Newspaper of Evening Star, January 19, 1858, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 19, 1858 Page 3
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LOCAL INTELLIGENCE. ~ ? i , - t- r irrn Cjtt Cof>ctls -JWrf ?/ AUermrm -The F^ard met at tbe Kauai bour; the President, \V F Havly, In tbe Chair. A communication wan received frt>m the Mavor nominating James Cull for Police Magi ?rate in tb?Mntta DiMrlct. and Jc?b wmum.? ? Police Constable of the ni.i.i . .Mr,," MZZ'Si or ? WilS T^-rlM a vVll . ,,nP[J>veTnei,tH committee. ? n ' a'"'I to supply a deficiency in the m ^f SZf!r Tw'iftfc and ( "<i? *? ?vvesA Twelfth and I ift?*?>iitli streets l.iVk t^'lT ?r ,Var?" the hill referred tainthe eer/i'*T With ins,ruction, to oh fain the certificates of the assistant commission ^r01" ,h,> *""*r?mmiltee, reported ?h.f , P",l,,?" of Miebacl *?"'?? and asked ' |jL'e c?n?,n>tt?? be discharged from a further n>>,deration of the *ame; so ordered. AIso, a joint resolution from the same commit ^inar^y Vhr 'h' *L*>'?r fo ra,,"t* the a!leV in ai opened; panned. k from r aim* committee, reported back the petition of R R Clokey, and ^k^dtbu VTk ,1|,M h*rK**<l a farther con sideration of tbe same; no ordered .A,??'f^0|i" the same committee, a bill for the relief of John F Tobon; pissed. ? h,b'J! fr,>W ,he lowrr >>oard for tt" relief of < has ? tuar* lor taking up and relaying the eut "u"k in'lhe *.Tl v*""a? fr?m G to> streets ^ ? ; ,n tbe s,*th \\ ard was referred to the im provement* committee 1*o?J*lTOl?Ah* ,OW<*r Boar'1 for th* ^lief of J-eor^e A Adam* was referred to claims com A bill to amend the act entitled "An act to regulate mtrkef*,'- approved Ajav 1th. IM3 w,, referred to police committee renoirnt7oTP ^ fo,,ow,"2 Tumble and r?%T*lZPrrllbat tb-' Corporation of the irirn"v?i '? >omp ?te"t, become o ia^d S 4 "rs tn lbr *">ouut of eighty thousand dollar* or. account of debts of the rvh^h. V Alfl?ndria Railroad Company rrJctid mn of^' ba* r"'uIt*'d from certain faicorporate authorities of the ?aidcity in yf-?r l-.v>, viz ?bL rrr?rd ?i the Pr0cppd'ngs of on ihe i Aldermen and Common Council of h. nJ *{x?' i roW of ^ *t and a copy .LI! Proreedi ngs of the committee which wan charged with the execution of the act I And whereas it I* desirable and properthat the r l??ubci1j% and the people should havefurther 'e nr'rf r n ,h"" u embraced in the for?poin" anrl hi proceeding* an to the manner in whicg and the purposes for whi* h thin liability wasin Jh. r?tvCrnh ?.Ve,,'ni;W U d'~* th" Pr?viaions of .r?n^> Lbar">1ran(t leavinj: the Corporation, a? 't app^a... without the nerurities uh|? h were denized Md intended by the above re, ited art n,T# 1 " RtSol'^",' That a special rom thla B^1?rn0.,I,,Wi l? '"to and rep,.rtio this Hoard all the esnentiaf facts connected with his subject which can now l?e procured ?aTe.tin I"!'0'' con,fnd^d aaa.nst the preamble SiTt fe a S "cls not mJ'rk Mr Hounton in bi* re marks, and moved to strike out the preamble .rmi,b tboujrht it w? child .s play to at the'^rl i*v?'d. on tbe part of tbe Corporation. nhnJrf> "V . r S4',,'n,n obligations. He r?li 1 " ?airjot* against the preamble to the uS?it*|f d vo,ea?din>t l',e r?o Mr. Dove was not prepared to vote unon a ,2 '""Si hb H k4tb'* a' the city char ? opposed and l^ttled against the U^st i?t t',Mr Wt ,",e ,,a(t rrc?rd?d his vote gainst it because be had thought it was had Eu fJlL ^ho,r "natter was unnece,*.irv Hoirrf "it * r*Hwl,,t,on hi?l already |mssed the 1 UpZ? ,be A,a>or fo com...? * an nev^lilil ?hl 1 #?d 01 ,h" Corporation attor he ?iiH ? r.? ? J al '"ligation was^oingon fo re Proper f?r ihe Board to inter Tbe.piesMon recurring upon the adoption of the preamble and resolution Air. .Moore called for the yeas and nays The resolution was lost-yea, i, nays 10. motion rr?"' JIT Board making ;,n appro. J ia ion for grading and graveling ?i street nortii r"' ^'""y-third to Twenty.sixth streets w is leferred to improvements coiiiinittee ? ? l'rj f'va,n." "?ved that the Secretary of the B >ard t?e dire, ted not to enter the preamble and resolut'on ottered by .Mr. Moore in lelation to the onTh ?an(tA1'*iandr|a Bailroad Comirany, . records of the Board. ?ee' wh?f??!iard ?,'Jrt t''d ,ft thf- motion; ht did not liT refaTion'Iir thelr":!^n'e,lt'r,',f"n Were *?cai^iou? M r. Moore moved that the Hoard adjourn ; lost the acts nr,r'''.V /W:,H "? di'Po"i'ion to ke^p vI^sT/re^t 'h Board a aecret, hut the preamble v*an alread) 0:1 record, it wan made up with the 1. ?lm ?U! ?r ,,ir ??lumns of t?,e National itelligencer. It was nothing new, and it ? ,n useless to republish it. Mr. Moore stated that he was not an advocate Hon-ET^ ' ''li1 lh"1" l,SMt l|iT**stiga init ih. , Wan.l"d ?ne; "e dld nftt wish to com. mil the t orporation to no great a liatiility until it >?a* determine,! to a le^al obligation lie thought i, hut right that the people i "uiJK should l?e refreshed as to thin matter After some further debate upon this subject "r"' ^Tbe Chair olfered the following resolution, an^'.i ntlV7.' , bnf a "P^* ial committee of three appointed to examine into the whole subject in rela. on to the "uaraatee ?f the ?M.iids if the y\ ashingtoii and Alexandria K;?ilr?.a<t by thin Corporation, and fo rep?rt to thin Boa.,I whether the provisions of the act making th-guarantee w-re compli,d with; and whether this t'orpora tioa was secur,,1 from loss at the time a!id ,r not wLy jr was not done; rejrclecl ' ^TO'th called for bin restitution ottered two wt-eks a^o. calling upon the Mayor for inform! ion in relation to the financial c^dTtion 0""^ "k? "?a',he,m "" >h' Air Miller, from improvements committee leave reported a bill f?r grading and grave i,,^ " Va?^-f,om ?> T-....?,; offered a joint re,nl?tion rai|jn? on rcpiesent the interests ofthe th? r^? '^foreCongress I* instructed to urge the r^sage of a bill for tbe bei.ent of the m he schools ot this city; passed. P'">lic And then tiie Boaid ><djourned. Common Coaar,/_Nr Fisher presented the petition of Mrs E. F. Simon; referred to claims committee Mr Brown, from ways and means committee r?ported a bill making appropriation for com PeMTnTu?,fnLh'rB?"N* of Assessors , passed ?>ir. 1 urtou, from improvements committee reported a bill for the relief of Charl^?tewan' for work done in the Sixth Ward. ' Mr. Kennedy moved to amend the bill by pro viding that the \Vdrd ,h.H have the sum appropriated to its c redit, and the money not to betaken from the funds of any other Ward ; The bill was then passed Mr. Urtije. on leave, introduced a joint resolu tion authorizing the Mayor to stop all contract work until otherwise ordered by the Boards . Ji u" o1?;,?"*" "> "?'?? Mr Turton reported the Mayor's communica tion 111 retail 11 to tbe grade of <j street north to '' wenty-sixth sts west! inimmr ! ?ravel "ald ?tr?*t i ?he amount retired to pav for the same not to in pa^for until the First Ward is in funds; Mr lirme a-k-J fo be excused from .ervin-' on S ,IL? ^ ""r^oveu^nU, not excused - ? T,nM'r""r"d patsM a bi" fm "Urt ot L D Brnmmond, for "U*r "* Theodore theiubje,7 CO,I,""U?- from AUo. Aldermen s bill for relief of John M Roberts. .