Newspaper of Evening Star, January 13, 1858, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 13, 1858 Page 1
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THE EVENING STAR i ? PUbUMIHD is/isHI AtTMi HVQtl, 1<JUNUA? LU'fcflbD,) AI THE STAR Rt'll.DlMHS, of ra a%????? *>td l.t'i *nlh lit tft, By W. D. WALLACH. Papers served in pno *-.<-? hy camera at 94 a year, or SI oenta par month. To mail aubaoril>?rathe sub scription price 19 $ >.*>" a yoar, i? adv*nr*; #2 Tor ail motlM; ?! for three montha; and for leaa than three moutha at the rate ot 12 oenta a week, Single e?<piea, one oen'; in wrapper*, two oenta. Adverti?k?ents (of eight tinea to the square) inserted three timea for SI ; every other day or aeim-weeit.y. 25 per cent, advance; once a week. 50 per oent. advance. A YANKEE STORY. About hali-past II o'clock on Sunday ni<?h' ? uuujin leg. envelope.1 ,n hiu,; cloth, might b ..? been seen enteriug l>eacon Cepbras Bar berry s kitchen mnduw. The leg w as followed '* -T tb? entire person of a live Yankee at lire J hi hi- bunday-go-to-mectiiT cloths*. It was. in short. Joe Mayweed who thus bur?;la ri,>uf|7 V" ,IS wu>* into the deacon's kitchen ? W under how much the old deacon made by orderm me not to darken his door again?" Ilioquiittd the young gentleman " Promised him I woukin t. but didn't .:,y nothin' about winders. \\ indera is as good as door*, ef there <r\lu? m. t0 y,,ur Wonder ol ^all> I comedown' The critter promised me iiualiaid to move about here, cause I might break my shins over somethin' or nother and wake the old f..,ks. Cold enough to freeze " . r* U- h*'re Comes Sally * ibe beanieou* a hi den defended, with n pleasant smile. a tallow candle, and a box of Inciter matches After receiving a raptuions greeting, she made a rousing tire iu the cooking store, arid the happy couple sat down to enjoy the sweet interchange of vows nud hopes fiu'i the course of true love ran not a whit smoother in old 15.irberry s kiichen than it does el.-o wbere. and Joe. who was just making up his min.l to treat himself to a kiss, was startled by ' vo,ce the deacon, her lather, slioutin-' from his chamUr <loor: " ? Sally. What are you getting up in the mid dle of the night tor l oll him it suiost morning." whispered Joe ? I can t tell a fih." said Sally ' 1 11 make it a truth, then. Said Joe: and ruuiiiiig t., tlie huge, old-fasbioned clock that set iu tli?; corner, he set it at five. *; Ln..k at the clock, and tell me what time it I*. rrivd (lit* ??M ^entleui.-in ? It s file by the clock.'" said Sally; and cor roborating ber word-, tbe aid chick struck live J lie lowers sat down again an.l resumed their conversation Suddenly the staircase be* in to cre?ik Sill graci,m<> il"", father! ' exclaimed -The deacon, by thunder! ' cried J.* Hide me, Sally! ? Where can I hide you ' " cried the distract ed girl. nk* I kno.w- ^aid he. '? I'll squeeze into tbe clock case. And witbvut another word, ho concealed him seir in the case, and closed the door. lhe deaou was dressed, and seating himself down by the cooking-store, pulled out his pipe, lighted it. and began deliberately to smoke. ??tiveo slock,eh said he ?? Well. I shall have tune smoke three or four pipes, and then 1 II go and teed the critters."* Hadn t you better teed the critters fust suggested the dutiful Sally ?No; smokin'clears my head, and wakes me up. replied the old deacon, who seemed not a whit disposed to hurry his enjoyment. Biir-r-r-r whiz-ding I ding ! ding '?went the clock "Tormenred lightning '"" cried the deacon, starting up and dropping his pipe on the stove '? what n airth's that ?*' ? It s only the clock striking five.' replied halljr, tremulously. Whin ding ' ding! ding' went the old clo.k Ilirioti.*!T. , creation!" cried the deac >n . tnkin fire, its struck more u a hundred time# aire idy. " Deacon lUrWrrv *" cried the deacon's bet ter halt, who had hastily robed herself, and came plunging hastily down the staircase in tJiu wildest ?tate of alarm, ' what in the uni verse is the matter with the clock "iloolriess only knows." replied t|ie o!d mm ? It s been a hundred years in the fain Hy. an I tt never carried on s.? af .re." W hu* ding! ling! whi z z * ' went the old cl.tck again " It'll bust itself! cried th? old lady, shed toing a ef tears. -tid theie Wou't i?e iioih iu lett ?>( it. " It s twwitchod !" ? iid the deacon, who re trim- d a leaver, of g-H^l old England si.Krsti tiou in his nature. ? Auy bow. .su.U he. after a pause, adv u. ing res-dntely towards the el.xk. 1 II see what's g.dug on in it." ?'fi. don t cried bis daughter, seizin" one of h;< ii?j? n;n. while his wifeelun^ to th? otner '? I?.,n t, ' choru.ed b.,th the women together. Let go niy r liment." shouted the old dca n ss 1 alecr,:J "I lowers ot dark Hut the women wouldn't let go; so the dea eon slipped out ot his cat, and while, from the suil.itn cessation of resistance, thev fell heavi ly upon the floor, he pitched forward and -eized tue nob of the cl.K-k liut no human iwwer could ufwu ,t. J ?r Joe was h dding it froui the inside with a leath grip. i :.o oi l deai'on l>og in t? l,c drcadl'ullv fri ?ht ? .. . l?:,ve "Il? more tug. when an uu earthly yell as a fiend in distress, hurst from the inside, then the clock ca?e pitched h??ad forenio.-t at the deacon, fell headlong .,n the ' smashed its face, and wrecked its fair proportions fho current of air extinguished the lamp the de.-w .n, the old lady, and Sii'y i ? u,i; l""1 J '* Maywee?i, extricating him-elf from the clo, k. effected his escape in the same way in which he entered. lhe next day all Ajiplcton was alive with the story ?t hvw l?eae >n Ear berry s clock had >cwite:ied. and although many believed hi- veramn. ye-: some, ai d c-pc.-i.WJy Joe Ma> weed. atte. fed to discredit the xs h ,I0 affair, and ed that the deacon had b en trvin" the exj^rimcnt of taking l.oz n cider. amTthat tue vaga.n s ;.f the . I-k k-ca.-c existed only in a aisteuijxTed i magi nation. However, the interdict being taken oil Joe was allowed U. resume his courting and won the assent of the old people t, his union with y rol>-i,r,litJ ??'? "Id tf|.?k till it went as well ever i oMe N 'hi:?\ neighb >r of the L ?nd<>n 111ustr ited N ews thinks tbe ' Hoe'.* Last l a-*! a uuisance 11 _? Ins sued the proprietors, an 1 ki"evidence s.iv' that thec .urt which separated his premises from the defendants' was only tour t'.-*-t tbre * inches wide, an 1 in the mnuth ?