Newspaper of Evening Star, February 4, 1858, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 4, 1858 Page 3
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bUOAL INTELLIGENCE. Tut. New Cope.?A public meeting held at Temperance Hall, last nigbt, pursuant to the following call: "Mtthmnies, Workimgmtn, and all others in favor of the New Code of Laws sre invited to at tend a meeting at Temperance HaU, on Wednes day, Feb. 3. at o'clock. Eminent speakers have been Invited to address the meeting." The meeting wm called to order, and John C. Harkncss, Esq., was chosen Chairman, and Jos. H Bradley, Jr., Secreta.-y. Mr. Job Angus stated the object of the meeting and Invited those present w'uo had any objec tions to the proposed new Code to state them, and they who were prepared to defend them would endeavor to do so. A voice.?Mr Chairman, how can a man object to the new Code who has never had a sight at it ? Mr. Cunningham understood that all who had objections could state them. Any one who had not seen the Cede was certainly placrd in an un fortunate position, hut doubtless the community was in possession of its main features. He was in favor of the Code as a whole; he bad looked through the book and fonnd that all the labors of the codifirrs had been directed to I he advance ment of the bent Interests of tbe jieople. Mr. Stewart would like the speaker to show how the new Code would benefit the mechanics' Mr. C said that be was showing how the Code would benefit all classes of our citizens. After some further discusaioii. tbe question was taken as to whether those who bad objec tions should be invited to slate th vn, and was carried unanimously. Mr. Stewart then put the question, how many volers was there in Washington and George town ? Only 2.UJ0 copies of the Code had been printed for tbe use of S.wiu voters, not one fiflh of whom bad got a sight of it. A Voice??*l am down on that part of the Code thar relates to divorce." [Cheers ] Mr. Stewart proposed to have the book read from title page to Jini? to-night. [Laughter l Mr. Clayton moved that this be regarded as a meeting of tbe citizens to consider the Coder, and that those who were in favor of it slate anything in relation to its acceptance. Mr. Clayton stated that he saw the advertise, menf, and as It was an Invitation lo tbe friends of I he Cods, he moved that those friends discuss the matter. Cries of "order.*' Tbe Chair??? That Is not the question. Ob jectors have been invited to state their objec tions." Mr Clayton?"I shall keep Ihe floor,and I now move that we resolve ourselves into a meethi" t-? consider the new Code." Mr. Wood proposed to amend the motion so as not to interfere with the previous motion. Mr. Bradley appealed to Mr. Clayton to yield to the wishes of the meeting, and let the former ?notion be discussed first. [Applause ] Mr. C. was willing to yield Ihe floor to those who could explain the matter properly, but now we were two parties. A Voice?move to lay Mr. Clayton's motion on the table." Mr. Stewart moved that Mr. Ould be requested to take the stand, and read the new Cod. paia grapb bv paragraph. [Laughter ] Mr. Wood took the stand, and said that be was going to vote for these laws anyhow; but be wished to state several objections to them. One principal one was that part which related to the eunday law. which was, in his notion, in contravention of the Constitution of tbe United Mates If a roan chooses to go a Ashing on Sun d?y?which Is Ihe working man's only holiday? this law lines him. while the rich man. who ran afford lo d-ess well enough to attend our fashion able churches, can drive to church and keep his footman waiting outside, and be may not be fined. Mr. Merrill stated that the first law of nature was self-protection One of the laws imposed a levy of fifty cents on every male citizen when ar rived at the age of twenty-one years, to pay for keeping up a military system; he objected to that One act provides that the Marshal may re tain in his possession anv, money collected bv him. He objected to that. Mr. Bradley refuted this positiou by reading from the Code. Mr Merrill then went on to state a large num ber of objections from a list which he held in his band; to all of which Mr. Bradley replied by reading from the Code, and showing that the objections were not in any respect sustained. Gre*t confusion here prevailed through tbe at tempt of a drunken man to speak, in a very inco herent manner, foi a short time, but the contu sion was at last quelled by tbe semi-oblivious individual being seized a id hustled out. Mr. M. then slated his objections to the ?unday E revision, which he contended was made for the eneflt of the rich and not of the poor. When the speaker had concluded the meeting was addressed by? Capt. E. B Robinson, who stated, that while he did not oppose the Code as a whole, yet sev eral serious objections occurred to him. The Code contained several most absurd chapters. He then went on for some time to state his objec tions, but modified them by saying that he was almost disposed to take the Code and trust to Providence for a reform of that portion of it that is unpalatable to the citizens. He closed by call ing upon Mr Robert Ould, of Georgetown, one of the Codifiers, to address the meeting. Mr. Ould took tbe stand, and stated, in open ing, that he held in his hand a copy of the pre posed new Code. If he bad brought the laws by which we are now governed he would have brought a couple of cartloads and at least a wheelbarrow full of dust He knew that there were many interests operating against tbe adop tion of the Code?the united interests of the gambling portion and the lottery agencies were dead against it. He then went on to explain the popular bug bear?that one of its fea' is imprisonment for debt, and stared that the same law now existed lu the District in full forcee. He spoke at some length lo this point, & i<i showed conclusively that tbe provision of the new Code was confined expressly to imprisonm ent for fraud Objection had been n ade to the Sunday provision. He wou.d state that the present law was fifty times more objectionable than the proposed new law ; the proposed one was largely a modification of the present one. The point about expulsion f? o"i school, which had been object* d to, related particularly to the cou.ttv, and had nothing to do with our city school system. L' nder the present Sunday law all Sunday amusements we;e unlaw ful. Let the objectors do thecrd tiers the justice to