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Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 18, 1858 Page 2
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I EVENING STAR. WASHINGTON CITY: MONDAY January 13, 1858. JJ7" Advertisements ihtnM hf ifBt in by 14 ?'clack m.; tlhfrwiif they may not ap pear until the next day. SPIRIT OF THE MORNING PRESS. The Union, to-day. discourses 'f the recent ly-paased resolves of the Virginia Legislature, urging the admission of Kansas into the I nion on the Locompton Constitution, taking occasion to compliment tho State in so doing for her in variable adherence to democratic principle amid all the natations of politics and all the momentary storms in political affairs which so f requently drift other States from their politi cal moorings. The InteUigencer again returns to its con test with the Union upon the question of the precise meaning of the resolve? upon the Kan sas question recently adopted by the Indiana Legislature. ID" The message of Governor Randall was delivered to the Wisconsin Legislature on Fri. day. Among other matters, he discusses the banking law ol the State, and advises such action as Is calculated to check the evils growing out of it, recommends an investigation of the charges of bribery, corruption, and the distribution of the public lands under the act of 1?5Q; advocates the Pacific railroad by a northern route; discusses the slavery question at length, takes a strong States' right ground, and Is opposed to the federal en croachment for the benefit of the slave power. 1ET A mysterious murder has recently occurrcd at Memphis. An Irish woman, known as Big Mary, the keeper of a l?oarding house. Is living with her seventh husband Three of lier former husbands and her son have met their fate in ber gloomy abode. and her other husbands died by violence, The other night the nephew of this singular woman was mysteriously murdered in the same house, where his remains were found bv the police, surrounded by some twenty of the inmates of the bouse on their knees praying for the repose of the soul. The case Is involved in mystery. Dehaxd ior Damages.?Robert a. Craig, a British subject at Punt.i Arenas, lias demanded damages of the I nited States for losses sustained by him in the seizure of Walker's expedition by 1 ?m l*au!dii?g. He alleges that he rented to Walker a part of his premises, and that he had a large quantity of provisions in his warehouse, be longing to W alker, at a stipulated rate of storage per month. on each package; and al-o that head vane? d on the security of the provisions the sum of S50Q. The provisions, he alleges, were forci bly sei/ed by order of Com Paulding, and much of his private property carried ott'. Mr. Craig has forwarded a copy of his complaint to Lord Clarendon. The K.vxsas Llkcti<>s.?The advices from Karisdft relative to the recent election held in that Territory, says a telegram, continue of a contra dictory character. The Leavenworth Times of the iMh instant, nays the reports from the different parts of the Territory indicate the succcss of the entire free t*tate ticket; while the vo?e against the Lecomp ton constitution will probably exceed I5,W>0. The Lawrence correspondent of the St Louis Democrat says that as far as heard froin the free State party has secured thirty-one outof the four ty-four Representatives, and fourteen out of the nineteen Senators, and the vote against the con stitution is about equal to that polled at the Oc tober election. A gentleman who left the Territory on the 11th states that it was then believed that the demo oratic State ticket was elected The Robertson Case.?The prosecution in the case of John H Robertson, nuW ou trial at Rochester. N. ^ for an attempt to prison his wife, rested their case on Friday at noon. Coun sel opened the defence with a speech of an hour, in which he gave the outline of the defence. They will try and show ihit young Dr Bie?_'ler, backed by bis father, was :? conspirator ngiiinst Robertson, and that his motive was to avoid the payment of loaned and expended on his father's trial last spring. Several witnesses f..r the dtferce were examined tbi* afternoon, and among them were Mrs Robertson, lite wife of the defendant, her two brothers and several neighbor* and relations?all of wli'iu testified to the good characterof the defendant,and the hap py domestic domestic relations always existing between him ai d his wife Mrs R swore that her married lift had been the happiest part of her life, in every particular, ard contradicted much of Biegler's evidence. The Case or Suitu ?District Attorney Mann, in his opening argument argument for the Com monwealth, at Philadelphia, on Saturday, in the case of Thomas W. Smith, now on trial for the murder of Mr. Carter, President of the Tamaqua Bank, combatted the plea of insanity, but says that ??there has never been a case in which my duties aud mv sympathies have been so continu ally in conflict. I have never prosecuted a man whom I so sincerely pitied. The defendant ap pears t" be a man of very warm feelings?a sin ?ere /.???:?d and devoted husband. As such I honor b.ui; would that wc had more men in the community like him " Mr. Thayer, for the defence, who succeeded Mr. Mann, pre-ented the various points in the caae. especially those whi' h related to the al leged insanity of the prisoner. The case will probably be given to the jury to day or to-morrow David Paul Brown, Esq., for the defence, and District Attorney Longhead are yet to speak. The sympathy for the prisoner is very great and increasing. The statement of his sister has had the effect to deepen this sympathy. Ihpoitast FaoM Mexk The New Orleans papers bring fu-ther details of the Mexican news by the steamer Tennessee. The recent revolutionary proceedings at the capital have been most unfavorably received in many parts of the interior, a large number of States have declared violently against the new order of things Even a number of the principal towns, and among them Vera Cruz, which at first pronounced in favor of it, have since repu diated it. A formidable military coalition is already organizing against it; troop* are in uio t.on in many paits of the Republic, and a civil war. or another change in the executive poWer seem? to be imminent. The vio.