Newspaper of Evening Star, January 16, 1858, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 16, 1858 Page 1
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VOL. XI. WASHINGTON, D. C., SATURDAY, JANUARY 16, 1858. NO. lAr?7. THE EVENING STAR n PUB US HE I) EVE HI APTEllIfQOU, CISUNAAY fcXCfcfTKD,) AT Tlit, bl iK BlULJtlKtti, Cvrrur of Pa. mufnus and Eleventh Mrmt, By W. D. WALLACH. Paper* served n paoka?*a by carrier* at f 4 a rear, or n oent* per month. Tu mail aubaorib* ra tha a?b ?ortption prioe ia a year, i* advmntt; #2 for ?;x montha; #1 for three montha ; and for toaa than threa montha at the rate of 12 eenta a week. Mineie copies, one oent; in wrappera, two oenta. Ai>v KRTI4CMCM ra (of eight line* to the MUrt) inaerted throe timea for $1 ; every other day or aemi-weekly,25 per oent. advance; ouoe a week,#" per oent. advance. ~ ?- ??~ THE ATTITUDE OF BHIflHAM YOl!*G. On the 8th of October. 13righam Young deliv ered a speech in the Tabernacle in relation to the advance of the United States troops into the Territory. He said: We have sought for peace all the day long, and I have sought for peace with the army now on your bonier*, and have warned them that we all must firmly believe that they are sent here solely with i view to destroy this people, though they may be ignorant of that fact: and 1 bough we may believe that they are sent by the Governmeut of the United States, yet I. as Governor of this Territory, have no business to know any such thing until I am notified by proper authority at Washington. I have a right to treat them as a mob. just as though they had been raised and officered in Missouri, and sent here expressly to destroy this people We have been very merciful and very lenient to them. As I informed litem in my unofficial letter, had they Wen those mobiicrats who mobbed us in Missouri, they never would have seen the South Pass. We bad plenty of hoys on band, and tho mode of warfare they would have met with they are not acquainted with. I would just as soon tell them as to tell you of my mode of warfare. As the I?ord 0<h1 lives, we will waste our enemies by millions, if they send them here to destroy us. and not a man of us be hurt That is the method I intend to pur sue. Do you waut to know what is going to be done with the enemies uow on our borders' It' they come here. I will tell you what will be done. As so*>n as they start to come into our settlements, let sleep depart from their eyes, and slumber from their eyelids, until they sleep in death, for they have been warned a;id fore warned that we will not tamely submit to being destroyed Men shall be secreted here and there, and shall waste away our enemies, in the name of Israel's God. Col. Aloxandercomplains of our mode of war fare. They have two or more field batteries of artillery with them, and they waut us to form a line of battle iu an open plain and give tbcui a fair chance to shoot us. I did not tell their Colonel what I thought, but if he had a spark of sense he must be a fool to think that we will ever do any such thing. I am going to observe the old maxim: " He that and rum away. Lives to light another day." Should our enemies venture upon violent measures, I design to *o manage affairs that none of our boys will be killed: and In my an swer to the General I have told hiin pretty plainly what we shall do under certain contin gencies. What they will do I neither know nor care, for it will be just as the Lord wills it. If He sees that we need their substance, he will turn thing* to that end ; and He designs them to be wiped out. He will either cause them to under take to eome here, or will overrule some other plan to accomplish that end. Another year. I am going to preparo for the worst, and 1 want you to prepare to cache our grain and lay waste this Territory; for I am determined, if driven to that extremity, that our enemies shall find nothing but heaps of ashes and ruins. We will be so prepared that in a few days all c.iu be consumed. I shall re quest the bishops to s?e that the poople iu their wards are provided with two or three years' provisions There ia enough already in many places this season to supply the |?ople l'r<*in two to three years, and wi -b them to take care of it. though I expect that in all probability we will raise a great many crops before our enemies again come here to disturb us; and I expect that we are fully able to defend our ?elves, and that our enemies will not be able to eome within a hundred miles of us. I know that ten men. such ft* I could name and select, could stop them before they got to Laramie. And if wo had seen fit to have sent such men this season. they alone cocld very easily have so stopped our enemies that they never would have got through the Illack Hills. I count five ?uch men equal to twenty-five thousand, and believe that two of them could put ten thou sand to Sight. I felieve we are now where that could be done. I will take five or ten such as I can name, and if two can put ten thousand to flight I am sure that ten are able to do it. Our enemies in the last treaty they made with us, should have stipulated that we should have gone only a short distance, so that we would not be out of their reach Tbey had better have made that stipulation, but they did not have wisdom, or they would have stop ped us from goii g <o far over the sage plains, that it is iui|?os?ibie for an army to briug pro visions enough to last them here. I hare been told that the first artillery com pany. upon its arrival at Laramie, loaded up all the grain tbey could haul to feed their uiult: teams, and when tbey reached the Devil s Gate tbey sent forward after their grain from their freight