K POLISHED BRAZILIAN PF-BBLfc S. CR VSTA LS. Ktc, ahich ure warranted to improve any EYE aflecred with wnakness, cataract or tendinc to it. also SHORTSIGHTEDNESS. * * Persons who are eomp??llnd to ns? classes, or those now t hem, will l? suited at hrsf sirht. Tli^se wond'-iful DOUBLE POLISHED VENF.ZCELIAN CH \ Sl'AL ROCK have reeeived the bicliei-t recomm^ndat ions at the World's t air. at Paris, through their priKlucinc a eleani'-as and eatineks of vision heretofore unknown in any other improvements. of OI>KK SPY. and MAGNI e ? ING GLASSES, Compasses, and Microscopes are for sale at his store, oorner of Eirhtti street and Pennsylvania avenue, or Eighth street No. ?yl, be tween I) stroet and Pa. aveuue. fTT* De not mix akr tkr ?or net of fl tK street. Prices very reasonable, the same as at his eatab lishment in Europe. n9-tf BAGGAGE EXPRES S 0~F F 1 C E 3^4 D STRKkT, Adjoining The Stmt.t Printing Ofre. The Bubeenber. Basics Afent for Baltimore and Ohio and \N ashincton Branch Kailrrmd, has opened an o?oe, at the above place, for the aceom modatiou of the publio, a'here orders oan b? left lur the uae o( Wagons to convey Baggage or Packafi to and from Railroad Depot. Steamboats. A c.. orTor removal to any point in this City or tieorgetowri. Office open from 7 o'ol?>ck a. m. to in o'clock p ,n. daily, except Sundai. 7 to l?o'ciooka. m..2o'nlock to 10 p. ra JOHN M. McCLINTt'CK, Baggage Agent Baltimore and Ohio Railrond. N. B ?Peraona coming to WaahinKton or going to Baltimore, not having made up their minds where they will stop, by giving up their checks to my agents on the oars, Willi have their baggage taken care of at this office, or at Baltimore office. No. II Sharp street, and no extra charge. d m T~' B ALT I .M O R IT \PE FOUNDRY. Thia Establishment is prepared to furnish every article need in a PRINTING OFFICE. METAL TYPE. WOOD LEfTER, FURNITURE. ORNAMENTS BORDERS. BRASS RULE. CUTS, INK. STEREOTYPING and PRESSES, ELECTROTYPING. At short notice in th* h*nt manner. LUCAS BROTHERS. . _ 170 Market atreet, d 17-eo>w Baltimore. Md. ^ULPEPER FEMALE INSTITUTE. Thia School, located at Cnlpeper Conrt Hoaae. > a^ will commence ita first aeaaion the first Monday in Fabuary, 1U8. Terma, per aeaaion of ire months, payab'e half in advance: Board, (inpnvate families if preferred.?inclnding loel.lifthts. and wash in/ 9*3 ? Euition in common Rmthsh Branohes........ >2 sn ifther English Braucbea 15 OU Anoient and Modern Lancaagea and Mathe matics - 22 an Mnaic 17 an Dfaarint in oo ? ? 10 oo Embroidery - s oo Rev. J. W. GEORGE,/ n ? WILLIAM HALL, For Circulara. with oth? r particular, referencea. Ac., addreaa either of the Principal* as above, d 7-lawtFebl &Ynnesot!Iy"'n the territobt op In accordance with the provisiona of t*e act of Congress, entitled * An act authorixinc ohangea in It fJ ,f l^nd olhoea." approved March 3. 