Newspaper of Evening Star, January 28, 1858, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 28, 1858 Page 3
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LOCAL 1MTELLIOBMC*. Criminal Corit ?Wb?n oar report closed yesterday, the Coart win engaged upon the ti 1*1 of Mary McFerson for killing one Nancy Buck* hannan, both colored, on the 7th day of Septem bgf, 1857. The Acting l)i?trW t Attorney, Mr Maury opened tbe case, and wa?. followed by Mr. Norn* for tbe defence; after which tbe prosecution railed Ojfir,T Join H ir???, sworn ?Testified as to the freedom or the prisoner, and the two colored witnesses for the prosecution. Polly R wclhamman. colored, sworn ?Was not present when the h?atinr took place; on Monday, about J? o'clock, a. in., piisouer came Into wit nesses bouse; witness spoke to her, and she ask ed witness if she had got a warrant for her; wit ness answered, no; she then went to the kitrhen and got a piece of wooden sleeper that had be? n under the floor, and tried it against the wall, and it broke; she then laid it down and took a piece <>f board, which she broke over the Lead of de ? eased; she then look up a chair: tbe blow with the Hoard mashed the t>one in; she then split th" ? hair in pieces over Nancy's head; the seat of tb : chair was split in two with the force of thehlov ; it was a common < hair with a wooden seat; d ? ceased, who was sitting at the time of receiving tbe blow, now fell to the floor; the bone vas mashed into the brains, and the skull was sj lit open across her head; Nancy asked prisoner what she was "oing to lieat her for? arid the prisoner replied that she had not said what she was going to do; this was when the prisoner tlrst came in; she said to Nancy that she should not go out tilk she (the prisoner) said so; witness held on to I he prisoner while she was beating Nancy, until she pushed the witness away, and then witness hal loed; witness ran out of the house and called for help; the prisoner remained in wit/.esses house till the offi. er came and took her away witn??* never heard the prisoner make aiiv threats against the deceased; the deceased was visited by a Ikvtor, and lingered for some time afterward, when she died--say three weeks ofier the beating; tbe deceased was struck repeatedly with the cbair, and the prisoner was still heating her when witness ran out of the house to call for b'-lp; when the prisoner was beating the deceas ed. she exclaimed that ' what she intended to do. she won la do " i'rvss-t*m mimed ?When the prisoner arst came Into the house she seemed very quiet; witness only asked ber to sit down; the deceased only asked her if she was come to J?eat ber n ain No other conversation took pla? e; John i.oinax wa.> sitting there but when he saw her so violent he went out for an officer; tbe deceased had been siek previous to tbe beating but was at that time much better; she had bad no physician while the deceased was about twenty-five years o.d, and had never been married; she never was very healthy; she bad symptoms of ftver; the piece of hoard tlrst used was of oak wood sev eral inches in width, and broken in two b'y the blow; after the heating, the deceased w s placed in bed. and never (jot up again Mary J Howard,sworn.?Never saw the pris oner before the day of the occurrence; was there when the officer came in; she had just thrown tbe pieces of cbair down on the floor, and stood in the middle of the room swearing; she said then that she bad intended to kill the deceased, nrid all that she regretted was that she had no knife with her; witness get a basin of water and washed tbe blood oft the head of the de< e^ed; ' be doctor was sent for and he gave orders as to her treatment, her head bled very much, and was cat all over; the top part was all masbed in; the chair wa^ cracked apart; Dr. Willett attended the deceased; the prisoner acted very coolly all the while witness saw her; the deceased suffered a *re*t deal while she lived, and was beaten on her side and arms, and very badly bruised; she W1- 4 ?mall acd delicate woman CTcis-eranun'g ?The chair was second hand but was a good one. and sound before the prisoner us*d it ? it was lying in the floor when witnes* went in; witness lives within one door of the house where the beating took place Officer Jam** Wollnrd sworn ?Happened to be in the iieighiwrbood at the time of the occur rence, and drove over there; when witness got there Mary McPerson bad just come out of the door, tbe deceased was lying there bloody; tbe P^w'ne.r boasted of what she had done, and *aid she bad not given the deceased as much as she had intended; savt a broken chair; did not notice it particularly; ?topped there but a few mom nt*, but took the prisoner aw.iv, atd she admitted that she had done what o.. nrred; she was not drunk, and st?in-d to be in lull possession of her ra< ulties. Croit-exawimil.?Saw the chair, but did not notice whether it was split or not; the prisoner did not appe.y like she had Iwen drinking B- Hugh.** sworn ?\Vitn? ** and" cjfi'er ?? ollard were riding along the street in a buugy and seeing a crowd went in; saw a colored "wo man lying at one side of the loom bleeding very much, and he;.rd the prisoner, wbo had walked in, say that she hail done if; she admitted that the cbair was the weapon she had used ?aw a chair broken in piece*; it looked like a . hair re cently who!-, but now broken and demolished she ap|?*aied to lie quite wrotby. Cr?%\-*jr?,n,m,j _sihe was not drunk; never knew her b-iore Dr John F. ITilUti, sworn ?Attended Nancy Buckbaiiu*n; saw her the day alter the injuries were inflicted; she had ?? nuiiit^r of wound* on the scalp, especial I \ on the light sid.*of t he head; she had no use of her ri.'ht arm. which was Indly bruised; -be conld Hot lie touched Willi.. Ill sereaminv. Wjtb pain; there was a fiactme of the skuli on the right side of the cranium, and the hair was driven through against the brain; the skull was not crushed, hut a simple fracture; at tended her until she died, there was only one fracture; when witness first saw her she was sinking under the wounds; the scalp was separa ted from its connection with the skull, witness probed the Wounds; the scalp slouched off, and "he died; she died from the wounds, particular!y f-om tbe sloughing off of tbe scalp; the state of ? a ^ nu,v have influenced that effect; she had noi us much physical vigor as a |>erson in ^iH>d b?alth; tbe wounds were the .outroliug ? ause of her death; witness treated her between three and fonr weeks Iwfore she died. The examination was arrested here, and the Court adjourned To day, tbe Court met at the usual hour, and the trial of Mary Mcperson for the murder of Nancy 15m khannan was resumed. Dr John h H''/'/r was called for cross exam ination, and test ;fl?*il t?? lieing called ill to seethe deceased, a day or two after the wi u.ids had l>eeii Inflicted; knew it must have been thirty-six hours afterward from therond lion oft he wounds, the wounds were ragg?*d, and when witness was ? ?1 led in, it was too late to c*b?*e thein together* had Witness been called in at first it would have ?