trains, and then they nad not enough to la-t tb"m to Ham's Fork. It is impossible for them to load up teams with sufficient forage to last them to (treen River; and the more men they send the more there are to eat up what the mule and ox trains haul, and the con sequence is that the more men they send the Worse it is all the time. If they undertake to send fifty thousand men to Utah. I will venture to say that they cannot rai?e so large a force in the I'nited States but what would cut each other's throats before they traveled a thousand miles across the plains, to say nothing about any other persons molesting them. They would be cursing, damning and howling all the way. I know that the com paratively few scattered here and there over the country and in the mountains can spoil their march before they could get here We also perceive that tho proposition to de clare Drigham Young *? Prophot, Seer, and Kevelator" of the Mormon people, was sus tained unanimously in the Tabernacle. y*- Ex-President Fillmore, according to the New York Observer, says of his personal habits: '? 1 owe my uninterrupted bodily vigor to an originally strong constitution, to an edurution t>n a farm, and to life-long habits of regularity and temperance. Throughout all my public life I maintained the same regular and syste matic habit* of living to which 1 hail previously been accustomed. F never allowe l my usual hours for sleep to be interrupted. Tkr / ahrny* irmt n* n day of rf*t. Heside being a religious duty, it was essential to health. On commencing my 1'rcsidential career, I found that the Sabbath had frequently been employ ed by visitors for private interviews with the President. I deteruiiru-d to put an end to this* custom, and ordered my door-keeper to meet allSnuday visitors with an indiscriminate re fusal^ While Chairurtn of the Committee of Ways and Means in Congress, and during my eutire Presidential term, my labors were al ways onerous, and often excessive, but I never ?uucred au hour of .?ickne<w through them all.'* IThe author of the drama called*'Tom and Jerry.'' very much the rage a quarter of a century ago. died on the 2d ult. at the Char ter Houw, Loudon. He had been blind for many years, but had been a diligent scribe in hi* day. His name was W. W Moncrieff. Charles Dickens, while writing his Nicholas Nickleby. thought proper to immortalise him a* the dramatic writer (in the pay of Mr. Crummies) who lived on the brains of men of intellect The cause of this onslaught was ow ing to Moncrief baring dramatised Nicholas Niekleby while it was still in course of month ly publication, aud given it a denouement of hi* own.eontrary to the author ? seuseof j*outic justice. JT^ It ia related tbat, at the rrrent election in X% nrre'ter, a candidate for Alderman went up to vote very near the close of the poll*, and taking a ticket scratched hi* name off Hia rival for tbe office asked hlin why he did thin, ?aying that he hlrnaelf put hla own name In the ballot box. So he scratched bis own name on again. Soon after he wa^found ta l?e elec ted by one vote, and that Jtls own vote, cast at the solicitation of hi* rival. <?R AN D BALL IN ASPINWALL IN HoNoR OP Com. Paulding.?On Christmas night the ball given by the citizens of Aspinwall in compli ment to Com. Paulding and the officers of the Wabash, came off in the temporary ball room fitted up on the wharf of the I. S Mail Steam ship Company. Entering the gateway of the covered portion of the wharl a magnificent table was laid for supper, capable of accommodating at least two hundred persons seated, and tho walls were tastefully decorated with palms, flowers, and flags. At the further end of the wharf the ball room, in the shape of a T, whs elegantly deco rated with the tings of all nations and flowers ; large chandeliers and lamps brilliantly illumi nated the room. About nine the company began to arrive, and Com Paulding and his officers, in compli ment to whom the ball was given, were duly received by C. J Fox, Esq., U. S. Consul, in the name of the Committee We notice also Capt. O'Mancy and a number of officers from her Majesty's ship Brunswick. Dancing was kept up with great spirit to the excellent mu sic of tho hand of Wabash until supper time, and after that repast, which was tho hast got tou up we have ever seen on the Isthmus, dancing was again resumed until about three o'clock, when the party broke up." The fol lowing day most of the Pan una guests re turned by an extra train at 2 P.M., while others remained until Monday. with the inten tion of paying a visit to the vessol-of-war. Wht we h we no Thunder in the Winter. Prof. Espy, in his fourth Meteorological Re port. thus explains why we have no thunder in the winter: If it be asked why we have no thunder in the winter, though the top* of the storm clouds rise even in this season to a region where the air is at least considerably charged with electricity, perhaps the answer may be iound in this?that the storm clouds in the winter are of great ex tent, and of course the tension ot the electri city, being extended over a very large surface, is very feeble ; and the substance of the cloud being itself framed out of vapor much less dense than that of summer clouds, this tension may not be able to strike from one particle of the cloud to the next adjacent one ; no general discharge can take place. Besides, even in the winter, during a very warm spell of weather, with a high dew point for the season, we sometimes have a violent thunder storiu from a cloud of very limited horizontal extent, as the thunder clouds always are in the sum mer. Such a cloud is in reality an insulated pillar of hot air. mingled with condensed