Newspaper of Evening Star, January 13, 1858, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 13, 1858 Page 2
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,^k? j ??"->?* ???? ??? ,rar htiIII in* ??' ? S"1KI l'Ot Tim MUHNIN" PKKS3. The Intelligencer, discussing with th? I tbe fact whether the recent Democratic Ma e Convention for Indiana did or did not pas* a resolution approbatory of the 1 residi nt s *** sas policy, protests that it take!" no par , asi i hns no interest whatever in the inter-party dif ferences of the Democracy. The Urn I on is to-day devoted principally to new* and Congressional proceedings WASHrMsTUiV NtilVS AND GOSSIP. Thk Lfvkk.?The Levee of last night pre sented fully as animated a tide of mortality as that on New Year's Day, aud was in many re spects more brilliant and interesting. The President, as was the case at the New Year s reception, was looking remarkably well, and not a whit the worse at the end of his two hoars' ordeal. The introductions to the Presi dent were mode by Marshal Hoover, assisted by Deputy Marshal Phillips, and those to Miss Lane by Mr. Commissioner lilake Between nine and ten o'clock the East Rouui presented a scene of wonderful life and bril liancy. Perhaps there never before in the history of the country was exhibited such a ka leidoscope display of colors ; such a Babel of tongnes; and such a jostling together of incon gruous elements?political, social and other wise Ranged along the east end of the room, seated, quite at home, i.i the satin-covered ehairs, were fourteen Indian braves, of the Sioux and other delegations. Each was dif ferently dressed and decorated, but all original and aboriginal in costume and custom, and af fording a fine contrast by their unstudied atti tudes. stalwart figures and flowing blanket drajieries, to the thiu-legged, tight-laced male specimens of Japonicadoin, staring at them through their eye-glasses Everybody shook hands with the braves, who held a special levee of their own ; and very indignant were they if any fair lady drew back. They had their fun, too. in administering a grip of iron to the dan dies who approached, and sending them away with crushed fingers and tears in their eyes. In the elliptical promenade was presented at every revolution a succession of notables. There wero all the Cabinet Ministers; there was tall Sam Houston, towering at a height thatdis played full three quarters of a stupendous vest pattern above the heads of kss fellow mortals, and there was General Scott, overtopping even the altitudinnns Texan; there was the plump blonde tree-soilcr, Hale, and the plump bru nette free-soilers, Hamlin and Wilson; there was white neck-clothod Lord Napier, so quiet in dress so unassuming iu manner, as not to half come up to fast Young America's idea of a nobleman; there was Emmons (Pop) the poet, with Byronic collar, and eyo --in a tine phreuiy rolling;'' there was the trio of artists. Ilealy. King and Bessau. each ot whom cultivates the picturesque, and lets his hair grow ; there was Marshal Wilder, the veteran agriculturalis', with his eagle eye; there was Mrs. Southwortb, the novelist, surrounded by a circle of the literati, there was Senator Ifc>uglas. with his beautiful Washington bride on his arm ; there were sueh other prominent political stagers as Gwin, Mason, Hunter. Keitt. Clingmnn, Flor ence, Collamer. Kennedy and Pearcc; there were Judges Wayne and Catrou. of the Su preme Court, and Commodore Lavalette, of the Navy, there was Dr. Parker, fresh from his mission to the Celestials; and there was Train. tb? merchant Bostonian. who has visited every where; there were hundreds of other person ages whose names areas familiar to the ) ub lie as '* household words, but which we lack space here to chronicle The Murine Band performed exquisitely ai usual, a number of pieces arranged expressly by their leader. Scala 1 he programme opened with Buchanan's Inauguration March, dedi cated by its composer (Scala) to Miss Lane; then followed an overture from " Masaniello a duet from " Kigoletto Goldsmith's chorus from "Crown Diamond*," with imitations; Stradella tjuadrille ; Butterfly Waltz; Polka from "L tmpiri<*o;" Quickstep from ' Travi ata , Cavatina Malvina di Scozia , chorus from ?? Lucia di Lamuieimo^r Bridal S?-hottisch ; ending with ?? Yankee Doodle." Thk Akt ov Telkukamiimg.?We hear a ?tory of a series of k- telegrams"' recently dis patched from Richmond to this city, concerning the state of sentiment in the Virginia Legisla ture relative to the course of the Administra tion on the Nicaragua question and the extra dition of Walker by Commodore Paulding, well ?worth republication, a- illustrative of the way in which popular and legislative sentiment is " churned in this couutry for political effect. These dispatches?three in number?were about as follows: No. 1?'? Great excitement here upon the Walker question !" No. 2?""The excitement here is fremenJ ous!!" No. 3??? The tremendous excitcmcnt here is increasing Of course this astounding news came from a gentleman inclose affiliation with the filibuster council in this city?in fact, from the gentle man intrusted with the important mission of lobbying into the Virginia Legislature the pro filibuster resolves now before that body, which were never designed by their Washington city originator* to be seriously attempted to be passed This is a funny world we live in; and in no other respect more quizzical th in in the manner in which politicians essay to atfect tbe action of the Government here, as in this case As Important Public Lands (Jiektio* Ijbcidbo ?Below we publish a decision re cently inude by the Secretary of the Interior upon a question concerning conflicting titles to swamp lands claimed to have been taken up by individuals before Wing confirmed to States, by Congress, which will be read with no little interest in those Stata*. especially, that have been the recipients of eU<-h grants from the general Government DlPilTSIlT OF Tli| la-maioR. / \\ inHixutox, Jan s, k> ' ( ?