>eeu possible, perhaps, to close them the wounds made no progress toward healing from first to la%t, and healthy action could not l?e produced: ?be whole scalp was dead, and in pressing it matter flowed from the wounds on all sides No one of the wounds was necessarily mortal if in flicted on a h>'man head The deceased staled to witness that she was pregnant; that she had fell the child moving in the- womb, until a few da\* prior to her death, when it ceasi d to move I"is fa? t she did not communicate to witness un'il a few days previous to her death She re quired stimulating applications, and witness iiave her wine during the time she lived. She was not a habitual drinker of liquors. The death was produced by the wounds. A*na Error* ?w<>mi _Lived iu Polly Brown s bouse at the tiiiie of the beating, but was not p e-ent at the time the beating tcok place; on Sa tsi-day previous the prisoner gave witness some r lot he* lo Wash; she brought them to witness; the sick woman said tha* she bad torn up some of the prisoners clothes, and the prisoner took a p cce of iiojrd and struck the sick woman over the liead with it. causing a gash some inches in length; the reason she tore the clothes up was be> ause her mother had no money to buy liquor for ber; witneK* bad frequently got whiskey for her; had lived in the same house some four months; Nancy had been sick a long time; she bad bowels, and complained of her bead; she had piles; a he drank whls ey after she was hurt; witness got It for her; she got it when her mother was present. WasnisoToa Theatre ?An enticing bill, to b? sure, is that announced at th- Theatre ?? ni^bi first tbe brilliant two-act comedy of "As modem or the Little Devil'. ,hare." In which Miss Agnes Robertson takes tbe protean charac 'e' ?f 'hen comes the interlude of ? Mill* (Miss Robertson a-^aln) or the Maid with the Milking I'ail, and. after all. the rich farce cf "The Moustache Mama." This is what we call a liberal allowance of gojd things?three capital piece* on the same evening Hurrah for front seats at the Theatre to-ni-'ht ' ? . ? Cixtke MiBKKr.?This morning the market space was occupied by a large number of dealers from the country. a? well as the regular licensed hucksters of the city There was no change of prices from those published on Tuesday. The poultry stands weie well supplied. Itoth as to Tiantitv and quality. The vegetable stsnds also he sales of p,,. k at the scales continue as usual, and about tl.e * a i lie prices are isked and ob tained as during a month past. Tbe hay stands were well supplied, and uo change of prices there. The gangways were kept free of obstruc tions. and good order prevailed. Last Kvesixm a youu.' buster of a Haltimorcan went to Krown ? Hotel and demanded a room, and on being refused, undertook to enforce bin demand In true Haltiinore style, by drawinc a k life wilh an l^-iuch blade and threatening to use it. He was pro . ptly ki< k ?1 out of the hotel and was seen more about the premises To diy he has l?*ii observed upon the avenue dis playing ? revolver in addition to bis lr..Wi*. and has shown i disposition to n-e it on various ?teireably dis,s?acd pc?*on? i.?K?k out for a fune nl ?? To-si ;ht thelerttire by Copway the Indian Thief, a* Pu;lhi<monlc Hall, wheie the and ? e .^e wiil have an <>p|M>it.inity lo see iepre<enta t. .us fiom the doxeii or so delegations of visitiii" l ii ,i?i now iu Washington. * Pl" Tl*? wjoyed by the Odd Fellows 1\ J? Di*tr,ct? at Forraat Hall, Georgetown last n'Kht, the occasion being a fraternal meeting gotten up bjr Covenant 7,odge, No. 13, to which the officers of the Grand Lodge, the P O ft ??h P. 0. the presiding officers and a delega ||?Ln of or ?,x fro,n ?fh of the subordinate lodges of the District weie Invited The meet ing organized in Covenant Lodge room on Conl gres* street, about I .'4) being present from!-! they marched in procession to Forrest Hall, u here a sumptuous repast had Iteen ?pread After in ? t?WT i>y ,he' ha,r"'m of the invi tation committee, (J?o T Bangs, F.?q .) there wa s a general net-to, and ami!) a clashimTof knUes and fork* they divuxied the superb feast spread before the,n, of which there wTannW ? " e. (meats, fowl and fl?h.) stmwinv that t?e Leorgetowners are an fait in providing IJLh quality and quantity for their (Fiends?the ab sence of alcoholic stimulants being a noticeable feature (coffee be!,* provided in its "tead j fir w Inch they deserve credit iftw ii,?i ' "? ??m. \\ Aloore, <i R ?? L'rhi n a..."/ . John W. Hodgson) P J u ,n s r??1T a"2 feeling of the Covenantors of No IT Ira,ernal I he agent of Vanderwerken's line with his ic r:.'tr;Va r,,\v;.vu "r-""' r? w,?c,r Tnit ''Dm Folks*' drew a tremendous crowd 1**1 night at Odd Fellow*' Hall Many went out of pure curiosity, but the larger portion of I he audience, through genuine love of the sterling old music presented. Since the advent of this band, oldfogy music," as the b'hoys call It s the popular street music of the day. - Den mark, ??China.' Majesty," ?? Ocean," "New Jerusalem and the "Ode on Science," salute the ear as familiarly as of yore did " Jeannette and vfal'" and "Oh, Poor l.iiev tak1n?r ?? n We ***&!? ht"ar ,he hand-organ's taking up the new old tunes sung by our fore telmi'nahl? /?reB,oth?'8> *"<1 grinding out in terminable fugues alt up and down the town ' .Meantime it will be seen the " Old Folks'' M ill muler fh araln t"-n,?ht at Utld Fellows' hall, it nr nC leadership of that other oddfellow tlier Kerno*'" a" g?(Xt fe,,ow <wc ?P'nc) " Fa' bJtbeand?ii? FolkV" rr hear- bave chi"ler?d a ?,s M?""' v??? K'-'-s ited thVw hitf Ho!i''M,^horning to?Mr ihe'fr" LT?Cr,C,S ,0 *>rrid"nt ^"chanan.and were verv poslu tbatT.'e *h b\J,lm ,n answer to their pro hv ihVm .V o ?i!nrw some "??'c to I e sung \ them, the President designated "Swtc: Home, which was rendered with Hue effect by r!rt' . * r a mai""*r to elicit a marked ex pression of gratification from Mr Buchanan Ahre?t or Lchk Ajidebrojc?Yesterday, Anderson, a plasterer, who for some time past has been residing In the 7th ward of this city, was arrested a? a fugitive from justice on ?he ?/it?.?f|vCOI",>nittiU? a murder *n Virginia! ou fu riT k *,e wa!? "ent to jail lor a to d,7 ri'"'* V*" ? J'j,t,ce I>cnn, at 4 o'clock i llje information was sent to the Mar "a^isled heriin?th,!,cil-V and tte Pr's?ner was 4^ 1 by COUDty constaole Allen was a'rre"^^"8, VVillla'? Hollin^, a .boatman, arrested as a party concerned with Luke An derson. The murder referred to is that of a ma a Creel? G"?th who ?'v?*d near the head of Aquia R^'ns is^a young man, well knowii in VN a?h1ngton; and his arrest, on a charge of this nature, has caused considerable, surprise among his acquaintances.. * * c The \\ ashi5gto?i Mi.mjitsT ? A rumor is current that the ever-to-be-rernembered and never to-be-forgotten Board of Directors of the above institution have had another secret meeting, and viVw"to" ha?i *n"t,her ^orP, of collector., with a J' , 'o having the monument finished bv the that i ^ MXf ^'orkin? wason. It is hinted th^.liffi T)" ,h?". Pr?vailing hard times and the difficulty experienced by the >oMcito s in i7lshonrtfie nerdfu1' ,he B^rd have ?oied to the monumeit with brick and mortar, vr.tharough cast finish to hide the little dis. br?k Hl, ^thVVrrnA ,hC "'arble HUrface ?"d the oKr . I A monument at last Herma phrodite to l?r sure, but still a monument. Larceny axd Arrest.?Thos. C. O Shaugh nessy was ariested, yesterday, by Mr. W. M. Cripps for stealing rope and tobacco fiotn his grocery store. While carrying him to a inagis '.