Newspaper of Evening Star, January 12, 1858, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 12, 1858 Page 3
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LOCAL INTELLIGENCE. ^ ^ | .a Citt Cor*ctLs ?B??tJ of AW'*mtn.?The Beard met at the usual hour, the President, \V. F Bavlv, in tbe Chair. A communication was read from the Mayor, announcing his having signed on the 9th inm., 4 an act to organize a police system for the City of Washington, and to rcdnre all other acta in relation to the same Into one.?' A No, one in relation to the financial condition of the Corporation: transmitting the account of the Corporation with the Bank of Washington, and showing a credit to the Corporation of a lit tle upwards ?f M.wv ; referred to the tlnance committee. Mr Riggs, from the finance committee, re ported a bill mskiug an appropriation for com pensation of the Hoard of Assessors: pa-sotd. Mr Uou?toQ, from same committee, reported a joint resolution making an appropriation of redeem the tlrst instalment of stork of the Wash ington and Alexandria Railroad Company, guar anteed by the Corporation, and due Janua y 1, 1"o?; and *1,SW to pay the six months interest on the whole debt of M.IICO to the same date. The guarantee by the Corporation provide* that the ?aid stork shaJi be redeemed in ten instalments of *f> iMieadi. this being the first instalment fall ing due. Mr Houston advocated the passage of the res olution i?t some length Mr. Moore opposed its passage, and moved that it be laid on the table ; he wished to have some information upon the mutter t>ef?rc the Bo;,rd, in ord'-r to determine the condition of the ?aid road It was borrowing money to pay the debt on the part of the people. Mr. Ri?i> staled that, lieing personally in t?-e?ted in the bonds he could not, of course, vo'e upon the resolution* Mr Moore wanted the matter inquired into; he wi?h?*d to know in what manner the Corpora tion bee-iiiie liable for the payment of this money, and urged th?- reference of the matter to a special ? om?uiire, with instructions to report to this Hoard the cirrunistaaees under which the Cor jh.ration became liable for debts of the Washing ? on and Viexandria Railroad Company ; and how far it is so liable; and what security this Corpo rat ion has for the repayment of the whole or any p irt of this indebtedness. Mr. D'ive advocated the immediate passage of the resolution ; he did not wish to discuss the matter any further, himself. The filth of the Corporation l?eing pledged for its payment it tou.d not repudiate its responsibilities. Further discussion ensued, in which various members joiued with some warmth of manner, and finally tbe question recurring upon the mo lt*# of Mr Moore to refer, the ayes and noes were called, which resulted in the loss of the motion, and the resolution passed. Mr Rigg* otfeed a joint resolution instructing the Mayor, with the advice of tbe Corporation Attorney, to take such measures as may be deemed net essaryfor protecting the Corporation of Wash ington from loss by the failure of th* Alexandria ana Washington Railroad Company to pay its bonds a^d the interest thereon passed. Mr Miller, from the improvements committee, reported a bill making an appropriation for the purpose of laying a new floor ana replacing de ? -ned stiingers on the bridge at the junction of R street north and New York avenue, passed Also, from the >ame committee, a bill to sup ply a deficiency of appropriation for an improve merit in the First Ward, laid on tbe table. Mr Barry, from fire department's committee, reported aljill for the relief of William Parker , passed Bill f cm l.ower B<vd to supply a deficiency iu the appropsiation for grading and graveling Ohio avenue . pa?*?ed Mr Moore, on leave, offered a joint resolution n relation ?e tbe Washington and Alexandria Railroad Company. Mr Smith opposed the resolution, inasmuch as It was in sui>stance as the instructions before aok"d on Mr Moore's motion to refer. The Chair decided that it was in order Mr Smith appealed from its decision, calling fortheaves and noes ou the appeal, and af'.ei wa'd* withdrew it. The resolution was lost. Mr. Moore ceiled up the resolution, previously laid on the table, calling upon the Mayor to in vestigate the accounts of the late Collector, John M MoCalla; and the resolution was passed. Tbe Chair here read a communication from the Mayor transmitting tbe following nominations for l'olire officers under the new law : Firs' district?John Dewduey, James F Ho wards, and David Lncas. Second?William Faiming and Charles G. Kck loft Third?James Ginnaty. Fourth?James H Suit and Patrick Gormley Fiftb?William I. Ro*s and John F. Carter. Sutu?Benjamin T. Watson. Seventh?Kdward Mcllenry and Henry Yeat man Cighth?H C. Harrover, Henry Nash, Charles W Arnold. Jacob Ash and Reuben Collins Ninth ?F A.Kdlin, N G Sanderson. J . H. Ir vin and V\ llliam Mooney. Tenth?Jno M Lloyd. Joseph A Gill, Josiah Beitzell and Samuel C'bipley. For Police Masistratks. First District?Samuel Drury Third?John D Clark. Fifth?William Thompson. Seventh?Thomas C. Donn Eighth?Patrick McKenna. For the Second. Fourth and Fifth Districts united?Thoina* J. Williams. To attend the Guard House daily?Thomas C Dona. ForChief of Police?Frederick Augustus Klop These nomination* were all taken up at once and confirmed. A bill from the iower Board in relation to dags was then taken up and passed. And then the Hoard adjourned. Board of Common Conmcil.?Tne Mayor's communition transmitting the account of the Corporation with the Dank ot Washington, was received and referred to ways and means com mittee. A communication from the lutendant of the Asyinrri was referred to asylum committee. Mr Clark presented the'petitiou of T M Han son ; referred to claims' committee. Also the |?etitlon of T M. and G. D Hanson : same reference. A communication from the Secretary of the American Colonization Society, asking the use ??f the Council Chamber on the l?nh, Jtlth and -1st inst., was received, and. on motion, permis sion was gianted. M r Kennedy, from claims' committee, reported back the |>etitton of T. Hitscll. and the commit t?e was discharged. Also repo-ted a bill for relief 0f G R. Adams for remission of a fine; passed. Also a l>iil from th- Aldermen for relief of Mi ? hael O'Sulli van, with an amendment; lost Mr Clark, from police committee, reported tlie bill in relation to dog* anil recommended the Hoard do not concur in the Alderinens' amend ment ; report adopted. Also, a bill amendatory ?>f an act to regulate markets with a substitute for the same; passtd Joint resolution in relation to the Almshouse. ? fl-red bv Mr Lloyd at the last meeting was ta ken up; lost?ayes 9, nays 9 Mr Kennedy moved to strike out all requiring them to invite proposals for alteration*, and award the .-aine to the very lowest lesnouMbh: bidder. 1 Tbe resolution passed as amended. Mr l.loyd introduced a hi I! for the relief of L D Drummond: referred! to claims committee. Mr Hub hiiison ?tT?*'ed a trill providing for re laving gutters on I. sti?-et south, and for other purposes; referred to the improvements comm;t ' tee Mr Brown offered a bill for the relief of Theo dore Shekell ; ref?-rr?-d to clnlint committee. Mr Clark r>(r?-i?