Newspaper of Evening Star, January 14, 1858, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 14, 1858 Page 3
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LOCAL INTELLIGENCE. Ciiittb Statu Aokictltdial Soci*tt.? "When our report clotted yesterday, the President, Marshall P Wilder, Esq , of Boston, Mass., bad just concluded his opening address. The meeting then went Into the appointment of a commutes to report nominations for officers during the ensuing year, and the Chair appoint ed on that committee Messrs. Arnny of Kansas, Oetner of Maine, French ofN. H., Morrell 01 Vt . James of R. 1., Hamilton of N. J., MrUow an of Pa , Jones of Del., Merryman of Md . De Bow, of La., WiLson of Ohio, and Lovrjoy of Illinois. J 1 >1 r. French of N. H., then moved that so much of the President's address as related to the bill of Mr. Morrell, now before the House of Repre nentatives, for the appropiiation of public lands to each Stat* and Territory, *>e referred to a spe cial committee of Ave for consideration; agreed to Mr B. B French, the Treasurer of the Socie ty, here informed the President that, owing to .i piess of other business, he was unable to make make hi?usual report to the meeting this morn ing; he would do so, however, to-morrow; be would state that there was now in the treasury the sum of OT,700 subject to the order of the So ciety. The Chair here called npon Mr. French, of New Hampshire, who had iieen appointed at the last annual meeting as United States Commis sioner to the various agricultural societies of Eu rope, to make some remarks by way of a report of his observations of agricultural management in the old world. Mr. F. addressed the association. He had been appointed by the association to visit Eu rope, and take such observations as would be deemed worthy of remark. He had gone there and presented Bis credentials to various societies, and bad everywhere been received with distin guished hospitality and courtesy. It was due to all the societies abroad to state that on all occa sions he had been received with respectful cor diality. He would recommend to all the mem bers present, and all others, that if ever it fell in their way to reciprocate to any gentleman, the representative of foreign agricultural societies, the welcome he had received at their bands, to do so by all means in their power, in acknowledg ment ??f the debt of gratitude due from this so ciety for their uniform efl-?rts to atto^d him every facility in their power in the object of bis mis sion. The speaker spoke of the subject of steam plowing, and te?/omm?ridrd tbe subject to the consideration of the Society. Ho had seen the steam plow in active operation. Fowler's plow, which he bad seen, and which would plough at the rate of oue acre per hour, be proceeded to give a description of in detail. He bad seen three different kinds of the steam plough while in Europe.and he believed tbat its use was not impracticable to a greater or less ex tent in this lOiiutry, especially on western prai rie lands. The subject of steam plowing was a leading subject wherever be had traveled He saw the first one at Ipswich, England, and was doing, when he mw it iu operation, as good work as could be done by a spin of heavy horses and a first class plowmau. and at the rate of one acre per hour. Its practicability, however, was a m?r? question of e<^ouotiiy With us on this side of tbe Atlantic. M. F proceeded to give an animated descript ion of the manner in which the steam plow was managed, the manual force required to keep it zoing It required six men and a boy to manage it properly. His impression was that when he saw it working it was doing tbe work ?f twelve horses and six men per day. He could not cal culate tbe expense attending its use in this coun try, but in this particular his Impression was that it would not be of great practical value when we take into consideration all Its elements. At the exhibition of the Royal Society at Salisbury, he saw another steam plowing apparatus with a locomotive attached to it. which moved with the plow, instead of i eing stationary, as in the other case which he had just menttoned. This machine laid down a track in front of tbe wheels as it p rope led along, and when the wheels p<n?>edover the track was taken up by machinery and passed over, and revolving, came down in its turn in front. He saw it come on the field by it self, like a thing endowed with life ; no uneven ness of the ground was a bar to its passage, it propelled itself up a steep hill, and equally well on side hill, turned short corners, and when at tached to the plows worked as though there was no obstacle to its passage. It drew three ploughs, and did tbe work of six good teams. Each plow was held l?y a man, as in tbe com mon form This machine required tbe attend ance of an engineer, a fireman, and three men to hold the ploughs. The speaker, from what ob servations he could make, thought this macb ne preferable to tbe one at Ipswich ; its onlv objec tion was in soft ground?but whether in tbe long run it would prove cheaper in this country be was not able to state. In England tbe price of labor was not more than one-half the price of la bor in this country. Tbe invention last spoken of could be used equally well iu harrowing, or with the cultivator, or for digging purposes. In Paris he saw a third machine of this kind In operation. He would state here tbat in tbe use of steam in the pulverization of tbe soil it was evident that the use of tbe plow would be done away with, and the spading operation be substi tuted This last machine was ? digging machine. There were twelve diggers attached to axles ; th? axles worked a width of four and a half feet, at.d at anv required depth, and left the earth in an excellent condition. He thought it would work best on ground previously worked over. He re gretted not being able to exhibit a drawing of this machine j but there had been no drawing of It made. All three of these steam plows were worked with coal engines. As to the cost of working them he could make no comparison. Tbe speaker closed by thanking the meeting for the kindness with which they had listened to hifc remarks, made without tbe chance of referr ing to his notes, and unexpectedly. Mr. Bylngton, of Iowa, desired to know tbe opinion of Mr. French as to whether steam ploughing conld be introduced on prairie lauds adjacent to coal fields, and prove to be a labor saving machine* M r French remarked tbat he could testify that It would be a labor-performing machine, but, not being acquainted with the comparative cost of working them, he could not say, safely, as to that point. Senator Harlan, of Iowa, here asked leave to introduce the following resolution; which was agreed to: Resoled, That the President of this Society be requested to?con?ult with tbe members of the Committee on Agriculture of the House of R? p. resentatives, and tbe members of the Committee on the Patent t iflice of the Senate, with a view of perfecting a proper plan of co-operation by Con gress in aiding this Society in earning out the objects of its organization, and report at some future day; carried. Mr. Johnson, of N. ^ , then addressed some remarks to the Society upon tbe subject of