Newspaper of Evening Star, January 18, 1858, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 18, 1858 Page 3
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LOCAL INTELLIGENCE. CltAJLX# MaCWY ? * PfNo A!fT) Sosq WiiTii?.~Dr. Mackay's Prtttnd lecture, as well as his first here, ?an largely attended, and by a thoroughly appreciative audience Among the front-**?t notable* were pointed out .pii nP?r'. ,h<> ?nd brilliant Belle Bnttain, accompanied by a gentleman whom we tor.V to be Col. Fuller. Punctually at eight the poet made l,i* appear ance, and, with quiet, undemonstrative ease vetv Much the reverse of the fiissiness" and ostentation sometime* displayed bv modern lee Hirers, entered upon his subject. He advened to 'be early history of English song. and tra -ed it down, step by step, to our present daT Of the vnmpositions of the Drnhls, who were poets as Well as no trar-es have come down to us; and of the Hards, Who succeeded the Druids, onlv fragments were to I*. found, such as those hv Jain?* M< Pher*on and woven to jjetfevr ta the songs of Ossian. I.ater came the f,>r kin* Arthur, King Cole. and Kin? ?Merita,embalmed in Saxon song. and which had <a* strong a hold on the popular mind of that time Ms the Indian tales of Cooper and other writers upon Knglish or \inericau readers now Then succeeded the minstrels of the Norman era. who were high in public regard, and played an im portant part in the history of the times. They were not only son;; writers and musicians, but they were also the newspaper editors and report ers of the day. putting into verse the last horrible uiurder and love tragedy; and their advent cre ated as much excitement as does now the appear ance, in a provincial town, of Jenny Llnd or the latest ballet company from London or Paris. Specinns of the minstrelsy of the times were mentioned: as ??Chevy Chase" ?? Robin Hood " ' Fair Rosamond," and the '-Babe* in tiie Wood "' The last-named ballad has made robin redbreast a sacred bird in F.nglaiul The Knglish ??oy Will rob the nest of any other bird that sings, <>r cannot sing; but to disturb the robin, the iiold with the warlet l>os??m, is considered u:i lucky, as well as cruel. If robins only kn<"w how manjr of their lives have Wen spared through an 44 old song." thev would hover o'er the graves of poets and strew thein with leaves, as thev did the unburied children, in grateful remembrance of the power and tenderness of poetry. The minstrels lost favor upon the invention of printing; they teased to be favorites of the weal thy, and found their patrons only among the p??or. At last, an net of Parliament branded th?m as strollers and vagabonds?a term which, with a little extension, might apply to Piccilotnini, or Jenny Liml. or?most horrible to think of?even to a 1-cturei' Chamber's Canterbury Tales attord frequent allusions showing the love of the Kng ush people in his time for songs. Of the songs printed on large sh-ets of paper and termed " broadsides," very few have reached us of a date anterior to the reign of Henry VII. Some "pecimens of these ?' broadsides'' are pieser.ved in the British Museum. A similar class of songs is now sold in Kngland at the tate of a penny";a yard Berry VIII, with all his love-making and wife-killi.i^, found time to write two orlhree songs, specimens from which were given by the lecturet. One of these was entitled "The Sweet lng,'" or what w-ould now be 4? The Sweetheart.'' and another was called ?? The Loyal I.over." Among the song-writers of this period were Sir Thomas Wyatt and the Karl of Surrey, botn of whom suflcredon the block,for treason, at a t m; when it was not very well defined what treason was, or was not. Then came the golden Eliza bethian era, with Spencer. Drayton, and others. Among the celebrated songs of this time, and many of which are preserved in Percy's Reliques, is the famous poaching song ?? It's my delight, of a shiny night." and the ?? Manner's Glee," pro bably the oldest sea song in British literature. At this time flourished .Martin Parker,who wrote the song, - Ye "entleinen of England," which was the model or Camph ll's ?? Mariners of Eng land." The song-writers of the age of ,<haks peare were many and excellent. Sosne of them wrote almost as well as Miakspeare? none better. There were Beanir.ont and Fletcher, Ben John son, Thomas Heywood, Chrisfoph-r Marlow. George Wither, Carew, Donne, Raleigh, Wotton! and George Herbert. Many of Ben Jonxon'g songs were of exquisite grace, such as " Drink to ine only with thine eyes ." But Shakspe.tre was the prince of the song-writers of his day. It might be said that had he not be-n the greatest of dramatists he would have ranked as the great est of epic poets, the greatest of historians, the "rea'est of lawyers, or the greatest in whatever he directed his mind. "Under the greenwood tree. and ? Ta.e, oh take those lips away," were mentioned as among his inimitable gems of song. ? Later than Shakspeare came Milton, Cowley. AN aJler, Diyden and a host of lesser stars Mil ton was a musician, and understood all the tl::p shades and niceties required in poetry meant to be sung. He is too great and mighty for the pop ular appre. iation in his epics. He'sits blind on the cold, showy heights of Parnassus, elevated above our sympathies; but Iwhen he sin?'s his " Comus," *4 Penseroso," and ?? Lycidas," we take him to our hearts. In his songs were com bined poetry and music, Italian sweetness and English force Cowley, though a great poet, did not excel in song writing He.could not distin guish one note of music from another His Bac chanalian paraphrase of Anacreon, ?? The thirsty earth drinks :i?? the rain." was still sung by boon companions. Dry den's songs were t?etter adapted to nmsic than Cowley's, but were less fl; f?r de cent society Dryden lie longed to a bad, licen tious age. that of the Restoration, when the only virtue recognised at all that of personal cour age- To the period of vice succeeded that of false pretence, when every lover a ?hepherd under a R-innn or Grecian nam-?a ?* Strephou" or an 11 Adonis;" and when every lady was a shepherdess w ith a crook, was dressed like an opera dancer, and was called ?? Chloe'* or ?? So phonsiSa " Love was "Cupid." Nobody talk- d of marriage, but of the ?? Altar of Hymen." The north wind was ?' Boreas," the moo.i ??Cynthia" or ?? I.una," the sun '? Pho-bus." The object of affection was called " Veuatf" if kind, or ? Di ana"' if coy Carey, a song-writer of this time, was an excellent musician, but an inferior poet. It was not known with certainty who wrot? the noble -?ong of - God save the King." but it was believed to l?e Carey. It was ditfi'-ult even with modern songs to al ways fix the authorship Moore was accused humorously by ?' Father Prout" of having stolen his Irish solids, and the world took the accusa tion in sober earnest. Campbell had been charged with stealing from a hed^e-vhoolmaster, and Wolfe had b -en declared to be an unblushing plagiarist. The song of ?? Cheer, boys, cheer." the author of which the speaker happened to know rather intimately, (laughter,) had been at tributed to a lady who happened to write a paro dy upon it. and the authorship was yet under discussion in ??Notes and (Queries" and the ?? Edinburgh Review." Various song wi iters from the time of Charles II were spok-n of: Pojw. Collins, Gay, Thos D'l rfey, Davy Garrick, who wrote >? Hearts of Oak," James Thompson, author of ?? Rule Brit tannia," Thomas Percy, whose song '? Oh, Nan ny, wilt thou go with me *" was so highly es teemed by Robert Bums, Charles Dibdin, that English song writer who was equally excellent as a musician and po-t His sonjj of ?' Tom Bow lin." whb-h the F.dinburg Review had styled vulvar, was recited by the Poet with exquisite pathos Dibdin left a son. Thomas Dibdiu, who w.ote some ?ea-songs scarcely less popular than the father's. The lecture was concluded by the recitation of three warinlv applau l?