Newspaper of Evening Star, January 19, 1858, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 19, 1858 Page 4
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EVENING STAR. ? FASH I O.N ABLE WEDDIJiG. Some wjoked peraon to. b?n having a aly dish at a Fashionable Wedding : Foar and twenty bridegrooms all jn a row ; f oar and twenty dandies. dreesedfrom tip to toe; our and twenty grimaoes, four and twent* snjue*. And the carriagea extending for four and twewi ?M; . Foerand twenty bridemaids dressed in hoop (MMr, , Kighta&d forty Nimshiea atartding all together. The bride nnged and jewelled. The groom cloved and glum. And both of th*m looked foolish. And both of them are dumt>. Ajhousand spectators. To ?ee this pretty ? nar A tkonsand tongues to whisper. "He's made quite a eaten. Kicht and forty "'CD'f" , Marching oat of church. Like so msny Kvnnicg from the hiroh. ,wMt n ?.bt to look upon as ever I did see, 1iron J make* a great luss for noliiiug, seems to lae. U7* On the 1st inst , there wa? snow in Mon treal. the heaviest for the la*t ten year*. ITT A company of ship builders from Alpine, hare purchased a ship-vard In Howard, Wis consin. and are now engaged in getting 'he timber for an ocean steamer. 1E^ Over a thousand letters were dropped into the New Haven Post Office last year. wbl^h could not be forwarded for want of pre-payment. Nearly 5.1**) others were sent from the same place to the Dead-letter < >tfice. JLr The new steamer. Voyageur de la Mer, built for the Pasha of Egypt. remains at Hast Boston, and since her trial trip her sails have been uulwnt, the yards sent down, and she will not leave for her destination at present. A fail uk. ITT" The True Delta telle a story of a planter who. having eflected a sale of his crop, and fuel ing in high spirits, went with a party of friends into an aristocratic restaurant in the Crescent city 1 he bill amounted to 81'*), which tlie mas ter of the board would have unhesitatingly paid but for one Hem that met his eye?? 'Cauliflowers 917." He thought this was pretty tall for an aristocratic cabbage^" if thev did call it a ''cauliflower'' but being assured that the charge was legitimate, finally paid it. ARRIVALS AT PRINCIPAL HOTELS BROWNS' HOTEL.?Dr K P Droll, Md, C * Firtf?"Vau Fla, J E I'avton. Pa; A Stuart, O; T S Wilson. Iowa; Dr A Graham. Va ; F Weems, JCd; M rsHawkins, do; F H Dix and ladv Mass; J Webb and lady. Md ; S J Pentz and ady, do; J W D PooU. lady and niece, do; T McCoriniclt and familv. do, K Cameron, do; B Pentz, do; Dr J W White. Va; C S Ca;rington, do ; S I'd monds, do; H P Martin and lady, NY; J nines X Harris and fain, do ; W D Anderson. Va ; D C Stanford, XY; T W Stanford, do; T it Holmes, Pa; Mr and Mrs Umbst ratter, do; H Robinson. Cai; J C Soiubm, Md; J C Marshall and ladv. ? NY; R lli( key, Md; W Carpenter and lady. N Y; Dr A Russell, do; G S Meem. do; Dr R Din zee. Pa; Miss R M Dinge*. do; R Hove**. SC; T B Bailiey, do; H D Hall, Me; E B Turniloud, N Y; E B Lewis, do; Miss M Brigham, Pa; Jas L Bispbam, do; T Hughes, do J M DeBriell, Ga; S Martin, Iowa ; S Bloom field and ladv, NY; Miss Finley, NJ : Samuel Ei'hberg, NY ; J II Coites, do; Rey T L Ayler, do; Hon P C Child, CI* C Moor?, NY; E Faron, do. WILLARDrf' HOTEL ?N B Brook, DC; Col Huger, USA; J B Simpson, NYk; J Webb. Ala; F W Strickland, Tenu; C N Potter. U D Clark, J Bridgr.NY; B H Melviu. R I; T W Bicknell, do; R A Holme?. Md; J J Greenougb, NY; W L Gaither, Md; J Vanderpoel. N Yk; F H Dix and lady, Mass; Mr Seton and sou, NY, MaJ Dashiel. USA; Miss Hand, Mrs Coi W H Watson, M<k M Vitnins, Va; J R Simnis, Texas; H Thompson and lady, N Y; J C Babcock, Ct; J J Ilou*?on, Pa; R and R M Dingee. J Biddle, Mins A E Rid dle, Pa; D Ogden, C Stebbins, jr, and lady, NY; C S Bradley, Rl; G P Abby. Pa; W Pelf, NYk: W Cassidy and ladv, Mis* Caasidv. P Cagger, T F How, E*W Chamberlain. NY; W H Coates, Me. Gov Vroom, J W Wall. W J Wall. N J. J P Jackson, NJ. Lt J O Paikvr. U N, E J McCar thy, NY; J C Reilly, H M Blodgrtt. N Jersey; J Wheeler, Vt; J Langdon, Md; Mrs II C Hart,'?io; Hon N Clifford, Me; G W Nebinger. A A Moss, M R Wendell, J J Taylor, A A Bieler, Pa NATIONAL HOTF.L?M J Smith, Va A B Pendleton, Md; Isaac Walton, J J Walton. NYk; T D Fullerton, Md: N B Pratt, Ct; F J Mortsuo, Fla. A B Davis, ltd; Mr Keene. do; J C Watrous, Texas J P Santmeyer, O; A Parkins, Va T M Lewis, O, R L Ro??, Md. J W Bu.khardt, NYk, W Harrison, do; J L Maguire, Md. C A Atkins, A K Moore. NY; J Sharpe. J M l'oole. DeL W R Mebaffey and fam. Min; O Carv, Mass; J J West, H Cbapin,jr, E La riere. La. W Wright. NY; H Bruce, do; W II Russell, J J Jones, L Di'.pont, G N Sanders, S M Johnson, NYk. Co! Wm Rice. J F Knorr. Pa, J D Sanborn, J C Abbott, ?? as?; W H French. R SSheppara, N II, D Spandim, Md. V. S HOTEL, /L.O. Smith s )?L Johnson, Va; J R Parpuut, do, J Burton, do; J Thoinp son, do; C Lawrence, Md, M Herges, Pa; 11 (i Smith, Va; F Fox. do. J Pritcbart. do; .Mai J Holton. Mo; R Catler, Wis; J B Edmonds, \ n; Judge Sinclair, Utah; Capt E C Carrin/ton, DC; T Hill, Va; W D Storks Hon J Landv, do. J Traiey. Mass; J S-v?, O, J Sanders, Va; Col D TVadtft-. do: Dr Turner, do; J Kwers, do; 11 S Front, Pa; H S Manthe, do. KIRKWOOD HOUSE?J H Lewis, Wis; G P Thompson, do; M Montgomery, Min; D C Stanfo d. NY; T W Stanford, do; M P Jones, Va; G T Pierce, N Y; T Shiner, do, M H Shiner. EM Mealy, Md; S Wilson, do; 11 W Hoffman, do. W R; S Trundell,NY; W M (iamb ling, d<>, J M Babcock, Min; J II Shlyock, Pa; S Sinionds. Md. OCEAN STEAMERS' SAILING DATS FaoM the Usited State*. 5:<am?ri. l.tavt For. Dayt. Petsia New York... Liverpool... J an fi Arago New York...Havre Jan 9 Ni?g*ra Boston Liverpool... Jan 13 Baltic ....New York...Liverpool.. Jan IB From Eckope. Atlantic Liverpool...New York...Dec 23 A friea..........L iverpool... N ew York... Dec SK North Ar-.erlca.Liverpool...Portland ....Dec :ji? Hammonia Hamburg ...New York...Jan 1 Kangaroo Liverpool...New York...Jan l.'l The California mall steameri leave New York en th? Sth and !tHh of each month f 'MNTLKMEN'S CLOTHING OF BESTand W finest Muaiit) made to order in superior rnmucr at much oheaper rates than the usual city prices. WALL. STEPHENS A CO., W Pa. a v., Iwtt. 9th and 10th sts. j?n 1* (Intel. A States) WILD-MAN'8 LAW OF SEARCH, CAP ture. and Prize, 1 volume. London. Thempaon's ot War, aflocting snipping and commeioe, 1 volume, London. Hosaekon the Rignts of Neutrals, I volume. Lon don. Shippm* Laws, bv Mr. Sergeant Atkinson, 1 vol ume. London Marten's Law of Nations, translated by Wm.Cob 5ett,l voiotne, London. Law of Nations, by Poison and Home, 1 volume, London Tascn's British Consul's Manca!. I volume. Lot doc. Lyac 3 British Consul's Hand Book. 1 volume, Lonflon. Gre?n en Cossu'ar Servioe. < pamphlet i London. Bir Jsmes Maekintoshfon the Law of Nations, <pe-mpb'et> London. Henshaw's Manual for L nited States Consuls. Kegulationa for United States Consuls, 1 volume, r c. ru.iimore oo International Law, 1 volume, flvo. Wild man's International Law, ?? volumes, ?vo.. Leads*. Wbeatoo's laternatioiuil Law. I volume. Eliiott'a Diplomatic Code, 2 volumes, 8vo. Etudes?Diplomatique, par la Vicomte de Bonne I voiume. Paria. De Clere?i ?t Vallet?Guidedes Contulats, I vol awe, Pans. Combes-Diplomatique Europeenn*, 1 volume. Pans. Gasse et Janets ?Manuel des luges de Coin merce. 1 vo"uin?. Paris. Wheetoa? Histeirede Droit des gens. 2 volumes, iPBI# Meaeeh? Maauel Pratiquedn Conaulaf.l vol Qfll#, 1 aVl 0. ^Marteas-Guide Diplomatique. 