Newspaper of Evening Star, January 6, 1858, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 6, 1858 Page 3
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LOCAL 1 N#t*wo*tht Statistic*.?The register of tbe Guard-bouse show# that, during the single month of December, over one thousand person* hare been nnder the rare of the Auxiliary Guard. Of theae arrested for offence* there were about about V6Ui the remainder were vagrants?almost entirely non-residents, mainly supported by the ebarlty of the citizens. This fan is worthy of note, tbe more especially as tbecttizeas of \Vasb? '?|(ton are charged with being pauper depend ants upon the Government themselves. The returns of the Guards show tbe total num ber or lodgers for December, to have been 751; number of prisoner* 257?making an aggregateof l,tW registered. , F rom the District of Columbia, Corpora tion eases. 15; United Mates cases, M; white 32, colored 45; adults 4??; minors 35; males 70; fe male* 7; prisoners 77; lodgers 8 Virginia, 71? Corporation rases. 19; V States eases, 3; white 15; colored 6; adult 17; minors 4; males 19; females*, prisoners '21; lodgers 511. Mar viand, SS?Corporation cases, 04; V States sasea ft; white 1ft; colored 14; adult *27; minors 6; male* *?*; females 5; prisoners 33, lodgers 05. Now York, 47?Corporation cases. '2; United Ktates cases, 3; whites 5: adults 5; males 5; pris oners 5; lodgers 22. Pennsylvania, ftp?Corporation rases. 19; United Mates rases. 2; white 14: adults 14; males 11; pris oners 14, lodgers 54 New Jersey, 7?Corporation rase, 1; United States rase. 1; whites i; adults 2; males a. pris oners '>; lodgers 5. Obio, ^?Corporation case, 1; while 1; adult 1; male 1; prisoner I; fodgers 2 ?*o?ilti Pnrolina. 3?Corporation rases. It; whites 2; colored 1; adults *2; minor 1; males*; female 1; prisoners 3. Massachusetts, ft?Corporation rases,'?: whites 2; adults ?; males t, prisoners 2; lodgers 7. Delaware, '2?Corporation r;ise, lj.whlte 1; adult 1; male I; prisoner 1; lodger 1. North Carolina?lodgers?. Connecticut?lodgers :i. New Hampshire?lodgers 3 Illinois?lodgers 3. Germany. 77?Corporation rases, 3; United States ? ase 1; whites 4; adults 4; males 4; prison ers 1; lodgers 73. Kiigland, 91?Corporation rases 10; whites 1I?; adults It*; males P; female |; prisoners 10; lodgers 61. ? Ireland, H?9 To-poration rases. 73; I States whites 77; adults 61; minors 13; males ??jjw?ales6; prisoners 77; lodcers332 w alea, Ift--Corporation caae. 1; white I; adult J; m;ile 1: prisoner 1; lodgers 15. Scotland . 3ft?Corporation cases, 4; U. States ">?< JSi; ca"' ?*"? F ranee?lodgers 6. Canada?lodger 1. Sweden?lodger 1. ^wiircrland?lod^ert ?* Wh?AT-SSSrf, 18 C BiMtaaL Cora r ?Yesterday, the jury in the s-a-e of the United States ?. Isaac Lambert, on charge of grand larceny, found a vcrdict of fiuilty 1 he next case taken up was that of the United ?U?es r., James Aldridge, charging the defend "b,rts He fo nd Fbe f Lt1 to sutter 'mpriaonment In p5?^ of ii p*ce ?fsix nio",L?and to Stat^??J?n^eTl00k Up tbe case of the L'nitf<* ant with"ih Thompson,charging thedefend iurvfilJJj larceny of a coat valued at SI The w? L0 ,"dn , of and Thompson was sentenced to six months* imprisonment in the county jail, and to pay a fine of il' ,n ssttai jLx Thorndj/7lee ,n 'he cases of James ** rand barren v*?imI k'' >'r"Urrd',y convicted of tion for * ??? ^ ? C yesterday made a mo X&Ai?w,trffimhoTonaBBOanC^ that * The jurors were here discharged until this h?o h^'K al i! 0'r,0ck; and tbe motion which hart been snbmitted some weeks ago by Mesars Morgan and Martin, for defence, for a new thai of tfe cast of the I'nited Stated rv jTrTb Vv rnTu5tSn?vith,II,y,,r?# f?rm" trial of anu battery with intent to kill one Hlllery of ''e'"" ?t?? Si,"! Maury f?, d"'~* ??d JZmJSZV"*** m""' ?"?''? viewed ?r":r:T^ Jo~Ph Cunningham, ron thrre ?wi iauwi larceny in two Indictments, to three vears Imprisonment m the District neniten u~jy. I?ak,?/, peiio,i * 1 saac l.amtiert also mnvicted of grand iarcenv !l! .T? '****? fl'o sentenced to the same t-rm cu^i?Kr,y~w:"x""" "" "i And then the Court adjourned Sta^'!a/\vn.Cv m fW"!j Up ?ke??of the United >1 v for an attempt at burglary lIJ>On thf h011sf* of GfOriffc IV 4nnUliL' r\n ?k' nightoftheoothof.Nov^m^r; ^ 1 h: x case was pending when this report closed oW?*V" ,?D'*?s to Arrni SniTHsoaia*. n .Monday morning, about twenty of tbe Indian chiefs and warriors now in tha city visited the . mithsonlan Institution, and were conducted 5ESJ ihVirTar,0,,f wb^re they 1 I . r t lr ,,,rrri^ and delight, after their ialitaf'1' ?!!??' ,n tbff Plclnre gallery (Stanley'% iTrtd hi^v,"1 tb?T were particularly int'er ?L, ^P^ntatlonofawar dance In. rh i1 w?.man and rhlid. They were much disappointed at not finding portraits of any of their own tribes in the gallery. ' , ,h^ ?PP*r?tu? room, a number of them were Ik J t" Jul? ha,,dH' a"d a severe galvanic Xh"m ^>n,#' of them ?ave v< nt "?*hl" 'heir sur ,urnrd ?ercely about to discover the tOSt hnPP?~* h?d strurk them; others ?a/blkK " r150^-and f'?m the gen -^- .^k l.B t?>eir ow," I?ng??>?e, one would sup ^ a "cirnflfic discussion cr tbe fixture of tbe singular manifestation. ?,,rt u neeeral of them took shocks singly, atii)t! wlfh wh T,\? witne^ ,h- Vl?n deterinin ^h'ch these ntoics of the wilderness whif h^H n ?>r of impassiveness which tradition asserts they maintain when un t",for'l,r*" V. '?P,iv,-? But it was no <'o ; r knuckle to science, and, as one a?rer th?* Other of the astonished braves was doubled h?, T i?U,Kn hw" knf',*, "n<1 knocked into a heap generally by tbe powerful battery, he was h'lsfv.lowV140*1 uPrwi#8,jwri and laughter by Some of the party mounted the high north tower of the Institute ; hat when at the top only one of thern co?ld In- prevailed upon to apnroa. h e .f a r? d"wn Gie diiry beight?most of them squatting down as soon i, they reached the summit. 7 One of theui was observed placing small pieces cf tobacco on the parapet. The interpreter ex Ke fijL. iVw1* WiV 'Olended as an otlering to the Great Spirit, as the Indians b.-liered that at ^height I hey were nearer tbe Deity than they bad ever been before, and arcordingly Improved the opportunity to pay their worship On descending the Indians had a grand war dance wMh singing, in the lecture room, and W !l VL",C.1''^d th'" Ti"il' interest ing to both the Indians and the "Dale faces'" present. ' ATTfSTto* Police.?Mr Ed,tor: Allow in through the medium of your widely-circiil.Vrd, pap*r, to rail the attention of thr police to the fact *h*i* Party of boys, from eljjht to eighteen years **:r- *'* ln l:ablt of meeting about the un occupied hoii?e Ot, the crner of IViinsylvania ?v'?lVnd Four and-a-half ?treet. They may be ste? about there at m11 time,, and prove a soiree to i^ i!T li ?f. pn'.prTi}r u"d a Kr?