read arid understand that tbe Code only rela t?d to those Sunday amusements which were nuisances and an anuoyance to the public. In re Jation to the law of divorce he would say that but one S'ate in the Union bad a total divorce law? namely, South Carolina. The law only provided in this respect for the reasonable wants of the comm inity. The points were as follows: First, for anyeause which, by the laws of this District, renders a marriage null and void ab initio; and also, when it is voidable, as before provided, by a person marrying ahovetheageof twelve years and undr fourteen. Second, tbe Impotence of either party at the time or the marriage Thirdly, for the adultery of either party during the rnarrlag.. Fourth, where either party Is sentenced to con finement In the Penitentiary for tbe term of life, or seven years or more, where no pardon granted to the party so sentenced shall restore such party to bis or her conjugal rights. Fifth, where the female, before marriage, has l>een guilty of illicit carnal Intercourse with a man, the same being unknown to the husband at the time of the mar riage. Sixth, theabandonment by the party com plained against, of tbe other party for tbe uninter rupted period of three years, where the court shall he satisfied that such abandonment is de liberate, final, and unattended by any reasonable expectation of reconciliation. Could any decent man, said tbe speaker, object to such a law as that' In regard lo the usury law. the speaker con trasted the prexrut usury system With the pro posed one, showing the advantages of the latter most strikingly. The proposed law of admitting an infidel to equal privileges uim>ii Ihe witness stand with tbe t tiristian, b ?d been objected to; our present law would permit a notorious liar to be a competent witnes*. and was not an honest infldel entitled to as much privilege in respect to bis oath, as the degraded liar, who. for purest** of his own, would profess to believe in a God. It tbe jury h. li> Vf that tbe infidel i? ||ar| |( for t|,rni trt determine whether be shall be entitled to any credence Mr Ould spoke with great animation for a considerable spat e of tim-, sustaining every position which he assumed In a most triumphant manner, an<l was frequently Interrupted With loud eheers by the large . ..mpany assembled in the Flail, and on concluding, was hailed by a most vo< if rons outburst of applause. One point which the speaker tiMnhe.l ujx.u. we had forgot ten to mention, and that Was in relation to tbe law of slavery. The speaker stated that that law remain* d precisely as it existrd at present in the District It bad been deemed wise by the Cod.flers to let that matter remain untouched, for obvious reasons. Mr. Joseph II Hiadlcy was call'd upon, and ?poke in favor of the new Code, as a whole, and after a m wt careful scrutiny of its every chapter and sentence. He was f.ank, however, to say that he was totally opp?m*-d lo the divorce of inau and wife for any cause so that they might b? marrt d again; nevertheless be was willing lo bow to the overwhelming majority in favor of this law He alluded to tbe lien law, showing that It was infinitely more beneficial as a whole In tbe poor m m than the law now i* force in this District. In every respect the new C?d* was In finitely better than the cart load of laws now ia force In this District. In regard to tbe usury laws proposed by the new Code tbry were caI i ula'ed to do away with a vast d-al of fraud and pe<jury A man m* cou'd borrow his friend'* money to ielleve his necessity, and then aft?r agreeing to psy over interest could turn about cn his le-nefactor and prosecute biiri for charging him on-?-fourlh per cent more than the legal fate, and thereby avoid the payment ot ?u honest d"W Tbe speaker gave an illustration of our present usury laws by relating an incident of a man who recently came into his ofllce and stated that he had borrowed the sum of ome hundred dollars a on thS i'nm ? within the rnr Mid Interest twrntr H. the amount of one hundred and t? IL U Ur?' and ?nn owed tbe principal. ? char*cteri*ed the present infamous v*tem in proper terms. He entrested the pro ^ rairlf and candidly by the new Code, and see if on tbe whole they did not believe it was worthy of adoption. It bad been objected to on the ground that it Was made for the bene! t or tbe lawyer*. The beat answer to that objec tion was the fact that four out of every six law yer* were down on the Code because tbey thought it calculated to do away with their practice? every man by it being his own lawyer The Chair read two resolutions, a* follows ; Rnolrrd, That the Chairman of this meeting bs requested to call Ward meetings of tbe citi zens generally for tbe discussion of the new Code RtflvU, That the opponents of the Code are invited to select some of their number to attend ?0!* ?,f1et,nK? and discuss the provisions of thia Code fullv and fairly with others selected by the friends of the Code. y ^r*?,ution? adopted unanimously: and then the meeting adjourned. Criminal Court?Yesterday, tbe Jury in tbe case of ( harles Gant, free negro, charged with larceny of four pairs of boota from one George Seidenspinner, found a verdict of not guilty. lnTJZl^0t J?i"l]l0Vklnn rw ,hen ,ak<*n ?P, in which he defendant stood charged with as th" Vh nf*'/"* ,,p?n.^T John STcoombs on S ?Of January, 1S5S This case was sub ?S il ?iCo,m by the defendant's counsel, f r:id;n;e ,wa* beard in tbe c**e, but wa< given *ni,ant ?<>* "? no decision The Court then rook up the case of the United States rs Win. Deiaway and George F.dward*. in which tbe defendants stood charged with malicious mischief, by entering the House of one ?