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Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 9, 1858 Page 2
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KVKNING STAR. WASHINGTON CITY: liTV'ROAY. January 9, IS3*. jjT" idTt rliManU ihsild be seat la by 1-2 ?Mock a.; otherwise they may act af par an til Mif aext day. * SPIRIT Of THE MOKNINO PKt'SS. The Union, in two articles on the Kansas question, shows that the conservative men of the non-slavebolding State party in Kansas are rapidly coming to acquiesce in the propriety of the admission of the Territory into the I nion as i State upon the Lecompton Constitution, and that the opposition to it there is now only on the part of Jim Lane and his desperate fol lower*; the rest, who were not long since op poeed to it, having determined to rote on the 4th. and thas. if possible, get control of the mw Stat* government, call a new Convention, aad amend the Constitution to suit themselves, if they can. The TnttUigtveer again comments, in high terms upon the President's message concerning llibastering, and feels assured that the popu lar response to all its suggestions, win be very Marly unanimous U7" On New Year'* eve the famous Cowbel lian de Rnkins Association in Mobile celebrated If* twentv-seventb anniversary. The scene of the festivities was the theatre, where there were tableaux, feasting, dancing, Ac. IET Berdan's Great Steam Bakery was inaug urated in Philadelphia on'Tuesday. in spite of the combined opposition of the small bakers of the city. The North American says:?"From this day forth we shall enjoy the advantage of having the beat possible bread at a minimum price." [?" The lA>nd?n Time# has a remarkable edi ? terlal denoting a wondnrful change in tone upon the subject of slavery in that great exponent of pnblic opinion in Great Britain. In effect, it jus tifies the existence of African slavery, and urges England to the adoption of Asiatic slaverv as a recompense for the advantag s lost in elving up the other continent as the field from which the labofers in its West Indian colonies were brought. |p* The case of Thomas W. Smith, charged with the murder of Richard Carter, is continued in Philadelphia and the excitement relative to it on Thursday morning appears to be on the in crease. Long before the doors were opened the court room was besieged by a dense crowd, among which were several ladies, all anxious to obtain admission. The reading of certain letters of the prisoner produced an extraordinary sensa tion, and showed that at least at the time they were written he was not iu a sound state of mind. They are evidently the production of a diseased intellect, and coupled with the testi mony of the witnesses go far to support the plea of insanity IfT Tbe report of the Bank Superintendent of New York, submitted to the Legislature, recom mends that no mortgages be allowed to be taken as security for circulation notes, to compel every Incorporated bank gradually to replace their pre sent circulation by notes secured in the same manner as the free banks; to compel all the banks in the city of New York to keep ? per cent, of their weekly deposits, of all descriptions, fn coin; apeclal deposits in coin not to form a part of the statement. Tbe banks out of the city to keep tLe same per centage upon the average of their quar terly deposits either in coin or the balance to the credit of a solvent bank in New York, Brooklyn Albany or Trov. The Execatiea at Donnelly lor the Murder of Moses. Dr. James P. Donnelly, a young man well known in this city, and where he Las yet many warm friends wno believed him innocent to the last, was hung yesterday at Freehold, N. J., on charge of the murder of Albert S. Moses at the Seaview House in that State Donnelly was born in Warren street, New York, of Irish parents. He is a physician and surgeon by profession, and attended the University o' Georgetown, D C., and tbe Hosp-tal at New York During the prevalence of yellow fever a Norfolk, Yirginia, a few yea's nun. be volun teered his professional services iu behalf of the ?offerer* there from that epidemic He has spent a considerable time in this city, moved in good ?society here, and was engaged to In- married to tbe daughter of one of our most estimable citi zens. The day previous to his death, he sent tel egraphlc messages to Ibis young l:tdy aski ng to see her prior to his execution, and ?be with true 'Woman's devotion, was most anxious to go, but It was not deemed advisable by her ft lends. He further requested, that at all events, some person from Washington should see him before he died, and in accordance with this wish a gentleman of this city, repaired to Freehold and was with Donnelly to the last. Donnelly's escape on Saturday night was doubt lews effected bv persons holding responsible situ ations, and the matter is to l?e investigated. On Tuesdav rumors were afloat of preparation on the part of Donnelly's friends in Yew York, to ad vance in force upon the t<>wn, attack the jail and aet tbe pri*oner free. The same schooner winch was In readiness off Keypoit at the time of Don nelly's escaj>e, apparently for the purpose of con veying him beyond the reach of the authorities, -Was sal4 to be still hovering on the coast, manned by a numerous crew. Tbe Sheriff received an anonymous communication from New York, warning him that a large body of men were preparing to proceed to Freehold and liberate Donnelly. The Sheriff said he would place little reliance in tbe letter were It not for the fact that It was written in the same handwriting as an other which he received some time since, In forming him that Donnelly bad a club and a sum of money concealed in his cell?information which proved correct Immediately on receipt of this letter by tbe evening mail on Tuesday* the Sheriff ordered out the military company which Freehold boasts, and sent orders to the commandants of companies in the vjcinity, di recting them to assemble at Freehold The jail was guarded by the military on Tuesday and Wednesday nights. On the night preceding the execution the fol lowing corps were ordered on duty: The Mon mouth Blues. Capt J K Patterson, of Fieehold, 30 muskets ; the .Monmouth Guards, Capt II J. Canine, of Blueballs, :M) muskets; the Ocean Ml ties Capt. Brown, of Long Branch, 45 men; and the Excelsior Guards, of Fresh Pond. 3i men A compaay from Perth Amboy were also ordered out On the same night several men were seen bv the sentinels prowling about the jail at a late boar An Ineffectual attempt was made to ar reat them. Several close carriages, heavily laden, passed through Freehold at 1 a. in .coming from tbe direction of Keyport Many thought they were filled with men On Thursday Donnelly was with Kev Doctors Cuaunlsgs and Young, Catholic < lerKy,nen of Now York, his spiritual advisers. ''Religious rttes have just been administered to ais," said Donnelly, ' and what I say now ought ta b? b< ? sieved 1 have beeu asked whether I would pre fer to be hnng inside the prison or in the prison