-d original songs : the first nj?on the ?? Old. old subject of Love." the second ralud " NolK>dy," and the third the'? Cheerful Heart." \ Dt?rr*ATE Lltr ?Saturday night,ayoun^ man. named McCienahan, from Baltimore, was arrested by watchmen Donaldson and Donnelly, and taken to the Guardhouse for jumping through a window of Weavers confectionery store, smashing a paae valued at ?5. He said that he had l?een attacked by three men, and oneof them stru' k him on the mouth with iron knnekles, cutting his upper lip entirely* through, arid start ing all his up|>er teeth. Air. Weaver thought the Mound was caused by tte broken glass; but after hearing the statement of McClenaban, the Justice, Ouiu, disriiisstd him to go to a surgeon t<? have the wounds dressed, deeming it unfair that he should be beaten and imprisoned, when Lis assailants could not l?e found. Health or the Citt ?The monthly report of the Commissioner of Health for the month of December shows that the city has been unusual ly healthy. The deaths were as follows: Disease of brain. *i; inflammation of do , I; burn. 1; cancer, I, do of stomaeb, I; catarrh. I; consumption, >??; convulsions, ?<-ariet fever, 4; typhoid do., I. gastritis, chronic, 2; hydrocepha lus, 1; hysteria, I, intemperance. I; meningitis tubercular, I; old ?g?. I; paralysis. I; pertussis, 2. pneumonia, ti; stillborn, b, stomatitis, 1; not reported, J. Ages?5 years and under. 15; 5 to 10, 3; iu to '^u. '2, At to !?, 10; |u to iMi, It), t?u to S?, w, not reported 1; stillltorn ??total ji*. CaiMiXAi. Cocrt ?The Court met to-day at 111 o'clock The sealed verdict of the jury in the ??a?e of the I'riited Slates e?. John Fay. Win. Hurdle, Jos Murphy, Tbos Venable, William Moore, for riot in the Fourth Ward, on the 1st day of 0?-tol>er, l>57. was read. The jury found all the defendants yuilty as indicted, except Jo seph Murphy, whom they acquitted The par ties found guilty were called, and having an swered to their names, were remanded into the custody of the Marshal The Court '*as writing for business when our report closed An Intubating Set** was presented yester day at the Sixth Piesbyterian Church Island, The Rev Mason Noble, pastor of that chii'cb, but who has i,e? n for the last two years absent as chaplain to the L". S. frigate Corgrejm, pre:iche?l for the hr?t time since his return L'pon the ron cla?iou of the -erinon, the congregation linge.ed i a >x-dy to speak to their beloved p ??to -. and passed in prot essiou by the rhaneel tu take him by the hand Bi?l* Society ?The montbl* meeting of the of Managers of the Bible Society was held on Thursday evening, in the Central Academy. Among other proceedings, under the resolution adopted at the previous meeting. " that the pa*, tors and rectors of the several churches of this city be requested to present the Bible cause to their respective congregations, and have contri butions made during the present year, at such time and in such form as maybe most agreeable to themselves; also, that the Secretary ascertain at what particular time such presentation can conveniently be made in each church:" it was reported that he had communicated on this sub ject, In wri ing verbally, or both, with the pas tors of twenty-three of the churches of the city a number of whom had died a particular day or the month for the purpose indicated in the res6lu tiwn, others had the question of time now under conlderatlon. The annual meeting of the Society occurring on the last Monday of April, the desire rlprr,T^ tliat;if Practicable, the contribu? tions should be made before that time. The report of the exploring and distributing agent for the First Ward wA presented rea<T and. on motion, accepted, and directed to hi-filed' From this report It appears that the a^ent Flr.l W.rd, ,,m?SSSS. and found I of them destitute of any portion of the sac red Scriptures. Of these, were snnnlled anfl 23 by donation. Sixteen refused to recede, giving various reasons for their refusal rwenty additional families, which the agent M? * Z W*\r* refused definite information Number of Bibles soldt?. number of restamentsK; amount of sales *17 15 Bibles donated 14, Testaments 9 Of the 48 destitute families *> were white and 22 colored Among the cases of Interest met with the agent mentions the following : " In one family visited, the mother informed me she had been housekeeping nine years, and never had a Bible; said she had long deiired one. hut her husband being a laboring man, and having a large family, there were always so many uses for his earnings, that the purchase of a bible had lieen neglected. When told that the Society s alinwas that no family, desirous of possensmg should Ik- without a copy, and that it distributed gratuitously to those unable to pur chase she accepted one, with many expressions of gratitude, saying she loved the Bible and would make it her daily companion - Another had lwen three years withouta Bible saying she had given the onlv one she had pos sessed to her son when he went to sea; with manv thank* she accepted the Society's gift. ^ above had been members of the hristian Church, and by their conversation manifested a high appreciation of that Word of m lilch they had been so long destitute, and with out the knowledge that itcould bethus obtained. The Agent thus closed his report: ? of n,isH1?ns "o manifestly exhib j er >v tLe ^ cung .Men s Christian Association, in their mission schools, so successful in doing good to the rising gen-ratlon ; by the Indies in t:.cir Tract and Mi?e societies, diligent and pow erful in spreading abroad a knowledge of divine thincjH, Ijitve been silent but valuable auxiliaries to the Bible Society, anticipating the wants of the ne?dy and supplying tho*e wants. " I now clos?? my work, thanking you and the managers for their constant kindness : and pray ing ever for the blessing of Heaven upon every g.?od word and work performed in our midst; t hai from V\ ashington may go forth spiritual in fluence to bless our whole land " On motion of one of the pastors present, sec onded by anothei the Secretary was requested to prepare and have printed a brief abstract of the la-si annual reports of the American Bible So ciety, and of the auxiliary of this city On special requests, donations of bibles and testaments were made to a Union Sabbath School .. At"?dr'? county, Va ; to the Sabbath School attached to John Wesley Chapel, First Ward; to a colored Mission Sabbath School in the Sev enth \Y ard; to Sabbath School No. 1 of the Young Men s Christian Association in the Western Hose House. I- irst Ward; and for the Bible riass held at the rooms of said Association ou Saturday evenings. ' Stapdisg Cask ?Between I and ?? o'clock Sun day morning six journeymen bakers, who are engaged in the l>akery of J. F Havenner, when returning home were attacked on Pennsylvania avenue l^tween Four-and-a-half and Sixth streets, by a party consisting of three men, who inquired their nativity, and after a short parley apparently in a playful manner, they commenced beating the