Newspaper of Evening Star, January 7, 1858, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 7, 1858 Page 2
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KVKNfNO W ASlimOTON CITY: THURSDAY Janaary 1, 1?/-Ad*ectiscmeals shaald he irat ia by a'cleck ni.; etherwiae they may aet ay pear uHtil the next day. SriRlTOb THbi MOKNING FHUSS. The Intelltgfurtr is to-titty ilovoti l to news and Congreaaional proceedings. The Union announces the election of ex fJoT. L- W. Pi'ttcLI on Tuesday last, by the Kentucky liegislatnre. to the 1". S. Senate for ?ix year-" from the 4th of March 1S49. and re joiccs over the faet, cx-Gov I*, being a staunch Democrat. irr The people of Salisbury and vicinity are tailoring auder great excitement rawd by the je-appearaare of the small pox in their midst. ILT The darkies of Harrinburfr, Pa . are much enraged at the municipal authorities of Bait inter* because of the arrest of a wench for remaining longer in a slave territory than the law count*? nances. Tbey take the alialrln high dudgeon. {[7* The ice men are in a scrape this season Last January they were cutting great blocks a foot through, but the thickest we have had this season would not tiya^ure two inches Look out for high price* next summer. 1E7* A New Haveu editor had a present of a bunch of violets, grown in The open air, on the 4th instant, an unprecedented instance. Fruit trees are bursting Into bad. Rose bushes are opening their buds. The weather is remarkable lu all respects?but where is the ice to come from for next summer's "coblers." \x/~ Th?* "excitement" raised in Mobile and New Orleans about Commcdore Paulding's con duct, says the Alexandria Gazette, though osten sibly In condemnation of that officer, appears to be. in reality, only an effort to "aid and assist" Walker in some form or other in further attempts against Nica,.gua. We hope the Government will stand ttnu in this matter. This ? excite ment"' will be temporary initsdnration and lim ited in extent. The great bodv of the "people"' at the South are opposed to tilibusterisni in all its *haj*>. The "acquisition" or "conquest" of Nicaragua, or any other foreign county, has no charms for them which can blind them to the obligations of public faith. JUT" A correspondent says that when Donnelly made his late escape from prison, in scaling the outer walls, he was set upon by the Sherifl'sdog, but he grasped the noble brute in desperation and beat in bis skull. Yet, this was scarcely done, ere the alarm bell tolled, and the court house yard was crowded with an excited throng. He mixed with the crowd and got away, but was recaptured. He said to the officers, on bis return, " Gentlemen, If I had got on that vessel, all New Jeisey would not have been able to take me alive again The men there would hare sold thetr lives dearly, it necessary."' At another pause he said : " This little arrangement has cost a fortune, though it has not cost me a cent." Donnelly is not in bad spirits, though be said : " Isn't it too bad?such a failure, and 1 must die in four days f" Last Thursday his troubled father took his farewell of bis unfortunate son. His assiduity and solicitude have been unremitting. Poor old man ' After his farewell leave, he would not take the cars, but walked from Freehold to Jamesburg. that he might,uninterrupted,mourn over his beloved son. Donnelly dies to-morrow. f Those fond of real, modern tragedy are following with eager attention a singular mur der trial now going on at Evreux, France. The case is briefly this: A ip i*ried man. of the name of Gillot, moving in good society, was suspected by Madame de Jeufosse of paying improper attentions to her daughter. She forbade him her house, where he had been for some time a familiar visitor He tried to continue an infrig'je with the daughter, of which he publicly boasted, by leaving letters for her by a certain tree in the park and near the chateau. His nocturnal visits to tbe park irrita ted .Madame de Jeufosse. a highly respectable and noble lady. She ordered a faiibful servant to watch for him with a gun Her two sons seem to have approved and eon Armed this order. The servant obeyed orders, and shot M. Giilot in one ot his nightly visits. The wounded man died arler several hours of suffering and groan ing Within ear-shot of the chateau, without re. ce'iving any assistance from its inmate*, except a enp of water brought by one of the domestics Neither the Indv nor her sons appear to re?fr? t their part iu this lia^ed?\ which sma< ks strange ly. in modern civilized France, of old feudalism and of the last developments of our own Kansas manners and customs. PERSONAL. .... Hon. A of Illinois is at Kirkwoods'. Captain J J. Archer, L" S A., is at Wil lards'. .... lion. J. A Stewart and family of .Marx land are at the National. ...? Hon J. II. Hammond (the newlv eh-cted Senator) and fan ay. S. C., are atBrowus'. .... Wm. Brown, Ksq., brother of the Post master General, was shot on Saturday week, at Li- resident** in Giles county. Mississippi, but by whom is unknown Mr. Hrown, tbongn wound ed in the fa< e nnd head, is not fatally injured, notwithstanding the assassin took two tires at him. .... John B. AlcPherson, K?q..died at Gettys burg, Fa., on the 4th instant, in the 09th year of b;s age. At the time of his decease Mr. Mcpher son was cashier ot the Bank of Gettsburg. a post he has held since the organization of the hank in 1-15. He was the oldest cashier and among the oldest bank officers in the country. JIT" The Siamese twins are on exhibition in New Orleans |]~7- The Post Office at Norfolk has been re moved to the new Custom House 4?7- During the past year -Jr? revolutionary sol diers have died, as have also 'Zo persons of one hundred years and over. \?j~ It is stated that one of the prisoners at Sinn Sing died a few davs since while undergo ing a shower-bath punishment. {Ey-Olla Hitchcock, a Utlca prostitute. I* years of age. made an unsuccessful attempt at suicide on AV cdnesday. in- jos. i ,oefner, who committed the double murder in Cincinnati last July, has lieeu sen tenced to be hung an the 30th of April. If/? The hop-drving house of Mr. Cherritree, at M iddiebarg, N Y .. was. with ten tonsof hops, entirely destroyed on Tuesday, of last week. \?jT Lonis Bryant was murdered by a pistol shot, in New Orleans, last week, at a house of ill-fame, by a mail of bad habits, named Charles Carter. \\~r A delegation of the Albany Burgesses Corps went ?o Syracuse on New Year s eve, to participate In a festival given by the Syracu>e Greys. j-Wm Ferguson, postmaster at Mottville, Mich., was arrested on the tid ins;., bv a special ?gent ?