Newspaper of Evening Star, January 30, 1858, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 30, 1858 Page 3
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LOCAL INTELLIGENCE. (ilCTCIt AT TBI Smithsonian ? Last nl<jht was the occasion of a very Instructive and lnter? mating lecture at the Smithsonian Institution, by Prof Felton. of Cambridge. Mw . on ??Mmlern Greece." The audience *??< large and appre ciative. and the discourse apparently smve gene ral satisfai lion Itehmd the sjwtker were hunt; a numi?er of lar<??? painting* representing various ??t'jert* of note in Athens Among tbe*? we ob ?eiv?d one showing one side of the pirscnt citv. with the Acropolis. one ol the Acropolis as it was supposed to have app?.ved during the reign Ol Pericles. one ol the Acropolis as it appeared in l-.1l, and a large outline imp of the ancient city. llefore commencing his lectuie. Professor F. briefly ilev rilicd these and st.ited some of the most proiniuent historical farts in theirconnec tion . remarking that when his subject was an nounced, be had not expected the opportunity of delivering more than one lecture in this city, and therefore was unable to dwell at length on the ancient history of Greece during the present dis course. Accordingly he f, 11 compelled to pa-s topic bv. and confine himself to the pie.-ent cord It ion c-f that classic country. Those of his hearer* who h ive rend Hyron. un derstand the feelings awakened in the mind of that great poet by his first visit lo Greece, rightly culled t lie ?? hi11 ii - place of the .11 Is and sciences lie w:i< !? d to look upon the inhabitants as a de generate rare, destitute of ambition or a desire tor national freedom and "lory. In his beautiful poem the ?? Giaour" he re< ords his thoughts The iff turc: here a leiiylli) extract fiom the " liiaonr'' iu whb b occurs the well known line: '? ' Tis Greece, but living Greece 110 more " Byron's llrst visit to Greece was in Ht], and on his return home in the fall of that year he wrote and published this poem. He subsequently, however, 1 hanged his mind in re^-a d to the Greeks, when he visited their country again iu I-HI, for be then discovered that there still re. main* d among them some r.f tL;it spirit which had renderttl their land illustrious in the olden time. They wereabont preparing for the attempt to remove ihesjailing yoke laid u|>onthem by ttie Tutks, and in l-*2l the revolnt:on broke not and ton?inu<-d until hh. During this struggle IJ. ron was aijain in the coniitry, and by his presence ?i id fortunes aided the valiant llellatiaus in their ? libit to frte their couutry from the tyranny of tbeir barbarian rulers. It was 011 that soil, in the inidst of bis useful ness. that he was struck down by the hand ol death in ISO, and in his decease ti'csic lo?t a noble patron and warm friend. The Grecians felt this, and soared 110 pains to do honor to bis memor\. and airplay the atbetion they enter tained lor him. T'ror F related various circum stances attending the death ol this ^rcat uiaa. and dcscribcd the discourse pronounced over him, and the funeral ceremonies attending the delivciy ol his remains into the chaige of his daiii. hter. ?? sue h honors IIIion to her heroes paid, And pcT-. ful slept the mighty Hector's shade." He then noted briefly the changes which have befallen Greece. With what shocking barliari ties she was visited by the Turks ; how the wtst ern European powers'finally lnte;fered, and how a treaty was submitted to the Greeks which pro. vided that they should have a separate govern ment extending over a small, and the hast de sirable portion of their territory, and inclndinvf only -onte of the {?.?*Uit??or lO.COO.ttP.i of the>r people; bow they rejected this preposition indignantly; and bow the difficulties were at last adm-ded. and the government vested 111 Leo pold. King of Belgium. This monarch, ho* evtr. 1 esigned shortly afterwards, a> he relused ?o liecjme the instrument for the oppression of th'< inhabitants of that ill-fated country. The gox-erniuent was afterwards carried on by President Podistro tor several yea's, ami finally a throne was established by the'powers of West ern Kurope, who placed upon it Prince t>tbo. of Bavaria, under whose administration the coun try Las since remained. The present condition of Greece furnished the theme for the remaining part of the discourse, and the lecturer dwelt with peculiar pleasuie on rhe eii oina^em-nt which public education re ceives from the nobility. These interested them selves personally In the prosperity of the schools, and entunrated the scholar* to undivided etlorts to attain proficiency in learning, t In the death of on? lady, a teacher, the .Minister of Mate, wro ? an official letter of coiul ilenre to family, fo whom a gratuitous annuity was afterward-i al lowed. He concluded l>y displaying n book, now the pr??perty ot the Smithsonian, which was made at the suggestion of a yount* lady of Ciete, for the World's Fair at Pari*. It < ontains plates illus trative of classic localities in Greece, and wild flowers are pressed in the leaves. It is a llia^nif ceat a If sir in every respect, and was awarded a prize medal The buy at whose suggestion it was made. had. through her own exeitions. ac quired a thorough education, and bad studinl Alahomil:* dan law for the pnrpo-eof endeavor ing fo reclaim her father's fortunes, which the Turkish government had confiscated because the owner part ic ipaiid in revolution. Hie appeared Ix-lore the Turkish couit. plead her own case successfully, and. when last heard from rcsid'dou her lather's lands in the i-laiul of Ciete. Professor Felton w ill le.-tnre a^ain on next Wednesday evening. and a lecture ?ms al?o m ii.iunctd for Monday evening, but the l~rtuier was not named I m*-i si. Kpfnnr Tt?e attention of the attaches oi the Post Oili. e Department was ?li veilcd from ?? icekin;" pens and nninteie-ting tomes for a brie4 vj.aie this moium..' by the ?ic 1 iirrnw e r.t an event of a somewhat unusual > har .0 ter. The iroiifte oi vocal and Instrumental musician* known as ?' Old Folks," who have l?eeii enteitainiag our cilixfns with choice con ? tits for some dav . |a..t. visited Hie Drpaitmeiit building, and after interchanging (he usual cor ?I:aliti**s with the I'ostmas'er ti**iieral, they en tertained h 111 and the others connected "villi the department with several popular national .mui"*. sung to ancient ?? chine s."* The performances Were excellent, and the auditors w?-ie bi'^bU gratified with t!?e, and iuai.if?s|i d their pleasure by loud and repeated ? heering. Cacuht at 1. a s t ?The guards on the Seventh \\ a'd b?at. la-t night, came u|ion two disorderly ? ol'iitd fellows, whom they arrested and took to t he guard-house I Ine of I h?-se proved to lx- J oh n Dunbar, a principal in tlo- outrageous insults and assaults made u|>on voting girls and r? spei table married women on \? w \ ?-ar's ni^ht by a oanu id 1 olored rowdien. ,\ lench warrant has !??-? 