>l M irch last the defendants s;t up an Ameri can printing m .chine, worked by steam, which crewte 1 the nuisance now complained of. The printing hegau every Thursday night, and was I continued ail Friday and Friday night, and sometimes on Saturday, and su<*h wa- the noi.-e tiom th<- machinery tnat it was scarcely j?o.->i ble to hear or.e - -?-lt s|*eak in the plaintifl - parlor The Si-reaming, whistling and thump ing ot fho Itoiler and fly-wheel rendereil the plaintitl s hous** uninhabiiable. and the noise was compared l-> that of au eAproMs Irani pas^ ing by. hut never g'tting away. Tiie result was that the plaintiff's wife was not able to live iu the b'*u-e. his customers forsook the parlor, an I the )>>>rt wine and beer in the cellars rtv(i) rendered thick by the vibration The vibration was so great that it would gradually I'lU'ii the glasses to tumble otl the - helves in the bar: or. if one were left on a crisk in the celUr it Would after a time tumble oil and get broken A SflKITCaLMT FiLtni htkk im Nkwbirv I'okt The other day a pairol mediumsadver ti??sd thnt the -"pint of one John Kiug sup|??.-ed to have been a pirate while on earth, and who keeps up the reputation ot the profession so far as profanity is concerned would invest their clay habitations for the entertainment of the citizens ??f Newbury port A few Newhury porters. always on the alert for novelties, went to 4?c. Themeliums were tied up. and put in a box per programme, and th**n J K. called lor ? speaking trumpet, which was forthwith supplied With that instrument, to aid M* not particularly feeble lungs, the departed fili buster'* let out" hi* profane anathemas upou Newburyport. warning his subjects to leave a place which promised so little pay. " Where shall we go"' cried tbe mediums. 4-<io to b?I was the reply. They took the uext train to Fartlaud VOL. XI. WASHINGTON, D. C., WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 13, 1858. NO. 1,554. Reforms Among the Jews of New York. A correspondent of the Boston Journal men tious the following recent modifications in the religious* observances of our New York City Jc*'< who number, we believe, not far froui IMM?: '? The old style of singing in one or more of the uptown synagogues has given place to a modern choir, with organ and all the accompa niments. This ha* been done in the face of the most virulent opposition from the staid old Jew?, and to the infinite disgust of all who ask for the old paths. But the innovation does not end with the organ and choir. The question of the day of worship has on many occasions agitated the Hebrews. Some aro uncharitable enough to say that the Jews cannot afford to lose two days in the week, and as Saturday, their Sabbath, is one of the best days in the week for trade, and Sunday, our Sabbath, is one of the worst, it is proposed to adopt the Sunday of Christians. And this latter plan has already Keen put into practical use by the Kev. Dr. Baphall. whoon Sunday lust preached on the death of the late Judah Touro, " 'fount is IheGirnrd of the Jews, and at the time of his death he distributed his immense wealth among the Hebrews in America, and an annual service is held in commemoration of his beuilicence. It was a marked sight to see the synagogue ol the Israelites open on the day sa cred as that on which the Lord arose from the dead It maj' indicate the near approach of that time when those who crucified the Son of Highest shall, through their descendants, say, ? Blesse l is he that cometh in the name of the Lord.' " SriKITt'ii. lx i>k? k.nfits.?A few years since, there was a sect in Vermont calling themselves '?Puritans," who left the churches because of their alleged want of spiritual life. These peo ple professed entire purity of heart and con duct. and eouiplete emancipation from the con trol of human pas?i??ns; and, to demonstrate and exhibit their beatific condition, men and women stripped themselves naked in ihe pub lic assemblies and gloried in their shame. Men of considerable intelligence and good sense were swept away by this foul fanaticism, and participated in its heathenish orgies. Such consequences as might have lieen anticipated followed ihis crisis of the fanaticism, and. hav ing accomplished the ruin of many families, it became a stench in the nostrils of society, and soon relieved the world ot its vile presence. A similar history was that of the Cochrauites in Massachusetts within thepresentcentury Their public exhibitions were even more gross than those ot the " Puritans." and the eivil power was in some instances obl'ged to intervene for the vindication of public decency. The Mor mons have followed in the same track. Polyg amy was not an original article in their faith it has crept in gradually, through the absolute power granted to their unscrupulous and beast ly spiritual guides, and it is not unlikely to prove, in a very brief period, the dispersion and destruction of the sect. It is said that there are actually companies of Spiritualists in Boston who sit In circles, perfectly undisguised with clothing?that is to say, in /arris natural u'ltjt, men and women indiscriminately ' Lost in Loniio.n.?There has been a laugh able story told this week of a woman named Kovvcliffe. living at Southmoltoii. in the north ?f Devon. She has a daughter married in London, and a fortnight since the daughter wrote requesting her mother to Come to town, as she was existing to be confined. Accord ingly the old woman started for Londot) and arrived at her place of destination quito safe. I >n the following day. not seeing things exactly to her taste in (he cleaning department, she turned up her sleeves, and put 011 her coarse apron, with the intention of scrubbing the ruoui, but there was no soap. She was in the act of running out to purchase some, vben her daughter called after her to mind she did not lose her way She replied: " I should think I m not quite such a fool as that," and away she went juSi as we Lave de scribed?without a bonnet ; and when she at tempted to return, the i??or sjuI knew neither the name of the street nor the number of the house, and she now found too late her presump tion. She applied to a pdic>-uian, and was in his hands six hours, wandering about London. At last, worn out with fatigue, and having !