Newspaper of Evening Star, January 26, 1858, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 26, 1858 Page 4
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EVENING STAR. THE CHriH. BY DAIHXK. 5si! to the Churn ! Hail to the Churn ! uoh it tetches that we should learn? Divers insights into nature, Perseverance, temperature. Taste, kindness, nod eeonomr. and astronomy. Gm(s? and navigation? Something. in fane, of all oreation. Beho d the churn; its hoops are right. Not swelling a blnateu fright. its own I ottoin standing true. As| high-souled men are wont to do. *elf poised, firm set. and upright too, A pattern 'tis for ine and you. {he Churn's no ohampion ? . a nrown. ut a blunt Roundhead vp und drum. With kmdlv milk. its "in'srus" teem. So rich, indeed, it's mostly or*ain. lionerous hearted as a Howard. Its only lauit is. 'us a oow?ard. Behold the Chum, a .Milky Way I- ull fraught with myriad Nebulae. So deuoe and l>right. they shut froin view. That city stutl jcleet 'ifgy-blue." Again ?ou look, and lo ' yon spy A ^ ellow Sea. its waves dashed high Againstan oak and hoop bound shore. uJk spouts and hollow rjar. Mehoid again it is a mine vv^k?. w housewife doth rehne, \V.lkIS v11 "hafc. her massive gold, % "TketJ ? ?r ?'"d o er, pressed, stamped and rolled e,,urn 'Tis a good school. Keep just so warm, and just so cool. In life s great churning never fear; T?!r?U 1 r iaD<fJth,ln ,u*t persevere. I hough foes should clamor, friends be dumb. u,r* ??? ekuns os, tht btittrr'll com'. County Chronieti. aZ2hVy.l"* *o? Utah -Tbe present con dUioa ofthings in \ tab is arousing the patriot ic. ?.fKMl~:!' ,a"d virw of ??? probability that there will be.a requisition for volunteers companies are already forming in different parts ^<. ..1. ? * thoT? who are lading these nc.-ements we are told, are, in advance, askin" hiT,rrmnmV'P Uovern*r ln ,he event - ? - a tall is inade. The Southwest Democrat mentions that Col. A. G Biakey is raisin-* a )" "***?? county. There are com pa k!sTk p?. . '^''P'e^y in Polk, Davis, l>c S?' Jackson, Gentry and .Marion conn 1 rTvTP?. y o*1"'?- A l?Ue force call be raised in this State on very short notice?a force whose ?ator and efficiency will never be questioned if trought into service.?.Sr. Louis Dftnotrat. CD" John Fitzgerald was sent to jail, in Bos ton, on last Saturday, for tampering with a wit ITT* At Rome, an important work is on the eve of appearing It is the collection of inscrip t.'ons found ia the catacombs. IET Five cotton mills, of Manayunk Pa., nave recently stopped, in consequence of the hi?h price of cotton. ? ID"Th'; winter overcoat now in fashion in Lon uVUZ,0*. . t Th-y are sold in Kegent street for about f 10. tri^ } ^h^ah (br*T?chief).one of the Seminole irtoe of Indians, died from congestion of the lungs in New Orleans. La., on the 1U iust. Sowing lettuce in the open air Salem. Mass , and neighborhood, and have produced it large enough for the table. - ea t re in California, recently employ ed a Chinaman to act in the capacity of bill post 'L "'d ???r - -d in extracting frdmblm^n^ ,?r which color them 1 s?" ? i.^Thl1,peopl'of!'m*1<p. >' Y , don't goto lectiiiej, where the price of admission is Jo cfnts t!J lSi ? Commi"ee have reduced the price atKT>i?i.WEfk ,thu N*nt"rkett boats were ofl at the South side, taking about 4.00 ? flsh. mostly pJJJd1 W *?l<1 rradii)r ttt thre? cents per *dnk?kee, 111., a lawyer burns corn ln "h'Vtove'fl?diHK it cheaper at -.Wets weight C?al dt 30 Ce"U for At the ,We?tniin?ter (England) workhon?. nS'i" WUo- 1,1 ?*?? course of born E the ho^e *P?MOr to I'0U0 children ?SroJtTv^Tr/P1 *B.rd; p*'ne*vill*and Ashtabula V"*,rd to Provide for the Jan U*Ued to lhe Sunbury and Erie in- rw mpanjr Alnouat of issue *500.UU0. hf ^Mature of Virginia b?aDnroDri d?,Ur" towa,d def.aving the sta iie^Tr iv^ L f ,IMll*urmtlon of Crawford's U^ue of \\ ashington on the ?d ?f Febiuary. *irRr^y?o?,lUdA UU?ly-?PP??re<l in uiale at h?r rti 1Louu,> *nd ?>??' "f the edito.s says that h^nil^yi^ w^ .0 perfect tha, sbe migt^t b.'ve KSd^tv ' 'f ^ had Lad a little mo,e ' k? wiH of the late John Johns of Balti. I*" #11 ?,av""? tt"d bequeaths rece ?10 Thc Tract ^ SoHetTTJ f -v vd llP Kvan?^ical Knowledge societies in ^ ork#40,000. * A T principal hotels B \ HOTEL-,,on J G Goodrich u A <???wold, N Vk: \V H Perrv sr' Col M I Cohnt?"vi^an,iil*: ^ran<f ?"d la??y' N J and dy MB'r ,W,>CO,:B' A,rt; 1 ? Medley T-r Ui. I 'i 'w ^ ' J,m1k'* lender, Wash'u I r, .Miss Lander. .Mass; T Wallace \ V- !?' w \i . Thomas Rich. 6t; l.t J M C d?wa.' P^ K R odg^r' M i? R Rl^gfrsJ .f ! MSt^^rCr'ri uIV'a'u wV^'w^,""1 sgtetss1?? ? kell, Misflet J P Gaskell P baikell ii? iJ X?Ttn KUI t" XPV B'r?'?ki Mo; l?S H^n pure*, vi, KUistou Perot, pa; \V VV Hr0n? \ V ? ?,'Vk" sSSi-J,1 i Barbour, do, J N McEl.oy T Ward \ V ? B?OW>8: botK.. -W T Kl?. N V .. . -with, do ; G \\ Ewing | nd - S Pr0iipr in Hon A L R oat be Ind H,,,. u ???'i?? zi-r, III, < i ?;*"< ?' ct "taSi* " vlmm?'? iV?i O"I 8 Bi.' &BurkeO uw' Jw""' E L l>ark^r' " V A - w^. U Wyndbam. Ala; R S Hicks \ Fort Wavne I \v j Hi ac ken ridge, jr i S ftc JlKs M "'w ?r LmE ???, vti*ll,,M,:p Vu S? C it. " AS, ;v <?' su;?ku'?d' I . H T^i '. V.L. B * rencb, DC; J Thaver ?,m *"**?? ?'?' NATIONAL HOTEE ?J Deutsch Wk J P 5 r j Walton. <lo; .M's Stewart' W- u/'o k i A (1-??*?, ? ? K? "IpT/c V S3K- 1' W t anuin, do; C II Woodruff N Vk A J l!?,.H ST; & ?H *" ??"?, ViJUKJ: j!W?^W1i^V7Vls-s. .. unuaM, .no; w Howif, do; J S Worthington. do, W H Taylor, V?; T Deakgea, Del, J Huwlri, Md, J T Johnston, N'Yi J Vle,t, do, C Ntwlin, Pa KIRKWOOD HOUSE ?Dr W H Murrap,Md, G B Parks, do; F W Greene. O; J 11 Thompson Md; T Mieiton, La; H G Key. Md; R Sbepard, Mac*; B D DuismaU. do, J .Mills, Min; T Wal lace, NY; W J McCollotii, Va; O P McKeeys md lady Mo, B Williams Kv; W H Mcknight, r- it --- *? - .. ? -- " OLE Ay STEAMERS' SAILING DA YS Fsoh thi Umm Stats*. 5i??snri. Ltmvt. For. D*ft. America Boston Liverpool...Jan */7 North America.Portland ....Liverpool... Ian 30 Eoropa New York...Liverpool...Feb 3 Kangaroo New York... Liverpool... Feb 4 Fulton New York...Havre Feb 0 Canada Boston Liverpool... Feb III Atlantic New York...Liverpool. ..Feb 13 Peon Ecaors. Eoropa Liuerpool...New York...Jan Kangaroo Liverpool....New York...Jan |:| pulton Smitliam'B. New York...Jan 13 Canada Liverpool... Ito.ton Jan 16 Glasgow Glaag'jw New Yorh...Ja- l?> Aracia Liverpool...New York.. Jan Ti Citv Baltimore. Liverpool...New York...Jan *7 fr.dian Liverpool... Portland ....Jan 'X* Viagra Liverpool...Boston Jan 3l? I l* California mail ?teaioera lea** PjrW York ||M> IMh ?M rrf rack month Ia?ttr?n?. to G GBNE*A^UCLA*S?|NOrfbAL ESTATE For B*untv Lands. Pension Claima, Prhaecu tion of Claims before the Court of Claims, f ongreaa and the Departments, Purchase and Sale of real es tates, attend to Renting Houses, Buy and Sell Land Warrant*. Negotiate Loans, and all business of similar oharact^r. Ortice corner 7th and Louisiana avenn*. jan 16 ly Wutittoo, City. OLD AND SILVER PURCHASED AT THE BEST RATES. FOREIGN BILLS 6T EXCHANGE SOLD, ON THE PRINCIPAL POINTS IN EU ROPE, IN SUMS TO SUIT. GOLD CURRENCY, AND VIRGINIA MO NEY ACCOUNTS, WILL BE OPENED FOR D KPOSITO RS, PAYABLE IN SAME FUNDS, OR IN GOLD, CHARGING THE CURRENT RATES.?CHECKS MUST BE MARKED ACCORDINGLY. SIGHT DRAFTS ON ALL THE PRINCI PAL CITIES OF THE UNION, SOLD IN SUMS TO SUIT. BONDS AND STOCKS SOLD ON COM MISSION. UNCURRENT MONEY BOUGHT AND SOLD. LAND WARRANTSTURCHASED AT THE HIGHEST RATES\. * SWEENY, RITTENHOUSK, FANT & CO? d 4-Sm Bankers._ J?EN per cent, in vestment. Corporation Bonds of the City of Davenport, Iowa, pa;irk 10 per cent, interest by Coupon in New York. Bonds of .?5"0 each. The growing city ol Davenport has now al>out 20,WW inhabitants,andlis rapidly increasing in wraith and population. lis municipal debt is only *IS0,MlO,and its railroad debt only jflitt,!