Newspaper of Evening Star, January 8, 1858, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 8, 1858 Page 4
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EVENING STAB LOVE'S ?EA*0*S IJiD REAMS!. WT rlilLtl M4C*AT. Belcv W9 give the oris in?! ??,"t ed by Dr. Maoksr, at tin lecture at Pluifcar?eiun H?ll, on SatarJny Bichl Inst: I lore my h-ve m spmAtiine, For benuty fresh as May. For caeeks !?*? *?''* For eyesas bright aa day ; For bren'b like l?a!m or lilies. Forsmnes likesunnso oienr; I (ov a mr lore in spring tuuo. And lore her all the year. I lore ni? love in summer. For promise warm and true. For truth like noor?dav throwing A licht on old and new ; For wealth of Moom and freshness. And shad) comfort near; 1 lore mjr lore in summer, And lore her all the year. 1 lore my lore in autmn. For fruit of gentle deeds. For wisdom to !>?* garnered To serve our future netnls; For virtues ripening ever, I.ike harrest full in ear, I lore my lore in autumn. And lore her all the year. ] lore my love in winter. For cnantie* unto d. For warmth of household welcome, For looka that thaw the cold ; For bar micas mirth and pastime. As rich aa Christmas oiieer; I lore my lore in winter, Aud love her all the > ear. BwiLLOWiSfl ax India?! ?In the early set tlement of Cherokee, Georgia, prior to the fe moral of the aborigines, in uiany cases in the Superior Court* of the various counties, either one or more ot the parties were Indiana. Tho first Solicitor General of the Cherokee Circuit waa. at the time we speak of. a young lawyer, who hiul but lately removed beyond the Chatta hoochee from one of the older counties of the State, lie has since received from hid fellow citizens offices of honor?having represented them frequently in the Congress of the United States. and serrod on the Judicial Bench. Among the Indiuns who gave great trouble to the courts, w?s a notorious old vagabond, re joicing in tho name of Swallow?a drunken, quarrelsome old scoundrel, everlasf ingly on the civil or criminal docket. On a certain occasion, he was the defendant in a cause tried before a jury The evidence having been submitted and the jury charged, they retired and soon after came in with a verdict, whioh was handed to the Solicitor. Now, the reader will be good enough to bear in mind that the Solicitor was of an excitable temperament, and whenever unduly exercised he invariably stammered and " stuck." On thia occasion, ha began to read: " We, the jury, find that the said defendant, ?wallow, an ladiau''? Here, aa our friend. Billy Martin, would say, the Solioitor's mouth " bungjire," and he trud ?gain : ?* We, the jury, find that the aaid defendant, Swailow, an Indian '?and here there was another refusal to " go off." The eyes of the whole court. Judge, jury, lawyers, and spectators, were upon the Solici tor, who was by this time t4in a sweat." Just here Jim H , who sat almost under hiLt, looked up and enquired, in an audible roico : " And did be do it?" " Ynt, he did V was the Solicitor s indignant reply " Then, ' aaid Jim, " I think the punishment was unlawful?it was both cruel and unusual." Augusta Dispatch. ARRIVALS AT PR IXC IP A L IIO TE LS \i?-" HOTEL.?Mrs Oldham and dr., Mi, Mr A Matthews and ladv. Pa ; P Thomp son. Ky; J V Hutton, do: Dr Patrick and family Va; Daniel Oriffl-i, Ga; J p Jordan, NC; H Ott, Va, Miss .Mel-adden, 111; R Anderson, Mo: L Richardson, Ky; S B ownell, do ; I. L Smith, O; D S Dana, do; J R Powell, Ala ; H(i Bert*. V"; J G Kives. DC; B F Steele, Va; H V\ Butler, Pa; J Miller, III ; J E Miller, do ? F. ??*"in8 a,,J lad>'< Ct 5 M " Tower, Mas*; OD Sullivan and family. NY; Miss : N Rives, Pa; J T Pierson, Md ; T Woodall, d,.; J Graham, do; J C Alston and family, Ky ; M *? Mif C Wheeler, do; J Seymour, V ^ ^ Horton, I) U Canti**id and ladv Pa C l"*?' f U W J a"<* '???, Va; H VV Clowe, do; J Price, do; J E Peyton, Pa Col Oarnett, Va.T B Kills, do ; I. P Holi.tdy, ' ~ ^rlgg, Mo; G \V Robins. NY ; J Bren ? r' C, M J,ark"on- v?: J S Prescott. la: *orJ! D Tv.T?yl,or and "on- NV; G D 1.1 b, Md; J ?? R, L Brown;Va; J B'annon. f p 7, 2*Sle' do; A P Hyd"- ct; A N Mey lert, Pa; D d Harris and lady, NY. . " ILLARI*< HOTKL ? DanM Rubles, I'd to * Taliaferro and niece. J P Reynolds. 0 rtwV'ir' L Pumpkin, Va; Gen Ranney. Mo; K Ashbr. Texas; John Marshall, Md; J F Rey nolds. LSA; J N Hsmbleton. L SN; J J Tavlo-, 5!.9 W.*,tlett- Mrs J H Ohon, Pa; Alra ? Heald. Md; J G Martin, Va; Capt Sierrett. L'.SN J Anderson, R Scboonrnaker, TM llowell NV* A H Red field. Mich; J Hvde, J l.tFalvre. Ha'rv T Johnson. Md; J Van Ness Phillip. J F Kinif N^DM Douglass, l*?*N; J MrKmery, \ VorSj Hon John Wilson. Md; B Gray, D L ?la?tein, F J Randolph and lady. N V; !? Hepburn, Judife Graham, T M Blddle. John B Braxton. Pa; u D Munnai'dlady; K F Brown and lady. J Billow, N\ ; Han J M and Mrs .Vood Me: Po.iltnev Md Hi" H^man. W H P-k, NV; F N Hall 'Mla\ U Luce. \\ O Russell. Mm; C J Baxter V N Braie. Md; R J Middleton. jr, SC. ' NATIONAL HOTKL -W B Davis, La; T K Jones. Mass; J F Jenkins and ladv, Md; lion J A Stewart and fam do; J W Fitklm, J Morton. It M Shepperson. Va; K Maltfand, N Vk; S J Mr - Gill, Aid; H J Btx kley ami lady. Michigan; S F Atherton, Mass; Col D D Mitchell, K F Abbott, Mo; t. 11 and Miss Ca-ter. H J Rogers, Md' II B Stanton, N Vk. A Fel. h, Mich; M Whitney, Md; U UlshoP' Cf; Pendleton, Ohio; B O Spalding and 1 ?dy, Md; G Pearock J D Smith; F K Hayes. 11 M Keniody, H C Mc - l.auvhhn, Pa, W H Wetd, N Vk; F Butte,ll?ld and Indv, London; R McDowell, I a; G N S tnd ers, M ; J Morrison, Mass; J S D'Orsay, N Vk; Hon L J Gilman and ladv. Me; F Cruvall D C Baxter Pa; J S Skinner, Md; J A Munson, Cal; Hon J Bishop, NJ; A S Mitchell, Mo; A IbbotI son, Pa KIRKWOOD HOI SR.?W S Dennis, M'tss; M P Jnnes, Va; IV B Whitehead, do; Hon J A Stallworth, Alaj J Ford, NC: Capt J J Arrher, w. A, Mrs A K Crei^hton. Va; Miss C t' Ew *.C .^Kjbbid, W F. Brotlerli-k, v! ; \V . ,^rle." do; K J ^ Stover, Mm, W A Butcher. pa; L S Cornell, do; T L Tinsley, Md: W Thomas and *011, Pa; li W Small wood, NY; A V Barton, do; C W ll'.-liii, 1 pi? hot^.1'' 0 9.)?J Addison, V G Trrnt V?; J Pair it L. Miss L, N\; Miss C Sinclair, do; J D Price, do; S 11 Deui?lo\v. do; L W IJou?b. Va J Norris. do; R G IJrtrit. do; U \ I?k. do; J Frid NJ; II A William*, do; F Tyson, ?lo; C Stull, DC; T T>eriii?iit. do: C W Ilelm, Va; J ,'rTTl,;.do .,i; Kom*. do- T Dfcott, do; J J c i. o S Ar,44?tra*1) Va; J Verdui, Mo; J S Walton, Pa. ' WASHINGTON HOL'SI".?lion B B Chap man Net. Ter*y; C P Auatin, F. Henderson. J c v- if'i " AU' W K Handolph, y?2 Dsbsos, G !? Alexander, and K Stetson, I ork " UCEAN STEAMERS' SAILING DA YS Faom tmi L.mtbd Statu. Sttavteri. Ltart. For. Lny? York...Liverpool...Jan f, ArafJ? .New York...Havre Jan y Niagara Boston Liverpool. ..Jan 13 .....New Vork...Liverpool...Jau l? Fin* Eckorc. Liverpool...New Vork...Dec ? v, Liverpool...New Vork...Dec art North America Liverpool...Portland ....Dec :H? Hammonia Hamburg ...New Vork...Jan I Kangaroo Liverpool...New Vork... Jan 13 ^wr liw"t-amers Itnve New Vork tb^ 5th &nd iIKh of (TioDtii CHABLfcJl.MACKAY.-So6,. for Mu.,n t,r Msckay, V8 cents. Musio, by ?^r!ri!'' ,ln,, LintMI by Chari?a Mackay, Tbv !?s!anr.andrioo; hr Charles Mackay, 25 cent a Legends of the lsi??, i?y Cnarlra M*. knj . ^So?nts \ oic?b from tho Cr?,wd; l.y Charlo. Macka, nests. ? 1 V??s Iromihe Mountains, by Charles Mackay, The Lutnp of Gold; hy Charles Mackay, 25 cents. L ,*"r ? CMackay,25cents. P<>?ti(*ti \\ orks, hy Charles Macka) . antiuue ino roceo, J.'.o. F or sa:e at TAYLOR A MAURVS _^an 2 tf Bookstore. ia?ai Slh street. 