11 out for Dunliai lor ?ouie time, but the Marshal's ? ffi- ers were uuatde to pin him until this morn ing. when they were notified l?v Capt .Mills of b.? l?eing at the guard-hou?e. A Ik'iililf was sent for b:in. ai d he was taken to jail for trial at tl.e Criminal Court The people of th- Seventh Wa d Will hear of this arrest with lively J?atis fa< lion. W 1: l M>E rst a Mb that the Grand Lotlgeof Free and A ?cpied Masons of the District of t 'oiuumia Lave accepted an invitation from the Grand l."dk;e of Virginia, to l?c |?resent and participate with them at Richmond iu the ceremonies of in auguration of the Washington Statue ceremony on the ??_'d proximo. The pre|tarations h^vc been j^ifc te?t for a grand ' ine on that is-easion. and no doubt the Grand Master of the District. Geo ? " Whiting, F,si| , who i? specially invited, will ?ake an a> tivc j?art in the ceremonies, and the eeritable mtible ^rav'l used by Geu. Washing ton 111 living the corner -tone of the |'nif*d States t'apitol will, of course, figure con->picu ro-ly on the occasion. Rohskks ?About I o'clotk this morn ing. is Mr Jos |J. Chandler was pissing the ?_?!- je rffi. e, 011 bis way from a bop at Brown's Hciel to I is lx?aid'ng-hoi?se. the l nited .-?lates Hotel, he was sei/- d bv the th'oat t?y three men, who sprang fiom the alley. ;tnd was choked des pite ios reMst-jiic* until insensible, and when ne recovered b-s recollection tiie i?i#rot?-rs were run ning d-iwn the Avenue prist 1 our-and-'i-half street ata?p??d lliat ibti-d pursuit Suji|Mising that be tool 'e-en roblied, Mr Chandl' r< exam ination. and f-Mii.d that a Valuable "old Watcli was mi%?ing. it having been lorn fiom ttie guard Nut ii.i of the hold villains has thus far lieen obtained Hrssrir "i M -- A< >r? Khikit^in.?To* night the |K>pnlar. pretty, sprightly, versatile Mits A ji"s Roliertsou t.ik?s her lnn'li', and, of course, a -trong bill is put up First we have the pttile d'ama of ;lie ? t?!d Gua'd," with .Mr. Dion Hourcjcault as ?? II ivc. s:t, k " Then the rich ? om? dieit.i of ??Tiie Windmill.Miss K )it er tson taking the p.ut of ' M i 1:111." AimI the whole concludes w ith the ii esistit.|e burletta of ?'The \ oiing A -?re.?," t r, which Mi-.s Itobeitson assumes live ditlereul ehaiarteis' Tli<-oppoitu nity of seeing the 1 harming ?'eioUrnre in so many of her l- -t parts will 1 ertaiuiy serve ta cratii the Tbca'ie Miixr.T TuiK-r* ?This inoriilno, a colo.eil man. a slave of a Mrs. Uowii of Maryland, wid e attending tb< uia.ket. dropped a live-dollar nore, which was picked up by a eolonl le>y naun 11 Johnson Johnson rau oft directly and go! it changed into silver, lie was pursued by officer < arW, caught, and the money receive,ed. exi ept for y cent*. Johu.ou was t^ken liefore J-.i-tice Dean, but the only witness being a slave bis evi dence wa? inadmissible. Johnson was rctaini'd bv the J us? ice to afloid the slave man time to g? t othsrt vidence. 1! r ?A Lop came < 0 at the Searles llo ise, 3"- l Pennsvlva'ua aveuue, on I'h'ifsdai evening last, in which alenit seventy-five guests par l-lpat--d The lieautv and intelliyeu. e ?>f the ladies, t ? gallantry and good-nature of the gentleman, ami j the ??jf<*'d less" of the time 111 >;e :era|. Is said I V ! courioissi ii s to have t?e??n tarelv eqcalled a: d 1 fiever ex- ?-!l<-d, on ?U' !i occasions.* in the < 1 y. Tntr I'ri. cr.?Tuc Cli> Poiice ;eportcd4o th'- i Cbi?f ll< case* foi the week ending the g3d in j s'snt : First Ward, ticases; :Hi, Thud, 11; i r> *V; Fifth. Stath. ??. Seventh,'27. Criminal CoTrt ? Ytsterdaf?The ir?t case taken up wm (bat of James Hheckells, charged with an assault and battery upon Otto Sherman, on the 21st day of January, 1SV. The jury re turned a verdict of guilty ** indicted. The ca*e of james Hearne* wn then taken up, charging the defendant, a free negro, with the larceny ofa cloak, valued at S3, from Col. II. R. Craig. The jury returned a verdict of guilty as indicted . The case of Charles Calvert was next taken up, charging the defendant wilh larceny of chickens, ?n two Indiclinents. The larceny was proven in both cases, and the jury returned a verdict ac cord i npl y The Court ordered Mary McPherson, who had ).cen convicted of manslaughter, to he put to the bar. She was sentenced to imprisonment in the Penitentiary for six years. Charles Calvert, convicted in the two cases of the chickens, was sentenced to six months in the comity iail in each case, and to pav a tine of *1 hi each case. James Kearnes, convicted of stealing a cloak from Col. Craig, was sentenced to one'year im prisonment in the penitentiary. To-day, the Court met at the usual hour, and took u;> lirst the case of the lrnl ted States against William Garner, charging the prisoner with an assault and battery with intent to kill one Otto Sherman, a marine. The proserinin<r witness. Sherman, was sworn, .??id testified that he was walking ilonr tl e >free' with two sailors and two marines, and they pasM .1 three men, the two sailors passing along ah'.id <>f the rest and witness became separated Irom the rest of I he party som? thirty f?et. when he tnrnctl round and saw his companion fighting with the three inen, one of whom was the defen dant. Garner; witness ran back and endeavored to stop the light, when the defendant threw a whole brick at witness, knocking him down; Ihe brick sf.tick witness's face, breaking the nose and inllictin:; a deep wound in the cheek; wit ness was rendered entirely senseless bv the blow from the brick, and knew nothing of w! a' oc curred afterward Officer Joseph Williamson, sworn ?Arrested Garner, who was lighting, with four other men, when arrested, (tamer said, in answer to a ques lion from witness as to what he was doing, that he wis only killing marines; he was then in the art of throwing a stone at one of the m trine* named Timothy McCarty. The case was pending when this report closed Centre Market ?The market was very well attended this morning. The hay stand was occu pied at an early hour, and prices for hay ranged f om 'JO cents to SI 12 perewt. The supply of pork at the m ales appears to dccnase; Ihe prices a kid. SJaT ?Jo per cwl Poultry comes in smaller quantities than usual, but the supply is equal to the demand The prices arc but little d tter-nt from those of Tuesday : B-t f, fresh, pr lb. INalj Dried Pj'k - l(lal'2 Mutton 12 Lamb.prqr Toal.llU Sausage, pr lb.... lift Lard 12 Veal I'2al5 llecf tongues .?0-i75 Calves hevds,each "i.'iallT Baron P2al5 do apples, pk.. 50 Roll butter 25ctl Phil'a print 40 Hon*1)-, per lb.... *25 Onions, per nk... 40 Cabbage, pr bead. 6al2 Apples, pk :j7a<o Beets, per bunch. ."> ? 'arrot* Shoulders UUP2; Celery Brea-l pieces .... I*,?al5;Turnips, per pk .. *2P Dried beef Ifi,Chestnuts, pr qt.. 12 Chickens, pr pair 5Pa7j|Tuikcv,each.. .73aSfc! .">(? Corned salmon... 151 Wild turkeys s*2 Herring, per dot.. '20a'll j Pheasants, pr.. ,$lal.50 Terrapins, each ... :<7 Geese,each 75a*l Irish potatoes, pk. 3?a5l) Sweet potatoes, pk .>0 Corn, pr bush.... .Via70 Corn, ear, pr bush. 37alO Means, pr bush.... S*2 Kabliits, each.... 18*25 Squirrels, eat li... P.* Ducks?Canvas... S-.? Mallards 75 R?*d Necks 75 Rye, pr bush Ml Shufflers ma?i-2 Wats 4(>ato Widgeons 50aG-> Meal fi5aul> Shorts 'JTa-JS Shipstufls 30at*> Kg?*, per doz.... Iti Small 37 Roc k, ru r bunch.. 37 do. large SlaSi 50 Peich, bunch 37 SrpRrMK CotTRT? Friitnjf.?