Newspaper of Evening Star, January 20, 1858, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 20, 1858 Page 1
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VOL. XI. WASHINGTON, D. C., WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 20, 1858. NO. 1,560. THE EVENING STAR It PUBLISHED EVERT AFTERNOON, (SUNDAY EXCEPTED,) AT THI STAR B11LD1NM, Com*r of Pm. m*nmu4 and hltventk itrMt, By W. D. WALLACH. Papers aenred in packa??a hy camera at ft a year, or 37 wnM per month. To mail aabaertbera the aub acnption pnoe ta f3.%>n year, in mdrantt; $2 for an months; 91 for three montha; and for -eaa than three montha at the rata <4 IS oenta a weak. Sine le copiea, one cent; in wrappers, two oenta. Adtirtisiwkits (of eifht ones to the a?nare) inserted three times for 91; every other day or sem; weekly,2S per ceut. advance; osoe a week,5<? per cent, advanee. >1 T LO VENi*OOD*S DO... bv s l , or texxksskk. 4* Boys, I never told eny on ye ove my dog ecrape, did I ?" '? No. Sut. not as we knows on ; veu've mix ed up dog m> in all yer doins that we can't tell adiaitly what dog scrape ye mean " 4- Well. I mean ole Ftuff Gut. Did eny on ye crer see 'iin "No." " Well, ye missed a site. He war a pewer ful dog. an sometimes ye'd think that he wur turn ni? ? J ** a ? . J v ? awilin. lUtll ne Wl two or three dogs, ef ye seed him eat; not coantiu ove hia tail, (or he hed'nt eny. When he wur a pup, Dad, darn Aim, tuck "im tu a straw-cutter, jamed his starn clost up tu the frame ove the cussed golotine, and fotch down the nife. and thar lay the bole tail in the trort. like a letter S, and here run the pup a youlin' like a hound, and his starn looked like you'd busted * ripe tomatisonto it. Well, it ehaoged hie look mitly. and his nater rnoro. Now as to n?* looks, ute onto the spot wher his tail orter ftaid. thar growl a bunch ove stiff, a.^hcultured bristles, what pinted every way like onto a split broom with the rappin' cut Wise, nn rite on the inidll ove all this fussy lookin' patch ore har' the pint ove his back bone, kivered with a grietil, stuck out like onto a pidgin's ?ig. eaie he sot onto itsoniuch. Well, the afar looked mity sassy aud fite like, eny how, pur ticulerly when be wur a strnttin' up tu a big strange dog tu smell ore im. It made his aturn look bier than his ."holders, purpendiculer and squar; an he hed a way ove w.ilkin slow and eolem like I've seed yung fellers do at camp-meetin' when approachin ove a gal at the spring with thar stud-hotw close on, agwine sorter sideways an mity kccrful. I've Hied little hogs go through the same motions, wun m a peach orchard an tother in the lane, when they thnt they wanted tu fite. and wud a dun it but fur the fenco that wur atwen em. I never found out that he wur good for eny thing hut to keep bred from mouldin' an meat from spillin ; an when he wauled to snow glad, es he bed no tale to wag, he wagged his holesturn an his bine feet slipped about on the groun, sorter like a fashunabil gal walks when she thinks sum he feller is lookin' at er. He wur cultured adiactly like a mildewed sadil skirt, ? n he kerried his years on a nowin' sort of cock, like onto a mule s when he is skeered. He'd whiskers round bis eyes, an on his hine legs, an must had a poweful activ consince for he wur the meauest countenanced dog I ever seed in my life Now ajtu his natur. yucud never set iui onto eny thing yu wanted tu, ancud'nt call ion ofen eny thing ha got arter on bis own accord He wnr skeered all the time, an stud redy to run or tu i>teal as the chances moat l?e ; and takiu im altogether, he war Jist the rite ?*>rt ove a dog to belong to me?not worth a darn, an orter been killed afore his eves irot open. "Well Stiff-Gut. he fullered me ta town wun day, jist caie I didn't want him tu ; an while I wur gittin on a Led ove steam at the doggery; he started roun town on a stealin expedition ovo his own, and like his cussed fool owner got hisself inter a fust rate scrape an skare without half tryin', an in less nor no time at that. I bed gin myself a. shake in the doggery, an hoar the whisky ia me slosh, I knowdl hed my load aboard, so I cum out inter the street an?the?fust thing 1 seed he cum a tarin' down th<* street fifteen times faster nor I thot he cud run. iist a bowin' ove hisself, his years sot flat onto his neck, an his bristles all sot like a black pearch's top fin, his eyes shot up fast and tite. an ho hed on a sort ove haness made outer string*, sorter like the set Dad wore when -be acted be war hanlia ore an old stage lantern and hit filled with wet powder and sot a fire Now the sparks an the ?-i*in an the dust an the ratlin an the youlin an Srowiiu an bark in an the eighty-nine or ninetv ogs ove all kinds what wur a chasiu ove him. made sum aansashun. Well?it?did. Whew w-w VN ben I seed him pass without nnwiu me. 1 thot ove Dad's hornet tribulation, and felt that thar war sitch a thing as a retribution at last ; and then 1 got mad an looked roun fur some wun to vent rath on. an seed a long-legged cuss, sorter ot the Lovengood stripe, with his bat cocked before, aittin a stradil ove a boss rack, a swingin his legs an a singin? ?'Rack, bark Davy, rarin np txibinc, You ?how iU? your foot, ana I'll show you mine," Thinks I you II do. ef yu diiln't start mv dog on that bellward expedition ove his n yu II do tu put it on eny how, so here g. e . Sex I, Mister what hed my dog dun to yu " He pade no tention. but kep on a singin? -Rack, l.ack Davy, daddy shot a bar, tfnot em in the eye, an never toeh a bar." I seed it wur no use tryin tu breed a quarrel so that I mout be able to breed a fite. an I jist lent him a slatharin calamity, rite where his snout commenced a sprou tin'from atween his eyes, with a ruff rock about the size ov a goo^e egg Hit fotch hint! He drapped ofen the boss rack, but hilt a squirrel-holt onto the pale with his paws end hine feet, an hung back down I jumped hed fust atween bis belly and the pole; my heft broke his holt, an we cum to the groun.l a fitin?me undermost, and turned heads and tails. So the fust thing I did. was to shut my jaw onto a mouthful ov his stenk, ni onto the tlace where yer foot it?