\| |> . ;,?4| Thomas Miller, M I) with mit?*' rrrom,Il?,ndalio" ?n Ihe part of the coin Mr Jefferson moved to recommit with Inst rue lions to inquire into all Ihe facts ; lost. And tbe Ulli Wan loM Mr K-iiuedy moved that Mr O'S.iliivan be jiermittfd to withdraw certain papers from the tiles of the Hoaid; carried. "M?ved for the same permission to rbeodor- Sbekell j carried Mr. I.iotd ntt<o,luced a joint resolution in structing the , ouimitlee bel<ire Congress to ask an appropriation to light the streets ruriniri" through the Mall with gas; passed A joint resolution f<om tbe Aldermen to pro vide for payment of. erta iu bonds, Ac , was read Mr It wn inovid to refer to ways and means connu'tt^e Mr Jefferson mov?d to amend by instructing tbe committee to inquire into the facts and cn eumstancea under which tbe responsibility for tbe payment of rhe bonds was incurred, also to inquire of the Corporation attorney in relation fo the legal authority ,4 the Mayo, and Corp.. ,.ti >u to issu#- the bonds in I-.16 to aid tbe \\ aabiugloa and Aiwx^ndrta Kaiiroad Company. Mr l.ioyd moved to lay the icsolutioa* on ibe table, lost The amendment was lo?t ayes K. r.oes in The resolution was then referred to the w.ivs and means committee. Mr. Brown moved that Wh'e^ Board adjourn it be till Wfdnr^tiy j lost. Mr. jDrm? ^*vea that when the Board adjourn "iti- " * r'irtay next; passed. Mulloy introduced a resolution requesting the Mayor to direct the surveyor to furnish the grade of 1, street south ; passed. Bill making appropriation for grading Twenty third street west, lietween F and H street*, was referred to improvements committee. Bill for relief of Wui Parker was referred to lire department committee. Bill to repair the bride* across Rock Creek, at K street north, was referred to improvements committee. Bill to supply deficiency for grading and grav eling Second street west had same reference ; as also joint resolution requesting the Mayor to caure alley in square 254 to l?e ojiened. Mr Wallace offered a resolution nsking certain information of the Mayor 5 passed The Board thin adjournal to Friday. \V ^shixrton Theatre.?The rush tog? t? *ats at the Theatre last night (being the first appear ance of Miss Agnes Robertson and Mr. Beuroi cault) Was Iretrif iidoits. and the jam in front ofthe box oAce at 7 o'clock reminded one of a Jenny liind night. Mr. Bourcicault took the part of Sir Charles Coldstream in his own two-act comedy of " I'sed Up." It was a thoroughly artistic performance, and though rendered more quietly than has l>een witnessed in pievious rep resentations of it in this city, was recognized promptly by the audience as a most delicately truthful dolineation of what the part should be. Mr BourHcault is one of ihe very fsw instances where a successful dramatic author is equally satisfactory as an actor. The part of Mary. by Mrs. Sloan, was acceptably performed, as were the characters generally. We must do the managers the justice to notice the admirable manner in which pieces are put on the stage, and which, in the long run. must tell almost as much in giving success to their en terprise as the really good acting furnished by the company. Miss Agnes Roliertson. we need hardly tell the Washington public, is charmingly tiewitching: but we may say further, that she has lost none of her beauty', piquancy, and sprightliness, since her last vi-*it. To her ctedit be it said, she docs not rely solely upon her personal attractions and her vivacity for success; but all her renditions are distinguished bva careful finish, showing study and a disposition to do everything she under takes, thoroughly and artistically, as well as brilliantly. Tc-uignt she makes her third appearance and in an entirechange of programme Mr John Sloan also appears in a laughable farce. ~ 1 Cfntre Makket ?The market opened this morning with a very fair display of provision in the various departments Pork was selling at Ibe scales for S7a?7 25 per 100 lbs. Hay at the stands 90a* I 12 per cwt Poultry was not so plentiful as usual, and water fowl were scarce in mamet The prices were for? Beef, fresh, pr lb. I0al5 Pork . I Oa I i Mutton 12 l.ainb.prqr 75al .00 Dried peat .I2ilP do apple*, pit.. 50 Roll butter 25X11 Phil'a print 4li Sausage, pr lb.... 12^ Honey, per lb.... 25 l,ard l2|Onions, per pk... 4t> Veal 12al5 Cabbage, proead. 6al2 Apples, pic.?.?.. ? 31 a 15 Beef tongues Sl)a*5 Calves heids,each 25a37 Bacon 12a15 Shoulders 10a 12 Breast pieces .... 12a 15 Dried beef 16 Chickens, pr pair. 5i?a'.5 Corned salmon... 15 Herring,per dor.. 20atl Terrapins, each... ' 37 Irish potatoes, pk. 37a50 Sweet potatoes, pk 50 Corn, pr bush.... 75a*,.? Corn.ear. pr bush. :i7alo Beans, pr bush.... ?2 Beets, per bunch. 3 Carrots 2 Celery 5aft Turnips, per pk .. 2li Chestnuts, pr qt.. 12 Turkey, each...75*92.50 Wild turkeys.... ?2 Pheasants, pr...?la1 50 (Jeese.each 75i*l Rabbits, each.... 13*25 Ducks?Camas... ?2 Mallards 75 Keit Necks 75 Shufflers 50af>2 Bye, pr bush r?5 Widgeons 50at>2 Oats...... 10a 15 Meal fc7a90 Shorts 20 Shipstufis 30aG0 Eggs, per doz.... It* Small 37 Rock, per bunch.. 25 Trout 2* Taylors 25 The Printers' Bali., last night, was an en joyable afi'air. indeed, and the managers won the golden opinions of all the guests, especially of the ladies Dancing was kept up with spirit until 4 o'clock this morning. Prosperi's Band furnished some admirable music, among which were seven pieces composed expressly for the oc casion. The refreshments by Ridenour were de licious. as usual. We noticed in the hall the As. sistant Postmaster Geueral, Horatio King, Ksq., President Bayly of the Board of Aldermen, Col lector Halidav, Cant. W. VV. Moore, and F. Jef ferson. I'.sq , all of whom, as gentleme.i having had much to do with the press, were naturally quite at home among the typos. The visit paitl to the ball-room by Mrs. South Worth was also deemed most apropos, she having, as the leading authoress of America, furnished such steady oc cupation to a host of printers A feature of the ball room was a portrait of Franklin and an al legorical picture rep esenting the philosopher engaged in his first kite and key experiments in electricity, and shadowing forth the future might v results of his discovery as depicted in a magnetic union of all the countries upon the ijlol>e These pictures were prepared, we lie lieve, l?y Prof I) K. Groux, author of the nu mismatica! history of the I'nited States. C'eimin %L Court?There were no cases tried yesterday, in consequence of the absence of im portant witnesses for the I'nited States. His Honor Judge Crawford sentenced Nathan Allen, colored, convicted last week of grand larceny, to one year and six months imprisonment in the penitentiary. In the case of the I'nited States r?. John Fay, Thomas Venahle, Win. Moore, and Win Hur dle, convicted of a riot on the first day of last <?? tol>er, l?y which officer Benjamin F Klopfer bad an eyeshot out. His Honor sentenced Fay. Veuable and viooretosix months imprisonment each in the county jail, and each to pay a fine of *> William Hurdle was sentenced to nine months imprisonment in the