steam, as applied to agricultural purposes. He a?reed with Mr. French that the plow was doomed to 1* substituted by the digger j its advantage over tbe plow was paramount, as by it once going over tbe ground would fit it for tbe reception of the grain The digger would perform the en tire work of disintegration by one operation W hen the speaker was last Id England tbis sub ject was occupying the attention of the most eminent agriculturists of Europe. At trials of English and American plows the advantage of our manufacturers was instantly cone*ded, be cause they completely turned the furrow over, while the English plow, having a thick land side, passed a certain portion of ea*:h furrow down so compactly tbat nothing but cro*s plow ing could make that part of tbe ground of any use in growing crops He believed in the digger With regard to the introduction of the steam plow in the l/uited States, he believed it would work. The matter of cost was not half that of tbe English machine. The English steam plow does the work now with the same expense as the old style of plowing costs, and he believed tbat American invention would reduce tbe expense attending its use to a mere trifle. Mr Johnson took occasion while up of an nouncing the resignation of tiov. King of his State, as an officer of tbis Society, owing to the onerous duties of bis position; which was ac cepted, with remarks of sincere regret by tbe Chair and others Mr. Pierce of I). C. presented the model of a steam plow; this model was not completed; it was invented by Mr. J P Clengle of tbis Dis trict. Mr. P. said that the inquiries of tbe seve ral gentlemen who had addressed tbe Chair were answered and explained in this model. The plow cleared the way for the wheels to which it was attached, thereby making a smooth path for them to run in. The speaker stated that \ steam apparatus had lately been patented in Pbilade). phis, which would work this plow at an expense of SI an acre. Gov Brown, of Massachusetts, thought that tbe subject of the steam plow should receive more careful attention, and should not be passed over lightly; be bad given the matter some at test ion by reading and observation; he did not doubt tbe practicabll ty of plowing by steam He believed that it would soon be done, and tbat by the application of steain power to firming purposes, one half of tbe farming Implements now in use as a necessity of tbe business, would be done away with, lie would lie sorry for nuy one to oo away from this meeting under the opin ion that this grent principle could not be made firactlcable as well as profitable. H?* cautioned he association not to spend too much money in trying to attach horizontal motion to the steain Slow Tbe best machines uvw la use were ro iry in their ax tion. aud the digging plow was the idea to the letter in favor of the rotary pro cess 1 he Chair here announced the ? oniMiltlee on the subject of tbe appropnaiion of la..ds to rhe several Scare* nt><l territories. provided for In Mr Morrell * bill. The committee was com mittee was composed of Messrs Johnson of N. V ?, Ttlgbman of Md . I.oiing of Muss , Tayloe of Mas* and Amy of Kansas Dr Andersel here addressed tbe meeting on the subject of having a more perfect knowledge of the mineral necessities of our own crops devel oped. ilia remarks were of a character to expose many popular chemical humbug* u related to the *uhject of agriculture, aud on the subject of analytical chemistry On his closing, Mr Calvert of Md., moved the appointment of v-special committee to memorial ize Congress to carry out the views expressed by Dr. A. in his address ; carried, and Meaara. Cal ?ert, of Md , Jones, of Del., and Chandler, of Mass.. were appointed said committee Mr. Loring, of Mass., here arose, and, after alludinir to tbe announcement of the decease of two of the most dialing uisbed members of the Society?viz Hon Thos. J Rusk and the vener able G. W. P. ('ustis?in a feeling and eloquent ly-expressed eult gy, offered the following reso lution : Kfsolved, That the United States Agricultural Society lament tbe loss of Hon. Thos J. Rusk, of Texas/by whose decease the cause of agricul ture has been deprived of a firm friend, and the nation of a patriotic and enlightened statesman ; and while we sympathize with his friends and bis State in their bereavement, we would remind them of tbe monument he erected lo bis memory during life; aud of the legacy he bequeathed to them hi tbe multitude of his virtues. Retolred, That, as American farmers we cher ish the memory of George Washington Parke Custis as an ornament to our Society, and as the bond which connects us personally and inti mately with the illustrious founder of our Gov ernment, and with the wisest and mostdistin guishen of the cultivators of the soil. Dr. Loring hoped these resolutions would be seconded and passed; and, in view of that result, be moved that the Society, in respect for the la mented deceased, adjourn at once for the rest of tbe day. Tbe resolutions were seconded by Judge Hunt ington, of Connecticut, who made some eloquent remarks in relation to the decease of the two dis tinguished gentlemen to which they referred The vote being taken on their passage, the resolutions were unanimously passed, ana the meeting adjourned to this morning at 9 o'clock. The Society met at 10 o'clock this morning, M. P. Wilder, the President, in the chair. The meeting came to order, and the Chair read a communication from the President of tbe Mary land Institute of Baltimore to the 1J S Agricul tural Society, transmitting a resolution from the Agricultural Society of* Baltimore, requesting this Society to hold its next annual exhibition a*t the city of Baltimore; referred to the executive committee. The Chair then read a communication from Joseph S l.overing, of Philadelphia, transmit ting specimens of sugar made from the Chinese sugar ?ane; which were, on motion, placed in the custody of the Treasurer for examination. Mr. Olcottof N V ..stated that the question had been decided by Mr. Lovering as to tbe fact 'list sugar could ?>e made from this plant in all rlimat s equal to that of any other kind ; and he moved that the silver medal cf the Society be awarded to Mr. Lovering for the specimens ex hibited. On motion, it was ordered that the subject of awarding a medal be referred to a special com mittee. The Chair appointed Messrs. Harlan, Olcott, and Brown on that committee. Mr. Wood, of D C., addressed a communica tion to the Chair in relation to Baker's Island and Jarvis Island guano, exhibiting specimens of guano from both those islands, and dot uments, drawings, showing the soundings and contain ing descriptions of these islands. Dr. Luring, of Mass.. in reply to the above communication, offered the following resolution: Rt*ofwd. That the members of the United States Agricultural Society are deeply interested in the succcss of the American Guano Company, looking to it as a means of furnishing a valuable fertilizer uncontrolled by au oppressive and ex pensive monopoly. Mr. Jones stated that it had been estimated that one ton of guano was equal to forty bushels of wheat; forty bushrls of wheat, at SI.10 per buahel, was $50, and guano was #67 per ton, showing a nett