*1", and cannot now l?e increased, Hie statistic* of the city were published in the Intelli Kenoer of the 3ntn September. e recommend these bonds, believing them to be as safe as any CHUBB BROTHERS WASHINGTON IN">I!R ANCK COMPANY. CHARTERED BY CONGRESS Carnal. ?? ?- ?- ?**>,000!!! This Company is now prepared to reoeive applica tions for INSURANCE ONBU1LDINGS, MER CHANDISE, ftc., at the usual City rates, without any charge for Policy, at their Ofhoe, corner of Tenth Street and Pennsylvania Avenue, over the Washington City Savings Bank. Dirrctorb. Wm. F. Bayly, Samuel Bapon, Joseph Bryan, James F. Haliday, Wm. Orme. Hudson Taylor, Franois Mohun, M. W. Gait. Benj. Beall, James C. MoGUIRE, President, lumn D. Hanson. Secretary. ap 11-ly B~ AN KIN 6 HOUSE OF CHUBB BROTHERS. Deposits.?Deposits reoeived and Checks paid without charge. Uralts on the northern seaboard oities reoeived on Deposit at par. and Exohange on said Cities furnished to depositors without charge. Interest or Deposits.?Interest will be allowed on Deposits at such rates as may be agreed upon. Deposits in Virginia and Uncdrrent Monrt. Deposits in Virginia and other Uncurrent Money re oeived to be cheoked for, payable in same funds, or in specie, we charging the regular Exchange. Discount!".?Notes, Drafts,and Bills of Exchange will be discount ed. and Loans made on Stocks, Bond*, and Securities, at the L?ik-< r*or (.'SeIiit.-Letters of Credit will be furnished, negotiable in the different Cities of the United States, on Depofit of Money or Collaterals, and interest allowed ii Money is deposited, ana charged if Lb.ialerals.onsuoh termsaamay be agreed B^>av?urb Bills of Exchanbr.?Travelers will be furnished with drafts in such sums as may be de aired negotiable in the diderent Cities of the Union. Bills and Letterhof CrkditonEnoland. Ire land and Europe.?Bills of Exchange and Letters of Credit on England, Ireland and Europe.furnished at the market rate for Exchange, in sums to suit. Bond*. SToegs, Ao.?Bonds, Stocks, and Securi ties paying from 6 to 12 or. cent., always for sale, or bought in the different Cities at a commission of a If pr. oent. Where Stooksare bought upon orders, we reserve the right to call for adepoeitof in pr. oent on the coat. Bonda or Stooks will be ordered by tele graph. Railroad, Citt. and State Bonds.?Railroad, City, and State Bonds can be piaoed in our hands for negotiation, either in this oountry or Europe. Rail road Iron parcnased for oash or with Bonds. Land Warrant*.?Land Warrants bought at the market rates. All Warrants told by us are tuximn Utd in every respect. Land Warrants located on commission. Land Warrant %uotationa regularly furnished If re peated. Warrants will be forwarded to Western Houses on orders, or sent for sale on commission to responsible parties. Real Estate and Insurances.?Real Estate bought aud sold, and Insurances effeoted. Claims on United States, Cocrt or Claims, 8on?rbss.?Claims on tho Ignited States, before the ourt of Claims or Congress, intrusted to us, will be prosecuted by prompt and able attorneys. CHUBB BROTHERS, Jan 27 Opposite the Treasury, (CONNECTICUT MUTUAL LIFE INSUR ? ANCE COMPANY. C.'tpitnl over - 2,500,ono This old and reliable Company a. - prepared to take risks on lives at premiums that will suit all. FRED CALLAN. Agent. Office?No. 213 F street, Washington City, D. C. ian 4-3taw3w B A N K I N (> HOUSE OF CHUBB B ROTH E RS. Depositors depositing Bank Notes will please mark their Check* payanle in currency. Depositee of Gold will l?e paid in Uold. Accounts will be opened with depositors allowing them to deposit Uold and Check lor currency, the depositor being credited with the difference. Be 28 tf CHUBB BROTHERS. |NTEREST ALLOWED ON DEPOS1TES. MONEY to LOAN on STOCK SECURITIES CHUBB BROTHERS, BANKERS. Jai 27?tf Oppoiitl tk? Triast?ry. LTNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE. / Washington.January 15, law. On the petition of CslebandT. Willis Pratt, of Newton, Mai>*., pray ins for the extension of a patent granted to them on the 4th of April, IK44, for an im provement in '* triib1 frames of bridges," for seven years from tho expiration of said patent, which takes place on the Ith day of A pril, 1K.W? It is ordered, that the said petition lie heard at the Patent office 011 Monday, the 22d of Maxell next, at 1^ o'clock m.: awl all persons are notified to appear and show oause, if any they have, why said petition ought not to be granted. Persons opposing the extension are required to file in the Patent Ofl>?*? their objections, specially set forth in writing, at least twenty days liefore the day of hearing; all testiiiionj filed by eitler party to lie us??l at the said hearing must l?e taken and transmit ted in accordance with tiie rules of the office, which will be furnished on application. The testimony in the ease will be closed on the 6th of March; depositions and other papers re lied upon at> testimony must t?e bird in the Office on or before the morning of that day; the arguments, if any. within t*n days thereafter. Ordered, also, that thir notice be published in the Union, Washiugton, D. C., and Post. Boston, Mas sachusetts. onoe a wet k for three succsiki ve weeks previous to the 22d of March next, the day of hear ing. JOH. HOLT. Commissioner of Patents. P. S. Editors of the above papers will please copy, and send their bills to the Patent Office, with a paper containing this notice. jan 2fi-law3w IORD BYRON'S WORKS, fi vols., Murray's j London edition, in purple calf binding. Knight's Pictorial Miakspeare, 9 vols., ootavo, London, green calf Tne Stratford Shakspeare, in vols,, London, in oak oases The Cabinet Shakspeare, 12 volt., London, cloth gilt. British Poets. 4 vols., London, half calf. Rose's Biographical Dictionary, 12 vols., London, full calf. Roilin's Ancient History, 2 vols., London, many maps, in half calf. Huruet's Histories. 3 vols., London, half calf. Dean Swift's Works, Roscoe's edition,2 vols., London, half calf. Whewell's History of the Induotive Sciences,3 vols.. London, fu I calf. Bulwer's Novels, 2U vols., London, green calf. And many other standard works in fine bindings, imported from London, by d FRANCK TAYLOR. NEW PUBLICATION.?"Historical and Lega Examination of that part of the Supieme Court's decision in the Dred Soott oase whioh de clares the unconstitutionality of the Missouri Corn fromise Act, and the self extensiou of the Consti utiou to Territories, carrying slavery along with it*" By the author of The Thirty Years' View; oo tavo; David Appietou A Co. New York, IH57. The above work just issued from the press, for sale at the well known st*nd, oorner of street and J'ennsylvmia avenue. Stereotype edit ion. beauti u JI v printed on clean new type, fine white paper and with riest black ink. Bound in black cloth and gilt lettered. Done up 111 a durable form for permanent use. Price ?1. This work is what its title purports to be, an ex amination ofi what the author deems to be) the po lit-cai part of the Court's opinion, avoiding any no tioe of 1the judical pait. which related to the pers<uial claims of t(i?