-.tnc money in her pocket. she requested to be taken to the Pa liington S'ation. that she might return to Southmolton again The reader may guess the consternation of her friends on seeing her return b one in such a plight. They at first thought she was insane, but when she re lated her adventures she caused roars of laugh ter in the town. The daughter was in a sad plight tiil she was informed of her mother's safe existence in her home again. How Yankee Notions was taken in.?A Hoofrier correspondent of tl.e Western tlnd ) Herald tells, in the following, a good one. how a \ ankce notions pedlar was taken in by the SpenceiT.llians, of Spcncerville. in that State : Notions drove into town and commenced trade, when a merchant stepped up and select ed goo-Is to the amount of one dollar, and carried them into his store, and returned with a coon skin, and says : ?? Sir. here is your pay tor the goods '? But, hold on," says Notiou.-, ' I don t tako eoon skins for my goods." ?? Can't help it now" says the merchnnt. " the is made, and a coon skin is a dollar here ?legal tender.??Well,'" says Notions, " if them are your laws here. I guess I can atand it. and at once concocts a plan to get liij coon skin into something available. (Jetting the c>hiii sk:n into as small a couipass as possible, be mikes for a saloon and there concludes to spend a quarter Holding ouu hand under his c ?at. with the other be beckons up three or four sii'-kcr-'. and after drinking all round throws down the cooii skin itnd demands seveuty-five cents in change ?? Yes,'' says boniface, " that is a go >d dollar, and handed biui out three mu.-'krat skins, and says. " Here. sir. is your change. .Notions took his change and started. PmkenoLoi?v.?This science, which is so p ipular in this country, is scarcely recoguised in Germany, where it had its birth. The De cember number ol Blackwood has nn article on the subject, iu which the writer thinks while ac tusuil relation of some kind must exist be tween the Conformation of the peculiarities of the character, he thinks the real relation has u -t been discovered lie argues that although three hundred persons uoftd for the powerful exercise ?tf soma particular faculty may pre sent a large development of the organ to w hich phrenology ascribes tliMt function, yet if one person with the same faculty predominant, l icks that cranial of the organ on the skull, the one exception proves that the real relation between tiio skull aud the luiud has not been discovered He adduces the ex ample ot Mangiamele, a French calculating b? v. who | Hisses sod wonderful p<weisol calcu lation. yet instead of the organ ot Number projecting nil the skull the place was marked by a depression HoRA< K Ii H KE I.E V S C'H * M ?? .VON E ? Nick N,?x Ttll* the following story of Hon. Horace Greeley : Horace Greeley's acquaintance with the names of wines is hardly more exact than Ins knowledge of their natures, and consequently he oucc imnte u very ludicrous mistake bv wri ting. "drinking tiieir lleidsick am/ Cham pagne <'f course all the Tribune eorjis noticed I lie error n.-xt morning, and Dana. Gl tarson. Congdon, ?nd perhaps even Kipley Snow, Hildreth, and Wilbur gathered around him when he came in, and joked hiui on his villous tautology*. Horace listened until he Comprehended with toleruble exactness the na ture of his error, when the lines about his mouth began to curve a little, and there was a little shining ill his serious eyes us lie said, -' 1 ?;d I ' Did I say that' Well, I guess l ui the only Tribune editor that would make a mistake of that kind The laugh was against them; and the wide batted corps soon beat a retreat 8pecial Notices. To the Citizens of Washington.? Srht'dam Aromitic Schnapps.?The proprietor begs leave to call the attention ?>f strs.egers and tiie citiseus of Washington,t<? a very superiortrficlc of Holiand (iin, which he introduced to tha American public under the name of Wolfe's Soheidain Aro matic Schnapps. This Gin is manufactured by the proprietor exclu sively at his Distillery in Schiedam, It is made from the best Barley that can l>e procured in any cost, and ff ivored and medicated, not l>y the common harsh beiry, but by the nicsi choice botanical variety ol the Aromatic Italian Ju mper Berry .whose more various extract is distill ed and rectified with its spirituous solvent,ai.d thus becomes a oonoentiated tincture ol exquisite ffa vors and aroma, altogether transcending in Us Cor dial and Medicinal propertiesany alcoholic beverage herotolore known. The proprietor has submitted it to nearly the whole Medical Faculty ol the 1'iiitcd States, and his received answers from about lour thousand I'hy sicians and Chemists, who endorse it over their signatures as a most deniable addition to the Ma teria Medica. ' Persona who purchase should be c ireful to get the genuine article, an ttie wholeuountry is flooded with counterfrits and mutations. Hut up itiquar and unit ^tsdtles, in cases of one dozen each, and for safe b)"all t 'ie res pee table 111 uk - (Cists and Grocer* in llic I'm ted States. I DnlCHO Wolff. Sole Importer and .Manufacturer. Depot, No.22 Heaver street, New York. Wol.KK's SlHtKDAM Akomatic Schnapps, 18 presoril>ed with great success by the Medical fac ulty in (iiavel. Gout, Chronic Kheuuiatism, Diop i), Dyspepsia. Sluggish Circulation of the Blood. Iusdcii?aie Assiiiiiihiion ol Food, and exhausted Vital Knerti; an>l as a leverage it has no superior hi t he ? orld. I*ut up in quart and pint Iwittles, and for sale by ail the Di uggists and Grocers in Washington. I'holpho Wolfk, Sole Importer and Manul'icturer, No*. 18, 2u, and 22, Beaver strict, New York.'s S? tini>am Akomatic Schnapps.-The proprietor particularly recommends the above Schnapps to persons travelling or aUiut to settle in the South or West on account of us Medicinal pro pcrti sin correcting the disagreeable and often dan gerous effects produced by a change of water?a visitation to which all fravebrs South and \\ est are particularly liable. Strangers should be careful in purchasing the Schnapps. as the whole country is flooded with c iliuteifells Hn.l imitations. The genuine has the proprietor's name on the laittle, cork and lal>el. For sale by all Mrusgisls and Uro cers. I ikii.piio \\'?>I.FK, d l2-3m Depot 18 B?*aver s reet. New York. I am in pofHFHioN of some valuable certificates in favor of t he Consumption Destroyer; also of its efficacy in relieving bronchial disease attended with severe oough. The Syrup is pleasant and sale, and is composed of roots and herbs procured from the Blue Ridge; it is no common article. They are ruoely enveloped in iny cuculars, where my place of residence is seen. Ttie extract of a flowercalled the A'pha Ointment for the I'lies. can, with the Syrup, bo found at Mr. C StojCs; the Syrup is at several other places on Pennsylvania avenue. as well as Georgetown at Mr. Newman's on Bridge street. In Alexandria at l.edbetter's. In Baltimore, At Hanje'o, loH Ba'ti more street. d?