loss of #1? per ton on the use of guane, which had been his experience where he bad used seventy- Ave tons of guano per year. Several members spoke ou the subject of guano as a fertilizer. Mr Byington, of Iowa, seconded a motion to lay the resolution presented by Dr. Loring on the table, saying that he had experimented with the Baker's Island and Peruvian guano, and his ex periments had shown that tbe Peruvian guano was Ave times as valuable as any other; out at the same time he did not regard hls^experiinents as being at all conclusive. He thought the so ciety ought to be careful how they recommended the use of any fertilizer without actual knowledge .if to its merits. Tbe question being taken on the motion to lay the resolution on the table, it was tabled. Mr. Johnson, of New York, from the special committee on the subject of Morrell's bill, now before Congress, in relation to the appropriation of public lands for tbe States and Territories, reported the following preamble and resolutions: The committee to whom was referred the bill of tbe Hon. Mr. Morrel, of tbe House of Repre sentatsves. report tbe following preamble and resolutions: Whereas it has been the established and recog nized policy of tbe General Government to s*et apart a portion of tbe public domain to the pur poses of education, and believing that nothing will so well promote the material prosperity of the country and enhance the value of her whole public domain as to cultivate scientific knowl edge. stimulate and properly direct the energies and dignity the niofession of agriculture by the establishment or a system of Slate agricultural colleges throughout the I'nited States, to be ade quately endowed so as to secure the services of the highest o der of profession, to render them stable, independent and successful: therefore Rnolved, That the Senate and House of Rep resentatives of tbe United States be urgently re quested to grant during the present session of Congress to the several Slates, Territories and the District of Columbia, an adequate quantity of the public lands to endow and maintain Agri cultural Colleges In each State, Territory and the District of Columbia, and we recommend for this purpose the main features of the House bill referred December 14, \r<u, to the Committee on Public Lands, as wisely designed to carry out the objects the Society has in view. Re>olvtd, That the organization of such insti tutions is no longer an expei iment, but they ara justly regaided by tbe civilized world and by the best cultivated agricultural countries of Europe not only as objects of public necessity, but ob jects or permanent public utility, deserving the aid and care of government. R'solred, That tbe Secretary bedirectrd to fur nish eacb member of tbe Senate and House of Kepresentatives with a copy of the above resolu tion. Signed by the committee?B. P. Johnson Tench Tilgbman. George B. Loring, and Judge Amy. * The resolutiops were adopted. Tbe Chair here read tbe report of the commit tee that had ?>een appointed at the last annual meeting to investigate and experiment on the Chinese sugar cane, with the view of determin ing its value for the purposes of syrup and sugar making, soiling, cattle, the use of seed for feed ing stock, for bread-making, aud for the nuim factiire of paper aud alcoholic liquors. The committee, in conclusion, expressed the opinion that the sorgbo sucre possessed qualities which recommend it to the especial attention of the agriculturalists of all parts of the country and that it was well suited to our national econo my. and supplied a great and long desired desid eratum 1 he report was accepted Mr. Olcott, tbe chairman of the committee on the awaiding of tbe medal of the Society to the most successful experimentalist in the Chinese sugar cane, reported that they had agreed to award it to Mr. Lovering, of Philadelphia, for the s|iecimeus be had presented. Dr. I.orlng, of Mass., endorsed this act of the committee in the award of the medal; and then spoke on the subject of the report of the sorgho sucre committee. He opposed and exploded the idea of its utility; It was excellent tor cattle food and for mauy <?tber purposes, but as a substitute for the good old-fasbloned sugar cane, it would not grow He gave an animated description of the experiments made in Massachusetts with tbe new cane. The Chair here read an amended report of the committee on the awarding of tbe medal of the Society, as follows: The committee appointed to consider the pro priety of awarding tbe large silver medal of the society to Mr Jos. S Lovering, of Philadelphia respectfully report, that having examined the specimens of sugar presented by him. and the scientific examinations set forth in bis pamphlet they recommend that tbe medal be aware led to Mr Lovering for the care with whtch his experi ments have been made, and the samples pre sented , but your committee do not wish to be understood as certifying that the manufacture of sugar from tbe plant in tbe Northern Sute is as yet demonstrated to lie.more profitable than other crops. Simon Blows, Chairman. Mr. Loring agreed to this report, and it was so o.dered, and then be moved that tbe report of the society's committee on the ?' Sorgho Sucre" be recommitted. An animated discussion here ensued on the va rious qualities of the new sugar cane, In which much was said on both sides. Several members bad experimented with it, and each gave his ex Crieuce iu its use. Some said it was excellent r fodder, but unfit for any other use, in point of quality or profit; while others contender that it was very profitable as a saccharine producer, but not fit for fodder. Mr Brooks, of Mass , wished to know mora about it. The experiments which bad been made were none of them conclusive. No one had tried Uuirlv, aud be did wish to see it coademned unheard. Mr Bvington, of Iowa, saw no reason why th* re|M*rt of the Soniety's committee should be re cominiiled. It was important that that report should go abroad, ft embodied the information elicited up to the present time, and be saw no le ?son why a should not go forth aud Ihe public b ive the benefit of it He saw no reason to con demn it because Dr. Loring, of Massachusetts, had failed to grow a good crop ||e thought the report eml>odied the mont information extant upon the subject He had planted three-fourths or au acre of this cane on his plantation away wist of the Mississippi river, and the result was entirety dtfltrent from tkf experiment ef De Lorlng. lie wu unfortunate in not having a fa vorable experiment aa to ltn saccharine qualities. His horses ate it in preference to fresh oats. Let us have the information already obtained as an index to further experiments. Mr. Loring replied that it was not the tacts ex pressed In the report that was bis ground for re committing the report, but the opinions therein expressed. The report contained opinions not sustained by facts. If they would make a report setting forth all the facts, pro and con, he would move Its recommitment. Mr. Smyth, of N. H., slated that In his State the farmers couid make their own molasses from this plant, cheaper than they could the money to buy molasses with. A friend of his in Minne sota had found from