|R 1 return, herewith, the papers whieh rompanied your report of I he v?;I Li November last, In the case <>f J I) Ludlow'* application of Januarys, l-Sk. to enter certain tracts of land in Danville district, Illinois After cart ful < ousid e rat ion of llw-v papers, together with Hie report* from your ofli< e of ihe -/Ttli ,\J and the 9tb Sep temljrr l**t, and the argument of John Wilsoo, K*q , of Cbn a^o, in itehalf of Mr Ludlow, I am of (be opinion that the a<-t of CouKrew of :ui March, 1-07, entitled "An act to i-ontt'ili to the M-veral States the kwnnip and overflowed lands selected under the act of September '??", 1MO," Ac , is, a* reM|ie<;tw tbe disposition of Ihe rMnt on the H>? of your odi< e at the date of its passage, mandatory in Its terms It conflrii.s the elaini of the Slates t?> sell c!i?n* of swamp and oveiflowed lands "heretofore made and repotted to Ike Omimissioiier of the General Land (Ifice, ?u far m tl?e Mine remain vacant and unappropriated, and not iuteifered with by an adust settlement under any ex!- ting iaw of the f ailed Stales,*' aud directs that ihey be approved and patented to the several States. Tbe question proper to be couMde ej iu cases of conflict arising upon lists remaining on the flle? of tbe Land Ofllce on .'id March, 1-57, are these : Find, has the trail been selected in the usual manner by an autboiized agent, and La* the list containing it l?eeti leported in due eourne befoie ihe rid of March, lo5?, to the 1' ma.i siouer of the Oeueial Land Odii o, tb<* Sle.tion not having been canceled t^efoie that date ' If the reply to thin Inquiry be affirmative, the next question that arises is?Wns the tract "Vacant and unappropriated, and not Interfered with by an acl-tal settlement-' under an existing law of the I titled State* a? the date of tlie passage of Hie Mid ?' t "f Man h I, l^.l? 1 And if the tract l?e found vacant and ttnappropiiated. and not In terfered with by a legal settlement, It is to lie ap proved and patented to the State, according to the direction given in the act of Congress to the Executive branch of the Government It Is not for me to call in question the constitutionality of the act of I ongress under discussion, or to refuse ubetiifncf to a plain requirement of *aid act. on account of the ellect or conwuuence of such obe dience. If It be admitted that Mr. Ludlow's applica tion and tender were legally nude, and that the lands were subject to said application at the time, ( ?n which points you are not satisfied ) still it is certain thai said application and tender were re fused by the district officer*. and the purchase was not admitted bv them The extent of right that can be acquired by a legal application and tender which have been refused, is only to a spe cific performance by the Initcd States of the con tract of purchase, the benefits of which the indi vidual might be regarded as having thereby preserved to himself. But in this case, whilst a contest for the legal title is pending before the Executive branch of the Government, the Le"is laiive branch interposes, confi uis the claim of one of the contestants, and orders the legal title to lie given to him Thi? requirement of the legislative powsr we obey without inquiring which contestant had the superior equity at the date of confirmation. And I cannot tegard the equity, which may have been acquired by an individual, who has, even impropeily, been refused the entry of spe cific tracts?though presei ved to him by the pros ecution of his rights on appeal, us such an appro priation of the tiacts as would save them from thecobfiimlng effect of the act of March 3, 1S57. It Congress In the enactment of the said law has exceeded its constitutional authority, and di rected patents to be issued to the States for lands to which individuals had previously a good title, the Courts aie open for a redress of their e.iev ances R In the specific case und.-r consideration it does not appear, therefoie, that this Department can now pennit Mr l.udlow toenterany of the lands embraced in his memorandum of January 'J 1-56; or can respect his claim for patents, or en tertain any appeal f: m a decision of Ihe Sur veyor ticneral in favor of the claim of the State ot Illinois t.. selections of swamp lauds that may have lieen contested by him, under regulations of the lieneral hand Ollice, is,ued In December, l-.v?, and February, 1*50. Your decision adverse to further pro. ee iics in Mr. Ludlow's case is, therefore, hereby al ti>tiled ; and you will proceed iu patenting the continued sauip selections to the several States in accordance with the views above expressed. ' ^ ery respectfully, your obedient servant, . , J - Thompson, Secetary. rothe Commissioner of the General I.ami Oihce The Progress of tiik Countrv.?In nolh ing else is the general progress ot tho I'nited States more conspicuous thun in the increase of the business ol tho different Kxecutive de partments here. Year by year, uiouih by uionth. week by week, und almost day by day. evidences or this fact press upou us especially; for every day in tho year it is our business to visit each of iheui in search of information of interest to the public for publication iu tho &t*r. Congress has gradually increased the clerical force of all ol thetn. and has accorded to the heads of some ol them such assistants in tho way of Assistant Secretaries necessary to the proper management of their increased du ties. Ihus, we have Assistant Secretaries ol State and the Treasury, and Assistant Post master Generals. The Secretaries of War and Navy and the Attorney General, however, are vot compelled to do without such official aids. Ihis should not be, lor the increase of labor upon those fuLctionaries has been compara tively as great iu the last decade as upon tbo.-e first mentioned. It is very clear to our mind that the interest of the Government requires that they should be at once relieved of a considerable portion of their labors, by the enactment of a law provi ding for the due employment of such assistance in their several departments. Such legislation will enable them to devote much more time thun at present to the proper management of ques tions of great iui|>ortaiicc coming before them by relieving them from the duty of attending to the matters of det^ and routine which now necessarily occupy so much of their time and attention We are very sure that if Congress will promptly legislate on this subject, as we indicate above, great advantages will accrue in the main to the public interest. The proposed officers should bo provided for with salaries of *1 i?Mi each, to meet the expensive stale of the times. The Lawrence Sr.?*EA Co. Ubirerv Cast. 