^at breaking up and dispersion of the federal Congress wa* followed by an equally violent manifesto or protest on their part, couched In the niont violent and intemperate language. This curious document was signed by eighty-six P'i ies, itian ?(juoium, but many names have since been a.t? hed to It, doubtles, as mem ber. made up their mind, to uke sides with this party or with that It fallowed by a manifesto from the newly created him self, which was a long, dull a?rt . document. ' ttd temperate "-W dear's day was very generally celebrated at the capital The diplomatic co p?, witb tl.? exception of the B.itiW, Minister, wait.d ,,po,, the President, and the us.,*| formal speech.^ were made upon the occasion, the Minister of Guatemala ?peakinx f?f U?e former. The Extraordinary estimates thr value of Amer 1< an claims against the Mexicau Government at twenty millions of dollars .New outrages by a band of ISO robbers are re potted froili Cuernavaca. PERSONAL. National*0 Ma""' W Tappan, N. H , la at the .... Oa Thursday evening filibuster Walker X? MPnbl" ?' HicHmnnd. \ a. He embraced the occasion to make a soee- h denouiK ing Com. Paulding and Capt DaviiT Mr *<?iith. the proprietor of tlx* -ea VI. w House his sued The ,<ew \o k Tim-*' f? I\p? . v "I" ^ 'V ' '1 In .. Letters ir-m Havana state thatlt ^ r?. port- A inut . ai.ia Anna Lid aruved Ibe.e fr< n St lLoa<f, l?ni ?i,at he h^d preserved i, . atlirL iik tbat the la. t Mas only known .i lew personal visitors at ths pal;u ? ol tUe | WASHINGTON NEWS AND GOSSIP, Tnoriu,* ox Interest.?The New York Commercial Advertiser in distressing itself unnecessarily over the idea that the Kan tM and filibuster questions are destined to prore serious stumbling-blocks in the way of the success of the present National Adminis tration. All here who see beneath the surface of affairs, already realise that so far as any danger from tbeiu Is concerned, both these issues are practically out of the way, with not a tithe of tho trouble growing out of either of them that was anticipated two months ago. Jf Congress does its duty with reference to the Utah question, (and we can perceive no reason now to doubt that it will do so,) that matter, too, will cause the National Adminis tration little or no embarrassment whatever. The Military Committees of the two Houses are in possession of the plans of the President and War Department for solving that particular difficulty, so far as the co-operation of Congress in that work may be necessary; which said plans are understood to meet their hearty ap proval. We anticipate that in less than thirty days tho requisite legislation to relieve Con gress from any responsibility whatever for se curing a satisfactory end of the Utah imbroglio very early next season, will have taken place. Ihe only remaining difficulty that can pos sibly beset the path of the present National Administration will grow out of the restless ness of gentlemen who may aspire to tho next Democratic national nomination. As there are a doscn or so public men who fancy themselves entitled to it, or at least to scheme for it, as a matter of course embarrassments may grow out of their eonflicting efforts to achieve it. Such aspirations are at the bottom of nine tenths ot the political somersaults prominent Democrats have "thrown" of late, and will bo at the bottom of nearly all the political ex travagancies or ultraisms others of them may indulge in until the spring of 1860. There is no possible cure for that ailing, nor do we think it very dangerous to tho public interest. Experience teaches that the only suro result of effort* to secure the Presidency, based on schemes for thwarting the policy of tho Demo cracy in any particular, is political martyrdom J for the over-ambitious essaying them. The Extension of the Orange and Alex I asduia Railroad.?A friend tells us that there is doubt whether the Virginia Legisla I ture will appropriate, at its preseut session, I or the continuation of this now most important improvement under construction in the United States. We confess to skepticism as to the possibility that the State of Virginia will de liberately sacrifice her previous heavy in\est ments in this improvement after having pushed it t> a point when, with a comparatively very small additional investment, she can evidently make the whole perhaps more profitable thaL any other such investment made by her own or any other American State Legislature. The w-irk in question is the only link re maining to be constructed to afford continuous railway connection between this city and the Mississippi at Memphis, with many divergences by rail running through different portions o! J ennessee. Georgia, Alabama and Louisiana to tne Oult coast; and North, through different portions of Tennessee. Kentucky, Indiana and Illinois, to the shores of the great lakes. When completed the line will afford not only a much shorter means of passing from east to west, ar.d from east to north and southwest than any other line of railroad now open, but through an almost virgin country, possessing a far more agreeable climate than anj other traversed by any line of railroad in the United States. Indeed it cannot be that the Legisla ture ot Virginia will fail to secure for the peo ple of the region of the State the road is to pass through the profits ot the immense passenger trade that cannot fail to accrue to the finished improvement, it is destined to b,- greater even than that of the Baltimore and Ohio work or the great I'ennsylvaiiia line from Philadel phia to Pittsburg. Its incidental drippings into the pockets ol the Virginians, a consider able portion of which must g.? into the Old Do minion s (State) treasury, will be worth an im mense sum annually. Should the Legislature fail to do its best to secure the completion of the work at the earliest possible moment, un der existing circumstances its members will richly deserve to be "cut for the simples'' on returning to tLeir constituents. Appointments bv the President?Jiy and the. advice and consent of the, Scuute. John Appleton, cf Maine, to bo Assistant Sec retary of Mate of the United States; Richard K. Meade, of Virginia, to be Envoy Extraor dinary and Minister Plenipotentiary of tho nited States to Brazil; William B Reed, of Pennsylvania, to be Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary of the United Statos to China; John Riglcr, of California, to be En voy Extraordinary and Minister Plenipoten tiary of the United States to the Republic of Chili; Henry C. Murphy, of New York, to be Minister Resident of the United States to the > etnerlands; Benjamin F. Angel, of New *ork, to be Minister Resident of the United States to Sweden ; James Williams, of Tennes see, to be Minister Resident of the United States to Constantinople ; William R. Calhoun, of >outh Carolina to be Secretary of the Lega tion of thj I nited States at Paris. Counting their Chickens Before Thev ARE HATCHED.