2 volumes. Leip voKZriZZT C'lebr" du Droit des gem. * oS^t^iSrLXf.e0"' C#labreBdn DroltdM ^ ^ioreail? Dee Agents Consulaires. l volume. Pa De 0n?sy ?Oietioaaire dn Diplomate. J? ?? FRANCK TAVLOB UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE. Wasmisgto*. Jauuary 8th, IBM. Oi the pet111on ol Chas. Goodyear, inte of Kox bury, Conn , prayinc for the extension o| a patent graced to him on the 9th of March, 1*44. for an im provement in "India Rubber Fabrics" for seven vears from the expira ion of said patent, which takes plaee on iheftth day vt March, IHSu. It is ordered, that the said petition lie heard at the Patent Oftoe oo Monday, the 8th of March neat, at l?o'elock. m.; and all persons are notified to ap pear aad a how oauae.if any they have, whv aaid pe ftt.on ought not to l<e granted. Pers?>ns opprMing the extension are required to ale IB the Patent Olfioe their ol^eotioea. specwljy set forth in writing, at least twenty days before the day ?? hearing; all testimony hied by either party to lie used at the said hearing must lie taken and tr tusmit snth the rules of the office, which will he furnished on application. The testimony in the case wi!! be closed on tbe ?2d of February ; r)#poiitioni *ud other pnperi relied upon as testimony must be filed in the offioe on or be fore the morning ol thatday ; the arguments, if any. Within five daysthereafter. Ordere l. als?. that this notice be published in the 5v?ju/m Star, W ashmgtou, D. C.; and Daily News, *W York, once a week for ?hre<? ?ucoes*ive Xeeka previous to the 8th ol March n?xt, me if ot hevuic. JOSKPH HOLT, Commissioner of Pateata. P. S. Editors of the above papera will please oopy, and send thibf InTla to tips* Palest Office.with a paper me'siMRi rlira aotlee. ianf law*w Pianot, *o. riMVF. MORE OF RAVEN, BACON A. CO.'S superior PIANOS, just arrived at theses? USmrAiiini (if mm ou |fui |\'i a a ? "? ~ f ? Warerooma of ? _ f W. G. METZEROTT. ? - - - - Second hand Pianos for sale cheap. B ?-tf IVt'NNS 4 tl.ARK E S H ALLKTT, I) A V* A CO.'sTTFtP CELEBRATEDPIANO FORTES, Constantly receiving aud for sale on!) by ? JOHN F. ELLIS, Pnr^....._ .!?' V" between Whand l?h sts. r?r?K? i W'l' hnd it to their interest to examine lor themselves the superior qualities of the above i iiin<it. ? ^uverB? Melodeons, Ac., Ac., also on n??- n lc-tr fJOl.i) MEDAL PREMIUM PIANO FORTES. William"kna be, (Senior partner in tha lato firm of KNABr. ItAKHI.K & Co., continues the iraiiulrcture and sale of g rand and ^DvV,iPIANO F ORTES. underMie name?.?^^ of \\ illiam Knahe A Co., ar the old *?nnd.|EaBn No*. j, j, 5 *nd 7 \nrft. Kt'sw 3trent op 111 IT 1 posi'e the Eutaw llou^o, Baltimore. ?vj JU"1 opened a new Sales Room at No 2>n Baltimore sir. ot, t.otweeu Charles and lit streete, on thfc partly occupied by Mr Henry ,!<)< nf!ery aa a n.u *ic store, wherethey will i? *kr'ni .* lRr,:e nB8?rtment of plnio SfL. VI an'1 "?Hiare Piano Fortes aso, Yelodeons, from the best makers, from 4 to 5 i 7' ,0.,ne with df?Mble key-lmards, double reeds, and stops to suit small churches. Being extensively engaged ut the manufacture if IttoraftcrnisT wholesale and retail,on the most I'tanos were awarded the highest premium (goid medalist th? Fairs of rhe Maryland Institute two successive years?October, law, and ias?? m op position to fourteen and eighteen pianos from some of the best makers from New Vork, Boston and Bal timore. \\ e were also awarded the first premium at the Industrial Exhibition hold in Richmond, Vir ginia, 115} and l8Vi. They have also been awarded th* highest premium (silver medal) at the Metro politan Mechanics' Fair for 1857. In addition to this we are in possession of testimo nials from the most distinguished professors and amateurs in the oountry, which can be seen at our warerooma, speaking for themselves and others of the high appreciation in whioh our instruments are ever* where held. AM instruments are guaranteed for fire years, and a privilege of exchange is granted within the first six months from the day of sale if the instruments do not give entire satisfaction. Wholesale dealers will find it to their advantage to give us a call before purchasing. Pianos exchanged, hired, and tuned. mar 16-1* WM. KNA BE A CO._ T?nT*rl SIC D?EPT ?f w* G- WETZE 1 RO r r. corner of Eleventh street -n 1 r ? Pennsylvania avenue. m the largest andS rJyl only complete Mimical Kstal lishment in1 ??if' the District of Columbia. ' ?. A Co's and Rosenkranze's cele brated PI AN OS are always on hand m great varic ty: also. Prince's superior MELODEONS. Together with an immense stock of Musical In struments and Sheet Music of every description. Pianoforte tuning executed by Mr. Rebine. d 9 tf Inrorance, fto. G u L D AND SILVER PURCHASED ATT HE BEST RATES. FOREIGN BILLS O F EXCHANGE SOLD, ON THE PRINCIPAL POINTS IN EU ROPE, IN SUMS TO SUIT. GOLD CURRENCY, AND VIRGINIA MO NEY ACCOUNT*. WILL BE OPENED FOR DEPOSITORS, PAYABLE IN SAME FUNDS. OR IN GOLD. CHARGING THE CURRENT RATES.-CHECKS MUST BE MARKED ACCORDINGLY. SIGHT DRAFTS ON ALL THE PRINCI PAL CITIES OF THE UNION, SOLD IN SUMS TO SUIT. BONDS AND STOCKS SOLD ON COM MISSION. UNCURRENT MONEY BOUGHT AND SOLD. LAND WARRANTS PURCHASED AT THE highest Rates. SWEENY, RITTENHOUSE, FANT A CO., d4 :jm Bankers. TEN PER CENT. INVESTMENT. Corporation Bonds ofThe City of Davenport, Iowa, pajuig lu per cent, interest by Coupon in New Jork. Bonds ol 45m each. The growing oity ol Davenport has now about 2u,f?g> inhabitants, and is rapidly increasing in wealth and population. Its /!).*!?'1!PI" oil, ijiw.oon.and its railroad debt only and cannot now be increased. The atatisticsof the city were published 111 the Intelli 3J',r' ^P^ber. We recommend St a t e <>r?" ty" nd ?e.V'B * them l? M Bal'e M 006 CHUBB BROTHERS YYASHINu mN l\r?i K A ACE COMPANY. '? CHARTERED BY CONURES8 Canrat. ?? . . f?*),noo!!! This Coin pan r is now prepared to receive applica TAN.C& BI'll.DINGS, MEr ? 1,1 the usuaJ c,t> ratfe, without 5,,:ocy' *l,tl,e,r offioe- ?4>r"er wTii, ,'/?* .yl, vania Avenue, over the Washington City Savings Bank. \aj i?.,. Diimtou. 1 m" f ^Bayly, Sninue. Baoon, w!nPn^IaD' F- Hai;i!ay, Win. Or me, Hudson Tailor, MPhttn' M. W. Gait. D0nj. bcali. dJ^*LES C. MoSUIRE, President. ?lArrol P. Hah?ow. Secretarr. apll ly |J AN KING HOUSE OF ** CMUBB BROTHERS. 9i,,P0."ITS-~ l,efO?'ts re?ived and (Thecks paid n-r i? ri c,iar<''- Drafts 011 the northern seaboard "" at p.-tr, and F.xchanee i.n said Cities furnished to depositors without otiaige. nn iwfI'fi1 0.N ^"t*,0"'T''<~l?trrest will allowed on Deposits at such raf?*s as mav tie agreed upon. I>^-?r-'TS V C1 AN" t NCCRKRNT MoMKT. oeived to'--Y!r?'u'^i*/' 1 "rurr?"t Money re l*'''?checked f.,r. pH>:ibiein s.^irrt-funds, orin specie, we ohargtng the regular F.xchanee. w, 11 k^*i"4aii'1 Bills of Exchange will bediscounted.and L'mns m-uJeon Stocks, Borufs and the mirk-t ra?c. Lkttkko OF CRKb.T.- fitters of Crwltt will l>e faeKOi i'ie ,n t!i? ^'tf'rent Citien of ttie Lniteil States, on Deposit of Mon,-y o- ("<ii|H:erals oharr^dlrr1 ?i?WTd if i- debited, nn<i annn Couaterals, on sucu tei ins as may he agreed ? P''u? TaAVKLtfia Bill, or KirHANag.?Travelers will furnished w,th drafts in 3uch sums as mar be de eired negotiable the diflerent C.t'.s ofThe Union. Hill* and I<f.rTKfimiFCkkijiton Knv*i anii |r?. l"'*cha,:ge and Lettera ? ? .h ! U ^n<lA2?,. Ireland and Europe,furnished J1? t'r Exchange, in sums to suit. rl^1 V Ao.?Boc<1s, Stocks, and Securi tiM pay mi froni 6 t(i I2pr o^nt.. always for sale or ?r U<v!rtln vv'hi *??nfL. iRt a coinmistion of aj^ pr. oent. w herQ Stooki are fMiuxht up??n ordem v? reeerve the right to call for a depti tof lV/r cento? ???? BoDd" ?r St0ck' Wlli ^ "rderA b, ?ele r^{t*?