Newspaper of Evening Star, January 11, 1858, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 11, 1858 Page 1
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THE EVENING STAR It PUBLISHED EtEET AFTERNOON, (SUNDAY EXCEPTED,) AT TUX ITAA 9VILIHRM, Cmr y Pm. mvnu* mud Eleventh itrNt, By W. D. WALLACH. Papers ?erred in HokifM by oiman at #4 a year, or JT cents per month. To nail subaenbers the aab ?cription price ia $3.W a year, in adtantt; for slx montha; f 1 for three months; and for ?eea than threa montha at the rata of IS oenta a week. 8mt Is copies, one cent; in wrappers, two oenta. AovaaTisauaaTa <?f ei?ht Unas to tha aeaare) inserted three times for $l ; every other day or semi-weekly. 25 per oent. advance; onoe a week, SO per oent. advance. THE FIGHTING PREACHER. We hava heard an excellent story of a rev erend gentleman, once a citizen of Pittsburg. He was what the ladies called a "dear good man." and the young ansae* "a duck of a fel low." His charity was not confined to those who were hid immediate followers, and in all the private relation* of life he bore the charac ter of an honest and upright man. It is said, however, that he possessed a v olent temper, and when anything disagreeable occurred be haved in a manner by no means clerical. On one occasion, a member of the congrega tion as passionate as himself, reproved him Tor using language in the pulpit highly improper in itself, and altogether unbecoming one pro fessedly devoted to the service of his Divine Master. The clergyman replied that he was governed by his own sense of propriety, and that he would permit no pappy to spaak to him in that manner. To this, a blow was the only reply. A dread ful fight was the consequence, which continued for the s|?ace of thirty minutes, at the eud of which time the layman was compelled to cry, ?? Hold, enough!" The battle ended, and the preacher, with an injured face, walked liomu in triumph News of the quarrel spread like wildfire through the congregation. Old ladies put on their bonnets and ran all over the city to hoar tb* particulars ; fast young men called on the reverend gentleman, complimenting him high ly for having behaved so well, and left him with the assurance of their regard and distin guished consideration. The Sunday following tho church was filled to excels?all anxious to hear tho minister's explanation. People of all ranks, all condi tions. men. women and children, saints and dinners, professors of the manly art of self-de fence. all individuals who uutil that time knc.t not what the inside of a church was made of were assembled there. Just as the great bell struck for the last time, the clergyman entered the church. Deliberate ly he wended his way to tha pulpit, and calmly contemplated the scene before him. The choir sang the psalm commencing with? ?' Bi?*st i< the man who shuns the place Where sinners love to meet." After which the preacher made a short and fervent prayer. He then took his text, and de livered the following address, which was handed to us by a gentleman who wag present : ' Brethren?We are commandod to love our enemies, and to respect those who despitefullv use us It is oar duty to do so. Forgiveness is the finest quality in the christian character. It distinguishes him from all others, and causes him to be looked upon with respect and admi ration. He who is able to forgive an injury, is more than a man. because he rises far above his fellows, and is conscious of possessing parts to which others are strangers. In my short, checkered career, I have always endeavored to overlook every little injury I have received In most instances I have been successful?thus proving that the immortal and the christian arises tar above the mere man. But. my dear brethren, it has not always been the case. Frequently my proud heart and violent pas sions prevail over the command of wisdom and the voice of prudence. A few days since I for got my position and struck an offender I am well aware that we are commanded, whon smitten on the right cheek, to torn the left; and I only think it proper to do so ; but, my brethreo, trJun a man underlain* to r/tve ta oiy keaa, J awi there The sporting characters present gave three terrific yells, which created so much oonfusion that the services immediately conoladed for the day. MISTAKING A LOCALITY. Mr. John Stevens, a spruce counter hopper who goes into fits at the eight of a fellow no' dressed up to the fa.-hiou.ible standard, oame koine to his dwelling, in a nent court in the north part of the city, and discovered a gen tleinan in a dirty drab suit, seated quite cosily <>u his new sofa. Mr. Stevens looked at the individual with a feeling of rising disgust, and perceiving that he was a it anger. addressed him with the appropriate query : ?? Do you wish to sec me, sir ?" " No, I did not, in particular," answered the the other, " but since you are here, sit down and make yourself comfortable.*' I geuerally do, sir, in my own house," an swered Mr. Stevens. '? Your house ' You are drunk," answered the gentlemen in drab ; " now dou't make me laugh, you vagabond?your bouse ! bah >M The nervously delicate dry goods man was struck all in a heap. He was groatly inclined to get angry, but the strarger bad a particu larly navage twiukle in his eye. and was in fact one of the persons whom nervous gentlemen would rather uot get angry with, if they can help it Mr. S. was somewhat relieved by the entrance of his wife. ?Bet-ev,' said the stranger, mistaking Mrs. S for his own spouse, "give that little loafer some cold vittlcs and let him go." Mrs. S. ?tared. '? Dou't be stingy, my love," returned the speaker; "let him have a bit of cold meat and turnips?or whatever you'vo got. You needn't think to get anything to drink here, mister? we arc all teetotalers. ' There was something in the gentleman's air. manner and general appearance which seemed t<> contradict this report, as far as be was con cerned. Mr S. slipped out and brought in a near neighbor ot his. who belongs to the police de partment. " Don't tell ine," said the stranger, in reply to the officer's arguments; -think 1 don't know nay own house' Ain't that my wife? Ain't that her nose, her chin* Blood and thunder! 