-ti - - -? m -???? Dyspkpsu ast> Fits.?Dr. Tracy Delorme, groat curer of Consumption, was (or several > eais so bad ly.atllieted by dyspepsia that for a part of the time he was confuted to hib l?ed. He was eventual!) cured by a prescription furnished him by a young Clairvoy ant girl. This prescnpli given by a mere child while in a state o| trance, has cured every l?xly wiio has taken it, never having failed oi ce. It is equally as sure in cases ol tits as of dyspepsia. The ingre dients ina> be found in any drug *tore. I will semi this valuable prescript son to any person on the re ceipt ol a stamp, to prepay posinge. Audicos Dr. Tracy Delorme, New ? ork Post OJtice. ii V* Jiii Spkciai Notice.?For Perfumed Breath, White Teeth, and Beautiful Complexion, use "Balm ol l.i?? Flowers " For dressing Ladies' hair use " Woodland Cream," a new pomade : it causes gen tlemeu's hair to cur! I.eaut il uliy. Puce j?'i cents each. W P. Fktriim.v A ?*p.. Proprietors. New York. Wholesale and Retail Agents for Washington. Taylok A M At'RY, Booksellers, l?ctweeti Htli ami Ifttli *t.. Pa avenue. n t7 i mends 'DO THF. PI BI.IC. I Parties or persons having advertised for sale an " INKXPl.OSIVK GAS," * i ich is no thing but the w?>ll known "F.theria! till," therefore I deem it necessary to caution con.-umeis for then safety, thst tlie only genuine article is known as "ReintsePs lum-l-xplosivo Burning l-'lunl." and is pre pared and sold > F.STl' his Depot, cor of 11 th and K s'i etn. In b*ting the sole possess or of the right for seizing the vuiic in l..e District of 1,'oluiubia. oc2l *o3m FR.STITZ !^'F.W BOOT AND MM IK STORK. The FiibscribT respoctfii'ly informs his friends and the public generally he has remov ed In s BOOT and SIM IK I S I A H I.I >11 MKNT to No. j ii Peiiiisv Iva? ia avenue. south side.mid hiiicdiors e ist efhis for _ place of business, where may be found a very gene ia! and select a.-sorlui'Mi' o| BOOTS, SHOIIS, and GAITKKS. I i>r i adies. Gentlemen and Chil dren. of hi* own mauuficturc; which wi i, in 14ua.1t> of material a-.d workmansi ip. compare favorab > With tho. e of the best establ ?>hments. All Kiniua iiuultt b) or b Might <>l the subsc ibcr may be ri'lb d upon being, in all cases, exact y as represented, to whtuli he would mo-t respectfully csli the attontion of ttn se in want o| good articles. The snbsc,iber takes ti.:s opportunity ol return ing his sincere thai ks to his liiends and the public III g? neial for the veiy li'?c;al patronage ^'iv?u h n< lorthepist live yars: and promise, in return for the same and for that which ma* hereafter lie * iven him, renewed effort" to give that satisfaction which is so much desir* d in business. J. R. MORGA N, J?>3 Pa. avenue, d 3U-eolm* south side, l?et. 9th and mth sts. I \ Washington*, December 5al, IK57. I " \ VI f> A. H A 1.1., Ks?| , having made a Convey - ance and general Assignment of ail hM Real and I'ersonil Kstste to the undersigned in trust for cer tain purposes, *1! persons having claims aramst the siid David A. Hall are requested to present the same ps soon as may be convenient a' tlo* office ol one of thJ Trustee*. No. v I ouisisna avenue; and nil persons Pidebtcd t ? fh?? e.ri'd e?tate aie requested to pay the same without delay. v\ M. II. PHIt.lP. I1ARVKY 1.1 N flSI.V, d ."a (otf Trustee.-1, \ SI'F.''lAl.? A R D.?To all pers"u? iadelited to 1 \ to us in op -ii accounts or olhcrwissare respect fully notified that their lulls will be made of! and and presented by 1st January, and as wedesigu mak ing a change in ou? buni?i. ss, wo earnestfy inquest that they will eome forward, close their recounts by cssh or notes at short dutes 111 settbiinenl b> the luiri proximo. We hope 111 view of the present financial coinli t ion of the entire count 1 y. a<>d our intention to make a change in business, w 11! aiitticiently explain the neceH?it> of our request f?.r pioinpt payments. ? ?>!.].I \ A SKARS, d >1 |n(p!<d RJ37th >,t., i doors liom Pa. av. . . ., . , .ii rt>n iwii. a iir, 1 >v b 1 ??? * * i.ww.i (J I (iRs, a?j en; \ |{ s eonstanlly on hand. ID* Families supp'ied witti OYSTFRS hoins, from 1, o'clock a in., to 12 piu. Here 4" _ ? 1 - I * i' ? '? * 1 ? * >0 ATKNT OFFK K RKSTAl RANT. The lrnderi;igned having Itxuiglit the House at the cor nerof7th and G streets, for merly and favorably known ? as the Kiiropean House,and" having renovated and refurnished thv same, is pre pared, nt the shoitest notice, 10furnish parties with all t lie delicacies the market affords. GAMF. in seaion.^ The best ol WINKS, I.I at all ? | -? - - ui.'v.n ??. ???., ?'? ? ? J'. I I I" fully solicits liom his frieii'li- and the public a call, d 1 '? 3ta wliu SA Ml. BR I. R Kf ON. CASF.S SI'PKRIOK OLD HOI R BON WHISK Y 'I'lie subacrif>er fas received,direct IV mi \\ allace Pope A t'ii., ol ! oiiisville. Kentucky, .'?? do/en su pcrior BO 11 R BON W' H1 **K > . 1 went y y car i old. Winch wi I be sold lor .$ ? eei do/.,u d J' icidnt j. i". McGl IKK. And. 'ip O A H R I A G K S V IIK Subscriber having made additions to his Factory . making 11 now one ol the largest. Ill the District, wneie his I'lCllitf.- lorV luanuNcturmg a I kinds of (' \ R -* R 1 A I ? F.S and I.IG HT W AGONS cannot be rur pas?>d Iroiu fus long experience in the busi ness. I.e hopiis 10 give gei.cial catiMliClion. All k>nd<9?i| 1 arriages and l.i.iit Wajcuna kept on nand. All RF.PA IRSneally done,and all orders prompt ly attended to. Second- Carriages taken in exchange for new ones. A.NDRKW i. JtiYCk. d 10 tf Comer of Mlh and Ksfg.*' a'liriCK ?We respecllulK notify all p^rrom la having open accounts oil oilr looks (hit their bills have been iiid'sernuiiiately made oil for issue up to Him date and are ready lor delivery. Those preferring not to have fhcin sent 111 will tind their tc counts ready at our desk. In view oft he troublos still exutmg in the countrv in rela'ion to monetary alfairs. wj beg t int all Will speedily couip.y with the wish we indicate by this notice. . ?? d2l 3w CI. A Ii KTT A DOIISf IN. /<ARIi PI. ATK KNG RAVING, AND PRiNT 1' INU. VISITING. INVITATION. AND BVSIN'KSS CAM MS engraved in every stylo. I'A K LI Pl.ATKS printed in the liest manner and W\'^SI VTng'a \ II INVITATION CAR DS, plain and cuaiiielltd surface, luruixhed at the lowest prices. W. F. HA\ l.