^?ngbnessy drew a revolver and pre m? r i3 , \ ^ Lrlpps* head, with a view to free lumsef, but did not succeed He was dl?iarmed and sent tw jail by Justice Domi. Iue M ri nr.Eoa. Land is* Opera Troupe still P "P ,h"ir "winy attractions. Among the nov elties last evening was a very life-like burlesque on the Old Polks- Concert, which was received with roais of laughter, it will be performed this evening, w.ih the ,,>?a| variety o( minstrel i Pure essence of old Vlr"l uia, by Weston. " For Fi rther IIfar.n?._This morning Jas. Barnes was arrested on a charge of stealing a ra z vand with disorderly conduct at Miller's hair rVrnV^'.S3100" ' 30,1 "enjamiu I'urcell, for car. V V ^ani;, rOM* we >P?" ami disorderly con f'1; . "??*;** held to bail for a further hear mg by Justice Domi. ' ase Dis*u?kd.?The case of Charles II Fos ter against Edward A Pollard, for threats of ^TwT?/4i*'01 "I' t?r trial before Justice Murpbv yesteiday at 4% o'clm k, P. M rile parties were both present, out the caae was dismissed, Mr. Foster's witnesses not appearing. To-mciit the ball of the fiood Intent Associa tion for the benefit of their library. Go ,,!ri Book SroRFs are becoming very com mon We have an idea, however, that the one opened some time ago by Mr Philbrick. will be found runonij the i^st in the city There is an endeavor on the part of n.e proprietor, (if we f?Sl!complete satis ?action to those who purchase |Mn.ks ?t his esrab ishment, nor can we doubt that such endeavor is shown in the r. ally valuable gifts accompany in? 'h?' Purchases made. We will almost y?a^ t should you buy a book of Mr P he le'ok y,>11 U l>reHe,,t equal in value to tho W atcii Kktiem.?The trial docktt was blank this morniif*. for the fi-st time in three months The guards report good order on the various ocats. nothing occurring that required more than r,WOrd# 5,1 "?i*'?t^iniii- the peace "esto P* ' P* I lift . F ive poor wanderers from other cities were accouiiiio<Jatf>d with lod^in^g. D??rapsiA A.ND t !T? -Dr. Tracy Delorme. Kreit curer of Consumption was for several years so ! i. y that for a part of t|,e ?Terf h 7 con lined td hi, bed. He was eventual t i;"?" ' > n tresor-ptiou lurmshed Imn br a voun ehiid whTfe j'J'J",.J.hl11 Prewpti" ?? Riven l.f a inerg *r l > |1m tllI2? ?, tra"??' hn? cver,lH.?le ? fi > lias taken it, never navinr faiieu once It ?> 'tjialIf as snre in OA?es of fits as ol dt sp> p*ia Tlis iiiarediants ma? be lound in any drug store |" ?ii? r ccei pt 'ofTin c!'d '" ,pre"cri','",n to any person on thai Ad irV.? ?i."Ulce ?tamp to pay postage Offiol Iracv Dkl .r vk, t\ew ^ ork Post jan M 2ui* TwenttnvK Dollars Reward for the tlnef who advertised at Ibllows: "JVantt.l I,nmtriiattly.?K Youns Man inano' hoe, and todoxenenl out door husmsss. One wiio can command one to two hundred uoliars cash None ?;l.brrr "ecd apply- Salary ?>? to ?4<i nionth ??.....i """"" 4? rile following t>a description ol the thief: He is s stou?. well proportioned man : is alsiut 3t't eara of ?*e; plump faatures, wearsa win ker, but may have ?haved it od ; he has a good head of thick, h ack hair ; thick, black eye brows; is about 5 feet 1? ii ches inch: his fratures round, but not long; asree ab.e hi lus o' u itenmoeaud oonveraation; woreh'ack psnta, uark sack oveiooat, dark mixed velvet vest wi.h white specks in it, and soft felt Kossuiii hat' r?aid ?.ray man stated that hia principal partner waa in Mew York, where they carried on more exten Mvei,u"n#.s and that their br inoh offioes were in lir.lMinore and Lhieago.and that Mr. Clark, in State l ^ transacted business with thein. i niKf h-ul with him an accomplice, who re<i tered '.he h",el whero they temporarily nhll Waalimaton,as O. M. Hogers, Pinladel pnui* ... Daxikl Daly, l> street, .... , " axftingfon, I). L'.. Jan. ?th. IRW. ?f~Vter,7E'd Wl11 P*,lJ ,wr th apprehension <?l Mi?t thief, otherwise it wm not tic pauJ. W ''ave this diy engaged Dan lr. ui this data ?f ?'* months, when due. " r,lta ' iTr*' P"?'lh|* Washington. D. C., Jan zi'w G,AVMAJ' This will certify that fiiave this dav transferred and made ov. r unto L)aio?i nJiV i , Washington, two House Loth i nJ?' r??L? ? . the city or town of Rosevale I '..n? i?^ii VJIi ln b ?re?i on the map of said town 7? ii ao.'Mun warrant, deed of^ iaU*|?t ,n ?e<M<>u of tne undersigned, tne aime to be ,elS?b* him as security for the full payment of tnA. m..V JS^si due six months after date, or when s2id DaiU leavrs tny employment Uaily ??i?.ied, sealed, and delivered at Washington i? P.. ii... adday of January, in*. ??nington, D. d. Uiaymah. F.atrn^r from the Caitmiore Clipper of Janunrr t* 0,13V: *? Skarr Prartir- ,m Fmann^rtnt.~\ short tune ??'?'. ?'l olllce vias opened Ml No. K.'l Kxohangt*, uu ler the name of S. D. <>raviiian & Co , t-ank r.ore and ooiiim ssion brokers. We are not infor ned o. tne r'i>oHn'l of the ftrin, or where he or they hailed from, batit iron Id that the Ira tu not overrun with business, and M th# iHOil provee it ia a very food thine for the oommanity that not many nersons antered into pecuniary tranaaotioaa with taam. In the early part of laat weak. 8. D. Gram an A Co. advertised for a olerk. which wm ryj?V'-?e<*10 "young man named Daniel Daley, of Washington oitr, who received a reply to the ef fect that hia app.ication had been favorably reoeived. Aooordinglv hdarrived hereon Friday laat and pro ceeded to the offioe in Exchange Place, where he had an interview with the firm, and was informed that it was customary in such situations for a new clerk to deposit the Hum of $? 0 in the hand* of hi* employer*. Thm rule he oomplied with, leaving tnem the amount named, and then left the place to seek a hoarding house, leaving hia Uaggaee for the time at theotfioe On Saturday morninr Mr. Daley proceeded t<> the office to enter upon hi* duties. hut, to hi* astonishment and oonsternation. lonnd the establishment closed, and could learn nothing What ever of it* reoent ocewptnt . After waiting several houra he had the door forci open, and was fortunate enough to reoover his hag <e, but hi* employer* and hi* ?2?mi were nmonr ?'?* nursing. This ia a hard case indeed. and we I. tpethat the young man may yet he enabled to recover hi* mone>." It Abrival.?The Oyster trade ia quite lively at this tune, and the lovera of the bivalves will be glad to glad to learn that the George L. Broom arrived yea day at Stone A Mag ruder'* wharf, with some of the extra fine large Horn Harbor Oy tters that will mike an epicure laugh. Persona de? iring a good and rare treat had better call soon, as they are going like hot oakea. jan 27 3t Wanmnn Cakkb very pretty and very cheap; Ice Cream and Water Ices at .