Newspaper of Evening Star, January 21, 1858, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 21, 1858 Page 2
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EVENING STAR. WASHINGTON OITY: THURSDAY Jnnwnry SI, 1M?. JD" Advertl*? niriU ihsald kf ifit in >T IS t'dttk ?.) nbrrwiie they may Mt ?f* ptir entil the next day. arm/Tot run mokninu pkhss. The Union di.<cu??9 the interminable Kan ?a? question thw morning, and argues that the organic act of 1K54 was of itself an enabling act?that iu> fundamental object, after creating the new Territory and setting in motion its ma chinery of government, was to invest iLa in habitants. through their legal, constitutional representatives, with all the powers necessary to bringing it ultimitely. at the proper period of maturity, into the Union as a State?with out the further agency of Congress, exorted either thiougn an " enabling act " or any other me^snre of legislation?nay, further, that the object was, not merely to confer this and all germane powers upon the people and authorities of the Territory, but to transfer them away out of the bands of Congress. The hittlligenerr, in reference to the Union s citation lately of Daniel Webster * exposition of the neutrality laws, playfully hopes that its neighbors of the Union will prosecute their studies still further by the light of distinguished founders of the whig faith. |?7* Wm T. Rowlenson, late postmaster at Kaston, Md . propose* to start a newspaper, "in dependent of all sects, parties and denomina tion*," under the title of the ''Little Giant." |f~7" From the ai?ent, Mr. A C. Pecor, wr have part III. of the "Indian Empire lllustraed." This nnmber contains a table of distance* be tween different places in B-itlsh India. \rr The National Register, published in this city by Wm F. McLean, and edited by L A Baryv, is on the plan of Niles'* Register, and may be considered as a continuation of that val uable work, containing important public dot u ments. Ac , for reference. jrr The plan of a mounted police force in Mew York, has been reported by a Committee of the Police Commissioners. It is to provide horses for twenty-four men and two sergeants, properly equipped The object seems to be to enable the police to have more prompt commu nication with distant parts of the city. Divisio.t Amoks the Moimohs.?The Leav enworth City l?ed^er of the iwth inst., says that three young men Henry Baker, James Smith and Alexander Francis arrived th?*re on Thursday af ternoon, the 7th, diiect from Fort Bridger. Tbcy came the whole distance, twelve hundred miles, on foot, and accomplished the whole in forty-five days. They report that the day they left six Mor mons came into camp, and leported that the Mormons were in a state of civil war, Bigham Y'oung and about cne half desiring to march against the troops, the other half b? ing in favor of the troop* coming into Salt Lake and establish ing a military government there, and ovtttbiow Ing the present power* that be. Tnx St Lawre.xce Hotel Tkaoedt.?The trial of Thomas Washington Smith, for the mur der of Richard Carter, President of the Taiuaqua Bank, at the St. Lawrence Hotel, Philadelphia, nome time since, was concluded on Monday, and given to the jury, who did not, however, agree upon a verdict until Tuesday morning, when thev came into Court and rendered a verdict of acquittal on the ground of insauity. His sister immediately made application to the Court to l>e allowed to take charge of him, and the matter is to be argued to-day. It is understood that when the jury first went out, they stood ten for acquit tal for insanity, and two for acquittal without the insanity clause. The Philadelphia Bulletin, describing the clewing scenes of the trial, says : About 11 o'clock Smith was brought out of the court-room, and placed in a carriage, which was Tapidly driven to the Debtor's Apartment, where he will lie confined until the Court takes some action upon the petition of his sister. The ap pearance of the late prisoner was the signal fur vociferous cheering, which continued as long as the carriage remained in sight. Mia* Smith followed in a second carriage W hen she came out of the court room the crowd gave her three hearty cheers. We learn that it is the intention of the friends of Smith to prose cute the divorce against his wife. PERSONAL. Elder Knapp. the revivalist, is making a general shaking amongst the shiners of St. Louis by bis fervid eloquence (Jon. Wm.?. Damrill, M. C from Massa chusetts. will soon, it is said, resign his seat on account cf ill health. .... The remain* of Mrs. Madison were sent ?o Moutpelier, in Orange county, the late residence of President Madison, ?<? Thursday. The preaching of Rev Alfred Cookman, of the Methodist Episcopal Church, is attracting large audiences iu Philadelphia. The Baltimore Clipper thinks that Mr. Tb'>n?as George Clinton, of this city, who peti tioued Congress for an increase of the President's salary, is " an odd fish." That eminent ?' Hindoo.'* Daniel I'liman, Eaq , of New York, is to deliver a lec'ure on the American Republic, before the American Inst - tute, Baltimore, on the second of February ....The last number of Punch portravs Sir Colin Campbell presenting the whipped Indian tiger to Lord Palmerslon as a New Year's gift. The Viv.ount says: "Well?upon iny word? eh'?I'm really extremely obliged to you?but ? eh'?how about keeping the brute*" ....Mrs McMahon. the celebrated "Fifth av enue lady," whose recent d-Hsl en the stage, as a candidate for the highest histrionic honors, cMMed so much excitement, but who has lately baee lost sight of, has turned up in Richmond, where she proposes to do -'Lady Teazle"' in the "School fcr Scandal." .... We are sorry to see by tbt Washington " ipecinl" telegraphic corre>|?ond? nt of the N. Y Tribune tha? Lord Napier isliktlyto get into trouble Everybody knows what an embroil ment charred' between John and Jonathan all about Mr. Crampton aad the enlistment of re cruits for the Crimea oa American soil, and yet this correspondent tells us that ?? Ladv Napier has gone to Old Point Comfort to recruit for the Princess s fete An attempt to get up a filibuster meeting in Charleston. Va , a few days since, proved a eo?pl? te failure |fT Smith O'Brien, the Iri*ti oatrlot, has been lecturing before the Mechanics' Institute of Lim erick, Ireland, on self-reliance He urged the importance of his countrymen helfing them selves, instead of inquiring what others could do for them. 1IHT A man by the name of Price was convicted offorger\,in Boston, on Friday. His