experiments in its use that he could grow a gallon of molasses from it cheaper than he could grow a bushel of wheat; at that time wheat was worth only 50 cents per bushel, and molasses was worth St 50 per gallon. Mr. Harlan wished to have all the facts ex fressed in the meeting sent forth to the world, n his State hundreds of thousands of acres, and of lal?or and dollars, would be applied to the culture of this plant the coming year, dependant on this report, or that which would come from this Society at its present annual meeting. Mr. Ulcottof New York,in replytothe remarks of Mr. Harlan, read a comparison made by Mr. Lovering of Philadelphia, between the products of the sorgho in Pennsylvania, and the ordinary cane in Louisiana, showing a balance in favor of the ''sorgho." Mr. Lovenn" had related results going to show that it could he made into sugar as easily as it was to make a pot of mush or a kettle of apple butter. Mr. O. also showed spe cimens of paper manufactured from the fibres of the sorgho, of different qualities. Mr. O. was addressing the meeting when this report closed. Centre Market?This morning ther# was a full attendance at the market of country and licensed city dealers. The supply of pork at the scale-house was large, and of good quality. The price* asked were ?7 and S7.25 per IdOlbs. The nay stands were all occupied, and the prices de manded ranged from 95 cents to 81.12c. per cwt. The dvmand was nat more active than ordinari ly. Good order prevailed throughout the day. The prices In the sheds are about?for Beef, fresh, pr lb. K)al5 Pork I da 12 Mutton 12 Lamb,prqr ?5al.Mi Sausage, pr lb.... 12# Lard 1*/ Veal 12*15 Beef tongues 50a75 n? ? ? ? -?? - Dried peaches.qt.,12al* do. applee, pk.. 50 Roll butter 25aN1 Phll'a print 40 Honey, per lb.... 25 Onions, per nk... 4fi Cabbage, prnead. 6ul2 ^ ...... vww<v|Apples, pk....... 3.a,5 Calves hev.ds,each 25a3? i Be?ts, per bunch. 3 Bacon 12a15|Carrots 2 Shoulders 10al2|Celery 5a6 ?? rn I * Breast pieces .... 12a 15 Dried beef 18 Chickens, pr pair. 50*75 Corned salmon... 15 Herring, per doz.. ?0a31 Terrapins, each... 37 Irish potatoes, pk. 37 Sweet potatoes, pk 50 Corn, pr bush.... 75a*5 Corn,ear, prbush. 37a40 Turnips, per pk .. an Chestnuts, pr qt.. la Turkey,each.. .75a92 50 Wild turkeys m Pheasants, pr...?!?| 50 Geese, each 75a SI Rabbits, each lfca25 Ducks?Canvas... ??? Mallards 75 Red Necks 75 _ ?v?a?H. Ul MX" I ?% CU Beans, pr bush ... 82|Shutllers 50i62 Rye, prbush #5, Widgeon* 50afi2 40a45 Meal 87a90 Shorts aO Shlpstuffs 30 a 60 per dot.... js Small ^7 Rock, per bunch.. 25 Trout a* Taylors as 1 hk Theatre continues to grow more popu lar, nightly, with pleasure-seekers in Washing ton. Last night it was again crowded with*a fashionable audience, who enjoyed the entertain ments of the occasion amazingly. Miss Polly Marshall brought down the house twenty times in the course of the evening In her inimitable monologue?the unprotected female - she won a , ?0!T. 0f aPPIau?> repeatedly. Rolla a 1 Brilliant, in the picturesque ballet. La Sylphide, of course, carried all hearts by storm. Mnch, indeed, of the remarkable success of the season is due to Mr. Etynge's capital stage man agement. Colonization Anniversary. ? The annual meeting of the Board of Directors of the Ameri can Colonization Society will take place on the 19th Inst., in this city. The absence of the Pres ident, J. H. B Latrobe, Esq., who spends the winter in Russia, will devolve the duties of his otflce upon one of the Vice President*. The Colonization Jonrnal *ays : "Home important questions of policy will comc before the Board for its consideration, among them the location of future emigrant*, in relation to the increasiiiL' slave trade of Africa.M * Criminal Court.?Yesterday, after the Star went to press, the case of W. Barrett, charged with the larceny of a horse and buggy, was con cluded, and the prisoner acquitted. Mary Desmond was lined 820 for keeping a dis orderly house. K b At noon, to-day, E Hart, charged with assault and battery, submitted his case to the Court and wa* fined ten dollar*. Supreme Court?wednesday ?No. 30. David A. Secoml>e et al., plaintiff in error, t-j Franklin Steele 1 he argument of this cause was conclu ded by Mr. Banger, for plaintitls in error. No 33 The Commercial Bank of Manchester, complainants and appellant, r.< Henry Buck ner *1 he argument of this cause was commenced by Mr L. Madison Day for the appellant Ad journed. * Handsome Testimonial.?Yesterday we were shown a very beautiful and costly breastpin, in tended as a present from several gentlemen guests at Wiilards', to the attentive clerk, Mr. John Rislev, as a token of their esteem. It is a pearl and diamond pin of superior workmanship, lohu is In luck ! 1 The Melodeon ?The (terformances this eve ning embrace a variety of new songs, dances, Ac., and concludes with the laughable burlesque entitled the "Black Swan," a hit at the time. As many ladies were disappointed last eveniii" In obtaining seats, we would say go early ! Military Visit.?Two of our finest military companies?the Light Infantry, Capt. Davis, and the German Yeagers, Capt. Schwarzeman?pro pose to visit Richmond on the 21st of February to take pari in the inauguration of the Wa-hinu ton Monument. b Arrivals.?Last evening the arrival of stran gers in Washington was unusually large, and the proprietors of the principal hotels were obliged to use extra exertions to accommodate them Many were sent from the hotels to the boarding nou*e*. ? Court or Claims? Wednesday.?Mr. Brande bury opened the argument for the claimant in the ca*e of George W. Munday. Mr Blair replied ldj^u?rMdinienl UnU1lZ!l1<>Ck'Wben th,; *ourt The Orphans' Fair, at Iron Hall, continues open nightly, and is well patronized, as It merits. F ires in Albxandria.?In the year 1S57 there were 23 flres in Alexandria, and 1J false alarms. Books and Presents.?Books are, after all, the best friends and companions. A favorite vol ume of romance, poetry, history, biography, or philosophy, never changes or grows old. It always speaks the same language. Go to Phil - brick s, then, at 476 Pennsylvania avenue, and boo'[.o'? ?ny subject you choose, and get a pre*ent thrown in with it. The supply S-^"M^d,pre^ntlat p*>iU>'ick's is still unex hausted and Inexhaustible. lt W a Ton Returns.?John Johnson, Germany, disorderly and throwing stones; lined 810 and Sta>*,0[> G"many, do.; dismissed, hleven lodgers?one from the District. DIED, bis age, and formerly a resident of this oity. < Baltimore Sun please oopy.) ?2Vi"r "lizzt- BRI D?;T CATON, in tb. Her funeral will take plaoe on To morrow fFn at" ndfhiVrli'n?r'i'i "V1u"C*U *re guested to near M 'r? .1 ? on 9th street, nenrJM^street^o morrow, ( Friday.) at .1 o'clock. * ^jeneral walkertaken prisoner important to~the public! 915,000 Worth of Boots and Shoks to bk Sold. BOOTS A#v^milinijr?l!>?ru.n oflP T' entire stock of ouu 1? AI>D SHOK8 at greatly roduo*<i - ??" _ ont?n* *? ',oln,t '? to closeBttl ^rVii'.!k Mn?*ras possible by the 1str Vl o! March, in order to make extensive im- rL provements in mv storeroom. n,,v" ,m A few of the kind 1 have to offer I will name ? 80' *?d c<"0,ed ??