-d a resolution in relation to the drainage of the aJUy on K, between Sixth and Seventh ?trrer?; passed Hiil from Aldermen lor relief of John M Rob erts. M D , and Tbos Milter, M D ; referred to ?iaims committee. R'll f "in \Merm?n to pay the Hoard of Asses sors; referred to ways and means committee. \ id theu the Board adjourned. H or ?About twelve o'clock last night a party of f*.ur persons went to the Vulcan House, oil Pennsylvania avenue, near Sixth street, and be haved Sn a very disorderly manner, evidently trying to create a riot. The proprietor requested them to leave, but they refused and comment ed a political discussion.'but failing to draw the company into that, one of th?'in ottered to wrestle with any man in the room, ??coll ir and elbow."' No one accepted th?- challenge. I)ne went to the bar and struck at the barkeeper with a cane, when Air Joseph Davidson took the cane from him and remonstrated against his behavior, lie ? hen struck Mr. Davidson in the mouth, and Mr. I), turned upon and punished him severely with ? he cane A general fight was the result; two of the rioters ran off', and two, Wm Hughes and Michael Jones staid and were awfiil'y h aten , Jones so badly that this morning lie was entirely blind Hughes and Jones were arrested by watchmen Donaldson and Donnelly, and Mr Davidson also went with the officers to the guaid house. After a hearing this morning Justice Clarkdis missed Mr Davidson and commitUd Hughes ami Jones to jail for Court. Ckmrk M\aatr ?The heavy rain yesle da. prevented the attendance of many country deal ers, but the hucksters presented n very good s ipply at their stands in 'he slod* A fine lot < f pork was offered at the M^ales, and poultry was offered in tbe sheds and fom I lie wagons. The prices were tbe same as on Saturday last. Good ofder prevailed throughout the liia.ket during the hours of sale Co uat or Claims Yfstrrpay?Mr. Ely re sumed and concluded the argument for tbe claim ant in the case of Mary W. Thompson, and the case was submitted Mr Blair ir?omed th*- argument in the case of lohn 1. Wirt, and on concluding, the Court ad journed. Thi Theatbk ?The new Washington theatre of Messrs. Stuart and Bourclcault has been open sufficiently long to admit of forming a fair judg-; ment not only of Its merits, but its prospect* It is sufficiently large for the accommodation gen erally of our play-goers with comfort and conve nience, and yet not so large a* that perhaps a hundred dollars per night must be thrown away on it, on account of it* too greit size, as wa.* the case with the late National. On Saturday night last the audience numbered rerhaps nine hun dred, all of whoni were comfortably and agree ably situated Each succeeding night show* progress made in the work of its appropriate em bellishment and Unish Last night, for instance, we noticed the first appearance of the beautiful drop curtain promised, which as a work of art is a gem rarely seen in such a position. The w?r* of embellishing the front or the dress circle and lighting it, as well as the proscenium, has been | pushed on with rapidity of late, and in capital taste. The vaudeville company, as well as the ballet dancers, have fairly won their way in the good opinion of the Washington public. Miss Polly Marshall and Dawson l^ive already become prime favorites herej they are >?oth capital performers, and uever fail to give entire satisfaction. Miss Marshall is unsurpassed in genteel and eccentric rotnedy in this country, while Mr. Dawson as an eccentric and low comedian has not had his equal in this city since the days of the elder Jef ferson. His re? arkable discrimination and just appreciation of tlie difference between genuine wit, and buffoonery* and the care he manifests in eschewing the latter, while he makes the most of the cnjsicity of his parts for the exhibition of the former, mark him for a cultivated gentleman, capable, at all times, of appreciating the fact that here, in proportion to the number of his au dience*, he plays before more persons who go to the Theatre for an intellectual treat, than in any other American citv. We cannot in justice omit to add that the stage management is fii more perfect than anything of the sort we have had in Washington since the days of Wood and Warren?which not a few of the Star's readers will remember with pleasure, indued. Every person appearing upon the atage of this establishment is neat, and careful in the rendition not only of his and her " business," but in entirely appropriate costume and appearance, which, here, adds greatly to the popularity of so ;h entertainments. The ballet troupe, too, continue nightly to win 'more and more app'ause. TJjough the stage is too *m.ill to permit such n danseuse at> Rolla to Ik* seen to gieatest advantage, her illimitable grace and agility have fairly captivated ail ; and her movements, directed to please a cultivated audience, never fail to be rewatded with a gen eral enthusiastic appreciation. In her last dance of last evening?the "Carnival of Venice "?her exquisite poses and movement* fairly carried the house by storm, fom its commencement to the i nd?as on the Saturday night before, when she tlrst appeared in it in the Federal Metropolis. Her corps of assistants, too. win such praise as was never bestowed heie before upon the chorus and assistants of a ballet troupe. Though Paul Brillant is confessedly the best male dancer now in this country, he never appeared t> such ad vantage as when surrounded bv the nimble, ele gant and graceful troupe of fairy forms who al ternately float and fly around him now. as it were. On the whole, the enterprise may already be written down a triumphant succe-? To-night, as the bill shows, a new vaudeville, a* well n* a new ballet, will be peifpriutd. ?rrRr>n Cocitr?Monday?Thos. H. Holt, F.sq , of Kentucky, was admitted an attorney and counsellor of this Court No 10 Amos Wade, plaiutifl. vs Jacob R Le.oy el al. On a certificate of divisions be tween the Judges of the Circuit Court of the Tinted Mates for the southern district of New York Mr Justice Campbell delivered the opin ion of the Court, that the evidence offend by the pialntiff was competent No John Bacon et al rj Volney E How a d. Appeal f.oin the District Court of the United States for the district of Texas Mr Justice Grier delivered the opinion ot the Court, affirmiug the decree of the said District Court in this cause, with costs. No lj James R Jones ct al., plaintiffs in er ror, es. Catherine Me. Masters, by Ler next friend, Minuet Ybarba. In error tofthe District Court of the United States for the district of Texas. Mr Jnstice Nelson delivered the opinion of the Court, affirming the judgmeut of the said Dis trict Court in this cause, with costs. No IIJ6. Horace C. Sllsby, et al. appellants,vs. Eli*ha Foote. Appeal from the Circuit Court of the United State* for the noithern district of New York Mr. Justice Nelson delivered the opinion of tlie Court, dismissing this appeal, with costs. No Is David D. Withers, plaintiff in error, r.c Ransom Buckly et al In error to the High Court of Errors and Appeals of the State of M is sis ippi. Mr. Justice Daniel delivered the opin ion of the Court, affirming the judgment of the said High Court of Errors and Appeals in this cause with costs No. The 1'nited States, appellants. r?. Ju ai.a Sanchez tie Pacheco No 2g!? The I'nited States, appellants, rj Samuel J Henslev. No j;Mi The I'nited States, appellants, ej John Hidwell. No 231. The I'nited States, appellants. i-.?. Antonio Sunol et al Appeals f:oin the District Court of the I'nited Stales lor the northern district of Califo nia Mr. Chief Justice Taney delivered the opinion of the Court, directing these appeals to I*- dock eted and dismissed No. .'