Newspaper of Evening Star, January 14, 1858, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 14, 1858 Page 1
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THE EVENING 8TAS Zt PUBLISHED BJBRT AFTERNOON, (SUNDAY BXCBPTBD,) AT THI IT1R IUILDINW, Ctnir of Pa. mwnu? and Klcvmtk strut, By W. D. WALLACH. Papers served in pmIwm hy carriers at #4 a year, or 37 oente per month. To mail aabaortbers the snb ?oriptioa price it |S.Da year, in advmnct; $2 for aix months; f 1 for three months; and for *sa than three months at tha rata of IS oenta a week, 8in*le oi-pies. ona cent; in wrappers, two oenta. Adtkktiskmkxts (of eight lines to tha square) inserted three times for $1; every other day or semi weekly, 25 per oent. advanoe; onoe a week, 5" per oent. advanoe. VOL. XL WASHINGTON, D. C., THURSDAY, JANUARY 14, 1858. NO. 1,5.15 ?' the Board of .Managers ?( the ??ashin^ton < ity Protectant Asylum lor Orahana and Destitute Children. ?ThroUKh ,hr* tl,e orPb,in ?wns parental care. Bend the tjlad knee and breathe the fervent prayer." Citizens of our community?friends of hu manity, again we come, again we make our hum Me appeal. Orphans and destitute chil dren there always bare been, and orphans and destitute children there always will be; and we, the Board of Managers, feel it a privilege to minister to their wants; to be almoners of your bounty; to rescue them from misery, and to train them for usefulness It may be, the sameness may weary the ear unaccustomed to the calls of charity. We con less there is little to vary ' our oft" told tale.'" Njrrow and entire destitution, must necessarily be our theme. Would that we could present a brighter picture. Would that we could say, our treasury was filled, ourcoft'ers overflowing; but no. we have no such report to give. To the many who have aided us. we return our sin c?re thanks?it has enabled us to do much. '> e have fed the hungry, clothed the naked, and sheltered 05 destitute children. From the little one. unable to lisp its name, to those more advanced, and becoming useful. *ri! *re with tho most tender solicitude. The public are aware, many are brought from the most wretehed abodes of misery, and young as they are. there is difficulty in training them as we would wish. They rcouire firmness, tenderness and perseverance ; and we endeavor so to direct their manngement. as to prepare them, when of a suitable age. for usefulness There have been insidious attacks upon the management of the Institution. An anony mous statement has appeared. We know not who to answer, but we say to those who would poison the public mind, come to the Board of .Managers we meet on the 1st Tuesday of eve ry month?come and make your complaints isit the Asylum. It is a public Institution, and we oarnestly request that you will do so. > aned are our calls?varied are the forms in which sorrow and want are presented from the cellar of tho destitute, from the dying bed of the hectic, and from the homeless, to be housed, borne, most interesting in their story ?some with poverty alone to recommend them All that come within the limits of our Institu tion are taken and cared for. eu<* o^ts M thew- ?gain we come, again we plead. Many rive, and give liberally but many, very many, have lived in this com 7 ?ean\P?rhaP3- who have never thought of an Orphan Asylum, or have given J w whe" a collation has been taken in our e. urche3. But look at our subscription list. ^ hose names are there ? Very, very few. It must be for want of thought. Can it be, there m*D\'W ?P in *lf' ?o inseusi ?k!i i ? WaDtS ?f ?th*"' M when his own children cluster around his fireside, to forget that destitute and helpless infancy and child hood must be provided for ? Can it be, they do not sometimes think of those almost out EI r,*oc,^y U h?1"11 to inh?hit the same ifr -ith Ik wf do' 10 breathe the same lhefaffie wonderful frame, and equally preciou: souls, with no mother's eye to watch hull WaDtt" D? mother 8 ,aP ?o rest their ? ? . ' ^haP* a P*"?t on the floor their only Portion, till rescued by the hand of char In \ J 10 degradation and crime, *ui citizens of this community, are re ''The poor are a legacy7'feft fo if XrT ,)o<i haa blesaed with means; and if that aid is refused, to God, and not to man arWCr, But man of wea'th?thou f p !k ^ the entreaties of the poor, and for the Poor?dost thou remember "Thou bear unloads thee^'f e*' but a *>???* and death We commenced the year with a debt of one thousand dolla? The collections in our churches enabled us to pay that sum; but. of c?uw. our expenses continued, so that at times tho cloud is dark indeed ; but faith is the sil our ?<i know not what it is, -in your voyage through life, to skirt the bleak lee sb re of necessity " we could go on and goon, and tell you of scenes tearful evL o"^ v the ,MnKuid ,rame. the tearful eye, that asks our aid and dreads re ^7 *f'T ,Iu? m,?rable have no other medi cine but only hope. The house is in good order. We have a matron, a womnQ of kind feelings, piety and iVntT.h\tbC ChildrCn an,i in lh? ment of the house, may truly be said "to have ^tLWrat-;he "?ld ' ? teacher, an J4tan! an a Cook' impose our number SitV^hi'i'ren1 T" *'"* tb? Wa,,U "f sixtyehi.dren. We urge the public to supply us with means to add another to our household 5?""* '.n the work of the family. . f*3ng|,rl' ko^9 been removed !iT k "u or,Pluced such situations as were thought best for them .S? boys have been received and ni*At girls. We would most gratefully acknowledge the Iw"10 Tne^' collected in di&rent churches, the month of February havine been kindly proposed, and since that time, collec tions have jcen taken in other churches : rII* \tr, n'S?1'Trinity Church,. .9350 00 \ Mr. Hall, Church of the Epiphany 117 (Mi Rev Mr ounderland. 