Newspaper of Evening Star, January 21, 1858, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 21, 1858 Page 1
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VOL. XI. WASHINGTON, D. C., THURSDAY, JANUARY 21, 1858. NO. 1,561. THE EVENING STAR I* PUBLISHED EVERT AFTERNOON, (SUNDAY EXCEPTED,) AT THI IT All BDILDIRM, Comer of Pm. mvenue and Eleventh street, By W. D. WALLACH. Papers served in pnokacca hy carriers at 94 a year, or 37 cents ptr month. To mail mbaorihera the aub acnption pnoe is #3a year, in adeaaca; #2 for ?-.* rnvntha; #t fur Urea months; and for iess than Miree months at the ratawf lieentaa week. Buicla o-'piea, one oent; in wrappers, two oents. ADrsaTiMiMiXTs (<>f siaht lines to the a?nars) ir<aerted three timee for 91: every other day or ?ami-weekiy, 36 par oant. advanoe; onoe a week.*> per oent. advaaoe. List or Patujits.?The following is the lis of Patents issued from the United States Patent office, for the week ending Jan. 19, 1858?each bearing that date: John Amsterdam, of Mo?ton. Mass ?For im proved construction of telegraphic rabies Michael L. Bander, of Klyria, Ohio ?For Im proved rhirn J- W. fialtzty and Wm Hob?on, of Pana, III F?*r improvement In hand reapers. Kdward D Harrett, of Cincinnati, Ohio. For arrangement of valvea and passages in the cylin ders of a?en<n engines. ' J*an Felix BapteroMOs, of ParU, France ?For improvement In buttons. Patented in France January 7, IsjT. He.ry Barm* of Wilson, N. C -For Improve ment in lock of double barreled guns Samuel Daker, of Mount Pulaski. ill ?For Im provement in seed planters. Jime* p. Blake, of Wa'erbury, Conn.?For l^s?V 'DiA forcovrrln? tlle heads of trunc Jas Bishop, of Oswego. N. Y.?For Improve ment In railroad chair. Hamuel R Borum and Wm McClean, of Nor Va.? For improvement in plow.*. John A. Brown, of Richmond, lud ?For im provement in seed planters. A f) Brown, of t?la/??jow. North Britain. For Improvement in construction of furniture Ldwin P. Cavetl, of St. liouia, Mo ?For im proved device for adjusting two circular saws to id?- same plane In sawing lumber. David \V. Clark, of Bridgeport, Conn ?For improvement in sewing machines >?. O Crane, of Rochester. N. Y.?For im proved crozlng plane John E. Crane, of I.owell, Mass. For im provemeinent in chain cable stoppers. !*tephen D. Carpenter, of Madison, Wis ?For improved application of electro magnetic batte ? Ira to ear brakes. - Wilham Cootie, of Troy, N Y?For improve, ment in rope machines. Addison Crosby, of Fredonia, N. Y.?For im pavement in variable rut-ofli, for steam mail.** M Dimork and N. Rixford. Mansfield iVntre, toon ?For improvement in sewing machines \r ^ by anft Jam? h: Young, of Augusta, -?le?Fo- improved shingle machine E?ra Kminert, of Fraaklin Grove. Ill ?For im provement in harvesters. Wm A Fenn, of Brook field. Conn For im provement in machinery for forming brim* of Ht ^ohi Franz. of Boston, Mass.?For table rack for steamers, ships. Ac. Ashman Hall, of Danville, N. Y ? For im provement in grain separators. Daniel Harris, of Boston. Mass.?For impro/e menl in sewing machines. J. D Heaton and Wm A Clark, of Dixon, 111 for corn busker. ' Joseph W Houston, of West Meriden. Conn r or improved fil?? John Huston, or Ottawa, 111-For improve ment in seeding machines John Mays, of Yazoo city, Miss?For im proved sewinu machine. John C Mather, of New York, N. Y ? For im proved portable railroad switch. H B Masaer, of Sunbnry, Pa ?For improve ment in ice cream freezers. 1 ,^ ' Mills, of Conneaut, O.?For improve ment in threshing machines. Charles Moore, of Trenton, N. J ?For im provement in presses for packing the pulp <>f nxeed or other seeds preparatory to extracting tbe oil from them. s Chas Monson. of New Haven, Conn ?For im proved yaa tube joint. David I'erham, of Tyngsboroiiijb, Mass ?For improvement in cranlierry separator* Lutber K Porter, of Lake Mills, Wis?For unproved double sawing machines. JoV.nar|!-*\." Kic" ?' Worceater, Mass , and John t. Harrington, of Millbury, Mass-For improved compound pendulum. Augustin P. Samuel, of New Vork, N Y ? for improvement In rut off. for 8|.am engli.ra'. JiwniMd Amoa W. gangster, of Bntf.lo, N * ?for improvement in sewing machine*. Winner Smith, of Princeton. Iowa?For Im provement^ in feeding mill stones. Thoa W. Smith, of Alexandria, Va.? For im provement in railroad car br. *e* I'h on tan thanks, of Baltimore. Md ?For lamp or candlestick and match box combined. Win. D. Sheldon, of Huron, N Y ? For im proved method of connecting the panels of fl~ld jencea 1 Jeremiah P Smith, of Ilummelstown, Pa ? tor improved corn sbeller. Wiu W ., ??r Peterborough, X H ? ?/ spinning machined. r>l H ? 1 al M't' "f Bostou, Mxsa ? Forimprov*d ratchet movement for icrew ilrivera. Thomas Thompson, of Thompsonville N C t or improvement in plows. ' Charles A. Wakefield, of Dalton, Mass?For Improved carpet fastener. Charloa A. Wakefield, of New Haven. Conn ? MV/TTTr"1 'i:of ,a,ir'art Hiram Welle, of I- lorence, Mas-.?For im tl0wf^K*rranJ?r,,,eUt ''f to ffedand gi ' \i nar Vl1.nv,r, ,,Ur""W|n:' ">?cblaes. " v, " Aloheus WelU, of Morgnntown. , TJ, K '/nptpved meih ?d of hutting and point ing the bolt to tie sawed Into sbinglea i ' B ^ Philadelphia, l*a ?For Improved scroll a*wing ma^hm*. ? W N. Voat, of Cincinnati, Ohio?For im PT?Mn,( bTk'm1 horse collar and hame. Asabel (, B<tc|,?Ider. of Lowell, ,\|a>s , as aignor to Hiram K Pear,on and a! M But" Sow bUndSTtLr^"^ "1,p UVr,,"-,U 111 W1" Me., assignor to Oliver ~WHS '? th? B^erVv1'r'I; rf B^rl>' Ma" ' assignor to lha Beverly R ibber Company ?For improve in-? nt in reatoring wad" vulraiuz-d rulfbcr , W?, kP',fL N Y., assignor to W alicr K Marvin, of New Yo.k, N Y ?For lUiproved pump bucket. Benjamin II Sbedaker, of Philadelphia. Pa assignor to hdwln Bender, of sam- place If.w i*>r*OYrrrrUt the coniltr,,clion ?f marquetry R.^kUn "vyt ""d Frwleri? k Nishwitz, of Hrooktyn, N ^ . assignors to George E Hovt afo-esaid ?For improvement in coal screens ^ " J.r^,'?,rMwb,lr Ak'?^r to John * place?For improved method of registering the speed, b-ick or for *' .d- "nd pa?sed over by railroad P teoVn iT?nni?\.el7,r"-?<*lv:>nic I latteries Ju^ l^lir S 1?37. in Fran. e Mose, M Young, of Fast Boston. Mass , a, ""r ' ,l!fVr)rK l-'lrhfield, and Jo seph l? Arrnblin, of same p'ace. For imwrove mant in steam spring pressure gitages. ?George Bruce, of New York, N X t or design* for types B. C. Bar.tow. of Providence. R I For dc si^n for atoves. R4-,.