Newspaper of Evening Star, January 19, 1858, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 19, 1858 Page 1
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VOL. XI. WASHINGTON, D. C., TUESDAY, JANUARY 19, 1858. THE EVEISIISU STAK ?? rUBLdSHED EVERT AFTERNOON, (SUNDAY EXCEPTED,) AT THE ITiR BUILOINOS, Corner of Pm. mvimus and Eleventh strtot, By W. D. WALLACH. T'?per* served in peckatec l>y ?rnwi at 94 * year, or 77 cents pur month. To mail sutiacritwrs ths sub scription price is SS..V)a year, tn arfr??cs, for six months; 91 for three months; and for test than three months at th* rate o4 12 oents a week. Siuile oopies. one eent; in wrapper*, two cents. Adtkrti?kwr*t? tof eight lines to the s?oare) inserted three time* for .fl; every other dajr or semi-weefc(r, i> per cent, advanoe; once a week, 9" per eeat. advance. WHY AM I ALWAYS IftYITF.D OIT 0> ? HRIKTM.M DAY ? I cannot tHI why I nm. I am not rich. I ntn not handsome I have nothing to leave. and very littie In give awn v. i bare no expecta tions. I am w.t exactly young. I don't keep a carriage I have not the smallest label of a title stti^k on to tny name. Then why no I always invited out on a Christmas day.' I have ?o tr.iny invitations that, if I had the same num hftr of heads as a sheet of postage stamp*. I be lieve th?re would he a dinner for every one of them on that day. IIow is it' Why,there'* Curmudgeon, the young Cur. as we rail hiin. lfe is well con nected llo is so rich that he might sleep ou a mattress of bank-noted every night, and not feel the pressure in the least, lie has so many uncles and aunts in the Peerage, that they are almost numerous enough to fill a " Ledger" by tbemselve*. There is a baronetcy at his feet, ioto which he cannot help tumbling some day; and he has legs, and a and a mouth, and a pair of eyes as regularly drawn as his salary ?t the Circumlocution Oflicc. and wc all knuw **hat a handsome figure that is. Well, not withstanding al! these attractions?and he wears ;pegtop tensers into the bargain, which, per haps. are the very loudest pegtops in Loudon? is ps much as lie can do to get an invite on "ha* wnivcrsally-dining-ont day, the 2.">th of T>efwinber 1 did hear that last year he dined *t the Hercules Club, iu solitary grandeur, all by himself Ho was the only man in this mon ster-grandiose dining room on that day. and had the whole corps of twenty-two servants and thirteen boys (all of them in livery and crested buttons) to wait upon him. 1 am told that this was a most affecting sight, especially when his plate of plum-pudding was brought in. It was a thin slice, with a sickly blue fianie that (?earned to be dancing in deiision over it. The butler had to leave the room. It was too much for him. poor fellow! Now. when I go out on Christmas day, 1 try to make myself as happy as I can. I not only amuse myself, but I try to amuse others. The children meet me in the hall, and we are friends in a minute No necessity fbr an introduction. I may have a whistle, or a lot of Bonaparte\i ribs, or a caricature, or an orange, or sonic friendly offering in my pocket: and the moment I hold out my hand, they come to mc as natu rally as possibly W e romp, and play, and are as happy as though then: were no powders in this world, and ther& was no chance of the doctor coming *?? wo Us the next day I make them rab *bi? o*! the wall that stand on the hind legs. ? ?d *at. and scratch their long ears with their <aFepaws I cut them baskets, deaths' heads <*c , out of oranges, and other patterns most curious and comical to behold, t get my first 'and second fingers to represent the leg- of a Highlander, and. in that capacity, and with a handkerchief for a kilt, they scamper round tbe tray, and dance a hornpipe?which, for ac curacy, could not be surpassed by Mr. T. P. Cooke. With the simple aid of a napkin my hand conjures up an old woman's face that makes them die of laughing; and their aston ishment knows bounds when, after superhu man efforts of strength. I succeed in pushing half a crown through the mahogany table,and it is distinctly heard to drop through on the oppo-itc side They never tire of listening to my imitations of Punch, and they ask me again and again to bark like the dog Toby, which canine imitation is so wonderfully life-like that pussy rouuds b?r back, and takes up a defensive attitude on the hearth-rug to resist any invasion of it. Most so?logically curiousarc my assumptions ?>f various animals?without pride or affecta tion. I believe I have an entire poultry-yard in my throat. My cock-crowing was, I tell them, the very identical salute of the man that mode the sun in Kentucky rise by mistake a good hour earlier than usual. '1 hey laugh, and their laughing make.-* me laugh, until we ore told that grandpapa cannot bear so much noise, and we had better go into the pass age and play l>y ourselves. I am enlisted in the theatrical corps. Some how. to the great amusement of every body, the most ignoble characters are allotted to me The daughters of the house 'th?*y are sweetly pret ty> have a malicious pleasure in dressing me up as grotesquely a* they can. Their greafe-t iun consists in smothering my face iu old ladies' caps and bonnets, and I have a shrewd suspi cion that that particular style of head-dress does not tend much to increase my beauty, lor I notice that the effect my appearance* pro duce* on th? company is always one of the most uproarious merriment, '/he old people go into convulsions of laughter, the boys clap their hands, and even the servants put their aprons uj> to their mouths, and with their gut turai effervescing sound, like the opening of soda-water bottles, disappear hurriedly down the kit<-hen stairs. To give a sample of uir general triatment, I will mention that the first vharacter was Don-key. I was unanimously elected as the inut fitting representative of that unintelligent animal, and the shouts that waluted mv entrance into the drawing-room, as 1 trotted I on all fours, with Miss Julia (aged five) on my back, and a pair of fur gloves tied on each side of my head by way ot donkey's ears, and a long bell-rope hanging behind Inc a? the best likeness of a tail. were. I must say, most complimentary to my powers of imitation. I don't know what it wds that inspired tuc to t?ray. but it sounded so natural, and it so clear ly went home to ?be hearts of everyltody. that the loud explosion of laughter that ensued would have done poor Curmudgeon's heart good to have heard it. I am not going through each sep irate stage of a Christinas party. I imagine Christmas forties are very ranch the same ^herc good eeling binds all hearts in happy unison to gether. There is a family likeness. I fancy, that runs through such rejoicings. The char acters are very much alike, and the programme of time-honored amusements does not vary much in our honest Kng!ish homes I need ?