\o. 51. Horace C. Silsby et al., appellants, rr. Flislia 1'oote. The argument of this cause was continued by M. Keller for the appellants. No. 55. Clip),as Spencer, plaintiff in error. ???. John \V. I.apsley. The argument ,,f this cause w:>* comiiieiieed by Mr. Itenjamin f??r th?? plain tiIf in error, and continued by Mr. Hughes far the defendant in error. \djourned until Monday. On Tcksdav ?:vk\im; next the Rev I'. Yea'es Re?-^e, of Baltimore, will deliver, at the Ninth striet Metlicdist 1'iotestant Church, the lecture on ? -Home and its Influence,*' which was so much admired in Alexandria, lately, on itsd - llvry Ihere. Tits ' Poi.ks" had a delightful trip to Mount \ t-rnon. yesterday, and to-day are visiting yai i?ois object* of interest about town. Look out tor their t oneeit to-ni^ht. I'h? Old I'oIks,-- we learn, will siu^ at tin- K street I'aptlst I' lliirch lo-m<>rrow. Mfi.odion.? rhe best (till o|' the season is of fered this evening for the lie lie (it of the Irresistibly c-oiuii- and funny l.andis H 1. friends will surely Olve him a lonnper; and we advi.:e all who Wish to oet look at him to go early--with their quar |e|s An Attkmpt to INcapf ?\'?-?sterday morning a< officer Fcklofl was conveying threw prisoners to Hie workhouse, in a hack, two of them jumped out arid attempt# <| to escape. I>nt were promptly overhauledaud recaptured. I.*m INT.?This morning. Tom Kussell. a col ored intimately acquainted with the rules and regulations of the guardhouse, jail and farm, was arrested bv officer IVklott for stealing a \v heel harrow Tom was taken licfme Justic* I >01111 who committed him to jail for court. A rresttn.? \\ e hear that a man named Duck - ? tt has been arrested at Winchester, Va , on a charge of stealing a horse in this city. He will be retained to await a requisition to briny him to this city for tiial. Watch Rrtcrn*.? John Sheppard, col.. Va., disorderly : Mne and costs. >1 ||. John Dunbar, col . |i. C., do.: do. Ciiarles Sharpe, Fngland, drunk r^nd disorderly; workhouse Ml days. .las. I> own, I ??1111., <lo; do. \ ' iinda Penny, Mil., do ; do. Klcven lodgers, non-resident* ' D\*i,ri'?iA and Fits?Dr. Tracy Delonne, great curer of Consumption, was for several years so badly allhcttd by dyspeptia that for a part of the tunc lie was confined to his hed. He was eventually vine's . v a >r^scrpfiou lurnnttitfil hirn l>v h yoim ciKirvoi int oil. I Ins [>res*riptio i.^iven t?y h tnerx clu d w lnle iii :i utite of trancc, liss cured everyl>o<)e * !io has Uk*>u it. never >u?viijk faiieu onoe. |tiT equally as sure i?i cases of hu as of -h spepsia. Tlis ficrcdie itK l?e found m au> driu store. I wi!c hemi iliis va.uaMe prescript mn to any p?r*oi, on tiiel receipt o| one [>-.state stamp to pn? postage vllres.s Dr. TaAcv Dklikmk, New York Post oa,c?- jan 23 2in' Arrival.-?Tiio Oyster lra<lc is quite lively at tli s time, and the lovers of the bivalves will !<? glad to ^!ad to l<?arii that the George I,. Ilroitm arrived yes day al Stone \ Macruder's wharf, with some of the extr* tine larc Horn Harl <-r (l> .terx that * ill unit* an epicure laugh. Persons denrinx a rimmI and rare treat had better call soon, as the* arc joins like hot l jan 4.'?-3t Wriinfm. Cares vcr* pretty an-l very cheap; Ice Crrani and Water lues at $ 1 .si per callon. at the Philadelphia Confectionery, corner 12th and F st?. JaaS 1 in * j. F iisill. ItlARKICD, ,r"t"nt, by the Rev D. Rail. Mr. > \,M I KI. II \ \ I'KH, "I this city, to Mhi I KANCKS J. AlcN KAI., ofOhio. DIKD, On the 2Hth instant, A. J ACOBI, afed forty nine years. Hi* friends and relatives are invi'ed toatteud Ins funeral on Minday afternoon, at 2 o'clock, fom his life on F, between l.llli and <4th sts. * At her residenne. 011 ?:jth street, on the ^>th 1 list. Vis HKNRIKTTA M. POTTKR, wife of the lata Dr. N. Potter, ol Baltimore city. / H)KF. FOR SA1.K. s / Superior 4M)KK, in any qiMiitity. now for sale, nqHire, witiiout delay,at the otlu-eof tho tias Light ? 'inn ompaiif. dV9<l(l I. V IlltOW M.Sn^rt ^yASHINGTON AND A I.FX AN DR I A. 'Ihe Steamer GRoRGF. I'AGF. and THOMAS COLI.VFR will run re<u!arlt and ? punctually lie!-A eer Hie a'mve place.-i, a' 1 he fo||<iwiui; hours : l.-ave \Va?!iinstou at K, 8, S>4 I!',, a.m., l'?, 4,and jS p.m. I.eavs Aiexandr a at 4K, U*i a. 111., 12^,3, p. in. vViialey's line of Oinnihuceii conncctinK with the Moats will leave the Cspiiol and the corner of 12th 2kr.r^ ^1*' *v?">iie, punotual!}, as follows: 7,l4, 12,3, and i\ o'clock. Fl.I.IS I.. PRICE. SaML'KI. BaKKR, J 14 __ Captains. / ' RFAT SALK OF CARR1AUFS. ? ATCOST >1 '. ^Khrm V' A l'la?e havinc dissolved on t ie 7ih instsrit. hy mutiial cOns'iit, to. amcj u -se lip rhe.r I,,,., we p?w llff(>r /ia.e, "I rotf. at their stand, \?>. .<?Sa l2fri S2=Efi& mreer.i.ear thsoorner of C.the (o'lowinic f'arnase.: I-ive Hukciss, t air Rockaways, one Four pas sae/cr P.ise'm and two FxpreS< Warm. AI' "'<? "!??v * wcr- in "I? ot the I est and most tho p.,,,* tC;""iH.uin!i-rywJi1?? l,y ?k,|ilul e.nd o.\ 7 'ne.;i; d wo-kmen a;?! will he ararrnted for twelve ?iioaths, a aaiisl^ciory ^uaranti'e heinv Kiven wi*h s er, ?r? e. N. B Current funds required in every instance Also, IIami liogKirt* vcr/ cheap lor cash CIIAS. T. IjARDKKR A SON >au 2<i -2fawf;w * Successors to Gardner k Place GEORGETOWN AFFAIKB. Comtpondtnct #/ tkt Star. Gbobsktowr, Jan. 30,1M9 The following business was l^efore our City Councils last night: In the Council. Mr. Thomas presented the ac counts of A. Barber, D W Oyster, and W. Ap pleby; which were read and referred. Air. Pickrell asked that the ways and means committee be discharged from the further con sideration of the communication of John E. Re side, and that the same lie referred to the Record er; not granted, but recommitted with instruc tions. The same asked that the same committee l>e discharged from I lie further consideration of the report of the clerk of the commissioners of the sinking fund,and that the same he referred to the joint committee011 accounts; granted. The same asked that the same committee l>e discharged from the further consideration of re port of the Cor poration clerk, and that the same be referred to the Aldermen; granted. The same asked that the same committee l>e discharged from the further consideration of the communication Jaiid account of the heirs of the late .lohn Mmiutz; granbd. The same to whom was referred the message of the Mayor of the 21st of August, reported a resolution appropriating $H> to procure a portrait of fhe late John Mountz; not acted upon. The resolution of the last meeting was taken up. and passed both Boards. Mr Pickietl reported from ways and mean* committee an ordinance levying a sped aland neti ernl direct 'a* for the year, aud providing for the collection of the same; which passed the council. At this statue of the proceedings, a message was received from the Mayor, calling the atten tion of the Councils to the condition of the e?i i ern end of Water street, and covering a proposal of Mr. Bergin to publish a map of Georgetown, and the account* of Drs J. S. I,auk, Joshua Rit chie, and Gales A Seaton; all of which were re ferred. Mr. White made a report from the joint com mittee, accompanied by an ordinance appropii aling *510 for the erection of bridge on the west side of the market across the canal, according to the plan furnished l?y Mr. Robert S Mastin, and authorizing Mr. Mastin to coiistiuct the same, he being the lowest bidder. This resolution passed the Council but was amended bv the Aldermen, which amendments were rejected by the Council Mr White also offered a resolution, which passed the Council, directing the Mayor to cor respond with tli* President of theCanal Company iu relation to the building of said bridge, re questing the company to give to the Corporation their repair bonds for the same. The same reported, from streets committee, a resolution authorizing flag footways across First u:)d Fiederick streets; not acted upon Mi. Thomas reported, from claim*, committee, resolutions in favor of Edes A I'ickrell, l.ibby A Soli, ?36 '23; Dr. H Tragi??, *!?