^:.C[r'jA!,d Stat* Bonds.?Railroad, City, aiid State Bonds can I e placed in our hands for Vo^HrrV,rtfra. riv? tt?d in every reepeot. ' " lir h lo?a^a<, on oommiMion. ?ieIte<L^ 0M r??BlArly furni*h#d if n nriY*rninU w>y h? forwarded to Western Honsee on parfiee on ooninu????n to reaponaiblt Real Estatb and Iniikaiich. Rmi Vanu bought and sold, and Insurances effected. fcaUt* Claims os Lnitkd Statks, Cocet o? rmm CojKtKmi.?Claims on the United States hefor?tV? Court of Claims or Congress, intrusted to us wHt ht prosecuted by prompt a,^ able att"n?s. ' W'U b# jan 27 CHUBB BROTHERS. Opposite the Treaaorr. IJANK1NU HOUSE ~~ it. ? CHUBB BROTHERS. #!?,1'T,s,t,ni5 Notes will pi mark their Checks payable in currency. Depositee of bold will l>e paid in Gold. fh?.nC,.,," i* Wl11 he opened with depositor* allowing thein to deposit Gold and Check for currenor the deposit being credited wuh the different ? ' CHUBB BROTHERS. NTEKEST ALLOWED ON DEPOSITE8." MONEY le LOAN on STOCK SECURITIES Jan JT-?fUBB BK?THER8, BANKERS. " Oppotttt tk* Tr$mtury. NW ,M'BLlCATION.-?Histor,oal and Leg7 Examination of that part of the Supreme Lourt s decision m tiie Dred Soott case which d^ claree the uuoonstitutionality of the Missouri <Coin promise Aot.and the self extension of the Consti Tern tones, carrying sluverv along with B* the author ofThe Thirty Years* View-00 vo: David Appleton i Co. New Vork, 18.17. rhe aUive work lust issund from the eress for le at the well known sMnd, corner of ^V.^et and ennsyIvinia avenue. Stereotype edition. I>eauti l r,ntf^u" white paper and ith best blaok ink. Bound 111 black oloth and gilt usee,pr,cPf?* UP * durfcU? fo,m lor P?'nuinent w"rk,'? what its title purports to be, an ex ^"0 what the anthor deeraa to be) the po ticeof^i'"OhcCourt s opinion, avoiding any no claims of tl,^ which related to the pereo/uil sp7nt of ?rito*ai on rp00"1- 11 wr.ten in a country aild Vul*? ?? ,,1# 'nstitutions of our views. TheauthlJ- ???a?iiienoe from all party part*, words are:'I write for no leaae an the -uthor's works, and so i?l.\ . Pr,"?'Un'> ?'I new views to the old?t re^srVT^1,?,l?t^-^nl Ked exhsusTed.?r" "n ^ d u.tBrkM,ier' fflnf.'l5S.TVl?it, ? ? and Pa.av. THK PRACTICE OF THE roilHW^o ,r?ot?' tr??t'S'il ' h'i'.V,'." 17, laws and fho statute of hmirations. Vol. 8.?Treating of the subjeet matter of p?r*>nal aef ions; in other worda, of the right ofaotion. Price Jfil p?r rslmns. FRANCK TAVI?OR, Mitoall&neoiu. s TEAM MACHINERY FOJjLgCKKW PRO PELLER 8I.OOP OK WAR. Navy # December 16,18.77, \ Seaikd PaoFoeALe. endoraed " Pmpoaala for Steam Machinery f"r Screw propeller Sloop-of war," will he reoeived at thie Department until 3 o'clock, the 80th of January, 1356, for the complete construct ton ot the at-am machinery ami append ages, ami placing ii on hoard a screw propeller ship ol-war building in the I njfeJ Stares navy yard at Boston. The otfera must be for a specific sum for putting the whole in succeasful operation : must include all patent feea for any arrangements that may he pro posed; atate the time in which the work wih lie completed, and be accompanied by the usual guar antee required by law. The name of the catabiiah ment in wnioh the woiit is To bo executed muat he atated. The details of the design and arrnngemmt of the machinery wdl he left with the party whonepro portion may b* Accepted na combining the greatest numlier of advantages, keeping in view simplicity of construction, readhiesa of access for ndfuat ment when in operation, and not being subject to de rangement in ihe working parta ; if being the object ol the Department lo obtain the most speed and Fiower with the most economical consumption of nel.andthe greatest stowage of coal which the spice available for that purpose Will admit. The boilers to be of iron, with teiesoopio amoke pipe, which must be placed at the greatest practica ble distance from tlie mainmaat; the propeller, with the connexions for hoisting, to be of Oompoaition; the maohinerr for hoisting, for pumpa, apparatus for ventilating, and appurteuaneea ol all kinrfa neoeasa ry for the perfect working of the whole to be of the most approved kmda. The onal-bunkera. abaft paa sage, two athwartships iron bulkheads, a distimnr apparatus for fresh water from which can be made not less than gallons per day ; all the tools and duplicate pieces necessary and k>fisfnetory for an efficient cruising afeain ship of-war must be in cluded in the proposition, and a list of them muat be furnished. The wood and carpenter Work (escept the l>cring out the dead wood for the shaft ( necessary to ad.ipt the vessel for the reception of the machinery, toil ers, and appendages, will be provided at the expense of the Navy Department, and it will permit the use of such facilities aa it mar have for hoisting the hea vy machinery on board. For tne accommodation of the entire steam ma ohinery and the fuel there will be allowed in the body of the ship the entire space under the berth deck, oommenoing at 20 feet abaft the main mast, and thence extending forward a distance of 56 feet. Within this apace it la expected to carry coal for 11 daya full ateaming, the daily consumption of which the bidder will state in his specifications and tne weight of the machinery, water in boilers, shaft, propeller, and appendages, with the tools and spare work, must not exoeed tons, of 2,240 pounds. The distance from the aft side of the main mast to the aft side of the forward stern post will be aUnit 95 feet, and the distanoe between the forward and the alter stern-post will be? feet; the depth from the load water-Ime to the top of the keel uudcr the propeller will be \*H feet. Steam-engine manufacturers who desire to bid can obtain a copy of the section of the vessel ujon making application to the department. The proposal must be accompanied by full specifi cations and general drawings, naving the posftion of the centre of gravity of the machinery, Innlers, Ac., marked on them; giving also the capacity of the steam cylinders and area of foot and delivery valves, and of air pump and outlioard delivering valves, space for steam altove tho water-line in boilera, the hre and grate aurfao*; alao the diameter, pitch, sur face, and kind of propeller.andother principal points, that ooinparisons oan rendilv !>e made. There will also be given the estimate of the weight of engines, boilers, water, bunkers, appendages, tools,and spare work, in tons of 2,240 pounds. The terms of payment will be that when one fourth of the inateriala and latxjT provided for in the contract shall have Iteen completed to the satisfac tion of the Department, there will be made a pay ment of one fmh part of the whole amount ot tne contract; when one half the work shall in like manner l>e completed there will be a further oayment of one-fifth; when three fourths the work shall have been completed, a further payment of one fifth; when the whole shall have been completed,and have made a satisfactory trial of one week, then a further payment of one-fifth: and when the ship shall have performed satisfactorily at sea for a period of three months, then the remaining sum shau be grid. The repairs necessary during this period from de fective workmanship or materials will be at the ex pense of the oontraotor. The proposals muat be explicit, and no qualified or oonuitional offer will be considered. ISAAC TOUCHY, d 18-2awt Jnu20 Secretary of the Navy. (\T I No. 501J 1^1 OTICK FOR THE RESTORATION OF CERTAIN LANDS TO MARKET IN THE STATE OF IOWA. The grant of land made by the aot of Congresa. approved May 15, 1856, to t ho State of IOWA, toaid in the oonatruction of certain railroada therein men tioned, having been ao far adjuated as to authorize the releaao from withdrawal of the lands herein after described. notice is hereby ttrm that all the vacant ojtered lands heretofore Withdrawn from sale or entry along the routes of said railroad* which lie outside of sir mil** on each aide of the said roads, situated in the under-mentioned townships, which have not l?een selected in virtue of aaid grant or any other grant made by Congress, or legally claimed by pre emption, snd which v.