>nly reter. with liecoining briefness, to what I do on those h ippy occasions. If a song is want ed, I sing 1 hare no voice, so I make no fuss about it. but sing I gcivrally get to the end of the tir.-it vcrs?- with tolerable success (and, rntr* wn>\. it is something about the /?? /#<*,' a tuiin - mi I tbe audience laugh ; but I am randy i?kc<l to go un with the second. If a baud is wanted for a game of cards. 1 aiu your man. and I can play without losing my temper, or quarreling with my partner because he will not play the precise card 1 want. If jou want a g??od bowl <i| punch. me to tirew it I compound it as conscientiously a* I rhoulidrawup my will As in the latter, nu dear one was omitted that was worthy of re membrance. so in the f irmer, not a good ingre dieut chould be left out that was dear to our recollection, and all should have their lull quantities uieted}?ut to them, according to their true deserts It a dance i* af<*?t. I am ready to dance, until the house -hakes again, the fl<*?r jerk ng up and down as though the r<*oni were a big bottle that w;i? being cleaned, and we were the shot inside that were cleaning it. You will never see me leaning against the d-Ktr, standing on my dignity, w.vtmg for a partner worthy of iny inferior self, but I start off instantly, either with the oldest or tbe youngest of the party. I aui not above offer ing my hand even to a poor deserted ?'wall flower. The musicians tire before I do. I can keep up with tbe nimblest of them, and during the intervals of rc|>ose I ctn flirt, or joke, or ask conumdrums. or take off popular actors, or imitate bricks tumbling down the chimney, or do a little bit of conjuring with the cards to amuse the young ones, or drawing one ? chair up to the fire, can listen patiently to the pleasant chatter of the old dames talk ing affectionately about their grandchildren, and even if a cab is wanted. I flatter myself I can fetch it in quicker time than anybody. The time flies gayly n? a butterfly on its first da; out from the chrysalis I dou t think. I don t do much more than I have described Somehow, friends <eem pleased to see my fa^e, plain as it is Christmas Day is a day of extreme happiness to me ; I enjoy it with *11 ray heart, and regret that it does not cutne oftener than once a year. Perhaps it is th:s sense of enjoyment that makes me an m*eeptable guest with others. I laugh, I eat, 1 drink, I cut my capers. I enter ton amort into every passing fun. and am a jicrfect victim at forfeits. 'J here is no fully that I ain not ready to be a partner in Corking my face does not make mc angry. If I can oblige every one. I am only too happy to do. Laugh at me as you will, you cannot offend me. From snap-dragon to kissiDg under the mistletoe. is nothing that comes amiss tw me. I love children. Their society has the effect, for the time being, of making me feel younger my self; as for the old people, the mere feeling of reverence make* me behave kindly to tuose who can only for a limited period be our guots I and companions. Call me easy, simple, fool ! ish. weak, good natured. childish, if you will. 1 don't mind. After all, they are not bad qualities, perhaps, since they contribute so largely to my own enjoyment; and who knows but they may be the very reasons why I am always invited out on Christmas Day f And. perhaps, the absence of those same qualities is alio the reason why Curmudgeon, with his means and superior recommendations, is so rarely invited out on the same day.?London IIInslratfd Srvs. [COM.UU.NICA I ED Th K R KVIsEl) ConK OF THE DISTRIC T ?'F Co LtTMBiA.?III a former rommonkaticn we hail oc casion to allude Incidentally to those provisions of the Code which relate to the recovery of debts, and we attempted to show that one of theirbene ilcial effects would he to keep down the rate of Interest. There is reason to fear, however, that those provisions are but imperfectly understood, and that many persons are in danger of receiving erroneous impressions concerning them by trust ing to the artful sophistries of designing men It has l>*>eH boldly asserted that the new Coae attempts again to fasten on its the odious law of ?mjtrisonttunt tor dt^t. It has lreen said that this District is to he turned into a great >a man tap" to catch the unfortunate of every section of the I nion who are unwarv enough to step with in its boiders. This last *la iderous imputation is but a sample of the gross misrepresentations of those who, avowing the'.r hostility to the whole Code, have held up for reprobation those detached sections or pliras-s against which they imagined the pop ular might he%iost readily excited. S > long .is ttie enemies of the Code continue to indulge in vague generalities and vapid declama tion it will l?e hard to tell w hat point their at tieks a:e directed against; hut in this instance we ?ii?play to view the entire volume, and defy any man to lay hi? Anger upon the passage or passages which, either taken singly or put to gether in any collocation whatsoever, ran be made to liear the meaning which the public are asked to put upon them; and We led equally con fident that if the true secret of the objection were disclosed, and if the objectors were known, the etl'ect would be to commend these provisions of tue Code still more strongly to the favor of every honest and substantial C'.tiien. This "man trap,*' what is it ? The proposed n'tack?i'Ht late' No, for the Code expressly declares that no attachment shall is?ue in any case except for a cause of action arising within this District. Moreover, it does not authorize an attachment of the defendant's body, but only