bakers, stabbing one 'through the arm and in the side; his name Is John Fox An other, Alexander Nelson, was stabl?ed twice in the back, Jbelow th? right and left shoulder blades, inflicting two very serious and. it was feared, fatal wounds. Another, named Geor?e Loiightner, was struck in the face and knocked down. I he remainder escaped without serious injury. The attack was not expected by them, and they were totally unprepared. Fox and Nel son weie conveyed to the lntlrniary. where their wounds were dressed, and proper attention paid them. \\ e learned this morning that they were doing as well as couid be expected. Tiie attark was made by a number of hack men, and the auxiliary guards immediately s?t to TSI u Parti,'it- 11 was with great <1 fflculfv that th<? witnes*e? rould be found The description given of two of the men caused the arrest of J N R idgely and Charles Walling, this morning, by \\ atenman Horner and Officer ^ eat man. fwo of the principal witnesses were obtained, Gotlieb Stoefl and John Casey, but they did not identify either as of the attacking party Casev said that after the stabbing oc curred the fellow who did it ran into the street and laughed heartily, and he thought he should recognise lnm by his laugh, but he did not know his name The prisoner, were dismissed, there n^HnwiiV to connect them with the as sault. 1 he matter is still in mystery. Assault and Battery.?Last night, Mr. E. C. Date was knocked down on F street, near Fif. teenth, by a Frenchman named Bargot, and his shawl taken. The act was seen by a number of persons, who sent for the police. Bar?ot went nto Lis house near by and locked the d<K>rs, and wrien tbe oilii em arrived lefused to admit them 1 wo remained to watch the house, and one weut and obtained a warrant, and returning forced the door, arrested Bargot. and recovered the shawl I he evidence was beard by Justice Donn, and Bargot assigned to the cells at the guard-Louse to await bail for Court or a commitment to jail He gave bail this morning to appear at Court for assault and battery. 1111. sew IIall of the House of Representa tives is alter the Italian style of the Ifith century. 1 hose who want to be enlightened on the sub |ec. of arc hitecture or indeed on any other sub ject in the whole round of human knowledge art, and science, would do well to call at Phil brick * f?if! Book-store at I7(i Penii?ylvanti#? ;ive utie. whence the beams of knowledge are ditTis ?d as from a central sun, and a golden largess of presents is l?e*tow. d. U The Tjckkts for the Typographical Society Ball, to-night, we hear Lave been selling like hot cakes, indicating a large attendance Indeed, if il is not the most brilliant ball ever given In \\ ashingti.n, we shall l>e a good deal misiukeii in our goess, after estimating all the factsand prob abilities. Get a ticket and a pretty partner, and tuke your places for a quadrille! ro-xir.nT, at thk Mklodeon, an excellent programme.consisting of new songs, dances, tec., concluding with the laughable pantomime of am Patehieno, a burlesque on the Ravels, wi it ten by E. A. Warden, Esq. CllctJiT Coukt ?Judke* Duh'op, Morf.ll nnd Mtrrirk.?The January term of this Court com "wnced to-day, with a pretty full attendance. lie Court was engaged in calling over the trial docket up to the time when our report closed. Watch Retchx -Jan. I?-Williain Jones, I) C., col., unlawful assembly; flue and costs. *0.41. Edward Smith, Md ,col , do ; do. Jno! Myers. t>. C.,col., do.; do. Susan King. Md., col . do ; do. Eliia Ross. |) C.,col , do ; work house 9U davs A Tyler, D. C.,col 'disorderly; do Patrick Kennedy, Ireland, malicious mis chief; do. VV A Shaw, i> C . drunk and dis rderly; fine and costs, 83 44 (i,.orj/e Simmons, D. C , do; do. George Williams, D. C.,do; do.^ Joseph Swigert, D. C , do ; do. l?th ? Wm Walker, colored; Va., unlawful assembly; Lemuel Harrison, colored, Va., do ? ames Phillips, colored, Md., do ; Thos. Smith! colored. Va . do.; Henry Bowie, colored. I) C ] do ; Edward llurk, colored. Va., do.: James Shield, colored, Md , do.; fine and costs each. 9*i It I'eter Bargot, France, assault and battery nd disorderly; security for court. Western l^ockup ? Alexander Jones, D C., jilting; jail. John Uoultrade, Ireland, disor erly and profanity; workhouse ;Mi days. ICIixa Iteth Means, Ireland, drnnk, do. John Milieu ?rger, Germany, vagrant; do ?<? days. Mary oombs, i>. C., drunk and disordeily; flue and c.t^sts. 41. Gertrude Miiiitee, M<| , do., work house .10 days. MAKKIKU. t,,e Rev- Mr- Krebhs, a m i? i' n\ vp,'w.'J,f Mississippi, to Miss MA R - A H Ts I IIA \ COCK* ol thm citv. Alexsudria Gazette and Fairfax News plesse copy.) r ? DIED. On the 17th instant, ANNA, beloved wife of ewis Johnson, of this city, ageu about seventv V11 >e?rs. ' Her funeral w,ll uke Piv-e on Wednasday, 2"tli i'_ist., at ?>t o c.ock a. ui., from her late residence, 9>i ?? street, which the Irieuds ol the family are in vited to attand. . HUH. VKMln, <<M<KPATHIC I'll VS.CI yN \ SURGEON 457 >4^li street, Zd door from Wiliards' Hotel. < )ffice hours from 8X to 1?H a. in., 2 to 3, and 7 to 8 p. in. A-/?rf*fM.-Ur?. J. F. Gra?, J. C. I'nUrs and E. Bsysnl, New York; Dr. A. H, Okie, l'ruvideno?, K. I, jan fi-e<rt>t* w s OSOEQETOWy ADYKRTIBKJtTB. TO LET.?The new rhreee-story and eligibly eit u^ed BRICK HOUSE near the northwest oor ner ofBeall and Washingto streets, Georgetown. This is a superior residence; large and commodious; built in the very best style, with modern improve ments. It contains 13 rooms, pantries and closets, and kitchen in the back building. There is also a fine dry oellar under the whole building. The lot is 180 by 120 feet. Al o, the large three story Brtrk House on K St., Washington. The eastern one of the two housos opposite the Brewery. For terms apply to jan 18-3taw3w M. ADLER. l^OR SALE ?ARNY'S CONFECTIONERY 1 is offered at private sale. A great bargain and a good opportunity for a Confectioner who under stands his busmen*. If not disposed of by the 8th of February next the whole ooncern. together with the three story Brick House, 84 Bridge street, will be offered at public auction. Georgetown, 1). C.. Jan 8-tf M. RUPPEL. () RTH side of Market Space, Np. ^7. between Bridge and Canal streets.Georgetown,? announces to eis patrons that at his'v" RESTAURANT may lie found at all tunes the choicest and most excellent assortment of LIQUORS, the freshest OYSTERSand all kinds of GAME in season. Meals served at all hours and at ttio usual prices. jan 4-3m WANT8. ANTED.?A VIOLINIST to travel with the Hunt_Kam? ly. Inquire at this office. It* WANTED.?A G I R L to do Kitchen work. Must coine well recommended. Apply at 279 Pa. avenue, l>etween 10th and 11 th sts. It* WANTED.?Several Horses and Carts, to which constant employment will lie given as lone as desired. Inquire, between 3 and 5 o'c'ock, at E. TUCKER it CO.'S, Pa. avenue, nearly opposite Browns' Hotel. It* SITUATION WANTED?By a practical Prin " ter, as a Keporter on a City Daily, or Editor of a country Newspaper. The advertiser has a tho rough knowledge of the Printing business, snd would be willing to take chargeof lioth the Mechan ical and I- ditortal departments of a country paper. Address "Printer," Star Utfico, Washington. D. C. jan 18 2t* WANTED TO HIKF.?A small, gentle, two story HOUSE,ifurnished or unfurnished,) in the central part of the city.and near Pa.avenue. Ad dress, to day or to morrow, New York, Star Office. jan 16 at* WANTED.?At FR KEMAN'S, ladies, you will still find Shoes. Gaiters, RuKt??rs. Ac .cheaper than ever before offered in tlie l:nitcd Mates. Thick sole foxed Gaiters 91; do., witn heels. 