county jail, and to pav a tine of S.V The traverse jury was dismissed until Thurs day morning at 10 o'clock, and then the Court adjourned All About a Basket of Chips.?Yesterday, Officer l.angdon, of the Capitol police, ill the discharge of his duty, stopped a little girl who was picking up chips in the shops during work ing hours A inan named McAleese approached the officer and told him that he ought to lie asha med of himself for interrupting the girl, that he might l?e poor himself, Ac , Ace. The ofiicer ordered McAleese to go away, or be would knock him down Just then some person struck the offlrer. and he was set upon i>y others and se verely beaten Quite a riot ensued requiring the interference of officers Nash and Ash of the city police, who arrested several of the party, but 011 the way to the office for trial another attack was made upon the officer*, and in the nieleethe pris oners escaped We call attention to the advertisement of Hooe. Brother &. Co. The stock of silk and fan ry goods announced for sale by them is the im portation cf one of the largest importing houses in New York Most of tbs goods have just been landed, and are of the styles now most in de mand. The prices are low. exceeding, in no case, as the advertisement states, half the cost. We presume the opportunity to replenish the wardrot>e with these rich goods at such a cheap rale, will )>e made much of. and, in fact, the store ot the Messrs. Hooe has been crowded with ladies ever since the sale of these articles com menced at 9 o*clo< k this morning. We learn that a grand concert of vocal and instrumental music, for the benefit of St Mat thew's Church in this city, will be given by the choir of (hat congregation on the 1st of February. They have enlisted in the undeitaking, In addi tion to their own effective force, some of the best amateur and professional talent of Washington, Baltimore and Philadelphia, and will no doubt atlord to the citizens of the Metropolis a musical entertainment of the very highest order, and such as Is rarely presented to the public. Mr. Palmer, it is understood, will conduct the instrumental, and Mr. (iigan, of Baltimore, the vocal depart ment. Am*ual Meeting or the Amkricax Coloni zation Societt ?The annual meeting of Ihe American Colonization Society will be held this evening at 7,^ o'clock, in Trinity Church, (the Rev Dr. Cummins',) when the annual report will t?e made and several distinguished gentle, inen address Ihe meeting; amongst them the Kev Dr Slaughter, ?f Virginia. Rev Mr Ilowen^ late from Central Africa, and the |{ev. John Seys, who has, as special agent of the society, planted an Interior settlement in Lilieria. Si dde* Death.?Mr. Frederick Berry, a son of Dr. Berry of Prince George county, Md , di?d very suddenly v**t*'rdav morning, at the resi dence of the late Washington Berry, near this city,where he has been residing for some months past lie walked from the city to his residence yesterday morning, and shortly after arriving there took off his coat and walked about the house and in the yard, apparently in his usual health, when he suddenly fell in the doorway He was taken up alive, but died in an instant afterward. Institution foe tmk Deaf and Dumb axd thk Blind.?We are pleased to learn that an ex hibition of the pupils of this school to the mem bers of Congress and the public will take place ?n Thursday evening next, in the old Hall of Representatives, at 7 o'clock The children have been under in?tnictlon but a short time, and yet the attainments thev have already mad are such as to leave 110 doubt that the exhibitio 1 Will lie extremely interesting and entertaining to all who may attend it. Akseal Mkitijig or the America* Colohi ZATinji Societt.?The Board of Directors of this Society met at 12 m.,at the Aldermen's room, City Hall. Present, Hon Elisha Whittlesey, Vice President. In the chair; Dr. McLaln, Pres ident of Princeton College; Rev Dr. Wheeler, President of Middlebury College ; John P. Jack son, Esq ; Dr. Goble, of Newark. N.J,; Rev. Mr. 8eys; Rev Dr.Gurley; Rev Mr. Tracy, of Mas*. ; Dr Lindsley, D C.; Rev. Win. Mcl.aiu; Rev. Mr Stoddard, of Ohio ; Dr. Brown, Phila delphia; Rev. Mr. Blogett, of Ga. Meeting was opened with prayer by Rev. Dr. McLane. of Princeton College. On motion, Rev. Mr. Tracy was elected Re fording Secretary pro tem . and Rt v. Mr. Orcutt of Connecticut, Assistant Secrr arv. The Chair announced the committee on cre dentials. viz : Rev. Messrs. Orcutt. tiays and Stoddard. The annual report of the corresponding secre tary (HeV. Dr. tlurley) U'a* read, and the Society, after transacting minor business matters, ad journed. To-night, the Society meets at Trinity church, at half-past 7 o'clock, where a lecture will be de livered by one of the distinguished members of the Society. Om Thcesdav night the gallant old Franklin Fire Company gives Its thirty-first Annual Ball. A host of tried friends always rally to *-aid and abet" the Franklin boys in giving a rousing an nual ball; and such will inevitably be the case on Thursday night. The spacious Philharmonic Hall, next door, has been secured for the ball, and other provisions have been made to insure the fullest enjoyment. SrrhEME CotRT.?Monday? Robert Thrift, Esq., of the District of Columbia, was admitted as an attorney and counsellor of this Court. No. :?7 Ann C. Smith, use. Ac, , plaintiff in error, rs. the Corporation of Washington. The argument of thiscanse was commenced by Mr. Gillet for the plaintiff in error, continued by Mr. Carlisle for the defendant in error, and Mr. Cash ing for the plaintiff in error. Adjourned. In the Circcit Court. nothing was done yesj terday except the calling over of the trial docket, of which some eight hundred cases were called during the day The nnmlier of cases on the docket for this term is 1,4U3, a large propottion of which are for trial. This morningthe Court was engaged in calling the tiial docket up to the time our report clo.secT To those who patronir^d the late Fair for the benefit of St. Vincent's Orphan Asylum we an nounce,with pleasure,that the proceeds amounted to clear of all expenses. The Sisters and orphans wish us to return their grateful thanks to those who aided them, under the many disad vantages which attended the Fair. I.andis oieka T?orrr., at the Melodeon. of fer a tine bill for their patrons, including many novelties, excellent minstrelsy, and concluding with E. A. Warden's celebrated Pantomime of Sam Patchiene, a burlesque on the Ravel family, received last evening with roars of laughter; it is a decided hit?go and see It It was Mr. Dill, and not Mr. Dale, who was knocked down on F street on Sunday night. Watch Reti r.v*.?John Ruder, D C..drunk and disorderly, line and costs, #3 44; Chris. Lad. D C.? unnatural propensity, costs $1 41; Chas Collier, Pa., tightiug; tine and costs, Jffl 41 A Randon, do , do Seven ledgers; non-residents. DIED. On the 19th instant. Mm.CATHARINE M DlT I.l N, in the 64th year of her age. The friends and ticquaintances are respectfully invited to attend her funeral on To-morrow < Wed nesday ) Afternoon, at 2 o'clock, from the residence of her son, corner of 4ii and G streets, south. On the l.'tth instant, in the 77th year of hia age, ROY I) RElLLY. Her funeial will take place on Wednesday, the 20th instant, at 3 o'clock p, in., from the residence of Ins son, No. 5 nMvest 17'h street, Iwtwcen II and I streets west. The friends of the family are reopt ?' full* invited to attend . GEORGETOWN ADVERTISEMT8. jVj OTICK.?This is to certify that 1 forewarn all is persons from trusting my wife. Margaret Sus anah Crown, on my account, as I will not he respon sible lor .