\ in J Simpson and discharging pistols in the bar-room, to the danger of the inmates. The case was submitted to the Court, and His Honor, after hiring the evidence in the case, sentenced them each to one year in the county jail, and to pay a fine of *5. Theca*eof the United States r*. John Alagee was then taken up, in which tbe defendant stood charged with two assaults, in the one case as committed upon one John McBride. and the other on the person of Mary McBride, wife of thr Mid John McBride Tlie jury returned a verdict of guilty as indicted The Court sen tenced hi in to pay a line of in each case. Adjourned. To-day, tbe Court met at the usual hour, and proceedsd tlrst to the trial of Patrick O'Callahan charged in two cases with assault and batery! alleged to have been committed upon one Mary Coombs and one Kliza Williams, on the '25th illy Lit of Jannary, 18o*. This case was pending when this report closed. The Post Office Robbery -We learn that the developments In the cuse of R. W. Yonng, charged with abstracting letters containing mo? ney and drafts, the City Post Office, has shown the following amount* missing thus far ? SUM) iu a letter to Dr. Gamaliel Bailey, editor and proprietor of the National Kra ; belonging to the U ashington Savings' Bank ; two notes of '"-longing to Rigga A Co., and about of Baltimore money. Tbe unfortunate criminal will be remembered by all who have bad occasion to visit the City 1 ost Office, a* a young man of fine appearance and pleasing address. His fall from the paths of rectitude is said to have resulted from his association with a bad woman; and this woman, it Is rumored, was brought back to Washington this morning by officers Boss and Allen, who have been North to obtain further evidence in J0?"" of th<r robbery. To special agents McGuireand Su aHcross and officers Boss and Allen is due tbe credit of ferreting out tbe vulltv party in this case. ' i rstre Market.?There was a fair attendance of country draieis this morning despite the rain and sleet. The hay stands were occupied again, and the prices asked from K5c to I Hie. per cwt. The supply of poultry was very good, much greater than the demand. The supply of fresh lish is Increasing at the old stands Rock and perch selling at 37c. and win ter shad at 25c. per bunch. A small lot of pork was ottered at the scales at S/ and 50 per UN) lbs. [ The gangways were very unpleasant by reason or the accumulation of mud The attendance of purchasers was not large. The Lecture La?t Night.?Professor Felton delivered his second lecture Ja<t night to a large and attentive audieuce. He reviewed, at same length, many of the topics upon which he had barely time to touch in his former lecture,dwell ing principally upon tbe characteristics of tbe b.eekrace. He gave some very Interesting sta tistical facts in relation to modern Greece, and defended her from the attacks made upon her by the European press illustrating in hi. usual hap py style, ner r?al condition and prospects He concluded his lecture with adescription of mod ern Athens her Acropolis, Temple of Theseus, Temple of Olympus, Jupiter, aud many other elements of her depaited greatness, and perfec tion iu science and the arts. Waiiii.iGTos Theatre. ?The Bourclcault benefit last night was a bumper, and was indeed a handsome certificate to that gentleman of the estimation in which he is held in this commit, mty 1 he play of Pauline, a drama dealing some what in melo-dramatic ettects, but not beyond a legitimate limit,wasexceedingly well performed It, indeed, was so warmly received by tbe audi ence, that it is announced again for to-night, and will, we are sure, prove a card to fill the house 1 he delightful coiuedetta of ?? The Windmill" concludes the performance* to-night. % 15 *?* Circuit Cocrt, yesterday, tbe ease of Sickle & Cook, use of George Mattingly, rs. the Washington, Georgetown and Alexandria Steam Packet Company, which had occupied the Court since Monday last, was decided by a jury in favor of the plaintiffs. The amount claimed in this case was about SI,'**), and another case is pend ing, by the above firm against tbe same defend ants, involving an amount of upwards of *12 duo which is to be tried during the present term oi the Circuit Court. Supremr Court, Hr?t/f? jf/<iy._N'o. 62. Hyde A Oglesby, plaintiffs In error, vs. Henry L. Stone. This cause was argued by Mr. Benjamin for the plaintiffs in error, and by Mr. Taylor for the de fendant in error. No til Wm. B. Dean, appellant, r*. Nathan Mason etal. the argument of tbis cause w?* commenced by Mr. Payne for the appellees Adjourned. ?? Coi rt or Ci.AiMs. ?Yesterday, Hon. Mr. Wakeman opened the argument for the claimant In the rase of Lydia Fia-ter. Mr. Blair replied for the (ioverniuent. Mr. Wakeman closed the argument, and the case was submitted: when the Court adjourned until Monday uext. The Melodeox Opera Trocpr otter a bill replete with fun and novelty for this evening, introducing the laughable burlesque on the Old ^P^f'^fndconciuding with Richard the Thud in Dutch. Go early. Academy of Music ? Lecture this evening? subject, ?? National Song." This subject, in Mr. Crouch's hands, we know from experience, will be w? || treated, and draw a laige audience. W? b*g pa room of our friends of the Intelli gencer for appropriating their report of the pro ceedings or the Merchants* Kgchange Associa tion without credit. Ahem Auction Sai.e?, Ball, and Georgetown adver tisement*, and other matters of interest to our numerous reader* will be found on the first and fourth pages of to-day's 8ttr. The Le< omptoji Constitution question ha* net n>a<le a pa>tiele of difference la the amies of the gift bookstore, I7i? Pennsylvania avenue. Temporary sojourners and residents both wnnt entertaining ln?oks, and will have thein, regard I?*<t of the broils of the politicians here and else where. if Watch Returns.?Thomas .Mulloy, Ireland, drunk ard disorderly ; flne and costs, S3 4f. All the l? d ;er?, eighteen iu number, were non-resi dents. 1*1. a ib voya ncr.- Madam Clinton Price, the great natural Clairvoyant and wonder of the age, would respectfully inform the ladies and gentlemen of Washington a?d vioinity, that she onn he oonsulted at No. 18 a street north. Cspitol Hill, from 9 s. m. to.Sp in.. ?>n all diseases that flesh is heir to. In iieating ilisea*e* or wesknesses incidental tofe Midani P. is enunentlv successful, eunng ik'.u ?r .V " he<u R,Blct?d for jeerr, hatHing the skill of the most soentifco of the profession. r ees for examination, 41. fe2-3t* Welding Cabbs very pretty And very cheap; loe Creamsnd Wat., loesst fIjo per gallon, at the * c<?f*otionery, oorner 12th and K its. janfc lm J. Fp.iELU mu, dence, ouNcw \ ork avenue. His remains will he mteired at I rede nek oiry. Md., ro morrow. *Ul.D# On tin 1st instant, THOMAS J. BOYNR sea ond son ol Thomas J. and Ceei la boy ne, aged three J 6'ifl. On the 4th instant, FANNY LOUIUA, nfsut daughter efftev. 8smuel and Augelme Rogers. (Baltimore papers please oopr.l |JNITED ITATE8 MAILS. Post Office Dkpaktmkrt, February 1. 1858. Proposals for conveying the mails of the Unitad SStates from July i, i*58. to Jane ?. 