>f the Post Office Department, for em be z aJIng letters containing money. If/" The Monroe County (N. Y ) Circuit Cal endar is so enormously heavy this term that two nidges ?it to try in separate apartments. Six hundred culprits are under indictment. Ijr A Convention of grape.growers is to I e held in Menden, Connecticut, on the 12th inst , to which are invited ail ^ tio take an interest in {raj* growing and wine making It is to be eld on the day before the meeting of the State Agricultural Jsociety |[T On the 16th ult ,Capt. Samuel Champlin, of MontviJIe. ?"oun .went to his cupltoard and drank froat a bottle what he supposed to lie spir. its, but it pryvfd to be corrosive sublimate, and hilled him. A lottery enterprise has been started by eitixens of New Orleans, for the purpose of plac ing the opera on a firm footing. The manager, Mr Boiidon, flints his finance., straightened, the season having been a failure in consequence of the illness of the artists. lu Philadelphia, on Saturday, the first trial of the new ?team tire engine for the Phila delphia Hose Company was had. IkiIIi In the neighborhood of the foundry where it was built, aod at the cornei of Wood and Fourth streets The experiment was perfectly successful, waler bsvtng been thrown nearly two huudred feet. ILT The Cocos Islands will be annexed, it ia said, by F.ngland They are situated In the en trance of the Indian Ocean, on a direct route of the steamers fioui Ceylon to Huez and their po sition Is such as to facilitate communication V tween the Indian Archipeligo and the Island of Manritiuv IU" I lie d s?-nsioa between the Catholic cler gy and Ult) in Illinois, h:<s become qnite sharp. Three hundred communicants of the parish of St Ann have uddreasetf letter to two priests, in the iatete>t of the Canadian bishops, telling them that the money used to promote dissensions auiung the chu^hes, had better be used JO giv ing food and raiment to the poor The Nrw Terkitort of Arizona ?A Me moir of the proposed Arizona Territory, by Lt. Mowry. Delegate elect, bn.? ju9t hecn published, accompanied by a map from explorations by A. B Gray and other*, .The memoir gives a hiil torical sketch of Ariiola. showing conclusively, from ancient Spanish nnd Mexican records, that it wn? once a fl^uri-hing Spanish colony, rich in agricultural and mineral wealth. It proceeds to show, from official data?con?isting of Report? of C<d Em??ry, Gray Lieut- Parke, Hon. J. R. Bartlett. and other??that the country, so far from being worthies? and unfit for settlement, is in natural advantages one of the finest portions of our national domain. Upon this point, the statements of the memoir are conclusive, and Lieut Mowry i3 entitled to great credit tor the manner in which he has presented the evidence upou this much-dispu ted point. The claims of Arizona to an immediate Ter ritorial organization are set forth in term? which admit of no denial. No statement is made without apparent full and reliable evi dence of its entire correctness. Tho statistics with regard to the mineral wealth of Arizona, especially in silver, roust attract extensive notice. Lieut. Mowry shows that the early statements of the Spanish popu lation. as well as the prediction^pf Humboldt and Ward, are more than fulfilled by the dis coveries of the past two years. The population of Arizona is about 8,0(10. and is rapidly iucreasing. The tido of emi gration, which yearly sots toward the Pacific, will l>e greatly augmented the coming year by the disasters, in the commercial world, of 1857. This emigration must pass through Arizona, as the great route through the South Pass is closed by the Mormon war. Under the liberal induce ments offerod to settler* by the donation of mineral and agricultural lands of Arizona, pro vided in the bill for its organization, a large population will settle in the new Territory, and give us at an early day a thriving and wealthy State on our Mexican frontier. The necessity for tho early organization of Arizona seems to be admitted by all parties, and the bill will probably become a law early in the session. Lieut. Mowry. who has been indefatigable in hid labors to extend informa tion in regard to the Territory, is laboring hard to be admitted to his seat as delegate, and claims to have been electcd by a unanimous vote. Mr. Malloby'h Resolution.?Yesterday, Senator Mallory reported a resolution, from the Senate's Naval Affairs Committee, postponing somewhat longer the time within which the officers affected injuriously by the action of the late Naval Retiring Board may be restored to the service or advanced in position in it, as the case may be. AVe find that this movement is translated by some of the renominated and their friends to mean an effort on the part of the Department to obstruct the Senate's fiction on the cases of those gentlemen. Nothing could be more unfounded and unjust than any such suspicion. It was a step rendered nece. sary by the desire of members of the Senate themselves to obtain the opportunity to look closely into the individual recordsof them (the renominated) ere passing on their cases. <?ur impression, after seeking information on the subject, is, that the Navy Department bad nothing whatever to do with the introduction of the resolution Tiie Existing State of Affairs in Kan sas.? In the midst of the current conflicting accounts from Kansas, nothing is mure difficult than to be able to discriminate between the true and the false On all side* prejudice and heated imagination serve so to misrepresent the truth, as that the most patient and cautious reader has great difficulty in knowing how much or how little to belierc in tho way of news from that quarter. Our friends of the Journal of Commrrrt are in the habit of de voting much more time and labor to the doty of investigating Kanra? accounts than we can possibly spare to that end so we pla;e much confidence in their judgment concerning theio Finding in their paper of the day before yes terday a caretully prepared summary of the latest Kansas news, we spread it before the Htnr' ? readers?as follows : RkPKSTANT A>D NoN-REPfSTAXT PoLiTi ci^N* ?It is know n to ail who have Vwph familiar will* the history of the Top?