Newspaper of Evening Star, January 30, 1858, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 30, 1858 Page 4
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EVENING STAR. THE LITTLE WINTER GRAVE. Our baby he* under the snow, sweet wife, Oar Uihy lien under the samv. Out in the dark witn the night. While the win a so loudly bluw. As a dead saint thou art pale, sweet wife. And the croaa la on thy breaat; U/i. the mow no more can ohill That little dove in ita neat. *1|,ut the baby out, aweet wife. . J chilling wintlo do Wow "n. the crave ta now ita t>ed. And ita coverlid la mow. ?Br merry bird ia snared, sweet wife. That a nun of muair gar*. Vnd theanow falla on our hearta. And our hearta are each a grave. Oh. it waa the lame of oer life, aweet wife, Bli.wn irot in a night of glooin; A leal Irom our flower ol love, \ ipped in ita freah Wootn But the lamp will shine above, aweet wife. And the leaf atam a; a I grow, Whsre tnere are no bitter winds, And no tire*/y. dreary snow. Dead Letter* ?I nder the provisions of the the"^STpiat^^ t dra<' br?ncb ? UJ 0*\ Offlre haa j?st returned to their inrT r 'r 'i" the lowing correspond !?. % J- F'^'and,-iU.(?M., Bremen, 2,000; Prus Franre> 2|?'I; and to Canada, 7,^13. ? v.r . rrr ^duly received, advertised. and every lawful mean* taken to deliver them i? tlie whom directed, ?ut without success, ik ? v thus been sent liack, nnopened, so mat the postal department* of the lands from whence the letter* fame may dispose of them ac cording to their own ariangement. ID" A Berdan Automatic Oven is about to be established in Boston. iT7~ Why did Job always sleep cold * Be cause he had miserable comforters. RISl V^ITk narl' F;"l ? Attorney General of I* ^farVire S<,n resignation to the ?J?dlie,Va,rnttiUaA* very much depressed li?d!a g?dsP 1 b< aV',y Stu' k *1 w,th hJ^C?>IreKPjnnToda.,,V new*raper which has been publ.shed in Rochester ajnee th(. r?( jam,ary last., has been discontinued. lET" Although the coal of Western Virginia is re'rTt**1 '"ex.h^us,!b,e- d,,d can l?e mined *for two I"""1"" f cm i } biU b^ bern sported In the Virginia b 7. *" aVth?r,zinS the consolidation of the SjilrSS' Northwestern Virginia JR rh* Buial0?avingn Bank ha. taken tbirtt - flve thousand d .liars of tb- I'uited States Treasu aanuin* WDlth dfaW 'Uterest of 3 pvr tent lwr lO* Parodi, the prim* donna, now in Havana U? ?S. th?? *JWOuM P?r annum, a laXe? Statrs P 10 the President of the I'oited dllmwn' rf~fk? flTm'T*-tn ,h? vicinity of Mid *n uZ A . ?'.u e g,V**n "0tir<' that a' i? O tlo< k on Monday, they would appear with their o*. ont'di ?d'?I wood a"d provisions for Tratuit ous diatiibution among the poor. m ^^e Alton, III , Democrat, of the Ifith in 1 } "" the country, and in the immediate, vicinity, rhe wheat cron lo .k. splendidly Never was there 3 b^fer pW^' bEnhJl Cr?P' a"d P"ce'-fifty cents per ;V recent wilkin^ match in Boston, where James Lambert and a man nam-d '-Th* I ynn Buck, were to walk as long as they could 7ta d ud was terminated by the police on\he appS J o^unday morning last. They propose h.Tj it ID" The savannah Gcoroian savs that a ?eri eler,*rl b?-to Engineer, a ?U. L^TphTm?, ^??ner- Co1 HeB,er- ba<'?-? L.acy f nillipa and Honinmi? Bird within th#? ?;,h ?"d now Lngin^rr i. ruine<l, nrid sho^koe Claclnnatl Gazette narrates at length S^tabTe ,an?7 at,en,liu? tb( inveigling o? a fro,n a "teamboat into a ro<,lii in a kowc fronting th?- river, where she waa keot ^ ^r^" f?Ur ,U""tb!' and *n,>jected to night the Seventh \v AT S,,.>cr.*,fATI^^-The citizens of a???rr ,i *rd? Cincinnati, to the number of about one thousand, had a mass o, Fri day evening. wLen a committee of seventeen was the ard to leave in thirtv dav? ?,...i i? We?r to cillTJhmpli 'Le cor,u,"'M^ *>?? power to call another public meetin" Thin a?d" ZV takrnJn ro"^??nce of the ou^eo^s m<Jecent chara. ter of these houses. ^ t^fiCf?w.TU<Ti,,:,y -Marcellus W?.?II w ??.??"*?, of Frederickshiirg Va i, k ?t? a dr,v<:. out of town, were met bv a\o! ked bull, at which the horae became fi iyiifeiif<i and started ott at a da-hlng la,e,"naetfl ? ? and throwing Mr (iarnett out. Slaughter thi hSS H?.hltb"n; a tiriM* stopping toe Horse He then returned for his cori.n; i ion ^i f?^!nd Wi,h ,he h"11lb" aet of uorin ?7mSTrJi"*? """ U7" It is ascertained that the tnliesi listed in the I uited Si-.fes a.e from the State of me.arefrn^V and over; while the shortest IJJTe h.mi ? * ?rk' Wl^r,? on'y four of one hundred were six feet. Tbe 'aileat rerrui meLnn hS;aoV'H ^ ^ "ix Ibe ? rrcruits the nee w.i? five feet Vnrk ir T , tll<,!4t enlisted man from New York was six feet one and a half inches, and the "U^cheif >eW Ywrk recrl,i,, Wi1s "ve feet *<mur''*" \? J1***".0* their ows Respox ?.?tx.IT*.?A farmer living about eivht mi lea from the city, drove into town before davli?ht yesterday morning with a load of poultr'vanri S'iSuSJ'k'?! rk b'". p'.-1 "I'm! I?fh? n to supply his customers As day light appeared. be was surprised to hear the crowing of a juvenile rooster underneath his nnfhi' an',ll,no" examination found perched no. on the coupling pole of his wagon, tl.ree or fou of hia own chickens, who bad rod* In that i?osi tioa eight miles fcv'J".., A rrivals a t pkincipal hotels J1LLA.M. HOTKL.-Jao \V ?llis ob.n Va'Tev s' I! T" and iadv Pa- \V u win * liorrifr >ussndN,1tdvrdo-K V Hli?| d'iH" litpr I* \v* ?' * J And Mrs hmt*b, C \V: It Walla, l. IV V- 1 ?S"-' * * wSSXVJ'K v"RD,rVBr?l22Tvi 7,J ,1etbMMd? T'r D^, , rWi, (K&V ? R F-unston. \a, A Me,w;n. Iowa K Col kV- J F^, Swvfi o ? i> i? %t* ? # ' , ? H Looh, s W 'n u r i Pa; U Robinson K.,d familw M* !cCiHre- do; J?* ?' Oalla?her,OIU d,tdp; ,lI */?"'<"?. ?*?; ' M A Ru .yd C ? , !? rr' J' *' arf&ssr 5idH .Misa, T W Oiljkon,^,^v " Wiulock ^dey ^ ^h u?U J a'* *?aey, .^c. M trraiiam and Iadv. .Vw York- x <? Erwia, VV Lockw od. M R Harileit iX i ^ C R'^pe Mo; U R Morehead N Vk c il VL- J n ' ^udiie Templcton, J II Bryant III T nVk't f?i.J y- "JlSKSr'UJ ?? ' M J ?- Bru< e Mil w c v. ? i ' M"., H Roytf., i,- H Howard >i," J B?, S' il; r.ylo, ,?d N V. DrB J Md? a M Baker**H HV u J M Ua"i'"1 XV H Duncan! NH ,j0dm"n?H Y; NY f ?" nTEMd JLT?od"'T,f vC1' P*. L F Cm vj J. r r'^pird, \Y; H Bond. Shanty, 1 I . ^,in "are, My; Mrs H B Md j \v \v n't " Brown Va; M Ten. M E *7' J I "aunrb Miller Pa. J Mdy |Dd / A>.tTM"; M B Winter, Mo ' 11 < olley, A Washington hoisf _i ? Wm White, Ohio w c i i,,H Rosenthal, Fa; Itw. .XV*. T f AHIi: 111, rbxuiM O Mullen and Simpson. W m H Rnuw \y hhZirf ^"d '? A T McNeil, (ihio Jere Smith a.^d^"iVt'**' Vuie, P., J B and Misa FeguaonTla P * KIRKWtlODHOUSK-J A I'arker V. ra . f wLi*A-.Jv>J'F:"k-? v*jH Md-Pj oodw*'d- N ^ N Ar?uo?. do, 6,d^a, ^ MkRS' a A ILiNG DAYX S?.nurl*?U 7Lt?Ml1t?*J*r" n Ku?ro^A"M'rk"-C?r',a',d :*??}'' Kangaroo {.""f-L ?*rP?Ol. ..fVb 3 Fulton v inr^-Liverpool...Feb I Canada' Wrk... Havre Feb 6 Atlantic .'.'. New Wrk '' ?/^"P00'? ? ?Feb V. ? w?...Liverpool...Feb Ig Kangaroo LhwrpiJ"0?!- v . _ Julto" S'>utham ii* "\?w J l 1:1 Canada Liverpool ?J"? U Glasgow Glasgow .'. w0" ??????Jan Ui i Liverpool ..New Vort""J1* "5 City Baltimore. Liverpool New v ' u? ? Itidlaa LiverrWl porM Ja" ^ "if"* ?