4j street Pre?b;. tenan Church J ivinn Rev. Mr. Moraell, 0f Christ's Church Rev Mr. Sam3on. Baptist Church H4 i!o "" ?' A.-, chorch,:::. , ?r? C^rotherfl Church.. it Church,..! 4(| ill) fZ Dr. Ourley s Church, on F street <- ^ z *? iim - ch.?T.:::::: JiTo medic^r..i;!u!;?,:h^u;,Dq;^b*S''J/;r ?i.rn :?4 r??"S?c-r ??, ???d " k,lndn,:""f Kev Mr. inMruc'tS '"'lu k ' u 1 a*",n w? would inquire of the many who have come to our city is re,i r? DOU? V> Cwtu? forward, and l?v heir subscriptions and donations, aid us' Our expen^ have in.-reased. and unless we recei^ ?h? not h?i.b m? H.;p:iU ;l*. Amount o money received *J 7I1?W Leaving ut a debt of 522 JJ Tili the glory of our land that we have W. lums for the orphan, and Institutions for varied ?uffenng. where the child may be trained usofalness and where the weary one may |.I down his head and die That is a K|?ry .roeco and Rome, in their palmiest days never ,he re,igiu" c"",pg**d"" B,j,rJ so?"^!!^1'^ ? 'ir-t Dir?ctrM" i Mrs Hender son, i.econd directress; Miss A C Smith JoT'sk^ M"wH K Secretary^ Mrs PhU^I^tf Mr? OUless. Mrs kJrtlT Mr! W^ L- Mrf WMh* M?s swl J I? Mr* W p Johnson, Mrs. Ohorman Mrs Ratoliff, Mrs Dr Brown Miss Dayton. Mm McPherson ' By order of the Board. R. Coxe. Secretary. A Paris letter toere In a renewed agi tation among th<? oavans of PArls, at the magnlfl cent offer the Kmperor a^ain makes to Prof** nor A^asslz to induce him to till the chair iiinde vacant liy M. D Orbigny Is tbe Mumuiu au Jardia Ueo Plaatea. The offer is 1UU.UUU franca and a ???*! ia the 8enats. List or Patests.?Tbe following is the list of Patent* issued from tbe United States Patent Office, for the week ending Jan. 12,1858?each bearing that date: Leonard B. Averlll, of Barre, Vt.?For im proved stave machine. Newton Benedict, of Aurelius, N. Y.?Forim proveinent In carriage top*. Win Cevard, of Muscatine, Iowa.?For im proved method of connecting the beveling knives in circular-cutting barrel-head machi nery. Joseph F Boyd, of Charlestown, Mass?For improvement in reeding sails. Wm Burghart, of Lawrence, Mass.?For im provement in needle guns. J. I) Burton, of Boston, Mass.?For improve ment in the construction of bureaus and With stand*. H 1*. Castle,of I'rbana, O.?For improvement in stump extractors. Nathan Chapman, of Mystic River, Ct.?For improvement in cotton press. David W. Clark, of Bridgeport, Ct.?For im provement in sewing machines. Stephen O. Colvin, of Coventry, R I.?For Im provement of the let-off motion of power looms. H. W. Collender. of New York, N. Y.?For improvement in cushions for billiard tabies. .lames M. Connel and John Connel, of New ark, Ohio.?For machine for blacking boots, shoes. Ac. John B Cornell, of New York, N. Y.?For improved hinge eye for shutters. Myrtillus A. Crnvath, of Loda, 111 ?For Im provement in gang plows. Thomas Deinpsey, of Newark, N. J ?For Im provement in harness trees Jacob S. Cenmnn, of Brooklyn, N. Y.?For improvement in 'tilroad car seats. Alexander Don-lass, of New York.N. Y For improvement in sewing machines. Spencer B. Driggs, of New York, N. Y ?For improvement in piano fortes. Nevinyson G Du Bois, of Brooklyn, N. Y ? For improvement in bell hanging. Henry Fisher, of Canton, O ? For improve ment iii mowing machines. Joxiah Foster, of Sandwich. Mass?For im provement in marine safes. James L Fountain, of Rockford, 111.?For Im proved raking attachment for harvesters. Albert Gemunder, of Springfield, Mass.?For improvement in spring guns. James H. Gill, of Mount Pleasant, Ohio. For improvement in hay and straw elevators. John Huden, of New York, N.Y.?For im provement in wheel vehicles. James P Herron, of Huntsville, Ohio ?For apptratus for ventilating pulpits. David Howell, of Louisville, Ky ?For Im proved machine for bending metal plates <-bas. R Iliil. of Falmouth, Ky.?For Improved plotting instrument. Louis Kellner, of Brooklyn, N Y ? For im provement in velocipedes Burton \V. Leonard, of Bridgeport, Conn ? For improvenr-nt in grinding mills. Win. J. Lewis, of Pittsburg, Pa ? For im proved chain making machine. David Mattbew, of Philadelphia, Pa ?For im provement in railroad car boxes. Win. R. Michener, of Marlborough, Ohio? For improved steam valve. David G. Olmstead. of Vlcksburg, Miss ?For improvement in cotton gins Nahum S. C. Perkins, of Norwalk, Ohio ?For valve arrangement for steam engines. Lzra and John Z. Perin, of Connorsville, Ind. For improved horse-power machine for cross-cut sawing. Lewis Peter, of Gnadenhutten, Ohio ?For im provement in rotary steam engines. Michael Phelan, of New York. N. Y.. assignor to H. W Collender, of same place.?For im provement in cushions for billiard tables. Daniel G. Rollin, of New York, N. Y.?For improvement for equalizing carriage sprin*'s. Justin M. Smith, of Lyme, Conn.?For im proved butter worker. J. D. Smith, of Panton, Vt.?For improvement "in excavators. L. C. Stephens, of Pine Meadow, Conn.?For improved carpenters' rule. Andrew Sfevelv, of New Haven, Conn For improved scissors sharpener. Chester Stone, of Ravenna, Ohio ?For im proved clothes-rack. John B Tom and Stephen D. Tucker, of New York, N. Y ? For improved method of lubri cating journals, Ac., by a pendulum valve ar rangement. Leonhardt Witting, of Philadelphia. Pa.?For improved creeper. George S. Colburn. of South Reading, Mas* assignor to Cyrus Wnketleld of some place ?For improved device for retaining in proper position the splitting