> a id Barret A Mieiu, !?.V None of whit ti were actid 1 upon. A resolution in relation to certain streets passed both Bea ds. The resolution authorizing Dr B. 5s. Bohrer to take | ossessiou of and enclose a certain lot was taken up. and after beinjr debated at some length was recommitted to streets committee with in structions . The Vblermcn passed Council bills in relation !o the introductiaii of ^as into the streets; in favor of I). English A Sou, and W. Appleby. Both Boards then adjourned until next F.idiy evening, at 7 o'clock. The offerings of beef cattle at the yards vester day aiiiounled to about -i50 Lead, "JoU of which were purchased by District butt hers at * J-'5a SI on the hoof, equal to .*6 3UaJ*'J net Ti e remainder were driven on to Baltimore Sheep scarce and high. selling at 5aoVc per lb No material change has occuried in the flourrr grain market since our last report. S QEOftQETOWlT ADVS&T1SE2TTS. fjHIR RENT?A first-class RESIDENCE at thectrner of Fayette and 4tli streets, George town. Terms moderate. Apply to Mrs. ANN R. tFWKA EE. Jan K-eolm |^ISH ! FISH!! FISH!!! KlSH!!!! Wishing to close out our Ffock o| FISH we will ofler ttiemat reduced prices. Persons in wanfcof No. I^AIewives, (St. John's).a verv superior article, and Eastern Herring. round, gib'icd, dry salted.and pickled, will do well to call before purchasing elsa ?her*. HARTLEY & BRO.. jan 2S-I w Wafer street. Bit \ H IHNfi.? Ml SS I j \V V N N, occ.u py ing M rs. I S"ininc?s hotUe, in Georgetown, First street Smith's How. can accommodate several fam ines Willi very desirable Rooms and Rood BOARD. jau Im* EDUCING ^STOCK-CHEAP FOR CASH. R JOHN 11. SMOOT, .Yo. 119 Briil*'. street, < i tortc? toirn, 1). f*., wishing to reduce his stock as owas po*s;b'e by the ist of Marclij w ill seli from this date c/ery descnp tionoi WINTER GOODS at reduced prices lor cash. Fancy Colored Dress Silks, Printed .Ylouslme Dplaries, Merino. Plaids and Poplins, French Merinos, Shawls, Scarfs, Clonks, ?Yc? will be so'il at a VERV GREAT REDUCTION on former prices. Prompt customers supplied upon the usual terms. Those having settled their Hi!!* rendered to ist instant. he tenders his giatefu ac knowledgements and will be under many obligations to all who have not, to do so by cash or note at their earliest convenience, im 31 J. H. SHOOT. f|M? LET.?Tiie new Uireee-sfory ami eligibly sit 1 ua'ed HRD'K HOUSE near the northwest oor ner of Benli and Washington streets, Georgetown. This is a superior residence; large and commodious; built in the very best style, with modern improve ments. It contain* 13 room*. pantries and closets, and kitchen in the l?ack buildiii;. There is a so a hne dry cellar under the whole i.u.iding. The lot is 181" by I Jo feet. Ai o. the large three story llro k House on K sf., Washington. fhe eastern one of the two opposite the llrew?ry. For terms apply to jan 18-JtawiJw M. ADI.ER. I^INE A I.ES.? We respectfully announce to our friends antl the public that we have at last sue ceetied in having a large quantity of A EES of van ous kinds brewed exprcsrly to our order, which we will guarantee to !??? the finest and the largest vari ety that wis ever ollered hi this market. All persons wishing a nice articl" of Ale can have it by apply ing to us for eit her of the following br iritis, viz. Kenuett.Biirton XX \ I'ale, Intlia Pale. Phi! ade!phia simI XX. We also have a fin? article of Brown Stout aud XX Porter always on hand. All orders by mail, or given to onr drivers, will be attended t?>. ARNY \ SIIINN, Union Bottling Depot, S7 Green street, d 17-d ticorgetown, I). C. I^OR SALE-ARNY'S CON FECTluN Elt V is offered at privatega!?. A great bargain anil a good opportunity fr.r a Confectioner who under stands Ins business. If not disposed of by the 8th of February next the whole concern, together with the three story Brick House, 81 Bridge street, will be offered at public auction. Georgetown. D. C.. JanR-tf NM. RUPPEL. < >K TH side of Market Space, \o. .fl, between Bridge and Canal streets. Georgetown, announces to ei? patrons tliat at his'.(^^ RESTAURANT may bo found at allvV time* the choicest ami most excellent assortment of I.IO IJORS, the freshest OVSTKRSsihI all kinds of GAME in season. Meals served at all hours and at the usual prices, jan 4-3m f|^HE REMARKABLE HIST' RV OF THE 1 Five Little Pigs; raper bicts.; flotti /octs. The Frog who wt.u d a wooing g"; JScts. The House that Jack built; splei.didlv illustrated, and superbly illuminated by the son ol'a genius ; l-> cts The sa'l history ?>f Greedy his little brothers, by Chas II. Bennett; 2%c's. Th ? Visible Arithmetic,an illustrated uiultiplica tion table; 'Vets. The Faithful I'arrot, b* Chas. Rennet; cts. A Laughter Hook for little fo'ks; 2"?<:ts. A new supply oi the alsive popular juvenile books, juM rec ivulat TAYLOR A MAURY'S Bookstore, jan 2R-4t near9th st (Intel.. States, Union. Globe) \1INCE MEAT FOR P1ES~ i"l An additional supply of MINCE MEAT of best qualitv. KING A BlIRt^li ELL, ian/7 t'orner Vermont avenu? antl I.Stli street. rpUK ATLANTIC MONTHLY, for Februaiy" 1 just received at TAYLOR A MAURY'S jan 27 It BtM>kstore, near 9th st. (Intel ,1'nion.AStates.) JVOTICE.?To my punctual customers, I return la my sincere tnanks and ask a continuance t?f their favors. To those who are indebted to me. I would say. having alway s will pleasure punctually antl faithfully executed your orders, in return I re spectful y urge a prompt settlement of your ac counts. After this da'e, when orders are executed, unless there is a previous understanding to the con trary, a settlement will Im> cxpeeted. j??hn Si vrkriter. No. <::t Seventh st.. seven doors above ImSMw* Ill AVE THIS DAY BOUGHT "IT THI. DRl.'G STORE, corner of Pennsylvania O avenue and ,4? street, lately kepi by \V. H wji Gtlinan, and shall keep on hand a full supply of Drugs, Air.bcines. Perfumery, Fancy Ar"eies ZJk Photographic Ciicmicals, A c. DA MEL B. CLARKE In retiring from fhe Drug Husmess I take crest pleasure in recommending iny successor. Mr. IJan'l B. Clarke, to the favorable notice of my friends and ciistomc's, as a gentleman in ever? way qualified to successfully conduct the business. jan29-d6t W. H Gil.MAN. FOR SA I.E.?Several SERVANT WOMEN for a term of years. N ot to be sold out of t' e District. Address B. C. M., Georgetown, 1). C., for particulars. Jan 28-41* poR MOUNT VERNON. The Steamer THOMAS COLLYER will resume her regular trips to Mount Vernon on Friday next, making two each week?lOtVng the wharf on" Tueslav and Friday mornings. Omnibuses will leave the Hotels and Parker's Store at sK o'clock, connecting with the steamer. jail an-rf SAMUEL MAKER Captain \N UPRIGHT PIANO, 7 octaves, beautiful roiewnod, tuid finish, antl exquisite lone, for sale at a great our Piano Forte and Music Store, No. Ji*i Pa, avenue, between 9th and loth sts. jan*? JOHN F. ELLIS,