-ka movement, thai | the prominent actoi* ii< that ticaton have acfed j uniformly under :he advic e aod direction of Re | publican politician* in the N? w Kngland and other Northern State*, and with the view of sub serving the interests of that political organiza tion, rather than with reference to the question of freedom or slavery in Kansas To this end they have not only initiated reliellion against the government, and embraced every opportunity to prevent the execution of the laws, but Lave ab stained from participating in the elections, when by their own adrm*si.>u they had such a majority ?.f the cl-etnr* an to give I hero Ihe power to ojieii the way for ihe establishment or a Free Stat* government, and thus settle at once and forever, ihe vexed question, so long agitated throughout the country, and still serving the purpose of po litical agitators. Keceni disclosures made hyCbarle* Robinson, the pretended Governor of Kansas under the Te peka movement. Indicate a change of tactics among the patriots for whose lieneflt the Topeka machine has thus far been worked, and a dispo sition to abandon their attitude of rebellion, and take part hereafter in the elections ordered under the l<e?onipton Constitution A delcate con vention of Ihe Free State men has been Tn session at Lawrence, on two or three different occasions, to deliberate on this subject, and at an adjourned meeting of this cou vent ion held on the 2U1 Inst., "Gov.- Robinson In the chair, a war in debate was had on the question whether the Free State men should vote for State officer* on the 1th Jan uary .During a recess of the convention, a mass nlectin" was organized to consider the same ques tion Majority and minority reports were pre sented by committees chosen for the pur|Kme, and Robinson is reported by the correspondent of the IJoston Journal, in which we find a v--ry full account of the proceedings, to have spoken as follows 1 " He was ready to go as f*r a* any man In re sisting tyranny; but the people would not fight the federal troops now, and if they would, it would be the height of folly. It would In-like the bull that attempted to butt the locomotive off the track, and was annihilated Had that bull pos sessed half so much discretion as valor, he would have torn up a rail or two with his boms, and let the locomotive run itself oft . (Laughter ) So it might l?e mlnr for us to resist this government after it should be established; Inil It was th common sense course for us to rip up the rail, and let the in run t hrtitxf Ire* off the track He said he had received letters from prominent fi iends of fiee Kansas in the North, mgiug lis to go into that election, anil thus leave us no means left for getting all the machinery and forms of g jvernmn.t into our hands. He only desired to obtain possession of that government to kill It. should ''ongres* admit us under if, weie never t qua J yoreuter upon the dutiesof those office*. The question lu this warfaie was not whetln r we should seem consistent, but whether we should ?"?? and gain our rights." According to th<* statement above given, It seems (hat Hi* men "in the North who pull the wire* for the Free State men In Kansas, have concluded that it I* lie*t not to fight the Federal troop-;, simply for the reason that " like the bull that attempted to butt the locomotive off the trackthev would most likely be "auiiihilalid." This certainly evinces a large degree of ^.ood s?*nse on the part of the Republican manager* of Kansas, who. af er all, seem to act nearer iio to the adaye that "discretion is the betfer part ?p ,or<" than some of their adherent* in the territory. These latter, it is fair to presume, 11 ve believed tbat the coustant advice and direc tion they have received, as to shedding the blood troops, and making Kann? fr?-e rnu Z\'7 .Krnw' T*H ~r'ou?iy intended, and merely for "buncombe;" and to sustain a des,>erate political cause. Hence their vacin^Uoti'?wh|,0| ex'lil,ittnU tl?e weakness and vacillation which a change of tactic* wooiil in dhate. and a deposition ?o KsUt & Uwslve, now. at whatever hazard They believed ihat the advice was houesilv given, and that thev we.e really fl^ for freedom., wbeSH ihll weie only fix hi in;* the battles of the Republican jstrly iw New Yolk arwt other dl*runt States Tin d Mrtite i>oth in the delegate convention aed In the iii*<s convention, on this single point of voting i-iate , thceis on ihe lih instant, seen.* t? have been an angry and excited one. Thomas Kwing, Jr., son of Thomas Kwiug, of Ohio, spoke earnestly in favor of voting, and read a letter from his father, recommending that course Amon? the other speaker* who took the same I stale were Jud(C Cm way, it eA path, Ja4g* W ake | ?e?d. Srhnyier and other* Opposed to voting were also several earnest and infatuated speaker", who exercised all their abilities to keep the ex citement good, a while longer A ni*n naipert \\ hitman. who bad Iven to Fort Scott with Lane.Wnd had a hand in the resist anf-e lo|b* I nited^tates Marshal and hi* po-?? f-wv f>ut upon ttkCCtand. and made the ver> "tg-^ n ti 3 :it declaration ' i t ? "the question whetbefl t . led State* otllriaN ?*- resisf<-d to ft, bloodv 1s?.ue, i? oft longer open ; for a federal of ficer kms been Tes it ted and shot, while attempt ing to make arrests under the Rebellion Law " This announcement, we are assured, was received with applause, and we are led to infer that the men there assembled were delighted with the in formation that "a federal offlrer bad been shot,*' while engaged in the discharge of his official du ties. The patriots in Kansas are quite as unable to agree upon the best mode of resisting the Gov ernment. as their Republican prototypes in the States. We are told, by the correspondent frrnn whom we have quoted, that the debate was per sonal and violent. He uyi: "The heated discussions to-dav assumed a per sonal character more tban once. Some rather se vere passages at armsoccurred between Governor Robinson jnd .Messis. Thatcher, NValdeii, Whit man. and Phillips " It Is not strange that men who have been nrompted to violent measutes and action against others, ,md whose acts have been characterized Sy resistance to all lawful authority, should be come impatient of restraint even from their own political friends, and resort to conduct unbecom ing and disreputable on all occasion*. There is a considerable touch of chivalry among these lovers of freedom in Kansas. For instance, one Stratton, who came into the Con vention fresh from the foray at Fort Scott and th?