vapor, having just given out into the air itself its latent caloric, causing the air at the top of this cloud, in many cases, to be 60 deg. warmer at its top than the air on the outside at the same level. A Skillful Detective.?A ship was about J to start from llavro to America On board was a young German woman, who. having de- I serted her husband and taken with her her little girl, had embarked with her lover. The ship was about to weigh anchor, when the telegraph brought an order to arrest the mother and the child. It chanced that three or four young Oeruian women were on board with their cnildr??n. The description of the fugitive was insufficient, all these women hav- ] ing char complexions, and her identification was in consequence very difficult. To get out of this embarrassment the officer bethought 1 him of a ruse. lie assembled together the women with their children, and. when the group was formed, ap proached them, and said in (iarman : '? Think of poor dear papa, who is crying far away for his little girl.'' " Oh. mamma." said one of the little inno cents, bursting into tears, '? papa is crying far away; let us go back to biin.'J The mother betrayed her emotion, was re cognised and detained. Was Solomon more ready than this officer f Perilous Fall and Narrow Escape.? Mr. Alvah L. Frisbie. member of the Theologi- 1 cal Seminary of Vale College, attempted to I climb up West Kocks. near New Haven, on one I of its steepest slopes. He found as he ad- I vanced that the tas'i w is much more difficult, and even dangerous, than he had supposed He would gladly have retraced his steps, but] could not, without the most imminent danger. Being now within 'til or 40 feet of the top. and seeing what appeared to be a shelf, about .*{0 feet above him. he made a desperato effort to I reach it. He had neariy succeeded, when his foot-bold gave way und he fell, a distance of 20 feet wheu he was suddenly stopped by a shrub wkich had taken r?*ot in the crevices of the rock. This saved bis life. For, although badly I ehafed and bruised, he was able, after a little time, to shout for help, which in about three hours ho ituccoeded in obtaining. His deliver- I ers let down a rope from the top of the rock, I which being fastened around his body, he was carefully drawn up. and rescued. Had he not been stopped by the shrub, he would have fall- I en some .*'.0 feet further, and would have struck upon rocks below, and probably have been in- I stantly killed.?Journal of Commerce. Operation on an Elephant.?During the late vi^it to Hull of Wombwell's menagerie, the elephant Chubby underwent an operation which deserves a place among surgical records. For twelve or fifteen months previously, a tu mor had been guthoring on Chubby'a off side thigh Chubby sickened, lost his appetite, and pined away. Many ways were tried in vain to remove the tumor; until, as a last re source. application was made to a Hull veteri nary surgeon, Mr Tom B. Hyde, .Tr Mr. llydo resolved to use the lancet. The oj>er ation lasted two hours, Chubby undergoing it with fortitude. The tumor when removed weighed five pounds, and one of the fangs had to be searched out with the knife, for a foot down the thigh The operation proved emi nently successful. Every fresh bulletin an nounced his improving health, till the latter end of November, when Mr. Hyde pronounced his patient thoroughly restored, and capahleof returning to business. Chubby at once took the train to join his friends, Messrs. Womb well Jl Co., and when we last heard of him his appetite and good looks were the themo of gen eral admiration ?Eastern Counties Herald. The E\? isios or .\ Man's Tonoue.?The following letter has been addressed by Profes sor Syrno to tho editor of the Times: 441 re gret Ot learn that an operation which I hap pened to perform in the Royal Infirmary of Edinburg has got iuto the newspapers; but, as it has uufortuuately done so, the public should be correctly informed on the subject. Partial removal of the tongue, for the remedy of can cer. having been found worse than useless, it was thought that extirpation of the whole or gan might afford effectual relief; upon this principle 1 proceeded. Tho patient suffered no bad consequences directly from the opera tion ; but at the end of a week, when the ex ternal wound wa* quite healed, died suddenly from an internal disease, which might have been excited by any other irritation in a per son ot his constitution and habits. ' Sap Mihtakk.?Major Beale, the ehivalrous Vermonter. has just returned from his Euro pean tour, but his fellow-townsmen are aston ished and horrified at his alterod appearance When in Paris, he challenged a French Colo nel, and the weapons being swords, at the first stroke, the Major's nose was severed close to his face Hastily pieking up and replacing the organ, ho tied his handkerchief over it. After leaving on the bandage for eleven days be removed it, when to his consternation he found thot he had placed it wroiig side up and it was now healed. Although itbs?ks ugly, be finds it very convenient for taking snuff.? Augusta Constitutionalist. KT I jouis Blanc was the l.outloit correspond ent of the Courier de Parts, and wrote under the ??