AUCTIO* 1ALEB. Br WALL tc. BARNARD, Auctioneers V ^,a?lfoi?raDAF,,T"^TO.iI February. at 4X o'o'eck, we will ?ell, in front of the premises, tart of Lot 26. in Square 2V, fronting 16 leeton 13thsireat west, bstween H am) I streets north, and running bank 96 feet to a ten leet ail?y. Thi? valuable p operty '? improved with a good two story Frame Dwe.liag House. back building, wood sheds, 4 c., and is sitn-.ted in one of the most im proviag and tsautful yarts of the citr. Fur ?n in vestment this sale offisrs an exoellent opportunity. a? the property will command * rood rent. Terms lilierai, and made known at sale. jan-'Udts WAI.l.t HAKNAHI). A net. \t A RSH A I.'S SA LE.?In virtue of a writ of fieri i" ft facias.under the lien law. issued from the clerk's office ol the Circu it Court of t iic Diet riot of Columbia for the County of Washington, and to me directed. I will expose to public sale, for Cash, in lr?nt ol tlie Court House door of said county,on WED>ES DAY, the2tth<d February, 1838,at 12o\?lock m., the following descriited property to wit: All defendant's right, title, claim, and interest in and to the three Frame Houses erected oil Lot No,5. tn reservation D. on Maryland avenue, between 4>* and t>th sts., in the City of Washington. D. C? seized and levied upon as the property of James B- Lookm. and will lie sold to satisfy Judicials No. 279, to October term 1857, in favor of Smith A Fowler. J. D. HOOVKR. Marshal jan 3 dts for the District of Columbia. By WALL A BARNARD, Auctioneers. Corner of Ptnnsylrnnia nrenut am/ 6th street. CALK OF CAPES. CLOAK?. CIRCULAR*. i? Shawls, Parts* l#oo s. Fancy Geo - s, A c .at An Tioif.-On TUESDAY MORNI*G.*d Febru ary. at ten o'clock, at or.r store we will sell a large and handsome assortment of Cloth Capes such as? Street Cloth Cloaks, handsome and n?w styl*. Cloth Capes and Circulars, t' lmined hancsomcly. Moire Antique,Satin and velvet do. Chenille Stella and other Shawls, Dress Goods, in ?nk, Mousselme, Cashtnere, A c., ccarfs Kiu Gloves., . Portetnonnaies, S.iches, and Furies, with Pearl and Ivory Opera Glasses witl. ac.omatic lensc. Jet and Cornelian Goods, And a Urge stook of other Fancy Gocds. jan o'i dts WALLA BA RN A H P. Auct'rs. By!A. GREEN, Auctioneer. CLOSING OUT SALE AT THK GROCERY fioKK ok W.M M. Crifi** ?By virtue of a deed of trust, on THURSDAY, the tth Februarv, 18j.'t. I shall sell, at the Grocery Store of Wi liam M. Cripps, on Louisiana avenue, between btli and 7th streets, at K? o'clock a. in.,all the remaining stock of Groceries, aonie ol whioh were sold at a former sale.andtu? purchasers failed to comply with the terms, comrnmig an assortment of very Superior Liquors and Groceries of every description. Also, the Store Fixtures, comprising Counters. Cases cf Labeled Drawers, Platform and other Scales, and gas fixtures, with the good will <f t':e store, win h is considered one of the best stands in Washington. Terms as m the former .uk-ertisement. Persons wishing to get the store and fixtures at private sale will have an opportunity to do so by calling on the undersigned. Attorney for Trustees. R. H. l.ASKKV, Attorn > for Trustees, jan 30 d A.GREEN. Auct. FOR KENT AND SALE. H ,M?R KENT.-A hue BRICK STABLE, with Carriage House, situated on H street, between I'M h and2i th streets. Inquire at. No. 117 Ptnu?i Ivi ina avenue. jan g-3t L'OR RENT.- STORE-ROOM. FIXTURE'*, I andCELLAK. corner Tenth and L sts. ri"rth. For terms inquire next door.* UL ORTHY OF NOTICE.?Intending to retire ' * from my present business. I nfj?r a rare opp'ir tunity tu any one disposed to take charge of a bo?el conducted upon ihe European pian. Ttie Ivuse lias been f-tvoralily known to citizens and stinn-ers. and commands a farce share of patronage, which can lie increased by attention. Water, gas, and all other convcnmnces are upon the premises. The situation of the house commando the whoie thoroughfare of Pa. avenue, between 3d and 4 J -J streets, and bit* a short distance from the Capitol. To insure a protit - side investment cill early,or address jan/<t-eolw W '?! K I'PP. Prop'r. V PLEASANT FRONT Room TO RENT on I.Jth street, between E and F, No. 152. i*n "* tMIR itENT?Store and Dwelling. No. 518 Penn sylvauia avenue, tietween '2d and 3J streets, |or inerly occupied by G. Knot.asaconfectionery. Itakc house attached and every convenience lor the trade. Also, STOR E and D WELLING No. Alb. a?ljo n ing the Ex press otfici t'o*se?sio:t given immediately. Inquire of J. P. PI".I' 1*E It. ar Exprers < Hfic< jan eotf I/OR SALE PR 7W?R SALE.?A very valuab'e FARM for sale, ly i* g on the enst side ol the Eastern Branch ?n<! one ai'd a hall mi es from the Navy Yard Bridge, at d adjoining John A. Smith's farm,containing b'tween fifty and sixty acres. It has on it a good Dwelling House, with s??vcr. rooms Mid all the necessary out I ouscs. No objec'ion to take a house and lot in tne cit\ in exchange. For furttier pirticulars apply to JOHN H. A. WILSON, or to Reztu Arnold, near th-? Episcopal Church, Nav* Yard. jan il ow' ft/OR RENT?Two STORES, on Pa. avenue r netween ISth and J3H streets, south side. One with cellar at ^15 per month; the ottier at per month. Inquire on the premises. jan 12 eotf OOMS ON I'A. AVENI'K TO LET.?Two Ro'itiit, ?in 2>t floor, on Pa. avenue, In^t ween 12th and I3tli streets, over Sam'i. Lewis'Jcwciry >!ore. will l e l"t low to a permanent tenant, \% ould make g<Mid i.tTioe r?Mim?. Apply to W.M. F. M.\\ LY, Stationer. ?> jan 12-tf |{ B1 BOARDING. UOARDING.-.MRS. RUFF. No. Dstrert, lie <r Seventh, h ii taken tins large rird c >mino dious House, where site intends to rent li-r rooms, furiiisiied or nnf'iiniolied, ?o single Gentlemen, or Gentleman ami their \\ ives. witti b'oard. Transient Boarders b> the |>ay or week. .Meaiu sent out ai all hours of the day. Also, wanted, 2 girls to do general housework, jan 11-1111* ^UPERIOK BOURBON WHISKEY AND o. ?? M AiiFiu \ Wink at Privatk'?ai.k.?Tne subse'Jwv has o:i private s le I.V d??zeii Superior Old Bourbon Wills ey. received dircct from Wel lac**. I*?ipe A Co., Louisville. A so. Hum the private stock oT a ?-?i?leniar> in Bsi'nno e. h ve A-gallon dennjohris of vo'y superior Madeira W me. represented lobe twenty years od. and a very cnoice article. jnii/7-dftt J. C. M?G 1'IR E, Awct:oneer. ^ PEC I * liNflTICE,?Tte nhwrilifr r?>sp?' tfal ly notifies icr#o*'s hftvuig unsettled accounts with him t hat tlie r In'li wilHie presonte t |nr sett le n.cut within this mi'iitn, when he hopes th?*\ wi 1 re ceive prompt a?t ution. The na'ur>- ol his bus'iieo.i does not a| ovv tur' for repeated f*al s on those lit < elited to hilt; eonsenuently these aeconnts t- at?ie not settled by Cisii or notrs in a reasonable time af t?