-.ny debt of her contracting, from this date. JOHN 1.. CROWN Georgetown, I). C., J*n. 1!> 3t^ TO LET.?The new ihreee-story and eligibly sit ua ed BRICK HOUSE near the northwest cor ner of Beall and Washington streets, Georgetown. This is a superior residence; large and commodious; built in the very best style, witii modern improve ments. It contains 13 rooms, pantries ar"! closets, and kitchen in the Itack building. There is also a tine dry cellar under the whole building. The lot is 130 by 1 feet. Al o, the large three story Brick House on K at., Wathington. I'ho eastern one of the two houses opposite the firew?ry. For terms apply t?? jan IH-.Jtaw iw M. ADLKR. t^OR SALE?ARNY'S CONFECTIONERY is offered at private sale. A great liargain and a good opportunity for a Confectioner who under stands his business. If not disposed of by the Rth of F ebruary next the whole concern, together with the three story Hnck House, fit Bridge streef, will t?e offered at puMic auction. Georgetown, I). C.. Jan H-tf iv m7~r uppei!! 1 sORTH side of Market Space, No, :fl. Iwtween Bridge and Canal streets, Georgetown,* announces r?? ei* patrons that at his'4 RESTAUR AN I' may l<? found at all times the choicest anil most excellent assortment of I.IOUORS, the freshest OYSTKIlSand all kinds of GAM E in season. Meals served at all hours arid at the usual prices, jan l-3in ('AVIAR, PET1TS POIS, CHAMPIGNONS. We call the attention of cciiiioj.<,etiri> to our im portation ?! HETITS I'OlS, in butter and natural. SA R l)| N hS. in oil. C H A M PIG NO.NS, natural. anchovies, in kegs, pickled. DUT?*H HKRK ING, in kegs, pickled. TRUFFES, natural, in cans and bottles. ALSO, CAVIAR,of the best qualitv, and extremelv rare in this country. KING A Bl RCHELL, jan 15 corner Vermont avenue and 15th st. SAMrEI. P. HOOVER'S BOOT. SHOE, AND TRUNK establishment. I have on hand a large assortment of Ladies', Gentlemen's, Misses', Boys'. Vout hs'. audi Children's Kuhliers, Overshoes, Saudles Gosemers, Boots. Slippers. Kuskms helled ar.d without, Water-proof Bootn and Shoes, which I will sell cheap for cash. Also, a splendid stock of .sole Leather Trunks at reduced prices. Call and examine for yourselves, at SAM'L. P. HOOVER, Iron Hall, Pa. avenue, lietweeti jan 14 _ 9th and Iftth sti. PATENT MACHINE FOR OPENING OYS TERS. The subscribers having secured a patent right for an improved OYSTER OPENER, respect fully desire that Oyster Dealers. Hotel Keepers, Restaurants and families will test the superior merits of this economical and lalior saving Machine, it being staunch.and execu ing its work with extra ordinary dispatch and cleanliness. For terms for S ates or individual rights address WM. RUPP A J NO. SEI PEL. Rupp's Restaurant, 484 Pa.ave., jan 12 lm Washington City I^HE AMERICAN ALMANAC for M?, just received, at TAYLOR A MAURY V jan 15 Bookatore, near 9th at. JJOYS' WINTER CLOTHING. Onr present stock of BOYS' clothing is very large ami well assorted, of all grades and qualities of Overcoats, Roundabouts, Jackets, I'autaliHtns, Vests, Ao? which we are se line at very low prices. WALL, STEPHENS A CO., Pa. av., between 9th and 1'Hh streets, jan 15-lw | Intel. A States) Gi EDWARD SNOW DEN! fENERAL CLAIM AND RKAL ESTATE AGENT. For Bount? Lands. Pension Claims, Prhsecu t ion of Claims before the Court of Claims. Congress and the Departments, Purohase and Sale of real es tates, attend to Renting Houses, Buy and Sell l,aiid Warrants. Negotiate L'xins, and all business of aimil&roharacter. Office corner 6th and Louisiana avenue. jan!6 1y Washington, City. B OOK8! BOOKS GI FTS !-G IFTS !!-G IFTS!!! PHILBRICK'S THIRD ANNUAL SALE now open at No. 476 Pennsylvania avenrnt. Jirst door east af United States Hotel. Our STOCK OF HOOKS oonsists of several thousand volumes, embracing the choicest European and American Literature, which will l?e sold at the publisher's lowest prices,ami many ofthwm for less, and a BEAUTIFUL PRESENT will I* made (immediately after the sale) to each purchaser ol a Book for which we receive #1 and upwards. Our PR ESENTS consist hi part of? Gold and Silver W atnhes. Gold Lockets. Brace lets. Armlets, Chains, Casneo, Gold-stone and Mo saic Phis and Drops. ?#ud* ami Sleeve Buttons, Hold Watch Keys, Cuff Pins, l'eus, Pencils, Rings, A c. $7.V? worth of Presents will be given away with eacii thousand Books sold. Catalogues of Books can lie obtained at the store Indies and gentlemen are invited to call and ex amine our stock of Books aud Presents. Sales Day and Evening. d II tf J. PHILBR ICK. Agent. WG. MKTZEROTT Sole Agent of Erard's ? and Baoon A Raven's superior Pianofortes. jan 5 Hair, tooth, nail and bandoline GI BBS' Hair Store, near 13th at. and Pa. av? and at hia Sales Room, under W i! Kids' hotel. w a-Sw Rye and barley malt, for sale at tl ? CITY MALT HOUSE, oorner of Wwt Kali, av ?tniie and Work sr.. Hamirinr*. Md. n.y 6-l? DIPLOMATIC HISTORY of the Washington and Adams Administrations, by W. H. Treeoott, 1 vol.; 01M. Just published, d 14 FRANCK TAYLOR. AUCTION BALIS. By A. HftKEfL Afihtloneer. 'TRUSTEE*' BALE OF A VeRV E*TE* 1 ?i> ? ashSrrEKioK Asportvest of Grower iw. NVinks AMilii^roR*.?(Mi 'I'Hl RfDA\ , the SIH instant.) nb*Il ?el|, *? 10 o'clock. a. m , and at tho utne hour frotn daV It* Gay *j*i?j! all t* slid, by virtue of a ueed of trust, duly recorded 111 f*ne "f tlJ4 land records of Washington oouiity, D. C.. at fhH store of Wm. M.Cripps.on Louisiana avenue, op positethr Hank of \Y ashing ton. all the stock in tlie store, Flltttres.&??. r\t< Teas of every description. Coffee. Busari Rioe, Starch, Salt m Kirks, Sonp and Candle", Tobaoco and Clears. Floui. Chocolate, Co6nA, Superior Wines and Liquors in bottles and casks. I.argo platform mm 1 other Scales( and all other fi* tures in tho store. Together with a large assortment r*f a" ofh?r arti