> parties on record. It is writen in a spint of entire devotion to the institutions of our country, and with total abstinence from all party views. The authors own words are: '"1 write for no party, but for all men who veneratethe woiksofour ancestors, and who wish to fee our (Government kept on the foundations or which they placed it." (p '3u.? And it ia believed that thia pi edge has been kept in the work, and which la oonsidered, by com petent judges, as the moat original and profound of all the authors works, and so treated as to present new views to the oldest readers, and in fact to ap pear as a new work 00 a subject auppoeed to hava Bead exhausted. ? ? w .. _ JOS. BHILLINGTON, Bookse1 er, Odeon Building, oorner 4& at. " Pa.av. d 14 tf and Diplomatic history or the waaiungton and Adams Administrations by W. H. Tresoott, 1 voi.; fi.2S Just published. d IS PO * M-y TA VI OR. OCEAN ITK'M NAVIGATION ANDTHF. Ocean Post, by Thomas Rainey, 1 volume, 8vo. Two dollars. Jen l? FRANCK TAYLOR. _ NEW MUSIC reoeived semi-weekly at JOHN F. ELLIS' Piano Store, near l?tn street. No. 'Jft ps. avenue. jan I? MiicilUntoiu. JJ,| 8EVENTHSTREET giJ O Offioe Beoond Story, tcree doors from Odd Fellows' Hall. Spectacles and Glasses suited to every sight; Opfrn, Reading, and Watohmakei'i^?^ Ola****; Telescopes, Microsoopes inn, r (rmt variety; Cosmoramic Stereoscopes with views of superior and ohoioe pictures on band. See adver tisement in National Intelligencer. Testimonials. ^ Norfole, September 7,1854. Si*: The Speotaolea you made for me auit me very well, and seem to have improved my eight more than any other 1 have lately tried. I.ITT. W. TAZEWELL. I have tried a pair of Spectables obtained from Mr Tobiaa, and find them of treat aaaiatanoe to my aiicht, and corresponding with hiadeacnptionof their fooua. 1 ri commend him aa a skillful optician HENRY A. WISE. Petersburg, October 21,1854. About five yeara a/to, I obtained from Mr. Tobiaa, in Washington, a pair of Glasses for the spectacles which I used, and found them of great assistance to mjr decay ing vision; and my opinion of him is, that he is skillful in the preparation of Glasses for eyes not too far cone to be benefitted by auch aid. J. F. MAY. Ltnchbijrg. November 7,IBM. From an examination of Mr. Tobiaa' Glasses, find from hia observations and remarks, am oonvinced that he la a skillful optician. J. J. BLACKFORD. M.D. Lynchburg, Novemlier 1??. IR54. Mr. John Tobias, having furnished me with Glas aea, by which 1 have been greatly aided, (my vision having suffered greatly from reading at night in my earlier life,) it affords ine the highest pleasure to say that I consider him a skillful practical optician, and well prepared to aid those who mar need his professional services. WM. H. RolJZIE, Elder of the Methodist Conference. Wilmington, N. C., June 27, ikm. Mr. J.Tobias? Dear Sir : I am happy to say that the Spectacles which I obtained from you last woek ara entirely satisfactory. From mi inequality in the visual range of my eyes, I have heretofore found great difficulty in getting glasses of the proper focal dis tances. It aff ords me pleasure to state, that by the aid of your optometer this difficulty has been happily obviated, so that the Glasses you furnished me are decidedly the best adapted to iny eyes of any 1 have ever yet used. Veri respectfully roars, R. B. DRANE. Reotorof St. James' Parish, Having been induced by a friend to visit the estab lishment of Mr, Tobias for the purpose of frying his F[lasses I was furnished with a pair eligjitlr ?loe.whice have afforded me iim^ relic! gratifi cation than any I have ever trtcdi My sight, origin ally very good, was injured by writing anj reading at night, frequently to a very late hour: but with the aid of these glasses 1 can study almost as late aa ever, and that too without the pwin I have previous ly suffered, JOHN WILSON, Late Commissionecr Gen'l Land Office, Dec. 11,1M5. I have used Mr. Tobias'a Spectacles for three or four months, and take great pleas'ure in saving thai 1 am much pleased with them. I iiftVe Iwen mucn benefited by them. GEO. 1*. SUARBIRUH. May 5th, 18.76. 1 was reooinmended to Mr. John Tobias as a skilful optician ; and as I l:<Ue eves of remarkable peculiari ty, I was gratified to find that Mr. Tobias s?cmeu U> comprehend them by inspection and some slight measurement., and he has made me a pajj- of Specta cles that suits me admirably. A. r. Bl TLnR. July II, 185b. Washington, Aug. 8,1855. Having been for years nndcr the necessity of hat two sets of glasses?one for use in day light, ami o?i^ for lamp light ?I procure*] one set from Mr. Tobias which answered both purposes. I have used his for several months, and find them excellent. EDWARD STUBBS, Of Department of State. Mr. J. Tobias. Sir: The pair of Spectacles you furnished me yesterday are particularly satisfactory to me. They are very decidedly the best I possess, and I am the owner of eight or ?:ne pairs, carefully selected in different places and'from optician* rec ominended to me oii lU-COTini Pf'hcir professional standing in France, England, and the United States. I have been a'so pleased wish your remarks and di rections on the treatment of the eyes, for the pur pose of preserving and improving the sight Respectfully tours, CHS. CALDWELL. Professor of M. C., Louisville, Ky, Brooklyn Ofijopaedic Institution, April, 1854. After most oareful examination of Mr. J. Tobias's G.asses, I am enabled to testify that their hardness, olearness, polishing, and exact optical shape re:.der them particularly recommendable to those whose merely optical impairment of the eyes are in waut of such auxiliaries. I consider, moreover, Mr. Tobias full* qualified to determine the focus o| the eye,l>otll by his optical knowledge and experience, und by means of his optometer. In addition, I can further state that Mr. Tobias has supplied some of my pa tieuts with Utttsscs, to their and my satisfaction LEWIS BAUER, M. 1)., Physician and Sarseon. Berlin: Member of the Royal College otSiirgeons, England; Member of the MedicaJ Society of Lonuon, and of the Pathological Society of New \ ork; lute Sur geon of the Koyal Orthopaedic Institution of Manchester. England, and Surgeon of the B, O. Institution. Norfole, Va., July 27, 1854. In the experience ol even two years, I have four.d great difficulty in obtaining Spectaolcs that w'e ex actly adapted to the weakness of my sight. This in convenience Mr. Tobias seems to have removed for the presort by the substitution for me of letter and more suitable Glasses. They are cloar, ehry slal-like Slid oomforial?le to my eyes. I would commend turn to those who from age or other infirmity require ar tificial a.d in this way. J. J. SIM KINS, M. D. Wilmington, N.C., June 16, 1854. To persons who have had the sight of their eyes so impaired as to