<h; -Stephen P Haggles, of Boston. ;?r ,,nPr?veinent in prin'sng p.esus Rented January I, 1-51, re-|s,,:ed January lit, ??eorgs R Jackson, of New York, N Y - For improvement u. vault cover*. Patented April 21, 1?^%< Reiaaued Jan 19. Ir.v* 1 William W Hnbbell. of Philadelphia, Pa _ improvement In eccentric explosive shells Ja: V- ? Reissued /an. 19 ^ '?Zh,'B Mh of ""niar, Ohio, as sunorto James M MrKlul ay of Dubuqne Iowa Apr.I 6'b. 1*12. Kxtended for the term of sev. ? years from \p-|! rt, 1".^ Reissued Jan 19. ISW AJii'tinnttl Improrm'nt _B-njarTljn v k lev, of New Peter,i,urgb. OhiT^F^r lmproV.: men tin cider mi|i, At^nf dated Nov UaiU Additional improv^utent, dated Jan 1U, In^. Who is Aruiu of a Lios '?Dr. Living ston sayp when tbe breeding nnpuUe ia up<in tba^e animals, and a man happens to pass to windward of theui. both lion and lionese will rush at him. but under ordinary circumstances the lion ia a cowardly animal, and never at tacks a man except stealthily, uulese wounded. A very ourious peculiarity about him is, that at the very last he will not make an attack where he sees any thing to produce the suspi cion of a trap A h'>p?? belonging to Captain Ciidrington ran away, but was slapped by the bridls catching a stump, lie remained a pris oner during twe days, and when he was found the whole space around was marked by the footprints of lions, which had evidently been afraid to attack the haltered horso fn>m tbe fear that the whole thing was a snare. It is a common belief (s*y< Dr. L ) that tho lion when be has tasted human floah prefers it to ai.y other, hut the real state of the ease u th :t a man eat^r is always an old li n. wh.i h.-u grown too infirm to catch game. he res->rt* to villages for the sake of the go its. and it' a wo mau or ehild happens to get out they fall a prey lot. This being the only souree of ?uh ?istenoe he of oourse continues it until the vil lagers dispatch bin?a work of little difficulty. PUNCH'S CHARGE TO THE J CRY. The subjoined '? charge " whs not written for the present time, a faot which ia evident from that other faot that we cat it from an old file of the Lancaster Intelligencer, into which it was copied from the London Punch about fifteen years ago. Notwithstanding the antiquity of the document, we oonaider it, in some respects, a '? model ' charge?it, at leant, possessing the merit of leaving the jnry unbiased in their de liberations upon a verdict: (riMtlemtn of the Jury: You are sworn in all cases to decide according to the evidence; at the name time, if you have any doubt, yon are bound to give the prisoner the benefit of it. Suppose you have to pronounce on the guilt or innocenco of a gentleman neensed of felony. ^"U wili naturally doubt whether any gentle man would commit such offenccs?accordingly, however strong may be the testimony against him, yon will, perhaps, acquit him. The evi dence nf your own senses is. at least, as credi ble as that of tho witnesses; if, therefore, your oyesight convincc you that the prisoner ie a well-dressed person, you have a right to pre sume his respectability; and it is for you to say whether a respeetablo person would bo likely to be guilty of the crimes imputed to him. In like manner, when you sec a shabby-looking fellow in the dock, charged, for example, with sheep-.?dealing, the decision rests with vou, first, whether or not that individual is a ragamuffin, im J. secondly, how far it is probable that a man of that description won Id steal sheep. Of coupe, a* ha<? been before said, you will alwavs be gui ded by tho evidence; but. then, whether tho evidence is trustworthy or not. is a matter for your private consideration. You may bolieve it if you choose, or you may disbelieve it ; and whether, gentlemen of the jury, you will l>e lieve it or disbeliovo ii. will depend on the con stitution of your minds. If your minds are so constituted that you wish to find tho prisoner guilty, perhaps you will believe it; if they happen to ho so constituted that you dtwiro to find him not guilty, why then, very likely, you wiil disbelieve it. ^ ou are to free your minds from passion and prejudice if you ean. and, in fh?t case, your judgment will l>c unbiased ; but if you cannot, you will return a verdict accor- I dingly. It is not, strictly speaking, for you to consider what will be the effect of your verdict; hut if such a consideration should occur to you, and you eannot help attending to it, that ver dict will be influenced by it to a certain extent. \os are probably aware, that when you retire, you will be locked up until you contrive to agree Yoo may arrive at unanimity by fair discussion, or by some of you starving out the others, or by tossing up ; and your conclusion, by whichever of these processes arrived at. will be more or less in accordance with your oaths. Your verdict may bo right; it is to be hoped it will; it may be wrung; it is to be hoped it will not. At all events, gentlemen of the jury, yoa will come to some conclusion or other ; unless it should so happen that you separated without coming to any. CHEATING THE DEVIL. Squire H, living in the town of A. was a man in easy circumstance*, with every thing enough, in doors and out. In his yard wa? a huge pile ot wood, sawed and split, and sufficient in bulk to keep a doren families through tho winter with enough more where that come from. Across the street from Squire A., lived Mrs. W.. a poor widow woman in straightened cir cumstances. with four mouths to feed and four little bodies to warm besides her own. Squire II. doted on hia big wood pile, and was in the hahit of taking a peep at it through the closed blinds of his window before retiring at night. One right he saw a female hanging around the pile, and opening the di?or partially, to get a better view, saw her stoop, pick up a large armful and start off, Sho had not pro ceeded far, however, when she stopped short, and he overheard tho following ?? I cannot steal?