* killing ot a United States Marshal /Mr L y tl<?*,) delivered the following precious bit of gas conade: ?'W^have resolved long enough; the time has come for act ion. The time has come when, like Texas, we must run up the lone star; and as we can no longer get our rights in the Union. main tain and defend them as a sovereign State out of the Uuion. Hireat sensation, and applause from some parts of the hall.) "A sovereign State out of the Union,'* then, seems to be the Idea of the Lawrence Conven tionists, comprising, as we suppose, the Mower of the Black Republicans of that Territory. The Democracy op TtiK North ?Yesterday we took occasion briefly to mention the fact that an effort to pledge a caucus of the Demo cracy ot' the Legislature of Ohio against the policy of the President, on the subject of the admission of Kansas into the Union upon the Lecompton Constitution, bad proved a signal failure. To-day we find, from the T*finny I ? vania>/, that the corresponding efforts to de bauch the political integrity of the Democracy of Pennsylvania have also quite as signally failed. That journal says in that connection : " The Democratic papers of this State are not only warm and zealons in the support of the Kan sas platform laid down bv Mr. Buchanan in bis message, but they are discussing the principles enunciated In that document with a mental force and ability, which must end in a most thorough and complete victory for the Democratic party in this 5tate, if the opposition dare to make the support or rejection of the President's Kansas policy an issue before the people. The attempt made by certain disappointed men to mislead and debauch the Democracy of Pennsylvania, to abolitionize the party and hand it over to the Black Republicans, has most ''signally and sig nificantly ' failed. The mine was sprung too soon, and as a consequence the plotters have l?ern blown into the camp of the enemy with black ened and damaged reputations, and political character* that serve as a warning to all over ambitions aspiiants in the future ?' Numinatei?.?We have every reason to be lieve that the President has sent to the Senate the nomination of Captain Reynold* for resto ration to bis former position of a paymaster in the army of the United States, from which he was dropped some time since under the im pression that he was a defaulter, declared to he unfounded in the result of a long trial at law whereby he was adjudged to be the credit or?not the debtor?of the Government. Some months ago, we explained.all these fact- in de tail. taking occasion to show, at the came time, that the President and Secretary of War in their action upon CaptAin R.'s ease had fairly earned the gratitude of all who desire to see the principle of strict justice invariably ad ministered in the affairs of the General Gov ernment. Bnt for the fact that there has been no vacancy in the list of the paymasters >n the scrvice, the consummation of this measure of reparation?Capt R 's re-nomination to the Senate?would not have been so long postponed evidently. . A Pressing Necessity ?Tne necessity for the prompt enactment of the proposed increase of the Army of the United States is quite a? pressing, so far as the public interest is con cerned. at tbi* moment, a- that for the iseut of Treasury Notes. The exigencies of the state of affairs in Utah make it imperatively necessary that the troops now in Kansas or nearly the whole of them. ehall proceed to the reinforce ment of Col. Jobnson'i command, with as little delay as possible ; which, unless the pr< po?e<l new regiments aro immediately ordered by Congress to be raised. will leave that Territory entirely without effective military protection ; at a time, too, when the necessity for the pre. enee of a considerable body of troop? there wa never before so great. The Army in Utah ?The Secretary of War is understood to have l>een very busy of late with the consummation of preparations to re inforce the army in I tab at the earliest possi ble moment after the spring shall have opened His plans to that end were finally and fully con suuituated yesterday. That they will prove entirely effective, may be concluded from the success of his measures lor the repression of the threatened Indian hostilities in the vicinity of Silver Lake Minnesota Territory, and the completeness of the necessary arrangements for the present Utah campaign, as originally designed. . All Able asp Interesting Speech.?We had intended to republish iit e.rten*o the speech delivered by Mr. Robert Tyler, at the late meeting of the Democracy of Philadelphia, <in Jaynes's Hall.) called to respond to the Presi dent's annual message. Hut it turns out that our space at command will barely suffice to en able us thus to oall attention to it. as embracing one of the most forcible defences of the posi tion of the President and the Democracy, upon the question of the admittance of Kansas into the Union on the Lecompton Constitution, so far called out by the extraordinary attitude assumed by Senator Douglas. No speech on the subject delivered in Congress, as powerful as some of tbem have been, will fall with more force and effect on the public mind. Touching them in a Iknker Point.?An impression is gaining ground, that the honora ble House of Representatives are just now manifesting, individually, a lirely sense of the disagreeability of an empty exchequer. On the 1th inst., some $4'!j,oon is said to have been due to the members, ns compensation, mileage, Ac., of which the Sergeant-at Arms had, so far, only managed to obtain about $54HHki to divide among them. Asa class, no other gentlemen stand more in need of all the " ready' legally due to them, and no others will be more embarrassed ly eveu the necessary delay until the new Trea sury notes may be ready to be paid over to them. Roans News.?It turns out that the story, per telegraph, of a battle between Jim Lane and his fellow outlaws of Kansas and the troops of the United States, wherein the latter were represented to have been defeated? tbo begin ning of the cifil war M earnestly urged?if not invoked?by Gov Walker and Senator Doug las, is a mere fiction The St. Louis HrpuUi rati of the 3d contains ? despatch from Bonne ville, received the day before, saying?is (jviet tv Kan.m* Anri vKti.?The newly elected Senators from Minnesota (Messrs. Hie* and Shields; have reached Waftbington. Thftir many /Head* will be glad to learn that they art in fine health. We premme that tM preliminary pnwtedtng* to enable them to take their seats in the Senate of the United State? wUl very shortly be con summated by Congre??F" We cjperstasd tbat there will l>e n morn ing reception al tfce IT ijMtiva M?