81.5": double sole Morooo Boots .91. 5; Slippers 3? cts.: Jcliersoiisto $1; best ?<aality Rubbers K2H cts.: one strap Sandals Ziand cts.; Ladies' Rub ber Boots 5175and 82.25; Misses' thick sole Gaiters M) cts. do. thin sole Gaiter and pegged Hoots fi2>? cts.: do. Rubber* 51 cts.; Boys' Slices and 75 C's.! do. Slipper* I2.*? cts.. do.T ?ots 1.23; i outlis' Roots $i.j?; do. Shoes 73 to 82; Boys'long Boots 81: also, a vnriety of Children's Shoes, Rubbers, Ac., from l*?- to a1! cts.; Men's Ions Boots $2; do. long Bocts 9I-S&IO 83; Saddles and OfHtkOM 8'? cts.; Servants' Shoes tyl. Terms cash. No "higgle jiggle 'at this store. We take uo less, we ask no ir>ore. The subscriber, grateful for th?* liberal patronage so kindly bestowed upon him, by the'ladies of Wash ington and her sister cities, since he had the pleasure of serving them, respectfully asks a cjntinuancd ol the same. DANIEL WEBSTER FREEMAN. jan 1?i -?t * /"?OPYIST.?A Young Man desires a Mtuation as V/ an Amanuensis or Copyist. Address T. II., through the Post Olhcc. jan 15-eolt* WANTED.?A good COOK - Also, a Chain" er miid who understands washing and Ironing. Persona bringing good recommendations will receive liberal wages. Apply at I JO Pa. avenue, S*ven Buildings. jan U 3t* IVOODS7 FAMILY, ATTENTiON.-KIwT ?" beth Woods. widow.and H113I1, John,and Rol> ert, sons and heirs of David Woods, a native of Boston,and a shoemaker, who died about lsifi. will learn something to their advantage by addressing Hox 218, Mount Vernon, Ohio. Anr one giving in formation of the above parties will be suitably re warded. jan 9-1 w* WA NTKD I M MEDIAT ELY?A furnished HOUSE, with five or six chambers, parlors, and dining room. Apply to No. IC1 Browns' Hotol. d ifl-tf LOST AND FOUND. RE W A R I).?Lost on S'atiinlay night. V*on 4,'? street, between tlie bridge and Maryland avenue, a BLACK VELVET CAPE, trimmed with black moire antique and bugles. It had a moire antique collar with tassel. The nl?ove reward w.II be p ud to any one returning it t > the Star Ofhoe. It* IOST.?On Ihtli street, between M ami Mt. Pat j rick s Church, while going to or returning from the 11 o'clock .Mass, on Sunday, the I7tti instant, a plain GOLD BRACELET Tne finder will be thanked as well as suitably rewarded by returning it to the owner, at No. 351 10th street, between L and M streets. j?n 18 2t* IOST.?On Saturday evening, the 18th, l>etween i 9th street. Pa. avenue and Ci?y Ha'1, a GREY FUR Half CAPE. The finder will Le suitably rewarded on leaving it at the Star Office. jan 18-St V OST.?On Sunday night, a DRESS H"RSE 1 J BLANKET, with initials I). E. S. The finder will be rewarded by leaving the same at No. 7, President's Square. It* IOST.?On Sunday night, between the Drug Store of D. B.i'larke and 12th street, a FIR CA PE. for which a suitable teward will be given by leaving it at WM. COOPER'S, 12th and I) streets. Kyland Chapel. j.m 18-"t* ?On REWA R I).?Lost between the hours of 1 and3o'clock.a BLACK POCKHT BOOK with bead work on the f.out, containing 8?i 011 the Bank rf the Capital at Albany. $18 or 8>'* gold, with two Sleeve Buttons mirked M. C. N. The finder will receive the above reward by leaving it at tins offica. li * IOST.?On Sunday morning, returning from F a street Presbyterian Church, Iietween tne Church and the Iron' of the President's llou>-e, a BLACK NhCK FUR. A suitable reward will l>e paid for its recovery. D. G R IDG ELY, It* 12l Pa. avenne. I^OUND -A Mosaic BR BASTPIN.-The owner can get the same by calling at the Star tithe*-, paying for this advertisement and a small reward to thejinder. isn IS-3t C*AME A STRAY to iny place, in November last. J a Red Buffalo COW, with one sai cropt and a si it in the other ; a small white sped in the forehead, and wiute on the littl &JLa ly. The owner will come forward, prove property, and pay charges, and take her awsv. Inquire at the A rmy Msgaziue of ELLEN McFADDLN. jan lb-8t* ^yASHINGTON AND ALEXANDRIA. 'f he Steamer GEORGE PAGE and THOMAS COLLYER will run regularlv and punctually betweer the aliov e places, at the following hours : Leave Washington at 6,8,9?? HJt.a. 111., \%, 4, and 5ii p.m. Leave Aiexandr.a at 4X, 7li, 9, U Ji a. m., 12Ji, 3, 4*4 p. m. whaley's line of Omnibuses connecting with the Boats will leave the Capitol and the corner of 12th street and Pa. avenue, punctually, as follows: 7,S, 9,1<%, 12,3, and o'clock. ELLIS L. PRICE, SAMUEL BAKER, jan 14 Captains. J^E v7 DR. STILIES' GR EAT WOR K. MODERN REFORM EXAMINED, or the I mon of the North and South ou the subject of Slavery. Ht Joseph C. Stiles. D. D., formerly of Georgia. For sale at the Bookstores. One Dollar per copy. This work is most highly commended. Revs. Drs. Spring, Parker, Skinner, Murray and others.of New ^ork.say 'It is able, kind, courteous, pointed, and in it true christian and eloquent?written by a Southern man long living at the North?it may lie circulated all over the country. The Savanah (Georgia > News **ys this work will undoubtedly give Rev. Dr. Si lies an increased per manency among American authors. Tfe whole South should fell under many obligations o l)r. S.. and as some slight token of gratitude his work should find it* welcome reception into every south ern household. Several liberal-minded gentlemen of New York, among whom may l>e mentioned Gerald Halleek.of the Journal of Commerce, are scattering this work overall portions of the United States. jan 14-eoSt THE RECORD OF THE YEAR.?The AmeiT lean Almanac for IU5U is now for sale al IS HI I ? LINGTON'S Bookstore. The American Almanac is one of the most useful and 1 aluahle publications of the age; the National Intelligencer says it surpasses in comprehensive ness and value any similar oompend in the world. Price $1, paper: ?I 25, bound. Greeley's Tribune Almanac for 1853, piice 12>, cts. The Cultivators' Almanac for 185fl, price 25 cts. Farmers' and liagerstowu Almanac for liK. Every thing in the Stationery and Blauk Book line for sale at SHI ISLINGTON'S BOOKSTORE Odeon Building, oorner 4)? st, jan 14 3t anil 1'e.av., ^ARRIAGE LAMPS. We have this day been appointed agents for F.dw. Usher A Co's Carriage and Engine Lamps, The attention of Coach maker* and others interested is respectfully called to the sample at our store. Orders solicited. ELVANS A THOMPSON, !WK Pennsylvania avenue. ?an 14 eultn (Intel.Union.?V States > LOUR AND PRODUCE WAREHOUSE. The undersigned have in store ami for SAle? .?ym bbls.~E.xtra I" LOUR, from the Valley. jan l>bls. Superior do. do. do. ion bids. Family do. do. do. Also. BUTTER, TURKEYS. CHICKENS. LARD, Ac: in fact, all kinds of Country Produce reoeived daily, by the subscribers. 8. HARTLEY k. SON. jan 6 2w No. 35 Union street, Alexandria. PGOOD MILK. ERSONS wishing PUKE RICH MILK can obtsin it at my store, or by leavinc their name a?d nuinlter of their residenoe, ami I will >eud it to them. I have made an arrangement with a gentle man, living a short distance from the citv, who is miking l.vge quantities of Cltam Pure HicktAI*lk, and will furnish i:as I may wish. ? A- E. BROWN, ian 2-tw corner of lit h aril I Ht*. Hair brushes, combs, portemon N AIES, Card Cases. Cigar Cases, k 0., a very large and superior stook, at d 31 MCLAUGHLIN'S, 20 Pa,avenue. AUCTION BALES, By BADEN A LOWNDS, Auctioneers. No, 34 C, Market Spart, between 7th and 8th t's, Extensive sale of har dwarf and Building Materials,?We will commence the sales ofa very large slock of Hardware and Build ing Mater als, at our sales room, (down stairs) on TO MORROW CI uesday, 19th)at 10 o'clock a. m.. and at night at7 o'clock, aiid continue the sale each day and riight until the whole stock is closed out. we name in part Knives nn<4 Forks of all kinds. Pocket Knives. Raisore, I verr fine), Saws, Picks. Screws, Locks, Nails. Ticks and ever? thins pertaining to building. We respectfully cull the attention of tne tr*de and persons generally to these very desirable sales, where bargaius can be had, as we will sell without teserve. Terms of sale; 920 oneh; the Itftlano in 3", 6n, ar.d