#? David A Secombe et al., plaintiffs in eror e.?. Fiaukliu Steele The argument of this cause was commenced by Mr. Carlisle for the plaintiffs in error, and continued by Mr O i I let for the defendant in error. Adjourned. A YorsG Kii.Ler?About dark, last night, a small colored boy. named Jos Washington, warn very dangerously wounded in the side by .mother named Powhatan Fletchcr, who i.sonlv ten years old This morning Fletcher was called up for a hearing at the Central Guard-house, when it appeared that Washington wan Walking ?*u I he s'?(e walk near Second street and Penns)Ivania avenue, when Fletcher, who had a knite open in his baud at the time, *>id to him "Jim Wash ington, I can whip you!" Washington replied "No you can't' ' ami walked lip to him F !etc ti er said "Ye* 1 can," and tbmat the knife in his side. Fletcher, after the case was over, said 'hat Jim Washington was always "picking on him'" and. one d iy, hit him with a stone. The little fellow was sent to jail for Court. The w Minded boy is in a very dangerous condi tion, and hi* father told the magistrate this m ruing that he was unable to move. Criminal Cocrt.?Yesterday, the jury iu the case of the I nited States vi. Josepii Ward for mayhem, committed upon Lorenzo Seymour, re turned a verdict of guilty as indicted. The rase of the I'nited States vs. Thomas Mc N'?ih,fiiy was taken up, charging defendant with larceny of a revolver pistol. The jury fouml a verdict of not guilty. The Court then took up the case of the United States ev Wm Banning, charging thedef-'iidant with larceny of a horse and buggy from one Charles Wilson, on the 1st day of November, !-,>?. The boggy said to l>e of the value of *110, ?:id the horse valued at *tf! In the absence of the prosecuting witness, thisca.->c was postponed to lie taken up this morning, and tnen the Court adjournt <1. To-day the Court took up the case of William Banning, charged as stated iu our report of yes terday's proceedings This case had proc eeded f<-r some time when. it becoming necessary for a witness to identify the accused it was discovered that he was ab?ent from the Court room A bench warrant was issued to him before the Court; ami in the interim the Court called Ben jamin Wo>>d*. louvi'-ied of manslaughter, to the liar, and sentenced him to ?ight years imprison ment iu the penitentiary. The sentence to ta ? ? ff**'t from and after the g^th instant. The de fendant, Wm. Hanulng, here not appearing, his recognizance was forfeited, and thetiial necessa rily suspended Pbmsoss ark i'eruaps not aware that the Fair for the benefit of St. Vincent's Orphan Asylum will continue this week, at the end of which the several rattle lists will be closed. The raffle for that?Irgaiit diamond riug will lake place to night Among ihe other valuable articles are two sets ot stiver with lar-?e waiters, twoelegar-t rosewood chairs, richly embroidered; silver forks and knives. Chinese embroidered quilt, a good collection of b'?oks. rich Church vestment, an elegant open cloak, which will lie sold less than store price. Also, an infant's rol* superior French embroidered, besides winter hats, a vari ety of child en's clothing, and confectionery of endless variety. U.xiTBn States Agbicultubal Socibtt?This society commences its sixth annual meeting at 9 o'clock to-morrow morning in the Smithsonian Institution. Important agricultural topics will i>e publicly discusg-d, after introductory remarks by eniiuent scientific and prai tical agriculturists. Among them will lie " The Chinese Sugar Cane," " The necessity of having a more perfei t knowl edge of the mineial necessities of our own crops developed." " Meteorological observations for the l>eiieti' of agi iculture," " Manures and fertil izers, ?? The disease known as ? hog cholera,'" *? The Improved Kentucky sheep," " Arrlciiltn ral colleges and fatm schools," and " The agri cultural politics of our country." Ay Uscommo* IViMtH ?Shad iu the Poto mac, earthquakes at Napl*-*, trees budding and everything looking like May. Philbrick, at the Gift Book?t ?re, No. 17K Pennsylvania nvenue, find 'his weather profitable as well as pleasant. It enables the ladles to visit his estab Ishment and make ftirrba-e*. and receive presents of li-aceletA, lings,cuff pins, etc Everything l<oks fl illerint'. politics, Kansas, trade and ih?- w^athei fallal I hUbrlek's. No 47?> Pennsylvaniaaven-w. It Thi Columbia Lodge Festival.?Odd Fel '?Ws Bill was crammed 1 ist night, despite the weather, and had the day been fine, the manager* would have been put to their wits' end to accom modate a tenth part of their guest!* As ft wax, it required the most economical packing on the paa of these active and ubiquitous gentleman to find for the rush of visitors. However, ev*' was ill such capttal humor that it was ni>t difficult to induce them to accommodate * ."Itf 1 c'rr"tnstances; and from the i?ct that the crowd was not appreciably dimin ished at four o'clock this morning. It may well be supposed that the enjoyment of the occasion a "ood deal ahead of the discomforts. Next nme, though, that Columbia Lodge gives a Fes tival. we advise them to roof in Judiciary Square, on the mall; for no single room in th? eitv has ac commodation for all who are disposed to attend. Excellent addresses we made by the Rev J C Granberry and the Hon. Reulwu K. Fen ton, of ?New York. Mr. Oranlterry, after reciting the good works of the order, which, though not him self h member, he hail Witnessed, proceeded to define the relationship sustained by Christianity to such orders as these, and demonstrated con clusively that there is 110 possible conflict or rivalry between Christianity and Odd Fellow ship. but that the latter receiv.s its light from the former as does the earth from the glorious orb of day. Mr bis address, also urged that Odd F ellowship, which, in the fullness of time, will fiaternize all mankind, is based upon the Bible, and that its morality is that of the Bible. After the addresses, the eighteen orphan chil dren under the care of Columbia l.odge were made very happy by the reception of various * 1 ;w>0^s) jewelry, Ac., and the presentation or which was madeb? Grand Master J. R Piper. The programme embraced a variety of other in teresting particulars. There was some excellent vocal music by an amateur quartette party, ac companied by Prof. Foertseh upon one of Ellis's grand pianos; Withers' liand contributed their quota of enlivening instrumental music; and the committee occupied themselves during the in terstices of the performance iu furnishing a pro fuse and excellent supply of refreshments, one item of which deserves special notice, viz the truly delicious Ice cream furnished bv Ridenour Dancing was entered upon after the other ex.-r e m*. and was kept up with undiminished zest tut the cock crew this morning. Altogether this I-esfivil was one of the most truly enjoyable aflairs of the sort ever experienced in Wasltiii" ton. _____ ^ As*aclt Fih'ng Pistols?George Fd wards and Wm Delaway were arrested to-day for a general assault and tiring of pistols a' Simpson's Restaurant this morning. They wcie taken before Justice Donn. where it was discov ered that tliey were loaded down with pistols, concealed upon th-ir persons. They werV fined . 