-ere subject to private entry at 11*> date of withdrawal, will tie re stored to private entry on the days and at the places hereinafter specilicd at the ordinary minimum ol one dollar and twenty h ve cent." an acre, to wit: At the land office at DI'HI QUEon Monday, the 15th day of Febuary next. viz; North of th> base line and tast of the fifth prtnri pal meridian Towns hips 85. 86, 87. 89. f*> and 91, of range 1. Township* 86. a7, 83, and 'Jn, of range 2. ? Townships K4, 35. HG, and 87, of rarve 3. Townships <A and Hi. of rangea 4,5, and fi. Township b4. of range 7. North of th* base lint and \r*st of the fifth prin cipal meridian Townghips 85. 86 fc7, Bit, 9.. and 91. of range 1. Townships b5,86. o7, b9, 9-I, Ml, M,and of ian<e2. 'I owtiships 85. b6, 87. 88, 9o. 'jl. t*2. end 93, of rtinre= 3,4. and 5. Townships 84 , 85, 86 , 87, 88, 9n, 91, 9*, and 9f>, ol range 6. Townsiupa 35. 3C,%7, 2H.90, 91, 92, and 93, of ranges 7,8,9,10, li, 12. 4 and 14. Townships P5. ?6, a7,83,39,91,92. and 9>J, of range* 15 and 16. Townships 86, 87, 83. 89, 91, ?C. and 93, ol ranges 11 and 18. At the land office at FORT DES MOINF8 on Monday. the ljtli day of I- ebruary next, viz: y*rth of thr hast Unt and ra*t of the fi fth prio ri pal meridian Townships 77,79, tgi, HI, 82, aud 8.3, of range* 1 and 2. Townships 79. no p.i, a?-d 82. of ranye 3. Townships HI and 82. o| ranges 4. 5. 6, and 7. North of th' Kast line and tr* st of the fifth pr in ? r ipul mt ridian Townships 77, !s?, 81. 82, and :C1, of range I. Townships 76, 77, 79, 8ii,HI. h2, and liJ, ol ratigeR 3 and Township*76. 77. mi. Ml, K2. and H.3. of ranse 4. Townships 76,77.78.80,81, 82, and 8.1, of ranges S arid 6. Townships 76,77 78 , 79, 81, 82, and 8?!, of ranges 7 and 8. Townships 76, 77. 78, 79, 82, and H3, of range 9. Townships 76. 77. 78. 79, Ml, 82. and 8J. ol range III. Townships 76, 77, 78, 79, 81, 82, and 83. of ranges II, 12.13,14. 1.5. and 16. Townships 76,77,78,79, 81,82, 83, and 85, of ranges 17, 18, 19, and 211. Townships 76. 77. 78, 81. 82. 83, and 8.5, ol range 21. Townships 76, 77, 78, 8n, 81, 82, 83, and 85, of ranges 22 and 23. Townships 76,77,79, 8n, 81, .32,83, and fl.5, of ranges 24. 25. and 26. Townships 76.77, 79, 80, 81, 82. 84 and 8.5, of range27. Towr ships 76, 77, 79, 80, 81,82, 83, and 85, of ranges 23. 29. 3n. and SI. Townships 76, 77, 79, 80. 81, 82, and 83, of range 32. Townships 76,77,79, 80,81, 82,83, and 84, of range 33. At the land offioe at CHA RITON on Monday, the 15th day of February next, viz: North of the base line ami west of the fifth prin cipal mtridian. Township 73. of range I. Townships 72, 7.3, 74, and 75. of range 2. Townships 68,69,7:, 72,73,74, and 75, of range 3. Townships 67,68, 69, 71, T2, 73,74, and 75, of range 4, Townships 67,68, 69,70,72,751, 74, and 75, of range* 5,6, and 7. Townships 67,88,69. 70,71,73,74, and 75, of rangea 8,9, |u, 11,12, 18, and 14. Townahipa 67, 68,69, 70,71, 72,74, ami 75. of range 16. Townahipa 67,68,69,70,71,74, and 75. of range 16. Townahipa 67,68, 69, 70, 71, 73, 74, and 75, of rangea 17.18,19, and 20. Townships 67, 68,69,70,73.74. and 7.5, of range 21. Townships 67, 68, H9,70, 71, 73. 74, and 75, of rangea 22, 23,24, 25, 36, 77, 28,29, 30,31,32, and 33. At the land office at FORT DODGE,on Tueaday the 23d day of February next, vix: North of the bate line and west of the fifth prin cipal meridian. Townships 86, 87, 88,91, and 92, of range 19. Townstnpa 8-i, 87, 88, 90,91, and 92, of rangea 30, 21, 22, and 23. Townships 86, 87. 88. and 92. of ranee 24. Townahipa 86. 87, 86, 9>, 91, and 92, of rangea 25, 26^27, and 28. Townahipa 86, 87, and 88, of rangea 29,30,31,32, and 33. At the land office at SIOIJX CITY on Tueaday, the 23d of February next, viz: North of the base line and west of the fifth princi pal meridian. Townships 86, 87. and 88, of ranae 31. Townahipa 87 and 88,af rangea 35 and 37. Townships 86 and 88. of rangea SB, 39, and 40. Township 91, of range 41. Townahip 9". of range 42. Townahipa 86, 87, and 88. of rangea 43,44, and 4-5. Township 86,of range 46. At the Lantt Office at COUNCIL BLUFFS, on Tuesday, the twenty-third dey of February next, vix: North of the bast line and west of thr fifth prin cipal meridian. Townahipa 67, 68.69. 711,72,73,74, 75, 76, 77, 79,80, 81, 82,83, and 84, of ranee 34. Townahipa 67, 68.69. 70, 72, 73, 74, 75, 70, 77, 80, 81, 82. 83. and 84, or range 35. Townahipa 68, IH, 70. 72, 79,74,75,76,77,78,80,81, 82. 86. and 84' of range 36. Townahipa 67, 68. fi). 70, 73, 74, 75,76,77,78, 80,81, 82, 83.84, and 85, of range .37. Townahipa 91,68, 69,70, 71,73,74,75,76,77,78,10, PI, 82. 83,84, and 85, of ranee 38. Townahipa <f7,66, ?, 70,71, 73, 74, 75, W, 77, 78, 83, 84. and 85. of range 36 Townahipa 67,68. H9,70, 71, 73.74,75,7?, 77,79,80,81, 82. 83. 84 and 85. of range 40. Townahipa 67,68,69, 70,71,73, 74, 75, 76y 78,79,80, 81, ami 82, of range 41. Townahipa 67.68. 10,71,73,74,75,77, 78. 79, 80, 81jfind 82. of range 42. T"W*iahipa G7, 68,71, 73, 76,77,78,79, 8?, 81,82, asd 83, of range 43. Townahipa 68, 73,79,80,61. 82, and 85, of range 44 Townahina 79,8fl, 81,82. and o5, of range 45. Townahip 8.5. of range ?6. Oivea under ny hand, at the oitv of Waahington, thie twenty-foi rth day of December, anno Domini Com wiaat oner of the 6e?eml l^ind Offioe, $ ? lawtJw Traveler*' Directory. NEW YORK AND LIVERPOOL UNI TE U ST A TRS MA IL STEAM ER8 Tkt Skirt composins tkti ?*?: Tka ATLANTIC ,Capt Oliver Eldnd??, The BALTIC.----?--.? i-apt Joseph Ccontook The AlMt1ATIO-? ?C*pi. James Wast, Then a ships having built by oon tract ei praesly for Government mi vice, evu:y care has been taken in their eonsti action, iu Aiao in their fntintx. to in sure auength ai>U spe??d, and their accotnniodntjona for passenger* are un6*ua!iad tor eJeianee aud com fort. The steamers of tine line have improved water tight compaituisnts. ami noexpense has t.een r.pnied topiake them nil as good as new, the thorough exam i nation gives them piovas their mode oi constiuc tion yet ut.equ.HU'd. Pricaof passage (roni New York to Liverpool, is fit si cubic, $u??; in second do., ?75, From Liver pool tiNaV York. ?? and 9?i guintaa. An eg per. perieneed Mnigeon Mlaotied to each ahip. No berths iAu txi accdreo until paid for. PROPOSED DATES OF SAIl.tSO. rtoM SfttUiday . Saturday, Saturday. Saiurday, Saturday, Saturday, Saturday, Saturdav, Saturdav, Saturday, Saturdav, Saturday, Saturday, Saturday, ; 4a turd .iv, Saturday, Saturday, Saturday, Saturday, Mtu rtl&j i NEW TOR Jan. Ifi... Feli. n March 13 A pr I I".. A pill .'l . May h. ... Ma* 22 June '? June l'?