1 must l?e earned the bluest not to know tbein nut-crackers of hers! Get out, now. will you! Call in after awhile, and 1 will argufy the mat ter all over, from stem to stern." The officor made a signal of forbearance to Mr. 9. The stranger stretched out ou the sofa and was as tight us a top in two minutes. A furniture car was produced, and the stranger, Mr. Jacob Wafkins, was cleared out. It was ? tifti :u!t to persuade him. this morning, that he had mode a mistake. -If it wern't my house," said Jacob, "it was as much like it as one watch box is like another, and as for the woman, I'm blamed if she ain't my Bet over again, that tap-bor> * nose I could have sworn to on a stack of Bibles as high as a rhurch steeple "?PhtfaJr/phin jtf'reury. Jcsr Saved Himself.?A pious old gentle man, one of the salt-of the-carth sort, went out into the field to catch a mare that was wont to bear him to town He iuuvrd on the most ap proved mode lie shook a measure of corn at her; t? dtlude her into the belief that she was glad to get it; but she was not to be deceived I.y any such *|?ecious art. She weuld oorne i.igh. and then dash off again, until the good man was fretted very badly. At last, he |fot her in a corner amon^ aoine briars, and made a dash at her, when she bounded over the wail, and left him sprawling among the bushes. His Christian fortitude gave way at this, and gath ering himself, he cri-jd, "Oh bell ?. The ejaculation m^d bis lip* before be thought; but immediately conscious of ita wickedness, he a??d?"lelujab," and translated the pro fane word into a note of triumph.?iioston h'rssiHf Gazette. A young naval officer, when a?ked what period ot the battle was the mo. t appalliag, replied?' The few bushed moments when tbey sprinkle the deck with sand, to drink the human blood as yet unshed. [This reminds us of a storr we heard in connection with the battle of Bladenshsirg. A commander had placed his v.porous company in p??itioa; arid ho and they grimly awaited the British to win fame out of them U nfort unately be gave the command In hearing of his soldiers, to have men provided with blanket* ou hai.d, rend/ tr? carry uff the wounded. In a fe# min utes his mddiers were orer the hills and far ?way.? T* SsmMnW ] VOL. XI. WASHINGTON, D. C., MONDAY, JANUARY II, 1858. NO. 1,552. SQL'IRE POWERS A!SD JUDGE LISTER. It was during tbe regime of the old count y court system that I chanced to be in Barryton, the then county rite of Washington county, Alabama, (now in Choctaw.) The "county court" was in session, and curiosity prompted me to enter the "Aula Justiciae." Well, in I went. "Twas in the year 18?; Judge Lifter on the bench. (Judging from appearance, the Judge is * descendant ef derm any?lineal, at that.) He is a fat, chuffy old ooon?answers well to the description of Jack Falstaff? pre sides with all the dignity of a Plantagenet? ?fid knows about as much about law as a bull yearling Aikens' (Ala.) Digest, a box of home made tobaoeo. and a gallon-pitcher, about half full (the other half his Honor had belted) of " red-eye," were placed conveniently before him. especially the " bald-face." Quite a number of attorneys and litigants are present. The Judge about "three sheets in the wind," pays but little attention to what is Edng on. At last, the case of Jones vs. Brown called. A tall, good-looking man appears for the plaintiff, J arnes 1) Powers, Esq.,for the de fendant. Both pnrties announce themselves " ready for trial." A jury is empannelled? witness are sworn?the bystanders manifest great interest in the case. It is evident the court is nith the plaintiff and the whisky with all bauds. Witnesses for tho plaintiff aro all exnmined, and his esse is rested?a " prima facie" ease is made out. The defendant brings out hit* proof, and has almost robutted every fact proved by tbe plaintiff?Jim Powers sees it?he hugs close third Stewart <fc Porter, for on it hangs the pocket of his client. The tall y. iing man makes his opening speech ?(and a ?;<>od ono it is tool?third Stewart and Porter no hadn't seen. Jim Powers, with a face ra diant with smiles?about tograsp the glittering prize of sueccss?certain of a complete triumph and easy victory, and that the character of his client would be fully vindicated?without em barrassment, rises and begins in a " Mtalatio" strain about the injuries which his unfortunate client has sustained already, and of the great wrong whieh the plaintiff was seeking, " by your verdict, gentlemen of the jury, forever to put on him ttentlemen, look at the testimony, and then fee how the counsel for the plaintiff with the most castiron countenance that was ever made, perverted the testimony, and in order to lead you astray and make you believe that he was right looked as pleasing a* a basket of chips. But,'' sai l Jim. ' what have We to fetr ' An impartial court, and honest jury, with the law and evidence all in our favor We ti ust have a verdict and, gentlemen, I de mand, in the name of justice, a verdict at your hands. Gentlemen. X will now read to the court, in your hearing a decision made by the Supreme court of Alabama, which completely covers this cause read from ."VI Stewart A Por ter, page ?, and it is the law and decides this case in favor of tbe defendant." This was more than the patience of Judge Lister?with a gallon of "blue-head" under his shirt?could bear. So, up he jumps and squall out: "Hold! Squire Powers, hold! That's all fiddle-faddle, sir' I let you know, sir. that we have got a court of our own here. Gentlemen of the jury, go out and fetch in a verdict for the plaintiff, and put a stop to such tomfoolery!" He turned round to Sandford ?., who was sitting olose by, and said, in an under tone. '? I know but d?d little law, but I am h? on jestico." Squire Powers wag oompletely nonplussed. He tried to explain, but the more he said the fiercer grew his Honor. Jim, at length, modest ly intimated that ? bill of exceptions would be demanded. "Bill of hell!" roared Lister. "Appeal from court! Why, sir, if you talk that way, I'll hue you and send you t* jail for contempt of m>j vourt, and, if that wont do. I