yard I told them It made no difference It is only for my poor father and sisters that I care No man can say that Donnelly is a coward. Don nelly never meanly skulked to kill a man To morrow I shall have something to say 1 shall give s clue to the real murderer. I never would nave done it under any other circumstances ; but now, for tbe sake of my family, I will let no man, who Is my frieud, doubt the truth of a word 1 shall utter to-morrow. With bell on one side aide and hegven on the other, I shall speak, and my dying declarations ought to be believed." Donnelly spoke of his escape as a desperate ef fort for liberty. The three sisters and other relatives and friends of the prisoner arrived from New York iu the morning train. His father was not there. At 2 o'clock p m , yesterday, he was hung In tbe presence of an Immense crowd; first having made a spear h of some two hours long, In which be ably reviewed the testimony and reltrrafed ftls innocence. His body was taken to New York, attuided by pr. Cummins I WASHINGTON NEWS AND GOSSIP. I Thf. Message.?If the sensation generated among the public men of the country now con gregated here, by the President s message dent I to the Senate on the day before yesterday, be a fair criterion of its probable effect upon the American popular sense of right and wrong, it is destined to tell with more power upon the future policy of the United States than per haps any other State paper that the exigencies of any period has brought oub from under the hand of an American Executive With the exception of a handful of gentlemen who have committed themselves to very extreme views upon up the filibuster question, its every sug gestion meets the entire approval of all now in national pnblic life at the Federal Capital and where dissentients are lound to any portion of it. as far as we can perceive, they dissent not to the general conclusions as to his duties in the premises to which President Buchanan I has arrived, but rather to isolated points in the policy of his Administration on the subject. That is to say, not to the end* he seeks to at tain, whether with reference to the suppression of filibustering, or as to the legitimate progress of Americanism over the North American conti nent, which, as be so forcibly explains, must proceed hand in hand. But rather to his views of particular points of law involved in the general question. Thus some distinguished gentlemen, while admitting it to be his duty to repress the sailing of unlawful military expe I ditions from ports of the United States, con tinue to contend that he must effect that object before they get beyond a marine league from our shores. We can only urge them to study more closely not only this the powerful State paper on which we are commenting, but the law boaring on the subject, in the hope that they, too, will soon come fo comprehend that the framers of our neutrality statutes and the interpreters of the laws of nations for centuries past, intended, in prescribing the rights and duties of Govern ment in the premises, to accord to it (Govern ment) ihe power to enforce those rights and discharge those duties. But we are digressing somewhat. The Mes sage is hailed all around us as driving the lust I nail in the coffin of filibusterism, while it can not fail to concentrate American popular sen timent upon the true plan of making American principles and institutions, in due time, the blessings to the rest of the North American con tinent they now are to that portion within the jurisdiction of this Government. Ail who have been attentive observers of tho signs of the times know well that we have arrived at that inevitable point iu our existence as a nation? rapidly progre.'sing in population, commerce, wealth, the arts, science, literature and national power?at which the principle of expansion be comes an almost irresistible element of our national character. So it has been with every uation that has rapidly become great from a small beginning, if history, ancient and modern, is to be relied on. It is useless, all history tells, to esssy to re press the national bent to which we refer above. It can and should be wisely &[*d philanthrop ically guided, as President Buchanan proposes. His eloquent and forcible views on the subject are hailed by the public men of all parties bore as likely to turn the Southern popular mind from the wild propensity to violate law, rights, justice, and common honesty to give vent to the natural mania for expansion, and to lead it into the channel wherein it can surely accom plish its purpose not only soonest, but under circumstances whertin it will prove a real blessing rather than a curse to the races whose condition and future it proposes thus to im I prove. Thk Bkttkr State or SotiETr ?The North ern journals, in their accounts of actual occur rences around tbeui, are constantly in the habit of disproving the allegations and argu ments of those of them written with the orro ne<jU3 idea that the institution of African sla very is a positive injury to the white laborer dwelling in its midst We have, many a time and oft, combated that notion, in the Star's columns, but never So effectually as it is com bated in the police and other similar reports and accounts which we often Cud iu newspapers u?o.?t given to editorial misrepresentation of the state of society at the South Below, we extract from the New York Timr* a graphic picture of Broadway on Now Year's l>ay, which tells a tale of truth concerning the eondition of the poor iu the " better ordered" North, such as will hardly be credited by jht son- at the South who only know the condition of noeiety there, where actual want is a thing utterly unknown by any one anywhere from Mason ,t liixon's line to the Kio Grande's eastern bank Broadway Mexumant* ?The f stlvities :ind brightness of New Year's Day weie not :t little ni.trred l?v *!??" great numbers of beggars wlm availed themselve* of the general hilarity to make their appeals for cbaiity. <Jay 44 callers" as they honied f mil house to house. were l?eset hy swarms of importunate little mendicants, who hi?d the perseverance of .sturdy veteran* in their business. These little creature# abounded in all the principal street* and avenues; hot it was in Broadway where all b<*gga'doin held hl'h carni val, and strove to excite svmpathv hy the exhi tions of woe and wretch' une*s Theie was one particular style of appeal which was specially monopolized hy the Chinamen, who are wonder ful experts In the art* of mendacity. One of them coiled himself up on the sunny pavement with a placard attached to him, on which was inscrilted KThls Chinaman Is starving;" while a short distance from him was another of his countrymen with a paper liefore him, on which was written iu perfectly good English 441 am starving;" from which we should infer that starving for a living was a rather prosperous bu siness, for there is always at least one Cblnatii-m on the sidewalk of Broadvfey in that condition. When one of them goes home