-The New York Tribune i. calculating largely upon the advantages that have accrued and are jet destined to accrue to the Republican party organiration from the late political labors of Messrs. R. J. Walker and S. A. Douglas. That journal proclaims^ in effect, that the upshot of their opposition to he policy of the national Executive and the Democracy upon the question of the acceptance of the Lccouipton Constitution by Congress, is to be the election of the simon pure Republi can party 1 residential nominee in 1N?>0. What ?tssilly prognostication is worth, may be judged rom the f.ict that it at the same tine declares that the Scuth in Congress has abandoned the ?dea of seeking to compass the admission of Kansas into the Union as a State, with that Con stitution ; for which assertion there is no shadow of Inundation in truth, whatever. ' While its facta are so baseless, there is little fear that its tancy will prove more truthful. The Theatre.?To-night, Mr. Dion Bourci cault plays Sir Charles Coldstream, in bis own great comedy, "The Used Up Man." The piece is one of the few comedies of modern ranking with the gems, which saw the ?8 ? first in the Addisonian era of English ?!(riluW| anJ l,uve more highly appre ?i ' ! literature and wit a 'rrr';1- ^,uie ycttrs n2?Mr Boure> tbe . I I ,h? ?UUie P*rt 0U lfao ?>f audience * infinite delight of the combined t'alen'Jt'a'r" ?f ^ extr40rdiu4rJ ever sat before a curtain !n M recollection of his eminent - Country- The ni!ht TI th"*" theatre to . I ?,T i , V*Tt* 0i lhi" CaPll?' play are to b? filled by actresses aad actors of nro of >h?ir ?u,nc, will otirf, ?H <b, ki.totjr ot rntb?r *???? A. b.. r^d -o jHq.ular at the North-Millv Senator Brow* has written to the New York Ilrrald denying the statement of that journal and the Tribune, that ho declined con tinuing his Kite apecch upon the Knnaa* ques tion because disposed to abandon his position in favor of the admission of the Territory aa a State into the Union. lie says he prefers dia eua'ing the question legitimately; that ia, on the direct proposition it.?elf. which must soon come up, to its discussion on an abstract pro position to refer and print the Message ; and henfce his declension He declares that hi?d those journals attributed his declension to pro ceed with his speech to the fact that he consid ers the question virtually settled in favor of his own views ot the fitness of things, they would have been much nearer the mark. The Soi'th o* William Walker.?We are glad to perceive that sober second thought is vindicating itself?its proverbial wisdom?in the altered tone of the great mass of tho South ern press, with reference to the filibuster Walker and his schemcs of murder, arson and robbery in Central America. Our Southern exchanges of all parties are now reaching us graced with unstinted praise of the views of the President's late message on the subject, and indignant comments upon the efforts of those mixed up with Walker's schemes to keep up the pretence that the interests of the South are involved in the success of his application of the "higher law'" theory. Armv Orokrs.?The War Department has just issued the following " General Orders, No. 4/' respecting the re-inforcements for the army in Utah, in addition to those designated in General Orders No. I, of the 8th instant: i. B, and K, Companion of the 2d Regiment of Dragoons, now at Fort Leavenworth; 'I. Sixty-four enlisted men of Company A, Kn ?ineer Soldier* /with company organization.) to e commanded uy 1st Lieutenant Andrew J Don elson, Corps of F.ngineers, with Brevet Cd Lieu tenant Howard P. Alexander, of the same corps, as subaltern. The F.ngineer Department will give the neces sary orders to put this detachment in position, al Foit Leavenworth, in good time ; and will im mediately detail an officer of the corps for duty on the Stall'of the Officer Commanding the Army of Utah. SenaTor ReIp, of N. C., who has been sick in Richmond for a fortnight, has so far recov ered as to be making preparations to return shortly to Washington, ilis family are with him. The Weatiier.?The following report of tho weather for this morning is made from the Morse Telegraph lino to the Smithsonian Institution. Tho time of observation is about 8 o'clock a. in : January IB, It58. New York, N. Y ???snowing. Philadelphia, Fa .????....slight snow Haiti more, Md cloudy, cold. Washington, D. C cloudy, cool. Richmond, Va clear, coo!. Petersburg, Va. clear, cool. Norfolk, Va clear, cool. Lynchburg, Va clear, cool. Bristol, Tenri clear, pleasant. Raleigh, N. C clear, cool. Wilmington, N. C clear, cool. Columbia, S. C clear, cool. rharleston, S. C.... ..clear, cool. Augusta, Ga ..clear, cool. Savannah, Ga clear, cool. Macon. Ga clear, cool. Columbus. Ga f'?ggy. Montgomery, Ala clear and cool. Fhom thk Wist. Buffalo, N V clear, cool; wind W. Cuml?erland. Md clear, cool. Wheeling. Va clear, cool Barometer at the Smithsonian, 30 ltlfl. Theimoineter, on the Smitusonian tower, min iuiutn last night. 33:: ne3r the ground, 31^*. CONGR EXSIONA /,. Thirty-fifth < ?njrru-l'irtt Session. In tiif Sf.natk, to-day. while transacting "morning-hour business,'' a resolution was adopted, on motion of Mr Chandler, calling on the Secretary of War f.