-"4^:"aSs4 n* California mall ateamer. le.1"'* , 3" ?? ,b" ftl of eaeb mo?tk Iftfurmnoe, te. G EDWARD SNOWDEN. ENERAL CLAIM AND REAL ESTATE Aur<Ii I? Fur Bountv I?ands. Pension Claims, Prhaeeu tion of Ciaim* before the Court of Claims, fongress and the Departments, Purchase and Sale of real es tates, attend to Renting Houses, Hu* and Sell Loud Warrants. Negotiate l.oans, and all business of similar character. Office corner 7th and Louisiana avenue, jan 16 ly \\ ashi/igton, Cit?^_ O L 1) ANI? SILVER PURCHASED ATTHF. REST RATES. a FO R KIG N R ILLS O F EXCHA NG E SOL /?, ON THE PRINCIPAL POINTS IN EV ROPK, IN SUMS TO SUIT. GOLD CURRENCY, AND VIRGINIA MO NEY ACCOUNTS, WILL RE OP F.N Ell FOR DFP0S1TO KS, P AYARLK IN SAM E FUNDS, OR IN GOLD, CHARGING THE C U R RENT R A TES.?C HEIRS MUST BE MARKED ACCORDINGLY. SIGHT DRAFTS ON ALL THE PRINCI PAL CITIES OF THE UNION, SOLD IN SUMS TO SUIT. BONDS AND STOCKS SOLD OV COM MISSION. UNCURRENT MONKEY? BOUGHT AND SOLD. LAND WARRANTST'URCHASED AT THE HIGHEST RATES. SWEENY, rittenhouse, FANT A CO., d < 'in Bankers. ?pEN PER CENT. INVESTMENT. Corporation Bonds of the City of Dnver.port, Iowa, paving in per cent, interest l?y Coupon in Aew York. Itonda M |M each. The growing city o| Davenport has now alniut 2n,ni*i inhabitants, and is rapidly increasing in wealth and popu!ntion. lis municipal debt is only, and its railroad debt only ."iIJS.twx*. and cannot now l*? increased. The statistics of the city were published in the Intelli gencer of the S'th September. We recommend these bonds. I>elieving thom to bo as sale as any State or eity Itonda. oc6 chubb BROTHERS w AMthM'H'N I M * NCE COMPANY. CHARTERED BY CONGRESS Capital tano,ooo!!! This Company is now prepared to receive applica tions for INSURANCE ON BUILDINGS, MER CHANDISE, Ac., at the usual City rates, without any charge for Polioy, at their office, corner of Tenth Street and Pennsvlvama Avenue, over the Washington City Saviiigs Bank. Dixbctor*. Wm. F. Bayly, Samuel Baoon. Joseph Bryan, Jamea F. Hahnay, Wm. Orme, Hudson Taylor, Francn Mohun, M. W. Gait. Bflnj. Beall, JAMES C. McGlMRE, President. ?1afton D. hanson. Seoretary. ap ll-ly AN KING HOUSE OF~ CHUBB BROTHERS. B Dipo?it8.? Deposits received and Checks paid without charge. Drcfts en the northern seaboard oatiea receivej on Deposit at per . and Exchange on aaid Cities furnished to depositors without charge. Interest on Deposits.? Interest will be allowed on Deposita such tales as may be agroed upon. Deposits in Vib&inia asd Ukctrkent Monet, Deposits in Virginia and other Unourreut Money re oeived to be oheoked for, payable ir same funds, or ic specie, we charging the regular Exchange. discounts.?Notes, Drafts, and Bills of Exchange will (?adiscouuled.nnd Loans made on Stocks, Bow!*, and Securities, at the market rate. letters or Ch edit.?Letters of Credit will be furnished, negotiable in the different CiMes of the Uni'-ed States, on Deposit of Money or Collaterals, and interact allowed if Money is deposited, r?nd charged if Collaterals,on such lei ins as may be agreed upon. Travrlihw Bili.s or kichakoi.-Travelers will be furnished with drafts in auch sums as may be de aired negotiable in the dliferent Cities of the Union. Bills Ann leitlrsof Ckkwtos England. ikp Land and Europe.?Bills of Exchange and Letters of Credit on England, Ireland and Europe, furnished at the market rate for Exchange, in sums to suit. Bonds, Stocks, Ac.?Bonds, Stocks, ai,d Securi ties paying from 6 to 12 pr. oent.,always for sale, or bougnt in the different Cities at a commission of a pr. oeut. Where Stocks are bought upon orders, we reaerve the right to oe.ll for a deposit of in pr. cent oa the ooat. Bonda or Stooka will be ordered by tele graph. Railroad, Citt. and Stat* Bonds.?Railroad, City, and State Bonds oau L<e placed in our hands for negotiation, either in thia country or Europe. Knil rond Iron purchased for a*all or with Bowls. Land Warrant?.?Land Warrant* boiihtli the ii arket rates. All Warrants sold by ua are |tta>aa if 4 in evory respect. Land Warrants looated on commission. Land Warrant quotations regularly furnished if re ? nested. Warrants will be forwarded to Weateru Houses on orders, or seat for saloon commission to responsible parties. Rral f.stati and Inhitrani-**.- Real Estate bought and sold, and Insurances effected. Claim* on i'nitkd States, Coukt or Claims, 8on?rk?s.?Claims on the United States, before the ourt of Claims or Congress, intrusted to us, will be prosecuted by prompt and nl>le attorney s. ('H I'liB BROTHERS, Jan 27 Opposite tlie Treasury, 7*on.nectici T MUTUAL life insi k \ ANCE COMPANY. Capital over *?,t???i?si This old and reliable Company ai?* prepared to take risks ou lives at preimunr* that will soil all. EKED CAM.AN. A*ent. < tffiee -No. 2ir? F street, \\ ashington 4'ity, l?. C, ian I .taw .w j^ANKINli H o"T S E r HUR R OTtlh HN. Depositois dent-kitin< Itank Notes v. ill please mai k their Checks payable in currency. D?*posites of I told Will Iw* paid lit Oobl. Accounts wi II l>e opened w it Ii depositors allowing them to deposit l?old and Cheek for currency, the depositor being credited wimi the dillereuet*. seK-tf CHUBB BROTHER**. INTEREST7 ALLOWED ON DEPOSITES. MONEY to LOAN onSTOCK SECURITIES CHUBB BROTHERS. BANKERS. Jan 27?tf Opwotif tk? Trtasury, ITN1TED STATES PATENT OFFICE. J Washington. January 15,1897, On the petition of Caleb and T. Willis Pratt, of Newton, .Mass., pra? nig for the extension of a patent granted to them on the tth of April, 13U. for an im provement hi " truss frames of bridges," for seven >ears from the expiration of said patent, which takes place on the tth day of April, I<i5?? It is ordered, that the said petition be heard at the Patent Office on Mondat, the &d of March next, at 12 o'clock in.: and all persons are notified to appear and show cause, if any they have, why said petition ought not to lie granted. Persiwis opposing the extension are required to file in the Patent Office their object ions, specially *et forth hi writing, at least twenty days l?efore the day of hearing; all testimony filed by either party to be used at the nanl hearing must l?e taken and transmit ted in aecordanec with 'I"* rules of the office, winvh will be furnished on application. 'Die testimony in tlie cane will be close?| on the fith of March; depositions anil '>1 her p-ij>"rs re lied upon a* testimony iiiuel Ir tiled hi the (Iffieeoil or before the morning of ihal day; the arguments, if any. within ten daj s thereafter. Ordered, also, that this notice l>e pubiislied m the Union, Washington. !>? C., au?l Post, Boston, .M-is B-ichusetts, once a we, k for three sticcesiive we?ks previous to the 22<l of March next, the day ??f hear ing. JOS. IIOI.T, Commissioner of Patents. P. S. Editors of the above papers will please copy, awl send their bills to the Patent Office.>vith a paper contain in* tins notice. Jan2i'-lawjw IOHD BYRON'S WORKS. ? vols., Murray's 4 London edition, mi purple calf binding. Knight's Pictorial Shakspcare, 9 vols., octavo, Loudon, green call" The Stratford Shakspeare, 10 vole,, London, in oak casen The Cabinet Shakspeare, U vols., London, cloth gilt. British Poets, i vols , London, half calf. Rose's Biographical Dictionary, 12 vols., London, full oslf. Rollin s Ancient History, 2 vols., London, many maps, in half calf. Burnet's Histories. 