(he eye of (tod is upon me ;" und down went the wood, and she walked off a few steps and stopped again : " I have not a stick of wood in tho house, the weather is bitter cold, and my poor children are freezing. The Squire has enough and will never miss it.'' So say - I :??g. she filled her arms again with the coveted fuwl. Azain she started and again hesitated , . * ' I never before did such a thing, and God forbid I should do it now!" and down went the wood upon tho pile again Hut the thought of her suffering brood bro'ugbt her once more to the pile, and filled her arms the third time with wood Once more she started and aga n turned back?411 will not steal?I will trust in God, and if it is llis will, wc 11 perish together.' So saying she threw down the wood upon the pile, and the Squire saw her enter her dwelling and close the door. He retired to bed, but slumber was slow in vis iting his eyelids He thought of the poor widow and her suffering children, and perhaps when he slept he dreamed of them. Early the noxt forenoon, widow W. was sur prised lo see the Squire s four ox toam. loaded with wood, haul up in front of hor dwelling aud the Squire commence pitching it off " W hat's this, Squire II?* said the astonished and halt frightened woman; "I didn't order that wood, and God knows 1 oan't pay for it " " It s your s, and all paid for, Ma am !" sung out the Squire, tugging away at a big lo*,? ?? ^ ou cheated the devil last night." The poor woman insisted that there must be tome mistake about it. '? I tell you its your s, for cheating the devil last night,' said the Squire, " and there comes a man to ?w it up, split it, and pack it away in your wood-house. The widow began to - smell a rat," and stam mering her thanks to the Sqjiire. retreated into the house. She wanted for no more wood that winter. Tho practice of selling out paupers to the lowest Didder?or rather of putting up at auction the undertaking for their support? still prevails, it seems, in some of tho towns of Maine. The Rural Intelligencer,of Gardiner io that State, calls attention to tho sad case of l'arker Sheldon, a few years ago one ot the most Crouiincnt business men of the State, widely Down and highly respected, several times a member of the Legislature, once a member of the Ex'ieativ* Council, formerly Collector of the 1'ort of Hath, and the first Mayor of Gardine after it became a city. In old age and reduced to second childhood, bis bodily and mental now era exhausted, and his property all gono, no is now a pauper, dependent on a neighboring town and was lately disposed of at auction to the lowest bidder for his support. Fkrrv Fr.i.?The I'eck Slip Co. having re duced their fare to one cent, the South 10th street Company has oome down to half a cent upon-which the Brooklyn Kagle remarks as fol lows : Tho I'eck Slip Ferry will next take pas sengors for nothing. The other ferry will fol low suit and throw in refreshments The I'eck Slip Company, will not be outdone, will giv each passenger a ticket in a lottery scheme with prises varying from an ivory toothpick to a farm in New Jersey. The South 10th street Co., of course, wiil not give in, and will offer some still greater inducement : perhaps make each passenger a present of a house and lot, and {ay a carman to move his furniture into it here's nothing like op osition.?N. Y Unn Vbrv Coxsciextious.?The Norfo'k Ar;us is responsible for tho following : "An intelli gent gentleman of this city, bought a sideboard at a eheritt s sale, and thinking the sum at which the article was knocked down, was seve r >1 dollari less than its value, be expressed dejire to pay the balance or enough to make up the lull value, and he seemed greatly dis tressed about the transaction." If!T <?" Hsliockville Pond, tn !l.?w!ey, Ma,. fw- yo,.n./ meu. o,, ?l.e *<ili ?f November U*t! sk-trd bilf a 111 tie In cue minute and flftren a *<?' onda U7" In StaflVd county, Va , stands one of the cl.iir# luut in ibw country, ? uia^ tiln<*?>nt bur rood-** ruin, who## eoqrts were ofttn trod ? dru by Washington Special Hotices. To the Citizih or Washington.? Wolft't Sehetdnm Aromatic Schnapps.?The proprietor beta leave to oall the attention of stranger* and the ottisens of Washington, to a verr superior artieleof Holland Gin, whioh he introduced to the American public under the name of Wolfe's Scheidam Aro matic Schnapps. This Gin is manufactured by the proprietor exclu sively at his Distillery in Schiedam, itol.and. It is made from tho best Bariey that can l>e procured in any oost, and flavored and medicated, not t>y the common harsh berry, but by the most choice botanical variety ol the Aromatic Italian Ju niper Berry, whose more various extraot is distill ed and rectified with its spirituous solvent, and thus becomes a concentrated tincture of exquisite fla vors and aroma, altogetlwr transcending in its Cor dial and Medicinal properties any alcoholic beverage heretofore known. The proprietor has submitted it to nearly the whole Medical Faculty of the United States, and has received answers from about four thousand Physicians and Chemists, who endorse it over their signatures as a must desirable addition to the Ma teria Medica. Persons who purchase should be oarefu! to get the genuine artiole, as the whole country is Hooded with counterfeits and imitations. Put up in quari and ?int bottles, in cases of one dozen onch. and for safe hr'all tho reapeotnble Drug gists and Grooers in the United States. Ur?oi,tho Wolfs. Sole Importer and Manufacturer. Depot, No. 22 Beaver street, New York.'* Sciiiepam Aromatic Schnapps, is prescribed with great success by the Medical Fac ulty in Gravel, Gout, Chronic Rheumatism, Drop sy, Dyspepsia, Slucgish Circulation of the Blood, Inadequate Assimilation of Food, and exhausted Vital Energy; and as a beverage it has no superior in tho world. Put up in quart and pint Isittles, and for sale by all tho Druggists and Grocers in Washington. ? Udolpho WoLri, Sole Importer and Manufacturer, Nos. IB, at, and 22, Beaver street, New York. Wolfe's Scheidam Aromatic Schnapps.?The proprietor particularly reootnmonds the above Schnapps to persons travelling or about to settle in the South or West on account of its Medicinal pro perties in correcting the disagreeable and oftcmr'n g?rous effects produced by a change of water?a visitation to which all travelers South and West are particularly liable. Strangers should be careful in purchasing tho Schnapps, as the whole country is flooded with o nnterfetts mid imitations. The genuine has the proprietor's name on the bottle, cork and label. For Kale by all Druggists and Gro cers. Udolpiio iVcLTM, d 12 3ni Depot 18 Beaver street. New York. 1 am in possession of some valuable certificates in favor of the Consumption Destroyer; also of its cfhcaoy in relieving bronchial di*ease attended with severe cough. TheSyrup is pleasant and safe,and is componcd of roota and herbs procured from the Blue Kidge; it is no common article. They are nicely enveloped in my circulars, where my plaee of residence is seen. Tho extract of a flnwercal'ed the