* 130 pans^Moroooo Boots, thick soles, at fl, very luo pairs Mornooo Boots, at 75 oents I AO pair. IjiJim' Blaok and Colored Gaiters, with nwli, At $1-37^6. With a icen?ral assortment of Ladies', Gentle menis. Boys and Children's Shoes of all kinds, that are kept in a hrst-oUss shoe store. * n'" "no*1 respeotfully invite all to *ive ine a oall before purchasiax. Bri g the advertisement ?l??ng and see for yourself. 1 Terms in all eases task. d 31-2w porner 7Ui'and igtnii fio.^9. ATTCTIOy 8ALX8. ]Yf ARSHA L'S SALK.-li rtrtue of a writ of I" fieri facias, under the Lien law, issued from the Clerk's office of tbe Circuit Court of the Dis trict of Columbia, for the County of Washington, and to me directed, 1 shall expose to public sale, for Cmsk, in front of the Court-House door o f said oountjr, on TUESDAY, the 12th day of January MM, at I* o'clock m.. the following described property, to wit: All defendant's right, title, claim, and in terest in and to a house, erected en part of Lot No. 1, in Square No. 437. oorner of G street south and 7in street west, in the City of Washington, D. C , seised and levied upon as the property of Waiter A. True, and will be sold to satisfy Judicial No. 28, to October term, 18S7, in favor of Cripps A Waller. J. D. nOOVKR d 19-dts Marshal for the District of Columbia. ID* THH ABOVE SALE IS POSTPONED until THURSDAY, the 14th instant, same hour and place. J. D HOOVER. Marshal

d 12-d for the District of Columbia. ID" THE ABOVE SALE IS POSTPONED to TUESDAY next, the 19th instant, same hour and place. J. D. HOOVER. Marshal jan 14 for tne District of Columbia. By WALL A BARNARD. Auctioneers. CONSTABLE'S SALE OF FURNITURE. Vy Stoves. Ac at Auction.?On SATURDAY MORNING, the 16th instant,at 10o'doek. we will tfell, in front of our store, a large lot of Household and Kitchen Furniture, Stoves, Crockery, Ac., sold to satisfy distrain for rent, as? 2 excellent Cottage Seta, Mahogany cane seat and wood Chairs. Sofas, Mahogany, cherry and pine Tables. Hair-seat and cane Rockers. Bedsteads, Beds, Mattresses, Crockery and Glass Ware. Iron and Tin Ware, 6 boxes Tumblers, lot of wooden Buckets, Stoves, Carpets, Curtains, Lounges, With other articles not here mentioned. Will be added one bobtail Bay Horse. Terms cash. jan 14-ta WALT. A BA R NAR D. Aucts. By JAS. C. McGUIRE. Auctioneer. Excellent furniture and iiouse kkf.pimu Effect* at Public Acctio*.?On TUESDAY' MORNING. January 10o'clk, at the residence of \V. E. G. Keen. Esq., on K ?t., near 12th, 1 shall sell all his Furniture and House hold Effects, comprising? Suite of walnut cai /ed, maroon, p'ush-covereil Par lor Furniture, consisting of two Tete a-tete Sofas, Arm Chair. Lady'a Chair, and 6 Side Chairs, Handsome marble-top Centre Table, Whatnot, Rush-seat Reception Chairs, Window Shades, Mantle Clocks, Paintings. Engravings. China Vases and Ornament*, Brussels, three ply a*d ingrain Carpets, Solid oak Hall Set, Stair Rods. Velvet Stair Carpeting, Oilcloth, Handsome walnut carved Jenny l.ind Bedstead, Maliogaiy French Bedstead, Wardrobe, Rosewood and mahogany Dressing Bureaus, Marble-top Washstand*, Toilet Sets. Superior hair and husk Mattresses, Bolsters and Pillows Comforts, Blankets. Sheeting. Handsome marble-top Sidel>o*rd, Refrigerator. Walnut Extension Dining Table, me scat Chairs French China Dinner and Ton Ware, (tla.?s-ware. Table Cutlery, Fire-irons, Cooking Stove and fixtures, A c. Together with a general assortment of Kitchen Requisites. Terms: .*?? and under cash: over that sum, a credit ofsnand 69 days, for satisfactorily endorsed notes, hearing interest. jan 14 d J. C. McGl'IRF', Auotioneer. By JAS. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. \rALUABLE LOT AT PUCI.IC AUCTION. On TUESDAY AFTERNOON. January I9t>>. at 4 o'clock, on the premises. I shall sell Lot No. 11. m Square No. 550, fronting 54 feet 7 inches on 1st s?. west, between north K and L streets, running back 110 feet. Terms: One-fourth cash: the residue in six, twelve eighteen and twentv-four months, w:th in terest secured by a deed of trust on the premises. By order of the Executor: jan 13-d J. C. McGUIRE. Auctioneer. By J. C. McGUI H E, Auctioneer TRUSTEE'S SALE OF VALUABLE UN improved Real Estate.?By virtue of a deed in trust, bearing date the 3d day of April. 1857, and recorded in Liber J. A. S.. No. 133, foiio XI!. ct seq., the subscriber will sell, at public sale4 on* WED NESDaV, the 3d day of February. IftW. at 1 o'r lock p. in., at the auction store of Jas. C. McGuire, on the corner of Pennsylvania avenue and l"tb Mreet went, the whole of Square MM. fronting 433 f?et 1 inch on each of north C and I) streets, and 365 fee ton each of I4th and 15th streets west, and Lot No. 14, in Square N?. 732, fronting 54 feet on 1st street east, ketween south B and C streets, by one hundred feet deep. Terms of sale; One-third cash; and the balance in six, twelve and 10 months, for notes bearing interest from day of sale, secured by a deed of trust on the property; and iTnot complied with in five days after the sale, the property will l>e resold upon one week's notice, at the risk and expense of the purchaser. All conveyancing at the cost of the purchaser. CHAS. S. WALLACH Trustee, jan 13-2tawAds J. C. McGUIRE. Auctioneer. FOR REHT AND 8ALE. i'OR SALE OR RENT?A handsome three story BRICK DWELLING, with passage, large yard J It will he sold on accommodating terms, or to a good tenant the rent will be moderate. Ap ply on the premises. No.642 L, between 4th and 5ih streets. jan 14?TtiSA Til* FOR RENT.-A FRAME HOUSE, Containing five rooms, with square of Gronnd attached, which wi:| make a good garden lot. Pump of good water in the yard. Situated on 17th street, north of M street. Apply to MARY A. SPRIGG, 14th itreet. between I and K streets jan 14 Th.S.A Nl* _ LM)1{ SALE.?A first-class Restaurant, with fix r tures and Furniture, is offered at private sale from this day until Monday next: if not, it will be sold at auctio i on Tuesday next. Location: Penn sylvania avrnue. n?ar 2d atreet No. 512. Address DAVlD BOHLERER. in care of LouJon A Co. Pa. av . under Brown's Hotel. jan l4-3t* L'OR RENT.?A suite of handsomrly Furnished r ROOMS. Also several excelleut Chambers, at No. 2.V) F'street, bet w*en 13th and 14th streets, next door east of Senator Toombs. jan "3 e??3t* ?T*0 SPECULATORS AND LAND BUYERS. 1 On the corner of 3d street and Pa. avenue east, a 4<> feet front with 100 feet depth Lot moderately, within in a square of the intended Capitol Ground extension. For further particulars inquire of J. S. DEVI,I N, Jr.,629 Pennsylvania avenue. i an ia-2t OOMS ON PA. AVENUE TO LET.-Two Rooms, on .M floor,on Pa.avenue,between 12th an<! 