>r a statement showing the number of troops stationed in Kansas for each quarter since Jan. 1. I-.15. At I p in the special order was taken up. the qne?tmo of the reference of the annual iii'tesa^e M-ferring to Kalians, when Mr. Male, who entitled to the floor, commenced hl? sp'-e< h against the admission of the Territory as a Mate into the Union on the Lecomptoii Constitution The joint resolution authorizing the members of the Kane exploring Kx|* tilt ion to receive medal* fioin foreign governments was parsed in the course of the morning's proceedings. In the Hop-i . in the course of the reading of the journal, the'-elect committee to Investigate and report on the allegation that the Middlesex Manufacturing Company of Massashusetts dis bursed corruptly among members and officers of the last Congress, and others, to pro cure the passage of a proposition to amend the tariff law, was announced to have Im-cu appointed by the Speaker, as follows. Viz: Messrs Stanton, Moore of Ala., Kunkle of Pa , Wright of Ga., and Russell. The resolution of Mr. Washburn, of Me , to accord to the Columbia Institution for the L>eaf, Dumb and Blind in the District of Columbia the use of the old House hall on Thursday evening next was then voted on, and was agreed to, under a suspension of the rules. Mr Reagan moved a suspension of the rules to enable him to introduce a bill authorizing and directing the boundary line between the public lands of the Uuited States and of Texas; rules not suspended Mr. J. Glancy Jones moved the suspension of the rules to go into a Committee of the Whole on the state of the Union; not agreed to?yeas HO, navs '.IB. Mr. Sherman moved to reconsider a vote by which a widow's pension bill (not named) from the Court of Claims had been referred to the Committee on Revolutionary Pensions; agreed to. Mr. Jones, of Tenn., then moved to reconsider the vote by which the next similar bill on the Kivate calendar from the Court of Claims bad en referred to the Revolutionary Pensions Committee; reconsidered. The said bill was then referred to the Claims Com mittee. The President's Private Secretary then ap peared at the bar of the House and delivered an Executive message in writing; which was not then read. INTERESTING DETAILS OF THE FOR. EIGN NEWS. By the America, at Halifax. The Royal Mail steamer America from Liver pool on Saturday, the lid instant, has arrived at Halifax. Among the passengers by the America are M i dame Lola Moutez, Countess of Land*feldt.( who was recently married lo the Prince of Shalosky. In Paris,) and suite. Col. Charles Hurgthal, of Philadelphia, bearer of despatches for the United States government from Paris, and Mr Aliibone and family, of Philadelphia. The America ha* one hundred and forty-two soldiers and two officers of the sixty-second regi ment for Halifax. M . Blondeel has been appointed Belgian Min ister t<> Washington. The political news by this arrival is not of an Important nature. Financially it is quite favor able. There was a continued growing ease In the Knglish money market, but no reduction of the rate of interest by the bank has taken place. The holidays had checked all kinds of busi ness. Little or nothing had been done since Thursday. The details of the Indian news by the over land mail contain little news in addition tn the dispatches from Trieste, reported by the North American. The loss of the rebels at Lurknow ?was esti mated at 7,(lfi0 men. The U. S. steam frigates Minnesota and San Jacinto, and the sloop-of-war Portsmouth, were at Hong Koug. Great Britain The British revenue returns for the year show a decrease in receipts for the last quaiter of about ?N*I,(V4) sterling, and a decrease oil the year of about ?I,P(KJ (HIO stciliug This decrease princi pally arises from reduced taxation, although the commercial depression had a material inttueuce towards the close of the year. The official programme of the ceremonies to be observed on the mariiage of the princess royal appears in the Court Circular The wedding is definitely fixed for Jauuaiy 'i/ith The London Times reviews the report of the United States Commissioner, for Indian Affairs, and endorses the policy which looks to the civil ization of the Indians in America. No new failures had occurred, and the year closed more favorably than was anticipated. The Times' city article says: The year has commenced favorably in all stock markets and I consols have experienced a further Improvement of neaily a hall per cent , the last price to-day b^ing exactly the same as that on the 1st of Jan uary7 16.57 At the bank; notwithstanding the approach of the 4th, the demand for discount ].< very light. In the open market the rate for the best bills ranges qetween 0^a7 per cent. Opeb at ion* aoa inst Canton?By the present time, probably, (??)?* the London Times, i Can ton has be?n attacked and captured. It baa been determined to make the dispute entirely local Should the Kniperof answer the capture of Can ton by tbe expulsion of the English trader* from Shanghai, then, Indeed, matter* will grow seri ous; but should lie determine that the Canton Governor and mob have been justly punished, it In possible that hostilities may be confined to the operation* which were to be comm-ueed lr? the South. "The British foree nwrnn to be sufficient for the purpose of retribution at Canton "In i few day*," nays our correspondent, "we in?y reasonably expect to bate 7t?i trim* and 7,<iU>men in these Waters. <>f the latter, we shall 1h? able, probably, to land 4.UGU." The ?? blue jacket*'' were being drilled for service on land We learn that ill" French have also determined to resort to hostilities against the Chinese. It should l?e un derstood. beforehand. that such a union is bv no in ?ans analagous to the combined o|*-ralIons in th* Crimea. There is no military convention. Baron tiros ha* with him a naval force, from Which he can land (M*? seamen He has there fore resolved to join In the oi*?rafion* against Canton Thu* we shall have the * insular spec tacle of two nations simultaneously prosecuting hostilities against the same people on dillerent grounds, and without any formal convention or alliances. In fact, the two expeditions mav be looked upon as entirely separate. It Is well un derstood that the Americans are to retain their position of looking on Tub Liviathax ?The process of working down toward* the water will be formally com menced for the *ixth time to-day or Monday- No less than eleven presses are fixed a?ainst the aft cradle and ten against the forward one. One of the former is of enormous strength