3 vols., Loudon, half calf. Dean Swift's Works, Roscoe's edition, 2 vols., London, haif calf. Whewell's History of the Inductive Sciences,3 vols., London, fu I calf. Buiwer's Novels, '.?? vols., London, green oa;f. And many other standard works in lino bindings, imported from Loudon, by d 3"i_ FRANCE TAYLOR. NEW publication.?"Historica! and Lega Examination of that part of the Supreme Court's decision in the Dred Scott case which de clares the unconstitutionality of the Missouri Com promise Aot, and the self extension of the Consti tutiou to Territories, carrying slavery along with if" Bv the author of The Thirty Years' View; oc tavo; David Appleton A Co. New York, IW?. The above work Just issued froi* the press, for sale at the well know" at?nd, corner of street and PcnnsyIvaniaavenue. Stereotype edition, beauti fully printed on clean new type, hue white paper and with best black ink. Bound in black cloth and gilt lettered. Done up in a durable form for permanent use. Price $1. This work is what its title purports to be, an ex amination off what the author deems to lie) the po litieal part ofthe Court's opinion, avoiding any no tie* oftthe ludical pait. which related to the personal claims of the pAitieg on recoid. It is writen in a spirit of entire devotion to the institutions of our country,and with total abstinence front all paity views. Th* authors own words are: *1 write for no party, but for all inen who venerate the woiks of our ancestors, and who wish to see our Government kept on the foundations on which they placed it." ( p 13".) And it ta Itelieved that thia pledge has been kept in the work, nud which la considered, by coin ^fi .Z! A?*\as the most original and profound of iL??.2!L. . r ?" treated as to present new views to the oldest readers, and in fact to ap Sood oxhil'usTsd. ?* * aupposcd to have d 14-tf 1 _ and Pa. av. Diplomatic history or the Wtoh.ngto^ and Adaina Adiiunistrations by W H I 1vol.: fl.2fS. Just published. '"' rrMO,,?. 4 u cw Avrn fAVi.on. , OCEAN ST E ? M NAVIGATION AND THE i (Icean Post, by Thomas Rsiney, i volume 8ro i Two dollars. jan H FRANCK TAYLOR. mW MUSIC reoeived aemf-weeklv at JOHN r. ELLIS' Piano Store, near I'th street. No. '?4* Pa. avenue. ja-i 19 Mi?llftn?na. Notice for Jhe^restoration of CERTAIN LAN DS TO MARKET IN THE STATE OF IOWA. The Krant of land made by the act of Congress, approved May IS, ia*>, to the State of IO\V A, toaiij hi (lie ^instruction of certain railroads therein men tioned, having been ao far adjusted a* to authorize tho release from withdrawal of the lands herein nrtenleiHiiilietl, noiirt u hereby nr.n that all ?he vacant ojfertJ land* heretofore withdrawn from sale or entry along the routes ol said railroad* which be outside of %i.r miles on each tide of the said roadr. situated in the under n.-euttontd townships which ha; e not been selected in virtue of said Krant or any other grant made hy Congress, or legally Hanne<1 hy pre-emption, and which were r.ubiect to private entr* at ttv date of withdrawal, will he re stored to private entry on the days and at the places hereinaIter specdied, at the ordinary minimum of ('?' dollar and twenty-fire cents an acre, to wit; .A'the'and office at I)' Bl QlKoo Monday, the 15th day of helwirr next, viz: North of the ha*i lim and east of the fifth printt pal meridian Townships ai, Rfi. 37. 89. !iu and 91, of ranee 1. Townships R?, ?6. H7, 88. and 9R, of range 2. Townships H4, 85. ?i, and 87, of range 3. Townships 84 ?nd 85, of ranges 4,5, and 6. Township K4. of range 7. North of the ha*t line and irext of th> fifth prin cipal meridian Townghips 85. 86 87. 89. ??, and 91. of range 1. Townships85.86. 87. 89. mo, ni, 92, and 9.1. of range 2. Township* 85. 86, K7, K8, 9n, 91,92. and %, of ranges 3, 4. and 5. Townships 84, 35, 86, 87, 88, 90, 91, 92, and 93, of range 6. Townships AS, 8ft, 37, 83,90,91,92, and 98, of ranges 7. 8.9. in, ||. 12. 13 and 14. Townships &5, ii6,87, 88, 89,91,92, and 93, of ranges 13 and 16. Townships 86, 37, 88, 89,91, 92, and 93, of ranges 17 and 18. At the land office at FORT DFS MOINES on Monday, the 15th day of february next, viz: North cj the. bast line andea*t of the fifth prin cipal meridian. ^ Townships 77, T.l, 8<>, 81,82, and 83, of ranges 1 and ^ ? Townships 79, 80. Rl.and 82, of range 3. Townships 31 and 82, of ranges 4,5,6, and 7. North of the base line and icstof the fifth prin cipal meridian. Townships 77. an. hi. 82, and R3, of range 1. Townships 76, 77,79, 80,81, 82, and 83, ol ranges 2 and 3. Townships 78.77. 80. 81,82. and 83. of range 4. r- wnships76,77.78.80,81, 82, and 83, of ranges 5 and'i. Townships 76, 77 73, 79. 31, 82, and 83, of ranges 7 and 8. Townships 76. 77, 73, 79, R2, and 83. of range 9. Townships 7h. 77 , 78.79, 8<\ H2. and 83, of range 10. * owi.ships 76, 77, 73, 79, 81, R2, and 83, of ranges II, 12, 13.14, 15, and 16. Townships 7ti, 77.73,79, 31,82, 83, and 85, of ranges '7,14,19, and 20. Townships 7? 77.73. 31, 32.83. and 35, of range 21. Townships 76, 77,73,81', 31, 82, 83, and 85, of ranges 22 and 23. Tjwnships 76,77.79, 30, 81, 82,83, and 8.5, of ranges 24 j 25. and 26. Townships 7i,77.79, 30,31,32, 84and 85, of range 27. Towr ships 76, 77,79,80,81,82,83, end 85, of ranges 23. 29. 3i?, and 31. Townships 76,77, 79. 80. R|, 82, and 83, of ran je 32 Townships 76,77,79, 80,81,82, 83, and H4. of range At the land office at CHA RITON on Monday, 'he 15?h dav of February next, viz: North of the base line and west of the fifth prin cipal meridian. Township 79. of range I. 'Townt hips 7*. 73. 74. and 75. of range 2. Townships ?8,69,7!, 72.73.7t. and 75. of range 3. 'Townships 67.6*, 69, 71,72,73,74. and 7S,of range 4. Townships67,68,69,70,72,73,74, and 75, of ranges 5. 6. and 7. Townships 67,63,69. 70,71,73,74, and 75, of ranges 8.9. |o, II. 12, IR, and 14. ^Townships 67. 68,69, 70,71, 72,74, and 75, of range Townships 67,63, R9,7". 71,74, and 75, of range 16. Townships 67,68, 69, 7n, 71, 73, 74, and 75, of 17. IR, 19, and 20. Townships 67, 63, 69, 70,73.74. and 75, of range 21. Townships 67,68.69, 7i', 71, 73. 74. and 75, of ranges 22, 23, 24, 25. 26, i.7, 2R, 29, 30, 31, 32, and 33. At the land offbeat FORT DODGE,on Tuesday the 25ki day of February next, viz: North of the base line and west of the fifth prin cipal meridian. Townships 36. 87, 88,91, and 92, of range 19. T. wnstiips CS, 87,8s, 9n, 91, and 92, of ranges 20. 21, 22. and 23. Townships 36, 37. BR.and 92. of range 24. Townships 86. 1,-7, Kfl, ill, 91, nltd :i2. of ranges 2",, 36; 27. and 2-t. ? ^ Townships 86, 87, and 88, of ranges 29. 30,31,32. and At the land SIOUX CITY on Tuesday, the ?>l <d !? ttbruary u xt, viz: North ?>/ the base line and ie. %t of the fifth princi pal wri'han. Towns-hips 86. :;7. and ??, of range 31. Townships n and 88. .f rnnyct. ... and 37. l ow uships i?, ntid at, <.f rangec .~kl,3K, and 4'?, Township fi, of rnnee 41. To* iihhip !*?. of range42. Towm-hips 8?>. 87, and 88.of ranges 43. 44, and 45. I <?.* nship h?.,o| range 46. At the l.n.d Office at CO I NCI I. BU'FFS, rn I uesday, the twent> third day of February next, viz: Nuith of tht base hue an I west of thr fifth prin ci/ial me ridi'in ToWntlnpF 67.S8.fet. 7". ;2.73, 74. 75, 76, 77. 