to his rice and chop-sticks he U probably relieved by a pirtner who takes his place and enacts his part in a truly artistic mariner. The weather was so warm and genial tLat it was no wonder the poor and unsalable should take the opportunity of coming out from their wn tched holes to bask iu the sunshine But there was no occasion for them to make such an ostentatious display of their infirmities iu the crowded highway as they did on Nrw Year's. Every miserable pauper In the city who had any holilv iuii mitv, appeared to have come Into Broadway to exhibit it for the pui pose of gain. Men with stumps of arms, d childr-u. and Ethiopians without legs, were there iu great f?rce, and dirty-faced drab* with consumptive children, hired for the occasion, made attacks on the gay throng without intermission during the dav The well-d'essed and sedate policemen, who Were uiiu?uatlv numerous in Broadway, tlid not appear to thiuk it was any business of theirs to see that the sidewalks were not Incumbered by sqiulid bfg^ars and starving Chinamen The lazzaronl of King Boinba never had a freer li cense to disport tbelr ragged ness In the sunshine of Naples, than our Broadway beggars enjoyed on New Year's day. If t Lose poor creatures were as needy is they app* a-ed to lie, If they were starving and h<>m le??. lien they should have tieen immediately ? ikeu ca e of and sent to the Almshouse, and the charm* te? of the city saved from the disgrace of permitting the sick and feeble poor to (>erlsh In the streets in the midst of plenty. But, If they were impostors, or beggars by profession, who .?7 ^ * r? than work, they were equally entitled to the attenth ntof the Police, and should have been committed to prison as vauationds. Our public streets, especially upon holidays, ??gtil to lie kept f ee from such disgusting ob i-i u as starving Chiiinm-n who make iiermanent ocat.ons on the sidewalks, and obstruct tl.e travel of such a crowded thoroughfare as Broad it AffftAfl.-f-Below will be found a letter from a gentleman in Kansas, of high character and great discretion and forbearance, as we know well We have every confidence in the entire integrity of the impressions under which ho writes concerning the existing state of affairs there. Yot it is our duty to state that we have information nf precisely the same date fipm the Tertitory from another quarfer~froia a gentleman of equal qualifications a? a judge of matters and things there who tells us that (he bloodshed atones are greatly exaggerated, and that, as a general thing, comparative peace aud quiet reigns throughout the Territory. Jle left there siuoa the election of the 21th, and is of opinion that six thousand votes were polled on that day for the Lecompton Constitution, with slavery, and about five hundred for the Constitution without slavery. His impression is. that, notwithstanding Lane's opposition to that course, the non-slaveholding State men turned out very generally at the election of the 4th instant. That, indeed, with scarcely an exception they voted in it as well a* the pro slavery men; and that the entire vote cast on on that occasion ranged between thirteen and fourteen thousand. ^ e state these facts for the information of our readers who have as much difficulty as our self, of course, in learning to discriminate be tween the true and the false in accounts of oc currences in the. so far, ill-fated Territory : n uVta??OTT C,tv' K T ? I>C 1*57. Dkah Si? : Although personally an entire stran ger to you I am Induced, by the alarming Mate of affairs in this Territory, to address you a few hasty linen. Trouble* are again thickening The *oiI of Kansas in again stained .with blood?an archy an?i confusion?all manner of social disor der* are belug reiuaugurated. At the voting on the Constitution on last Mnn .,fy "t l<e?veuwortb City, an armed body of Black Republican* paraded and marched up md down the streets, ost, nsibly to protect the ballot box, but really to aid their own party in illegal voting, and to bring on a conflict. They were partially successful in the latter purpose The finale of which was one man killed and seveiai wounded At Fort Scott serious apprehensions are enter tained for the safety of the citizens of that neigh borhood from an armed banditti, number in v over one hundred, and constantly inereasinv ii, numbers, making their headquarters on the7,ii tie Osage; who not only resist pocess and set the laws atdcflauce, but perpetrate vaiious out raves unon the citizens. So alarming is the condition or affairs in that neighborhood. that the citizens have Wen compelled to call upon the Actlnv Governor for the interposition of the military tlic'rilnlf" ? n,arcl"d- but 1 have not heard Tuesday last, a company of armed men from Lawrence went to Lecompton in martial array, and demanded of Acting Governor Denver the arms taken from them last summer a year ago. Al flMt he promptly refused, but the re po.t has it that, upon a threat of taking them by force he yielded to their demand, to the great mortification of his political fiiends. I bese lawless men are emboldened and ren dered more reckless and audacious from the ab sence of the military, m this connection, I wish to state a fact not generally known, and I derive my information from a reliable source: that the troops at Fort Leavenworth cannot be relied upon ln j?n "tremity. The>' havp '*wi tampered with and tbree-romths sympathize with these danger ous men. They even aid the soldiers In deser tion, upon the same plan that they adopt in aid ing fugitive slaves. These troops ought to be removed to other fields of duty, and others, and more of theiu, especially dragoons, sent in their It is needless for me to say to you that the lead ers here arc acting in obedience to the instruc tion* fnriii>Lfd by Senator \\ il*on when out here astsiiu.mei: to keep up the agitation, keep up imsm VI" ' i,a * organization till IH.0 one of their piomliient men declaied do ling the session of the Constitutional Conven tion that, if we wete to a?lopt even the Topeka bantling, they would vote it down Yes sir Kan*** must be tapped again?she must bleed i n. As tar as I can learn, this party, or a maioritv refused to vote on the Constitution; and there is a strong probability the slavery clause Is adopt ed. * ours in baste. r Thk Cask op Ji/dge Watrous.?This caso being still before Congress, it may be a* well to observe that a civil suit against parties of Texas and Louisiana, in which the reputation of this Judge is involved, is proceeding /?