ll whip yonr shirt off?ilaiun me if I don't!" Squire Powers assured thecourt no contempt was intended?waived a hill of exception?he and Lister took a drink, made friends and ad journed court -nut dir.?Munt^uinrry (A/a.) JIail. Jon* Bolivar's Visit to a Phiietiological Miseim?The Saturday Evening Gazette has a New York corres{>ondent who beats Doesticks in humor aad the knack of playing upon words. The following is extracted from his last letter : " It's a free institution?filled with ' dead heads ' Professor wished to feel of uiv bead. Told me to uucover. Told him to feel of it with niy hat on. The hat was felt. I then took it off He examinod my wig. Said he knew there was jouiethniff in my bead?I was full of life 11c dwelt a long time on a bump caused by the sidewalk falling against it while I was taking my rooiu ma'c home from a primary election (room mate was vert/ drunk 011 that occasion. He thought he was taking me home. I had an awful headache next morning I felt dragged out.) Professor said lurgt^utiips denoted great inquisitiveness. Said I had a searching mind. Told me to search if I had a quarter in my Fxrket. Called that experimental phrcimlogy. rofessor?after I had mentioned my name? coniuctcd me around the museum. Showed me all the heads Some were pla<t?*r ca?U. Said they cant lof*. Told him I was opposed to gambling. (He looked bewildered.) Showed me the skull of Mulligan. Mulligan was an acrobat. Made his last appearance on a tight rope at the City Prison for the benefit of tbe nublic. Broke his neck in the performance. Next, showed me the skulls of men killed in wars. Professor observed as a curious fact that those slain in battle were generally aged? hiving balled heads. In the next row was tbe skull of a boatman; it was not for salo; it looked ordinary. Pwr fellow ! he has run his race. We next paid our attentions to the females. They were seemingly old maids? being laid on the shelf, in tiers. I couldn't tell them from the heads of the males. Professor said they had a little more jaw. He did not speak of their sighs. As I was about departing I no ticed a curious shaped skull. I took it up, ex claiming?'how wonderfully and fearfully are we m.ide !" ? Put that down," said the Profes sor; ? it belongs to me." It was marked ?Baboon Charles Dicks.** on Hoksbn.?I object to the personal appearance of the horse. I pro tect against the conventional idea of beauty as attached to that animal. I think his nose too long, his forehead too low. and his legs (except in the case of the cart-horse) ridiculously th n by eomparson with the siscof his body Again, considering how big an animal he is, I object to tbe contemptible delicacy of his constitution. Is he not the sickliest creature in creation? does any child catch cold as easily as a horse ? Does he not sprain his fetlock, for all his appearance of sujterior strength, as easily as I sprained my ancle .' Furthermore, to take him from another point of view, what a helpless wretch ho is ? No fine lady requires more constant waiting-on than a horse. Other animals can make frheir own toilette; be must have a groom. You will tell me that this is because we want to make his coat artificially glossy. Glossy ! Come home with me, and see my <**t?my clever eat, who can groom herself! Look at your own dog ' nee how the intelligent creature curry eornta himself with own honest teeth? Then, again, what a fool the horse is?what a Door nervous fool' He will start at pieces of white pa|>er in the road as if it was a lion. His one idea, when he hears a noise ho is not aocustoined to, is to run away from it. What do you say to these two cointnou instances of the sense and courage of thii? absurdly overpraised animal ' I might mil ti ply them to two hundred, if I ehose to exert my mind and waste my breath, which I can neverao. I prefer ooining sconce to my last charge against the horse, which is the most seri ous of all. because it iffocts his moral eharacter. I iccusi- him boldly, in hfse ip.icity of servant to m*n. of slyness and treachery I brand him publicly, no matter bow mild he may look about 1 be eye?, or how fleek he may be about the c*ttr?* a systematic betrayer, whenever be ean get theejjance of tbe confidence rep->*ed in him 8pecial Hotices. To TUX CITIZENS OF W AS Hi NO TO II.? Wolf**t | Sekeidmm Aromatic ScknappThe proprietor begs leave to mil the attention of strangers and the oitnena of Washington, to a very superior article of I Holland Gin. which he uitroduoed to the American public under the name of Wolfe's Scheidain Aro matic Schnapps. This Gin i? manufactured by the proprietor exclu sively at his Distillery in Schiedam, Holland. It la made from the beat Barley that can be procured in Europe,at anj cost, and flavored and medicated, not by the oommon harsh l>erry, buc by the moat | choice botanical variety ot the Aromatic Italian Ju- I niper Berry, whose mor# vanoua extraot iadisftiU-1 ed and reotined with its spirituous solvent, and wintry l>e>ooinesa concentrated tincture of exquisite fla vor* and aroma, altogether transcending iu its C?>r dial and Medicinal propertiesany alcoholic beverag't heretofore known. The proprietor has submitted it to nearly the whole ttedical Faou'ty of the Unitrd States, and iiaa reoeived answers from about four thousand i Physicians and Chemists. who endorse it ever their | signatures as a most desirable addition to the Ma teria Medica. Persons who pnrohase should he careful to get the genuine article, as the wholecouutry la flooded with counterfeits and imitations. Put up in quart and Dint liottles, in cases of <>rc dozen each, and for tale hi'ad the respeotable Drug gists and Grocers in the United Statu*. Udoi.pho Wolpk. Sole Importer and Manufacturer. Depot, No. 22 Beaver street, New York. Wolpk's Schiedam Aromatic Schnapps. is presoribed with groat success by the Medical Fao ulty in Gravel. Gont, Chronic Rheumatism, Drop ey, Dyspepsia, Sluczith Circulation of the BliK>d. Inadequate Assimilation or food, and exhausted Vital Energy; aud as a beverage it has no superior in tlie world. Put up in quart and pint bottles, and for sale by all the Druggists and Grocers in Washington. Ui*>LPHo