accom plice, named Cowee, who turned State * evi dence, confessed that he had committed mi He is still a young man, not over tw?oxy-ft*e UZT' An Englishman of wealth, without any relations iu this country, died at New Orleans, a short time since, bequeathing all his property, estimated at f oin Stfi.tilJO to 80O.UJO, to the wife of a penniless and unemployed mechanic of Man chester, England. |?7~ The Boston ice-dealers propose to send out steam tugs to the banks, for the purpose of towing iu a few icebergs to fill their houses. This is equal to the plan <>t!? ied some time since of milking the whales in Boston Bay to supply the elty with pure milk. Mermaids were to at tend the dairy. ]Tjr We are this morning obliged to record a sad calamity in a public school. The school house at the corner of Navy and Concord streets, In Brooklyn, look fire yesterday afternoon, and waa burned down, causing a loss of sevm lives? not by fire, but from crushing and suffocation in the attempt to escape So far as the facts are seems to have been purely fortuitous. Of course, all school-houses ought to be fire proof; but they are not, and such events will necessarily happen. In this case, the fire origi nated In the flues of a furnace, under the boys' <tepaitment The pupils in the grammar rooms, on the third floor, got out safely, as did all the girls in the other wing of the building. But the lads in the primary department, on the second floor, were quite unmanageable, and in their en deavors to escape got wedged into the stairway, wbera they trampled one auother under foot, and when tbey were extricated it was found that nevea of their numtier were dead. This clogging occurred just above the first lat.dlng, and within ten or tw? 1 ?e feet of the ground finor. There was no injury from fire, or even from smoke, although the bunding was afieiwaid destroyed. The stairway wa? anipe for ord n rv purp. s*?, and fortuntely the iHinisteis were fl in, or eWe we might have had another Greenwich-avenue hor ror. Whether the teachers did their whole doty in getting the scholars out of the house, may b? a u jes'1011, out, at present. It does not appear that vuy one was to blame ?JV?ur York Trikw.t. WASHINGTON NEWS AND GOS81P. A Very Important Military Movement.? It is understood that the War Department is about to despatoh Lieutenant General Scott to the Pacific Coast, for the purpose of organiiing a force to operate against the Mormons from that quarter. * The Pacific Railroad.?The vote in the House upon the proportion of Mr. Phelps, for a selcct committee on the Pacific railroad pro ject, satisfies us, with what we knew before, that such a bill is destined to become a law ere the expiration of the present Congress. The difficulty auong itssupj>orters of agreeing on a single route, may postpone the consumma tion until the next session; though we doubt the fact. We havo steadily opposed the scheme up to this time; but, furthor opposition to it being in our judgment futile, we shall, next, essay to la bor to the end of making it sure that the plan t*iat may be adopted, shall be the least ob jectionable proposed. This appears to us lobe our path of duty under existing circumstances. It is well known, that President Buchanan has devoted much time in anticipation of the pres ent state of things to the thorough examination of the subject, in all its possible bearings, and it is believed that he has matured apian likoly to be sustained by all who desiro to conserve the true principles of the Government, as far as possible in undertaking such a novel policy. The public will, we know, look with nnxiety and hope for his future demonstrations on the subject, under this state of things. Senator Gwin, tho legislative father of the Pacific rail r >ad project, who has labored long, earnestly and effectively, iu its beliulT, is proverbially a man of as much sagacity as enesgv and lorco of j character; and therefore, we take it for granted that he is wedded to no particular scheme for the work, b it will aid any likely to succeed, be cause n ft strictly guarded against the abuses and political innovations of which the construc tion of so vast a work ol internal improvement, really at the expense of the National Treasury, (though it may be indirectly) must be pregnant, unless the law authorizing it be carefully guard ed. OrrosiTio* kor Opposition's Sake.?The Journal of Commerce, in a late article u(>on the course of the Republican party journals against the due enforcement of the rights and authority of the General Government in Utah TerriUry, completely exposes tho animux actuating the newspapers in question, not only in this matter, but also on all questions wherein they fancy they can hang a plausible objection to t!ie policy of a Democratic Administration, as that wo republish it at length, instead of an article on the same subject we had prepared : The Mouxos Rf.bkllio?.?Now that Kansas has ceased to bleed, and aioriea of outrage* ??d border-ruttians are no longer attractive or profit able; now that any attempt to raise an outcry with regard to \\ alker and Central America j* manifest?v hopeless of snrress, the opposition party journals direct their thoughts to Utah and Hrigbam \oung, and evidently fancy that thev have found a subject which will furnish them ample opportunities for abusing the Adminlstra tion. They show with what facility, wisdom and promptness they could "end the Mormon war, and contract their perfect plana with ii th#? wlS toTnaUemenl" ?f the GoVern,,"'nt at Pr?f>?"pd ?>y ?hese journals are con tradictory and diverse One prominent Repub oaf?J'Tniny PapT 1? ,h'" c,tv takes exception to the slowness of the Government in aendin" reinforcements to Col. Johnston ; draws a most piteous picture of that gallant ottcer'a situation : eloquently describe* the dreary nature of a Utah laiutscaDe ; and gives it to be understood that in stead or annihilating the .Mormons as they were bound to do by their ".shameful iniamL^e? 0 ?!m VCy ,ave?