'J he New York journals are still harping over the allegation of the partners of this failing tiiui that they spent of other people's money in efforts to lobby through the last Congress a proposition to accord increased protection to capital invested in American manu natures, including 000 paid to newspapeis After scanning everything that has appeared in print ou the subject, we have couie to Ihe conclusion tint tho missing money was not s>o expended lhat, in truth the allegation is simply a con venient excuse given by the meuibeis of the failing firm for having misapplied, for tlieirown benefit, trust funds intrusted to them The'r books and papers have been closely scru tinized, and so far not a scratch of a pen going to con firm the truth of this statement of theirs has been discovered Jn the coudi?on of their af fairs. with creditors and confidential friends proclaiming that they have robbed them, it is extremely convenient on their part to seek to relieve themselves from obloquy by pretending that they spent the money '-confidentially.'' in bribing members ol the last Congress, and others supposed te be influential with Congress. Their story is evidently ?' bosh,-' and nothing more. Ihe Failire >>r the Oithagk Crop.?The editor of tho Albany Arsrt'i and Atla* is evi dently a wag in his way. In a late number he roasts the Republicans and their allies unmer cifully on account of their deplorable condi tion, arising from the late entire failure of the Kansas outrage crop Hear hit* . iuit. Detcat of I nlted States T?oop?,' ? March of Oen Lane and 1 *J0"i troop,,' ? Aires! ot IJeu AII m fL'r'bought foiwatd bv its colleagues All these IniiKo, UU, k Republican culture, HO full of promise have be*,,,, tue bud by a killing frost i ? "P??k of ? the luxury of woe,' but this is not a question of luxury. Outrages havrconie to be a matter of necessity, and the calamity will deprive peep e of their livelihood What will Greeley do without his outrage* ? He J, , the cry for ' Protection to American Outrages ' a:,d require of Congress to interfere i? behalf of 11- wT!!t r !ur" liidust! y ? but in them, an t m what are his readers to do Without their daily outrage?their brown-toasted Free Stale m-i. and bung clericals, which theyare accus loiii^d to t>f for Weikfosit f ? V\e know that by a Wise provts.on, the grow er of th.s profitable political crop, have attempt ed to extend It lieyoud Kansas and have p,lt |7ah under, ulti vat ton A few weeks ago. w* had a glowing account of minder, starvation, poison, and defeat, ot whirl, the United .States t.ooi.s were the Vlcl tills! It promised well; but it I J, - ished ere its bloom .' Vesterday a first rate out u'f 0,,t f?r 'he del relation of the ma. k Republicans in the shape of rnuioMhat a ? /'fKowrument troops In l lah had ben, ed lo tV ' ?.v*'poweied by Monuoii-s butcher ?,r Vsor *?> ??? w^a m'!','1 b^IU^' H"d ,he ?'.?ig I his *?*?? v^v*of ,he ?,f ?es, I,lit We Tr .r .. U'OWtll of O.ltfa lbe r.:r. ? the misery -, ,v^ v ,, - wa.t for so?,?. philamhroiiui ty ^ scriplion.'* propose a sub Wo are mu.-h inclined to bolieve that n. ? only Messrs tireely lioecher, lUdpath A Co are destined to find their occupation in this connection gone, but all others who have of lute dreamed of making political capital out of '' Ml???'i"g Kansas " The majority of the non holding State p-rly of Kaiuas have eyj deutly made up their mind* to aecopt the Le compton constitution, and to strive to amend it legally, ?8 it is their undisputed right to do in case they have, an they claim to have, a ma jority uf the voters of the Territory ou their t'de The effect of such action on their part cannot fail to be that " Bleeding Kansas" will noon cease to hi an issue before the American people, however inconvenient that may be to the patriots who have sought to strengthen them selves before the people by playing for effect with that question. W emay add here, that the dispatches concern ing the result of the Kansas election of the 4th inst.. which we are now publishing from day to day, are from the pen of the St. Louis agent of the Associated Press, who for two years past has tinged nearly his every account of Kansas af fairs with his indtvidual Republican-party bias Our experience teaches that while all he sends over the wires that tells against his own side may be regarded as positively true, not a tithe of that coming from his pen that smacks of Re publican party successes. Ac., is true. General Duff Green s Scheme*) ?We do not know how we can better, in fewer words, explain the condition of public sentiment here upon the railroad, banking and iron manufac turing crotchets of the venerable gentleman named above, than to quote as follows, briefly, from a late Washington letter we find in the Albany At/a* and Arqtts. All it says will strike all who have kept the run of General Green s many vagaries of political economy since his quarrel with Jackson occurred, will recognize the force and truth of what this writer says of his present useless expenditure of time ami attainments, which, otherwise directed, might ho of some service to somebody: Washington, Jan 5. I8a8 The "Railroad Convention" which look place :?? the National Hotel in this city on Monday ntgbl. was the means or hi Initio to the siilfac.e one of the most novel, striking, startling and maijnifi -eut schemes which have entered the brain of man since the explosion of the South Sea Hubble It is worth While to tell yon veri brbtly what the telegraph d.?es not, namely, what were the "plans connect* <1 with railroad construction and interests," suoniitted to the meeting by Gen I'utl Green, and upon which as the report of the Associated Press says, there was a "diversity of opinion .'- Yon will wonder, when yon hear them, hnw there could have been any other diversity of opinion than a simple d.f ference whether the man who submitted the plans mad or joking. Ge? G.een proposrs,*flrst, that all the railroad stock of the country shall be capitalized and ie d;n:ed to one denomination, and all the railroad companies in the Union consolidated into one grand, mammoth railroad corporation. This done, and the railroad system of the country in the hands of a sijij'le set of men, coiitroled by the same inleiests, and a. tiiijj in concert through one hoard of directors. General Gieen pioposcs Uiat Congress shall donate all the public land of the I nlted States to the Post Office Department, as a basis to enable that Department to make an ad vance payment to this ^ratid consolidated (" Hot Muffin") tail road company, of lifty millions of dollars, as a compensation for carrying the mails. I'be company, thus in possession of fifty millions ot ready capital, erect a mammoth iron minim' and manufactmiug establishment at Iron Moun" tain, Missouri, and enter into the business of making iron Asid in older further to insure the stic ess of the grand consolidated company, Con gress shall place prohibitory duties on iron im ported into the country, and make various ot her "needful rules and iemulations" with tender ref erence to the interests of the company aforesaid *??"