50 and costs ea< h for carrying the weapons and coiniinttcd to jail for Court, iu the assault case "dwards walked to jail with the officers, but Delawnv was hauled up in a cart Patent Otstvr Machine?Those interested wiU And Wm Rupp and John Seipel'.s adver tisement of their improved Ov?W Marh lie in another column. From those conversant with the trade, we are Induced to believe that It Is one of the most valuable and convenient inin-ove ments of ihe day. It is of staunch construction and will stand tie test of years, combining sim' plicity, cleanliness and expedition, thereby ren dering it cf groat utility to ihose engaged in the trade as well as private families " " # Watch Retcrs ? Powhattan Fletcher, col ored, D. C, stabbing James Washington ; jail. George Lamb p C , disorderly; dismissed \\ m. Hughe#. \\ ales, riot; jail. Michael Jones Ireland, do , do Joseph Davidson, England k? * hn Dobl?n"- Md . vagiant; work house GO days. Chas. Phillips. Ireland, do . do. ~ " ? i'ET THI GUILTY, MOT TUK l\NOrE* r SlTJ SR.-It in the earnest desire and request of many voters of Georgetown, D. C., tliat all the memberso/ the Cor ijorauon of Geornet..wu. who voted for Jessie wh? t?H r?ll0,,1 Officer, will, in justice to those *k.vdid not, immediately declare the fact. Come dSSIZidX ' ',OI",r br,ght'*our oonitau | t ? JlSTICIA. makrikd. At St. Patrick's,on the 17th December, ih>7, l v Ai Vi'TA^u* u'oJ,S">? POLKTT/ to MZ ADiJ?AlI)K H. PRINOLK, both of tin* city. ROBFHT r'tt,'\,the llev-Hr. Swentzel. Mr. n i?n r, K I K A iG to M iss A N IA N > HI RY. On ith? loth instant, at the Synagogue,t>y the Kev MA PRhIr a'$ RWAl" AMI?: i-1A t KIHKAM, hfith of thin city. * DIED^ !nsi"nt' JO?N PRIZZKU.. m the n\,lv* "r Ross, county fJh?h f f r fhe !*,f th,rlv year?a r*8itf?nt of tnib liinfrirt. GEORGETOWN ADvAtISEMTS. pLOUR AND Hl'CK WHEAT MKM.. Afreshsnppb of Glenwood Extra Ff.Ol'R and ?.Vnp>*r,"r ,!?UK\VHKAT MKAL ...t re ceived hv IIKN'J iu u nv lan 't-e??at ?7 Water street. Georgetown. |>. 5", l/OH SAIjK? AR\\ S C()M K(:TI()NKU\ 1 IS offered at private gale. A er,.nt a I a Confectioner who under stands his business. 1 It disposed ../ b> the 8th of February next the whole concern, together with the three stoi> Briek HruJ"a 8,re?-t' ?'tfered at p?V.r,o auction. Georgetown. D. C.. Jan k 11 IYT o_t M. r"fppelT~ It/.ftin T. a n'1" '/ 'V'', s?p;"-p. >*". 37. helwee? llrioge and Canal streets.Georgetown ^ wTi'rTro i v'r p'ltr"',s t"?t at ln<^V\ /_ J ? ? n x rnHy iifl nf kljffjf ri?n?8 Mi* cfeoiceM fill most exre!if>fit T ??vJ2V'r?j'f'.'hp ir'?-??-! \le. li 1"' mV",S "r U A W K he??o?. Mea's served at ail hours and at the usual prices. J? fl 1 fitl| r Millinery, ftc. \fILLINKRV, 1?RKSS MAKING AND i .. I KI.MMIM. LM AItLlSH \| FNT .rmr-TflJ,' L'-'t"." "r" ,rf? f.> 11V I n .i.iuui ??noi.iiiErou are rcspec' formed that we are prepared to make tip ? !->ak.s, IHsi|ties, Ac . at short notice, in t Dresses, the latest opposite Centre Mnrli'et. \IADAM k a. noirrit. ? Wo. 116 Walnut st., below tth. I'luladelphia. frknch fi.o\vTr*.eVkad urfssfs 0lVK1|H ANU-rJNK miij.inkrv, " * SQij V. *? ,!<,ave to inform the l.adies now u ashington city that she has opened 5r&LV.lWO 1L\hrM w-"k? onl?* a ??a!oon535: on pa. a\ eHne, bet w?en l^th and I3'h s's No J1*', Tin*? 7 ""?lwI'11 articl-V of the h'?rsell m ?",le?te,l (.? M'ine \. ' fhere |r!r tha"p'tupT.'s? ??o??tonied yearly visit M nie Nournt havinr contracted with Mr. Felix IJ oe0??.ev7\ 'J' VI K,"Prc^ Kucenie and' w. ? r i L'J* 'lc ""I" depot in tne I nilett ni h sM?tl.i"r rt Dresses, she will be able t?. |?r. !" Jh all theCoirtcures of the latest pattern worn at nowned'artIs. ^ ^:?r<.pe, m.ulo bV that re t.adies are respectfully invited to call and exam d3l-atA^aw4t' FOE KENT AND 8ALE |><?OMS ON PA. AVENUE TO LET.?Two , A Roomt, on Moo|.on Pa. avenue, |>etween l?'th wdlSWre1?;"Ver " K Jewelry sr?re. Will Ik? let |?W to a pcimanent tenant. W ould make ^ut ?V,?roe Al'ply ?? ^vm: f; ilmv jan 12-tf P'.'R, RK.NT.-Two STORKS, on Pa. avenue wm, eeTiarat ? 7 - *'[[*'"??*"?"> a.^ da? <*eiiar at .?!<) per month; the other ar ,*| > vi per iiiontu. Inquire on the premises. jan 12-eotf R'A?MH~FO~R "IttEn't,?Neatly Furnished Rooms?Parlor and Ciininher-on iKth htreet ? ' *** ,Ht'1 slreet? hctween 1 and K. J 'HI I i ~*J? W m'l'i ! .VI r^A l)E: ?I will MikiMiiji hit* ?r?l I T . Vv ',ou,''s ?>. Philadelphia, for a l ouse of the x l a*hl"Kten- "ituate within a few hquares of the Avenue, paying the .liffcrcnee, if an.. n'mf. ney. . he ots 1.1 Philadelphia lie m the pat i w . f e city, where properly is destmeu to aipeidy an, AddrcsV*M"*P'?Ml n''"l* valued oul> 'ir ? Auurcss Ar I . at I Ins office. jan 9-eoiw* K' KY,?,!KD "ol'*K ? run KhNr-Tnt subscriber hra lor rent n large and handsomely furnished House, containing Wltl' writer and gas thnClout briek stable, with accommodations for f..ur tiorfces' and two carriages, with servants' r.H,m over. t% ??' 'he immediate res dence House, and is very desirable asa . _ J.C. MoGUlRE, J c Aiict r A Commission Merchant. I. REN I".? lllll'SK No. 2,iu Fracklin Plsoe K3K?\.WSLr"-*?'> ?? I' VwBen NeS. Y'^R' No. ?9 13th street. Is * twtjtfn Nfw York ftvouuo And I i<<ih ?<?.. onabfo tenns* F^f1 KU *?PM8 for renf t'n rea," jaB7-eoa"*' r y ?PPIl<?tion is desired. |7?l RNISHFD HOl'SE POR RENTV^Ao7.^T I modious and w?ll Furnished House, situated iu one of the most desirable parts of the citv, ,?now for rent. Apply on the premises. No. 372 il streat between 13th and Utli. Jan8-eo3t* * ROOMS TO RENT.?Parlora and Chambers, with all the modern improvement!, water m Ac., over our store. * WALL, 8TEPIIRN8. A CO. * 7w Prt ave., b<*t. Hth and Inth sts. ^OR R KMT?Two Rooms, suitable for offices or ? an office and ecamber, lnaiueuiately oppo?>te the City ball, and over the office of C S.Waflach. dll-tf Appiyto RICHARD WAI.LACH. ASHION A HI-E PER KPMF.RIK8, from thi Rt GIBBH'8, near the oorner of 13th street, Pa, ave. n lo Sm AUCTIOJt SALES. pRA*E8aifP\Ev6V"l?n! * La bid at Acction.-Oh MUXUA weer. OV THE 19 _ On MONDAY.the 13th in stant. I shall ?efl, m front of the premises, at 3 o'cMk p m , north part of Lot No. 28, in Square No. it*, having a front on j'a street west, between F and ii s ree's sourli, 23 feet, runtmix bark to s Viqs aMy 1W feet, with the improvements, whi-h ate a go<?J two-story f nine House and K'tchen, six comrpnimtly arranged roouis. Terms: t>ne half cash; N?nw in fix anil twelv* months, for notes bearing interest from daw of sai?. A deed given ami a deed of t- list Uiken. All convey ancing at the cost of the purchaser,. jan l< d A. GREEN. A?'->. By WAI.I, A BARNARD, Aucts. Corner of Pi nnsylrama avenue an>fith tl"?l PEREMPTORY SALE OF DRY GOODS. ? Cloaks, Shawl*. A? . AucTiitx.?On THl'RSDAV MokSINO. the Itth instant, oom monoiuit at 10 o'clock, we wi.l noli at ???ir auction store a largo tut of Diy Goods, Cioass. SJiawK, A c. We name in part ? American Cloaks, hue article. Chenille Shawls and Soar Is. Cashmere Scarf*. Moire Antique and Morocco Kelts, De Lames, Cambrics, Cashmeres, Ladies' and Children's woolen and ootton Hose, With many other in the Dty Woods line, which 'tis unnecessary toenuinernte. and which will positively lie sold without reserve. Terms cash. jan 12 WALL* BARNARD. Allots By WALL A BARNARD, Aueta. Corner of l'e nntyl <-an i? and \>lh street. POSITIVE SALE OF LIQUORS, OICiARS.