of hi-? property. To say, then, that every haid liearted creditor in the land will have it in his power to follow his debtor to the District of Co lumbia and, simply upon making a certain affi davit. thiow him into prison?a power which the laws of his own State or country would not, pe:hap*. give him?such an assertion, we say, would lie simply ridiculous if it were not wil fully false. This process of attachment is no innovation ; it is nothing more than a partial restoration of ttie law which existed in Maryland at the time o^ the cession of this District, and which con tinued to lie in force until, not from any sense of public utility, but to gratify private ends, it was virtually tepealed 1'nder the oldfrommou law a defendant might generally be required touive I ail lor his ap|>earance, or imprisoned in default ol it, in a civil as welt as in a criminal cause. Some years ago a stranyer from one of the States, having lieen arrested at the instance of one of our citizens, and M ing unable to obtain ttail, sent for a representative in Congress from his district In twenty-four horns afterwards a bill was passed through Congres#. which, under the specious titie of '? All act to abolish impris onment for debt in the District of Columbia, ex cept in eases of fraud.'' had the effect of virtu ally repealing our foreign atlat hiiient insolvent laws, and inflicting a fatal injury upon tomiiier cial confidence. Subsequently, (in I'-VJ.) under precisely similar circumstances, and for a pre cisely similar private purpose, .mother act was passed, which completed the work of destruc tion. swept away th* la*t traces of our most val uable remedy, and left u at the mercy of that iriesponsible class of persons who, without hav ing any permanent residence in our community, constitute so large a portion of our population, and witli whom our merchants and others have most of their dealings. l*or our own part we only regret that the Code docs not go further, and, repealing these repeal ing sta'.utes, authorize, hi some cases at least, ar red ; nd bail at the institution of a suit. The Code, however, contains no such prov s on: and hence it was ttint we could not conceive what it was that had been seized upon as a pretext for this pretended alarm, unless it was the proposed attachment law. Tiik Lost Steamship Pacific?ThkBotti.k 1*i? ki:i? If.?Some tipie since wo published an account of the discovery of a bottle, which had floated ashore on the coast of France, contain ing a paper. pur[M*rting to have been written by a passenger on board the Collins steamship Pacific, just as she was going down. This story was sup{M>?ed to be a hoax, but there is another chapter of it. The editor of the Xorwalk (Conn.) (iazetlc, believing that the paper was written by Legrand Smith, of Xorwalk, a pas senger on the steamer, wrote at once to a friend in Paris. Dr. Evans, to make inquiries about the affair, and especially tke handwriting of the note louud. Jiy the Africa an answer was received, in which Dr. Evans says tuat he feels there can be no doubt about it. lie had ob t lined possession of the slip of paper found, and states the circumstances as follows : ?*l was on a professional visit to tlic Empress the other day ; and in conversation mentioned the subject, in which she became most intensely interested. The Emperor entering at the time, the Empress said : "Aly dear, Dr Evans has been telling me of the possibility of ascertain ing the fate of the Pacific." Then repeating what I had said, regarding the receipt of your letter, Ac. The Emperor, who is u man of noble heart, at once entered into the details of the subject Upon my relating it to hiui, he said it interested him exceedingly, and be would immediately send for the scrip of paper. He being a very prompt man. and full of kindly feeling, did so, and sent me. directed by him self and sealed with his own private stamp, the said paper, which I now have in my posses sion. and which is acknowledged by all who have seen it, to be an American handwriting it is hastily irrilteu in /ir/irtf. 4- Now I wish to obtain through you. his own handwriting, to compare wifh what i have, as of course. 1 cannot send you the original but will have a fur j/milt taken, if |#ossible, to send you.'' I J he Uazctte anticipates that further investi gation will decide the question, beyond doubt, as to the genuineness ol this curious wail The friends of the lost Smith are, as may be ex acted. greatly interested in the result. II jr R M Mellen, the Chicago periodical dealer who disappeared so mysteriously in May, l"w. we learn from the Chicago Tribune, has relumed safe and souuit Meantime, his wife supposing him d-ad, married a mau by the name of Austiu. between whom and Mellen a struggle is now going on for the custody of the lady. Mellen states that he was insane wb.i be wan d-red awav. and that he first went to Memphis, tnence t? New O: leans, and thence to California, whence he now returns inr The act iu relation to duelling, recently passed by the I.gislature of rtoulh Carolina, pro vides that any magistrate may issue a warrant to p event persons going out of the State to fl^ht a d iel. and compel thern to enter into bond with Nineties to keep the peace, and not go beyond the limits of the Vtate Special Notices. To TUX CITIZENS (IF washington.? Wolft'i Scktidam Aromatic Sr h nnpps.?The proprietor bens leave to oall the attention of strangers and the citizens of Washington, to a very superiorartioleof Holland Gin, which he introduced to the Amenoan public ?nder the name of Wolfe's Schcidam Aro matic Schnapps. This Gin is manufactured hy the proprietor exclu sively at his Distillery in Schiedam, Hollaed. It is made from thu best Barley that can he procured in Europe, at any cost, and flavored and medicated, not hy the common harsh l?crry, but by the milt ohoice botanical variety of the Aromutio Italian Ju niper Berry, whose more various extract is distill ed and rectified with its spirituous solvent, and thus beoomesa concentrated tincture of exquisite tta vors and aroma, altogether transcending in its Cor dial and Medicinal propertiesany alcoholic beverage heretofore known. The proprietor has submitted it to nearly the whole Medical Faculty of the 1'iiited