>r presentat on will be p need in the cdlector's hands tor settlement witnout disorinr.nat on. jan27d2w J. C McGUIRE. rTgHTLY'S ANALYTICAL DIGEST OK the Laws of the United States from the un constitution up to rtie end ol the Thirty fourth Congress. "The text given in the words of the statue book ; the matter arranged alphabetically and anaiyti cally." "And the notes include the decisions of alI the Courts, bo'li State and Federal m which th? ?on st met ion o| the Statue Law ol tne United States hag been the subject of well as thoae ol the heatl* of ttie Executive Departments." Complete in one volume of 1,I4? large and closely rrnited ???tavo pages, full law binding. Price J Ufct pubiishnil. jh n 27 F RANCH TAVl.tiR Ttirning. HE undersigned having loo'ted at the corner of I'2th ?treei and Onio avenue, adjoin ug TrueinanA Drapei's Mill, is prepared to execute allordeisin Ilia line, with dispatch. N E WELS and BALLUSTERSof all kinds kepi constantly oil hand. lie solicits a share of the patronage formerly so libe ally bestowed upon him. jan 27-1 w" T. SHI'ID. \NICE LITTLE PI ANO for ?5i. in good tone Excsllent for new be^uicrs. Call early at jii Pa avenue. jm 2*1 JOHN F. ELLIS. /MIKLED H \ I R. moss. HAIR SEATING* ? ' liiinps. Tufts, Buttons. Twine, Canvass, Dhiii ask. Sofa Springs. Castors, Ac.. Ac., A c. A ful assort in. nt ol Cabinet .Makers'and Uphol sters' Goods at prices to sui? the timts. , ELVANS & THOMPSON, 32ti Pa. avenue, b>*. 9th and loth sts., jan 2h 2w Washington, D.C. (Intel..States.A Alex.l lazeiio.) Hubs, spokes, felloes, shafts. Linings, Cloths. Carriage Canvass. Leather, Buokrama, Bands, Handlt s. Knobs. Joints, Col irs. Slides. Kilos, Mai. Castings, l<aees, Fringes, Tas sels, Ac., Ao.,Ao. Every article in ttie Coach binding Line, cheap for cash. ELVA.NS A THOM I'SON. Sign of the Red Wheel, :OG IVuns% Ivai.ia avonue. jan 2C 2w \\ aslungtou. D.C. I Intel..Slates.A Alex.Gazette.) Biron and steel. AR, BAND, SCROLL. AXLE. ROI ND, Square, Oval, and Half roiitd IRON ; Cast, Shear, Spring, Tire, Blister and Round STEEL. i inters lilled for any anil every inscription of Sheet anJ Plate Iron, and Iron and Brass Wire. ELVANS A THOMPSON, 326 Pa. ave., bet. !Uh iiud H'th sts.. jsn2fi 2w Washn gtou, D. C. (Intel..Stntes.A Alex.tiaze te I WAMUEL P. HOOVER'S BOOT. SHOE, AN D TRI'.sK establishment. ar d without, Water-proof Boots and Shoes, winch I will sell cheap for cash. Also, a splendid stock of Sole Leather Trunks at reduced prices. Call ai.d examine for yourselves, at SAM'L. P. HOOVER, Iron Hall, Pa. avenue, between ian 14 9th and 10th ata. RYE AND BARLEY MALT, for sale at the Cm* MALT HOUSE, oorner of West falls av ?nnearifi Rinnk it.. Haifimora. !WH mrf-li HA IR .TOOTH, N * I L AN1? BANDOLINE BRUSHES, at GIBBS' Hair Store, near 13th it. and Pa. av., and at tats Sales Room, under Wi| lards' hotel. c9-Sm AUCTIO* TO DAT ? TO-MORROW MORNING. pool?/ ^Soufesf BOOKATIONE R Y 0 *awct Goods.?THIS EVENING. at u* ? i k- at ^lor? No. 4*1 Fa. avenue, near Natioaal Hotel, we shall oontinue the sa-e of fine Standard, Poetical, Historical. and Soientifioftl Hoolti, Sta Per c7s a,,0T 0<XhJ<* Gold *'** Silver Pens and j?ua d wali. a Barnard. Aoot>. FUTURM DAT9. By A. GREEK, Auctioneer. Bowling ali^kys and fixtures, CofJITER*. <J AS CH A JCHEMER*. CiH<?;xn \ r A RATI'. Stove. Ac., at Arcriojc.?On MONDAY, the I ft Fsbruary. I shall 4 o'clock p. m., at the Rowling Saloon recently kept lit Mr. \\ ilev. (m I) street. Ix?tween nth and 'Jth streets. all the eflec's of the establishment, viz: Three Bowling A Slc> Beds. Troughs aiid Pins 1 In* very superior 'arte and other Counters. Gas Chandeliers and Burners, and Cooking A nan tun With many other articlea which we deem unneoe* sarv to enumerate. Terms cash. _jan ^ A GREEN. AucMon*er. Bv A. GR EEN. Auctioneer. TRUSTEE SALE OILvaLUaBI.E I*r?ov*n 1. PROPERTY, OS 7th " kKKT. M*K THE NaVV Yabo ?By virtue ol a deed of trust duly executed and recorded l>ctng dated the i>tb ol Teh-nary. and a'the request of the party entitled to the de'it thereby secured the "ubsouber will sell at public auction,in Iront of 11: ?? premises, on THl'RSUAY, Jan. iM, liii*?. at 4 o'clock p. in., part of square uine hundred and five, (906) Uiunded forty one feet from the southwest corner of said square, and running thence north a ong the line of 7th street east feet 6 inches; thcnce east 55 feet, thenoe southwardly then"? 43 f'et to the pUce of heriiimnc, situate) in the city of Washington. The improvements consist of a good and sulitantial awl well-built Frame House. Terms of sale: One.half nash : the l<elanoe in six and twelve montns. the purchaser to tire ins not** for the deferred pa> inents. bearing interest from the day of aale. A d?ed of trust taken to secure the payments <?f the u<<tes. All conveyancing at the ex penoeof the purchaser. If (he terms of sale lie u?i complied Withinteu days frt-m ?ie day of sale, the trustee reserves the right to rsse^I said premises at th? n?k and co*t of the defaulting purchaser. bv givinghve day's notice of mid resale in some nvw^oaper published in the city of Washington. MMRtb GARRETT^ON, Trustee. jan13-sc2w A. GREEN, Aact. ID* THE ABOVE SALE IS POSTPONED until FRIDAY, the liih day of Febreary next, same hour. By order ol the Truste? jan 29-eotW A. GREEN, Auet. P By A. ORKbN, Auctioneer. I'BLIC SALE OF A NUMBER OF SER VaMS. *XDOT!!*R PeI>OI1L PlOPMTY ? Br virtue of an order of the orpnaus' Court of y\ ash inetoQ county, D. C. the tBlwri'*r will sell,at public sale, on TI'ESDAV, Feb. V. IKie if fair, if not, next f?ir da;- H ereafter, at the 'ate residence if Mrs. Ann la'tx'tt, deceased, between the INsvy Yard Bridge and Good dupe, all the personal prop erty of said Classed, cuMSifctinr or six va liable Servants, a ?oo-l draught H<?rs?. twr fine Hog*, all her Household tind nitohen Furniture. Iar?e lot CaMmge, Bee llive^ filled w ith honey, Ac. Terms of sale, cash, unless otherwise agreed upon with the administrator on the day of sale. Sale to commence at in o'c'ock a. m. FRANCIS K. DAVIDSON. Administrate: of Ann Talt<ott. law gfi-?t*T".Th>'A M \IAlOHAl. S SALE.? in v:rtiieof five writs ot 1*1 hen far-:as, oa j?<?SWf of condemnation, issued from the t lerk ? office of the Circuit Court of tne Diet i let of Columbia for the County of Wash, i :ip t on, and tome directed I shall expose to pullio s:t!e for Cash, in front of the Court-House d? <t of said County, or. SATi K DA Y. the 2? th day of Feb ruary. IKSfl, at 12 o"ck>ck rn.tlie folio* in* described pniptrfy, to wit, vir : Part of Lotl.iu square Wfbt of square No. 4 in tne t'llv of W ashington, D. C., kitiiiia: at the southiMst coinerofsaid Lot No. I. runmni! theuce west ai' nc the line of K street n- rth 17 feet, llierne north 75 fret, thence east !7 feet t*n?e South "5 feet to l?eeinriine , alto the undivided half par'of i ot No. 11, in said Kjuare. fronting on /7th street west 6-? fe"t, running !>ack with tnat width with the rear of said Lot No. 1,4" f^et 8 inches, as niirr-hased by Jolui Mc<>a-vey "f Me?srs En&isand Wtaxfward; also, the other undivided moiet* of Lot No. II, in said square, and that pail of Lot No. Lin said square, commencing for the sftme at a point on K street north, 17 feet west of the southeast corncrnl said Lot, and tunning thence on K stieet wst leet 8 inches. I hence northwardly ami paral lel with /7th street 75 feet, thenoe wiih th^ rear line of saia Lot eastwardly i3 ft-et 3 inches, thencc s< ut h wardly to be^inutiic, logether with all and sn uclar the improvements therein, seized hisl levied opo i as the pr .p?