**posed theexpeditionary/cure to almost certain destruction An evening pape, not quite so prominent as its morning . otenfpoi rary, but quite as Republican, takes a totally op. RSth/td i and instead of beam ing the Administration for not sending a sutli cient number of bayonets, condemns them for ?ending any at all - and in a long and eiabora'e wirC-'V^ ,t ed to e"d the Mormon ^ I ? .. T* w"h extreme severity the impro ^a^rteadll ? . Government waging a (leadI) .tnd expensive war with one ??f it* sovereignties," where the only re., ritor* < I ' lhat " 'l,e PeoP,e that Ter ritory (I uh) are averse to the kind of "oveni ment provided for them at Wa?hini'tori ;M"whl h being translated, means that the people of a Ter ritory have a right to rebel against the General U?:rr:D,f' a"d,tUat *nY the part of the w . enforce its authority is imprudent, un wiae, and inconsistent with "the principles of popular aoveriMgnty on which the government is Mht H>n ihn JWare ,bal lh>A Wa" thr doctrine or the Republicans as regarda Kansas, but vr-re not iwi ? ? that they were as ready to excuse tl e S Goyt :nor Uri^ '? and EUilr Klwba" as they were those of " Governor" H,,b lfUMMi diict ij .'fieiRl Jjitiie, Our evening contemporary calculates thnt the SLS"'-,?r"7 ? .ha'd?hlpof r^u?lng the people of I Uh to obey F edeial ? ffl. ers like Steptoe or Cmnmiugs, or to acknowledge the American t show* that they are unanimous In tneir attachment to Brighain Voung, Kider Pratt and the Mormon Hible, as were the Israelites m their devotion to M oners and the Decalogue and in tramfnT tl* fo I'haiaoh arid his idolatrous gov ernment On this exposition of farts, it i, ?r -rf-htTf * W<,'.a!, * nal'OU acknowledge the n^ht of the peoj 1- to <;ove'n themselves iu their own way;" Mn? e I tab is 44 exXsml v A'orinon? a"*' Indians; since the ?lr?rf? tno government, and the Mormons already have cue of the moat perfect organim t,ons ,n ik..jcorldr (the italic, are o?r , and since they piefer this perfect organuation to Hut^'Vwh.rhnt .'FT1 ?" tbem by lh0 L r,it,d ?' which, * though wiser in the eves of most Americans and better suited to an enlightened commi.nity. does not suit them"?it )H exceed t!lvJ>hlOU " r^ther ,he IJni,?d States Kxecu . has any right44 to compel these people to submit to * rul, wbitU not i?f heir, but which their religion con A vast number of p?>ints are minutely discussed before ?' the way to end the Mormon in ?L t"u Ven h:,,t''(1 ?t i a"d then it lh conlaiutd in the following word^ to ? In view of all these circumstances, is not the rue tl w^Tl"tiUf,m',,,ik?LOMree We ca? P?f rhd' la JTof Itioop*, repeal the Ternto riat law of L tah. and restore the Inhabitants to the unorganized and lawless Mate from which they wer, taken by the Ternto,,.1 art ofTi,' they will then have no Uw? but of their own llo ,ule* hut of their own choosing, and no eneuneH but for their own ft <htin" We shall ?n i.V"krro,? s-S! sponsibilaies of a distant aud expensive trovern SSL?:? advantage to u.^and fo*which nobody thanks us. NVe.wiilconvert these i?eopie into Important allies in prosecuting our tians continental commerce with the Pacific, and In 1^1 Ifornlar*"1 an', eleclrital ?>?>?nuolcation with ?"'d" not propose to argue the question, or expose at any length the many fallacies In which i the article referred to abounds Our coteiuDo mu,,t know tbl,t the exp. dition against TTfah Juh"-thn ?VU M for purpose of interfering with the theoretic principles,- or to "obatruet 1''V ?f,th^ ?aInts," but Was designed protect the clTil authorities appointed by the the*Terr 1 torj1^m 1 n'*ter 1 g?yernment of one of ene/of ' aK*ln?t the apprehended turbu. lence of an unsciupulous knave and bis fanatical followers, who falsely supposed that their re m- .t of i? V," 'hem to have a govern m nt of their owii. Independent of the United ' "jy' " ?PP??iti??U to Its authority. 1 be Adumiistration never had the least inten Mo., te Interfere with their attachment -o llrig. ham Vonng, their belief in the vile impo.ture called the Mormon Hible, or with any of their social haluNor eiiitofii* hi?wever ihIiouk to Amer iraiiM^fxrcpt when ihry rome in conflict with he Federal julborlty, and are at variance with the law of the I nlted States |f Mr. Bn. banan hiui jfiveiiover I lab to the n neon trot led rule of "righsin; taken no notice of the forcible expul ik?H .lU" Tenitorial olllcers and Judges, and m ,!lurtlwD ot the Territorial archives ; sent vJ:Zrtm0* lo rr"tore order and re-assert the had he rJ!?W5I' *"d no troopa to protect him,? nor^l, 'n^ahitanta of Utah 4- to the we7ui? ,a"d aMrlr"? "tate from which they SS.'TKiS.a! T"r,itorlal Act ot ???.? Mala wo,Ud have rai^d?" ?h? RePubI,ca1n j0J,r" would have H- r4'?ed,?bow eloquently tbev ?Mth of i?ce,I5nd withBwhitU viola,t)lon ofhla trloti.m it would have advTAiedThKn flCe??l teu tlmex urtv miiiinn j i!^ d the sacrifice of jUflr dom.1,1 .Iiuuld t* I, lawle-?nes', ?rd who do not readily bellev^ hi. rnlt'ed h.3 w d<"vo,wl ,wo thousand l.nitnl States troop< todestrurtion?toknowthar every |>rt |H!f meu?uir to uphold the majesty nr#. serve the dign.ty. aud enforce the mandate* of the law of the I tilled tHatea in Utah, baa been taken by the President and hia Cabinet; that, mi-cording to the list accounts from the army, the t^oop* Were "comfortably stationed,'' and '-^ood health prevailed.'' and tbar. Col. Johnson was no sure of being able to conquer Brighaui and his General*. that he required no increase of his force. The able and energetic statesman who presides over the War Department, is making every effort to reinforce Col. Johnson as efficient ly and as speedllv as possible, and to enable that cifflcer to enforce the submission of the indolent Impostor who dares to set him?e|f In opposition to tlie National Executive. or drive him and bis myrmidon* l>eyond the borders of the i nit-d States The well-devised plans of Secretary Floyd would have been materially advanced could Congress have spared lime to consider the demand for leave to raise the additional re?i ments, even at the risk of allowing Kaunas and filibuster Walker to rest for a day or two. This, however, would have been too much to cxpect from the Opposition. It should be remembered, that while assu ming to be able to dispose of every issue or question, great or small, more prudently and properly than they are disposed of by tho'dem ocracy when in power, experience in their dis charge of legislative and exccutivc duties where they have held, and now hold power, proves that they are far more incompetent and untrust worthy for the management of practical mat ters than any other political organixation that has so far stepped its brief hour on the stage of American political affairs?far more. The French Evbasst tiroN the Nica ragua!