Newspaper of Evening Star, January 13, 1858, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 13, 1858 Page 3
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LOCAL INTELLIGENCE. Six Aksval or the I'sitedState* AaRi?.ri.TTK4L Soc i et v.?This WMtclatloa met tbls moriiiD|{, at nine o'clock, at the Smithsonian Institution; present Marshal P Wilder. Presi dent, Ben Perley Poore, Secretary; and the fol lowing delegates: B V Braintner, Mass , John Jones, Del.. Walter At wood. N Y , F Barnard, Mai? . John Hunter, H I . Tench Tilghman. Md., Thomas Antlsel. D C , Legrand Byington, * Iowa CUv, D J Brown. I* 8. Patent Oflce, H. F French. N. H , B B French, D. C , Timothy Divt?. Man , Mo**-* Newell. Mass., Justin 9. Morrill, Vt , C. C. Chaffer*, Ma**., II L Davis, Mass , W F M Arny. Kansas. E Matton, Vt , B P Johnson N V . Henry Wilson and Jamea P Santmayer, Uiiio, Thomas J Field, Mass , t'lurlM 9 Flint, Mass . 9. A Hamilton, N J , Wm Kelly and Henry S. Olcott, N V.. and a large numlier of persous interested in the object of the meeting. The meeting was called to order, and the Pres. dent delivered a very able and eloquent address, a sketch of which we give below : He said in svbstance: Gentlemen, another year of our existence has completed It* course We Dow meet on the sixth anniversary of the Uulted State* Agricultural Society to report its progress, and to concept plans and measures for the future. W hile I congratulate yoti upon the siwtm* of our association. I unite with you in deploring tbeex lsteuce of a commercial embarrassment unparal eicd in the history of our country. Here We have a visible demonstration of the importance of tbe ? rent cause of agriculture, in the fact that in the midst of tbi* depression, when so many of the other industrial arts *eek lucrative employment and And none, when the fortunes and hopes of of many of our fellow citizens are wrecked, and when tbe head* of many more are failing them for the fair of trouble that may overtake thtm, where do we look for ultimate relief, for a power that can unfurl the sails of our late prosperous commerce, that can put in motion again our man ufacture*, our machinery, and freight the leng trains of car* which lately traversed our lntiumer abie railroads, creatlug profitable employment for millions, giving life and enterprise to ail ? lasses of society f V\ here ' There can be but one reply to this question. I'ot these results, we must look to the products of the >oil. It was. said the speaker, highly important tbat the Government should protect tbe American former by wise legislation. He then went through a review of the pa*t experi ence of the Society in relation to farming imple ments; spoke of tbe last annual exhibition, and of future exhibitions, saying that in tbe infancy of the Society it was deemed necessary to its es tablishment and success that it should hoid an annual exhibition Last year, in this depart ment. it had performed double service, imposing upon its officers a demand for an unusual amount of labor, responsibility and expense; they bad, however, promoted and extended the area of friendship, and a more general intercourse among cultivators iu all parts of the Bepublic, and en couraged the National Government by Interviews and meetings in this city. Allusion w** made to deceased officers. the names of Thos. J. Riisk a?id l? W . P Custi?, beaiing a conspicuous part. Ill concluding, the eloquent speaker congratu lated the Society upon the iteneiicial influence of the Association and tbe results attain*d; the an niversaries at the seat of Government and annual exhibits bad awakened an extended interest In the great cause they sought to advance. They had aided in developing the vast natural resour ces of our country, iu elevating the vocation of the farmer to its true dignity and importance. us then, said he, take fresh murage, redou ble our etforts, and speed the car of improvement in its advancing course. Bid it onward roll till all tbe arts of rural life and cultivated taste shall have attained their Utial and glorious accom plishment?till from Kast to West, from North to i^outh, our country and our whole country shall rejoice in the triumphs of perfected husbandry, in tbe blessings of universal |ieace and pros perity: ??Till plenty rising from the encouraged i low, shall fill, enrich, adoru our happy land." I m sol ex T asd Dak isa N ec EOF*?HighHam - Sb Ui'tragk ?On the evening of Friday, (new year's day,) a negro, who is in the employ of Thomas R iley, assau'ted a little girl aged about teu years, on Kighth street, between F and G, pulling uo her clothe* in the miblic streets. She battened home and Informed her parents of the matter. I.tving in that immediate neighborhood, she was enabled to point out tbe negro to her mother and brothers?the latter started in pursuit, running him into Mr Riley's stable*. He was huuted for some time, but could not be found. Meantime the negro had induced some ten other negroes to make common i a?s.? with him, and they sallied forth, armed with stones and such other wea|H>ns as thevcould lay their hands upon, making a desperate assault upon tbe brothers and lilends of ttie little girl, usiiij at the same time, the most profane and vulgar language, and ap Jilying the most insulting epithets to them The ather of the young men, who followed after tliein, was struck in the side by a stmie, and upon remonstrating, or attempting "to do so. was as sailed with the most fuiil. and loathsome and disgusting language whi. h it is possible to con ceive or utter. In the earlier patt of the same evening the same negroe* entered the dwelling Louseof Mr. Birch, on F street, and made a most insulting proposi tion to bis wile. u*in* the most profane I ma? In able language and betaving in a most outrageous and brutal manner, winding up their r:is? alitv by seizing a little girl and pulling her clothes over ner head Mrs ttiith was very much frightened, and before sbe could summon assistance the ne groes e?? <jpe,l. There have been *ev.*r:?t very serious di*tuih Mce* occasioned by the violence of these negro rowdies On tlif Sabbath day they congregate about the^orner of Ninth and G streets, and eu rane in games or ball, wiestling, jumping. lonip ng, Ai* . to the annoy aire of ibe residents, stim ulated by tiequenf draughts of whisky, which they lounge to obtain close by. although there is uo tavern or public bouse or licensed ? hop in the ueigbltoihood The police have f.cqiieotly In?n called upon to dispell them, and have most unceremoniously scattered ttiem iu every direction, and pursued them to theii dellS V\'e liofie the} Will Continue to Wab h them, defe-at tl.eii attempts at lawle** iie?s,an?l le,rb them tbat they cannot out rage de cern: y arid propriety with liupiinily.? Amtrtriim. W e have reason to Itclievc that tlie above state nieut is corrert, and also that a prompt nbatemi nt of the grievance complained of will be applied by tbe newly-organized police. CltVtsiL CoCET? JmJ^e Crnyfur,I?Yester day, the rase of tbe Loiter! States r? Tbomas Rock, John Ciinningbain and Joseph Cook, for a riot on the 'J3d of November. 