Alpha Oirtment for the Piles, can, with the Syrup, be found at Mr. C. Stoat's; the Sy rup is at several other places on Pennsylvania avenue, as well as Georgetown, at Mr. Newman's on Bridge street. In Alexandria at Led better's. In Baltimore, at Hance's, 108 Balti more street. d"-tl ? am -? ? Dyspepsia and Fit*.?Dr. Tracy Delorme, great ourer of Consumption. was for several years so bad lyjlfflioted by dyspepKia that for a part of the time he was confined to his lied. lie was eventually cured by a prescription furnished him a yoling clairvoy ant Kirl. This prescription, given by a mere child while iu astateof trance, has cured everybody who has taken it, never having failed once. If is equally as sure in caseR of fits as of dyspepsia. The ingre dients may be found in any drug store. I will send this valuable prescription to any person on the ro ceipt of a stamp, to prepay postage. Address Dr. Tracy Delorme, New l ork Post Office. n 30 2m Special Notice.?For Perfumed Breath, White Teeth, and Beautiful Complexion, use " Balm of l.nnft Flowers" For dressing Indies' hair use " Woodland Cream," a new pomade : it cslines gen tlemen's hair to curl beautifully, Price *? cents each. W 1*. F Krai doe A Co., Proprietors. New York. Wholesale and Ketail Agents for Washington. Taylor A Maikt, Booksellers, !>etweeu 9th ami loth at.. Pa. avenue. n 17 rpilK SHOALS AM) OUICKSANDS i OF YOUTH. Jml published. thr -V/ edition. U7-ON SPKKMATOKKIIKA OH SK.MI NaI. DISKASKS.?A scientific Trea'ue on the treatment and perfect cure of Nervous Debility. Seminal Weakness, lavolun'aiy Emissions, Impo tence. A o., resulting from vicious habits acquired during the critical passage f oin Youth to Man hood. BY DR. CULVERWKLL, Meml?er of the Ro> nl College of Surgeons of Kng land, < 1*27). Licenciate of the Hall, <18i4), and 30 years Resident Practitioner in London. Author ol the "Guide to Health," ' Green Book,'' "How to lie Happy." "Memoirs of Single and Married Life, Ac. This small t>ut valuabe Treatise, wri'ten by world renowned Physician ami Surgeon, points out the only sure an I permanent cure for ail diseases result ing from self abuse. and is the only publication of its kind written in a lienevolent spirit and by a scientif ic man It should be in the hands of all who value their life and health and happiness here and hereaf ter. Priee 12 cents, or 4 stamps, at the reo?ipt of which it wi I be sent,post Iree, and well secured, by Dr. '*H KLINK, No. UJn lot Avenue, Box -titlfi. N>w York. jan 12 O O K S ! BOOKS!! GIFT8 .'-GIFTS!!?GIFTS!!! B l'HILBRICK'S THIRD ANNUAL SALE now open at No. 476 Pennsylvania avtnue.Jirst door east of United States Hotel. Our STOCK OF BOOKS consists of several thousand volumes, embracing the choicest European and American Literature, which will be sold at the publisher's lowest prices, and many of thorn for less, and a BEAUTIFUL PRESENT will lie made (immediately after the sale) to each purchaser of a Book for whioh we receive $1 and upwards. Our PRESENTS consist in part of? (?old and Silver NY at oh ex. Gold Lockets, Brace lets, Armlets, Chains, Cameo, Gold-stone and Mo saio Puis and Drops, Studs and Sleeve Buttons, (?old Watch Keys, CufT Pins, Pens, Pencils, Rings, h e. 4~*f\ worth of Presents will be given away with each thousand Books soid. Catalogues of Books can l>e obtained at the store Ladies and gentlemen are invited to call and ex amine our stock of Boolyf and Presents. Sales Day and Evening. d ll-tf 3. PHII.BRICK. Agent. 40 GASTON A CLARK, ?xO LOUISIANA AVENUE, seoond door from 7th street, under the Avenue House, dealers in CLOTHING AND GKNT.'S FURNISHING GOODS. The subsorilters call attention to a desirable Stook of CLOTHING which they now have on exhibi tion at their Store. No. 48 Louisiana avenue, seoond door from 7th street, and as they are determined to close oil the lot if possible, every effort necessary on their part shall be used 111 order to please their oustomers. Iu the clothing Dkpaktmknt we can guarantee the stock to be perfeot in point of durability, fit and sty le, because we make every thing ourselves, and have no hesitation in saying our good* will be found equal to the best order work in tne country. Watching the various ohanges of fashion, parties may rest as.ured of finding the latest out and make in store, subject to their inspection and approval. 915,oud worth of Goods for Men's, Boys' and Ser vant's Wear, will l>e sold at auction pnoes.and pur chasers would do well to examine the lot. This la no humbug, as our assertions can be proved on ex amination. Call and see us at the above Store. d a-3m O ASTON A CLARK. BOARDING AND DAY SCHOOL FOR YOUNG LADIES. At the corner of 6th and L Street*, MRS. KE9LEY A DAUGHTERS. Circulars, terms, and all neoexsery information given on app'iuution to Mrs. P. Kesley, jan 15 dt Fcb&eolin CONNECTICUT MUTUAL LIFE 1NSUR Vy ANCE COMPANY. Capital over 92,500,000 This old and reliable Company are prepared to take risks on lives at premiums that will suit all. FRED CALLAN, Agent. Office?No. 213 F street, Washington City, D. C. tan 4 3taw3w History of the republic of the United States, as traced in the writings of Al exander Hamilton; by John C. Hamilton, volume I, 92 50. Tueker's History of the United States, volumes 3 and 4, 91 50 per volume. Examination of the Dred Soott Case; by Thos. II. Benton. 9L The Queens of England and their Times; by Fran cis I jincelot. Esq-, 2 volumes, 93. Portraits of my Married Friejds; by Unole Ben, #1.25. Stories for the Home Circle,15 cents. Thr 'e Diys in Memphis, or Sketohes of the Pub lic and Private Life of the Old Egyptiftlis; by Dr. Uhleman, 75 cents. Mustang Gray; by Hon. Jeremiah Clemens, 91. SeaStories, I volume, 75 ceats. Life at the White Sulphur Springs; by Mary J W indie, 7*? cents. Perils ofCertaia English Prisoner?, ? Christmas story; by D'ckens,25 cents. An Aoeount or the fmithsopian Institution: by Wm. J. Rhees.SOeents. Almanac,! Fraiioai* dr* Flats 1!m. HjM. cts. jan H FHANCK TAVLi ?K ORIENTAL NAIL at^sliiul kistre to the finger nails, at GIBBS S Hair Utore, near 13th street, fa. ave. n io Snj Georgetown Advertisement*. J^UITABLE FOR PRP^SENTS. JoH? H. Shoot, No. 119 Bridge street, George town, D. C., has received, and offers very cheap for Lash, a good assortment of fancy and useful arti, suitable fur Christmas or New Year's pres ents, vix: r Fane? and black Silks. very ohoap Shaa i?, Scarfs, and Cloaks hich worked Collars and sets Hem stitched embroidered and plain linen cam liric Handkerchiefs Best 1'aris Kid Gloves, all Nos. jych printe?l DeLaius and Merino Plaids Merino Plaids. Fniori, 2S and 31c. A large lot Del .nines, itflf and ??c. Uents Soarf#, Ties,and Lravats Gloves ol every kind Silk, white and colored bordered linen cambric Handkerchiefs Children's Woolen Circulars, floods and Gai ters