1*53, it U hereby deolared and made known that the office t?r the sale of the public lands at MiasaroLiain the Territory of Minneaota, will be removed to Fo*??t Citt, in aaid Territory, ?i as early a period a* procurable. Further notiea aa to the preeiae time of removal Will be issued by the register and receiver for the la ad district. Given under my hand, at the <uty of Washington, 'bia 8th day cf December, A. D. IM7 By order of the President: TH<>9 A. HENDRICKS, Commissioner of the General Land Oftoe. d !? lairtw _ THE "WEEKLY WAR. Cik. Zm&immt*. Bf SUbaCTltMng IB C'at* nuaed inmm nai^tihn*. ^friVnJhr"? m^ZlV011/'4-*_"tjl' Wl11 *? iirooiTr., f f?r wit. of Tib bbrli Stab viH v*??" that hM made Til Kvik.m ?T*t a.rca iateeo?aaaT?:ly throughout the country. ICTHiBgla oopiea fin rarrtrtl can to prooprH at the oronter. immediate* after the wnt o tfc* Mw Pnca-IAAREE CENTS. 117Postinu'.fti who aoth agent* nil to allowed *o?mwiM!nn of 2n cent. Dentistry, Ac. R. K. FIMLKY HUNT. N. _n ? DEKTrST, jSn SI" P*nn*ylr*n?a ??^u? D Will p*r(o in a)| operai i ^1?^?* *4lt ? ??uUulicd ofliot, a? abov*. a 19-tf rpiiE IMPROVED SETS OF IkKIH. M. LOOMIS, M. D.. th? invontfi aad patet,i#eof "Loom**' Mtntrmi p)*t. T?th, uowitlylij uitrudiiiMl in* inprovnofi.t nJJ^S WrioB? ci 11 e*, hw now permanently ?atat>-X?^3a 1i?|i?n| himaHf m VVaahington. Tli?? imynirennWur SataufTeeth oonatat* ch ef I* ii. making & *et of tot one pieo* of material, and tltU imie*tiuoliUe mineral. No metal m uaeO ia their ooi.ftruvtion. m.d they pre therefore free f'-va *a vanie nrtton and teste. Titer* are ao lointK to beooine felled with moisture or partioles of hence they ere fan and tiro*. They are lighter, at ropier, ieae cluinay. lar more dumiwa. and O^un.1 in theu api.-nn.nce. I will five a rewiw.i ?? Ui.e I tiouafuxl iMlare t<?*ny one wno will prodooea 'f arttoMcal mine in pority. beauty, Baahty ' Ie or U) oitor ra*aiait? I ai? ? ? ? v a All work reapoi.sit-'i warranted. fr,Lavenae. totweea nth aaO ma st teats a# 13 1# entistry. I) Ilk. SfEFHKN BAILY, Ornr.Noiw pE.N^atLVAm* A * gn?i, 7ar?? dor* f?rm Hffe Street. D*. BA IL\ toga .aava to inform the paMie that ha S?'1# ,?'*n "" it hia office. Irxjatedaaabove. U* feel a aarumd that an experience of felteaa years' practice, with the ii.rce numlarof fMUieuta.ana treat jr*,V*tj *\? e? fbrt h# li/u trfufro luor-^n rul?y Wl" enable him to enrmount any difficulty. aoHMitifio or otherwise, relating to tha Teeth Hie oonirmia* Hie opinion of many men a?ni"ent in 'recrofesaion, and e*peciall? Dra. Ham* * .d J and E. Karam. t.aa led him. km, ?inee,""d all me rearm I preoarationt f.,r felloe Teeth, a ao *'1 Kncmala, Gotta I*orcha, India Kut.lwr. arid Ce fi*^ta for the e-natmctior of Cont-naoua bam i^tv* , ?no?nt*l ot. Co.d p;?te. fu ' reua'''e aui;atft4>oe tlrat can t-e wora m the m ?ntl<. ea wa^ rroat oooclueirely abown by tfen laat Am-riaan l?