knife in ratan machines. John B. Creemer, of New York. N Y .assign or to himself nnd S Dwight Humphrey, of same place ?For improved match safe. Sylvester A Hough, of Oxford, Ga., assignor to himself and A. S. Hough, of Madison, Ga ? For improvement in wagon brakes V. N Mitchell, of Conrord, N C., assignor to 11. A. Arm, and C. N. White, of place.?For improvement in attaching shafts and poles to carriages. Patrick Milian, of Boston Mass., assignor to himself and Gilman Davis, of same place.?For improvement in gas stoves Chauricy B. Whitney, of Ithlca, N. Y., assign or to Philip Cast*, of same place.?For improved Chute for water wheels. ?J. M. Singer and Kdward Clatk, of Nfw N ork, N ^ assignees of Charles Mo rey and Joseph B Johnson, of Bostou, Mass? For improvements in sewing machines. Patent dated February tith, 1*19. Reissued June *?th, 1-?M. Divided and again reissued on two amend ed specifications January 12th, 185h. Dtnigmt ? David Hathaway, of Troy, N Y assignor to Fuller, Warren A Morrison", of same place.?For design for stoves. Peter A. Palmer, of Troy, N. Y ? For design for stoves. Henry G. Reed, of Taunton, Mass., assignor to himself and Charles R. Burton, of sam; place. For d?3Mii;ii for tea service. N. 5. \ edder and Ezra Ripley, of Troy, N Y. assignors t?? L. Potter A Co , of >aine place ?For design for stoves. N. S. Wdder and Wm L Sanderson, of Troy, N \ , assignors to L. Potter A Co., of same place For design for stovee. \. S Vedder and Wm. L. Sanderson, of Troy, N . Y., assignors to George Warren, of Mecban icsville, N Y.?For design for stoves. Additional Improvement* ?Isaac H. Coller, of Pougtikeepsie, N. Y ? For tile cutting machine I'a'ent dated Feb. '&i, 1&>7. Bixter D. Whitney, of Winchendon, Mass For Improved machine for smoothing planed wooden surfaces. Patent dated Aug. 11, IS57 A Talf.mtkp Sox.?The son of a worthy deacon, whose father being away from home, undertook to say the family prayers, or rather the prayer he bad been accustomed to hear re Eeated every evening, since the days of his ahy-hood. He ootnuieuced aright, and for a time got on swimmingly, quite astonishing his mother, who bad no idea she bad so talented a son. At last, when ho was in the midst of his invocation, his memory forsook him, and he re peated the tirst part of the prayer over again, f his he did several times, till at length the pa tience of the good dame was thoroughly ex hausted. '?John," she whispered, "John, do get through some time." ?'I would, mother," replied the poor boy, '?hut I don't know how to tnnd ths darned thing up." writer in the Religious Telescope ap proves the recent introduction ot steam in "pro pelling ' church organs, because "steam never winks at some one across the room just before the piece is started; never titters and laughs at each turn of tbe music; never blushes or stieks up in its fan before its face, nor hangs its head; never whispers during tbe sermon; never turns over tbe note-book to find the time during prayer, nor gases over tbe congrega tion to see who is kneeling; never*writes notes and passes them while the minister is preach ing ' For these reasous. says the writer, "if singing is to be done by proxy, let uf employ steam " Ijy The " registered letter" system, it ap pears, does not work ?o well in the transmission of money by mail, as was expected. It has servod rather to direct thti attention of dishon est persons to letters thus marked,distinguish in/ them at once as valuable. The present PwUiia t;r General, in his annual report, al lulea to a plan matured by bis predecessor for iesuing money orders by every postmaster upon other postmasters for the transmission of small sums to persons at various points throughout the country. A similar system has been in operation throughout England for many years, and i? found to work well. Special Notices. To TBI CITIZENS or WasHINOTON.? Wolfl't Sthtidam Aromatic Scknappt.?The proprtttor be** leave to oall the attention or strangers ard the citizens or Washington, to a very superior srticle of Holland Oin, whioh he introduced to the American public under the name of Wolfe's Scheidam Aro matic Schnapps. This Gin i* manufactured by the proprietor exclu sively at his Distillery in Schiedam, Holland. It is made from the best Barley that can be procured in Europe, at any oost, and flavored and medicated, not by the oommon harsh berry, but by the most ohoice botanical variety ot the Aromatic Italian Ju mper Kerry .whose more vanou* extract is distill ed and reotified with its 'piritwuus solvent, and thus tmcomesa concentrated tincture of exquisite tlv vors and aroma, altogether trauscendine in its Cor dial and Medicinal properties any aloohoTic beverage heretofore known. The proprietor has submitted it to nearly the whole Medical Faculty of the United States, ana has reoeived answers from about four thousand Physicians and Chemists, who endorse it over their signatures as a most desirable addition to the Ma teria Medica. Persons who purchase should lie careful to get the genuine article, as the wholeoountry is flooded with counterfeits and imitations. Put up in quart and pint bottles, in oases of one dozen each, and for safe bv'all the reapeotable Drug gists aud Grocers in the t'nited States. Udolfho Wolfe. Sole Importer and Manufacturer. Depot, No. 22 Heaver stroet, New York. Wolfj's Schiedam Aromatic Schnapps, is prescribed with great success by the Medical Fac ulty in Gravel, Gout, Chronic Rheumatism, Drop sy. Dyspepsia, Slusgish Circulation of the Blood. Inadequate Assimilation of Food, and exhausted Vital