* Treatv.?The Washington corres pondent of the Covrntr drt Etat* Unit is Credited by the New York press generally, with being " inspired" from tho Bureau of the French Legation in this city. The views ex pressed in it concerning our international ques tions in issue are, therefore, of interest to American statesmen, as being likely to affect the views of the home (French) Government upon the same points. \\ e therefore quote from the correspondence named above a few paragraphs of a late letter, wherein the Nica ragua treaty is discussed with no mean ability. They embrace a very pungent commentary in deed, upon tho loolish allegation that in setting the forcc of his administration so effectively against filibustering in Central America. Presi dent Buchanan is playing into England's hands: "What will England then say and do' It is probable that, perceiving the irrecoverable ruin of her Central American Kmpire, she will have some idea of protesting, and require a slice of the cake; but it will be a little late to resuscitate the Claytqn-Bulwer trraty, already nowdead arid buried, under the firmly and clearly decided in o.'.u Bu^?a?au to put au end to the Mrltish influence upon this continent. The Brit ish Cabinet will, besides, find itself bound by the approbation which it gives now to the list acts of a political drama of which it i* far from seeing the ilmownunt. What title will it have, what argument will it urge, U loinplain of tak ing a possession of which it probably now ap proves In advance .' W hen l.otd I'almerston nr. cepts the Irissarri treaty, when Lord Napier ,? innocently in testacy l>efore the very clear decla rations of the President, neither of them seein to suspect that that treaty and those declarations prepare for proud Albion one of the most signal discomfitures which she has ever submitted to. But, astonished or not. liieir adhesion to what is going on now will not in the least authorise that which will take place at some future time, and . ij will have to consent unconditionally to abdicate his rule in Central America, or to light with Brother Jonathan. ' to "wing the latter back a Mingle step on that ground. 1 repeat, it is not to be expected It is precisely not to have to recoil under any cir cumstances, that Mr Buchanan is so particular about clearing the road of everything that may have the odor of illegality arid violence, lie wants to enter the isthmus of Nicaragua with a flag of truce in his hand and upon the faith of treaties, so that nobody may pretend to ex Dei him from it. The tactics which he has adopted for this occasion exhibit great skill, and if Con gress was anything but an assemblage of indi to It a,ub,tion> 11 would hasten to lend a hand "In order, however, that the plan of Mr. Buch anan might retain all its grandeur and escape all blame he would have to make allowance for Central America herself. Doubtless the annex atlon, such as he understands and announce* it, loses the odious character of violent conquest and forced acquisition ; nevertheless, it is to a certain points alned with egotism. The question. flnal * i i ?"e of e* Pension to the profit to the Anglo-Saxon raoe, by treading down on the pas-' sage other nationalities instead of annihilate the latter, would it not be more worthy af fce powerful American republic to make them thrive and prosper under her shelter ? It is impossible to suppose. In the ease of Central America. tfe.t prompt assimilation with the L'uited States which took place in Texas ?" Ihe Oricixal Japan Expedition.?It is now quite certain that the cost of the Japan expedition of Commodore Perry was a jadicion* expenditure; insomuch as through its iutlu?nce ? I a pan is being far more rapidly opened to com merce with the United States, than ever be??re, for centuries, to the trade o! any European na' tion. In a quarter of a century, if the promise of onr existing relations with Japan do not prove deceptiTc-and there is no reason at present to anticipate that it will prove so?our ?Japanese trade must become of immense value. The Ilong Kong P,r.s3 of the 21st of October, in speaking of the late success of Mr. Consul General Harris in negotiating his supplemental treaty with Japan, has the following just tribute to Commodore Perry : " Very great credit is due to Mr. Harris for the manner in which he has won over to himsetr the good wishes ami feelings ?.f the Japanese The system of espionage established on his first arri val over him is now entirely abolished, and be can roam when and where he will, unmolested and unwatched But he attributes all lit* ..uecess in establishing surh friendly relations with that people entirely to the great tact displayed by Commodore 1'rrry in bis With them and the deportment which distinguished him throughout all the negotiations of the treaty." California, Kansas and Nebraska Bun * The General Land Office has received, by the last mail, the following plats of surveys in California. Vii: Plat of the part of the rancho -'Entre Napa ' designated as the " Rincon de los Carneros," finally tonfirmed to Julius Martin, situate in part of townships 4 and 5, north of rauge 4, west ot the Mount Diablo meridian, and containing 2,557 68100 acres. Also, map of the Juristnc rancho, finally con firmed to A. and F. German, situate in part of township 12, south of range 3, and part of town ships II and 12, south of range 4, east of the Mount Diablo meridian, and containing 4,439 07-100 acres. Also, the undermentioned approved township plats : Plats of township 2, north of ranges 20 and 27 fast; plats of township 3, north of range* 26, 20 nd X fUu * north of ranges 24 and 25 east; and plats of township 5, north of ranges 24 and 25 east of the Mount Diable meridian. And, also, of the following described ap proved township plats in Kansas and Nebraska Territories, from the Surveyor General of Kan sas. Vii: In Kansas Plat of township 2, south ranges 1,^ 2, 3, 4, and east of the tith principal meri dian ; plat of township 3, south range 1, east of same meridian. In Nebraska: Plat of township la, north ranges 3, 4, 5, 0, 7, and 8, east of the Oth prin cipal meridian. The surveys in Kansas above mentioned em brace an area of 137,431.51 acres ; those in Ne braska, 111,773.39 acres?making a total of 209,214.90 acres. The Renominated.?It is understood that more or less of the naval officers recently re nominated to the Senate by the President still " hang by the eyelids ' beforo that body. This is sincerely to be regretted. The propriety of their prompt restoration to the service, in the positions to which they were severally assigned by the courts martial scrutinizing their respec tive cases, strikes us as being most obvious It is utterly out of the power of the Senate or its Naval Committee to give their cases any pUoh thorough investigation as they received at the hands of the late courts ot naval experts. If, under existing circumstances, their