require the use of Glasses, I would recommend Mr. John Tobias as a suitable person from whom to obtain suoh Glasses ns they may re quire. as he has suited ine wit.h a pair of Spectacles fora f;ir and near sight. My sight tins been impaired very rnucii by a servioo of years in the Post Office Department, which berth required me to be on duty from 11 o'clock at night til! after day, during whicf time I used but one light. \V. A. WALK tR, Ukpartmknt of Interior, May 8, IR55. From natural defects and the uiiequa! range of my eyes, I have been compelled to use glasses for seve ral years. I have tried different opticians without obtaining glasses perfectly fitted to my eyes. Four months since Mr. Tobias made two pairs especially for me, which I have fouml to serve me perfectly. By the use of his optometer he is enabled to adspt glasses most minutely to the eye. I most cheerful ly recommend Mr. Tobias to all having occasion to use glasses, and hear my testimony as to his skill aa an optician. HENRY E. BALDWIN, se 25 Ass'tSeo'y to sign Ijind Warrasts. PROGRESS IN THE FINE ARTS. Painting and Photography Combined. photographic portraits In Oil Colors, on Canvas, Miniature or Size of Life. 1 M " \T'!,A lT OALI. K R T, Odeon Hal I, corner 4,S st. and Pennsyl van la avenue. S. WALKER has fitted up the above spa^iout apartments at a very great outlay of capital, thereby rendering Ins establishment one of the most com plete and handsome in the whole country. Me has a large Gallery for fret rrhibtCon of upward of 2M' fine Oil p,Hill trigs, by some of the liest ancient and modern masters, to which he intends to add fresh importations. S. WaI.eer has also fitted up a coin filete suit of rooms, with private robing apartments or ladies, and purchased the finest possible instru ments, and engaged a first class operative artist to assist hi in in the department for taking all kinds of PHOTOGRAPHIC, AMBROTYPE AND DA GUERREOTYPE VORTRAI TS, from the tmnllut miniature to size nf lif?. S. Walker, by combining the Photogrnphio Pro cess with the art of Painting, of which he has had 2S years' experience, and whose specimen# ?.f life si7.o portraits may he seen in some of the first fami lies of the city, as well as thoso exhibited m hie Gallery, he will be able, by the combination of the two, to produce portraits that have never been ex celled for their fidelity nnd life like expression. Can vas and boards prepared bj himself expressly for the purpose. Particular attention paid to the painting of Por trait*. Miniature or life sixe, from email pictures of deceased friends. Photographs taken from corpses, or sick persons taken at their own residences, on immediate notice. Committees and classes taken in any number in groups, and any quantity of copies from the same sold at reasonable charges. Likenesses Minted on Copper for Tomb Stones. Valuable Oil Paintings, and Old Family Portraits, oarefnlly Lack lined and reetored to their original freehneM. . gentlemen ?re respectfully solioited to call at the Gallery, over Shillington's hook store entrance 4X street, two doors from Pennsylvania * . ItIiW TONDON JUVEVILE HOOKS. i Hans Anderson's Tales and Fairy Stones. Louis's School Days, Wan ford and Merton, Evenings at Home, Edgar Clifton, or Right and Wrong. r.speranza, or the Home of the Wanderers, Grimm's Home Stories, The Castaways, or Adventures in Africa, Saxelford.aStory for the Voung, Every Boy's Book, Fairy Tales of the-Countess D'Aulnoy, Arabian Nights, Robinson Crusoe, Just received by 4>? FRANCK TAYLOR. ITN1TED STATES PATENT OFFICE, Washington, January 12th, IRV. On the petition of Joseph Eaton, administrator of tKn estate of Charles F. Pain,dec*ased, of inslow Maine, pravuig for the extension of a pati-nt granted to the said Charles F. Paine foran improve ment in "hay press*-*." lor seven yearn froiM the e.x titration ol said patent, wlneh takes plaou on the 2 'ili day of April. IBM!. It is ordered that the said petition fie heard *? the Patent Office on Monday, the l?ith of April, at 12 o chick, in.; and all persons are notified to np pear and show cause, if any they have, why said pe tition ought not to be granted. Persons opposing the extension are required to file in the Patent Office their olfactions, specially set forth in writing,at least twenty davs before the day of hearing; all testimony filed liv either paity to be used at the said hearing must be taken and trans initted in accordance with the rules of the Offioe, which will be furnished on application. The testimony iu the case will lie closed on the 3d of April; depositions and other papers relied upon as testimony must be filed in the office on or l>efor? the morning of that day; the arguments, if any, within ten days thereafter. Ordered, also, that this notice lie published in the Union, Washington, U. C.. and Post, Boston, Mas sachusetts, onoe a week for three sitcivssive weeks previous to the 19th of April next, the day of hear ing. J. HOLT, Commissioner of Patents. P. S. Editors of the above papers will pleesc copy, and send their bills to the Patent Office,with a paper containing this nonce. tan 16 law3w LIVINGSTONE'S TRAVELS and Researches iu South Afrioa, I vol., 8vo.. with Maps and En gratings; fs. *?? FRANCK TAYLOR. Trtrtitrs* Dirtetcry. ^yASHlNCTON BRANCH RAILROAD. Trains run as follows: Washington at 6 a. ni. l>v. d?. at 8 a. m. |)o. do. atspm. Do. do. at p m. Do. do. at 5.15 p. in. The Trains at 6 aud 8 a. m and 4.20 p. m. conncot directly at Baltimore for the Kast and at Relay lor the West. Those at 8 a. m. ai d 5 I* p. ra. for A nap ? ?lis.and at 3 p in. for Frederick and Norfolk. The 6 a. ni. and 4.20 p. ni. trains are Express, and stop only at Annapolis and Washington junctions. The Eastern tram of Saturday at 4 20 p. in. goes only to Philadelphia. On Sunday only one train?at 4.20 p. m. jan 20-d TH. H. PARSONS. Agent. N E\V YUKK AND LIVERPOOL ONI TED STATES MAIL STEAMERS Tkt Shift composing this Lint art 2 The ATLANTIC .Capt. Oliver Eldridge, The BALTIC....?.. .....Capt. Joseph Comstook The ADRIATIC?.??Capt. James West. These ships having been built by ooutraot expre>si j for Government seivioe, every oare has been taken in their construction, as also in their engines. to tu sure strength and speed, and their accommodations for passengers are unequalled for elegar.oe and oom fort. The sienincrsofth's line have improved water tight compartments, and no eX pense t>;ii? been spared to make them all as go?*l h? new, fiie thorough exam ination given them pioves their mode of constiuc tion yet unequalled. Price ol p&ss&ge irom New York to Liverpool, id first cabin, 9>30; in ssoor.d do., 975; From Liver pool tcNew York, 30 and 20 guineas. An exper: per<enced Surgeon attached to each ship. No berths can be scour*. Mntii paid for. PROPOSED DATES OF SAILING. ? riOM NSW ToKg. Saturday, Jan. 16 1858 Saturday, Feb. 13 IRVi Saturday. March 13..1858 Saturday, Apr I 10 18'? Saturday, Apru 24 1K5R Saturday, May 8 IR58