90 days, with satisfactorily endorsed paper. Jan IB BADEN A LOWNDS. Auots By WALL A BARNARD, Auctioneers. Corner of Pennsylvania arenut and Otk street. SALE BY CATALOGUE OF RICH AND f-t.rcANT Furs. Kob?s,Ac.?On v\ KDN'ES DA Y MORNING, 2i?th instant, we will sell, at our Store, corner I\inth street and Penn. avenue,a very choioe and elegant stock of rich and oostly Furs. Rol>e*,Ao. 'illese Goods, which are from one of the largest establishments in the United States, will be sold without reserve. We name in part? Elegant genuine Russian SaMcSets, Single pieoes of same. Muffs, Cuffs, Capes. Sets of dark and costly Mutts. Do. genuine imported Fitch. Ermine Setr, do. Capes, do. Opera Clonks, Russian and Siberian Squirrel.very fine. Stone Martin Sets of the finest deFcription. Single pieces of all the aliove. with lower-prioed foods, all of winch are warranted perfect. Also, Nutria, Otteraud Denver Capes and Mufflers and Gloves. Also, very handsome Hudson Bay, half-Russian, Genet, Angola and Fancy Kobes. With a large assortment of other Fur* not here mentioned. To all of which the attention of the putdic is invited, as this is a ohnnce rarely ?tiered. Tf rms cash. fauiU-dtS WALL A BARNARD, Aucts. By J. C. McGUIR E. Auctioneer TRUSTEE'S SALE OF VALUABLE UN imtrovko Rkal EsT?TK.?By virtneof a deed in trust, bearing dsto the 3d day of Apri'. 1837, and recorded in Liber J. A. S.. No. 133, fono 231. ct seq.. the subscriber will sell, at public salej on* WED N ESDAV, the 3d day of February. IHtR. at 4 o'< lock p. in., at the auction store of Jas. C. McGuire, ?n the comer of Pennsylvania avenue and I'rth street west, the whole of Square H5I. fronting 433 f*et I inch on cach of north C and D streets, and 365 feeton each of 14th and 15th street* west, and Lot No. 14, in Square N-?. 732. fronting 5t feet on let street c tst, between south B and C streets, by one hundred feet deep. Terms of sal": One-third cash: and the balance in six, twelve and 11 months, for notes lx?aring interest from day of sale, secured by a deed of tru?t on the property; and if not complied with in five days after thr sale, the property will be resold upon one week's notice, at the ri-k and expense of the purchaser. All oouvc>nnei"g at the cost of the purchaser. CHAS. S. WALI.ACH Trustee, ian 13 2taw.\ds J. C. McGI I R E. Auctioneer, FOR REST AND SALE. F l^OR RENT -Pn'i'Minn given immediately ? _ No. 2, a large and commodious House hi Frank lin Place, immediately opposite Franklin Square, and next door to the residence of the Hon. Secreta ry of War. For terms, Ac. appU to H. N. LANS DA LE, or to the adveitiscr, through box 622. Post Office. jan Ifi tt* hjH>R RENT?A RARE CH WCE-A FARM in Princs George's county, Md. adjoining Mr. Bell's and Mr. Johnson'* farms, four inites from Bladenslurg?contain ink 71 acres of good land and a good dwelling, n-wly finished, and stable, with plenty of firewood. 1 propose to rent the at>ovc (?arm for five vents, upon shares, g ving the tenmt rent free the first year. I have three hundred dol lars'worth of work to do, winch the tenant wrl be pud for; doing at times when wanted. Tins is a good chance for one that understands farming. I will give a married man a good chance that coines well recommended. Apply for further infoimation to ANDREW WILSON, No.5 Last Capitol *t., Washington. jan l^-lw* HoFSKA FURNITURE FOR RENT.?The three-story Brick House situated on I, between 17th and Ihth streets, No. 251. For terms npptv on ttie premises. jan 15-st* ||H)R SALE.?A first-class Restaurant, with fix I tures and Furniture, is offered a' private cale from this day until Monday next: if not, it will be sold at auctio i on Tuesday next. Location: Penn sylvania avenue, n?ar id street No. 532. Address DAVlD BOHLEBER. in care of Louden A Co. Pa.av , under Brown's Hotel. jan l4-3t* ROOMS ON PA. AVENUE TO LET.?Two Rooms, on 2d floor, on Pa. avenue, between !2th and I3!h streets, over Sam'l. Lewis' Jeweiry Store, will tie let low to a permanent tenant. Would make good otfioe rooms. Apply to WM. F. BAYLY, Stationer. .inn !2-?f VERY DESIRABLE furnished HOUSE FOR RENT.?The subscriber has lor rent a large and handcomelv furnished House, containing ten inrce rooms, with wafer and gas throughout: brick stable, with accommodations for four norses and two ctrmges. with servants' room over. This property is situated in the immediate vicini ty of the Kirkwood House, and is very desirable asa res deuce. Inquire of J.C. McGUIRE. j B-dPt Auct'r A Commission Merchant. ROOMS TO RENT.?Parlors and Chambers, with all the modern improvements, water, gas, Ac., over our store. WALL, STEPHENS. A CO. jan 4-2w Pa. ave.. bet. 9th and H>th sts. BOARDING. BOARDING.-MRS. RUFF. No. 3% D street. ne>r Seventh, his taken this large and commo dious House, where she intends to rent her rooms, furnished or unfurnished, ?o single Gentlemen, or Gentlemen and their Wives, with Board. Transient B mrders by the j>ay or week. Meals sent out at all hours of the day. Also, wanted, 2 girls to do general hou sework, jan II -1 in * Millinery, Ac, M T%IRS. J. S. E. THORN has just received from i?l New York, a very handsome assort ment of Berthas, Headdresses, and Bon nets to winch she respectfully invites the, attention of the ladies ol Washington and \<l Georgetown. 1 No.?, between 9th and loth streets. Pa. avenue, over Geo. F. Allen's Dry Goods Store. Ei.tpu ce on 1) street, or through the Store. jan 14 3t* VI ILLINER Y. DR F.SS M A K ING A N l> i> 1 TKIM MIN G ESTABLISH M ENT. Ladies visitiug Washington arc respectfully in formed that we are prepared to make up Dresses, Cloaks, Basques, Ac., at short notice, iu the latest styles, arid sattsi'.iction guaranteed in a I cases. A large stock of Dress and Cloak Trimmings, of latest and handsomest stiles, with CLOAKS, BASQUES, UN UERDRESi?ES. BONNETS, RIBBONS.and MILLINERY, of over* descrip tion, a! ways on hand. M. WILf.lAN, d 15 2m opposite Centre Market. [ADAME A. NOLRRIT, No. 716 Walnut st., below 8th, Philadelphia, IMPORTER OF ' FRENCH FLOWERS. HEAD DRESSES, BONNETS AND FINE .MILLINERY, ^ g Beg# leave to inform the Ladies wv^| 'in Washington city t hat she tins opened Q^! blur turn nr tlirnc weeks niilv . a HtkHHl7% on I'm. avenue, bet ween 12th and 13th st*., No. 25n, where Ladies will find all theabove articl-s of the latest and richest style, being selected by M'me N. herselt in Pans, during her accustomed yearly visit there for that purposa. M'me Nourrit having contracted with Mr. Felix, the celebrated Coiff eur of the Empress Eugenie and Queen Victoria, for the sole depot in tne United Slates of tils H<>ad Dresses, she will t?e able to fur nish all the Coiireures of the latest pattern worn at ti.e principal Courts of Europe, made by that re nowned artist. l^adies are rcspeotfully invited to call and exam ine. d 3l-3tA2aw4t* r^OR SALE.?'I he siibscritier offers for sale his * two TROTTING HORSES. Toby and fry Morgan, Iwth fast. j? Also, one shifting-top BUGGY WAGON,^^-* nearly new. of Watson's make. Also, aseoond hand light WAGON, with HAR NESS coiuple'e. Also, two sets of doable IIAR NESS. To any one wishing a nioe turn out a good oppor tunity is offered, aim at much below their real value. A. G. NEWTON, jan 14 3t Alexandria. Va. J A DIES. PLEASE READ. For genuine, reliable FI'RS, free from moth, ami fresh made, call at ST1N EME'fZ'S, 236 Pa. ave iiuc, between 12th and 13th streets, who lias re ceived instructions from New York, to sell th" fine assortment now hand, on commission, at less dis count than heretofore otiered. Among thein will be found the hsndsomet sets French Sables, half and quarter Capes ever brought to this oity, for 91" and &l^? Victorines If5. Also, Capes and Cloaks, of superior quality, very cheap. Particular attention is invited to two very large Mink Sable Capos, worth over 91 Ml, each lor $75 and 5K5. Mink Sable Cape,medium size, 030 and $35. Mink Sable Victorines .