-hes to go when you arin ickin distance of a fop. Ho fit mitily fur the chance be had; but I soon seed he had a cross ov bar in him. fur he cudent stand ticklin be hind, cf he rnout be called tieklin at all; fur every time he got his hine legs onder hiiu. he tried bis darndest to jump loose, but my holt hilt, an we would take our fust position agin I tbot of a box of matches I had in my pocket; *o I fotch the whole boxful a rake onto the gravil. an stuffed 'em all a blazin inter'one ov the rockets of his coat tail. Now, mind. b? nowd nuthin ov these precedins, fur his mind wur exercised powerful about the hurtin I wur helpin him to behind. I nowed he'd soon show strong signs of wanlin to go To the fust big rore he fotch arter the fire reached his hide, I jist let iny mouth fly open?so?and he went! his whole tale in a blare. Right here, boys. I must tell yu sumthiu 1 didn't no myself, or darn me ef 1 hadn't let him heat me inter a Ioultis afore I'd sot him afire?I d a seed him arned fust. The thot skecrs me yet He bad two pounds ot gunpowder in tother pocket, a takin home to a shoo tin match Well, he aimed tu run past a tin pedlin wagin, what was n standin in the street, with a fust rate set ov old live boas bones atween the shafts, while the Yankee was in the doggery, a firin up tu leave town Jist as he got close to the carryall, the powder cotoh fire, an soon arterwarda went off, an so did he, head fust, frog-fashion, rite thru the top load ot tin war. He lit a runnln. ten foot tuther side, his coat tails wur blowed off tu bis shoulders, the hine end ov his galluses wur rapj>ed round his neck, the tail ot his ?hat was loose, an up in the air thirty feet, still a risin and blaxin like a kouiit, his britches hung loose on the front side, like onto a forked apron, while the sittin part ot em was blowed to king dum cum. and so wur everything else bel<>ngin to that regin, while his back was as black a> a aide ov upper leather It rained tin buckets, an strainers, an tin cups, an pepper boxes an pans, and stage horns, all over that street, fur two minnits and a half. Now that explosion, an the tin war a ratlin an a rainin. made a ride peart noise, specially ove a still day; in fact, enuf to wake uptheole boss bones an gin him the idear that he'd best leave town quick; *? he laid bis years ba>k an straitened ont bis tail an shot. He made kind lin outen the waggin agin a sine-post, and be tuck hisself tu the woods, stretched out about twenty feet long, and not mor n three feet high on the withers, with jist about enut har ness stickin tu him tu make a culler for a bell cow Thar wus wan cussed nutmeg uiakin Yankee broke piutn up, an fm darned glad ove it. Old R tck B tck Davy, the boss-rack man, made fur the river, au I follcred to the bank ta see ef he hed'nt dr<>wndvd hissjif; but no sir ' Thar he wur, about the middle ove the river, a swiuitnin fur father bank, jest a splitin the water wide open, .md his busted britches leg? a floatias arter biia He lo'dted over bisshold-r every other lick like he spaated ru see the devil, his lace wur as black as a pot, pept a white ring roan his eye9. an the smoke war still risin frnm amung the stumps ove his h&r. His bed. boys, in th$t river, wus the ug liw?t. scuriest, and savidgest site I ever Heed or spee tu sec in this world. eny bow. I dream* ore it yet o'nights, and it akarea the swetonten me. I seed a lot ove fellers a fi?bin under the bank, so I tbot I'd help him on a leetle faster, nn I hollored, "ketch tho murderer, fire hun dred dollars and a l>ig hosa reward. He's killed an oman and nine children, and I speck a dog. an like tu whipped onuthur plum to drift." They jumped into thar cunoes and tuck arter him, openw on his trail like a pack ove houns. The last I ever seed ove him he wur a rackin up the totber bank, on his all-four, an looked mitily like an ole bar what lied jistcumouten a hurryeane. He still kept up his lookin back, and 1 speck wus the wurst scared man in tho wurld. an ef he aint ded, he is a runnin yet. { The idear now begin to soak throu my bar that owing to the fuss Stuff-Out an me hed raised, that perhaps Vd better scoot, lest they mount want mr. So I left in a peart trot, an soon got on ole Stuff s trail. It wur like a waggiu had been drug upside down by a par of runaway mules, an tho dry grass an leaves, an in sum places the fences wus sot afire. lie tuck to the mountains, an turned wolf, an tuck up the trade of sheep-killin fur a livin, an the hole settlement is now out arter his scalp That trip tu town, like the cuttin-box, has changed his dispersition agin, all showin the powerful changes that kin be made even in a ilog. I cum outen that scrape purty well, yet 1 hed to show the family disperrition to make d?d fools ove thar sels." ' How, Sut.'*' ' Why, I ought to a toted off a lode ove that permiscus tin war. Oughtent I? say"'?Nash ville Union. Chloroform in Hasgijigs.?Chloroform or is used to relieve pain in almost every operation where it can he of service, not alone in surgery, dentistry, but even in burglary, where the application of a sponge to the nose spares the victim the unavailing anguish of witnessing the loss of his property. But one of the most sensible applications of anesthetic agents, and one which would save the commu nity from such terrible exhibitions of the fear of death as characterized the execution of Donnelly, is here suggested in the Mu?ical World, a paper edited by R. S. Willis: " All the music we can hear will not banish from our minds the horrible consciousncss that the hangman's work is busily going on just now?it will not stifle in our ear the death rattle of strangled men who are perishing on the scaffold. The day appointed for the exe cution of a human being is always a bitter one to us?chiefly, perhaps, because the execution seems so very cold-blooded. Of course, execu tions must be. We cannot all be garroted and shot and mangled in tho public streets. But our mind, while admitting the necessity of 4 blood for blood.' and deeming it fortunate, withal, for the public weal, that the Governor s pardoning power is not invested in ourselves, cherishes a kind of 4 fixed idea' as to a possilde mitigation of physical suffering, which shall be quite compatible with the strictest exactions of justice. '? What the community requires is the life of the culprit?is it not ? It does not demand a certain amount of accompanying agony and torment. We are not Spanish inquisitors, nor sepoys. Wo wish simply to put a poor wretch aside ; in order that for this world, and to the view, and to the detriment of his fellow-crea tures, be may be?no more. '' l><tl ifcts mrrnjirfhf * Wby couple with the taking of life an nmountof tor ment in the life-taking not necessarily involved in the sentence nor required tor the ends of justice ' Modern science has discovered a blessed opiate for physical suffering?even for that prolonged strangling when the knot un fortunately slips around to the baok of the ueck, or the cord catches the wretch '.ib-?ve in stead of below the Adams apple ' '? F??r all such contingencies, as for any con tingency, chloroform and ether are at band. Let the 'black cap' be an ether cap. Torment not the poor wretch even with ? sight of his scaffold. Let him, in the decent privacy of his cell, murmur his last prayer and bid a final adieu to the light of this world--let hiiu there receive the consolations of absolution, or hear the last word of a prayed-for forgiveness. Then, on his couch let this imago of nis Maker find shelter from Impending suffering in the fore shadowed darkness of death, and let his first consciousness, after the black cap is drawn over him, be in that dread Hereafter, into which he baa been painlessly ushered. 