('?nature of "Sam Wellerhut he has resigned the appointment "In disgust"since M. Oirardla b'CJine connected with tkt P?P?f. Special Hotices. To the Citizens o? Washinstoii.? Wolft't Schenlam Aromatic Schnapps.?The proprietor best leave to call the attention of strangers and the citizens of Washington, to a very superior artiole of Holland Gin. whioh he introduced to the Amerioan public under the naiue of Wolfe's Scheidam Aro matio Sohnapps. This Gin is manufactured by the proprietor exclu sively at hi* Distillery in Schiedam, Holland. It is made f rum the bout Barley that can be prooured in Europe, at any cost, and flavored and medicated, not by the common harsh beiry, but by the m? st choice t>otanioal variety oi the Aromatic Italian Ju niper Kerry, whose mora various extract is distill ed and rectified with its suntuuus solvent, and thus beoomes a concentrated tincture of exquisite fla vors and aroma, altogether traneoending in its Cor dial and Medicinal properties any alcoholic beverage heretofore known. The proprietor has aabmitted it to nearly the whole Medical Faculty of the United States, and has received answers from alMiut four thousand Physicians and Chemists, who endorse it over their signatures as a most desirable addition to the a - teria Medica. Persons who purchase should Ite careful to get the genuine article, an the whole country is flooded with counterfeits MM imitations. Put up in quar and pint pottles, in cases of one dozen each, and for sale by "all the respectable Dtug gista and Grocers in the United States. I not rHo Wolfe. Solo Importer and Manufacturer. Depot, No. 22 Beaver street, (View York. WoT.FE's ScHIKIUM AHoMATIC SCHNAPPS, IK prescribed with gr??at success, by the Medical Fac ulty in Gravel, Gout, Chrouit* Rheumatism, Drop sy, Dyspepsia, Slurgish Cumulation of the Blood. Iundeuuate Assimilation of Food, and exhausted Vital Energy; and as a b?\ erage it has no superior In the world. Put up in quart and pint bottles, and for sale by all the Druggists and Grooers iniWashiiigton. Udolpmo Wolfk, Sole Importer aijd Manufacturer, Nos. 18,21), and 22, Beaveretreet, New York. Wolfe's Sohfidam AromIN Schnapps.?'The proprietor particularly recoiimends the above Schnapps to persons travelling or about to settle in the South or West on acoountt>f its Medicinal pro pern? s in oorreoting the disagKeulile and often dan gerous effects produced by a change of water?a visitation to which all travelers South and West are particularly liabie. Strangers should be careful in purchasing the fclinapps. as the whole country is flooded with counterfeits and imitations. The genuine lias the proprietor's same on the liottle, cork and label. For sale brail Druggists and Gro oers. I'dolpho, d 12-Sin Depot 1ft Beaver s uet, New York. I am in possession of sone valuable certificates in favor of the Cons u nipt ion Destroyer; also of its efficacy hi relieving bronchial disease attended with severe cough. The Syrup is pleasant rind bale, and is composed of roots and hcrlx* procured from the Blue Bulge; it is no common Mrtide. Tlioy are nicely enveloped in my cwculars, where my place of residence is seen. The extract of a flower called the Alpha On tinent for the Piles, oau, with the Syrup. I?e found at Mr. C. St?4t's; the Syrup is at several other places on Pennsylvania avenue, as well as Georgetown, ai Mr. Newman's on Bridge street. In Alexandria at |.edl>etter's. In Baltimore, at Hance's, IU8 Haiti more street. d7-tl ? - #- m -? - - ? Dyspkpma and Fits.?Dr. Traoy Delorme, great curer of Consumption, was |or several years so had ly.ntllicltd by dyspepsia tliat for a part of the time liewas confined to his lied. He was eventually cured by a prescription furnished him by a young clairvov - ant firl. This prescription, given by a mere child while in a state of trance, has cured every body who has taken it, never having tailed once. It is equally as sure in wises of fits as of dyspepsia. The ingre dients may lie found many drug store. I will send this valuable prescription to any person on the re ceipt of a stamp, to prepay postage. Address Dr. Trac* Delorme, New i ork Post Office. n JO 2ni Special Notice.?For Perfumed Breath, White Teeth, and Beautiful C<iTtiplexion, use " Br.lm of l.isin Flowers." For dressiug Ladies' hair use " Woodland Cream," a new pomade : it can is gen tlemen's hair to curl beautifully. Price .>> oents eaoh. VV P. Fetridgk A Co., Proprietor#. New York. Wholesale and Retail Agents for Washington. Taylor Sc. Macey, Booksellers, between 9th and 10th st.. Pa. avenue. n 17 I^O THE PUBLIC. Parties or persons having advertised for sale an "UNEXPLOSIVE GAS," wt ich is no thing but the well known "Etherial Oil," therefore 1 deem it necessary to caution consnincrs for their safotj. that the only genuine article is known as "Remtzel's non-Fx plosive Hurtling Fluid," and is prepared ami sold y F. STL'TZ. at his Depot, oor ner of 11th and E streets,he being the sole possess or of the right lor selling the same in tue District of Columbia in) 21 eo3m F R. STL'TZ N 1 EW BOOT AND SHOE STORE. i rnends m The snbscril>er respectfully informs his friends and the public generally that he has remov-, e<l hid HOOTAXDSHOE ESTABLISH ! MENT '<? No. SS Pennsylvania avenue,I s <iith side, and mnedoors east of his former place of business, where may tie found a very gene taS ami seicct assortment of BOOTS, SHOES, and GAITEKS, for I ailies. Gentlemen and Chil dren. of his own manufacture; which will, til quality of material and workmanship. compare favorably with those of the best establishments. All goorfs made by or bought of the subscriber may lie relied upon ?s being, in all cases, exactly as represented, to which he would most respectfully call the attention of those in want of good articles. The subscriber takes tnts opportunity of return ing his sincere thanks to his friends and the public in general for the very liberal patronage given hmi for the past five years; and promise, in return for the same and lot that which may hereafter be si veil him, renewed efforts to give that satisfaction which is so inuoh desired hi our business. J. R. MORGAN, .no Pa. avenue, d