Energy; and as a beverage it has no superior in the world. Put up in quart and pint bottles, and for sale by all the Druggists aud Grocers in Washington. UPOLPHO WoLFE, Sole Importer and Manufacturer, Nos. 18,20, and 22, Beaver street, New Y ork. Wolfe's Scheidam Aromatic SrnNArrs.?The proprietor particularly recommends the above Schnapps to persons travelling or about to settle in the South or West on account of its Medicinal pro perties in correoting the disagreeable aud often dan gerous effects produced by a change of water?a visitation to which all travelers South and West are particularly liable. Strangers should l>e careful m purchasing the Schnapps, as the whole oouniry is flooded with counterfeits and imitations. The genuine has the proprietor's name on the bottle, cork and label. For sale by all Druggists and Gro oers. I'dolpho Wolfe, d 12-3m Depot 18 Beaver s reet. New York. I am tif possession of some valuable certificates in favor of the Consumption Destroyer; also of its efficacy in relieving bronchial disease attended with severe cough. The Syrup is pleasant and safe, and is o? imposed of roots and herbs procured from the Blue Ridge; it is no common article. They are nioely enveloped in iny circulars, where my place of residence is seen. The extract of a flower called the Alpha Ointment for the Piles, can, with the Syrup, be found at Mr. C. Stool's; the Syrup is at several other places on Pennsylvania avenue, as well as Georgetown,at Mr. Newman's on Bridge street. In Alexandria at Ledbetter's. In Baltimore, at Hauoe's, 106 Ba'ti more street. d7-tf Dyspepsia and Fits.?Dr. Tracy Delorme, great ourer of Consumption, was for several years sol?ad ly.afflicted by dyspepsia that for a part of the time he was oonfined to his bed. He was eventually oured by a prescription furnished him by a young clairvoy ant acirl. Tnis prescription, given by a mere child while in a state of tranoe, has cured every Itody who has taken it, never havu.g failed once. It is equali se sure in cases of fits as of dyspepsia. The ingre dients maj be fouud in any drug store- I will send this valuable prescription to any person on the re oeiptofa stamp, to prepay postage. Address Dr. Tracy Delorme, New York Post Office. n 30 2m Special Notice.?For Perfumed Breath, White Teeth, and Beautiful Complexion, use " Balm of 1,000 Flowers " For dressing Ladies' hair use " Woodland Cream," a new pomade - it causes gen tlemen's hair to curl beautifully. Price 50 cents each. W P. Fetridge A Co., Proprietors. New York. Wholesale and Retail Agents for Washington, Taylor A Macrv, Booksellers, between 9th and 10th st.. Pa. avenue. n 17 TO THE PUBLIC. Parties or persons having advertised for sale an ?* UNEXPLOSIVE GAM." wlich is no thing but the well-known "Ethcrial Oil," therefore I deein it necessary to caution consumers for their safety, that the only genuine article is known as "Reintxel's non-1- xplosive Burning Flunl," and is prepared and sold y F.STl'TZ. at his Depot, oor nerof lith and K streets, he lieiug the sole possess or of the right for selling the same in tlie District of Columbia. oo21 -eoSra FR. STIIT2 j^KW BOOT AND SHOE STORE. The subscriber respectfully informs his friends and the publio generally that he has remov c ed his HOOT A N I) SHOE ESTABLISH ftgl MKNT to No. 9<3 Pennsylvania avenue,FBI south side, and Mine doors east of his former 1^^ place of business, where iriay be found a very gene ral and select assortment of HOOTS, SflOl'.S, andGAITKKS, for I adies. Gentlemen and Chi! dren, of his own manufacture; which wtli, in quality of material a"d workmanship, compare favorab y with those of the liest establishments. All goods made by or bought of the subscnl?er may be relied upon as beinr. in all cases, exact jr as representee!, to which he would most respectfully call the attention of those in want of good articles. The subscriber takes tins opportunity of return ing his sincere thanks to Ins friends aud the public in general for the very liberal patronage given b in for the past five years; and promise, in return for the same and for that which may hereafter be siven him. renewed efforts to give that satisfaction which is so muoh desired in our busnfess. J. R. MORGAN, 303 Pa. avenue, d 30-eolm* south side, bet. 9th aud loth sts. D Washington, I)eceinl?er l;<57. AVI D A. HA LL. Esq , having made a Convey ance and joneral Assignment of all his Real and Pers*?nil Estate to the undersigned in trust for cer tain purposes, all persons having claims against the said David A. Hall ate requested to present the samess s<?on as inay l>e convenient at the offioe of one of the Trustees. No. 40 Louisiana avenue; and all persons indebted to the said estate are requested to pay the same without delav. WM. H. PHILIP. HARVEY LINDSLV, d2*-eotf Trustees. A SPECIAL CARD.?To all persons indebted to to us in open accounts or otherwiseare respect fully notified that their bills will be made off and and presented by 1st January, arid as we design mak ing a change in our business, we earnestly request that they will come forward, close their accounts b? cash or notes at short dates iu settlement by the loth proximo. We hope in view of the present financial condi tion of the entire oountry, and our intention to make a ohange in business, will sufficiently explain the necessity of our request for prompt payments. COLLEY A SEARS, d 26-Wteod 523 7th St.. 3 doors from Pa. av. pATENT OFFICE RESTAURANT. \ The Undersigned having ^ _ ( m Jbought the House at the oor ner G streets, for- VKSBk nierly and favorably known ' ll w as the