WoLr*. Sole Importer and Manufacturer. Nos. 18. Ji?. and 22, Beaver street. New ^ ork. WcLf k'i Scheieam Aromatic S? hnatp*.?The proprietor particularly recommends the above Sohnapps to persons travelling or abont to settle in the South or West on account of its Medicinal pro pert it s in correcting tl?edisagreeablo and often dan gerous effects produced by a chango of water?a visitation to whfh all travelers South and West are particularly liable, Strangers should bo careful in purohasiug the Schnapps. as the whole country is flooded with counterfeits and imitations. The genuine has the proprietor's name on the bottle, oork and label. Fur tale by all Drugguts and Gro cers. I!dolpko AVpiph, d 12-Sm ? Depot 18 Beaver aireot. New York. I AM II* possession of some valaable certificates in favor of the Copsnmption Destroyer; also of its efficacy in relieving bronchial direase attended with severe congh. The Syrup is pleasant and sain, and is composed of roots and herbs procured front the Blue Ridge; it is no common artic'c. They are nioely enveloped in iny circulars, where my place of residence is s?-en. The extraot of a flower called the Alpha On tmeet for thi? Piles, oan, with the Syrup. be foetid at Mr. ?. Sfott's; the Syrup is at several o'her places on eiinsrlvarua avenue, aj well as Georgetown, at Mr. New man's on Bridge street In Alexandria at Ledbetter's. In Baltimore, at Htuico'a, 1(8 Balti more street. d?-tf Dyspepsia and Fits.? Dr. Tracy Delorme. great ourer of Consumption, was for several years so Itad ly.afllicted by dyspepsia that for a part of the time he was confined to his l>cd. He was eventually cured by a proscription furnished him by a young olairvoj ant icirl. This prescription, given by a mere child while in a sta'e of trance, has cured every body who has taken it, never having failed once, it i? equally as sure in onses of hte as of dyspepsia. The ingre dients mav tie found inaij>drug store I will send this valuable prescription to auy person on the re ceipt of a stamp, to prepay postage. Address Dr. Trany Delorme, New York Post Office. n JO 2m Special Notice.?For Perfumed Breath. White Teeth, and Beautiful Complexion, nae " Balm of Flowers " For dressing Ladies' hair use " Woodland Creain," a new pon-ide; it onuses gen tlemen's hail to ourl beautifully. Pnce 50 cents eaoh. w P. Fktridob A Co., Proprietors. New York. Wholesale and Retail Agents for Washington. Ta ylor A Maury, Booksellers, between 9th and luth St.. Pa. avenue. n 17 s inenis /ft TO THK PUBLIC. Parties or persons having s/lvertised fur nale an " UNEXPLOSIVE GAS." wtich :s no thing but the well-known "rltherial Oil," therefore 1 deem it necessary to caution consume!* for their safety, th*t the only genuine artioie is known an "Reintzel's non-Fxplosive Burning Fluid," and is prepared and sold y F. STUTZ. at his Depot, oor ner of 11 tti and E streets, he being the sole possess or of the right for selling the same in the District of Columbia. ocil-eo3m FR. STUTZ J^EW BOOT AND SHOE STORK. The snbsoritier respectfully informs his friends and the public generally that lie has remov ed his BOOTANDSHOE ESTABLISH ME\T to No. S3 Pennsylvania avenue, south side.aud nine doors esst of his former w*Vh place of busiuesM, where may t>e found a ver* fpno tal ami sHiect assortment of BOOTS, SflOES, andGAITEKS. for I adics, Gentlemen and Clnl dren. of his own manufacture; which will, in quanty of material a< d work mane *>i p. com^arc favorab.y with those of the l?est e*i,il>lithmf ntf. All goorfs made b> or bought of the subscriUir may bo relied upon ss l.eiiiz. in nil in sea. exact <j as represented, to which ho would most respectfully call the aitcntion of those in want of go??d articles. The subscriber takes tins opportunity of return ing Ins oinoere thanks to his frieuds and the public in general for the voiy libeial patronage given |i>tn for the past five yara; and proimt.H, in return for the saine and for that which may hereafter b" siven him, reuewetl effortn^ogive that satis faction which is ao much desired in our business. J. R. MORG AN, 3iO Pa. avenue, d Jii-eolm* south side. bet. 9tli aud Hith sis. |\ WAtuiifeTOX) Deceinlter 2H, IRS7. I "AVID A. HALL. E mi , liavuu made a Convey - ance and general Assignment of all his Real and Personal Estate to the undersigned in trust for oer tain purposes, *11 persons having claims against the ?nid David A. Hall are requested to present the samoas noon as may be convenient at the ofiiceof one of the Trustees. No. 40 Louisiana avenue ; and all persons indebted to the said entile are requested to pay the same without delay. ? M. H. PHILIP. HARVEY LINDSLY, d 2B eotf Trustees. ASPECIA L CAR D.?To all persons indebted to to us lu op?n accounts or tttherwissare respect fully notified that their bills will l?e made off and and presented by 1st January, and as we design in.ik ing a change in our l>tinin?ss. we earnestly request that thev will conic forward, close their ancounts b* cnhor notes at short dates in settlement by the loth proximo. ^ \Ve hope in view of the present financial condi tion of the entire count rv, and our intention to make a ehange in business, will sufficiently explain the neoexsity of our request for prompt pa\ inents. COL LEY St SEARS, d 28 lot sod 523 7th at..3 doors from Pa. av. ATENT OFFICE RESTAURANT7" The Undersigned having ^ _ llamght the Hou*e at the cor ner of 7th and G st reets, for inerly and favorably known ' _/J ^ as the European House,and" having renovated and refurnished th? same, is pre pared, at the shortest notice, 'o furnish parties with all the delicaotee the market affords. (JAMR in season. The best of WINES, LI Q UORS, and CIG A RS constantly on hand. VJ- Families supplied with OYSTERS at all hours, from 6 o'clock a. in., to 12 p. m. He respeot fully solicits from his friends and the public a call, d 19 3tawlm SAML- BRERETON. C/k~CASK8 SUPERIOR OLD BOURBON OU WHISKY The subaoribar has received, direct from Wallace Pope A Co.. of Louisville. Keutucky, V) dozen ?n penor BOURBON WHISKV. twenty years old. which wi'I be sold for 5(0 per dozen. d 3t ?od?t J. C. MoGUIRF.. A not. T CARRIAGES. HE Subscriber haviug