Ar., at Auction.?On MOi\ DAY MOH "MING lnth instant,commencing at in o'clock, we w ill sell. at the store of Mr. J. Pat erson. No. :1K 4't n'reel, near Maryland avenue, his stock of Liquors. Wines Brandies Cigars, A a. Iteing about to change his bu siness. We name? Whiskeys, Wines and Brandies, in lwrrels, D?. do. do. inl*ottles, 2..y*' assorted brands Cuars. Chewing Tobneco, l>askets Champagne, B acklterry brandy. Imperial. Gunpowder, Black and Yoang ILsrn Te is. Together w th many other artir'es in the line, all of winch will l<c so d without reserve. Terms: .*25 and under, cash: over that sum. a credit of KO and W days, for satisfactorily endorsed notes, bearing interest. ianU'dts WALL A BARNARD. Auct. ]\| ARSH AL'SSAL I". .? In Virtue of a writ of i?l heri laciaa, urnler th* Lien la-r, issued from the Clerk's ofhoe of the Circuit Court of the Dis trict of Columbia, for the Couuty of Washington, and to me directed, I shall expose to public sale, lor Ci*h, m front of the Court-House d?>ur nl raid county, on TUESDAY, the 12th day of January IR5-1. at 12 o'olock ni.. the following described property, to wit: All defendant's right, title, clann, and in t -rest m and to a house, erccted eu p irt of Lor No. I, in Square No. 13t. corner ol <? street south and 7th street west, in the City of Washington. D. C , R"ized and levied upon a? tho profcertj of W alter A. True, and wd! be sold to satisfy Judicial No. ?a>, to October term, IJ07, in favor of ( A Waller. J. I>. IfooVF.R, d 19 ?lts Marshal for the Dislrist of Columbia. HIE ABOVE SALF. IS POSTPONFll until THVKSDAI. the 14th instant, sani* h? ur ind place. J. D IIOOVEH, Marshal d 12-d for the District of Colnii b t. Br J. C. McGUIRE. Aoe?. TRUSTEE'S SALE OF KF.AL I SI A IK (Htm 1st AM1 B> virtue ol a decree <i the ?' i u'ni? Court madt* hi the matter of Samuel | ?-e. a lunatic. 1 will sed at public auction, to the loftiest bidder. o'i Thursday ? January Htn, 11i\ a' ? >.'cl< k p.m.,th" followii g d"scrib -d pirtj < f Lot* one <1) an<l two f_'t, in Sriu.ire ?e*-eu hundred aiid sixty* *er. i7c7\ ,n the citv of Washington, to wit : Fronting lor th ) uiinpriehtcen f< et (18) o? Tinrd s^rert ea^' t>?twcrfi And K streets sojitn, ard'ii'? uing wi'ti t' at w.d'h through the said Square to Ca nal street. v> nh a! th? iuiprovciiieuto therein. T<rnis of sale: One t*?ml of purchase -uoney cash, a;id the res ?*ue in e^ual payments in six and twelve tr. nt!i?. t(ie defei r. <i men's to bear interest, a:id to be s cured to t iie satisfaction ?>t the t'UEte". I ne tiu tec resrrvos the u<ht to resell at the ruk and co?t of the pure'v.scr unless the fornix are com plit'd with in throe days from *"\;d sale. Ali conveyancing h" co?f of the puro'iaser. ^PETLR M. PEARSON, Truste-. ian U-y I. r. %?c'.riRi:. \ unr. \| A RSH A L'S S A 1, E.? In virtn?? ol a writ ol *1 facn fneias, tinrl. r the L??e law. issued fr- m the (.leik's offioe <d tti? Circuit Court ofttie lirstrict of Columbia for th?? County o( Washington, and to me directed. I shall exp<>?e to public sale, for C<i>A, hi front <>f the Court-House door of said County ,on 'I t' K SIM Y. the 12th day of January . 13 V,at l2o ol'k m..ihe following described property, to wit: All defendant's right, title, cm:m, end interest in and to a briek house erected on Lot H. i?i Square No. 5M|, on Third street north, betwen E a?d F streets west, in the City of Washington. D- C., seized ?:id levied up'-n as tne property of John W. Joidan.and will l?e s?dd to satisfV Judicial No. -M. lo Octot er term, 1867, in favor of Crippt A Waller. J I). HOOVER. d 19-ts Marsha! for the District of Columbia. !17~THE ABOVE SALE IS POSTPONED until THURSDAY, the lltfi inst.. same h'Hiraiul place. J I). HOOVER, Marshal jan i2 for the Diatric* of Colninl ia. MARSHAL'S SALK.?In \irtue of a writ of fieri facias issued from the Clerk's Office ol the ? 'ireuit Court of the District of Columbia b>r ihe County of Washington, and to me directed, I shnll expose to public Sale, for Cash, in lront of the Court Houseuour. ofaaid county,on FRID\V.the ilifh of .Ianuar*, Vi5at 12 o'clock m.,the following property to wit: All defendant's nglit, title, claitn. and intaresr in and to l.ot No. .3, in Square No Si?. in the <:11jy of Washington, D. C.. together wi'li all and singular the improvements thereon, .-eized and levied or as the pri>p?r*y of John M. MoCaila, and will be so;?| to sausly .liidicisls No. 111. to (tctoHer term, in favor of cwecuy. Rittenhouse A Co. J I). HOOVKR. ianfi ts Marshal forthe Distnct of Columbia. Mx liSHA L'S SA I.E.?In virtue <ifa writ ol fi ri f eias under the lien iaw. issued froin I he cloikVi offi ;ool the Circuit Court of the District of <'< luinb a for the County ot W astungton, anil to me direced. i will expose to public sale, for i ash. in fr uit o| the Court House door of said couuty. on SA'l'I'K DA \ . the ^ls? tlay of January, at 12 o'clock tn., the fo lown g desoribed property to wit: Ail dofeiidsnl's right. Iitle, e aim. and interest in and to the three Frame Houses erected on l.ot No.5. lit reseryati'?r D.on Maryland avenue, between and t.tb ..ts . in the City of W ashington, I). C? seized and levied upon ss the property of James B. Lockev. and >y ill be sold to satisfy Judic als No. 2T.t, to Ooto''-3r teim l".r>7, in fa vor ol Smith A Fowler. J. i). HOOVER. M-ush.i! .ian8-dt?* for the District ol Coiiimbm. fl,R USTEE'S SALE OF VA1 I ABLI-. lit AL 1 Esta tk.? In pursuance ol a Decree'passed on tlie tontli da* <<l April, in the year one thousand "i<lii hundred rind hlty-hvc, by the Circuit C?)urt fir I'rineo George's county, sitting as a Court of Kquitv. in a cause therein depending, when in Al fred M. Berry, next Iriend of Robert E. 'I homoson and others, is complaiiiaiil, and Emily a1' a d others are defendants, the undersigned, as Tru-tee, therein appointed, will expose at pubiio sale, h tho higheft bidder. ??n tho premises, on THURSDAY, the U'h day of January. '85R, at the hour of t.reive o'clock hi , if fair, if not fair, at th?* same tune and place on the next fair d ty thereafter, a I those tracts, parts of tracts, or pstee s ??[ I auu, situate m Mid count), formerly the property ol the laic Rich a<d L. Thompson, and now decreed to be told for the purpose of division and partition 'etweeu hib widow and Irs children. These Lands contain, in separate and nearly contiguous parcels. up?auls of Six Hundred Acres. The girater portion is op? n land. There is however, some excellent Tnnler Land among the tracts proposed to be sol J. Some of tae parcels of land have valuable improvements on them. There is a valuable spring of water on one of th" tracts? and the soil of all tho lands i?? a sil> woiked.and well adapted to the raising of the staple crops of the county. These lands are in the immediate vicin ty ol Brandy wiuo, and will be told in lots to suit purchases. Terms of sale, as prescribed by the Dccree: Five hundred dollars in rash, to l?e paid on the day ol sale; and t he residue of the purchase money to be paul in equal instalments in one. two, tiiree. and four years from the dar ol sale: the same to hear in terext from the day ol sale, and to be secu'ed by tne bonds of the purchaser or purchasers, with approv ed co-ob1 i tors. And upon the payment of the whole put