recommen dations are not to be regarded as prima /uci? evidence of tbe propriety of the confirmation of the Dominations in question, those courts have been worse than useless to the public in terest, and their cost to the national treasury an enormons waste of public money. For the life of us we cannot see how tha Sen ate, as pressed as that body is with great pub lic questions of absorbing interest, can do any good by practically essnjing to sit as a sort of eourt-of-inquiry upon the action of the courts martial mentioned above, aa they would be dc* ing practically in pothering themselves, under existing circumstances, with efforts to re-inves tigate the cases of these officers, so thoroughly probed to the bottom by the late court*, nnd subsequently by the President, (ere confirming the findings of the courts,) the latter assisted by the advice of the Secretary of the Navy of course. The Proposed of the Army ? The bill reported to-day by Senator Davis to increase the army, whicK comes up for consid eration in the Senate on Monday nixt, provides for adding to each regiment of dragoons, cav alty, infantry and mounted riflemen, two full companies; also, for increasing the number of privates in each company of the whole army serving in the field or at distant frontier posts, not to exceed ninety-six men ; also, for the ad dition of fifteen assistant surgeons to the pres ent medical staff of the army. The last section of the said bill is in the following words : '?Sre. 4- And be it further tnncted, That here after regular promotions to vacancies occurring in the regimental grades of commissioned offi cers of the United State* ariny shall be by regi? inent* or corn*, instead of by arms of service and a* now regulated and provided in certain cases." The Consui.hhips.?Quite a number of the avalanche of strangers now crowding the hotels ot Washington are interested in the disposition of various Consulships not yet filled with new Incumbents. It being Understood that a large number of such nominations are now before the Senate, such gentlemen are in a state of trepidation, for the President has fairly man aged to keep from the knowledge of the yind

mines the names he has sent in. ArroixTVEXT.--The Secretary of the Treas ury has appointed Albert Blandell, Esq., Su perintendent of Construction for the new Cus tom-house at Portsmouth, X. II., vice Jno. M. Wcare. The Weather.?The following report of the weather for this morning is made from the Morse Telegraph line to the Smithsonian Institution. The time of observation is about 8 o'clock a. m : January 21, 1858. Buffalo, N. Y clear, mild; wind IV. New York, ft. V clear, mild. Philadelphia, Pa clear, mild. Baltimore, Md clear, cool Washington,D. C cloudy, cool. Richmond, Va cloudy, co!d Petersburg, Va cloudy, cold Norfolk, Va clear.'cool Lynchburg. Va clear, cold Bristol. Tenn clear, cold. Raleigh, N. C clear, cool Wilmington, N. C 4?*i.... clear. cool Columbia. S C clear, ctffcl. Charleston. J*. C...........clear, pleasant. Angus ta, C>a ..............cloudy, cool Savannah, Ga cloudy, cool. Macon. Ga........ ......... clear,cool. Columbus, Ga ............clear, cold Montgomery, Ala clear, cold. Fro* thk West. Cumberland, Aid clear.coM. Wheeling, Va cloudy, cold. Barometer at the Smithsonian, 30 Thermometer, oh the Smithsonian tower, min imum last night, 25?; near the ground, J?'. CONGR ESS ION A L. Thirty-fifth Congress?First Session. Ix the Sksatk, yesterday, shortly after our re port closed. Mr. Hale resumed his speech, which was commenced day before yesterday?the pend ing question being to refer so much of the Presi dent's message as refers to Kansas Affairs to the Committee on Territories. After he concluded, Mr. Harlan obtained the Hoor and the further consideration of the subject was postponed until Monday next. In thk Hofsk, ainon^' other business transact ed after we left the 11*11 yesterday mwrning. Mr. Davis, of Mass., Introduced a bill for the ascer tainment of the satisfaction of claimsof American citizens for spoliations committed by the French prior to the 1st of July, l&M. On motion of Mr. J. Giancy Jones, of Pa., the House th?*n went into Committee of the Whole on the state of the Union (Mr. Bocock in the chair), and resumed the consideration of the President's annual messa/e, the pending question being on the reference of certain portions of It to the stand ing committees After considerable discussion, resolutions pro viding for its teference were prepared. The Committee then rose and leported the res olutions to the House, and they Were agrred to: among them being one (amended) referring so much of the mesragr as relates to the construc tion of a railroad to the Pacific to a select com mittee of fifteen by a vote of yeas 137, nays ?>0. Proceeding* of To-day. In thk Sknatk, to-day, Mr. Johnson, of Ten nessee, reported i?a< k from the Public I.and* Committee the Homestead bill, which was made the special order for Monday, February 8th. Mr. Davis reported back from the Military Af fairs Committee a bill to increase the army of the United States; made special order for 12', o'clock on Monday next. A num??er of private bills were also reported and appiopi lately disposed of At the conclusion of the morning hour, Mr Dooiitile's joint resolution, to piesent Commo dore Paulding with a gold medal, was taken up, and as the Star's report went to press that gentle man was delivering a speech on the ttlli buster question. J a Trta Hocsk, Mr. Gooch. member elect from the Seventh district of Massachusetts, was qual ified and took his seal. Mr. Kunkel of Peunsvlvania asked to be ex cused from serving on a special committee to ex amine into the truth of the allegation that #-?7.ur*i was expended corruptly to compass the tariff bill of 1857 Mr. Durfee objected, and argued to show that the gentleman should not be excused After some discussion, Mr. D withdrew his objection; and the excuse was granted Mr Piirviauie n<%ed to be excused from serv ing ou the Committee to Examine the Account* of the Doorkeeper of the la*t House of Repre sentatives; excused Various bills, lesolut ions, Ac., were reported and appropriately disposal of. In the course of these piocredings? Mr. J G. Jon?s reported from the Ways and Means Committee, the annual fortitic.ition appro priation bill; also, th? annual naval appropria tion bill; also, a bill making appropriations for certain civil expense*. Also, a bill making appropriation for legisla tive and judicial expenses. Mr. Phelps, fiom same committee, reported a bill to supply deficiency in