States, and has received answer* from altout four thousand Physicians and Chemists, who endorse it over their signatures as a most desirable addition to the Ma teria Medica. Persons who purchase sheuld l?e careful to Ret the genuine article, as the wliolocounlry is Hooded with counterfeits and imitations. Put up in quari and Dint bottles, in cases of one dozen caeli. and for sale b\'all the rcspeetahle Drug gists and Grocer# ill the f'nited States. Ukolpho Wolfe. Sole Importer and Manufacturer. Depot, No. Heaver street, New York. Wolfe's Schiedam Aromatic Schsaff6. is prescribed with great sucoess by the Medical Fac ulty in Gravel, Gout, Chronic Rheumatism, Drop sy, Dyspepsia, Sluggish Circulation of the Blood. Inadequate Assimilation of Food, and exhausted Vital Knergy; and as a beverage it has no aupsnor in the world. Put up in quart and pint bottles, and for sale by all the Druggists and Growers in Washington. I"doi pHo Wolfe, Sole Importer and Manufacturer. Nos. IB, 20, and 2L\ Beaver street. New York. Wolfe's Scheidam Aromatic Schnapps.?The proprietor particularly recommends the above Schnapps to persons travelling or about to settle in the South or West on account of its Medicinal pro perties in oorrecting the disagreeable and ofteudan gcrous effeots produced by a change of water?a visitation to which all travelers South and West are particularly liable. Strangers should be careful in purchasing the Schnapps, as the whole country is Hooded with o >unterfcits and imitations. The genuine has the proprietor's name on tlie bottle, cork and label. For bale by all Druggists and Gro cers. Udolpho Wolfe, d l2-3m Depot 13 Beaver *'reet. New York. I am ix possession of som# valuable certificates in favor of the Consumption Destroyer, a!so of its efficacy in relieving bronchial disease attended with severe cough. TheSjrup is pleasant and safe, and is composed of roots and herbs procured from the Bhie Ridge; it is no common article. They are nicely enveloped in my circulars, where my place of residence is seen. The extract of a flnwercalled the Alpha Oirtment for the found at Mr C Stay's; the Syrup is at several other places on Pennsylvania avenue. a* well an Georgetown, at Mr. Newman's on Bridge street. In Alexandria at Ledbetter's. In Baltimore, at Hance'B, l'-B Balti more street. d 7-ti Dyspepsia ani> Fits.?Dr. Tracy Delonne, great curer of Consumption, was for several years so bad ly.afflicted by dyi-pepsia that for a part of the tune he was oonfined to his l>ed. He was eventua'Iy cured by a prescription furnished him a young clairvoy an' tsirl. This prescription, given by .1 mcra child while in a state of trance, has cured every l?ody who has taken it, never having failed once. It is equally as sure 111 cases of fits as of dy spepsia. The ingr? dients may f?e found in any drug store. I will send this valuable prescription to any person on the re ceipt of a stamp, to prepay postage. Address Dr. Tracy Dwlorme, New York Post Office. n 30 2m Special Notice.?For Perfumed Breath. White Teeth, and Beautiful Complexion, use " Balm of l.uoo Flowers " For dressing Ladies' hair use " Woodland Cream," a new pomade : it causes gen tlemen's hair tu curl beautifully. Price 50 cents each. W P. Fetriiigk Sc. Co., Proprietors. New York. Wholesale and Retail Agents for Washington. Taylor A M ai ry. Booksellers, !>etween 9th and loth st.. Pa. avenue. n 17 s friends Jit r|H) THK PUBLIC. 1. Parties or persons having advertised for sale an " L'NKXPLOSIVK GAS." wtioh is no thing but the well known "Ktlierial < >ii." therefore I deem it necessary to caution consumeis for their safely, that the only genuine article 1* known as "Reinfzel's non-Fxplo*ive Burning Fluid," ami is prepared and soli) y F.STI his Depot, cor oerof llth anil K streets, lie beuig the sole possess or of the right for selling the same in tne District of Columbia 00 2l-eo3m FR.STUTZ j^KW HOOT AND SHOE STORK. The subscriber respectfully informs his friends and the public generally that lie baa remov ed his BOOT aNDSHOK ESTABLISH MF.NT to No. 3"'3 Pennsylvania avenue.? soul ii side, and nine doors east of his former ? pla^eof business, where may be found a verj gene tal and select assortment of BOOTS, SHOl'.S, and GAITERS, for 1 adies. Gentlemen arid Clnl dren. of his own manufacture: winch will, in quality of material a*d workmanship, compare favorab y wit Ii those of the best establishments. All goorts made by or bought of the subscriber may be relied upon a's being, 111 all cases, exact.v as represented, to whieh he would most respectfully call the attention of those in want of good articles. The snbscril>er takes tins opportunity of return ing hissinoere thanks to Ins friends and the public in general for the very liberal patronage given li'in for the past five years; and promise, in return for the same and for that which may hereafter be mven hnn. renewed efforts to give that satisfaction which is so muoti desired in our business. J. R. MORG A N, 3*0 Pa. avanue, d 30-eolin* south side, bet. 9th and 10th sts. D Washington, December 2H, 1837. A VID A. H A LL, F.sq , having made a Convey - ance and general Assignment of all his Real and Pers-mil Kstate to the undersigned 111 trust for cer tain purposes, all persons having claims against the ?aid David A. Hall are requenta! to present the Minens soon as may lie uonvcniiiiit at the office of one of the Trnstaes. No. to Louisiana avenue ; and all persons indebted to the said estate are requested to pay the same without delay. WM. H. PHILIP. HARVKY LINDSLY, d28-cotf Trustees. A SPECIAL t ARD ? To all persons indebted to to us in open accounts or otherwise are respect fully notified that their bills will Ihj inado oft and and presented by 1st January, and as we design mak inga change in our business, we earnesthr request that they will come forward, close their accounts l>y cash or notes at short dates 111 settlement by the loth proximo. We hope in view of the present financial condi tion of the entire country, a<d our intention to make a clianre in business, wul sufficiently explain the necessity of our request for prompt payments. COLLET a skars, d 2fi loteod .V23 7th st.. 3 doors from Pa. av. pATKNT OFFICK RKSTAI RANT\ The Undersigned having^ _ f m Jlaiught the House at the oor-Z^^^ ner of 7th and G streets, for- vRA merly and favorably known ~ as the F.uropean House, and having renovated anff"refurniahed tha same, is pre pared. at the shortest notice, to furnish parties with all the deitoaciea the market atlords. GAMK 111 season. The beat of WINKS, LI QUORS, and CIGARS constantly on hand. Families supplied with OYSTKRS at all hours, from 6 o'clock a. m., to 12 p. m. He respect fully solicits from his friends and the public a call, d 19-Stawlin SAML. BRKRKTON. en CASKS SUPERIOR OLD BOURBON OU W HISK Y The ?ubaoril?er has received,direct from Wallace Pope A Co.. of Louisville. Kentucky, 5'i dozen su penor BOIJRBON WIIISKV, twenty years old. which wi'l be sold for ?'