*al annoyance to he iie.ghlK>rh.KKl They mate a rendezvous t r ? spoken of. breaking the ilf?i forcing the lock* with imponity; and no fasten ,an '*? P*?t on the doors to withstand tbem L. a JC??" J at over fourteen thou sand dollars; and, as it is a.sseMHrd with other ?l !*'.?[' A to hoped ,hat 11 Wl11 protect ed iiy the Corporation authorities J?nury3,lWK A Tax Patii. Ka bat* ?In the advertisement of a wife want ed. the types rendered the name of the advertiser '? Daniel Pierre;" it ?hould have read ?' I'rice.*' tuaifTe|ruf "* kl?"wn a,x>"t town as the " For mI ' . t ** drrs-ing il, the most l?r||. llant color, to l-? had for money. Misprinted Ur "il1 f"MO"*er lh,,t l'*? ? ' wife a,Id fam ow'er for V1" ba* * Wld ower for son.e months, and he certainly pays the h ghextpo.-ib,. compliment to the t* pro r? X S-rr .'be matrimonial Car lies*. e pitmime 1m* W:ll l<e ?.? ?everal very aire sweet-scented note, h?ve' ?'i_ ti'semenT"1 r*r'iv'd ljrr* in answer to his adver SreaiM*CoraT??Nr.03. TheCom ?' Bank of New Orleans, appellant, ri. Alezander Compton rt al The argum-nt of eo"cl",!,<1 UV ?',a ftp " jMrpS p r?;r Tn? River grows dull this fine weather \ll the oystermen are in despair. Bringing oyster. w^ofe-Tle for*^' Wh|cl1 ,h*y porchaaed at Serni inl^1 r^siT^'r^' filing snT don t Vk C\ceo:^ f*r bushel, the} ^hr'slLvr'" *0 ?'rtlived tbelr usefulness " " Rlie> * wh*rf, arrived, achnr Federsl mil hes iey, front Baltimore.wlth lumber to Coyle' ?I? ? TUB BitTTlOIl rOLICK Dirttl TIllrolLI. 1 wo persons, named Lambert ud Cunningham, have been convicted by the Criminal Court of robbing the shoe--store of Mr. Spates. Wilson, thf State's evidence, testified that the boots and show, to the amount of a trunk full and a barrel nearly full, were conveyed to Baltimore. They were there seized by the police as stolen goods, ?nd taki'n to the Central Police Station. Mr. Spates, wr hear, with a letter from Justice God dard to the Mayor of Baltimore, went there to recover his property. He applied at the station house to know if such goods were there. Some of the police officers retired and bad a private consultation, after which they returned and told Mr. Spate* that there had been some shoes there, but ther were not worth mnch and they had been divided among the men. Mr. Spates returned to this city without his property or any compen sation therefor. Model policemen, those of Mayor Swann! Wanted?A IIor?E of Rarcoa.?Last night, two small boys, one white and the other colored, were taken in an attempt to pilfer articles from a merchant's window, and carried to the guard house and kept until this morning. They being too small to punish by imprisonment, the witness did not appear. Officer McHenry gave them a lecture, the rough eloquence of which was made impressive by the exhibition of a well-worn cowhide, and induced earnest promises of better behavior in future; after which they were dis missed. Washington has a Theatre at Last.?The Una! tonchex bave_ been made upon the new Theatre; the gas ariangements are C). K.; the player* are all on hand?and a remarkably good looking party they are.?and the theatre will po^ilivtly opta ta-mght. Good! And if the audiences are not sufficient to demonstrate that a fair-sized, comfortable, well-conducted theatrical establishment can W abundantly sustained in Washington, we will lay down our claims to the gift of prophecy. A good bill is presented to night, ana other attractive performances will follow. ? A* Adjoubned Mbktisg of the Jackson Dem> or ratio Association will he held This Evening at the rooms of Mr. Warturman, on Sixth street, between Louisiana and C street, for the purpose of completing the arrangements fop thecelebra tion of the bth of January, and other business. It* Danie!. Katclifek, Piesideiit. By the CuRREsro>DEscB in another column, it will be seen that Dr. Mat kaphas partially ac ceded to the request made by the distinguished personages who have addressed him, and that we are to have the pleasure of hearing him once more, at least. At a RkuulabStated Meeting of the Amer ican Hook and Ladder Active Association, held on the 4th of January, lK3t?, the following named officers were elected President, Joseph Wal lingsford; Vice President, Francis Brown; Sec retary, Joseph II Lawrence; Treasurer. Wm H. Getzendanner; Recording Set retary, Thomas Hiniine. The Acting Commissioner of Indian Affairs de?lrrs us to request the keepers of hotels and restaurants not to furnish the Indians now la tie city with liquor. The reasons for this request will leadily suggest themselves to all thinning mind*.? Union.^ Police Reports.?Ti e reports of the City Po lice for the'week ending Saturday last, made to Capt. F A. Klopfer, Chief of Police, is as fol lows : First District, 10 cases ; Second District, 2; Third District, 15; Fourth District. 30 ; Fifth District, 7; Sixth District, 11; Seventh District, U; total, SI cases. The Melodeon continues to furnish to the laugbter-lovinu a programme every night over flowing with fan. The " Hungarian Warblers,'' ??Scotch Straths key7' dance, and "The En chanted Sword." are among the droll things of fered for the ainus einent of the public. A New Stork ?Our young friend, Joseph C Cadcn, has opened a choice stock of segars, to bacco and snuff, at No. &>1 F street, between Tenth and Eleventh streets. The lover of Much luxuries will find his establishment fully equal to any other of the kind in the District of Colum bia. ? Don't forget the Mechanical Roys on tbe'Jlst of January, at Anacostia Hall, Navy Yard; nor the ball of the Washington Club, at Forrest Hall, Georgetown, to-night. Dividend ?The Rank of Washington lias de clared a dividend of three per cent, out of the profits of the bank for the past six months. Watch Rkttrjis.?Geo. Henson, Va., drunk ; dismissed, ('has Jones, colored, Va., attempt :?t larceny; do. John Johnson. D. C., do.; do. Patrick Walker, Ireland, drunk; do. Thirtv ludgers; one resident of the District. Among the lodgers was John Baptiste Prumkranlaun gastnes of Switzerland. Drs.Hu.itkr it Williams, Physicians for Distant of Throat an t Lunts, 52 North Charles street, Baltimore. l?r. Hunter ?>r Williams will visit Washington on the 12th and 2<nh of each month. The next visit will he on Tuesday, the 12 h uist. I)thc? 260 Pennsylvan.a avenue, over Mrs. Voss'a Jewelry Store. jan6-3t ttAKKIKD. On the 5th instant, at the residence of ths bride's father. h> the Rev. Father Arcnwandeii, F. W. JO.\ ES, Esq ,of Washington, to MAR V LI'///IE, only daughter of Josepn N. h eamon, Esq , of Georgetown. On the 31 st of Pecember, 1857, at Wesley Chapel. b? Rev. .Mr. Krebbs. Mr. BENJAMIN S STA TON,?