... FROM LlVKRPocL. W edcesday, Feb. 3. '858 Wednesday, M'oh 3. WtW Wednesday, M'cli 3i. 1R58 Wednesday, April 28.1858 Wednesday, May 12.. 1R">8 Wednesday, May ..IK'rft ,, : ?? ? ; ? ? ' * vmisvcij%MJ f *'?. . in.*i Saturday, May 22 IK58 Wednesday, June 9 1R5B Saturday, Juno5 185n! Wednesday, June .3 1*8 Vitnr, e. I ....A IA ? ., ., tit .J 1 ? ? . Saturday, June 19 i*n Saturday, July 3 186H Saturday,July it |&t Saturday, Ang. 14 185* Saturday. A nr. 2" la** Wednesday, July 7.. .1368 Wednesday, July 21. .18. 8 Wednesday, Aug. 4. IK'h Wednesday, !*ept. 1 1858 Wednesday, Sept. IS IRS8 7, : MlJ Mm r.* '? ? ? " VMiiri-unj , ?-r I'll 1 ' Saturday, Sept. II ...lay: \Ve?it>fs<i**, Sr=pt. i9. ik.;.8 Saturday, Sept. 25 ...1*5* Wednesday. Oet. I?. .1858 Snl nr/i-it (Ut n i.ilj. if. j _ i ' .. .. . .... Saturday, Oct 9 littR Saturday, Oct. S3 lav Saturday, Nov. ? law Saturday, Nov. 20 18.W Saturday, Dec,4??. |85? Wednesday, Oct. U. .l.iie Wednesday, Nov. I0.ia?<} Wednesday, Nov. 24 1858 Wednesday, I>eo. 8 18 8 Wednesday. Dec. 22.1858 For freight or passage, apply to EDWARD K. COLLINS, No. M. Wall street. New Yorg. BROWN. SHIPLEY A CO.. Liverpool, B. G. WA IN W KIUHT ft VO.. ''arts. The owners of 'nrse ships will fiot to se^wntabl# for gold, silver, bullion, specie, jewelry, prcci^ui stones or ineta s. nn'ess bills of lading are signed theiefor and the value thereof expressed therein. d l*i (jRANGE AND ALEXANDRIA RAILROAD O R EAT SO U THE RN MAIL LINE Two* IKilv. (Sunday nights excerted,? b?*weet WASHINGTON CITS'and the iOUTH, vis ALEXANDRIA, GORDON8V1LLEa.H0 RICH MONO. Leaves Washington at 6 o'clock a. m. '* Washington at 7 o'clock p m. For LYNCHBURG and" the SOUTH WEST. Leave Washington at 6 o'clock a. fm., arrive ic LYNCH BURG n^lt moriungat 4 awir?..eonneotini with the trains on the Virginia and jenr.eiaeO Hail Road for MEMPHIS. Mail Stages from Char ottesvilie to Lynchburg a distance ofeo miles. Fare from Washington to Lynchburg, $7.75. The steamer GEORG E PAGE, foot of Seventh street, being owned by the Railroad Company, runs in cpnnecticu with the trains. Tickets for Lynohburg procured on the Boat. fO" Omnibuses and Baggage Wagons will beattht Depot of the Washington Railroad, to oonvey pas sengers and baggage to the Steamboat, for Alexan dria, a distance oi s<x miies, avowing ample time for meais. JAMES A. EVANS. Agent. Alexandria, July. 1857. it 8 tf MKW AND IMPORTANT SCHEDULE. FOR ALL PART'S^OF THE IVEST. a? BALTIMORE AND OHIO RAILROAD. Tiie recent extension and improvement of its lead ing connecting lines at the West has jequirftd an en tire revision of the ruu:>ing arrangements of this imd by which highly important advantages to iae trav eler .ire Kecurcd. On and alter MONDAY, June 15, 18V7, THREE DAILY TRAINS will ne run in both directions for through passengers. First-The ACCOM M O I) ATI ON T R AIN starts from Camden Station, Bait; more, at 7 A.M.,(except Sunday,) stops at way stations and arrives at Cum berland at 4 P. M. Seoond?Tl?c MAIL TRAIN starts (Sunday ex cepted >at 83" A. M.. sud arnres st Wheeling at 4 A A. M.. connecting at Reriwood with Central Ohio trams for Coiumbus. Cincinnati. Indianapolis, Lou isville, Chiongo, St. Louis, A e., arid at same place with trains for Cleveland, Toledo. Detroit, Ac., by Cleveland Road, and also at i'arkersbnrg with Ma rietta Road. _ Third?The ST. LOUIS and CINCINNATI EX PR ESS TR AIN leaves daiiy at5.<*5 P. M., con necting at Benwnod at 9 A. M. with expyss trains from Bellaire to Cincinnati, (leithout chim e a.f Cars at Columbus.) and reaching there in bat 26 hours from Ha'timoreand 28 hours from Washing ton. It also connects directly, in l?otli directions, at Grafton with cars br Parkersburg and Marietta roads lor Chillicothe, Cinoinaati, etc. These trains connect at Xenia for Indianapolis, Chicago and St. t.ouis, and at Cincinnati with the Great Ohio and Mississippi Express for Louisville Cairo and St. Louis through to St. Louis in less than 42 hours Irom Baltimore. Bv this train the (im? to all the central and sout hern plaees in the West is much less, while the distanr* is froin 4n to 100 miles shorter than by the shortest ml other routes. From the West thesf connections are equally olose and eatisfactory, ar riving at Halt niiore at 8.3n A. M. I[7* Bagcage cheeked through to all points. THROUGH TICKET* sold at lowest rates at Camden Station and at Washington, ft. C. Passengers fioiu Baltiin ?r* or Washington may ritw the <?(?>? road f>y ilnylitHt, b* taking morn ing trairiB, and lying over at Cumberland or Oak land, and resuming sext morning by Wheeling Ac coimnodation tram, leaving Cumberland at R and Oakland at FOR WA Y PASSE NOE K t. TheCumlieriand Accommodation Train at 7 A.M.. will stop at all Stations east ol Cumberland, and the Wheeling Accommodation at all Stations beyond Cumberland going West. Eastward!*, the Mail Train leaves Wheeling at 8.30 A. Aocoiumo datum leaves Cumberland at 9, teaching Baltimore at 5 30 P. M. ON THE NORTHWESTERN VIRGINIA URANCH, l>e<ween Grafton aud Parkersburg, way passengers will take tho Express westwardly and the Mail ssstwardly. The FREDERICK TRAIN starts at 4 P. M.. stopping at way stations. Leaves Erederiok att.lfe A. M., arriving at Baltimore 12 n?on. The ELLICOTTS MILL TRAIN leaves at 5.4ft A. M., snd 5.15 P. JSI. Leaves ElhcotCs Millsat7 A. M.aud7 P. M., encept Sunday. FOR WASHINGTON AN1) THE SOUTH. Leave Baltimore for Washington at 4.15and9J* A. M.. 3 and5.15 P. M. Ou Sundays at 4.15 A. M.. and 5.15 P. M.only. Leave Washington for Baltimore at ?< and 83' A. M.and Sand 4J0 P. M. OnSundkjsat 7 A.M., and 4 2n p. M. ouly. The Grst and fourth trains from Balfnnore,and the setond and fourth trams from Washington, will I>e express mail trains, stopping only st \Vashingtoc Junction nnd Annapolis Junction. The 9.15 aud 5.15 trains from Baltimore and the 8.a> and 4 20 trams from Washington oonneel wirti the trams from Annapolis. For tickets. iiiI?>rmation, fare, Ao.. apply to J.T. ENGLAND, Agent,at the Ticket ottioe, Camden Station. WM. 8. WOODS!DK. jy IS-tf Master of T.ansoortation. Baltimore. rT\AE PACIFIC MAIL STEAMSHIP COM 1 PAN Y. One of the Steamships of this Company, carrying the United States Mails for ACAPULO, prjia CALIFORNIA.and OREGON, leave<4^<:f Panama twi?e each month, on the arrr^?"* valol the United States Mail S. S. Company's steam ers. whioh leave New Orleans and New \ ork legu larly on 5th and 20th of each month with the mails, and pagaengers connecting via PANAMA RAIL ROADS. These steamships have been inspected and ap proved by the Navy Department, and guaranty spttd and .