? visionary, wild, eitravagant stun, tiliiuy up details and removing objections was submitted by the General, amidst the ill-' concealed wonder and amazement of the persons present I suspect Cengress will not adopt the General s plans, nor, I am afraid, the railroad companies either If they did, we might soon have Geneial Duft Gieen as king of the I nited Slates, and Pantaloon for his prime minister Governor Wine s Yeri Last.?We need hardly assure the distant public that the poei tions of the letter written l.y Governor Wise to the Hth of January celebration at Tammany Hall. New York, meet the sanction of no South ern member ot either branch of Congress. We state the fact only hocauie it will, of course, bo t ssayed by the Kepiiblieaii party press to create the Impression that Gov. W represents others at the South in this matter besides hims-tf; which is not so. He is a free agent, and as his opinions and views on such subject affect his own future only, we see no reason to devote space in the ?<//- to their discussion Vet we may not inappropriately remark that the voting iu Kansas on the 41h ? the action ot its non slaveholding State party?iu virtually and practically accepting the Lecompton Constitu tion, shows that Governor Wise is solicitous to effect tor them in this matter that which they admit to be not worth contending for. The truth is, the admission of Kansas into the Union on the Lecompton Constitution is to manifestly but a mere necessary preliminary to placing iu tLe hands of the people of the Territory the entire settlement of all their own affairs in issue, that even Jim Lane A Co are no longer able to prevent any considerable number of them from availing themselves of the opportunity so to do. by refusing longer to play the game of ?' bleeding Kansas" for the benefit of politicians of the Last Confirmed. It is understood that the nom ination of the lion. Nathan Clifford, ol Maine to be an associate justice of the Supreme Court of the United States, vice Curtis resigned, was duly confirmed by the Senate yesterday?the vote being 2.'i for to 2U against the confirma tion We have every reason to believe that nil the votes in the negative were those of opposi tion Senators. Judge Clifford has spent a very considerable portion ?f his life in the public service ; and however thus employed, has discharged all the duties devolved on him with eminent ability and in a manner to give entire satisfaction to all not determined to find fault with all Demo cratic functionaries on account of their politics. I nfortunately there are too many such persons; as there will continue to be, until weak humau nature changes its characteristics That Judge ( lifford s ap]>ointment will prove eminently a fortunate and wise one, we entertain no doubt whatever, and are sati.-fied that in a twelve month those of our Democratic friends who have been inclined to give ear to the aspersions upon his capacity that have originated in the bitterness of the hostility of New Kngland fed eralism towards him, will have their eyes opened to the fact that they have, been imposed ou iu this matter. ?_ The Last Si i? ii?k?The suicide of Dr. An son Jones, formerly of New York, once the President of the Republic of Texas, news of which reached us yesterday by telegraph, com ing so soon on the heel of the suicide of the late lamented Husk, strikes us with infinite pain. Like Rusk, he enjoyed through life the eliaiacter of being a man of excellent practical sense in all business affairs, and was withal a man ol remarkably even temper and well reg ulated and governed habits and passions, un less his nature had changed in the last decade We knew him well, and are more surprised at the account of the manner of bis death than we can express, lie leaves bonis of friends out ol iexas, who, wo know well, will be much shocked with the news of bis sudden exit from the world by his own baud as we have been. Ihe Yiimhnia Lk. isi.ati rk -The fact that Governor Wise iu bis last letter to (he Deim* racy of Tammany Hall b?ok occasiou to pledge the Democracy ot Virginia, as it were, against the admission of Kansas into ihe Uuiou an a State, on the Lecompton Constitution, gave rise to the late caucus of the Democrats of the Legislature of that Stale, wherein resolutions were unanimously adopted endorsing the poliey of tho President and the Democracy of Congress iu that connection, which were, in turn, adopted yesterday by the Virginia House of Delegate^. ^ 'rgini* bas therefore promptly and etnphat ua y declared through her authorised agouti, that Governor Wi?e'? views on the subject mart be taken by the country to be hit, rather than hern. . Jn?awE*T Rendered ? Judgment was ren dered on the 5tb instant against (len William Walker and hid surety, fc>. F blatter, in tbo Circuit Court of the United States, at New Or leans. for $2,000 on the reoogniaatice of the former to appear to answer for a breach of tie neutrality laws, and which recogniianca wai forfeited by his departure in the Fashion in November. The Dropped akd Retired Naval Of ricERs who have been renominated to the Senate for the active service list, owe much indeed to the Hon. Jefferson Davis for bis earnest and very able speech, delivered this morning in behalf of their immediate oonfirma tion. Reception.?The reception at Attorney Qen eral Black s, lust night, was one of the most largely attended and brilliant of the season The Weather ?The following report of the weather for this morning is made from the Morse Telegraph line to the Smithsonian In?titution. The time of observation is about 8 o'clock a m : Jancaev 13. 