>r Virginia, to Mis. SAR AH CATHER IN E CONNOR, ol this city. 4 Richmond papers please copy.) * On Tuesuay evening, the 5th instant, hy the Rev. B. N. Brown, Mr. SAMUEL DOHNAR. of i?eorgetown, to Miss CLARA CUNLBERG, of Washington city. * DIED. On the6th instant, Mrs. REBECCA, consort of th*? late John A. Young, in the seventy-1'ouith year ol her age. The friends of the family will p!ease attend her funeral from Hie residence of her daughter. Mrs. Kaily. No 1*H F street, between 14th and 15tb,on Thursday afternoon at 3 o'clock. * l>eparted tins Ire on the morning of the 6rh Janu ary, UliR, JO-EPHI.N E, second (laughter ol Miclial Sjnd.i, ai-d lieloved wife of Alexander B McFarlan, of this city, in the 5Jd y ear of hera<e Her illness was protracted, hut was borne with christian forti tude : and she died in the full hope of a glorious im mortality. The friends and acquaintances of the family are invited to attend her funeral on Thursday, the 7th inst . at 2 o'clock, from the residence of her hus tmud, corner H and I'th sts. * ^JENERAL WALKER TAKEN PRISONER. IMPORTANT TO~TUE PUBLIC. ?15,OOP Worth of Boots and Shoes to be Sold. 1 have determined to run off my entire stoek of BOOTS AND SHOES at sreatly rednoert, 3 prices. My object in so doinc is to close] out my stouk a* near as possible l>y the Istl oT March, in order to make extensive im provements in my store room. My stock of Shoes is larger, cheaper, and l>etter than it lias ever lieen Itefore. A few of the kind 1 have to offer I will name : 5">i pairs Ladies' Black Foxed Gaiters, tlusk s*dos, stoek or TO at .f 1, cheap at 91 St airs l.adies 250 pair* Ladies Black and Colored Gaiters, at 75 cents, cheap at $1 IV) pairs Morocco Boots, thick soles, St .fl, very cheap 1"0 pai's Morocco Roots, at 75 c?nts l.yi pair* La-lies' Black and Colored Gaiters, with heels, at 3I.37H. With a general assortment of I.sdies', Gentle men's, Boys' ani Children's Shoes of all kinds, that are kept in a first cU*s shoe store. I most respectfully invite all to give me a call before purchasing. Bri g the advertisement along and see for you>self. Teims mail oases cash. F. M. MAG RUDER. ?I3l-2w corner 7th aid I street i. No. -173. Rye and barley malt. for tale at the CITY MALT HOUSE, corner of W?t Falls av enue and Block sf.. Baltimore. Md. mv <-tv I~UBIN'S EXTRACTS,all odors, at GIBBS'S 4 Hair Store, near 13th St., and at his Sales Room nw<*r Willsrds' (total n 8-.1m IPLOMATIC HISTORY of the Wsshington ar.d Adams Administrations by W. H. Tresoott, 1 vol.; Al.i5. Just puhiishod. d 14 FRANCK TAYLOR. O O K S! BOOK S !! GIFTS '-GIFTS !!-GIFTS!!! B PHILBRICK'S THIRD ANNUAL SALE now open at A'tf. 47ii Prnrtiyl rinin arrnm*. Jtrst door *a?t of United States Hottl. Our STOCK OF BOOKS consists of several thousand volumes, ?iitltraotnc the choicest Europium and American Li'oraiure. which will t>e s ?ld at the publisher's lowest prices, and ui*ii> of them for less, ami a BEAUTIFUL PRESENT will lie made (immediately after the sale) to each purchaser of a B ?..k for whieh we reoeivc $1 and upwards. Dor PR ESKNTS consist hi part of? '?old and Silver Watches. Gold I.ockets, Brace lot*, Armlets, Chains, Cameo, Gold-stone and Mo saic Puis and Drops, Studs and Sleeve Buttyrs, Gold Watch Keys, Cuff Pins, Pens, Pencils, Rings, Ac. #7V? worth of Presents will be given away with each thousand Books sold. Catalogues of Books oan )>e obtained at the store, ladies and gentlemen are invited tooall and em amine onr stock of Books and Presents. Sales Day and Evening. dll tf J. PUII.BRICK Ajrent. WM. J. STONE. Jr. ,ATrf)KVKY-AT-LAW, Has nrwomn his Office snd Wssidenae to5th street, on I j-Jiciary Square, one door from Louisiana a/ mie d >1 ?<>3w BEAUTIFUL WOOLEN GOODS, SOCKS Mits Comforts, Ac., Ac., at 4 II MCLAUGHLIN'S. MwyTttn i To Chat. Mackmg, M*f.,LL j>.9 at Willards' Hotel. Vmam its: The great pleasure and instruction afl'ordad at by your Introductory Lecture on Po* etry and 8oag. makes us feel unwilling that yon should leave our city before delivering the other two Lectures, which, we understand, complete your course. We, therefore, respectfully and earnestly solicit that you will do us the ftvor to prolong your stay in Washington so far as to gratify our wishes in this respect; and also oblige many of our citizens who were unnble to be present on Saturday eve ning. Very sincerely and truly yours, Aaron V. Brown, Napier, John Appleton, James L. Orr, William H. Seward, W. E. Ouieley, Humphrey Marshall, Alex'r H. Stephens, J. P. Benjamin, Wm. Bigler, G. E. Pugh, C. C. Clay, jr , Jefferson Davis, W.W S<mton, J. Glaney Jones, James B Clay, F. P. Blair, jr., E.JoyMorrls, T. L. Clingman, Otho R. Singleton, II. Winter Davis, J. D. Hoover, Geo. Eustis, jr., William Smith, Arnold Harris, M. R. H. Garnett, Elijah Ward, J. II. Savage, An*on Bnrlingame, John A. Quitman, Edwin Croswell, Schuyler Colfax, John Sherman, Charles L Scott, G.ilusba A Grow, Edwin B. Morgan. Rodman M.Price, and others. I was unable to attend the Introductory Lec ture above alluded to; but I do most earnestly coiK'ur in the above invitation, that I may have the opportunity of hearing. J.J. Csittkndrn. Wili.ard's Hotel, January 5th. GKTtTi.KMEX : I have to thank you for the very kind and cordial invitation contained in yonr letter of yesterday. I regret that other engage ment* will prevent me from complying with your request to the full extent, but 1 shall be inost happy to prolong my stay in Washington until Saturday evening, and to deliver one other lecture on the i4 Popular Songs of England,'1 in obedience to your requisition. Again thanking you, individually and collec tively, for the honor you have done me, I remain, gentlemen, yours very sincerely, Chas. Mackay. To His Excellency, Lord Napier, the Hon. J. L. Orr, the Hon A.V. Brown, the Hon. W. H. Seward, the Hon. C. C Clay, jr., and others. QEORQETOWN ADVERTI8EM T8. THE PUBLIC.?Please take notice that I have stoped pay ment of a Chock or mine dated 2Mh Dec.. 1W, 0:1 tne Farmers and Mechanics Bai.k of Georgetown, for ?6V. Ssid check was given to a man representing him?>?lf as a Mr. Uavts?who brought a forged order from Benj. Rowland, of Wa-hington oountv,for that sum. 1 therefore warn ail persons from receiving said check. Respectfully, GEO. WATERS. jan 4-st* Georgetown, Jan. 4, 1857. THE GEORGE WASHINGTON CLUB take treat pleasure in announcing to their friends and the publio in general, that thoir Second Annual B ill will be given at Forrest^ Hall, Georgetown, on W ED1\ ESDA Y E VE-1 Nl %G. January 6ih. laf. Hays' Celebrated Cotillon Band has been engagfd for the evening. No hat* or caps allowed in the room on the night of the Ball. Tickets ONE DOLLAR, admitting a gentleman and ladies : to l?e had of any member of the Ciub, and at the door on the evening of the !>all. By order of d 31 ? 