7^, 30, 81, 82, a", and H4. <d rmii-e .14. l own<hip? 67.6.i.69. 70, 72. 7.1,74, :5 . 76 , 77, ?>,81. H2, i-1. and .'?4. of ranye :i?. Townships 68. 6>, ???. 72. 73, 74,75,78. 77,78, ?i, 81, 82. -t'} ai d 84' o| mnge .16. .... Townships 67, ??. 69.70. 71, 74. 75,76,77.73, 80.81, 82, 83, ;:4. and s5, of range .17. Town' hips 67. 68. 69. To, 71, 73.74, 7 ?, 76.77,7^. bO.Pl, 82 81,84, ami 8-?, of riure !&. .... Town 67.6 :, 69, 7??. 71, 71, 74 . 75.76,77.78,83, ;M, and u.">. of :ii> Townships i.7.i;t. i.i, 70, 71.73,74, 75. 76. 77,79.30. ?l. .i2. :! ?. 84 and k ?. of innire jn. l'o*'n* hips ?i7.63,1.9, 70, 71, 73, 74, 75. 76, 78,79, 80, 81, and ?2, of iiiiitfe 41. Town-diip^ 67. li-'l, l'9. 70,71.73,74, 75, 77, 78. 71, tin, 8l. and of range 12. T. Wnship . 67. ?.8, 71, 71, 76, 77, 73,7 I, 80, 81,82, aud ?.1. o| range 4-1. Townaiiips M. 73.79, no.81, 82, an 1 85. of range 14 TowiisIhpn V, si 1. 31. ?2, and i.5, of tang* 4.5. l'o? nship 85.ol range 4?'. tiucn under my hand, at the city of Washington this twenty-fourth day of December, anno Lioinim one thousand eight hundred and fifty seven Til OS. A. n E> IJRICKS, , _ . oiRinissioner of t\e liemtral hand Offioe, W' I I.D.MAN'S I. AW OF SEA K CH, CAT ture.amf I rize, 1 volume. London. Thompson's Laws of War, affecting shipping and Commerce, I volume, London. Hosackonthe KightsofNeutrals, 1 volume, Lon lion. Shipping Laws, by Mr. Sergeant Atkinson, 1 vol ume, London. Marten's Law of .Nations, translated by Win Cob bett, I volume, London of .Nations, by Poison and Home, 1 volume. IjOilunri. Tuson's British Consul's Manual, 1 volume. Lot (I Oil. Lynn's Hrifish Consul's Hand Book, 1 volume. Loudon. reen on Cotisu'ar Service, (pamphlet) London, ^ir James Mackintosh'on the I^iw of Nations, (pamphlet) Loud n. IIei.thaw's Manual for Fnited States Consuls, fiepulatious lor tinted States Consuls, I volume vo. J'iii imorcon International Law, I volume, Rvo. id man s International Law, 2 volumes, 3vo? I ?? 'tinoii. 1 Wheafon's International l,aw, I volume. Klhott s iMplomatic Code, 2 volumes, 8vo. r.tudes Dip omatique, par la ViComte de Bonne val. I volume. I'aris. l>e Clercq ,t Vallet?Ouidedes Consulats, I vol ume, I'aris. ' pC^n'^s-DipbimaOque Europeenne, 1 volume, <ia?se et Janets?Muuuel dos Juges de Com mrree, I volume, I nriH. Whestoii?lli.stoire de Droit dos gens, 2 volumes, Lcipzie. De Meuscli?Manuel I'ratiqusdu Consulat.l vol iiivi", Marten*?(itnde Diplomatique, 2 volumes, Leip ZIC. Martens?Causes Celebres du Droit des gens, 2 volumes. Leiozio. * M irtens-Vouvelles Causes Celebres du Droit des 2 volumes, Leipz r. Do Cussy? Phases et Causes Celebres du Drmt des l.ens. 2 volumes, Leipzio. r Moreuil?Des Agents Consulaires, I volume, Pa l)e Cu*sy?Dictionaire du Diplomate. "i'l FRANCK TAYLOR. DLHI T AND CREDIT, translated from the German of t.ustnv Freytag, by L C. C.. with preface, b< Chevalier Biinseu : brice .*rL 7I ceiVti4ir * ^r'* {*? H. Sigourney ; Th<! jf'l"*'M "f James R. Lowell, 2 vols., blue and gold ; 75 cents. Army Register for 1858 ; .5> ccnts. Just published, and for sale at Taylor a maijry's l,in Bookstore, nesr 9th st. THE REASON WHY.-A careful collection of many hundreds of reasons for things winch though generally lielieved, are imperfect!* under S ood. Copiously I I list rate. I; Eegllt>i, edition; price stamps'4 " WU rco?'pt of unety ?i* cents 10 Light >n the Valley; My Experience of Spiritual ism: by Mrs. Newton Crossland; illustrated, $l.:t5. Vlolet, or the Danseuse. :#{ cts. Ilyographiail and Historical Sketches; hy Macau lay. A ppleton's Railway Library..VI ots. PunchIS Pocket Hook of Fun. do. do.. 5ft cts. I he Biogrephiral History of Pnilosophy. from its origin in f.reeoe down to the present day; by tie?.rKe Henry I ewes; | volume, f2.75. The ?.ante in 2 vol U IPrM, .w j Just published and for sale at . . TAM.ORA MAURY'S Jnn ' Kookiifcn*. n^Hr Mr ti pit. Cy ,rhilrl,M'M.WkACK^V'Th<l,,M f"r by ?. v. V Mackay, '25 cents. 25 cSits " l'J,r,oal I'T Charles Maekay, The Salamandrjne; by Charles Mackay, 25 cents Legends of the lsles;hy C.iarles Maokaj ;25centi cent's."0 CrtWd; bl Charle.%ackay"a the Mountains, by Charles Mackay, The Lump of (Sold; by Charles Mackay. 2S cents Under tJreen Leave*: by Charles Mackay 25centl' Poetical Works; by Charles Mackay,antique mo' ri^H-o, f2 75. For sale at ^ o.r TAVLOR A MAURY'S Jan 2-tf Bookstore near 9th street. INCF MEAT!?MINCE MBIT ?! - We have a supply of Domestic M;noe M~at which onnnof be surpassed. KINO k BURCHEI.L, <1 n corner iMh street and Vermont avenue. JOH N F FU<1S, Sola Agent /jTr Hailet, Davis * and ,^!inn * Clarke's P;anos, No. 3U6 Pa. avenu/5, near loth street jan 19 M Htdiointt. THE ttKLATEST 1 MEDICAL OF lifE ABE. MM D I Jf^I S9 0 VMM T t Mr. KiR!ilM,?f Koibin, ku diMovcrad is on. of oar oommon pastors weeds 4 remedy that cum ?VIET UNO OW HIMol, from Tk* *???st Srrifmlm down to < sotnmon Pimplt. no hu tned it in over eleven hundred m?e?, iuh! n?<rer failed except iiiivowtM, 1.0th Thunder Hu mor. il? h*.now in hm poases.ton over one hundred Mitiliuktbi ni its value, &ii wittiin twenty nuiei of Boston. Two hotilea ue warrant to euro a uurtiut Sets Mujtli. One to throe bott'es will oure tee worst Und of Piinpiea ou the I 000. Two or three bottlea will cleat the ay.tern of Bites, iwo tiol'loti aie warranted to cure ttie Woi?t Canker in the Mouth and Stomach. Three to five boltlea are wati&rifed to oure the worst kin<1 ?.f hrysipelas. One or two l*ottlea are warranted to oure ail Hu mor in the Eyoa. Two bottle* are warranted to oure Running of the

Lars and Blotches among the Hair. h our to nix 1 ottlea are warrauled to oureoorrupt and running I'lcera. One Ix.tile will cure Scaly Eruptions of the Skin. 1 w".?r three la.ttlea are warranted to cure the worat kind of Ringworm. Two or three bottles are warranted to oure tho moat most desperate case of K heumatmm. 1 liree to (our t>ottle? are warranted to cure Salt rheum. j ^ 'V.'" 'x'ttlea will cure the worst oaae of Scrofula. A benefit la1 alwaya experienced rroin the first lmt tle, and a perlect oure i? warranted when the al-ove quantity ik taken. Nothing 100ka so improtable to thoae who have in vain Iriodall the wonderful mediums of the da>,aa that a common weed growing on the pastures and along old stone wa la,shouldcureevery humor in the syatem ; yet it ta a fixed hot. If you have a humor, it has to atart. There nre no IFS nor A N OS, huma ?or 5ji* .atx"lt '* "Biting some onsen, hutjnot yours. I deddied over a thousand bottles of it in the vicinity of Boston. I know the ellecta of it in every oaae. It has already dons acme of tho greatest cure* ever done in Masaaohuaetfa. I gave it to children a year oid, to oid penpie of sixty. I have seen poor, pu%? ? wormy-loosins children, whose fleah waa aoft 'uia SoUs' reator<Kl to * elate of health b? ono To thoae who ars autyect to a sick headache, one bottle will alwaya oure it. It gives great relief in ostarrh and diEiineaa. Some who have taken it had Men oostivo for years, and have been re* u la ted by it. Where the t>o<1y is sound it works quite pas?, but where there ia any derangement of the fnnotions 01 nature, it will cauae very annular feelings, but you must not be alarmed; they alwaya disappear in from