1*58 New ^ ork, N Y ...clear, pleasant Philadelphia, Pa ???? .. clear, pleasant Baltimore, Md clear, pleaunt. \\ asljiru'ton, D C cloudy, pleasant. Richmond. Va........... cloudy, cool Petersburg, Va cloudy, damp Norfolk, Va cloudy, cool Wilmington, N . U cloudy, cool Raleigh, N C cloudy, cool. Columbia, 8 C raining, cool Charleston, S C cloudy, warm Augusta, Ga raining Savannah, Ga raining, cool. IVIaron Ga .............ra i n 1 n " Columbus, Ga stormy. Montgomery. Ala..........stormy. Lower Peach Tree, Aia ...raining Molt He, Ala... raining, warm. tialnesville. Mimt cloudy, warm New Orleans, I.a cloudy, wauu Fbiik thi Wk<t Cumberland. Md clear, pleasant. W heeling, Va clear, pleasant Manometer at the Smithsonian, no -Sun riietmoniefcr, on the Smltiisonian tower, min imum last night, 3s?; near the ground, CONCH ESSfONA I.. Thirty-fifth t'?njrf?- Flnt Session. Ix thk Sknatk, yesterday, after the Star went to press, Mr. Malloty moved to consider the joint resolution to extend the operation of the second section of the act approved January 16th, lw.17, entitled ?? An act to promote the etticiency of the Navy." which had been reported from the Com mittee on Naval Attaint, with a proviso to the eftect that the time of examinations by courts of inquiry made under the section of the art should be extended; a brief disciisviou ensued, and an amendment otf^red by Mr. Crittenden, to strike out-the winds " second section" in the res olution prevailed; so that the provisions of the whole art are extended to the Itith April, 1S51? J I'he following is the resolution as passed: Rrsolrril. $c . That the operation of the act entitled "An act to amend an act entitled -an act to promote the efficiency of the Navy.' " limit ing the restoration of officers in certain cases 1** extended to the sixteeulh day of April, 185)-: I'rovi'ffit. That the time within which examina tions by courts of Inquiry may be made, as prc vided by the first section of said act, shall not Ik*

extended Mr. Mason moved to reconsider the vote on the passage of the joint resolution to extend and de flue the power of the President under the act of Is57 to promote the efficiency of the Navy, which after a brief discuasion, was agreed to. Mr M then moved to reconsider the amend ment of Mr Hunter, providing that there should be no increase of the niimlter of officers on the ac tive service list lieyond what is now authorized by law. This motion being likely to lead to a dine us siou ? Mr Stuart moved to postpone the further con sideration of the subject nut it to-moriow : which was agreed to The Senate then went intoexeciitive session, at the contusion of which they adjourned Ix tiik IIotTsk, Mr. Kel loggconcluded his antI administration speech iu the Committee of the Whole on the state Of the Union, and was fol h>w-d in debate on theneutrality laws by Mess is Moore of Vl.ili.iiui, Thompson of New Yoik and Warien of Aikansas, until the Committee and the House adjourned Proceedings of Ta-day. Ix THk Skma tv. to day, after the presentation of some memorials and the introduction of sun diy bills.arid resolution*? The pending mutton to recnn?Ider the late vote passing the joint lesolutlon to amend the act to increase the efficiency of the Navy, (by which vote the p aetiral restoration of the dropped ai d letired officers of the Navy, renominated by the I re ulenr, in accordance with the recommenda tioi sof Court* of Inquiry) Is to l>e postponed ii ii' 11 actual vacancies in the present active so Vice list may occur?i .me up, and wjs debated at length by Mr Stuart as/am-t the s.iid motion, and Messis. .Mason, Houston, and Davis hi its favor Mr. Higter ottered a joint resolution for the presentation fioui Congress of a yolrt medal to ? Oiiimi.?lore Hirain Paulding; which was laid over under the rule Ix tiik Hoi sf, immediately after the reading of the journal, they went into committee on the (lending resolution for the distribution of the 1'iesiderit's annual message (Mr. Phelps in the chair) wheiem Mr Curtis, of Iowa, deliveied a spee.-h against Ante.Iran filibustering iu Ceutial America PERSONAL .... FreemanHunt of the Merchants Magazine is recovering from his illness. I'he Providence Journal announces the death of Mr. Wm I. Burroughs, a gentleman long connected with that journal .... Stiakoscb and Freziollni are to be In Western New York in February, beginning With Concerts in Buffalo Hon Moses Newell and Hon John Brook, M is-.; Hon. Fred Smythe, N. H . and Capt Merrett. I S.N, are at the National. Hon L K Rowen. Md ; Capt. L) I. F Jones and Capt. T J. Woods. I* a a , and ex Mayor t ernaudo Wood, of N Y ., are at Wll 1.lids'. Mr. Ilarry Sanderson, the accomplished American pianist, who lately ap|?aivd in thi* city with Miss Juliana May, is yet dangerously ill at his home iu New York. ... The Musical World airs a rumor that Miss Annie Kemii of New Vork city, has accepted the offer of a salary of OiHJ per annum, losing at Jhalberg's Concerts iu the South. .... Mr Wright, our new Knvoy at Berlin, has distinguished himself by his temperance princi ples At an entertainment which he re cent IV in honor of Alexander Von Humboldt, to which all the Americans resident ii. Berlin weie invited hominy and other preparations of Indian com weie provided, but no wine The Filibimtkm* at Norfolk?The mayor ot Norfolk having complained of the landing of Walker's men thete, as being a violaiiou of a city oidinance in relation to paupers, |.t lirysou. at the time commanding, replied that the men who had gone ashore had dune so voluntarily, he having not forced, but permitted them ; ituder instructions from the Government. Those re maining on board, he says, will not be permitted to land without further orders from Washing ton. Msa \ ii.?It was stated a few days a^o ? he Maryland House of Delegates refused to re ceive tiovernor I.Icon's message on the ground that fraud was charged in electing delegates from Baltimore city. Those opposed to the reception thought letter of if, and allowed the message to b read on Monday, tiov Hicks is to tie inauv ur ited to-day. Ilv'll is stated that tbeieare feu times as many newspapers printed iu the Germau language In the 1 mted NhUn a* theit* are iu (lerinauy in/" The Merchants' and Mmiufarturer? Hank i new institution at llartlord, Ct , has deter-' mini d to issue no bill of a leas denomination than 95 U'r Fvery child In N, w Hampshire that could read, and (hat was destitute of the New Testa ment, was supplied with a copy durii.y the past yeai, by the Bible Society. v 1C>* The Fiench government is said to he alKuit concluding a tiealy which places the Sand wi. h Islands uuder a P.otectoiale of that na tion . \l r In l-.jfi the population of France was at a stand still, and there was iu that year a prepon derance of deaths over births to I he number of ?juo^uuij. A ? owmt tx Jov ?So gratifying was the news or the relief of l.ucknow considered ou Its ar rival, that even the l.ord Chief Justice of Ku*f. land, who had the telegram handed to him while on the Hench, rend It In the open Court before the people assembled, aud a tremendous cheer, several limes lepeated, rung through the vaulted roof of the building, an unusual sound Hi a place wheie scarcely ever aught but dread anxiety reigns ^ Farther Particulars af tl? Dlatarbaacee la Mexlca. The steamship Tennessee, ?