44 But if not in his cell, and if dying speeches always mint be made, and the bitter oold of winter, which vividly anticipates to the wretch his deathchill. must often be endured?at least tvben 11 time is up" let a chair support him. while the black '?ap brings to him that blessed oblivion, which will last him through the dark passage. '?No longer, then, let us, Shylock-like, prac tically insist u|>on the blood and the proud of flesh, both?let us l?e content with the for feited life, and mercifully remit the agony."' Bl rning Fli mis.?The Scientific American, an excellent authority upon all scientific and mechanical subjects, recently coutains the fol lowing article on burning fluids: Not many years ago, the fluids employed in our country for household light were animal oils, obtained by perilous adventure on the atormy sea with monsters of the deep. At present, whale oils are in comparatively limited use for illumination, and are becoming morn limited every year. Sperm oil has no superior among among all the burning fluids, but it has become so dear that cheapei substitutes have been sought and obtained. The moat common of these is a compound of alcohol and turpen tine, commonly known by the name of burning fluid. which is very cheap and cleanly, possess ing none of that greasy property which belongs to oils. This fluid was brought into public use in 1H30, when a patent (now expired) waa ob tained for it by Isaiah Jennings of New York city. It is composed of about nine parts of highly rectified alcohold and one of cauiphene, and is capable of burning in common lamps ; were it not so volatile, no burning fluid could be more desirable. From its very nature, how ever, it must be used with great caution and care, because it is so liable to evaporate and become explosive by mixing with the atmos phere. A safer aubstance is desirable. From some kinds of bituminous coal, a sub spirituous oil is now manufactured, which is fast coming into popular favor, owing to the improvements whicn have recently been made in the means of purifying, and in the lampa ('?signed for burning it. It is but a few years since it was first discovered that oil could be distilled at a low tem|>erature from rich cannel coal, and now this coal is almost exclusively employed for lubrication in Great Britain, while it is extensively used both for lubrication and illumination among our i>eople. Vast beds of the rich coal from which this oil can be ob tained. exist in Pennsylvania, Ohio and Ken tucky affording sources of supply for thousands of years to come. Rectified turpentine, under the name of earn fihrtu, which is very cheap, has been tried for illumination, and judgment passed against it. It requires, like coal on, an argand burner, and even with the greatest care, it is liable to smoke and fill up the meshes of the lamp wick with resinous matter. Kosin oil, although very cheap, labors under the same disadvantages. The two vegetable oils oapable of burning in lamp* are made from the olive and rape seed. This oil is capable of rivaling sperm for giving a brilliant light. Patents have been taken out for purifying linseed, cot ton seed, and sunflower seed oils, to adapt them for artificial light, but hitherto none of tbeui hav? come into general user the processes pursued to purify thwin have either beeu inefficient or too expensive. VCf A ?mall -on of Mr. Edward T*l?>0tt, tu BaToour rrninty, Va , wan scalded to d*mth on Thursday, by putHug the cofi^e pot over on him, coutaining hot coffee. He died In a few minutes Special Notices. TO THE CITIZENS Of WasHI NOTON.? Wolfe's Stktidam Aromatic Sch?app%.~The pr??prietor begs leave to call the attention of strangers and the citizens of Washington, to a very superior article of Holland Gin, which he introduced to the American public under the name of Wolfe's Scheidam Aro matic Schnapps. This Gin is manufactured by the proprietor exclu sively at hia Distillery in Schiedam, Holland. It la made froin tho best Barley that can be procured in Europe, at any coat, and flavored ami medicated, not by the common harsh berry, but by the meat choice Imtamcai variety o| the Aromatic Italian Ju mper Berry, whose more varioua extract isdiatill ?d and reotified with its apirituoua solvent,and thus Itcooines a concentrated tmcture of exquisite fla vors and aroipa, altogether transcending in ita Cor dial and Medicinal propertiesany aiooholio leverage heretofore known. Tho proprietor has submitted it to nearly the whole Medical Faculty of the United States, and has received answers from about four thousand Physicians and Chemists, who endorse it over their signatures as a most desirable addition to the Ma teria Medina. Persons who purchase should be careful to get the Kennine article, as the whole country is flooded with counterfeits and imitations. Put up in quarr and pint bottles, in cases of one dozen each, and for sale !?? ' the respectable Drug Cists and Grocers in the f'nited States. Unoi mo Wolfe. Sole Importer and Manufacturer. Depot, No. 22 Beaver street, New York. Wolfe's Schiedam Aromatic Schhapps, is prescribed with (treat success by the Medioel Fac ulty in Gravel, Gout, Chronic Rheumatism, Drop sy. Dyspepsia, Sluggish Circulation of the Blood, Iundeauate Assimilation of Food, and exhausted Vital Knergy; and as a beverage it has no superior in the world. Put up in quart and pint bottles, aar) for sale by all the Druggists and Groccra in Washington. Unoi.PHo Wolfe, Sole Importer and Manufacturer, Nos. I*, 20, and 22, Beaver street. New York. Wolfe's Scheidam Aromatic ScHNArrs.?The proprietor particularly rccommends the above Schnapps to persons travelling or about to settle in the South or West on aooounl of its Medicinal pro perties in correcting the disagreeable aud often dan gerous effects produced by a change of water?a