*1.50 per gallon, at the Philadelphia Confectionery. corner 12th and F at*. jan 22 1m* J. FtrsaBLL. DIED, At New Orleana. on the 23d inatant. GRAN VlLLK S. ()l,DPI KM), Jr.,aged 37 year*, only ?on of G. S. Oldfield, of Baltimore. QEORGETO WiTaDVERTISEMTS. I HEREBY CEnTIFY that Wm C. Hazell.of Waahington county. District of Colnm- rrv bia, brought before me, the subscriber, one *1 .,^ of the Justices of the Pence in and for anid^^^TV oourity, this 2Uh day of January. 118% aa a stray trespassing upon hi* enclosures. a bright SORREL HORsE. 15)4 hands l>izli, two hind feet wnite, sad dle marked, and considerably grav about (lie head. Given undrr my hand and ncal this 2Hth day of January, 1858. J EN KIN THOMAS, ISkal.1 IL/"The owner of the above described animal is requested to call and prove property and fake him away. Residence Beall afreet, near High, George town, D. C. It* W. C. HAZEL. POR RENT.?A first class RESIDENCE at r the corncr of Fayette and 4th streets, George town. Terms moderate. Apply to Mrs. ANN R. O'NEALE. jan 25-eol 111 F^OR BOSTON.?The schooner W. R. New comb, Bacon, master, has arrived, and will discharge 011 Tuesday, < to-morrow. > I- <>r freight or passage to the above port, apply to^** HARTLEY A BRO., 101 Water street. George town. jan 25 5t piSH! FISH!! FISH!!! FISH!!!! Wishing to close cut our stock of FISH we will ofler them at reduced prices. Persona in want of No. 1 AleWives, (St. John's) a very superior article, and Ea.-.tern Herring. round, gih'>ed, diy salted, and pickled, will do well to call before purchasing else where. HARTLEY A BRO.. jan 25-1 w Water street. BO A R DIN G.-M ISs G W Y N N, occu py mg M rs. Raphael Semme's house, in Georgetown, First street Smith's Row, can accommodate several fam ilies with very desirable Rooms and Kood BOARD. jan 22 Im* JJEDUCING STOCK-CHEAP FOR CASH JOHN hTsmoot. _Ve. 119 Bridge str&'t. G&orgetown, D. C., wishing to reduce his stock as owas possible hy the 1st of March, will a?r'l from tbi* dite every de?>erip tion of WINTER GOODS at roduced pnets for cash. Fancy Colored Dress Silks, Printed Mouslme Delaines, Merino. Plaids and Poplins, French Merinos, Shawls. Scarfs, Ci->aks, Ac., will be sod at a VERY GREAT REDUCTION on former prices. Prompt customer* supplied upon the usual terms. Those having settled their Bills rendered to 1st mntant, he tenders his grateful ac knowledgement* mid will be under many obligations to ail who have not, to do ao hy cash or note at their earliest convenience. jan 21 J. II. S\TOOT. T O LET.?The new threee-story aud eligibly sit _ uated BRICK HOUSE near trie northwest cor ner of Beall and Washington streets, Georgetown. This 1* a superior resilience; large arid commodious; huiit in the very best style, with mtitn improve ments. It contains 13 room*, pintries and closets, and kitchen 111 the back building. There 1* also a hue dry cellar under the whole building. Tiie lot is 180 by 120 feet, Al o, the large three-story Brirk House on K at., Washington. The eastern one <: the two fiouaes opposite the Brewery. For terms apply to jau l?-3taw3w M. ADLER. I^INE ALES.?We re*pectfull> announce to our P friends and the puhlio that we nave at last sua ceeded in having a large quantity of ALES of vari ous kinds brewed expressly to our order, which we will guarantee to l>e the finest and the largest vari ety that was ever offered in this market. All persons wishing a nice article of Ale can have it hy apply 1 ng to u* for either oft he following brands, viz. Kennett. Burton XXX Pale, India Pale, Phil adelphia and XX. We also have a fin- article of Brown Stout and XX Porter always on hand. All orders by mail, or giventoour drivers, will he attended to. ARN Y A SIIINN, Union Bottling Depot, 57 Green street, d 17 d Georgetown, D. C. I^OH SAI.E-ARNY'S CONFECTImNKKY ? 1* offered at private sale. A great Itarga.n and a good opportunity for a Confectioner who under stands his business. If not disposed of by the fith of February next the whole conce. 11. together with 1 lie three story Brick House, 84 Bridge street, will l>e otfered at public auction. Georgetown, D. C.. Jan 8-tf Nm. RUPPEL. ORTH side of Market Space, No, JT, l?etween Bridge and Canal streets,Georgetown., announces to ei* patrons that at his( RESTAURANT may l>e found at all time* the choice*t and mint excellent assortment of LIQUORS, the freshest OYSTERSand all kinds of G AM E 111 season. Mesls served at all hours and at the usual prices, jan 4-3m Millinery, Ac. JUST RECEIVED, from the sloop George Broon. s lot of the finest and largesr. OYSTERS, from Home Harbor, tt at* have been in this market this season. An* person wishing a supply of these fine Oyster* can l>e supplied at the Post Office Restaurant. 7th and E street*. JOS. GIBSON & W. G. HURLEY. jan 27-3t* mr PER I OK BOURBON VN HlsKEY AND Oi r> M AiiFiRA Wink at Privatk *alk.-Tne subscr.Iter has 011 private s le 15" dozen Superior Old {tourism WI11* ey, received dirrct from Wal lace. Pope A Co., Louisvil'e. A'*o, from the private stock ?>f a gsiflemm in Biltun-i a. five 5-h'allon demijohns of veiy superior .Madeira Wine, represented to bo twenty years ml, and a very choice article. jan27-d6t J. C. McGUIRE, Auct oneer. Sl'ECI * I. NOTICE.-The subscriber respe tful Iv notifies jcrso*1* having unsr-ttlcd accounts wit1) him that the r fulls will l>e presente 1 for settle 11 ent m it Inn tins month, ?lien he hope* they w 1 I re ceive prompt att'ntion. The na'ureof his bus'iiess d<?es not akow time for repeated cal s on those 111 r'ehted to hirr: consequently 1 h'se accounts t at*re not settled hy oisli or rotes 111 a reasonable time af ter prcsentat on will be placed in the collector's hands for settlement without disorimiuat on. jan27d2w J. C McGlJIRE. BRIGHTLV'S ANALYTICAL DIGEST <?F the l.awsof the United States from the Con eoustitution up to the end of the Thirty fourth Congress. "The text given in the words of the statue Itook ; the matter arranged alphaltetically and analyti cally." "And tho notes include the decisMon* of all the Courts, both State and Federal in which the con struction of the Statue l^aw of the United States iiaa been the subject of adjudication, ft* well as thoie of the head* of tne Executive Department*." Complete 111 one volume of 1,140 large aud oloselv rrmtcd octavo pages, full law binding. Price ?*>? Just published. jtMj7 FRANCK TAYI.HR. s-J ""?"'?I A&X.f'SXfZ.I-'AI>... ' N Washington, Jan 22,185R. Aboard of medical officers win assemble at Richmond Virginia, on Thurs day, the 1st dsy of April, 18.j8. or as soon ttiereafter as practicable, for the examination of Assistant Sur geons for promotion, and of suoh candidates for ap pointment to the Medical Stsff oi the Army as may lie invited to present themselves. Detail for tne Board Surgeon? C. A. Finlev. '? R. S. H?tterlee. S, P. Moore. Assistant Surgeon?I.. A. Edwards. The junior meinl>er will act as Reoorder. By order of the Secretary of War: 8. COOPER, jan26-3td Adjutant Genera!. lKf! BUSHELS FRESH GROUND NUTS I ?>U for sale at 41 per bushel by jan 26 d3t MUM RAY A SEMMES. VALENTINES! VALENTINES!!