1861. in the tates of MAINE. NEW HAMPSHIRE, VER '9^T', ?? AS?Xch U SETTS. CONN fcCTI CUT, ?nd NEW YORK; from July 1, IBSS, to Jane ?, IP, in the StalM of PKNN&YLVANIA. MARY LAND.and OHIO: andIf on July J ne SO. th? States of VIRGINIA. NORTH CAROLINA,SOUTH CAROLINA, ?kORGIA, and FLOR IDA, on the routes and inthetimes here in speciaed, will be recemdat the contract office of thi* department until 3 p. m , of March SI next, to be decided l?y April 24 following. (Bern*, with some exception*, route* established by act of Congress approved March 3,1857.) MAINE. From July 1, 1858, to June 30, 1961. 159 From Skowhegan to North Anion, 11 milea and back, six time* a week Leave Skowhegan daily, except Sunday, at 6 p m, or on arrival of oars Arrive at North An*on by 9 p m Leave North Anaon daily, except Sunday, at 5 am Arrive at Skowhegan by 8 a in. 160 Front Rockland, by Rockvi'le, Weat Camden, South Hope, Union, McLain'a Mule, Nortn Appleto*. Searsinont, South Montville, Li berty. Montville, South Freedom. Weat Freedom, Centre Albion. Albion, Eaat Ben ton, and Bentou, to Kendall's Mill*, 47 mile* nnd hack, three time* a week Leave Hockland Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 7 a m Arrive nt Kendall'* Mill* by 8 p m Leave Kendall's Mill* Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday at 7 a m Arrive at Rock land by 8 p m. 161 From North Castiue, hy Went Brookville, South Brookville, and Brookvi le. to Sedg wick, 15 mile* and back three time* a week Leave North Caatine Tuesday .Thursday, and Saturday at 4 p m Arrive at Sedgwick by 9 p in Leave Sedgewick Tuexlay, Thursday, and Saturday at 6 a in Arrive at North Casting by 11 a m. 162 From Patten, *>y Island Falls, to Smyrna, 20 iniles and tack, once a week Leave Patten Thursday at 7 a in Arrive at Smyrna by 5 p in Leave Smyrna Friday at 7 a m Arrivest Patten by 5 pm. 163 From We*ton, by Bancroft Mill*. Barker Trnct.and Reed Plantation, to South Mo lunkus, mile* and back, twice a week Leave \Vcston Monday *nd Friday at 6 a m Arrive at South Molunkua by 4 p m Leave South Molunkmi Tuesday and Satur day at 6 a m Arrive at Weston by 4 p m. 161 From Mars Hill, by Letter C and Maple Grove, to Fort Faithekl, 16 miles and hack, three times a week Leave Mars Hill Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday at 7 a in Arrive ?t Fort Fairfield by 1 p m Lwive Fort Fairheld Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday at 2 p m Arrive at Mars llill by 8 p in. NEW HAMPSHIRE. From July 1, 1*5^, to June 30, 1861. 317 From Keene, bv Swansey and North Richmond to Richmond, 12 mile* and back, three timet a w?ek A sui'able schedule of departures ard arrivals to be arranged. VERMONT. Frflm July 1, 1858, to June 30, Ml. 485 From Cabot,by South Walden, Walden. East Hardwick au t East Glover, 25 miles and heck, thres tunes a week A suitable schedule of departure* and arrivals to be arranged. 486 From Jonesville, by Huntington and Starkabo ro, to Britto , 23 miles ana back, three times a w?ek. A sui table schedule of departures and arrivals to be arranged. 487 From Arlington, by West Arlington, to Sand gate, 8 miles and hack, three times a wee<. Leave Arlington Tuesday, Thursday and Sat urday at 9 a m Arrive at Sandgate by 11K a m Leave Sandgate Tuesday, Thursday and Sat urday at 12} i p m Arrive at Arlington by 2i? p m. MASSACHUSETTS From J uly 1,1088, to June 30, 18t?l T2i From South Westport Po nt, to Adamsville, R. 1 ,8 milesand back,six times a week. A suitable schedule of departures and arrivals to be arranged by the postmasters. CONNECTICUT. From July I, 1S58, to June 30, 1861. 974 From Middlebury. to Woodbn ry.ll miles and bick, twieea week. Leave Watcrbury Tuesday and Saturday at 8 a in Arrive at Woidiiurt by 11 a m Leave Woodbury Tuesday and Saturday at 12 m Arrive at Waterbury by 3 p in. 975 From Woloo tville, b? Tornnjton, to Goshen. 6 miles and hack, six time* a week. Leave Wolcottville daily, except Sunday, at 2 p m, or on arrival of oars Arrive at Goshen by 4 p m Leave Goshen daily except Sunday,at 10 a m Arrive at Wolco.tvill* by 12 m. NEW YORK. From July 1,1858, io June 30, 1861. 1414 From Lowville, by West Martinsburg. West Lowville, Harrisburg, Copenhagen,and Rut land, to Watertown, i7 mile* aiii back, three timesawe?k t Leave Lowville Tuosday, Thursday, and Sat urday at 6 a m Arrive at Watertown by 11 a in Leave Watertown Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday at 2 p m Arrive at Lowville by 9 pm. 1445 From Hudson, by Humphreysville, to Livings ton, 9 milea and tiaok. six time* a woek. L?ave Hudson daily, except >UBday,at II am Arrive at I ivmgston bj 2p in Leave Livingston daily, exoept Sunday,at 3 a m Arrive at Hudson by 10% a m. 1416 From Oneida, by Oneida Castle, to Vernon,6% miles and l?icfc, twelve times a week. Leave Oneida daily, except 9.'* a m and Sfc p m Arrive at Vernon by II a m and 5pm Leave Vernon daily, exoept Sunday, at a m and I p m Arrive at On'id* by 9a m and p m. 1447 From Com?fook's Landing, by North Granville and Midd.e Granville, to Granville, 12 in.lea and baok. six tunes a week. Leave Comstook's Landing daily, except Sun day, at 6am Arriv#at Granville by in a m Leave Granville daily, except Sucday,atlla m Arrive at Comstook's Landing by 3 p ni. 1448 From North Hector, by Hector, to Logan, 5 miles and hack, three tunes a week. Leave North Hector Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday at 10a in Arriv* at Logan oy 11 a m Leave l.ogan Tue?d*y, Thursday, and Satur day at 8K a m Arnve at North Hector by 9% a m. 1449 from Elizabethtown, by l.ewia, to Keeseville, 21 mile* and hack, three timesa week. Leave Klizabetbtown Tuesday, Thursday,and Saturday at 6a m Arrive at Keeseville by 12 m Leave Keeseville Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday at 2 p m Arrive at Elizaliethtown by p m. 1450 From Havanna. br Odessa, Mecklenburg, and Ferry City, to Trumansburgh. *5 miles and hack, three times a week Leave Havanna Tuesday. Thursday, and Sat urday at 9 a m Arrive at J'rumansburgh by 4 p in Leave Trumansbargh Monday, Wednesday, and Fri lay at 9 a m Arrive at Havanna by 4 p m Proposals to run bv a schedule differing from the foreioing, to be stated by the bidder, will be considered. Proposals to run but twioe a week are invited. 1431 From Ow*go, bv South Owego. to Warren Centre, I'a ,16 milesand back, twioeaweek. Leave Owejo Tuesday and Friday at I p in Arrive at Warren Centre by 6 p m Leave Wanon Centre Tuesday and Friday at 6am Arrive at Owego by II a m. PENNSYLVANIA. From July 1, 1858, to Jume 3U, 1860. 