\ . No. 278 Pa. av?.. bet. Hili and l.'th sta. d 4 If llnUI,?ot>ll Georgetown Advertisements. ^I'l l AULK FOR PRESENTS. John H. SmchiT,N;?. U'J Bridge street, Beorce t<<wn, D. C.. has re<^eivetl, and offers very cheap for Gush, a good assortment of fancv and useful aitl cles, sui'able for Christmas or New Year's pre? euts, viz: Fr.uoy and black Siiks, very cheap Snawls. Scarfs, ajid Cloaks K ich woiked Collars and sets Hen: -stitched embroidered and p ain linen cam brie Handkerchiefs Best 1'aris K>d Nos. Rich printed Del.ains and Merino Plants Merino Plaids. Ulilou, :<*> and 3'e. A lar*e lot Del.nines, IK\? and 5o. Gents Stvrfs, Ties,and eravats Oloves of every kind Silk while nnd colored bordered linen cambric li uidlreroliiefs Children's WtKtU-n Circulars. Hoods and (jai tors Gents and Boys Scarfs and Comforts Merinos and >i!k \ ebtiiigs, Ac. With a great many other desirable articles that would l*e suitable foi a picneht. d iii If J.H.SMUOT. |^M NK A LES.? Wf respectfully announce to our I friei.ds and the public thai %?e have at last mim nwifd in haviug a larte 1411-iutiry of A l.LS <>S vari ous kinds brewed expiet-j-'v to our order, winch will guarantee lo be the finest and I lie lament v.-.ri et y t Iimt was m er offt red in this mai ket. Ail p -rsons w istiiuk a mow article of Ale can have It by apply lug lo iiB f,?r either of tile follow in* brands, vi/.. Kenuett. Burlon \ \ \ I'ale, India 4'ale, 1'lul adclphia and X X. We also have a hu? artiuie of Blown r?!out and XX Porter alway s on hand. All oider a l>y mat I, or ki veu to oui tin vers. will bo attended to. AH.W Ar SHLNN. Union Bottling l>epot, 57 Ureen street, d 17 d tienrtcliiwn, B.C. IOID BYRON'S WORKS. ?i vols.. Muiray's 4 l.oi d.>n edition, in purple calf binding. Knult's 1'iolorial Shakspeare, 9 vols., octavo, l.oi don. Krecii calf 'I iid Stiatlord Sh.akspeare, in vols., London, in oak cases. The Cabinet Shakspeare, li vols., LonJon, ciedb Kilt. Itritish Poets. 4 vols , l.ondon. half calf.

Rose's Biographical Dictionary, 12 vol*., London, full C elf. Koilin'a Ancient History, 2 vols., I.onilon, many mans, in half calf. Hu' net's H istories. 3 vols., London, half <*' t. Bean Swift's W'oiks, Roacoe's edition,2 vols.. London, half calf. Whew ell's History of the Inductive Sciences,*? vols.. London, fit I caif. Bulwer's Novell, 3u vols., London, creen calf. And many other olandard works hi tine bindings, imported liom Loudon, be d F RANCH TAYLOR. 17 FF IT I)A\S IX WAS HI Mi TO X. LiFFICA? IOLS CURE FOR CORNS, Bl NIoNS, SOFT CORNS. TOK NAILS, Without Cutting or Causing thr filishtrs-t I*/tin?by I) K . CCII L O S S E R , burgeon t'hiropodist to the principal Sovereigns in Fii '.p.t, tikes this opportunity of apprising tie and geu'lemen of Wastungtoii aud its en Virons thit itK VVtt.L-?TA\ IIKKKONLV A FKW U.!?. md may be con?u ted in i-vtij deptirimei.t of i'e?ul Surnery, especially in CtlR V, BUNIONS, and troublesome TOK-N AI LS. all of which, however ioiiM standing or l?ad. he guarantees to effectually an t t>r i inaitrntiv >urr hi a few moment*, without the slightest pam or mooiiVeiiienoe, either during tlo'ir removal or afterwards N. B. I Mice?2*4 /?'airc-r. beticetn 14.'* an J '5fA strft*, near the Trta tu i y u> p<i< tin-n r. Otfioe flours from IU a. ill. till I p. in., and 2 11li 5 o'clock p. in. Will vi-it ladies at their own residence by giving a few Hours' JHT* Tlie following testimonials are similar to the thousards hi I he Boctor's possession: From H. M ,the Km* of Bararia. Mr. Schlesser has operated on H. Majesty's feet with <rent i-kiil.aud without the lea?t psin. Certi to-d by If. M.ijejity 's ooniinand. B.\. FOLLKK. From II. Imp. Hnt.'iM'M, the Piinre Jtrot/te Na polr-a*. M r. Sch!o*s>er's in'a es! rait des cors arce oeaucoup d'.tdresae ct saus la moiattre d<>u!ucr. JI'.ROMK AI'OLKON. From William Rirf. Proprietor uf tru Ptnnty! ran'an Mr. Schlosser has extracted two fomi from my feet winch were extremely painful for many years. I he exlraoidinary ea?e with winch he operated s remarkable, ami I chceifully reeomiiicnd uim lo all who are troulilwl xsith corns as tlie on!> person | have ever known to perfuuu the operation sc.t'ntiii ca.Iy aud without pain. W.M. KICK. Philadelphia, Sept. 23,1S57. From Pi'tr? Hutl'T, F*i. Br. Schlo>?er h.*s extricted a numb.-r oT corns from iky feet with ureal skill and without pain. FIKRCL HI TI.KR. Bin adelphia, Nov. 9, lR.^. Front l)r. S. ill. I.amli*. Phv*irinn f<> rht City t'ur- ln\titutr ni P h ihiitrl /?'?< <i. l)r. Sehlo.-scr has extracted, without pain or >ore m>s eieht vcr> painful oirns m a few iiiinutes. I uoiild atl\ ise my fiiendH and the public k<<iicir.I> to so to Mr. Sehlosscr and have themselves relieved of tncbo toe to. Inoiileiis. S. M. LAN BIS. M. B. Thousands of testimonieis fi om the I'nit?d States, and a'so from U<.Tally, Nobility . and medioa! ii <"*i from Kurope can lie secu at tlie iw.etor's Othce, /?' <fr-?(, \\ih an?/ 1 btk Sid/ the Treasury ? rixirtWHt. Onlv a Fkvv Ba\s in WaHIIXuTOS. d 24 1m Uv TIIK FRKSlK^NT^F. THE UNITED STATES: In pnrsuanoe of law, L Jamks Bcch anan. Piesi di'ot of the United States of America, do horeby <le c!are and make known that public sales wii! I>e held at the undermentioned land offices in the State of the periods hereinafter designated, to wit: At the land office a? Elba, oomnieiicinc on Mon day , the fifth day of April next, for the disposal of the public lands situa'.ed ?ithm tlie following named townships, ViZ: A'orfA uf the lint ami wrst of th' Tallakas i'r mmdian. Fractional township 7. of rauges 8,9, 1", 11,12, 13, 14, 15. IG and 17. Fractional township G, of ranges 18, 19, 21, 21, 22, 23. 24 and 2.5. Fraclioiat1 ?ec' ions 25. 25, 27, 28 and SO, of f raction al township G, of rame W?. Fr sections >t), 28and i'offiac:ional town ship G. of range .7. fractional snot ion 2G and the east half of fraction ai section ill, of trad lointl township G, of range 28. Lauds appropriated by law for the use of schools, notiiary aiid other purposes, will tic excluded from tlie sale. The off ering of the al??ve iands will be oemunenoed on the day appointed, and will proceed in the order in winch liiey are advertised, until tue whole sliaif have boeii orferi d.and the sales tfius closed; but the side .-h iII not be kept one* /?#?