and dimen sions. Francs. The Pari* Constitutlonnel l>oldly defends the system which the French Government has adopted, of purchasing negroes on the coast of Africa and carrying them to compulsory service l:i the French Antilles, and argues tnat in no other manner can pro?perlty l*? restored to them, and ridicules the opposition of Kngllsh philan thropists. However, a dispatch from Farls says there is no doubt that the Emperor will not re new the contract for supplying the Fiench colo nies with negroes. .Mr. Carroll Spence, |Tnited States Minister at Constantinople, arrived at Paris on the 28th. Spain. A letter from Spain says that It appears certain that the Spanish government will consider the mediation of England and Franee in the Mexican affair as broken oft', if Mexico does not accept Its conditions. In consequence of this resolution preparatlons are being actively made both in the Spanish ports and Cuba for an expedition against Mexico. Prttssia. A Berlin letter say* that the American crisi* caused *uch *eriou* effects on the commerce of Thurngen that the government of Weimar thought it necessary to convoke an extraordinary session of the Diet to regulate commeice. Utah Newt?All Well ! [From the St. Louis Republican, January 14.] We have received late intelligence from l7tah. The anny went through the South Pass on the 24th of September, and on tbe 25th hos'illtie* on the part of the Mormons commenced. They fired on the picket, who were guarding the mule herd, and then attempted to stampede the mules. The movement, temporarily successful, failed, as the entire herd was recovered on the*ameday. No cavalry being on tbe ground, however, the marauders escaped. Nothing more was seen of them until the 27th, when, approiching tireen river, some five or six Were observed, but they fled before the advance guard could reach them The army concentrated at Ham's Fork, and on the 3d Octol>er the Mormons burned three supply trains containing some of the Commissary store*. They also succeeded In running off the oxen. On the 2d and 5th, they burned the grass, but the army succeeded In extinguishing the Haines before thev reached the camp. On the llth, the party started up Ham's Fork to go to Salt Lake City, the train of mule and ox

wagons stretching out some six or seven miles, consequently moving but slowly. When within a mile of the Otegon road, a party mounted upon mules Was sent to prospect a load over to Hemy's Fork. This patty fell in with about fifty Mor mons comin ' toward the camp. Captain Marcy, who was in command of the prospecting party, approached near enough for speech with their leader before they were recognized as American troops, when they at once made oft?no harm being attempted toward them, such being the in struction of Colonel Alexander. A party which started later, in the same diiecticn. numbering eight men. met the *ame party, put them to flight, ate a < omfoitable breakfast the party had cooked but lefr in their baste to dy, and brought two mules of the routed larty into camp Tbe ,M?i mons t?eing mounted on pouie-, they outrnn the mules <if tl.e soldier* The first severe snow "form was on the nipht of the IGth of October. Snow lay on the ground on the 17th fully eight inches Col Johnston took command of the army on I he .*M of November. A day or two after Sibley tents weie issued, to the great comfort of the men, who, by dint of care, are enabled to keep warm, although the thermometer had for some ten days of December been at 20* below zero. On the ttrh t'ol Johnston started for Salt Lake City, the train stret; hlng out fifteen miles On the .>th three hundred head of cattle were run ott b. the Mormons, who also took a number of mules belonging to the Government. The dcaih of between two and three thousand oxen and tl.e majority of the horses remit red movement*slow, ami it *v:ts not until the 17th that a distance oi thirty miles was made. On the ItHli November, Col Cooke caught up with the main army, with six companies of the 2d dragoons. He had lost nearly all bis horses, and those were left weie unlit for service.? Gov. Cumming and his wife came up with him, as did also the mail. Mrs. C had her foot fro zen while c ossiiw the mountains, and still suf fers considerable from it. but is otherwise well, tiov. Cuinmiu^ Is also well and hearty. Theie a'e three other ladies In camp, being Mrs. Coi. Canby, Mrs. Tyler, and Mrs. Burns. They are all as comfortable as circumstances will allow. The main body Is al>out ten inilesal>ove where Smith's Fork empties into Gieen river. I? in^ about two ntiles above Fort Bridger, which ison the same stream. ;rr; '?eorcc [Y~3=? SMITHSONIAN LECTURKS.-On UJ? WEDNESDAY, Jan. 2\ by Rev. f. L. Ctw.KR.ol New York, on "London." i he pubuc are invited. jan 18 rr"5=V ANNIVERSARY OF THE YOUNG Men's Christian Association at the Smith sonian Institute, on TUESDAY, Jan. 19th. Ad dresicshv Rev, 1' L.Cuylcramt R.C.McCormicn, Es<l , ol New \ ork. The public generally are invited. jan 16 3t ?tiTk pupils of the dumbauton Street Methodist Episcopal Si?h!*th School, Georgetown, 1). c., will give a CONCERT on THURSDAY EVENING, January 21st uiencuiK at 7>* precisely. Mr. Hunter will preside at the Piano. There will also he several Solos and Quartettes by celebrated vocalists of this city. Adinissiou 15 cents; Children 10 cents. i an 16-ot* > ATTENTION. UNION GUARDS^A meeting of the Company will be held on fftiNDAY 75* o' the Vul can House, 3)9 Pa. avenue. Ail new memlters are respectfully requested to he present, as business of importaaoe will ooine l>efore tho meeting. By order of Capt. Brioht : lan 15-2t T. KFAN. See. ry-*=?METROPOLITAN MECHANICS' 1N j STITUTE.? Memigre are requested to pay their annual dues to the undersigned, or to Lkwis Wright, Esq. They are now on their term ol grace. H. JANNEY. d 28-e??2w Financial Secretaiy. THE LADIES' UNION BENEVOLENT Society, having completed their organization make their appeal to the public through their ap pointed agencies, and hope fur a liberal response. To insure a discriminate and judicous appliotlion of the funds entrusted to them, they have en?ag?