3519 From Conneautville, by Croasingvill* and Edenboro', to Waterford, 30 miles and back, tw ice a week. Leave Conneautville Monday and Wednesday at 7 a m; Arrive at Waterford by 8 pm; Leave Waterford Tuesday and Thursday at 7 a in; Arrive at Conneautville by 8 pm. 3520 From Hanover, by Littlestowu and Monooaoy viile, Md., to Em mitts burgh, 22 inilea and baok, three tim?s a week. L?ave Hanover Tuesday, Thursday,and Sat urday at I p m; Arrive at Emmittshurgh by 8 p m; Leave Einmittsburgh Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 4 a m; Arrive at Hanover by 9 a m. 3521 From Brookville, by M lohardsville, Mary Ann ville, ?hafliter's Corners, Bench Bottom.nnd Bear Creek's Mills, to Kidgoway, 35 m lea and Itack, onoe a week. Leave Brookville Saturday at 7 a in; Arrive at Ridgcway by 6 p m; Leave Ridpeway h riuay at 7 a m; A rrive at Brook ville by 6 p m. 3~>22 From Marietta, by Silver Spring and Hemp field, to lAnonster,12K miles and back,daily, exoept Sunday. Leave Marietta daily, exeept Sunday, at 1 p m; Arrive at l?anoa?ter by 5 pm; Leave l*anoaater daily, esoept Sunday,at ? , am; Arrive at Marietta hy 12 m. 3AB3 From !<anca*ter, by Willow Street, Rawlins ville. and Bethesda, to McCall's Ferry, 18 miles and back, twice a week. Leave Lancaster Monday and Thursday at 7 a m; Arrive at MoCall's Ferry by 12 m; Leave McCall's Ferry Monday aud Thursday ai 2 p iii; Arrive at I,ancaster by 7 pm. 3524 From Lancaster, by Greenland and Senders burg, to Paradiae, 9 miles and back, aix tunes a week Leave Lanoitter daily, except Snnday, at 3 P m ? Arrive at Paraflue.hy 6 pm; Leave Paradise daily, except Sunday^t7am; Arrive at Laooaater by 10 a m. 3525 Prom Beaver, by Parkison and Semoe, to Frankfort springs, 2o miles and baok, tnrioe a week. Leave Beaver Tuesday and Thursday at8 am; Arnve at Frankfort Spring* by 3p ?; Leave Frankfort Springs Monday and Wed needay at I a m: Arrive at Beaver by 3 pm. . . . 3)26 From ttvausburgh, by Sherman ville, to Lines Friday at 19am; 3SS7 Arrive at Linesviile by 12 m; e^Tj Moodaj, Wednesday. and Friday at 2 pm; Arrive at Evansburgh ty 4 p m. From Hollidafsburgh. by Frankstown and ^?poe Creek, to W illiamsburgh, 12 miles and byck. six time* a week. !'Iday*bur?h daily, exoept Sunday. ?t z>i p on arrival of vv esters nail: Arrive at v\illi%if)Fbanch by 6jif p m: Leave W illiamsburgh daily, exoept Sunday ,at e a m J ArriTeat Hollidaysburph bvll am. Prnposala to embrace tne \ ellow Springs of ?? fie**!*invited 3528 From Oreutt Creek to Chemung, N. Y., *\ miles and hack, twice a week. Leave Oroutt Creek Tuesday and Saturday at Arrive at Chemung by IPS a m. am* mun* Twee day and Saturday at 11

?? Orcott Creek by 12* , m. 3W from Starucca to Tailtiiansvilie, 5 mile* and hack, twice a week. Leave Staruooo Tuesday and Saturday at 1 . f in; Amv'eat Tallmansville by 2X p m: ??.v? TallmanaviIIe Tuesday and Saturday at '"J* am. Arr,v? V 9,?nio?a in to oonneot with the mail from Suaquehanna Depot?aay at 12 m MARYLAND. From July 1, 1858. to June 30, I960. 4009 From Allan's Freah to Tompkinaville, 10 inilea and tnck. twice a week I.eave Allen's Freah Wedneada> and Saturday at II* a m Arrive at Tomj>kin?viIle by 2 p m Leave Tompkiuaville Wednesday and Satur day at 8 a m ^mv* "l AU?n.,* Freah 1>* ll n m. 4010 From Port Tobacco to Piagah, 10 milea and hack, twice a week Leave Port Tobacoo Wednesday and Saturday at 8 a m Arrive at Piagah by II am Leave Pi* pah Wednesday and Saturday at iSn Arrive at Port Tobacco by 3 p m. 4011 From Frederick. by Lewiston and Catoctin r urnace, to Mechanicstown, 20 milea and Iwek, six times a week. Leave Frederick daily, except Sunday, on ar rival of the bastern mail by railroad?sa> at 3pm Arrive at Merhanicstown by 9 p m Leave Mechamcstown daily, except Sunday, M 5 & m ?? Arrive at Frederick in tune to connect with _ fhe mail for Baltimore?say i.j li a m. 4?12 From Battle Swamp, by W est No?tingham, to Rising Sun. 6 miles and back, three times a week. Leave Battle Swainp Tuesday, Thursday,and feat unlay at 12 m Arrivea Rising Sun bv 2 p m Leave Rising Sun Tnes ay, Thursday, and Saturday at 8a m Arrive at Battle Swamp by in am. 4013 From Oakland, by Mum 's Hed House, Forks of Horse Shoe Hun. Bounifie!d's -Mills, and Holly Mr ado wis, to \'e* Interest. Va., 49 iiiil?f< and hrk. one a wpe\. Leave Oak'aiid Monday at 8 a m Arriveat New Interest next day by 12m L*ave New Interest Wednesday at 8 a m Arrive at Oakland next f'ny by l'2m. 4014 Frnrn Cockevsville. by Shawan and Butler, to Black Rock, J3,'i miles and bark, twice a week Leave Cockeysville Wednesday and Saturday on arrival of the u.ail from Baltimore?say at 9% a in Arrivo at Black Rock br 12 m Leave Black Rock Wednesday and Saturday at 2* p m Arrive at Cockeysville by ?> p m. OHIO. From July 1, 1858, to J tint 30. 1*60. 9428 From New Bremen by KnoxviHe, to Wapa kone'a. I j ini ca and back. once a week. Leave New memcn Saturday at 7 a m 9429 1* rntn Racine to Ravenawood, Va., 11 milea and l?ack. ouce a week. Leave Racinc Saturday at 8 a m Arrive at Kavenawood by 12 m 943" * mm Reed s Mills, by Kagle Furnaoe, Wilks ville, hwmgton, Vinton and Pine Grove, to Oalupoiis, 37 miles and hack, once a week. Leave Reed'a Milla Friday at 6a m Arrive at Galbpolis by 6 p m I.eave (jail poll a Saturday at 6 a m Arrive at Keed'a Mills by 6 p in. 9131 From Oak Hill, by Rocky Hill and Key Stone. t>? W tlkeaville, 3J milea and back, once a week. Leave Oak Hill Friday at 7a m Arriveat Wilkeaville by 5 p m Leave Wilkesville Saturday at 7 a m Arriveat Oak Hill by 5p m. 9432 Prom Greenville, by German. Republio, Tam pio, and Dark, to Greenville,.twice a week, equal to 14 miles Leave Greenville Wedneaday and Saturday at 8am Arrive at Republio by 12 m Leave Republic Wedneaday and Saturday at 1 p m Arnva at Greenville by 7 p m. 9433 From Conneaut, by Clark's Corners. Beaver, Pa., and Beaver Centre, to Cono?autville, 2" milea and back, once a week. Leave Conneaut Friday at 6 a m Arrive at Conneautville by 12 m Leave Conneautville Friday at 1 p m Arriveat Conneaut by 7 pm. 9434 From Perrvsville, oy Palmer's X Roads and Riper'a Settlement, to Aaliland, 16 miles and back, once a week. Leave Perry aville Friday at 7 a m Arriveat Ashland by 12m Leave Ashland Friday at 1 p m Arrive at Perry aville by 6 pm. 9435 From New Philadelphia, by Altoaa, to New Comerstown, SO milea and heck, once a week Leave New Philadelphia Friday at 7 a m Arrive at New Comerstown by 5 p in Leave New Comeratown Saturday at 7a m Arrive at New Philadelphia by 5 p m. VIRGINIA. From 1st July, 1^68, to 30fA June. IK50. ?5312 From Water Lick to Burner's Springs, 13 miles and baok. six times a week from 1st July to 3 th Septeml>er, and onw & week the residue of the year. Leave Water Lick Tuesday at HJi a m, or af ter arrival of cars Arrive at Buruer's Springs by 3,'s p m Leave Burner's Springs Tuesday at hi% a m Arrive at Water Lick by 9* a m Daiy, except Suuday, dunns same hours, from 1st July to3oth September. 