'PHK PRACTICE OF THE COURTS OF M Justice in Enilai.d and the tinted States, hy Conway Kohinsou. Vol I.?A s to toe place and time of a trausactiou on proceedings ; troatmf ehietly of the coutiict of la sr. aid the statute of limitations. Vo- 2.? Treating of the subject matter of personal actions; in other words, of the r if lit of action. Pricc 9t< per volume. i*? 6 FRANCK TAYLOR. f OK M O V St T_V UNON, .The JtrtmlKut THOMAS COLLYER. having been thoroughly repaired, will make regu ar tri;<s to Moont VeriHA, (ear p J*| tng her wharf, 111 this ctr*. 1 1 "inliTiiJb TI KSDAV and FR IDA V MORNlN,i,?t ^o'clk During the iiiUnremug time she wnl run rsgsiar tnpe tu Aleaaudru^ as usual. oo? tf I HJ>MAS BAKER.Caprsin. ALMA.NAt'H DKGOTflA; Annuaira Diplo matique et Statistigue pour 1'annoe laM. The Hosal Kalerdar f??r I8W, a Register for Eng land, Scotland, Ireland and the Colonies. Ti?e British Almanac and Companion for ItfiS. i a fttA.NCK TaYLOK. Pianos, 4kc, Five murk op raVKPT BACPN A CO.'S superior PIANOS,joat armed at the. Warerooma of y G METZEROTT. ? Second hand Pianna for aale ch?n-. n 20 tf N"?9 * ?'AKKb'4 ^ HAI.I.KTT. DAVIS A CO.?H?? ? I I1 C EL MB RATE D PIANO fVRTES, Constantly receiving ami for sale only by JOHN P. KLUH, 306 Pa. av., between 9th and loth at*, purchasers will find it to their interest to examine for themselves the superior qualities of the above Pianos. Stoois, Covers, Melodeons, fto., Aalso on hand. p 16-tr /JJOLD MEDAL PREMIUM . v? PIANO FORTES. W1LLIAM~K N A BE, I Senior partner in the laie hrm of Knabe, Gaehle A Co., Continues tne manufacture and saie of grand and square PIANO FORTES, underWie nam a?mmm or William Knabe A Co., at the old stand, BfeaHKI Nos. 1, S, 5 and 7 North Eutaw street op-"M *Ti poaite the Eutaw House, Baltimore. Th?y have also just opened a new Salee Room at No 217 Baltimore street, lietwoen Charles and Light streets, on the premises partly occupied by Mr Henry MeCatlery as a niusio store, where they will keep constantly on hand a large assortment ol plain and hurhly-finished grand and square Puuio Fortes* also, Melodeons, from the best makers, from 4 to 5 ootave. some with double key-hoards, double reeds, ami stops to suit small ohurohes. Being extensively eugaged in the manufacture rf Pianos, we will sell wholesaleand retail, on the most liberal terms. Our Pianos were awarded the highest premium (told medal)at the Fairs of the Maryland Institute two auooessive years?4 >otoi?er, IBM, and 1S98?in op position to fourteen and eighteen pianos from soma of the best makers from New York, Boston and Bal timore. We were also awarded the first preinium>at the Industrial Exhibition held in Richmond, Vir ginia, 1*56 and l&%. They have also been awarded th?* highest premium (silver medal) at the Metro politan Mechanics' Fair for 1857. In addition to this we are in possession of testimo nials from the most distini;uitttied professors and amateurs in the country, wnich can be seen at our wareroouis, apeaking for themselves and others of the huh appreciation in which our instruments are every where held. All instruments are guaranteed for five years, \nd a privilege of ?xchauc* is granted within the first six months from the day of sale if the instruments do not give eutire ail is fact ion. Wholesale dealers will find it to their advantage to give us a oall before purchasing. Pianos exciianged, hired, ard tuned. mar 16-lr WM. KNABE A CO. HK MUSIC DEPOT OF W. O. METZE KOTT. corner ol' Eleventh street anil Pennsylvania avenue, is (he largest and?~L only complete M iimc.1 I Establishment in* * * the District of Columbia. Bacon, Rav>'n A Co 'a and Rnaenkranze'a oele brated PI A N OS are al way s on hand iu gruat varie ty:also. Prince's superior MELOl>E<>NS. Together with an immense stork of Musical In struinents and Sheet Music of every drscript ion. Plain.forte tuning executed by Mr. Rehuie. d 9-tf T Insurance, Ac. G ? L D ~ r AND S1LVKR PURCHASED AT THE BEST RATES. FOREIGN BILLS OF EXCHANGE SOLD. OX THE PRINCIPAL POINTS IN EU ROPEAN SUMS TO SUIT. GOLD CURRVNCyTa^ND VIRGINIA MO NET ACCOUNTS, WILL BE OPENED FOR D FPOSITORS, PA YABLE IN SAME FUNDS, OR IN GOLD, CHARGING THE CURRENT RATES.-CHECKS MUST BE MARKED ACCORDINGLY. SIGHT DRAFTS ON^ ALL THE PRINCI PAL CITIES OF THE UNION, SOLD IN SUMS TO SUIT. BONDS AND STOCKS SOLD ON COM MISSION. UXCURRENT MONEY BOUGHT AND SOLD. LAND WARRANTSJURCHASED ATTHE highest rates. SWEENY, RITTkTJhOUSE, FANT A CO., d 4 Sra _ Bankers. 1*B2I PER CENT. INVESTMENT. Corporation Bonds of the City of Davenport, Iowa. pa?ius 10 per cent, interest by Coupon in New \ ork. Bonds of eich. The growing eity ol Davenport has now al>out 20,000 inhabitants, and is rapidly increasing in wea'tli and population. Its municipal debt is only 9150.??no. and its railroad debt only and cannot now be increased. The statistics of the cirv were published in the Intelli cencer of the 9?tn September. We recommend these bouds, believing them to t?e as sale as any Stateoroity bouds. 006 CHUBB BROTHERS ASHINUTUN IN*l KANCE COMPANY. CHARTERED BY CONORSSB Capital fSuO^JOO!!! This Company ta now prepared to receive appnoe tiona lor INSURANCE ON BUILDINGS, MKR CH AN D1SE, Ac., at the usual City rates, without aiy charge for Po'icy, at their Office. corner ol I ^nth Street ard PemisyIvaina Avenue, over the Wasiungton City Savings Bank. Dibectok*. Wm. F. Bayly, Samuel Bnoon, Joseph Bryan, James F. Htinlay, W m. Orir.o, Hudson Taylor, Francis Mofiuo, M. W. Gait, Bei.j. Beail. JAMES C. McGU'lRE, President, SaiFTOH D. Hamom, Secretary. ap ll-ly ANTING HOUSE OF CHUBB BROTHERS, B Deposits.? Deposits reoeived ar.d Checks paid witnout charge. Dralta on the uorthern ueatioard Cities reoeive.-l mii Deposit at pur, and Exchange on ?aid Cities furnisued to depositors without cliarge. Istrkk^t o i Deposits.?Interest will be allowed on Deposits at sucu rites as may be agreod upon. Deposits if anh I mc-uuhknt Monet, Deposits in Virginia aud other Incurred Moi ey re oe.ved to l<e che^ketl for. pa> able in same funds, or in specie, we charging tne regular Exchange. Disi ocsn.?Notes, Drafts,and Billsof Exchange will t:e discounted, and Ijoaus made on Stocks, BonJa, and Securities, at ike market ram. Lettkrs or Ckki'IT.? Let tors of Credit will be furnished, negotiable in the different Cities of the United Slates, on Deposit ot Money or Collaterals, and interest allowed if Money la deposited, and ub&ued if Collaterals, on sucu teriuaaa may be agreed upon. Tka velinh Bills of Eicha!*?e.?Travelers will be furmshed with diafta in such suma aa may be de sirai negotiable in the dilleient Cit>ea of the Union. Bills axd I.kttii.p.a or Cmmi on England, I hb Land anu Europe.? Bills ol Excharige and Letters of Credit on En^.and, Ireland and Europe,furnished at the market rate lor Exchai ge. in sums to suit. B ?nds, STocg?, Ac.?Bonds, Stocks, and Seouri tias paying from b to 12 pr. cent., always lor sale, or bought in the dill.