-d the services of the Rev. J. A. Harrold, M. D , a missionary of the Protestant Fpisoopn! Cliur< h. to assist the Society in visiting the poor and distribu ting their He wi?l attend from U in. to I p m. daily, except Sundays, at the room of the Com missioner of Health. City Hal I. to attend applicants for h?lp from the S??ciety, and to receive o? inmutii cntions from all who are interested in the work of oharity. The Society will ??old a meeting for th? adjust ment of accounts, and for the transaction of other business, on the first Friday in every month, at 12 m , at the Rooms of the Young Men's Christian As sociation, corner of Pennsylvania avenue and b'th street. The memliers are requested to attend punc tually. Mrs. K. B. MILLS. Directress, jan 16 3t Mrs. J. WEBB. Secretary. ICE* CREAM! ICE CREAM! ICE CREAM!?The very best loe Cream and Water lees, Roman Punch. Ao., at fl.?fl ger gallon. Small and lar?e Cakes of all varieties. Jellies. Charlotte de Russe. Blanc Mange. Pies of all kind*, and a large collection of Fruits. at SCHAFFI ELD'S Baltimore Confectionery and loe Cream Depot No. Cth *?reet, between G and H. P S.?Parties, Halls, and Weddings furnished with nil kinds Confectionery and P>ramids of difler ent kinds. ian9-lm Yr? DR. POPE." 'LjJ Homtopaihu P?yurtan and burgeon, De Menon or Chain Buildings, No. S76 H street, north side, between 13th and 14th sts. d 19 eoSm Of^EAN STEAM N A VIGTION and the Ocean Post; by Tnomas Rainey. Price A new and important work. Just published, and forage at TAYLOR Sl MAURY'S Bookstore, jan 18 3t near 91 h street. MOUNT ~VERNON, ? TUKSDAY. I hi STEAMER COLLYER will leave the Wharf, at at foot of llth atreet,at9a- m .and Alexandria ai* M'?. for Mount Vernon, on Tuesday, 19th init., re turnint bv 2)6 P in. jan '8 It THOMAS B A KER. Captain. F1 :RS' FURS!! FURS!!! VVTjv, Miss Josephine, where did you purchace ..iat elegant set of fnr? you have f 4t the New Philadelphia Fur Store, to be sure, 585 7th atreet. under the Avenue House, where t her*? are a few more of the same left, which oan be had at the fame price if you call soon. Indies wishing (heir Furs altered, enlarged, or renovated oan get them done if thev mil toon, jan lH-3t? New confectionery. Mn. 447 SicvrxTa Strict, One door North of G 8lr?et. Th?mhiorili?r respectfully aaapanoes to the citi zen* and the public that he Mf fitted up hie estai> listiHieut in the best style. and has on baud the choicest CONFECTIONERY -fall ?find?. ICE CREAM a!wayetobe??d.andof the vers I vest <|tiality. winch he wrl lurm?h to order, in any part of the city, at gallon. Fresh PIES ami i'AKKS.of ail kittda. ever* day nt 12 <>'?|ock. made ul ike l>eal material the market e m afford. All kinds ?>f FANCY TAKES that ta nsuslly kept in a place of this kind. Hall*. Parties. Weddings, A c.. furnished to order in the shortest not ice and on the mmt reusoaable t rtm, jan < lm* \VM. I*. I ?K|> $100,000 su.K $100,000 A NO FANCY IIR KM UAAUH. At Ketall I or < asli. FOR THIRTY DAY 8 OSI.\' S P K C I A L N O T I C K To THI LADIES or irtihingUa, Geergetewa. and Aleiaadrla. Me cars. HOOE BROTH KM A CO. reapeotlulljr announce that they have just received Olf COTHIGHMIRT. from New York a magnificent assortment of SiLKS AND WINTER FANCY DRESS GOODS, oompriainc All the Latrst Pani* Novkltib* in the following descriptions of goods: Superb printed, all wool, Mouseeline de Lainea, Do. Caahmere* and Merinoa, Do. Delaine Robes,a'l^uille, Plain Black Silka in all qualities. Plain liKht colored Talletss and Poult de Soie. .Magnificent Si k Rolies a* Volants ai.d a'({ mile, l)o. Yelrct do. do. Two flounced and double-skirt Silk Robea, FANCY SII.KS. nf-w and elegant design*. Grenadine Rol>es a' Volanta. Evening Drentea, in great varictr, Ac. Ac. Ac. in atjlea and designs entirely new trrthe Washing ton market, and all of which will be offered posi tively FOR THIRTY DAVS ONLY. EXCLUSIVELY FOR CASH. and at price* leaa than ONE-HALF THE COST OF IMPORTATION In order to give due effect to thia l?eautiful stock, and toaflord the ladiea an opportunity for a thor ough examination and satisfactory selection from Una unapproachable aaaortment of RARE AND DESIRABLE DRESS GOODS, we have determined t o throw open our E.\T1RE SECOND FLOOR to the public for the exhibition and sale of thia in voice. BAJOITS KID GLOVES for Misses, Lathe*, ar.d Gents. in all colors and sizes. No mixed lots. Every pair warranted gen uine. The subscribers respectfully solicit the attention of purchasers to this announcement, and feel satis fied that the attract or s offered will lie sufficient to induce cverv lad* to appreciate this rare and valua ble opportunity for securing unprecedented l*rgain? in new and desirable rood*. The sale will commence on TUESDAY, January 19, at 9o'clock a. m. snd will be continuod for THIRTY DAYS ONLY. HOOE BROTHER A CO, Pennsylvania Avenue, janl6-1w between Rth and 9th streets. LAIIIES' SKIRT REEDS, t-aney Hair Pins, Porte Monaies, Purses, Oal as, Leather Satch els. Ac., very cheap lor cash, at jan 16-St* JLAMMOND'S.Tth at. VIEWS AM) OPINIONS OF AMERICAN Statesmen of ail times on Foreign Immigration, collected into one volume, with statistics, Ac., Ac. One volume octavo ; price ".Sets, jan 16 ? FRANCK TAYLOR. E^LoilR. MOLASSES. Ae. I 2.r*11cirrem extra superfine Flour. 125 " fami y " 4<t ?? New Orleans and Cuba Molasses, IzSehoioe Hams, 1 ,<**? pounds breast pieces, l,<Wi ?' Joies. Just received, and for*a!eat reduced prices, bjr jan If. eo.1t MIRRAY A HEM M ES. HARPER'S MAGAZINE FOR FEBRUA ty received and for aals at SHI LI.INGTON S Bookstore, where mbeCii;>tioiis will t?e taken at publisher's puce*. to l>e delivered at any pait ol the city, or suit per mail to any part th>it or an* Magazine published. city, or sent uer mail to any part of the country, for hat ..ran* Magazine published. American Almanac for |R% ir?eived and fr-r sale at JOS SHI LLINGTON'S Ro?.k<,tore, Odeoa Buildn.g, comer 4.'? at. jan ffi-lt and Perm, av. THE AMERICAN A I.MAN AC for IhSR, just I ieceived. at TAYLOR A MAI RV'S jan 15 Bookstore, near t?th at. I Mil: RESOLl TE PICTl R*. The K*hitution o( Siaipson'a Great Historical Painting of the Restoration of the Artie Ship Reso lute. bt the people ol fii?' I uited States to the people of Knr land, will close on the 2S?I inst. Subscriptions f.?r the Fnciavmg teceived at Tai lor A Maury 'a Bookstore, near 9li ~.treet. Kilobit ion Hooiti No. I'a. avenue. Admission c?'nt*. ju IS 31 . I iiiouA <? lo|<e I II oYS' WINTER CLOTH IN ?? Our present stock of BO\ S* 4* LOT HING is ver* lar^e (Vint well assorted, of all grades and qualities of Overcoat:-., RoundalMiiits, Jackets, f'antaloon>. Vests, Ac., which wearese 'in* ar veiy low prices. \\ ALL, STEPHENS A CO., Pa. av., l>ei ween *?t?? ami loth streets, jan IS lw lintel. A Staies| _______ (a EDWARD SNOWDEN. 