5313 From Woodstock, bv Saumsvibe, to Mount Olive, mi mile? and fiack, once a week. Leave Woodstock Wednesday at 3 p in Arrive at Mount Olive by 6 p m 1 eave Mount Olive Wednesday at 12m Arrive at Woodstock Dj 2 45 p m 5314 From Lancaster C. H. to Merry Point, 5 iriles and back, twice a week. Leave Lancaster C. H. Wednosday and Satur day at 4 ? in Arrive at Merry Point by 6 p m Leave Merry Point Wednesday and Saturday at 12 m Arrive at Lancaster C. H. by 2 p m. 6315 From Norfolk, t.y Yorktown, to King and Queen C. H., 108 miles and back, oncea week. Biuoera will propose a schedule of departures mid arrivals 5316 From William's Wharf, by Green's Wharf, to North Knd, 6J? milea and back, twice a week Leave W ilham ? Wharf Tuesday and Satur day immediately after arrival or Norfolk mail a?y 2pm Arrive at North Knd by 4 p m Leave North Knd Tuetday and Saturday at 9 a in Arriveat William's Wharf by II a m. 5317 From Concord, by Spanish Oaks, to Oak ville, 12 miles and imck, once a week. Leave Cononrd Wednesday at 1 p m Arrive at Oakville by 5pm Leave Oakville Wednesday at 8 a m Arrive at Concord by 12 in Propaaala for a second weekly trip, and to end route at Spanish Oaks will be oonsidered. 5318 From Rowlesburg, by Wolf Creek, Purinton, and Lioking Creek, to St. George, 23 miles and hack, once a week. Leave Rowlasburg Wedneaday at 5 a m Amve at St. Geor?ehy 12 in l eave St. George Wednesday at 1 p m Arrive at Rowiesburjt by a p m. 5319 From St. George. t>y Holly Meadowa and Red Creek, to Dry Fork. 30 miles and baok, once a week. , Leave sr. George Thursday at 6 a m Art jve at Dry F ork by 6 p m Leave Dry t ork Friuajr at 6 a m Arrive at St. Georgaby 6 pm. 53:o From St. George, byXaurel Hill,(local name,) to Meadow ville, 15 miles and b&ok, once a week. Leave St. George Thursday at 7 a m Arrive at Meadow ville by 12 m Leave MeadowviileThursday at 1 p in Arrive at St. George by 6 p in 5321 From Point Pleasant, by Angerona, to Jackson O. H..80 miles and back, once a week. Leave Point Pleasant Thursday at 7 a m Arrive at Jackson C. H, by 6 p m Leave Jackson C. II Friday at 7 a m Arrive at Point Pleasant by 6 p m. 5322 From Buffalo to Jacksou C. H., 3n miles and back, onoe a week. Leave Buffalo Wednesday at 6am Arrive at Jackson C. H by 1 p m Leave Jackson C. H. Tuesday at 6a in Arrive at butlalo by 7 pm. 5323 Fiom New California, by Wm. Gandees, Flat Fork. Klijah Leforoe's, and New Ketituck, to Sissouville, 35 miles and baok, onoe a week. I.eave New California Tuesday at 6 a m Arrive at Siasonville by 6 p m Leave Sissonville Wednesday at 6 a m A? rive at i\ew California bi 6 p m. ?5324 From Ksti Ivilie to Stony Creek 13 nrlrs and hack, once a week. Leave Katillville Monday at 8 am Arrive at Stony Creek by 12 m Leave Stony Creek Monday at I p in Arrive at Kstillville by 5 p in. NORTH CAROLINA. From July 1, 1858, to June ?, 1859. 3H76 From Durham, by Minims'* Mill, Orange Fac tory, Honnd Hill. Dial's Creek, and Red Mountain, to South Lowell, and back, twice a week Leave Durham Tuesday and Friday at 7fc a m Arrive at South Lowell by 4fc ? m Leave South Lowell Wednesday and Saturday at 7a m Arrive at Durham by 4 p m. 5877 From Cnape! Hill, by Fearington'a Mill. Asa ? K iggabee's Store, Thos. B. Farren's, Manjy Snipe's, and White Cross, to Chapel H if, equal to 18 mi'esand haok. onoe a week. Leave chapel Hill Saturday attain Arrive at Chapel Hill by 8 p m. VT78 Prom Magnolia, by Dresden and Prescott, to Jtockhsh, 24 miles imd back, oooe a week. I/five Maguolia Friday at ? a ni Arrive at Ko-kbsh l>y s p m Leave Kockfish Saturday at 7 a m Arrive at Magnolia by 5 pm Proposala to omit Draadan. and perform the round trip in one day, will be oonsidered. From Clinton, by T*vW? Bridge. to HarretVs store, 22 miles and back, onoe a week. V~vec,'"ton Friday ttitn u Store hr 12 m V?. ?-H.,rrr11 ? Won Friday at 1 p m From I P by 8 p TT,. rrqwa^LaUrrine. by Haiiev's Ferry, to Reck I fflrn i^l.?.Ti *r*^ back. ouw a week. !???? 6 I alerriU* Fricliiv at *>*?* a m rirJZ: o "Lrrk'"*k>rn by Urn l-e?ve Rockinglixm ?? ridav at 1 a m Arrive at Lilesriile by 6>? a n> ^T?Ikhk SlTR* *? J*me* Pata'a. vSek ' * ,lule* l*ck. once s Leave Trojr Wednesday at 12 m Arrive at Pace a bv 6 p m Lsia,^2baa" ??? Arrive at Troy by 2% p m Proposals for an additional weeklv triaare in vited. ? T SOI'TH CAROLINA. From July i, ISM, to June 30, 1859. From Anderson C. H., by Pieroe Town- Futil ity. S'abtown. Churnbnaoo, and MiUmo. to Ander?on C. H., equal to 19 miies and baok, onoa a week. Leave Anlereon C. H. Thursday at 6 a m Arrive at Aitderaaa H. bj 8 a m. From Anderaon C. H.. bv Varenn?s ard L*vel Land, to Abbeville C. H., 31 milea and lack, onoe a week. l eave Anderaon C. H. Wedneaday at* am Arrive at Abbeville C. H. by 7 p m Leave Abbeville C. H. Thursday at 6a m e.-? ? '2, And?r??n C. H. by 7 prn. 6175 Frtm Horse Mioa. by h, ||, Spring*, l-on* Creek and Cherokee, to Clayton, Ga., *7 miles and Inek, onee a week. Leave florae Shoe Saturday at 8 a m Arrive at Clayton by fi p m I .eave ClaUon F ndav at ? a m Arrive at Horse Shoe by 6 p m From Pickena c. H., bv Crow Creek. Ander son's Milla. Rook Mountain. Table Rock. I able Mountain, and South Salud. toGreen ville, 3? miles and twek, onoe a week. Leave Ptck'ns C. H. Tuesday at 1 a m Arrive at Greenril e next day by t? p m J -eave Greenville Monday at 6a m Arrive at Pickcna C. M. next day by 12 m. GEORGIA. From Julyl, 1858 ,*fo JuneH), l->59 >37 From Americus, by Danville. to Dratton, 21 miles and back.twicc a week. Leave Americus Tuesday acd Friday at 5a m Arrive at Drayton by <2 m Leave Drayton Tuesday and Friday at 1 p m Arrive at Americus by 8 p m. <538 Fiom Athens, by Plantet's Stand. Fort L&mar. J-a?nesvi!la. Aquilla, Parker's ^tore, Fair Piay,S.C..a*d I'ownvili-, to Pendleton. 