visitation to which all tavelera South and West are particularly liable. Strangers should be careful in purchasing tho Schnrpps. as tho whole country is flooded with counterfeits and imitations. The genuine has the proprietor's name on the bottle, cork and label. For saie by all Druggists and Gro cers. Udolfko Wolfe, d 12-3m Depot 18 Beaver areet. New York. I am in possession of iome valuable certificates in favor of the Consumption Destroyer; also of its efficacy in relieving bronchial disease attended with severe oough. The Syrup is pleasant and safe, and is composed of roots and herbs procured from the Blue Kidge; it is no common article. They are nicely enveloped in my cuculars, where my piaee of residence is seen. The extract of a fl'>wercalled the Alpha Ointment for the Piles, can, with the Syrup, be found at Mr. C. Stott's; the Syrnp is at several other plaoes on Pennsylvania avenue, as well as Georgetown, at Mr. Newman's on Bridge street. In Alexandria at Ledbetter's. In Baltimore, at Hance'a, 106 Balti more street. d7-tf Dyspepsia and Fits.?Dr. Tracy Delorme. great onrer of Consumption, waa for several years aobad ly.afflicted by dyspepsia that for a part of the time he was confined to his bed. He fras eventually cured by a proscription furnished him fK a young clairvoy ant girl. This prescription, given by a mere child while in a state of tranoe, has cured everybody who has taken it, never having failed once. It is cqually as sure in cnscs of fits as of dyspepsia. The ingre dients inav be found in any drug store. I will send this valuable prescription to any person on the re oeiptofa stamp, to prepay postage. Address Dr. Tracy Delorme, New York Post Office. n 30 2m Special Notice.?For Perfumed Breath, White Teeth, and Beautiful Complexion, use " Balin of 1 .mm Flowers." For dreasing Ladies' hnir use " Woodland Cream." a new pomade ; it causes gen tlemen's hair to earl beautifully. Frio* V cents eaoli. W P. Fftriiigr A Co., Proprietors. New York. Wholesale and Retail Agents for Washington. Tayi.or A M auk v. Booksellers, l*etween 9th and tnth st.. Pa. avenue. n 17 FfM> THK PUBLIC. 1 Parties or persons having advertised for sale an " UNEXPLOSIVK GAS," wk ich is no thing but the well known "Ktherial Oil," therefore 1 deem it necessary to caution commuters for their safety, that the only genuine article is known ns ?'Rewtzel'a non-Explosive Burning Fluid," and is prepared and sold y F.STUTZ. at his Depot, cor tier of 11 th and K streets, he being the sole possess or ol the right for toning the same in the Distnot of Columbia. . ocil-eo3m FR. STUTZ N RW BOOT AND SHOK STORK. * Ti?o subserilxr respectfully informs his friends and tlie public generally that he has remov- ~ ed his BOOT AN DSHOK ESTABLISH MKNT to No. 3"i3 Pennsylvania avenue. south side, and Hinedoors east of Ins former place <>f business, where may l?t found a ver? gen* - ral aud select assortment of BOOTS, SHOI'.S, and (>A ITKNS, for I adies. Gentlemen and Chil dren, of his own manufacture; which will, in qusiity of material and workmanship, compare favorably with those o( the liest establishments. All goods made by or bought of the subsonlter may be relied upon as being, in all cases, exactly as represented, to which he would most respeotfully call the attention of those in want of good articles. The subscnlter takes this opportunity of return ing his sinoere thanks to his friends and the public, in general for the very liberal patronage given Inm for tho past five years; and promise, in return for the same and for that which may hereafter be civeil him, renewed efforts to give that satisfaction which is so much desired in our business. J. R. MORGAN, 3ua Pa. avsnue, d 30-eolm* south side, l?et.9th and loth sts. D Washington, Deoember 2f>, IB57. AVID A. II ALU. Esq , having made a Convey ance and general Assignment of all his Real and Personal hatate to the undersigned in trust for cer tain purposes, *11 persons having claims against the said David A. Hall nre r'equesml to present tho same as soon as may be oonvenient at the office of one of the Trustees. No. 40 Louisiana avenue; and all persons indebted to the said estate are requested to pay the same without delay. WM. H. PHILIP. HARVKY LINDBLY, ; d 28-eotf Trustees. ASPKCIAL CARD.?To all persons indebted to to us in open acconntsor otherwisoare respect fully notified that their bills will be made oft and and presented by 1st January, and as we design mak ing a change in our business, we earnestfy request that they will come forward, close their accounts bv cash or notes at short datea in aettlement by the 10th proximo. We hope in view of the preaent financial oondi tion of the entire country, and our intention to make a change in buainess, will sufficiently explain tho necessity of our request for oroinpt payments. COLLKN & SKARS, d 86-lOteod 523 7th st.. 3 doors from Pa. av. pATENT OFFICE RESTAURANT. The Undersigned having^ _ (ejrt f ^ vj bought the House at the oor vkXljir nor of7th and G streets, for- WlbL merly and favorably known * ./J as the European House.and~"^* having renovated and refurnished tha same, ia pre pared, at the shortest notioe, to furnish parlies with all the delioacies the market affords. GAME in season. The beat of WINKS, LI QUORS, and CIGARS constantly on hand. ft^ Families supplied with OYSTERS at all hours, from 6 o'clock a. m., to 12 p. m. Ho respect fully solicits from his friends and the publio a call, d 19-3tawlm SAML- BRERETON. rn CASEs"SUPERIOR OLD BOURBON OU WHISKY Tho sulwcriber has reoeivod, direct from Wallace Popo A Co., of l*ouisville. Kentucky, 50 dozen su perior BOURBON WHISKY, twenty years old, which will be sold for $9 per dozen. d 31 -eodtit J. C- McGUIRE. Auot. T CARRIAGES. HE Subscriber having made additiona to hia Factory, making it nowoueof the largest. in the District, wnere hia facilities forS manufacturing a I kinds of CAR R1AGES and LIGHT WAGONS oannot be sur passed, and from his long experience in the busi ness. he hopes to give general satisfaction. Ail kinds of Carriages and Light Wagons kept on band. All R EPAIRS neatly done,and all orders prompt ly attended to. Seoond-band Carriages taken in exobange for new onos. ANDREW J. JOYCE, d 10-tf eorner of 14th and E sta. NOTICE?We respectfully notify all persons bavins open aooounts on onr l>ooks that their bills have been indiscriminately made.oi for issue up to this date and are roady for delivery. Those preferring not to have themoont in will find theirao oounta ready at our doak. In view of thetroablea still existing tn the oouatrv in relation