cles usua; 5 found in a first-class wholesale and re tail grocery store. Term*. All Mima under ?25, ne'i in IsinKaltle funds: over V25. a credit of 2, 3, and 4 months, for notes satisfactorily endorsed. hearing intrrest, from day of sale. RICHARD H. LASKEV. Attorne* for trustees, jan IB-d A.GREEN. Auct. \|ARSHaL'S P A L K?In virtue ol a writ ol i"I fieri facias, under the Lit* !df, issued fr?m the Clerk's ofboe ol the Circuit Court of the Uiatft"! of Columbia for the County of Washington, and to me directed. I shall expose to public sale, for Cash, m front of the Court- House door of said County ,on TUESDAY, the 12th day of January, 185R, at 12 o el'k m.. the following described property, to wit: All defendant's right, title, c^aim, and interest 111 and to a brick house erected 011 l.ot F, in Square No. 5t>8, on Third street ntirtb, between E *rd F streets West, in the Citv of \\ ashingtos. I). C., *ei*ed and levied upon as tne property of John W. Jordan, and will be sold to satisfy Judicial No. 48, to October term, 18.V7. in favor of Cripps ft Waller. J. D. HOOVER, d lfl-ts Mftrehn! f*?r the District of Columbia. ID" the ABOVE~SAI.K IS POSTPONED uuiii THURSDAY, the 14th inst.. same hour and plaoe. J D. HOOVER,.Marshal jan 12 for the District of Columbia. !H-THE ABOVE SALE IS POSTPONED to TUESDAY next, the 19th instant, same hourand place. J. D. HOOVER. Marshal jan It for tne District of Columbia. FOR BEJTT AND SALE. FOR RENT.?A very desirable STORE for rant on Pa. avenue, suitable for a dry good or grocery store, centrally located. Kent low. Appy to JOHN L. SMITH, Attorney a' Law, 3th street. jan 19-3t IJ'OR RENT.?Situated on F street. West End, t>etween 19tli and SStth streets, a handsome HOUSE, containing 13 rooms, with btth-room, and all the modern improvements. To a good tenant the house 0*11 b? rented by the year or for a term of years, at a moderate rent. Appl* at No- Pa. ave nue. Six Buildings. janI"* eotf TWO ROOMS T<?77eT?Furui?hed or Uolar mslied. Inquire at No.311 G street, near corner 13th, south side. Terms very moderate. jan 19-tf F^OR RENT ?Po*a*s8ion given immcowtely ? No. 2, a large and commodious House in Frank lin Piace, immediately opposite Fraukilu Square, and next door to the residence of the Him. Secreta rj of War. For terms, Ac. apply to It. N. LANS DALE,or f?? the adveitiser, through box 622, Post Ofhoe. jan 16 It * rOt RENT A RARE CHANCE-A FARM I in Princ? George's county, Md adjoining Mr. Bell's and Mr. Johnson's farms, four mil?-s from Bladensluirg? containing 71 acres of good land and a good dwelling, n-wly finished, and stable, with plenty of firewood. I propose to rent the above harm for hve years, upon shares, g-ving the tenant renr free the first year. I have three hundred dol lars' wor'li of work to do, which the tenant will f?e pi id for; dmnc at times when wanted. This is a go?w| chance for one that understands farming. I will give a married man a good chance that comes well recommended. Apply for further info;mation to ANDREW WILSON, iNo.5 East Capitol st? Washington. ianm-lw* Wl f.L YOU TRADE r? I will exchange si* lots without houses 111 Philadelphia, for a house and lot in Washington, situate within a few squares of the Avenue, p.iy 1 tie I he difference, if any. in mo ney. '? he lots 111 t'hi'sidelphia lie in the pathway of the city, where property is destined to a speedy and mini' use rise in value. Lots va'ued on ? at Address M. P. at tins office. ian 9 en'w* f^OR K ENT.?Two STORES, on Pa. avenue f.etween 13th and 13,'? streets, south side. One with cellar a' $15 p<r month; flic oilier at $12^0 per month. Inquire on the premises. jan 12-eotf ?/OR SALE <>R RENT?A handsome three ? story Hflh K DWELLING, with pastage. large y?rd j It wi 1 be sold on accommodating terms, or fo a good tenant the rent will be moderate. Ap ply on tne priinises. No. ti!2 L, between 4th and.Mh sfr^tR. ian 14.TnS4kTu* I?M>R RENT.?A FRAME IK USE, containing five rooms, with square of Ground attached, which will make a good garden lot. Pump of goi*l water 111 the yard. Situated on 17th street, north of M street.. Apply to MARY A. SPRIGG, llth street. between I and K streets jan 14-Th S.A M * t^OR RENT.?A suite of handsomely Furrnnfeed ROOMS. Also several excellent Chambers, at No. 25" F street. between 13th and 14th streets, next door east of Senator Toombs. ian i3 eo3f * 'PHE SI" BSCH I BER, at 1 tween New York avenue ar.d I street, has two superior FURNISHED ROOMS for rent on reas onable terms. Early application is desired. jsu 7-eo3t* RNISHED HOUSE FOR RENT.-A com modious and wi i! Furnished House, situated in one of the most desirable pa rts of tlie city, is'now for rent. Apply on the premises. No.S72 H street, between 13th and 14th. jan8-eo3t* Rooms on ma. avenue to let.-Two Rooms, on 2d floor, on Pa. avenue, lietween l-'tli and 13th streets, over Sam'l. Lewis' Jewelry Store, will be l?t low to a peii:innent tenant. Would make good office rooms. Apply to WM. F. MAN LY, Stationer. jan 12-tf ROOMS TO RENT.?Parlors and Chamliers. with all tne modern improvements, water, gas, Ac., over our store. WALL, STEPHENS, ft CO. jap 4-2w Pa.ave.. bet.Bth and inth sts. BOARDING. BOARDI.NG.-MRS. RUFF. No. ? Dstraat, ne.r Seventh, lus taken tins large and c >mmo dious House, where she intends to rent h?>r rooms, furnished or unfurnished, to single Gentlemen, or Gentlemen and their Wives, with Board. Transient Boarders by the jiay or week. Meals sent out at all hours of the day. Also, wanted, 2 girls to do general housework, jan 11-lm* Millinery, &c. IVflLLlNERY. DRESS MAKING AND 1*1 TRIMMING ESTABLISHMENT. Ladies visiting Washington are respectfully in formed that we are prepared to make up Dresses, Cloaks, Basques, Ac., nt short notice, m the latest styles, and satisfaction guaranteed in a'I cases. A large stock of Dress and Cloak Trimming*, of latest and handsomest styles, with CI.OAKS, BASQUES, IINDKRDR ES>ES, BONNETS, RIBBONS.and MILLINER V,of every descrip tion, always on hand. M. WILLI AN. d 15 2m opposite Centre Market. Madame a. nourrit. No. 716 Walnut st., below 8th, Philadelphia, IM roKTEF OF FRENCH FLOWERS. HEAD DRESSES, BONNETS AND FINE MILLINERY, nft - Begs leave to inform the Ltidies now^A Washington city that she has openedCk^J %Luint r two or three weeks only. ;t Sal<M>n^^C 011 I'a. avenue, lietween 12th and 13th sts.. No. 2*, where Ladies will find ail theabove articl-s of the latest and richest style, being selected by M'me N. herself in Paris, daring her accustomed yearly visit there for that purposa. % M'me Nourrit having contracted with Mr. Felix, the celebrated Coiffeur of the Empress Eugenie and Oueen Victoria, for the sole depot in tne United States of his H^ad Dresses, she will l>e able to fur. 111 sh all tfie Coijeures of the latest p?ttern worn at tne principal Courts of Europe, made by that re nowned artist. I<adies are respectfully invited to call and exam ine. d 3l-3tft2aw4t* ? A DIES, PLEASE READ. For genuine, reliable FI'RS. free from moth, and fresh made, call at STIN EMETZ'S, 23K i'a. ave nue, between 12th and 13th streets, who has re ceived instructions from New York, to sell the fine assortment now hand, on commission, at less dis count than heretofore offered. Among them will be found the handsomei sets French Sables, half and quarter Capes ever brought to this city, for .flu and 912, V ictorines #?. Also, Capes and Cloaks, of superior quality, very ch*a?. Particular attention is invited to two verv large Mink Sable Capes, worth over 31 Oh, each for #75 and $H5. M ink Sable Cape, medium size, $90 and $35. Mink Sable Victorines *14 and 9i6. Also, several sets real Hudson Hay Sahle. Together with Siberian Squirrel. Fitch Marten, French Mink, Ac . in all their variety. 