1-.V7, was taken up. Tbis indictment is found upon the riots which occur re, I ,ni the Saturday nirjlit wh'-n young Michael Murphy was assassinated on English Hill. Several itn?i**es were examined for the prosecution, who failed to identify either of tbe partie* charged with the riot nor the sub sequent aff. ay which resulted in the murder of young Mnrphv So the Court instructed the jury to tltad a verdict of not guilty, which they ac cordingly did, and the parties were discharged. The Court then adjourned. I'p to noon to-day. the Court wa* engaged with the trial of W m Barrett, charged with the lar i eny of a horse and buggy, the properly of Cba* Wi (sou. Tbe ca>e had not been concluded wheu I we left the court luum. The Pi pil* of the Public Schools have been invited by the Washington Art Association to visit tbeir exhibition without charge Already more than s thousand have availed themselves of the privilege, and h >ve manifested great de light iu what the^ *aw There are upward of tbiee thousand wbo will participate iu ibe ad vantages thus liberally extended. This is the proper way to prepare a people for the apprecia tion of art. The Rev B\ ron Sunderland, last evening, de livered before the Association a most eloquent discourse This series attracts large audiences, and we understand will l?e continued. Several eminent literary gentlemen lieing engaged to All the course CHH.sTE.XISo At THE WHITE llol'SE ?During the term of Mr. Buchanan's service as Minister to Fugland Mr. Henry Stevens, a resident for some year* in Loud-ui, was married, and Mr Buchanan gave away the bride with the playf il understanding tbat be was to Ite god-father to the first child Mr Stevens, being in this country on business, brought with him his first born, and on Monday last, at II o'clock a m , it was christened at the Piesideut's Mansion ? t'oiBT of Claims Yksteehat ?Mr. B B. Fronrb made the closing argument in the rase of John L Wirt, and the case was submitted Mr Cox opened the argumeut for the claimant In the case of Harriet B. Macomb, admnl.tra trix. Mr McPherson replied for the government Mr Cox closed the argument, and the case was submitted Wheu the Court adjourned. Peopeett Identified ?This m irnlng Mr. J. Ruple went to the offi* e of Justice Doun and ldentilled the revolver taken from Wm Dells way yesterday, as the one stolen from him some time ago, and for steal lug which a man named MeNerhany was tried and acquitted in Ibe Crim inal Court a day or two siure A w irrant wa* is sued by Justice Domi and a commitment in the new charge against Dellaway, given to ofllcer VVilliamson, to be serve?t at the jail, where the accused is now conflnrd. See advertisement in another column of tbe Annual Ball of the Columbia Tyftograpbical So ciety We have some intimation of tbe prepara lions now being made, and will just hint that it promises to be the most attractive ball ever given ju Washing ton More hereafter. Tmm Nsw City Po?t Orrtci-PoMmttr flerrett will have the Washington city post office duly moved into It* new quarters by to-morrow morning Itx front Is on F street, opposite the Patent Office Thanks to the true public spirit of Po?tmi?rer General Brown, and the energy and ?agueity of Postmaster Berwtt, this new city post office will prove equal to any other on this side of the Atlantic In all its accommodations and con veniences for the public. Larceny and Aim?T.-Last night, the clerks at Wall A Stephens' clothing store observed ft person enter the store by the door, crawling on bis hftnds and knees, and taking ? bundle of coats froui the counter, made oil' with them He was Instantly pursued an?l the gooda recovered The thief was captured after ? long race in Tem perance Hall. He was taken to the guard-bouse, where he gave bin name as Thomas Heuson, and this morning he was sent to Jail for Court. The Polick?The police officers who h?ve been appointed, and Lave given bonds according to the new law to establish a police system, went on duty this morning, and were at their jx>sts oil the prominent points of the vaiious districts. Justice Donn, now the permanent magistrate at the Central Guard bouse, entered up in the dis charge of his duties this morning Supreme Cockt ? Tutsday ? No. 30. David A. Secomlte et al , plaintiffs in error, n. Franklin Steele. The argument of this cause was contin ued by Messrs G11 let and Cushing for the de fendant In error, and by Mr. Badger for the plain tiffs in error Adjourned. Titc MtLODtnx Is tilled nightly with large and fashionable audiences A tine bill is pie sented this evening An entire programme of new soii^s and novelties, concluding with the laughable burlesque of " Black Blunders.'' Harper's Weekly, for this week, lias t>een received at the agency. Jos Shilliiifftoir*, and contains most excellent portraits of the veteran editors of tlie National Intelligencer, Messrs. Gale* and Seatoii. Thk Concert announced for to-morrow night, by Miss Greenfield, the "Black Swan," will, doubtless, draw a large audience, xs there is con siderable curiosity to see and hear her. Rial Estatk.?Yesterday, A. Green, auction eer, sold lot 1, in square 8ni, witu improvements, for 371U, to Mathew Trimble. Watch Return*.?William It. Cooper, Pa , drunk; dismissed to leave the city Thomas" Henson, colored. D C., stealing coats; jail. Jno. l.ewis. D. C., diuuk and disorderly; tine and cost, #U{ 19. Nine lodgers, one from the District. married. Oil tlie 12th instant, at Grace Church, b? Rev. Mr. Holmead, Mr. (ihl'KliK CUOfl K, formerly oi (Iks city, to Mis# AM'KKO.NbK BKARD, of PrmOtt George's county, Md. DIED. In this city, on the 1 <th instant in t!ie 7<Uh ye-ir of lier a^e. M rs. M tHGARKT DKL>ANE\, wile of tli? late JariMs Dclaney. The deccnacd was a native ot Dnlilin. in Ireland, hut for the last an years a res ident of this city. Her friends and acinaintanccs are requestelto attend her funeral at her late residence on C street, between 13th and 13.H streets, To-morrow, (Thurs day,) at 3o'clock, ( Baltimore Sun please copy.) * On the 12th instant. LICLNDA ROWND8, in the 5Kth year oi her -ce Her funeral will tskr place on To-morrow < Thurs day> 2 o'olock, from the residi-no* of her daughter, Mrs. Garrett, No. 32b lath street, be tween Laud M sts. * On the 1stii instant, JOKL DOWNER, in the 75th tuaroi iusa<e. Tlie friends and acquaintances are respectfully re quested to attend his funeral on Frinay, 15th mat., at 2 o'clock p. m., from Ins late residence on D ?t., near iSth. WAHTS. w l'AN I'KD-A Furnished Parlor, Bedroom and r Kitohen. Kent from 25 to $Jt. Address It., Star ttttice. It* \*/ANTF.D.-A ko >d JOt'RNKVMAN BAR '' KKR. Inquire ot C. \V ATSON, at Heard A W at son's. Kth street. National Hotel. it* \\r ANTi: D.-A SITUATION as Nurse or " ? 'hanilwrinsiil. and do I* am Sewing. App%) at No. 44.' linn street, between F. ami F. it* WA .NTFD.~A rood HOl'SKK KF.PER.? None ne?<i ripply except welt reooimueuded, Ar>?ly at 4.1u G street, Ix-tween 5th and Oili. It * WANTKD-A good COLOR F.D WOMAN to do the housework ot a small fumly, and who <? oi come Well recommended. Apply at Ninth stigc.t. It* W'ANTED?By a competent ?. mu Ktulish fro tes'ant Wont*- , a SlTF A I'lOiN as Chamber inn id and tine U H?uer, or would W'ui on a Lady. Address or call, for I wo days, at 27 I ndian.-i avenue. jan 13- ? U/ANTKD-lb ft \ ?>L NG IiKkM A V y .-ars ? v of a?p, a u it ion in a Store, orns Bai k?*?*i??