to monetary affairs, we beg that all will speedily oomp* with the wish wo indioato by 5HS& CLAGF.TT A DODSON. Z^ARD PLATE ENGRACING, AND PR1NT VISITINO. INVITATION, AND BUSINESS CARDS enaravsrt in every style. CARD PLATES printed in thatoost manner and *VI^WlVG AND INVITATION CARDS,plain a?d enamelled surfcoe, lumped at the loweat nrioes. W? 1* ? d A i LY? No, 27S Pa. are.. bat, 11th and 13th sta, d 4-tf IlntaLaoet] Georgetown Advertisements. j^UITABLK FOR PRESENTS. J?in H. Snoot, No. 113 Bridie street, George ,w", C., has received, and ??ners very cheap for ? a good assortment of fancr and useful arti suitable for Chmtmna or New Year's pres vi*: Fanov and black Silks, very cheap Shawls, Scarfs, and C'oaks Cieh worked Collars and sets einst itchedembroidered and plain linen cam j hue Handkerchiefs Boat Paris Kid Gloves, all Nos. Mijch printed Uefjimsand Merino Plaids Merino Plaids. Union, 25 and Sic. A large lot Delaines, IHV and 25c. Gents Scarfs, Ties, and Cravats Gloves of every kind Silk, while and colored bordered linen cambric Handkerchiefs Children's Woolen Circulars, Hoods and Gai ters Gents and Boys Scarfs and Comforta Merinos and Silk Vesting*, Ac. With a great many other desirable articles that would be suitable for a present, d 18 rf J.H.SMOOT. SINK ALES.?We respectfully announce to our friends and the public that we have at last sue dcd in having a large quantity of A I.ES of van on* kinds brewed expressly to our order, which we will guarantee to be the hnont anil the largest vari ety thut was ever offered m this market. All persons wishing a nice artiole of Ale can have it by applying to us for either oft he following brands,

viz. Kcnnett. Burton X.X X Pale, India Pale, Phil adelphia and XX. Wo also have a hn? article of Brown Stout and XX Porter always on hand. -All orders by mail, or given to our drivers, will be attendedto. ARMY A SHINN, Union Bottling Depot, W Greer street, d 17 d Georgetown, D. C. i > i ? 11???????? LORD BYRON'S WORKS, ? vols., Murray's ?.orwion edition, in purple calf binding. KuigLt's Pictorial Miakspcare, 9 vols., octavo, calf The Stratlord Shaksp^are, 10 vols., London, in oak oa?es. The Cabinet Shakspeare, 12 vols., London, oioth * British Poets. 4 vols , London, half calf. Rose's Biograptuoal Dictionary, 12 vols., London, full calf. Rollin's Ancient History, 2 vols., London, many maps, in half calf. Burnet's Histories, 3 vols., London, half calf. Dean Swift's Works, Roscoe's edition, 2 vol*., Loudon, half oalf. Whewell's History of the Inductive Scienoes.3 vols.. London, fu I calf. Bulwer's Novels, an vols., London, green oalf. Anil many other standard works in fine bindings, imported from London, bv d30 FRANCK TAYLOR. E LAST WEEK IN WASHINGTON. FFICAdOUS CURE FOR CORNS. BUNIONS. SOFT CORNS, TOE NAILS, Without Cutting or Causins the Sliektat Pain?by DR. SCHLOSSER, Surgeon Chiropodist to the principal Sovereigns in Europe, takes this opportunity of apprising the ladies and gen'lemen of Washington and its en virons that HE WILL STAY HERE O.VLV A FKW D?YS. and may l*> consumed in every department of Pedal Surgery, especially in CORNS, BUNIONS, and troublesome TOE-NAILS,all of which, however long standing or bad, he guarantees to efffetwilly and yt rman' ntlv cure in a few moment', without the slightest pain or inconvenience, either during their removal or afterwards N. B. Office?224 Fstreet, be tir> in 14/A and 15th streets. near the Treasury Vtpartm'nt. Office hours from 10 a. m. till 1 p. m., and 2 till 5 o'clock p. m. Will visit ladies at their own residence by giving a few hours' notioe. (IT" The following testimonials are similar to the thousands in the Dootor's possession: From H. M , the King of Bavaria. Mr. Schlosser has operated on H. Majesty's feet with great skill, and wifhout the least pmn. Certi tied by H. Majesty's command. BN. POLLER. From H. Imp. Highness, the Prince Jerome Na _ poleon. 1 M r. Sohlosser's m'a est rait des corsaroe beau coup Id'adresse et saus la moiadre douluer. 1 JEROME WAPOLEON. From William Hiee. Proprietor of tke Pennsyl vania*. Mr. Sohlosser has extracted two corns from my feet which were extremely painful for many years. The extraordinary ease with which he operated is remarkable, and I cheerfully recommend him to all who are troubled with corns as tne only per?on I 'iave ever known to perform the operation scientifi cally and without p*un. WM. RICE. Philadelphia. Sept. 23,1W7. From Pierc* Butler, F<q. Dr. Sohlosser has extracted a niiml<?r of oorns from my leet with great skill and without pain. PIERCE BUTLER. Philadelphia, Nov. 9,1857. From Dr. S. At. Landis, Physician to the City Water Cure Institute tit Philadelphia. Dr. Schlosser has extracted, without pain or ?ore ness.iMght very painful corns in a few minutes. 1 would advise my friends and the public generally to go to Mr. Schlosser and have themselves relieved of these toe tormentors. 9. M. LANDIS, M. D. Thousands oftestimonials from the United States, mid also from Royalty, (Molality, and medical mesi from Europe can l>e seen at the Doctor's Offioe, 224 F street, bttveren \ith and 15th streets, near the Treasury I epartment. Last Wf.ek in Washington. d 24 1m BINo. 592.1 Y THE PRESIDENT OF. THE UNITED STATES: In pursuance of law. I, James Buchanan, Presi dent of the United States of Aineriaa,do hereby de olare and make known that puMic sales will he held at the undermentioned land offices in the State of Alabama, at the periods hereinafter designated, to wit: At the land offioe at Elba, commencing on Mon day, the fifth day of April next, for the disposal of the public lands situated within the following named townships, vis: North of the base line and west of the Tallahas see meridian. Fractional township 7, of ranges 8,9, If, 11,12, 13, 14,15, 16 and 17. Fractional township 6, ol ranges 18, 19, 2", 21, 22, 23, 24 and 25. F ractional sections 25.25,27,28 and 30, of fraction al township 6, of range 26. Fractional sections 26,28 and 30 of fractional town ship 6. of range i7. Fractional section 26 and the east half of fraction al sectiou 28, of fractional township6, of range 28. Lands appropriated by law for the use of schools, military and other purposes, will be excluded from tne sale. The offering of the above lands will be oommenced on the day appointed, and will proceed in the order in which thei are advertised, until the whole shall have been oncred.and the sales thus olosed; but the sale shall not be kept open longer than tiro and no private entry of any of the lands will be ad mitted until after the expiration of the two weeks. Given under mt hand, at the citv of Washington, this twenty-sixth day of Deoemner, anno Domini one thousand eight hundred and fifty-seven. JAMES BUCHANAN. By the President: Thos. A. Hendricks, Commissioner of the General Land Offioe. NOTICE TO PRE-EMPTION CLAIMANTS. Every person entitled to the right of pre-emption to any or the lauds within the townships and parts of townships above enumerated isrequired toestab lish the same to the satisfaction of the Register am1 Receiver of the land offioe at Elba, and make pay ment therefor a* soon as practicable of'tr seeing this notice, and before the day appointed for the oommenoement of the pubtie sale of the lands em bracing the tract claimed: otherwise such claim will be forfeited. THOS. A. HEN DRICKS. Commissioner of the General Land Offioe. jan 5-law3w CHILDREN'S BOOKS FOR 18?.