European House, and having renovated and refurnished tba same, is pre pared, at the shortest notice, 10 furnish parties with all the delioaoies the market aflords. GAME in season. The best of WINES, LI QI'ORS, and CIGARS constantly on hand. It/" Families supplied with OYSTERS at all hours, from 6 o'clock a. m., to 12 p. m. He respect fully solioits from his friends and the public a oall. d 19-3tawlm SAML. BREKKTON. rn CASES SUPERIOR OLD BOUR BON OU WHISKY The subecril>er has reoeived. direct from Wallace Pope k. Co., of Louisville. Kentucky, SB doxen su perior BOIJRBON WHISKY, twenty years old. which will b? sold for $9 per dozen. d 3t-eodfit J. C. McGUIRE. Auot. T CARRIAGES. HE Subscriber having made additions to his Factory, making it now one of the largest in the District, where his facilities for manufacturing a I kinds of CA n JT~"W * RIAGES and LIGHT WAGONS oannot I* sur passed, and from his long experience in the busi ness. he hopes to give general satisfaction. All kinds of Carriages and Light Wagons kept on hand. All REPAIRS neatly done,and all orders prompt ly attended to. Seeond-hana Carriages taken in exchange for new ones. ANDREW J. JOYCE, d 10-tf oorner of 14th and E sts. NOTICE.?'We respectfully notify all persons having open accounts on our (took* that their bills have Deen indiscriminately mad* off for issue up to this date and are ready for delivery. Those preferring not to have them tent in will find thtirae counts ready at our desk. In view of the troubles still existing in the oountrv in relation to monetary affairs, we beg that all will speedily oomp.y with the wish we indicate by ^d'aTiw* CLAGBTT_A DODSON. ?ARD PLATE ENGRAVING, AND PRINT VISITING. INVITATION, AND BUSINESS CA R DS engraved in every style. CARD PLATES printed in the best manner and WVISItTnG AND INVITATION CARDS,plain and enamelled surfaoe, furnished\ t'the lowest snoee. w, F. BA* LY. No, 278 Pa. lHh and 12tk sts. di-tf UnteLwrtt] Georgetown Advertisement*. J^UITABLE FOR PRESENTS. Smoot, No. 119 Bridge street, George town, D. C., ha* received, and offers very cheap Tor i^sh, a good assortment of hncr and useful arti cles, suitable for Christinas ur New Year's pres ents, viz: r Fane* and Maok Silks, very cheap Shawls, Scarfs, ajid Cloaks Rich worked Collars and sets Hems titched embroidered and plain linen cam brio Handkerchiefs Best Pans Kid Gloves, all Nos. Kjeh printed Del,ains and Merino Plaids Merino Plaids. Union, 25 and 31c. A lane lot DeLaines, I8\aiid25c. Gents Scarfs, Ties,and Cravats Gloves of every kind Silk, white and colored bordered linen cambric Handkerchiefs Children's Woolen Circulars, Hoods and Gai Oents and Boys Scarfs and Comforts

w It""0* and Silk Yestiogs, ko. .y*,1'11? f'V'y ot,,?r desirable articles that would be suitable for a present. f 18 11 J. H. SMOOT. 'rNK /LES.-We respectfully announce to our friends and the public that we have at last sue ?reded in having a large quantity of ALES of \nri ousi kinds brewed exprosalj to our order, which we wm guarantee to be i he finest and the largest vari ety that was ever offered in this market. All persons within* a nioc article of Ale can have .t by applying to us for either oftlie following brands adelphia and X X. We also have a fin? article of f,ou.tand XX Porter alwsj s on hand. ?? 1 j j?r* "y mail??r given to our drivers, will be attended to. ARNY * SIIINN, , I nion Bottling Depot, 57 Green street, 17~" Georgetown. D. C. I ORD BYRON'S WORKS. 6 vols., Murra>'? i-J London edition, in purple calf binding. L. rDdnn. R*reenC^rfai ^ 9 vols., octavo. Th? Stratford Shakspeare, 10 vols., London, in fait CAS68. filt.he Cal"Det ^hakspeare, 12 vols., London, cloth British Poets, 4 vols.. London, half calf. full o*!f? B,,*raf,h,oal Diotiocarj, 12 vols., London. ma"s.l,,n'hatefnt 2 vols.. London, many nUi!l??L?ft.8t0iriM'2 .voi,"- Lo,ldor- half rail. LmiXn.liai'f ?lf ? ' Roaco*'* ?d't,on, 2 vol.., volV^Londonlfu l?y|f?f ,be Inductlv? Science..3 Bui wer s Novels. 3? vols., London, green calf. And many other standard works in fine bindings imported from London, by D*S' dy> FRANCK TAYLOR. EES??W?"Wjr8,YW tUKW BUNIONS. SOFT CORNS. ? . TOE NAILS, Without Cutting or Causing the Slightest rain?hy DR. 8UHL08SBR, urgeon C hiropodist to the principal Sovereigns in Europe, takes this opportunity of apprising the ladies and gentlemen of Washington and its en virons that 11K WILL STAY HKKK OLT A ?KW D*YS **" consulted in everjr department of Penal Surgery, especially in CORN 8, B U NI ON sf an d lone iri?H,e u^^'S.?" which, however long standing or bad. he guarantees to efftciually tho miiT^2n.en,ly fWr' 10 a f*w moments, without uie slightest pun or inconvenience. either during their removal or afterwards * N.B. Office?224 I, between Mr* and\hth 5- f hot the Treat*ry Vtpartmnt. Office hours from 10 a. m. till 1 p. m., and 2 till 5 o'clock Will visit ladies at their own residence by giving a low hours' notice. * ID" The following testimonials are similar to the thousands in the Doctor's possession: ?* J"\?m H. M , ike King of Bavaria. Mr. Schlosser has operated on H. .Majesty's feet ii'T? ??' and Wlthout the least pnin. Certi ht-d by 11. Majesty s command. BN. POLLER. From H. Imp. Highness, the Prince Jerome Na \t a li , . Poleon. .?lr. ^chlosser e m a estrait des oorsarce beaucoup d adresse et saus la moiadre douluer. JEROME NAPOLEON. From William Rite. Proprietor of the Ptnnsyl .. ? fssios. r",r.