*r') of John Mctiarvey, and will l>e sold tocatis'y Judieials No. 3V", ^*VC. 357, .<nd'-58. to Jannar> te-m ik'jR. in favor lieo. L<iwry. IIowHIA S nbliriK, Timothy <?'Douohae A 5on, Patrick LpJ wage, an I (jetty A William*. J. D. HOJ?VkR Marsha! jan '.1 dts ff>r tne l/istrict ??x Columbia. By J. C. McGU1M Auctioneer TRI'SIF.E'S SALE ???' VALFABLE IN iMPHorFD I. s m Est*tf.? Bv vi'tne of a d^ed in trust. Iwariii^ date tin* .11 day of Apri'. I<li7, and recorded in Lib"r J. A. S.. No. !*t, seq., thesniiscriberWill seM, at public *ai", on WED N i>|).\V, tn?' Id4ay <?( Pehnsary. Ik>ck p. in-, at the auction store of Jas. C. Me^inire. on the corner of Pennsylvania avenue and !<?? h htreet we*t, the whole of Square fr'?n*ine ijl feet 1 inch <?n eaeh ?>f north C and D streets.and 3K5 teet<>n eacb of 14th and I5rh streets w st.and Lot No. 14, in Square N?'.TU. fnu 'ine "?4 f<*et <>i. l?t street eist, Ue??een south B and C etreets. b> i :ie hundred ftct deep, '1 ei ma of sale; One third eash: and the balance in six. twelve and 13 montns. for i!">s l -arm^ n-.tei^st from ilay of sale, secured by a de?-?| <jf ir?ist on the prop? rt): and if not eotmlted wi'h m bve day s -itier the sn!e, the property will ln? res .Id upi i ?me week's notice, at the ri>k aiid exp>'i,se if the pun baser. All convex atiei ? t at the cos* of the purehaser. I HAS. S. \\ a I.LAi H Trustee. jSS!3-2tawftds J. C. Me<?l'lR I'. Auctioneer. B] .1 \S. t". Mcfil I" F.j ? net;<>neer. POS T|VE SALE OF TWO OLSIR \BLE liRH K DWKLLlNiI HoC*r?oN F. SrHLET. Be twkks 9kci?m? a*n Thieu.? n W<iNI?aV AF TER.Nt>0 . February ist, at 4 o'clock, on tne premises. I t-haii s !i l^i' No. f. in Square >o. 7n. i'rontiin; lee*1 S i ei? son E street. I i?>i ?<j and id s'r-eis ra?t, rum nig l>a<-k IIS fe t to a in feet alley, with th? i?nproveiiient?, ??onsistin': <>fa three s'??r? and Basement fir i'k Invcllin; House, c?>u MtMSf Kinkt luMSS, wi h**n? a-d ?'?? Fix urcs in ever* rimm ii'he hou? wi h B-i'h Room, aud other modern improvements 'iso. I.o No.7.mi i ??. f uatuuc ? I leet M inches on t-ame stre ??, rum iru b c* M2 f-et to ai alley, w th rh? improv merits, cmeititinc m a ?hree stor> Brick Uwei 1112 llous with B?ck Buil'iine , eontaini t Saloon, I :u,or. wi h ia ee L'h.ib; Room ivitii pinib Weiter,, eulit i l ambers, Kitehcu. Watei Closets, A ? .. 1 e Th"s* houses are nea1!? new. well farn all 'lie rr.^loni improven r ,ts. rnd buiit in the irsat subst.iiitia mariner, snd oeat d inoneol the m ist beautiful and fl> -is-nt part* of 'he ? 1 Terms: One ionrth eash the residue in ??. <2. and If! n.oiit'is, with mi' rest, se'*ur? I bf- deed of trust in the prem siF. j in .7 d J. C M"'?FIRF Asst. f^SPECIAL NOTICE, "iir sincerc tliariks are a her?b> rendered toa" m'ho nave s- uted theirac coiints witii us s;nee our last isaue ofbills. But our prmcipa1 objcct now is tocall the a*tcntioii ol tho>e who liHve not paid to rhis notice. \\ e went thein 'o knoa- that r r? art *mff -1 m* for ft m v* rt . /?. moi- u 'In- ir>.a:id h?>pe that w.thout delay tlioee persons whom w' have iuk?m?;| faitli aecomm<Mlated will rail or send 111 their setttenu nts. jau 26-d4w CLAGETTA D(?I)^4?N^_ ttTATEOF C A LIFORMA BON1>S. ^ ? The law providing for Futidinc the Bonded.and other specified indebtedness.of the Stale o! Ca t forma, r'qu're- that the old B'vkL and ?:ertih-. itts siiallbe forw.trded to Sacramento dunne thit r to t?e cancelled and rep'aced by new one?, we wsll act as agents 111 thu business, 'ad request, an tiar!* deliver* ?>f the Bond . jan a-lm OHI BB BROTHERS. $1(10.000. SPECIAL NOriCM. HOOE. BROTHER k CO . have iusf received from New York. CS tONslCNMK.xiT, ANOTHER CHOICE ASSORT1ILNT KARE AND DESIRABLE DRESS GOODS, l\? Ll'UI NO, All Wool l)e I.aines. at ^5, S7)?. and j1' i ts. Black >iiksl>..'3 n.d'^ets. Silk 1'opun RoIk-s a Omlie. Blai-k aud Colored lireiivlines. Ac., Ac., An., A a. A l I'uprt rt'ir nily l.oir I'rirtf. Cnli and l.xamiue. PE nnsylvam a a v evf e. jan 23-' w between Rtii and 9'h rts. ^ASH PAID FOR FFKNITI'R E. The highest cash pries will a? a'l times be paid for good second-hand FFRNITl'RE. Persons -ie cliiiiug noiisekeen ,,c wil hud it groat Is to their ad vuntsge to gi. e us a call l>eforv duposii's <f their household efleots. BO NT'/ A COOMBS, jan/5 2w No. Jfri 7t h ?t reet. nea? I. ItIESSRS. HOOE. BROTHER A CO. will open On TUESDAY MORNING. Jam iky^Ii. a superl>co!!ec*;on of those ?11 5 FLO F N C ED SILK R O B E S. whieh have created so grent an excitement in \N ash uifctoii during the pnst week. Pemi. a v., between 8th and *?th sis. N. B.?These elegant e- nsitned (<nmIa will lie fourd on the fi.ook of our establishment, tnns af fording the Ladies an ainpU'?>pportunii> for a thor ough examination of the stjles and prices Itefore purchasing. jan ?5-1 w ARRIVAL E XJTK AORDINARY! M"ME MANAAR. SCIENTIFIC rtiftLOG 1ST A.YD PHfitl\OLO(i 1ST. lias taken a suit of Kootnsat Mrs. Sutton's, No. 4 0 Eirhtii street, and flutters l ersell from her well ki.ownability ami respectability, that the Ladies and licutleiuen of tins vieinity will turn out en inasse.and pel her to the test. She will niiarautce that those who visit her will not regret it. Gentlemen, Oh? Ladies, fl.isi. Horoscopes dra* n for Five Dollars. She will remain only a short time. jan 25?2w" J A C A H II AS. HARRIS, AotxroF MARY A.HARRIS, No 673 7th st , near trie corner of F, Island, DKALXK l? _ . . OROCERIE3, PROVISIONS, YE?iETA jan as-fit* BI.KS. a*. j ACCORUKONS, VIOLINS. FL.DTKS, A Str ngr,, Banjos. Violiacellos, Tamtsmnes, Music Paper, Ac., alway s on hand, wholesale and retail, at our Piano Store. joHN p KLLIS. jan 19 306 Pa. ar? bot. wh and loth sts. TELEGRAPHIC NEWS The Straaft Fwir Fya Taiura ?i -iv.roo and insured in the Pittsburg OfBre* for ?9 (ItiO. Tbe folltvlng persons are known to have been iiMt: Capt Benjamin Woodward, of Newport. Kt i Mr and Mr*. Murphy, of Pennsylvania; Wm Nelson, an Englishman? Jmm Ai>d*n>on, of Yenia. Ohio; James Maloy. Michael Donobue, Jiiiiiro Karanagh. Thomas Walker. and RobrM Diddle, of Pittsburg ; a widow !adv and ehiid. unknown ; Hannah Tbotn*?. r bam'iermad, <A Alleghany cltv. Wtlkrr'i Speeeh at Mabile. Sf Jati ?Walker, the fll:buater in hs -peecu at Mobile on Monday night. *avs thai In ttf month of October a confidential friend <?f his h?