? per dozen. d 31 -codiit J. C. MoGUIRK. A net. T A R RIAGKS. HK Subscrilier having made additions to his Factory, making it nuwone of the largest-^ergko in the District, where his facilities forSfflJKwR: manufacturing a I kinds of CAR iBr*?W RIAGKS and LIGHT WAGONS cannot t>e sur passed, and from hia long experience in the busi ness, he hopes to give general satisfaction. All kinds of Carriages and Light Wagons kept on hand. Ail RKPAIRSneatly done,and all orders prompt ly attended to. Seoond-haod Carriagei taken in exchange for new ones. ANDRKW J. JOYCK, d 10-tf corner of 14th and K sta. NOTICK? We reapectfully notify all persona having open accounts on our books that their bills have been indiscriminately made off for issue up to this date and are ready for delivery. Those preferring not to have them sent in will find their ac counts ready at our desk. In view of the troubles still existing in the oountrv in relation to monetary affairs, we l>eg that all will speedily oompiy with the wish we indicate by this notioe. d 21 Sw CLAGETT* DODty>N._ ^ARD PLATE ENGRAVING, AND PRINT VISITING. INVITATK)N, AND BUSINESS CAR DS engraved in every atyle. CARD PLATES printed in the beat manner and with diapaMh. VISITING AND INVITATION CARDS,plain and enamelled surface, furnished at the lowest prioes. W. F. BAYLY. No. 278 Pa. llth and 12th sta, d4 tf llntel.eo6tJ Georgetown Advertisements. WUITABLK FOR PRESENTS. John II. Smout, No. 119 Bridie atreet, George town, D. C.. has re?--eiv?>d, autl offers very cheap fur Cash, a good assortment of laucv and useful afti clew, suitable for Christmas or New Year's prea ent?. vis: Fancy and black Sliks. very cheap Shawls, Scarfs, and Cloaks Kioh worked Collars and sets Hein-s(itchedembroidered and plain linen cam bric Handkerchiefs Sest I'arie Kid Gloves, all No*. joIi printed DeLfwus and Merino Plaida Merino Plaids. Union, 25 and 31 o. A large tot D? Lames, 14\ aud2Jc. 8ents Sosrfe, Ties, and Cravats loves of every kiild Silk, wline anu colored Iwrdered linen cambric Handkerchiefs Children's Woolen Circulars, iloods and Gai tcra Gents and Boys Scarfs and Comforts Merioos and Silk Vestings. A e. With a great many other desirable articles that would be. suitable for a present, d 18 tf J.H.SMOOT. LMNE ALES.?We respectfully announce to our a fnende and the public that we havoat last stio ceeded in having a large quantity of A l.ES of vari ous kinds brewed expressly to our order, which we wil! guarantee fo be the finest and the largest vari ety that was ever offered in this market. All persons wishing a nice article of Ale can have it by apply ing to us for either of the following brands, viz. Kennett, Burton XXX Pale, India Pale, Phil adelphia and XX. We also have a fin? article of Brown r*tontatid XX Porter alwsvs on hand. All orders by mail, or given to our drivers, will be

attended to. ARMY k. 811 INN, Union Bottling Depot. 37 Green street, d 17-d Georgetown, 1>. C. IORD BYRON'S vols., Murray'a -A London edition, in purple calf binding. Kniglt'a Pictorial Sbakspeare, 9 vols., octavo, London, green calf The Stratford Shakspeare, 10 vols., London, in oak cases. The Cabinet Shakspeare.12 vole., London, cloth ^ * British Poets, 4 vols., London, half calf. Rose's Biographical Dictionary, 12 vols., Loudon, full c*lf. Rollin's Ancient Hiatory, 2 vole., London, many maps, in half calf. Burnet* a Histories, 3 vote., London, half calf. Dean Swift's Works, Ros^oe's edition, 2 vols., London, half oa!f. Wtoewell'a History of the Inductive Sciences,3 vols.. London, fu 1 caif. Bulwer's Novels, 2o vols., London, green oaJf. And many other standard works m fine bindinra, imported from Loudon, bv <*?> FRANCK TAYLOR. E FE W DAYS IN WASHINGTON. FF1CAOIUIS CURL FOR tUKN S, BUNIONS. SOFT CORN?. TOE NAILS. Without Cutting or Causing the. Slightest Pain?by DR. 8CH LOSSER, surgeon Chiropodist to tlie principal Sovereigns in Kurope, takes this opportunity of apprise the iB'lies and gen'lemen of Washington and its en virons that HE W1I.L STAY HEKE ONLY A FEW D*YS. and may be consu'ted in every department of Penal Surgery. especially in CORN'S, BUNION'S, and troublesome TOL-N AILS. ail of which, however long standing or bad, he guarantees to efectually and permanently cwr< in a few moments, without the slightest pain or iiiconveuience, either during their removal or afterwards N. B. <>ffioe?224 F street, betwr,n Mr* nn<f \Sth streets, near the Tr- a\ury l/rpar t mt. Offline hours from 10 a. in. till 1 p. in., and 2 till 6 o'clock p. iu. Will visit ladies at their own residence by giving a few hours' notice. ID* The following testimonials are similar to the thousands in the Doctor's possession: From H. ill , the Km* ?/ Bavaria. Mr. Schlosser has operated on H. Majesty's feet with great ekiU. and without the leaat n*ui. Certi bed l?y II. Majesty'e Oonimimd. BN: KfTLLKR. From H. Imp. Highness, the Prince Jerome Na poleon. M r. Schlosser'a m'a est rait des oorsarce l>eaucoup d adresse et saus !a inoiadre douluer. JEROME AAPOLEON. From William Rite. Proprietor of the Pennsyl ranian. Mr. Schlosser has extracted two corns from my feet which were extremely painful for many jears. The extraordinary ease with which he operated is remarkable, and I cheerfully recommend hint to all who are troubled with oorns es tne only person 1 have ever known to perform the operation scientifi cally and without pain. WM. RlCE. Philadelphia, Sept. 23. 