13th streets, over Sain'l. Lewis' Jewelry Store, will be let low to a peimanent tenant. Would make good cfhoe room*. Apply to WM. F. RAYLY, Stationer. jan 12-tf ROOMS FOR RENT,?Neatly Furnished Rowms? Parlors and Cltambers?onlHth street. Apply at No. 334 18th street, between 1 and K. jan II-at* _ VERY DESIRABI.E FURNISHED HOUSE FOR RENT.?Tbe stibseril?er has lor rent a large and handsomely furnished House, containing ten large rooms, with water aod gas throuzbont; briok stable, with accommodations for four horses and two carriages, with servants' room over. This property is situated in the immediate vicini ty of the Kirk wood House, and is very desirable as a res dence. Inquire of J. C. McGUIRE, j 8-drtt Auct'r A Commission Merchant. L'OR RENT.?HOUSE No. 2, in Fiacklin Place, E opposite Flanklin Square.and next door to the residence of the Hon. Secretary of War. Posses siou given immediately. Apply to the advertiser. Box 546 Po#t Office. jan 7-1 w* ROOMS TO RENT.?Parlors and Chambers, with all the modern improvements, water, gas, A as, over our store, WALL, STEPHENS. A CO. JSB 4 2w Pa. ave.. I>et. 9th and 10th sts. WILL YOU TRADE ??I will exchange six lots without houses in Philadelphia, for a house and lot hi Washington, situate within a few squares of the Avenue, paying the difference, if any. in mo ney. 'I he lots in Philadelphia lie in the pathway of the city, where property is destined to a speedy and nnm nse rise in value. Lots valued only at ?3 nun. Address M. P. at this office. jan 9 eol w * THE SUBSCRIBER, at No. 389 13th tween New N ork avenue and I street, has two superior FURNISHED ROOMS for rent on reas onable terms. Early application is desired, iau 7-eo3t* IpURNISHED HOUSE FOR RENT.-Acom tuodious and well Furnished House, situated in one of the most desirable parts of the city, ia now for rent. Apply on the premises, No. S72 H street, between 13th and 14th. jan8-eo3t* l^OR RENT.?Two STORES,on Pa. avenue I between 13th and 13>i streets, south side. One with cellar at $13 per month; the other at 912.50 per month. Inquire on the premises. jan 12-eotf ^OR RENT?Two Rooms, suitable for offioesor - an office and ohamber, immediately opposite the City Hall, and over tbe offioe of C. S. Wallach. dll-tf Applyto RICHARD WALLACH. 1< R F B0A&DHTQ. BOARDING can be obtained at No.332 K street, alsive 13th, for single gentlemen or gentlemen and wives. Two pleasant front Chaml>ers with use of Parlor and Puuio. Terms moderate. jan 13-2t* BOARDING.-MRS: RUFF. N0.3W D street, ncu Seventh, has taken this large and commo dious House, where she intends to rent her rooms, furnished or uiifurnished, to single Gentlemen, or Gentlemen and their Wives, with Board. Transient Boarders by the fay or week. Meals sent out at all hours of the day. Also, wanted, 2 girls to do general housework. jaii 11-lw* JU GASTON A CLARK, LOUISIANA AVENUE, second door from 7th street, under the Avenue House, CLOTHING ANd"gLKNTVS FURNISHING GOODS. The subscrtliers call attent'on toa desirable Stock of CLOTHING whioh they now have on exhibi tion at their Store. No. 48 Louisiana avenue, second d'K?r from 7th street, and as they are determined to olose off the lot if possible, every effort neoessarj on their part shall be used in order to please their customers. In the Clothing Department we can guarantee the stock to be perfeot in point of durability, tit and style, because we make everything ourselve*. and have no hesitation in spying our goods will be found equal to the best order work in tne country. Watching the various changes of fashion, parties may rest as urcd of finding the latest out and make in store, subject to their inspection and aperoml. f lA.m* worth of Goods for Men's, Bo?sf and Ser vant's Wear, will be sold at auetion prices, and pur chasers would do well to examine toe lot. This is no humbug, as oar assertions can be proved un ex AUCTION SALES. TO DAY ? TO-MORROW MORNING By WALLA BARNARD. Auotionneera. GALE BYCATALOGUF OF VERY RICH 5..TF?ii>AY MORNING.the 15tfnn etant. at 10 o clock we will *eil. at store No. M5 7th atreet. under the Avenue Hons*. the ncheat Furs voica have ever (teen offer**] in this citv, consisting of seta and sinele pieces. r.loves. I aps, Mufflers, Rob'". Ac., dark Mink Sable. Ermine. Siberian Squirrel, Chinchilla. Fitch. s>twi? Martui. and jf every description of Furs now in use. 'i?,.e^<,.f00V" *r? rrm * ,?r>t-c'ass establishment in Philadelphia. ai.d will lw sold without reserve. We name in ptrt? Fine dark Hudson's Ba> Sable Sets, Do. <!'?. Victorinea find Capes. Uu- , , _ _ _. do, Mantillas, Cloaks, Ac.. R ich end dark Mink Seta. R ich sets iind single pie?-?a Stone Martin, French Sable. \\'cetera Sable, Oreotan Stone Martin Peruvian Ohuwhilla Capea, Cloaks, and Vieturine*. Also. Fur, S?al, Beaverand other Gloves. Otto Caps. Heaver end other Mufflers, Fancy Carriage and Sleis4i Robes. Ac. All of which will lie sold without reserve. Terms ca?h. WALL A BARNARD. Auctioneers. The roods will he open and arranged the day pre viogs. I*di?sandthe public generally are invit*dto o*ll and examine. \V. A B. jan 13- ts FUTURE DAYS Bv A. GREEN, Auctioneer. Frame house and lot on the is land at Acctio*.?On MONDAY,the 18th ui stant, I shall sell, in front of the premises, at So'c'ik Km., north part of Lot No. 28. in Square No. aving a front on 4,'i street weal, between F and G n reets south. 2? feet, runmnr beck to a wide alley inn feet, with the improvements, winch are a jcooU two-story I- r.iine House and Kitchen, containing six conveniently arranged rooms. Terms: One-half cash; hal"nce in six and twelve months, for notes bearing interest from day of sale. A deed riven and a deed oft ust t.iken. All convey ancing at the coat of the purchaser. jan 12-d A.tiREEN. Asct. MARSHAL'S SALE.? In virtue of a writ of Fieri Facias, issued the Clerk's Office of t lie Cirouit Court of the District of Columbia for the County of Washington, and to me directed, I sha I expose to public sjile, for Ca?ii, in front of the Court-house door of said oounty, on F RI DA Y, the '29th day of January. 185R, at 12 o'clock in .the fol lowing described property, to wit: All defendant'* right, title, claim, arid interest in and to Lot No. 3, in Square No. 7Sfl. in the City of Washington. D.C.. together with all and singular the improvements thereon, seized and levied upon an the property of I'.dmoiid Kii.-yjAd will l?e s<>|<|{to s.Vi?f> Judicial* No. S7i, to OcVmi term, 18.97, in favor of John Waters. J. D. HOOVER. Marahsl jan vts for the District of Columbia. By J AS. C. McGl'lRE, Auctioneer. TRUSTEE'S SALE OF HOUSE AND LOT, o* thk IstAHO.?By virtue of a deed of trus'. hearing date on the let day of November, 135S. snd recorded in Liber J. A. S., No. 75. folio 24. et seq., the sul>scril>er wrl sell at public sale, on SAT? R DAY, the I61I1 da- of January. i85?, at 4 o'clock, p. in., on tlieprointsea. Lot No. lu, in the sulnliviaion of Square No, 465 fronting 23 feet 8 luchea on 6th st. west, Ix-twcen south I) and E streets, and running kick with that width 120 feet to a hfteen-feet alley, with the improvements, consisting of a Dwelling house Terms of salr: One half cash; the residue in six, tune and twelve month* for notes bearing interest from day of sale, secured bv a deed of trust upon the property; and if not complied with in 5 days after the sale, the propert? will l?e resold upon one week's notice, at the risk and ex of the purchaser. All conveyancing at the expense of the purchaser. The trustee will convey only such title a* is vested in htm. CHaS. S. ?VALl,ACH. Trustee, d 2h-eodAds J. C. Mc'?LlRE. Auct. By WALL A BARNARD, Aucta. Corntr of Pmn*ylrania areHue and 9th street. POSITIVE SALE OF LIQUORS* CIGARS. &c., at Avctios.?On MONDAY MORNING 18th instant,commencing at l?