-The Little Commodore, Mother's True Stories, The Won derful Mirror, Kiohard. the Lion-hearted, Heroes of History, Tales of Sea and Land. Inquisitive Jack, Dick Boldhero, What to do and how to do it, Siliertan Sable Hunter, True Stores and Fal?e Tales from the German, Belle aud Lilly, or the Golden Rule. Aunt Mavor's Nursery Rhymes, Naughty Boys and Girls, Fairy Tales by the Coun tess D'Aulnoy, and many others for youth of all ages, some of them just from London. d23 FRANCK TAYLOR. THE ADVENTURES OF a CAT, and a fine Cat, ton, oolored engravings; London. 1857. The Adventures of a Bear, and a great Bear, too. oolored engravings; London, 1857. The Adventures of a Dog, and a good Dog, too, oolored engravings; London. 1&57. The Little Pilgrim, by Alfred Crowquil, beauti fully illustrated; London, 1857. Fairy Gold, translated fVom the French, many il lustrations: London. 1857. Tales and Fairy Stories, translated from the Ger man; London, 1897. Saxelford, a story for the Young, many illastra~ tions; London, 1887. Eda Morton, or School-room Days, many illustra tion*; London, 1857. . . _ With many other new Books, English, Frenoh, and American, for youths of all ax es. jan 1 FRANi'K TAYLOR. BIBLES AND PRAYER BOOKS, m variety, bound in velvet, fine cslf, and Turkey morocco, with clasps and illustrations. French Portfolios. Alliums, English and Frenoh Drawing Boots. Gold Pens, Rodgers's Penknives, fine editions, in fine bindings, of English and American standard authors in Poetry and Prone, and Frenoh, Engb?h and American Juvenile Beolm for youth of all ages, may be found at the Bookstore ol the underaigned, mostly imported from E?rope bv himself. d? FRANCK TAYLOR. Vocal and Instrumental Music. WKBKK'8 _ _ __ y E 1. E B R A T K D C O T I L L O N B A ND take pleasure in announcing to the public that ( the* are prepared to furnish first class PAR TIES and HALLS with MUSIC for the com mgseaaon. The latest and most fashionable Onadrilles, Wa.txes. Molkss, Sehottishes. Gallops, Maxnrkas, and Redowas have been rehearsed, end aiso the origins' I^anoer's Quadrilles, which are performed by tins Hand only, with great sucoess. Orders left at tne music store of Mr. Metxerott. or at Mr. Gautier'a Confectionery. also. at L. Weber's residence, No. 5<? Seventh street, between G and I,(Navy Yard,) will meet with promptatten tion. .IZV-1,B LOUIS WEBER. I**<trr. M MUSICAL CARD. R. GEORGE M. ARTH. leader of Arth's Brass and String Band. begs leave to announoe to hia friends of Washington, Georgetown.J ?nd Alexandria, that he is now prepared to,_ furnish MUSIC for Balls. Private Parties. Parades, Soirees, Ac. From one to any number of Musicians to be had at the shortest notice. Orders can he left at the Musical Depots of John F. Ellis or W. G. Metxerott, or at his residenoe. oornerSth and G streets. Navy Yard. ooa?-3m* Dancing. D ANCING ACADEMY R have A Mr. T F. GASZYNSKI and DAUGHTER have the honor to announce to the Indies and Gen tlemen of Wasiuufton and Georgetown that he will re open his Classes for Dancing ini Washington on Friday, the 9th of October. at| Temperance Hall, 1* street, for Misses and Masters, from 3 o'clock p. m.: for Ladies and Gentlemen, from 7 o'clock p.m. Georget?nrn?on Wednesday, the 7th of October, at Miss Harrover's Ladies Sem - mary, from 3 o'clock p. m. For terms and partiouiarg application oao be made at Mr. G.'s rsttideuoe, 407 L street, between 'Jth and loth streets. se 12 6m pLKMTIRL VERY CHEAP. The public are respeetfullv informed that the brat, second, and third floors of our* large Furniture Warehouse, arel filled to the utmost capacity with J ever* description of HOUSE FURNISHING GOODS-suchas Sofas, Bureaus. Tables,Chairs Bedsteads, Lounges, Washstands Writ ng Desks, Beds. Mattresses Carpets, Looking Glasses, China, Glass, and Crockery Ware. Ac. Forming a very- immense and varied stock, all of whish we guarantee to Fell at such prices as cannot fail to please. Houses furnished throughout, either for casn or approved paper. Call and examine our stock before you make your purchases. Remember the name and place BONTZ A COOMBS. No. 3b9 Seventh street. 2d door from d 9-1 m R. B. Hall's Dry Goods Store. FINK EDITIONS, m fine bindings, of Byron Campbell. Pope. Bums. Milton. Shakspcare, Bryant, Haileck. L"ngleilow,"Tenu>son, t'owpci, Thomson, Young, Akenside, Rogers. Gav. Hemanf, Hood, Hielley, Soutliey.Gray, Wordsworth. KeaW, Moore. Scott, Howitt, Spenser, Dryden, Goldsmith, and many other Poets, may be found at the Book store of tne undersigned, mostly imported by him self dtrect from London, some of them with beauti ful illustrations. d 21 FRANCK TAYLOR. S IMPROVE YOUR EYES. TRENGTHKN and assist them, l?y the Paris Optician, D. WOOLFSON, who i.-y>w , has arrived from Europe with hia Pw' ^ own, as well as the manufacture of a good many others of the iateat improved SPKCTaCLES and EYE-GLASSES : nmong which are ?he PERISCOPIC CONCAVE and CONVEX, The DOUBLE FOCI'S and DOI'BLK POLISHED BRAZILIAN PEBBLES.CRYSTALS. Fte., which ar? warranted to improve any EYE atlected with weakness, cataract or tending to it; aiso SHORT SIGHTEDNESH. Persons whoare compelled to useglass >s,or those now using them, will be suited at first stgt t. Those wonderful DOUBLE-POLISHFD VFNF.ZUELIAN CRYSTAL ROCK have reoeived the highest recommendations at the World's Fair, at Paris, through their producing a olearneas and easiness of vision heretofore unknown in any other improvements. Also, alt sty lea of OPER A, SPY. awt MAGNI FYING GLASSKS, Compasses, and Microscopes are for sale .it h is store, corner of Kirh< li street and Pennsylvania avenne, or Kighth street No. 491, be tween D street and Pa. avenue. IT?" Da-mot tnis-nb* thf tornrr of &th ttreft. Prices very reasonable, the