4t* THE COMMITTEE. x M. RUPPEL. i s ORTH side of Market J?paoe, No. 37. between Bridge and Canal streets,Georgetown,. announces to pis patrons that at hisf' RESTAURANT mar b* found at all times the choicest and most excellent assortment of MOTORS, the freshest OYSTERSand all kinds of GA M E in season. Meals served at all hours and at the usual prices. jan 4-3m YW* NOTICE,-L IC k N S E 5.?All porsons I ? whose from the Corporation of Georgetown expire on the31st mst..are hereby noti fied promptly to renew the same, otherwise they may subject themselves to a fine. d 29-3'awtlOthJan WM. LAIRD, Clerk. LOST AVD FOUND. a LOST.?On Monday night, l>etween '2th and 6th streets,on H, a Bl >ck Silk LaCE VEl L. The bnder will be suitably rewarded by leaving th* same at the Star Office. jan 5-2t* WAS FOUND?On Monday, the 4th instant?A PURSE, containing a small sum ol money, which the owner can have by calling at No. 515 L street, and paying for this advertisement. jan 5 8t* ' IOST.?Yesterday, somewhere between the Rai! ^ road Depot and the reside* ce of Senator Gwin, a small CARPET BAG, containing Irnggag*. that had been entrusted to the l?aggage agent for deliver*. The tinder m-ill confer an obliga ion by returning it to Mr. McClintock. Bsggagc Agent, on D st . near the corner of Seventh. jnn 3-3t IOST?On Saturday evening. Jan. 2d, m j three hills. Two twenties on the Bank of Com meroe. (jeorgetown. and one ten on the Farmers and Mechanics, same pise A libers! reward will be paid hy leaving it at tne Star Otlioe. It was lost between 7th street and the corner ol 4>4, Pa. avenue, jan 4 ?? T R EWA R I).?Strayed away from the subecri ber. on Sunday, ?he J"'tli of December,. awhile and red C?' W, about 5 or * y ears old, with th? ends of her iiori.s sawed < If and Ixith ears marked. The al>ovc reward will be psid for herde.ivnry at my house, on First, between M and N streets south, or for any information whirb may lead to her recovery. ian4 3t* ROBERT A. MILSTEAD. ^?HINA, CLASS AND EARTHENWARE wmrt THOMAS PURSEI.L &. SON, ?.1 Mm/ IMPORTERS, p have just re'-eiveti b* recent arrivals W from Liverpool and other sources, one ? hundred and fifty packages of the above articles of ths lates' paiiernand shape. Also, ivory hand'ed and other KNIVES FORKS, in sets ol 51 p*ir? or separate, Piai.??i snd Britannia CAS TORS, TEA snd COF FEE SETS. Piate.t TABLE ant TEASPOONS. FORKS. LADI ES and WAITERS. h rench sn<l Eiuli'h China DINNER and T SETS. VASES. TOYS, *o., all ol wjjich will he sold, wholesale and retail, at the very lowest prices. A fine assortment of COM MON GOODS, suila b!e for retail grooerie*. First quality STONE WAR E at factory prioes. d.3-d2w PROGRESS IN THE FINE ARTS. Paintins and Photograph! Comiinid. P HO TO G R AP hTc PORTRAITS In Oil Colors, on Canvas, Miniaturk ok Sizr or Lira. S. WALKER'S PORTRAIT AND PICTU R E G A LLE RY, Odeon Hall, oorner4S st.and Pennsylvania avenue. S.WALKER bus fitted np the above apacions apartments at a very great outlay of capital, thereby rendering his establishment one of the most com plete and handsome in the whole country. He has a large Gallery for free exhibition of upward of 2M fine Oil Paintings, hy some of the best ancient nnd modern masters, to whioh he intends to and fresh importations. S. Walkkr lias also fitted upa com plete suit of rooms, with private robing apartments Tor ladies, and puronased the finest possible instru ments, and engaged a first class operative artist to assist him in the department for taking all kinds of PHOTOGRAPHIC? AMBROTYPE AND DA GUERREOTYPE PORTRAITS. from the smallest miniature to size of life. S. Walkkr. t?y combining the Photographic Pro oess with the art ol Painting, of wluoh he has had 35 years' expenenoe, and whose specimens of life size portraits may be seen in some of the first fami lies of the cityi as well as those exhibited in his Gallery, he will be able, by the combination of the two, to produoe portraits that have never been ex oelled for their fidelity and life-like expression. Can vas and boards prepared by himself expressly for the pnrpose. Particular attention paid to the painting of Por traits. M iniature or lift-siae, from small pictures of defeased friends. Photographs taken from oorpses, or sick persons taken at their own residences, on immediate notice. Committees and oiasses taken in any number in groups, and any quantity of copies from tne same sold ?t reasonable charges. Likenesses painted on Copper for Tomb Stones. V&luablo Oil Paintings, and Old Family Portraits, carefully baok lined and restored to their original freshness. ? Ladies and gentlemen are respectfully solicited to call at the Gallery, over Sh:llington's book store? entrance 4X street, two doors from Pennsylvania "Anne. ivll 6m NEW YEARS' PRESENTS-A fresh Unjust reoeived at MCLAUGHLIN'S, 20 Pa. avenue, bet ween >th and 9th streets. d 9> HAIR. TOOTH, NAIL AND BANDOLINE BRUSHES, at Gl BBS'Hair Store, near 13th st. snd Pa. av..and at his Sales Room, under Wil Isrds' hotel. n 9-3m_ PDMVERNOIS' HOTEL, A. A YEN UE. between 17th aud 18th streets, W ashinoto*. D. C. This establishment is newly furnished and ar ranged on the most modern and improved principle, wi'Tipriv.ite apartments, die. n^Th* Bar is supplied with the ohoioest of \Vines and Liquors. Game nnd other delioacien in season. Hot and Cold Lunoii from 11 o'clock a. m. until 12 m. CjUPERIOR MEDICATED GIN.-Jnst re ceived, 2n cases of the celebrated 11 ondon Cor dial Gin and luvigoratinc Cordial, wid lor Misil.y JONAS * e LfiVy, No. 564 13th street, oorner of B street north. Gro oeriee and Lienor Store, d 19-tf ATCTTCT MUX Br c. R. L. CROWPf k CO., liflhoneerT Instate sale-carri age andhorses Hi On SATURDAY MORN IN 6, thy 9th 10 o'clock a. m.. in front of the Bank of W ashing ton. WO will oiler for utt,oi acouuat of ?n esta'<i wj order of the exeoutor, a most valuable pair of 1 onng Carriage Horses, warranted sound ao-i (en tle to both single and double harness. Also, a capi tal set of double, silver-mounted Harnos* and Cir n*rc. all made to order, in the best manner. Sale positive and without reserve. Terms: One half cash ; the balauoe, on approved notes, 90 days, bearm* interest. ian A 3t* C. R J, CROWN A CO . Anc s. MARSH a l.'S SALE.?In virtue of a writ of fieri facias issued from the Clerk's Office of the Circuit Court of th* District of Columbia for the County of Washington, and to me directed, I shall expose to public sale, for Cask, in Iront of the Court House uoor. of said county,on FRIDAY,the 2??th of January, 18.Vt, at 12 o'clock m.,the following properly to wit: Alt defendant's right, title, claim, and interest in and to Lot Mo. 5, in Sqnare No S*\ in the City of Washington, D. C.. together with alt and singular tho improvements thereon, seized and levied on as th? property of John M. McCalla, and will be sold to satisfy Judicials No. 141, to October term, 1857, in favor of Sweeny, Rittenhou?e A Co.