^?Uln"r extracted two oorns from my ?rf . were extremely painful for many years. I he extraordinary ea?e with which he operated is remarkable, and I.cheerfully recommend Finn to nil who are tr<>ul>led with c<>rn? Rathe onl? person I have ever known to perforin the operation ncentih caily and without pain. \VM Rlt'F Piuladelplua. Sept. 23,1(W7. K,Cfc" n n ,. From Pierr* Hutler, E>?. ur. Schlosser has extracted a number of corns from my feet with great skill and without pain. , - . . PIERCE BUTLER. Phradelphia, Nov. 9, I8.t7. From Itr. S M. Landis. Physician to the City ,x 1 *"/ Institute at P h 11 n,te I rh I a. Ur. Schlosser has extracted, without pain or ?ore ness. eight very painful oorna in a few minutes. ] would advise my fiends and the public generally to go to Mr. >oh!..sser and have themselves relieved ol tuesa toe tormentors. S. M. LANDIS. M. D. Thousands of testimonials from the United States, and also from Royalty. NoHility. and medical rrom Europe ran Keen at the Doctor s Office. ^.'4 f street, bettcren 14?/| and 15th streets, near the Treasury t tpartment. d 24 lmLT A ^ 1CW i>At# IW Washikotok. BLNo. SH2.I V THE PBB8lJj?.VT OF. THE UNITED HJ!^pl,^^tKaa^''C?/>f.,5w, J*MB* BncHAjf*!*. Presi dent of the I nited States of A merica, do hereby de olare and make known that public sales will lie held at the undermentioned land olfioes in the State of Alabama, at the periods hereinafter designated, to At the land office at Elba, commencing on Mon a&y, the fifth day of April next, f?.r the disposal of the public lands situated within the following named townships. Tit: North of the bast line and irest of the Tallahas see meridian. w ,rrCilc"in^i ,f?wn*hip 7, of ranges 8,9, in, 11,12, 13, ??'? lb &nu IT. Fractional township 6, of ranges 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, <0. <4 and 25. Fractional sections 25,25,27,28 and 30, of fraction al township 6, of range 'J6. h ractional sections 2C, 23 and 30 of fractional town ship 6. of range i7. Fractional section 26 and the east half of fraction al section 28. of fractional township 6, of range 28. f*nds appropriated by law for the use of schools, military and other purposes, will be excluded from tnc sale. The offering of the above lands will be commenced on trie day appointed, and will prooeed in the order in which they are advertised, until the whole shall have been offered .and the sales thus closed; but the sale shall not be kept open longer than tiro irtelcs. and no private entry of any of the lands will be ad mitted until after the expiration of the two weeks. under raj hand, at the cit* of Washington, twenty-iixtn day of December, anno Domini one thousand eight hundred and fifty-seven. B, .h. Pr.aid.nt: JAMK9 BUCHANAN. Thos. A. Hkndbioks, Commissioner of the General Land Office. NOTICE TO PRE-EMPTION CLAIMANTS. eJlt,t1^ to ,ha "Kht of pre-emption n? | - within the townships and parts ? townships above enumerated isrequired toestab Nsh the same to the satisfaction of the Register and Receiver of the land offioe at Elba, and make pay m,nt thcTc.ror as soon as practicable afier seeing this notice, arid before the day appointed for the oommenoement of the public sale of the lands em bracing the tract claimed: otherwise such claim will be forfeited. Th6s. A. HENDRICKS Commissioner of the General I.andOfcce. jan j -1 a wis w (CHILDREN'S BOOKS FOR l&?.-The L.ttle rCl,,*,7?"oreAMother's True Stories, The Won Richard, tie Lion-heartrd, Heroes 1 I? 1 J?' ^ Sea and Land, Inquisitive Jack, Dick Boldhero, What to do and \iow to do it, Silurian Sable Hunter, True Stones and False r m! Otrman. Belle and Lilly, or the Golden Rule. Aunt Mavor's Nursery Rhvmeit X?lfKiVA 5OJr* and Tales by the Coun tess D Aulnoy, and many others for youth of all tnem just from London. d23 FRANCK TAYLOR. T^at At ^VKNTURKS OF A CAT. and a fine *hi '. enf ravings; London, 1&57. rhe Adventures of a liear. and a great l^ear too oolored engravings; London. 18CT. ' * 4?,ood ""?? f'?" ?"? G? for"'* Y?""' "" 1,.^i'Z'oS:'im?i?("'Tom' <i,h*r n?w B'xJks. English, French, ?i?d A men can, for youths of all ages. *an 1 j FRANCK TAYLOR. Bibles AND PRAYER BOOKS, in variety, bound in velvet, fine calf, and Turkev morooco, TIL ?'Mp? |Uid illustrations, French Portfolios. Albums, English and French Drawing Boots, Gold k j*' Bodgers's Penknives, fine editions, in fine bindings, of English and American standard authors An-???trr f"d Pr?*Sf ,FrBnoh-. English and American Juvenile Beoks for youth of all uea may be found at the B.jokstore of the undersigned' mostly imported from Europe by himself. d? FRANCK TAYLOR. Vocal and Instrumental Music. 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Orders can be left at the Musical Depots of John F. Fllis or W. G. Metzerott, or at his residence, oornerbth and G streets, Navy Vard. oc2o-3m* Dancing. R have A || AN C 1 N G A C A DEMY. Mr. T F. GASZYNSKIand DAUGHTER havf 'he honor to announce to the Indies wd Gen tlemen of Washington and Georgetown that he will rc open his Classes for Dancing in, Washington on Friday, the 9th of Ootober. "' ? Temperance Hall, K street, for Misaeaand Master*, from S o'clock p. m.; for Ladies and Gentlemen, from 7 o'clock p.m. Georgetown?on Wednesday, the 7th of Octoiier, at Miss Harrover's Ladies Sem inary, from 3 o'clock p. m. For terms and particulars application can be made at Mr. G.'a residence, 4C7 E street, between ?th and loth streets. se 12 6m pCRNITURb VERYCHEAP. The public are respeetfnlly informed that thefirst, second, ami riurd ftoois ol large Furniture Warehouse, are] filled to the utmost, capacity withi_ every description of HOUSE ^ FURNISHING GOODS?such as Sofas, Bureaus. 