-rent Crnei at a commission of a H pr. oent. Where Storks are thought upon orders, we r?serv? the risht to caii for a deposit of 10 pr. oent on il.e ooat. Bond a or blocks will be ordered by tele graph. Ratleoas, Citt. and State Bond*.?Railroad, City, and State Bonds uan Ite placed in our hands for negotiation, either in this oountry or Europe. Rail road Iron purchased for eash or with Bonds. Land Waeeant.?.? Land VVarrauta bought at the market rates. All Warrants Mold by as are |Mit? Utd in every respect. {j&iid Warrants l.tcated on c^mniission. >and Warrant quotations regularly tarnished if re q seated. * Warrants wtl! be forward ad to Western Hoases on orde-s, or sent for sale on commission to responsible parties. Rkal Estate and Insdbancek.? Real Estate bought a>id sold and Insurances eflocteu. Claims on United States, Court or Claims, Co n?r ess .?Claims on the United States, beforethe Court of Claims or Congress, intrusted to be, will be prosecuted by prompt and able attorneys. CHUBB BROTHERS, lan Tt Opposite the Treasery. RANKING HOP SE~ CHUBB BROTHERS. Depositors depositing Bank Notes will please mark their Checlta payable in currency. Depositea of (fold will lie paid in Gold. Accounts will l>e opened with depositors allowing th*m to depoait Gold and Cheek for currenoy, the depositor being credited wi'h the dillerenoe. segt-tf CHUBB BROTHERS. |NTEREST Alt^OWED ON DEPOS1TES. MONEY to LOAN on STOCK SECURITIES CHUBB BROTHERS, BANKERB. Jan 27?If Oppositt Ik* Tnasmry, j \ RETIRED PHYSICIAN, fta. 75 Ytar? of Ate, /\\ l ose sanda of life have nearly run out, diaoov fered *hile in the East Indies, a certain cure for f Consumption, Aathma. Bronchitis, Coughs, I C'ilds. and lieneral Debility. The reinedv was I di?covered by him when his only child, a daugh ter. w is given up to die. He had heard iriuoh o| the woridwil ul restorative and healing qualities of prep a rations made from the Fast India Hemp, and the tbought occurred to linn that he ringfit mago a rem edy for his ohi d. He studied hard and auocecded in realix.iK his wishes. His child was cured, and is now alive and welt. He has sinoe administered the wonderful remedy to thousands of sufferers in all parts o| the world, and he has never failed in mak ing them completely healthy and happy. Wishing to do as much good as aoeeiMe, he will send to such ol his atfucted fellow-l^incs as request it, this rs cipe with full and explicit directions for making it up and successfully using it. He requires eaeh ap plicant to enclose hun une shilling?three oents to g lie returned as postage on trie reeipe, and the re- I mainder to be apfl e.1 to the payment of tins ad- f veriisemert. Address f Dr. H. J AM ES, No. 119 G rand street, / ?os,,/ BIIII.I.S ANli I'M A VKR BOOKh" anu. bonnd in velvet, fine oelf, and Turkey moroooo with clasps and illuitratious, French Portfolios' Albums. English and French Drawing Booae, Gold Pens, Rodgers's Penknives, fine editions, in fine bindings, of English and Ameriaan standard authors in Poetry and Proae, arid Frerioh, English and American Juvenile Beoka for youth of ail ages, may be found at the Bookstore ol tne undersigned, mostly imported from Europe b^hunaHf. FRANCK Taylor. C^OKE FOR SALE. J Huperior COKE, in any qnsntitv. now for sale. Inqnire.witjwutdelay,at the offioe orthe Gas Light Company, d mdU J. F, VJIPWN, Bewotary. MitcellaaeoTis. Navy Dk/A.11 M?NT, > Deoember 16, ia*r.\ HtALiiJ Proposal*. endorsed " Proposal* Tor Steam Machinery ler Screw ^rop*ller 8loc?p of war," will ?>e receive) at tint Department until 3 o'clock, the 20th of January, 1858, for the complete construction of the steam machinery aud append ages, and placing it on board a screw propeller ship of-war building iu the United States navy yard at Boston. The offers most be for a specific snm for putting the whole in suooessful operation ; must include all patent fees for any arrangements tnat may be pro posed ; state the time in whioh the work will be oompleted, and he acooinpanied by the usual guar antee required by law. The name of the establish inent in which the work is to be executed must be stated. The derails of the design and arrangement of the machinery will be left with the party whose pro position may l<e accepted as combining the greatest numlter of advantages, keeping in view simplioity ot construction, readiness of access for adiust ment when in operation, and not being subjeot tode ranrement 111 the working parts ; it lieuig the objcct of the Department to obtain the most speed and power with the most economical consumption of fuel, and the greatest stowage of coal which the space available for that purpose will admit. The boilers to l?e of iron, with leiesooptc smoke pipe, which mniit be placed at the greatest practiaa bladistanoe from the mainmast; the propeller, with Disconnexions for hoisting, to i>e ot composition; the machinery for hoisting, for pumps,apparatus for ventilating, and appurteuanoes o! all kinds necessa ry for the perfect working of the whole to tie of the most approved kinds. The ooal 'linkers, shaft-pas wige, t v(i cthwartships iron bullheads, a distilling apparatus for fresh water from wlich oan be made not less than 8>)0 gallons per day ; all the tools and Juplionte pieties necessary aud satisfactory f?>r an efficient c. timing steain ship-of-war must be in cluded in the-rropositiou, and a list of them must he furnished. Tlit* wood and carpenter work (except the b< ring out the dead wood for the shaft) necessary toadnpt the vessel for the reception of the machinery, boil ers, appendages, will be provided at tlio expense of the Navy Depai Intent, and it will permit the use of such facilities us it mar have for hoisting the hea vy machinery on board. For the accommodation of the entire steam ma chinery and the furl there will l>e allowed in the liody ol the ship the entire space under the berth deck, commencing at 20 feet abaft the main mast, aud thence extending forward a distance of 96 feet. Within this sp ice 11 is expected to carry coal for II days full steamijig, the daily consumption of which the bidder wiM state in his specifications and the weight of the machinery, water in Itoilers, shaft, propeller, and appendages, with the toois and spnre work, must not exo- e<1 tons, of2,240 pounds. The distance from the aft side of the main mast to the alt side of the forward stem post will l>e al-out MS feet, and the distance between Ihe forwaid and the alter slern-post will be 7 feet; the depth from the load water line to tlio top of the keel under the propeller will be MS feet. Steam-engine manufacturers who desire to bid C.-n ot>t tin a copy of the section of tha vessel upon making application to the department. The proposal mu*t bo aooompiuued by full specifi cations and genera! drawitgs. having the position of the ceutrcof gravity of the machinery, Ixxlers, Ac., marked on them; giving also the oepacity of the ?team cylinders and area of foot and delivery valves, and of air pump and outward delivering valves, space for steain above the uater line in Isiilers, the tire and grate sat face; also the diameter, pitch, snr faoe.and kind of propeller.and other piinoipal points, that comparisons can readilv be made. There will also be given the estimate of the weight of engines, (toilers, water, bunkers, appendages,tools,and spare work, in tons of 2,240 pounds. The terms of payment will be that when one fourth of tne materials aud latior provided for in the contract shall have been completed to the satisfac tion of the Department, there will be madeapa* meutof one fifth part of the whole amount of the contract ; when one half the work shall in like manner lie completed there will be a further payment of one fifth: when three fourths the work shall have been oompleted, a further payment of one-fifth; when ihe whole shall have been oompleted,and have made a satisfHctorv trial of one week, then a further payment of one-fifth: and when the ship shall have performed satisfactorily at sea for a period of three months, then the remaining sum shall lie paid. The repairs necessary during this period from de fective workmanship or materials will be at the ex pense of the contractor. The proposals must be explicit, and no qualified or conditional offer will be considered, ISAAC TOUCKY, d 18 2awt Jan2? Secretary of the Navy. IVT I Xo. SSI ] I^OTICP FOR THK RESTORATION OF CF.KTAIN LANDS TO MARK FT IN THK STaTK OF IOWA. The grant of land made by the act of Congress, approved May 15. 