<ofttj. The Pet ima Railroad (47 miles long) is now com sleted fr> ,n ocean to ooean, aud is orossed in 3 or 4 hours. The baggage of passengers is oheoked in New York through to San Francisco, and passengers are emt>arked at Panama by steamer at the company's expense. The money paid in New York oovers all ?xpensesof the trip. Reserve steamers are kept in port in Panama and San Francisoo. to prevent detention in case of acci dent, so that the route is entirely r?liablt~ao fail ure having oocurred in eight yesrs. Passengers leave Panai-ia the same day they ar rive at Aspinwall. Conductors go throagb by each steamer, and take charge of woi.ieuand children without other protec tors. For through fokets at the lowest sates apply at the agency, 177 West street. New York, to I. W. RAYMOND,?or to AR MSTRONG, HAKRIS A CO.. New Orleans,- or jy U tf C. I.. BARTLETT. Boston. ^JNITED STATE 4 MAIL LINE ONLY dEOULAR LINE anD WITHOUT FalLVXK FOR KldHT THAR*, FOB CALIFORNIA AND OREGON VIA PANAMA RAILROAD. Rsgw/ar Smiling Dmyt.btK *J ?aek sttsli. Caution.?So man? frauds and impost- ^jnts tions of various kinds have l>een lately perpetrated ontraveUers bound toCA Ll FORNIA.that the subsoril<er. the only authorised Agent for passage bv the U. S. ftlail Line, via Pana ma, in the oity ol New York, feels it his duty to oautiou all persons seeki ig passage to California, tbat, to * vom ijif-osiTio <, they must tie careful to iind the true office of the Steamships of the U. S. Mail Liee, via Panama Railroad, as no other office in New York is authorised to engage passage. The Companies have only one office tn New York, which is at 177 West street, eorner ol Warren street, fronting on the North River, at the head of the Com pany s Wharf. ,ir nr A Is if. New York. Jftdiointt, ssssvaLswsi; KiXEfec nuf 'un 'or bvhor, from n? wortt Scroful* dote* to ? <#?????? Ptmplo. He Mm tried it in o??r tifvra hundred omm, wI never foiled except in two onsee, both Thunder H? ntor. He hu now id hi* possession over one hundred certificates of ita valae,all within twenty rum of Boston. Two bottle* Ere warranted to oure a Barer ? -ere Month. One to three bottles will omre the woral kiatf ef Pimpiee on the Face. fwonr three bottlee will olear the ay ste? of Hilee. wo bottlee are warranted to oure the worat Canker in the Month and Stomaoh. Three to five hottlee are warranted to eare the woret kind of Krysipelas. One or two bottlee are warranted to earaaii Ha m<>r in the Kyes. Two bottles are warranted to cu re R unning of tha Kari end Blotched among the Heir. Four to six bottles are warranted to oure aorrapt and running I'loers. One bottle will oure Soaly Kruptions of the SktB. Two or three bottle* are wariauted to oara the woret kind of Rint worm. Two or t'ires bottles are warranted to oara the most ni >st desperate aassof Rheumatism. Three to four bottle* are war rant od to cura Salt rheum. Five to eight bottlee Will oara the worst oaee of Scrofula. *-y firat bot the above ooroiuio. A benefit le always experienced from the tie. and a perfect oure is warranted when t qunn!:ty in taken. Nothing 1o4'Kb so i???proJ<able to thoee who have la va*i tried all the wonder/a! ntrthoines of the day. ae that a common weod crowing on the pn?G*res, and alone old stone wa'is, should cure every humor ff? fhe ?ystem ; yet it is a fixed fact. If you nave a humof, it has to start. There are ne IFs nor ANUS, hums nor ha's about it suiting some oases, butluot yours. I peddled over a thousand bottles of it in the vicinity o! Boston. I kin w the effects of it in every oase. It a'r^adt done some of the greatest cure* ever done in MaaenchTiee'tB. I rave it to ohildren a year oid. to oid aeopie of r?xty. I hare seen poor, puny, wormy-looking children, whoee fiesh was soft and flabby, rostored to a perf?et state of health In one bottle To those who are snbjest to a sicg headaohe, one bottle will always cure it. It gives great relief *n oatarrli and dizxiness. Some who have taken it had been O'letiv for years, and have been regulated l?f it. Where the |*?dy is sound it works quite easy, bill wh^re there is any derangement of the functions of will cause very singular feelings, but joii must not l?e alarmed; the* always disappear IB rmir four days to a week. 1 here ia never a fwd r? si?.H fmtn it: on the contrary, when that feeling is rone. y?;u wit! feel yonreelt like a new peraon. I heard some of the nr>*t extravagant enoomiama of It that ever man listened to. In inr own practice I always kept it i?rrie*ly for ha mors?tiut since its introduction as a general family medicine, great and wonderful virtues hava been found in it that I never suspected. Several casesof epileptic fits?adisease which waa always considered incurable, have been cured by a Iqw bottles. O, what a mercy if it will prove effec tual m all oascg of that awful malady?tnere are bat few who have seen more of it than I have. I know of several ee^esof Dropsy, all of them aged reopie cared by it. For the ramus diseases of the ,iveT, Siok Heedsche, Dyssepgia, Asthma, Fever and Ague, Pain in the Side, Diseases of the 8pme, and particularly in D.seaees of the Kidneys,Ac., the di-coverj ha* done more rood than any mecfiome ever Known. No chaiizs o|,4let ever neMstary ?eftt the beat yoi can ret and enough di it: Directum* for Uft.?Aduifft t?rMe spoonful per day?children over ten yeara dessc'ft spoonful? ohiidren from live to eirht years, tea spoonful. As no directions c?u bo applicable to all constitutiona, take sufficient to operate on the l>owcla twice a day. M/TrACTi-RBi* ar DON A LH KENNEDY. No. 12n ft'arn* Mtni, ucrbnr*, Mats*tk*$?ttt, Arents for Washington.? Cltaa. Stoft ? Co., Z. Oilman. Kidwell .V I.e.wrenoe, J. B. Gardner, ftnrry A Co.. D. Walsh A Co F. *. Walsh, J. P. Stori#. Martin King, Nairn A Palmer, t>chwartx A Co., O Bo*well. Daniel B. Clark, J. P. Milburn, Dunrar Dyaon, Pord A Bro. Agents fqr Georgetown.?R. S. Cissel!. < ? i>I f.etifhnrn. J. L. Rid well, my 5-ly A 1ft: R18 - Cathartic Pills, iSUGAK COATED.) T^S 'oMowfrr remedies are of fered to thd ^u'-'.en* ttye l>est, most _ perfect, winch inet!ica **nnee can atford. A YE R S CATHaRTIC Hll.LS S?ve been prepared with tne utmost skill which the itte..',* cal profession of I his age possesses,snd their effects show they hnve virtues which hiirpars an/ combi nstion of ine<lici:tes hitherto known. Other prepa rations ?!o more or lean good ; but this cures such daimerous complaints, so quick nn<] to prove nn effioac* and a power to uproot dMease be ycirdany thine which m?-n have known liefore. Ky removing the obatrnetions?if the internal oirausend Mlimulatiug them into healthy action, they ienovate the fountains of life awl Vigor.?I.e.. ih courses anew tlirougli the hotly, and tin* sick man is well again. They are adapted to dise^sA, ni.d disease only, for when taken by one in health they produce but httie effect. Tins is the perfection of meJicine. , It :h antagonistic to disense, and no more. Tender i children tray take them with impunity. If they are taaick they wil! r*tra them, if thej are well tliey will do them no harm. Give them to some p*?ient who h??ft '*en pro* trated with bilious complaint; tee hts ??ent up. tot tering form straighten with streugtti at.tin ; ?ee his long-lost appetite return: see his eumaiy fetl:<r*s bloesoiii into henlth. Give tl.em to some autferer wiiore roul blood has burst out in ?cro|ula till Ins skin is covered with sores; who stands, or sits, or lies m anguish. He has Sen drenched in?id<> nnd out with every potion which na?nuity e.^ild sug gest. Give him these Pii.L?. and unrk the effect ; see the scabs (nil from his l>ody ; see the netr. Uir skia that has grown under them: seethe late leper that is olean. Give them to him whose nticry humors nave p'anted rheuinatiain in his joints ai.d bones; move nim. an<l lie screeches with paina ; he t'?o has i?eeti aonke<f through every muscle of his body with hmments and salves; rive nun these PlLLa to purify Ilia blood ; they may not cure him. for. a;a? ! there are cases wftieh no mortal power canreich; but intrk. he walks with crutches now. and now he walks alone; they ha'-a cured him. Give them to the lean, sour, haggard dyspeptio. whose gnawinr stomach has long ago eaten every still.e from his face and every muscle from his bodt. See his appetite return, and with it Ins l!?