7<> miles and b.?ck, three times a week Leva Athena Monday. Wednesday aud Fri day at 12 m Arrive at Pendleton next days by 6 p m Leave Pendleton Monday, Wednesday and Friday ?t 12 m Arrive at Athene next dsya by 6 p m Pioposala to run by a ditierent schedule will be oontidered. From Ciarksviile. by Nncoocheo, Mountain So?ne, Hiawnssfe. Hiwasst-e, N. C.. a? d Peach Tree, to Murphey, 62 miles and back i wice a week. Leave f'larkaville Wednesday and Saturday at 1 p in Ar. iv o at Murphey next day a by t> p m Leave Murnhey Tuesday and Kridnv at 6 a m Arrive at C'ltrkaville next day* by 12 n. 6S4i Fiom Covington, by Rocky Plains and Snap ping Shoals, to Ber;h"b!i, IS miles and lick twice a week. Leave Covington Tuesday and Friday at )2 m Arrive st Bcrshel* by S p m Leave Iicrahebj '1'ue diy and Friday at (i am Vrnveat Covington by .1 a m. 6M1 I ioiii Lumpkin, hy t-loience. to Glennville. Ala., 26 mil es and back, once a week. Leave Lumpkin Tuesday it 3 a in Arrive at Glennville bv 4 p m Leave Giennville Wedneaday at 8 a m Arrive at Lumpkiu by 4 p in. Bids for an additional trip ppr week will be oonaidered. 654* Fr m Newuan to Weedowee, Ala., 45milesand back, once a week. Leave Newnan Thursday at 7am Arrive at Weedowee next day by 12 m Leave Weedowee Frida* at t p m Amve at N'ewuan next ?i'ay by 6 p m. 6543 From Rocky Mount, by Holly, to Graatville, 15 miles and back, twice a week L??ve Rocky Mount Wednesday and Saturday at I am Arrive at Grant ville by 12 m Leave Grantville Wednesday and Saturdar at 1pm Arrive at Rocky Mount by 5p m. 6544 From the terminus of the Brunawick and Florida railroad, west of the Manila river, to the termmua of the Savauaah, Allan*, and Uulf railroad, west of the Altamaha river. Biddera will atate the disianoe, name interme diate points, propose the amount and kind of aervioe. and present a suitable schedule of departures and arrivaie. FLORIDA From July 1, 1^58, to June 30, 1556 688*) From Orange Springs, to F"leirungton, * miles aud back, onoe a week. Leave ? 'range Springs Monday at 8 a m Arrive at I-'lenvngton by 5 p in Leave Flemington Tuesday at 8 am Arrive at Oiauge Spiingsby 5 p m Bids to embraoe Ioia will be considered. INSTRUCTIONS, CoHtmning conditions to br incorporated ?* 'ke contracts to the extent the department way deem proper. Seven minutes are allowed to each intermediate office, when not otherwise specified, for opening aud (X.iininiinc the mails. No pay will be made for trips uot performed ; and forench of nuoh omisaions. not sati?facioril? ex plained, three times the pay of the trip miy be de ducted. For arrivals t>ofar benind time as to break ooi'ii-xion with depending mails, and uot sufficient ly excused. on<*-four' h of the compensation for i he trip is sutiject to forfeiture. h ines will l?e imposed, unless the delinquency be promptly an i satisfactorily explained by uertih'jates of putt master*; or the affidavits of other credible persons, lor failing to arrive in contract time; for neglecting to take the mail fr-'in or deliver u into a post office; for suffering it to be wet, injured, de stroyed, robbed, or lost. Tlie Postmaster General may annul the contract for repeatt-d failures to run agreeably ?o contract, for violating the post office 1\??. or disobeying the instructions ol the department; for refusmc to dis cliarKe a carrier when requested bv the Uepa'tment to do so; for assigning tiir oontrac. without the as sent of the I'ost.i.aster General; or for transporting persons or packages cjnve*in* mailable matter out of the mail. i'ne Postmaster General may order an increaae of service on a route b> allowing therefor a pro rat* increase on the contract pay. He mav chaiig*sche dules ofdepartuie* and arrivals in all crises.and par ticularly to make them conform to oounexionc ?ith railroads, without increase ot piy, provided tne run ning tune be riot abridged. He mav aiaoorder au in crease of 6pe?d. allowing, within the restrictions of the law. a pro rat? ot pay lor the additional stock or carriers, ifany. 'J he contractor may. how ever, in the C'se'l increase of speed, relmqui-h the contract. b\ giving prompt notice to the Department that he prefers doo g so to carivmg the order i a to etl'ect. The Po,t master Geueral u.ay also curtail or discontinue the service, in whole or in part, at j????? rata decrease of pay, alluwitig one month's extra compensation on tiieamou. t dispensed with when ever, in his opiuton, the public mteie ts do not re quire tne same, or in c tne be desires to supersede it by a different n ra'U ot tiansportation. Payment* will t>e made for the service b* collec tions fr >in. or drafts on, postmastera, orotnerwue. alter Hie expiratiou oi *aeti quarter?so> in Febru ary, May, August,and November. I h? distances aie given acc. rJmg tothebaat in formation: but no increa (d pay will be allowed should they begreater than advertised. if the point* to l>e supplied l>e correctly stated. Bidders must inform tHemsclves i>n this point. Bidders are requested to use. as far as practica ble. the printed form of proposals furnished by the Department, to write out in full the sum of their bid?, and to retain copies of them. Kach bid must be guarantied by two responsible persons. General guarantees cannot be adm.tred The bid should be sealed; superscribed " Mail Proposals. State of ." addressed oeronl As sistant Postmaster General. Contract Offioe. and aent by ma I, not by or to ana^tnt; and posiints ters will not enclose proposals (or letters ol any kind) iii their quarterly returns. The contraots are to be executrd and returned to the Department by or before the lat of A?gu<>t. 1RV., but the servioe must b?commenced onjhe 1st Julv, or the text mail day thereafter, a-hetherthe con tracts be executed or not. 8. ctiou 18 of an act of Congress, approved March 3.1846,providea that contracts for the irauvportation of tne mad sha l be let '*in every ease to the lowest Udder tendering sufficient guarantees for tmthliil performance, without other reference to the mode of such transportation than may be neoessaty to provide for the due celeritv, certainty and seourity of such transportation." under this law a new de ecription of bid has b-enreceivtd. It does not ape otfy a mode of oonveyanoe, but engages to take the entire mail eich trip with celerity. certainty, and security. using the terms of the law. The*e bids are styled, from the manner in whieh they are drsig nated on tne bo>ka of tne Uepariuent, "(far bid*." and they will be oonatru>d as prov.diug for the con veyance of the entire ftiail. aniftrrr large, and tenattvr may be the mode netts?ary to inswre tit ''celerity, y, and timei'v." In all cases where the lowe t grade of service is believed to(l>e sufficient, the lowest l?d will be ac oeoied. if duly guarantied, in preference to a "?fi/r" or sp?einc bid \\ hen the lowestbid is ..ot a star bid. and specifies either no in<wle??r an tnadtunai* mode ol