/,/ passu in the Courts of the State of New York, involving also some most interesting points in regard to the respective jurisdiction of the Staie and Federal Courts, and the rights of the former in regard to any cause, which includes a question in real property beyond the bounds of the State. The following taken from tie columns of the New York UvrmH? Pom of the Cth instant, will exhibit the Mute of the case as it there presents itself, and furnishes an ap parently intelligible summary of the matters in issue : Syyreme ( our,. Spfcal Ton- B'for, Dari?, w~Zlk* * Hrou-Hsr,IU t? I.titration - J ml ir ml frau t ?Ju> i sdirt ion Jacob Mussina and al a/f'r St,II.nan and sis _ ThUcase, Involving a claim to prope,ty iu Texas to the amo.mi of *5oo,i?iu. and the impeachment of the I'mted State, Oistrict Judge of that Stale vVew" f ii T M'e r""" a*-alnoii d' l.i view of the important questions with reuj.d to jurisdiction which it is likely to raise, Weil as the expected action of Congress oivthe report or the co.limit tee who examined the case of' e W at.oils, We briefly recapitulate the fact as si -. ted in the complaint. ,a In the year l*4rf, the plaintiffs, conreivin , that Fort Brown, on II,e rfio tJrande. then recently occupied byr the I lilted States f,,r<es, Would be , f.ivoiable site for a great commercial city, associ .Iied them.e yes w iHi the delrudants. Still.,,a? A Beldeu, tot the purpose of buying and I ivin > out what is now the townof Hu.wns ville, in Te\.t* Messrs. |J,.S,.- and lloid, two of the defendants III this suit were attoineys-at-law pra.tLinjr at "Vi' n" of the joint associ ation . It is alleged that Messrs. Stillu,^,, U#?| den and Ailing, defendants, fraudulently'com bined with these attorneys !o cheat I he plaintiff tV'iiIi t * ?""V. Jed to I hem f,? u tMided consideration the whole pm>e.iv, ,ll(1 -i'-VT1 \iiU" Tbal *"d I lord , e tallied the muniments of riti?. ?,,d other im(K.rt V,\n?*ri a"?'nevs l.y their to the".' I T I "''iLVa,,t' to deliver them MM f .1 ,f ""V *-xclndMl the plain r,^Th"ir lui?? "V" "" ?"J .I I ,,ext Pn,Pr,'d Into a conspiracy to induce one Cavazos to revive an old claim to !?te!T,",<?,? ?f. ,Hnd aw"-<1 ?*y *?-> liii. mx.J. *"U WJ"' "'fooisbt In the United iron r A '.l Court, in Texas, and Judge \v* Th- . V ? .ri0"j ' ,ook l,art in ll,e couspirat y The plan of the defendants was to allow iudv iiient to be fraudulently recovered a 'alnst the defenddiits, and it was agreed that the plaintifl to the rf f ?Cl,"'v7 the land recovered to the defendant'* herein, tLcreby cbeatin r the plaintiff* out of their rights. ? In pursuance of this conspiracy the judge, af ter hearing the cause, publicly gave out that no .? . ? ??Urt WOU'd for the next heli'K thereby intended to prevent the plaintiffs herein from being in con it when the decree?which was iu favor of Cavaz.w-was ren dered, and from annealing f.on; said decree cou-rquently the plaint.ff, |? this suit were not in <*?urt when the decree was rendered, and i,v !nl K?".Khe ?PI,0',unI?y ?f appealing, where .'l iir,!*! ro' UHlon of'heir attorneys. Basse and Bord, they lost possession of the land in ??rn ? n 1 J"dKe aUo falsely stated to an at SatZuT'" W.h? i,aPPened ^ In court. }h^? m? had conversed With the defendants, and that they were *at,slled with the decree As the clowning act of this conspiracy, Cavazos and his wife soon after conveyed the Brownsville lands ln< luding the town plot and its buildings and Improvements to Basse Sc llord. Not satisfied with the decree, the defendant' ?' n,f ,hat Jheplainllffs hadcommeneed a sui! against them in the Fourth District Court of the ?rrl t> t Odean* In disobedience to said de cree, though said suit was uotoilously com menced before the decree was pronoun, vd mo cured.a writ of attachment to lje issued by /udge VV atrous, and followea it up with a wilt of *e iKlai'tni' l?"! t,he.s'ime ?llrectlng the Marshal to take Into his possession and seaues ? Te?J^h. property of the plaintiffs l? the^ta't cosfs In i-T ? Procurt!d execution for costs, to l>e issued o? the Cavezos decree, against Jacob Mussina, and had the same levied on all the right, title and Interest of Jacob Mussina in the Brownsville lands, and caused it to be sold and bid in for their benefit for the sum of #115 The defence rests upon two points : First can the Supreme Court of tbl* Stute try anv cans** which loeludes a question of title in reall prop zx&wz"' ?- ten 1 he "*port of tl.e Congresnional Committee iiipeochliig Judge Watrous, was rendered at loo ate a period In the last Congress to In* acted upon 1 he evidence, which Is Sery, forms a printed volume of nearly nine hundred pages The matter will doubtless come before the pre*. e?t Cougress. K Moae KANaat LiNpn or*?? tu Phk-evp tion.?Instructions have been issued to the proper land officer in Kansas to allow entriei of lands to be made in that part of the Shaw nee eeAsion, under treaty of 10th May, I8M, which lies west of the 30 mile line parallel to the western boundary of the State of Miaaouri, and west .'to miles therefrum, with the excep tion of few tracts of land which have been soleeted by Indian Afeuti and ailoted to the -hawness, under the *euoud article of the treaty. , Nor ?o ?? naan Orr" After All ?Ae"As sertion of an evening coteuporar^ that thf persons " employed by the Government on the Treasury Extension were compensated in part onlj on the 1st instant,'' is entirely erroneous. Not only were the employe* paid io fall on tke l<<t iust., but every outstanding claim against the work, for both material! and labor, waa fully and promptly paid, as usual, at that date. Th* W?ath*r?The following report of the weather for this morning is made from the Morse Telegraph line to the Smithsonian Institution The time of observation is about 8 o'clock a. m : JtSVAlT y. 1*53. New York. N. V... cold. Philadelphia, Pa snowing. Baltimore, Md cloudv, cold. WanhinKtoD, D. C clear, co d Richmond, Va cloudy, cold Petenihnri:, Va............cold, foggy Norfolk, Va.... mild, slight rain. Raleigh. N. C cloudy, cold. Wilmington, N. C cloudy, cold. Columbia, 8. C cloudy, cold. Charleston, 8. C cloudy, cold. Augusta. Ga cloudy, rold. Savannah, G;i cloudy, cool. Maron. Gn cloudy, old Montgomery, Ala cloudy, cool. Ijnwn Peach Tree, Ala ...cloudy. Mobile. Ala cloudy, cool. Gainesville. Miss cloudy. New Orleans, l.a cloudy. Fro* thi W*st Buff/ilo, N. V cold, cloudv; wind 8. Cumberland, Md cloudy, C<id Wheeling, Va cloudy, snowing. Barometer at the Smithsonian, 30 574 Thermometer, on the Smithsonian tower, min imum last night, near the ground 27J. PKKSONA L. .... Miss Juliana May Is expected to appear in opera the ensuitig season in Philadelphia, with Miretmk'j Opera Company. .... The venerable mother of J. G. Whlttier, the Quaker poet, died a few days alnceat the age of 7S, in the little cottage in Amesbury, Mass , where she had lived with her son many years .... The New York Mirror says that the widow of the late George Steers, the ship builder, is about to lie married to a Mr. Lake, of tne firm of Upsdell, Picrson A Lake, one of the largest silk Importing houses in New Yoik. .... A printer In the Boston Transcript offli e expresses his admiration of Longfellow'* short lined, or, in technical phrase, "fat"' poem to Ca tawba wine. in the following quatrain: Hail, gifted pcet! cherished by the gods! Whose last choice poetn used up all myquads! The wo: Id with joy receives thy sparkling song, Which makes by measurement, 2,000?strong! D3": SMITHSONIAN LECTURES. ?O n ^ . MONDA Y. Jan. II, Rov. T. J. Bows* will lecture on "Cen'ral Afruw. the County aiid People." YiJ~ Boys not admitted unless accompanied t?y their parenta or guardians, jan 9-2t fY-5=?REI.