-r. Pleaue addrem C. A.. Stai Office j^n 12 2t* Uf * NTKD.?A settled W ?M ,A.\. pith i white or colored, to |\ urse. Good recommend'.tton required. Apply at the Post Ofiicc. (>eor?etown. ian !?-<* >\VANTKD.-A PK.trKS. ANT WOMAN a? '* Nurse. Good city recommendations required. Call at No. H street. jan 12-.1l* nlMRDKRS WAN I'F.D.-Four or tne reiille men can be aci .mm.slat d Witli IIOAKI) arid i-oinfoftaMe KOU.MS l?> applying a' No 4*^4 14th street. I>e.ween D and h. Also, Furnished" R<?onis to^r??nt^ ian 12-4* U' A NTKD TO II t R K.? A C<M?K.?<?M ?liu c>n Wash ai d iron and can ccme well reooin mended will hi ar of a ro-.d liouie and ll'ooral wa*e* t>y apply meat No. VVt D street. A slave preferred. iar 11 -m It'.tODS' FAMILV. ATfKNT UN.-Kll*i it heth W<mmIs. wni iw.and Hush,John,and Roll er., sons and liens of firtvid Woods, a iative?f Boston, and a nlio.inak??r, who died alstut IHiH. will learn something to ttieir ad vaiLa^e by addressing Itm 24::. Mount Vernon, Ohio. At.* one giving in formation of liia aU?ve parties will be suitably re? warded. janMlw* W A NTKD I M M K DIA TKI.V-A furnished HOI SK, wi.h li>'e or six chambers, parlors and diintic room. Apply to No. ICI Browns' Hotel. d 1M tf Ur A VrKI>. ?SIX to KIOHT TIKHSAND DuLI.a RS, lor tliree or live years, for which security will l?> K'Vrn hi |{>*a! Kstat^ situated on i'cuii avenue, between Ulh and iuth sts. Inuuireat this office. u 15 tf LOST AHD FOUHD. IOST.?On Weduasday evenmr, the Cth instant. j somewhere tM>tw>>ei< Rock Cr*es Ciiutcli and McKarl's Livery Stable, in the First Ward?pro!* bly lietweoiiifu Seldsts' ?'oinesud 7th street to!l <aie-H Gold Le%'er WATCH, marked Arnold Ad am* A Co . London, No a.ltift. A suitable reward will oj paid to the hnder thereof upon his jeaviii* it a' the li? et? strtbie al?>vr referred to. janl2 3'* O in KKWAKD.-Misyed ?>r stolen tr?'in Ba~ V I" cou's rack, oj Saturday ? vuiniia. Bth /rv Deceml?er. a l> v \ M \ R 11.with three white JL.fl feet; iter foreh?ad while, ami .tip on Iitt**^^ nose; about 14 or .5 hands hisli. Tli^ alsivc reward will riven if lelt at I.KVI PUMPHRKV'S Stable, corner 6th au<i C streets, j? 12 at* JAMKS W. WILSON. BOAEDIHQ. BOAR Dl NG caa l<e obtained nt No. 3J2 K street, sbove l.itli, for smsie |entlemcu or (cutlsiuei! and wives. Two pl.<asan iront t'haiabers with use ot Parlor and Ptann. Tei ins moderate, jan 1S-2. * HOARDING.?MRS. RI FF. No. 3* i> street, It ne r Seventh, h is taken tliii lar?c and c >nnrno diiios House, where she intends to rent h>-r rooms, luruisued or uiif irnuhed, ?o single Gentl-men. or (ieatlemen aod their Wives, with Board. Transient B -nrders by the |>ay or week. Meals sent out at all hours of the dsy . Aiso, wanted, 2 utrls to do general housework, jan ll-lw* Millinery, Ac. MILLINKH V, DRKSS MAKING AND TKlWMINti KSTAMldSHMENT. ljftdies visitnu Washinrton are respectfully in formed that we are prepared to make up Dresses, Cloaks, Basques, Ao.. at short notice, in the latest styles, and sausfiction Kuarantepd in a'l cases. A lerue stock of Dress and Cloak Trimmings, of latest and hanOsoinest stvles, with CLOAKS, BASUUKS, i; N DKRDRKSfKS. BONNKTS, RIBBONS.ard MILLINKR V. of ever* descrip tion. always on hand. M. WILLI AN, d 15 2m opposite Cent re Market. Madamk a. nolkkit. No. 7I<> VValnut St., below 8th. Philadelphia, l MI'OKTKIt OV I RKNCH FI.OWKRS, HKAD DRKSSES, BON N K IS AND FINK Ml LLIN FRY, nA Bess leavd to inform the Ladiea nnw^Rj mUSPfr .n Washington ci.> i sin* has (ipei.^ii^j^ XUlcVtor two or three we^ks only. a Sri loon ou Pa. avenue, bet ween I2th and I3th sts.. No. 2.%, where Ladies will bud all the above artid s of the latest and ricto-st style, t>euis selected by M'me N. tier sell iu Parts, during her aooustonied yearly visit lor fh it purpoiMi. M'ine Nouirit havm< contracted with Mr. Felix, the celebrated Coiffeur ol the Kinpress hiiiKenie ami Oueea N'mtoila, lor the sole depot in t?e United Stales ol his H>-ad Dresses, she will be able to lur. nish all the Coiif cures of the latest pattern worn at t?.e principal Courts of Furopa, made by that re nowned artist. I juiies are respectfully invited to call and exam ine. d 3l -3t&2aw4t* fFASHION ABLE FfcKfIMFRIKS, from thft beet h oases, at UI BBSS, near the eorner of lath street. Pa. ava. _ _ ? in-sns CONSECTIC.iTKMtWAL ^IPE IN8UR. Capital over ?2,?*).000 This old aud rehable Company are prepared totak* risks on licesat premium- " fittioe?No. 213 F street jft? iJtawaw urns that will suit all. F*E1) C ALLAN, Atent. eel, W ashionton Citrx). 0. GEORGETOWN AFFAIRS. Corrt \pon4tnri of the Stat. OioitiTown, Jan. 13. We have never In our experience seen our river wharves so completely stripped of shipping a* they are at tbe present time. This has a ten dency to give rather a dull appearance to thiags and matters generally in this quarter. We have never seen so little grain of any kind comiuK in at this season of tbe year as there In at tbe present time. Most of our mills are In con sequence of the scarcity of the article doing but little In tbe way of making flour Wheat, we learn. 1* in demand, and doubtless Urge quanti ties could easily flitd ready sale among our differ ent milliners. We regret to see, from an advertisement in another column, that Mi** Arny has determined to dispose of her confectionery establishment and retire from the business. This step, we learn incidentally, bas been caused by ttie in tended departure of her brother, who Uas heret?? fore so successfully managed the ou?iness for her, for Kansas. As this establishment has al ways enjoyed the best custom of our town, and a large poition from Washington, we consider it almost indispensable, and if suffered to go down its absence would be seriously felt by the com munity. We In-lieve that no better opportunity could tiller an individual who understands tbe business to make money than tbi*. and we sin cerely hope that Miss Arny inay tlnd a worthy successor. _ We are iglad to be able to Inform the numerous f lend" of our estet med fellow-citizen Capt Geo. F lie l^toche, is considered by nis physician and friends convalescent. The canal packets M C Mciyrs and Argo, of the Messrs. Ritter's line, have been hauled oti' for tbe season, and are to undergo a thorough overhauling and repair preparatory to the busi ness of the next season. We have been requested to call tbe attention of the pump doctors to the one on Dumbarton street opposite the property of Cnpt De LuRorhe. It has been dry for souie time. The friends of young Powers are actively en gaged trying to secure for him a pardon fiom tbe President. We believethat the ejercise of exec utive clemency in this esse would meet with the very general approbation of our citizens of all political parties There is but little doing In the flour market. The only sales making are the home trade, con sequently of a limited charactcr , held at SI >0a *1 75 for standard and extra brands In conse quence of the scarcity and demand there is a let ter feelint/ in the Wheat market, and prices have slightly advanced; selling at ?1 H5a*M O- for red and 91 Ktal.lSfor white. Corn 5Ua5.5 for white and yellow. S. GEORGETOWN ADVERTISEM'TS. 1r*OR KENT?A comfortable BRICK HOUSE with seven m?HW|iaeUu( thepaiinff an<i kitch en?an excellent dry cellar, a large and pntty yard. The situation is lug hand healthy, convenient to good wat?r. A c. To a punctual ami rospecfabi* tenant the rent will lie one v: ry ifw?