nn eolm* south side, bet 9th and 10th sts. Washington, December 26. I?57. AVID A. HALL, Esq , having made a Convey D .. ance and sei.eral Assignment of all his Real arid Person .1 Estate to the undersigned in trust for cer tain purposes, all persons having claims against the ?aid David A. Hall are requested to present the same as rooii as may be convenient at the office of one of the Truster* No. 4'? Louisiana avenue; and all persons indebted to the snid estate are requested to pay the same without delay. WM. H. PHILIP. HARVEY LIN DSL Y, d 2R-eotf Trustees. A SPECIAL* A RD.?To ail persons indebted to to us in open acooonts or otherwisearo respect fully notified that their bills will lie made otf and and presented by 1st January, and as wedesign mak ing k ohauge in our business, wo earnestly request thMthey will coine forward, close their accounts by o'.thor notes at short dates in sett lenient by the 10th MUM, We hope in view of the present financial condi tion of the eutire country, and our intention to make a change hi business, will sufficiently explain the necessity of our request for prompt payments. COLLET A SEARS, d 2H lnteod 523 7th St.. 3 doors from Pa. av. ATENT OFFICE RESTAURANT. The Undersigned having tmught the House at the cor 50 iter of 7th and G streets, for merly and favorably known as the European House,and* having renovated and refurnished the same, is pre pared, at the shortest notice, to luruish parties with all the delicacies the market affords. GAME in season. The liest of WINES, LI QUORS, and CIGARS constantly on hand. Iljr Families supplied with OYSTERS at all hours, from ti o'clock a. m., to 12 p. in. He respect fully policits front his friend* and t lie public a call, d 111 Stawlm SAML. BRER ETON. CASES SUPERIOR OLD BOURBON WHISKY The subscriber has received.direot from Wallace Pope & Co., of I^Miisville. Kentucky, 5o dozen su perior BOURBON WHISKV. twenty years old, which will be sold for $!> per dozen. d'il-eodiit J. 11. Mc.GUl R F.. A net. TO A R R I A G E S HE Subscriber hRving made ndditions to his Factory.making it now one of the largestt hi the District, wnere his facilities forS manufacturing a I kinds of CAR RIAGES anJ LIGHT WAGONS cannot be sur passed, and from his long experience in the busi ness, lie hopes to give general satisfaction. All kinds of Carriages and Light Wagons kept on hand. All R F.PAIRS neatly done,and all orders prompt ly attended to. Second -hand Carriages taken in exchange for new ones. ANDREW J. JOYCE, d lo-tf oorner or 14th and F. sts. NOTICE ?We respectfully notify all persona haviuropen accounts on our tiooks that their bills have been indiscriminately made otf for issue up to this date and are ready for delivery. Those preferring not to have them sent in will find their ao oouuts ready at our desk. In view of the troubles still existing in the country in relaiiou to monetary affairs, we beg that all will speedily oompiy with the wish we indicate by "d'xHJw0*' CLAGKTT & DO WON. ^?ARD PLATE KNGRaViNO, AND PRINT VISITINO. INVITATION. AND BUSINESS CARDS engraved in every style. CAR D PLATES printed in the best manner and WV1SiVTng'aND INVITATION CARDS, plain and enamelled surfaoe, furnished at the loveat prices. W. F. BAYLY, No, tTI Pa. ave.. bet, 11th and 12th ata, 44-tf Uslel.eofitJ Georgetown Advertisements. ^CITABLE FOR PRESENTS. tow?H n^> ^*?ot, No,.119 Bridge street, George received, and olfeis very cheap for ^?h. a jc^d awortment of fknor and useful arti eLtV. vIt- Christmas or New Year'. nee Fane* and black Silks, very cheap gnavla, Scarfs, and Cloaks K leh worked Collars and acta Hem-stitched embroidered and plain luieo oam brie Handkerchiefs BPest Fans Kid Gloves, all Nos. ich printed Deisms and Merino Plaida erino Plaids. Union, 25 and 31c i A larKe lot De Lames, I8\ and 25o. Gents Soerfs, Ties, and Cravats

Gloves of every kind ^ iiSdle?S,e?.,Wr#d bonl*r6d 1,nen ^mbric Children's Woolen Circulars. Hoods and Gai 16 n Gents and Boys Scarfs and Comforts Merino*and Silk V eatings. Ac. other des,rabf* articles that would I* suitable for a present. _ J.H.SMOOT. Fl^ ^ ALM.?W e respectfully announce to ?inr f rieiida Mid the public that we have at lx?t suu jn 1'nv,n* ? large quantity of A LKS ?.f eari ouakinds brewed expressly to our order, winch we will guarantee to l>e the finest and the largest v?ri ety tliat was ever offered in this market. AII persons wishing a nice article of Ale can have v.?T f P w,'!'.*, brands, via. Rennett. Burton XXX Pale, India Pale, Pail ?Mblphia and X \. \\ e almi have a fin? article of aT" 7,ou? '' Porter alwaya on hand. Ail onion* It) mail, o,- hi ven to our drivers, will he attended to. AR.W i >HINN, e I nion BottluiK Depot, 57 lareen atreet, teeorgetowu, D. C. f ORBIBYRON'H WORKS. S vols., MurraT^ La I.otidon edition, in purple calf binding. London11^^0^,^ *hak8peare' y ??*?. ^tavo. oak cases"*1'0"* rthak8Pear?? 10 vols., London, iu giU?" Cal,inet 9hak?P0?re, 12 vols., London, cloth iM?*tB- V0,f.\I'0rifl0n' calf. full o"!f L",,|{r,i'>h'cal dictionary. 12 vols., London, n^mtoter?' 2 I-onJ-n. T"o" London, half calf. L^on. hl'f olir ' Ho"Cue 8 ed,t,on'2 vol?-. vo^L^ndo,,ffuftJlf?ftbe ,nduct,vo Sciences,3 * 'a" London, green calf. wrkB iii hue b.i?li?.. __d^ FRANCK TAYLOR. tUK,\ S, BUNIONS, bOFT CORNS. ^ . TOE NAILS. Without Cutting or Causing the SS/ightest Pain?hy w.. ?.P R ? SCH L O S S K K , t ''Vropod;st to the piiucipal Sovereigns in l.'.i, ' takes this opportunity of apprising tne ladiea and geu'lemeu of Washington and its en v rons that hk will stay hkre oslt a rww bays, and may l>e consulted in ever* depertment of Peusl Surger*. especially in CORNS, BUMuNS; and Ion!? MiT0,|ne AILS, all of which, however long standing or bad, he guaranteea 10 'fertually ii . 