four days to a week. There is never a had re sult Irom it; on the contrary, when that feeling is '"u Wrii. yourself fike a new person. I that f ? "r)"?t?xtravaicant enoonnama of it that ever man listened to. In mv own practice I alwaya kept it atriotly for h? mora but since its introduction as a general famiir medicine, great and wonderful virtues have been found in it that I never suspected. Severs! caseaof epileptic fita-a disease which was alwaya considered incurable, have been cured by a few bottles. O, what a merov if it will prove effec tual in all casea ol that awful malady?there are Lot few who have eeen more of it than I have. 1 know of several oases of Dropay, all of them aged eopie cured l>r it. For the various diseases of the jiver, Sick Headache, Dyspepsia, Asthma, Fever and Ague, ? ain in the Side, Diseases of the Spine, and particularly in Diseases of the Kidneys, A c., the discovery has done more good than any medicine over Kiivwn* No chance of diet ever neoeasary-eat the liest yos oan get and enough of it. Jhreetiont for Adults one table-apoonful per day -ohildren over ton years deasert ap<?onful? children fr..m hve to eight yeara, tea spoonful. Aa ^ applicable to all constitution*, take aufncient to operato on the tmwels twice a day. ^mancfactohed bt a> |W l,0NALD kknnedy. /Vs. 12n Warr$n Strut, Roxbury, Massmtknultt. c^"nt*|/?T W?shin?ton.-Chas. Stott A. Co., Z. Silman liidwel A Lawrence. J B. Gardner. Burry V NVai?h 4 ? =? Walsh, J. P. Stone, Martin King, Nairn A l'almer, ftchwartx A Co., (j Boawell, Daniel B. Clark. J. )'. Milburn, DunUr ?T^Vn' nr .v I?r Georgetown.?R. 8. Ciasell. O M Lentham. J. L. Kidwell. mv 5-ly Cathartic Pills, (SUGAR COATED.) The following remedies are o| lered to the public as ih? must ? ?f','e?',wl"?li niftliivtl soiep<-e i'.iii afford. a\KR*S CATUaRTW Pll.l.suave be.ui prepared with thr utmost skill which the meili r-ni prolesHion of tlux age possesses.and their etfe.sts show they have virtues which aurj,*** any .v.inbi nation of medicines hitherto known. Other pieaa rations do more..r less go?>d ; lair this cures ?uoU dangerous complaints, so ^iio-g ind ?<i suiely. as to piove an eihrac> :in<l a p..w ,-r n> uproot dis^sae l*> >onii any thine whioh imm have kn<>H n, li, removing the obstructions <d the internal orransan'l alimiilHiing the?? into healtht acri..n, tlie? lenovste the f,.|.(!-..ii* of lit- and vi-or,--!ie.iMh oiiiccn anew ti;rough the body, and tlie sick man is *e|| again. I be) iro adapted to diie^ne, and disease '?> ,n b"nllh tt,H? pr..duc? >ut li. le effect. I his is the pei|eciion of iu<>di<*iiie It it'antavoiustie todieeaie, and no more Tender children tuny take Iheni with impunitt. If the* are su k they will cure they are weilri,ek w.ll no hfirin. Give th?m to -ftirif patient who bS' been pros tra ed wuti bilious complaint. ?fi> his t.ent uu. tot 'eiins |orm straighten witti strength avam ; ?^e tos lost appetite return . see hu .;,ainii.? f. atuis. into health. (,,ve them to some .nflere, wiio.,0 i..tii i.IoihI ha<? bur<t nut in scrofula till t.,? i ere^ Vi"' "'fr' 1 Wl,u "tanJs, or uta, 01 i>. ? ?i"'U ' l,:<" t,'< " ??'inched incide and out V?ith even po'ion which incei.uity wKnd i,/ ,'i 11 " 1 R,1,i 'he effect see the iCaba (til Ir.uri hi? bndy : see the ne?- iso Tt hV f'V 'r".wn >n"!er : ~p"lht' ,a"> ? . . i'1"- . ,,iv? f,"rT' ro wt,...,t anfi* ,,ai *? P H'ted i lie it inn 11 ?>rt m in- |i.i,-||f ?i?| -lie-: move h.m. an 1 lie c-ree? he- w rn Wi,' hi h^.u w T'i" s"ak^' Hi rough ever > mu.neof tut i'Od> Mntti liMirienti ti.d salve*. rr e him tne=r I'll..-to pur,|, b.? blood; Diet ilia/ not cure h fin for. aias there aie cn^es which no moitat p..wer' 171 '"H. k . he wa,k-s U Itf, \ e ViTe., t. T, j "*?1 M'01 him. <? \e them to the lean, m.iir. hatgarii .i> pepno a hose gnawing stomach Iris long ago .MU ii ev. i. See hi/'"" l,r,nt evert iniihole fro?, his >ee his appetite return, anci Willi it his iieiitn see inVlT "n* f'diant with lie.*; It |i and lov eliness b asted and too earl) Withering a\VH\ ? want of exercise or mental ai.guish. 7,! some fu, disease, has deranged the internal organs ofdiye< on asiijinlation or secret ion.till the? do the.r .tfice i'r ,oMMl u heaim ik gone, i^ive her these PiLt.s to stimulate tl.e vilai principle int.. renewed vigor, to oast out the ol.structi. ns a, d u fuse anew vitality Into the hlood. Now l7?\k i'.in the roses blossom on her cheek, and where hte|. HV-J"y ,,"rKf." ^r"n, ev,!r? feature! See the '".fa!'t *aK,et' With Worms. Its wan. sicklv fin^Ti* t6iiy"U wllbout disguise, and painfully dis tinct. that they ;ire eating its life awa? . Its pinched up nose and ears, and rest,'es? sieepmgs tell the dreadful truth language which e ery ? knows fine it the |?iL|.s in lar.-e dos-W to rween these vile parasites from the IshI> . \?T ,?rn and ace the ruddy lib huh of childh.M?|. Is it nothing to dothe.e thmgs.' Nay.arcthev ?o. the inarvH o| dliv , et tbei Hre dl'"e arou'l<, >ou every Have you the less serious symptoms of'lies e dis empers. the, are the easier cure.l. Jaundice <"1^ Shimac^NrursmX.iMuTu if you tan, if not, take them judiciously by such advice as wc nve you, and the distressing Vlarre? 'lions oflrV w *h,ch HfTllcl ??> mvi? mi! Iiona or the l.turiaii iac>. are csn out like th?dents Iifold-they must burrow in the brutes and in the '/ I) V'Tl \tCi' v" lvr '7,x~5 ,M'*?s for .*1. A rn' li V Mhinrton; and hv If. COOK evcri w'hern. ' "' 4n<l a" ? M^douie pRIVATE MEDICAL TREATISE * ON THS P"ifI?'it0Wa?F marriagk, Hy M. B. La CROIX, M. D., All<vny. N. Y. *H> ?agoa and 130 hue Plain and Colored Lithograshs and Piatan. Jlln?? K**?and ISO platea. Prioa25 *o?P7- A popular and oom rehenaive treatise on the duties hf? 5h!^ ,e*?f "iDjIeand married li/Siu f9J Bnd fru,,ful alltancee, SS. !-7 8?<?nnn* them?infelicitoua and infertile ouss?their obvintion and removal?nervoua debility, its oausea and oure, l?y a process at ????rn, ",mple- 8af?- and effectual, that failure ia impossible?rules for daily management?an essay on Sper mor?rI?!^.?' i*r'i1 DrA<jt'oal''bservanona on a safer and more aucceaaful mode of treatment preui> iiNniuin whichV?!uW?h'' r???ilt? from empirics? practice; to ZJul 'J ^ded commentaries on ths diaeasea of fe malea from infancy to old age?each oase granlnce.1 by beautiful p!atea lt>MntsTut ?he ao?nt ad*"hfl? ?1 f-1 n tfi oteJ m i aene. and d iRKaarass? uisrtziA & thoae oonteinplating marriage. Its perusal ia pa'rtir l?r,??r?9? everT human being ia entitled to odfree o???pr' or fiv" ?"Pie? for f I , mail cines often cure in the short space "? .mi di ' ^nd KK'.Wrci^"j:,ajr.i/S Sbl<2"?* N?*SI Ma'den L**#? Altany, N. V. The sonuh of Scotland, with tho en graved music,and Pianoforte accompsmmeuta, by Ursham, Mndie, Dilslen, Dun,and other eminent muaiciana. Complete in one large volume, richly Isiund, and containing abiut three huudred melo diea, lieautifully si graved. Prioe l|6Jn. Imported from Kdinburg. by _ ^ d9 FRANCKTAYLOR. ALMANACtI DKOOTHA; Annuaire Diplo tnatique ct Statiarique pour I'annee 1RS8. The Koyal Kaiendar for t(t.5i, a Register for Eng land, Scotland, Ireland snd the Colonics I he Bririah Almanac and Companion for 1M8 HI FH ANCK TaVI OR. LIVINGSTONE'S TRAVELS and Reaenrches in South Africa, 1 vol., tvo., with Mapa and En gravings: $3. Til FRANCK TAYLOR, XiaoftUantooft. SEVENTHSTREET rij tobTas, * OPTICIAN. Office Second Story, three ih-or* from Onn Fkllow*' Hall. Spectacles And ??!. *set> suited to every sight, pera. Pending, and VV?ifhwut<?i'? /-y^-. ...ask**; Telescopes, Miowmpes gieat vanety, <'<Hiiiiorsniio Sfei?oeo?