%in per mouth; with the luimturc, wlK per niontn. 1 he furniture can he pur c rinsed ? ?t'tne gentleman who owns it cli.-ap. Potes siou will be given immcfiatcly . Applyat 1st street, opposite t rinity (Catholic) Church, tieorgo* town. jan '3-3' j^LOUR AND BUCKWHEAT MEAL. A fresh supply of Glenwood Extra FLOUR an 1 ^mail's superior BUCKWHEAT MEAL ustio ceived by BENJ. DAKDY, jan 'i-e-?3f 37 \% ater street. lienrgetown, D. C. I^OR -ALE-^KNVS CON FECTloNER V is offered at private kale. \ great bargain arid a good onportunit* for a Confectioner who under- 1 stands his business. If not disposed ol by thextiiof February next the whole concern, togetiiar with rlie three story Brick House, 34 Bridge street, will lie offered at public auotion. Georgetown. D. C.. Jan K-tf IV m7ru p pel. 1 sORTH side of Market Space, No. 37, between Bridge and Canal streets, Georgetown.^ announces to eis patrons that at his-" RESTAUR \ N r ilia* |>? found at all times the choicest and most excellent assortment of I ICiUORS, the freshest OYSTERSand all ku.ds of tiA SiK in season. Meals served at all hours and at tbe usual prices, jan 4-3m FOR RENT AND SALE. ? / O K R E N T .?Furnished and Unfurnished I ROOMS, with an l wuhout BOARD. Apply at No. Missouri avenna. It* L^OR RENT.? A suite of li.indsouirly Furnished F ROOMS. Also several excellent t'haiiibers. at No. 250 F street. bet w??en 13th and Mth streets, next door east of Senator Toombs. ian i3 eo.1t* riloSPECl I. A TOR S AND LANI) BIN KRS. I On the corner ol .'Id ?t eel and Pa. avenue east, a '0 feet front with Mo feet depth Lot moderately , w.thin ma suuaie of the intended Capitol Ground extension. For further particu ar? inquire of J.S. I)K V I.I v, Jr.,ti2H Peiinsy avenue. I a^ 13 2t Rooms on pa. avenue to let.?t*o Rooms, on Vd floor,on FN aveiiu-, bet ween 12ih an?! 13th streets, over Sam'l. Lew a' Jewelrv Store, will be let low to a peimanent tenant. \Vould make good oihie room*. Apply to \\ M. F. KA VI.V, St'tl iower. ian 12-1 f ROOMS FOK RFNT.-Ncatly Furnished R?>oins?Path>rs ai d Clahniti^rs?onl.itli ?trtet. Apply at No. 031 13th street, between I and K. ji.n ll-3? * ______ VERY DESIRABLE FURNISHED HOUSE FOR RFcmT.? I'he suhscidier has lor rent a large and hnndtomel* furnished House, containing ten targe rooms, with water and ess throughout; brick staMe with aceoinmodation* tor fonr imces and two c%rmres. with servants' room over. This proprrti is "iti ared in 'he immediate vicini ty of the Kirk wood House, and is very disirabie aa a res deuce. In<|iure of J. C. McGUIRF, j 8 dot Auct'rA Commission Merchant. I uK KhiMT.- Hol SE No. 2. in Fiai kbn flace, _ opposite Fiai.k tin Squat e an>t in.'Xr diM>r to the residence of tlie Hon. Srcrettry ol War. Posses hioii givon immediatoly. Apply to the advertiser. Km MS P?i?.t Oflice. jan 7-1 w* ROOMS TO H ENT.?Parlors ami Cliambcrs. with all the uualeui improvements, wafer, gas, Ac., over our store. WALL. STFPIIt-'NS. A C'?. jas 4 2w ^??? wve.. Mlh mm! |?4li sis. 11/ ILL \ Ol' I'R A DK . I will e\,-h in.-e six lots * ? without hou- e?i in Philaitolphia. (iii a house and lot tn W'ashinr ten. sit list.? wii hin t f.iw s'iuares of the A venue, pay iiik I lie I'lllerence, il any. in mo r<'y. '? lie lots hi rhi'adclphia lie m the pathway of the eily, wlieie piou>*rt> is destined to a speedy and imin use use iii value. Lots va'ued on.y at % i.?*U. Addiess_M. I*. at this ofln.e. jan 9-eoi w * fpHF SI BSi' M | B K It, at \o. W l.ith street, be I tweeu New York avenue ai d I street, has two superior FUkMSHFD K i H i MS for rent on reas onable t-rnis. Eariy applicition is dehiiisl. ill* 7-eo3t" ? ^ 1' R NIS HID uTiT SE FOR R ENT.?A oom I modioiis and w<ill Furnished House, situated in one o| the most d<*sirab'e parts of the oity, is now Torrent. Apply on the premises. No. 37J 11 street, btween 13th and Mth. jan8-eo3i* FOR RENT.?Two STORKS,on Pa. avenue l.etween 13'h asd streets, south side. 0<ie with ceiiarat ?i3 per month; the other at .%I2..iO per mouth. Inquire on the premises. jan 12-eotf l<,t>R R ENT?Two Rooins, suitable for oflicesor * an olfiee and chamber, unno diatelv opposite the City Hall, and over the offic e of t! S. Waltach. d II tf Apply t? RICHARD WAI.I.ACH. 'UII K slioALS A N l) TilTlVrKSA N DS 1 OF YOUTH. Ju*t publisntil. tA<- 3?/ edition. UjT ON SPERMATORRHEA OR SE.MI Nai< D1SKASKS.-sA fci ieLtif.c Trea lie oa the tr>almerit arid perfect cure of Nervous Debility. Seminal \V<akn?Kn, liivolun'ary Kimssions. Impo tence, He e., resnlting froin vicious habits acquired during tiie orinenl passage f oru Youth to Miui hood. BY DR. CULVER WELL, Meml?er of the Royal t'olle?;e nf SnrKeon:i of K?.|r land, I IH<71, Liccnciate of the Ball, (l?>0. and years Kesident -ictitloner in London. Author ol the "tiunie to Honitli.*'' tJreen Book," "How to l? Happy."?? Memoirs ol'Sinrle and Married l.ifa. Ac. ThissinalltiutvalusbeTreatise.wri ten by wulld renowned Physician and Surgeon pom's out the only sure an-1 permanent cure fiiralliti -cases result nig I om se f abuse, and is the only publication ofits kind wiitteu in a benevolent fcpir.tnnd by a scientif ic man It should be in the hands of all who value their life and hcallli ai d happiness iiere and horeaf tcr. Price 12 cents, or t stamps, at the receipt of which it wi I U'si-nt, pout free, hud well scoured, by Dr t'H KLINE, No. 1st A?cnuS, B. x 4SIK. \tw York. 12 rj EN KR AL W A I.KKK TA KEN PRISON ER IMPORTANT T<f THE PUBLIC! 915,(nxi Worth or Boots a*d Shoes to sitSoi.n. I have determined to run off ?iyr entire stock of BOOTS AND SHOES at t really reduoen?,^. prices. My ol'ject ill so dome is to clone out my slock as near as possdile by the IslF ol March, in order to make extensive im piovemeuts in my store r? om. My stock of Shoes is larger, cheaper, and lietter than it lias ever !>eeii Imfore. A few of the kind I have to offer I will name : ttiu paus I jidies' Black Foxed Gaiters, thick a, les, at 91, cheap at flr I 5** 2^i pairs Ladies^ Black and Colored 7.*> cents. ? heap at $1 15" pairs Morooco Buots, thick aoles. at ?l, very cheap inn pairs Morooco Boots, at 75 cents lAii pairs I .adieu* Rlaek and Colored Gaiters, with heels, at ?1.374*. With a general assortment of l.adies', Gentle men's. Boys' and Children's **ho?s ol nil kinds, that are kept in a first oLss shoe store. I wo.ild aio'>t respectfully invii* all to give me a cMl K'f'ie purchasing. Bri g thd advertisemeni along and see for you self. ?r-M ????"???? Vm M AURl-DF.a. d 31 -?w 04>fn?r No Hud VFKIM OMtEPATHIC P*HYS? t? I \N A SURGEON. 457 I4lli street, td doorfrom \\ illards Hotel. < Hfioe houra from 8>i to ll?H a. Hi., S to S. and 7 to a P'?r'/srsarr*.-Dra. J. F. Gray, J. C. PK?r? and E. Baysrd, Na^r York; Dr. A. H. Okie. Provideiioe, U_ |# T jan?eo6t* R VE ANU MAKLKV MALT. JL for sale at Ik* ITY MALT MOUSE. acvMruf Wm Fall* ?a*? Mki HI oak Km llltinorl, Md. my 6 ar -1? AUCTIOJ SALES. ~ .B.y* BARNARD, Anotionneera. ? SAJ' ?V CATALOGUK OP VKRY RICH ?UnTPJIV2n F.R't>AV fooRNlNG.the IVIm" . J ? ?Luck w* w,|l ?? (tore No. 5tj 7th wh?chk!"^?r House. the riehesl him of iiU .nli? ?T*T h**" offcre" in this city, consisting Rol^s io""-* k P1S?S' ?P?. Muffler?, Sonirril **????, r.rt.nne, Siberian ^"rr dLorm?, rV1"l,ch !tton* Martin, anl ,1 Tk. r,!tlun of Fnra now in uit. in frrm,1* *?*?-ela?e eatabliahment Wm nam. Hi p * "?'d w,,hou, r*?erv?? Fine dark Hudson's Bay Sable Seta,