<i an interview with a member of the cab inet, who said the Pre?id*-nt wu opposed to the Nicaragua enterprise. a?d the member reoorv. mended the \\ .ilkfntr? to enter into treaty with Comonfort, >iecaate the allies of Mexico, and then bring about a war between Spam and Me* lco. and seir.e Cuba The Walheriu-a. bowevet. repudiated the pro|>o*;tion. Mntlay on R?nrd the fcblp Kate Hooper. I??i?Tt?x, Jan *i!??Letter* received in tbia city bv th^-t-am-r Canada, dated Adgier, Nov ?1. re port that a very serious niattar hxd occurred 01 boa-d the line flipper sbip Kate Hooper. Capta'n Ja? k*on,(of Baltimore) U.ui.d from Hong Kong t<? Havana, with a large number of coolies The 'a'tcr. it appear*, for mmi e cause, broke oot into mutiny ami at one time got |?ossrs-.ion of the lower deck. and three lime* set the ship 011 (Ire '"aptain Jackson and hi* ofllcers. however, bv their detfc'initivd action, flnellr ov? rpoweied th* mutin-ers, aud ktipprr^fd the flam***, bet not until they were < ompelled to eboot dow*i "omr fifty o| the ringleaders. From I tab. ~i Lorts, J<111 J?.?Pates from Ftah to 'he !Otn of IVeember hsve been received. The troop were in 'kmc thenjM-lve* ; omfort *.l?le and en;oy ta;j good health Capt Bee, commanding trie volunteer*, war drilling theni for future useful ne>s. There were no signs of snow e?*t of Fcrt Laramie, bat plenty e?f grass and bufla!oe> Advices Santa Fe of an tint important rhar acte: have been rece 1 ??d Resolutions had been adopted at 1 public ?it^etinir thanking S-creta^es Floyd and Brown for otficial action* affecting the intert%t of the Territory. Depredations bv the ArA'-he and atber Indian tribes are reported From the Armv la I tab. St L-?ct>, Jan 3t>?Tbe I tah correspondent of the St Louis Republican state* that Cspt-ia Ma cy i* expected back in the middle of April After trjn?poftitioo is effected. Johnson will t.i *ke an effort to enter Salt l.ake cttv Johnson ?t impression Is, from the dem nstnt'oo in the valle**. that the troop* will have to flight. Ira n b? .irer t* d??.patf-L!:? for the Government laet I-timbers of Ittdunt A t orrntn friter Lyached. IHDUSiroLif, Jan.2c?Cn Tuesday, a mob at Ligotsier arre*t< d three counterfeited One of them they banned. They were proceeding to ex ecute the second, when it wa* agreed bv the ma jority to l?*t the l<?w tako its conn** The tb.rd oti?. who wa.? guilty of making bo^us c<>in. wa?. delive'ed into the bonds of the I n.ted State* deputy marshal, and brought here to-day for trial He was held in tltli bail, jn deiault cf h*r wr. committtd to jail Fire la Brooklyn. New You, Jan.89.?Henry Redford s furni ture ?t< re, in Fulton street. Brooklyn, >* as burned last night Loss *7^,1410; iuaurance Mobile Cottea Market. Mobile, Jau ?S?le? of Cotton 4.50U bales, and deare'j quotation ;?% cts , sales for 'he week ?.St.tMllmle*. reeeip's for -ame time P:?I.U0(Jagain*' JI.IMihaln.s?decrease Stock ll*JH?bai?< a^ain-t IfS.OW Market*. New Obi ?a* , Jan ?The foreign ne\x*by th? t'anadt was received and publisLed in the evening ?dit.otis of the A<sc-:a'ed Preas an hour and a half Ik fore it* receipt through 0 her chan nels. The cotton market clo>ed generally unchanged. T.OtiU bales wue sold previous to the receipt <?f the Canada's advices. Supr? are buoyant, and advanced ^c., Ijij1! Mulas*e? quoted ITalT i*c Flour f* active. Me-s pork quo'ed SM 25 L?'<t ?*c. R10 e fft-e better. yalOc. Othtr article* uncianged ?? Baltimar* Markets BaLTiMCEE. January JO ?Hour of ai! kind? is dull White wheat ?1 lsal -^5; red SI (."Oa'l 10 Corn. lo\*>r; w bite 5Vyellow 45c W hi*ky 'Ju^lc. Provision* rather firmer; mess pork Slj tiC in bulk, fieat ar. 25; shoulder Hi ^ ; Bides ?" To; ba< on ?T '.'mT 5?' ; *houlde's Ic ju , sides '? "o Lird ft . Little doue in provisions Aew Yark Markets. New Voii, Jan 30?Flour dull, sales 3.VX? bbls :ttate?l J?ia?4 J5, Ohio *4 T5a*4 /XI, South ern S4..50a4 '?j Wheat dull; white *1 25e*l 37. Corn ha? a declining tendency; white.? vellow65a** Previsions aiiiet Whisky 4n!i ?? rtaaaclal. Nr*.v \>n. Jan ?Stork- generally finne* Chicago and Rch k Island<?7. Cumlierland Coe' Co l.'i I'.lino't Cenral shares ?; do boodiA} '., La Crosse atid Milwaukie II ?? , 'Mieblgan '?cutt* e 11 b'; New Vcrk Central ;-J v; Rt-d:n? Sb Missouri 0"s rl - ?'erl:ti^ exchange dull PERSONAL. Hon Jame? William*, of Tenr.e?Bee our Minister to Cou-itautinople. is at Klrk?*oods' . .. t? H ^ out hard of Boston baft compoaed a new American ojiera, called ??Omaao.'" found'd on the ftiuous story of '-Vathek,*' by Beckl^rd It 1* favorably ?prken of bv the critics. |.... Tha* irr.t (la-s hi mbn: the h<t C J [Vnison who is *0 well knowu and tboroueol*' appret Mted in thi* city, is lectitnng ir Vv: New Vo'k on eniatK'patioa in the Britiih West Indies. "Chawles" :* a gei^"%e 1. .. Mr Parton, coaunaaicatiBg to the N V Pus' an unpiibMshtd lette* written by Burwh?-a a theological student say?, "Von were misin formed with regard to my haviug any -theo'v re*p?c'in^ the ii.fliicne of Burr upon jackso-.'? career The only theory of writing that I enter tain, is. first to find out the truth, sacoadlv, to tell it " Just as we th-aght DerLCEABLE Arr me ?Information rearhed tbi- ci'y this mo'tnrig ,>aysthe Lvuchburg Cou rier of Wednesday, of the occurrence of a mo?t deplorabie ^ff'j'r vesterdav. about four mi'.ec b? - youd Campbell Court-Hou*e. resulting :n Ue death of a citizen of that vicinity, at tb< hands cf Mr. Walter Withers. The particulars, as wc gathered them from J gentleman just from tLe Coiirt-Hon*e, are these Mr. Jo dat! and Mr. Withers fc?d had a m:*.ir. derstanding *n regard to some hay. Ye*te day they met in the roud near the hou-*" of the latter'** mother, when 2 personal recouuter en>u? d. grow ing out of the former cause In the scn^.e, Jor dau got Withers dowii.atid ettdeavced to cut bun 011 the h? sd with a p<n ket kntfe. but w ith ers. baviag 011 a fur t <p. received no iaiary f'orr. tbe wea|>ori. Jo-dan then, it seem*, attempt* i to rise or h^d risen, wben ^ itl?"* diew a pirtot and shot bun. the lull taking ?fleit in 'be vie and | a*siii;! d-eplv into the b? dv No one was present at the d .tfir ultv. except a brother of W it he's and a I son of Joraai . Tbe wout'ded man was renio"??l as ?eon as r.os sible, liy Withers. a neighbo' * house. wL^rf hed ed some time la-t miiUt The unfortunMe perpetrator of tbed-e'l gave bunstlf up, and ? now in custody. U3/" Worcestet, Mass., has one member of e p.< i-h who pa?s. on a valuation of hi* propertv 51 ."kj a v*ar toward- his minister ? tsx $100,000 ALL WOOL DLLAINL at ami *?S cts.. worth 75 ets. Call and examine thea> at HOOK. BROTHKK k COS, l'a. avenue, l?t weenS h ami 9th *ts. N. B.?These consigned k?mk!s are sep.irste Bn?1 distie.ct Iroin our<i will te found on exhibition on the spacious *?Com> rLoon "I o?r es taMishment. ian*Slw $I.000AWAK: ?,.au:a? $1,?? A YKAR. Prohtalilaand ir'normW? ?mplojr ?I,i??' A VI AK. meiit lor sll t,me.^ Pers<'n. ie ? 1 juki \ VF.AK. town or aosstn. ?? a*sraa "1 a?i V VLAK. pii-? iifiit ?? a source ??! inoonte, iic'hhg: m"wiks y kwf. ^ J enter sea . station in ids t?r fi?ma V^AR. ii'ate' lal. It is anartiote ofdsi 1 I i?*i t VKAK. consuMiBt'on. and oan t?e inauu I, ? ,, *? \>;a R. lao'ured ?? the a^ent't dsellHH ; SL i't?? A VKAR. seenre ?<i o?i#>rijtht; aai? aa i'e??A VKAR. pernjtiisnt as llonr. Ane*ent is -?'(*> A VbAH. wauied iu everj t"*? m the |r,w>VMR. rni. n. ,.nrs mf ILLINERY, URKSS MAKING AND t<v , iFI l' .V1IX* hMAobi!?MMK>l. i^idie^ visitine Wa*uinit?ui nre re?pee>?bii * foruiud that we are pw?i w to mU? .L , Mi Cloass., lo.. at short notice, 111 the .M'si styles, and sat .si*e 10a gnaraiueeO ?n a 1 { A larsBstoe* cl Uress and Cloak TnaaiBt?|0 latest and hawasenaert Bt?igB. with CLOAa^ BASOIJK^. UNUKKDRRSeF.S. BO>>H_. KIBHONS, and MILLINLRr tion. always on haud. II' Viarlet U li Mi offsaH Ceatre Maraei.