>r th in tir.i wrlcs, ami no piivnle entry of any of tlie lands will head mil ted until a fici f lie ei pi rat ion of i lie I vro week-.. Biven under my hand, at theciiy of \Vadlnmrton. this twenty sixth day of Becemlier, anno l>?miiti one thousand eif lit hundred and fifty seven. JAMES BUCHANAN. By the President: Titos. A. BKNMJc*ir?, Coiiimissuuier of the Cenrrai f.and Office. NOTICE TO PRE EMPTION CLAIMANTS. Every perstui entitled to the npht of pre-emption to any of the Innds within tlie townships and parts of townships alove enumerated is required toestab !i?h the same to rhe satisfaction of the Kegister and Receiver of tlie land office at Elba, nn>l *n<ikf ray nifHt thru lor as soon an practirnhlr at,tr stnnr th is HOtire, and before the day appointed for the commencement of the puMic sale of tlie lands em bracirn; the tiact claimed: otherwise such claim will I, e forfeited. THOS. A. HFN BRICKS. Commissioner of theiieueral Land ? ifb< e. jan 5-law3w (CHILDREN'S BOOKS FOR USH.-The L.ltle ' Commodoie. Mother's True Stories, The Won derluI Mirror, l< ichard, the Lion heartfd, Heioes of Hisioiv, Tal>-s of Sea and Land, liiituiAitiv Jeck. l>ick Holdhero, Whal to do and how to do it ^ifienaii Sable Hunter, I'ru- Stories and halts Tales from the Ijerinail, Belle ainl I.illy, i-r the tjolden Rule. Aunt Mavor's Nursery l!h?m? 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Order* lelt at the music ?h>r? of Mr. Metrrrott, or at Mr. (.sutler's Cotifi-ctioaery. also. Ht i.. VVeiier's rrttilt i:oe. No. ?is Seventh strte'. lielween ? ? and I,(Navy Yard,* will meet with prompt atten tion. _ H yMm 1.on;> WF. BER. IWm. \| Ml MCA I- cm: D. K. GEORGE M. ARTII. leader of Arth's Brassand Striate Band, liecs loave toannouoce to (? is trieiids of \\ Kthinrtini, Georgetown lis and Alexandria, that tie is m w prepared t<< ?aiX furnish Ml'SIC for Rnl!t, Frmtc rir'to*.", Soirees. A?. Pioin 01 e to hp* number of M aticians to tie had Ht tire ?hor??*?t potior. Orders can l?v U|t at the Mii>ml H'(wtt?of John F. Film or VN . G. Metzerott. or at his res'dence, oorr.ei Htti and G streets. Navy N ard. oc*> Jm" Dancing. i> A N C I N G A C A D K M \ Mr. T F GASZYNSK1 mid IMFGHTER hn*> tliH bunor to itiimivrM tn t!i<- (icu tiemen o| \\ ?"<tiin*ton and Georgetown that jfjt he w.ll re open l<im Clast?s for L)~noiik! irf'V Washington on I rid ijr, Ihf u'h nl Odi'lrr. Temperance Hail, E street, for M ist.ea and Mikihi, from 3 o'clock p. in.; lor I a.lies and Gentlemen, from 7 o'clock p in. Georgetown?on Wedneada*. I lie 7th of October, nt Mis* tiarrover's IaiIiw !*im inary, from 3 o'clock p. m. For tenuis ainl p?rtieiiitr(i application car- !*? ii?*di nt Mr. G.'s rMsidenoe, 4"7 E street, t-etweeu **lti *?ri<J loth streets. se 12 om /LRNITt HI, VKKV CHEAP. Sr I The pul Im are respectfullv informed that the first ?ecoud. and thud ti>>ors o| ? <irto Fliriltiiio Warehouse, art ti le.1 to the utmost cipaeitv t-vury description rif IIOL'SF fl RNISHlSo l?<lOliS?such Hiirc.'iiis. Tsh.en.^hair* Hedstendp. l.ounKi-fl, a?h*lanJs Writ hk licttk*", HmIb. Matire?pe* far pel rt I.iM>klOK, ClniiM, ItlasK.nnd l'n?cker> Ware. A c. Formine a %er jr in trien*e arid varied ?took. all of winch we *u*riiiti?e to >e!i ?t such price* n? c.mie?t tail to ulf.ane. IIouhcb fui nished iliroiinhout, either jor ohsIi or approval paper. Cb'I and eXHimue our stock liefore you nihktf your pu rebate*. Reiiieiiil>er the name and nmce BONTZ 4; COOMIJi?, No. 969 Seventh itreet,2d Joor from d4-lm H. K. Ub'.'k L) ? Goods S?>.re._ r|\i; KDITH'.NS. Ill hue t.indiu??, o? lifMI P CamrV!. Pope. Burns. M:l!on. !*hak*p".-aie, Bryant. h?ileok, l.onuleilow. Tonn> son, ?'owper, Thomson. Vouue. A ker:side. H ozers. (Jay. Hemai ?. Mood, Shelley. S?-u?neT.Utry. Wordsworth, Koatti, Minire. Scott. Ho* it I, Spen*-*r, I>r>den. Goldsmith, and many other |'oet?. r:aj t>e found at the K?M?k store of th.' undersunrd. mostly imported by him se f direct fr->in Loudoix. some of them witu l>eiiut. ful lHustratrms. d.'l FRANCK TAYLOt. INFROV t \ i?t K FVF.S. RKN'iTHK.V and assist them, by the Pari* Opiicmn. 0. WI If )!,*? SON, vrh.? j. has arrived Iroin P.urope With his own. a<* ??-!i as tlie iuauufac?ure of a r??od many others of the latest improved HPl- CTaCLES and I i I. <? I. A ssi-.J*: amor / wInch are the PP. K I SCO PIP CONCAVF. "li.! CONVEX. The 1M?1 HI.E FOCI Sand DOI HI. K POI.ISH KU Kl% AZi I.I A N PKHUl.KS CKV STAJ .S. F t c.. which are warranted ^o improve any KVL affected %vi'h uehkn-ss, catarhct or tending to it; also SIM'RT SIGHTEDNK8*. Perstna who are compelled to us" r!asaei,orth<?te now uM'ig them, will he suited at hratsiKiit. Those womi^rfnl DOL BLE-POLISHF L^V FN P.ZL'P.LI A N CK YSPAfiW??CK have reoeived the hichest recomin^ndal ;or* at tlie World's b nir. at Par.s, throush their producinc a o!earneps and ea?iiiess of vision heretofore iinknoi r. in an> otiiei improveinentK. At-" ail styles of OPKKA. Sl*\ , and MAGNI FYING <?l. ASSKS, Co> and Microscopes are lor sale a* h tf store, corner of F.ivht h si reel nnd Perinsy I vaiiia avenue, or Fi?:Jifh street No. 4^1. I>e tween I) street and Pa. avenue i ?i?t i/rt% nL' fUr ' oritur of h xtrf t. Pnoas very reasonable, the name as at In* estab lishment hi Km one. ii V*-1f _ rl AUUAUK F X P R E S S O F P 1 C F > ">?4 P Stkeft. A>lj?in?** In Printing OJhrf. The subscriber, fta/sage Apen' for Baltimore an.I Ohio and W"tin: ?ou Bianch Mailroad, lias openerl an ortiee. a? tiie !iN.\p place, for the accom modation oi ttie public, wnere order* can !>e !ef> lor tiie u*i' nt Wagons to c.uu>) iinti ajpur PackaRes to and Irom Kaiiror.d liepot, Steniil??Kt*. Ac..orlor reuiovHl loan\ point in this City or lieorreuwn. Odioe open from 7 o'clock *. ie. to 10 ?>*ci??,k p ni.. except Sun.'a*. 7 to In o'clock a. in.. 1 o'clock to in p. hi Ji'HN M. MoCI.INTcC'Ki B^enace Aseiit 'Taltnnorf and Ohio Kr.ilroxd. N. ii ? Persons oomlnc to Wa hinic'oii or eoitig to Baltimore, not tiavinc made up meir minds * her? they will stop. Ijy giving up ti,4*ir checks to my aneiitt. i-n tiie wi*. wtlll iia\e t| eir Ims'/iuie !?ken c-?re id a! :los office, or at Kaitun -re office. No. II Sliarp street, and nor*tn ci.a^te. d in T B A I. T I M t) R E V P E F O Li N D U Y This Establishment a prepared to furnish every article un-d in a PRINTING OFFICE. METAL TYPE. WiMHi I.KTJ'ER, FURNITPRF, ORNAMENTS BORDERS, BRASS RPf.F. CUTS. INK, PRESSES, STEREOTYPING and EI.ECTROTYP1NG. at nhoi'l notice in the best manner. l.l CAS BRO ? III- RS, 17".Market street, d l7-ei(3w Baltimore. Md. r.UM PA K IS.? Fine e-lifi1 ? *, in hue bin r ^s, I of llaeino, I .a Fontaine. Sevifin. L)uei?. K?i"' Ihis. !