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I r ocs very reasonable, the same as at his estab lishment in Europe. n9 tf Baggage expr e s s o f f i c e 3<M I) Strket. Adjoxnxnt Tk? Stmut Printing Ojfict. The sobscriber, Batrage Agent for Baltimore and Ohio and Washington Branch Hsilrtod, hfs opened an office, at the aUive place, for the accom rn<Klation ot the public, where orders can t?e left l?w the use ol Wagona to convey Baggage or Packages to and from Kailroad Depot, Steamlwats. A c.. or for removal to any point in this City or Georgetown. Oihc? open trom 7 o'clock a. m. to 10 o'oiock p. m., daily, except Sunday. 7 to If o'c.ock a. m.. 2 o'c'ock to in p. m JOHN M. MoCLINToCK, Baggage Agent Baltimore and Ohio Kailroad. N. II ?Persons coming to Washington or going to Baltimore, not having made up their minds where they will stop. by giving up their checks to mi agents on the can*. Willi have their baggage taken care ot at this office, ot at Baltimore office. 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Terms, per session of five months, payab'e half in advanoe: Board, (in private families tf preferred,! including fuel, lights, and washing ftg> y? Tuition in oommon English Branches 12 5o Higher English Branches J5 00 Ancient and Modern Languages and Mathe matics 22 50 Music. 17 50 Drawing in oo ? ? 10 00 Embroidery 5 00 Rev. J. WT. GEORGE.< ,> ? 0 , WILLIAM HALL. \ Pnn'ls. For Circulars, with oth'r particulars, references. ??., address either of the Principals as above. d7-lawtFebl IN?. ?n.l? m.nnsot*.v' ,n t,ik tkrh.tor'v 5'f In accordanoe with the provisions of the act of Congress, entitled ' An act authorizing changes in the location n( land office*," approved March 3, t?5S, it is hereby declared and made known that the office lor the sale of the public lands at Mixeatoli* in the Territory of Minnesota, will be removed to Forest City, in said Territory, ot as early a period at practicable. Furtner notice as to the precise time of removal will be issued by the register and reoeiverfor tbeiand district. Given under my hand, at the cUy of Washington, this 8th day of Deceml>er, A. D. 1837. By order of the President: THOS A. HENDRICKS, Commissioner of the General Land Office, d 10 lawfiw LONGFELLOW'S poetical WORKS London oopy. with one hundred designs, by Gil bert, Dtbziel and others, finely U>uud. TENNYSON'S POEMS,London oopy, numer ously illustrated and finely bound. HOME AFFECTIONS. SELECTED FROM THE POETS.Charles Mackay one volJmH. quarto. London, 1"58, hnely bound, with loo engrav ,i!1.R6ntYuiin''0tMS' """ I"*"0' 71 tLd?KH' ?"*" 6~" ?"?? BRACK BRIDGE HALL, smnll quarto, numer ous engravings and hnely hound And bim editions ol most other English and Am? Po?tr7 ?V?d Pn?se. some l?eautirully . "Ohly bound, may tie found at the farter''mo*"'?* '*n4 FRANCK TAYLOR._ LIVINGSTONE'S TRAVELS and Researches in South Africa, 1 vol., 8vo? with Maps an.1 En gravings ; $3. 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D;. the inventor and patentee of Laomi* Mineral plmtt Tt'tk;' - - - i aacceaafully introduced hia impn.vfmmt "JMKaS varioua oitiee. teas now permanently eatau^^U-^o liilied bimftelr in Waahington. Tina improvement (or Seta of Teeth omteiete chief ly in making a aet of hut one piece of materia., and indeatmotiirfe mineral. No metal ia aaed ib their oormtruetton. and they are therefor# free from galvanic action and metanc taata. There are no I'Hnta to tieoome filled with moisture or pertiolee of f<*jd. hence they arepa>? and titan. They are lighter, etronger, leaa clumsy. tar more duraHa. and ?* Mr. ,n t'l*'r1Rpp*af1,DOe* I will give a reward o One Thousand Doiiare toanyone who will produce a eimilar work of art to eeual mine in punt*, iieauty, durability, arti*tio exoe.ienoe or any otber requisite All work reaponaibly warranted. I' avanua, between lltt and IStb ftp 13?Lj IIENTISTRY. ?' DR.STEPBEN BAILY, Or?icy No. |% Pess?ri vama Avmi Tare* door* from 14:4 Strut. D*. BAILY bejta leave to inform the public that ha oa i be eeen atali hie office, located aa above. He fee,* a*aared that an experience of fiOeen year** practioe, with the iaige nun -cr of patienta.aoJgreat jr iriety of difficult caaeethat he haetreate ! eucceae tally, will enable In in to avrmouat ant uiftcmty acientifoe or otherwiae, relating to tha 1 eetk. Hie ?*rri experience oonhrming the opinion o! many men emiuent in the proteaaion, \nd especially Dre. Harr a 1 j iN" rtririly, haa ;ed bun, loaf ainoe, todia oard all merc.inal preparation* for filling Teeta.aleo a;. Knarni.a, Gut'a Percha, India Rut.ber, and Ce menfe for the conatruction ol Contmnosa Gum Teeth, and tt^at Pcrceliv. mounted on Guid P.aie ia thei only reliable aubatat.ce that oan l<e worn in the mouth. a* wae moat oonoluaively ahown by the '??-? American Dental Convention. A't.' oorh he fiauere luinself from hia Ion* ree denoe and practice in Waehincton. he ia favoraby Jtn>vwn to hia numeron* friend* an.1 patrota. Be bm eave to refer them to the following D*M TE!*TIMONIALJi*t From the Ate Keoior of the Churoh of EpiptMoy of _ _ thia city Dr. Ptefhxn Uailt . Dam Sir?1 doairotoajproaa mr eateen. for job peraonaiij and my ooLbdonoc n yon aa a superior dentiat. The operatiooa exoouted for me bave been highly aatiafcci. ry. I hope that yoa WMhinftoB. Am. St. ^""/.W.WtnoU. From one uf theoldeat farma in Ua.timora, Mi .. . Bor?a. On man ft Co . .?mHoyed Dr. Stephen flajty, Burgooa Don uat, of aaliitiKton city, to execate for me an im portant ard difticuit piece of work, which ho did to my entire aatiafbction, and in view of the faot that one of the moat diet inruiahed memtiera of the Denta Co ie?e of Baitunwre. failoiK after repeated triaia, to perform the tame work aatihiaotorily, it civea me er<*t p eaaure to expreaa my entire oor.fiaet.oe a^d hia'1 eetimation of hie Brofea*!oiia< ekiil. Baltimore, Jan. 13,1857. HARMANN BOSGB. Extract fxomaDotoreooived from the late Boo. Job a M. Clayton. . ]'.8. bxBATS, Ab|. 