, :!* !}?- 2'ctorinw and Cape*. Peruvian Chinchilla < anes (^loak. i v . Otto Caps. Heaver and other Mufflers. * W .rarr?a?e and Sleigh Kobni.Ac. All ol ^'iiioh wili he ?old without reserve. Terma 4./ ,WALL * BAKNAKD. Auotmnwr, I he goods will lie open and arranged the dav nr? ?Vi and ?lmnV!d "" PUb"C ?",eral1* arf.i?'^ inn lQ.ta " ? ? ?? ?lOOf. ?"U and examine jan 13-ts ?r * , ,?T JAS- C' Mc?l ?KK. Auctioneer. V on tik'sday AF^rrfxnii'v ,Al'CTION at 4 oW?? the premli" I a m Square No. M?, fronting M fee "incheson Is? if' mrU'r'""?"""" K?"J L?"??? '"'""V uS -wwasfiiswH -??" Jnn ,a *? J C. MoOIMRF. Auctioneer. By A. GRKKiM, Auctioneer. T PBo7er?tSon?thF VALlAU,'E iMPBOVsn ? !d1??il """* <!Hfed ,lMf uttl "f *?'Vbuar*. ISV ?hl!L,h- re<l,,e?'o| the party entitled to the deht auctT. n fnCrrr<N/ the aob?onber mil well at pub'ie *an ? tS? iIB Pre""!,-S. ?? THL'RSDA V. hundred and five (^ttTbounde'd KnTlWUrml theucenoM hSL wbVhr!?S C inches; rheuee east 38 font, thence southward!,. <k KVaof^ . 1 y ?' " ashineton. Die impruvi'ineuti lumn ? Hou%rKl and and well built Frame Terma of rale: One-half cash; the Uatioein mix f ?rVhl'ii'f tUe purchaser to uive nis notes 5.,1.1* it." a1 ra^'v^'isi^'^n'e'or :t n'SforX yrs.A" ?? u,t *lSmtli?P!>yna A1r "*1* '>enot complied withinfe-i r,Vh? #r ?"!' S dn! "f ??'*? 'rustle reserve" the tho deftuhincTu!C! 1,"'njc five dar. no.u'-'f xrtf "uwapni,cr "< Ui* MM ROD GARRKTTHON. Trustee. jn" ,;J e,^w H, J. C. MctiiriRK. Auctioneer rnRrgTKK'S SAI.K OP VAUJARf K I N I impbovkp R k AL < tf.-B, Virtue of a deed in trtiKf. Iiaar.iig d the a! day i?( Apri*. 1^.57 hh 1 r-corded ... l-,l-?r J. A. S.. \o.Wi, fif,"hl\ ,ct'se, vhrJi Tv,,,;,rW'11;''11- ? pnhi.o sajejo,,* WKu' n r.V February. HO', at 4 o* p. nt., at the aact.<1.1 store oi Jh?. c. vic-tiiiir^ ?>.? ifre t?theVi ,,>rn"h> lva?'ia atren.M and Imh ?t're,? WCvt. the whole rfSquare l"54 front.n 4,ij f r> 1 raphVruth^,'nd1 !^rhh F ai?!"^????Haafci.i.M, eai u . | u, h -trid 15rh sfre<*t? west, and l.ot No !4 in > |iiare N -. Tt'. frontitip.>t feet on 1st street ihsI deep'"6" "ou 1 *1"1 C ?'reels, l.y one hiindred leet Perms ol ?a!e: One-third cash; and the bnlance n. six, twelve and 18 n:onihs. for notes U-arin^ inieict from day of sale, secured liy a deed ?f tru-t on the P-P-L?=?n" 'r complied with in hv.- da>s?ft?,r , , r property will Ik- resold n,.o? o?eV "ek's Hy A. IjRKKN, Auctioneer. L'KA.MK HOI'SE AND I.OT ON THF |? ?Van VJhKll M,l|tT!,,fl-~,?riV?NDAV-i3tbVn . nil, i h fill I m front ofthe preiiiisi's nr i./n'it P m;. north part of Lot No. 2a? ft ? 4% s re" 52ouVr?V'!*tr"et weft,t#tween F H"(< ? r *ou'n-?'??t. running Uek t<> a wide allfv l niproycnients, which are h coo.i cm?v m,yH r 1,10 Mou',<,n,i,l Kitchen, oontai. in; six ?on\ emeiitly arranged rooms. ... <M,B:haV Ch811; lrfil?nce in six ard twelve mouths, notes Iwartng .merest from day of s3 e A deed given anda deed oft list taken. AMWnvev ancu.g at ttie ct>st ol the purchaser. A.KRKKN. A*ct. VI A RSHA l.'S SAI.K.?In virtue of a writ offien f'1?"? ?r4lBr ?hel'en ,aw. issued from the eUrkV S,rcV ?V"ur,of"?e District ofColutnli.a will e* o,V.U 'f ? m ?n.l to me directed. I r ?rt P. * to. P"'?"o I>>r Ca*h. in front of the h.rt q. .H r'V "r **"' ??unlv-,o.i HATI'RDA V. the Slht dnv o| January, lain, at 12 ..'clock .n the M??a 1 ?>r:,rr,? w,,: All defendant's riKht. title, e aim. anil interest in and to the three r*ine Houses erected on I ot No. S. ln resenatioT H , i w r ? avenue. I.etween 4S and sts in the ? it, ?| V\ ashnnton ?. C? se^ed and lev.?i upon as tlx* property of ) unes H. I o.-ke* *nd will 'r," A' ** , LJ,,,'l?i?'? to October tern, li?7, in fH\or oi Miittli dc howler. o r' P,1 HOOVKR. Marshal jan ft dtt - fur the District ..f Coluinl.,s. My W A LI. A BARNARD, Auc's. Corner oi p,nn<*trssia artmwe nnrf 9th street OOSITIVK SAI.K OF LICJCORS. ClCAK^. i..?k . at An tiuji.- tin Mo >. DAV MOR \INU instant, comme- ci.., ai In oVack, we sei! at the store of Mr. J Pat er.on. \? wV Mr*, H'rr..d "" Rve"u* lh,? "tocl? Liqu .r?. Wines' ?' to chan?e his bu siness. \\ r fiHIlie ? ^'lii ke>?, U ineshud Brandies, m Imircls, ? .-it , _ iu.witl.e,' * 1 L?hZtr\# rhew-iw ToImcco, 2^lavke.R Cliftmpter e, |{ aclit?err? 1 randy. . , 4\ ? * 11* m i 11 1 rnniiv, imj^nnU Ou powder, Biack and ^ ..ui.g H>am Together w fh many other artic'es in the ai! <1 ? hieh will l^? so il w ithout reserve " ,-ri To^rV,4^i a'"'. u"Hr' ?"shi over that sum, a ... V J S Sll? ,Kv',? f,,r *tis,faci?..-ily endorsed ii(?t? m, |. ?ariiu interest. ****? WAU.A BARVARI), Auct. \|ARSIIAI.'S SAI.K.?In virtue of a writ of fieriI facias issued frv.n the Clerk's ??ifieeo| the ? ircu" i ourt ?lI the L)istricr o| Coiumhia lor .he ou..t> of \^ ashincton, and to ine mreeted. I "hill P IC s^l'*? f!tr Ca"?- <>' lr,.?i 01 the V''"'1 " insci oor. o| said county, on KB I ha V .he ."hot January, ls?t, at U o'cl.i.-k in., the follow i.ik Pf.jj.ert, to w,t: All d..|>? lam's right, title! "*,,,'* " inUrear in and t?? l.ot No. 5, in ^(^ \o VI* mi 1 lie ( it, of VVasliiugton, II c!. together w.Vh' all and I he 1111proveme.its thereon, seized mid I.-'t ied on as Hi* proper', of John M. AfeCalla. ai d Wil. Ik, sold lo saiisl* Ju'IicihIm No. Ul to OetolM-r lerm, II..V7, in ( iv?.i o| >weeuv. R ittenhouT \ Co r . H ^ J- D. IKMlVKR, J" Marshal lorthe District of Coluinlna. 'phLSI KK'S SALK OF VAI.I 'AIILk'H fTl ^ l*',T^T?*~",l,,Pi,r,,uanoeof adenree. pasa.d on Court li rPrV ol .\ovemlM,r, IS-.7, li, the Oircn.l ? ?ourt lor I mice l.eorge s county , sittinic as a Court Hi. ,u H fSHU,.e in said Court depeudiiiK, wherein Margaret S. A. Cn.nming. next Iriend to . i " i"?? others, is complamanr. and I d 11111 hd It. Cummuig and others are defend ants, the undersigned,as T.usiee t herein appoint, d will, if Ihrf same is not previously disposed of ai private sale, expo** Ht piil.lie sale to ,he huhest nidder.ou the premises,on TIII'KSDA ^ .21st Jan uary, Itbil. at the hour of II o'clock a. 111., if fur. and 11 not lair at the same and place on the next lair da> thereafler, all ih^t vslual.le Real fcstate situate in said count*, which was Heretofore con vey ed to the Hon l iiomas \V. Cumming now de ceased and intestate, l.y one Martin liuelt ai.d l,u.-v Ann. his wife, in Tee simple, containing one hundred and sevent) seven anil a half acrcs, mme or less. I liese I .Mints are very va ualtle; the soil is of a oharacter peculiarly adapted to the cultivation and quick maturity of saiden and lar.rung prodi.ctio.ifi? the county road to \N a?hiii?;foii. l.y the way of Sov' euth and North Capitol a iK.undary on oue side. I'he health and society of the neuiiln.r h?K?d is unsurpassed in .Vlarvland or the Ilistriot There are several streams of pure water and one large spring on this estate, which is within two nine* ol ihe "Soldier's Home." and within hve iiltlt-s of the Centre Market. The laud has been divided into several lots, raiding in size from 15 to 7ii acres, with asulliciency of Wood on most of the lots, and will l?e sohl in parcels if deemed to the in terest ol the parties. The Dweliuig House and Out houses on this es tate are large and commodious, ai.d in exoellent order. This estate adjoins the property of ia.e Ste pheu Markwood, the Messrs. Win&erd, Disges, Clark and others Any information will he given to persons dcirous of purchasing,on appl.cation to the undersigned, personally or ty letter. The Terms of^alo. as prescrilied hy the deoree. are ss follow*: ?