made additions to his Factory .making it nowone of the largest, lu the District, wnere his facilities forSfflRiwft' manufacturing a I kinds of OAK -Mr tt . RIAtiES ana LIGHT WAGONS cannot he sur passed, and from his loag experience in the busi ness, he hopes to give general satisfrotion. All kinds ol carriages aud Light Wagons ki<pt on hand. All R EPAIRS neatly done,and all orders prompt ly attended to. Second-hand Carriages taken in exehanre for new ones. ANDREW J. JoYCE, d to-tf oorner of 14th and E sts. NOTICE ?We respectfully notify all persons havinc open accounts on our books ihnt their lulls have been indiscriminately made off for issue up to this date and are read* for delivery. Those preferring not to have them sent in will find theirao counts readjr at our desk. In view of the troubles still existing in the oountrr in relation to monetary affairs, we beg that all will speedily oomp.y with the wish we indicate by this notioe. d21_3w CLAOETT A DODSON. ^ARD PLATE ENGR^AVING, AND PRINT VISITINO. INVITATION, AND BUSINESS CA R DS ensrared in every style. CAR D PLATES printed in tha best manner and WVlHl WnS aND INVITATION CARDS, plain and enamelled surface, furnished at the Joweet pnoes. W7r. BAWiY. No. 278 Pa. ave.. bet. 11th aod 12th sts. d 4 If (Tntcl.eo9*4 Georgetown Advertisements. gUITABLK FOR PRESENTS. Joh5 H. Sj*oot, No. 119 Bride? street, Georse town, D. C.. has received, nad offers ver> cheap for ChsIi, h good assortment of fancy and useful arti cles, sui'able fur Christmas or N'ew Ymi < prei enta. vis: Kano? and blaok Silks, vary cheap Shawls, Scarfs, and Cloaks ?iuh worked Collars and sets cm- stitched embroidered and plain lin?n cam brio Handkerchief* Best Paris Kid Gloves, all Not. Rich printed l>el<aina and Merino Plaids JVlennt Plaids. I'm tut, to and ale. A large lot DeLainee, lb*? and too. 8?uts Searfs, Ties,ami Cravat* loves of every kind Silk, white and colored bordered lineu oambrio Handkerchiefs Children's Woolen Circular*. Hoods and G<I ters Gents and Boys Soarfe and Comforts Merinos and Silk Vestings,A a. Witha great many other desirable articles that would l>e suitable for a present. d 18 tf I.E^MOOT. L^INE A LES.?We respectfully announoo to our r friends and the public thai we have at la*t ?uo oeetiedin having a forge quantity of A LES of van "u.i kinds brewed exprestly to our order, whioli we will guarantee to I*- tho finest and tjie larked vari ety that was ever offered in this market. All persons wishing a nioe article of Alo can hnve it bjr apply l'ig to ua for either of the following f.rnnds. viz. Kennett, Burton XXX Pale, Irxim Piue. Phil adelphia and XX. We also have a fin* article of Brown stout and XX Porter always on hand. All orders by mail, or given toonr drivers, will be attended to, AR.NY k MIINX. Union Bottling Depot, 57 frireen street, d 17-d Uoorgetown, |). C. IORD BYRON'S WORKS, 6 vole., Murray's a Lot.don edition, in purple ralf binding. KuuKt's Pictorial Shakopeare, 9 vols., octavo, London, green calf Th* Stiatford Shakspnare, 10 vole., l.endou. io oak cases. Tne Cabinet Shakspeare, IS vols., London, oloth Silt.

lintiah Poets. 4 vols . London, half calf. Hose's Biographical Dictionary, 12 vols., London, lull oilf. Rollin's Ancient History, 2 vols., London, manv maps, in half calf. Burnet's Histories, 3 vols., London, half naif. Dean Swift's Woiks, Roscoe's edition, 2 vols., London, bail" calf. Whewell's History of the Inductive Sciences, 3 vols., London, fu 1 calf. Hulwer's Novels, 2" vols., London, green calf. And many other standard works in tine binding*, imported from Loudon, by dfri FRANCK TAYLOR. 1? FEW DAYS IX WASHINGTON. -jFFfCAt'IOUS CURE FOR CORNS, BUNIONS. SOFT CORNS. TOE NAILS, Without Cutting or Cannng th? Slightest Pain?by DR. SCHLOSSER. Surgeon Chiropodist to the principal Sovereigns in huiope, t.'ikes this opportunity of upprisirg the ladies and gea'lemen of Wsntiington and its en virons lh:?t H8 WILL STAY HKKHO.NLV A fill D\T8, and may l.e consu t?d in eveiy department of pe?,a! Surgor*. especial)* in CORNS, BUNION'S, arid troublesome '1 OL-N Al LS. ell of which, however long standing or bad. lie guarsntees to effectual Iy and pei tnonenily cure in a f?w moments, without the slightest pain or inconvenience, either during their removal or afterwards N. B. Office?224 Fttreet, between 1A and \Sih streets, ntur t h? T'tamry JL/epnr tm*nt. Office hours from io a. m. till 1 p. m., and 2 till 5 o'clock p. m. Will visit ladiee at their own residence by giving a few hours' notioe. .117" The following testimonials are similar to the thousands m the Dootor'a possession: From II. M , the King nf Bavaria. Mr. Schlosser has operated on H. Majesty's feet with great skill, and without the least pain. Certi bod hy H. Majesty 's oommaud. BN. POLLER. Fro m H. Imp. Highnets, the Prince Jerome A'a poleon. *f. Scliloeser's m'a estrait descorsaroe >>eancoup d';t/1res?e et saus la moied'a douluer. JEROME NAPOLEON. From William Rice, Proprietor of the Pennsyl vssiss. Mr. Sohlosser has extracted two corns from my feet which were extremely painful for many years. '1'he extraordinary ea?>e with whioh he operated is reinarkabfe, and 1 cheerfully reuommend bini to all who are troubled ?uh corns ss the only person I have ever known to perforin the operation soientih oatly and without pnm. WM. RlCE. PhiladelpUa, Sept. 23,1?57. From Piere* Bmtltr, K*a. Dr. Schlosser has extr-<ctid a uiunber of corwM from my feet with great skill and without pnui. PIERCE HI TLER. Phradelphia, Nov. 9, Uiffj. fVom Itr. S. HI. I.anrlis, Phviirian to th' ('iiy Wat*r c*rt Institute, nt Philadelphia Dr. Hchlos*er has extracted, witho'tt pn.nor mre ness. oirht verv painful ooins in a few mini'tea. I would advise niy friends and the public renera'ly to goto Mr. Sohlosser and have tlirniselvc^ leiicvod of the?2 tt?e tormentors. P. M. LAND1S. M. D. T!io"sandnnf testimonials from the United f*tate?, and also from Roynlly, Nobility, and medical nn-n from Europe nau !?e seen at the Uootor's Offioe. F t'r?ft. between H'A and lbrh streetf. near tht Treasury i epartmtnt. O.NLT a Kew Dats l> WasUI.N1 ton. d 24-Im J^ADIES* FURS! LADIES' tURSI! The fillowmg is a list of pii'jes of FURS con signed me on oi/ on fr?