* we annouiK ??d yflriday, brings to New Origan#two week* later intelligence from Mexico. A Urge party?ronsi<tting of* large majority of tlie people, outside of the military forie ? bad risen against tLeTacubaya pionurir iamento. uv. r turning the constitution ana declaring Con.anfo t sole and absolute dictator Comonfort left the capital on tbe t?t 1n?tant. at the bead of a division of troops Hi* destination was unknown before bis departure tbe or^an lied inhitstry?among whom are Alecatrize. F.? parta. Cerdo and Payno, to?fetb?r wltb moot of tbe diplomatic co ps, paid their re^pe, ts to Co monfort on New Year's day. Tbe B lti?h repr*. sftitatives were absent on this occasion, which fact has caused nun b surmise and remark Tbere was a rumor that Alvarez it dead Senor Parodi Las issued a proclamation against Comonfort. and bas made large levies of troops Vera Crnz ban reralb d it? acceptance of tbe plans of Tac .bava Civil war is considered Inevitable From tie Me<:can journals mid lette ? receive.l by the Picayune, it appears tbat tbe recent revo lutionary proceedings of Comonfo t, assisted by Gen Baez. in tbe city of Mexico, bad !*-en re ceived with much disfavor in many of tbe Inte rior portions of the country, and a large number of States bad openly deciar.d In tbe im>st violent manner against the new order of thin/* Many of tbe principal towns, including Ve'# Cruz.bad also joined In opposition to Couionfo't. anil a formidable military coalition was In process of organization to assist >n tbe movement against htm In several po'tionsof the Republic troops were alie.idv In motion, and another change In the executive power appeared at tbe date of tbe latest advices to be imminent rv~?=?1.0. O F.?The Grand Lodge of tne bis triot of i olumbia is reuus.ted to attend a special meeting THIS EVENING. ??aie nrr<?ngeiiicn ?for the funeral ol f. G. Uwtu bum mers. It v order: It J. T BANGS. G. Sec. rv *-"1. O. O. F.?'The ineml*?rs of Central Lodge, . L 4 No. 1. are requested to meet at then li t i T?> MOK ROW AK'I' 1 o'clock. to attend the funeral of P. G Owen Summer , Hiott era ot sitter Lodges are cordially mv.tod 10 unite With ua <?n this occa-i <*i. H? ?i K R T MIDDLKTON, jan 11 Secietary. II. O F.? The meinlxtrs of Washington [ f LixUf. No. fi, ar<* r< i|iir<?ti?l t<> mt^ct hi (Hid I- el lows' lis 11, I'H lis ( Wednesday ' KV' 7 o'clnck, to make arrangement s to attend the fune ral ot their deceased brother P. G. Joel Downer. I>y or.I. r of the N. li, It J AS*. A. BKtMVN. P. "? ITUI.IC MEETING ?III be held in the i < I'mon Eiis.ine House, (Kn?l Waid ) on I iiIIRhhaS KV KNINO, l?th instant. s >; oVI'i, (or thcj*->nehi ol the poor. jan I t ,>t ?^*3=?0 I'H A Ns* FAIR NKVOVMI io I RUN |r ? II A I.I,, PA. A VKNI'K.-The inclcm. no of the weather lis vine pie\ented many person*. Who were anxions to do so, attending the Knit at Odd Foi ;<iws'tiall, the mnunger* have In mi pre vnileil upon to continue it for a few day* in >re, and it wiil Ims opened at Iron Hull. The artiofe* fur sale are marked down at the lowest po??ibie prioe?, ai.ri t he patronage of the Hiai itnlile is ear neat l> s lioi ?J. Nearly one hundred and hOy orphan girlsnrede p-lid.rig upon tlie result of this effort to procure wtiat is absolutely necessary for tneir pi.-ssiiir wanta. ian .5 d rrv=? ICK. CKKAM ! ICE CR KAM ! ICE L 3 CKKAM 1-TIih vet j Itest Ice Cream end \Vater lees, Roman Pnneh. A at .f I A' ger lal'on. Small and lar.e Cake* <>f all vaiieties. Jellies. Charlotte de Hus^e, Itlanc Mai,re. Pie* of all kinds, and a large collection of Fruit*, at SCII.AFFIEI D'* Baltimore Confec?i?nerv and IceCream l>epo?. No. nth street, between (> and II. P S.? Parties. Italia, and Weddings lurtii*htd with a'l kinds Coufuctioiiery and P) ratuids of diller eul kinds. jan 9 1m METROPOLITAN MECHANICS' IN 1 STlTl'TE.? Memlmrs are requested to pay their annua! dues to the undersigned, or to l.twis Wmutir, K?<|. They are now on their term of grace. H J\NNF.V, d SB eo2w Fmaneial Socre^ry. T5=?()F FI?'K M I TUAI. I- IRK INSIRANCF. J t COMPANV OK THK DISTRICT OF Cni.UM HI A. WashiXjTon. I)eeeint?er ;H, 1HS7.- In accordaiH>'with the piovi*|ons of the charter, the Man tger* puhlish the condition oft tic Company , a* follows: Amount of premium notes ?n Amount <d uMsb on hand K.lsnun Amount of losses during t>a?t senr l.iC'l?/ Notice is aUo *1 veil that the annual meeting of the member* o thel'oinpant will he held at this offico ihi Monday. Ja'tivy IK, ItCM. a* in o'clock a. in. when an election will Im> I,eUl lot seven managers, to serve for the ensuing >ear. K* order of the managers. jan 4-Aot>t CIIAS. WILSON, Hw'f. l>K. POPK. I Tf Hi?n-opntkir fhy\K ins tad S'srces, De Menoii or t'haiu Buildings, \o. r;i, H sueet, north Mule. I>etween I'tth and Uth sta. d l*^ eo3m INDKLIBI.K INK. Tw.*e/ers, Fmvrjr Bags, Peai 1 >t uds and ale??V?- Buttons,^tl^; R il l?.?n and Coiil at l.A ,M M >#> D'>, <ili street. I in | t Jt J 1 ST KKCKIVF.L. ?? dozen CHICKKNS. 2f>ko?aof itMSHF.N Ml TTFR . At our Cit? Maiket. corner o| I2thaud 11 sta. K.ggs 2 ? ot?. per dozen. jan is 3t * <i. THOM AS STF.W ART. Oil! SWK VOI R DOLLARS-Gei.tleinen and ladies wnn itay ?kii lokno* th'\r futn e late is greatur than to ?>n,:upy seats of Nraie ai.d any <l?t tli s yeai i8W.tlte past, pie?;ent, futmc io >ou he will relate. Price >>nl\ 2S cents. And also the lady between 17 airi yesrs old, one that is no' married. ?-r tisving children, who nndera'and- w?M her needle work call at his residence, cornerfith and north H streets, Capitol Hill. Natne o? tbe . inn n- VJ ImV'IM, PR I' K \|Oi ST VKK\tt.\, it I THUKSDAX. The STF A MF.R COI.LYKR wdi leave tits Wharf, at at foot of lltli street, at *? <. in.and Alevmdiia a, 'i'j, foi M> uni N'eri.ou. ?