the appropriation for printing, Ac., for the Thirty-third and Thirtv fouitb Congress. Mr. P. explained that the deficiency ou account of the paper alone on which the printing ordered by Congress was do-ie, is about #iyu,utiu. All of the above bill* were referred to tbe Com mittee of the Whole on the state of the Uuiou. Oysters akd Carriages ?From statistical information recently gathered in this city, from the Patent Office, V\ ashlngton. we find that there were manufactured in this city, during the year ju?t past, 7,2^5 carriajje*, valued at f 1.613.150' most of them sold at the South and West Dur ing the same period, bushels of oyste *. valued at #724,MW, have lieen disposed of by those in the trade in this town. D will be seen, therefore, that the carriage and the oyster busil nesses are among the most important to our city. [AVv Harm H> gi *ttr. RRi.nRn, Withers* Co.'s Dkrt to Virginia. S. S. Baxter, Esq . has recently made a report to the Virginia Board of Public Works on th< .-laim of the Commonwealth against Selden, Withers A Co , for the sale of State bonds The d?-bt due the State Is put at 85h5.5II.52. Mr. Baxter enu merates the various amounts which he thiuks can lie collected of the firm, and credits thein. leaving a sum totally unprovided for of f2S2 511 52. |T7" The cradle is woman's ballot-box. Ves, and some of them deposit in it two ballot* at once. Now, Isn't that illegal? ID" The two sons of Patrick Henry are uliout to erect a monument over bis grave at Red Hill, In Charlotte county, Va., which has had not even a headstone to mark it. |f7* The amount of effort made to propagate Spiritualism may !m* ia a measure inferred from the circumstance that a list of twenty-th?? In. turers and thirty-thiee trance speakers are adver tised in the New England Spiritualist JO" It is understood that a doten or mo e gen tlemen?inembf.s of the last Legislature?aie now ill Albany seeking for situations as dot - keepers, janitors, and other menial positions in tbe gift of the oftcers of the two houses. Thf train from Jfffrrnon Ctt? hronyht down last fTcnlnif, (**>"* the St. Louis Republican of January Is,) a good manv p??Bger? from Kan sas, nonce of Whom arrived there in the mall coaches and other* in (he steamer Isabella, from l,ea*mworth city. By the*e gentlemen we have new* from Le. conipton to Monday Ia*t At that time. General Calhoun. President of tht laic Convention. wa* there, and on the nei( day b* would proe?*ed to open and ronnt the vote* for and against Mir I* conipton Constitution. in tlir pre?ei?? e of the pre. ?Idin? officer* of Hie Territorial Legislature, and Gov. Dmvfr. So ?nnn a* thi* wa* done?prolm l?ly on Wednesday?a m^.c-nger would I* din patched to Washington with the vote and the Siaif Con*tItntion Oen. Calhonii would not leave the Territory until after ti?e return* were made and the vote* < until?t for State offlrera under the Constitution. Onr opinion Is, afur hearing all the report*, that iLe Democrat* have carried ?11 the State (.flicew. and that the Blark Rt pnlilic an* have the Legislature. though th?f ae some who think that there i* douht sot tie latter point. Two or three day* will ?ettle it. We bear. also. from unquestionable iiutbority, i that Col. John 1). l|ender*on. the former editor of a Democratic, paper at Leavenworth City. wa? taken from the stage, a few mile* from Leaven worth City, by a party of *ome six or ei^ht men, without any process of law. and carried off. not in the direction of Leavenworth, but to Law rence, there to be dealt with a* thev might deter mine. A* we have said, they had no proce*? Whatever, but the allegation wa* that there was a writ in the possession of a party behind them The chief actor in this matter wa* named Cro wed, and all of them were citizen* ?f Leaven worth Citv; but why, if an offcnce wa* charged against hiiti in Leavenworth county, did they not take him there, instead of going to Lawrence, or In that direction ! Col. Uender*on left the I'lan tern' House In Leavenworth City after breakfast, !n the presence of many person*, und it is at lm?i singular that no ?ftort wa* made to arrest him until be had proceeded mile* on bin journey, ilia friend* apprehend that be has fallen into the band* of the Danite*. (Y"3=?ELECTION.?Themem?<er*ofth? National ! Glee Club, at a meeting <?n Tu?>w*| nigh1, Januarj 19th, elected the following oflicers for the *ear IKAH : . President. F. P. DKCKF.R . Vice President. B. HUIIM ; Secretary, W. HUHM , Treasurer, I. LEIKER. Py "rder of the Club, it* W. HUHN,S?e <rTs=* BURNS' OLtJfl OP WASHINGTON ! |^< CITY.?The merttber* of this Club wiM meet at Gautier's, on MON D A \ KVKNINO next. th? 25th inst.. to oelebrate the anniversary of the birth d ?y of Burns Supper on the table at 7 o'clock. Tickets can l?e had of any of the memoers. l*n ^1 21 * DAN I El. I?KW AR. See. ry^P?THR DIRECTORS OF THK COLUM iJL "? Ina Instiiuiun f"'r the Instruction of (he Derfand Duml> And the Bind, respectfully invite the meml'crs of Congress. th?- citizens of the l)ia triot of Columbia and all grangers in the District to attend a free Eihi?ition of the Pupil* rrf said Insti tution in the * ?ld Hall of the Hoim of M eprcseiifa lives, commencin? at 7 o'clock THIS EVENING^ tan 2*-It rV^=?TIIK PUPILS OF THK DUMBARTON L < Street Methodist Episcopal Sabbath Sehool, D. C., will kiv<* a CONCERT on Gwirifli'Vn, D. v.. will give a CONCr.K I on THURSDAY EVENING, January 2l*t mencinc at 7*? preciselv. Mr. Hnnter will ?re?ide | at the Piano. There will also l?e several Solos and Quartettes by oelebraud vocalist* of this city. Admission 15 centa; Cln'dren 1" cents. ian lfi-St* [y-5-ICE CREAM! ICE CREAM! ICE 'I? CREAM!?The very best Ice Cream and Water Ie?*s, Roman Punch. An.,at 91 .50 iter gabon. Small and lar?* Cakca of all varteties. Jellies. Charlotte de Busse, Blanc Mange. Pres of all kinds, and a large collection of Fruit*. at SCHAFFI ELD'S Baltimore Confectionery and loe Cream Depot, No. 3HK tith street, between (? and H. P S.?Parti?s. Balls, and Weddings furnished with all kinds Confectionery and Pyramids ordiHer ent kinds. ian 9 1m rV"5=? DR. POPE^ 'I 3f Homeopotkic P?yfitian find Surtfon, |)e Menou or Cham Itniidincs. No. 3% H street, north aide, between 13th and 14th st*. d 19 eodm PEARLY INDIANA TRIALS AND SKETCH A ES, Personal Keinimsoences ot the Public Menoftlie United State*. Ac., 6lc.; by Hon. O. H. Smith, formerly United States Sen >tor from Indi ana. one large octavo volume of 640 pace*, finelv priutad, with portrait of the author; pri?)? ?*2.'