J. D. HOOVER, ianfi ts Marshal forthe District of Columbia. BOB REFT AHD BALK fjKiR KENT.?A beautiful PARLOR and two or three BEDROOM?", on Fa. avenue, north side, near the corner 9th street. Board can be had if de sired. Address J. 31. D., through City 1'ost Office jan6 3t* I^HE UNDERSIGNED OFFKRSFOR SALE a complete RESTAl'RANT, together with the Lease, license, and nil nfoessarr fixtures, situ ated on 7th street, opposite the Centre Market. One of the best locations for that business in this city, iminire on the premises. jsn* JOHN ANGER M AN. F*OR RENT.? Furnished Apartments and sin gle Rooms, with Hoard. Apply at No. 4/3 l.Th street, between G and H. iati VI w* J^OR SALE?A three-story BHICK HOUSE, with back building, stable, and carriage house, situated on New York avenue, between 10tn and 11th streets, No. 3H7 Price ,'?4,<W0. Terms : $300 cash ; the lialancc in four >ears in half yearly payments. Also, one two-story BHICK HOUSE :?djoining. Inquire on the premises,or of Mr. LEE,corner of1 and 12th streets. jan 5-eo3t* A DRUG STORE, neatly fitted up, with hand some bottles and jars, and everything complete, snd in good location, is lor sale. Price only Si**'. Inqtine at *13 Pa. avenue. A Drug Clerk Wanted. jan 5 3t I^OR RENT.?The Basement part of No.25*,on F. between 13th and 14th streets, consis'ing of an excellent Dining room. Kitchen,and Pantry. It is an exocllent situation for a Cook, who would l>e we I remunerated for furnishing meals to the in mates of the house, besides having an opportunity of supplying families in the neighborhood. jan 5 eo3t * ROOMS To LET?Furnished or Unfurnished Apply at No.311 G st., south side, naar corner 13th. jan 4 3t ROOMS TO RENT.?Parlora and Chambers, with all the modern improvements, vrater, gas, 4c., over our store. WALL, STEPIIFNS. A Co. jsn 4-2w Pa. a ve.. l>et Qth and IOth sts. hM)R R ENT?The dwelling part of a three-story Brick HOUSE, with a good back froiMing, on Penn. avenue, nearly opposite Brown's Hotel, ? ? cupied l?c ow by Mr. Robinson, Jt weler. The whole house has just been repaired and painted. Also, 2 two-story Brick Houses, in the rear o'the same, on Canal street. To good tenants the rent will be moderate. Apply toCHR. GRAMMER, Attorney-at-Law, Office north side of D street, between *th and ?th, near the Unitarian Church. d3i-tf CLINTON HOUSE FOR RENT.?The Hot I formerly known as Dorsey's Hotel, on the cor ner of th and ! streets, will be for rent till the first of January. For terms inquire of MOOK E A CIS SELL, adjoining. d '6 la?3w* RARE CHANCE.?For lease forten years, the most western BUILDING on the north nd" of Pennsylvana avenue.(near the Treasury,) with the Lot on winch it stands. 'J'lie premises front i.7 fe-t upon the Kvcnuo. and extend l.ack 86 faet to a 3J feet atley. Appii to l<r. CH AS H. CK AGIN . George town, or to KK.LLLH A McKENNEY. crner of 7th street and Louisiana avenue. d 10-eotf fj^OH R KNT?T wo Rooms, suitable for offices or an office and chamber, immediate!* opposite tue City Hail, and over the office of C S. W&liaoh. dll-if Apply to KIi.HAR D WALLACH. Millinery, &c. ilflLLlNERY, DRESS-MAKING AND IM TRIMMING establish M ENT. Ladies visiting Washington are respectfully in formed that we are prepared to make up Drcsse*. Cloaks, Basques, Ao.. at short notice, i:i the latest sty lex, and satisfaction guaranteed in a 1 cases. A large stock of Dress and Cloak Trimmings, of latest and hand?omest styles, with CLOAKS, BASQUES, UNIiERDRES-ES. BONNETS. RIBBONS.and MILLINERY, of evenr descrip tion, always ou hand. M. WILLI AN. d 15 2m opposite Centre Market. Madame a. nourrit. No. 716 Walnut st., below 8th. Philadelphia, IMl'ORTKB OF FRENCH FLOWERS, HEAP DRESSES, BON N E I S A N D FIN E M1 LI IN ER Y, "" Begs leave to inform the l*adies now^^\ ?in Washington city that she has "penedflU; two or three we.?bn only a Saloon ou 1'a. avenue, t?et ween 12th and 13th sts., No. *5*, where l.adies wili find all the above articl s of the latest and rich'st style, being selected by M'me N . herself in Paris, during her accustomed yearly visit there for that purposa. M'me Nourrit bavin? contracted with Mr. Felix, the o'-lebrated Coiffeur ol the Em press Eugenic and (Jueen Victoria, for the sole depot in tne United states ol hi* II- ail Dresses, she will be able to fur nish all the Coiffeures of the latest pattern woriyit ti.e principal Courts of I- urope, made by that Ife ?DVMd arust. I jid.en are respectfully invited to call and exam ine d ?ti -3iA2aw4? * \f ADAM BONN EL. 1H DRESS MAKER, Fro* Paris, No. 332 19th street west, between I and K streets. W aslnngton city, has the nonor to inform the ladies of WaKhington and vicinity, that she haa httcd up a !>re?s Making Establishment. where bhe i? rrady to make every kind of work, as Dresses. Mantillas, Basques, An., and in the l?e*t and very latest style of Pari", receiving every mouth the Fronch Journal De l.a Mode, direct from Paris n ll-2m* OA I SINS! FIGS!! PRUNES!!! Fresh Layer R A ISIN?S. in quarter, halfand whole t>oxes. *?' IGS in nartoona, and in large and small drums, in vary hue order. PRUNED, in glass jars and caskets of various aizos, being very beautiful for Christmas presents KING A BURCHEI L, d 22 corner Veimont avenue and iSth st. |U GASTON A CI.\RK, 4n LOUISIANA AVENUE, socond dot?r from 7th street, under the Avenue House, nb A I KR s IN CLOTHING AND GKNT.'S FURNISHING GOODS. The subscribers c >11 nttAntion toa desirable Sir.ok of CLOTHING which they now have on exhibi tion at their Store. No. 4" Louisiana avenue, second d>K?r from 7tn street, and as iliey are determined to close oil the lot if possible, everv effort nccessary on their part shall he used in order to please their oustome>s In the Clothing Pepabtmknt wo nan guarantee the stock lo be perTect in pop t of durabilir*. fit and sty le, because we make every thing oursefve<-. and have no hesitation in saying our goodi will b" found equal to the best order work in the country. \\ atching the various changes of fashion, parties may rest as nred of finding the latest cut and make in store, subject to their liispec'iou and approval. Ifl54i"0 worth of Goods for Men's. Boys' and Ser vant's Wear, will l>e sold at auction nrices.aiid pur chasers wou.<l do well to examine the lot. This is no humbug, as our assertions can be proved on ex amc atinu. Call and see us ?t the above Store. _d?-Sm GASTON A CLARK. SUA W I.S FOR <iENf LEMEN. Sua wis for I adics. all qualities (?loves of all kinds, for ladies aud gentlemen. Black Silks, all grades. Frenoh Merinos ana Plaid Merinoa, closing ont cheap. Woolen Comforta and Woolen Gaiters, for chil dren. Hiack Velvet Ribbons, all widths. With many other chesp and desirable Goods for cash. WILLIAM R RILEY, d 24 2w corner 8th at., opposite Centre Ma ket. PGOOD MILK ERSON'S wishing PURE RICH MILK can obtain it at my store, or by leaving their name a- d number of their residence, and I will send it to them. I have made an arraneement with a gentle man, living a short distanee Irom the cit?, who is making la'ge quantities of Clmn Pure HirKlM'lk, and will furnish it as 1 may Wish. A. E. BROWN, iau 2-?w corner of 11th ar.d 1 sts. LONGFELLOW'S POETICAL WORKS London copy, with one hundred d*si*ns, by Oil bert, Daliziel and others, finely bound. TENNYSON'S POEMS. London cpy, numer ously illustrated and finely bound. HOME AFFECTIONS. SELECTED FROM TII K POETS, Charies Mackajr. one volume, sinal' quarto, London, Ir5fl, finely tviund, with 1?*? eucrav ings. BRYANT'S POEMS, amal! quarto, 71 e?