>n Thuradsy , 14th iust.,ie tin tnn? by p. ni isb 12 ^ THOM AS B A K F.R. Captain. 1)A l'r..N 1' M At'III N K KUK UPKMNG OVS TLRS. Tlie swi?< critiers havttn* sennred a patent ruht tor mi iniptoved (>\Sli.K mPLNKK, respect t.lly desire tnat l>?*ier I) air is. H<del hvep??*. Reataiirmt* and taliulies , I test the sup>-iior mei its of tins economical and hlmr sav mg Machine, it Kemg staunch.ainl i-iem ii,g it* work witii extra ordinary dispatcii and cleaiiliiie**. I'or terms for S ate* or individual rights address \\ Af. RUPP 6l JNo. SKI PKL, Rupp'a Kestaura* t, 4H4 Pa. ave.. jj.ll 12 I in Waxhiiif ton Cits. r|i i H K A M It K t? T V P F. S 1 Akk.N ATSANDS'S IjALI.KR N are said Io be equal to any t .ken in the City. a d much cheaper. Tne? oomhme darahi ity and truthlulne?a. IVjT t.'?uie earlv lutheday. rti. avenue, between Bin and '.Mil streets. jau 4 11 R.SAN DS. ^OMKTHING NLW F<?R THK LA 1)1 KS. Manufactured from Hair and Fish Snales Btac lets. Puia, Kvrinif?. Head Ureases. Neck laces. ;uid Watch liuards. AUi, Spanish Point and Point iJtce Aplutue Sett*. The nhove new nnd lieautiful roiMis are now for aale at the New York Fancy Store, No. 91 between 7th and 8th streets janii fit* oppomte Cent re Market. HAIR. TOOTH. NAIL AND BAN DO LINK BRUSHES, at GIBBS' Hair Store, near Idth at. and Pa. a v.. and at h is Sale* Rooui, under \\'il l*rdn* hotel. ii #*.1iii W G. MKT7KROTT Ma A?ent of Krard'. ? and Baoon A Raven's superior Pianofortes, jan A rpilKKK SECOND HAND PIANOS. 1 t Iiis for $??. Two or ?'j<j<t. At the Mubio Store ot jan 5 \N\ G. M ETZE R OTT_ 'po WHOM IT MAY CONCERN. An advertisement appeared in a Georgetown pa Per, making inuuii> Io-* information respect mg Jonn Dunne, a resident of lieorgetown, who in the ytar Ihimi left for tlie cit) ol Dublin, his I.nth place, ai.d had not b?eu hoar?f from smoe. Now. I.John Dunne. iMirn in the cty ol Dublin, residing in tne city of Philadelphia at present, am. perhaps, the only person who can give auy mforma turn respecting that advertiscment, which originally appenred in the Irish Dublin Evening Packet news paper on the l5th*of August, l;(4ii. JOHN DI NNK, 4IS Shippon street, t>e!ween 4th and 5th. jauil-lw Philadelphia. | A DIES. PLEASE READ. I'or genuine, reliable FURS, free from moth, and fresh made, call al Sl'INEMET/'S, ?*< Pa. nve line, between I2th ami I .It h ttrtets. who has re oeived instructions fiom New \ ork, to sell the hi e assortment now hand, on c?>uiiuissiou, at leas dis count than heretofore oilered. Among them will lie found the haudtomet acta Krei ch Sallies, lialf and uuarter Capea ever brought to ihi* citj , for .-s In and Viotoiiuo* |'i. Also, Cape*and (Cloaks, of superior iiualify, very chnap. Pirlieuwr attention is uivitad to two very large Miuk Salile Capua, woith ovur ."?? Itsi. tw?h foi i# 75 and f)i5. Mink Sal?le Cape,medium ??re, ?911 and 9?V>. Miiik Sable Vo'toruies *14 and ftiti. Also, aeveial seta leal Itudson Itay Sable. Together with Sil>erian Squirrel, Fitch Marten, French Miuk. Ac . 111 all their variety Im limine Opera Cloaka, very handsome; Mufta to match, of all kind*, fiom ?2 5-1 to fa*. Every artislc warranted, anil if proven aa not res resented, the money will lie refunded. B. H. STINEMETZ, 2* Pa. ?ve.,bet. li'th and Uih ,ti? J"n II next door to Madame Deiarue. WE HAVE THIS DAY BEEN APPOINTED sole agent Tor J.M. Singer A Co'sSewin< W* ohine for Washington an.1 Alexsndrta Having u ed them lot several years, we find them to bs the best in use. Also, Family Sew ng Machiue* of nnpn?*nd pUn, at low prices. WALL, STEPHENS ft CO. No.-t. 1 eutisy Ivania av., t>etweeu L?? MCh and l?HS s?s. 'rWOVERY FINE SE.OND HAND PI AN ? OS (or sale very cheap at our P???oand M??i? Store, SJ6 l'a.aveuue, bet. MU and tntnsi*. J*"?' JOHN F. ELLIS. hi. J. STONE, Ja. Has s miiv., k ~ AT POM* RY-AT LAW, on Judmi*? *c#-nd *e?ideno?to5th street, a?eniJ? ^ one door from LomaiaM * dtl soSw iKvimm W ASHIN'jTON THEATRE. THIS EVKNIN4*. Januar* IMh. Will be perf?r ? ?k) a new pi** ?nt tiled MlSCIiI b. h MA AT/.V' ? I i wtu h Mi"? Folly Mamhall and (he fuil Vaude v ii- ( ompui) will appear. To,l? lollowed by the beaul ifiiI Billet <-f sYLrirrDE Inwhioh Simorina Terese Rolla ai d a be .Man? eorpe de ballet will perforir. To conclude with the jolip ? aroe ol an UNPROTECTED t em ale In vhiah Miu Pol y Marshall will sustain her f'?et ciiamoter ol Pwi?. ja. I* ??ONCERT AND BAM. THURSDAY EVENING. Jan. U.h. I85*. for he (wmcIiI ul DICK VV A T K I N S. At Gerharut's Pi!i? n Mar*land a\eaue, near the Capitol. T.ckets?admittinc t-nilewjen am iadie ? Fifty Cente. jan l*-?t KtVM) COTP L?>N TaTt\ 4?f THE Emmet Club, at I- ruk'm BuiViwr.c ?rt.-r 9th and Li strecia, on FKIDAV h\ fcMNli, J o. 23d IHM. See particu'ars in a future adver?iaemet:*. N. H.-Wi-mbem w I. pleaae attend a special n?r. in? on Thu-sday eveiuim, Jan. 14th. at 1 u'oioi k. Br order of tl.e It" PRKSjDFN T EsTERN BO\> IN THi; FIELD AO A I.N. A W THE EIGHTH <<R AND BALL Or THI Western Hose Company, No. 1, at wksteun hall, Ob 1 I'ESDA V. January Jbth. 1858. in an A The \V HSTFR N Hc??E COMPAW in ai nounoiuc this their KuMh Grand Hail, pied.e tkeiuMl\ e? tiiHt i.oM.u.c will lemain uieloae to make it No. I t ail of the season. R elreihments ai J ?? upper will be served b? | an eipeti?uc- d cut. rer S otCs Cotillon Hand has ha?n enaared. Tickets 4INE |M tl.L A R - to te had at any hotel orolaii) Member of the Company. ^(imwiff'f ?/ Ariomt' m> af?. R. I.. Maaton, J R Finkler, D. Fill. J. F. Ilurhee. J. F.Green. .an IS .15 Is *i.2?A? i 'KAMI A.\M V KK>aK \ MALL ? o? THK Columbia Typographical Society. ?iett hat H g <1i h it if A bin Frankun. MM LJm The Coluti.l.ia Typoeraphical Societ* havii * de teriniiie<t to celebrate their Forty thmf Aunt veraert mil honor the birthday of Wi!l Kivr a II A I. I. On MONDAN EVENING. January 18. lit si. At Odd Fillotrt' Hnll.Tth *tr**t. on wli ch oeoaaion the i!<>aimllM ??l Arrangements p.edge t hrtubalt e* ttiat *verj eaiflew will l?e to render this <M>e ofthe moat aitrnc.ive Hallail tt.e aeaaoa. R*l' enhmenta will l?e luriutlied th? IaiIi?, under the ?up>*rviKiou o| I". H. K idonour, Cmilrctioi.ef, in Inn b-?at ?ty le. Prosper!'? Siring Band .aero*"). The Ball a ill he opened at ? o clock by a Grand ProimMiade. with the a<-<?Hii|>aiiy u.g Grand March, wnipniixl expresKlt lo? t*?ia ociaaion by Prof. Proa peri, and ilndumtetl to the Pi inter* of ?Vaah n?ton. No hnla or tuipa will U- allow- d in the r<*Mii. ITT Grnt emeu ileairinc luvitationa lor lAJiee Win hand in thi-ir iiaiuca t<> an> member ol the Executive CutDMHlhM. Mn ?.i*?