*, or p->*i free by mail Sold for the publishers bv jan^l FRANCH TAYLOR TFURS *?FURS!!?FURS!!! HE PHILADELPHIA FUR STORE. No. S257th street under the A venue House,will continue for the rest of this month to o'ote out at ie'*il a valuable atoek of Fancy Furs, at astoniamngly low price*. P.S. l adies having furs to alter or enlarce.thi* is an excellent opportunity of having them done irama diately jan 2> 2t* AMBROTYPES FOR FIFTY CENTS. Pct cp yi Good Cask*. A fcne as*ortmert of case* frofn so cents to ?5, with good Likenesses, either Amhrotj pe. Daguer reotype. or Meleauiotypes. Warranted good 11k< - nessn*. Come earlv in the day. RORERT SANDS. Pa. ave? liet. 8th and9th *treet?, jan2i-tf Market Space. w ASH J NtiTON HALL RESTAURANT. The sn!>*cril>er having purchased the entire inter est of Mr. !'? M- 1'iibant in the atmve well kntiwn houae will open the same on Monday next, the 2Mh inst*nt. whrre he will lie plea*ed to sec hi* old friend* and patrons, and all who mav p!ea*e to call at the old Htand, southwest corner of 6th street and Penn. avenue. jaii 21 3t* JAS. A. POWER. IV OTIC E.?The public are hereh* rautioned la acains' negotiating iw<? IU ?N DS of the State of California, Nos 32and 38. for each, ps>al?le in l?7S. a* the same hn\?' lnl*<?ar??l"?, in transmission per rtiall on the'4th instan-from New York to \Vn"h iheton, D. C. App ica'ion will l*? made for a new issue. jan 2I 2W | Intel. 2w| RIGGSA CO. WIIAYMAN l?ecs leave to return hi* thanks ? to the tea. who have patronized him ?o liberally, and to inform them that, m ??rder to ln*tte' display hi* elegant l.ace*. he lias moved to the Lskks. No.504 PA. AVENUE, near Adams'* Ex press Office where lie rcKpoc'fnll> invite* their at. tent ion to In* entire new ftock of rouna point, point appli<ltie Vallanc?iics and Honiton in set*. Capes, Coiffeurs. I.spprt*. Haiidkerehicfs. Shvwls. Ac.; elegant and pew importali?>n* o| real black Veils, at wholesale price* La<*es cleaned, mended, and transferred. janif Iw R EDUCING STOCK-CllKAP FOR CASH. JOHN II. SMOOT, AXII9 Rtxln* *trft. Gfo'Kf'otrn, D.C.. wishing to leduce his stock as owas po?Kihl? by the tst of March, will sell fioru th'? date every descrip tion of WINTER GOODS at reduced prices for cash Fancy Colored Dress Silks, I'rinte.i Mouslme Delaines, Merino, Plaids and Poplins, French Merinos, Shiwls.^carf", Cloak*, Ac.. rill be sod at a VERY GREAT REDUCTION on former prices, fiotnpt customers supplied upou the usual terms. Those hiving settled their Bills rendered to 1st instant, he tenders his grateful ac knowledgement* and will l>e under man* obligations to ail who have n??t. to do so b> cash or note at their eaili??st convenience, tan 21 J. II. SMOOT. H OUSE'S PRINTING TELEGRAPH. Wasiuhgtox, Jam ait, 1R5P. Ft?R THE CONVENIENCE OF THE GOV FRN M EXT DEPA KTM ENTS. Bankers, ai.d residents geu^mlly of the aest end of the city, the NEW YORK AND WASHINGTON PRINT ING TELEGRAPH COMPANY i ave opened an OFFICE IX M ILLAKVS' HOTEL, Whence message* w11? he tinnsmitied dixf<t to Baltimore. Phi'adelphia and New ^ ork. ard from tho*e c ties, in connexion with the different House and Morse'l e egraph I.inea, to Wheel ing, Pittsburg, Cincinnati, Louisville, Nash vilie. Meniphi* ami New Oilaans: All?an>. Ruffalo Cleveland, Columhns, Incianano lis, Toledo, Detroit, Chicago. Mi waukie and St Louis; Toronto, Hamilton. Montreal. Queliee; Providence. Boston, Portland. Bangor, Halifax. St. John's, and all intermediate poiat* in the United States and British Provinces. ? mess: National Hotel, entrance from ?>th street. Wrillards' Hotel, mtrance from the vestibule. jan 21 _l w ^ A HAM MACK & ITRO.'S RESTAURANT. ifik WLar No. 2m and t'a avenue. Under vVillards* Hotel. **"he proprietors of this es.abliahment beg leave to inform the puhlio that they are now fully prepared to sup.dy their all tunes, in the very he*t ininiier We keep alwaj s on hand the beat assort ment ot Game, of various kinds, that oan be had in this or thu fo'eun markets. Meals served at all houra. in or out of tbe house. Parties h ivirig rooms 'n the vioimty will had it to th*ir interest to give us a call Piener ? r Supper pa ties furnished at abort notice. Our Par will l? supplied with the beat that can bi procured, and gentlemen can rely on alwaya getting something good : and also a quiet house and polite and attentive servants, ami we do not hesitate to aay that we ami please the most fasti<tu>ns. jeajn-lw 1'HK DIPLOMATIC HISTORY OF THK Administration* of Washington and Adams. 1383-IKii ; by Wm. He try Tresoot ; 1 vol.. fl J5 Se it by mail, postage paid, 91.40 jan 14 FRANCK TAYLOR VIEWS AND OPINIONS OF AMERICAN Statesmen of a'l times on Foreign Immigration, edleoted into one volume, with statist toe, A e., ft e. One volume oot&vo : price 7Sots. jan 16 FRANCK TAYLOR. ^LOUK AND PRODUCE WAREHOUSE. The undersigned have in store and for ssia? 3 4) bills. Extra FLOUR, from the YalUjr, ye I i>ls. Super.or do. do. do. 100 h.-la. Family do. do. do. Ats?>, BUTTER. TURKEYS. CHICKENS. I.ARD,fte : in fact, all kinds of Coun ry Produce t SON, jaa ? iw No. 3} Union street, Alexandria. yy A ? H I N G T OS IBUTIt. Triumphant ?ofo*?? of tb? bri'iiairt awl F tin Ctw, . MI!W Af.NM KtHKRTW*, A t,H Ike gr?at Dramatist and Artiat, MR. DION B?H RClCAl'l.r. Who viII appaar Tins _ In * nnr OriciMl Conwd*. in It# Met*. ?* ww* H?m<f, ^nxloo^ foe Ihr tor*t tifM ti< citf on Till# Krfiiiif. at*! THE I.I EE OF A X ACTKKS&. Violet*. ... Hi* Aww (irimaidi Mr. Dtoa Boar?#rault. Support?.! In a lirilliawt t>r>i ol Artist? frjfn WalUck's Theatr?. N?w York. ^ S" KCONU CdTII.MiN PASTY or TNI Emmet Club, Ho. 1. gent tenia COM MITTE E. AcXdKNV or Mt}?G, . . ? .Cormtr e/ll* ilwl r*. MR. CROUCH. Co<wladri hi* L??ciur? THIS1 hVbWIKu, o?? Composition. .. . . . ... . To ?wi.wuf* punctually lit" cl??ok. All papus and friend?ol the Institution are cordially invited tw.ll VI II' ? JO! FOR THK NORTHERN LIBERTIES GKEAT REDUCTION IN PRICES NEW GRuOKk i STORK. The undersigned b"gs leave to inform his fnends and the public that he has c?.tnm?n??d th? aho.? buainesa on the northwest www of W? W l< ?'>>? ? here I e inteMis ?o keep constantly ??n hand. a tail ataortn out of fin* ?i ROCER I ES. Also. W I E_ . TEAS. LIQUORS, A a.. lo wh.rh he very r?a??. t fuit% inviiM ti?? attention of h.s IrieMls ??< tn? public III g?l.e<al. . . C<hmU sent to a'! parts of lb? city ft? \) 1 "t A ? jan it-eo2w* 1Mb ard I. airocts. No 39 I"7oK THK BENEFJT OF THE LIBRARY. Tk* ? *a FOURTH COTILLON Of th? ti?w>d Intenl A ?