(>ne thousand dollars cash on the da* of sale, to l>o p iid in funds of some Distriot or Baltimore Bank. The residue of the purchase mo .ley to he paid in one, two. three ami four jeais, in e?iui! instalments, hearing interest from the day of ?al<j, and to he secured by the UuhIs of the purcha ser ?>r purchasers with <>i?e or more co oblucrs o b; approve.! b, the undersigncil. Upon the pa, meutol the whole purchase moucv.aud aM iuUre?t thereon, and not h.-fore. the undersigned, as trustee will convey to the purchaser or purchasers, or their heirs, the proper.* so nurchastd h* tlie.n. Tree.olear and discharsed from nil claim of the parties to this suit. a..d of all persons by them or under them. The widow has joined in Ihe proceeding lor a sale, and has signified her consent in witiug to Lake an equivalent in tuouey (in lieu of her dower out of the procoedsol sale, as a<oeitar ed l?y law. i I. ? O aJJ^IKL C- Trustee, d .11 Staw2wAdts Itt . . GASTON A. CLARE, LO ISIANA AVKNI'K, seooml door from 7th street, under the Avenue House, DKALKkS I.N CLOTHING ANDfiUhNT.'8 FURNISHING The aubseriIters o'll attention toa desirable Stock of CI.(II rtlNH which they n>w have on exhilu t.'.nat I heir Store. No. 48 l.ou wiaua avenue, second d?Kir lr??m 7tii street, and aa they are determined to close off the lot it possible, every eflort necessary on their part shall be used in order to please their oustomers In the clothix,) IIkpartmrjt w? mn guarantee the stock to be perfeot in p<n t of duralulit,, ht and stvle. Iw oiuae we make everything ourselve., and have no hesitation in say ins our goods will ha found equal to the best order work in the country. \> atching the vannua changes of lisehion. way rest as ured of finding the latest cut and make in store snliject to their inspection and approval. ?JA^jn wtWth of Gootls lor Men's, Koys' and Ser vant s oar, will be sold at auction prices, and pur otiasers would do woll to examine tne k>l. This is no humbug, as our assertions can tie proved on e*. anim ation. Call and see ua i.t the above Store. 3m GASTON A CLARK. LURING KX TRACTS,all odora. at GIBBS'S Hair Store, near 13th st.. ami at bis Sales Room nnder Willsrd?' hotel w a Sin r|IPLOMA-riC HISTORY of the Waehmgton ",v-H PRANCK TAVLOR. AUCTIOJ 5A1E8. TO-PAT ? TO-MORROW MOB-MllfO "A L K. ? In rutueof t wnl of til. the Lua fe>e,is-eed from triii.f i? t.W?2?of,U* Circuit Court of the Dis 1 i Hie County of \\ aah.ugtoa. i.? ?*!>??? to puUlio sale. for oOLilt 1 Vi"lsiii v J-ourt Hnu>? door of said 2Tff55JSJL ?k AL,Ul* oi January 18*. ?ir AiT,I^rI?^5r following deaonbed property, to wit. AII defendant ? right, title, oiaim, and m tereel in audio a house. ereoted Mn pw oTLot No 1. in Square No. O)..our Mr of ti wreet iou,? a^d 7th street wast, in the Oitj of A aikiuum 1) r seised and levied upon a? the property of V\*lt?r A ? 'I rue, and Will l?e sold to satisfy J udiciai N<? <m to October term. 1*57, in lav or <>| Critii A Waller ' J. I?. ifOOVKl. d 19 dts Marshal for the District of Columbia. ICT rHK > BOVK SAI.K is POSTPONED uniil TH I'RSDA > , the 14th instant, eatue hour and place. J. U HOOVRk, Marshal _d l*J-?l for the District of Columba. By WALL A RAR.VAKD, Au?T Corn ft ot PrnMfflvamia arm** ami 9th tir?tl Peremptory sall of dry goods. ...SJ?.*1'', ?M*wt* At-., at ArcTios.?i>n I III RSDAV MoK.MNU. the Ulk in?taut, o?>m mencmg a? lo o c ock. we wi I sell at o?r auction store a large lot of Dry Goods. Clous. Shawls, A c. \\ e name in part? American Cloaks, fine article, CheaiileShawls and Scarfs. Caahmers Scarfs, Moire Antique and Morocco fir It*. lie I .aine*.Cambrics, Cashmeres* I* and Children'* woolen and ootton Hose. Wifhmim other artic es in the Dry U?wtds line, which it is unnecessary toenumerate. aud whioh will positively b- *o,d without reserve. Terms cash. jan 12 WALL A BARNAR D. Aucts. Il/" W ILL RF ADDKD to the at<ove a lev piec-s and sets of tine Fitch. Sable and Mink Fur?. as < apes, \ i formes. Circular*. Muff's and Cuff s. Also, f.uro, five very haudsonm W.df Kobcs, f* i arnices <>r Sleighs, lined and trimmed; all of will be sold without reserve. jan I'l? WALL A HARVARD. Aucts. Bv JAS.C Me-M IRK. Auctioneer. rpRr#TKK'S SAI.K 4?F h VCKLLFNT ?* i* CH NITt'K K AND If'>T'-?FHOf,l? KFFFCTH ?I In Till KS1)A\ NOKMNli, Jm. uili.nt l"n'c<?o?, a' tho resid.nce . | t.h: r \\ . p*,r?. Ksq.. corner of I rospect and F rod.-rick streets, lieorgetowii. ft. t .. I shall hell, by virtue of a deed trust, du * exe cuted ind recorded, ail the Furniture and Househo d I net ts, comprism*? Supi.ior rosewood, seven octave Pianoforte, hand somely wirvod, Walnut p ns i -covered Sofa, arm and parlor, II am? some Scaglio'a marble-top Centre Tab's, I.levant oval carved Kilt frame Mirrors. ?V Clock and, Marble \ ?aes, Pedest Is, Mantle Ornaments. K> s> wo<mI marble f.pMkTaW-, W liatnoU. Handsome rush-seat and other Fancy Chairs. >.lk ?nd worsted damask Curtains, ^hades, Rrsckeu l,r",lile',,,Klt,,a,,,elleJ Chandeliers Marb o-top centre and pier Tables. Mahttgaay Sofa. Rockers, arm Chairs, Knclisii hall Clttck. Hat tree. Ib-ok ua>es and ^huives, Mu ic-stand. Ijriisbels. Three-ply aint lri?rain Ca p. ts, Jieaii'iful^r decoiate't Tea. Cr flee and Dessert Ser vice, India Cluiut, Oiaas War*, Crockery. >nver SfMH.iu, silver plated Waiters, Castors, ai.<l !?|HNII1?, Table Clittery. Fire Irons, Clocks. ^jd' ls.aids. Relruerators. Difiiia-TaMes, Mahocan* r renen and other H? d*teads, I lair and Hutk Mattresses. Heddin*. Maim?auy Wardrobes, marble-top Washstands, I?nlet Sets, Cane aik! woih) sest Chairs, T ounzes. See., I ogether many othei articles in the hoosekeep itiK line Y Te?m-: Fif>y d?i||ars ai d under, cash; over that ^um, a credit of pi a?d 41 days. f..r ?ati?factorily en dorstd noted notes, tx-arinc icttirest. SAM C. FDFS,Trastee. ^an9 d J- C. McliLIRK. Auct. A t 2 o clock in front of t be 2. one horse Carriages. 1 Sleirh. 1 Cart, 1 exneliant Milch Cow, 2 sets Harness. Terms as aL<ove. ? ,, , . 'AM. C. FDF.S, Trustee. Jnn * * ^ J. C. .\fc<?L IR K. Auctioneer. (\I -"V H A L'S S A I. K.? In virtue ol a writ ol iV? 1 ?*c,5*' under tUr Li n late, issued frr'm the 1 Jerk s i-thce o| the Circuit Court of the District J O"."1? County of WashittKion. and to me directed I shall expose to public sale, for Ca?A. ?rri-'^iVi ^?.?L?S:L House door of said Cennty.?.n .i i , 1 ?,he'^hdajrof Jar.uart Uo'cl'k TV j i ,WI?* described properly, to wit: All defendant > r 1 aeht. title, c aim. and interest in and to a brick house erected on Lot B. 111 Square No. V8. on Fluid street north, fietwen K a? d F street* we>t in the Cits 01 \\ ashir.rtoH D C? seireJ and - ... UpVi' ?