*itn: see Ihe new man. See her that was radiant with hralth and loveliness b asted and t<M> early w it tiering away: want of exercise or men'al anguish, or some lurking di?ea*e, has deranged the internif organs of divcs lion. assimilation or secretiiti.'ill the* dofhetroffee ill. Her blood is vitiated, her tieaitn i" gone. Give her these PiLLa to stimulate the vital t r .n .pie into renewed vigor, to cast out the obstructions, and in fuse a nrw vitality into the blood. \ow look again ? the roses' blbasom ?>n her cheek, and where late'? sonow sat.yov bursts from every feature. Seethe aweet infant wasted with worms Its wan, sickly features tell you without disguise, and painfull* dis tinct. that t In v are eating Ms life away. Its piuohed np nose snd etira, and rcstle.-3 sieepint.8. tell the dreadful truth in language which every mother knows Give it the I'ills in large do?es to sweep these vile pur* to let from the l?Kty. .Now turn acain and see the ruddy bloom of childhood. Is it nothing to do these things? >"**. ar" the* not the marvel of this ager And yet tliey are done around you every da?. Have you the less serious symptoms of Miese dis tempers, they are the easier cured, laundice t oe tiveness. Headache, Sideache. Heartburn. Foul Stoinaoh. ^usea, Cain in thu Hotels, Flatulency, Loss of Appetite. King's Kvil. Nemaigia, Gout.and kindre?l complaints all nnse fioni the derangements which these Pills rapidly cine. Take litem perse vcringly, and under flic counsel of n Physician if you can: if not. take them judiciously by such advice as we rive you, and the diMretgitir, danger ous d,scales they cine, which sfthct so man* mil lions of the human race, are cast out t(ke the devils of old-they must burrow iu the l-rutcs and in the sea. Price *5 centb per l>ox? 5 l?i*es f??r At. D.Gil.MAN. \\ asliuigton: and by h COOK A CO.. Alexandria, and al! dealers in Mediciue every where. d 9-4m PRIVATE MKDICAI. J KKATISK on thi rmslOLOGlCAL VIEW OF MARRIAGE. By M. P. La CROIX,M. D., Albanr, N. Y. 2"" pages a^d Ian hne Plain an<1 Colored LMIiogtapbs at..l Plates. ICTPFICE ONLY 2ft CPNTS.??!| IC7" &'#??</??s cj to ail r*rts 9' <T? fsfw, Dr. M. B. La Croix'a PhTitolocml View of Mar riage. A new and revised edition of 2W pages and 180 plates. Price oer.ts a oopy. A popular and cin prehenatve treatise on the dutiei and casualties of sinj^ieand married life?ha?py and fruitful allianoes, mode or seoiiring them?infelicitous and infertile oce??their obviation and removal?nerv?ms debility, its onuses and oure, ty a process at onoe so simple, safe, and effectual, that fadure is impossible?rules for daily management? anessav ou Sper matorrtura. with practical <>t>ser vat ions onasaferaad more successful mmle o f treatment? precautionary hints on the evil results from empirical practice ; to wluoh is added oommontanes on ths diseases of fe males? from infanoy to old age?each case graphical* ly rilustrated by beautiful plates. It'points out the remedies for those self-inflicted miseries and disap pointed hopes so unfortunately prevalent in the young. It is a truthful adviser to the married, and those omitemplatimc marriage. Its perusr.l is partic J-arly recommended to persons entei taining secret doubts of their phy sical condition, and who are con scious ?>f having hazarded the health, h*-rpine?s and privileges to whisti every human being is entitled tc. Price ij cents per oopy, or five copies for ill. mail ed free of postage to any part of the I'nited States, br addressing Dr. LA CROIX, (post paid.) Allsiny, New \ ork. enclosing 1?S cents. N. B. Those wiio preier may coneult Doctor |LA frROIX upon any of the diseases upon whioh his Uw.k trnatg. either personally or by mail. His medi cines oPen cure in the shod space ol six days, anO noinnletel* and entirely eradicate all traoes of those disorders which oopniva and oubebs have so loos l>een thought an antidote, to the ruin of the health of the patient. His " French Secret'' is the greet con tinental remeds for that olass of disorders whioh nn lortunately. physioiai.s treat with mercury, to the irretrievable destruotion to the patient's ooustitu tioa. and whioh all the sarsaparilla m the world c*n notoure. No. 31 Maiden Lue. Albany, N. Y, THK SdNttH OF SCOTLAND, with the en graved music, sod Pianoforte accompaniments, by Grsham, Mndie. LnUlen. Dun,and other eminent musicians. Complete in one large volume, nohly hound, and erfntaining about three hundred melo dies, beautifully ei.graved. Price $6Jo. Imported from d 29 FR ANCK TAVI <>R ALMANACH DK GOT HA; Annaaire Diplo mat lit lie et Statistiifuc pour Pannee 1R58. The Koval K.-.endar for i8W, a Register f^r Eng land, Sootiand, Ireland ?nd the Coioniea The British Almanac and Cowipanion for 18W PR ATaN I OR. CKIKR FORSAI.F. . ' Superior COK K, iu any qMsntitt. now for sale. ? nquire, witkott delay, at the ofliee or the Gmrn Ltght * d^'dS' 1 J. F. BROWN. Secretary. Th? |ran t of land made by th* act of (WriH, *rr?^ May 14, 18*. t?. the State of lOWA.toatd in th? oonstruot ion of certain railroads tbereia men tioned. having heen ao far adjusted kr to authorise fhe rcrease from withdrawal of th* land* herein after described. notie* it hereby gtern that all tb* vacant cferrd land* heretofore withdrawn from ?air or eutrj nlonf tbe routes of mud railroad* wine* l.e outside of us milrt oa rack aide of tbe mhI road*, situated in tfca nnder mentioned iotwli>t which have not (wen aeiaeted in virtne of aaid graat or an? otb*r erant mad# In ('ong'eaa. ?>r lega.iy claimed by pre-emption, and which Were auliject to private entry at thr date ol withdrawal, wifl he re atored to private entry on the data and at tbe places hereinafter sp<-oihcd. at the ordinary m in mi am of on* doiiar and twenty-hve oentaan acir. to wit: At the land office at 1)1 KI CJCKub Monday. th* 15th day of Febuary next, vis: A'orth of tkt bat* line and emit of th* fifth prtmri', pml meridian Townships 85. *?. 87. 8!*, Wand 91. of ranee f# Township* 85. (*>, 87. and W.of ranee 2. Townships 84. 85. 86, and 87, of range 3. Township* 84 and US. of tange* 4,6, and 6. Township 84. of ran<e 7. North of tht b*i?e /?*' and *e?*f of the .fifth p*tn ripil mrridian Town*hip* 85. 86 87, 89. 9?. and 91 of ranee I. Townships as. 86 87. *9. 9n. !?l. 92. and 93. of range 2. Taw n*hipa 85. 86. 87. 88. ?i. 9i, Stt, and 93, of ranees 8, 4. Had V Townships 84. 8*. 88. 87, IK, 88, 91. 82. and ?. of range 6. Townships 85. ?.87, 8R.90,91, 92, and 98, of ranees 7.8.9, in. 11. 12 13 and 14. Townahipa K5. 8b. *7. 88, 0. 91, SU. and 9S, of ram "a <5 and 18. Townahips SR. *7, 88. 89. 91. 91, and 93. of ranees 18 and 18. At the land ofTe- at FORT DFS MOINfcS on Monday, the I Vt? day of fr ebrnary neat, vis: North of thr ha? Itn* and ? an of Iht fifth poa ripal merid*an. ^ Townships 77,79, w, HI. m, and 88, of ranges 1 and Township* 79. an. 81. and 82. of range 3. Township* *1 aid V, of ranges 4. 5,6, and 7. North of the bate ha* and trett of th* fifth prtm - ripal meridian Townahips 77, W\ 81. 82. and :t3, of range I. Town?hipa 71., 77, 79, *8,81, 82. and 83. ol range* & and 3. ? I I'wnahipa 78. 77. 8*, 81. *2. and 89. of range 4. Townships 76. 77,73. 