1m Irmine Opera Cloaks, very handsome; Muffs to matoh, of all kiuds, from $2.5*1 to 93". Every artiale warranted, and if proven as not rep resented, the money will l?e refunded. B. II. STINEMF.TZ. 230 I'a. ave.,bet, 12th and 13th sts., jan II next d?wir to Madame Delarne. IU ASTON & CLARK, "tn LOI ISIANA AVENUE, second door from 7th street, under the Avenue House, CLOTHING AND*OKNT/S FURNISHING GOODS. The subscriliers csll attention toa desiralile Stock of CLOTHING which they now have on exhibi tion al their Store. No. 48 LouMiana avenue,seoond door from 7th street, and as they are determined to close off the lot if possible, every effort necessary on their part shall lie used in order to please their customers. In the clothinq Departmknt we can guarantee the stock to be perfeot in poiut of durability, fit and sty le, because we make everything ourselves, and have no hesitation in say ing our goods will be found equal to the best order work in the oountry. Watching the various changes of faahion. parties may reat as ured of bndiug the latest cut and make in store, subject to their inspection and approval. 4l5^ssi worth of Goods for Men's, Boys and Ser vant's Wear, will be sold at auction prices.and pur chasers would do well to examine the lot. This is no humbug, as our assertions can he proved on ex amination- Call and see us ;.t the above Store. rj 28-8m GASTON * CLARK. ORIENTAL NAIL POLISH,giving a beautiful tastre to the finger nails, at GlBBS'S Hair Stnrn. near lltK atr??f. P?. ???. n Ifl-Sm )9th street. Pa. ave. ? 10 am AUCTIOH SALES. TO DAT j TO MORROW MORNING Bt Wall * Barnard. Auctioneers. Cor?e t of P'H4 ;plt-ait ia 117 ntti and 9li ifff 11. SALE BV CATALOGUE OF RICH AND Kobi?. Au.?<>n THUH 8 l?At MORNINi.. 21st instant we will sell, at our St'^ret ???rn*r N??uh ??reet and Penn. avenue, a very choice ant. eiM?nt strtck of rich and ooetly Furs. Rolws.Ao. iheslOorxi*. which are from one of the largest? stablishments Inthe I mted States. will ?>e sold without reserve. We name in part ? E'e^ant ?eu'iine R ussian Salrfe Set*. 8tf:*;P ?'?>?*? of Mulfs, Cuffs. Cape*. SCfs or 4atk ?vst'v Mtjffa, Do. geiitJ.'Se imported I itch. Ermine Set*. do. < 'spr?, ?lo. "pera Cloaks, Russian and Siberian Squirrel, very fine, ?*"ne ,M art in Sets of the finest de*cript 10ft. Single |fiep?? if all the above. with lower-prioed goods, all of whioii it'- Warranted perfect. Also, Nutria,Otterami beaver Capet and Mufflers and Moves. - A1**', vert handsome Hrids<m Bay, half-R tissisn. Genet, AtrgoHt !?nd Fancy Rol?e>. With a larg* asar,fttp*nt of other Fnrs not here mentioned. T?> all of ?hfof* t'?e attention of the public is invited, as this n> a chafce safe'y c^ered. Terms cash. <? l? dts WALL a BAKXAIDi Aflof. By JAf?. C. MiGURE, Auctioneer. \ VALUABLE LOT AT ITCV.IC AUCTION. On TUESDAY AFTERNOON, 'anusr? 19^. at 4o'clock, 011 the premises. I shall sel. L?* No. 14. in Square No. aol), fronting >4 feet 7 inches ofi !s! st west, tHJtween north K and L streets running NaCk linfeef. Terms: One-f urth cash: the residue in six, twelve eighteen and twenty-four mouths. with in terest ???"ui?h! 1>? a deed of trust on the premises. Bv order oficf EtsekttT! jan IUhI J. C. >I?OUIRE, Auctioneer. FUTURE DAYS. ]%| A RSII AL'S r>ALi'- ? I* virtne of a writ of ivl Fieri Facias, issued Ir.m ihe Cork's Office of the Circuit Court of the District of Column!." forth# County of \\ aslungton, and to me directed, 1 shal! expose to public sale, for Cash, in frout of the Court-house door of said ouuuty. on FRIDAY, the 29th day of January. I85K, at 12 o'clock m . the fol lowing desoril*s<) property, to wit: All defeudant's right, title, claim. And interest In and to Lot No. 3 hi Square No. "3d. in the City of W&Mitngtiin. D.C.. together wiiii all and siuguiar the improvements thereon, seiced and levied upon as the p'opeftt of Kdmono Ritey. and will be so]<l|to satisfy JudiCiais No. 371. to UctoDer term. 18J7, in favyr of John Waters. J. D. Marsha! jan 5-t? for the District of Columbia. MA RSH A1/8 8 A I.E.? In ?irtue of a writ of fieri facias.under thr Men ia*. issued from the clerk's office ol the Circuit Court of the Dn<: not of Coiumb.a for the County ot Washington, anil to ma directed. 1 will expose to public sale, for t a?H. in fi"nt Of trie Court House door of raid county, on SATUR DAY, the illst day of January, 18M, at 12 o'clock in., the following described property to wit. All defendant's right, title, r'aim. ami interest 111 and to the three Frame Houses erected on Lot No./>. iu reservation D, on Maryland avenue, between 4?'?{ and ^th sts., in the City of Washfston. D. C,. scued and levied upon ns the prop.>?? of .limes B. I.ockev.and wu! t>? sold to satisfy indie als No 279, to October teim 1897,111 filvor ol Smith A Fowler J. D. HOOVER. Marshal tan S-dU* (or thn District of C<dumbia. MAKSHAI.'S BALE.--In virtue of a writ of hen facias issued In.m iheClerk's Oflic? ol the Circuit Court of th* District of Colum^i* lor the Countvof Waxhirgtoii. and to me directed, I shail expose io public sale, for <*ssh. in front of the Court H'?use ?'oor. of said county.on F RI DA V, the 29th of January, 1 <*<, at 12 o'clock m.. 'he following proprrt) tn wit : All def^n'lntit's right, title, claim, and int. rest 111 and to I,ot No. 5. !n Square No 5?>, in the Citv of Washington, D. C., together with all aud the improvements thereon, seiled and levied on as the property of John M. McCalla. and will be sold to sAtisf* Jmlicials No. Ml, to October term, 18-i7, in favor of Sweeny, R iitenliouse Sc Co. J. D. HOOVER. ian P t s M arshal for the District of Columbia. Bv A. GREEN, Auctioneer. rpRF8TF.E 8 \I.K OF VAI.TABLE IvrpovEr 1 l,RO?'KRT\. 0.\ 7TH STRRKT. NKAR THE NaVY \ a R11 - - By virt ue o' a deed of t rust duly executed and recorded lien.g dated tlietith of Kebruarv, ia%. aiida' the request of th? parly entitled to the det?t thpreb\ iiecurcd the subsmilvr will sell nt public auction, in front of tile**. on TH I RSUA Y, Jan. 2lf, If^R. at 4 o'clock p. in., part of square nine hundred ami five.(9uS) Nmndcd forty tif feet Irom the southwest corner of *atd square, ai d ritiiuiiiK ther*??e north a ougthe line of 7tli street e^?t tl feet 6 inches; thence east.? lipet. thence southwardly .i"V then*** 48 feet 10 the place of beginning, situated in the city of Washington. The improvements consul of a good mid subtantinl and well-L-uilt Frame House. Tt-rnis of sale : One-half cash ; the Ijilance in six and twelve inontns, the purrhaser to give hia notes for tne deferred pa>menls, l . ariii^ uiteres: from the day of sale. A deed of trust taken tn f?e-?ire Mic payments o| the notes. All conveyancing at ilie ex ponce of the purchaser. If the terms of sale Iw not cm pied within ten ??>s from tae day of sale, the trustee reserves the right to resell sa.d premises at the rick and cost ol the defaulting purchaser, by giving hve da* 's notice of said resale in some newspaper published in the city of Washington. MM ROD GARRETTStiN. Trustee, jan 11 eo2w A. GREEN. Auct. B\ J. C. McGUIR E, Auctioneer I^R 1*8 l'EE'8 SALE OF VALI'ABLK FN 1 mpkovep R SAt. E?T?Tr.?By virtue of a dee?1 in trust, bearing date the :VI dav of Apn'. 1H57, and recor<|ed in J. A. S.. No., et seq.. the^sjibscriber v rl sell, at pul'ic sn Jon" WEll NESDAY, the Al dn> ot February , l8jK. at 4 <?'