>pe* with views of supenoi niiO choir.- pictureaon hand. Sread%?r liaement in Nuiona: intelligencer. Up TESTIMONIAL*. Norfolk, "September 7.1CM. Si* : The Spectacle you made lor me *uif me very veil, and seem to have improved luy si?ht mure tl.iui any other I have lately tried. LITT. W. TAZEWELL I have trie>1 a pair of Spectables oMained fmm Mr. Tobias, and hn?l thrtii of sreat assistance to my sight.and correspond) nr wuh hisdescnplioiiof t lie it focus. I recommend him an a slriilful optician. HENRY A. WISH. PlTRt?ICK?. < Ictobet il.lW. Atjout five years ago, I obtained from Mr. ToImbs, in Washington, a pair of Glasses lur the spectacle* w Inch I used. and loiindtheui of great assistance to my deeav ing vision ; and in> opinion of him is. that he iff 5kiIIIuI in In- [ ii pur.Hion ol Glasses for eyM not tiH? far rone to !?e berefittfd hy suoh aid. J. F. MAV. I.TNciiBi', November 7,ia'.?. From an examination of Mr. Tobias' Glasses, and from his observation! and i emniks, am com i<ioed that he is a skillful optician. J. J. BLACKFORD. M. D. hisirc;, Novenitwr l?. lc'?4. Mr. John Toluas, having furnished me with Glas *es, by which I have (>een greatly aided, i m> r??H?* liavinr suffered erectly from readme at night in m) earlier lif? ,1 it nflords me the highest pleasure to aay that I consider linn a skillful practical optician, and well prepared to aid those who may need hi* prole**.'una! service*. \VM. It. Rol /IK, Elderol the Methodist CoalrmM*. WlLMiNeioK, N. C., June 27, 1R>4. Mr. J.Tobias?Dear St'r; I am happy tosay that the spectacles which I obtained from you last week arc entirely satisfactory. Emm an inequality in the visual rangeofmy eye*. I have heretofore found great difficulty in getting g'psses a,' the proper fooel dis tances. it affords ute pleasure to state, that iry the aid of your optometer this dslfit nlti ha* been happily obviated, so that the Ultaaee yo? fnriitshed me are decidedly 'he heat adapted to my eyes of any I have ever yet used. Very respectfully yonrs, R. B. DRANE. Kectorof St. James' Parish. Having been induced lit a friend to visit theestab lishment of Mr. Tobias for the purpose of tryine hir f;lasses I was furnished with a pair slightly <*?k>red ?lue, whice have afforded me more relief and gratifi cation than any I have ever tried. My sight,origin ally very good, was injured by writing atul reading at night, frequent !> to a very late hour: but with the aid of these glosses I can study almost as late at ever, and that too without the pain I have previous ly Buffered. JOHN WILSON, l.ate Commissioneer tieu'i Land Office. Dec. 11,1855. I have used Mr. Tobias's Spectacles for three or four months, and take great pleas'ure in saying that I am in'ieh pleased with tliern. I have lieen muoto benefited by them. OEO. P. SCARBURGII. May 5th, l<06. 1 whs recommended to Mr. John To!?asa? a skilful optician ; and as I have eyes of remarkable peculiari ty, I was gratified to hntl that M r. Tobias teemed to comprehend them by inspection and some slight measurement, and he ha* made mc a j*air of Specta cles thst suits me admirably. A. P. Bl TLER. July II, 1S5*. WasHiJieTO!!. Aug. 8,IRV5. Having l?een for years under the necessity of hav two sets of glasses-one for use in daylight, ami one for lamp light?I procured one set from Mr. Tobias which answered liotli purposes. I have used his for several months, and find them excellent. KDWAK I) STI'BRS. Of Department of State. Mr. J. Tobias. Sir: The pair of Spectacle* fan furnished me yesterday are particularly satisfactory to mc. They are very decnf?dly the best I possess, and 1 am the owner of eignt or nine pair*, carefully selected in different places and'from optician* ree otn m ended .to me on account of their professional standing in Franee, England, and the I'nited State*. I have been ai*o pleased wish yonr remarks and di rections on the treatment of the eyes, for the par pose of preserving and improving the sight Resp-eifuM* yours, CHS. CALDWELL. Professor of M. C.. Louisville, Ky. Brooklyn Okthopakmc l!?snTC?!o?it April, 1854. After most careful examination ol Mr. J. Tobias'* Glasses. I am enabled to testify ttiat their hardness, olearness, polishing, and exact optical shape render them particirarly recommcndable to those whose merely optical impairment of the eyes are in want ol such auxiliaries. I consider, moreover, Mr. Tob'Si full* qualified to determine the focus of the eye.U?th hy hie optical knowledge and ejperie!??e, and Of means of tn? optometer. In addition, 1 eanfurfliei giate that Mr. ToMas has f.npplied some of my pa iieuta with (ilruiae*, to their and my satisfaction LEW BALER. M. D.. Ph> rui&ri hi, I Surgeon, f'.eilin, Member of the Pi ?ai ?"?? 'e^e ufSarjeoue, England; Meml-rr ?d tne Medical S?>??e!y of London, a?id of the Pathojogicel Society of :\'ew \ ork; late fin geon of the Hot*! O;thopne<lic Imtitution >f Manchester. England, aiid Surjeiinof the B. O. luat:totioc, NoRfoLK, V a., July 27. I&S4. Ir. tlie experience of even two yt-ars, 1 have found gria? ditficiilly ir. obtaining Spectacles that werer* acti) adapted to the weakness of my sight. This m convenience Mr. Tobias reems to have removed !? r the present t>y Mie sunsiitutir.n fot me of better and ir.oiesuitable Glasses. They ai e , lear, chrystal like and comfortable to my eye*. I would Ooiriin*-nd loin to thiise who lYr.m a<e oi other infirmity require at tifioiai aid in tloH way. J.J. SLMKINS, M. D. wII vi:?(iTo^. N. June 1C, IMi. To pef?r>ii" wno have had tne siiht of iheir eyes so impaired a^ to require the u-e of iiiaaeee, i wou j iec.>miii?nd Mr. John Tobias a~ a ruitabie person Irom whom to obtain tuoh tJiassee ?3 the^ may re ?, ?liite, a? tie bas suited ?te With a pair <?f ^pe. ; iciet or a ft. arm .^ir?i?t,? Mv v.^ht h^'bern impioeil ? ery much t.y a service ol y-ar? in the P>>*t <'ffice Department <*"t.ich berth reqji red me lobe on ,1>ity f, .m II o'ciock st i.i?fit till after day,during wtocl. time I u-e.t t.i4t one light. W. A. WALKER. DhPARTMtuT or hiFRiot, May f. ISV.. Frolu i.nturni defrcts and rhe unequal range of my e>e ?, I have t.-en compelled lo u?e ?i?-s-^ f.?r r.eve ralyeais. I ha.-e tried different optician* without olittiiniiii glin**- p/tletifly hired to my e>es. Foui ilionths Mnoe Mi. l'obia? made two pairs especially for tin*. Which I have found to ierve me perfectly. Ity the itne of his optometer hf i - enabled to ndael glasses most intniiteN to the e?e. 1 most cheerful U ii>( Mr. Tobias to alt having ocra n?n lu line glasses, ftnd bear m; ttuiiinony a-, to his skill as an optician. HViNR\ E. IIAI.DW IN. se Ass't Sec'y to ?isn (.and Warrants. ? 1NITED STATES l'A TENT OFFICE. I.' \\ aion. January Ittli. I*!R. On the petition of Palmer Stunner, of New N oik. pra\ nig for the ctfec ,,oh of a patent gttnted to him on the .? ">tii A|?ril, l^tt. for an improveinent in "me tallic laths," for seven year-; 1'roiu the expiration of sanl patent,which takes place on the2Stndayr of A pri'. It'.Vt: It is ordered, fbat the smiJ pe'itnm be heard at Ihe Patent IMk)So>i M?a4s|. the I."It of A pr i.ex I, at Ii o'clock hi.: and all persons are not ilo-d t?