same as at is estab lishment in Europe. n9-tf AG G AG E EXPRESS OFF! C F. 3-M D Street. Adjoinint Tkt Stan* Printing OJfire. P, Th?, Hagcage Agent for Baltimore and Ohio and Washington Branch Railmad, has opened an office, at the above place, for the accom modation of the public, where orders can be left los the use of Wagons to convey Baggage or Packages to and from Railroad Depot. Stesmltos's, Ac., or lor removal to any point in this City or Georgetown. Office open from 7 o'clock a. m. to W o'clock p. m.. daily, except Su'idav. 7 to 10 o'clock a. tn.. 2 o'clock to inp. m JOHN M. MoCLINToCK, Baggage Agent Baltimore and Ohio Railroad. N. B.?Persons coming to Washington or going to Baltimore, not having made up their m:nds wherr they will Atop, by giving up their checks to my agents on the cars, willl have their Imggage taker care ol at this <>(Tico. or at Baltimore Sharp street, and noextra charge. d 10 TB A L T I M OR E YPE FOUNDRY. Tnia Establishment is prepared to furnish every article used iu a PRINTING OFFICE. METAL TYPE. WOOD LETTER, FURNITURE, ORNAMENTS BORDPRS, BRASS RULE. CUTS, INK, PRESSES, STEREOTYPING and E I.ECTR OTY PING, at short notice in the l?est manner. LUCAS IS Rill HERS. 17o .Market street, d 17-eo^w Baltimore. Md. FROM PARIS.? Fine editions, in fine bindings, of Racine, La Fontaine, Sevigni. Duci*. Rac ial s, l>o Stael. DHaviene. Montesquien. La Bru yere, Saint Pierre, Rousseau. Chateaubriand, Cou rier, Rotrou, Balzac. Marmier, Vo!t\ire.Capcfigiie, Bossuet, Thierrv, Rochefoucauld, Malherhe. Cor ncille, Scnl>e, Regnard. Guizot, Froisaart. Mon strelet. Bullion. Moltere, Rocli. Barthlrmy, and other standard French authors, imported by da FRANCKTAYLOR. ^ULPEPER FEMALE INSTITUTE. This School, located at Cuipeper Court House, Ya., will commcnoe its first session the first Monday in Febuary, 1RW. Terms, per session of five months, payab'e half in advanoe: Bi-' nl, (in private families if preferred,?including lui 1, lights, and washing - $62 V Tuition in oommon English Branches 12 50 Higher English Branches 15 00 Ancient and Modern Languages and Mathe matics...^ _ 22 V> Music..... ...- 17 V? Drawing - in oo Eainting. ... in nn uibroiaery ? 5 no Rev. J. W. GF.ORGE.I prin.,. WILLIAM HALL. ^ Prm Is For Circulars, with other particulars, referenoes. Ao.. a<ldress either of the Principals as above, d 7-lawtFebl N J.No. SOO.I OTICE OF THE REMOVAL OF THE LAND OFFD'E FROM MINNEAPOLIS TO FORFST CITY, IN THE TERRITORY OF MINNESOTA. Iu accordance with the provisions of D<e act of Congress, entitled ' An act authorizing changes in the location of land offices." approved March a, IU3, it is hereby declared and made known that the office for the sale of the puhlio lands at Mi**apolis in the Territory of Minnesota, will be removed to Fo8i*t said Territory, at as early a pfrtod at praetirablt. Further notice as to the precise tune of removal will be issued by the regi&terand receiver for the land diatriot. , _r . Given under my hand, at the otfy of Washington, this 8th day of Deceml>er, A. D. IW*. By order of the President: THOS A- HENDRICKS, Commissioner of the General l^and Office. d 10 Irw6w LONGFELLOW'S POETICAL WORKS London copy, with one hundred designs, by Gil bert. Dabzielaod others, finelv l<ound. TENNYSON 8 POEMS,London oopy, nuiner ouslv illustrated and fiueW bound. HOME AFFECTIONS. SELECTED FROM THK POLTS. l harles Mackay. one volume, amal! quarto. London. 1**, finely bound, with 1?0 eugrav R Y4NT'S POEMS, small quarto. 71 engmv % tngs. find* bonnd. . ... I.ALLA ROOKH, small quarto, finely illus trated and l?onnd. BRACEURIDGE HALL,small quarto, numer dus enrravmgs and finely bound. And fine editioas of moat other English aad Ame rican writera, in Poetrj and Proae. aome beauuruMy illustrated, others l?onnd. may be found at the h?K?kstore of the undersigned, mostly imported i?? b^j-'tdneo f."m ? ANCK taTLO? LIVIIXGSTONI78 TRAVEL? and Researches in South Africa, 1 vol., gvo.. with Ms pa ami En gtaving.; 9X wmANCK TAYLOR^ Mince mkat'-mince meat;* We have a supply of Domesuo Miuoe Meal .hi.h ?n??i b. e t bubchkli.. da oorvr I6U.tiMiMd Vermont tveua,. THE w\tfiout the intervention^^mail unt.uwii; be pe'oe v<-d. IP per oent.of Tea Wmu 8tai wtU be saved. it invariably contains the " watktagie* N*t#i" that has made The Bvtwrwe Stab oiroe iate so generally Uirvaf beet the ooutrj. irrj^nc e oopiee (in wrappers) ?an be procara*. at the counter. immediately after the iaaae o the Tkper. Price?TH It EE CENTS. 117 Postmeatera who aot aa agente will be ellowed a commission ofanoeut. D' Dentistry, to. R. UNLET HCNT? ... .. No. Sie Peaasy .vania avenue. ? i'l perfo m a.| operations belonging to his ? profession at his old established <>Aoe, as alto rpHE IMPROVED SETS OF TEETH. M. LOOM IS, M. D.. the inventor aad patentee of Loemij Mtmtf.1 Piatt Ttttk, having,, successfully mtrodoeed his imprevemeat iu various oitie% has ww permease!,y eatab Inched himself in Waahingtonr This improvement for Seta of Teeth eonaistaotief ly in making a set of hot one piece of material, and tbv indestruetible mineral. No metal is aeed to their const raetion, and they are therefore free from galvanic action and metalie taste. There are no Mints to become hUed with motstare or partioiea oI fo'jd, henoe they are ?er? mnH dm*. They are 2Slterf atronjer, less clumsy. far more durable, and P. TS1?aeir appearance. I will give a reward o On? Thousand I>oliars toaay on# who will produoe a similar work of art to eaual mine in pnritr. beauty, durability. artia'ic excellence or any othax reeniaita ^UA-i IIJ 0 Al! work responsibly warranted, a# IVU*'^tVMa Uth aad Uth i rWENTISTR\. ^*;^TEPHKN BAILY. OFiire No. I9B P*iNsTLvamA A vine a, Tkrtt 409ti J em I4U Str?i. Da. BAILY bera leave to rnform the pobtra that be can be seen at all his office. loaatertaa above. He feela baauied thru aa experience o/fifteen rear? jaaied UuU aa experience of hfieeu years* prnctioe. with the large number of patients.ana great variety of difficult oases that he aas treated s access tally, will enable him to surmount any diffioalty. aoientifip or otherwise, relating to the Teeth. Hit o*" expcrienoe confirming the opinion of many a?ee eminent m the; profession, aad aspect.y Drs. Harr* -M? E. I arinly, has led h:m, loug since, todia* oard all mercurial preparations for filling Teeth.aso all Enamels, Gutta Percha, India Rubiirr. and Ce ments for the oonstruotiou of Contiguous Gam Teeth, arid that Porcelian. mounted on Gold Plate, la the only reliable snbrt&nce rhat aan be wore in the month, as was rooet oonoiacively shown by the last Amerioan Dental Convention. Although he fiat (era himself from hia lone resi dence and praotioe in Washington, be la favorably L'nown to hia uamsroB* friends arid patrons, he beae l?