July 3... July 17.. All*. 14.. Ahk.2h.. Sept. 11 Sept. -.ri Oct !?... Ort. Vt) Nov. fi.. Nov. Dec.4... g. . I.t58 . IBM I AW IHW ItSM law .. IK.W . .law .. 18.' H ?186K .. law .. I3W .. law ...1858 .. .law ? 185* FBOM LIVkfci'OOI. Wednesday, Felt.3. IPtS Wednesday, M'eh 3 1R58 Wednesday, M'eh 3. Ift'?8 V\ edneaiav. Apni28 lit.Vi Wednesday, Ma> 12 1058 Wednesday, May W WW Wednesday, June laW Wednesday, June :3.ia.:s Wedneaday, July 7. Iflf* Wednesday, J uly 81. .18. H Wednesday, Aag. 4 IHtu Wednesday, fept. I I8.W Wedneaday, Sept. 15.185ft Wednesday, Sept. ?'? IK.'. 8 Wedneaday , Oct. 13 lR'.H Wedneaday, Oct. 21. IKW Wedneaday, Nov. in law Wednesday, Nov. S4.IH&H Wedneaday, Deo. 8 la'a Wednesday, Dec. 22 186* EDVV No, Will street, New Vor<. BROWN. SHIPLEY A CO., Liverpool. B. G. WAIN WRIGHT A CO., Paria. The ownera of these ships will not he aoooantabla for gold, ailvor, bullion, specie, jewelry, preoioua ? or metala, unless lulls of lading are aignad therefor and the value thereof expressed therein, d IG W 7A?HlN<*TON BRANCH KA1LKOAl>. TRAINS RUN AS FOLLOWS: From WASHINGTON at 6 a. m.. connecting at Relay with traina for the Weat, and at B?'timore with thoae lor Philadelphia and New ^o? *;at 8.SP a. m.. for Annapolia, Baltimore, Philadelphia, and New York ; at 3 p. m. for Baltimore and Norfolk and at Relay with Frederiok train. SX PRESS at 4.2" p.m. at Relay for the Weat. for Anr.apolia, Baltimore, Philadelphia, and New York. On Sunday at 4 .30 a. m. From BALTIMORE for WASHINGTON at 4.15 and 9.15 a. m., 3 and 5.15 p. m. On Sunday at 4.16 a. in. je 12-tf T. H. PARSONS. Agent. QRAN6E AND ALEXANDRIA RAILROAD GREAT SOUTHERN MAIL LINE Twice Daily, (Sunday nighta exoepted.) betweet WASHINGTON CITS' and the SOUTH, vi? ALEXANDRIA.GORDONSVILLEandRICH MOND Leavea Waahington at 6 o'clock a. m. " Waahington at 7 o'clook p m. For LYNCHBURG and"the SOUTHWEST. Veave Washington at 6 o'clock a. ?m.. arrive is NCH Ml'RG next morning at 4 a. m..oonnecting with the trains on the Virginia and Tenneaaee Rail Road for MEMPHIS. Mail Stagee from Char ottesville to Lynchhurc a distance ol fin milee. Fare from Washington to Lynchburg, 97.75. The steamer GEORGE PAGE, foot of Seventh atreet. being owned 1 y the Railroad Company, runs in connection with the traina. Ticket* for Lyucni'Urg procured on the Boat. ItT"' Unmhuseaaiid Bnga?e Wagons will beat th# Depi't ol the WgihiigMl R.-.ilroad, to convey paa Mnge.sand baggage to the St?mml>oat, for Alexan dria, a dibtanoe of an nnlea. allowing ample tima for moals. J AMES A. EVANS. Agent. Alexandria, July, 1867. iv 8 tf J^EW AND IMPORTANT SCHEDULE. , FOR AH. 1'ARTS OF THE WEST. ? A I. TIMOR E AND OH TO H A 11. RO Alt. The recent extension and improvement of its lead ing maqseliM lir.ea at Hie West haa required au en tire revision of the running airan^ements of tins r<>ad by aluch highly important advantages to the trav eler are secured. On and alter MONDAY, June 15, liM. THREE DAILY TRAINS will he run in both directions (or through i-asKenrsrn. First The ACCOMMODATION TR AINaUrta froin Camden Station, Baltimore,at 7 A.M..(except Sunda*,) atops at way etations and arrives at Cuin (?er'sinl ht 4 P. M. Second? Tit* MAIL TRAIN atarta (Sunday ex cepted ?at it ju A. M.. and arrives at Wheeling at 4 25 A. i)l , o.inneotmg at Benw.tod with Central Ohio trains for O.iuinbus. Cincinnati. Indianapolis, leville. Chicago,St. Loui*;<Vc., and at snme piaoe with traina for Cleveland, Toledo, Detroit, Ac.. Dy Cleveland Head.and aUoat ParLercitnr( witn Ma rie'ta head. Third?The ST. I OUJS and CINCINNATI EX PRESS i R vLN leaves daily at 5.n5 P. M , con necting at Benwooil st s A. M.w>tn expyci trains from Beilaire to Cincinnati, iirithout i*nnr? oj Cnr.v at Columbm, I and reaching there In but 25 hours from Haltunore and 3b nour? front Washing ton. It also connects directly, in hotli directions, at Griffon with cat* by I'arkersburg and .M.-tnetta road- for Chiliicothe. Cinoinnati, etc. Tnesetiama oonnect at Xeina (or liirimiuipoos, ('Iiicoro and St. Corns, and at t'lnemnsti with the Great Ohio arid Mifisi aippi Express for L(>uisville Cairo and SI. Lot,?s throiirh to St. Louia in Ices than 42boo, - iron. Baltimore. Hy this train the mru to all the cei.tia and souttiern plr, t*a in the \\ e: t is iriuch less, w inl< the diMnnr* is (n?m ??t?i !<?? miles shorter tlaiui iiy the shoite-t <>f other routes. From fhe West tbixe cotineoHons are ?qua!'y close and aatisfactory, ai minem Kaltm.oreat 8.?i A. M. ITT* Burgage checked throuKh to all pointa. TIIROl'GIl TICKETS sold at lowest ratea at Camden Station and at Washington. I). C. Passengers from Baltimore or Washington may vttw th' rutin roul by JnylifAt, by taking morn mg trains, and lying over at Cuinlwrlaud or Oak iaud, and recuiniug aext morning liy Wheelmir Au ooiuiuiKktioii train, leaving t'uinberland at 3 and Oakland at lu^u. ht) R llr.4 Y PA SS F NU F R S. The Cmn'>er!and Accomni<-dafion Tram at 7 A.M.. will stop at all Stations east of Cumberland, and tbe Wheeling Accommodation at all Stations beyond Cutnbeilsrid roiug West. Eaatwardlv, the Mail Train leaves Wheeline at 8.30 A. M.,anil Acoomino dation leaves Cumberland at 4, reaching Baltimore at 5311 P. M. ON THE NORTHWESTERN VIRGINIA BRANCH, Ite'.ween Grafton and I'arkeraburg, way passengers will take the Expreaa weatwardTy ana the Mad eastwardly. The FREDERICK TRAIN starts at 4 P. M.. stopping at way atatioua. Leavea Frederick A. M., arriviug at Baltimore T2 noon. The ELI.ICOTT'S MILLTRAIN leavea at 5.44 A. M., and 5.15 P. M. Leaves Ellioott'a Mills at 1 A. M. and 7 P. M., except Sunday. FOR WASHINGTON AND THE SOUTH. Leave Baltimore for Washington at 4.15 and 9JI A. M., 3and5.15 P. M. On Sundays at 4.15 A. M., and 5.15 P. M.otlly. Leave \\ ashinjrton for Baltimore at 6 and 8.9m A. M.and Sand 4.20 P. M. On Sunday a at 7 A. M., and 42" P. M. only. The first ana fourth trains from Baltimore, and the seaond and fourth trains from Washington, will b? express mail trains, stopping only at Washington Junction and Annapolis Junotion. The 9.15 and 5.15 traina from Baltimore and the 8 JO and 4 2h traina from Washington connect wibh the traina from Annapolia. For ticketa, information, fare, Ac., apply to J. T. ENGLAND, Agent,at the Ticket office, Camden Station. WM. S. WOODSIDE, jy 13-tf Master of Tranuortation. Baltimore. PACIFIC MAIL STEAMSHIP COM 1 PANY. One of the Steamaftipa of this Company, o&rrylng the United Statea Mails for ACAPULO, CALIFORNIA, and OREGON, leavesi Panama twiee each month, on the am ? valof the United States MailS. S. ('ompany'aateam ers, which le?.ve New Orleans and New S ork regu larly on Mh and 20th of each month with the niaila. and passengers oonneoting via PANAMA RAIL ROADS. These steamships have been inspeoted and ap proved by the Navy Department, and guaranty spud and sa.ff.tyi The Panama Railroad (47 miles long) la now com pleted from ooean to oc vin. and is orossed m 3 or 4 hours. TheliaggMeof oassengers is ohecked in New York through to San h ranoisco, and passengers are embarked at Panama by ateamer at the company'a expenae. The money pnid in New York oovers all exbensesof the trip. Reserve steamers are kept in port in Panama and San Francisoo. to prevent detention in oaae of acci ent. so that the route is entirely reliablt?no fail ure having oocurred in eight yeara. Passengers leave Panama the same day they ar rive at AspuiwaM. Conductors go through by each steamer, and take oharge of women and oluldreu without other proteo t??. For through tickets at the loweat ratea apply at tbeagenoy, 177 West street. New York,to 1. W. RAYMOND,-^or to ARMSTRONG, HARRIS St CO., New Orleans, C. L.BARTLETT. Boston. or jy 34 tf V NITED STATES MAIL LINE ONLY REGULAR LINK and without failukk roa ii?ht via as, voa CALIFORNIA AND OREGON VIA PANAMA RAILROAD. Rtguluf Smiling Dap*, 5(4 f?tk of ft k month. Caution.?So many frauds and imposi tions of varioas kiwis have been lately* perpetrated on travellers hound toCA LI a FOR Nl A. that the subscrilxir. the only authorized Agent for passage by the U. S. Mail Lina, via Pana ma, in the city of New York, feela it hie duty to oaution all persona seeking paaaage to California, that, to avoid imposition, they must be oarefal to find the true office of the Steamships of tha U. 8. Mail Line, via Panama Rail raid, as no other oAoe in New York la authorized to engage paaaage. The Companiea have only one office fn New York, which ia at 177 West street, oorner of Warren street, fronting on tha North River, at the head of tha Com pany's W harf. ??