-Wholesale and retail, at jan 2631 LAMMOND'S^thstr-e'. AN UPRIGHT PIANO, 7 octaves, beautiful rosewood, hue hnisli, and exquisite tone, tor sale at a great our Piano Forteand Music Store, No. 30tt Pa. avenue, betwnAn Oth and 10th *ta, jan W JOHN F. ELLIS. ILLINER Y. DRESS-MAKING AND TKiMMING ESTABLISHMHNT. Ladies visiting Washington are respectfully in formed that we are prepared to make up Dresses, Cloaks, Basques, Ao.. at short notioe, in the latest styles, and satisfaotion guaranteed in a I oases. A large stock of Dress and Cloak Trimmings, of latest and handsomest ?tttos, with CLOAKS, BASQUES, UNDERDRES>*ES. BONNETS, Rl B RONS, and Ml LLINER Y, of ever* desorip. lion, always on hand. M. WILLI AN, d 15 2m opposite Centre Marker. M C"*UfTARS.?A large assortment of Martin A T Schatse's celebrated GUITARS have just ar rived at the Musie Depot. Also. ?otne hue VIOLI >JS and FLUTES. W. G. METZEROTT.oor of llth street jan 33 tf and Pann, avenue, auctio* saub. Br J. c. MoGUIRE, AaoUom?r. IIANDSOME 8ILVEI-PLATKD HAR n 5188. AND SaUDLES AT At CTtOW.?WSATUK DAY MORNING. Ju.SOtli.Mil o'olock,tn front of the auotion rooms, I aha I Mil? , 4 sets handsome Pniladepbia made Silrw-piaiaa single Harness. 1 Bet Double Har ess, 2 best Shaft oe Saddles. Terms cash. _ jan2H 2t J. C. McGUIBE. Anotioneer. FOB BEJT ATO SALS. I?OR RENT.-STORE ROOM. FIXTURES, r and OKI,I.A K. corner Tenth and L sts. north. For terms inquire neat diior. jan 2?-3t* U7(IRTHV OF NOTICE.?Intending to retire " froin my present business, I offer a rareoppor tunity to any one disposed to take charge of a hotel conduoted upon ihe European plan. The honae haa boen favorahl* known to citizens and strancera, and commands a Urge sh.tre o| patronage, which can be uirre??ed by attention. Water, gaa, and all other <x . niences are upon the premises. The situation of the house command? the whole thoroughfare of Pa. avenue, between 3d and 4>* streets, and but a

short distance froin the Capitol. To insure a profit* able investment call early,or address jan 28-eolw XV M R UP P. Prop'r. A PLEASANT FRONT ROOM TO RENT on 13th street, between E and F, No. 453. jan 27-eo3t* FOR RENT?Store and Dwelling, No. 518 Penn aylvania avenue, between 2d and 3d streets, for merly occupied by G. Knot.asaoonfectionery. Hake house attached and every convenience for the trade. Also, STORK and DW hi,LING No. 5ltt, adjo i ? uk the Express i.ffice Possession given immediately. Inquire of J. P. PEPPER. at Kxp?-e?s Ollico jan 2C eotf For sale or exchange for city PROPERTY.?A FARM of 441 acres of Land, situated in Buckingham county,Va . with Stock and Farming I'tensils, together with a Saw and Grist Mill, and Engine attached. Inquire of J.VDU Ll N. on (? *treet sooth, between 4JS and 6th sts. jan 23-1 m* IpoR SALE.?A very valtiab'e FARM for sale, lyif c on the east side ol the Eastern Branch and one and a half mi^es from the Navv Yard Bridge,and adjoininr John A. Smith's fr rin, containing li'twen fifty and sixty acres. It has on it a good Dwelling House, with seven rooms and all the ueeessary out bouses. No objection to take a house and lot in tlie city in exchange. For further particulars apply to JOHN H. A. WILSON, or to Rczin Arnold, near th* Episcopal Church, Navv Yard. jan 3w4 |7?OR RENT.?Two STORKS.on Pa. avenue r tietween I3th and I3H streets, south side. One with cellar at #15 per month; the other at $12.5" per month. Inquire on the premises. jan 12 eotf R <>?. P*. Avrjct; TO LET.-T.O _ . <> i ix si iv i * V Ti A 11 V* 1 _ L Rooms, on 2d flour, on Pa.avenne.between 12th and 13th streets, over tain'l. Lewis' Jewe.ry Store, will l>e l?t low to a pemiauent tenant. Would make good office rooms. Apply to WM. F. BAYLY, Stationeg jan 12-tf BOARDING. BOARDING.?Four or hve gentlemen can be ac commodated with BOARD and comfortable ROOMS by applying ?t No. 494 14th street, between D and E. Also,a handsome front ROOM for rent, neatly furnished. ian2H-2t* BOARDING-MRS. RUFF. No. 3* D street. iie*r Seventh, has taken this large and d:ous House, where "he intends to rent her rooms, furnished or unfurnished, to single Gentlemen, or Gentlemen and their Wives, with Board. Transient Boarders by the yay or week. Meals sent out at ail hours of the day. Also, wanted, 2 girls to do genara! housework, jan 11-lm* QOOBS AT AUCTION. This announcement loses all its efficacy at this tune, when dealers arc offering SILKS AND FANCY DRESS FABRKS at about one-third lees than the r goods would realize at PUBLIC AUCTION. Call at HOOE, BROTHER A CO.'S, and look through the superb consignment of Sll.KS, SILK ROBES. Ac . A?., there exhibited, on their Second Floor, and be convinced of the advantages to ladies in purchasing at private sale rather than at public auction. The Goods are new and fresh. The Color* are desirable. The Lengths are all right. The Pries are one third lower than Auction Prices, and eve?y opportunity afforded the purchaser for buying disoreetly aud securing satis factoiy bargains. HOOE. BROTHER A CO. PlMDLViMU AviM'K, jan 26-3* between 8th and 9th sts. Ij'SPECIAL NOTICE.?Our sincere thanks arc J hereby tendered to all who have settled theirac counts with us sinoe our last issue of bilis. But our priucipa1 object now is to call the attention of those who hive not paid to this notice. Wo want them to know that we are suffering for the use of the money ifue ?<. and hope that without delay those persom whom we have in good faith accommodated will call or send in their settlements. jan 26-d4w CLAGETT A DODSON. ATE OF CALIFORNIA BONDS. The law providing for Funding the Bonded, and other specified indebtedness, of the State of Cm forma, requires that the old Bonds -<nd Oertificatew snail l?e forwarded to Sacramento during this year, to ha cancelled and rep aced by new ones, we will set as agents in this business, and rrquest an early delivery of the Bond . jan 23-tin CHUBB BROTH KRS. $100,000. SPECIAL NO TICK. HOOE, BROTHER k CO., have just received from New York. on consignment, ANOTHER CHOICE ASSORTMENT RARE AND DESIRABLE DRESS GOODS, I TCLCD! NO, All Wool De Laines, ar 25. 37>t. and 50 ct?. Black Mlks 6i>4 and "5 cts. Silk foplin Robes a Quilie. Black and Colored Grenadines. Ac., Ac., Ac , Ac. At Unprerrrfmtly Low Prices. Call and Examine. PENNSYLVANIA AVKNUE, jan25-1w between nth and 9th st s._ LADIES' FANCY GOOD?. For Balls, Lxvbes, Hops, Rkcettions, Ac. Whitp Silk I'lusion for evening dresses 2>4 yards wide. Dotted and Puffed Illusion Berthes, Bretelles, Cnp"s. Collars, and Sleeves, Klegant Sish Ribtions, beautiful Head Dresses, Valenciennes, Maltese, Brussels, and Bugle Laces, White Plush and Cherry-colored Velvets, for trim ming Opera Cloaks, All the above denrsble goods just received at MAXWELL a BKO.'S. iaji 25-eoSt 32? Pa. avenue. OUR THANKS TO THOSE CUSTOMERS who have so promp !v oome forward an I settled their account*, as rrqu?sted in our former notice. To those who have not closed their bills we ?