*14 and gi6. Also, several sets real Hudson Bay Sable. Together with Siberian Squirrel, Fitch Mirten, French Mink, Ao , in all their variety Im Irmine Opera Cloaks, very handsome; MutTs to match, of all kinds, from $2.6'> to % jn. Every article warranted, and if proven as not rep resented, the money will l>e refunded. B. H. STINEMKT'/, 230 Pa. nve., bet, 12th and 13th sts., jan II next door to Madame Delaruo. GASTON A CLARK, "io LOUISIANA AVENUE, second door from 7th street, under the Avenue House, UlALKil* IN CLOTHING AND GKNT.'S FURNISHING GOODS. The subscribers c *1' attention ton desirable Stonk of CLOTHING which they now have on exhibi tion at their Store. No. 48 Loumana avenue,seoond door from 7th street, and as they are determined to close off the lot if possible, every effort necessary on their part shall lie used in order to please their customers. In the Clothing Dkpartmknt we can guarantee the stook to be perfeot in point of dumhility, fit and style, because we make everything ourselves, and have no hesitation in sayinc our goods will be found equal to the heat order worlt in the oountry. Watching the various changes of fkshion. parties may rest as ured of finding the latest out and make in store, subjeot to their inspection and approval. flS,?? worth of Goods for Men's, Boys* and Ser vant's Wear, will be sold at auction prices, and pur chasers wouid do wcil to examine (lie lot. This ia no humbug, as our assertious can be proved on ex amination. Call and see us at the above Store. d? 3m GASTON A CLARK. ? FASHIONABLE PERKUMERIES, from the r beet hossee, at OIJBBS'S, near the oornerof isth street, Pa. are. a lb-3a APCTIOJ BALM. TO-DAT ? TO-MORROW MO It NINO By A. GREEN, Auctioneer. PRAMF, HOUSE AND LOT ON THP I? ? Acctios ?On MONDAY.tho l?his ?tant, I ?hall sell, in front of tne premise*. at 5 o o Ik p m., north part of Lot So. 23, in Square No. 496, having a front oi4), street veat, between F and G t rwti ioBth,2)re?t. runmriK htck to a widi alley ino feet, with the improvement*, which area rood two-story f r?m( ttouse and Kitchen, containing six conveniently arranged roonia. Terma: One-half cash: balance in aix and twelve months, for notea bearing interest from day of male. A deed riven andn deed of t-uat taken. All oonrey anemg at tne cost of the purohaaer. jan 12-d A. G REEN, A act. MA RSHAL'S SAL E.? In virtue of a writ ot fieri facias, unrler tke L\m lave. laaued fr*>ra the Clerk's office of the Circuit Court of the District of Columbia for the County off Washington, and to me directed. I a hail expose to publio sale, for Catk, in front of the Court-House d?tor of said Countv.on TUESDAY, the Itth day of January, lf?.at 12o'cl'k m.. the following described property, to wit: All defendant's right, title, c.aim, and interest in and to a brick house erected on Lot B, in Square No. 5H*. on Third street north, between E ard F streets west, in the City of Washington. D C., sened and levied upon as tne proper" v ot John W. Jordan, and will be sold to satisfy Judicial No. 4?, to Ootober term, 1857. in lavorof Cripps St Waller, J. D. HOOVER, d 19-ts Marshal for the District of Columbia. C3-THE ABOVE SAI.E IS POSTPONED uutu THURSDAY, the 14th inst.. same hour and place. J D. HOOVER, Marshal jan 12 for the District of Columbia. frr THE ABOVE SALE IS POSTPONED to TUESDAY next, the 19th instant, same hour and place. J. D. HOOVER, Marshal jan 14 for tne District of Columbia. ?By WALL A BARNARD. Auctioneers. (CONSTABLE'S SALE OF FURNITURE, J Stoves. Ac at Acctioji.?On SATURDW MORNING, the 16th iu?tant, at lOo'olock, we will sell, in front of our store, a large lot of Household and Kitchen F urn it lire, Stoves, Crockery, Ac., sold te satisfy distrain for rei:t, as? 2 excellent CottAge Sets, Mahogany cane seat and w<hk! Chairs, Sofas, Mahogany,cherry and pine Tables, Hair sett and cane Rockers, Bedsteads, Beds. Mattresses, Crockerv and Glass Ware. Iron and Tin Ware, 6 U?xes Tumblers, lot of wooden Bucket*. Stoves. Carpets. Curtains. I.ounces. With ? Hit articles rot here mentioned. Will be added one bobtail Bay Horse. Will be added to the above sale, one hne Durham Cow. Terms cash. janllts WALL A BARNARD Auc?s. inr the aboveTale is postponen on account of the rain, until t't (J H 9 1) A Y M OR ,\ I ,\G, 19th inst., same hour. janil-dts WALL A BAK\ARD. Aucts. By .IAS. C. McGUIRE. Auctioneer. Excellent furniture andhouse I KKEri.\r, Kifkcts AT I'CRJ.IC A?tTION.?1On TU KSDa V M? >K N ING. Jinuary 19th. at 1? o'clk, at the r^sidei.ce of \\ . E. G. Keen, Esq., on K st , near I2?h. I shall bell all Ins Furniture and House hold l-.ll. cts, comprising ? Suite ol w.ilnut carved, maroon, p'lisli-covered Par lor Furniture. consisting of two 'I'ete a-tete Sofas, Arm t hair. Lad)'* ChaiT, and b Siue Chairs, Handsome marble fop Ceifre le. Whatnot. Rush-seal ReceptChairs. Window Sha les, Maatle Clocks. Painting*. Engravings, Chira Vase* and O'nainetils, Itrusceis. three ply a? d ingrain Carpets, Solid oak Hall Set, St ?ir Rods. \ e|vet Mair CarpeNnt. Oilc'oth, Handsome walau'-carved JeijB\ I.ind Bedstead. Maliogaiy French Bedstead, Wardrobe. Rosewood an?i mhogan> Dr^ssine Bureaus. Marble top Waslisiands. Toilet Sets. Sup?riorhair and husk Mattresses, Bolsters and Pillows Comforts, Blankets. Sheeting, Handsome marble top Sidel,oard, Refrig?rator. Wnlnut I- xteLsiou Dinm; Table, cans ?ett Churi French riiina Dinner and Tea Ware, Glass ware. Table Cutlery, Fire irons. Cooking Stove and fixtures, Ac. Together with a general assortment of Kitchen Requisites. Terms: .*3" and under c?sh; over that sum. a credit of.K'aud days. for satisfactorily endorsed notes, hearing interest. jan 14-d J. C. McGUIRE. Auctioneer. By J AS. C. McGUIRE. Auctioneer. TALI ABI.E LOT AT PUCI.IC AUCTION. J On TUESDAY.AFTERNOON. January Mth. at 4 o'clock, on tne premises, I sh.a'l soil Lot No. 24, in Square No. 5W, fronting 54 feet 7 inches on 1st st. west, iKJtweeu north K and L streets running back 110 feet. Terms : One-f urth cash : the residue in six, twelve eighteenand twenty-four months, with in terest secured by a deed of trust on the premises. By ord:T of the Executo-: jan 13-d J. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. FUTURE DAYS. \ MARSHAL'S SALE. ? In vrrtue of a writ of Fieri Facias, issued fr>m the Clerk's Otfioe of the Circuit Court of the District of Columbia forthe County of Washington, and to me directed, I snail exp ?se to public sale, for Cash, in front of the Court-house door of said county, on FRIDAY, the 29th day of January. 