|GIOt*8 NOTICE-The churca of L< God will meet for worship in the German "^aT, on llth street uorth of F, three timea on next SI N DA Y, at 11, 3, .nd 7 o'olock. Th* free and uutiaineHed worship of God is en joyed in Iiis Cnurch. The public are invited to a ttend. It Y*5^TK M I ER A N C K M KKTINt, -TheVeg.7 1 1 l?r monthly rnoetmg of the C&thouc Benefi oial Total Abstinence Sooiety will lie h *ld at 5o'cl'k on TO-MORROW (Sunday) EVENING. Punc tual attendance la necs*ary. Persons wishing to become mumliers are cordially invited to attend. It JAMES N. C A LEAN. Sec. mr" ICE CREAM! ICE CREAM! ICE I L? CREAM!?The very best Ice Cream and Water Ic*s, Roman Punch. Ac., at %l .5? ger gallon. Small and lar.e Cakes of ail varieties. Jellie*. Charlotte de Russe. Bianc Mange- Pies of all kinds, and a large collection of Fruits, at SCHAFFIELD'S Baltimore loe Cream Depot. P S.? Parties, Balis, aud Wedding" furm*h*-d with all kinds Confectionery and Pjramida ofdifl'er enl kinds. jaii9-lm rr?TWO LARGE FRUIT CAKES to he cut f on Saturday. Those who want something delicate and nice sand to the PliilnJelplua Store and get a slica. J, f USSELL. jan7 3t* Corner 12th and F ?tw. fTS** SECOND I.KCTl'R E "POPULAR AND HISTORICAL SONG. By Cha?. Msckat, ol London, Author of Knclish Somes and Editor of the Illus trated ijondon News, will !>e delivered at the Pnu.MARM?,Mr HaI.I.. adjoining Star otfice, Penn sylvania avenue, oil SATURDAY EVENING, January 9, IKVi. D->or* open at 7 o'clock; the Lecture to commence at 8 o'clock, arttcinelv. Prioo of *<fmi**ion 5? cents. Tickets to he oh tamed at the Hail, at Metserott's Music Store, at Messrs. Taylor & Maury's, and nt the Motels. jM 1 .It fl^V-?SMITHSON1 AN LF.CTU R ES.-Oh I ? WEDNESDAY and FRIDxY EVE NTNUS, January 6th and Htli. Da. J. J Hwrs w.ll lecture on "Aiclic Explorations," 'I he public ate invited. )?n K--<td rr"5=?Ot- PHANS' F AIK REMOVED to IRON l 1 HALL, PA. AVENUE.?The inolemcnoy of the weather havinc prevented many perMnm, who wpm anxious to do no, liom attending the Pair at Odd Fallows' nail, the manager* have tK>en pre vailed upon to continue it for a few days in.?r?, and it will he opened at Iron Hall. The article* for sale are marked down at the lowest possible prices, an<1 t'<e patronage of the charitable is earnestly s< hoped. Neirly one hundred and fifty orphan girls are de pending upon the result of this ciT?rt fen procure wlist is absolutely necessary for their rre??i<inr. wauls. jan ?> d fY "jF* O^vT.NG TO ThTTiTatT: TREASURER 1? of the N onus Men's Christm, Association having lost or mislaid his receipt* I'or the yeai IK'S,, tho?e pertons to whom he pa<d money for that year. Willpba-te leave duplicate receipts at the otrioe of ti<e stnr. mi to enable |nm to make out his leport. jnII S eoll * " "5=-OI-FlOE MUTUAL EIRE INSI RANCE Ti < OMIMNV OF THE DISTRICT OF iOi.l M Bl A. Wash i jig ton, Deeemlmr JH, !i;*i7.- In aecor?l?iiCH with tli?? provisions of the clniter, the Managers pulilish the condition of tl>e Coiiipany , as follow ?: Amount of |iremium n<ite? 47K,3l9<st . Aniniuit ol cakIi on hand B.I.smsi Amoiiut of loHMi'Milnring veai l.o7.i22 Notice is also ^ i veil that thennniial meeting of the member* o th? Compan> will be held al this oftce on Monday, J*i-uar? lit, IHX. a* I" o'olock a. in. when an election will b-.r held tor seven managers, In serve for the ensuing ?ivtr. Ky order o| the in iaagers. jan 4-eo?it _ CIIAS. WILSON. Se?>. ry-s=-MF.TKO|'OLITAN MECUAMi'V IN 1._jf STlTUTK.?Members are r?'<<ue?te<l to pa> their annual duea t?? the undersigned, or lo I.kvvis, Esu. They are now on their term ol grace. U. JA.NNEV, ?l 2h eo?w Financial Seoretwry. l)K. POPE. Homeopathic I'* ysiria* ami Surgron, )e Me it" ii or Chain ItuildiHgs, No. J7ti H street, aorlh side, between 13th and Mth sts. d lit eo-'iui -V-J^ICE CREAM, of the purest Cream, at $1.50 P"r gallou; Water Ices, Cakes of ever* va riety and stylea; Jellies. Charlotte de Ruxxe, Blanc Mange. Pies of various kinds; and everything nice in the Confectionery line,at the PHILADELPHIA ICE CREAM STORE, corner Uth aud F sir.eta. d 9-1 m* ill THE CITIZENS OF WASHINCTON I AND ALEXANDRIA. Person* desirous of purohaimg the SEWING MACHINES of the undersigned will apply to Me*sr?. Wall, Stephen* A Co., who has lieeu duly appointed ? this day I oar only ageut for Washington and Alexandria. jan 9-1m J. M. SINGER A CO. tptjt BIRDS'-BIRDS! Mr. WANECKH has between lour and live hundred ditjereiit kinds of BIKDS.'^*- i broiulit to this country from Germany. They areof uv*ry species, and of the finest songsters known lu that coubtry, comn<ising the Canary, W'achtel, Black Drassel and Doinpfaaien. For sale at CHAS. WERNER'S Ian. e-2?* 3V> Pa. av.. oopo-ite Browna' Hotel. W k have THIS day BEEN APPOINTED v ? sole agent for J.M. Singer A Co'i Sewint Ma chine for Wishingtouand Alex ndria Having u ed them for several years, we find them to be the best in use. Also, Family Scwmg Machines of improved plan, at low prices. WALL, STEPHENS A CO. Pennsylvania av? between jan 9 1 m 9th and H'th sts. H LADIES. AVE you inspected those rioh HON1TON and other LA 'ESat THE LAKES, 13 Penn. avenue, opposite Centre Market. inpH 3t WM. HAVMAN. ACAKIi.?The Store No. 6257th street under the Avenue House, wi!l be cloiied after Wed nesday next, 13th inag. Until then we shall oontinue to xelfth.i remaining stook of first qualitv Watcbet and Jewelry at auction prlcea. Also.the Showatses, Gas Fixtures, Ac , will lie sold at very low pricer. jan u Jt (Intel.) VEiNLNG FANS, HEAD PINS, Ac. J Just r>oeived. a choice assortment of Pearl, Ivory, and other sty lea of Evening Dress Fana. Also, a large assortment of the newest styles Head Plli-i, A c. M. W. GALT A BRO., Jewellers, jan 8 Ht 224 Pa sv? liel. 9th and l?th an. WLACF. M HAYMAN especially invites rhe atentiou of the I fulies to his large assortment of LACES, coinprisiui ? Homton Sets, ?*omtou Collars, tiomtoii Colli-urs Barbs, lanokerchief Borders, Capes, Homton and Valieiioienues, by th? piece or yaid. Blaek Bart's. Coils and Veils, iu real aud mutation I.HSI Applegin Collars at i<Joents. All the alH<ve gooiU at uuheard of prices at 4 i THE LAKES' BARAAR. No. 1H Pa. av. betweenHth and !Hli sts., opposite Centre Market, Washington, D. C. ' H > Ttt ? HHH V kH |)l OM(RPATItlC PH YS'Cl \ N A SURGEON. 4V7 Utli street, '2d doorf rcun Willards' Hotel. Office hours from HK to a. in., 2 to 3, and 7 to ? *'Hrf*r?mrrt.?Drs. J. F. Grav, J. C. Pelara and E. Bay?id, New York; Dr. A. H. Okie, Providence, R. I. jiinS eoCt* FASHIONABLE PERFUMERIES, from th? , T b?st houses, at GIBBS'S, rnr the oorner of | l?h atrMt, Pfe.Mfe, ?10-Sm RLI8T OF EMAINING in th? LETT KltS 'oat (HRe M. Washinp ?on Po?r Citv. I). C-. J*mm'?ry !?. ibsk. [Ordered to t>e in?*rt*d m tb? St??. it b?uc tk? nfvipt^i baring the lar*eat on relation Bay daily paper palcitke-l iu Waaluuf ton } U r Per?<>L? appWiru for letters in the following Int. will please nj they aie ipvuii*id. Allen, Mary in Altoa. Mr* Aai <W>lrM(. lira t