-ar nestly request to do so at an eary a nate as possible and would suggest that it is of great import Mice to us that all accounts on our (took* should lie closed to the 1st of January . COLLEY flt SEARS, jan 25 2weod 523 7th St., 3 doors notth Pa. av. flop SKIRTS! HOOP SKIRTS!! H Round Whalebone (oil boiled (Skeleton Hoop Skirts Hone ''rystal iadjustable bustle) do. do. Steel Spring do. do. La-Rclleaud FI'>uno?d d*>. Crinoline, Corded and Cactus Skirts. ja n 25 eo3t MAXWELL A BRO. J A CARD. AS. HA H R IS, Agent of MARY A.HARRIS, No 673 7th st , near the corner of F. Island, DEALER IN GROCERIES, PROVISIONS. V EG ETA jin i4-6t* BLES. An. ?TVSH PAID FOR FURNITURE. The highest rash prices will at all times be paid f >r good second-hand FURNITURE. Persona de clining Housekeeping wi.l hnd it greatly to their ad vantage to give us a call before duposing of their household effects. BONTZ A COOMBS, jan25-2w No. 3K3 7th street, near I. $100,000 ALI> WOODKLAINES ' at 25 and 37cts., worth 75 cts. Call and examine the,n at HOOE. BROTHER A CO'S. Pa. avenue, bet ween 8 h and 9th sts. N. H.?These consigned goods are separate end distinct from our regular stock, and will t>e found on exhibition on the spinous second floor of our es tablishment. ian?5*w Mfinvam. ESSRS. HOOE. BROTHER A CO. will open On TUESDAY MORNING. January ftth, a superbcollection of those $15 FLOUNCED SILK ROBES, which have created so great an excilcment in Wash ington during the past week. Pean. av., between 8th and 9th sts. N. B.?These elegant o^nsigned goods will he found on the skcond floor of our establishment, thus af fording the l<adies an ample opportunity for a thor ough examination of the styles and prices l?efore purchasing. jan 25-1 w ^R RIVAL EXTRAORDINaTY! M'ME MANAAR, SCIENTIFIC ANTHOLOGIST AND PHRENOLOGIST. Has taken a suit of Rooms at M?s. Sutton's, No. 450 Eichth street, aud flatters i.erself from her well known ability and respeotauility, that the Ladies and Gentlemen of this vioinitv will turn out en masae.aud put her to the test. She will guarantee that those who visit her wul not regret it. Gentleineu, #2 00? Indies, 91 .ml. Horoscopes drawn for Five Dollar*. She will r?mam only a short time. jan???2W nnn peach trees, ? fcU,UlHJ At 8io Pa* Hcndred. For sale at my Nors?ry. near Washington. The above Trees are all of fine growth, aud of tnej best select fruit. Also, ft general assortment of ORNAMEV TAL. kVKRGREEN, SHADk, and FRUIT TRFF8 jan2j 2m JOSHUA PEIRCE. Hair, tooth, niil and bandoline BRUSHES,at GIBBS Hair Store, near 13th at. and Pa. av., and at his Sales Room, under WiW lards' hotel. B9-Sm auction mueh TO-PAT 4r TO-MORROW MORN/NO. lo Hotel, we . -. _ mj . - ?-W ? w ?? " ^ 'v,nu*. n?ar National re .hall continue the eat* of fine Standard. Poetioal. Historical. and Scientific**! Hook* Sta tionery and Fancy Good*, Gold and Silver Pen* tod Pencil*. jan 23-d WAI.l, A PA R \ A R D. Anati. By A. GREKN. Auctioneer. TR U8TKK BALK OF VALUABLE Improved Pkopertt, os 7th street. nrax the Navy Yarp ?Bt virtue ol a deed of tru?t duly exeouted and recorded being dated the 6th of February. IH56. and a' the requeet of the party entitled to Die det>t thereby Mcured the subscriber will_ aellaT pubic auction, in front of the preraiiei. oa TH I'RSUAY. Jan. 28, IRS6. at 4 o'clock p. m.. part of square i.ine hundred and five. (9051 hounded forty tne feet from the southwest corner of aaid auuare, and running thence north a on* tbe lice of 7tli atreet en?t 21 feet 6 inches; theuce ea*t 55 feet, thence eouthwardly aft. then??e 48 feet 10 the piaoe of beginning. aituated la the oity of Washington. The improvement oonawt of a good and aubtantial and weli-built Frame Houae. Term* of sale : One-half ca*h ; the balance in *ix and twelve month*, the purchaaer to give hi* notea for the deferred payments, bearing intereat from the day of aale. A deed of trust taken to aecure the payment* of the notes. All oouveyanoing at the ex penoe of the purchaaer. If the term* of aale be not complied with in ten day a from t.te day of sale, the trustee re.-erves the right to resell said premiaea at the riak and oo?t of the defaulting purchaaer. by riving five day'a notioe of aaid resale in aome newspaper published in the city of Washington. MM ROD G A R R F.TTSO N, Truat ee. 13-eo2w A. GREEN, Auct. j?n FUTURE DAYS. By .US. C. McGI'IPK. * uctioceer. Pf'8 IIVK SALK OF TWO DKSiRABLE Brims D\vkllin<? Hoc<ki> ox E Street, Bk twbkji jki'omi asd Thiri>.? n MONDAY AF TERN'JO February iat, at 4 o'clock, on the prciuiaes. I shall s II Lot ,N?. 6,111 Square No. 570. 1 routing 211 Joel i-H inch a on E street, betwe*" 2d ar vd streets cast, running Imk 112 fe t to a 1" feet al ey.with the improvements, consisting ofathree stoc> and Basement Br rk Lwelling Mouse, con taining Eight. Room*, wi h *?'as a: d <-a* Kix'urea in ever) loom in t lie house wi h Bath Room, arid other modem improretnenta. e i?o. Lot No. 7. same Sq? ;?-e. f onting i3 feet I" inches on same street, running btcfc 112 feet to aa alley, w th the improvements, coasting of a three story Brick Dwel ing flout-wi'h Biok BuiLong , ootit'ini g Saloon, harlor. wi h la ge Lining Room, with Dumb Waiter, Ac., eight 1 haiubera, Krtchen, Water Closets, A. A c 1 h?se houses are nearly new, well furn ahed, w:th all the modern nnproven ent*. end built in the moat substantia', manner, and d in one of the muti beaut ? fuI and picas' nt parts of the ri y. Terms: Oik-fourth oash. the residue in 6, <2. and 18 motitha. with interest, secured by deed vf trust in the orem StS. j"ii 27 d J. C. McGI.'IRE, A wet. By WALL A. BARNARD. Auctioneers. Comzr t>f Ptnusyliamt* areanc and 9th street. SALK OF GROCE IKS. FRlTTi*, Ac.?O ? HATUKDAY MIIRM ? G. the3rth instant, at 10 o'clock, we will sell, in front of our ati re, a large stock of Groce le*. Tens, t ruitatrid Liquor*, aa .Xi boxes Oranges. O. large, l> do. Lemona. very fine and large, 10 ">blv P npin and Baldwin App e*. Bar els of Brown and Yellow ?*utars, Do. i'ru?hiid?r.d Poadored do., iJo. ?ndh If (.arrets Sug*r . ouse Syrup, Do., Syrup in kega. Bfxc* Star, Ad >mantmeand .M .uid Candles, Brown, Chemical Olive, and Castile Soap, Bags R10 Cotlee, Chests Black and Gre*-n Teaa, Tobacco. Cigars diUerent brandb. Spicca. Starcr,, 2" cases hne Claret Wine, boxes Piper.. Matches, 100 barrels pnma Herring. Wo*len Ware. Ha rcls old Kye WhisHey. do. Brandy, Cuirtcrand eighth casks Braiidy. Also. On account cf whom it m?r concern, a st vck ol Fme Br ndr, Holland l?in. Oid Whiskey. *' um and W:uo, witn several thousand Ci'iri of hue Lrauda., lninrrcla Martin'*Old Kye Whisk?*. ia?: <7-ta WALL L BAH \ AKD, Aucts. MARSHAL'S SALK.?In virtue ot five wriUot hen facias, on judgement of conderuoatiun. issued from the t lerk a office of the Circuit Court ofttie District of Columbia for the County of Wash ington, and to me direoted. I shall expose to pul>lic sale, for Cask, in front of the Court-Housc door ol said County, on SATI'R DA Y, the 2"th day of Feb ruary. 1856. at 12 o'clock in . the following described oroperty, t?? wit, viz : Part of Lot I. in . qnare west of square No. 4 in the City of Washington. D. C., begimng ai the southeast -joiner of said Lot No. 1. 1 mining thence west along tho line of K atreet U'-rth 17 feet, then.e north 75 feet, thence sast 17 feet tenoe south 75 feet to beginning , also the undivided half part of Lot No. II. 111 said square, front ink on 27th street west tt'? feet, running 1*ck with that width with the rear of s&m Lot No. 1,4" Let 8 inches, a? purchased b> John McGa-v#y of Me?