-i|kn Sat urday next, comtnenciMnt onftfclqpA, and on erery ?uocteding Saturday during tSe senaon. The evening receptions will eotnnence on Tuesday next at eight o'clock, and will taka place on aach attrrunt* Tuesday CovMANnEH Chatard ?We bare reason to believe that active preparations for court-mar tialing this officar sbortWrare in pi?gres? at the Navy Department. The Wkatiifr?The following report of the weather for this morning is ma4ofrom the Mom < Telegraph line to the Smithsonian Institution. The time of observation is about 8 o'clock a. in : J**rA?T 7, 1?58 New York, N. Y rienr, pleasant Philadelphia, Pa clear, pleasant. Baltimore, Md clear, pleasant. Washington, D. C cloar, cool. Richmond, Va clear, cool Petersburg, Va ......clear, cool. Raleigh, N. C clear, cool. Wilmington, N. O dear, pleasant. Columbia, S C clear, cool. Charleston, S. C clear, pleasant. Augusta, Ga clear, cool. Savannah, Ga clear, cool Macon. Ga. clear, cool. Columbus, Ga clear Montgomery, Ala clear.

Lower Peach Tree, Ala ...clear. Mobile, Ala cloudy, mild. Gainesville Miss clear, pleasant. New Orleans, La clear. From the West Cumbeiland. Md clear, pleasant. Wheeling, Va clear, pleasant. Barometer at the Smithsonian, 30 33?. Thermometer, on the Smithsonian tower, min imum last night, 333. CONOR ESS ION A L. Thirty-fifth t'*n(reu?First Session. In the Senate, yesterday, after we went to press, the balance of their day's session was de voted to the consideration of Kxecutlve busi ness. They adjourned about I p. m Is the Horse, Messrs. Sickles and Gilmer de livered hour speeches in the Committee of the Wbote on the State of the Union, on filibuster ism. Mr. Bliss addressed the Committee against the decision of tbe Supreme Court of the United States in tbe Dred Scott case. Mr. Hiskln addressed the Committee in de fence of Commodore Paulding Several other members made conversational re marks upon tbe filibustering question ere the Committee rose. And then the House adjourned. Proceedings of To day. x the Sejtate, to-day, the credentials of the on. James Hammond,elected from South Caro lina to be a member of that body, In place of the Ute Judge Butler, were presented; and Mr H took hi* seat. Mr Seward presented a memorial of citizens of HfiittHlafgiia, N. Y.f praying for practical 1#k/U inerate v?Tt'bC/h L* ?f lhe NouL may co onerate *uh of tbe J<outh to extinguish k la very?by compensation for tbe slaves, Ac . ?, n ?r K'Dg, the President Mas re quested to furnish copies of the corre"no^der^ and dispatches from our Ministers to ftn-rland t ranee, and ??tber Powers, on the subject of the In the Hoi*e, in tbe course of the read in./ of the journal, the following gentlemen were ~a?. nonnc ed as having been appointed by tbe8penW on the .elect committee to Inquire Into and re of HiS't'11 ,he r,r':n,",fancrs "'tending the sale \L C n "menJ s Fort Snelllnji property viz ner, and Pet'tT' Uonl* ?' ' Morr,C &W Committee, fn the place of Mr Banks. resiS Ir Jones, ?.t Tenu , moved that when the House adjourned todiy, they would adioit n January >nr"'day. to morrow being ,be sth of I. was then moved to ame,,d that resolution by Mouday ?,tT&Zt* * '? "*? P r^e yeas and nays on agreeing to tbe amended :?!To,opVr"""" Ft It THRU FOREIGN INTELLIGENCE the Atlantic nl >?w York. Great Hriiaix President Buchanan s message attracted ?rreai attention in England. It was telegraphed entire from Liverpool to some of the London journals, being the longest despatch ever sent by telegraph InF.ngland, e r The London Times, j* tts view of the Mes a the Central American Questions It construes Mr. Buchanan s remarks on the former q.iest.on lnfo a trlhnte fo the monetary sV?tem of ??rV? r? recommends theiu to the attention of its readeis, that they may see how the system ?Iwla home. viewed by the most enlitht ^ of another country On the Central American question, the Times ?avs : '"e l>ave much pleasure In receiving tbe is surancefromMr. if i. hman. that the laF*rert?f countries are identical, being confined to se curing a safe transit over all the route" across the Isthmus. Let the American Government i>ive speedUv'sett/ed? *""* lhaf nMio"- Wifi Ik pe any settled f ommon sense must tell the onfhe^f'n'Y ,n *he?e questions we are strict I v ""the defensive, and the most Inveterate de f burner against^njjlaud cannot deny th?- concil iatory sn.rit in which she has treated them Hut we can hardly be ask'd to ?ive npX Ltv ! I?.W without a guarantee that all Its Important p ovisi ns shall t e re enacted, and the whole se nes of irritating dispute, brought forever to a,, and,seay;f>"d ,n ,a"d" th<l S^-rally sniMtbwhfM.a.t?S|UI'.Cap<fr' \Mtli from Wendlv rhM i , breathes to foreign uatlons?from the determination which It expresses to out down the arch-heresy of Mormo?Pism, ?d to^ creditable ?f i" highly lie- ?p?rU of Mr' ? "?!!' praises the frankness of the iTi "? ^ y.?' 'J1? Fresldent, and says that? In toue and feeling, as regaids E??iand noth ng can b^more unolijeetionable than the lan guage of Mr. Buchanan's Mesnaire " It also endorses his v.ews o.ithe commerci-.l ' r si*, nit says that tbe shuttling tone of the Message on the aft",Irs of Kansas' N in ruinfuT contrast with the frank and manly tone ffTlia [tortloii which treats of foreign policy flJhp,li?,|,d^n '^mes says It Is understood that lie Last India i nmpany have Tec?iveH r<.rm i iiolice that it Is the jM/? o/?o^f.n?f?! g'overument Ti rn al,oli,i"" ?'f the double m .V^r,""e,'t i he Globe (ministerial ori-ani savs this statement is substantially correct ' ri ,a|,*mptai to launch tbe Leviathan were niSFIIFj U" at ? "mmence '?i'.7w?