5'T?}aHtm,tl* rure ?n a few moments, without jne slightest pain or inconvenience, either during Iheir removal or afterwards R Mr '.,.' <,tfic?--.224 ?>lr,et< between 14/A and \:>tk streets, nmr the Treasury Orpnrtm<nt. office hour* from in a. m. till I p. m., and 2 till 5 o'clock ?'( visit Indies at their own residence by riving a lew hours notico. ?^1/* r}w following testimonials are similar to the tliiiusaiiils iii the Doctor's possession: .. King of Bararia. Mr. schionser has operated on H. Majesty's feet JT.LVi u1t skill, and without the least pain. Certi he<l by H. Majesty s uommand. BN. POLLER. From H. Imp. Higknrrx, the Prince Jerome Na xr a . . Poleon. . I r.. chlosser s m a estrait des cors arce beaucoup d adresse et saus la moiadre douluer. JKKO.Vlki r\ A POLKON. From William Rice. Proprietor of tke Pmnsyl .. _ ,, tasias. Mr. Sohloaser ha? extracted two corns from my feet which were extremely painful for many >ears. I he extr?u?rdinary en^e with which he operated ta reiuarsable, and 1 cheerfully recommend him to all who are troubled with corns as the only person I nave ever known to peiforui the operation scientifi cally and without pain. W\1 RICK Puiiadelplua, Sept. 23, 1837. it u u, From Pi're Butler, F*q. IJr. Sohlnsser has extracted a of oorns Irom iwy lect With great skill and without i.hiu. . - , _, PIKRCK BI'TLKR. I hna?le!phia, Nov. 9, 1857. From I)r. S. M. Lamtis, Physician to the Citu *\irn Cure Institutf ,It Philadelphia. Ur.. chiossei has cx'ractcu, withont pain or tore ncss Hjght very painful corns in a lew minutes. | would advise my friends and the public generally to goto Mr. Sohlostei and have the insolves lelieved of thesd toe tormentors. S. M. LANDIS. M. D. Thousands oftestimomals from the 1'niteJ States, and also from Rojalty, Nobility, ar,d medical mesi trom Kurope can lie seen at th? llocior's Oiti-e. 224 h sir,et, between U(A and 15/A streets, near the TriasMry i epartnirnt. a*. P*w Days in Washinjtoji. n 24-1 in By the presiJ)kVt^J)f. thk united ,i2n.pUr71ua?oeofJ,Sw '? Buchanan. Presi dent of the L nit?d Statss of America, do hereby de ?lare ami make known tliat puhlio sales will be held at the undermentioned land offices in the State of periods hereinafter designated, to At the land office at F.lba. commencing on Mon day, the hfthrtay of April next, for the disposal of the public lauds siluaied within the following named townships, viz: North oj tke base line and west of tke Tallahas _ see me rtdian. ia l?CiVon*<11tf>Wn,h'P 7- "f ranges 8,9, lo, 11,12, is, 14, 15, 16 and 17. 23^24lanil,''5l 1 >Wn8hlP 6'?'rRUK<,i 18, 19< 21 *' 21, 22' fractional sections 2f,. 25,27,28 and 3?, of fraction al township 6, of range *>. I- rnctional sect loiis 'JH, 23 and 30 of fractional town ship fi. of range i7. I- ract lonal section 5C and the east half of fraction al section 28, of fractional township 6, of ran^e 28. Lands appropriated by law for the use of sohools. military and other purposes, will be exoludcd from tne ?ale. The otlerinz of the above lauds will be commenoed on the day appointed, and will prooeed in the order in whioh they are advertised, until the whole shall have been ollered.and the tales thus closed; but the sale shall not be kept open longer thin tiro wteis. and no private entry of any of the lands will be ad mitted until after the expiration of the two weeks tiiven under iny hand, at the city of Washington, this twenty-sixth day of Deoember, anno Domini one thousand eight hundred and fifty -seven. B, th. Pr.diil.nt: JAMK8 BUCHANAN. Tho<i.a. IIkmiricks, Couiiiiissioner ol the General Land Office. NOTICE TO PRE-EMPTION CLAIMANTS. Every person entitled to the right of pre-emption to any of the lands within the townships and parts V 5"yn??hipBalK)ve enumerated is required toestab lish the *nr>ie to the satisfaction of the Register and Receiver of the land office at Kiba, and make vav ment therejor as soon as practicable afier seeing this notice, ami liefore the day appointed for the commencement ol the public sale of the lauds em bracing the tract claimed: otherwise Mich claim will be forfeited, THOS. A. H K.N BRICKS, jan 5 ,^^'J"sgl,,u?rof the General l^ud Office, /"CHILDREN'S BOOKS FOR I85H.-The Little d^rf?!,n\r?^Odore, IMother's True Stories, The Won ?f hLi rwJf Liou-hearted. Heroes J?nk li?/i'ii ilk1 ? an<1 Inquisitive li? u<iro.' tu do and how to do it, Siberian Sable Hunter, Tru- Stories nnd False lales from the German, Belle and Lilly, or the Golden Rule. Aunt flavor's Nursery Hhvmes M?y* Bnd J*''1-' Fairy Thles by the Coun tess D Aulnoy, and many others for youth of all Hf!L"ome 'hem just from London. _d2s FRANCK TAYLOR. THC&1?V?raRK" OF A CAT. and a fine TKa aUL^*.? ?"Jtrsvings; London. 18.^7. The Ail vent uren of a KfAr. nnd a treat Hwir too c",'"r?<? engravings; London, 18J7. ' fu^ylIiu*trated''L'ondon857*^ CroW,"l?' luRa?[?2rdLoXl?IWy?0" ^ rtm** m^'LVnd^.l^.810''"'from the Ger tHms"L;?don."mvf.forth* Y?Un?' t.^&X''lM?Ch00l"r00m D*"',nU" nX'Xl11*** (i,her Books, English, French, ?ml American, for youths of all ages. ' FRANtiK TAYLOR. BIBLES AND PRAYER BOOKS, in variety, bound in velvet, fine oalf, and Turkey motocoo. with olasps and illsntration*. French Portfolios Albums, r.uglish and French Drawing Books. Gold Fens, Kodsers's Penknives, fine editions, in fine bindings, orEnglish and A inert can standard author, in Poetry and*Prose. and Frenoh, a,3 Am*ri?en for youth of all MM may be fouud at the B^kstore of the und -j?If import* Vocal and Instrumental Mu?ic. CW F B K K ki.kbratkucotillon band take pleasure in announcing to the public that, tliey are prepared t.