1ENEKAL CLAIM AM) RKAI. ESTATE AGENT. For Bou:it* Lands. Pension Claima, Prhaecu tion of Claims before the Court of Clanna, ''onsress and the Departments, Purchase and Sale of real es taies, attend to Renting Houses. But and Sell Land Warrants. Negotiate I.oaus, and all buciness of similar character Othce comer 6th aud Louisiana avenue, jin 16 ly _ Washington, City. ^aAVIAR. PKTirs POIS. CHAMPIGNONS. We call the attention of oonnoiseura to our im portation ef PKT1TS POIS, in butter and natural. SA R I>I \ LS. m oil. CHAMPIGNONS. natural. A Nt'Ht )V I KS. in keg?, pickled. 1)1'TOH HLRH IMi. in kegs, pickled. TRUFFES, natural, in cans nud Inittlea. ALso, CAVIA R, of the l?eat quality, and extremely rare in this country. KING A BI RCH ELL, jan 15 corner Vermont a\*enue ami IMh st. ^A.MI'EL P. IIOOVKR'S BOOT, SHOE, AND TRI .xK ESTABLISHMENT. I have on hand a large a*soriment of l<adies'. Gentlemen's, Misses', Boys'. Youths'. andar^TTQ Children's Klibbers. Overshoes, Sandles , Gosemers, Boots, Slippers. Buskins helled ai d without. Water-proof Boots and Shoes, which I will sell cheap for cash. Also, a splendid stock of Sole Leather Trunks at reduoed prices. Call and examine for yourselves, at SAM'L. P. HOOVER. Iron Hall, Pa. avenue, between jan 14 9th and 10th sta. PATKNT MACHIN E FOR OPENING OYS TERS. The subscribers having secured a patent right for *n improved OYSTER OPENER, respect fully desire that Oyster D'alera. Hotel Keepers. Restaurants and families wi<l test the superior merits of this economical and lalstr saving Machine, it being staunch, and execu int its work with extra ordinary di?patch and cleanliness. For terms for S'ates or individual rights address WM. RI'PP A J NO. SEIPEL, Rupp's RestauraM, 484 Pa.ave., jan 12 1m Washington City. T II K A M B R O T Y P E S AKEN AT SANDS'S G ALLER Y are aaid to be equal to any t*ken in the city, a id muoh cheaper. The* combine durahi.H) and truthfulness. I'T- Cawnarly in the day. *a. avenue, lietween 8tn and 9th atreeta. jan 4 ti R. SANDS. SOMETHING NEW FOR THE LADIES. Manufactured from Hair and Fish Scalea Brac-lets, Pins, Earrings, Head Dresses. Neck laces, and VN atch Guard*. Also, Spanish Point and Point I mm Apliuue Setts. Thealtove new and beautilul goods are now for sale at the New York l-'anev Store, No. between 7th and 8th streeta jan 6 fit* opposite Centre Market. AIR. TOOTH, NAIL AND BANDOLINE BRUSHES, at GIBBS' Hair Store, near 13th st and Pa. av.. and at his Sales Room, under Wil ls' ds' hotel. n 9-ton IMI REE SECOND HAND PIANOS. One for $60. Two tor ftui. At the Music Store of _ ian 5^ W.JI. M K.TZFROTT. ?yo HOM IT MAY CONCERN. An advertisement appeared in a Georgetown pa per, making inquiry for information reapecting John Duune, a resident of Georgetown, who in the year 1800 left for the city of Dublin, his birth place, and had not b?en heard from since. Now. 1, John Dunue. born in the c ty of Dublin, residing intha city of Philadelphia at present, am, perhaps, the only person who can give any informa tion respecting that advertisement, whioh originally appeared in the Irish Dublin Evemug Packet news psperon the 15th*of August,IMfi. JOHN DUNNR, 413 Shippen street, between 4th and 5th. janll-lw Philadelphia. WE HAVE THIS DAY BEEN APPOINTED sole agent for J.M. Singer A Co's Sewint M? ohiie for Washington and Alexsndria Having u ed them for several years, we find them to be the best in use. Also, Family Sewing Machines of unproved plan, at low prices. WALL, S I'EPHENS A CO. No. 322 Pennsylvania av., between jan 9 lm 9th and i.'tth sts. f ADIES' TUCK, and all -orta of COMBS, a GIBBS1 Hair Store, near iSth at., and at Jus <ai?-s Ko.??w nndor IVillarHa' hore* " 0 ^ KILN 1 Al. NAIL POLISH,gmag a bjjaa^ful histre Ui the finger aails, at GIBBS 8 Hair Store, near ISth street, Pa. ave, a H?-fcn yy A^HINGTON THEATER. Engagement of MISS AON ES ROMFIlTdON^ w?>o Will appear for twelve nights. i?m1hi Twb*t*-osb Ciaurn*. ?Mti "f which MiDMfmni haa b*??ir? e?Mi tfar its f(<u?it( artistie timah. Dorm* lk? ditHWimit, MR. iiion bui kcicai i.t. The Author of "l.<Hdo? Assuranoe." snd tha wm^w oelsl?r*!ed dramatist of the age. will appear in * selection of those rrMtioiii am whicn hi* fiRw M an author ta Hull, MR.HI.OAN, from Wsllaek's Theatre. MNH. HMUN, from Br?ail??) T'>(Mr*, MR. J. B. MOW K.lrom Boston Theatre. will appear. THIS EVENING. Jan. la. The Coined*. m two acta by Dion Boeroicaalt, V 8 E /> VP. Ifar Chertee Cokte4re*m ..Mr. BMreitMli. Mary .. .. Mrs. Sk?;i. A r?r which. MILL v . Milly. Miaa Ac?m Robertson. i* whtali rhaisolar ah* will sine tbs rustic ballad ? Tl.? Milking I'ail." Alxernoii Mr. J B. Howe. T? nowdnde with A I'ttl'ULAIi FAHCK, in which Mr. and Mrs. Sloan will appear, jan II Black s w a n CONCERT THIS EVENING. PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH, It* Fifteenth Street. M ELODEON. Pa. I J. W. I.AN DIS* CELEBR ATED BUR LF.SQUE OI'KHA TKol PK. ConriMjiii TwKt.vr Star PKBPoaMgaa. perform EVERY EVENING THIS WKRK. as above, with NEW songs. NEW SAVINGS. NEW BIHLHSOUES. NEW DANCES, and most LAUGHA RLE COMIC PANTOMINE9. Change of Programme nighty. Admission A cents. Oreheatra seate are reserved for iadies act gentlemen accon.pnny ing tuem Doors open at 6>a : commence at )!?. jan ID t.KE MALLORV. Bus-ne** Arent. U B S C R iT T ION IUIRI K, On FRIDAY. Jan. 2i?h. At Philharmonic Hall. Lis' now open at Metzrroit a Muair J'tore.j jan 18 4t S On_FRIDAV. Jan. 2l?h. ftX A tflRST GRAND ANNUAL BALL OF THh r BOWMAN' GUAR US. The inemliers of the Bowman Guards nrre spec'fully announoe to their numerous friends c; and the puM<e in general, that thev will give their First Grand Hn'.i, at Columbia Hail./^M Capitol Hill, on MONDAYFeb. IA, 1?A?. UWM Particulars in future advertisement. By order of the Guard*. tan lg-.1t* J. P. LUPITU. S>c 'HAND ANNIVERSARY BALL OF THE Columbia Typographical Society. The