1856, to the State of IOWA , to aid in the construction of cerlaiu railroads therein men tioned, having been so far adjusted as to authorize tha release from withdrawal of the lands herein after described, notice is hereby gifen that all the vacant offtr>d lands heretofore withdrawn from sale or entry along the ri.utes ol said railroads which 1 e outside of six milts on lach side of the said roads, sit tinted in the under-mentioned townships, which have not l>een selected in virtue of said grant or any oth?r grant made h* Congress, or legally c'auned tty pre einptioi., and which were subject lo private entiy at ttig; date of withdrawal, will tie re stored to private entry on the da\ s and at the places hereinafter spec hed at the ordinary minimum of one doilar and twenty -five oentsan acre, to wit: At the land office at DUBl'Ql'lio.i Monday, the 15th da; of Fubuary next, viz: North of the bast i in' and fa it of the .fifth princi pa! M'Tititan Townships R5, 86, 87 89. i*iand si. of 1. Townships Bi.ts'i, (17, 88, and lW,of rangb 2. Townships K4, ai, 80, anl tf7, of range 3. Townships 84 and 85, of ranges 4,5, aud ti. Township 84. of range 7. North of the base line and srest of the fifth prtn j cipal rri'ridian Tow rig hips 85, Hfi K7, K!?. 9t. and 91 of ranse I. Towi.Nhipsas, wi, 37. 89, !?t. 91, 92. and 93, of inn:;e 2. Townships ,b. 8G, 87, 88, JW, 91,92, and '*3, of ranges 3, 4. and 5. Town ships 84, !;>, 86, 87, in, 90, 91, 92, and 93, of range 6. Townships 85,90,87,88.90, 91,92. and 95, of ranges 7. R.9. 10, II. 12 13 and 14. Townships 85,86,87,88,89,91,92, ami 93, of ranges 15 and ill. Townships 96,87,88,39,91,92, and 93, of rangca 17 and 18. At iho land at FORT DFS MOINKS on Monday, the 15th day ? f ?? ebrttary next, iiz: North of thr bast lin? and mil of the fifth prin cipal 7/i, rid inn Townships 77,79, ao, 81, and 83, of ranges 1 and 2. Townships 79, h?. ri. ni d 82, of range 3. Townships 81 and 82, of rmges 4, 5. 6. and 7. North of the ba*e lin? and we.%1 of thr fifth prin~ ripal meridian. Townships 77. !e0, HI. 82, and .Xi, of rarue I. Towuslups 7o, 77,79, u?,81, and k3, id ranges 2 and :t Townships 70. 77, Wi, 81, 82. and K'J of range 4. Twivuships 70. 77. 7.J, ;io, 81, 82, and 83, of ranges 5 and (? Townships 7ti, 77 78, 79, 81, 22, and 83, of ranges 7 and 8. Townships 7ti, 77,78,7t, 82, and f>3, of range 9. fowtships 7??.77, 78.79, S??, 82, and 83, ol tange 10. owuships 7ti, 77,78, T.l, 81,82, and 83, of ranges II, 12,13. 14. 15. an.l !?. Township* 7ti, 77, 73, 79, 81,82, 33, and 85, of ranges 17. IH. 19, and 2?'. I'owaships 70. 77, 7H, 81, 82. 81. and 85, of range 21. Townships 70, 77,7.1, ttii, 81,12, 83, and 115, of lances 22 and Si. Townships 76,77,79,80,81, 82,83, ami 85. of ranges 24, 25. and 26. Townships 70,77, 79, SMI, 81, i!2. 84 and 85, of range 27. Tow ships 7ti, 77. 79, 811, 81, l?2, 83, and K5. of lances 2X. 2!?. 'St, ami 31. Tow i,ships 7ii, 77, 79, 80. 81, P2, and R3, of raniifl 32. Townships 70,77,79, an, 8!, 82, K3, and 84, ot range 33. At the laud at CI!A R1TON on Monday, the 15th day of February next, viz: North vj the ba*e line and west of the fifth )iria~ tipal meridian. Township 73. of range I. Townships T2, 73, 71, and 75. of ran^e 2. Townships hx, m, 7!, 72.73, 7t. and 74. of range 3. Townsh ps 07,68, W), 71, 72,73,74, and 75, of range 4. Townships 67, H8, HO, 7n, T2, 73, 74, aud 75, of ranges 5, 6, and 7. Townships ?77.68. 69 70, "<I, 73, 74, and 75, of rau;:es 8,9. lo, II, U, !8, and 14. '1 owuships 67,6T>, 00, 70,71, T2,71, and 75, of rungs 15. Townships 07,68,69. T'. 71,71, and 75, of range 16. Townships 07,08 , 09, 70, 71, 73, 74, and 75, of ranges 17,18,19, and 20. Townships 177,68, 69, 70,73.74. and 75. of range 21. Townships 07, 68,tiU, 70, 71, T3, 74, ami 75, of ranges 22, , 24. 25, 26, 27, 2H, 29, 3o, 3', 32, and 33. At the land oflioeat FORT DODGK.on Tuesday the 23d day of February next, viz: North of the base lin* and ireit of tht fifth prin tipal meridian. Townships 86. 87,8.1,91, and of range 19. Townships 8 i, 87, 8a, 90, 91, and 92, of ranges 20, 21, 22, and 23. Townships 86, 87. 88, and 92. of range 24. Townships 80, 87, 88, tft, 91, and 92, of ranges 16, 26, 27. and 28. < Townships 86, 87, and 88, of ranges 29, 9',31,32, aud 33. At the land office at SIOUX CITY on Tuesday, tlio 23d of February n xt,viz: North of the base line and vest of the fifth princi pal meridian. Townships M, 87. and 88, of range St. Townships 87 and i>8,?f ranges 35 and 37. 'Townships 86 ni.d 88. of ranges 38. .19, and 40. Township 91, of range 41. Township !*\ of range 42. Townships no, 87, and kh. of ranges 43,44, and 45. Township 86,of range 46. At the Land Olficeat COUNCIL BLUFFS, on Tuesday, the twenty-third day of February next, vis: North of the bast line and weft of the fifth prin tipal mtridian. Townships C7,C8,69. 7", 72, 73. 74, 75, 76, 77 . 7?, 80, 8I.8J, 8.1. and 84. ol range 34. Townships 67, 68.69.70, 72, 73,74, '.5, 76, 77,80,81, 82. 84, and 14, of range 35. Townships 08, 64, 7o. 7*, 73.74,75,78.77,78,80,81, 82. 83. ai.d 81' of range 96. Townships 07. 08, 69 70, 73, 74. 75,78,77,78, 80,81, 82. 83. 84, aud >5, of range 37. 'Townships 07, 68. 69.70, 71, 73,74, 75, 78,77,78, 80,81, 82 83,84, and 81, of range 38. TownshipsC7,68, 69,70.71, 73, 74 , 75,76,77,78,83, 84, and 85, of range 39 l ow nships 07,68. 69, 7", 71. 73,74, 75,76. 77,79,80,81, 82. 83. 84 and 85, of range 40. Townships 67.68, t>9, 70,71,73, 74, 75. 76, 78,79,80, 81, and 82, of range 41. Townships 67, 68. t?9. 70,71,73,74,75,77, 78. 79, 80, 81, and 82. of range 42. Townships 67, t?, 71,73, 76, 77,78,79, 80, 81,82, iml 83. of range 43. Townships 68, 73,79.80.81, 82, and 85, of range 44 Townships 79, 80. 81, 82, and b5, of raitgs 45. Township 85. of range ?6. Given under my hand, at the eitr of >Vashington, this twenty-fourth day of Deoemfx-r, anno Domini oue thousand eight hundred and fifty-seven. TIIOS. A.rlKNDRlCKS, . _ ^oinnussmner of the Ueueral Laud oibao. d 2R lawfiw bKR MoLAUGHLIN'8 STORK, No ? ivuut, bvi. 8th W4 9U? ?(4. a? Direotory. uHl Tkt Skxpt comrOtint this ?Kl Km ?m ; The ATLANTIC ? ?? Opt. Oliver Eldndga. The BALTIC ?- ? Capt. Joseph Comatook The ADRIATIC Capt. J usee WmU These ahipe having been built by oontraet oxkimIi for Governaient eervioe. every aare hu been t&kei in their oonstruotion. u also in Hieir engines. to ia eure etrencth and speed, and their aooommodatious {or peaaengera are unequalled for elegaaee aad oom 6rt. The ateamersofthis line have improved water tight compartments. and no expenae haa l>een ?pared to make them ail aa good aa new, the thorough exam ination given them provea their mode of conatiuo tion yet unequalled. Pnoe ot passage from New York to Liverpool, is firat aabin,#130; inaaoond do., #75; From Liver pool t< New Vork, ?' and 30 guineaa. An expen perirnccd 8m geon attached to each ahtp. No bertha