185ft, at 12 o'clock m . the fol lowing descritted property, to wit: All defendant's right, title. cl3im, and interest in and to Lot No. 3, in Square No. 759, in the City of Washington, D. C., together with all and singular the improvements thereon, seized and levied upon as the property of F.dmond Rilev.*rid will be *o)d|to satisfy Judicials No. 371, to Oc:ot>er term, 1857, iu favor of John Waters. J. D. HOOVER. Marshal jan5-t* for the_pistrict of Columbia. \| A RSHAI/S SA I.E.?In virtue of a writ offien lv 1 facias.ui.der the lien iaw. issued from the clerk's olhceof the Circuit Court of the District of Columb.a for the County of \\ as- ington, iu>d to me directed. I will expose to public sale, for ? asm. in front of the Court House di-or of said county, on SATl'R DAY, the fist day of January, i:i5H, at 12 o'clock m.. the following descrilied property to wit: All defendant's right, title, c airn, and interest in and to the three Frame Houses erected on Lot No. 5. in reeervation D, on Mary land avenue, between 4S and 6th sts . in the City of Washington, D. t',. seized and levied upon as the property of James B. l ocke*.and will b- soid to satisfy Judic ais No 279, to October term I8o7, in favor ol Smith A Fowler. J. D. HOOVER. Marshal janft-dta* lor tii* District of Columbia. MARSHAL'S SALE.?In virtue of a writ of fieri facias issued from the Clerk's Office ol the Circuit Court of ihe District of Columbia for the County of Washington, mid to me directed, I shall expose *o public sale, lor Cash, in fiont of the Court House oour. of said county.on FRIDAY,the ?9th of January, 1856, at U o'c'ock m.,the following property to wit: All defendant's r.glit, title, claim, and iut< rest in and to Lot No. 5, in Square No 53", in the City of Washington, D. C.. together with all and singular the improvements thereon, seized and levied on as the property of John M. McCalla, and will lie sold to aatisfy Judicial* No. 141. to October term, 1857, in favor of Sweeny. Rittenhouse A Co. J. D. HOOVER. jan6 ta Marshal forthe District of Columbia. Bv A. GREEN. Auctioneer. Trustee sale of valuable ixnovm Property, ox 7th street, near the N'aw PYaRti ?By virtue ot adesd of trust duly executed and recorded lieing dated thetith of February, lljb. and a'the request of the party entitled to the detit thereby secured the subscriber will sell at nub ic auction,in front of the premises, on THURSDAY. Jan. 28, 1853. nt 4 o'clock p. in.. Part of square nine hundred and five. (9ii5) Uiunded forty one feet from the southwest corner of said square, and running thence north a ong the line of 7tli street east 21 feet 6 inches; thenoe east 55 feet, thence southwardly 35. then"* 4? feet to the place of beginning, situated in the city of Washington. The improvements consist of a good and subtantial and well U.. : Frame House. Terms of sale: One-half cash: the Imianoein six and twelve months, the purchaser to give ins notes for the deferred payments, bearing interest from the day of sale. A d?ed of trust taken to secure t.'.c payments of the notes. All conveyancing at the ex pencc of the purchaser. If the terms of sale lie not complied withmten days fr?m tne day of sale, the trustee reserves the right to resell said premises at the risk and cost of the defaulting purchaser, by giving five day's notice of said resale in some newspaper put Lsl.ed in the city of Washington. M M ROD GARRETTSON, Trustee. |?q 13-eugW A. GREEN. Auot._ rflRUSTKK*8 SALE OF VALUABLE KEAL I Fstatf.?In pursuance of a decree, passed on the sixth day of November, 1357, by the Circuit Court for Prince George's county, sitttngns a Court of Equity in a cause in said Court depending, wherein Margaret S. A. Cumming. next friend to h.dinund B. Cumming and others, is coinpiainant, and t-dmimd B. Cumming and others are defend ants, the undersigned, aa Trustee t herein appointed, will, > t ihe same is not previously disposed of at private sale, expose at public sale to the highest bidder,on the premises,on THURSDAY.2lat Jan uary. UtiH, at tne hour of 11 o'clook a. in., if fair, and if not fair at the same timo and place on the next fair day thereafter, all that valuable Real Estate situate in said county, which was neretofore con veyed to the Hon Thomas W. Cumming now de ceased and intestate, by one Martin Buell and Lucy Ann, his wife, in fee simple, containing one hundred and seventy-seven and a half acres, more or less. These Lands are very va uable; the soil is of a character peculiarly adapted to the cultivation and quick maturity of garden and farming productions; the county road to Washington, by the way of Sev enth and North Capitol streets, is a boundary on one side. The health and society of the ueuhlior hood is unsurpassed in .Maryland or the District. There are aeveral streams of pure water ard one large spring on this estate, winch is within two miles of the "Soldier's Home." and within five tmlts of the Centre Market. The land has been divided into several lofs. mucins in size from 15 to 70 acres, with a sufficiency of Wood on most of the lots, and will lie sold in parcels if deemed to the in terest ol the parties. The Dwelling House and Out houses on this es tate are large and, anil m excellent order. This estate adjoins the property of late Ste phen Markwood, the Messrs. Wingerd. Dirges, Clark and others Any information will be given to persons desirous orpurchasinjc.on applioation to the undersigned, personally or bv letter. The Terms of Sale, ae prescribed by the decree, are as follows:-One thousand dollars cash on the day of sale, to be paid in funds of some Diatriot or Baltimore Batik. The residue of the purchase mo nty to be paia m one, two. three ami f?*ur years, in equal instalment*, bearing interest from the day of ?ale, and to be secured bv the bonds of the purcha ser or purchasers, with one or more oo obluers, ?o be approved by the undersigned. Upon the pay ment of the whole purchase money, and all interest thereon, and not before, the undersigned, as trustee, will convey to the purchaser or purchaser*, or Iheir heirs, the property so uurcliasid by tbein. free.olear and discharged from all dairn of* the parties to this suit, and of ail persona oiaiming by tnera or under them. The widow has joined in the proceeding lor a sale, and has signified her oonsent in writing to t?ke an equivalent in money (in hsu of hsr dower?out of d 313tawtw4dt? ? TELEGRAPHIC NEWS Trrnradm Stem at New Orh L1,f ??4 UrttrtctUi ef fr?p*rty. N*w Orlrars, JaB 13?A sudden Morn of wind cam* np thts afternoon, iccooiputfd by rain, which amounted to nearly % hurricane Fiftren ships broke from ihetr mooring*, and were considerably damagrd TbiC E PtuHl, of Bath, and the Ellen Stewart were badiv la jared. Several houses were unroofed, aud other wive more or leas Injured The lake end of the Pour hart rain railroad t* about half destroyed The damage lo steamboat* which the wind broke loose from their fastenings it immense. Chimneys were blown down, and several lives were lust. Many towboat* were al?o injured. It is impossible to get the full particulars or the name-, of the ooats iujured and de?troyed. to night The storm lasted only half an hour The storm blew down fence* and inj a red many ve randah* of houv* in the city ft Is not known whether it extended to the Gulf bat many fears are expres?ed in regard to it? efforts In that re gion. and that the damage Is much