~!3-.X-" """ "-"y r**Port ?? Intended alliance l?etween the l d,u ^?n7r '?nd "br ,>r?"".ss Alice of U .d Is saiii to l?e totally without foundation Rumors of MinlsterUl changes were aJTin i Th. i.ontio. Wr p , H110* Smllh will lr,Tf lh' Bo.trtl of Control and lie succeed* d by Sir C Wood ? s.nrt that should Mr. Mnitti retire, bis p^i , fUe Lai,don Times continues Its airitatinn i? Island? ,mp?r'i,,K vebem?nrSa".KW/ M#*r,d denounces, with some vehemence, tbe supposed project of the I ..nTw ch?r "??lo,t Cuba, and ac-cuie, Pres deiit Bu .;nSfr(L"!r..'r, r::, .r^Ez&a! r&^.wsBs?Eirjg ?.? of rautlon, .?d lOMpl.cibif lSUl? f""? O'linanyillll KpreKDt. ..f"'sncial embarrassments as very great al though it was thought that the crisis wTTde? I dedly approaching us termination rhe reduction of the Amdriau aniu was u? ceding with gieat lapldity. ^ In view of the fact that it was ualikelv that King of Prussia would be able to reauine hisii v! erniag turn Hons at the expiration of the three !"riU* wL,cU ,b*" Fr'wee of Prussia wis appointod to the conduct of affairs the aueati,,.. ofhow the Government sbouJd be carried on w a < claiming attention Official communication* from flwUattfnwMhitMlMi Ml create * Keener. nn?! It wa* anppoaed that ??ex traordinary power#" would be conferred on tbe Prince of Prussia "s V Rr?u. An Imperial 4?je* LaA-been issued. providing for the iMperial entj|tof nltrment of the serf* The < rM in*tit>ilPK?M I , m^ortant chnnge* In the retatMi^ i?etwoenUfc peMfcntry and landed pr<fHetlK of t he cotiotn FaaW( a j Thr extraordinary trial of Ma#^in? de Jeufo?*e, befSnro ?ot)< and ttei EJWiie-keej?cr, for the mur der?f M , Guillot. had tenuiMt"d in the acqnitta! of all Cfee prl%on*i* The atliir wa* a very complicated one. tad attracted threat attention throughout France. It wa* stated ^but contradicted bv the Patrle) that the Emperor, in consequence of representa tion* made t?y Kngliind. had consented to ?ubmtl the question of the exportation of ncgio** from Africa, to the French Colonies, to a Conference, to be held in I.ondon TxaaiBLK T&auikv?A Yook* Mas Mie drred AT THr Srrrr* Tabt.C ?The neighbor hood oi Providence, in Nrw K??nt county. was thrown into a state of great excitement la*t Sat urday night. b>-the announcement of the startling tact that .Mr. J a* Grant. sou of Mrs. t'rceFa (?rant, had lieen mmden-d whilesittiug wlih hia mother and family at their supper table The murderer effected hi* dla>>o1ical purpose by sboot Ing at and killing Mr Grant through the win dow Our Informant state*, that when he left the scene yesterday morning a Corouer's Inquest was about being held, and the impression pre vailed among the neighbors that the murder was perpetrated by one of Mr*. Grant's nog roes We understand that on the Sunday night previous, Mis* Grant, the only sister of the deceased, was shot at through the door of the house, but not in jured. her clotLes breaking the force of the leaden missiles ?0011 after the occurrence *l?e became *0 alarmed that she fled to a neighbor's, a dis tance of two miles, where she remained for sev eral days Mrs C.rant is in independent circum stances. and had bnt two children. Alxuit one month ago her house was flred and burned, with the greater portion of its content* Dark rnmo s are afloat as to the cause of the commission of these deeds, but we do not feel rt liberty to give them publicity.?Rirhm<m>t South. Dossellt to bi Exkc cteh ox Friday ?Tie warrant of Governor Newell, granting a stay of execution In the case of Donnelly from the Pth to thf 13th instant, has (says the Newark Mercury of the Gth) never been signed, although it waa the Governor's intention at one time to doao. L oon a more careful examination of the constitution. It is douMfnl what the clause, under which this power is derived, means. After advice, the Gov ernor baa come to the conclusion not to sign the warrant of reprieve: consequently, Donnelly will be executed on Friday The escape of Donnelly was undoubtedly ef fected through the complicity of some of the In mates at the jail, !mt it is now very evident that hia last chance for life is gone. There is some thing which excites our commiseration in the circuinstances of hisescapeand arrest Through the long night he was once again a free man? skulking along bis way, it is true, but still hope ful and buoyant. There might be in some other land, if he could but escape there, a career better than the past had furnished. But the re-arrest? hqw bitter must that have been ' With what a fading out of all the material world must he have entered again his cell! There is now shadowed forth to him but one object?and that the scaffold Violation or the Post Office Law ?Sheriff Eddy, of McHenry county, I llinois, has been held to bail on the charge of Intercepting and opening a letter placed in the mail by Henry J White. The practice, which is understood to be com mon with police ofboers. of taking suspected let ters from the post office and opening them, is clearly in violation of law, notwithstanding it may sometimes be the means of detecting crimi nals, and the officer who takes the responsibility of so doing, must also take the hazard which be thereby incurs. DisriBACKrvL.?The Cincinnati Commercial i? informed by a member of the Humanitarian So ciety that, fn addition to being branded ou the left hip a number of soldiers of the Newport, (Ky.) Barracks, received fifty lashe? each on their backs, on Tuesday morning, and were then drummed out of camp.' Yy?TW(l LARGE FRUIT CAKES to be cot J J? on Saturday. Those who want eomathinf deuoate *nJ nice send to the Philadelphia Store nod ret a alie . J. FFSSEI.L. jan7 3i* Corner 13th and F eta. ry^5=?THE FN DE It SIGN ED hereby notifies tie tL? public tint he has resigned his stewardship ofihewnale* Zion Church,(Colored.) He would request all persois havuic bills %ginst said Church contiauted b> Mm, 10 present such lails prior to A ogust 1st, IR5B. If JOHN LEE. Sr. SECOND LECTURE POPULAR AND HISTORICAL SONG, B* Chai. Mai hay. of London, Anther of English Stings and Editor of the Illus trated l.r ndoii New*, will he delivered at the Philharmonic H*i t .adjoining Star office, Penn sylvania avenue, on SATURDAY EVENING, January !?. 105h. Doors open at ; o'clock; the Lecture tocommenoe at 8 o'clock. Precisely. Pi io? of ajim.ssion 50 cents Tickets to he oh tained at the Hall, at M^txerott's M usic Store, at Messrs Taylor* Maury's, aud at the Hotels, jan 1 St rr?BANK OF WASHINGTON, January S. 1 UJs IK'*!.?The Board 0! Trustees ol this Rank have tin" day declared a dividend o( three per oent. for the last six months, out of the probts of the Bank, payable to stockholder* on demand jan G 2' J AS. ADAMS. Cashier. Ylp?SMITHSOMAN L EC TU R ES.