can be aeoure^ until paid for. PROPOSED DATES OF SAILING. raoit SIW YORK. I yBOM LtVKRPOOL. Saturday, Jan. 16 lft5B Wednesday, Feb.3.. . 1MB k)_* .J - i ?? 1 ? ?? ? ? **? * ? Sat unit, y, Feb. 13 1H5B Saturday. March 13 IKS8 Saturday, April l?' I?t? Saturday, April 24 IHtt Wednesday, M'ch 3 .1*58 Wednesday, M'ch 3 . M5? Wednescat. April 31.11'ifi Saturday, *pril 24... 1HM Wedueaday, May 12. 1H5H Saturday, May 8 1USH| Wednesday, May 36 law Saturday, May 22 I85B Wednesday, Junes 185H Wu e >. >d.b I. r i fir.. I a *' * . . _ Saturday, June 5 Saturday, J uue 19 ItfcH Saturday, July 3.._*.U^a Saturday, July 17 13.V Saturday, Aug. 14 l\sj? Saturday, Aug.iu IW WeUneauay, June ;3 la 8 Wednesday, July 7 . .18,'M Wednesday, July 21..18.8 Wednesday, Aug. 4 .IRS Wednesday, J?ept. I 1868 Wedueaday, Sept. I5.IK3 m , m. .... .av#w.~ I ? ? I ? ?*)??? I ?.l?ll Saturday, Sept. 11 ...1*58 Wednesday, Sept. V* 1*58 Saturday, Sept. v5 .. .l?i? Wednesday, Dot. 13 1K.-H Saturday, Oct. 9 18.">8 Wedneaday, Oct. 2i ?R5?H Saturday, Oct. *3 l8.Ni Wednesday, Nov. 10.18.-H Saturday, Nov. 6 lHSH Wednesday, Nov. 2l.l8f.8 Saturday, Nov. 20. ...Ixta Wednesday, Dec. 8 .18 H Saturday, Deo.4 Wednesday, Deo. iV.lbi# For freight or passage, apply to KUWAK1) K. COLLINS. No. 56, Wall atreet. New Vorc. BROWN.SHIPLKY ft CO., Liverpool, li. G. WAIN V. KliiH I A CO., I ana. Tho owners of these shipa will not be accountable for gold, ailver, bullion, apecie, jewelry, precious stones or metals, unleaa bills of lading am aigned therefor aud tne value thereof expressed theiein. d 18 W i A'HlMli ION liKA.MCti HAILHU.iit, THAIHUN AS FOLLOWS: From WASHINGTON at ? a. m.. connecting at Kelay with trains for the West, and at Baltmiorf with those lor Philadelphia aud New Yoik;at a. in., for Annapolis, Baltimore, Philadelphia, an,' Now York ; at 3 p. m. for Kaltimore aud Norfolk and at Relay with Krodench trmn. EXPRESS at 4Jo p. m. at Relay for the Weal ana for Annapolia, Baltimore, Philadelphia, ant' New York. On Suuday at 4.20 p. in. From BALTIMORE for WASHINGTON a 4.15 and 9.15a. ni.. Sand 5.15 p. m. On Sunday at 4.15 a. in. je 12-tf T. II. PARSONS.Agent. QRANttKANU ALEXANDRIA RAILROAD GREAT SOUTHERN HAIL LINE u?^r!??1 P?lllj (Sunday rights excepted.) fcetweei WA?HNGfoN ciT\ ai.d the SOI'tu. vu GORDONS VILLE and R/CH Leaves Waatungion at 6 o'clock a. m. \N a* h in* ton at 7 o'oiook p m. For LYNCHBURG and the SOUTHWEST, i YAj i?.*?]'1 otl at 6 o'oiook a.*?., arrive u lu V BO next morning at 4 a. m.,oonnec:ini with the trains on the Virginia and Tenneasee Rai Road lor MEMPHIS. Mail Stagea from Char otteaville to L/nchburg a distance of6? milea. rare from v\ aahington to Lynohburg. S7.75. The at earner GKORGK PAGE, foot ofSeventfc atreet, lieing owned by the Railroad Company, runs in oonneotion with thetraina. Tnjietfl lor Lynchburg prooured oi the Boat. nv"<J*i?nibuaeaaiid iiaggaxe W agont win t>?attht Uepot 01 the V\ at>nmgton Kailroaa, to oonvey pas sengers and baggage to the Steamboat, for Alexan dria, a distaiioe ofaix milea, allowing ample tuna (or meala. .. . JAMES A. EVANS. Agent. ^Alexandria, July. 1857. i? 8 tf \TKW AND IMPORTANT SCHEDULE. FOR ALL PARTS OF THE WEST. BALTIMORE AND OHIO RAILROAD. The recent extension and unprovement of its lead iiig oonneciirig lir.ea at the West naa required an en tire revision of the running arrangements of thia road i whioh highly important advantages to the trav ?ier.?-S "7C.VJ,??.-.. <->" a-nd after MONDAY. June 15, l&oT. I li R kE DAILV TRAINS will Lo run in ;<oth diraethms for through pavaongera. I- irat-The ACCOM MODAT!ON TR A' N starts Irom Camden Station, 7 A.M ,;excci;t Sunday,) stop* Ht way stations and arrives at Cum ber >nnd at 4 P. M. Setxjnd?T;ie MAIL TRAIN atarta (Suiday ex cept!?,, > at 3d<? A. M., and arrives at Wheeling at 4 ?5 A. M., connecting at Benwo<jd with Central Ohio traii.ii /or l oiunibua. Cun-ninati. Indianapolia. l.ou iavi le, I lii(wj;o, St. Louis, Ao., aud at aame pla^e witn traina for Cleveland. Toledo. Detroit, Ac., tiy i leveihml Road,and aisoat I'arker.>burg with Ma rietta Road. Lvuulr.rilS,uST;.,,/0lW R"d CINCINNATI EX I R t>S 1 RAIN teavee daiiy at s.tiA p. M., w?n utciin: Rt IwiivriHHi Kt 9 A. .M.with express trhiiia irorn Beiirore to Cincinnati, i without thnnee ot ? "TX "l C olmmbus.) and reaching tn.-re in but ^5 hours from i>a!tiiuoru and 2ti iiours from Washing ton. It also connects direclly, m ,lirec?iona. ar (fralton with oars l.v Parkeo btirK and Marietta r?; t?-s for Cnillioothe. Cincin.^ti, etc. These trains ooi n^ci at Xema tor IndiKii&puiia, Chicago and St. l/ouiii, aiiu at Cincinnati with the Groat Ohio and .>tis?:?ippi Express for l.ouiaville Cairo and St. I .on13 t.irougli to St. l.ouia in less than 42 hours from tfalliiiiore. l>y this train the turf to all the centra! arid southern plfcemri t?i? West is much less, while the ditt'iHCt is Irom 41 to iiai miles ahorter than by tl.e shortest <? I other routes. From the Went these foimt oHoiis are equally oliwe and satislactory. &r riving at Baltimore at 8.3ii A. M. IL/" llaggiige oht-cked through to all points. llllllUtjll I'lCKh-TS sold at rates ri Caiiidoii Station and at W asii'nr ton. U. C. I'asaii/iKers fiom Iwillintore or W loriington may ei'ie th' fMttre rand by dayltfbt, by taking iiuirn iiig trains, and lying over at Cumberland or Oak land, ami r^suinine next morning by Wheeling Ac coinmodation train, leaving Cuiulttiianu at 8 and Oakland at loj?. ?ru V? W.AY PASSENGERS. I neCumberland Accommodation Tram at 7 A.M.. wiii stop at si! stutioru east of Cumberland, mid the Wheeling Aooomaiodation at ail Stations Iteyonu Cumberland (coins \\ est. Kaatwar?liy. the Mail I ram leaves U heeling at a.30 A. M..and Aooommo e I'ini erlajid at ?. reaching Baltimore M ?? I ? ill ? iimavi'-U1") N^HTHWKSTKRN VIRGINIA ?KAi>< H ,*liet ween Grallon and Parkersburg. wat Wisaeiigers will take tho Express weatwardly and the Mad stulwnrd'y. The FREDERICK TRAIN atarta at 4 P. M.. ?topDiiie at stations. Leaves Frederick at ^.16 nf iin??ro 12 noun. ! no ELLiC< IT rs M I LI.TRAIN leaves at 5.45 a ' M ?f!i -i i* vi# Kilioott's MiIIb at 7 A. Me ami 7 4. AJ.f except t^iiiulay, FOR WASHINGTON AND THE SOUTH. A Washington at 4.15 and 3.U w.d^.l'3 P. M^'onlyi OU huu^" mt 415 A' W" Leave W aslnnston for Baltimore at 6 and 8^'>> A. 4 L'.'u *in" f*2" * * Uu Sundays at 7 A. M., and 4^i r. M. only. The lirst and fourth trains from Baltimore,and the aeeond and fourth trams from Washington, will be express mail trains, stopping only at Washington Junction and Annapolis Junction. The 9.15 and 5.15 tra.i:,a from Baltimore and the 8.30 and 4 20 frains from Washington oonnect with the trams from Annapolis. I- SVV AV ?? li'fT,r"."Ul.??: r"?f? 4o.. apply to J. T. I ENGLAND. Agent, at the Tioket ol ioe, Camdeii ?iViUfVr a* . WM. S. WOODSIDE. is 13-tf Master of I ransrortation. Baltimore. 'paE PACIFIC MAIL STEAMSHIP COM P ANY ? One of the SteemsJiipe of thia Cfimpany, carrying M*>r* f"T aoamiti?? L."* CALIh DKNlA.wJ OREGON, leaves rhiiamatwitfe each month, on tiie arn-*IBfc???lh valol the llnitad States Mail S. S. Company's steam era, winch leave New OrUuna and New \ ??rk regu lariy on 5th and 20th of each month with the maila. ROnse,U#T* Ct'?"?ctiUf via PANAMA RAIL These atpamshipa have been inspected and ap proytU by the Navy Department, an?fguaranty spud Ma raftty. -iTh5 Va"arna RajIr,w^ <? milea long) ia now 00m fleted frein ooean to ocean, and is erossed 10 3 or 4 heura. The l*ggageof pasaengera ia checked 111 New y?r? through to San F ranoiaoo, and passengera ara eml*rked a. I anama by steamer at the oompany'a expense, rhe money paid in New York aovers all ex reuses ol the trip. Reaervosteamera are kept in port in Panama and San h ranoiaoo. to prevent ifetention in case of aooi dent, 90 that the route is entirely reliubU~no fail ure having occurred in eight years. Passengers leuve Panama the same day they ar rive at Aspinwall. 1 1 r I Conductors go through by each steamer, and take tors'* women and om'dren without other proiec For through tickets at the lowest rates apply at tho agency, 1 n \\ eat atreet. New York, to I. W. RAYMOND.?or to ARM S I R ON G, IIA R R | S ft CO.. Jy * tf C. L. flARTLETT^BoaV?m!M*'"" fJNITKD STATES MAIL LINE ONLY REGULAR LINE AMD WITHOtTT FAtLOUK FOR EIGHT YKAfta, Pol CALIFORNIA AND OREGON VIA PANAMA RAILROAD. RttuUr Sailing Dayt.Ssh t&th a/ tmek wiontk. Caution.?So many frauds and impost tiona of varioua kinds have been lately ?fi7e iff1. ? u,i tr*v<,L'ers liound toCA LI ? ? . ? 1 that the subsctil^r, the only authorized Agent for passage bv the L'. S. Mail Line, via Pana ma, in the city of New York, feeia it hia duty to caution all persona seeking passa?eto Cniifornia. L1 jf;,T? AV(,|ii.