-?irwBRiafc? 'I'M K HKKAfW* 1 M M D 1 C A L 1> 1 SCO T M ?t Ob THE A?K. Mr. ? ?*w*nv,of Ro*burr, has diaeovared taot of oai ouinuton pasture wacdi a remwi! that ??'?? IVIIT KtMl> ?>V HVMoK, flKMi Tki Vtril Srtofula Jo ten to > eommon rimplt. He has tried it in over el?v*n hurdred oases,and never f&t led except in two oases, t>??t?? Ir.ander lle mur. He bu unw m hy n-iwito* over one hundred certificates of us value,all wit tun twenty mi?ee of ^?FwtTlottles are wiuUd to cure a nursing Sort MOij? to three U tile* will oure the woret kind of PiKipiM pc the Face. Two or three tattles witl He*; the s? stem of Miles. Two f?orile* are warranted to oure the Vorat Canker in the ALmth and Stomach Three to fave bottles vie warranted to oura the Wor.?t kind <>f Krreipelaa. One or two Itottlea are war?a?.ted to curaatl Hn mor in tt?e btm< Two trifle*m* Warranted to nw?e M aiming of the Ears and Blotches imnitr Mre Marr. Fear ?o aix bottles are warranted to rure eorrapt and running liceis. (?r.e U.itie will cure yoaiy Kr epr ions of ike ?kin. I'wo im thieo bottles are warranted to cure the Worst kind oi Ringworm. Two or three U'ttles are warranted to cure tkc moat most desperate case of Rheumat is?n. Three to lour liottiea are warranted to utire tSait rheum. Five to eight t?.ttlea will oure the worat oaae of Seaofu la. A benefit ta always experienced from the ftrat bot tle, and a perfect cure la warranted when the above quantity la taken. Nothing looks ao improliable to those who have in vain triod all the wondeiful medicines of the 4a?. aa that a ooinmon weod growing on the pastuiee.and along old stone walla, should curs ever* humor in the system ; yet it is a hied fact. II you have a humor, it haa to atari. There are no I PS nor A N DS. ham nor ha's about it suiting some oases, buTtriot) ours. I peddled over a thousand Unties of it in the vicinity of Boston. I know the effects of it in every oaae. it has already done aome of the grea'est cures ever crpe in Massachusetts.* i gave it to children a year old, to O'd seopie of sixty. I have seen poor, puny. Wormy lootifti children, whose flesh was soft and flabby, restored to a "erfeot state of health bv ona be Ml a To those who are auliject to a ai*k headaohe, one bottle will always oure if. It g/v^a great relief in catarrh and dizziness. Some who have t**en ft had l*?en oostive fur years, and have been regaWtted by it. Where the body is sound it worka quite easy, but where there ta uny derangement of ?he fnncf of nature, it will cause very singular feelings, hat yon must not be alarmed; the* always disappear la from four days to a week. There is never a bad ra a*h from it; on the oontrary. when that feeling is (tonn. y;?a Wl'l fe?l yoerselr like a new person. ! heard aome of the mrTSteitravagap! enoominma of it that ever man listened to. In mi own practioe I always kept it etri<*ly for fcu* mora?but since its introdnotion aa a genera! fanny medicine, great and wonderful virtuea have bean found in it that I never suspected. Several oaaesof epileptic fits?a disease whieh was always considered incurable, have be*n cured t?f a few bottles. O, what a mercy if it will prove egec tna! in all cases of that awful malady?there are bat Agenta for Waahington.?Chas. Stott it Co., Gilman. Kid well A I^awrenoe, J. U. Gardner, 15 c & Co., b. Walsh A Co., F. *. \\*alsh, J. P. ftc few who have aeen more of it titan I have. 1 know of several oasea of Dropsy, all of them aged people cured l?v it. For the various diseases of The Li\er,8ick Headache, l>ysaepsia. Asthma. Fever and Ague, Pain in the Hide, Diseases of the Spiae, and particularly in Diamseaofthe Kidneys, Ac., the discovery has done more good than any me<ficine ever known. No chance oan grt ard enough of it. Dirertton* for Use.?Adults one table apoonfnl per day?children over ten years dessert spoonful children from five to eight years, tea sp?MMifal. Aa no directions can l*e appiioabl* to all constitutions, take auflicient to operate on the bowela twioe a day. MaNCPACTUREP BT DONALD KENNEDY. ye. 130 Wmrrtn Strut. Roxburf, Mattmckmttttt. Z. lorry a. W*| t ' WW rv r 1 iv V?U., I ? m? WW <MBU| ? t G ?one, Martin King, Nairn 4 Palmer, !*chwartx A Co.. O Bogwell, Daniel B. Clark, J. P. Milbnm. Dannar Dyson, Ford A Bro. Agenta for Georgetown.?R. K. Cisaell. <1 M l.entham. J. I,. K.dwell, mi Hy AVER'S Cathartic Pills, (SVGAH COATED.) The following remediea are of fered to the public as the best, most _ perfeot, which medical science oan afford. AYEH S CATHaRTIC PILLS have been prepared with the utmoet skill which the medi cal prolusion ol tins age p';s*e**es.and their affects the> have virtues which surpass an> combi nation of medicines hitherto known. Other prepa rations do more or less good ; but this cutes auoh dang* ione complaints, so quick auU so surely. a? to prove an efboacy and a power to uproot ii:se**e l-e vond an* thing which men have known lx>fore. By leinoving the olistruotions ol the intenir?i organs and BtiinuiAtiiiK thfiu lulo healthy action, the* renovate the fountains t>f life and vigor,-health courses anew tnioiigh tl s body, and the sick iimn lb w ell again. They are adapted to iliK^tve, and disease only, for when taken by one in health they produce but little edect. This is the perlecnonof medicine. It is antagonistic to disease, and no more Tender children may take them with impunit). If they are nick they will cure lliftn, if tliey are wellthe> will do thorn no liArm. Give llioni to some patient who has l?een proa trated with bilious complaint; see his l?ent-up. tot terin<foim siiauhten u ith strength again ; see his long |<>;;t appetite return: see his ciammy features blossom into health. Oive them to some sutlerer Wbobe lout I>Io<h1 lias hurst out in scrolula till lua skin is covered Willi sor?-a ; Wi.o stands, or sits, or lie: in anciiish. He has been drenched ineide and out with everv potion which ingrnury rx^iid sug pe?t. Give hiin these Pti.i ?, and mark the eflect: =ee i he ?>~abs till from his body; see the new. Isu 3kiti that lias gr<>wr> under tfenin see the late ieper that it clean Give thein to loin whose anifr* l.uiiiore nave panted rhcutna'irtn iu his joint* and^. move fiiin. and he screeches w tn pains he too has l>een soaked thr<-uch evert muscle of his body with liniments and silves give htm these to purif* hie blood; thev mav not cure him ftir.alas' thcie are rasea which no m >rtiil power oan re^cli; but mark, be walks with cratches now. runl now ho wa ks alone; thev have cured him. Give the in to the lean, sour, ha*garu dyspeptic. Whose gnawing stomach lias 1<>U^ ago raien f\ery eitilie from his fa^e ami every inu^cle from Ins IskI* . Serf his appetite return, arm witn it lus health: aee the new man. See her that wai iid.ant with health and loveliness b asted and too early witnenne iwn; want of exercise or mental nnrtiish. some i?<iking disease. Ii'ia deiangei* the nitertial oigau.