*trav ines. finely bound. LALI.A RouKH, small quarto, finely illus trated ami h*>und. HR ACEBR 1 l)G E H ALL, small quirto, numer ous engraviuga and linely bound And fine editions ol most other English and Ame rican writers, in Poetry and Prose,some beamifuify illustrated, others richly hound, may lie found at the liooksfore of the undersigned, mostly imported by himself direct from London jan 4 FRANCE TAYLOR. Hair brushes, comiis, fortemon N AIES, Card Cases. Cigar Caaes, lc..a very large and superior slock, at d 31 >'cI.AUGH LIN'S. 2? Pa.avenue. 1MIK SONGS OF SCOTLAND, wTth the e graved music, aud Pianoforte aocompanunents, by Graham, Mndie, Dibden, Dun,and other eminent muaiciana. Complete in one large volume, richly hound, and containing about three hundred melo dies, Itfmutifiilly ei graved. Prioe $6 50. loiported from Edinlurg, by _ d 29 fraNCK TAYLOR. ACADEMY. VV 483 10/A street?Establt*k*it ?? 1UB. School for Civil and Military Engineering, the higher branches of Mathematios, Bork keeping. Flam and Ornamental Writiua.the I anguates, Ao. Dntiea resumed MONDAY, January 4th, I8!W. H $>-lPt PkOtf- J- Fll.l". PniMtnml Baskets, dolls, doll arms, doll Heads, Doll Shoee, Ac.,at 4 31 MoLAUGHLIN'S. I i. to-day ? to-mvkrow morning By J.C. McGUIRE. AiotisMW. raM?? M: NING. Jecu^ry in o c ock, at the reaidenoe "II l*?y deolinim lioufekecpinc. on the west aide of Uth street. b?iwr,n K ami (* ttrMU; I akail eeil tbe | urnilareaod ttlects lompn-ing MMmaany H^r- ?prkiic Sofa, cmir? mu) Rooker. Marble top Centre Tab.*, Wasbaiaed. Cane and woodseat Chairs, Loung*. (i?U Window Shades, baa Fixture*. Carp*la Oilaioth. Matting, Bedsteads, Bureaus. W asbstands. Mattresses. Wardrobe. Pillows, ? bin*. Glass, and Crockery Ware, Dining and Breakfast Tables, Cooking and other Stoves. Kitchen Ftenail#, Ao. Terms: SJ' and under, cash: over that itiin, a credit of*? and 61 days. for &atitfacloNly endorsed notes. l?eariOK interest. jau 5 d J. C. MeOFIHE. Auctioneer. By WALLA BARNARD, Auctioneer*. Cormrr ?f Pennsylrinia artmm$ m?tt 6th itrttt. Large peremptory sale op gro ckriks. Finn, Liqcoks, Ac.. at Atrcnos.?? On THURSDAY MOK M.VG. Jan. S. vt wil sell, at our auction room, withont reaerve. alarneaasort in<-nt of Uro^eriea, Ireah Fruits, Ao., consisting of ion whole, half.and quarter boxes Raisin* 3n drums Fig?. 1 ,W Coooanuta tags Peanuta, 3 baza Almonds 2ft hoXM Oranges and Lemons 19barrels Pippin Apples Imperial. Gunpowd< r, and Black Teaa atarrela Br..wn Su.ara S ha* a Kio Cotlee. l<oxea Tumblers an boxes M"Uid and AdaruantileCandlea 50 boxea Soap. 5 barrels Molnasea :ni barrels prime Herringa Brand* Cherries. Fickle*. Mustard, Spices, Ac. J) baskets Champagne caaea brandy and BIaekl?erry Brand* ?i Inrrela Whisky, assorted in one-eighth casks Brandy. good article .?> ? o*es Smoked fiertinga !S do prime Chewing Tobacco !2,*k?i Cigars, good quaii'y. With manv other artlolea in tha Grocery /me?*11 of which will be aeld wit hoot reiene. jan 5 ? t* WAH.A B A RN A R I). Auota. B By A. URKKN, A uotioneea. OOKS, JKWKLRY AND PLATKD-WARE at Acctios?On THIS ;Tuesda.*) EVENING and every evening dur ng the week. I shall aoll. at my auction atore. eoi ner ol 7th and D atreeta. at 7 o clock.a large ami valuable collection of Books, Jeweir*,and Plated Waie.such as? ? aw. Medical,?nd Standard Works, Byron, Bur. s, Snelly, Pwe and Mo -re's Poena*, A ll>u?i s. Bit> es, Pr<v er ftt oka, Ac., W ith a genera assortment of American Worki. AL.o A large and fine collection of Jewelry, such as? Cold and Sliver Watches, Chains, Braoeleta, Came< a .to*aic Golds'one, and oth*r aets. i<irii:s. Pins, Stud*. Ctifl Buttons, Pens. Ao. Fine pi&ied lea Set*. Consisting of fix piecea, Liquor and Caator Stands, a tine article, bntt? r Dishes. Goblets, MafiMri Flagons, &e. All ot which will positively !>e sold ian 5 d A. G RF.KN, Auctioneer. My WALLA BARNARD. AuoU. pRKAT SALE OF STANDARD B<?OK!?. "1 Pkatt's Twextiiih Assr/it ?r 4-"' P< nn>ylvnniti *rtnnc, north fide.?Ou TIpS EVENING, and ever* evening this week we will sell, without reserve, a groat assortment of l.av. Medic:.I. S'an 'nr<t n.n<l .Miscellaneous Works. Albmns, Amiun ?. Ac. in every stjiaol binding. Kn<lish and AnMri an Pnblicatiotia, Aixo. Family and Pocket Bibles, in velvet, calf, and uioror c 1 Miduus. Prnrer and Hyian H'-ol^. Ac All ol w ich must be aiOd. Thisetoclr is perhirs the largest ever offered in this city. Every <ax;k warranted p?rfect. jaiil-lf WALL ft BARN ARD. Aucta. FUTURE DAYS. \?^R**HAL'8 SALE. ? In Tirtne cf a writ of V A Fieri Facia*, issued the Clerk's OIBoe ol the Circuit Court of the Diatnct of Columbia f ?r the County of v\ ashington, and to me directed. I sha I expose to pubiio aale, for Ca?h, ii; front of the Court-home d:H?r of sa,d count>. or. F RI DA V. the .'Jth day of January. IF.58. at 12 o'diKjk in . the i?V low.n? d- scribed property, to wit: All defendant's tislit. titie. c'ann, and interest in and to l.ot ^o. 3 in Square No. Vti, iu the City of Washington, D.C., together wuh all and singular the ^uiprovemeuts thrieon, ?fixed and levied up<?n iu the proprrt* of Kdmonrt Riley.and will be aoldfto satisfy Judicial* N">. 371, to October term, l?57, in f:\or of John Waters. J. D. HOOVER. Marshal tan b ta for the District of Columbia. \ I AR*HA L'S SALE .? In virtue of a writ ol i'a ti?-ri laciaa, wwdf r the Lien k ', it'iinl fr^m t lie Clerk's office of^ the Circuit Court of the i?ia trictof ?Vluiubia. lor the County of Waahua.t<'n, and to mo directed, I ah^ll expose to public sale, for I ash, in liont of the Court Houae door ??f ?aid county, on TUESDAY the 12th day of January 18W, at Uo clock m., the r?llowing deeenl?ed proeer'y, to wit: All defendant's rtght, title, claim, and in terest in and to a house, erected eu p\rt of l.ot No. I, in Square No. 437. corner of G street south and 7th street west, in the City of Washington. D. C , b.ei?.?d *ad '?v'e? UJX'D the property of Walter A. I rue, and will be sold to satiafy Judicial No 2#, to October term. 1857, in favor of Cripps A Waller. ... J.D.HOOVER, d 19-dta Marshal for the Di?tn?t of Columbia. By A. GREEN. Auctioneer. PI- BLIC SALK.?By virtue o| a deed of trnatex ecuted to me and recorded in Liber J. A. S., No. IJB, fulim Jj7, 2M), 3, ?t>f>, and 2t>l. one of the land rec<Jid<i of Washington county. District of Co lumbia. I shall, on TliLBSDA V. the 3 *t of Decem ber next, at 4 o'c ock p. m.. in front of tb? premises. Oner Tor s*!e at pulmc auction, to the highest bidder thereior, the eastern half of l,ot No. E. in Square No. >?7. in auUlivuion of John Wilson and Xichola* Cal>.n, ss ttie same is recorded iu the office of the record of sa.d city of Wa*hmgton, District of Co lumbia Tvrms cash. Th* property to be resold at the rikk and expens* ofth? purchaser unless the tern * or snle are complied with within ttree dat s from the day of bile. EDW. C. CARRINGTON. Trne?ee. d 9-lawts A. GREEN. Auct. rr-TH K A ROVE SALE IS POSTPONED iintil I III KSDA\. the 7th January, IR.W. *ame hour. |t* order of the Trus #??. j;ia IA7 A. O RFLN, Auetioneer. By J AS C. McGL IKK, Auctioneer. I^RI STEE'S SALE OF HOFSK AND LOT, o.