>anpear snd show cause, if any they have, why said petition ought not to be granted. Persons opposing t lie ex tension are required to lite in the Patent Office iheir objections, specnilj set forth in writing, at le.-isf twenty da> s Itefore ttie day of hearing; all testimony filed by either parly to be used at Ihe said hearing must l?e iaker.and trnnsuut ted in accordance with the rules of the Office, which will be furnished on application. The testimony in the case will be cloned on the t*71 h of March: depositions and other papers rel:??l Upon as testimony must be hied m the office on oi before the morning of flint day ; theargurneiits.ifauy. Within temlay* thereafter. Ordered, f.lso that tins not ice be published in the I'nion. Washington, D.C..and Daily News, New S'ti k. once a week for three successive weeks Previous to the l^lh day of April next. Ihe dny of earinu. JOS. HOLT, Commissioner of Patents. P. S.?Editors of the above papers will please copy, and send their bills to the Patent Office, witha paper containing this notice. Jan 12 lawriw History of the repeblic of the Enited State*, as traced in the Writings of Al exander Hamilton; by John 0. Hamilton, volume I. t2 5?. Tucker's History of the t'niied States, vomme* 3 and 4. ^1 per volume. Examination of the Drrd Scott Case; by Thus, H. Kenton, The (Queens of England antl theirTimes;by Fran cis lAtieelot, Esq ,2 volumes, %3. Portrait* of my Marrietl Fne.idfi fry Uncle Ben, f 1.25. Stories for the Home Circle."Scent*. Thr?e Days in Memphis, or Sketches of the Pub lic and Private I ife of the Old Egyptians; by Dr. I'hlemsn, 75 ccnts. Mustang lirav; by Hon. Jeremiah Clemen*, #1. SeaStories, I volume. 75 cents. Life at the White Sulphur Springs; by Mary J Windle,7-< cent*. Perils of Certain English Prisoners, a Christmas story; by D ckens.25cents. An Account of the Smithsonian Institution; by Win. J. R hees, SO cent*. Almanach Franoais des F.tat* Ems. IRW, 25cts. jan h FJt ANCK TA VI.OR . UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE. Washington, January 12th. 18.SK. On the petition of Jos?ph Ea'on. administrator of t' e estate of Charles F. Pain.deceased.tif * inslow Maine, prating for the extension of a patent granted to the said Charles F. Paine for an improve ment in ."hay pressei." for seven years from the expiration of said patent, which takes place on the 2?th day of April IK-8. It is ordered that the said petition be heard at the Patent Office on Monday, the IPth of April, at 12 o'clock, m.; and all persons are notified to ap-? pear and show cause, ifany they have, why said pe tition ought, not to be granted. Persons opposing the extension are required to file in the Patent Otfi?*e their objections, specially set forth m writing,at least twenty days ttefore the day of hearing; all tesinnonv filed by either paify to be used at tin- said hearing must lie taken and trans nutted in accordance with the rules of rhe Office, which will In* Iiirtnsfied on application. The testimony in the case will lie closed on the 'fel of Apnl: depositions and other p><p*-r* relied upon as testimony must be filed in Ihe office on or Itefore the morning of that day; the argument ft, if any, within ten days thereafter. Ordered, also, that this notice be published in the (Jniou, Washington, D. C.,and Post, Boston. Mas sachusetts. once a week for three sucoe*?ive week* previous to the 19th of April next, the day of hear '"*? ? . . J- HOLT/ Commissioner of patents. S* '?"d'tora o| thealwve paper* will please copv, and send their bills to the Patent Offioe.witha paper containing this notice. iao 15 taw3w FINE EDI riONS. in fine btnding*. of Pyron a.nlf. ! ?P/!? Burns, Milton. Sh*k?p>.*re, Miyant, Halleck, Longfellow. Tenn??on, Cowper. I homnon, \ ounr. Akenside. Rogers, tiay. Heinsns, Hood, Shelley. Southey, Cray, Wordsworth. Keats. Moore. Scott. Howitt, Spenanr, Dry den. Gnktomiih, and ikmj other P?et?, may he found at the Book store of the undersigned, mrstiy imported by hitn ae'f direot from London, some of Iheinwith besuti ful illustration*. 4m FKANCK TAYLOR. ROWLAND'S MACASSAR OIL, ?t CI BBS'S Hair Store, near 13th etreet. ? 10 *b TrPlrMtory, ^yASHINGTON BRANCH RAILROAD. Trnwt. run ah follow* l.^iivc \>iul?ii(iiiiiiiika. m. |h>, do. Si f. H III. ji.i. dn. kll ? M !>? . do. ?M J f W?. iv.. ?t.i at vr.?. 111. Tw fraui? at ? ami H. in and 4 J' P- *? direcMyat Haitim -re lot thr ?-a?t and at Rfl?j f<?r the \V?l. Those 11 s a. in. ii <1 S IS p. in. t??r Angf olii.anj at 1 p ia. f??i I'redprtck end ,N??rf?.ik. The 11. hi. 4..*i in. until* ere *nd stop i>nlf at Anrap<.n?nd Washington iiii.pi khib. The K't l'in imifi ? f ^tiitiU) at 4 V? p m. p?? ?*i? Philadelphia. 4 in Suroiay only ?ae tram?nt 4j> p m. ian > .1 I'M. H. PAfi >< > ?S. Age*'. NKW YORK ami I.Ivr.n P4IHL V !\ 11 k U STATUS UAH.STEAM *"?*?. Tk* h\r$ tr*Hrc**nt <4i> tim vi : The ATLAMTIO Capi. on* ar KUndge, The KAI.I'IO. ? ~... Cap! J??eph Com?t?"k Tbs ADRIATIC Capt Jauiee West, The** slops having t-een built t?r contract pi press y fur 4/ovrin:iPut t*i*io?. ??ery ?-irp baa tieen takPB in t'iPir vjiiilrNdm . m also iu tflpir engines, to la sure aiicbklh ru?<! eptPd.aiil ilicir fcnconimixiktioni for pamsngers sis i. ..caua.ed l??r muncf and ooir furt. Tk<* ilMRifiniflliu Itur have unproi pd iirht compartments. .Mai im t r.j et.B?* uai I .pen spared t?< tnakP (hi m all aagood *? nrw . Utrtlmronrli ritn million #iv^n i|,eifi |.r>?vrN their hknIi' ??| <on>tia<: lion yet ui.^unllril. Prioeui pAM&re Horn New York l? ( <kr?t cahin, #i??; in a*c?Mt do.. #7S; Kumi l.i*ef P'M?| t< N-?r, S? and (iimh. An expiri penanced ,*u- (P*'i< attaohr J ti.mci, ship. .NoWetU.* nan !>e ?icm> until paid lor. proposed it at ic & or sailing. riOM NIW TukI. I ra?>? LIVKRroOL. Salurita*. Jan. !n .. UtSR Wndtimht. F'h.S I"' ? Saturday, Feb. 1:1 ' v \\ i-.tnei'ta*. M'ch 3 Saturda> . Mkroh li IKVt \Yednes<tay. M'ek 3 l:<? Saturday, Apr I In law \\ rdaeM at. April m? S.atiir?!a?. April ?l mv \\ #itin><>i4a), Ma* U I Salurda), M:?> K.? |k<*| Wednesday . May ft. ia"> Saturday, Mar J.tfn Weditesdaj, June 9 !*'? Saturd??. Jnrte ^ IR>M \\ nii.rada), JnnP .3 i? 9atur?iav. Juiip !*? .. .in <'? W'piiKP?d%? , July 7 IRf Sat aril*), Jmij 3 !<? \Vp?liip?daj. Jul* *1 *? Saturday. Ju:y 17 1HV , \Vcdnp*day, An*. 4 I: ^ 8.>turday, A?(. 14.... .I~V-j Wednpailay, ?ppt. I 'r' Saturdnj. Aiit.^ 18i.'|\Vedne?daj , Sept. IS t* saturdi), Sppt. It ...le.1* Wpfii.eaaay, Ser1-,r'J Ssturdnj, Ir^ft. i5 ...IJ->?< Wpdne^daj . 4lot. 13 IU < Satur-lnj, l?ct *? MV Wedn-xiaj, 4iot. 31 W Aatunln;, tlot. .3 IK". \\>dnp?da?. Nov. I" !*? - S*%tnrda>. Nor. ?> iKVi. \*Vd;,ei>da), Nov. 24.1*3= Saturday, Nov. IKtH| Wpdnpartaj , I>pc. h II r Saturday, 1>pc.4 |Ry, Wednesday, Deo. u For freirht or paraaca. apply to KDWAltD K. COLLI VS. No. *, Walf atreei. New Von. HH4i\\ N SHIP1.KV ft CO., |jr?r?ool. B. O. W AINU Kl?.H I ft Ct#.. Paris. The oinera of theae ?hipa will ri?