Alls*. Nary W Allen, lira 9 B*m.*l. Mia 4 Manor, ft, Mr* W Uurr?ac_, k Jaa# Ilea J ley Mra K M Iroau, Mra Juo hr. "kr, N*ai la Brawn, Kllrabeth Mretka. Mart K t Itob I. kl sabetli A Hf"a?, M a J no UroWn, ? rati a Wrattey, M a B M Meed a, Mra L Burgla, Mr. Mary Miafo'4, Aai la a Kraulfan, Ji .* Oaaual , h?-|t On. Mary A, Mia a Calvarl. Mra U W Ci.lnton, K Ira CLapaan Ualb Oar ar, Ulirr <la Camay, Hrl<l<*t CrawUy, K lnMli thil I a, Mlaa Doilroit Harr ct Oorrl.s, k'leu l?a irra, F i>r*?ci Mw ar, klli.lwtii Millar. Kllaa M.eon Mr V I Meaay, Mr* J B Mcrfafa*. Delia Mat?-a, Mra A M Moot*. Mary Aaa k. array Ma. y Murphy, Auita J MaaanleUI, Mr ? LADIES' LIST. taltoa, Sgaaa Damaier. Ullaa D.> aldsoa. S.hla Dalt j, An la K lic it Mra K B k k-l. L irlr Fannerjr. kl to Fo t< r Mr. M fuid Ultra BaaaM. Miaa Mollis It.laa. Mary A 0iU.*,Mii I r?ny, jau* Marl Mra Mary C FMIlip*, Mra ? B rt Mary A ?*uaaa . Mar* A Hughe*. Mra KM K bay. Pauline Ho; kin*. hey A t 9 rtaeuar. h ra T S Hon*l a.Mr* SAM SHaas*. Mra Kllaa H Jp?, friJT Arbw.rli P Hamilton. Mra Sci.arr. A Manry.Catliartaa I Sbale-, T|. t. rla Haba. MreSC *la kt-n'a. C*th J*t.kl> a, BMie**elh Kfcewart. - Beat. J rktti,kra >u**u ltr?k*>l. Ca<h I. Jotiea. U a Miupao-i, M'l a P Mo. ra. Mra J Baulk. Mary K N.|>, A a ler.U, Mre wlbe a Lynne Mlaa Boaara TL.ii?i,*.a Aaa K M*.ra, Mary T* kar, tally Mill*. CVrrU ILvmiwu. Mra C A ?*air,J a. pi In* W.h itbury. H* *n U tall. Kllfa M-?ulr*. Mr* J P Mltc- cll, Mary A Mnbleg. Llli.betb M?* li, M*i(| h Melon*. Kllrt A ? ierx.n. Mm H Akara. U Hi r AnSei -oa T tt Ali?r?, M Ctrl AuJrr oa J A J*m< J u L AH u, Jobu Aiu-lmj H A Anton. truativ Abtal am. V Am Id Cti a M, We. y I Ball*y. Waltar T Iraurit lol Wa Barry, Re* v ui ? rya-i, Ti.?.a B Bau.o i, 8. lava ui liana.>n, H?n a Y altar* Mia I Wn?4?*ra. Maty W ta >?. O M Writ. ?lic* W abb, rai White. MiaaC L BBMTLBMB1TB LIST. HeUleu. Kaabau Ifulilaa, llf?r B Mart. Pat kui'? I, 1lai<'il.y Mtlkia, O H B"?*'*, TBI Bau'tr Mr Ml<14lrk U K A Bablfll, Mr K1*<t ra ?-iu Mr Hal kite* I. B UlJar . L?.r?t1 Bcatb, LP ka nbarrli kal M<?ll? aii, Oaa T Bell'. I*ti a H.r.i.lUi, Hun J 0 t kld.? . I B barrlxru, Hitil Moblua, J. Iin H'latar Hua J Ra I, J B lli< |i Halpl au, i Blfi.ali, Jamaa Kanolu.-, U 9 Hanarrt. Jam** Ha < pi.III. J Mr Hill. de? jr hra-lali?w Hob a C H. ?;li*?. He> B B. Burr, Blcbil M Haalc.M-k, M T lieu i It Bic A Mrnnh PiaU B'a'ly. Mall Karcl y. !?? a T U .1 lua. Join Ui an, . no L Hi.liar, !*?*? N di. an, J.,1,11 Ulaio liar.1 J W Bala. H H Barnard. Haurv D HI d. Ha ry K Kar alio a. flro Mwuva , U?i W Hi lyw, C?ii Oaa Hall, tiro K Ho|( |i|?al, adard Hero-rt, k<tw H H*gc* tr. li A Hal ay, Kdward Hnia., C *a A H?r?h*y, B J B ) da. A P llontar. Bub , Jr H'li'luiaii, 9 U J a-. ??. L W Barna-d.H HI. u y Joln.atnr. 8w P ulonbaurii. B d.aka, U 9 Brown, Kvan 9 Boyca. a Benedict. U T Baitl tt. Ctiaa W Bai ra t. A J Cut.a>i, W J Craafi rd, 9 T < r>l|, SaUil H U Ik Bobt H Ctomwall, Kl !id Coat.-ll.iar, P*t Co. tar, Nirli* C*?aio t, Ulclll Co <1 wall, Jo. T Cartla. Or J K N Crahe, Boo Jaa b Caif- a, Jtba Cruiaiikkcr. Jobu Crown. * J P Crown, J Cady. Mtiiry Crauau Geo Cltli- rail. Maj 0 B OoialM Frnlk Cbitt'iiiteo. K 3 Crocker. Kiwi Cxrtiuell. ? W Co r* II, < ilila Crlp|i?. C L Cli ud ar. C H C 111 ii, A B Crow, A i C*tai.a*li. A Carlay, H K Oook Saint Oro *?, H J Uwl *1, Kulu* On.uelly Hli-bd D okfr, r S D Mali, tieu P 9 lilt. li. Jau.** * UvlotiK, Jeremlali Uuiliaiu, J a* J ? l><i can. Jobii A Darl j, Jno W Uo.iaoliioi. M J B Juda< u, P Juno*. D iicetle'd Jama*. Cliailaa Jau.aa. C T J. li..* u, C McL John on. Mr la ay. Loufa Kraoakottf 9 t.vaLagb, P Klllao, Jiarp1) Ke lar, Jac.ib k Ci kl a- r.rf. Ham y Kralumer, O-o W Kl..( K:wla A rcx hatar, Conat Kyle, A n il ? Kilty, Llent A U Kirk, Km A Klu*. T B L*ray?lta. Pierre Lar* u Poller J I. uiO. Mr Lyn Kb, Mlcbl Loaett L T lai k lie, Jainea I? I? Joae|>li L bIoii. Jamaa L Law, Heury 1 Balbild* Joba Kaa-I i ?: i J W Kelly. Jamea Ko a a J ? Bu?. ra Uao W B>aaa. Pianfc Bay, Pre'l'k B. and. I u*ou. kb*n< r?r Bald*, D.?ld 9 Bliotea, k M Bobiu ou ? u? SI aw. k m. jr rteward Win H I Vaaycr, Wm P Sr.-tt Tlioa A Kl- iiijiIi T K KcwO, 1 farkla 9.i itb ?>du?y Hirw*i t U * B M l?4t, BUB Hi* lib. Mal*l la C t Faar, Martin t Sal l*?a Mlrbaal SiuiUi. Male li. C at* r. A MrBltoy rai tb Jno H U M.J J W 9n d*r a>, Joa Sluoder J P Hle?p?r Jonaa H 8 wan. Jaall 8pe car. Col T P bwan, J utea U Sutltb. J ha B.liuil I, Jobu Mb-imai. J W Story, Juds* t Hauler, Jo.. 14 htreet, J K 9 nitli. Jo* W t>uow, H C 8 an oa. H B Huiitli. H T H* belt, Uao Hi.u ly P.-of Bt. irkler, lira Sande. a, Wao 5 Bcl alk. P hen* u ?*y. Capt Pt W B aiu lw. 8ar?i. I'?a Stuart. Uavi I Llvtn,alon, Geo B S Hcbmldt CP L*? 'by, C B U.^tt, Aaron l.*>, Tboiu * IxHtan, Willi- m Mernman, Waitar Mo aaer. W H Marti-". Tloij Mil la. Haul C Me la y Hon 4 Mercai, t'a^t 9 Moore. U li Medlaiy A ku?il man Mattlagly. Jaa W Miller, Jno >4 Ml ler, Miller. Or I S N Macy, Ju b Ma 1 well. J 1'uoa Miller A Jon-a Huh'.la J li U.v -nport, Hon J J Ml lil<n. Lieut u.xlis , H a Henry l?a*l e Henry Dunn, K 8 Donovan,C Ueubalii A mo* llur*i, A M ur af li Jaa Meblar H~rrn*a HarCkbt, H-i.r y 8- uu.rm ,n. C W St rar, Capt 8 ewar?, C M Bun** B Bio n, B P lawyer, A Bk! a?r, a P BalTeH, W I K Ta) .ar, W T 1 u 1 tier, Vi Th*>er. Col 8 Diouiaa. L.wia A i li >ui*>, 1 av la u Taylor, Jaine* Turolarf. Ja ea 1 acker. Jno U Tliurut n, J a 1 IioBi, a n Oi J P Taylor, J .lui T< Wli ej', Jan.*a Takir, C n> r J K 1 rtiuia r, Uao l liouia*. Ki:aha a T ou.aa Kdwla Tbarntarn, LI K C Mallnanl. K Drlnkai d, 1 hit II k; era. K J U Macra"er,Oa|>t U A Tamer, k bait liyer, TaiLle l?on ulii<, Tli ? T ItytinKe. J l? Kmuioii* Bet H K t b. hiat K C tiaoud, J i ol?t K'lwarde, Ji o KalUutoa H K*l)0. ?eo ttr Kuala, Predk, C8M Kldy, Or K?t n, I) il K.<1rl l?, W C klitoit. Ma <M Kl w >od, M ui O Plyia, Wm r.wt-i, Tbeo A P aouajian Mr Plo.aKan, Ja* kreark. Jaa 9 t Farrall, Ju. P P a. Joliu T Preucli, Hon J Kurd UK C Ft .'kar. ?ie \V k'u ton, a J Hon Pal ar Wiiii Uieen. H >u W W tlaraaar, Wiu Wreeii. John A u?*ry, Ji*v W 1 tlol?*e*, Jul II Uutliria ll.t J K Ull'il, Joa C 1 Ui aiottn, ta in M Ur'e,li ler, Pre.lfc Wild y PiAt'k lialla^li r rial.W llllmiii, l*,j.| Utllla, Hon C K Mi Hbu, H U lit "? ??. W 111 llu>il| U e' *, J H.ll, M m B llal il?|i, V.'iu l?a:*. W?i M III. key, ? in J M..U111* ?, Col. I HA Ho, a 1. *, Mm IV llaaaul, Wi*t A 1 1 t/ler, !i I. HaHett. S I' Maicb, Cat a C Murpby, O. ua'.i Tod It. Huu l aical. Col 1 aha, Oi C P Tw uiaa, M in Mhalau, Cia II *a?n. Ob X Mo', C k Kayn, Cat.t A Mi O -uatd, a tu Mi .bii, 1 K M *1,1. 41 M> hi*, aaa, Juo M, l.eal* kli l.atu, Jn.1 9 Mi Na r, H I Mi'OaBray. U Mi Cuua, Hew y M- fllli. H M klvH' rwirk, C H Mi a in a. a a kl. OB'iy. H.iu A 't Mar>b II ha Maurey. Wm A Naab. Mm?iii U Nnttlir.^i Mr a. Toblaa W*ba ?r, 1.1 nay Walt'ti B K Wf Bk. B M W .e ?d. I* P Wbltr uh r w Wa tare, u V Well, Ma er M? *0, v, M Warla.