#<?? iti ion, at Minder Ha l.on Tin R >DA Y EVENIN <s. Jaa-JpHylM^ I ickcts oaii I"* obtained at Joseph C C'den a Store. F atwt, brt?? m P'thand 11 th il?. jan II 31' M ELODEON. Pa. i i n. A J. \V. LAN D1S* CELEBRA TE D BUR LERQt E Ol'KKA Tltori'K. Co*r*t?i!*o Twretrr Sta* P?r"inri?, 1'erforia EVER V EVENING THIS WEEK, an aliove, with NEW SONGS, NEW MAYINGS. NEW HI RLHS<JUES. _ NEW DANCES, and moat LAUGHABLE COMIC PANTOMINES. Change of Programme nightly. AdmniHni c?nta. Orch?atra *?ati ar? r?a?f v?<r for iadi?s ai d gentlemen accompany ing them. l)?iuri op?n at flSl; commcnoe at 7>a. jan IR LEE MALLORV. Bus ness Age*o SUBSCRIPTION KOIR Ml __ On FRIDAY. Jan 2ith. A* Pbilmarmomc Hali.. Lut nov open at Mela?r??it a Muaic Store.i j%n IH 4t WE HONOR HIM WHOSE NAME WK BEAR. THIRTY F1HST ANNUAL BALL or TH* Franklin Fire Company, Is Honor of Tit* Hirthtfny of thr WnstnoH* Dr. F>m*khn At PHiLHArwojrir Hali., (adjoining Star "ftse.l On Till RSDAY EVENING, Um.?,!*?. The Company reapeotfnlly annonne? to tli-?r friends and the pulilic, that in ?or>?e*u*ro? of Frankiin'* Ixrttadar oooiirinc t??i? y* Sunday, they will oelelirat? it on th? da??. their Tfcirty-hrat Annual Bail. Nothi"? will be omitted that may omduo? to tl,~ ?nioy m?iit of iIm>b? who may koMt u? with their preset.oe. and miMini Kpared to mak? it on? of th? n.oat n!?a.cant liaflsof the aea*oc. Arth'a Celel>rated Ifand i??rtcn?ed. Refreahmenta w>ll l<? aerred b> an ?*p?neneed and popular wmfectioner. No laJiM oaril* of mviUtion w?? tic laaued. I?n? ? ^?n?riil invitation ia h?rel>y eit??ai?d to our i??l? rTieket? ONE DOLLAR?admittiUj a *ent emau and tadiea. Comm?'r?<? of Arrant'm'nr*. W.H.Fannin*, A.S. Dant, Wm. Hutton, fi. R.Cnwtlrtrf, Jaa. A Kin(, *? N Oil'at, J. Iludaon. J.\Sa*u?r. J. Shackelford, jan S I2.l6.lx.2i> 21 ero? of 0%. ea r on in i ali?v?/'R WAITS. SITUATION \VAN'TEI>?B* a youn* woman a? Chamtierma'd ??r Waitrr?a, or to M?i.t ir waahiiic and iroiuiic- Plana? call at No. .71 Da?.. I(flw^?n I ah and i&'a atre?ia. next dmw t?? the Ma tropi lis Staid?. jaa 21-21* \YOtJM4S WOMAN WANTS A SITI - atioh aaa Cook Waalim* and Iro on*, (-all at N<?. i"78 Second ?treoi, l>eiwe<*n l? and Vir*JOia a? ? nue. leland. It* t\/ANTED IMMEDIATELY. ? On? or two o VOIMi|(i>a light. *?Mee: l>u?iioxH. Smart. int ell i??at men < with 'rom f?st? feira?h 1 will l? ??nta??><! at a ralary ?.f front %(. t? ifl" p?*i weik. App'* to C. 15. HtMrFRS. Franl. tin lioiiae. rornrr of D aij'l ?th atre?', from 31 < S p. ?it .or(? to I.'a. in. It' %RTANTED TO PCIC?4Mb-A ?f iRlll 11 HOI*SE. anataii>ii? slwiut m> room*, aomo Where Itetwern Pa.avenue ai.<! I atreet.and lietw??r> litli and xth iitrectii. Aiit one havin* auch a Hmi?e f??r ea!? m*y m?ei a pnrchaaer l?y addre*ainc a i o?? t?' IIm* No.n.Startifoa.if 4japwM to aeH f.-r a pr?c?> t?i anit ihe limea. atating loweat price ard pr/* ?riae locuiioo. iaaJl-tf AN INSTUrCTOR WANTED.?A c??ntlema remdinc in a nei(kl>twim Stat?, wiah^s to '*!? tain, lor til? l<?neli> ??f hm three ehuoren. the a?rvi ?Nrfan ir.atractm ia Fren-.ii. Maai?, i the Piam.i mid Drawing. H? prefera a native o| ih? nwiini'iil of Eorope, ?if mature age. and tellled hahita. 'I h? p?r?on eaiplrvrri will reside in the tami'v f| the ad veriiaor, and ma> |or?n other elaaaes hi the r?igl< horhooil. for wKieh th? r? ar# ample opp<?rtur iti?? ; lua reaidcno? l>?ing rear a village, where there ar? four l>oardine ?cli?w?|a, anil in the midat of a p' | tr louc ami ??well-to-do" region. None need - rtW ricept able to produce ?a!iaf*rton teatim?H iai? aa to thorough rumpeteroy rod un?ne?tioiinM? pci aonal character. A male lr*truet<>r preferred, though a f?ma|c one would not b? refused if a able male ln*?rucior caeiiot be obtiMned. Aildi" lx'\ No. Star ( dice. jan.'i n WANTED? Bt a comp?t?nt Voiin- Woman.a Situation aa Cbi'd'a Nura* orCnamb?rmaid. Beat of reference. Addrea? Chambermairt at thia ofl c-. |M> arit' WANTEII.-A SITI'ATIONa* n nrae orf'Ma liermaid. by a middle aged Whit? " "imu. Call at No. X2 H ?lreel. ^njnst* w rANTED.-A WOMAN toCwk. Waih. a>.f -- Iron for a family residing a *?>ort diatan-err th? country. App y atd? H atroct. Iieta ? niithand 7th. ian y St* WANTED-? Tweiti energetic, enterprinn^. educated MEN to engag? iu an enterprit,? in which congei.ial epiritt mn bud n< t ollen met with. Ear y app laation n?c?t>aary to 6?car? an ?nre*ement. Hours from 3 to I o'cl?*ek f. rn. App!* t?? ANDREW PIERCE, K??ni"?' Hotel, corner Rth and D at a. ian J*1 ?t * WANTED H> a Lad* who l?av?a |or th? ><?u'li hi a few d***. a Ml R SK b-r an inf-.n'. Arp>y iium^diatel} at No. Jl* I atreer, corner of 2t?th. jmi ?>-?? U/ANTKO IMMKIMATIU.Y?-A Y?m M \ ? " in an olhc?, and to do g?uerwi mit-d(i?r bu?i nean. On? who mn c?mmand on? to two |i<oidr?<! dollars caah. None other need appiy, Salar* t !" t" ?4'? per iiionili Adtlreas. with r? al name, aiatins former buainees, A c., ti. A C., Star CitTic?. jan ??-2t* WANTED ?A IIOI'SE SI-R VANT.-AppU ai Mr. McDON AI.D'S.suriwr <>f |>?l*?-ai? m? nue and C ktreet north. Capitol Hili. Jaa / * INFORMATION ANTK0 OF DAM El. BRl'SNAN.who lefl hi? ii<?m? on th? 12th i" slant, aged nin? y?*m ; dark brown hair ; ws a lo tl? freckled in th? ftc? . fat atd plump. He had on when he left era* jacket and brown pants , b u? ? bda oap. Any inforinalion re?pec'ing him will be thank fully received b* his distressed parent*, at 2d street, between Mass, avc nue and G street. frnl?-?* . WANTED IMMKDIA T ELY ?A famished HOUSE, with fira or six ehamb?rs, parlora, and dining room. Apply lo No. 161 Browns Hotal. dit-tf W A8IIINGTON BRANCH RAILROAD. Trains runs* follows: l.?av? Washington at fi a. m. Do. do. at ? a.m. no. do. at * a m. Do. do. attvip m. Do. do. al 5.15 p. m. Tnui Taltii Those at 8 a. m a d 5 la p. m. for Anar .?lis,and at 3 p in. for Frederick and Norfolk. Ti? The Trains at 6 and la. in and 4.jn a. m. connect direc'l* at Baltimore for the Ea?t and at the West. Those at V a. in. a 6 a. in. aud 4.3d p. m. trains are E&presa. and slop oal* at Annapo is and Washington junctions. Th? Eeast?m train of Saturuay at 4 9 p m. goes only to Philadelphia. On Sunday only on? train?at 4w?> p. m. ian d TH. H. PARSONS. Agoat. pOR MOUNT VERNON. Tb? 8t?am?r THOM AfTcOLLYER will nsun ? her regular trips to Monat Vernon on Frida* next, making two tr> each week?la .via* the wharf on Tuesla* and Friday moruinga. Omnibuses wnl I?nr? tit? Hot?ls and Parc?r'a Stor? at o'clock, connecting with th? Hsnmrr. Hm ?*-tf SAMUEL RAKER, Captain KAMiES AND LEMONS. O ITS box?a 11R A N is Et* and I.EMONS just r a -ived on conaigamsnl and for aalr by jan 2h >t MURRAY A SI-MMES. HAM MACK k BRi*v hav? mat tasairsds kttt lot of Moantaio VENIBOS. jan #? .a.