< l?e kWM1*1** for cold, ailvpr, l>ullion, apecie, irwr\rj. prpp">?a ?touec or nip'a1*. un!Pi>a ImI!? of ladmc ?re aune4 therefor and the va.ue thpreof expreaaed th?rpin. d ili QRAN9EAND ALhX ANURIA RAILROAU O R K AT SOUTHERN MAIL LINK Twioe jMilv. iSanda? mcMe eacPftH.' ^et?wpe1l WASHINGTON 4 ITS' s^d ifca SOI'TK. [?% iLKXANDK IA, G4|RD??N>N ILLt a!?B RICH MONO Leave* Waahinrton at 9 o'clock n. n. " WaahirKton a? 7 o'ciopk f IB. For LYNCH KCKG and tfH? 50lTTHWfc$T Leave \Y?*hiti?ton at 6 o'plook a.'m..arrfve :a LYiNCHKl'RG next nwirn'n* at 4 a. m.. connect ma Willi the trains on the Vircir,i& a?:?l Tem.eaaee Rail Road for V KM PHIS. Mail Sta#e? from Char ottesville Wi l.jnchbwrc a diataop? of hi m^ec. Fare from \\ Mhircton to LynPhb?r|, $7.7?. The at?inter GKORGK PAGK, fool ??fs?.rent!i ?trret, l*:isc ?wned r>? the Rai!rn*d Com^eny, ream in connect'<4i with the trains. Tirkfta for Lynohtiiirc prnrored or the Boat. lL/~CWnniSni.e?aiw VYanoua will beat th? Dep..t of the Washington Hailrond. to oi>nvey paa aemera and bacr^ce to the fyteamlKot. for A lexan drm. a dirur.oc ?^f?ix n4il?M. ?!lo*ini ample tMD? for meaia. JAMKS A. KVANS. Agral. , Alexar 'r.%, Jnty. |Br>7. If i ff WKW AND IMPORTANT SCHKDt'LB. F(tH A LI. PA HTS~OW THE WEST. BALTIMOKK ASP OHIO RAILROAD. The recpnt ax teue ion and improvement of ita i"ad ii.t ewiarcliHK luin at Hie W??at iiaa required an en tire reviaion of the i unmnc errnii?cniputa of thia r?*d t.y whioti highly unpoitaii! ad\aiita/e? to 'he trav eler are ?d'iiri*d. 4In and after MONDAY, Jnti* 15. KS7. 1HRKK DA I L\ TRAINS will be ran iu larth uuprtioiis for ttirioieh idaapi.gera. Knar The A4MJII.M.M4IDATI4IN TK AiNatartn Iroiu 4 'Minde'i Matmmi. 7 A.M..(except Sundai.? *?.2+ st ua? ?taUoiiK and anivea at Cum t^rland at 4 P. M. Seound?T'Im* MMI. TKAIN eiarta (Sunday ea neptPtf i at a ?i A. M . ar><l airi\p? at W heelmf at 4 2ft A M., conr#*.*tinr ?t ItfiiW'Wil 4 entral Ofcio li'itins lot I'otiniUii. 4'inriniati. liKlui!i?p'>lik. Lon ia\ iil?. 4*la<-??o, St. I,on i . ft r.., and at mnn p,ac? witii trains lor 4'1p. eland, Toledo. Detroit, Ac, "J Olevfiai:d K..aJ.anJ atnuat Parieraliarg ?>th Ma riPtfa Road. ii.uu lilP ST. l 411 IS and 4 INCINNATI i:X Pkl>r- TK %l.\ ltv? dai.) at P. M , ooii mc4iHkl Hcnw.rf.1 at i A. VI witn eii'Vf* trains tBrl'au- to 4 inPlltWltl, ttfiikoml of far* ar C^h-ntt*\,i ai:d rpactiiite therp in Init JS hiMri l.nm l?alt!niof?? and howra lr< hi \N'a"Ii.ti* ton. It also (??mipct). diiPctly, in Uith dlieotiooa, at biklhs v it I) cars I.) Paikt-ralm.K :?nd Marietta road8 lor i^kiliiootUp. 4 m^innati,e4c. Thp?etiaina ?vh iipot at Xema for linlianapoiia, Cliioaco and St. Lwuia, and ht 4'liicii.natl With Ihr lirewt 4?hlo and Mib?*i?*ipf!i Kkpr??i tor l.ouiavtllP 4'airo and St. I .on i s thf.iji* h to ST. I.oma in !r*ilhkn 4? hourt from Hi i mi.?? r. II) tl?:a tiain the *?m? to all the centml ami ?oiithPin pi.'u*t*a in ihr W pat la much le?a, whiio the </i\:a*. r la Irom 4ir t?i li*> miles shorter than l>y the shortpat ?d otiiPr routes. From thp West theae coiiiiPu*-ioi:a are p<,ually pIokp and eatiafactory, ar rivin* at ItaitimorPat 8 A. M* |[j* Itaccaee rlwlipil ttirouch to all pointa. I'llR4?l'4iH TICKKTS aoM at lowest raiea at Camden Si^iion and at Wa*hin*tou. D. C. Paaariieprs Iroin Haltiiiiore or Waalnneton mi* ?i*?p mfrrr ro<*4 bf. ilnyhtkl. I?y takuic m'>rn in* tramp, and lymr over at Cuin'ieriand or 4>ak land, and rpfcummp rpxt nioriuna t.y Whpeiinr Ac o><ininodatioii cr&iu, lenvnig at t and Oakland at lojo. FOR WAY PASSE NG E RS. TheCumlierland Accommodation Train at 7 A.M., Will atop at all Stations ?wt o( Ciimlierbiid. and the WIippIiih Aocoiiun<Mlati'?ii at all Station* ,<eyo?*( Cuml>erland foinc West. Kaatwirdlt, the Msil Train leavea Whepline at ?.??? A. M.,and Accommo d?r ion l?K**a CumlM*r!iuid at 9, rpnrhint Baltimore at 5?) P. M. 4iN TilK N4iKTH\YKSTP.RN VIRGINIA UR ANCH. k'.wefn tir.4H'?i and P*rker?l>urj. way paat.rnr.pra will lake the Lxpreaa westoardiy and the Mail eaatwanlly. The FR KDKRH'K TR AIN aiarta at 4 P. M . atooDinc at way aiationa. Leavea Frederick at a.ift A. M., arrivina at Haitnuore i.' rioon. The F.LI.ICOTT'S MII.LTB AIN leavea at V4S A. M., and P. M. Leavea Fliioolt'a Millaall A. M. and 7 P. M., except Sunday. FOB WASHINGTON AND THF SOl'TH. Leave Baltimore for WaKhinrton at 4.IS and V* A. M..3andS.I5 |*. M. <?n Sunda?a at 4.IS A. M.? and 3.15 P. M.only. Leave \\ a?hintt<?n for Baltimore at 6 and ?.?' A. M.and Sard 4Jn P. M. On Sundaja at 7 A. M.. and 4>' P. M. only, Thefiral and fourth traina from Baltimore,and the ae?.?n?l and fourth trnma Irom Waahinrton. wilt he expreaa ma.i trains, atonpnic only at \\ aahiacton Junction and Amiapoha Junction. The 9.15 and LI5 trains from Haltnnore and the t* and 4 wii fc-auis from Washington oounect witti the trams from Annapolis. .,f."r.t,0,L?,!?-'n'r,r'T'*',?n. fi*re. ftc., apply toJ.T. KNGLAND, Afent, at the Ticket offioe. Camden Station. WM. 8. WOODSIDR. J* lft-u Master oi Transportation. Baltimore. T"MK PACIFIC MAIL STKAMSH1P COM t PANV. Onf of the Steamships of thia Company, earn iog the Lnlted States Mai.a for ACA Pl'LO, CALlF4iR.NTA.and 4IRKGO.N, eavea^lff Panama twi?e each month, on the arri -^^^^* ?al of the I'nited States Mail 8. S. Company'a ateain era, which leave New 4lrleana and New ^ ork recn iarly on 5th ai.d 3P.iiof each month with the ma a. and paaaencera oonneoting via PANAMA RAIL ROADS. These steamships have heen inspected and ap proved by the Navy Department, and guaranty ?pt*4 esrf mftiy. The Panama Railroikd i4? milea long) la now oom aleted fro.n ooesii to . oean. and ia crossed in 3 or 4 noura. Th?lwrea?Pof passengers is ohecked in New York through to San Frsncisoo. and passengers are emtiarked at Panama by n'ssmrr at the ooinpanr'a expense. The mouey paid in New York oovers a I t expenses of the trip. Reserve steamers are kept in port in Panama and 9an Franciaco. to prevent detention in oese of ?."i dent, so tha* the rmn n entirely rrlfiHi?no fail ?re having ooourred in eight years. Passengers leave Panama the same day they ar rive at Aspinwall. ^ _ ? Conductors go through by eaoii steamer, and take charge of women and children without otksr proteo ton. For through ticketa at the loweat rates applrat the agency,177 Wpst si?-^pf. New I. W. K A \ M4I.ND ??r to ARMSTRONG. HARRIS* CO.. New (>rleans,- or JyH tf C. L. BARTLKTT. B??atoa. I INITKI) STATKS MAIL LINK ONI. Y REGULAR LINE ah? withovt vailvki for sisht tihi. ret CALIFORNIA AND ORFGON VIA PANAMA RAILROAD. Jtiialar SsiJiai Day*. Stk t&tk ?/ isrt aifatt Carrion.?So mar* (rands and impost lions of various kinds have been lslpit*^^^2> perpetrated ontraveUera bound InCALI FORNIA.that the sutmorilier, the .?ni? authorned Agent for passage Iw the U. S. Mail Line, vis Pana ma, in the oity of New York, feels it kis duty to aaiition all persons sepfcing paaaage to California, that, to avoin impo'ITiok. they must be oarafu! to fenJ the true olfioe of the Steam?hipa of the I S. Mail via Panama Railroad, as no other oIKne in New York la authorized to eecfce passage. The Companies have only one ?'?Ice n New Yorfct whioh is at 177 West ?tr**t, corner of Wat res street, frontinx on the North R iret. at the head of the i\?to ?rtwlarf, III/" Observe icy sign over the door. . _ 1. W. RAVMOND, Agent. I#R> Mew Vert.