? lock p. m., at the auction store of Jas. C. Me<?ni.-e. <*n the corner o| Fenns\lvania avenu? and lot., ?trnff we*t, the wIk>!? o| Square le.ii. fronting KH leet t inch on each of north C and D sir<-ets.and KS feeti.i each ?.f 14th and 15th streets west, and l.??' No. U, in Square N?. 712. fronting.54 feet on 1st street caat, u?'t ??>eii south B and C streets, by one hundred leet deep. Perms of sale: One-third cash: and the tmlance m six, twelve and IK months, for no'en |H-?ring inter<*?t from day of sale, secured by a deed of trust on the prupertj; and if not complied witli in hve davsapei the tale, the propert\ will l?e resold upon one week'* notice, at the risk and ? >:pense of the purchaser. All oonveyaneing at the cost <d the purchaser. ? HA8. 8. WAI.LAtH Trustee, jan lS-2tawAds J-C- McGI IRE, Auctioneer. 'pRFSrEF.'S SALE OF VAI.l AMI ,E MEM. ? r*TATF.?In pursuance of a decree. pa?sed on the sixth day of November. 1R37. by the Circuit Court for I'rince tieorge's county. sitting a? a Court of Kquitv 11, H cause in said Court depending, wherein Margaret S. A. Cuniming, next friend t?j Edmund IJ. Ciimming at:d others, is complainant, and h.dinned II. Cumming and ?ithers are defend ants, the undersigned,as Trustee 1 herein appointed, will, if 1 he same is not previous!*' disposed of at private sale, expose at puMic sale to the highest bidder,on the premises, on THL" HSDA\ .21st Jan uary. 1RSR. at the hour of 11 o'clock a. m., if fair, and if not fair at the same tune and plaec on the next lair da> thereafW. ail that valuable Real Estate situate in said county, which was heretofore con veyed to the Hon Thomas W. Cumming now de ceased and intestate, by one Martin Hue 1 and Lucy Ann. his wife, in fee simple, coii'auurg one hundred and seventy seven and a half acres, more or Ies6. These l.ands are very va uable ; the ?oil is of a character peculiarly adapted to the cultivation and quick maturity of garden and (arming production*, the conntv road to Washington, by the way of Sev enth and North Capitol streets, is a boandan on one side. I'he health and society of the nei<nl>or JokmI in unsurpassed in >lar> land or the District. There are several streams of pure water and one large spring on this estate, which is within two miles ol the "Soldier's Home," and within five miles of the Centre Market. The laud has been divided into several lots, ranging in size from 15 to 70acres, with a sufficiency of \\ o<ni on most of the lots and will l?e sold in parcels if deemed to the in terest of the parties. The Dwelling House and Out-houses on this es tate are large and oommodious. and in exoeilent order. This estate adjoins the propertv of late Ste phen Markwood, the Messrs. Wingerd. Digges, Clark and others Anv information will be given to persons desirous of purchasing,on application to the undersigned, personally or by letter. The Terms of Sale, as prescribed by the decree, are as follows:?One thouband dollars cash on the day of sale, to be paid in funds of some District or Baltimore Bank. The residue of the purchase mo ne\ to be paid in one, two. three and four veats, in equal instalments. Iiearmg interest from the dav of sale, and to be secured bv the bonds of the purcha ser or purchasers, with one or more eo-obluers, 'o l>e approved by the undersigned. I'pon the pay ment o| the whole purchase money, and a l interest thereon, and not before, the undersigned, as trustee, will convey to the purchaser or purchasers, or their heirs, the property so purchased try them. free.clear and discharged from all claim of the parties to this suit, and of all persons c;aiming by them or under them. The widow ha* joined 111 the proceeding lor a sale, and has signified her consent in witiug to take an equivalent in money (in heu of her dower'out of the prooeedsofsale, as ascertained tiy 'aw. . c- DIGGES.Trustee, d 31 -3tAw2wA- df * History of the repcbi.ic of the I'nited States, as traced in the writuiKS of Al exander Hamilton: by John C. Hamilton, volume 1. ?2 40. Tucker's History of the Fniled States, volumes Sand 4, $1 5" per volume. Examination of the Dred Scott Case: by Thos. H. Benton. The (Queens of England and 1 heir Times; by Fran 01s Lancelot, Esq ,2 volumes, $3 Portraits of my Married Friers; by t'nele Ben, ? 1.25. Stones for the Home Circl?,*5 cents. Three Days 111 Memphis, or Sketches of the I ub lic and Private life of the Old Egyptians: by Dr. Fhleman. 75 cents. Mustang Gray; bv Hon. Jeremiah Clemens, *1. SeaStories, I volume, 75 cents. Life at the White Sulphur Spring*; by Mary J. Windle, 7S cents. Peril* of CertaiN English Prisoners, a Christmas story; by Dickens. 25 cents. Au Aocount of the Smithsonian Institution; l?y Wm. J. Rhees, mi cents. Almanack France is de* Etats I nis, U5fi. 25 cts. janH FRaNCK TAVI.OR. ? A R R I A G E LAMPS. We have this day been appointed agent* for Edw. Usher A Co.'s Carriage and Engiue Lamp*. The attention ot Coachmakers and others interested is respectfully called to the sample at our store. Orders soli. ited. ELVAN8 4 THOMPSON, .... . S& Pennsylvania avenue. lau 14 eolm (Intel.Einon.&States) pLOUR AND PRODUCE WAREHOUSE. The undersigned have in store and for sale? hbia. Extra FLOl'R,from the Valley. 2?w bbls. Superior do. do. do. 100 b'.ils. Family do. do. do. Also, BUTTER. TURKEYS. CHICKENS. LAKD,Ac ;in fact,all kiuds of Conatry Produce received daily, by the subscribers 8. HARTLEY A SON, jan 6 2w No. 96 Union street, Alexandria. Hair brushes, combs, portemon N AIES, Card Cases. Ci?ar Cases, Ac., a very TELEGRAPHIC 1NEWS Ui? AmkIsimI Ptmi Fr?m Ktaut-the ClfftlM, it. St Lot*t?, January 1? ?Gentlemen from Kan sas by la*t night's train state that General Calhoun wn to commenceconntlng the return* of tli? elfctJon of tb? ?1?t of Dee-ember, on Tues day ln*L In the presence of the presidng oflcera of the legislature and Governor i>envei Aa booh a? tlii* wait done, a m<wn^fr would he dispatch ed for Washington with the vote and the atate Con?titntlon. Calhonn would not leare the ter ritory untllafrer tLe rrtu ns were mad* of the elec tion "for state cfflcera The result of the election of the Ith ww still uncertain Col Henderson, of l<riT?avorth. was forelbljr tilrn from the ?tv ? few avitl*>?> f-om that city, and ha* wot bet?w? nor heard of ilatt then. Wardrr of a Wife by Iter HnHad. ^ Ttu. January I?.?Fidwird Berk was this morning brought liefore the Police CtfWt of Ibis cHv? ? harmed with the wilful murder of hto wife. t*abella R Bovle. m Lei. eater, about e>a miles from here, on Friday night *he w?a fonnd dead in her home on Saturday morning, her head te'tibly bruised Rovle La* made sev eidl contradictory statements. and circumstance* are very strong against him He had aot lived happilv with hi* wife for some tin* put He pleaded **uot guilty," and hie caw will go be fore the grand jury this week. Tne Smith Murder Case. rit11.\dej riiiaa Jan. IP?The Smith murder cas?