>m n Fur Company in New York, to bo sold at N?jw York wnolssale prices: Sets Rock Martou Viotonnea and half Capes from &5.M) to 10.00 Sets Freuoh Sable half and three quarter Capos 7.0'' to 14 en Seta do.. Mantillas nud Chtaks lK0ntoSV?0 Wots Fitch Y.o'orines and Hall Capes in.?? to Sets Stone Marten Victor men 17.W to 22.'0 Sets Miuk Sable Viotorines and Half t apes .. .. ao.i<o to 2ft W Sets Mink Sable Three fourth and Full Capea S6.00to95.0U Sets SiU-riau Squirrel Mantillas and Cloaks . ?&ooto6n.nn Seta Hu laon Bay Sable Half Capes .. 63.00 to So?a do do do Three-fourth. Aliases Siberian Square C?pea 7 50 to 9.V> Misnea Imitation Ermine Capes 2 *>to t?.?0 (?entiemens' Fur Collars and Gloves .. S.So to Hud&on Bat Sable.Mink, Fitch. French Sable, ana other Muffs, at prices Pom S.on to2i.oo B. H. STINEMETZ. 2Sfi Pa. avenue, near 13th street, d R next rt<Nir to Madame Dolarue. BINo. Y THE PRESIDENT OF. THE UNITED STATES: In pursnanoeof law, I, Jamxs RccrtAitA?irPresi dent of the United States of Auierioa, do hereby de oiare and make known that puHio aalea will lie held at the undermentioned land offioes in the State of Alabama, at the periods hereinafter designated, to wit: At the land offioe at Elba, commencing on Mon day, the fifth day of April next, for the disposal of the public lands situated wilhiu the following named townships, viz: North of tk? bate line and ire it of tke. Tallahas see meridian. Fractional township 7. of ranges 8,9, 10, 11,12, IS, 14, l&, lt> aud 17. Fraotioual township 6, of ranges 18, 19, 2n, 11, 22, 23. 24 and 25. F raotional sect ions 2&. 2S, 27,28 and 30, of fraction al township 6, of range W. Fr<iotional sections 2b, 28 and 30 of fractional town ship 6. of range 17. Fractional ?eution 26 and the east half of fraction al eeotiou 28. of fractional township6, of range 28. Lands impropriated try law for the use of schools, military ana other pin poses, will be exoluded from tne saie. The ottering of the above lands will be commenoed on the day appointed, and will proceed in the order io which the* are advertised, until the w hole shall have been offered .and the sales thus oloeed; but the sale shall not be kept open longer i kan tiro wrekt, and no private entry of auy of the lands will l?e &u mitted until after the expiratiou of the two weeks. Given under my hand, at the city of Washington, this twenty-sixth day of Deoember, anno Domini one thousand eight hundred and fifty-eeven. _ ? .. ? JAMES BUCHANAN. By the Preaident: ThOS. A. H KltlRISgS, Commissioner of the General Land Offioe. NOTICE TO PRE-EMPTION CLAIMANTS. Every person entitled to the right of pre-emption to any of the lands within the townahuis and psrts of townships above enumerated is requfred toestab lish the same to the satiaiaotion of the Regiater and Receiver of the land offioe at Kit**, and make pay? Mraf tke re/or at soon at praetitable aj er seeing tkts notice, ard before the day appointed for the commencement of the public sale of the lands em bracing the tract ulaimed: otherwise such claim will b? forfeited. THOS. A. HENDR ICKS. Commissioner of the General Laud Offioe. jan &-Iaw3w /CHILDREN'S BOOKS FOR 1M?.-Tbe Little v/ Commodore, Mother's True Stories, The Won derful Mirror, Riehant, the Lion-hearted. Heroes of Hiflinr* *lvi?- -> *? ?? ? -ni, Inqoisitive d bow to do it, ies and FaUe urnui iViirror, Kiehani, the Lion-hea. ... of History, Tales of Sea and Liuwl. Inqmsitive Jsek. Die* Boldheru. What to do and how to do it, Siltermn Sable Hunter. Tru* Stories and Faue Teles from the German, Belle and Lilly, or the Golden Rile. Aunt Mavor*s Nursery Khvmes, Naughty Boys and Girls, Fairy Tales b> th|^oua fese D'Aalaoy, and many others for youlB of ail ages, some of them just pom l.?j??doii. dM FRANCK TAYLOR. ROWLAND'S MACASSAR OIL, at GI BBS'S Hair Store, near 19th street. n iu-sb Vocal and Initramental Ifuiic. ri \y ^ B K H ^ 'ELF, BRAT KDCOT IL l,ON HANI) take pleasure in am cunctng to the public that * Jj/f *r? pr*wu#d to Tumuli ftrtt cI*m PaF IILH and liALLb with Ml Sli! for tt>? <**? r . - | ? ? nil- l? Ti I ?% V -rarr- I 1 1' .?* tad IJALLb with Ml SIC fur the oiu ing season. The latest and most fashmnnHe Oeadrill^a. Wa.txes. I'olkaa. Soiiottishea. Gai'opa, Mazurkas. ? nd Redowas hare been rehaarsed, end a so tb? original lJMv*r's L}oadrrtlee. which are per ferine I bv tins Baud oiAj , with (teat eu< o??a. Orders left at the mom store of Mr. Afetzerott. ?jf at Mr. Gautier'a C<uif* eiionei?. alao. at L> Weber's residcooe. No.3fll Seventh street, betwem 0 and I,<Navy Yard.?will meet with prompt atten tion. HflMm T.orm WEBER J .*ader._ \f MUSICAL CARD. iTlR. GEORGE M. ARTll. leader of Ann's Brass and String Band, bega leaveto announce t?> Ma fnrruls of Waahuigton, Georgeto* i X?* Mid Alexandria, that he la now prepared t fttrniah M t'SIC for Bella, Private parties. Parades, Soireea, Ac. From one to any number of Muaiciana to ho had at the shortest notioe. Ordera can be left at the Musical Depots of Juki, F. Elba or W. G. Metzerott. or at hi a reaideno*. owner 6th and G etreeta, Nary Yard. w)2? 3ni* Dancing'. A i\ C I N U A C A 1) t M V fcn h??e ?n- 0% twit jCL sSk. D Mr. T F. GA8ZYNSKI and DA L GHTER ha?e the honor to announce to the l.adie? and Gen tlemen of WasMneton and Georgetown that he will re open bis Clasaea for Dancing ^'axbington nn F ridav, the 9th of Octol?er? Temprralice Hail. I ilmt. for Miseaaaud Mas'ers, from 3 o'clock p. ui., for Ladies and Gentlemen, from 7 o'clock p.m. Georgetown?on Wedneadaj, the 7th of < ?ctol?er, at Misa liar rover a I.adiet Scm mar* ? from 3 o'Hoek p. nn. For terms and partioularp application can be made at Mr. G.'a residence, HI L street, between ?th and loth atreota. ae 12 mr piRMTLRL \ERY CHEAP. The public are respectfully informed that the first, second. and third floors of our lar<e Furniture Warehouse. are] hllod to the utmoai capacity v ithl every description of HOl'SE FURNISHING GOODS?suoh aa Sofoa, Bmeaua. TaL'es.Cbaiu B'ds'eadt. lounges, Washstanda Writ ns Lieaks, Beds. Mattresses Carpet*. Looking Glasses, China, Glass, and Crockery Ware. Ac. Forming a v err i;nmen?o and varied at.