8*. HI. 82, and 83. of range* 8 and 6. I "Wnships 7*. 77 78, 79. 81. 82. and of ranee* 7 and 8. Township* 76. 77,78, 79. 82. and 83. of range 9. ToWushlps ><. 77. 78. 7V, W>. *2. and 89, of range I*. Township* 7R, 77.7?, T't 81,82. and 83, of mug's II, 12, <3.14. 15. and I*. Townahips 7*. 77.78, 79. 81. 82. 83. and 85, of ranees 17. I*. 19. and *?. Townships 7?> 77. 7*. 81. R2. 88, and 85. ?'f range 21. Townahipa Th, 77. 7H. 8". HI, fe2, 8J. and 85. of rangea 22 and 21. Townahips 7f?, 77,79. 80,81, S2.83. and 85. of range* 24. 25. ai.d 2fi. Townships 7fi,77,7*1. no. *1, a2. Mand 8V of ranga T*. Towl ships 7S, 77, 79, wi, Ml, 92. K3. awl 85. of ran*** 2R, 3n. and 31. Townships 7i., 77, 79. 8fl. 81. R2.and 83. of range 32. Townships 7b.77,79, 8U, 81,82. KS, and i.4. of rang* J*-i At the land offioe at CIIA R ITi?N on Monday, the IWh day of Fel>ruar? negt, vi*: North of the hate hnr and writ of the fifth f* ?n cipal mmdiam. Townahip 7*. of range I. Townahips 72, 73. 74. and 75. of range 2. Township* ?.7 ,7.', 73. 74. and 75, of rang# 3. T wnah p? ?7.?t,??. 71,72,73,74. and 75, of range 4. TowosNtpa ?7,6?, e9.70, T2.73.74. and 75. ??f rangea 5, H, and 7. Township* ?7, tt,88. 7??, 71.73. 74, and 75. of ranee* 8.9. m. II, 12. IR. and 14 Townships b7. 88, W. 70,71, 72,71. and 75. of rang* 15. Township* 67,68, ?9, 7n. 71,74. and 75, of range l?. ownsh'ps *7,88, 69,7?, 71,73,74, and 75, of i<tnge? 17.18,19, Kiid JR. p? 67, 68. 68, TP. 73.74. and 75, of range 21. Townships 67. W.88, 7?, 71. 74. 74. and 75, of range* 22. 23.24. A, 26.27. 28, Z>, 3". 31.32. and 33. At the land offioeat FORT I?<?D<iK,on Taeodar the 2Sd dm of Keliruary n*xt. via: North of tht bast I in# and vest of Iht fifth prtn ripal meridian Townahips 86. 87. 88, 91, and 92. of range 19. Towpshi,>8 8 ., :!7. 88, 9n, ill, and S2, of rangea 3fi. 21, 22. .ind Si. Townahips "6. <*57. ?*. and <C. of ranee 24. ToWiialiif* Mi. K7. sc., 9i, ill,and 92. of rangea 25, 2T. xn.and y. ro?-o.liips 01?, P7. immJ CT, of range* 29. 3d. 31,32. and 33. At the land ottior af fMOFX CITY ?n Tuesday, the 23d o| Fel>r?<a?) dfat.vt*: A'erl i of the ba*e ha?? and *?*?! of Ih* fifth princi pal ni' Townships 86. n. and HH, ?if range 31. T?<wnships 87 ami *f rtnee* 35 ar^fi 37. Townships 86 and 8H. of range* *t, IN. *?d 4A. To* a*hip9l,of ranee 41. Township 9. . of ranje 42. Township* H6, 87. ai??t KR. of rangea 43 . 44, VhI 4.5. Township 86.of ran^e 4K. At the IjmkI OAoeat WM'NCII, Bf.l'FF^. "n Tuesdx), the twanty third <ia> of Feltruary via: N"rth of th' 'ml- /?i?. eind ?r<o of (A# fifth port rtpal meridian Townships 67. SR.72.73,78. 75, 7S, 77. 79. 8|. 8.'. K3. and 84. o! ranee 34. T -WH*hipstf.<ix.M9. Til. T2. 73,74. 75. 76. 77.8P.81, K2, .t3. *iiH 84. ?.f ranee 35. Township fifl. M. 7". 72. 77. 78. 80. 81, K2. 83. in.d K4' of r?n??*. Townships 1.7. 4rt. 4C*. >?. 73. 74., 80. 81, K2. K3. X4. and s5. of ST. Townships ?n. 68. Ii?.7?>. 71. 73,74.75. 76.77,78. 80, SI, 82. CI, 14. and its, of ranee Townahipa 87.M, 419, 78,71, 73, 74 , 75.7*, 77, 7*. 83, 84. and fc5, <?( n>?i?.e V Townahipa ?7 ??,e.?,Tn.7!.73.74,75,76,77,79.80,t!, 82. R3. 84 and 85. o| rai t* 4u. Township* C7.4tt.69. 7<i. 71. 73. 74 , 75. 71., 78.79.??. 81, and K2. of 41. Towrships 67. ??. ?>9. 70,71,73.74,75,77. 78. 79, an. 81. end 82. of ranee 42. Townships 67. N>, 71, 73, TW, 77, 73,79, 80, 81,82, aed 83. pi ranee 4S. Townsi.ip* 1*8, 73.7*i, an,8t, 82. and 85. of range 44 T<'was hi as 79,8?. 81. 82. and *5. of ranee 45. Township RS. ol ranee ?n. Given under my hand, at the nt* of Washineton, tins twenty fourth di> of f)-rfmf*r. anno Domini one th"iiC9?d eight hundre.l snd fift? *|. Tuns. A. H K\1)R ICRS. 4'ommi*sioiier of t^e General LAnd 4 ifhee H <a.|ie*? _ UMI.DMAN'S I.AW 4>K SKAR4 H. CAP " tnrr. and Trite. 1 volume. I.ondon. Thompson's Laa sofWar. adecting alnppine ani oonime'pp. 1 volume. l?oi?don. Ho?ac.kon the Riehtsof Neutral*. 1 volume. Lon don. ^-uiprinc l^wa. f?? Mr. Sergee.nt Atkinson. I vol ume. (. 1 >ii. Marten's Iaw of Nations, translated t>> 55 m Ct'V bett. I \olume. Lotid.m. I aw ol Nation*. l?* |*ol???n and Home. I volotne | ...niton. Tuson'a British Cor*uI'* Manna'. 1 volume. Lon don. Lynn's British ConsnT* Hand Book. I volume. London. . . lirren on Conen'ar Service, i pamphlet ? London. Mr James Mackintosh*i?n the Law of Nation*. (pamph'et' I .otid n. ^ II ens haw's .Manual for 1 nited State* Consuls. Keculation* for I nit>>d States I'onsula, I volume, TO. rhilitnoreon International Lew. 1 volume. 8vo. U tid w>an'* Internet tonal Law. 2 volume*, ivo., London. . I U heaton's Intrrnetiotwl Ijiw. 1 volume. klliott's Diplomatiet"ode. 2 volumea. 8vo. Finde*?Diplomatique, par la Vicomte de Bonnc \ *i i volume. Tans. De Clereq tt Vallet?Guidedea Coneulata. I vol ume. Taris. Combes?Diplomatique tnropeenne. 1 volume, Fana. et .tanetF Munuel des Jnges de Com merce. I volume. Fan*. *Vheston- Hiatoirede Droit des gens. I volumes, Lcipne. I?e Mens'-h- Mannel Pratique da * onsuiat.l vol ume. I.eipsm. Maitens-tiuide Dipl<?mat?i;ue. 2 volumes, Leie lio. Martens?Cau*e*Celebes du lirait de* gens. 8 volnnea. Leipno. Martens?Nouvelle* Cause* 0*let?reade Droit dee lien*. 2 \ olumes, l.eipzic. De l^usaj ? Phase* et Causes Celel?rea da Droit des Geus. 2 volntnes. Lripzic. Moreuil? Des A rents C< nsulaires, I volume, Ta ri*. De Cu?sy?Dic.ionaire du Dirlom"te. jan IS FR ANCK TAYLOR. DT'lllT AND CRKDIT, translated from th?? German of Gustav Frejtag.l-y L C. C,. with prefaoe, li? Chevalier Hun?en price ft I. Lu?* Huvard's Journal. t>> Mrs. L. H.Sigonrnej ; 76 cents. The Poetical Works of James R. Lowell. 2 vole.. Iilne and gold ;75 cents. Arm* Kvm>icr lor IH-iH : 5'oent*. Just published,and for*eloat TAYLOR A MAI RY'S ian 22 Bookstore, near 9t H at. T1IK RF.ASON WHY.-A careful <a. le,t,.^ of many liumireds of reasons for thinga winch, thoueh generallv lK>lieved. are imperfe<-tl\ under stood. CnpioUs|y illustrated; Kpgliah edition; prioe mi cents! freeby mail on receipt of muet% -*ia cent* m stamps. Light tbe Valley; My Fxperienoe ??( Spintsal ism;bv Mr*. Newton t.'rossland; iliustrated. 4 !.is. Violet, or the Danseuse. 38 cts. IbrtisphimlaiMl llistofosi! Skelehes; t.y Mae?ea la?. Appie'on'e Nailwa*>rary.>'ets. Puii?tto'? Pocket Hook of Fun. do. do . *?ete. The L.oKra|>hi<>al Misi.mi of 1'niloeoptij , Irt.m it* ol Km in I* ret-ce down to tb*-present dm. I?> G#??rge Henry I ewt-a; I volume, '<5. The tame in 2 v??J umea, ^3 J"" V*"'r.O? * MAURY'S jar, 7 Bookstore, near Ptbat. C'HARl.FS M ACKA V. ?Stmts lor Music by / I'barle* Mackay. jS^sti. Ballads and Lyrical Poems; l?y 4, bar es Mackar, The Sa!aw>an<lrine: bv Charles Mackay. 25 cents. I .egewds of th" l?le*;b* Cnarles Ma-.kay. r5nents. Voice* from tb* Cr. wd; b> Charles Mackat. 25 o$oti. Voices from tbe Mountains, by Char lea Macks*, 25 c?nta. The Lump of Gold; bv Charles Mackay, 25 eents. I'nder4ireen Leave.; I^r Charle* Ma.-ka* 2* ???'?. Poetiml Works; l?y 4'baric* Mackay , ant.que nio rooiso. f"J 75. I'ltf sale at TAY* OF ft MAFRY** jant if ho >? *;ore near s?.L ?tjr^t. \1INCF. MFAT!?MINCF MFKT !! i"1 e haveaaupr'T of Domestic \l .r oe Meet which oarr.ot be surpas?eo. IfP^G A BURCHKLI . 4 I ?tl. ,1, ,j|| +r.A f F. KtslelA, Ac^yl trAil??. I %Vt* % Co.'* and Munn A Clarke'a Piano*. No. j* Fa. aveuue, uear l?th afreet. jan .