1857. ? From Pirre* Butler, f'fa. Dr. Schlosser has extracted a nun: iter of oorna Irom my feet wi'h great skill and without pain. PIERCE BL'TLER. Philadelphia, Nov. 9, IA57. F^rom I)r. S. M. l.andiPhitsir inn to the City Water Curt Institute at Philadelphia. Dr. Schlosser has extracted, without pain or ness. eieht very painful corns in a few minutes. I would advise my friends and the public generally to go to Mr. Schlosser and have themselves relieved of these toe tormentors. S. M. LAND1S, M. D. Thousands of testimonials from the United States, and also from Rovalty, Nobility,and medical tneyi from Earope can be seen at the Doctor's Office, 224 F str-et, between 14'A and 15f& streets. near the Treasury i ? partm- nt. Only a Few Da\s in Washington. d 24 tin By THE PR ESI b^"'vr*7?F THE UNITED STATES: In pursuanoe of law, I, Jamk? BrrHANAN. Presi dent of the United States of America, do hereby de olare and make known that publio (files will 1*5 held at the undermentioned land offices in the State of Alabama, at the periods hereinafter designated, to wil: At the land office at Elba, commencing on Mon day. the fifth day of April next, for the disposal of the public lands situated within the following named townships, vis: ftorth oj the hmse !tne and west of the Tallahas see meridian. Fractional township 7, of ranges 8,9, 10, 11,12, 13. 14.15, Ifi and 17. Fractional township 6, of ranges 18, 19, 2", 21, 22, 2J, 24 and 25. F ract lonal sect-ons 25,26,27,28 and 30. of fraction al township 6, of range 26. F ractional sections 2b, 28 and 30 of fractional town shipb. of range i7. Fractional section 2fi and the east half of fraction al section 28, of fractioual township 6, of range 28. Lauds appropriated by law for the use of schools, military ana other purposes, will be excluded from the sale. The offering of the above lands will be commenced on the day appointed, and will proceed in ttie order in whioh they arc advertised, until the whole shall have been offered .and the sales thus closed; but the sale shall not be kept opea longer than two weeks, and no private entry of auy of the iBnds will be ad mitted until after the expiration of the two weeks. Given under inv hand, at theoity of Washington, this twenty-sixth day of DeoemWr. anno Domini one thousand eight hundred and fifty-seven. ? ? JAMES BUCHANAN. By the President: Tho*. A. Hespricks, Commissioner of the General Land Office. ? NOTICE TO PRE-EMPTION CLAIMANTS. Every person entitled to the right of pre-emption to any of the lands within the townships and parta of townships above enumerated is required toestab lish the same to the satislaction uf the Register and Receiver of the land office at Elba, and make pay mmt thertfor as soon as practicable aj.r r stttng this notice, and Itefore the day appointed for the commencement of the public sale of the lauds em bracing the tract claimed: otherwise auch claim will be forfeited. THOS. A. HENDRICKS. Commiauonerof the General Land Offioe. jan 5-law3w (CHILDREN'S BOOKS FOR IMB.-The Little Commodore, Mother's TrueStoriea, The Won derful Mirror. Richard, the Lion-hearted. Heroes of History, Tales of Sea and Land. Inquisitive Jack, Dick Boldhero, What to do and how to do it, Siberian Sable Hunter, True Stories and False Tales from the German, Belle and Lilly, or the Golden Rule. Aunt Mavor's Nursery Rhymes, Naughty Bojsand Girls, Fairy Tales by the Coun tess D Aulnoy, and many others for youth of all ages, some of them just from London. _d 23 FRANCK TAYLOR. 1W. ADVENTURES OF A CAT, and a tine Cat, too. colored engravings; London, 1857. The Adventures of a Bear, and a great Bear, too. oolored engravings; London, 1857. I he Adventures of a Dog. and a good Dog, too, colored engravings; London 1857. . The Little Pilgrim, by Alfred Crowquil, l?eauti fully illustrated; London, 1857. Fairy tiold. translated from the French, many il lustrations: London, 1857. Tales and Fairy Stories, translated from the Ger man; London, 18S7. Sax el ford, a story for the Young, many illustra tions; London, 1857. Eda Morton,or Sohool-rooin Days, many illustra tions: London, 1857. With many other new Booka. 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Orders left at the mtiMo store of Mr. Metzerott, or at Mr. Gautier's Confectionery. a'so. at L. Weber's residence. No.StTJ Seventh street, between G and I,(Navy Yard.) will meet with prompt atten tion. ?t a-lru LOUIS WE BUR. Leader. M musical card. R. GEORGE M. ARTII, leader of Arth'e Brass and String Band. begsleaveto Announce to mk friends of Washington. Georgetown.uffif and Alexandria, that he is now prepared to ?jug* furnish MUSIC for Balls, Private Parties. Taraoes, Soirees. Ac. From one to any number of M usiciaus to tie had at the shortest notice. Orders can bo left at the Musioal Depots of John F. Ellis or W.G. Me tzerott. or al h<? residence, corner Mh and G st reetu. Navy ^ ard. 00 5fh-3m* Dancing. | j A N C I N (i ACADEMY. Mr. T F. GASZYNSKf and DAUGHTER hare the honor to announce to the !.a<li??8rd Gen- #JL Lemon of Washington and Georgetown that al he will re open his Classes for Dancing Washington on Friday, the 9lh of October, atl .Jfc remperanee tlall, E street, for Misses and Master*, from 3 o clock p. m.: for I.^ulies and Gentlemen, from 7 o olock p. in. tjeorgetown? on Wednesday, the 7th of October, at Miss Harrovrr s Ladies S?m luaxy, fiom ^o'clock p. in. For ternif> and particulars application '-an be made at Mr. G.'a residence. 407 E stieet, l?twc?n ?*h and ??>th atreets. se 12 hm pi KMTL'RLVER Y CHEAP. The public are lesrectf-jllv informed 1 lie brat, second, and third floors of ouri large Furniture Warehouse, are' filled to the utmost capacity with] even; description of HOI >K FURNISHING GOODS?such afc Sofas, Bureaus. Tab'es.Chairs Bedsteads. 1.ounces, WashstanJi Writ'ng Desks, Beds. Carpets. Looking Glasses, China, Glass,aud Crockery Ware. Ac. 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Prices verr reasonable, the same as alius estab lishment in Europe. n9-tf A GG A G E EXPRESS OFFICE D Street, Adjoining Th* Stnus Printing Ofire. The Rubscnl?er, Baggage Agent for Baltimore and Ohio and Washington Branch Ri?i!road, has opened ati office, nt the above place, for the iK-mm inflation of the public, where orders can l*> left !