>ck al! of which we ruf-rautee to ???! at auch pricoa aa cannot fai' to ciaase. Houses furnished throughout, ci'.ner fur oaaii or approvod paper. Call and examine our atock before you makd your pan hases. Remember the name and place BUNT/ A COOMB*. No. y/> P?vonth street.3d door f?^m d 9-1 m R. B. Hall's Drv Gooda Store. F1\F, FDITIO.NS. in fine or Brron Campbell. Pope, Buma, Milton. 8hak?peare, Cryant. Hall^ok, i.ongfeihiw. Tenn>?on, t'cwpi'r, i'hoinaoii, Vounr, Akenaide. Rocera Gay.Hemana, llood, Mieile*. Southey.Omj. W orrtaworrh. Kt<a??, NI???re. s-oott, Howit', Sp^neT, Hr*d?u. Goldaiath, and inany other Poet?. may be found at the Bock atore of the underxiKned, niostlx imported by him se fd.rect from Lond jn. aome of them witn beaati ful lilustratione. d21 FRAXCK TAYLOR. W IMPROVEYOI R KYLH. ^TnEN'tTHK.N and a?*iet them, tv *he Pari* Optician. I). >Y'?OL?-?*ON. who j - ? baa arrive>i from F.un>pe with bia ' own, aa veil aa the manufacture ofag<H*d many ottiera of tne lateat tinpruveil SFrCT*CLLS aud KVK-GLA8SK?; among wluoh are the PKRISCOPIC CONCA > F. anu COVVLX, Tbe DOC 111,K FOCI"? and DC BLK P(>L|8HED BRAZILIAN PKBBLKtt.CRYSTALS. Fto., which are warranted to improve any KYK affee'ed urh weakneaa. cataract or teuuinc to it; aleo ?Hl)RT SIGHTKDNLHS. 1'eraoua who are comp?.<lied to uae (las&ea. or t icae now uainK tliem, will be auited at first a.ght. Th.-ae wonderful DOCBLF POI I8HLD vFNFZCFLIAN CRYSTAL K??CK have reoeired the hicheat reoommeiKlat ;ona at the \Vorld'a Fair, at Paria. throuah their produoinK a clearura* and eriauiea* ofjiamn naretof^raankuown . WFIHU "UacrQ FYING GLA!>SK9,Compaim. and MiemQujli are for nale at his atore. comer of Kiclith street ai d Pennsylvania averue, or Fichth street No. til, Le tw?on D street and Pa. avenue. f?7"* Do not mt.fakr tht <orner of 8 th Far oes very rea?>onabJ", the aameaaathia eatab liahment in F.urope- uftf BA G G A G K KX P R iT? OF~ FICK S?4 D ^TRKKT. Adie*Htnt Ike Simits printing Ofi't. The auhset'lier, H.igxage A cent for Baltimore and Ohio an I Washington np*;ich ltailrf?ad, has open*' an offiee, nt thealove place, for the aee<'tn modation of the pulilto, where ordera nan !>e le<t ttr the u*e ol \%'a*ona to ci'iivej Baetage or Packages to and from Railroad Depot. VteimU?*t?. Ac., or tor removal to any point in this City or Georgetown. < >ttio? open from 7 o'clt ck a. in. to Ifl o'c ock 51. m., d.ail^. except ftunda?, 7 t?i l? o'clock a. m,.2 o'clock JOHN M. MoCLINT' CR. Battcage A rent Baltimore and Ohio Railroad. M B ? Per ;n;ia oomlng to Washington or going to Baltimore,not haviug made up their minds aherr tliev will atop, by g'ving up their checks to iny agents ou tli * cars. v!U have their bagn&ie taken eare of at this office, or at Baltimore office. No.!! gharp street, and no extra oha'^e. d T~fl A L T I M O R(? Y P E FOUNDRY. Tin* FMahhahmec! iaptfrared ta furnish everv article need iu a PRINTING OFFICE. METAL TYPK, WOOl) LFTTFR. 1 I'BMTI'RK. ORNAMENTS BORDERS. BRASS RTf.E. CUTS*. INK. PRESSES STEREOTYPING and ELECTROTYP1N0. at ahort notioe in the bent mii>!i?r. Ll'CA^ BRO I 111 RS. 170 Market street, d 17-eotw B"ltimore. Md. FROM PARIS.?Fine ediHuna, in hn? bin^'icca, of R o ine, L" Fontaine, r*evig?u. Duct*-, Rabe laia, De Stael. Delavikne, Monteaquim. I a Br?i jere. Saint Pi?*rre, Ronaaeau. Chaf"aubriai;d. t'ou rier. Rotron, Baizae.. Marmier, Voitane Capofigue, Boasuet. Thierrv. Rochefoucauld, Malherba, ?"\.r n? ille, Sorilx*. Regeard. Guixot, Ftoiaaart. M*>n strrlet. Buciion. M ?liere. Rocli. Harthleiny. afd other btuidard French authora. imported l>y d? FRANCH TAYLOR. J ?ULPEPER FEMALE INSTlTLTK. Thia Sohool, looaied at Culpeper C?mrt Houae. Va , will ooiunr hoc tta first aeasioDthe htfct Mundaj in (-'ebuary. 18-Stt. Terms, per session of hve inotitha, payab e half in advance: Board, (in private families if preferred,* including fuel, lights, and washing .. V: '-'l Tuition i'i common Kngliah Hranohes .. ? . 12 yt Higher English Branches 15 ott Ancient aud Modern Languages and Mathe matics 22 S Muain 17 .V Drawing 1?? an Painting ?? ... 10 nn Embroidery 5 on Rev. J. W. GEORGE,/ WILLIAM HALL, < Pnu For Circnlars, with oth?r particulars, references. Ae.. address either of the Principals aa alajve. d 7-lawtFebl NINo. ien.1 OTICK OF THE REMOVAL OF THE LAND OFFD'E FROM MINNEAPOLIS TO FOEKBT CITY, IN THE TERRITORY OF MINNESOTA. In accordance with the proviaiona of De act of Congreas, eutnled ' An act authorizing changes ui the looation of land offices," approved March S. 1*53, it is hereby deolared and made known that the oftoe for the aale of the public lauds at Mixiirotti in the Territory of Minneeota, will be removed to Fo"i?t said Ttrntory, at a early a period as pmrticabl*. F urttier notice as to the precise time of removal will be issued by the register and reoeivar for the land distriot. - Given under my hand, at the ctfy of ?> aahingtim, this 8th da* of D?reml*?r, A. D. 1857. By order of the President: THOg A. HENDRICKS, Comnuaaiouer of the Generai Land Office. d 1ft lasrfiw _ _ L" ONGFELLOW'S POKTICAL WORKS London cpy. with on? hundred designs, by Gil bert, IKbziel and others, finely bound. TfeNNYs*ON'S POEMS,Lopdou o -py, numer ously illnstrafd and finely bo?od. HOME AKFFCTIONS. SELECTED FROM TH K POETS. Charlea Markay. one volume, arral' quarto. Loodou, nuciy bouud, with 100 euxriv flRYANT'S POEMS, tOMll quarto, Tl ergrav liu's. finely bound. LALLA ROOKD, small quarto, final) illus trated and Iroynd. BR AC F.BR j DGK H A LL, 'mill quarto, numer ous encravings and finely Niund And fine edition* <*t most other Fnalish and Ane rican writers, in Poetry and I'roee,aorne Iteautifully inU'trated. others riehly bound, may be found at the book atore of the uiideraicued, mostly imported by hims-lf direct from London iar 4 PR ANCK TAYLOR LIVINGSTONE'S TRAVELS and Reaearohea in South Afrioa, 1 vol., ?vo.. with Man gmvings; it ... dU FRAHCK TA^ i.OR. Mince meatj-mince meat;; W? have a supply of Lk>mealio WsKf Meat whioJvcauol b? aurp^*M.