*r4 Wa rev. L, lit M ? let, Ji o B I W| ? Jaa M W U a- Jama- %l Wlieoier, toon J p M hbou Jaine? *1 kl *oa J P N W eeler. Jaa B Walker J P W lllalue, J K t kicliolaa l'a|i| Juo IV>r1. Jnu k ? e?I ,J a N.'jrua Jo* L NrW nil. Mat until Nil b*da, 11*11 k K.wlakil. tl^u II kaala. t' W 1 S.iii*. t B NulaU llioiu** N lUUnter, W ill Owit.^*, L a <? ma, Ja;aea O t'onimr J*maa tl l^omli'la Jno tt| d Ca t k. ti ti O dtvay, lr,w II,; a Wl?i r peieaaonl 11 Pal kal . Thoa T 3 Prle.t. N t; perry, M C. Colli fal kbuiat. Heel i' Pnlu iu, ii H Km. jr?ttu tl 9 rellllebl. ti ?? II Kef, <i U a 1'ilvrle BenJ Pnelt M*j A M M Ubl. J M Wmtb ngtou Mtarj W..aliia(lnii H A Wa'di iaii. Hi ury M'aat. Uei 1 \ W.|t itiner a u P M rt* bt Jau k M lute, f M Wairua. K J M r I, tit I H W'akirl) , k rarer W f II., | Wo d. t) II We.| I' 9 M ei ell Bruno Willie K W rl?*i 1. Ur |i M a the I, Hou A V Walt?>ii. W iu Vr?li<, W 1^ I'apt Yuuuc, W 4 i Touujk, W W Y1 v<i<liauae. M \ ke?. Jam. a V- nii<, 1.1 I /^"i*l -r, liai W 'C li^lel, lieu Zcuker, F. a aria Pare ae* ?' K Haiu|*biey*, Win P Fer in, V IT^l. Fli at l*la*? Coi'k . Metro|? .rtan Nrwa Aaaa*t*; F?iel|(iiei; Cuuaul of Hi>u<uia>, Wiwiaartr It en? a Ay re*' Met. Iiaut* aad M*. lani. a UaaW , Principal of WatterbeAva ?leniy; X. Y.; I. O. K ; k. M , A L ; I. 8. P. Jau ? JA*. U. KKBUKT. P. M. B UI 1*1*1 A NT SHOCKS'. F RO SP t: C T U S! the FOURTH YKAK OK THK COSMO POLITAN ART ASSOCIATION. Th? faiiitiua Duasrldoif Gallery of raiurin<a. pur chHKeditt a otial <af $lMti,uui<l aiitl Puacrs' wond re uowiitMl aiatue nl the OHKKK SLAVE!! R*-purchased f?r?i> thvu nmd dollars, with ?ev eral hundred other works of art, in Paiiitin*, J^oulp turn find'kt ooniprime the preu.iuu.B to be awa-ded to the au!woribrr? of the COSMOPOLITAN ART ASSOCIATION', who subscribe before the iftth of Januaiy, 1H5S, at winch ti.tie the award.s will take p!?ct*. TKHMl ?>F Al'BfCBIPTIOM. Every suh^crilier 01 tkrtt UoMart ia entitled to A copy ol ihelarituaiid splfitdid ateei ene.aviiic entitled "MA5irE4T DcaTiXt;" alao to A oopy of ths * Coamopolita31 Akt Jocrnal." one yenr; alao to A Cerlitioate in the award ol premiums also to A free admission to the Dusaeidort and Cohiuoao liiau Oalleries. Thus it 19 seen tint for every tkf*< dollars paid, the ?Uo*criber ni,t receivet a ?*P' E.N UU? THRKE OOl.LAR ENGRAVING but alao the bt>audlully illustrate?l TWO WiiliLAK AUT JOLKNALONK VEAR k.nca aubiorilieria also pre?ented with a cerlih cnte in the award? ??! proiniuuit,by whicha vaitiaS e work of art id PaintniK or Sculpture tnat be rccaived III addition: thus kiviiik to every kutwenber an euui vnlent to the value ot^re dollars aud a c?>rtitiokte gratis. Any? oneof the followinc Magazines are fur niahed Hikioad of Enjtravmn and Art Journal if de sirod, viz: ?'Harper'a Macszine " "<*odey's I*ad?'s Book." Atlantic Monthly." "Knickerlwckfr," * Graham." "? ineraon" and ' Putnam" and "Blackwood'* Mag azine." No person is restricted to a sincle rhare. Thoee takinx live meinberthips, remittinx $15, are entitled to an extra Enc ravin; and sta ticket a. Full (.articuTa a oi the Association given in the Ait Jou urtl, which contains ovsr s zty apiettdid Eneritvi!i(s, prirr fftt cents ur numhtr {ip?ci m^ucopiea will Im acnt to aii persona wim dt*?ire tw subscribe, ou receipt of live posla?e stamps, i Ltiwcn cents, i Addreau Messrs. TAYLOR & MAURY, Agents for the Distnot of Columbia. C. L. DERBY. Aofuarj, C. A. A., It M Broadway, New \ ork. ^JKNKKAL n ALKERTAKEN PRl?ONEK IMPORT A NT To"THE P UE LIC ! SlS.Crt) WoBTM OP teoOT* ABD SBOBS TO ?? SoLD. I lave determined to run off my entire stock nf BOOTS AND t?HF>ES at *reailj( raduo?wi prices. My ot.jfct in ao dome ia to close ?ut my Block as notras p-is&iNe by the Iht ol March, lu ordxr to riake extensive nn p.oveiiKMils in iiiy kt<i(e r.-om. My atook of Htooaa ie larger, oiteaper.Bnd better than it liaf aver liefu bufore. A few of the kind I have to offer I will name ? Mi,i s' Black Foxed Uauers, thiok *.les, at 91, cheat* at .f 1.5ft MO pairs Ladies Black and Colored Gaiters, oei.ta. ? heap at $1 IV pairs Morocco Boots, thick soles, at ?l. vary cheap l?0 pairs Runts, at 75 cents pan a lilies' Black and Colored Gaiters. With heela, a' $1X1*. y ha (jeiiernl a^a.irtment of ladias', Gantle men s, Boyb' and Thildrea'a Shoes oi mi kind*, tkat kf* KB|?t in a Brat ol iaa show store. I would iiHutt respeotiuily iuvue all to nive iu? a sail nefore puiuhasiux. Bri g the adverti*eineut klonp and see for >oo>srlf. Terms in all oases caeh. F. M MAGRUOKR. d9Mw ooruer 7th Bid 1 strttta. No. Jii. stock of . at 75 AMD SEMKMT8 ^KAMI ilKM.HT SOIREE. Ihe KATIO^AI. ( I I K ?s I ? ? lo ' their |rnM?rt? end P' 1 ' 11 w *. IW t1** will give a Grewl So-ree I + ??i **>? N<?rt horn I..: r'l ???' i a >?' i.iai N'lflhofl Liter** Hell. t.;| \ . Met Ilth mil , to >?Inch Ih*>3 irx retire fu > ?a Vltod lo attend. TnkfhOif? DOLLAR, a |Mt fi<ui and |(y order ut j?? fc* C MMITT K *?* ?_ IM"'K A w AJ<HIN?T(t\ 1HHIKK Thifc Theatre n op?n ever* Evaaiar, u???lef th? direction of Mes*ra * iv* * t ?*n?l liuvnii ?u.f. <>l WaMack'a Theatre. New York. T^e fiijnr?wi O JnanMtt THv'coek preciaeia. an J 4?t?ri ?p?ii at To'e vck.aiiit e:o?# ut U> u'c:o-k. THIS KVF.MXC. J*,.u r* ?k. Will I* ^trforniMl the I MutikU* Faroe ot countess for a.\ horn, Or, TMI Pa? T?K Faacmat nj. In which Miaa Pol'y Marshall, lattit Mara1*!!, Mil. Anna Put* Meaars. ?*hil:ip?, k\ It it - inc. J-Whiting. Ba t.a, Haroourt. New tun, Rua ar l, aid Howard will appe .r. To l? fullovrd bv thr ItMulifu lia let les ABEILLES, in wlueh Signorma T? txaa Koiu P?u! Kr I ?ant. M'lla. Flora l?a>ina. M* lea. 'n >a Iel.mam, Cala. Jamra. Crope, Arohar. 4a., will appear. Tn o?mic ude with thaadmirnl f atlival Iwaon e, 11 which Ri>lla wi.1 ? xecute a ci.araciei INnoe. jan ? MKLODKU.V. i I.ATI CamM' Hall.) Paaasy/raa.e arena*. n<?rHrA Thaabove place has hot n entirely renovated aid arranged witn new at age Mmrf, aeata. *<*..a? preaa.t tor th? Minatrel bumaraa. under ILe ditto-* lion of JOHN V* . LAN DHL la now open lor ti.a Winter aeaaon With LAND1S' OPHKA TltOl'1% Comprising twelve talented pirf.nnit-ra, HTARS IN Till: fKoFKSIHON, who will give thr .r inimitable performances nightfy comprising u?w Songs, Burle^quea. Negro Ecc n trioitiea, i c. A Wui*l Offo'nwea naij SATIKUAV AF TKKNtH' So'e-ocfc. Admission vh Mill l<.nra open at (\ o'c'nri, eoinu.euoe at ?S *?'c ock. M. K. COOMBS. Treasurer. ' fk Mar lor v. Business Agent. jan 4 cf 'l'MIRD i.KOII OOTILLON l'ARI\ OK 1 THE COLUMBIA r>Ll B. I he mrmhuri of the Columbia Club t>k* treat pl?ai?r> in anr-oiiacinr in their friends aid th?* peMic that tlieir Titian Gaaau CoriLLoa I'AKn <>f th-- aManii a i>I l>e given at <oiurr. b.a Hall, on Ml?V IIA Y Jnu. 11 th. I*%3. ____ Tioaeta FI*-'TY CKNTS?adtnitntia a trotlfiwa ai d !?d ra. B) order j a 4 t * COMMITVBK. U i) r K L Ltvr r F. s T I V a L. " ? I ?Hl A () The Mawbera of CO I, I'M III A LODGK. N?. lo. I.O O F, reapectlully annoutioe to the puMie that their ANNI AL FESTIVAL will takr place ou MONDAY F.VKNINr., Ia?