|s,,'oaiTioJii. they must l>e careful to und the true ofBoe of the Steamahipa of the U. S. mail Line, via Panama Railroad, aa no other office 10 New y ork ia authorized to engage pasaage. The Companies have ouly one offioe m New York, whioh ia at 177 Weat street, corner of Warren atreet. pan'1'* W>h lrf North *tiver'at the head of the Com Ohaent# ray air? over the door. ??- '?vr.Su^doN^^ Mttiefott. Mr. Kikkbbt, of Roxour. has diaocterad is *ea of ?u oouwo ^Mtirt vwdi ft remeu j UU ?vm itui un ow uwMom, from , 7*4? ?**ril Strqfulm down to a c*mme? r?MW. He ku tried it in over eleven hundred min.uI never failed except mtroeuN, both Tfcunder Ha mor. He bu now in his pouMiion over one nana red oertifiaate* of iU value, all witlun twenty wm of He-stun. ^ ^ Two bottles are warranted to oare a aaraiac Bora Moati. t ^ . One to three bottle* will oare the worn kiad of Pimpies on tne Face. Two or three bottle* will dear the ey stem of Hiloa. Two bottles are warranted to oare the woret Canker in tbe Mouth and Stomach. Three to five bottles are warranted to oar* the worst kind of Ervsipeias. One or two bottle* are warranted to oare ail He rn or in tbe Eyes. ..Two bottles are warranted to our* (tannine of the ban and B'otohes among the Hair. Four to six bottles are warranted to oare oorrapt and rustling Uiccra. One F Two Worst kiud ol Hint worm Two or three Unties are warranted to oare Ue most most te?p?r^te case of K henmvum. Three to four bottie* are warranted to oare 8alt rhenm. Fiv* to eight bott*<* wilt ear* the worst aae* ef Scrofula. A benefit is alwavs experienced from the ftrst bot tle, and a perfect oure is warranted wlieu the above quantity is tak?u. Notions looks so improhabl* to those who have la vain trnvl all the wonderful medicines ot the day, a* that a common weed growing on tbe pasture*, end Kiuing Ulccrs. bottle will onre Scaly Eruptions of the Skin. j or three bottles ar* warranted to oare the :2n. vesSSb iW? ???"? nor ha'k about it suiting some cases. hutuiot jours. I peddled over a thousand l?ottiesof it in tne vioiuity of Hoston. I know the etfetifs or it in every ueae. It has already done xoiueof tbe greatest ou res ever don* in Massachusetts. 1 rave it to children a year oid, to oid seopie of sixty. I have seen poor. puny, wormy lootitur children, wiioee tie*h wan soft and futbby, restored to a perfect state of heaith b? one i.< tti i To those who ar* subject to a sick he&daohe, one l>ot!l? will always cure it. It five* great relief in catarrh and dizziness. Some who have taken it had !>eeu oostive lor years, and have been regulated by it. Where the ImkI) i* hound it works quite easy, but where there is an* derangement of the functions of will au?? veiy singular feelings, bat you must not l?e alarmed; they a!wa>s disappear in from four days to a week. There is never a fed re salt from it, on the contraiy. when that feeling is tone, you will feci yourself like a new person. I heard some of the most extravagant eno>iniaiii? of it that ever iiuui listened to. In my mm practice I always kept it striotly for lm i rior a?but since us introduction &s a ^ncrm family medicine, great and wonderful virtues have l>een found iu it (hat I never suspected. Several case* of epileptic fits?a dtseeae whioh was always considered uiouraHe, have been cured l?y a few Dottles. O, what a mercy if it will prove effec tual in al! cases of that awlul malady?there are ba* few who have seen more of it than I have. I know of several oases of Dropsy, all of them aged teople oureo liy it. For the various disease* of th* ,i\er, Sick Headache, Dyspepsia, Asthma, Fever and Ague, Pain in the Side. Diseases of the Spiae, and particularly in Diseases of the Kidney*. Ac., th* discovery has done more good than any medicine ever known. No ohance of diet ever neoesaary?eat th* best yoa oar. jet and enough of it. Dtrectiunt Jot Vie.?Adults on* table-spoonful per day?ohildren over ten years dessert spoonful? children from live to eight years, tee sptMu.ful. As no directions ciin k applicable to all constitutions, take sufficient to operate on the ttowela twioe a day. M A ML'F ACTUS kD BT ? DONALD KENNEDY. No. 120 Rams Siriii, Roxbury, Mattnekuttltt, Agents for Washington.?Cha*. Stott ft Co., Z. Onmac. Kidweii ft Iviwrenee, J. B. Gardner, Barry ft Co., D. Walsh ft Co.. F. S. Walsh. J. P. Stone, Martin King, Nairn ft Palmer, Schwartz ft Co.. t) Bos well, Daniel B. Clark, J. P. Miiburn, Dunbar Dyson, Ford ft Bro. Agents for Georgetown ?R. S. Cisseli. O M l.? J. L. Kid we!!, my 5-ly A TBI'S Cathartic Pills, iSUU-AR COATED.) The following remedies are of feree to the public as the best, most _ perfeot, which rindioal science oan afford. AVER'S CATHARTIC PILLS nave been prepa'ed with the utmost skill which the medi cal piolession ol this age po?s?sses. arid their effects show they have virtues which surpass an* oomta uation of medicines hitherto known. Other prepa rations do more or less good ; but this cures such dangerous complaints, so quick arm so sure.) . a? to prove an efficacy ai.dapowei to uproot disease t>e yond any thing which men have known before. By remoMiig the obstructions of the internal organs and stiirinlating tnej'i into henlthy action, they renovate the fountains of life and vigor,?health courses anew through the body, and the sick man is w?il again. Th'*) are adapted to disease, and disease only, tor when tak^r. by one in health they produce but little effect. This is the perf*?oi ion of medicine. It is antagonistic to disease, aLd no more Tender children may take them with impunity. If th*y are sick they will cure ti.em, if they are well they will do them no harm. (iivo lh*m to patient who has been pros trated with l?ilm us ooini'.aint; see his tient-up, tot tering form srraighten with strength again ; >se his long lost appetite return ; see his ciarnmy features blossoni into health. Give them to some sufler*r whose f? >ul blood t.s.s bur^t out in scrotiila till his skin is covered With sorts; who stands, or sits, or lies iu anguish. He ti is l>een drenched inside and out With eveiy potion which Ingenuity rsiuld sug gedt. Give hyn th'se Pills, and mark the effect; see the scabs l ul from tiis Unly ; see the new f..i skin rtiat has grown uudcr them, see the late leper that is clean. _ t?ive them to him whose anxrv huinora Jiave i>'anted rheumatssm in his joints and U?ues; move fiim. and he screeches ptins ; he too has t*?en soaked throu. h every muscle of his Ix'dy with liniments and saives; give him tlif-?e PlLI.s to purify his bh.od ; tiiey may not cure him, for,a as! ilieie are ca-es which no uurui p.-w^?r can r**.'icli; but mark, he wa ks with crutches now. and now lie wa ks alone; they have cured iuui. Give thc.'n to tlie lean, sour, hag&ard dyspeptic, whos<* gnawing sti niaeh Icing ago eaieu ''very sini.e from his face ai d every n u-cle from liib body. See his a|Vente return, and with H lushes th: see the u?. v man. her that was radiant witl, health and loveliness b asted and t??i eaiiy w ithering aw ay; w mt of exercise or mental ai ^uish. oi some iiirkin* disease, has deranged th*> internal organ* <>| dices t ion iikiiiiil itiou .ir s?*croi ion.till t he\ ,I,> their oifiee ill. Her blood i* vitiated, her he.iitn is gone. On e her there I u i> to btimu'a'e the viul pnnoip'<* info renewed vigor, to east out ihe obstnictions. aud in fuse a new vitality into tna blood. .Now |<M>k again ? the rein s' blossom on her cheek, and wher- latel. sonow sat. jo* bursts from every feature. See tlie sweet infant wasted with woiiiis. Its wnn, sickly features te! you without (lisguise. and pairlul!