^ gvtcHEUU d a eonar Uth u4 Vcrmoni ?v,ru?. THE WEEKLY STAR. Tacoopiee Twant y eoi Cm Bt Nbaoniiuw in Clafca rami ukm neighbor a without the iL'aivent.oe of a m a?e*J. w wilt h? jjeroeived. per Wnti,??t4t wiH Mmi" ihat has iiuule ltt? to i#wr* ? throukoat the ouiutri ir^8uM>? oopsee <ta can ba proaared at the oouuUr, ^(i.Ktaii aPer Um iiu? o the papor. Prxw-YuRKE CENTB. IE7" Poetiaaeterc who aat as acaatawill baaUawad a commit, sum of*, aaat. C?>ntA*nS the The Kvemm 9ua?rt? Dcntntry, *e. DR. R. FINLEY HUNT. DEPT18T No Slf1 Pennsylvania Willferio in aiiopeiain?na?.?t(?tnius toh.s^*?^ pfi>fr??'uu at his old established ctfcoe, as abuee. <1 te-tf 'J'HTi IMPROVED BETS OK TEETH. M. LOOMIS, M. D-. the inventor and pater, "i.t ,mnt' M< **? a ! F?U? 7r.:A.' havlng^j tae of ijc! *efui'f introduced his mproveme' t n>| aa'i. '.is oitje*. hw now pern.aueo'.ly eatal> li*l?**d 10 Washington. This imprxrvamaai for Sets of laeth cooeiaU chief It ib niskiH a sat of bat f u* piece of malaria*. ?uid ?*t indestrue'ilile mineral. No metai is aaed la th-ii construct ion, tuej are therefore free from it omo act?ot> end metalic taste. There are no folate to become tiled with moietare or partioiee of fo-xl. hence they are Far# end r'sen. They ara Ik liter, stionger, icsa ciuiiuj . tar more durable. aid a?ttiia[ in tneir appearance. I wilt five a reward ? Thousand jMlaia tuai y one who wut piudeoe a ei rnUr w? ik of wl to rqua, mine in purity, beentT. durability, arti*tic excellence or any other rr?aieife QBilitv. All work reeponeibt* warTantad. 2* Penna. a venae, between lith and IStA aueete. aaia-Lr |>KN7 1STR\. l?H. STEPHEN BAILY. Urrrrr No. 1? PtitrsTLvafna A vaaai. n??? d?ot?/r?tn ll.'A Strut. tta. BAILV beat lwr? to inform the pvblio that ha aai f e seen stall uoars. at his ofeoa. located as above. I! ' fee>? assured tl.-.t an experienced fifteen i ears' preciioe. with Xk" Ivie ruin!??r >?f pat(ants.anagreat variety of diflicu;t cases that ue has treated sacceae fatiy. will enr.iJe him to sarmoan* an* d'ffceu'ty, S"ienuiic or otherwise, i elating to the Taeia. Hia oai. confirming ttie opinion of irany n.en en meet in the profession, and eapectallT Urs. H*rre and I". Psimly, has led aim. tons tmot. u>?ii?> cird nil n;erc?mal pr<*r.?r?.tiou? frr filling 1 eetn.* so a't Eaaaiele. Gatta reroha. Inrt?fc Knlirer, and Cs mfol! tor tht> cons.raoium of Cvntmuoaa C:ia Treth. an'11!.?* I'oroeiiaQ, mounted un Gold Plate, is ihe > njf re t/U ,e c-jbalance lhat can be w<tn ic i?a m< u'?. f. f. i. . ? 'nc <jbi \ c.j si.. * ?. I r *ac A*n?rw.i OectalCouv<ntion. Ailu^uch be llat'ers him'clf frogs his toag raai Jauc ar/J pra-^ioe ic Wuhinttm, he <a tkeo?aMf V r "?-n to h,s nemaruHs Inencs rmd patrons, ae beta lenre to refer then* tc? the b 'iowun TrSTIMONlALS: Prom ti.e late Keotor of the Charoh of Eptpbaav of thic aity Dr.BT^PHETT ButT: Drarsir?! deairctcezpree* in* esteajri for yoe refaona.L>r, and n; c- nfid?ooe is lou as a surfer tor deatiat. The operations executed tor me h?\ e r?en hi? h'y sat .sfacfory. 1 h< re that vna mn reoeive the patr- nage lie in rr.t frienda and lita pn'ilio tt.J.t rwr skill aow^'l destrvea. Yoars vorj trrlr, Wwhirnton, A nr. if, l*a6. J. \\ . FKE1VCI* From one ul the ">idse* fcn.i.- in Bali.tntrra, Maaara. I ocr, r.'i,?fni?T k Cc. HbviPK em*'"red f'r. Stephen Baity, dargaoa l>en tiet, of V. ertiinr.'on oi:>, u? execute tor me ax im portant Rr.d ?hfltcult pie^e of work whieh be did t? my entire satisff'ioa. and in vn? ?f the laet that one cf the root' dtstmrcr. aifnicml'eraofibeUectia OoIIsko of BaltiT?K?re, feiie?j, .iftar rereated tiiala, to perform the L&n<? work s*a.?Iscto-ily. it civea ma rr-*' to exprc *: my artirc u>ntZlc** aixb ?stir.iat!u*i of Uis profesi iora* ckul. Bev.morc.Jwi.ii. I?57. HaKMANN UObG-. Extract f r ore a note raoeivad from the iata Uoa Jc^a M. CaTton. v. ?*. banxrv. ' of. it, ma. The trefh ?on made I jr t^a work, accurably j notn ? oould ^e Le??cr. Ven ?ratefa,!/, JOUto t&. CLAYTON. ISC Ti f?>.oee 'hat ?%ek refief fttnr, *? e i?>e?adi-? af tf te th, 1 <ac ciH"ei??ii<y r?*oo.-uju? c* 1>r. h. Baity as a anpersor Ileatiat; ba maoe a set of pcroctiai taetn foi oj:?of ffy U:' U?. tud pieee^l eararai taath f^r mTtril. &2M iiia aork ka* n^K.jt.ifijr r.."Tcta?m tan twit". hOMFRT T.NlXOM, of tna \a. L'onf. oi tne M. L. Chnrob boata. A?rJ 19.135*. We. the utidaratfoad. ham a* bod ooaaaton to ava'l oarfe.vee ot the pn-faeeitma; ak'ti ol l>r. B Buiy, Bart son Dent:e? of th?a aty,or havins beer. i?*?nta aat of his t'^er&tinii* oar faib'-iee trf fneade, tmra pieasare ;c uxpiesatnc onr admiration of hia arttsla skii , se weii ae of tbe uuiformlr satiafketory niwuir in which he prionm. the mrwt dei't-ie cud a ftcnit oaera.t!<'0e in l>entai'iaereepeatfiiii* ra eomrpcnd l-"n *he rMmr si?d of tt?a pa hi'in of vision wa oocsiue* a>m emurrui worthy. JicMAt! Wum. Aro'ateot L". U. Capita . 1npjT*' NillB.N. U..of n e.e tunc ton, PC. F.8. Bobf.k*. M. D. of Qe?rree'i-vn, l>. C. V. P. r.j oi ?. M I'-. of WatnimttoB D. C. Jos. H. b'SAULVT, of AVesl.irrton. P.C. r?ai W.?t.TO>-. Kx-Governor of Florida. WAirn L*kok, Ex Mayor of ^"ashiuxtot? Uk>K| Baldwin, V- ?? rateut Ofhoe. ?I <? WicHi, Prlucipal liilletihouee Aaadetre, fab 20 tf PD'IVFR NOIS* IIOTKI A. 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C., that I hsveatel shall <y>n?t.?fitly kc?'P "n hand, a stock of \\ ALE aid BkMW\ sVOET PORIER. mamitrtetured nere cntsrelj from Malt and Hope, wananted fre? fr??in alt injnriona ingredients, p?it upincaskfe of *?ri''iii sues, ituiUl ie fc?r H;>teis, Restaurants, Hoard n?f - houses andpnratr fsini'ie?. delivered by my own draye. in any part of the aboi e cities, at the B'ewery prioea. Orders reoeived br poet will ba attended to tha day fcdiowin?. Aiso, Maltand Hops for sale. Brewery and Maithoaae ooraar of R aad mh ???., W sshington City.D, C. dM am JOSEPH DAVIgQN. PUNOFORTLS FOR CHRIhTMAS PBKS" fcNTS. Also. Malodeo'e, Violins. Guitarr 31 (isto, t nit^t. Aoc?fd^?n*. Tamliorinfi, Ae.,4c , tuit%i-le for sMbstantial holidivv gifta. .? F- KLLIt. riano *nd Music Store, X Pa. aveuus, between ath and n^h streets. d ?! FINK KDITK?.NS, IB Pine pindings. of Gibtaa, Hume. Hai am. Aiacauiay, Bancroft In ins, Carlyle, I aml>. Robertson, R'llir, PIntare1,.R"*' one, Goldsaiith, l?ean SwiP. H?earth. 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