-On ?MP WEDNESDAY and FRIDAY EVE \l\(iS. Jsnnan-?t|ian?? Ktb Dr. J. J Hate* r II lecture on **Arofic Explorations." The public are invited. j'? S-atd 1Y^=? ATTENTION. M O N T G O M E R Y 'L? GUA R 1)S?You are hereby notified to meet a?yonr armory onTHURSDAY EVENING, the 7th inst. Punctual attendance is called for, as busi ness of importance will N transacted. By order ol I apt. kF\ : Jnn 5-3t THOMAS McHENRY. Sec. rV9?0* PHANS' FAIR REMOVED to IRON 1 ? HALL. PA. AVENUE?The inclemency or thewearher h*vine prevented many person*, wh?? were anxious to dos<>, fioin attend in* t he Fair at Odd Fellows* nail, the managers have liceu pre vailed upon to continue it for a lew days more, and it will be onened at Ir.m Ha'l. The articles for sale are marked down at the |owe?t possible price*, and tt"* patronage of the charttaUe is earnestly sobered. Nearly on" linndred and trfty orphan girlsare de pending upon the result of this effort to procure what is absolutely necessary for their pressing wanta. jan S d ?Y-5=?7)KFICE MUTUAL I- ?RE INSURANCE L? COMPANY OF THE DISTRICT OF COLUM BI A. WasifixoToN. Decerning ;2H, ia">7.? In accordance with the provisions of the olnrter, the Managers publish the condition of the Company, aa follows: Amount of premium notes ?7R,3l9fti Amount of cash 011 hand . . 8,1 -smni Amount of losses during past \ car l.0732i Notioe is also nvn that the annua! meeting ofthe member* o the Company w ill be held at thia office on Mondav, Jar nary 18, UV. at 10 o'clock a. m. when an efection will be held for seven managers, to ?erve for the ensuing year. By order o( the nianimi. -t-eodt CllAS. WILSON, Sec'y. <y~5=?MKTROPOLITAN MECHANICS' IN Ljf ST ITUTE.?Members are requested to p?y their annual dues to the uudersigned. ??r to Lkivii Wright, Es?j. They are now on their term of grace. H.JANNEY. d 2R-ec?2w Financial Secretary . DR. POPE. 1 Hom'orathir /'?y>irinn nnd Surgeon, De Menou or Chain Buildings, No. 37* H street, north side, l?etween 13th and Uth sts. d 13 eo3m 'Yr*=?ICE CREAM, of the purest Cream, at #1 M> ' f. ? per gallon; Water Ices, Cakea of every va riety and styles ; Jellies, Charlotte de Russe, Blane Mange. Piea of various kind*; and everything nice in the Confectionery line, at the PHI LADELPHIA ICE CREAM STORE, corner 12th and F strveta. d 9 Im* CCORPORATION OF WASHINGTON Quar / inrly 6 per cent. Stock for aale in sums to suit. J. C. MoGUIRE, jan 7-d3t Auctioneer ft Commission Merchant. FOR SALE LOW.?Two good SPRING WAG ONS, in good oider. Also, one fine try younr M A R F, 4 year* olj. works and rid?a j w-l'. Apply to J?'S ROBERISONwln't."^ No. Mi Prospect st., Georgetown. jan 7 3t * QOSHEN BU TJ E R. Just reoeived, X>< keg* geuuioe GOSHEN BUT TER.whiHiI will out to sell families, as cheap as cin t?e honght in Washingtt?n. Kvery (lung in the market line always on hand. GEO. THUS. S t KWART, jau 7 3t* City Market, corner i?ih ar.d H sts. QNLY THREE CENTS. I would call the attention of Gentlemen who love a good and che?p CIGAR . toan article which I am se ling for thrne cents, or $25 a M. These Cigars are gauuti* rapidly in public favor, and are believed to be equal to any sold for double the prioe. I man ufactared them myself, and know they are m?deof pare Havana Tobaoco. 8AM*L. T. DRURY. It* corner Pa ave and 14th st. THE REASON WHY.-Aoarciul colleciTTT for things whK-hf P ..v.. ui icwuss tor tilings which, though generally believed, are imperfectly nnder sIcmhI. Copiously illustrated; English edition; price ?0 cents! f eeby mail on of ntn?;y-six pent* in stamps . I.iffht m the Valley; My Experience of fpirttnal ism; by Mrs. Newton Croasland; illustrated, |IJk V io|ct, or the Danseuae. V eta. Byo^tapUiotl and Histonoal Sketches; ry Macau lav. A ppic'on's Railway Library. AH ets. Ptinolt's Pocket Bink of Fun, do. do., vieta. The Bfographical History of Pnilo*oplij. lr??m ita origin m Greece down to the preaent day; by George Henry I ewea; 1 volnm?. -7S. The same im t vol umes, $3 J.U rul.l..he.l .?! t MAUKY'S jau7 pook?? ore, near tthit. WP Oolsmbia Tjpsrrspliicsl loaMty JisStets^ffailBUscei kSH-' ?ersary and h<?aor Ue birthdat'of Frmmk.m. Will give a Ob MOMDAV rfAlvli At i?44 f+Uojrt' N*n.Jih im which ?IHI n.n the 0?Wi'lM <>l A|i*n|MDfit(l ple<lte tUMiselx** tfwite< ?n exert ma WiU B? male fo render this <hm ofthe moat Kilnr'irf ||Una(tfe* nr. will u? famished th? Ijidiee.< th# aapemsionof f H Rxk iH^tr.CnfMli hia beat "tyis. Pro: i?n'* String UwkI ia eu*aa<^ The B*'i * ill I* opsned at 4 ri.-iock tj a Grand Promenade. Wit?? the irnm^mi tinted Mere*. oomitiiMl !<?? t*?a occasion bf Prof. Cfx pen. ami (Mialal to the Pnniera of tVukin|lo?. No hata or caps will beailow?<1 iu the room. ~?f^ Uenttenien desiring lnvitnt?nr?s f*n l^ad?*e Wiifplease hand is t hew aaioea la an> it.?- m t*r *1 tfc* fclaealitf Committee. Mamatu* ml Li*'. _ _ jnMtllfitlM M*V Bl?.S **r* J ? ? T.U a. r W. W * MM! F r4 JlhWf *<>?? *? Hon. r ifr f?rr? Wm * Cert rati B C Wei?*i?saa ? /%?. r. ? ?l?4a, C. aleaamler a.l?. P. *?<?! < l?>o f W f linm.1: jiea fcf?i| PoIUbL rs Una It King Qei ? ?M? -a T ?*. Pai-narrf Jar.>L OKItmh W. O Wallarfc W?. ? ?????? ??. w. io*mt a?u. r'rifj r?>N a *?n Water* J. P Cbiltr Jsliti !?? ?Mii( M? Trsel-nlm ju ? fttawtaaa A ? n?ll.? Km U? tm*H A. 0 U?i.k? Jaa *'*< Wm a aarfcacrf W. W. Ni<tr* Wm Tu??r? Joka UrrraiM Vt) J f. H?l a c (>?. I>. 1 ?* ra Th.* r?r??jk? Maj T???. |i'*nk? r Oeu WMUIfcjl a H?i> W A H?rri? J >)>a? T Taylor Hanrg Wat* r c. Wa*4*n a a. a ?>tB?oa r IF erwrtre Cotfimttt". Wm B. KrUM <a?s H a -ft. a. *. ??*? Ckarlsa ?> Ml C. P. at. ?? * ??<?!? Wis i,. Ji.nai J*?as J J?'1 e Wn M. Belt Wa. C. Korrn* J?La H T. <-rn J C. f rasaes! P. IrVtrMi TIm?. lick Tltrffittm C O'/im i tt'e?i White Rosctte.i J. P. Cvtsnall H C. Wr glil J. a. Ha?..' A. J Bnhlnana T. ???. Cav a r. K. l-ers? John Cnartagkam W. a. Say.ler F ?>tir y M r HimM ;?. P llairia C t? ? <"f Uf>i pi'mi f. j. w.i?(? a. w tf<-k J C.C. wt-atrr r. a a C. A Helm W. a. C Brfl(;rtuaa Jamaa Ca*il<w K. *. Cr.-|?l?? Oi?? *. Or? a J?? P 0??<1 II t? A a ?trX?|r Julia t. Joha?oa MUt?a na> ka J?* a. Prr? r a.j Ar> lit; j?a Naiiimir t;. a aa-i w ? MltM n,a?. J CaaArM Joli'i M'tnCia Robt Ptaax H?a a I Mb pNf T B??ra?'i >7#?r M ina;etr?< Fed Hoaerte. t Wm. L Jonaa *n?. a H?n aan.'l T lafcait?tB V. a IM??i ?r Cliarl?? M.?ll tamnat P? ???wan Tickets admitting a *antleman and ladiaa. T*Vt) DUI-I.AKS: lu l?* obtained ol ar-j iii?mlier <-f the Klfiitiri r??mniirt*e, and tr the ?io.>r oft the int of the Hall. l?a 1 \1KL01?K0N. (I.atk r?M.j?aa* 1*1 P?mi|*'rn?i? ?(v??