grea'er than has yet been reported. The kaatas Elestisa St. Louis, Jan IS ?A gentleman who haa just arrived from Kansas, state* that Calhoun commenced counting the returns of the flr*t alec ,tou on Tuesday, and that when completed a messenger would be dianntched to Washington with the Constitution and a statement of the re turns He further states that Calhoun would no* leave the territory until the reault of the second ? lection, which 's still doubtful, la known Alight Shock of an Earthquake. Locrport, X Y, Jan 18?Weather cloudr and raining. Thermometer now stand* at 40 ? Last night, about half-past eleven o'clock, a >light vibration was felt, accompanied with a loud rumbling noise resembling the rumbling of wheels over a pavement It wax heard by a num ber of persons in difierent parts of the town, and woke several from their sleep. Faneral of Mexican Yolnnteera. Ph.l AuaLrBiA. Jan. 17.?The remains of Cap! Reynolds and privates Bratton and Donnelly. members of the Pennsylvania regiment that served in the Mexican war, took place thla after noon at Glenwood Cemetery, beside the Scott I .eg ion Monument There was an imposing mi litary display of volunteers from New Jersey with those ol Philadelphia. Destructive Fire at 1 lin'ea. Illiaels. Bloomisgtok, January 15?A destructive fire occurred at Cliuton, Illinois, about three o'clock this morning. The loss is estimated at from S&i.tUU to S?J.0J0 The iusurance was onlv par tial It is supposed to have commenced oy a burglar setting tire to a jewelry store which he had robbed of S-JVJ previously Nebraska Politics. Btblisgto!*. Iowa, Jan l? ?The Omaha Ne braskian of the 6th insf. contains an account of a split in the Nebraska legislature Twenty-one member* ot the A?*embly and eight of the Conn t il had gone to Florence, while the majority of both Houses remain at Omaha in possession of the journal ?? ? Governor Packer la Harrltfearg. IliRRioii'iG. Jan. R.?Wa F Packer.the G vernor elect, arrived to day at noon, and wa? received at the cars by the committee of arrange ments and escorted (oOmit's StateCapiial Hotel Secretary Ileister arrived yesterday. Barglar Arrested. New Yean, Jan 13?Chauncev Johnson the not?d burglar, who stole S35.000* from the Bank uf the Sute of New York, a few years since, was caught <>n Satnrday night in the act of robbing a sloie iu Duaue street, in this city. Arrival of the America at Boatoa. BostuX. Jan. lo.?The mail steamer America arrived at Boston at e.KU this morning from Liv erpool via Halifax. Death af an Editor. At m as. N. Y., Jau 16 ?J. Stauley Smtib,ed itor of the Auburn Dally American, died here to day, after a short illness. Resumed Business. DetroIt. Jan. IT?The Farmers and Mechanics'' Bank, of this citr, resumed business to-day New Tark Mark eta. New York, Jan 10 ?Flour is firm, sale* of 7,0U> bbls : State ?4 ?5a4 30; Ohio S4 74a? P0. Sonrhern St 60a 1 96 Wheat is firm, sales unimportant, nominally for Southern red Sl.PiaSI *<!0. do white ?1 26a* 1-35. Corn closed dull; sales of 2,(100 bushels Prices unchanged Pork l* steadv at S14.7SaSl4 65 for mesa. Beef, lard and whiskey are steady at Satutylay s rates TMIE SHOALS AND UllCKSANDS OF YOUTH. Jm*t pvblt?kcd, the id < ditto*. \rro\ SPERMATORRHEA OR SEM1 Nai. DISEASES.?A scientific Trea isa on tlia treatment and perfect cure of Nervous Debilitv. Seminal \V? luvolun'a'y bmu*i'?*, Impo tence. Ac., resulting from visions habits aoe?ued during liie critical pssrage f om Youth to Alan ? hood. BY 1)K. Cl'LVERWELL, Member of the Royal College of Surgeons of Rag land, (IVTI. Licenciate of the Hail. <18541, and years Resident Practitioner in London. Author of tlie "Guide to Health."* Green K?ok.""HuV to be Happy." "Memoirs of Single and Married Life. Ac. Tin* small t>ut valusb.e Treatise, wrr ten by world renowned Ph?sici??i and Surgeon points out the only sure an1 permanent cure for all di*ea?ea resu't - ins fom *e:f al>use. and is the on1? publication of ita kind written in a lienevolent spirit and Iry a scieatif 10 It shouid l>e in the hanas of all who va'u? their life and Hea th ai d happiness here and hereaf ter. Price 12 cents, or 4 stamps, at the reoetpt of wh-ch it wi I lie ?>ent, Post tree, and well secured, by D'. <'H KLINE, No. 4M 1st Aveuue, Bo* *V#>. New York. jan 12 r?,!IE REASON WHY.?A careful collection <>( I many hundreds of reason* for things which, though generally believed, are imperfect j under *tood. Copiously illustrated: English editioa; price ?? oenta: f?ee by mail on reoeipt of ninety six cents in stamps. Light in the Vr||#>; My Experience of Spiritual ism; b* .Mrs. Newton Crossland; illustrated. $ 1.25 Violet, or tlie Danseuse. SB cts. Byographio&l and hiatonoal Sketehea, by Macau Appleton'a Railway Library.50Cts. Punch's Pocket Book of Fun. do. do.. Sfl ot?. 'I ne Biographnsil History ol Philosophy. from it* origin in Greece down to the present day; by George Henry I ewes; 1 volume, $2.75. The aaine in 2 vol umes. $3 Just published and for sale at TAYLOR 4 MAURY'S jan 7 Bookstore n?ar ftth at. The diplomatic "history of the Administrations of Washington and Adam*. 1,89-ISm ; by Wm. Henry Tresoot . 1 vol., #ia) Sent by mail, postage paid. 91-40 jau 14 . FRANCH TAYLOR. \EW CONGRESSIONAL DIRECTORY. Congressional Directory for the first seat on of the Thirty fifth Congress of the United State* ff America. J ust published at TAYLOR A MAURY'S jan 14 3t Bookstor*, near 9th at. d 1 ENTLEMEN'S CLOTHING OF BE?Tard "1 finest quality nutde to order in superior manner at much cheaper rates than the usual city pnoe*. WALL, STEPHEN!. A CO.. ZU Pa. av . bat. 9lh and l**h at*. jan 14 |lntel. A States] LUBIVS EXTRACTS,all odora. at GlBBS'S Hair Store, near 13th at., and at hia 8aJe* Room nrai^r VV||!?rrt?' horei a 4-*s FENGRAVED GLASS PLATES.?A beautiful j article lor carmge wiudowa. Transoms liir street do-jrs, Yestiliu.e lights. Ae.. Ae. Can be?een at t tie stiove store, and only to be seen to be appre - ciaten and admired. _ El.VANS A THOMPSON. Agenta, 3Jb Perm, avenue, jan !S-eo!in (Intel,FnionYStatesi Washington. Boarding and day school K'R young ladies At the corner of 6th and L Streets. MRS. KE?LEY? DAUGHTERS. Circulars, terms, and all neoessery information given on app'ication to Mrs. P. Kealey, jan 15 dtFebAeolm Connecticut mutual life inbur ANCE COMPANY. Capital over Thia old and reliable Company are prepared to take risks on lives at premiums that will ?uit all. FRED CALLAN7 Aaeat. Offine?No. zis p street, \\ aahiugUui City, D. C. lan 4 3taw3w WM. J. STONE. Jr. ATrORXEY JT-LAW. Has r kvovrd hi* Ofhce and Kesideroe to5?ti str*e?, on Judiciary Minare, one door from lx>u??i*na avenue d *t ??^w SlPhkloK MEDICATED GI.M.-Jsat ri ceived, 2ti eases of the oelel?rated I ondon Cor dial Gin and Invigorating Cordial, and f<y Ly J 1 ^ A C 1 ? i< I j V J a No. 554 12th street, oornar of B street north. Gro m/1 I .iitwor **tr*r+ l^-tf vMi ON D HAND PIAN - 1 OS lor sa<e very cheap at our Piar.o and klus e Store.** Pa avenue. hct.Mii and loth sts >?* ? JOHN F. Ef.US. O THE CITIZENS OF WASHINCTON , AND ALEXANDRIA. parsons desirous of purchasing the SEWING MACHINES of the undersigned will apply to Messrs. Wall, Stephen* A Co.. who has hn>n duly epr<>inted d.iy I our only age'<t fo- \%"ashingtou and Alexandria. im_#jin _ J. V. SiN't.FK A Ri E AND BAKLEY MALT. h?r aai?vat u ? c?rY MALT HOUSE, eoraar of Wart -altoav ?ns* and Hinnk St.. Hultisw*. Mil. aav H' a* too rklPVOMAlJC MlS'lOK i ol ta* Us^u IJ and A darns W.H. Tiaasor 17l{ *' ^ '""?^Uncstaylo*.