* dis tinct, that th.y are eating its lif^ away. Its pinched up nose and ears, and testless sleepings, tell the dreadlul truth in language which *ver> mother knows (Jive it the Pit.l.s m large doses toswe^p these vile parnsites from llie ls?ly. Now turn again and see the ruddy bloom of childhood. Isot nothing to do these thiugs.'' Nay. aie ihet not the marvel of this a^e."1 Aud yet tne.y are done around you eveiy dav. % Have you the lets serious s> mptoms of these dia tempers, the* are theeaaier cured, laundice ?*os tivenesa. Headache. Snbache. Ilearlhuru Foul Stomach. NaiiM-a, Pain in the Bowels, Flatulency, I.oss ol Appetite, King's Kvii, Neu-aUis, Gout.and kindred complaints all anse from the demngements which these I'lti.s rapidly cuie. Take them petse veringly, and under the ooiineel of a x?hk1 Physician if you can; if not, tnkc them judieioiiNly by such ndviccae we rive you, and the ?lisire?situ. danger ous diM-ascs th?5 cure, which afflict so many mil ? ions of the t-unian lacc. are cast out like the 'devils of old they must burrow in the brutes and in the set. Price .'5 cents imr lmx-5 Imivi for Al. /? D. Gil.MAN', Washington; and In H. COOK ft CO.. Alexandria, and all dcalors in Medicine even where. dS-im K1VATE MEDICAL TREATISE on THS P PH1BWLOQ1CAL VIE W OF MARRIAGE, By M. B. La CROIX, M. D., Albany. N. V. it" pages and 190 fine Plain and Colored Lithographs and Plates. I ?"PRICE ONLY J6CENT8.^J| lZrS?*t/f,i o/pozfti to mli pert# ofthi I Dr. M. B. La Croix's Pbvsio'.ogieal View of Mar nage. A new t^d reviae.1 odition ? of 25t< pdg*s and 180 plates. Price 26 cents a oopy. A popular and ouni preheiiuive trentire on the duties and oa* unities ol single find married Uuim. life?nappy and h-uitfal aiiianoeu, mode of securiu^ theiu?inleliottons and infertile ones?iheir ohviation and removal?nervous debility, its onuses snd oure, ty a process at once so simple, safe, and effectual, that failure la impossible? rules fur daily management?an essay on Sper matorr h<ra, w 11 h praat i oaI ol>aerv at ior.a ou a safer and more successful mode o f treatnient-Dreoeatioaary hints on the evil results from cmpirioHJ practice ; to which is added commentaries on th* diseases of fe males?from infancy to old ace?each aaae graphieal ly illustrated by beantiftil plates. It'points out the remedies for those self-inflicted miseries and disap pointed hopes so unfortunately prevalent in the young. It isa truthful adviser to the married, and those ooiitcmplating marriage. Its perusal is partic ularly recommended to persons entertaining secret doubts of thoir phy sical oondition. and who ar* oon scions of having hazarded the health, happineas and privileges to whish every human being is entitled to. Price 29 cents per oopy, or five oopiea for A I. mail ed froaof post-ire to an* part ot the Unite*! states, by addressing Dr. LA CKOIX, (post pa.J.) Albany, New V'ork. enclosing 25 cents. N. B. Those wno prefer may oonsnlt DootorlLA CROIX, upon any < f the diseases upon which his took treats, either personally or by mail. His medi cmes oticu cure m the ehort sp-.oe of fix days, and completer and entirely enidicate all traces of tht>*e disorders which oopaiva anJ cubebs have so Ions teen thought an autidote. to the toin of th* health of tbe patient. His " French Seeret" is the great con tinental remedy for that oiass of disorders whieh un fortunately, physioiaas treat with mercury, to tbe irretrievable.lestruotion to the pattern's constitu tion. and which all the aaraaparilla in the world can not oure. |T7? Office No. 31 Maideu IAne. Aihaay, N. V. X' 1 No. 589. ] i>OTICF. OF THE REMOVAL OF THE LAND OFFIGF. FR?>M DUNCAN TO MACK IN AC. IN M'CHIGAN. In accordance with the provisions of the act of Coiii rcas entitled "A'< so. authorizing changes id the localioa of land offices," apuioved M rch 3d, 18 .3, it is herebr declared and mitd* known that the office for the sale of puttlio lauds at Di'Ncs *. in the Sta'a of Michigan, will be removed to the IsL&MDof M ac K'^AC at nt tnrly a ptriod at pimctirabl*. Further nolle a? to the precise time of removal will be issued by the register and reoeiv*r lor that land distriot. Given under my hand, at th* cay of Washington, this Sd day of December, A. D. 1SS7. By oider of the President. ?>?V?T STiMlltBeoiB. 514 BLVfc.NfH h rKf.Lf o OBioe Secooo Story, Mir** doors frow Odd Fkliowi' Hul. Speetao e? rim) Glaa*e? suited to aver? Mkti Ottn, Reading. and WaloUinakei's GIum ; I ?lOkOi'fM. Microscope* in great variet) ; Cosiaonunic Stereour<opee With trt of auditor and oimmot pictareeur. hand. ?*ee adrar tisement in Nati?>na: Intel lgenoer. Tk?tixwX1a.l?. Stl: The ;oi u.ade for ?* *1111 me very well, end seem to have improved kit sight more tfcan u; other I have late;* tned. I .ITT. W. TAXF.WF.LL. I nave tned a pair of SffcuWti oHait.ed from Mr. Tobias, aud hnd them <?! great assistance to my s<ght and ?>rrNp<>ndini with lu? <1~??wiptiot. of their locus. I recommend B.m a* a <skit.lei oHmm*. Ib 141? K i A ? ?V I IS l!?? PkT*B*BCU?. (?ct?.ber 2l,?kM. About Bte years ago. I ol*a?jod from Mr. T?'->*a, iB Washington. a pur of Glasses lor the ? wincli I used and found them of great assistance lo m* derating visioa; andtny oyiniyiiof h;m is, that lie ta skillful iu the preparation of G'asses lor e>e? aot too Car gone to l? beurktted by such ^y LYKriftct*,Noveiabar *, IBM. From an examination of Mr. Tolnas' l? lasaee. and from bia otieecvalious and remaiks. Mi ce(iTiiK*d ,h" " - ??*""" "5.T?L*c?roiiD. M. 1). l.Twrtiacar.. November lo. IBM. Mr. Jolm To?hss. haviag lurmahed me WilWUIae ses. by which I have ??eeo greatly aided, (my viai?n tin vine auiersd greatlf from reading at iu?ht in m? earlier life, i it aflorda lut the highest pleasure to an* that I oormd.-r turn nakililui praciium optician, Hiid wHI tfrpaird to *id (!????* who ri i) iibhkI professional scrvioea. W M? B. R'm ZlL, KIder o| the Methodiat Conference. WiLHiMToa, N. C.. Juu# 27. I*M. Mt. J.ToBia*?i?r?r Sit: I am happy to say that the Spectacles winch I otttained frotn >ou laat week are entirely satslaclory. From an inequality in the vieual ranee of nij eyes. I have heretolore loui.d treat dithoulty in rrtl'iiK tlumn of the proper (?** dia? laitoft. It ali??rda me pleasure to slate. rtiat by the aid uf your opt??m**ter this d i tfiou 11 % ha* fieer. happiy obviated, eo that the liiMeee yon furnished me are decidedly the beat adapted to my e* ea of any I have ever > et used. Very respectfully yours, R. B. DRANK. Hector of 5f. J antra' Pariah. Haviur been induced In a friend to \iait theeatab liahmeiit ol Mr. Tol.taa r??r the purpoM- ol trying hia t laa?e? I via Inruialied With a |*n aliiclitly c>.,??red blue, wluoe have aBorded me iiHMe relief mil (rutin outi?n than nut I have ever tried. My aiirht. onrm all* very ??k?I, wa? injuretl i>> vrtiinc and n-adii.* at uuht. IrcMuently lo a very late hour: but mch tke aiil ?>! ?he?e flnpnra I can a'udy a nmer a> late Ha trver. ami That f?M. ? itliout the pTin I h^ve ?r. \ioua> ly autiered. JOIIN U I LM< ?N. I.a'e Comnuasiotieer Oeu'l l.aud (?dice. I lee. II. ItVx I have ii?e<] Mr. ToImrb'b H|?ectacl.?a for three t*r lour iiiontha, aud take *reat pleasure in aayiuc that I am inucli ptea?cd with them. I have l?een macii benefited l?y ?item. OK(J. l'.9cAKUl Rlin. May Mh. I waa reooinmended to Mr. John Tobma aa a akt'ful optician ; and a* t haveeveaof remarkable pecu! inn ty, I vai kratified to fitNi tliat Mr. Toluaa aeemed to comprehend Uiem by itiftpectiim and ar>me aiicht meaanrement and he luu made ine a pair of }*?ec?a olea that antra me admirably. A. r. BLTLbK. July II, 18.%6. WAfMHUTos, Anir.8. MS. Havtnz been for year a under the nec? aaity of har two aeta of plaoaea?one for uae in daylicht, and one for lamp-limit?I pr<?f<?.red one aet from Mr.T??t>r?e which anawercd Uitt. purposes. 