/,a'<i? 1'f*. Theahore p'aoe h?a heen entirelj renovated aad arn?nre<1 witu new ?'a#e acenery, attli, preaalv far the Aim at re I laaana, rnder the dire< uonnfjOHN NV. I.ANUI9, la iww open for tha Winter aeaaon with LANDIS' Ol'KKA I'KOIIPi;. Compnainc twelve talented p?rA>rmera, !4TAR? IM THfc PROFESSION, who will five their immitahie perf<>rmaaoaa ni*hti* roinpriaiiia new Sooga, Uuriciquct, Netro Eco u trioitira, Ac. A lirand l'arf<>rina?oe every SATf'FDAY Al" TKR NOtlN. ar J o'clock. Adimaaioii J< cents; Doors open at 6\ o'clock; commence at 7H o'c'ock. M. R. COOMBS. Treaaurer Lek Mallokt. Liuainesa A cent. jan 4-tf HiRD ??K A\ D Cf>TII.L0N PARTV~OP THE COLl MBIA fl.l'l. The memt?eraof the Columbia C'ub take great fleaaure iu aunoanctuc to their friends and Jl lie public that their Th:bd (im*r Cottlu>* jfl PaRTV of the aeaaoh will be riven at CoI'iib-/,? bia Hall, on MONDAY. J%o. ilth. IM. LJ* Tickets FIFTY CENTS?admituujc ? fent.eman and ladiea. By order j*a< 7?* COIf^TrfTEE. UONUR TO WHOM HONOR 16 DTE. FOURTH GRAND BAl<L or TUB Terpsichore Clnb. The meait?>ra of the T?'rpatrhora Cioh moat re apactlulla abiiource to their nutiiftroua.f ieiida an ! the pub ic in general Hint rhey w'l l ??ve one of their CRaND BALLS at Odd Fel Iowa' Ha l, Navv Yard, on THfHSDAY evening, January 7,1J5C; the proceed* to lie arptopriate4 to ereptui* n monumeiit hi the memory ?Y B C. Grean up. who loat his Ufa in the discharge of hu dut) a* a firciuan. Tiokel* ONE DOLLAR, to be had o( iu>y of tha memf?era of the Clab. .Mo?t positively no hata or oepa allowed lathe room, except worn l?y 'he CIn!?. Withers' celebrated btind ha>been enpued. As there wol be r.o Ladira* invrtations issued, we most oordia'ljr innte the r atten?lane?. COMMITTEE '1 ER FCSICHoK E CLl B. j&n ?, 5, 5, 6, 7 * ANMVI K>Ain OK TH K BAI TLE OK N K.V\ ORl.KANS. The UNION t?l ARDS take great pleasure iu announcing to th^ir friends, militarv uid 0% civic, that their Third Annual Rail wili take jd plaoe at the J'1 A SS F I V U& ON THE KliiHTH OK JAN'UARVT^ The I nion liuarUa plerlge themaeivea to apare Rina to make thia e?(uai if not superior to their laat II. which waa so wtil patromaed by their fnards. military and civie. Esputa's t'elehrated Band ta engaged lor i he occa Moa. Refreshments ai?d Supper will l?e serv ed l?y ail e* - perieuced caterer. Tmketa.ONE IMJLLAR; admiturg Gentieman ami Ladiea No hata worn in The R.ill Room except by the Mi. itary. , Committer o.f At Captain Bnahr, Ouartermaater Flaherty. Lieutenant ??ber. Serceant lAekr, l.ieutei^n' Do'ielly. He: reant K?aa. Lieutenant O'Har*-, Sercennt Dooly. jan 2-fir loat re A [I WAITS. w ANTED.?A C.IRL to do the general work < I vv a house. Stave preferred. Apply al 3'" B street a-^rth. Capitol Hill. >t * WANTED?My a Young Woman,a aituation as Cook in a pr:vate fritiih. (*<>od refer* tiers given Addreaa A. N., at this oflioe. jaat-St* Apolor kdseiTvant wanted to d?? ? Cookint and Honaesmrk of a small f?nnl?. G??nd refrrea^ea r?MUire<l. Applrto J. WA(?NEK. ?.K Pa. avenue, between 12th at?d 13th streett. ian f 2t * A WIPE WANTED.-She muat t<* Wwe?u i7 J\ and A years old. and ahe mnat l?? a good scan ? atreaa. One that baa no children, or ever waa mu ? ried. Such a one will hi?<lagood hastand. He i? not rich or handaoine. bu: hia treatment anl g?w>d eondnrt towards a w.;'? is hia guarantee lie nan easily mnke from an to ni^e hnr.drad dollars a year. Address a letter to Darnel Price, Star I Ace.sta lite where an interview can l<e had. The m???i aaare 1 aecreay will be kept. jen 6-2t* w, ANTED IMMEDIATELY.?Several White " Men (without familiesito wort mi a ram., a rn'lea ?roni the eit".- References retired Agp? to H. PKM PHRKY, comer 4H and aosth N streets. jan A-?t * \|,r ANTED I M M E Dl A T FLY?A furnished T? HOUSE. With ive or ai* chambers, aarlora. and dining room. Apr.) to No. 141 Browas U>tel. d t?-ff 1 WANTED -SIX to EIGHT THOUSAND DO I.I. A RS, for three or five rears, lor which security wt'l l?e ciren in Real F.atate situated on Penn avenue, between Rh and luth ata. Inoinre t thisi-ftic-. WANTED Ttl HI H K |S.m. for the term ?f > years, secured on au unproved farm, of S"> acres ,l?j a deed of trust, aituated near tnecity. I r - tereat paid annua'lr. An* one wishing to invest in that way, will please Mtdrass J. H. S.. B?x Waahincton oity, staitog whan and where an inter view can be had. luterest paid seiriannually if pre ferred. n t7-tf NOTICE ?The sutiscrilier hnviric iuat opened an OF PICE or GK. N E R A I. I NT K I.I.I r, E N ? I. at No.SHC street. I?etween fitli and 7th. and next to Todd's Hat Store, snd opposite Bank ??f Washing ton, requests the cititcns of Washington to give him enconraeement. The sul>*crit>er's obiect is to seeure g?H*<l servanta iu our citic as, and to find suitable places for Servnits who couie weii rem u* mended. Snch as desire employment, and such aa are in need of proper Servanta. shoe Id give me a ca l I aa aooa as convenient. f A DIES' BONNET COMBS; ala? Tsekit.. I j Dressing. I'ufl, Side, and hue l\ory Coo<b*, cheap for cash, at jan fi-St LAM MON D*S.Tth s*. \t CI.AlRVtM ANCE. i^lADAME CLINTON PRICE. Valuta! Clur ?oyaut.reepeotliilly informs the Ladies snd ?tle "*au of Waahiagton, at the eara?M aolicitatios < * friends, she has returned, and osa be runtu ted MedicalU or on Business Matters from * a h p m.. at No. 3B9 B street, for a short time on'v. iwir SOMETHING NEW FOR THE LADIES. Manufactured from Hair and Fiah Soa ss Bracelets, Pins. Earrinirs, Hesd Ureases. Neck laces, and Watch Guards. Also. Point Lace and Point Laoa Aplique S^tta. Theattovenew ami l>eaiitiful c??odB are aow |<>r ?ale at the New York Kaoc-> Store, No. 3n letween 7th and nth wtreeta jan 6 fit* opposite Ceatea Market. P?LOUR AND PRoDI'CF WAlKHOPM. The underaigued have iu store and f?w sate? Sim Mi.s. Extra FLOL'R.from the VaHe>, Shi hhls. Superior do. do. 4,1. ItM bbls. Kamily do. do. do. A'sw, BUTTE*. Tl RkEVS. CHICKENS. l.ARD, Ac; in fact, all kinds of Ctmairy Prudace received daily, by the subrcribars R. HARTLEY * RON, jan I *w Na. 36 I am atraet. AAaaaadria. TWO VERY FINE SECOND HaWd flA^ OS for sale vary cheap at oar Piaao aad Mas 0 Store. S* Pa. avenue. bet.Khaad IHaaU. >*?? JOHNFTELLIS. 20 PA. ,r,?a ^ u running off go'jds low. danng this m<mth, in order to make room tor fresh eap^iea. > >a? S PORT*- MONAIES, PI'RS* B, CARAS. Leather Reticuiee, Faney Haw Pus. Shaw. rc?cj!'~ " hwim&M'a., WO. METZEKOTT Sola Agaat af Erarda ? Bad Baooa a Ravea's auperior Piaaufortoa. )MS