-. of dt.'e^ tion. assinulation or secretion.rill lhe? do their ofht e ill. Hei blond is vitiated, her nesirn ta gone. C?ive her the?e 1'h.i ? to stimulate the vital principle into renewed vigor, to cast out the obstructions, and in Insert p??vk vitality into the blood. .Now look again ? the roses' blossom on her oheek. and w here latel* sonow sat. joy bursts from ever) feature. Seethe sweet infant wasted with Worms. Its wsn. siolrly features tel1 you without disguce, and painfully dis tinct, that they are eating its life away. Its pinched up nose and ears, and restless sleeptngs, tell the d:eadi'u! truth in language wlueh every mother Knows irive it the I'ir.i.s in laige doses to sweep t Se';e vile pmnsites inn the !iod>. Nsvlaraigaia and see t h<? ruddy IiUmiiii ol childhood. Is it nothing to do th*t;e tloiigs.'' Nay. are thev not the marvel o| this age.' Ami >et they are done around joh eveiy d:i?. Have you the less serious symptoms of Miese dis tempers, they are the easier cured. Jaundice t'oe tiveucss. Headache, Sideache, Heartburn. Foul Stomach, Nausea, Pain in the Bowels. Flatulency, l.osa of Appetite. Kirig's Evil, Nemalgia, <iout,and kindre?l complaints all arise from the derangements which these Vtl.l.s rapidly cure. Take them perse veringly, and under the counsel of ag<M>d Physician if you can; if not, take them judiciously by such advice as we r ive you, and the distressing, danger ous diseases they cure, which atfliot so many mil lions of the human lace, are cast out like the devila of old?they must burrow m the brutes and in the sea. Price 25 cents per box?5 ls>xes for fcl. Z. D.GIf.MAN, Washington; and by H. COOK A CO.. Alexandria, and all dealers in Medicine everywhere. d 9~4m PRIVATE MEDICAL TREATISE on THI PHJSJOLOOICAL VIEW OF MARRIAGE. By M. B. La CROIX. M. D . Albany. N. Y. am pages and isn fin* Plain and Colored Lithograph! and Platen. ICTPRICE ONLY XCENTS.^31 ICTSist/rii a_f roftmt* to mil parts ?/ tki Mm Dr. M. B. La Croix's Phymoloriaal View of Mar tage. A new and revised edition of 25fl pages and I9P plates. Pric^2S oents a copy. A popular and oom m prehenaivc treatise on the duties and oasualtieq of single and married life?happy and fruitful alliances, mode of securing them?infelicitoaa arxl infertile ones?their obviation and removal?nen'ous debility, its oauses and oure, by a process at onoe so simple, safe, and effectual, that failure it impossible?rules for daily management?anessav on Sper matorrh<pa. with aractieal observations on a safer and more successful mode o f treatment?precautionary hints on the evil results from empirioal practice; to which is added commentaries on the diseases of fe males?from infancy to old age?each case graphieal ly illustrated by beautiful plates. It 'points out the remedies for those self inflicted miseries and disap pointed hopes so unfortunately prevalent in the young. It is a truthful adviser to the married, and those contemplating marriage. Its perusal is partic ularly recommended to persons entertaining secret doubts of their physical oondition. and who are oon soious of having hazarded the health, happiness and privileges to whieh every human being is entitled to. Price 25 cents per oopy, or five copies for ?!, mail ed free of postage to any part of the United States, by addressing Dr. LA CROIX, (poet paid,) Albany, New York, enclosing 35 cents. N. B. Those wno prefer may oonsult Doctor ILA cRoix JX upon any of the diseases upon whioh his book treats, either personally or by mail. His medi t days. cines often cure in the short space of six days, and i off completely and entirely eradicate all traoes of thoee disorders winch oopaiva and oubebs have eo long been thought an antidote, to the ruin of the health of the patient. His" French Secret" is the great con tinental reinidv for that class of disorders which un fortunately. physicians treat with meroury, to the irretrievable destruction to the patient's constitu tion. and which all the earaapanlla in tka world ?ld ?ot oure. irr Offioe No. Si Maiden Lane. Albany, N. Y. feo 14?lx I No. A?. 1 OTICE OF THE REMOVAL OF THE Mancd duncan to ma<? Inaooordsnoe with the provisions of the aet of Coniress entitled *'An aoi authorizing changes in the location of land offioes," approved M-rch S-l, IMS, it is hereby declared and maoe known thst the oftice for the tale ol public lands at UrNcsM. in the Sta'e ol Michigan, will be removed to the IsLsanof M atkiMar nt ?? tarty a period as p>artitnble. Further none-a-, to the precise time of removal will be issued by the register and receiver for that land distnot. Given under my hand, at the city of Washington, this 3d day of December, A. D. IUH. By order of the Comirn d 4 lawfiw r the Presideat. THOS. A. HENDRICKf. asionar of the General Land Offee. BKVKNTH STRUCT ^J| ? Seent-d Story. three doors (row odd Fiu?w?' Hall. Speot*oie? Nnrf iii)?>d to trm mbM: "p?-ra. Raading. and ^?< isiaaaea; M )?*'"?<> pea in" treat variety : I'onnoramic with ?i?t? of iUHTUK aod ctiotor pieturee?*a*toi. Seeadrer tirriiifi.l III >411ftUki l?Ul i|?l T(?TiM?>KUL<. _ Notruii, g??f?>?? 7, lWi. SlB : Till TOM nMdf fltt ??? Ktl M vij well, am! aeem to kave improved my Mckt inoie than any other | hare lately tri*4. I.ITT. W. TAIKWM.L I hnve tr.ed a pair o1 Sp^?UMf? obtained fn>m Mr. Tobiir, ar?d of gi?-at to ?? nt hr. ami rortespoedint with toa dncnrtK?o( lker-? fe.jut. 1 rso-miiiend hi IB aa a skillful ottinoui HKNRY A. WI8R. Pi Ti>R' ar h t,, 21 .la'*. About (vf it|u, I u14kim?I lri>m Mr. Tobiaa, to Waahington, a pair of t?.asses for the tpectaelea thick I used.and f??wi??i them of treat **? istance to w/ decay mr ri?ion: aud tny opinion ?l him ta, thai li--i.-i i.'.'u. nt th#* preparation of Glasses (or eyee nr-t t'xi l it (iwe t*jhe heuetitted It* such aid. 4. F. MAY. l.mcHti ?? From mi examination of Mr. T<?lNt?' Glasses. and fr<>m hia tfoiviitwm ai.,1 iraAilia,kiii onoviiiotil that he ia a hkillful optician. J. J. BLACKFORD. M. P. L\s< HErar?. November IA. ISM. Mr. John Tobias. having furnished me with Glas ses. I.) wliu h I have been sreatly aided,<my v??i?>n having flittered greatly from reading at IH(M in my earlier life,I it aHorda me the IhiIimi p easnre to Bay that I oonaider linn a skillful practical optician, and well prepared to aid thoae who mat need kis .professiona'services. \VM. H. R'm 7.IK, F.lderof the Methodiat Conference. Wii.MiNc.To*, N..C., June 27. IMi. V a. J To?ia??Itrmr >'?r : I ain happy to?ay that the Spfcr -. Cle? * ??fh I oMa.ned from you laat week ar. entirely aatunrtory. F'lom an inequality in the ritual iante i.''om eyei.l have heretofore found treat diftioulty in ge'lint glasses of tto* proper loca. dis tances. It alf..rua "'e P^asure to elate, H*t I^ ,lf# aid of your optorm *er thit difficulty hat l?een happily obviate.1, eo that th- Glasses you furnished meant decidedly the heatadaj^ed to my eyes of any I hare ever yet used. V _ ? , k... Very respeotfully vonrs, ?? ?*. Rector St. Jsinea Pariah. Harjwg been indnced br a frie."^ to visit the estab lishment of Mr. Tobias for the pi. ff0*,' ??' |ryiy hi? glasses I wsa furnished with a pa. ' slightly colored nlue, wince have afforded me morg rr iefand crttifc cation than any I have ever tried. My ai|tet. origin allv very good. injuredl>y writing an 1rean.nt*i night, freqnently to a very late hour: tent am of theae tlaaaea f nan ttudy almoat a.' *?*" eref. arwf that too without th* r?tn I have pre *??*" ly tuflered. JOHN WIIjMIN, lAte Commiaaionecr (ien'l Land Oftoe^ Deo. II. in*. I have u?ed Mr. Tohiaa'a Speotaoiea for three or four montK, arid take great ?>ea?