> furnish first ciass PAR TIES and BALLS with MUSIC for th? oom ingseason. Fhu latest and most fashionable Uuadrilles, Wattes. t'olkas. Schottishes, Gallops, Mazurkas, and lUduwM hare been rehearsed, and also tho original Lancer's Quadrilles, whioh are performed by this Band only, with great success. Orders left at tbe music store of Mr. Metserott, or at Mr. Gautier's Confectionery, also, at L. Weber's residence, No.569 Seventh street, between G and I, (Navy Yard,'will meet with prompt atten tion. d?Q-1ro LOUIS WKB FR. Leader. M MUSICAL CARD. R. GEORGE M. ARTM, leader of Arth'a Brass and String Band, l>egs leave to announoe Jft(j to his friends of Washington, Georiet<>wr i?? and Alexandria, that he is now prepared furnish MUSIC for Balls, Private Parties. Parsons, Soirees. Ac. F mm one to any numlwr ol M usicianf to t>e bad at the shortest notice. Orders can t>* left at the Musical Depots of John F.Ellis or W.G. Metzerott, or at his residenoe. oomerbth and G streets. Navy Yard. or 2n Sm" Dancing. D A N C I N G ACADEMY l have Jl Mr. T F. GASZYNSKI and DAUGHTER have the honor to announce to the Ladies and Gen tlemen of Wasnington and Georgetown that he will renpi'u his Classen for Daucing iiij Washington on Friday, the Mth of Oc?ol>er. ?'? Temperance Hall, E street, for Misses and Maulers, from 3 o'clock p. m.; for U<li>'t and lientlemen, from 7 o'clock p.m. Georgetown?on Wednesday, the 7th of ()ctol>er, at Miss Harrovcr's ladies Sein tuary. from 3 o'clock p. m. 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In accordance with the provisions of t?e act of Congress, entitled ' Aii act authorizing changes in the looatiou of laud offices," approved March 3, lKa3, it is hereby declared and made known that the office for the sale of the publio lands at M ixkapolis in the Territory of Minnesota, will b? removed to Fo**?r City, in said Territory, ai at tarly a ptriod a* practicable. Further notice as to tbe precise time of remo%*al will tie issued by the register and reoeiver for the land district. Given under my hand, at the etfj of Washington, this 8th day of December, A. D. 1857. By order of the President: THOS A. HENDRICKS, Commissioner of the General I .and Office. d 1ft lawfiw f ONGFELLOW'S POETICAL WORKS I A London copy, with one hundred designs, by Gil bert IM.ziela-d others, finely bound. TENNYSON'S POEMS, L^mdon oopy, numer ously illustrated aud finely bound. HOME AFFECTIONS. SELECTED FROM THE POETS, Charles Mackay. one volume, small quarto, London, 1*58, finely bound, with 100 engrav ,U|rY\NT'8 POEMS, small quarto, 71 engrav ings, finely bound. I.ALLA ROOKH, small quarto, finely illus trated and l?>und. BRACEBRIDGE HALL,small quarto,numer ous engravings and finely bound. ? And finaeditions of most other English and Ame rican writers, in Poetry and Prose, some beautifallf illustrated, others riehly bound, may be found at the txtokstore of the undersigned, mostly imported by himself direct from Loudon. ... ian4 FRANCK TAN LOR LIVINGSTONE'S TRAVELS and Researches in South Afriea, 1 vol., 8vo? with Maps and fca gravmg|; <3. phaNCK TAVI.OR. which oaanot be surpas^sea^ ?UBC|l|3LU 4? 9onm l*U Veruwot tTeaia. THE WEEKLY STAR. VUa NNliM Puu.'r and Nnrt tomrim'-*** Mrealer varletr of tntem**,,, roadu7u*i t**m xtor-M pahLshed oc ^*.*4.. "*^c3a=sasr, By subscribing in Cleta without I' MTMITM HNM. Mm ?u ILTSiagis copies an vrv^n > sa* ST *S5C?K?f.,?J,5?5.u- ? ? ?*? . esssieks; _?*?tiitry, 6a. K. FINLKY HUNT. ^|. -fo ?Sl I ptTio m it , nptrtt ioi?a i?# U?m inc to hn* ' * 'dlTtf* * oW ? above. J?HKIM PROVEDBETS OF TEETH. M. LOOM IS. M. D.. the inventor i___ L fomt?' Mint ml Plmt, T**tk." havtM~ successfully intnxtiMd tiia improvement hJ hV,.Ii"w **?"e?>eetlj estab lished himself in \\ ashintton. This improvement for Sets of Teeth ooneiets chief IT m intkiu a sot of bat out ?i?c* of iMterifti uw* that inde.trucf.Uf- nnm,. NbnUtaTi. their construction. ?nd the/ are thsre/ore free from galvanic sct?on and met*,r taste. There are hc futBte to heooiae llfert with moisture or Mrtiaei of fekl*?^5?* ,*>?* aree*r? mmd clmn. They ara Lin ?L' SmS**' '**? c'*",r^| "we durable, and ^sszwssssjrjttsffissst All work responsibly warranted. '' WPfm avenue, between 11th and 13th D| kntThttv! DR. STEPHEN BMLV, purring No. rat Pshhstl vain a Avtwti. Tkrtt deeri from litk &lrrsl. -PLfii1') 'iff" le%v*to ">**??? the pehlie the: ha oau t? aeen ata'l hisoffiue, located a* above He feels a?sured that an experience of fifteen yaara* practice, eith tlie larce numlierof patients, and creel fu^'a? I "'"Ti1 tohST?3a aoo^iS1 lu.i), ai 1 euaUe him to aurmount an* d.ftru !? scientific or otherwise. relating to the Teeth iLe* own experience oimtirmina the opmuin of man* men ? i it rurally, but lad him, k>u| uiioe. tudn oud ail mercurial preparations f..r tiling TeeU.aJse aU Knamela G utta Here ha. I nd* It?1^.^ C? *?. a az ksss^ASKta is the onl, re .able substance tnit^he woAi J^a mouth, as was moat conclusively shown by Ui s iai! American Dental Corventioi.. ' Aithoath he flatters himseir from his lone resi dence and practice is Washinetoc. h? is fkvorablv known to his numerous friends and patrons, hs t*?a leave to refer them to the following . TESTIMONIALS: rrom the late Reotorjtf the Charoh of Epiphaay of .t: Deaur&i ?rsonaJlf, a jtist. The tor me tiave been h.ghiy satisfactory. I hoes i ""S receive the patroua?e from my friends i public that your skul so wel l deserves. Washington, Alf. 36, vF.T^tNCM. From one of the oldest b mis it Baltimore Measra. U . ""SH1- Catiaki: A Co. ?. .!'