*ra Knnis and Woodward, also, tho other undivided moiet* ol Lot No. >1,111 said square, and that part of 1 ot No. 1.111 said square, commencing for the same at a point on K street north, 17 leet west of the southeast corner of vaid Lot, and running thence on K at eet west 23 feet 8 inches, t hence northwardly and peral lel with 27ih street "5 let', theuce with the rear une of said Lot ea^twardly 23 feet 8 inches, theuce aouth wardly to beginning, tor ether with all and singular the improvements thereon, seized and levied upon as the property of John McGarvey, and will be *olcl to satisfy Judicial* .\o.3*i. jj6.&56. 357, and '58, tc January tenn I8i8. in ft vor Geo. I<?wry, Howell At S.ribling, Timothy < t'Donohue k. Sk>ii, Patrick Le 1 wnge.auj Gett) Jt Williams. J. D. HOOVHR. Marshal jani7 dt* for the District of Columbia. Bt J.C. MoUUIHL. Auctioneei TRI SIF.K'S SALK OF VaLL'aBLK UN improved Real K*T*te.?Bt virtue of a deed in trust, bear.ii>; date the 3d day of Ajmi . 1857, and recorded in Lit>er J. A. S.. No. 133, fouo 231. et seq., the subscriber will ae'l. at public *a'e, on WKll NKSDAY, the 3d day of Febrnary. 4o' lock p. in., at the auetn.u store of Jas. C. McGuire, '>u the corner of Pennsy Kama avenue atxl 10th ?treet we?l, the whole of Square 1<'54. fronting 433 fret 1 inch on each of north C a:id D streets. Mid 3r>5 fee ton each of 14th and 15th stre**l? wm. and Lot \o. 14. in S<iuare N?. TH, front in; 54 feet ou 1st str<?et eiar, Uetu een south B and C streets, by one hundred feet <;.ep. Term* of sale; One-third ca*h; and the Ittlance in six .twelve and 18 montha. for note* hearing intereat from day of sale, secured by a deed of trust on the property; and if not compiled with in five daya after the aale, the property will be rest.Id upon one week's notice, at the ri?k ru.d expense of the purchaser. All oonvej ancr g at the cost of the purchtser. CHAS. S. WALLACH Truatee. _jan 13-2tawAds J^ C. McGl'I R K. Auctioneer. Ht C. W. BOTELKR, Auctioneer. RARK OLD WINKS AND MOTORS AT Aictios.?O 1 SATCRDAYMOKMNG, Jan uary Si. cornrnencins at II o'Hods. I ahall sell, at my spaci?>us warc-r<H>ui*. < Iron Hall 1 a superior aaaort - ment of rare old Wines and Liquors, consisting, in part, of? ho r>ottle* of Madre Xeres Vino Sherry, vintage of 183', 84 Uittles of Hvmony Golden Sherry, vintage of 18t6. 50 Inittles of Duke'a old Indian Queen Madeira. vintage of '842. Go hot ties of Dull Gordon's Manzanilla brown Sherry, vintage of 184S. IJo ImimIc* < f ({uceii laabella Sherry, imported in l8?n. 72 U?ttles of March. Howard & Co. old reserve Madeira imported in l?44. loo qusrt-demiH>hns of superior old Bouibon Wins key, 91 lx>ttles of Dufl Gordon A Co.'s old Couversa tioii Shernr. M'ported in U'4h. 121 I>ottles of J. Ainutt. Jr. A Co.'a old London Port, vintage of 1H44. lantlea of old L. P. Madeira, imported by James Owen in 1843. lo case*of Imperial Crown SherrT, i" ease* of Loire Sherrv. 52 bottles of superior old Recm? Port from the Loudon Docks, 30 Uittles of <J ueen Port, 70 bottles of Harmony superior pale Sherry, 85 bottles Kchetopar pale Sherr>, 12years old. 16? ?' Hudo'ph paie Sherry imported in 1849, liO ?' genuine old Holland Gin, llo " Amontillado choice pale Sherry, 1539, bo " old Last India Sherry, 57 " of Sir John Oliveira's favorite Madeira, imported 1829, 14 U'ttles of pure Juice(Port. unadulterated, lh<i " superior old Cognac Brandy, IfW. 3w> flasks very old Marett A Co.'a Cognao Urandy, vintage 18^', 120 bottles of superior old Pmet. Castillon Brandy, vintage '8^. 20 < a?e? Moet A t.'handon's celebrated green aeal Champagne Wine. 20 eases Al mum's Cabinet Champagne. 25 enses de Ranviile Champagne. 150 Isitiles old London Dock Cognac Brand*. 181", I" cases 1 aulianheimer Wine, 20 cases very fine St. Juliien Ciaret. 3 dozen very supeuor old double-orange Curaooa imported 111185", 5 do/.enassorted Liqueurs, imported in 1853. 3 Oozen old Maraschin?>, 5 case* Brandy Cherr<e*, 14 cases very superior French Olives, 30" fla<ks very superior Florenoa Oil, 2" dozen Bordeaux Piokles, 1" dozen Begon's superior French Mustard. 7 case* very fine old Calhoun Whisky, 1" case* old Mountain Dew Whisky. |.%? liottle* superior Monongahela Wtaiakv b five-gallon demijohns very old Ie?ay malt Whia ky, 5 eases superior Sauterne Wine, 151 bo'tles islay malt Whisky, b dozen I.ocdon Cordial Gin. , ? 48 half callor. bottles very fine old Virginia Peach Branuy, 1 . _ '.Mi bottles of Otard. Dupuy A Co. a Brandy. 150 bottlea of old Topaa Snerry. The above sto. k oomprises a conaignmeat from an old, extensive and reliable house in New 1 ork, and are represented a* l?ei 11* superior in quality to any thing heretofore offered at auction in tlua oily. Connoisseur* and the public generally are invited to call and test the quality of the varous articles and be oonvinoed of their decided superiority. The g<xals wil. be arrauged for exaoiiuatioo two days prior to tne aale. Drsoriplive catalogues may be obtained at the store. Terma at aale. j an 22 d C. W. BOTKLKR. Auctioneer. Ill ? RSHAL'S SALE.?In virtue ofa writ offieri i*I facta*.under the lien law, leaned from the derk'a ofhoe ot the Circuit Court of the Diatrict of Colnmlaa for the County of \\ aahirigton, and to rae directed. 1 will exnoae to publie aale, for (Jasb. in fr?nLof tne kou^ of aaid county,on SATL'ITOAY. the Slat day of January. 185S, at 12 o'olook m., tbe following described property to wit: All dafandant'a ncht. title, claim, and intereat in and totfce three Frame Houeae erected on Lot No. 5. in raeer?at?oii D, on Mary land avenue, between 4h and 6th eta., in the City of Waahington. D. i;,. aeized and levied upon aa the prop, rty of Jamea B. 1-ockeT. and will l>? sold to a%tufj>* No 2TS, to October term 1&57, in favor of Smith A Fowler. ? ? . , fo, tu LUBIN'S EXTRACTS,all oUora, w GiBBS'tt Hair Store, near 13th at., asd at bis Salaa Room under WUlarda' hotel. ? TELEGRAPHIC NEW8 THREE DAYS LATER FROM EUROPE Arrival mt tk? CtMit. SAFETY OF THE ARIEL Halifax, J?n ?<-Thf Royil mttl itnm*b f Canada. Capt Laag. w:tb English dttM of the If lb in stant. arrived here tbi* morning with tba happy intelligence that the steamship Artel bad arrired at Cork, Ireland. tbe 15?a, with b? main abaft broken, only Tbe English money market wraa slightlyeasier and the Hank bad further reduced it* discount rale to 5 per cent. Consols for money P4 \ aW \ Tbe Canada reports a decline of la 8d la cottoa on fair and middle qualities Lower qualities were lea* affected Bresd.tuff* were qnfet, with a declining tendency Provisions were q?Ve* and generally unchanged (stlOKB l)KtfATCM ) Th?* Ariel experienced eery severe weather af ter Ifntin;- Southampton An unsuccessful attempt bad Wi? made to a?sa?sinate the Emperor Napoleon He wt>fred at by an assassin. and the ball went through his hat Toe Levisthau wm nearly at the end of tha launching ways, and little elae could be done until tbe hub tide* of the present month. which are expected to float her Tbe American ship Adriatic, which waa con fl? at. d br tbe Preach Court* to pav the damage* of bercc lilsion with the French ateamer Lyon aata, bad escaped from Marseilles Tbe bewHpaaleh Ministry bad been organired One week later advice* bad been received from India. There was nothing further from Cawa l?ore. owing to tbe interruption of the mails The English money market Waa eaay. C. I Gray A Sow, Londoii, in tbe Canadian trade, bad suspended. ?? Mefli?