* pr;,pr 1 "f J,,',n XV- J""<'au. and 7 . , #? ^''sf* J mlicial No. 4t, to Octot?er term, I it.7. in favor of Cnpps A \\*aller, a . >. t , J D. HOOVFR. ?1 1*? fa Marshal for the District of Columbia. II/* THK AUO VIC SAI.K IS PuSTPONFD uum. I HI KSi?A\,t?ie Uth inst., s^me hour and J D. IIOOVKR. Marshal for the Dtatric* o| Columbn. B? J. C. MctilTKK. AuetV TRl'STKK'S Svl.K dF KKW. I S'lATF m on Tf>K l?t a w>. - By virtue ol a decree ..1 the J licui' I'oi.rt llivl' in the matter ?d "^aillliel l ee. a iiinatie. I will ?e I at public aucti m. to the holiest o.utler, on I Jillr d.i). Ja.KMuy Ula, |^5*. at 4 o'efo k p. in.. 1 He following d 'nciih d p-rrs . I boi? one (1? two '21. in S?|uaie seven hundred aiut siztv fc?v(n(?n7>, m the ot) ol \\ APhin^.' ton, to wir ? Froul.UK lor the E?Mir eurhteen feet ill on Tturd street easi t.ei we-n I and K streets soi.ta, and ?ui - tiiiik with t :it w it h through Hie sud Square to 1 a nil street. With 'I I the improvements thereon Tei id sale. < ?t.e t'?*..i of ^ur. luise money cash, and *;;? res due in e<iual nu n's in six and rwelv? in *11 hs, the deferred p.di.tntkto Wur intere-t, and 10 tie s^euretf to the s?!i?l-.< t..>ii o| the trustee. I he tiu te-? reserve.-: the luht l.? resell at the r.?k and cost of the purch :?er uuless the teni,> arc t<? . lit 1! with m three da>s f.i m !?a,d sale. A II con Ve> a net nr it h eo\| ot the P?fr',a?er PKTKR M. PRARStiv. Trusty jan 12-31 J. C Me:.riHl . Auct. I'R U-TKK'S SALK Ol- VAI.UABI.K KKAL .T ^tais-In pursuance of a pa<a?-d on the tenth da? of April in the year sme 'housand eulii huiidrtd and bify five, by the Circuit Court lor 1 mice I.eoree s count*, siitm* as 1 Court of , Iji a iause therein d"i?end'n?. wnere.n Al lied M. Beny, next friend of Kot^rt K. Thoni??ou ami others. .? coinplamaut. a(,d 1 milt \\ ail and others are duffndants. tht-u.idt-rsuned as I'rii-t^e Iher.-.u appointed, will expo-e at public sale, to th?' tuddtfr. ??n f he prvtitiKr h. ?*u '1 III the U'hday of January. ??.*!, at the hour of twelve o clock m , if fair, if i.oi lair, at the *knie ii.,.r?,n,l platje on I lie ... xt lair day thereafter, a'l those tracts, putts of tracts, or paree'sof I and. situate m sawl cunty. lormerlv tli?- t.r. (^t i* ot the iate Bteh ?i?tl 1. Tboinp^ou. ftiHt now d-cr? ed to f?e mid tor the purpose ol iIivikioi. and partition *etw<*en h s widow ml lua children. Ti.e?e Lands n.nlatn, in M'pataie and ncurlj contiguous p.irce s, upwardt of f* 'Hindied Acres. The freat.'r por'i,,n hi,.! ll.- ta is however, some excellent I'm.tier l^auit among the tracts proposed to be sold. Some of thf parcels o] land Irive valtisM** improvements on their, There is a v i liable spr.netd w tter on one ,?| the tructs?and the soil <d all the lands i??a nii> wo.ked.riiMl well adapt*it to the rusime of the stable crops of tlie c tunty. These land* are in tne i.iaii.cdiate \ .ell t? Oi Brand) wme, and srtl 1 be sold 14(lols to su.t purchase's. Terms of sale, as prescr.b^d by the Decree: Five Hundred do !ars in ca>h, to be paid on ?he day of hhIi*; and t he renidae i?f tiu? purchHt6 in*? y to lie paid IU instalments .n one, two. three, and f"ur ye<,rs from the day of tale: ihc same to te ar in terest from the day of snle.atjd to lie secured by the Ismds of the purchaser or purcuasers, with approv ed cc-ob ixors. And upon the paj ment td the who'e I'urcna... in ii.ey mkI all u.tsresr thereon, not lietore, |||? undersigned is authorized to co-vcy tt e premises so'd lo the purchaser or purchasers there of in fee simp e. at hisor her or ti.e.r ctrsts, free, clear, and dischargef.o.n all < !ain.s of the partu s to this oause and of any pfrson or persotiK elaitnii.e by, Irom or under thd.n. The wubtw ts a put* to the proceediiks in t'ns c:tse, ai.U lias in wutir.K sis uiiioii lif r hhSeiil to t ke iii lieu ??t her downr ai. equivalent III money, as asot-rtaincd bj l^w. out of the proceeds of sale. is,. . , 1>A -"VI Kl. C. DIUUKS, Trustee, d M-lawtJanln&tits FUrUK K DA YS. l\ ? A K r*H A l.'S SAI.K.? lit virtue of a writ of 1? I Fieri Facias, issued tr.m ttte Clerk's Office of tiie. Circuit Court of the District of Columbia forth* County of Washiagtou, and 'o me directed, I sha I expose to ptinlto sate, f??r Cash, in front of the Court-house door of said county, on FRIDAY, the -Nth day of January. 1X5A, at 12 o'clock nt . the fol Iowiuk dr-scrit??l property, to wit: All defeudxut's ii^ht, title, claim, and interest in and to Lot >o.S, in Square No. 730. in the City of Washington. D.C-, toRethir with all and sinictilar the improvements thereon, seized and levied upon a* the property of It lie*. ant! wilM.o ? >!d|to satisfy J u 11< Mia N ?. 371, lo Oc'ol?er torni, luS7, m f?\'orof John \V atcrs. J. I). HOOVKK. Marshal j.tu & ts for the District of Colombia. "By JAS. C.MoHL'IKK, Auotionecr. I^Rl'STKK'S SAI.K OF HOL'SK AND I.OT, ox the Islssu.? B* virtue of a deed of trust, bearing d..U* ou the 1st day of November, 14V*. and recordetl hi Ltiwr J. A. S., No. 7% lolto 'J4, et *eq., the subaciibor will sell at public ?a e. on SATI^R DA \ , tl.e ICt li day ol January , t5H, at 4 o'clock, p. til., on the l?t No. to, in the subdivision of Squire Si . lu froutiug 13 feet V inches on Wh St. wi'st, l*tw?en south Hand K streets, and runniuc Istck with ihat width 120 feet to a fifteen-feet alley, with the improvements, u? of a Dwelling house Terms of salt: One half casn; the residue in itx, nine and twelve mouth" for notes le-ar.nt interest i'roiu dny of sale, secured l?y a deed of trust upon the property; and if noi ooinplieJ with iu ^itaysafterthe sa'e. the properi* wi I t? resold upon one week's notice, at the rick and ex pense of the purchaser. All <r*uv eyaactns at the expense of the purchaser. The trustee will e??nvey only such title ns ta vested in huii. . S. *^ALl.ACH, Trustee. d?A>-eodAds J. C. McHUIRK, Auct. P oooo s.i.k. t'fcRSONS %'lshiniT PlTIli"*R 1CH MILK, can <*l?t tiu it at my store, or b> leaving their name a> d nnintter of their resiJencd. and I will s*x*d it lo them. I have made an airaiuemsut with a gentle man. Iivtnrn sh-.rt distance from the cily, wb?* ?? taakitiK la ge <|iiantitics of C/raa Putt KithlMtlh, and will fuiuisl. l as I nia> A. F. BROWN, i *n 1 ^w corn r of llth a. d 1 ats. ^DPKKIOK MKDICAI'KD OIN.? ????* ** CJlvcii, 2h case** of the oelel>mie?l I ondon Cor dihl Urn and luvi^oratina C<>ril|*!^?uia l? g^Y* No. 554 12th street, cornar of ii aire*! "?rli,iu^Irr' ?*sri>'?snd Lienor **rt?re. [. _ HA IK KKI1MHF.S. ri?*J0K^VefJv N A IK.S, Card Cases. Cigar Cases, fto., a very l?r?m,d ? Ps.avemue. TELEGRAPHIC NEWS Fran U? AmkIiM I r*a . Sr Log:? Jan 14 -Tkf Democrat ha* Kinu< ?*? ??? ^ y i!K: Sn.73,'-"* j?b**?n Dongtas county glve?S?i ,||||tl, and Alchiaon cltT sIkmii *) The democratic iVate ticket la proWUr rient ?l. but a merrily of the legislature t? fre? %tal. About half the vote of the territory wa? raat for state oflmi, ??uf a very decided expression w.s UtTfU a^atn-t the l.econipton constitution. the majority against It bring ?H dovn It 111 .(?Hi In ?oiur districts there were two distinct poll* kept open " j tr** *?*" wi were making irmt* of fraudulent votria, under the lecfat acta of the legislature. Vt Calhoun a judge named Cutset was 1^1 - j th* b*llo< b .?e?, and another, I'1 V_J;. v. for "living fraudulent vote* Caivett wan taken to Leavenworth, and with a ' ^".w" tn 'he K ***?<* Rangers pa raded through the atreets 1 ~ Much ex< iieusrai prevailed and fear- were eti (e tain.