<v the use of W agons to convex P-<cgage or Packages to and from Kailroad Depot. Sie^inlMMits. Ac., it for reinovai to any point in this City 1 r Georgetown. Office open from 7 o'clock a. 111. to 10 o'c'ock p m., daily, except Sunda*. 7 to in o'clock a. in.. ?' o'clock tol'ip.m JOHN' M. MeCLINToCR, Baggage Agent Baltimore and Ohio Kailroad. N ? B ?Persons coming to Washiugtun or going to Baltimore, not having made up their minds where they w>,l stop, by giving up their checks to my a cent 8 on the cars, will! have their luggage taken chre of at this office, or at Baltimore office. 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Terms, per session of five months, pa^ab e half in advance: Board, (in private families if preferred.) including fuel, light*, and washing ,v\ Tuition ?n oomiiion English Rianches I* .'?? Higher English Branches 1;, n?i Ancient ami Modern Languages and Mathe matios...^ 22 V" Muaio 17 5n !)rawing in on ?ainting in 00 Embroidery 5 no B Rev. J. W. GEORGE./ Prl?,,. WILLIAM HALL. < Prin I For Circulars, with other particulars, references. k o., address either of the Principals as above. d 7-lawtFehI NINo. W.| OTICE OF THE REMOVAL OF THE LAND OFFICE FROM MINNEAPOLIS TO FOREST CITY, IN THE TERRITORY OF MINNESOTA. In accordance with the provision* of tt>e act of Concress, entitled ' An act changes in jthe location of land offices." approved March 3, l?S3, it ih hereby declared and made known that theofhr-e for the aale of ihe public lands at Miskatolis in the Territory of Minnesota, will lie removed to Fo*t>T City, in said Territory, at as early a parted a* praeiirnhle. Fvirttier notice a* to the precise time of remova' will be issued by the register and receiver for the land district. , , Given under my hand, at the ctfy ?>f Washington, this 8tki day of Deccml>er, A. D, 1857. A ?ENDK|CKr<. Commissioner ofthe General l^and Office. d 10 1 ?, w> w ONOFELLOW'S POETICAL WORKS a London oopy. with one hundred designs, by Gil bert. I??h*iel and others hne|, bound. TENNYSON'S POEMS,London copy,nuiner ouslv illustrated and finelv Nuind. HOME AFFECTIONS. SELECTED FROM THE POETS. Charles Mackay. one volume, amaP quarto. London, I'jA, finely bound, with engrav ^RYANT'S POEMS, stnal' quarto, 71 engrav ings, finely bound. LALLA ROOKH, small quarto, finely iliue trated and bound. BRACEBRi DGE HALL, small quarto, nnmer ous enrraviuga and finely l?>und And fine editions of most other English and A me rican writers, in Poetry and Prose,some IteautifuHy illustrated, others richly hound, may lie found at the jmstkator# of the undersigned, mostly imported t?y himself direct from London. ian 4 FBAN'CK TAYLOR. IIVI \GSTON E'S TRAVELS and Researches J 111 South Afrina, 1 vol., 8vo.. with Maps and En MINI'F. MEAT!?MINCE IflCATR We have a supply of Mine# Meat whi.1, cnoo. b. ? rP-~fd.Q t V|C||ELU d a corner lath street aad Varmont avenue. \ THE WEEKLY 8TAR.* *hle Pamtu and Nnwg }ovmat iw m ?irwur WiMt of .nter?e*ag I ?<5>M the? t? foand |b m cuag^-w pgniiahed ox niM< {ingie oofr, par ?' copies - ? - - . . ? * so OOPiM - ? went* copies . ?U Cmk, it tdttiut. 0; tabecrfciac in Clehs raiMxj neighliMB g wittooat Ute intervention ufe mm, n?enT. u wii; b* Creetred. >' per eent. of Tm* UiiuiStu woi wved. It invariably oontatna U? g?-* Xtwt" that has made Tbr Rtsjiim Stab c:ros .ato an geoerally throat boat the ooaatry. irrCiniii oopies <u> wrappers) oan be preoeted atthe o> onter. immed.ate.* the issue o tl.e mw. Pricn?TEKEE CENTS. IL^ Postmasters who acta* agents will beallowed a commission of>' oent. ?! Dentiitry. Ac. Dk. h. fin ley hunt. DtXTIST \o. Slo I'fnnifiv?nm Will perfoin alioper*tioi,sa?i<taciii? t?bi? profession at lua old established ofioe, as al*>\ d 19-tf _ ^HL IMPROVED SETSOF TEKTH. M. LOOM It*. M. D.. the inventor ami mimuk of I "Lootniy Mtaerei F??f? Ttttk," ha successfully mi rod lived his impn'femw" ''otPIw various oitira. haa t*>w permanently eetab- "ITT" llsiied himself in Washington. This improvement for S?ta of Teeth consists chief It in mnking a art of but one piece of materia.:, ai d tlnf indeatrnetiNe mir.eml. No metsi 1a used m their const nation, and they are therefore free from ft a ivamc act?-ii and metaiio taste. There are no joints to become filled with roo.sture or partioies of To.*!. lienoe the* ere pnre and cltan. 'I hey are liahter, stronger, leaa c.umsy. lar more durable, and natural in their appear*ncc. I will rive a reward o One Thousand Dinars to any one who wiil produce a similar work of ait to equal mine m puritj. beaury. durability, aitiatic exoefience or any other re%uigtte quality. All work responsiMy warraiied. 27* P*nna. avenue, between lith and 12th atraati ap 13-1* HENTISTRY, U DR. STEPHEN BAILY, Or?:r* No. IW Psnss* lvanta Avbpbb, TVfcrgg dcvs Jrom Mr 4 Sfrssf. Dp. BAIL\ bepg leave to infWm the peMic that he I e seen at all hours at ma oftce. Iooa'*d as above, c feels Ft cured that an expenenceof Jnie?re rear** piaotice. with the arge number of patients,aurrreat v \rietr of difficult oases that he haa treat*d an fu'lv, will enable him to surmount any difticu ty, Bc^ntif* or otherwise, reiatin* to the Teeth. Hia own fxpfrieme oonfirvninc lite opinion of many mac e innent in the prolfSMon, nnd e?pecuill? Dra. flarria an! J.s'd K. Parmly, has led hi in. Ion* 'ii*ce, todia oird all mercurial preparet?ona for ftllinr T?>eta.a!eo all Kn?m*la, tivtta Fproha, tndia Kul>Ur, aud Ce ?n#?iit" for the oonf'ruclion of Continuoaa tium T?eth. and * Poree. "n. mounted on GoM Piate, la the oiiIt reliable ?a la'ai.oe that can I e worn in the mouth. *m moa' uoiuci vely ahown by the iaat Ati en car Detta' CoLyention. Although be fla 'cra himself from hia lorn rea: dence ana faotiee ui Washington, he la favorable known to hia numerous friends and patrona. he t ega leave to refer the.n to the following TESTIMONIALS: From the late Hector of the Church of Epiphany of ttua city Dr. STEMt?N Daily: Dear Sir^i deaireU>eapreea iny esteem for you personal I*, and my oor.fedence ;n ?ou at> a superior dentist. The opererior.g eaecatoa for me huve u en liigtily aatitfaolory. 