>?? Stael. Delavicne, Moi.ti-,qii!i'?i i.a Hru yero. Saint Pierre, Rousseau. Chatcaiibrinnd. *'"U rier. Rotron. Balzae. Aiarrmer, V,>?t?|.e Ca;>eh.:ue, Uossuet, Thierrv, Rochefoucauld. Ma!heii>(?. *'? r n^ille. Serite. Rennnrd. Guizot, I- roms-rt. Mmi strelet. Biichon. Moheie. K..clt. !tarth>my. aud other standard French authors, imported !>? ,1 23 FKAM'K TAj l.<?R. jnuLrKrei h;.malk insthite. Tins School, located at Culpep?r Court House, Vrt., will ooiti'ii -iice its hrs' session the hrst Monday in ^aliuary, liiaU. Terms, per session t?fnva months, psyai< e ha.f hi advance: Hoard, (in private fnimlies if prefeirsJ,) mcludinir luel,li^nti.and wi.elnnr ^>'2 Tuition in common KusliMi liraaches Hi. iii i F.a^iish Brsaehes 16 ?* Aiicient Mel Modern L-anftiA^es and Ma.he matic" .. r?o diisio ? -' - 17 >? Orawinr . .. ? .. ?. ? lo is. Painting. ?? l'M?> Embroidery .. ?? ?? .... S Rev. J. U . GEORGE./ Prm'i* WILLIAM HA I.E. ^ rrin For Circu'ars. with oth?r particulars, references. A n., address either of the Principals as at we. d 7 lawtpebl NlSio SM.I OTICF. OF THE REMOVAL OF TIIE LAND OFFICE FROM \ilNNFAPOLIS TO FOR KST CITY. IN THE TERRITORY OF MINNESOTA. in accordance with the provisions ? ft?e act id ('impress, enti'led ' An act authoriziiiK change* i?< the location of Uuid otiices," aporoved March 3. Ih.?. it is hereby declarer! and made known thai for the vale ot the public lands at Minfaholis in 'he Territory oi Minnesota, will be removed to I o?i-t City, in said Territory, ft a? rn'.'v ?* >""" prwiii ablt. . i Further notion a* t?? the precise time ol rem< *ai Will Ik' issuod i.y the r?<ist? i and receiver lor the land (nven under m* hand, at the city of \\ aslunk.ton, thmHtli day of tieceml-er, A. L). I8>7. JJy order ol the Pie'.idej^ ^ HENDRICKS. CommiBaiOBM' ol tlie t?eueral Land Office, d in lawf.w I~ONGFEI.I.OWX P<?FTICAL WORKS 4 l.omlon with one tintirtied deskns, b? G?l t.ert, llrtl.ziel Hint others, hneiy ta.nnd. TEN \ \ SON'S POEMS. I.ouuon copy, numer oiisj% ii11.str?r?-?.? and hneh t??iiud. HOME At FACTIONS. SELECTED FROM I THE POETS, Cbaties Ma< ka> one Volume, smal! qiiario. London. I'W, tiuei> Uiuitd, witii ii?i eusrav inr.s. RH \ ANT'S POEMS, small i^uarto, 71 ernrav lui-a. huely boui d. LAI.I.A ROOKH, imall quarto, htrfly illus Irtdeil %i?.l b ur>d. ItR ACEBR1IX; E II ALL. nuall quai*t?,?umer ous ein-raviiicK an.1 hnelt liound A nd tine editio>isoi moat o'lier Enclish snA AmC rn?n *iiters, in Poetry and Prose,si'ine "yeaul iiil'v illustrated, otiiers rionly Imund, nmy k*>* fi?twl **.'{'* of t.he tit.dersuned, mostly impsirUf*. t?> liii.oo lt dirent. irom Loinion ... I II. 4 I'K A NCK TA\ L(>R I I VlMiSTONE'S T R A V EI .S and K >? searches I i in South Africa. 1 vol., 8vo.. with Maps ami Kn "3ir" *T FR .NI K T?YmR. milNI-K MSAT!--MINI'S MSftT:! 1*1 We have a supplv ol Domestic Mince .Meat wh,ei.can.HUl-..urpassed.o ^ H| k<.hk|-(m d 38 eorner l?h street and yert?out avt^ue. p ??I^ THE WEEKLY STAR. Tbi* Family and N>?? |nurna.-?'?n? Wdv ? t'?at?r *ao?tr *4 iBt#reetint rw^mi tnae ean be feud m lit) eUet- ia ??Nieb#d oe Nat aider ??I BUI. flMI. 5 ttmm 91 B F isr <vpi?a ?IM Tm o^ifi ? au IVUtj OOflM 1 14 <*' Ctii, u cdrM'i, Br aabaoribtnc in Ciuba raised unmii neighbors without the intervention of a mu! a?ent, aa will be ?eroeived. ?' par o?(it.of Thk Wimr Ht?i will aaved It lnvariaMy oontaiua the "Watkiuiten Usui" hat ma^e Tw? F.v**i?? Stab cire* ?ate eo federally thrwatboat Ibeooaatry. IZ7"9idcU copies (In w rappers )ean be prooared %t ti e oounter, immediately after the issue o the !?aper. Pmt-IHKKK CENTS. n-/" Postmasters who aula* M^U*?!! beaiiowed * O'linii.uuun of cx-nt. r Dentiitry, Jbc. |\K. K. UNLbY HI NT. V n dentist. .?? I. / ' Pentsj vmhi *vpr,n?. _ " ill perfo m all operatio- a l~<lonairc to h s^-3 profe??ioi4 at hia old established offiae. *k %Nt d 1 <?-1 f fJ> HE IMPROVED SETS OF TLK I U. \I. LOOMIK, M. I) , the inve.-iuii and pt?ter te* of "Lhwii pint Ii*? iiii^aae& auoo*??fi y introdu?.-J lot improvement u., various cities. hns now permanently t?sial> llthed himkeif m Waafciucton. I'lli? improvement l<>f S?tk<?f Teeth constats chief It iu inr:k'iiK a so: of hut ore p.eoa of material, and tint i!i<t>-.t moiihle mineral. No metal ia iiaed m tn-ir ix>natru0lioi;. ai.d ti.ey irr ilivrrlvrr (rerfron (ttivtiufifhnri ft*i*t ineialic taste. There are no joints to la come failed with immature or pirtioiei of I'tul. Iienoe they an?tr? amn r/??a. They are lirltter, afrinifw, (??? clumsy. lar more durst > ar <1 iirtuial >ii ir appearance. I will mrr s rewsi.l o Onf I'll? >nnit l*vlara toan) one sl<o mil; produce? aiinlnr work o| art to equal mine in purtt), ideality, dur-dMliiy. artistic exoci.enoe or any other reaviaite eu.iitT. All work wn ran'eo. '.*7?. Prnm. avenue, between llth and 13th streets. ap is-l* IhENTlSTRY. If i?R. STEPHEN BAILY. OFFICE No. I?*fl Pr.N** \ LfAVA Avmfl 7**r<? aoot* /tow Mr* Aiirnl, flu. DAILY ^>e?B to inform the puh'i?that ha oa i l<e seen at ail hisoftiae. located asalmve. H-* teela a*mi red that an experiei.rieof tit'eer sears" pra.-tice. witb 'he larte numlierof patient?.an<*?rewt variety ol <litticult <?*?>?*? ^hat he hna trentea aur>oe?e fii!l?, will entitle hun to aurmomit ant <nAcu ty, aoienlihc or otherwise, relntmc to tl.e Te??h. Il a own f?|>rr;niof o>*( hrlnllic tlie < p:rii<#u ?l iiaiii iiivl e iiti.ent in the protveeiot), ai d e- peoin"* f>ra. flnrr.a a id J. and K. I'ivriMly, haa led tiim. lone ainee,to<fka otrd nil preuarMior.n toi iiiiinx a>l Knameia, i.nil* Perclia. India Kutiher. and Oe US'" '* f'oi Mie oonatrmxioi. ??! Cotitiueoaa 4?iiib T-'eth. and tiiat porrelian, innunted or Ooid Piato. .a the <>n!y re.ial le su> ktanoo that oni. I* worr in the in->liiti. M WM BMl MMMNli a..> wn by iuo aat .\nier;c?n |Jent*! Corvcntu-n. Althouch ne lXtinm Uiuinui Irom hia lone reci ?teiir-e irpraetuw ir \\ a^hincUMu lie ia tavoraMy kn iwn to hi* numerouc trier da and patrwna. be i-e(a .eave to refer lU.'tn to the f(?io*iu TKSTIMONIALSt From the iate Reotor of the Church of Epiphany of tine city [>r. Pt*khs?i Baii.T: l)par<ir?I deairetoexpr<?ea my e?teim for yoi. personally, and my oonhdeno# m j.iu ac a hu^erioi dendat. I he op*raii<-i>a execuie-t for n.e hNvebeen tiintil) aat -factorr. I hope tha* you ma? t^oeive the paixona^e iroi? my fnebda and tbc pshiio that you' 8km ao w^!! deae^ ee. Voura very tnrjy, Wuhincton, Aa<. 