-d that seiioua trouble would follow Po litical parties were much divided, the msjo.lty iteing bittei ly opposed to the Lecomptou rirasV tut ion General Calhoun waa supposed to be In West ern Mlaaonrl, and bad been advised net to retura to the Ten Itory. Horrible Murder ia Caaada. H*Mil.tom, C. W Jjo II ?K most atrocious murder wi, comml ted at Poolvllle, four miles f 1 <iiii heir. Last nlgbt J a red Comstock and wife, a*ed over seventy years, were the victims Their ? >n waa tb?- mu derer; be has lierit far some time tll?:ine. At about S o'clock lastevealng |jr killed ills father, by knot-king blm down wirh an axe, j id hi* mot hot was killed with a akillet lie then cut their hearts out, cut ont-of the bodlea into pieces, and masted the other on the atove, e*tiug a po. tionof it He Intended to have kilted his sMer, bit? fortunately abe esc oped The mar dercr is in custody, and has confessed the act Arrest af < eanterfeitera. William?pobt, Pa., Jan. II ?Four men ? named Millet. Anderson, l.ewis and Havier we.e arrested iu this borough, bv the aber If. on -aturday night. They were all well armed. In the garret of the building, counterfeiting appa ratuses were found It l? believed that an exten sive combination exists in this vicinity for the making and pasaing of counterfeit money, but through the clue thus obtained it is probable the ^a:ig will have to change headquarters Tarkeraaan, the Mail Robber. IJostojc. Jan II ?The Supreme Judiciary Court of this State to-dav overruled the excep tiona taken by the coan?e'l for Tuekerman. in the Lastern Railiond embezzlement caae Sentence i? deferred on account of Tuckerman being lathe custody of the United States A Kufiiaa Steamer Lnnncked. lie. Bosrojt, Jan tt ?The it earn Corvette Msjoor, luiilt here for the Russian government, was I oinchr-d to-day. 6he will proceed direct to the river A moor The aleanier Argentine left to-dav, under nail, for the exploration of the river Paraguay. Retake to Geveraer Wise. Richmond, Jan. 12 ?The House to-day adopt, ed the caucus resolution in favor of the Lecomp t n constitution The Senate postponed it. Tbia is considered a virtual rebuke to Gov. Wise Geveraer of Okie. Cikcikxati, Jan 11 ? Governor Chaae, who was rt?-elected at the recent election, was Inaugu rated to-day ?? Exchange and Freights. MftaiLX. Jan II ?Exchange Is dull at three to fou 1 pel (.eat premium Freights are at fc for cottoa. ?? Southern Markets. Mobile, Jan 1*2 - 9 ilea of Cnitoa 6,01/0 bales ; quotations 1k- : market firm Sales of three days * VW ; receipts three days V.5UU hales, with advancing tendency. Chsblxito*. Jaa IS ?Sales Cottoa luflU bales. ma>ket firm and uuchanged SavaaaatJan 12 ?Sales lOUtt; quotationswalU, with market firm. Acgcuta, Jan 12 ?Sjlea 4l?0 balea; middling f.iii advance; receipts light. Haitimere Markets Ualtimobe, Jan. 13?The maikfts are no* changed generally Flour, all varieties of ship pi ut: brands were firm at (I 50 The supply of grain is limited, and yesterday's quotation* arc sustained?W>>od to prune Vktilte *1 I5a6l *2il; prune red *1 III Tbe cttertairs cf corn were Mnall; white i5?5Tc ; yellow o^adlc. W bl-ky 2<ij2Ic. ? Mew York Markets. ?Xrw Votti, Jan 11?Flour is firm, sales of 11.1**1 Hbls; Stitf f4-2^4 3a; Ohio kl T5U fco; Sooihern &la4 ?o. Wheat ia buoyant- sales unimportant, western r*-d rI liw*l 1?. con. .i.atiivt and prices nooi iaal i'otk is steady meaa ?l| 73a$J5 uu I.ard ad price* un?ettl>'d Wbi^ky is lower at 21 )fe. Financial. Niw Voti, Jin 13 ??Storks are lower , Ch< and Rock I-land64)^ Cumberland Coal Co 18\; Illinois Central is>i.d*MiH; La Cro-se and Mtl? wa ikie 12 ; Micl 1 ran #?% , New York Cen I'a Coal Co t?- , Reading 00% ; Milm'aukle and \iis>isaippi 31), ; Virginia 6's V2 , Missouri 6 a TVS. Sterling exchange dull 1'HK RKASIlN WHV.-A careful oolleet. ui of I many liuniiredii oi tessons f >r thmrs which, tlionfh Kenerally Istlieved. are imperfectly undei >ti??!. t'ofioasly illimtrated, KcrIisIi edition; price su o?ints' f?ee l?> mail on it-oeipt A nrnei) s.x ceais iu ? tsiy. 1.iKlit n the Vjil|e%: My Fxperienc* of S|.iritusi imi.; I?, .Mr*. V vIihi Croaaland; lilustrafeal. |l.ts. V 1..let, or tiie Dansfuse, 4 eta. B><<r,raj)h.oil and Historical Sketches; l?y Ma.-as lay. App!e'on*? Railara)>rary.5meta. I'uiieh's C.Hrlet Ktakk of Fuu, do. do.,V?cts. I i.e Bi.'srsphieal History Pinl..s<>|>h). tioin its oruiu iu Urce> e down to the preaei.t Ja?; by G*-<>r?a Henry I earoa; 1 volume, jJ?.7V The same in ? voi uinea. a 3 Ju?t i>ubiisliod aud f >r >?le at TAYLOR ft MAt RY S jan 7 R?M>kstore. nrar wb st. History of thf. kkpi bi.ic of thk . t'mtfil States, sa traoed in the writings of AI - ovsnit r Hamilton; by John C. Hauult ?n, vo.ume I, $3 50. 1 m <er's Historv of the l ulled States, volumes 3ani| i, & I 5" per volume. Kxam 1 nation of the Dred Scott Case; by Ttios. H. H?ni-.n. |i. The neons of Fntlsiul and *hei< 1' Frac <51* IjMiOnlot, F.sq ,2 volumes, 6'J I'-.rtraits of my Married Fne..ds; hy I'ncla Be:., $1.25. Mori*s fi?r the Home Circle.*5 cents. Tlir^e Da> s in Memphis, < r Sketches of the Pub lic aid Private t ife of tue Old Eayptiansi by Ut. I'll!, mi til, Tj cents. Mustani tint; bv Hon. Jeremiah Clemens, 81. SeaStories, I volume, 75 oen's. I.ife at the White Sulphur Spnnca; by Mary J. W indie, 7?oents. perils of Certs m Fnrlish Prisoners, a Christmas story; by 1) ekens, SS cents. at. ?c -ount of the >mithsonian Institatma. Lf Win. J. Rhees.fOoents. A^aaah Fi^o-i.Ues ftats^niv | Ablha'M'klH LADits* Kk8:: - The f.llowtnt is a list of prices of FliRS aoa hi(ii<-d me ou ooiiiuuss on from s F ar Company ia .New York, to Oe sold at New \ ork wholesale si'if'Rook Marten Viot.^ines and half Canes from ? - - - ???? ?? - - -W5.08 to 10X10 Sets French Sal. e iialf and three quarter Capes - ?? - ? 7JP to ltd Sets (to.. .Mantillas aud Cloaks W.tSt toS5.i1) Se-s pitch V etori nes and Half Capes IflJOtoS'iu Sets Stone Marten Vicionnes to tt.ct) Sets M.nk Sable V#iot?>rines aud Hslf Capes *?.no to ts ta Se's Mink Salile Three f?>urtli and Fall Capes amtoHM Sei? ??.ueimu r>?|uirral Mautniaa and Cloaka... ? n? to 6s.?? Sets Huji.011 R ?) Saliie Hail 1 apsa tt.n to ? Set# do do do Three foarth. iun.m Misaea SitMM-iMi Square ?^?pes 7 ,V< to a St Misses Imitation Ermine Capes 2 5" to 6.M ??t-utlttiiieiis' I- ai s oiiars aial Oloves .. UHto tM> Hudson Ka? Sable. Mtuk. Pitch Freneh Sabte, and other Mu If* sr >ri~a fnen S?w? to <M0 B. H STINEMLTZ. t36 Pa. arsssc. near i?a street, d S next door to Madsaaa Delaraa. pLOUR ANU PRODUCE WAREHOUSE. The andersicue.1 have in st??re and I* ssle? bi^s. Extra FLOI'R.f ,h# 2* 911 hiils. *aper.or do. do. no. 100 bfeis. Family do. i-u in Alau lit I 1 t.M. Tli?aM CH It. ak^S. l.AR li. A c ; in Uct. all kinds of Coaatry Produce rWTved daily, hy tke suhseribnm rectiveu aaiiy. 1 ? HARTLEY A SON, jan 6 2w No. 36 L aiua at rant, A lexaadrm. AliilNS* FlOS'r PRUNES 1 tn Fresh Layer R AISIN*, in (Barter, halfand whole hoxea. K|GS in cartoons, and ia large and eaull drnas. ia very tne order. PRUNE*, ia |last >ars aad eaakets of sues, hemg very benai <ful !? ?: ChrisMnaaif El NO"ft ?U RCUlX ? " ooraer Venaoiit avwwaeand I5tk et. 6 LKXANURIA ft WASHINGTON BOAT The Steamer GEORGE PftGK will depart at the hoais with paaetaahty: Leave Waamnetou 6, t, 11 Ja, Us, *. tit airr