chase money and all interest thereon, arid net before, the uudersigued is authorized to co?ve> the premises sold to the purehsseror purchasers there of in fee simple, at his or her or their costs, free, clear, and discharged from all claims of the paities to this cause and of any person or persons claiming by, Irom or under them. The widow i? a party to the proceedin*s in this case, and has in yrrtting Mg nified her assent to t. ke in lieu of her dow er an equivalent in money, as ascertained by law, out of the prooeedsof sale. DANIEL C. DIGGF.S, Trustee, d 24-lawtJftnl'iAiits 48 CASTON A CLARK, LOUISIANA AVENUE, seoond door from 7th street, under tho Avenue House, ukai.kks in CLOTHING AND GKKT.'S FURNISHING GOODS. The snbsoribera call attention toa desirable Slock of CLOTH I Nli winch they now nave on exhibi tionat their Store. No. Louisiana avenue, second door irom 7tn street, ami as they are determined to close oil ihe lot if possible, every effort necessary on their part shall l?e used m order to please their customers. In the Clothing Dm-artmknt we can guarantee the stock to bo perfeot in point of durability, fit and sty le, because we make every thiug oureelve?.and have no hesitation iu saying our goods will be found equal to the best order work iu the country. Watching the various changes of fashion, parties ma> rest as tired of muling the latest cut and make in store, subject fo their inspection and approval. ... is,mm worth of Goods for Men's, Bo\s'and Ser vant's Weai, will be sold at auction nru ? s, and pur chasers would do well to examine the lot. This is no humbug, as our assertions can he proved on ex amination. Call tir.d see us at ?heal>ove Store. d2# 3in GASTON A CLARK. 11HB SONUS OF SCOTLAND, With the en graved music, and Pianoforte accompaniments, liy Craiinui, Mud.e, Ditslen, Dun,and other eminent musicians. Complete in one large volume, rielilj ls>uud, ami containing ah ?ut three hund.od melo dies, beautifully engraved. Price ln.po.-red from Kdinhurg, by d29 FRANCE TAYLOR. I U BIN'S EXTRACTS, all odors, at GIBBS'S j Hair Store, near 13th at., and at his Sales Room muter Willards' hotel. n ^-Sm C ONNECTICHT MUTUAL LIFE INSUR v ANCK COMPANY. Capital??ver.......... $2,5ne.0i?t This old and reliable Company are prepared to take risks on li.ves at premiums that will auit all. FRED CALLAN. Agent. Office?No. 213 F street, Washington City, D. C. jan 4 3tawfrw Alexandria a Washington boat The Steamer GEORGE PAGK Will depart at the following hours ,Rf ^ ?~a with punctuality: I^eave Washington6.8,tt>4. Leave Alexandria 4>?, "?>*, J, ?? M- ?''>*. 3. ??}*'. jan 4 d ELLIS L PR U K. Captain. RYE AND BARLEY MALT. lor aale at the CITY MALT HOUSE, corner ot West Falls av enue aud Block st., Baltimore, Md, my 6-|f apctioj ma.. TO-&AY * TO MORROW MOMN1NO By J. C. McOUlRE. A?ct. y fry Vaitable building lot near I** Pc?l?lC Auctios.?On IXKMDAt AFTKRNOON. Utb instant. at 4 o ciock, on the pr?tms<?s. ] tha i aeil part o( Lot No 4. in Square No. Irontint. .?? fn tTH mche?on*th ??t?een north i? and II streets, running l?- k ii feet. I hi* iioae of tii- mofct*:ig|i.,?aDd desirable bund ing lots for sale in thai part of the city. J erms. Onf ^Mirth OMh: 'lit rcrnlue in f. 1J, in( 18 month*. with interest. secured hy a true <*rt the premises. tan 7-d J. C. McGUIR E. Anc?. By WALL A BARNARD. Auctioneer* Corner rt Fmni)iJr#(iin at<* k< ami 'M>% sfresl. POSITIVE CLOSING OUT SALE OF A Stock or Ri? h Elegant Jku-ki.kt. Sil ver-I'Latef Wtii.i being the atomic of ore of the larerat establishments south of New \?rk -Un MCNuAV MORfc'INU, 111 It instant. at II o'o!cc< we *i i sell at store No. S^i on 7ih street (under the Avenue House.) the ontife ?i??ck, we name m part Rich Sets iu Mosaic and Lara. Do in tame, with Bracelets to match. Cameo and 'iaruct Kroocuas. Eardrops, Mosaic, Agate %i.d Cora! Siuds, Agate aid I a*a I .at terns Diamond I/orket. Seal and Mourning Rinii Finn Gold Guard, Fob. and Chsta<*iti Chair* Si'vrr Card Cases and Portemonuaies Also.* large slock oftkr finest quality of cold and silver U etches hunting Mid open lace case?, fane gold. All of which must positively t>e sold without retard to cost. Terms cash. jau 11 WALL A BARNARD. Aucts. IiyTIIK ABOVE SALE IS POSTPONED on account of the rain, until WEDNESDAY MORNING, lUtli lost., same hour. jau ll dts WALLA BAR N AR D. Aucts. I By J.C. McGUlRE. Auctioneer NPORfANT SALE OF FINE FURS AND Slug it Robks?*21 isvokf r.ismoMi) ?t ihs IllMOX BaV FcR Co.UPAJIT ? WlTMOrT Ke?kiivic. J. C. ,\lcGurc will xe.I, on WEDNESDAY, the i3th inst.. nt 11 o'clock, ou the second floor of ihe Auction Rooms, a splendid assortment of rich Furs, consisting of? Russian Stbie, .Mink. Stone Mr.rtiu Kiism.ih Filch, Water Mink French Sab.e. Mountain Martin gwaMJuwn, Ermine. Ac., Ac., in Cardinal Capes, Clonks, Viutorines, Mulls ai d Cufls. This stock couipiues ever) article of Fur worn by Ladies., Splendid Sleish Robes?l'ran* Wolf, B-*r. Astri can J timet, F ox, A c.. Ac. Gent>' Fur Collars and Gloves in Beaver and Otter A few Sable and Mink Capes.of Russian n ake, and superb color. On vit-sr one day previous to the sale. Tuesday, the 12?it insi. Terms cash. jar. P d J. C. M'fil'IWE. Anctioneer. Bv A. GREEN. Auctioneer. <ALE. BY ORDDR or THE ORPHAN'S ^ Cdl KT, Of IlofdtlH LD AND KlTTHIS FlkM" ivhe.-Ou ** EDNESDAY, iM i3tli iu*L, i hall se!'. at 1" o'clock f the la'e nesideno* of M rs , deceased. No. jt&ou U, iietween 7th and nth "tree's ?eM,a ??(id assortment of Furniture, VIZ : Munoganr Sofa. Card Tables, Walnut .it.! other Rooking Chairs Cane-s.?*at ?nd other Chairs, Dining and other Tables t'hina, G asa, and Crockery Ware. Looking Glasses Feather Bens, Wedding. Bet)-fads at.d Mattr?ses Malioganv and Wa..nut, Weehstanus and I'oilet Sets Window Cnrtams. Carpets, ?tan Roda, Andirons, r?>id Fenders Plated ? sstors and CandiesticVs. Knives and Forks Pailor, Chamber, and Stair Carpets a:>d Oilcloth Cooking, Hndiator, and other St.?rcs With a lari?e ae-orMn^nt of Kitchen Re^uibitos Also, --n eicelient Milch Cow. Terms : All ruirr under $ cash ; over $10 and not exceeding 8V, u credu ?1 IV> day s . ovsr days for rotes in ail enses of credit, ?at;i fact only ei.diTsed. teiriDir interest II. A. BARRON. Adrain'r. ian 9-3! A. GR EEN. Anct. FUTT'H E DAYS. ?*1 aKMIAL'S SALE. ? In vir'-'e cf a writ cf Fieri Facias, it-kiied fr .in the Clerk's OJfioe <?( tiie Circuit Court of the District of Columbia for the County of Washington, and ty me directed, I sbi.l expose to putilic sa'.c. Tor Cash, in front of the Court-house door of ?aid county, on FRIDAY, the *9th d*y of Jaou.iry. 185H, at 12 o'c'ock m . the fol lowing <lebCr !>pi1 property. to wit: All defendant's right, title, claim, and interest in and to Lot No. % in Square No. 7al. in tue Cit* of Washington, D.C., together with all and singular tb? unrrovemei.'s thereon, seized ami Ievi?d upon as the property of Kdmond Ri'ev. and wii! be s< !dito satisfy JuJicials No. 'ff 1, to Oc:??l?er term, ].o7, in favor of Jolin \Yaters. J. IV HOOV ER. Marshal ,'hii ^-ts for the District of Columbia. B) J AS. C. McGl'IRI", Auctioneer. rr*RI>l'KE'S SALE OK IIOI SE VXD LOT. I us thh bL\NB.-ll> \irtue id a deed oftius'. Iiennng dlv ou I he 1st 0?y ?if Novetril>et, and recorded mi Liber i. A. S., No. 75. folio ul s?