*v? to refer them to the following n ? . . TESTIMONIALS: From the late Reotor of the Cheroh of Ep.phany of _ ? this oitr. Dr. SiKPHE.f Baily : DwrHir?I deeiretoexpreee my esteem for you personal\j, and my oonlideroe m you as a superior deutist. The operations exeoeied Tor me have been lu*hly satisfactory. I hope that yon u* WMtimton, Alt. at. Mt"1iT^y.Wfewca. From one of the oldest hrma in Baluatore. Meaaia. _ . Bojga, Cotmar. A Co. 'mw^" Having employed Dt. Stephen B<uiy, Surveea D?a uat, or W ashiiigton oity, to execute for me aa i portant at,d diftonlt piece of work, which he d- to my entire satisfaction, and in view of the faot t at one of the moat drvtingaished meiattercof the Deu utJ College of Baltimore, tailed, after repealed trials, to perform the same work aatisfactorily, it c'vee me great pleasure to express my entire tv r tiorf>c^ and , high estimation of his proleastoiial skill. Baltimore, Jan. 12,1857. HARM ANN DOG 68. Extract from a note reoerred frea the late Htm. i oH M Ciajho. ? . y. s. Sktiatb, A?g. Ml, IMK. .?T * made for me work admirably , noU tac eoald be better. Very gratelaiir, JOHN M. CLAYTON. ? To thoae that a^efc relief from the ina.adies of tbe laetn. I cau cheerfaHy reoi.mmeiid Dr. S. Baily as a jcperior Dentist; he made a set of poroeltan teeth for one of aviamilv.end plugged several teeU fur myse.i, the work lu a.. iio?( wt.ll for iie>i e 'liaa ten yaa^. ROBERT T. NIXON. . of the Va.Coaf.ol thaM. E. CharohSoagu Apm 19. loot. ? We, the nwieraifned, having had ooauiou lo avail ourselves o: the piofesaionai saill of Dr. S. Baily. Surgeon Dentist of this oity, or having f-een ^?rnn ant of hia operations on oar families of friends, take pieasnre in expressing our adaurat;or of his arti'tio ?*?,!. as well as of thr uniformly satisfactorr maimer in whioh he pertorms the most de!iaa>e and diAcait operations in Dental Surgery, and we respectfully re oommeud him to the oortidpnoe and patronage of the pablie. of whieh we caisider him eminently worthy. Taoa as IJ. W*Lm, Arehitaet U. 0. Oaetto*. Ihoma. Millkb, M.D .of \Vashiiigton7p.C. B. S. Borkrx, M. D. of Georgetown, D. C. N. S. I.ijjcolj*. M. D.. of Washington. D. C. joe. H. Bxadlit, of \\ ashing ton. D. C. uioKti Walto5. Ex-Governor of Florida. Walteb Linox, Ex Mkrorof Washinrfca. Hrjixt Baldwin, t'. S. Patent Office, ?A);T:}Vi#ht' i'rigKSir*! Rittenhouae Aoadeny. lap 20 tr P. D'lVERNtUS' HOTEL, A. AN ENL Ej betwnrn 17th and 18th streeta. ,, **mxorox, i). C. rhis estAblishment is newly furnished aod ar ranged on the most modern and improved principle, with private apartineuts, Ac. ..iCr'Tiie Bar is supplied with the ohoioeat of >> mes and I.iauora. Game and other delicaoiea in aeaaon. ,_"Ot end Cold Lunch from II o'clock a. m. until 12 m. n?|itr IVM F- BAYLY. ' ' \N'h<?lesale and Retail Dealer in FANCY AND STAPIJ-1 STATIONERY. A'?. 7W P?. ormuf, Offers to the pnblio, nt reduced pnoes, a lull and oooiplete Msor'mrnt of? Writing and Letter Papers. Kneiibh and Amerioan Note Papers French Enamelled and Bristol Board Wntrm Cat da rod.iig and Kusiness Envelopes r.xtra fine Knives. Scissors, ana Rax or*. Fancy and Plain Plaving Cards. Desks snd Work-boxes. Backgammon Boards. Chess Men, Checkers, Games. Gold Pens, Penoils, Card ('as?a, Ao.. Ac. d4 tf (Intel.eo(>t] <5jTOP THAT RATTLING. An.'i"1.^ H5.Mton "Chapman's Elastio Anti-Hattling Snnft hnilfn^r, ' a jpmvo reme?l> b?r the rattling ..f the shall ciie-fejKwfP of Carrisges and \\ agons, whioh can (a put on at a small expense. Call and examine at my Factorv. e-here I hsv? oertincates from the leadinr Co*rhm*ker* m the ??untr>. ANDREW J. JOYCE, d 'o t' oomer Utli wrd R sU. THK SKCH KT U J?5f Publish"!, tiraiic. thf ?tk Tkou**n4. A/'w w?r^s of the Rational Treatment, without Medioine, of Spermatorrhea or Loeal \\eakness. Nocturnal Emissions. Genital, and Nervous Debility. Pre mature Decay of the System. Impo , tency,and Impedimenta to Marriage generally, by B. PL LANEY.M. D. TS?e important fast that the manv alarming oom plaints, originating in the imprndenee and solitude of youth, mav be easily removed withoat Medicine, is in thia small tract, clearly demonstrated ; and the entire!* new and highly successful treatment n* adopted by the author, fally explained, b? meenso which evenr one is enabled to cure Himself perfect!* and at the Icaet possible cost, thereby avoiding all the advertised rostrums of the day. Sent to any address, gratis and post free, in a to* envelope, try stamps ar? dAwtf 17 Llapenard street,'?'ork. ^LE AND P O R T K R~ I bee to inform the inhshitenis and visitors of th? cities ol Washington and Georgetown. D. C.,that I have and shall constantly keep on hand, a stock iA XX ALE and BROWN STOUT fuRTI R manufactured here entirely from MaJt and H?'?a' wariar.ted free from all injariona ingredients out up in ca?ks of vsnous sues, suitable for Hotels Restaurants, Boarding-houses and private faimiio^' delivered by mr own drays. a^pi^f (Jt^Tve oifies, at the ET'ewery prioes. '"'""??so-ne d.Vr'r:v,;r"*u" w,u Also, Malt and Hops for aaJe. WMh7?7onrs, t^. d'. CBM ?nrB*r ?f K Md ? ? * U 2w JOHF.PH DAVISON. P'^^ORTES FOR CHRISTMAS PR KS Mn?ir Pint., Melodeojjs, Violins. Gurtars, Piano iiul u? F. ELLIS. 9th and 1.^ .^'.? St0f*' ^ ** aV>nU' pMNE EDITlONS^in Fine Bindings,of Giptxxi. J , fume, Hallam. Maoauiay. Banoroft.* Ining, Carlyle,'s Robertaon. Rollin, rlatarc*?, Ros ooe. Goldamith, Deaa Swif?, Hogarth. Mirtord, Mackii.U'sh, Buraet. Ranks, Milton. W'hewell. and other eiuii ent prose writers, may be found a the nioks'ore of the undersigned, mostly imported di reot form London, da FRANCKTAYLOR. pHEAP PIANOS FOR SALE^ OR RENT.? Two Pianos for # each, one do. ?7V t w<> ,i0> fine each; two doJT2* eaoh; in addition tea large stock of Boston and New ^ ork nnnvalicd Piai.<ie <>>tr JOHN rl ELMS. pRETARATIONS FOR CHRISTMAS. TAYLOI A M AITRY announce the eomeletion Ikeirarrangements for the approach i .iL.^-V *i j " ,or '"e approachina eaason. / 1? 'ncJ?dea a oarefal aeleet ioa of t i omUIf illustrated Standard and other Worl. is, fr'" ,fIKV ornameaul bindings; an unprecedented variety of Eiifltsk and Amerioan Juvenile K?- ks. and a choioe assortment ofR:Me? and l*rayer Booka neweat styles?; Albnms. Portfo'ies. Wntio* Desks Inkstands. Cabas. *e., to wbrail they re ly invite attention. TAYLOR * MAIRVS Boots tore. near ath sue" ffCMCraesived eemt-asskrti; Waste or N5