*ure id aayinn that I am much p'eaaed with trem. I havt t?e? mtob benefited hy tie?. UEO. P. 9CARBURGH. I May Wh. IR?. I wan rer*rrrtr?er)ded to Mr. Jofm Tofnaa aa a akilfWl optician : a iwf at I Mt# eye* nf rermu-kaMe eerwlian ty, I wat gratified to find That Mr. ToMaa aeemed lo oompreHeiid them l?y inspection and aome aiight meamiremertt. and he haa made me a aairt f ??ecia olea that auita tne admiraiily. A. f . BL'TLKR. July U, 1S56. WaaitT^aToa. Aet ?. Having been for yearn unaer the neceatity of har two tett of glaape*?one for uae tn da*light, and out for lamp-light?I procured one aet from Mr. Tnhiaa which answered U?th puraoaea. I have saed hia lot aever&i mou'ks. and fend fhem eaoellent. EDWAK I> PTT'IIIMI. Uf Department of ft*U. Mr. J. Toaiaa. ."?#?: Tne pair of "pecUclea *o? fumiahed me yettarday af? aartr?j>erly aatufactorv to me. They are verr deo?de<1 y the l?eat I poateea. and | am the owner of eight of nine parra. earefaMf aelected jn different placet and ?from opt?e?a?a rec ommended to me <hi acooant of thair profeat?oonl ?tandint in France, Kntiand.and the L'aited fMatea. I hare vten a to pirated wtMi yoar reitmrka and di - rectiona on tii? t'fliitment of the eyea, for the pai poae of preterving and imprvving ttia aitfct Retpectfaily ?onra. CHH. CAl.UWELI? Ffofoaa^r ?rf M. C.. Loaiavilla, K y. Bkooklyr OaTHOfawnc IntrtTrnoa. April. ? ?M. After moat oareftil examination ot M'. J. Tolnaa'a Giaaaea, I am enabled to leatify that their kafdi c.earneaa, polishing, and exaot optioai aktpe rerder them particeiar!y reoommendahle to thoae whoae merely opt?a*l impairment of the eyet are in w*?' of tuoh auxiliariet. f oonaider, moreover. Mr. Totwta full) qualified to determine the focut of the eya.ltoik l.y Ilia optical knowledge *nd eiperienoe. and hy mean* of hit optometer. |r aOdition, I ?u further ttata that Mr. Tolnaa haa aapplied aome of my pa tients with Glaa?ea. to their ar.d my aati?larti?* LF-WIJi B A1 KR. M. D.. Phyaicianand Surgeon. Berlin; Member of the Royal Cdllege ot Surgeona. Fnpl*i?d; Mem'er of the Medr?wl l?"?tty of Ixtndon, and of the Pathological ^?net? of New York; late ?ur geon of the Koyal Orth??paedio luatitatioa of Nanol.ester, Kogiand. and Burgeon of Ike B. O. InatitHUoa. NOKPOLK, Vi? Jmh J7. \iS4. In the experience of even two yeert. I nava found great difficulty in ?t|,taming Spectaclea that were ex actly adapted to the weakneat of my Bight. Thta ta oonvemence Mr. Tohiae aeems t?< have removed tt the present l?y the eiihctitution f?tr me of better and more suitable (ilaaaea. They are clear, chryataJ-like aiid comf??rtal.!e to my eyet. I would oommend him to those who from age or other infirmity require ar titcial aid iu thit way. J. J. HIMKIN8, M. D. WiLWiNsTf*. M. C.. Jane 1?. 1*54. To peraor.t who hare had tiie sight oftheireyea ao impaired as to require the uae oflilaaaea, I would recommend Mr. John Tobias aa a suitable pereon frcm wt.i.m to obtain auch tiiaaaea at thej wtay re quire. at he has suited me with a pair of >pectaolea for h far an.I r.ear sight. Mi ti^ht hat l*en unpaired v<?r7 much I.) a service of year* in the Post < >?o? Department, which l?erth required inetol?e on dut> from II o'clock At night till after day. during whici. rime f used but <?neTight. W. A. WALKka DFPART'UKtT or iNTKaioa. Mty *. law. From natural defccts and the unequal range of n y eyee, I have l?*>cn e-.nipelied to uae g.atKet for aex-e ral yeait. I have tried different optiotaua without obtaining glasset perfectly litted to my eyes. Four mouths since Mr. Tobiat made two pairs et.peciai!y for me. which I have found to aerve me perfectly. By the use of his rptonieter he i? enabled to adapt glasset moet minutt-U to the rjs. I Miosf cheerful ly lecommead Mr. Tol.iaa to nil having oocas?>d to tiae i?la?iHea, and ln*ar my tcatinioiiy at t?> hia skill aa an opticuui. IIKNR\ K. BAj.DWIN, te jh Ats't >*ec'> to sign La*<d arraata. |>K OGRKSJ* IN THK FINF. ARTS. CalMTlNt. aMl Photihj? APHT CoK?u?ai. p HO TOO RAP iTTr PORTRAITS In Oil Colora, on t'anvaa, Miniatbbb oa Size of Lifb. 8. WAI.KKR*S POHTKA1T AND P ICTl'HR G ALL F RT. Odeon Hali.o.'fi.<r ?S st.and Penuaylvaniaavenae. ?. WAI.RKK has felted up the above apacioaa aprti tinenta at a vsri great outlay of aepital. thereby rendering tiifc eaiablithment on" of the mott com plete.inil haiMUome iu the whole country. He haa a large Gallery for/r?e rrirtiftta of upward n| hue Oil Pati.tmga, by aome of the beat ancient and modern masters, to which he intenda to aad frrtli import ytiour. S. Wai.krr haa alao felted up a com plete suit of rooms, with pri\-ate robing apartmenta for la<liet. and purchaaed the finest ptisaibie inatrn ments.aud engaged a fcrat clats operative artiat t?i assist him in the department for taking all kinds of PHOTOGRAPHIC^ AMBROTYPK AND DA GI'FK K F.OTYPK PO R T R A I Tt*. fr??m the small*st nitttrtn to ?iir of /?/r. 8. Walikb, by oombimog the Photographie Pro cess with the art of Painting, of which he haa had 25 years' experience, and whose specimens of life size portraits may be aeen in some of the first fami lies of the city, aa well aa those exhibited in his Gallery, he will be able, by the oombinatKtn of the two, to prod uoe port raita that have never been ea oelled for tneir fidelity and life-likeex/reeeion. Can vas and boards prepared by himself expreaaly for the purpose. . .. _ _ Particular attention paid to the painticjt of Por traita. Miniature or life-aise, from anuUl piotarea of dtcemstd fritnd.%. Photographa taken from oorpae*. or tick peraors taken at their own reeidencea. on immediate noitoe. Committees and el as tea taken in anr number in gronpa, and any quantity of oopiet from tee aame aoid at reaaonable chargea. Likeneaaes painted on Copper for Tomb 8tones. Valuable Oil Paintmga, and Old Familv Portraits carefully l>ack lined and reatored to tneir origin*, trfahneaa. .. .. and gentlemen are reapectfally aoiicited to call at the Gallery, over ShilliMtoD'g ho ik a tore entranceaireet. two doors from Peni.trirar.ia even se< fv 1'. -Brr I. ON DO N' JFVKVII.F. BOtiKS. Ilans Anderson's Tales and Fairy Stories. Louis's School Dayt, Sanford and Merton, K.ver ings at Home. r.dgar Clifton, or K ight and Wrong. F.speranza. or the Home of the Waaderera, (?rimm'a Home St?tnes. The Castaway s. or AdverWurea in Afriaa, Sax el ford, a Story for ti?e Young, Kvery Boy'a Book, Fairy Tales of tfee Countess D'Aulnoy, Arabian Nighta. RobinBon Crusoe. Juat received ky dia FRANCK TAVI.OR. CHARI.C8 MACKAV. ? S??c? lor Music by Charles Mackay, ?5 cents. Ballads and l.yrioal Poems; by Maekat, ?> cents. The Salatramlrine; by Charlea Mackay, 25 centa l.egeudt of the |?les;l>y Cearlea Mackay. 2Soeuta. Voicea from the ^'kv<1; If Charlea Mackay 2S centa. Voicea from the Mountains, by Charlea Mackay, 25 o*nta. The Lump of Gold; t?v Charlea Mackay, 25 centa. I)ndcr fireen Leave: Isy Charles Ma.-kay.25 cents. Poetical Works; by Charles Mackay, antique nv roooo, 92 7S. Foraaleat TAYLOR k MAFRY'8 jan2tf Bookstore, near 9th street. THK SONGS OF SCOTLAND, with ths eel graved music, and Pianoforte aoooinpauimei.ts, by Graham, Madie, Dibdea, Dun,and other eminent muaictans. Complete in i>s? large volume, richlt N>und. and nontaining ab >at three hund'ed me to dies, beautifully erg raved. Pnoe f? 9?. laported frttm Kdinburg. by <?* __ FRANCK TAYLOR. ALM A N ACH DK GOTH A ; Annaaire I> r matiqu- et SUtistique pour I'snnee IUR. TJie' Roval Ralendar for i898, a Register for land. Scotland. Ireland and tks Co oaiea The British Almanac aad Companion for ll'l. _d_!i KB A NCR T a Vl OR. CORK FOR 8ALR. Supe-ior CORK, in any quantity, aow for saie. Inquire, without delay,at the ofboeef tke (Bui Light Couipa?*y ? ?<t? J. F. HRMtV^.IWiarf BUWUNDV MACASSAR OIL.aTtifBKS? Hair Store. nearTsth street. r id^u