Columbia Typocrap.'ncaJ Society havirg de termine*! to ?seiebrate their Forty thira Anni- 6% versary and honor the birthda* of Frankua. Ja will give a A BALL Ui On MONDAY EVENING. January 16.1MB. At Odd Ftllotet* Hall. Ilk street, on which occasion the Committee of Arrangements pledce themselves that every exertion will i? made to render this one ofthc most attractive Ballaof the season. Refieahmenta will be furnished th? I julie*. under the superv ision of U. H. R idenour. Confectioner, at his beat atyle. Pros peri's string Band is encased The Bali will he opened at 9 o clock by a Grand Promenade, with the accompat > inr Grand MaroK composed e.xpreasly f<?r this occasion Ity Hrof. Pros peri. and dedicated to the Printers of * aahnictoa. No hats or uaps will be allowed in the r<?oni. ILT Gentlemen desinai Invitations for I.adiea wiilplease hand in their names to any member ol the Executive Committee. Managtrt ml Lmrgt. Juaepli Uolas J -hi. C Km?i l<a R TaSs Fon W. W Kialon Fsr<1 Jtltfracn Jnu. W Hatto H.-a. P-t*r Fu'rt Win S..iHl?ird W Co^irtn R. C. W*l('itaa i J??. F. H IM?r C. >l?ttii4*r ? O. P. Nirl ola->u C W CliuuliiMi H?ni y P<>lkli h?rn Hoa. B Klag O^o. !(. 8><:a-?ti T? ?*>. Rarnard J?r.4b i.Klroii W It Wallath Wb H Mot ra O. a' bowman H?n. P?il?r Poors k' bfil W?i?r? J. f Cattsr Jnhn D-wlli,j Jnhn Tr?t.l ? lm J?? B Hl??i1ni?s A. R. CUtlnn Martin Su?ll ?. O. Rmki J44 R'(ll?k *'m h ai.--t.ard W. W. M> or* Wa. Towers Jots Urnmli* Slat J. P H?l ? Ca|> . L. 1o? ra Tkrn Tavaarha KmJ. Ti <>?. O- i.oho y. MrN#r|iaBr li*. WMtdbfrt >S Hen W A. Hairta J rl.aa T Taylor H?nr? Wtlk-r C. WanVtl K H R Mum* Han. 0 arory. Krtrut,??? Committer.?i Blur Rosette.) Wm. k (lua H Pou?h N. *. K w?? Charle* a- hell C. P. B <wn M I m?i *m L JtMiaa Ju<t(a Wm. M. Bait Wm r Mtrroa J. lii N Tl?.r? J C. Praaaoal P MrlT-ruaH T:m a. fclrh Rrr*pnon Committ"?(White Rosette.> J. P fV.<?w#i| K r. Wr'rht J. a. Kamar-tow A. J. Kolmton Tt<? Catoa C. i. Utsi J?bu rabr.ii>al<am W. H. Unjitr Y Uirar y H. P. ttari>ar<l O llarrla r I?. VrPltrarg U?" ?"?'?? y t Wal?ta U W K> rk J C. C. Whelrf p. N ISmaiiit? A Haiai W. H P b r*% ?*? itiaa Ja>u*a <").ar 1-a T S. ri..|>l?T M?a t O'a. Jaa. O n.fd II '< A K SrMr J >l?u J. JolaiiaoS Mlllo ? I'la' ka J.*l l>. IrtiVt A J Appleby .'?* Mairln. Ijr ?j. * Ha l * *- Mdaa I i m J i au'.?i.l J Aha Mrlit*ia Bobl PtiidKQ K.iaii"Miir|>liy F llniMit F>oor ,1/s*ii?ir?-iKed Rosette.I Wm I., J.otca Wm. M (rll a111' 1 p KaUrixrfi P. M lieirrt ?r Clitilea N.-|i?l1 rainual t.'a tarirsll Ti?'kets, adimttinK a K^ntlfinan and ladies, TWO Dtll.l.ARS; to lij ol?t?ine<l of any mcmlwrof the Executive CotiiiniHee, ami at the d<n?r on the ??veil ing of the Ball. jan7-W.8.W>.AM.V ESTERN BOYMN THE FIELD AGAIN. \V THE EIGHTH <?R AN D BALL OF THB Western Hose Company, No. 1, AT WESTS UN HALL, On TUESDAY, January 36:h, IRSH. in an 'A The WESTERN HOSE COMPANY in an nouiicin* this, their Eighth t?rand Ball, pledce themselves that notInnc will remain undone to make it No. I ball of the s??aaon. , Refreshments and Copper wi!! be served by I an experienced caterer. Si ott's Cotillon Band has been encaf ed. Tickets ONE DOLI.aR?to be had at any hotel or of any member of the Company. ?"ommittrt of Armitcftn'nt*. R. I . Mastun, J. It. Finkier. P-Eill, J. F. Hitches. J. I .<?reen. yan ^?A > |\1 ELODEON. < Latk CooMRt' Hall.I ifR Ptmnrylramim mrtmmt, mtmr %th. The above place has lieen entirely reuovnted and arranted with new stage reenery. seats, Ae.,e* presslv for the Minstrel business, under the direc tion of JOII.N VV. I.ANDIS, is now open for tha \> inter sea*on with LANDIS' OPERA THOIIPF., Comprising twelve talented performers, STARS IN THE PROFESSION, who will give their inimitable performances nightlr comprising new Songs, Burlesques. Negro Ecc n tricities. A c. T t R v"? Vo v*r ^ 'I"?*? ? ?Very SATURDAY Ah TK Ki>0(>N. at S o clock. Admission ?s cents; Doors open at HV o'c'ock. oomn.enoe at 7H o'clock. ^ , ? M? R. COOMBS. Treasarer WALLom. Business Agent. jan 4 tl WE HONOR HIM WHOSE MAMS WE BEAR. THIRTY FIRST ANNUAL BALL or tub * Franklin Fire Company, , I* Honoa OP THE Birthday a/ the IHn*lriout Dr. Framl/tm. At Philkabvoxic Hall, (adjoining Star office.) On THURSDAY EVENING, Jan.21,185*. The Company respectfully announce to their frienels nnd the public, that m eonsequenoe of r ranklin's birthday oocuriug this yesr on Suuday. they will ce el.rare it on the altovej date, by their Tfcirty-hrst Annual Ball. I Nothing will Im? omitted that may conduce to the etiioymei.t of tho?e who may honor ua with their presence, and no pains ? pared to make it one of the n.ost pleaKant Balis of the season. Arth's Celebrated Hand is encaged. Refreshments w il lie served by an ex per t^nocd and popular confectioner. No ladies cards of invitation will be irsned, ??ut a general invitation is hereby extended to our lady ONE DOLLAR?admitting a gent'emau Bnd ladies. ... .. Committee nf Arrmngemrnt*. *? H. Fanning, A. S. Dent, Wm. Hntton, B. i. Croeslieid. A King. G N C>tlut. jan S.I2,16,ia.2ii,21 > their :A OOKS! BOOKS!! GIFTS !?GIFTS !!?GIFTS !!! B PHILBRICK'S THIRD ANNUAL SALE now open at No. 476 Ptmn<*h ama myss/.lnt doer isit ?t Umtted Stair* Hettl. Oar STOCK OF BOOKS eons.sta of Brrankl thousand volumes, embracing the choicest European and Americnn Literature, winch will he aoid at the pubbsht-r's lowest prices, and uiany of them for less. inJ a BEAUTIFUL f*RESENT Will be mad^ iiininediately after the sale) U> each purchaser of a li<M>k for which we receive f I and upwards. t>ur PRESENTS oonsist in part of? Gold and Silver Watches. Gold l.ookets, Brace e^** Armlets, Chains, Cameo, (rold-stone and Mo saic Pins and Drops, Studs and Sleeve Huttoi a Gold Watch Keys, tuff Pins, P^fRSlffSS K Oa worth of Present! will bt civtn iwht with each thousand Books soid. 7 h Catalogues of Books oan be obtained at the store Indies ami centlemen are invited to call and em. amine our stook of Books and Presents Sales Day and Evemna. dll-rf PHII.RRIPK. Aceot. 1\1 S J?N A.?|?at received from rdon,l,WO i6ti of besutiful work hn.? ? nlcstrated with Portrait VieViTl c. t0c'T Be oertam you get the Red Wrapper. . 2'* Men mut Sod Mad induce app!ying^esr!y'l?>"1 ,u'nl tvr '?*? Winter f.y tan 14 w ? A, C, rSOOS. PWHMN' IM, < orner Itk aad D ?H.