>o'clock. we wilt sell, at the store of Mr. J. Pat erson. No. 86 4>? street, near Maryland avenue, his stock of Liquor?. Wines Brandies Cigars. A c., being about to change his bu aineaa. We name Whiskeys. Wines and Braudies, in Isirreis, 1)?. do. do. in oottU'B, 2..V>' assorted brands Cifars, Chewing Tobacco, 25 l?asketa ChainpaRt.e, B achlicrry brandy. Imperial. Gunpowder, Black and \ ouug Hysrn le?. Together w th many other artie'cs in the line, all of which will lie soid without reserve. Term*: .*25 and utrder. cash: over that sum, a credit of 60 and days, for satisfactorily endorsed notes, bearing interest. jau 12 dta WALL A BARNARD, Auct. MA KSHAL'S SA I.E.?In virtue of a writ of fieri f-iciaa.under the lien iaw. issued from the cletk's office of the Circuit Court of the District of Ooltiinb.a for the County of Washington, and to me directed. I will expose to public sale, for t'ash. in front ol the Court Housedoor of said county,on SATIR DAY, the 31st day of January, lttSt. at 12 o'clock in., the followiug descrilted property to wit: Ail defendant's right, tille. elann. and interest in and to the three Frame Houses erected on Lot No.5. in reservation D. on Maryland avenue, between 4J* and 6th sts.. in the City of Washington. I). C,. seized ami levied upon as the property of .lames B. I-ockev. and will be Hold to satisfy Judicials No. 279, to October term I1S7, in favor of Smith A Fnw !er. J. D. HOOVER. Marshal jan 8-dta* for the District of Columbia. \?A RSHAL'S SALE.-ln virtue of a writ of if 1. fieri facias issued from the Clerk's Offioe of the Circuit Court of the District of Columbia for the County of Washington. and to me directed, I shall expose to public sale, for Cask, in front of the Court Houseooor. of said oounty.on FRIDAY,the 2?th of January, 1H5R, at t2 o'clock m., the following property to wit: All defendant's right. title, claim, and interest in and to f.ot No. 5, in Square No !&>, in the City of Washington, D. C.. together with all and sineuiar the improvements thereon, seized and levied on as the property of John M. McCalla, and will be sold to satisfy Judicials No. 141. to October term, 1857, in favor of r'weeuy, Rittenhouse A Co. J. D. HOOVER. jar>6 ta Marshal forthe District of Columbia. By A. GREEN, Auctioneer. TRUSTEESALE OF VALI AHLE Wpmvtn Phoi'F.rty, on 7th strkkt. mak thk Navy Yabd ?By virtue ot a deed of trust duly executed and recorded l?eing dated the 6th of Fcliruary, IRVi. and ar the request of the p?rty entitled to the debt thereby secured the subsonl>er will sell at public auction,in front of the premises, on THI'RSUAY, Jau. 28.1K53. at 4 o'clock p. m.. part of square nine hundred and five. (9051 hounded forty one feet from the southwest corner of said aauare. and running thence north a one the line of 7th street east 21 feet 6 inches; thence east 55 feet, thenoe southwardly .16. thence 48 feet to the place of beguiuing. situated in the city of Washington. The improvements consut of a good aud sublantial and well-built Frame House. Terms of sale : One-half cash ; the laiance in six and twelve montha, the purchaser to rive his notes for the deferred payments, l*earins interest from the day of sale. A d?ed of trust taken to secure the paymeutsof the notes. All conveyancing at the ex pence of the purchaser. If the terms of sale be not oomplied withinten days from tue day of sale, the trustee reserves the right to resell said premises at the psk and cost of the defaulting purchaser, by giviug five day's notice of aaid resale in some newspaper published in the city of Washington. N1MROD G AR RETTSON. Trustee, jan 13 eo2w A. GREEN. Auct^ I^RFS TEE'S SALE OF V ALUABLETEAL Fstatk.?In pursuance of a decree. pas??d on the sixth day of Novemtar, 1R57, by the Circuit Court for Prince George's county.sittinzas aCourt of Equity in a cause in said Court depending, wherein Margaret S. A. Cumming. next friend to Edmund B. Cumming and others, is complainant, and Fdmund B. Cumming aud othera are defend ants,the undersigned, as Trustee t herein appointed, will, if ihe same is not previously disposed of at private sale, expose at puHic sale to the highest bidder,on the premises.on THl'KSDAY.2lst Jan uary. 18%, at the hour of II o'clock a. m., if fair, and if uot fair at the same time and place ou the next fair day thereafter, all that vtluanle Real Kstate situate in said county, which was heretofore con veyed to the Hon Thomas W. Cumining now de ceased and intestate, by one Martin Buell and Lucy Ann. his wife, in fee simple, containing one hundred aud seventy-seven and a haif acres, more or less. These Lards are very va uable; the soil is of a character peculiarly adapted to the cultivation ami quick maturity of garden and farming productions; the oounty r?>ad to Washington, by the way of Sev enth and North Capitol streets, is a Itoundary on one side. The health and society of the neighbor hood is unsurpassed in Maryland or the District. There are several atreams of pure water and one large spring on this eatate, which la within two miles of the "Soldier's Home/* and within five iniUa of the Centre Market. The land has been divided into several lots, ratiginj; in size from 15 to 7uacres, with a sufficiency of V\ ood on moat of the lots, and will be sold in parcels if deemed to the in terest of the partiea. The Dwelling House and Out houses on this ea tate are large and oommodious, and in excellent oider. This estate adjoins the property of late Ste phen Markwood, the Messrs. Wingerd, Digges, Clark?nd ethers Any information will be given to persons desirous of purchasing,on application to the undersigned, personally or by letter. The Terms of Sale, as prescribed by the decree, are aa follows:?One thousand dollars cash on the day of sale, to be paid in funds of some District or Baltimore Bank. The reaidue of the purchase mo ney to be paid in one, two. three and four years, in equal instalments, t*earing interest from the day of aale, and to be aecured by the bonds of the purcha ser or purchaaera. with one or more oo-oWigers, to t>e approved by the undersignod. Upon the pay ment of the whoie purchase money, and a'l interest thereon, and not before, the undersigned, as trustee, will convey to the purchaser or purchasers, or their heirs, the properly so purchased l?y them, free,clear and discharged from all claim of the parties to thia suit, and of a!l persons eiainnng by them ?