*mtai ConTeation. Aitl.ockU be fatter* bimuif from hia lona rea. donce anfl prnrtioo in Wnahinjrton. he ia farora<Jv ? n-iwa to hia Dtimtro?? frienda and patroaa ha b*?a l-ave to refw ttom to the R.owu.c 1 ? HIC IViiVW l||( r . JPE8TmoWJAL8? Frem the late Rector of th? Chnroh of Raiabaur of r. _ ?h:a eity WftBtWHis Bailt : I'ea/ Sir?I deaira toaxaraaa my esteem yco paracM aljr and m> coufedeaoe in tott as a eupenor dent:at Tha operationa axaeated for me have l.een highly ae.tlafaotory. I boaa that yoa ma.,i reI^eire th' rjtronv e (rota my fr;enda asd tLa public that your akdl aoweii deaervea. WaabinctoB, A a*. 26, lMfc^'V^.TVifeNCa. From one of ti:e oleeat fcrmi in Cattimora, Maaara. I . i' JCU. Cot mar St Co. Ha-rjij* employe?J l>r. 9t?-phea Daily, gargeon l>an tlst, of v uhirnton oity, to exeoatc for me an im portant au'i -Lticati pieco of work, whioh to o,d to my entire aatiafaatiou. ajid id view of the faot that ope or the i:ioa? diatiuxuiihed memhen of the Denial College of Baltimore, lailwl. a|?er repaalad trial* to perform the tame woik aivea ma great pleasure to expreer m) entire oonfidaBoaaiid hirti e?timati<m of liu trufeaaional akiil. BalUmore,Jan. 12,1457. H.\kAlANN BOG6b. Extract fi om a note received fn>m the lata lloo. Job M. L lay tot. Tk. . p- ^?hatb. Abk. It, 1M. The tee'h ?oo made for mo w< rk u!mina? : aoth toc oruld be hetter. Very crAtefullr, JOHN M. CLAVTOn, To thoae that eeek rel.-f fVoia tha maiartiea of tha taetb, I can cheeriully i,-?miner.d Or. t*. if.ilw a* a japenor Daotut, lie m?ide a act of poroelian tootb for one of my fimi v, and plowed aeverai teeth for mvaelf, and tha work bat a.1 eio?*J waiifor axir* thaa ten year*. KOIJKKT T. NIXON. of the Vb. Conf. of the M. K. Chnrch SobAl Aani 1?. 1 bSfi. We, tno prdereigned.havinf bad oooaaioc to avau oarae v^e ol ?be profeaaiona. akill of LH. 8 Snrjeon DTtiat of thia atr, <>r h'.nna bcec jfiB. ant of hia oporationa on oor fami.iea ot fnaada, take pieaanro in explain* our admiration of b-r artiatie ?ki 1. %? well as of th?? ur.:l" ia which he performs the m opera'.i??rja in Dental Surcery.aud wareapedMIt ra oommer>d him to the confidence and patronage of tha rat deli r.aud a . . ? - . ?? ???wOae vk p . >??.?? ^? ?? tab ie. of which we "oc*Mtor him eaatooatir worthy. Ikomab r. W a l rK a ,A rctu t ?etc. S.Caeito . 1 HOMA* Mii.lkr, m. D.,of aahingtoo. b.C. B. a. Brn*n, M. D. of Georgetoarn, p, C. B. &. List OLA. M. I) of WaatiiL^t C. Joe. H. Bkadlxt, of XViuLirgtoo. D.fT 6* '*** Waltow. Kx-Governor of Flonda. Sw alt kx Lsnox. Kx- Mayor of %\'a*h.ngu>c. asai Balxjwim. ( . s>. Patent (iffoe. f^^ViaHT. PriDoipal Kittenhoue* Aoademy. mh tf W-M. F KAYI.Y, ' V _ Whol.-salt- and Retail [>ealer in b ANCY AND STAPWK HTaIIUNKKY. 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Urtrtit. tkf r>tk Thornfnn l. ?A/ew the KMiona: Treatment without MeJioine, of Spermatorrhea or Loca! <A eakneaa, Noeturna' Kinioatoua. JB JfwfWL Genital, and Nervou* DetNiity, Mra mature Deoay o( tiie Syrtem, Imni yCS^T tenet , aud Impaduneuta to Mam*ce^^^^ generally, by _B_ Dfc LANBY. M. D. T^ important fact that the mnnf aiarmin* eom p'ainta. orieinatinic in the in.prudei^c ar?i ???