26, lUr. J. W. FRENCH. From one of theoldear Lrmi m Ba t.more, Maaara. II.kcs. Cotir.u A Co. Harmc emploted i>r.i*te; her lla. y, 8orceon f>en tiet, oi V\ ashii.rton cn>, t<> extcute for me an im ports.! t at d difr u.t piece of work, which he d.d to my ert'.re s& in new of the fact that one of Ti c moat dietinguiahed memUri of the I)entai Co ?-ire??f H'itimore. faiied, nfter repealed trials, to perl<;rm the aaii e work aatiafac'only. it aives me treit pleasure to express my entire ooi.tidenee and hiirh esiimation ol hiK profoM.onal air ill. Baitim. re. Jan.l*. IWl HAKMANN BOGUS. Extract 11om a note received from tbelata Hoc. JoM M. Ciaytofc. I'. H SitiiTi. Aug. 19,1836. The teeth ron made fur me work admirably ; noti IBC ooald be letter. Very * raid uliy, JOHN M.CLAYTON. To thoae that er .'k relief from the w.aladiea of tL* t?dth, I can ohoerlw. y r uommtnu l)r. H. Itaiiy aa a aapeiior; l.e i -le a aet of poro?- iiu. teeita for one oi my tamila. and p ureed several teeth for iuy?e'f.ati4 the woik has all ?ti?o>l w-11 for more thaa tec yean. ROBFRT T. NlXON, of the Va. Conf. ot the M. E. Cliarcn*. Apru 19.18S?. We, tho ucderaiKDM!. hav.&z v*aJ occ&a cn to anul ocrac.vcH ot the protebaioui.. aanl of Or. t? liai.y. rsurseou l>er.ti?t ot this c.ty, or Ua\u^ teen cof ..j ant ot hia or-r^' :oua on oar families <?t fr:ei<d?. take pleasure in t oar admiiaiion of k;c artiatia aki'i. aa a ul! k*. of the ui.ilorml* stu. factory n m winch t;cf (.drtoriiia the moet aelioate and dill'cuit openi io ia u. I?ental bi riert.aii t v ereapoctfcl j ra OoirttniT.d lum to the ooutideiioc a?id pairo^ce of th* puUiio.ol wlach a e oor.?nler him fcnunently Worthy. Taoxaa I'. Wit tkk, Arcl iteot I. S. Caritu . Tposia? >!.!>..of Waalitnctna, 1>.C\ B. 8. iioiiKii. M. D. of (?a>rfei<iwi., I?. O. V . S i.lirot.N. M. I?.. of Wahliliigtoti, l>. C. J.?a. H. H?At/LFT,of Waahii:. ton. I>. C. 6i^k<e Walton. Ex-Governor of Florida. Walts* Linux, Fx- Mayor of Waahiijf toa, Husky JIalhwi*, L'.H. Patent othee. O.C. Wioht. Principal R ltteniiouae Aoademy. fetiau tf I> U'lVERNdlK HOTEL. A. AVI*NI'E.between i"th and 18th atreeta. U a?hisotom. u C. Thia eiitslilia1.:wnt t? new* (urmahed end ar ratier-J on tin* f.ost m??<ierii and ir:pr?ivr?l princip e, with private apartmenta, Ac. 1^7" The Itir ia aupp.ied with the oboioest of \\ mes and Liauors. t.amo and other deiicaoiea :n season. Hot and Cold l.unoh fnaa II o'oioak a. m. until U in. n tl IVX.P IUM V, ?? WltoU-nale and Retail I>eaier ui FANCY AN i? STAPLE STATIONERY. A'o. ?78 Pa. o rmy, I'tfera to the puhlio. at'eduoed prioes.afull and eoiilyier.*1 am.ortnu'nt of? Writ lax and letter Phf?cra. I n^iiah .uid Ameri<*ai. Noi?j Papers Fie? <*i| Enamcllotl rind Hriato' Hokid Writing Carda Wedditit and Hu*itie?p Fr:ve ? n?a Extra ii. ?? Knives. Srinnirn, ai.?i Rnzors. Fancy aid P'-un Plx?iiic Cards. iVskK and Work-'?>xea. Backgammon Hoard*. Cite-* Men. Checkers. <?a?n?e. Gold IVns, fencila. Cardra?:',s. Ae.. Ac. d 4 tf 11ntel.rolit | ? CTOP THAT RATTLING. ? I am now prepared to put on "Chapman's Fiaatio Anti-Kaftiitic !*ha!* Fastener." a sun,, remedj tor the iatt ir-e f t](e shaft of Currmee* and W airoi.s. a h.on oan !? p>it or. at a sinali Cal1 nnd t xamine at my Faotorv. where I have eeiiit.cates Irom tne leadinc <"oeohmakers in the cohntrx. ANDREW i. Jt)YCE, ?l |n-tf corner '?th *' d F sta. rPHE SECRET INFfRMJTIFS OF \ ot Til 1 AND MAfl RIT,. Ju*t I. U'aiif. I.*' 2ii* T4*a*?i?</. A few wor 'a of the HatioaaJ Trej.tmet.t, srithoet Me.licine, of Spermat'-rTheaor Lo,ai \S etsk'.cs*. *?fK!urnal I >? i, Genital, and Nerv us OeNlitv. Pre ?i are De ay ot ? be t*yst< m. ! mpo x ? Itiipciiineiith to Ma'ria<e C^ B. Lft, LANEY.M. H. Tk? iinptTtMi* fiat tb'.t til man* a'arminc ootL* p aints. oriKinntluc in the impiudence and aoiitnde of yow?b, met l?eeaeil? reino\<d without Medicine, i? in tl.ia t>ma!i trr.ot. <Jearl\ d? n,'>i stmtt J ; ei.d tne ei.t:ici> MT .-ind hl?hly MiiM-eaalu! Ir.-aniieiit,<is ailopt.'fl try the nt:thor. fully ?ip.a.nd, 1-. mean*/ a Inch evtry one ia < ntbled t >? cm e H imsel! p^i fectly an?l HI the Iev.t poaaib.e cost, ttieieby avoiding l?l the ndverlit?1 ? oVmtna of the da* . Sent to Mi) *<ldrer?, smtia and post free, in a ae-itcj envelope. !<i reinitii?n tw?>e?wia<e stainpe l? OR l?t LANEY, d.vwtf M Li-petiHidstitet. New V?r|r. 4 |7e AND f o K T E X. I !??? to inform the inhabitants and vtaitora of ri.e ciiien nl VVash'ncton ard t.eoreeiowr, I). C., tti*?t I have and ahai! oonstnntlj keepon hand, h et?mk of \\ ALE aid BROW % ^TOI'T PORTER. manufactured here entirely from Malt and Hops, a iriMded fi?"? front all n jurnma insrod.ents, put upincakk<i ot v sues, suitable tor Hotels. Ret-taumrth, Ib^rilin* houses and private fnmilie*, delivered by ???? oa n drat a, in an? part of the above cities, at the H-ewery prices. drdera received by po.t ar ill l>e attended to tne follow inr. Also, Miiltand Hops f??r sale. lireaery and MaUriou** onmer of K and 27th a'?.. WashinrtiHi city. l>. C. d 14 /mi JOSE P H 11A \ I M>N. I PIANOFORTES FOR CH K l*TM AS PR I # LN'I'.'*. \lao, Meiodeoi s. Violins. Oti'ir?, Masie, Flutes. Accorde??r?. Ttndi>>riusa. Ac.. Ac., anitanle lor sutistantial hoInK* ?il'? JOHN F. ELLIS. Piano and \lufi<* Store. S?> Pa. avenue, between tth Hud liKh ^tr^'is. d 21 V I I ^ E F ill I II ?\S, in p'ine Rmdinr*. of Gilitma, IT me. Hi i i?. Nf^ciuia*. Haner^tt. Irvinr, t arl> le, | mid.. Rol>ei tso:i, Ki llin, Plurarc*. R o# c'.e. G?l(!i*iih, li^aa Sad . Hofarth. Nlitfoid, Macki .t.>ah. Humei. Ranke. .Milton VVhew*-]i. and other enn< cnt pros? wn'ers. iKay ^ found at itie tWMiks'ore o| the under-irred. mosti> Imported di rer^ iurm l.ondon. d *? F R *NCK T AVI OR. ( ^Hl.AI PIANOS HiK > A L E OK RK \ I - ' Two Piano* for 9'5fici,; one .f , 1 %!??' each- two do ^l?- oact* n ad t 'i ? V . ' ' ?t.Mk**rrioetoiiand New York u-nit^lVd 'pito"^ d'*H J"HM r. HI IN I p K I: PA R A I'lONS IOR t HRIM-.MAS. TAVI.OR A M M R Y annonree the eoinpletion of theirsrran?^?me:its for the appn?rhii( s.asou: their at'>ck ini linlett a earefal sel?cfi<>n of Miasntli r^?ntly i liiKtrated Staidard and ?dher Worts in p'tin arnl orii>iinetitt.| I n an u-pr-oedente.l variety of F.ikIikIi nnd American Juvenile Hooks. am1 a choioe asaortmer.t of Bibles and t'rayei B>?? ka (in the neweat styles!; Alliums, Poitfolios, Writirat l>e?k- Inka'aiHlE. t'wliea. Ac. to ahioh ?bey re specllul't invite nttent on T A V I .O It A MAI R VS Rookst.we. ,IU tf i air ak it'Mt A1 K \V Ml SIC reeeived semi weekly: M unr or .a dered fr.-in uml will to ant yirt ?>t the oi.tintt. Maine Bound. Ac . A e.. at oar 1'iano , fa. aveuee, Iwiween nth and l?*h atrreir. dju IOHN F.ELLIS,