Gents and Boys Soarfs and Comforts Merinos and Silk Vesting*. A o. W ith a great many other desirable artioles that would lie tunable for a present. f!* tf J. H. SMOOT. E ALES ?Wre respectfully announce to our friends and the public that we have at last sac oeedediu having a large quantity of AI.KSof vari ous kinds brewed cxpros*ly to our order, which we will guarantee to l?e the finest and the largest vari e ii *'a? ever offered in this market. All persons wishing a nice article of Ale can have it by applying to us for either of the following brands. T?. Rennett. Burton XXX Pale, India Pale, Phil adelphia and \ X. We also have a fin" article of brown Ptoutand XX Porter always on hand. All orders by mail.oi given to our drivers, will be attended to. ARNY k. SHINN, . , Lnion Bottling Depot, j7 Green street, q 17 " ?ic<wtowu, 1>. C. f ORD BYRON'S WORKS, fi vols., Murray's / v?.,',!on edition, in purple calf binding. Kindt s Pictorial Shakspcare, 9 vols., octavo. calf The Stratlord Shakspeare, 10 vols., Loudon, 111 onk cases. giithe Cabinet ShRk8Peare. I? vols,, London, cloth British Poets. 4 vols.. I^ndon, half caif. full mV li,OK^Rp,uc,ll dictionary, 12 vols., London, 1,'?,("'Jr,2 vols., Loudon, many mans, in half calf. 1 Burnet's Histories. 3 vols., London, halfralf. i i f" " Works, Roscoe's edition, 2 vols., London, half calf. ?,?'hc.we,j;" H'story of the Inductive Sciences, S vols.. London, fu 1 calf. Bulwer s Novels, 3) vols., Loudon, green calf. And many other standard works in fine bindings, imported from London, by .9JH I'RANCK TAYLOR. BUNIONS, SOFT CORNS, TOE N AILS Without Cutting or Causing the Slightest Pain?by D R. 8CI1LOS8KR, ?urgeon C hiropodist to the principal Sovereigns in Knrope, takes this opportunity of apprismg the ladies and gentlemen of Washington and its en aiiVl'"E WIM-*TA* HK.KO.1LV A FIff lit VS. and may be consulted in even department of ?'e lal Surgery, especially in CORNS. BUNIONS, and lonr iV-'T? r<H.-NAH.*?,bU of which, however long htandinz or Iwid. he guarantees to rjfect*nillu nHit v Ttnnntntiy mrr in a f,?w moments, without t ie NluhleMi pain or inconvenience, either dnrnic their removal or afterwards N. B. Uflice-224 Fstrtet, between I4r* <i*,/ I5l4 streets, war the Treasury u> put Oftiee hours Irom lo a. in. till I p. m? and 2 till 5 o'clock p. m. Will visit Indies at tfceir own residence by ginnc a few hours' notice. * ItT" The following testimonials are similar to the thousands in the Doctor's possession; J"'r*m H- M A"'** of Barnrtn. Mr. Schlosser has operated on H. Majesty's Teet With great skill, nnd without the least p un. Ccrti tied by II. Majesty scommand. BN. POLLER. From //. Imp. Hithne ti, the. Prince Jerome Nn poteon, Mr. Sohlosser's m'a estraitdea corsaroe benuooiin d .ulreaso et saus U moindre douluer. JEROME NAPOLEON. From Willtam Hire. Proprietor of the Pennsyl vani'tn. Mr. SehloHH^r hits extracted fwo c<?rnH fr*?m my ieet which were extremely fainl'iii lor many years. I l.e extraordinary ea*e with which he operated is remarkable, and I cheerfully recommend him to ail wh;? are troubled with corns as the only person I have ever known to perlorm the operation seientifi cally and without pain. WM. RlCK. 1'iiiladeiplua, Sept. 23. 1867. Pierr- littler, Esq. ut. Schlosser has extracted a number of oorus Iroin my leet wi'h great skill and wiihout pain. PIERCE BUTLER. I luiadelphia, Nov. 9, l&>7. ^rom,,Pr' M. Limits, Physician to the City Water Cure Institute lit Ph tlndeivfi ia. Dr. Schlosser has extracted, without pain or sore ness, eight very painful oorus in a few minutes. 1 would advise my friends and the public generally to go to Mr. Schlosser and have themselves relieved o! tiiess toe tormentors. M. LANDIS, M. D. Thousands of testimonials from the I'nited States <nd also from Royalty, Nobility, and medical in?i Iroin Europe nan be seen at the Doctor'* Ofiioe. 224 b street, bettan 14rA nnd lUth streets, near the Treasury I erartment. , Last Weh m Waiiimton. d 24-ltn J ADIES, PLEASE READ. For genuine, reliable FITRS. free from rnoth. and fresh made, call at STINEMET7/S, 2W? Pa. are nue, between 12th and ISth streets, who has re ceived instructions from New York, to sell the fine assortment now hand, on commission, at less dis count limn heretofore offered. Amour them will lie found the handsomer sets i- rei ch Sables, half and quarter Capes ever brought to this oity, for .510 and .$12, victorines ?.5. ch^apO' Cloaks, of saperior quality, very x.l>'l.rt,iu.i?r ?.ttrnfinn i" invited to two very large . Capes, worth over SIOli, each for ?75 A'Hi qoO. Mink Hnble Cape, medium size, fio Rnd ?35. Mink Sable Vietorines *14 and J| i6. A Iso, several sets real Hudson Hay Sable. r 7lli? t*,h?r,?n Squirrel. Fitch Marten. French Mink, Ac , in all their variety. IImlrmine Opera Cloaks, very handsome; Muffs to match, of all kinds, from to 5*1. Lvery arti?le warranted, and if proven as not rep resented, the money will be ref-iwied. _ ? R. H. STINEMETZ, 2Sfi Pa. a.'e., bet. 12th and 13th sta., JRn ?' next d??or to Madame Delarue. TO THE PUBLIC. ? 1>Jv.ri.lf\.?J[.'>freon" having advertised for sale m'1 1 li lt ^ GAS," wtich is no th ng but the well known "Ethenal Oil," therefore I deem itueoeasary to caution oonsuinets for their safety, that the only genuine article is known as Reintiei's non-hxplosiye Burning Fluid," and is 1 rml ""W y F S fuTY., at his Depot. ??r ner of llth and K streets, he being the sole posttess CoVumlMa * Ke,!,n'5 tl,e Wl,n? '? l?e District ol tM3 2l-e??.im FR. STC^TZ I). . ? WASHiifBToi*, December a;, IM7. 1 * \ v 11> A. if A LL. Esq , having made a Convey aiioo and general Assignment of all his Real and Personal Estate to the undersigned in trust for cer tain purposes,*11 persons h.\vine claims against (he said David A. Hall are request^! to present the same as simmi as may l>e convenient at the office ol one of the Trustees. No. 4? Louisiana avuiue; and all persons indebted to the said e.tate are requested to pay the same without delay. WM. H. PHILIP. HARVEY LINDSLY, _d?_eotf Trusted. CHILDREN'S BOOKS FOR law.