&rrt??l?y,w^I)r.Stephen Baily, Sarcaon D*b,of \% ast.iiiBton oity, to execute for me an im portant an<j d-ltouit piece of aorh.whieh he did to iuy entire aatiafaotion, and in view of the fact that one of the moat distincsiahod rnembera of the Denta. Ccnieice of Baltimore, failed, after repeated trials to penoriii the same work satisfactorily, it rives'me rreat plctsure te? ejprea. my entire ooahdenoe and nigh estimation of hia profeaaiona. akiil. Baltimore,Jau. 12,1457. hARWA.NN DU66K Extract Horn a i<oU reoei ved from the lata Hon. Jam M 1 ..ii ton. Tbe l?eth tob made for me wo^adrnfivb/T'; 1?!c^h ing oouid be oettar. Very r rate fan v, ? ? JOHN M.CLAYTON. To thoae that seek relief from the maladies of the teeth, I can choerfsliy reoummeLd Dr. S. Baiiy as a superior Dentist; he made a set of porce.ian teeth foroteof my fcmilv.and p urged several teeth for ETirth# work ^B^f nIIIon!1*' April ?9. ltM. " ?f U? M- E- ChDroh We, the DLdersif ned, liavinj had ooaasiaa to avail ouramvee of the profea*ioua. skill of Dr. S. Bail*. Denust of this oity, or bavins beei. oosrois ?ct of his operations on oar tamiues of fnebds. taks pi ensure in expreeainc o?r admiration of hia artist to ikiu,u *(UH of the uniformly sau*factory ii.^?jier la whioh he performs the most delioate a*d d.ftoaJi operations ?n Dental Sursery.and wereepectftoily re oommeod him to the oonbdeuoe and paironaae of the pnb.ic. of which we oonaider hnn eminently worthy. rHoK?.? V. Wilthi, Arohitet-t U. ?.,. iHkKo ' ?LIm' n'^ ^'''wU^Td.C. ft. H. Bourse. M. D. of Georgetown, I?. C. aaluegton, li. C. Jos. H. MaaDLKT, of \\ aahirjrton. D, C. tfiohhit Walto*. Kx-Governor of Florida. Waltkb Lknox, fc* Maror of Wash.r^u>t', Hknrt Baldwin, I. S. Patent Office |i? ifWl*"T* Pr,DC1^ RiiteuhosMAoadeiiiy. P A. AVKMl K, between 17th at d 18th afreet a T. ... ^ AaHiNurosi. l>. c. Thia eatahhahmen: la aewly furniahed and ar rar.tad on th^ moat modern and improved princip.e wirhpi ivste apartment.. 40. rrincip.e, u^T5S iB"r *???> the choicest of ?inea and l.i?uors. ?i*me and <?th6r d. licacif s in aeason. Hot and Cold Lunoh from 11 o'ciook a. m ur il B*l-tf \VM. F. BAYLY. V.. ??"leaale and Retail Denier in FANC\ AND STAPLE STATIONER V. A? ?78 Pa. arrmur, ?'flora to the public, at >eduoed pnoes. a fall and oomplete a?a<irtni?iit of? Wriiiac and letter Parers. Kn^'ish and America:i Note Papers French Enamelled and Bristol Board Writing Cards \\ edding and Buainesa Envelope* Extra fine Knives Scisaora, ?,ra Rasora. Fancy and Plain Plavinc CaVde. Deakaand Work-boxes, Baokgammon Boards. Chess; Men, ( heckers. Gamea Gold Pens, Pencils. CardOaaee, &?., to. ''^?tf |fBtel.eo6tl ^TOP THAT RATTLfNG. I am now prepared to put on " Chapman'a ?? >.-?? Anti-Hattliug HhaA F ast eeer." assrc!! mbb*c> remedy tor the rat time ol the Hhaft-olipsCgKiS^P J B,!(1 whioh can (>e3^35_l put on at a small expenee. Can arid examine at mv Factory. a here f have certificatea from the feadins Coaehmakers in til :?r? _ T"E op VOLTH Just Publisk'd, Giaiir, <A# 2Sil Tkomtand. .A few worJi of the Rational Treatment, without Medioiiie. of Spern>atcrrliea or Local VVeakijeae. Nocturnal Fmismons. <>rnita!, and Nervoua Deliil,'., |*14. mature Decay of the Hy stem, Iinpo i -eno.and Impeuimeiita to Marri**e generally. b> .JL1*151 ^N^Y. M. D. The important fact that the many alarmint com plaints, originating in the imprudence and aohtude of youth, mny lie easily removed without Me<1icm?> ia in thia amali tract..clearly demonatrated ; and the entire.y new and highlv successful tn>at'm*i i t. acoptmi by the author full, exp^l^Vu which everv one is enabled to cure Himself perfect!v and at the iea?t poasihle cost, thereby svoidi^ a? the advert ned rostrums of the dny. ^ to *J?? ^d<|re??, gratis and post fVee, in a sea.ed envelope, by remitting two postase srampT y^LE AND PORTER. I beg to inform the inhatMtante and Visitors of f h* citifij of U jiNiiiOlu*!! &u?l ^^'rireioiQ, |j r itn/ I Ipve find Mhail kfppon ItAud t atnrA-' X\ AI.E and BROWN M^llT>?)Rrik' manufactured here entirely from Malt aad wananted free from all injurious ingredients nut up in casks ?f various sisee, suitaN? forH?Ae!^ Restauranta, Boardiuc-houses and private ,iT-iT* delivered by sr., ??wn dra>?, ,n eiTp^t of cities, at the B ewer, pneis P rl ?rtl" *bov* ^",1::.:^.""' '*,>o" Also, Malt and Hops for rale. Brewery and Madhouse oomer ,.r-v ?... Washington city. D. c * *** Sr7th ' dU ^ JOSEPH PAVfHON P'ft \T? ? aIS* 5 CHRISTMAS PR I# ii J,.4 ?, Vio ink f?i<ifnrs Masie. Flutes. Acoordeons. TWmneel' Ac a ? luiUole for suUtantial hoiida, K1p,. .Ac.. Ac.. Piano and Musie Store. aL' pI.\vetiue'''Ji ween *h and Hnh struts. avenue, Mwm F' H!h N^11 *" ,n^ Bindints, of GiM>ob, r-.rl.i- V ia "'RC*"'a) . Banerofl." Irvii,. , Larlyle, famb, Kot>ertsoii, Rollm, Plutarch. H... ooe. Goldsmith. Dean SaiP. Horarfh. Miff..r.l. Mackintosh. Burnet. Kanke. Milton Wheweli. and juher emir ent prose writers, may he founJ at ihe hooks'ore of the undersigned, mostly imported 1i rect form London. <1 2? FR A NCR TAVI.QH. CHEAP PfANOS FOK SALE OR RENT Two Pianos for each; ons do. two do flfweseh: two dojpy. each; in Addition to a lar.e stock of Boston and New ^ ork uurivsjled fian.Hi d " tf F. Rl.| IS pREPARATfONS FOR CHRISTMAS. Ma,^'KY announce the completion ^OT Lh? *PPr,,,chinf sea L ? oareful seledioa of mugnih - J-l end other Work, in ?7r f "V**1*! btodings; an anpraoedeiited 5 r,i Entlish and Amerioaa JNvem.e H'?ks. snd a choice assortment of Bilnes and Grayer Books jb the newest styles); Albums, Portfolios. Writing R^i.r Cabas. Ac, to which they re ? pectfully invite attention. ... , TAYLOR A MAURY'S Bookstore. " 28-tf weer ath street. NEW MUSIC received semi-weekly ; Musie or dered from and neat to any part of the count r? ; Music Bound, Ae . our Piano Warer.M.i.,? SOt Pa.aveeae, between Mk end l?th streets. 4? IOHNP. ELLli,