| of Oedltors. Boston. Jan. 37.?At the ftist meeting of the creditors of Chailes H Mill* A Ce , in tbe Court of Insolvency. claim* to tbe amount of |!Jtm,?W were proved.'and tdditioual debt* to the amount <>f several hund'ed thousand dollar* will b* at tbe next meeting. Messrs. Lincoln and B R Mud^-e were ehoseu a?*l,nefs Fire at' hi cage. Chicago. Jan if ?A flre i om me need rh:? morning in tbe lumber yard of Messrs Holt 1 Maaon, whi.^h waa destroyed, with the frame buildings adjoining, occupied aa naloons Measra Holt & Mmo:i lo?t tBnjun. on which there wu an instance of MO.UUO The low on the other buildings will not e*< erd S10.0U0 Re< rntlea et Formes. Phikcsl! hia. Jan 27 ?Herr Forme* arrived last night, and was received by tbe " Msrnner chor" Society and serenaded at midnight He tt.arkes his debut here at tbe Academy to-night, as Plmnkett. in Flolow's opera of "Martha There is a great demand for tickets From Lurope. Ntvr Yet*, January Ja ?Tbe Fulton, from Southampton 5 p. in Uith. baa arrived at tbia port. A telegraphic despatch from Liverpool r?*port> the Cotton market one-eighth penny low er ou tbe three days preceding the steamer a aail lag The Rlchmaad H'aihii{taiStat?c. R:;hmoxd, Jan 27?Tbe statue of Waahing ington wa> nnwrapjed to-day. and visited by tbousandsof ladies and gentlemen. It was pro nounced fanltiesa bv everyhadv. and is in fact a grund and glorious work of art Ctivictrd at Harder. Movtooxbky, Pa., Jan. iC?The jury in tha ease of the bov Arcber, lor sbootfhg his brother, have rendered* ve:d:ctof murder in the second decree. ? The Death af Oca. Havclock la Bostaa. Hosto*. Jan. 27?The flay* of our shipping are at half-mast tc.-dav, as a "mark of rcapect to the memory of Gen Havelock Baltimore Markets Baliimoiie, Jan -6?Floursteady, Howardat. super S4.5??, ex'ra do. ?5 2Sa?5 50. Ohio super *4 50; extra do S5aa$ |?; city Mills super S4.50; extra do S5 > 50; Baltimore ground, family *7.75, extra do *G 75; rye flour ?3.2$; buckwheat flour ^2 2Sa$J.30 corn meal S3 S5 White wheat ?l *0el 3n. red SI 05*ai 10 Corn lower, white 53.\56c . yellow 55aj9c Whisky A?a21c Raw Tarh Markata. Ntw Yobk, Jan 2*-?Plou? heavy, sal*a 4.W bbls : rotate ?4 50, Ohio ?4 SOaS-3. Scuthcn #4 50a4 96 Wheat heavy sales of 5,000 bushels, red 1 a*l -Jl? Corn baa a declining tehuenev . vello'v fiT>a61?c. Ueef advanced 25 cents Lard quoted ?t9j(C Whisky J$c. lower; quotated 21 jfc. Flaaaclal ? N?w Yobk. Jan ???kajgenerally opened lower, but cloned firmer Chicago and Rock Island (17; Cumberland Coal Co 14lllinota Central share* ?<3^; do. bondsfflk: LaCrowaeand Milwaukee 10S ; Michigan Southern 18, N>w York Central fcl)? ; Reading 5?\ ; Virginian's R Mis*ouri 6'* t?l . Sterling exchange dull. Ambrotypes for fifty cents. Tit rr ta Goa?d Casks. A fine assortment of cases from V oents to $5, with *ood Likenesses, either Amttnitvpe. Daaner reotype, or Me ieain?-t> pes. Warranted food like nesses Come early iu the day. RORFET SANDS. . Ta. ave., bt^t. Ctli and 9t h streets, jsr 2i -tf Market Space >[OT|t; K ?The putnio are iterehv cautimed I a?;aii:st i.ecotiatii f. two H' ?N I)J* of the ?S'?te r?f Calif'irma, N??s -U ami SR. for $dn0 each, payable in l'75. &? tha ^alTl? lia\ e miscarried in transiiuas'on per mail on the'4th iiistan from New Yo?k to Wash ?ti-toti, D. c. Arp imtion will l? made lor a new issue. jsu^l <iv | Intel, ^w] RI(iGS A CO ^MIOD NEWS FOK THE LADIES. Just recsivad at the New Y?rk Stare. LADtEf*' II11EJSS TRIMMINGS. HOOPS, hue IR^H LACKS, a-iU POINT API. QCt1' in seta. AI so. a large assortment of hue FRENCH FI.OWERS. lor Laui-s* Headdresses. Brtdai Wreaths. Ao. Please oail at No. Pa. avenue, between Ttii S"d Bth sta. jati 8-W* HOME INSI RANCE COMPANY^UF NEW YOHK. Cn*h Crpitnl Surplus or?.i..... The uiniersicned. Iiavinc leen appointed Ages' of this. Company, i* preparedto issue l*olieie? on Duil d:uKs. M^ruliandu?. i*:?ai?itxiats, Ac. m aa lavora I>1? terms as other responsible oompanies. T. M. HANSON. A*ei.t, No. 5!2Tth st., oppo. Inteliueroer C>ffiee eo2m (^OKE FOR SALE. J Superior COKE, in an? ansntity. now for sa s. nquire. without the ??IliceoftheOae L:rht Company. ?IZMif I.F. HRtltt'N a.?M?.w DeBOW S REVIfcW. INDI'STRIAL R!> sources>, Ac., edited by J. D. b. DeBow.celj libhrd inoLth'y ; ?3 per annum. DeBow's Press, a weekly psnar devoted to Politi cal. Social. Litera'j, Educational, and Indus tnal Development. $2 ear annum. Subscriptuus receiv ed i?? ?an?i FRANCK TAYLOR, A*aat. ?1,000AVEAR 91,* A YBAB. Sl.Otsi a YEAR. Profitable and honorable emp!o. 3 IA YEAR, inert lor all times. Persons :n arl.'Wi A NEaR. town or oountry, in search of em s'I.'<*' A YEAR, pioymaut as a aource of iDAimi, fl.iMlA YEAR. ortoft<l up their leisure honra, S1 .<**? A YEA*. mat hear of such l>? enolotm* A YEAR, two stamps to p-f P'*,?*; to a VEAK. Prof. JAMES T. HttRNfc, St.rrw A YEAN. B<?* N-?. New ^ ork Post A YEAR. Oi?ee The employ ment is fettcd {i.uun A YEAH, to eiti er sex , station in life ui? I WWaS'EAR. mate.isl. Il is auarticla ofda*.y nl.<?*'A YEAR, oonsumption. and can be maun A YEAR, lac'ured m the agent's dweiiin* . al,??A YEAR, secure Iu cosjritht;' saie aa il,0"ti a YKAR. pern.anent as flonr. Anactntis ? 1,'MAYbAK. wanted m every town in the $i.<i?i A S'l-AR. Inion. . ? J an 2S 1 >r* SI'MKHIOR C \ R R I A ?? E. H'<Rt*ES. AND a* PfctvAta Sale.?The sub gy acriber km ou private saie a acre and sit- J?^rs gaut cl??ao Fanilj Carnape. buiitioorder T^wreiice. of ^ ev Y?rk, and in perfect order, ha\ - mi been in ?ise but a few months. Aiao. a pair ol superior large bat Morgan H?t*es, six and seven tears old. well-matched, and stylish travellers. Also, an excellent set of doable silver-plated Car riage Harness. F- r terms, applv ?o J. C. MoGl'lRE. jan J2- h?t Aiy^tioneerA Com. Me.chant. TVTEW CONFECTIONERY. l" So. 447 7tk sr., oag door north rj G ft The auliecrilter respectfully ann??uuoe? to the ?ti zens and the public that he has fitted up his est?n iist.ment in the bevt style, and has on aaad the j^uc?st OONFEJ riO ^KRY 1<*E CREAM always to ha h?d. aad of tke very liest quality, which he wi 1 ftrnish to order, iu ant part of the f I S?p?riaj:,|? Fresh PIES sad CAKFS.of ail kind's, ovary da? st 12 ..VI Hk! loadeol the l>est luateita; the aierkat ^l^ri. >f FANC\ ? AKES that ts atnei'< keet In m Slace of this SIQd. Ba'la Parties. tV#ldiu*?, A<.. furairked to <nder in the s'hoiteat w*tice snd on the inott rvaaouatla U^Vlf WM P. F?'R0. MM VKAUi respeetlMli) auuouuoes tnat ha . he* established a GA I.LEMY Of- PHuTt? UMAPHIC A RT in Washington. He i* piecaied to execute ootmairaions for the luieertai Pnutu f raph. hitherto us^da on!) at his w-ll known establ ishment ia New York. A variety of unique and rare Pbotograpmc speci mens ara moluded ia hi* cciieeti.Hi. t<*etaer with portraits of many of the a?"st distinguuh?.i eitiaeLS of the United S ataa. . Mr. Haany b ma to hi* Washington Gallers the results of .ourteeu years' espenraee ia Europe and Amen jm. rud tha < boioeet product - of his art daring 'hat period. Ms faais ooahdoi.t that t>?e re sources at hi*oonnnaitd and tke artistie sua i.? his works will ooHimsnd his Gallec? to theat.ea'i-m of tha WaahiiuUni puhlie. iaa SR-aoll