-<i.. t'ic subs? ril'er witl -ell at public saie. on SA I'l'R 1? \ Y, the Itjth day of January, 4 o'clock, p. in., on the promise*. |,ot No. I". in the stil-div:$i< n of Square S". -l**^ frunlint /i f'et l luche* ?? 6tk st west, between south D and II streets, and running |?rirk with that width 141 fset to a hfreeu-feet allev. with the improvements, consisting of a Dwelliug iiouse Terms of e^ie: <)i;e half cash: Ljie residue tn six. nine and twelve months for uonwi (??arm-; interest frtnn dav of sale, secured by a deed of trust upon the nropeit* ;"and if not complied with ? it S davs ef?er the sale. th?* property wrl l?e resold upon one week's notice, at the risk find expense ??f the purchaser. A I! eon\ erancnig at the expense of the purchaser. 'I'lie t r?i'.;ee will c?tivey on'T s?te'' 11*'?? a - i? veat'^j hi him. CHaS. S. A AI.I.ACH. Trneir*. <1 .v-eiKlAiU J. t'. Mc'ililRE, Anct. Bt JAS. C. Melt FIRE. Auctioneer, rT,RC>TEL'S SALE ?F EXCELLENT 1 FrsMTrirg sm> HoracHOLb I.hkh-Oh THURSDAY MURKIMG,Jaa.Mk.*l!*?'? "?? a' tlie rendmre ?.f rhar "s \> . I'airo.|., corner of Prospect a I'd Fredeiiek streets, lieor^'town, D. <"*.. I shall sell, by virtue of.-> ile??<l trust, du'y ey.e cu'ed ari>1 roc*'rd?J,al! the I urniiuieaud Household I* feststtunpri hie? S'lp^nor ros-wi-.kI, seven ovtave Pi?no|>.rte. hand somely carved. Walnut p ush-covered Sofa, arm and pa^'or Chairs, Htndsome Scarlio'a inarttie-top C?-iifre Tab'e, Elegant o\*al .arved pi!t frame M rrore, ?tilt ma'i'le Clock and i ardeVhr*?, Marblf Vrtses. l'^dsst-ls. Mant'e Ornaments. K"S"wtHid marble top SnlsT?b!?, hatn??'s. Handsome rush-sf at and other Far.ey Chairs, ?^?Ik "ltd worsted damask Curtail". Sli des, ^uperjor gilt bronz",and enaiueiled ?as Chai;de!i?*rs Brackets, Marbie-top centre airl pier Tablr*. Malnv^nv S<df Br-ckt rs. arm Chairs, 1 ng'isb !:*ll Clork, Hat-tree. B<? k-c<? es and She've^. >Iioie ?ia 1, Itrnss"'*. Tlir*e-F'* aui Ingrain Ca P' te, Brautitui j decoiatcd 'i>? Coflue and Desser* Ser vice, India China. Glass Ware. Crockery. Silver Spoons, silver-plated Waiter*. Ca*tcrs, and Spo-.ns. TaMe l.*uil?rv. Fire Gons, lllccks, Sideb. Tida rtefri<erntors. Diarig Tal'les, Mnhognn\ Fr nch and other B'-iiiteade. Ilair and Husk Mattresses. Bidding, Mahoqsnv ardrobes, marble top Washstande. Toilet uets, Cane and w?hkI seat Chairs, I oiinges. Ac., Together many othei articles in the housekcp me line Term*: F'fty 'bilinis and under, uash, over that sun, a <.red;' <d W and 9? days, for satisfactorily en dorsed noted notes, bearing interest. SAM. C. FDFS. Trustee. j*n9 d J. C. MoGl'IRE, Auct. ALSO At ? o'clock in front of the residence? a ore horse camases, 1 Sleuth. 1 Cart. 1 excellent .Milch Cow, 2 sets Harness. Terms as aU?ve. SAM. C. LDL3, Trus^?e, jan 11 d J. C. McGl'IRE, Aucii'npfer. rJ^Rl'STEE'S SALE OF VALL'VBLE HEAL I Estatk.?In pursuance of a decree, pass*d on the sixth day of Noveinl?er, 1857. b* the C'rcuit Court for Pnncc George's county, sitting as a Court of Equity in a cause in said Court d?j>- ndinc. wherein Margaret S. A. Cummiug. neat friend to Edmund B. Cuu.tmug and others, is complainant, and Edmund B. Cnminnic and others are defend ail's,the Uiiilernif.ncd. ??s Ti t nerein ;typ'>iiitrd, will,if ihe same is not previ.mslv disposed of at private sale, expose at pu'-ln* safe to ihe I uh<-et [itdder.on the premises, on THURSDAY .i'st J.-in uary, l.oK, at the hour of 11 o'clock a. m, iffair.snd if not fair at the same time and place on the next fur day thereafter all th'.t vsluaole Real Estate situate in said county. which was heretofore coe veyed to the Hon Th->m?* W.Cummitiie r< w de ccascd and intestate, bv one Martin Buell and Lucy Ann. his wife, in fee simple, containing one hutidred and seventy -seven and a ha'f acres, more or less. These Lands are very va uable; the soil n of a ohaiacter pvouUarly adapted to the cultivatc-ii and quick maturity of garden and farming productions; the county load to Waslnngton, by the way of Scv ?utli and North Capitol streets.'is a Ujund.irv on one side. The health and society of the neunN?r hood is unsurpassed in alary land or the District. There are several streams of pure water and one large spring on this esta'e, which is within two nnies of the "Soldier's Home." and within five mibsofthe Centre Market. The land has t>een divided into several lots, ranging in size from 15 to 7?? ncres, with a sufficiency of \\ nod on most of tho iois. and will lie solu in parcels if deemed to the in terertol the patties. The Dwelling House and Ont-houseeon this es tate ai? large and commodious, and in excellent order. This estate adjoin* the property of ia?e Ste phen Ma i k wood, the Messrs. \\ ingero, Dlgges, Clark and other* Any information wiu l>? ^iveu to persons desirous ?if pnrchasing,ou application to t he ui.dersignt-d. personally or b> letter. The Terms of Sale, as presnrmed br the decree, aie a* follow*:?Iine ihoiisitwl do lars carh on the d*? td sale, to be paid in lunds of mum District or Baltimore Bank. The residue of the purciiase mo ney to bepaiil in one, two, three and four yea*a. in equsl inatalments. I>eariiig interest from the day of salts, and to be seoured bv the bonds of the pnrcha ?aror purchasers, with one or more oo-obluers, to ba approved by the undersignod. Upon the pay ment of the whole purchase money . and all luterest thereon, and not before, (lie undersigned, as trustee, will oonvey to the purchaser or pui chaaers. or their heirs, the property so purchasedby them, free,dear and discharged rromall claim of the parties to this suit, and of ail persons claiming by tnem or auder them. The widow hasjoined in the proceeding for a sa.,e, and has signified her consent m witing to take an equivalisiit in mi ney (in heu of her dower ? out of the proceeds of sale. a? a -o< rtaircd 1^ >??, . p\NlEL C. D1UGES.Trustee. d 31 3taw?wA dts j SUPERIOR MKDICA'I ED GIN.-J""' , oeived. uases of the oevbrated I oudon ? or dial Giu a id LiviAoratuiK Cordial, am) (or gufjlf JONAH P. I'fc-YVA No. AM lSt h street. oorner of B street north. Gro - oeries an I Liquor Store, d l?-ti TELEGRAPHIC news Fr?a ik? Additional frta Vtah. . ?I L?r'?.J?n 12 ?Utah datea of i^rwioer let have Wn received here. Tbev state that the roop* are all tn winter quartern at Fort Brtdtfrr, ex.-ept Cook s command, which is 10 mile* 3l? ?rl! .W r a *r*nt fcorply of ^jraaa remaln-d. rb? troop* were comfortably etationed TLe w-atber o-as rrry mild *ad g0(td Le-Ph pre. r-'. . . T.he ha?.d wif ?"fllrioni tn la?f ti?l tbe tat of Jane Twe-'Aiideof tbe an 'mala, hjwrvfr, were de*d If was teporttd that the Mormrrna were pre pa'iny to leave fot the B'itish poaaessioas. and that plo?eer parties bad al>r*dv left Voting h^d sent a quantity of rait to Col John, son, and the latter replied that be would han^ any n>. ?,sender from the same quarter on a similar *? ra-.d Young bad al?o sent an invitation to the ? "fed State* otfirrrw to partake of winter hospi talities ?t Salt l.akecitr .v.":.SM4ted lb*Cnl Johnson feel* assured that he Mormon, vrill leave in tbe Spring. Colonel t.m.min' bad indued a proclamation derJar ?n^ ibe I .-mtory .n a -**t* of rebellion: that the trta' 2?! t Mor,n?" -*?"