-The Little r y Cymmodore. Mother's True Stories, The Won derrul Mirror, Riohard. the l.ion-hewUd, Heroes 'lL!?ii',7'D uf? ?f 'J*4 and l^ind. Inquisitive Jack, Dick Boldhero, What to do and how to do It, Silurian Sable Hunter, Tru? Stories and False ralea from the tierman. Belle and Lilly, or the Golden Rule, Aunt Mavor's Nursery Rhvm?-s, Naughty Boys and Girls, Fairy Tales by the Conn less 11 Au 1 noy, and many others for youth of all ages, some of them just from London. _d2i FWANCK TAYLOR. 'Vat ??v"kNTI;RES OF A CAT. and a fine Tk. H,,.oolorc5 engravings; London. 1R77. ?.. . r ,^Venture"?fa ??d a great Rear, too. 0o.''' e,iKravi.tgs; London, IK.S7. I he Adventures or a Dog, and a good Dog, too. oolored engravings; I Hindoo la>7. rno?! PHsnm, by Alfred Crowquil, l>eauti f?Oy illustrated; London, 1857. r aiipr <Jold. translated from the French, many il ?nj^ntiorw; London. 1R57. 1 Tales and Fairy Stories, translated from the Ger man; London, 1M7. forth* Yoan,f? mAnr illu,tr* tio-i: Sl??n; Vwchool"roorn Ulu,tr? .\Vith m*nT other new Books, English, French, ?od American, for youths of ail acea. J*" ' FR ANCK TAYLOR. BIBLES AND PRAYER BOOKS, in variety, ImiuiuI 111 velvet, hue calf, and 'I'urkey n.oro?C4?, wi'ti c asps and illustrations. French Portfo'ios. A|i?ams. l- nglishand French Drawiiif Books, Gold rjens, ftodgert's Penknives, fcne editions, in fine iirgs. of Knglish ami A men can Ptac^ard authors in Po.?r/ junl Prose, and Frenoh. Knglish an" An.eii?aa Javenile Beoks for youth of all ares ma .lie r.'und at the Bookstore ol the urdnrsitnt-d' wo||, imputed from Earo^. b^himsHf. 1 R'o,L-u%'lB0S^'> Vocal and Imtramcntal Mniic. - WKBKK'8 J E L E B R A T E l> t; O TILI.ON HAND tase p ensure in announcing to the public that r.'7. *rw to furnish first cIh*s FAR-' ntS *n<( UALLS with MI'SIC for the cum inrseason. \v.r.J."t?ft.La,,do T""1 fashionable Unadrille,,. ???* o|k*a. Schotlishes, Gallops, Mazurkas, una Redowas have lieen rehearsed, and a:?o the k.'m".'* ||*Rnl0*r1* ywhioh are performed J , ii "hly, a ith great success. Orders left at tne inusio store of Mr. Metxerott. V*. V ? Confectionery, also, at i XS) el?er s residence. No..iS) S-venth street. Iift*wn t'on ^ ard,i will meet with prompt atten ^ PMna LOUIS TVF.BFR. Leader. !\T? - MUSICAL CARD, ii ?^ORGK Al. ARTil, leader * Brass and String Band, bejs leave to announce to hip friends of Washington, Georgetown.* and Alexandria, that he is now prepared to; Hi r tiis, i AIL SIC for Balls, Private Parties. Pnraoes. t."' i ?*. J" r?m <,r,e u'an* "amber of M usioians to t>e had at the shortest notice. Orders can be lert at the Musical Depots of John h. Ellis or W.G. Metzerott, or at bis re*idence. oomcr 6th and G streets. Navy Vard. ??o2"-Rii!* of Arth's Dancing. || A N c I N U ACADEMY. Mr.T F. GASZVNSKI and DAI'G(ITER have tne honor to announce to the and Ger. tleincn of W .lsruncton and Georgetown that aS 5? ? "Pen hia Classes for Dancing in^? Washington on I- rid**, the 9th of ??ctoUr. at LJfc. lemperapce Kail, K street, for Misses and Masters, from 3 o clock p. in.; for Ladies and Gentlemen, JfcS5.I? ?? W' V.*"rr."4,wn"H"" Wednes :*% the it h oi October, at Aliss Harrover's lilies fieiii mary, from 3 o clock p. m. For terms ai d carticularp application can he made J* J|ir> G. s residence,4>0 E stieet, In tween 'Oh and IQth streets. _ mi K*ifc '* E Dl l'H>\>. in line tiii.tnif*. I'm,! a Campjietl, Pope, Bums, M.lion. Shareware, "rjant, llajleck, Lonr.'eilo<r. Tn,i ? ? ?n. ?'? wp? ?. Thomson. \ on nr. A Ueiiside. Borer* <?a*. Ilefii%j,i. Hood, fhellcy. S< uthey.i.rnt, W or?l*?oit: .Kent*. Moore. Scott, llowitt, Drtden. ?i?ldsn.if h, and many other Porta, may l*? f. nm< at the Book * ,IV'' ,h? undersigned, n.o?,.? irnt orte<4 t<t him. sc'rdirect from London, Some of ih.?i with Iwauti ful H'ustnitioiis. PRAKHC T \ V l.? ?R. IMPROVE Mlt'R E\ ES. ) TR INGTHEN and assist them, ha the Pans Optician, D. WOOL* SON. who . has arrived frtm Europe wt?. his r own, as well as the manufacture of ? toan? others ??f the late?Mmprovf?d M'HTii 1.1.> . ,i amour whteh are the ^"?^COPIC CONCAVK. s.,,1 ( OW|;\, f .e udV5,, ; ' OCI S and D<?I Bl.i: POI.IMU ? BRAZILIAN PFBBI.hS.TR VST \(.??. | ie . which are warranted to improve any KVI-. atlieied sw.sTfe'rgwissM.r Persons who are compelled to useglaf*e?.nrthnfte w<u ralhc-^'? hrstsirM. Thoftc '?^?LE.roU??JRDVWf:ll.KUAN h'shest reeomrnendations at the n orld i J* Air, at I nris, thmafh th^ir pr?Miticinc A olMrneii and of vhidu hfretofore unknown in nnr other improvements. , A.^-' Kil st, le, of <iFKR A. SPY. and MAGNT t? > INf. GI.AS^hS, Compasses. ai;d Microaoopea are for sale *t his store, eornor of Kirhth xtreet?nd I e.maylvaniaavenue,or F.iclith s'reet \o.49l.l* 'w?*en I> sfrect and Pa. avenue. IT7" nr>' t/ifM-nkf ikr tcrwr of *trr*t Prices very reaaonaUe, the same as at his estab lishment iu l.urooe. n!?-tf I? A (? G A G K K \ P B K S S O F F 1 C K ..... 3J4 D Strbkt. AiIjofniMir Tk* Situs Printing OJitt. ??Th^.l*,lb^c!l:,^t^ ?*<**?? Aeent for Baltimor. and Ohio and U * shin* ton Branch Railrf>nd, nas opened an office, at the above p'ace. for the accotr ?KM.ation of the public, where order* can be left l<v he use of \\a?oas to oonrey Bncr-peor Packares toantl from Kaoroad Depot. Steamboats, Jcc.. or for removal to nnv po.nt in thm City or Georgetown. < iitir* open from ? o dock a. in. to jn o'clock p. in.. ,!l ? J*Bnda?. 7 to in oVmck a. m.. 2 ..'clock to 10 p. m Jj>HN M. McCMNTi-CK, l?a*tace A rent Baltimore and Ohio Railed. i> i." ooir.lns to W aslnn<ton or *oi"k to Baltimore.not havmc made up their minds where1 they will atop, by rivmr up their checks to mi amenta on the .nr-, wilil have their t?*k(race taken ?jre of a, this otnec. or at Baltimore ofice.No.ll ?harp street, and no extra charge. d 10 It^KOM PAR IS.?Fine edit ions, iu tine bin^incs, i. . VL.tC.l>,r: f ontaine. Savtcni, Duoi?. Fal> ?aiP. lie lie ftvirn*. Mo itepgiuori. La IJru yere. Saint [ lerre. Rousseau. Lhateaubnand. Cou rer. Rotrou. Baliac. Marrmer, VoltMre t'apeiaue. Bossuel, riuerrv, Rochefouoai ld, Ma'hetlw, ?