<itaile ol > ooth, tuat easily removed without Medicm ? ?a in thia ama.i tract, clearly demonatrated ; ami the entirely new and hi*hly aucceaHul treatmen' a> adrPt(s> ti> the author (all, e,p?aad " minan wlBoh everv one ia ena ..ed to cure Htmaeff perfectly and at the least poasible o.?*t. theiai.y avoid in* all the adverti>ed i o?trumi oI the day. Serit to any addrea^, gratia and poat free, in a aealed envelope, ?>y remittinr tw.. aoatace atarnra ^LE AND PORTEi. I bee to inform the inhai>itaata and viaitora of ?nc citiea ol \N aainncton and (?eorxetovn, D C tha? Yhv VViD*i *h*'J 0SJ2o.,yi,k<lL"11 hand ft atooh >f XX Al.fc ard BBCnfN STOVT ^ORTFR manufactured here entirely from Malt and Mopa.' warianted fre-? from al! inoirioua mcredien'a. put upinoaaka nfv%ri.-iia aici. auitaNe (or ff 'tels. Keetautanta.HiMrd.iig house* and private fliiniiies. oejiverod b? my own dra>a. in at.) part of the abova citioa. at the Mrewer) pricca. tlrders received by poat will be attended to tha da\ lollowiii*. Also. Malt and Hops for sale. ..Brewery and Ma"f>??aae oorncr of K and nth a'a Washiaeton oity. D. C. d'< 2w JOSKPH DAYISQN. IANOFORTEB FOR CHRIhTMAS PKf?< _ KNTS. Alao. Me.nleo",. Violtn*, M|i*ic. Flutea. Aoooruei>na, Tftmlionue* xc \c' suitable for .utotantiai boliiaj g,f>s AC" A - JOHN F Pi I iv atfar,^.^ ^ -?noe.totw^n S,'?K Fine Birdin?a. ofnil-i-^T i '?U,V ? , o "?? Macaniay. Bancroft. In in* uhar ?t' "h' KurDet- Milton Wliawji. and' b.M.r..ori .?fn,hSr0*ttWr,*'r'ji ^ found at ihe ^?LUdonBDder*,",'#d' m"t,T J' -15. FBANCK TAVI.OR. Civi;At P'a?wf?r^salk or rent I 1' ^v-o Hianoa for t?5eaoh; one do f7?k; two do. 5 ^/^r'iL *r? f'iT ??<*: in addituMi toaia'rs atockoi Boston awf New York unnv*Ji*d Pianos * ^ tf JOHN r. Fl.lH*. preparations KIR christmas. TAY LOR A M AT'R Y* anoouroe the oomplatit^ or their arrant omenta for the *ppro*chir.g aea*or; tbeiratock inoltide* a earefiil aelec'i-?n of magn16. cently iilu*trated Stantard and other Worki in P vw?'oy iiiuvimim rinrtinpi nnn "ifirr n rri| |q plain and ornamental bindings: an unprcoedented variety of F.nclish and American Juvenile H"< ka. and a choice aerortmenf ofBi'Jea?nd i'ra? er Ro' ka (in the neweet atyleai; AHnnn, PortMioa. VVri'mt Deahe Inkataiids. Cab**. Ac . to whioh ther re apeotfuliy invite attaatu n. TAY LOR A MAI BY'# Bankitms, d W-tf * M*r?ih atr??et I aod ??rt? "f COMBS, a 1* Hair fjjr?re. rear lsth at., and at hia Ralea Room, nnder \\ iliiuda k?t?i. HJai L1 v?6gTQMi'ft TRAVELS ia< Raaaar^?4 ia South Africa. 1 vol.,?vo~ with Map* aa.1 Kn gmvia?B;ta. <1 '? FR \ SCK TAVf OR t'Y'ERY'THING FOR McLArGHLK*. d 8' >" Pa. avenna. tot. a?h and arh atro*??. Mince meat .'-mince meat^ We have a supply of Dwanaatio Mince Meat whioh obsnot to *nr, d? ???.vzrji