- wa* jjiven to the Jury this evening. and u?rt having agreed upon a ve'Uict at 6 o'clock, the | court adjourned till to-morrow (?KroRi> Ditrarra ) Pit (La niLFHi a. Jan. l*th ?The jury In the e*??e of Thomas Washington Smith raiae ? ? thl? morning, with a verdict of acqnittal. and the prisoner wan discharged Later (ram I'tak. St Loris, Jan JO?Later information from I'tah discredits the report that the Mormon* are emigrating It says that the Indian*, with Mor mon leaders. afe preparing to cut off the aprlng supply traius This infcTOiation obtains credence here The Governor of Pennsylvania RtMi'ltk*'J** l)-Oor. Parker waa. to day 1 nation rated In front of tb< Capitol Tne oath of office w? administered by the Speaker of tbe>enate The crowd of witnesses was Im mense. ?? Pcnasylvaaia Legislature. HAKB'sfra"*. January 1%?Mr. Vagraw has beea re-elected State Tieasurer Both house* have passed a bill to purchase an executive mansion ?? Death ?f Dr. Mear.s White. CtjEKBY Vallbv. Jan 1??The celebrated surgeon and physician Dr Menzo Wlite, died at his residence in Cherry Valley, Otsego county. New York, on the night of the l?tb Kew Orleaas Bank Mateateat. \iv York. Jan 16?The weekly statemen* of the city hanks show* the following total* Loan* 1 ncreased I .'Ml; specie Increased *l.?i35.UriO : circulation decreased deposits, nominal increase, #1,9O,<?i0 * ' Suicide in Plttabarg. PiTTSBClG, Jan 1? ?Captain John F Cole, who was sentenced ve*terday to the penitentiary for assaulting bis wife with intent to kill, com mitted suicide this morning by banging Lieutenant Governor of Virginia Ricmsiosd. Jan Is ?The Legislature to-day elected Wm L Jackson Lieutenant Governor. Soathera Market*. Charleston.Jan 1? ?Sales of Cotton to-day 1,600 bale*, with an advancing tendency; good middling to middling fair I0\allc Sava>sah. Jan. 1^?Sales of JW' bales, mar ket Arm at lOalu^c Avo??ta . Jan lr ?Sale* 500 bales, market ad vancing. and holdei* firm Kaltimore Markets Baltimore, Jan. 10 ? Tkcrc are limited sale* of flour to-day at ?l 6J for Howard street supe* Rh| wheat was (jimttd at ?l UBiifl I".'. and white ai I5a.>l -25 Com firm. quotations ot white aie 39a?0t- . and <?f yellow at 0?2a94c Whisky very dull at l^a'Jo^c. Near York IWarketa. New Yore. Jan 10?Klour it firm, sales of 5,0(0 bbls : SUte JI i5al 30, Ohio M 75a? 90, Southern S4.t?0al 96 W he** i? hooyen*. **le* of 1.000 busbela; South - ern red fcl I'iaSl *20 Corn closed dull ; sale? of 1 5,01*1 hnsLels. white 6!*r . TtUoW (haiO I'ork is steadv at $lt.?5aSl4 ro for mess Whiskey is firm; Fhio'JIc. Piaaactal. Niw Vnii.Jan 19 ?Stock" are lower , Chl and Rock Mandrt?V Cumberland Coal Co W\, ! Illinois Cent'al shares , do bonds W , La Crcmse and M ilwaukie II *t; Michigan Southern New York Cen > \; Kradiug 5? , Virgin** 6'*yi^; Missouri ?'? ?f|\ Sterling exchange dull GEORGETOWN A ttA I tt S . Corrtspcn<te*ct of the Stir. 6ioi?npwN, Jan IP. Ifi9 Things and mattTs general*^' in our cltycou tinne in a state of perfect qale*cen?e. Old po litical f??iids seem to have nearly died out entire Iv, and our coauiiuaityagain aprear* to be draw iui? together in the Mine fiiendly fraternal re la ? ions which characterized u? in former da?-s And totbis the absence of everything in the wav of political mat'oiiAl1 strife we believe is mauilv to be attnl>uted the verv c omuteudaUlc state cf good order wbu h has marked the < onduct of the more testless and turbulent *pirit* among us tor some tune past If we are ri^bt in our conclu sions. and we are fully satisfied that we are. it .should teach us at least one important lesson, which should not again be lost *;gbt of by the lovers of peace and good oider, viz to put forth every effort to keep out of our municipal affaira in th" future every thing In the wav or national politics?old political preiudices. If this course shall tie puistied by the ieadiug men 1q each of the political partie*. we may confidently expe<t to see our elec tion for members of the Corpora tion. which will come eff in a few week*. mo m stall the same state of good feeling which always i hnracteriz?-d tb*-m up to the last few years An individual in oir city named John Grum well, attempted to slip oB the coil of mortality a few evenings since, by swallowing a quantity of laudauum The timely application of proper counteracting remedies, administered by a phy sician. prevented the |>oison from having the effect intended We learn that domestic trou bles induced him to attempt the fata! art Tbeie is a report in circulation m our city this morning that the mail was robbed both going and returning between Washington and New \ork.ou Saturday night, and that letters con taining large amounts of mm*v were missing among them one containing Si.'ioo belonging to Mr Riggs of your citv. We are informed that many of the hand* en gaged bv contractors upon the wat? r wo ks, struck for higher wages yesteiday The strike, we learn, was caused by the wages being reduced from * I to ?<) cents There has been rather a better feeling and more activity In the fl.iur market yesterday and this morning, and considerable quantities have changed hands at ?1 ^-Ja#4 75 for ataudard brands of canal flour. There is but little wheat coming in The article is In great demand, and lari(s quantities could easily find a readv market at *1 05aVI 1C for red. and 91 lOaSl 15 for white 0raetata* T"K SI,OA' !'oVvol!TH!tSAN0S Jm*t psiOil'rf. tit W rdiixom. irroN SKKKMATORRHKA OR bemi NaL l>ISLASt>-?A scientific Trea iso on u<? t rear me nt and perfect euro of N?rvoua Dolalttv. Seminal \V?akneas, |nv<>;Un*ar> Ktniaaioua. Irnr teuoe. Ac.. resultm? from vimoua hahiu aoq?ired (loriiiK the critical pusait f ora Youth to Mai. BY DR. CULVKRWELL. Member of the Rojal Collexe of Surcooiis of Knt laad, (iitiTTi. Licenciate ol the HalL dllM). and J" years Kesidont Practitioner in Londttu. Author o| the "Guide to Health." * <>reen Hook/* "Hour to lie Hasp jr." "Memoirs ofSmcleand Married Life. A e This small but valuab.e Treatiae, vri'ten by w<rld ren<>wiic?i fh)stoiau and ^uraoon. ootnta out tne oniy sure an t permanect cure foralldi*eAses rooult in? fiom soif at>use. and is the only publication ofita kind wnttca in a twn?volent spirit aad by a scient.f m nmn It should he to the Iwuwis ??f ail who value Uieir life and lieaJu atxl ttappmess hero and hereaf ter. . I'rioe <2 oents, ?t 4 stamps, at U? reeeipt of which it sri | |>e sent, r-*l Iree. and well srournd. lij lh. ?'M KLINE, No. lot Avenue. ??* 4SHs N- w York. THE REASON WHY.?A careful collecti.*i many haadreda of reasons for thinxs which, thouch senerslij helie%-od. are loiparfecUy under st<MMt. Copiously illustrated; Knchah edition; pri< e V oanta! f'ee by mail on receipt of ninety -iii oents in ?tsinps. l^jaht the Valley; My Experience of Spintusl Man; i>? Mrs. Newton Croosland; illustrated, 91 Violet, or the Hanseuae, 3B oU. Brocraphiaafaud Histortoal Sketches, by Macau ^Appletou'a Railway Lilxary SPots. Pouch's Pookct Hook of Fun. do. do..f?cta. I'ne Hioemphieal History of t*nilos??pl?i, from i'? orirm ill ?iree<-e dots ii to the present day, by '?wor?e Henry Lewes; 1 vulimo, f* 7a. The same mi wvi unois, Just published and f.?r sale at ..... TAYLOIt MAUIY1 I jaa 7 Bonkotoro.j T HK DIPLOMATIC HlSTOMV of tm* ^.rJ3, ? ? **? >** 14 fIlaNCK TAYLOR.