\.r LV'i'uV %rXT' Recnard, Gu z .t, Fro,a?art. Mon Hueh-.n. .Moliere., Barthlemy, and other stAiiilrtrd I rench authors, imported by FRANCK TAVI.OR. 0DLPEP?ft FKMALK INSTITUTE. This School. lo?nte?J at Cul^eper Court House. inHFd'uary,n|^Rn06 'l' fir8t first Monday advan^' '!?r 8P9S*on ?v? months, pay ah e h&lf in Board, (in private families if preferred.) includinr fuel, lights, and washin* <?P2 e. Tuition in nommon Kr.f lish Pmnuhcs...12 y Higher I.nclish Branches 15 ur Ancient ana MoUoru Lar.Kar.pea and M<Uhe matica -.? Ti y 8 S EMSw.:??r <J s Rev. J. W. GEORGE,! "iL .. it ^ i WILLIAM HALL, \ Pnn h or Circslarx, with ?th?r particular*, references An., address either of the Principals as above, d 7-lawtFebi J^TEW BOOT AND SHOE STORE. The subscriber respectfully informs his friends and the publio seneraik thit he haw remor .iL* %rih-v4.,00C.ANI>S.I,"E ESTABLISH Stf] MKNT to No. Pennsylvania avenue w Bl south side, and s>ned<M>ra ca^t of his former' fSu. place of business, where may lie found a very Cene 1a. and s<?iect assortment of BOOTS. SHOPS end GAITERS, for I adies. Gentlemen end Chil dren, or his own manufacture; which wi i, in suaiits >*'l yrorki.ians.iip. compare favonU.^y withtnoseof the best e*tali| *hm?iils. AII roods made by or b .aght of the srbsoril>er may be relied upon as heme, in all cases, exact r as represented, to which he would most resn-etful!? attention of these 111 want of k?kk1 articles. 1 tie subscriber take* tms onportiimty i?f r?*9nrn inn his sincere thanks to his friends and the public fn/.l".? for'he very liberal patronage siveri h m lor the past five years; and promise, in return for the same and fiir that which may hereafter be elver, him, renewed efforts to rive that satisfaction which is so much desirfd in our busmesr. ? ? , J- R- MORii AN, $y Pa. avsnue, d y-eoim^ couth side, bet. 9th and 10th sts. | ONGFMI.hOWs POP.TICAL WORKS ? J London copy, with one hundred designs, by Gil rl,.\ 1^.'''?)e' nn^ others, finely tionnd. 1 1^ . , 1 POEMS, London c"py,nuiner ouslv illustrated and fanely lM>und. ?r 1!' .n^aPS[:T,,()\S- SELECTED FROM IIIK 1 OfcTS, Charles Mack ay. one volume, srral' quarto, London, 1*56, finely bound, with MW cucrav 1 njfv, IJR V ANT'S POEMS, small quarto, 7t engrav ini??;. fiiselv bound. * I.ALLA BOONII, small quarto, finely 111u? trntwl ami Imiuiiu. KRAChBKIllOh HALL, small quarto, nume* ous enrravmrs and finely bound r,?n JV.?,r,,tl'nn "! m0*t/V.,"'r K??!?'i and Am > rican writers, in Poetry and Prose,some l>#aiitil'u'lv llustrated. others richly iKmnd. mas l*? found at I he ^w4 FRANCK TAYLOR^ A FECIAL I ARD.?To all persons imtctrted to r .m B.*in !,ptn Rcoonntsor otherwfs?s;e respect -firdi,ihat, i,hr,r b'11' w,i' "?do otrand ami presented l?jr 1st January, and an we design rnak '' chance m our busimsx, we earnestly request that they wol come forward, clo?e their accounts l?y eashor notes at short dates iu settlement by the loth proximo. We hope in view of the present financial condi tion or the entire couutr> . a.-d our intention ?o make a change 111 busmeKs. will sufficiently explain the iM'CCssity of our request for prompt payments. , COLLF.V A SEARS, d 2b .oteod 523 7th st.. 3 d<?ors Irom Pa. nr. T~~~ CARRIAGES. IIK Subxcrilter havinr made additious to his Factory.making it nowoneofthe largest- jnrt a 111 the District, where his facilities forWSciS?#' manufacturinr a I kind* of CAR ? a** T RIAtiKS and LIGHT WAGONS cv not be sur passed. and from Ins Ion* experience in the bu.i ness. he hopes to *ive general satisfjction hMd.k,,,d'01 Carria?e" aml 1'?ht Wagon's kept on ly alte'ided tof? doBe',lDd ?" orders prompt ??rrb^ c,,^nuk w - ' CT corner of Mth and E sts. CARD PLATK ENGRAVING, AND PRINT CA ?VN D nis,NE9s' with d,.pa^TKS priD'*d 10 ,il# bMt manner and j?i!JSLA * * n; ^ W.F. BAVLV. no- w Pa ave. het lltt. l?t?. ??s. "<-ff flnfei ?nCil 1 A4.l.Hni^,\T1ICK- ni* *" ar*tn o( COMBS, a ?-f GIBBS Hair Stor?i, near Utii at.. ????*! at tii? Siileii Room, under VViilania* hotel. Hair brushes7cc?mbs,~portpmon N AIES. Card Cases. Cigar Cases, A c., a vary larre and superior stoos. at <191 MoLAL GHLLN'8, 30 Pa. avesua, i THE WEEKLY STAR. fmc* ?yr. Mr ? Fiw oopiea IZ^Sina.e oopie* (ill wrapper*) ou at The counter. immediately the paper. Price-YHR KECK NTS. ? ? ? i* w ? mm w% uu w * ? ?" irr P"?tn?it?n ?ho MlM tinu will be allowed ? oummiiiuiB of an oent. Dentistry, Ac. Dr. k. finley hunt. * , dfstist. No. St" P?m?jlT*m? avrr.we. \\ ill perfo ma' oprriiii<>i.ii Miou* ms to hi* profr*?ion et hi* old established < ft op, uabovr d M>-tf JH K IMPROVED8ET8OF TKLTM. M. LOOMIS. M.<iru4 hImimof "LoomMtmrml Ttftk." bann*. successfully iritroouced ho- : 111 p ' nJ various cities, hu now permanently estab lished himkeif ? Washin*ton. __ . This improvement for Sets of Teeth consists otoef It in making ft Mt of hat on* pteo* of materiai, and tnat indestructible mineral. No metal m o*cii in their co??t ruvtmii. ai.d they ?re therefore free from caivamc acUon iu:d metahe Uwi?. There are uo joint* to filled witn mo.sture or particles of food, hence they ftre pur*. a*d rlt*?. They are He liter, stronger. less oiftinsy. far more duruble*ftnd natural in ibeir appearance. I wi!l rive ft reward ? One Tbous&n 1 Dollars to?uy one who will prodace a similar work of art to equal' mine in punt?, beau's, durability, art stic exoelieuoe or ar? other rotateite polity. A I work roepi>n"ihiy warranted. 27b Penna. avenue, betwixw llth and 12th aueeie. ap is-lr Dentistry . ~ ??? dr. STF.PHKN haii.y. Orric* No. 193 Pr.*>r^ j.vasia Avi Tkit* deem /torn ink .Stretl. Us. BAI'.Y Nml* l?*ve to inform 'he puMicthat ha nan he seen r.t all hours,at hi* office. located as abo\ e. lie feels assured tiiat mi experience of li'teen rears' prft'-t i?e. Wilb the larre numl-er of paiients.awi tint vutIi of difficult case* that he tin* (rented suooess ? fiiily. will eaaUe ium to surmount any difficulty. *oienti!<o or otherwise, relntmg to the Teeth. His owr *?> r?-rt"iioe oonbrminc the opinion of many men eminent in th* proissston, and espeoi* ly D.s. Harris aid J. and K. Psrroly, has led htm. Ioiik since, todis card .oil mercurr I prorations for filling Teeth.eso a' pMa n ? ?. Perch*. lulia Ri'Ipm. and Ce ments for the nonrtrnrtior ol Continuous bum l it Porcrnftn, mounted on Gold P is ?h* n iioble suhEtr.r oe thftt can be worn in tno month, aii wa* im>^' com - *-ely shown by the l ist Attn rinar, l>e::tftl Convention. Ailhonrh he l"et!ei* h:m*<*!f fr??m his lcug re*i fence and prftctioe pi Wr>ehing1??n. be is favom>ar known to h?e nnirt*n??m tri?udt raid patroas, he l*ft\e to refer them to the following TKSTIMONIAI^: ?roni tiia .a!e Rector of the Church of Eptpbaay of thi* CttT |h.Hrrf??a Hatty: U?&rjSir-l doairetoaaproaa my eaieent for )uu poiet-iu. j. and my coulidenc" la ?"