*aM U. la?. At ODD FALLOWS' HALL, S,tea A Strttr. Th? Committee of Ainnc rmenta have a pared no exertion to inaure pcl cl rati. Taction to ttxtee who m i (avor them with their presence ou thia oooa?ioi , tneir progrnmwie oouipriainc a aarelu. eeleotKHi oI entertammenia Ad ir?-?se? will l?r delivered t?y tho Kev. J. C- lint- .?f*a. ai.d the Hot. Baraca I. Fkstos kf N.'W Yo k; to lie followed If a Dia trit'Ution of C.ifi# in thf Orphai.a under cliarft* ot the l.odce ; V?wal and Inat-uinental Muat:* Be |r'ahm?uti. Ac . Ae.. and at the mfir.aamn tif thia portion of the entertainment, the room will he gtver> up to tboae d -airoua ?>f eiijtiyinc tfarnicelvea in th* dance- for wbieh the beat Cotillon Muaic baa bet it arcured Prof. Fo?rtaoh will prnaide at the P.aa. ?a hnw luatrument. kin<liy loaned \.y Mr. John F. KlUa. Mr. U. H. Bidenour, the eelct?rated coi.feetioner. Will farniah the Belreahmenta. \Vlibera' L'nriraiJed Braa* and Strinc Bard haa been engaced. Tieketa (ine'udinr Refreahmenta) ON'F DOI. LAR? admitting a Gent:enia?< and two Ladiea. <*vmmittr* of ArrnHttm-nt*. W. R. Mcl^ean, P. J. IVtliaon. J. P. pepper, ti. W. Calvert. Geo. \\ . Sanm, li. \V. Miilar. S. J Tiioiif iii, 1.. H. llerr*. B.C. MMia. A. H. Jonea. J. A M -uMeii, J T. Melntoah, Saia'l. Wtea. W. H. N* Ijr. VYm. Uond. \V. I>. St-?art, F. Pneater. u m. H Si?aell. H. S. Riivrii. J. P H?*dle?, *\ m. H. Rt David f owlile, C. C. Martin. E. N .Gia?. N.IHieer. Tiokcta ma* he procured of anr member of the Commit tee, nad at the dottr on the evenmi o| tha Fe*t leal The Hall will be opened at 7* o'olock. jan 2 S.W.SAM G BAND ANNIVERSARY BALL or THI Columbia Typographical Society. The Columbia Typo*raphi*al Societjr hav.rr de tarmined to oeit-brate their Forty third Anm- n% veraary and honor the Urthdat of KranAua, a ill rive fi bali. yk On MONDAY F.VENIN4J. January 1*. Iks?. At 044 F'Uo*r?? tMl.itk itrret. <>a whieh oocaaiofi the t'ctmniittee ol A rrgnr*m?i,ft pledge themael\ea iliat e\er> exertion will l?e ??m.Ic' to lender tin j one ofthe luoat attractive Maobol t i.e ai??m. Rttlreahmentti will Ite furmahed the I adier, under the auperviaiou ot I. II. B ideuotir,, m hi ? bent ?t> Ir. Pro* afii'a String Rand namiuril The Hall will he op*nt^l at S o < ?>ck t y a Grand Promenade, with the Nco<iitipan> ing ?trai?.l March. OOinpo ed expre??l? lo lt-i* ttccnaion b) Hrol. Pro. peri, and dedicated to tb?> Pi mi era ot aximig ton. No hat a or on pa ? ill Im? allowi d in the r.MKii. fl>" GeutieMieii ilMairuiK far I a.lie? Wni pi?ao# han-l in I hen namea t?> hu> iiieintn-i ot it. K X cutis e I'oiitiMilIet*. 3f'?aager? nt*. in* |>ti M?la? tti\.a C pt. ) ? R Tttt M?u W W.I ?l II T-rd Jut r?. tt J..?_ M DatU, r *#r ri?m Wat it*., w iwirtu K C. # Igl'lwa ? ill. F.* r. llr^tmrf-r A. (?.??. Wtri ela >a !'.? * Muttt.legana Mmtty ratlhUWa M'tii. M Kl?s Oaa. a. Wii?*a 1 w. girunil i?? .b hii?.ii w. n w.iu.-i, ww. m gn. i, tt. W bmu lltt ?vr k IwiWtirn J. r t'aitei M ? II ???ag Jt*ii 1rt?l<>',? Jt? B Sl'tt.ii,i?u X B. C'atl .M tioifln Lit-I ?. 0. hanks Ja? K- Wla H ii l.ttl W. W. Miora a M TiiWrlt J'.l.t. tairiM.ilM a^i. j rnii i"*|j. t. lo* i? ] iii\t. T* m. It' uiifc" M. Kr-bany Wt 'rtlua* ?? Mai. W. *. Uarita J that T Tatlur Htirr W ?lg C. Wat:.! It B. B. K Mtiaoa U.u. tt:'t. tTrrmttre Couimittrf. Wm ? Mi Uti! (liat II ??..? ;lt h !?. u..?rtt Cbai lea It-bell IV P Rnan M f*t a I.. J.'b^a Jraaa J. Jii.lta Wm M t ail a in. K M.'tuue a M J C. Ftaiu f Mt-fl rnao Tli. a. klcb Rrrrption t'otnum tirf?< White Roattte.i J. H. lV?e?ll II. I'. Wr (I t J.t Maiua I. J. Boblaan TI.V*. r?ii? g. I?tra J.tbn t'ttnfliiKiiani W. M. il?tA?r f Ult-nr * M. t Uaruard Jut. II. Marria C |i > <1*1 ar. u Ua. r<i?n ? . J. Wata#? (2. W B.. g J t" ?. Wiatay ?' H ?:.lm<.t-ton IV * Nrlm W H. C KreiEgrMaa JatUM rbarlaa K H Cr?j4?? Cb.t. g. O.fce .'at 1) n>r4tll U I It ai< Mr JubtiJ.Ji.hi- .ia llllao n*i ka J.el k Brian A.J e jt ? t % a. y jit ?attta.-lT ai w h<*i W. a. wiitta a i aa. J. Oa&Set t JobnM liite Patiaaan N .?atl M ut |u.( V tluiarii Flour Mtaut, rs??{ Red Boaette.) wat I.. Jutiaa W?,. M Kail Baitt'l l? Cak?rr..m f M IW*'?I ar Cliarlta ScWI tat:.tial Ca verwall Tieketa, admitting a cMiitlemm and hidiea, TWO DOLLARS; to tie obtained ol ar* memlterof the l-laeouiia e Committee, and at the door ou the even in< ol the Ball. jaal WANT8. WANTED?By a Girl a SITUATION aa Cbam nermaid tir Nurae, and t.i tto plain aewiue. Go al referenoes siven if renuircd. Addrcaa Ho* . ? Stai OtLoe. It ? WANTED.?A good CO<?K wialiea a Situation in a private famil* in biwn ur viauiitr?. Hea: of reterenoe given. Aadreaa Bo* No U.Star Otlue. ian ? It* WANTED.-A LITTLE GIBI. to wait un U.e table and run erratida. Applj at 436 G fctravet. between?tb and Kth. It* W^HANTFD-A Nl BSh fir a chud two >.7. old. None teed apviy wuhoutaa |ur<d r?. ominendKtion. Call niter 4 o'clock at No Sai *?t'i street, between H and I. It* W ANTED.?A SITI ATtON aa Mai.n^t o. "i T./arm'.?r ** t??Md*"er.b* a practical I * mi r ai.d Horticulturist. If reauired, two ..r taree i a' ?i? nan be furn-ahed at fair area. Addreaa J M. H , \N aahingtoo City Poat Ofhoe. jan d-Jt* xvJ'2sps lL^ A-rrENT ??v_V.,^ ? ? beth H oodi. widow, and II rh. J- hn. anal K - art, a on a and heira i?r Davitl Wonda. a native. I Boat on, and a ah->emaker, who died about l?i?. will learn aometbinc t?? their advantage by Mox 248, M'-unt Verm n, Ohio. Ai a one givn.g format ion of the above partiea will be kOitaMa m vardril an 9 It* WANTED.?A white SERVANT i.IRL r.. d?. genaral Houaewoik at No 588 1 atrert t?e?we.-u ML and 5th. jaa a w WANTED.?A CIIA M BER M A 10. eith. rwltn j 1 *?r. colored. With gtnt.1 relerance. Apply to Kit . Dr. CI MMINS. Indiana avc?au. jan t-?t? CHM?K WANT! D.-NVaated, a HKik ai ti a ' lu-1 "pendente Reatauianc, c >rii*r ot 7th atie t tnd l^ouiaiaoa avenue. < oiorc < proferren. Jtaa ?-2t I. O. PHH I IPS \VANTED IM M E DIA I ELY-A fiiroiahu w? HOU8E. with five or aix ehamltera, parlora. ind dining room. App'y to No. 161 Biowna' iiotei d 18 *f Waited?six to thoisano DO 1.11 * RS. for throe or fitre veara, for whw h tarurity will be given in R^al F.?tat- Situated . I'eau avenue, between Ml. and lotha a. Inatiire -,t thiaoffioe. J IS-tf VV'AN I'ED TO III B E.?*S.iW, fir the term ol "> ?w aepured on an improved farm, of kctea .b* a deed ol truat. aituated uear the cit* |r pnid luinuailf. Am? ??ne wiihuii to mveit in Ital waw, will piaaae addreaa J. R. S., B t Wet, iVaahinctou otty.alatiug when \i^ witera aa iniat ritw oauU^J. iulcriMit wud?eiiii&nDu%il| if prp *"r*4 n 17 tf |Uet opened an IN OFFICE of GEN EBAl. INTKLLI?.EN''K it No HIM C afreet. tx?twea>n Mb and 7th. and next to I odd a Hat Store, aud aippoaite Bauk of \\ aabiaa ? ?n, re?iueata the oititena of W aahing'ofi togiae nin enoiiuragenieiit. T he aubecriber'a ohie.'t ia to eeara good aenranta to our eitig aa, ai?d to fcnd 'H'WWj piaeoa lor Sarvaata who come wall raooa. nended. Such aa daaire aatipioy uiebt, and auoh aa ire inaead of proper Servants, should give nta?a i ia stH>n asoouvemebt. HM?* JEROME G1LLISS,