1 bcpe tliat yoo may receive the patronage from my friend* and the psblic that your skill go well ueeervea. Yours very truiy, V\ achin ton, A at. 2S, 186C. J.W.FRENCH. From one of theoldeet hrma in Daltimore, Mi Doegs, Cotman A Co. Ha7:ng employed Dr. Stephen Daily, Sargeun Den* list, of Washington city, to execute for me ar> im portant anO dithcult piece of work, which he did to my entire satisfaction, and in view of the ffcet that one of the most diatingaiahed memltersof the Dental College of Baltimore, tailed, after repeateu triala, to perform the aaine work aaiufactonly, it fives me great pleasure to express iny entire conhdenoe and Eiah estimation of his profeaaiona: aki.l. Baltimore. Jan. 12,18S7, HARM ANN BOGSS. Extract from a note received frcm the late Has. J ohm M. Clayton. IJ. S. rrsiti. Abb. M. >?? The teeth yoa made for me wor^ admimhly; noth ing oou:d be better. Very rratefc^lv, JOHN M. CLA\ TON. To those that geek re'ief from tiie ma>adieg of the leett). I oan cheerfully reoommend Dr. S. Dm It ae a anperioi pentiat; he mide a set of porceuaa tee'h for one of my fanu!?. and pioaged severa teeth t< mveelf. and the work nea a'l atood wel for m.?re than ten year*. ROBERT T. NlXUN, of the Va. Conf. ol the M. E. Churoh South. Apn! 1?. ISM. We. the qnderaif ned. having had oocaeior to ava' > oaraeiveti ot the pr' feasionai akin of Dr. S. Bar*, Surgeon Dentirt of thta eity. or having (>een oogoia ant of hia operationa on our familiea or fhaada, taVe pieAacre in expreaainc ?ur admiration of hia artiet.e skiil, as well ae of the uniformly aatisfhoiory manner in which he performs the mo#t dehoate and Hifficn ? operations in Den'al Surgery.ard we reape<5?fh'lj re Oomtuend him to the oorfidenoe and paironege of pub to. *>f which we nocaider him eminenMi worthy. Thomas lT. W*uei, ArcMtec* I . S.CaeitO'. Ihumo Millbe,M.D .ol Washington, D.C. B. S. Rohkf.r. M. D. of Georgetown. P. C. N. S. (.iwolr, M. D.. of Washington, D. C. Jo?. H. BaarLKT.of Washington, D, C. Gkokse W alToft, Kx Governor of Kionda, Walt?? Lkkox, F.x Mayor of Washington, Hfnht rfA-rwit*. ( .S. Patent Ofeoe. O C. WiaHT.Priucipal Ritteuhouae Aaademy, lab ?tf PD'IVERNfMS* HOTEL. A. A VEN L'Et between 17th a-.d 19th atreeta. v\ ashi >o ro>. D- C. This estal la'iment >a new1* furniahed and ar ranged <>n the most modern and improved principle, wit hpnvat" &partmei:ts. A c. \^7r The Bir it. aupplied with the choioes* of iiea ai.d I.iatmra. fiatne and otlier delieaoias in a^aaon. Hot and Cold Lunch from il o'akiok a.nuintil U m. n PW 1X7M. F HAVI.V. *? WlioVsa'eand Hetai l>ealer in FANCY AND STAPLE STaTIONER\. \o. 27? Pa. mt fmme. OfTere to the public, a* reduced pneet.alnll ar.-l ctmiplete aaeortmrn! of? Writing and letter Papers h ngUsh and American Note Tapers Frer.' h Lnamelleo and Criatol Rt?rd Writing C ?? Ja Wedding f?<l Buame?a Envelopes Extra &ne Knives. Scissors, and Razors. Fai.L-y and P'am P'a^ing Card*. IV?ks*iid \\ i rk-*">xes. B' ckgammon D- ard. Chess Men, Cheokera, Games. Gold Pens, Pencils, Card Cases, Ac., A o. d 4 tf 1 Intel.rofitl SIOP THAT RATTLING. I am now prepared to p>it on " Charman'a Kla?tio Anti-Hnttli.ig r-l-aft Kas'ener," a aure. remed? tor th<? ratt ing of the ahatt-c' p ol Carriages and Wagons, whioh can bo put on at a small expense. Call and examine at my Factory, where 1 hava certificates from the leading t'oaehm?kera in ti e ooontry. ANDREW J. JOYCE, d ie-tf corner M'h ??>d F ata. THE SECRET INFIRMITIES OF YOUTH AND MATl RIT, Just Publisktd. (rrattc, the 2Mh 7% out an-1. A few wonts of the Rational Tn Medicine, of Spermatorrhea or Local V\eakne?s, Nocturnal Kmlssions, Genital, and Nervous Debility, Pre ma'ure Decay of u.e System. Impo tence,and Impedimenta to Marriage' generally, by B. DE LAN'EY.M. D. The important fact that the many alarming oom p aiuts. originating in the impruderee and sohtude of youth, maj l?e easily removed without Mcdieint 's in this small t?aot. elearly demonstrated ; and tha entire'* new ?nd h'gh'v successlnl treatmen* v. adoptod try the author. !u 'y exp.ained. b* me-<ii?n which every ore isenatedtc cure Himeetf perfeot'? and at the east possible cut'., theieby avoiding a^ the a?i\ertite?t roetrums o| the day. Se?ii to ~nv addreea, grnt.s and pt?st free, in a aehied en\el??pe, l*y remitting tw?>postage to DR. DK LANLY. aeiT dAwtf 17 Lispenard street. New Y??rk. A L E AND PORTER. I l?ec to lufi'twt the inhalutanta and viaitore of citieaof Washington and lieorgeiowu, D. C., that I lave and shr.ll e?Hi*t.n!?i? keep on hand, a ato^k <4 XX ALE and BRO\s V STOFT PORTER, matnifaetwred here en' e.y fr<-m Malt and Hope, W!?rianlod frea from a.i injurious ingredients, put until cntka of vario?? siges. suitable for Hotels, Keataifaii:s. Board.:.* Mouses aud private farollle^, de irerci ??? m? own drays, in an) part of the above cities, at the B ewery pnoea. Orders received by poet will he attended to tt?e da* following. Also, Malt and Hoes for sale. Brewery and Maithou&e Oorner of K and ?Tth st:.. Washington city, D. C. d U 2m JOSEPH DAVISON. P'ANOFORTES FOR CHRISTMAS PR h s EN I S. Also. Melodeo?s, Violins, Guitars .Miiato. F utea, Accordeons. TamUirines, Ac.. Ac., suitaole for substantial holidai gifts JOHN F. ELLIS. I iano *nd M naio Store, Pa. avenue, between 9th and H>th streets. d 21 Fj^lNE EDITIONS, in Fine Binding*, of 6iNton. Hume, Hallam. Macauia>. Bannrott. Irvies, Carlyle. I^tmb, Roltertson. Rollm. Plutare??, Rot o< >e. Go,<t a tint h. Dean S*iP, llocarth. Mitford. Mackintosh. Burnet, Ranke. Milton. Whewelt, and other emu ent prose writers, may '?? found at the books'ore of the undersigned, mostly imported di rect form London. ... _ ifl| FRANCKTA\LOR. CRRAP PIANOS FOR SALE OR RENT Two Pianos for each; one do. B7i.twod.?. 11rt Meh: two da. ?l/'-eech: in additKm toalarse atoek of Boston and New York unrivalled Ptan -e diuf J??HN F. ELLIS PREPARATIONS I-OR CHRISTMAS. TAYLOR A M AFR Y announce the eomp'efon of their arrangcmapU for the spproacho g aeason their itnek inoludea a careful selection of macn:h cently illustrated Standard and other Works in plain and ornamental btrdinga; an ut pr?K>edenT?-d variety of Encliah and American Jrventle H?*<k>. and a ch?Hn? assortment of BiMea and frayer Bo? st (in the newest style^K Albums. Portfolios. Writing Desks Inkstands. Calms. Ae, tn whiah tBcy re apeotfully invite attention TAYLOR A MAFRV'S B.v?katore, d a tf pfsr*t. IVTKW Ml SIC received semi weekly ; Mua.e ? . dered fW?m and sent to auy part ol the ou??"' Muaio Bonnd. 4e , Ae., at our Piano ?>arero?Mi?,