\ Til k Ulaxd ?By virtue of a dr?ed of true', (?earing date on the 1st day of November, 1851. recorded iu Liber J. A. S., No. 75, lolio 24. et a<si., the sutmoriber will *ej| at public Mile, on SA Tl R DA ? , the IS: Ii day ol J*j>uaiy, IR5!;,at 4 o'clock, p. in., on the iirorii.sea. Lot No. 10, in the aul'diviai^n ol Square No.4H5 froutin^ 2S leet 8 inche* <?n ?tb M. west, between Kinih U and E ?treets, and running back with that width Uti feet to a fifteen-feet aliey, with the improvements, consist.m; of a Da tlling iKiuse ? I'ernis of st ir: One half cash; the residue in aix, nine aii l twelve month* ic?r nolei b *ttrni? intore>kt Iroin da> ol sa.c, secure?l by a deed of trust up- n the property; and if not complied with in 5 days hfter the S3ii*? the pmpert% 11 1 uu upou ?*ii# we6k i iK?tiee, at (lie risk and expense of thv purch?ser. All oonvc>ancing at the exprn*e of the purchaser. I I he trustee widoonvey only such title a> m ves'ed C Has. S. A AI.i.aCH, Trustee. ) d A?-c??dAds J. C. MctiiilRE. Auct. MARSIIA L'S S A L E.? In virtue ol a writ ol hen facias, un.ltr t*f L>-n !ate. usuid from me ? jerk s office of lite Circuit Court of I ho District ol Columbia for the County ol Washington, and to me directed I anall expose to public sale, for Cash, Soo".'.1/! ^?',r^"House door of said County,on I I LSD A > , the '2lh ilav of Jaruarv, I8V?.at L'o'ci'k in., tlie following deucriU.d property, to wit: All deleuuarit ? right, title, c ann. and intereat in and to a brick bouae erected on Lot B, in Square No. V8, ou Third afreet noith, between E a?d F streets west m the Cit* ot Waahinstoa 1>. C., se.zed and levied upon ?s the proper * of John \V. Jordan, and will be soid to satisft Judicial No. 43, to October term, l&H, in lavor of Cripp* A Waller. iQ. s* u ,, . D- hoover, d 19-ts Marshal for the District of Columbia. ^TRUSTEE S SALE OF VALUABLE HEAL * r.sTAi r.-In pursiianoe of a decree. pas<? d on tae sixth day ?f Noveml*er, 1857. by the Circuit Court for Prinee George's county.sittingaaaCourt ol Kquit* in a cause in said Court denending, wherein Margaret S. A. Cuuiming. next friend to t-.dmund B. Cumimng and others, is complainant, and r dmund B. Cuiiuniug and others are defend anta' Trustee rtierem appointed. Will, it I he san.e is not previously disposed of at private sale, expose at puMie si?Ie to he liinh'-st bidder.?m (he preniisea.on TH(JKt*DA\ .21st Jan uary, i;i>?,at the hour of 11 o'ciot k a. in., iffor.and il not lair at the same time and place on the next fair day thereafter, ail thnt valuable Beel tstj?te situate in aaul oounty. which waa heretofore con veyed to the Hon T noma a W.Cumming now de ceased and intestate. I>y one .Martin Buaii and Lucy Ann, lna wife, iu fee simple, oor.'ainuig hundr ed and seventy-seven and a lia'f acrca, more or lesa. These Lands are very va liable; the ?oil laofa character peculiarly adapted to the cultivation and quick maturity ot garden and farming productions; the oounty road to Waalunnton, by the way of Sev ?ntli unil North 1 npito! itrp?fi. ii a l?i?undar^ on one side. I he health aud aociety of the new nlior lyjod ia unsurpassed in :V??r>land or the Diitrict. There are sevnral etreamsof cure wafer and one large apring on thia estate, which is witbiu two "li es vl the '"Soldier's Home." and within hve inilfs of the Centre Market. The land has been divided into several lots, ranting in aize from 15 to it)acre*, with a sufficiency of \\ tn?d t?n most of the lots, and will be sold in paroe'a if deemed to the in tereatol the pa'tiea. The Dwelling House and Out houses on tine es tate are large and commodious, and in excellent order. Thia estate adjoins the prope*ty of late Ste phen Matkwood, the .Messrs. Wingerd, Digges, Clark and oihera Any information will be given to persons desirous ofpurchasitig.on application to the undersigned, personally or t-j letter. The Terms of Sale as prescribed by the decree are as follows:?One thousand dollars cash on the da* of sale, to be paid in funda of some District or Baltimore Bank. Tl?? residue of toe purchase m<> ney to be pud in one, two. three and four year* in equal instalments, liearing interest fiom the day of sale, and to be secured b* the Isinds of the pnrcha a?r or purciwtaera. will, one <?r more co-. bii. ers. o bj approved by the undersignod. !>.? the pay ment of the whole purchase money, and all intrrest th<?reon,aod uot before, the undersigued. as trustee, will oonveyto the purchaser or purchaser a. or their heira, the^Property ao purchaaed b* them, free.olear ind diieharrad from nil rlnim of the parties to this Ih?a Til*! 5?r* un" 'hem or under Late a..H hi. "ntHi lnlh" Proceeding lor a In'e'J!. vJl ??*'"1 ed her eor.aent in witinc to uke aaeyrymlewt in tmney (in heu of her dower? out of the prooeeds of sale, aa ascertained It iaw. d C- D'UUKS- T"?" I^ONNECTICI'T MUTFaL LIFK IN?l'R ^r. ?. ANCK COMPANY. 3Capital orer tSAneeno hia old and reliable Company are ?rrp*r?d to take :? oa,Uvea at premiums that will suit all. n- . . FRED CALLAN. Agent. Ofce^NoJUS F str?et, Washington City, $. C. j i^telegrawltcjjbwy -???. rot a dat? later moN kv?< Arrival of Hf AtlaaUc. New York, Jna a ?Tb? Collins At lantic baa arrived at Sandy Hook with tmar day* lairr European intelligence Tbe Courd er Africa irnwd eut on the autb, and the Kan garoo mi the 22 Tbf LI ?rpnl tmi of Klinprnlrr A Broa had blkfd for xsou.nia Mr Bucbaaaa i nn?a(? waa (ivonklf ertti ais*d An earthquake bad occurred at Naples with great dania^r and low of lifa. There w?u? nothing later Irom India The nihiti Ltveneoot ? Cotton bad advanced fcafcd., tlw>t*K Irm with a large speculative inquiry. KrriiilRtuti weie quiet. Provision* were dull. Tbe moiey market wm easier Coaaota lot account closed at ?0 I* *9ft * . m"T ?' Cieveraev al Peaasylvaata. HilliiirM, Pa, Jan 6?The Governor a message treats chiefly of the state finances. lank* and tariff Tbe state of the fluaares baa not pre - >ented so satisfactory an aspect for a '.oag time Purirg tbe year every demand oa the treasury has hern paid from tbe raveaue derived from ot d narv reaouicea. Within tbre? years tbe public 4ebt baa de crexsed nearly two millions T he amount realized fr m 'be banks, by tbe paymeat of oae-fourth prr rent on tbe capital stock. had defrayed the ex p-nses of the extra kmioii, leaving a balance of thirty-five thousand dollara Tbe Governor surest* reform In the banking *y?t? m and it* management, also a modification of the tariff giving more liberal p rot art ion to manufacture!*, especially to tbe Iron interests l>eatractive Fire*. Bostok, Jan 4 ?Thia morning a ire broke out in a block situated on Charleston, Cooper and Stillwell streets. Tbe block waa occupied by flour dealers and blind sash makers Tbe loss amounted to ?