/? nl*. i-+-\It <l?i?? J..i b ?t C |.l J ? K Tata ? <>a W. W. ? at- a f ?<t Jrtrn-oi J.-a ?' l???i? ?ifit. J-.irr V4. .-a a#i V?ni4var4 O-a W twl r.h K T. Waic tiaa Ja? I. H lil?r r. <V??i drr O. ?. Itvi oil ? r V.i:|iu.|i,i st??a li?iu> Pnikli l?>ra 8 Hug ll? ?. 8. I>lila it T au. Mait>ai4 OI-IM.U W II Wailarli Wu. H Wo. ra M. ? H--?hi?b ll?u. Tar'?y Puura II Iwit Wairrt J. T Cai far J?lm II almg J?lik Tratlolaa J?a II MU-a<tutaa A. It tlailui Maralb n??ll ?. I>. Hiiika J?. K- Kllah Wn > anrlnrl *? *? ??-ora Win T?ati> Jot.a l.k(maiba a?a) J r H I ? C.y . L low ra Tina ? avavrtin Ma| T o?. I*..ii.-b> Y Mi-Ka lix.y Ua? W-'uli<t a H?a. W A. Marrla J *ha?T Taylor Hanry Walk r C Wau1.ll K M K bli.aou Ua.< 0 ?(.ii| It strut iv* Committ",?i Blue Roa?tte ? Wiu. a M- Lata riiaa II M ?. H..a?., Cliarlta Mrlirtl C. F. B i*u M I al u Wm L. 4<mm J<-aa? J. 'a<-? Wn, M Kr|( ?a K Hur- ia J -I ? H. Tl. ra J C fiau/.-al P HrlT-raaM Tt- a. ' lok Htrpu.m ('<im?.tihrH\Vhite Rotette.l I T (V-cawa.l H ?? Wr J .. Kaluac. ai 4.4. K< blb-<>n Ti <>a l'au>u f" fc Lain Ja iu ram Iikl,aui W. M. Si).lar I O'arr y U r Kainar-1 J. a. t? H.rna V I* ^rPlaraoa M' ? ** '?a r J W.t.fa o W k< ck J C. 0. Wi?Ujr C H Mn -i >tti C a Rniu W.M.C lrf((r?u Jauiaa OMrka K H Ui; Chaa LW?? Ja. II l.linl II U 4 R HcNeir J. liu J. J..lii...-u kal-m rta ka J?al ? Bio?a A J A|>|iVbr .'ra Matlnalf (. ? H.'l W N. Milaa tlai. J.rulM4 Jot.n M< Ii I I? kxbt Peavtu M,^.u.l Mitr|>liy V |>n?a*tt Fluor Waa<i? r< - Red Roaettc.l a Ml I. Jui aa Win. M brl( Hani'l V Kobartano F. M D?l?rlar C'li >? I. * H. ti.-ll faiiinalCa ?ai ?all Tickets, ad mitt irk a remleman and ladies, TVVO Lf'lI.I.ARS; to l>e oUiiurtt ol am memlter of the Eiemntire l.'niiiiiiilla<-, an<l ai the d.??r on the ev??ri iug ol the Ball. ian7 \\ ,S,\V.J?A M.V oiinct Sl w o I r e f: dan bants. n Prof. (i. \\ , MI Mil K reapectlully announ; to his Irirn.N and patrona tliat hia Sixth Soir?-e will take pa. eat hia Hall, oon??r nth and D Mre?-t4. on \VFDNE?*OAV I. \ I t Nl.Mi, Januaiy 13th, IR58, at a'i o'clock pie I Ciaely. Soirees will only !?? niven onoe a l.irliiuht, in* tea.i of weekly. All tlioaa- a hi- wiah to subscribe fo- tlie aeaaon cm 4ai?oat the mteof %i cenla instead ol l'i tor each iioirne. I lie enjoy nient realised at the "l* ) nam eve e<uiee ia still Ire^n <n niai reooliec lion of all who l artiuipaUd in that delirlitlui er.ler laiiin.ent, ami will nuaraiitce a full atirn ro ??ny BMcoecditiK one. The Lancet's (.{ut-drille. which ??? so aticeeasfully intioduc.d up?>ii thut occa?i<?n. will l^? it-p^atr?l l.? pvtuu ar ie^ue?t. ,t t>en<K thi'only tiu<-Cop\ intfnacit>. jai, 12 2t A CAltVV UP M I - ICa HI.ACh SWAN ! O .V F CO A17. HT *> XL 1". M ISS GK t.FNI'II'I II ieap?<rilully ?nn.'>uree^ to I lu- nliK-'lia ol \\^toii that alia Will >i(a ... A CONCKKT . . -.Va'I .',,r V 1 ? "lh Pa ave., On l lll KMM\ EMiNING. Jaw Utk. I?ai. I he I r??r iMninr t.?i the .M .-naiou. ahe truita. mil ite of a i> it a mi tip chaiact**!. l ,fca Piamat. will presidi-at I > e l lano. >' Tittkets Vi ci-iits : Iteserveil SentK wl. Tick - fhVc.,',,'er''VUr<U '"L" W'*" "" """'?'eut.M.ti of ??pcn at 7 o'clock. Conceit coiiimeuces at i S ?? cock. r or partieelars see pr?i 'laumie. ian II v ^IKI.ODKI^ViI.ati i IIa 1.1..~ ar?.'!.!|,r?e..p:'UV U" ?tttirel* re'lu.vatetl and XfraiiifH with i h'Ri p KCf tien, spalM A o #?? - pr^n#l% lor tht* Mini?!rfl t?*imtt*?n. tftnlrr ti e finer tmnof JDIIN U. LAN DIB. .. now opin'otl. \\ inter seaaon with la AN I>IS' Ol'KKA TKOIJHK, Coinpriaiiic twelve Uwented performers. STARS IN THK PIKtF'EBSION. who will gi*c their tiiiiiiiUiNie perfttntianees mchtlv ?-rleaMue^ xiz: TKKsi'*s"';,i,:X%t',',r ?*Tl-aU*V *1 Admission V5 cents; boors open at CK o'oVmL couiu.eiice at 7>? o'e'ock. * ???'?ch, I vv Mniftiv i?*' COOMBS. Treasurer I.tE *1 aLLor\, liuaincaa A tent. jaii t-tf \y*K HONOR HFM \V||o?E NAME WE THIRTY FlUsr AXXVAL HALL or THE Franklin Fire Company, ..... , I* H?*or or rnv UitthJuyo/ the i//m(ri??t Dr. Frantlin. At Philha?)|iimc Hai.l, (adjttiNinr Star < A?.-s t On THI KSDAY hViwMMU.Jaa tl.lni. ' rJ?2 Cowaaav respecfTnfty nnr.ourei to th-ir frtendt| nu.J t f.e public, i hat .n eooecetaenoe cf el I ranklitt s biiMiilai ncpyrini fli t> tear AI <?\3 ?|!,'*'yi*"1 'to,, the ala,ve/im dait. h> their 1 a.irty-hrat Annual Hall. CML. Notliunc will be omitted that mat couduoe ?nioym^nt ol thoae w|,o llu,K,r > A ! preeence. and no spsied c. make it ?,ne ,,f .VI " the reason. ?f U,e Ar. li I ^t|p|?niiod Ha;:d in pruaned Retreshme.ita w i| s.-rved bi iifiiana.a i and popular oonlocti .ner. *-*P?rieteed No ladies ortrda ol invitation will be .?Bua-il k... ?Sa!!?iONK D<"L??-^? jv. H.'yZr.Z" " J"VVT2!:: W?. button. ? Z'ft"1'a .. Jaa. A K.i.k, G* S' J. Hudson, " J.Shackelford, J.\ta?aer. jan ?,I2,IC,18^S.^| |^jNI TF.D BTATKB PATENT OFFICE. .. .. . A!-Mt1iiioK. Janua.y lllh. IK?. n.^iia*!.^10" V1 P*,in?*r Sumner, of New \ o,k. on tVl^a "l?>?""o? ?if N patent kranted to h.n. i.l. i .i. 1*44. lo. an improx eiuent ia "tne la.uc latlis, lor se\ en years mom the ea?irat.t?n a , Patent, which takea place on the ^|L it at of Afril. IU9M: It ia ordered, that the aa.d petition beJteard at thn "atenttlftocon Monday.the t?ih of \eril ntit, at IS 0 clock in.; and all pe. nons are nolifieil to appeai and ahow oauae, if any they have, why aai?] petition ouelit not to l>e Krantml. Persons oppoa.njc the extena.on are required te hie iu the Patent oaca their olyectiona. apecially set lorth iu writing, at ieast twenty daya Wfore the da* of hearing ; alf teatuiiooy hied by either parry to |M used at the said hearmc must Iw taker, audtianaiu.i ted maeoorJaijco with the rules of the ?Hfcce, which will be furnished on applica'iou. The testimony in the ease will be cloaed on t h? ?ti of March. depo.,t,o,.a and oikeS, 2 mZEHZr* m?u! >" theOftce on or before the utormuf of that day, the ar?uiueinT.fL.V w.thin ten days thereafter. any. Ordered, also that this notice lie pubi.ahe.1 in ih. 1 a,oa. Waabinato,,. I., C., and Ua.'y Ne^s N> w \ o.k. onoe a waek for three ~ iiiii'i LtariiifS U>"* *** April ^TT'th, d^.f Ueariuc. JOS. HOLT. p Q ?a l a a . of Patents V tk6*h(ir? Maeri Will DiMta* Aria. and send their bills to the PatWnlUKoe wltn1' oontami nrjthiajwttioe^ " LAOll{Si'HlirlitM^ aJI CUM MS. a