>r under them. The widow has joined in the proceeding lor a sale, and has signified her oonsent in writing to take an equivalent in money (in hen ofber doweri out of the proceeds of sale, as a?oertaii-^ liy law. D\NIEL C. DIGGES.Trustee, d 31-Staw^wAots pLOUR AND PRODUCE WAREHOUSE. The undersigned have in store snd ffcr sale? Siobbls. Extra FLOl R,from the Valley. anobbla. Superior do. do. do. |U0 bUa. Family do. do. do. Also. BFTTKR, TURKEYS. CHICKENS. LARD. Ac : in fact,all kinds of Country Produce received daily, by the subscribers. HARTLEY A SON, jan 6 2w No. 35 I nion street, Alexandria^ PGOOD MILK ERSONS wishing PURE RICH MILK can obtain it At my store, or l>jr leavinc tii^ir nam* d u'.m(?er of th?ir residence, and I will aotul it to them. I have made au arrangement with a gentle man, living a thort distance from the city, who is making la>ge quantities of Clean Pure Rirk\U*lk, and will furnish i*as 1 may wish. A- E. BROWN, ian 3 ?w corner of ilth antl I st?. Hair brushes, combs, portemon NA1ES. Card Caaea, Cigar Caaea, Ac., a very hjg -d -"jKffiftfuii-B. > r.. TELEGRAPHIC NEWS F1 ?? tk? Fri? A|f?t. Later trem< alitorata and Central iarrlft. Ntw Tmi Jm 14 -Tbe V S Mall steamer Star of the Ww(, from Aspinwall, lib, has af riwl a( thi> uoii, with tbe Call for nta ma Ms of the 20th of [Vrrmbfr, and about II ,)M WO la specie IV r are unable to lenrn fall particulars of the surrender of Andr'?oa, but p?urn{rr? state that Paulding *ent several boots up the river to Cas tillo, and commanded his surrender The boats were full of marine* from the Suaquehanaa, Cap tain Sands commanding the expedition Before surrendering Anderson sunk the l.ak steamers. blew up the Fort and destroyed the ammunition. The Nicaraguan* held Fort Hjn Carlos and the river, the steamers of Cos to Rira having wtih drawn p-eteusion* (9 the territory claimed by N iraiasua The iJuv* ? nment of Chili has mad*- concession*. and ff?'? of a revolution have ceasrd Tbe Peruvian authorities have committed ano ther outrage against tbe United Stains, having taken a sailor from an American ship and lashed htm on a buoys* a punishment for having atrock a Chilian. The American captain protested, on which the Peruvian commander insolently re plied if he did not mind his own business be would put him in tbe sailor's place The Amer ican Mi Ulster is investigating tbe matter. A street stT'ay occurred in Sacramento between a Mr Sumner, a relative of Senator Sumner, and Mr. Shipley, editor, in which Sumner was badly beaten. The correspondent of the Times at AsplnwsU write* that Nicaragua and Costa Rica had settled their differences. and jointly dispatched SOU men against Anderson He hwem. pre posed to sur render to Capt Sands, ot tbe Susquehanna The latter wet t a forre up the river, and met Ander son's forci on the steamer Ogden, which he took without resistance Amoi<g the men taken were M Cox and J T. Ore^n of Baltimore, H W Samtnerford of Ga . W. A Johnston of N C . and W H, Taylor of Lynchburg, Va These were on board the Waltash.^^^ From Kansas. Pt Lot is, Jan 13 ?Gov Itenver's message to the Kansas Legislature calls attention to tbe aer ? o id schedule of the Lecompton Constitution advising the avoidance of legislation until the a? tiuu of Congress?is, if admitted into the Union, their acts would be nullified. The We*tpott correspondent of the Republican ijives the following as the offlcial vote in Shaw ns and Oxford precincts Kbawnee, s31, Oxford, 733. In both there was a slight democratic majority There was vrry little voting in Lawrence and Topeka. A latter fiom Fort Scott, in tbe same paper, states that all wait quiet iu that section; and aUo that Bourbon county gives 3>ai democratic majority A letter from Fort t-'mitb. Arkansas, brings in telligence of the death of Captain Hamber. who li<td iu?t returned from Utah. Shipwreck. New Voik, Jan II?Tbe crew of the bng Terpsichore, which was lost on Tybee beach, were saved bv the brigantine Mason B Davis 1-ourrrl toCnpe Havtl The brigantine was spoken on the 3d instant, and win bed to be reported Baiuaiare Marketa. B*LTineir, Jan 14?Floor firm. Howard street super #4 00. extra S5 50a*5 75; Ohio super S4 50. extra S5 25a*5 50, City Mills super 94 50. extra S5 25?S5 50, Baltimore ground family 65.75, extra 56 75. Wheat?Sales 4,000 bushels; fair white *1 0?, ?;ood prime SI .15a?l 30; red SI U5?iSl 10. White corn 54a5rc., yellow 60a64c. Whisky 20a21c Mew Yark Markets. Naw Vest. Jan 14 ?Floor closed quiet, wi'h sales of 7.1XH) bbls ; Mate H '25a I 35, Ohio 14 75 ai 9ii; Southern ?t 5tla4 90. Wheat clos-d fl riti, with sales of 12.?**> bushels. Southern red SI Itafl 30, do white SI IcaSl *' Corn is inactive and nominal. Pork is lower and heavy at SU SUaSI4 ?-2 i* for ntess. Other articles arc inactive and nominal Financial. NltwVoBK,Jan 14 ?Stocks are firmer ; Cbl and Rock Island 70 ; Cumberland Coal Co IS* . Illinois Central shares 90)* ; do bonds ; La Crosse and Milwaukie 12Jk; New York Cen 79 ^ . Pa. Coal Co f?7 ; Reading SfijU ; Milwaukie and Mississippi 31 ; Virginia ?'* 92J$ ; Missouri Sterling exchange dull. T*HE SHOALS AND OU1CKSANDS OF YOUTH. Jmtt puhhiktd. tkt 3d edition. irT-ON SPKKMATORRHEA OR SE.M1 NAL DISEASES.?A scientific Trea isa on tlie treatment and perfect cure of Nervoua Debilit*. Seminal Wt&kness. |nvoiun'ar\ Emissions. Impi teuce. Ac., resulting from vi<uous hahita i<^?ifsd daring the critioal passage f.oia Youth to Mai, hood. BY DR. CULVER WELL. Member of rite Ro)al College of Surgeons of Eng land, (1*271, Licencuite of the Hall. (1854). and years Keswlent Practitioner in Lonoon. Author of the "Guide to Health." * Green Book," "How to 1* Happy." "Memoirs of Single and Married Life. A<-. Tins small but va!uab:e Treatise,written b* world renowned Physician and Surgeon, points <>ut the only sure and permanent care foralldisoasas result ? ing Torn se'f al>use. and is the onlj publication of its kind written in a Itenevolent spirit and by a srientif ic man It ahouid lie in the hands of all who value ttifir uie and hea th ai d happiuesa here and hareaf tet. Price 12 cents, or 4 stamps, at tbe reoeipt of which it wi I l>e sent, j*>st free, aud well secured, by Dr. CH KLI.VK, No. ?> 1st Avenue, Box 49K. New York. jan 12 ITNITI D STATF.S PATF.NT OFFICE, > WssHiscTos. Janu&r) 11th. 1858. Outhe petition of Palmer Sumner, of New York, pravitig for the extension of a patent granted to him on the^th Aprd. ism. for an improvement in "me tallic laths,'* for seven >ears from the expiration of said patent, which takes plaee on tiie35tn dav of April. ?85fi: It is ordered, that the said petition be heard at the Patent Office on Monday,the 12th of April uext. at 12 o'clock m.: and all persons are notified to appear and show cause, if an> they have, why uud petition ought not to be granted. Persons opposing the extension are required to h e in the Patent Office their ohiections. anaciali* set forth in writing, at least twent> days before the day of hearing; ail testimony hied by either party to (>a used at the said hearing must lie taken and transmit ted in accordant* with the rules of tha Ofeoe. which will be furnished on application. The testimony in the aase will be closed on the ??th of March: depositions and other^apers rened upon as testimony must lie hied in fWe uflioe on or before the morning of that day; the arguinenta.if any, within ten day a t hereafter. Ordered.also that this ntrtioe lie published in the Union, Washington, D. C., and Dai y News, New Yo k, once a meek for three successive weeks previous to the 12th day of April next, the day of bearing. JOS. HOLT, Commissioner of Patents. P. S.?Editors <>f t papers will please cop?. and tend their bills to the Patent Offaoe. with a paper oonuuning this notioe. tan It law3w 1MIE REASON WHY.-A carefui ooiiecti>>ri "f I L many hundreds of reasons for things winch, though generally lielieved. are imperlectlj under st<M?d. Copiously illustrated; E?glisH edition; price oants! f'eeby mail on reoeipt of ninety-six oents in stumps. Light m the Valley; M> Experience of Spmtus! ism, bv Mrs. New tou Croaslsnd. illustrated, Violet, or the Danseuse, 38 cts. 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