*J0,0iW, on which there ia a partial insurance Wateebcbt, Con * , Jan 4 ?A large cotton f ?cto<r In Asouia, owned by Coleburn A Bros., w?*destroyed by fire < n Sunday morning Tbe fl.e is supposed to be the w?>rk of an incendiary. Tbe loss ainounted to Mu.lMI. on which there te an insurance of ?15.0(4. Xnnitipal Government af Beataa. Bostox, Jau i ?Our new munlalpal govora meut was iiuuigu at< d yesterday. Tbe oath of ? fli e was administered to Mavor Lincoln by Chief Justice Shaw; Samuel \\ . Waidroa, Jr , wa* chosen President of tbe Common Council, ?i d Washington P Gregg re-elect "d Clerk Tbe Mavo< 'a ndd-?ss iabrief-md comprehensive. The city debt oa Jan.l was f'.lW.iV. Mysterloas Disappear Detroit. Jnn 4 ?Mr. W H Russell, propri ?tor of Russell House, of this city, left tbe A?tor H??u-e, N<-w Voik.on tbe llth ult , since which t ine nothing his taen beard of him It ia sap p >sed that be ia w?nd**fing about tbe country de ranged. ?? The Let urn plon t aastitntiea. Coacosi). J*u 5 ?Tli" D?mocra'lc. State com. mittre of New Hampshire have by reaolutioa proclaim*d their opposition to the Lecompton constitution. Tbe Democratic State Convention met Teste'. d*v <tnd passed Mrong reflations endorsing tbe Douglas popufar sovereignty doctrine Machiae Shop Barat. Richmoxb. Jan. 5 ?Tbe machine shop of the Central Railroad accidentally caught fl<a and waa consumed to-nl^ht. reven locomotives were destroyed, involving a loas of ?45,000 Tbe insurance ia only trifling. Pennsylvania Leg I si a tare. HaaEisarRr.. Jan. 5?The Hon Wm H Welsh, of York, was unanimously nominated by tbe democratic senatorial caucus this morning for Speaker of tbe Senate. He waa elected this afler UoOU. Walker's Men Discharged. Noareu, J*n 5?Walker's men were dis charged the Saratoga to-day. by orders from Washington, and many of tbem were wandering alKmt the city destitute and money leas New York Legialatare. Albakt. Jan 6 ?The House voted three times this mora in1/without eCVcting tbe choice o' a Speaker The Governor a message waa traas mitted. i Flat Respited. Tkento.\, Jan 6 ?Tbe reportedreaptteof Don nelly is an error. His execution takes plac* oa Triday. Re?nmptloa af Bastaese. LonsviLXE, Jan 4.?John Smelt A Co.. beak era of ibis city, have fully liquidated their liabil ties and return*d business. Oatward Beand. New Yob*. Jan 6 ?The Peraia sailed at noon f>-day, with Mi passengers and nearly 9t^9UO,M0 in specie. ? The Cotton Markets. Savavjcah. Jan 5?Sales to-day TOO bales, m*i k>-t easy at 9c , with more buyers than sellers; all qualities are slightly dearer. Aigcsta,January 5 ?Sales of 1,000 bales, an active inquiry, with more buyers than sellers?a feeling gaining credence that tbe crop will be unusually short. ?? New York Markets. New Von Jan 0 ?Kb?m closed dull: sale* of-.<?*? bbls . t? ale *4 25af3 Ob.o *1 G5a< Si; Southern Si 8?. Wheat is firm; sales |nf 3.500; Southern whit ?1-ii. r?d*l iOtfl.16 Corn steady ; Southern white at ?4 ? , y How 60*61 Pork is b?-a. y Ue^-f and lard are dull Wh<sky i* dull at ?l?*l ^c for Oh o G HO KG t TU W N A 11A I H 8 . Corrt*po?dtn't of tk* Star Gtoi?ETow>i, Jan 9,1%*. We regret exceedingly to learn that our es teemed fellow-citizen, Capt Geo. F D? la Rurhe. draughtsman in the Naval Rureau. was stricken down on Mondav uight with an attack of paral\ ? sis, and is now lyln^' at bis residence on \\ a?b ington street in a very critical condition He is under the skilful treatment of i)r Grafton Tyler We are informed this morning that there is but little if auv hope of his recovery. His Affliction is thought to be lb? result of excessive labor. An error occurred iu our letter of yesterday which we deem it light and propt-r to correct John Waters. F.mJ , wa> elected Inspector of Salted Provisions ^nd Gaug?*r of Spirituous l.iquo s, and Wm Laird, sr , K?q . Clerk to the Co po'ation. We ai*o omitted to mention that Mr. John Silence was elected Chimney Sweep We hope that other correspondents who are in the habit of appropriating our items to their own u?e, as in this case, will also make tbe aecesnary co'rectiou. Our attention has just been called to an item in the local columns cf tbe Washington States of December 30, in wbl> b tbe writer doe* great in justice to our city by the perpetration of a most intolerable falsehood The writer says . " We are uiformed fiom sources entitled to be lief, that the small pox i* raging with fatal viru lence in certain portions of Georgetown and the First Ward of Washington It is currently ru mored that iu thefo"mcr place i wenty-flve Itodie* dving from this d<*ease have been lntei red by a simile undertaker." We caie not from whom the writer obtained h's Information, we unhesitatingly proclaim the whole statement, so far ** our city is concerned, a ba*e fabrication, m<inufa<-tured doubtless for the e*pie>s purpo*e of injuring tbe rade of our city, by producing an unnecessary alarm in the minds of the country people, and as destitute ia the main of truth as'tbe author wa* of a knowl edge of tbe matter at?oiit which be wa* writing at "tie time he penned I'. VN e have alluded to this matter mice before, and should not notice it ag-'in but for tbe purpose of contradicting the forego!ug fabncsllon. We hsve taken some pain* to ascertain tbe real faru in tbe case, aud can aasu e the pubii st large that there have not been over twelve c**e* of small po* in our eitv. eight of which prav.d fatal?five white and three colo-ed person*?and the same number of caws of varioloid. At the pre^ot time, we fe? 1 satisfied there is not a case of small pox in the town. There may however, lie one o- two of varioloid, ia ita mildest form If the writer of the article complained of should think proper to doubt our statement*, we can substantiate all we have *aid by certificate* from the physicians and undertaker* of our city We now rej?e*t our former statement, that per sons from the country, ar anywhere viae, nerd sp Erehend no danuer in coming into our city. Our usiness is *nch as to take u* daily Into almoat every part of tbe town; consequently, we bave h?d a fair opportunity to learn tbe res I fart* in the ease; and. a* we have tiefore *ald. having no selflsh motives to gratify, we bare no disposition o' Inducement to misrepresent the facts. f NOTICK All perwHi* indebted to ate, either i?y notes, paat dues, due biila.or of-a noeoants.sre hereb) suliha>< mat 1 shall ex^eot tbem to sar i?? osah oa of brfors th? 1st of Janus'?. IBM. All ?er ?on* not eompljring to .hia nouos a* tbe above ?tated tinte wU have their notes, due talis, or ?>p?>n scconnts placed in the hand ofoffloer*. inati uc ttwu* io make the money, To my cu?tom?rs who have said as prompt.) and to th?Asa who t>ujr for oaab I reiara them awny tbaaka. and shall at all time* be plcaaed to hit th?ir order* with a ay good* appertaining to myxomas** Wholesale and Ketuil Grooer, ?l I x>sisiana aveaae, bet wesn ttfe nad tlu sis. NcUAVO sun'S mam.l'eSUS's f^. %s. <a