1?, 1?M. The tooth yoa made for me work adnumbly: notti tog oould be hotter. Very aratefaUy, _/0HN M. CLAYTON. To tboee that eeek ro tef from the maiadiee of the toeth, 1 oun cheertully recommend Dr. H. Baily ae a a?perior Dentiat: he made a eet of poreelian tooth for one of my familv.and plapfed aervrai teeth for myaelf, at?i the work hae all ato^d weli for more than X, ^ , ROBKRTT.NtXON, . , Sf Coat of lt,e M- Cbarob BobU. ?pni 19. 1866. Wo, the um wanned, hanng bad oooaaion to avail onree,ve? ot the profeeeionai BBUl of Or. 8. Baity. Barreou Dentiat ?>f thia aity.or haviof lr?ti oocma ant of hia uporationa on our familiea ot frieode. take pieoeure in oxpreeainit oar admiration of hia artmtie akiil.aa wouaa of the uniformly aatiafbctory manner in whtgh he perforTr? the fiio*t delioat# ud d ftealt operatione in Dental 8ureery.and wereapeotftillv re oommend bim to the confidence and patn nage of the pab'io. of which we nopeider him eminent)* worthy, r wc at AS IT. U aLTKB, Architoot L'. 8. Capita,. inoMA? M illkb. M. D . of Wa?hin*ton. D. C, . 8. BoHfcKk. M. D. of Oeorcetown. D. C. ? 8. I.isroi!?, M. D.. of WaehiDfton. D. C. Joe. H. BR*"!.rT of Waehinrton. D. C. GaoRtfn VNaLTOK. Kx-Governor or Fion*^. altix Lb*ox, Fx Mayor of \Yai?aiii?to&' Hknkt Baldwin, U. 8. Patent Office Hb?itK rrincipftl ****??>?? Aoadomy, P , D'lVFR N<t|8* HOTEL, A. A\E.\lEt lietween 17th and letb atreote. A*H!!??TO!f. D. C. Thie eataliiielunent ia new y furmahod and ar ranted <>n the moot modern and improved principle, with private apartmenta. A c. llIHr'The Har i? aupplied with the oboioeat of \> inea and l.oiuora. Gaine and other delioaciea in aeaaon. Hot arid Cold Lunoh fi.^'n 11 o'clock a. m. until 12 m- a21-tf \\* M. P. BAYLY. V . .i^aale and Retail Deaier us I ANC\ AND STAPI.F STATIONERY. Ac. 27B fa. artnmt, Onera to the puUio. at reduced prioea, a lull and complete a*?ortin^nt of? NVrituif and l.etter Papere. Kng leh and American Note Papere French Enamelled and Rrietol Board Writing Carda \\ pfldmr wh! buiifiMh Kn?elopfi Fxtra fine Kmvee. Sciesora, and Raxore. !? ancy ar.d Plain Play ine Carde. fVeke and \Vork boxee. Baokcammon Board a. Cheae Men, Checkere. Gamee. Gold Pona, fenoile. Card Caeee, Ao., Ao. d 4 tf Hnte| eo<W| j^TOP THAT RATTLING. I am n?.w prepared to put on "Cbapman'e Ela?tio Anti-K aft ling Shaft t-netener," a ?ure? wiau remed> tor the rattling of the ehaft-clip^CaioW^ of iarriagea and \\ ap.m*, whioh can beJF^W* put on at a amal; expenae. af Feetorr. where I ha.e oortibaatea from the leading Coachinakere in the 0,'n"?7r- andrkiv J. jo\ CF, q lo '' corner Ktn aid F e?e. THK SKCRS? OF VOLT" Jutt Pubittktd. Gratit.tkt Z>tk Thonsani. A few worfe of the Rational Treatment, without Medicine, of Spermatorrhea or Local ^eakiieen. Nocturnal Emieeione, Genital, and Nervone Debiht*. Prc-> mature Denny of the Syetem, lmpo-I tency, and Impedimenta to Marriage generally, by B. DE LANEY. M. D. The important fact that the many alarming onm p ainta. originating in the impradenoe and iollt-loe ol youth, mav ??eeaeil* removed withoat Medicine ia ju thia amen tract, o.early demonatrated ; and rno entirely new and highlv euoceeefnl treatment*! adopted by the author full, exp ainod.^b! m"niV !IT7.onf to?wre Himeoff perfectlv and at the !eaet poasible o<?et. therein avoiding aJl the advertued roetrume ol the day . Sent to *ny addresa. gratia and poet free, in a eeaied envelope, by remittm^twoj^optage etampa ae28-dAwtf 17 l.iepenard e'treet. New York. ^LE AND PO R T E R. I l?eg to inform the inhabitaiita and viaitora of tho cities ol Washington and <>eorgeiown. D. C.. that I taw and ahall constantly keep or band, a atook of XX ALE and BROWN 8TOUT PORTTB manufactured here entirely from Malt and Hoee* wananted free from all injurioue ingredient* ?ut up in caak* of varioue enee, euiUble for Hotel* Reetauranta. Koerdma honeee and private' delivered by my own draya, in any part of the abovti citiee, at the Brewery prioea. Alao, Malt and Hope for aale. Mnewerr end Maltnoaae corner of K uj m Waehiugton oity, D. C. or K and nth ate.. A 14 JQ8FPH DAVISON. Pentb?Auf?uV5CHR1^TMAS PRkb" r. I, ? Aleo, Melodeora, Violin* Guitar* P'u'"' " [J' t'XB^a Fine Bindinga. of Qibtooa. r?T\m}?nt*' ^a'!*n}? Bancroft.* Irving. Carly le, l.amli. Rol>ertaon, Roflm. Plutarch, Roe coe. Goldsmith. Dean Swif>. Hogarth. M it ford. Mackintoah. Barnet, Kanke. Milton. Whoweli. and other emu ent proae writ ere, may t?c found at the twvika'ore of the undereigned. moetly imported di root form London. d? FRANCE TAYLOR. CHEAP PIANOS Ff)R SALE OR RENT ? Two Pianoe for each; one do. $75; two do. B'?' each: two do. each; in additivr to a large atock of Boatonand New York annvalled Pianoe * *r r EElls pREPARABONB FOR CHRISTMAS. TAYLOR A M Al'R Y'annoanee the comp etio* of theirarrangementa for the approaelui.g eeaaon. their et<?ck include*ia careful eelection of magnifi <*ntly 1 'uattated Btardard and other Wer'a ta piMU and ornamental U'dinga: an in<areor4mt?4 variety of Knrh?h and Ameriaan Juvenile H'xki, and a choine aaaortinent of Ritrte* and I'mi er R< < ka ni l VYe" a?yle*>; Aibuina, Portfolio*. \\ riling Deaka Inkatanda. Cahaa. Ao, to whioh they re apeotfal*) invite attention. , TAYLOR A MAURY'S Bookatore, d ?-tf wear arh etreet JOHN P. ELLIS.