? he tbe flrat course he w M piirnue. tbia fail In;. be will'resort to roil: tar* fo-re He commands all arm*<1 bodies to imin+d'ately disband and fttum to tkcir homes. Later from Mexico. New Oiuiit.. Jia l| ?Bv tbe arrival of the* have advice* from Vera Crut of the Tib inat. A Ur^e party had risen againat tbe plana of Taruluya, consisting of a maturity of tbe civil ians Couioufort left the capital on tbe tat mat . with troop*. destination uuktiown The foreigo min ister* had previously paid tbeir reaped* to bun. with the exception of the British representative, whose ab?? in e caused imu h remark. There was a niamr tl>?t Alvarex is dead. ^Senor !'smkIi ha* issued a proclamation again*' Comonfort. and ha* made large leviea of tronpa VeraCmx Law recillrd itsarrvpUace of the plan* of T?iv wbava. Civil war ia considered iiie#ilat*le. Interesting from Mrsregna ? harrender of Col. \nd?r?Pi to a t. ft. irtiaif. New P*i.can?. Jan 12 ?The steamship Rm pur City has arrived at tbe Bilire. from Hava na f?ih I b* Star of the Weat take.* oat 91,MO ooo in t ensure. The L*. S. Steamer Fulton arrived at Aspm* wall, bringing new* of the surrender of Atid-i ?r?n. Fort Castillo, and 'he river ? tfamcrs to the frigate ^a*.j'tehaana. Later from Banana. Sr Lot:;,, I art 11.?Kansas c ?rre*pondenre of the St. Louis Democrat says that the f ee State L>-g'?latu-r? nn?? fie? S'st. li k^t had lece.ved an average majouty>5, H'\-andotte ijave Sli the I^C'>mp*vi Co atilutioa ; i.eaven worth upwa d.tof !.t(f? wajo.ity for f.-ea Slate A pa^aen-rr f, oni the Tnrr'torr statea t!?at tb? fre?- S'at?* ti' ket la douutl^s ile.*;.d hyaUrve lUJjoiity No d.aturliaiic0 reported Walkri at Ki< buioud, &c. Rten:4'?nd. Jan 11 ? Walker, the filibuster, i?* hero as th?* ^;u??st of K.yer Pryor. Tb?> Deatocntic membera of the Leqi>laturo have a tne? tiny to-night to take ac'iou in reg? d to Governor H'iae s letter to the Tamxnaoy So cietv Rt.solu?!o;ia have been ofl'ered :a the (.auiala tare, and printed. r< Questing the membra of Con^m-aaad Si-.uturfc tlmSute to endeavor to procure th* admission of Kansas under the Lf* comptoc constitution. Pedestrian Feat at Hartford. Haetford, Conn , Jan 10 ?Alfred Elaon, an Rn^liabman, twentv-fiv?> yean, of age. r~<-om piisb?>d in this city, at twelve o'clock on Satur* day night, the great feat of walking during one hnndred and eight eouseca'.ive hours, without elcep or re*t ? Sew Yerk IJank Ktateaamt. Xew \ o?s, Jan. II.?The wet-kly itatem(.it of'be city bank* shows tbe following total* :? l oan* inrreand *211 OtK\ ap*^ie incr<as?d ?^lo. "Wt: circulnti^n incr^.taetl K|>5,??ntt, d?pc ??t,'v>m inal in- .ease ?l.3u>.0U" Harlne Disaster. CitaBLtarow, Jan 11 ?The schooner Vestor, from Philadelphia, arrived here this morn.n^. having had her d& k load shifted and auataintd other damage in a severe gale of aeveral days' continuance ?_ Nebraska. >T '.oris. Jan 12 ?Reaolotiona were tat'e dnefd into the Nebraska legislature against the l.e* ompton Constitution Both Huu*es had passed resolutions endorsing Fergerson fi-r Co;< giess instead of Chapman. Saicideol an l?t>Prealdent. N>'V 0*LE*\C. Jan 12 ?Dr. A. Jonaa. rx Pre^.d-it of T-'ias, comm uted auicid* at Hous ton on the 6th instant, by blowing out his brains Sntcide. Ot'CAoo. fan 11 ?Joseph C. ?le^p?r, whos* familv reside. *t Landerln, N H.. committed suicide at tfie M i?t"?on House on Saturday He was f om New Hampshire Horrible Accident. Ar?sc?TA Jan <j .Seven men. mostly slaves, we-e scelded to death by molten metal at Ci?op er'a iron furnace, in Cas?co . Ga Railway Alfolra. Cr>- it\ vt!, J.5*1 14 ?T'ne railroad d ffi- u.tie* at Marie'ta are settled, arid the trains resume to day. Southern Xarkrts. *"tt* ar.rsTox, Jan 12 ?Sales Cotton WP bale*, ats?.a9J4 Siva* an, Jan. V] ?Sales |iiO; quotations a with market firm ArorsTA, Jan. 1*2.?Middling fair quoted ? ? Ti ?* cff?r1ng is every where light, and rec.'ipis ae'rifliug. " Baltimore Xarkets Balttmoke, Jan 12?Flour is firm at?4^0for Howaid street, Ohio, and City Mills ^ heat is steady; white SI 15a^?..'5, and red at SI U5 Coin :* buoyant: white S5*S"c , and yel low 6*2a64c U'hifcky is drooping at 2t>?21c. Rtw Vara Xerkets. New Vph Jan 12 ?Flour is firm : sa'es o? *.w? h?ls; litat- fl 25aI 35; Ohio SI Tt'.l ?>!; South? n SI jOal eti IVh? at i? buoyant; salfs of ? 0".?0 t?u?hel<; Ch spring ^TaSl Corn inac tive and price* nonm.a Po-k slower mess ?ll 75<?I5 00 Holders of beef are pressing on the market Lard is heavy NV hisky it> lower at il jjc. Financial. New \ ore. Jan 1*2 ?Sto< ks are firm. Chlcrgo and Kock Mand T0\: Cumbeiland C<-al Co IV ., IHoiaIk C-ntral bonds ?C; "La Crosne and M l ?aik'e '3^; Michigan 20, New Vork Central , Pa Coal Co Keadinirie^; Milw ankle and Mississippi 33. Cantons <1: Missouri <^611V .Money active. Stirling ei--lnnge firm isni ia> 'IMIII KKAMIN WHV.-A careful oolleot?.r ..f * hui 1r*>?U of reasorit for thine* wlucb, tlt<>u<li general ? l-e ieee-1, irrpcrieot j uiaOi r sUmuI. ( op '?um? illastraled: K"r:iih edi'i<?n; prie* *' oents. t ec by nihil on[ u;\ t.x oents in stanips ? ?'Khtthe Valley; Jiy I'xpenenoa of ^piri'tisi ??;b* Mrs. N? wioii Cr?i*?:r..i?j, liiustrated. jus. ? lolet, or the Itanoeuae. in o's. Uyoifisphivua?id Hiatoriuai rSketciiei; by Ma<*?n ^ ? Appl^'on'* Raii?av Library .A.'c's. I unob's Poeket Book of Fun. do. do , ftocta. I lie lsioi:nphiuai History of Pmioaopliy. from |tg oti^iii in i?ree<e down to tiic pr??eir da?; hy Geor?e Henry I ewes; 1 voiawe, $J.7s. The same in 2 y<?l limes, ."5.1 Just puUii^Jic.l naJ f.?r esie at fAVLt'R 4 MAI RV'f J*nT BiM?ka'ore newrfttknt. pLOl K A VI) PRODrCK WARLHOL'SK. The nr Jcrsirn^d have m ttore and for saIa? JO hi,;,. Kx-ra FlAH K.fron, me VallT ^ am i.Ms. Scper.or do. do. do. IWb' Is. Family do. do. do' A mi, Bl T i LR. TVk Kt'VK I'liirr rvc LAK I'.A . . in f%ct.a)! kSds ofV*u.CBSiC*5fo^ received daily, by ch# snb^onbars ? iwio.o iartt2- v Jk.HAHTLRV * SON, ' *w I Eton street, Aie*%.,dria. ? TNITED STATUS PATKNT OFFICE. .. .. asmi*?tosi, Januarj Sth.'lMS burr t\?.nrtli?n.01 Cih**'.GlH>J"*ar, late of Rux tra f'.Vt |' F rll'f ,,,r. U,?/xtension of a p.tent vra t.d to hiui on the 9th of >larcl.. I??4. for iui i*n provemcut in "iiniin hnbtcr Fabrioa" for aeien scart Iroin the ex;nra i'?n of nanl pnttut wluoli takes plj?oe <>n ' U?> ol March. I?3S. It ia ordered, that tiiesNiil petition 1 >s hear J a? the . * *?ce t,u Monda*. tl:a itii of Mace'- nex*. at o c'ik k. m.; and all person# are noticed to ap pear and snow caio,e. if any tbey have, w tar said pe tition ouch* not to !>e granted. I'eraons tlie earenaion are repaired to ti.e to tlie I'ment < ifiice their ohjeotK^is.apeoially set forth it* writing, at leaat twont* <la> a l>ef<>rs th?j dav of iienrira; all twa?ni? i?* tiled lir "<lher party Iu I-e Ui-e.1 at the said hearinr must l? taken and tmnsir * te*l ,11 emooidairoe ? i?h tl?e ruieaol the oftoe. whioh w i!l lie furnished <hi sppiioation. I'he leaiunon* in the oase will he etoeed on the 92d of February, depositions and other iuen relied upon as testimony mast be filed in the oftoson or be fore the m<?rnin* of tha^<iay ; tns argumenta, if an'. S ion or be , I Ihaireuma. within fcvs dajs thereafter. Ordered, a.a'. lkh .i.l ...?i ice be puMished ia the venin* Star, \\ aalnu?U>n. l>. C.; and UaiW Sews ew York "itoe s wee^ Tn. aneeoaaive weeks arevioaa to the tth of Mareh aeat, the day of hearin?. JOSKPH HOLT, Commiiuooer of Fiietiti. P. 9. Editors of tha above papers will pie and send their hills to the Patent Ofloe.wit ooiitaimnc this notiea. Jan ? I A Ol K?? I tck. ?.?! an -wrta ?i COMBS, a -i GIBBS* Hair Store, near 19th at., and at nia Bales R<x>m. under Wiilards* hotel. ?MR>