? aea superior dertisl. The operations eieou'ad lor me Im\ e! eon bittoly na'i*fnott.r?. I hope that yea n?w? rre^ive (be pa:r?uaKe from my friends and Iba pui>lic that your skill so we!! deserves. Yoars Terr trftlr. Wash -fton. Anj.?. U?t>. J. \Y. F R ElVCB. Fran, ore of the oldest hrms tr Baltimore, Maacra. Itwr*. O'lman ft Oaw Hftvin* employed Ur.Stephen Daily. t*ar(eon Den tiat.of \N ??Gincton city, to execute for me an ihj portftnt and difficult piaoe of work, whiob be did to my entire satisfaction, and in new of the fact that ore of the mo?.t distiuKuiahcd m?ml?er*of the Dental Cot.ece of Haltimore. inled, after repeated trials, to perform the tame woik civea ma treat pieaewre to express in> entire oonhdenoe and irh estimation of his profess.ormi *>ki!I. Baltimore. Jan. 12. U--7. HA R MANN B1>6G8. Extract from a soto received from the late Hon. Jobs M. Clayton. U. 6. Pirate, Aa?. It, IftM. The teeth too made for me work admirably ; notb las could be better. Vory CLAYTON. To tho^e that eeek relief from the mnlarf-es of tha teeth, I can chf?er;wily reoommend Dr. 9. Iteily as a superior Den'ist; ha made a set ol poroenan teeth foronsof ai? f.\m'!*,aiid piusred ftevemi teelb lor myself, uni iae work ha? all nood well for mora ibaa ten year*. ROBERT T. K'lXON, cf the Ya. Conf. ol tte M. E. Churoh Soatt. April 19. ?R3?. We, tiie vn<1crst;nad. harici bad oooaatoa to avail onrscives ot U>e protMsiouau sani of Dr. S. Baily, Snrceon Dentist of this oity, or lianng boon ooguis ? act of h:? operatiors on our families of fnonds, take pleasure ;c rx pressing our admiration of bis aitiatin skill, as well i.s of the uniformiy satisfactory mahnar in which he performs the moet delicate and diff.cult ope^a? iocs in Der.fal Surgery,and werrspoctfull* re ? ?omm*:?d him to the cophdetioe and pftimnac* of the public, of wmcb wc consider him eminently worthy. Tr.osias I. Waltkb, Architect U. t*. Capito . inoMU Mru.xa, M. D..of Washington, D. C. B. 8. Bokrkx, M. D. of Georgetown, D. C. N. J*. Liiscolm. M. D.. of Waelunxton, D. C. ios. H. Rp.ADLxy. of Waahmrton. P? C. ?ro??r Walton. Hx-Gorernor of Florida. WaLT** Lixox, Ex-Mftrorof Wash.r.f lot." Hknkt BaLEWiW, U. 8. Patent Off.ce, o. C. WieBT, Principal Rittenhoaae Aoa^ea y, jpban tf PO'lVFRNtHJ*' HOTEL, A. AVENUE. b>^tween 17th and 18th atreets, WiFHiWToy, D. C. This establishment is newly furniahed and ar ranged on the most modern and improved pnac.ple, with private np&rtmeuts. Ac. jH/ The Bar is supplied with the choioest of \\ ines and Lionora. Game and other delica^i^s in sesaon. Hot and Cold Lunch from ii o'clock a.m. until 12 m. WM.F BAYI.Y. Whol^^ale ard Refr.ii I>e*ler in FANCY AND r-TAPLf. STATIONER V. Xm.TSA r?. artaue. Offer* to the p?il-lic. at reduced price*, a fall anff complete ar.?ortnicnt of? VYntin* end letter Papers. Kngii?h and Am?n?n Note Papers F.nameI'el aad Bristol Board Writing Car lft \Y?1ilir>e and P-nsiness F.nv^'opes Kxtrs fine Knives. Scissors, &nd Razors. Far:ay and Plr.m Playinr Cards. Ilenlts and U ork-hoxea. hacagamruoa B<>ard?. l'h?<ss Men, ChcQkers. Games. Gold Pens, pencils. Card Cases, A o., ft o. d 4-tf (Intel.eoStl WTOP THAT RATTLING. 1 am now prepnred to put on "Chapman's Flastio Anti-Kattlinu Sl.ift Fastener." a sure, remcd) (<>r the rat mg of . *?e shaft clip* of Carrisges and \ 'agons, whu4i osnlsv put on at a snail ex j ense. Call and ex-tmine *t my Factory, where I hsv? certificates from the leeding I'oachrnakrrs in in? countn. ANDRKW J. JOY<'F, d 1P-rf corner l?t?i ard P ?ts. THE SECRET INFIRMITIES OF YOI TH AND MATURIT ,, Just Fwbli*kf<i. (itiiH.fl'Sfi Thnmnmtf. A few won'scf the Rational Treatment, without Meciojne.of Spermatorrhea or Local Weakness, Nocturnal Kmissions, Genital, nnd Nervous Itehility, Pre m.-Jurc of in- Srsfem. Itnpo tencr.aiid laipediasmtato Msrria?e' generally, by B. Dh l.ANEY. M. D. Tfce important fact that the many alarminc eon p'amts. ontinatinn in the unrrudnnee and solitvdn of \outh, mav heesRilr r^move?f without MLdicin*. is in this unali tract, clearly demonstrated ; ?i?d y entirely new and highl* *n<-ocssfiil treatments* adopted b| the natbur. rally egpamd,b men which every ih?*i is enabled iocnre Himself per feci and at the least possible ?w|. thereby ftvoidiugafl the adverti?ed roKtrunm of the day. Sent to sny e>ddress. rraiis aiid post free, in a sealed envelope, hy remittitur two nostace stamps to DR. D? LANEr. se28-?V.Vwtf 17 Lispenard street. New York. ^ L E aU d P O R T E K. I i?ep to inform the inhabitants and visitors of the cities of \\ ash,ncton and CeoTKOiowa. D. C.. that 1 lieve apd s.'?*ll cor.suntl? ke?*p on hand, a stock of XX AI. K and BRt?\VN STOUT PORTER, manufactured here entirely from Malt anil Hops, warianted fre? fn m all injurious inaredienta, put up in casks of various sizrs, suitable for lint*!*. Restaurants, Bosr.lint houses and private f?ini!irK. deliver??d b> m> own ilrajs, in any part of the aU-\ a cities, lit the H^ewery prioea. Orders received by post will be attended to tha day foiiowin*. Also, Malt and Hops for sale. Brewenr and MftlthotiftC oonier of K and 2Tth st?.. Washington city, D. C. d '< 2m JOSFPH DAVISON. P'ANOFORTKS FOR CHRISTMA9 PR KS* J "NTS. A'so, Me'odeo's. Violins, f*uttars. Masie, Flutes, Acoordeons. Tr.inhorin**, Ac.. Ac., stiitaole for substantial holiday gif>s _ __ , JOHN F. ELLIS. Piano and Mu?ic Store.jnt Px. avenue, bet sreen 9th and loth street*. d 21 PINK KDITI*?NS, in Fine Rindtr.cs. of (?.bixtn. I Hume, llftliam, Macaulay. Kftn?*rotr. rvinc. Cftrlyle, I .smb. Rotierteon. NoIIm, Plu?ftrc,?, fj?t coe. G ildsmith, I'can SwiP, Hogart h, Mitford. Mackintosh. Burnet, Ranke, Milton \Vhewelt, and other emi ent prose writers, way ??? ft'aiuf at the U^ks'ore of the undersigned, moatly imported di rectjorm London. FRANCK TAYLOR. /^HF.AP PIANOS FC?R SALE OR RENT - Two Pianos for ft5eacli; one do. #7V I wo do. ijicn rnch: two do ft12* eacb; in addition t-.s la-t* stock of Boston ana New York nnrivalled Piftuos distf JOHN F. KLLIS. ? RKPARATIONS FOR CHRISTMAS. ,'R Y ?nno?rs? the com pi i for the appro?ohi?.? s?*Min; oarefut selection of maguih andard and other Works iu TAYLOR ft M AURY ftnnonroe the completion of tbetr arrangemenU for their at"ck include* a oars M cntly illustrated Standard and other Works iu ptsin and ornamental binding*; an bit'?<*?<!-rf-d variety of F.nrliah and American Jftrenile H^? ks. and a choice assortment of Bibles and Grayer R?* k* (in the newest styles); Affront*. Portfolios, Writing Desks Inkstands. Oahaa, Ac , to which ttey ro *i?eetftioy iwrite attention. TAYLOR ft MAURY* BA*sinre. 4 22-tf wear ? stisw. t NKW MUP?IC r-e?ived wni wookU'= dered from and sent to nay part of tb*eoftntr.. Mama Bl.utift,fto,Aa..ftto?r Fiwio Warewu.s, "5 ?'? itiStiTtLLts.