1 have uaed hia for aevenu montua. aud hud tticm excellent. KDWANUmRBit, Of Department of Stkta. Mr. J. Tobia*. Sir: The pair of Spectaclea yo? (nrniBlied me yeaterday are particularly aatiafactory to nie. Tb*y are very deciUcdly the beet I poaanae, a*i<l I am the owner of ei^bt or nine paira. oarefully ?elected in different plaoea and from optician* re? iMiimeiaded to Mie on aooount of their pro fee atonal atandiucin h rauoe, I.n^iand. and the Cnited Statea. I have been a a<> p.eah?d wiMi your remark* and di rection* on the treatmiHit of the eyea, lor the par pone of preaervinn and improving tfte aiaht Reapeo'fal y youra, CHS. CALUWKLL Profeaior ol M.C.. LouiaviUa, Iky. Bbooklt<< Ubthopakuic Ix?t:tctiom. April, IBM. After mos* cartful examtration ol Mr. J. Tobia**? Giaaaea, I aiii ei.&lhed to testily that their bardneae, olearr.eas. poliah.ux. and euct uptioai shape leader them particu'*rly reoommendable to th?we wt. .ae merely optioal impairment ol the eye* are m want of suck auxi'iarie*. I conaider, moreover. Mr. Totaaa faiiT qualified to determine the focus of the eye.botk by hia ojiTioa.1 t?i.'Wled<e and experience, and by meani of hi* optometer. In addition, I oar, further atatethat Mr. Tobt%a Uaa supplied eome of my pa tianta with G'.aasea, to their and my aKtiaiact.on LEWIS HAl'KR. M. p., PI y ait an and Surroon, Berlin. Memlier of thB KoyaiC ?lle?e of Surxeona, Knsland. Memler of the Medical Sooiety of l^oMion. and of tha Pathological Societr of New York; late Mur reotiofllie Ro>al (i'tbopaedic Inatitution of Marohester. Kngiand, aud burg eon of tne B. O. laatitatioD. Nobbolb, Va? Ja.y 27.1854. In the axpartrnoe of even two yeara, I have found great d.Jfccu'ty m obtaining Spectacles that were ex actly adapted to the we%kn*e* of my sight. Thia in oonver.'.ence Mr. Tobine seems to have removed for the present by tiie substitution for me of better and aooresuitable Oiaaee*. They are clear, chrystaJ-uke and ooinfort&Ue to my eyea. I would command t. in to tho.c m ho Irom a?e or other mirnuty require ar (ilicia! ti<l iu this wa>. J.J.SlMKlNS, M.D. NVii.iiKTnt,N.CnJm l(, IBM. To peraons who have had tae a.gfc; rf their eye* eo impaired a^ to require the uae ol?>iaaaea, I wttuU re- ???ninend Mr. John T- b?\s b? a auitat>!e pereon frtim a h?nr. to oiilKiti mfh Ciaases as the* may re-. ?Mtre.aa In* haa au te.l nie wit,li a pa:r of SptH'Mclea or a lar and tieara<ght. M? aicht na* ?<een implored very mucii l y a service ol yeara in ihe I'oat tilhoe Department, which berth required me to t>e on dct* from 11 o'ciock at night nil after day.drrir.* whiuK time 1 used but one iigiit. VV. A. \\ Al.KLK. DrrAMTMEMrop iNTKaioa. May 8, IS.VV From natural defect^nd The uneqiia! rarsae of ir.y e> e*. I liave lieen cn^'-iicd to u>>e g av^ea lor seve ral years. I have tru-d dulerei-i opttuana w.thout obtaining glaaecs perfectly htted to n y eyes. Four months ntioe Mr. Tolcaa made two |?ira especia y for roe, which I ha\ e fou'.d to aerve me perfectly. .By the uxe of hia optometer he is enabled to ada^t f;laesea moat minuteiv to the eve. I rrv>?t cbeerful y leoointi.end Sir.Tobias lo all havingooeasi >n t?? uae glass- *. ai J liear ni? reMiroon* ?? to hn skiil aa au optician. HKNIJV F. BALDWIN, ae lii Au'l Sec'i loeigu Land WarntatB. Vi:\V P? BL'CATIfiN.? ladUrt 1^1 Kxamination of that prut of the Suprerna Court's det'isi'<u iu the liieu Scott uue whieh de claiea lite uocoriKtitutiooality of the M .aaour; Com promise Act. su.d the er!f cxt^naiouol the Conati tutiou to Territories. < nry mg alavery along with if" B* the author of The Thirty Y"ar?' V ear; oc tavo; llavid Appletou k Co. New \'oik. 18W. 'I he alatva w ork juat issued Irom tlie pre*>?, for aale at the w? !l known at?ud.cora?r nfl.'i atieet and Peuiiav Ivana avenue. Moreot >pe tdit.on. beaut i lullt ?.ruitedou e'ean new t> ae. fine wl ite |..iper and with Wat l>!ack mk. Hound in Mack c' .'U and cut Intie e l. D<<ue up in a durable form lor permanent uae. Pi ice ?1. Tins work ia what lUtit'e purport* to lie, an ex amination ol (what the author deems to lie) the po litical part of the Court's ' pinion, avoidn n any no lice of the judical part, re'atrd to llit personal claim* ol the pa lie* on reoo-d. It n writeii in a spirit of eat i re d*rot?oti to the instiiutiona ol ?>nr ooiintr*, mmI w ith total alis'ui-noe fr< m all party views. The authors own w<ird? are: * I write for no party, but for a ll men who venerate the a oik* of our Mioestora. and w ho w sh to aea our (ioverrroent kept on the foundationaon which they p aoed it." (p. l*?.) And it is Mlieved that tins pi?-d?e hia f>een kept in the w.?rk. and w is cor?ider? <f. t * com petent jiuiaea.aa the moat original aud profound of ai* the author a worka. and so treated aa to present new viewa to the oldest re-de^. and <n bet to ap Craannew workoaa auoject supp->aed to i?ava d BBhaasTeJ. JOS. SH I LI.INGTON, Book?a:ler, Odr>on fiAi ldiug, corner st. d U-tf and THK ADVKNTI BKB OF A CAT, and a fn.e Cat. t?K?. co lored enrravmga; London, 1B?7. The Advculurea ol a It. ar and a great Bear, too. colored ea^ravr gs; Loudou, l<t<7. The Adventure* ??f a IW?g. and a good Dog, to, oo!or?1 eneraviiigs; Lou,ion l'L'?7. The Littie Pileriai, by A (rod Crowquil, liesut; fu'ly illustrated; London. 1<07. Fairy Gold ticnaNted from the French, many il lua'Mtioas" I oudon. 1K57. Taleaand Fa r? Stor es. trauslateJ from 'he Ger man; I^o'idon. It."i7. Saxelford. a atorj for the Young, many illustra tion*; Loudon, 1S57. F.da Morton.or School-room Days, many illustra tions: I<ondon, 1C57. With man* other new Booka. Kngliah, French, and American, for youths of all ages. jan I FBANCK TAYLOR. UN1TKD 8TATF.S PATENT OFFICF., WAtMIMtol. l>eceiui?er ^xl. 1&S7. On the petition o| Kerry McCarty, of Hittalmra-h, Penns) Uai.ia. praying for the extension of a patent gratited to hiiu on the lt>th of Match, 1844. lor an im trovemeut in " Suap<Midi* g, ? pening, and closing .ock Gataa." for seven jcara from the expiration of said patent, winch takes place ou tha du* of March, 1RM: It ia ordered, that the aaid petition he heard at the Patent Office on Monday, March the Kth next, at li o'clock m.; and all pcraous are notified lo appear and ?how cauae. if ai * they have, why said petition ouL'ht not to l?e granted. Persons oppo?in? the extension are required to t ? in the Patent Otlioe thoir objection*, specially a?t forth in writiug, at least tweutv da* a ?>e|ore the day ol hearing; all testimony tiled by either part* lo be U*ed at the said heai in? mu..t l?e takei. and transmit ted in accord.nuee with the rules ol the ? ilLoe. which will b? furnished on application. The testimony in the case a ill bf closed on the -Mh of Feltruarj : Jepoaitloi.s ntul Other papers reliad upon as testimony must i>e filed in theothee on or hef.ire the iiioriiiHx of tloit day; any. Within ten ds> s thereafter. Ordered, also that this notice be published in tha I'nion, Nhtioicil Intelligeneer, and l.vcniur Star, Washington; BejublH^a. Baltimore; Argua, Phila delphia; Dnil) Neas, New \ ork; and Inquirer.Cin cinnati, Ohi??; once a week for three suocesaive weeks, previous to the 8th da> of Match n*xt. the day of ^ J<?* HOI.T. Commissioner of Patents. P. f?.? I'.ditorsof theaU>ve paper* will p ea*e copy, and send their bills to the Patent Od.ce. with a paper oontaiinn* this notice. d*l l?*i? London ji vkvii f. hooks. Haus A nderaoi/s Taics and Fairy Stories, I ouis's School Da> a, Sanford and Mertou, Fver ings at Home, tldgar Ciilton.or Hi*ht and Wrong. laperarra, or the Home of the Wauderera, Grimm's Home Stories. The Castawa*s. or Adv?qgures in Afuca. vex el ford, a Story for the \ oulx, Kvery Boy'. Book, Fairj Ta'es of the Countaaa D'Auluoy, Arabian Nichts. RoUnson Crusoe, ?no?ri4 ky FRANCE TAYLOR'