c.Mivey anc?. it will not be accepte<i. but s -t a?k1s for a spe eihe bid proposing I he necseary service. When the bid dtn?s not specify a nn>'te of ootivey - ance; also, when it proposes to carry "accordiiif to the advertisement," but Wit limit such apeeifioatltHi, it wilt be considered as a proposal for horseback ?er vice. Post masters are to tie careful not to certify the suffirieucy of guarantors or sureties without know ing ti a! th?v are pej-sous ofsutficient respousiU ity; and all bufders, guarantors, and sureties are dis tinctly notified that,on the failure to enter in>oor perform the o-?ntracts for the aervice proposed for in the acoepted bids, their lega. liabilities will be eu forccd against them. Present oootractorB.and persona known at the de. partment, mus", equally with others, procure guar antors and ?ertihcUesof their sumcieccr suliatiMiti ally in the forms above praacribed. The oertihctea ofsufliceuoT must bo Mcued m a poetmaater or a judge of a court of record AARON V. BROWN, fe 4-law4wT Po?tma???r ^ , AND ALLXANDRIA. purchasaig the HEWING MACH1NLS of the ?nderaisaad will apply to meaara. Wall, Stephens A Co., wko has baen daly aad^iTexM&l only agent for Waabwgtea tan?-im J. M. SINGKR * TO. RVE AND BARLEY MALT, for aaia at the CITY MALT HOUSK. eomer of Weat ?? alia at enueand Rlnok at.. Haltiiaora. Md. LUBIN'S EXTRACTS,all odoia, at GIBBS 8 Hair Store, near istk at., and at iua Oaies Room andar Wiilarda' kotai. ???sur* TELEGRAPHIC NEWS Df?tr?rtl*? rtrr??"1111?? ? ?? Niw Ont^i, Frt t ?A l?rff on ?'iadiv mo-aing, consuming the MiMjir street market and adjacent sto-es Loes ?50 .OW Another fre took place this momlnf om Canal atrcet Tbe loss u mostly ccr*red b? ta laraac. _ Frank Andereoa and hta patv ?f fllibus r\t-mA K?t< '? A'? ** Col tera arrived here to-day from Key TCrvt "a c?i? tcdvof tbe I'm ted States Na'ikt! Tbnvtrt relea** d on parole until morn in*. The* all tna plain loudly of the unjust truimen of Cotnuio dot* Paulding and Capt Sand* Gen Walker ban gone to NubrHIt Sammni ta Lawrence, Stone Ac C*?* Llbby. Bo*rr>*, Feb. 3?Mr. Cd?. aa assistant Ser Beau'.-tt-Ariw. summoned J W. Walcott, of tHe house of Lawrence, S'one * Co.. and T-^F Ilold^n, bookkeeper of the firm, to appear br(<? tbe Congressional Committee at Waahlagton TbU morning Mr Cole ita'trd for Batb, Me , to summon Mr. Jama Sl?d?, who baa nearly reeov ered bia health, to appear before tbe aame com mittee. Mr. Joaeph Llbby. broker, who waa reported to have drowned hloiteU yesterday, wu found alive last eveuia*. and conveyed to bia home Later frena Ha< Niw Yo??. Feb 4 ?The steamer Cahawba, front Havana Kith ult . ban arrived Tbe machine worka of Lambden k Co haa l>een destroyed by Are?low* #20.0W, being tbe largest lire that bud occurred ia Ilavaua for yea's Tbe Spanish war brig Habjnero bod returned from a cruise. Tbe opera company would lca?t be tbe steamer (sMbel on tbe lt*b Tbe sugar market wa? unchanged in p'lce and very llrm In tone One Day Later fre? Enrepe. Niw York. Feb 4 ?The stcaimliip Edia burgb, from Glasgow. at New York, bringa tbe following: London, noon, 1 Atb ? Consols 01 \ Ltrerpvol, evening, l?itb.?Cotton in more de m uid, sale* 7,UN) i>*l?*e, Including 3 OUL on specu lation, rising with leaa Tea otters No political iitwi PaliUcal *qaabble. Ph il*Tiki.r h i*. Feb. 3?Tb?- county conven tion to select delegates to the Mate Democratic Convention I ad a stormy session to-day. During the d.iy. on the question of certain contested aea?s several free tights occurred, during which their reporters table was demolished Tbe anti-Ur uomptoa contestants generally were admitted Burning af a t aunty- Infirmary. Cuviukd. Feb. 2.?The Ashtabula county infirmary, at Ktngsville, Ohio, was destroyed hy flre tbis evening It wan aet on tire by oue of the iuinate* One life was lost, and aiEty pauper* were rendertd houseless. Den Giavaaai. Philadelphia. Feb 3 ?Another immense au dience witite-Nt-d tbe performance of Don Gio vanni, at the Academy of Music to-night. The season ends next Wednesday, after wLich the company go to Biltimore. The Wetterii Baak. SraiNCFTKLD. Mass , Feb 2.?Arrangements have been mad* by the Western Bank of tbis city to redeem its bills at par at the Chicopce Bank, on and after tbe 3d in*Unt Lancaater Mayoralty Election Lancaster Pa . Feb 2?Hon Tho* B Bur. rowes, the Independent Citizens candidate for mayor, is elected over Zimmerman, the regular Democrat, by a majority of 25 vote?. Frigate Saranac . New You, Feb 4 ?The frigate Saraaar was at Peruambuco on tbe sth of January?taking ia coal ?? Baltiatare Markets BaLttmori, Feb 4 ?Flour dittl; Howard *t. super *4.37 ka4 50. Extra do. S5 2Sa5 37; Ofcio, Superfine, *4 3?a!.50; Extra do &5, City Mills, Superfine, #4 50; Extra do Soa5 2jL Baltimore ground f-tmily #7 75; Extra do S6 75, Rye flour #3 25; Buckwheat flour *2 25a2.50, Corn Meal 93 25 \Ybeat dull; red 9la 1 03, whit# SI OSal 15 Corn dull, white 52a54r; v'Hlew 53a55c Whisky dull at 19fea21c. (law Tark Marketa. New YoBK, Feb 4?Flour iaflrm; sale* of 2.500 barrels , State ?M 20a *4 25 ; Ohio ia 5 cts dearer, and quoted ?4 75ift'JU, Southern 84.50a VI ?5 Wheat is very dull; pricee are nominal Corn closed with a declining tendency; salts cf 3,50? busbela; white G5aft5c . yellow 64a6Ac Pork ia buoyant, mess ?15 75al6 10 Beef ia quiet; Western Repacked S10.50aS13 Lard at 9<t9*c. VYblaky has advanced , Obio21)fC Financial, New Yore, Feb 4 ?Storks are dull and gen. erally lower. Chicago and Rock Island Cumberland Coal Co 17; llllnola Cenral sha'?-? ?? do bonds 05^, I.aCro?se and Milwaukle 141%; New York Central t4!I'a Cual Co.K7W; Read ing >V Milwaukle and Miaaiaaippl 31%, Va 6V(lu^;|Mo 6'a,&4|. sterling exchange dull?lUHJjallO. BOARD I KG. BOARDING?Pl?a*ant R<M?ma to rent, wi or without Board, ou reaaonahie terms, on tho ocr ncr of 4)4 atreet and M isaouri avenue. No 45. fe 3-M' Hoarding.?mrs. ri ff. No. ? datreet, ne?r Seventh. h?a taken this lane and o >anno dieus House, where s*e intends to rent h?r rooms, furniahed or uul?rniahed. ?o aingle Gentlemen, or Gentlemen and their Wivea. with Board. Trauaient BuarUera l>y the pa> or week. Meals aent out a: aJ hours of th? d\). Alao, wanted, 2 r iria to do general houacwork. jan U-lm* SWO'FE'tf CIIEIDAM AROMATIC SCHNAPPS ia preajribed with creat auooeaa l?y the Mediaal Fac* ulty in Gravel, trout. Chronic Rheuinatiam, Dr*<y* ay, Djapepaia. Slucxiah Ciroulatioa of the Blood, Inadequate Aasimilation ol Food, and ezhaaated Vital Enerey; and as a beverage it baa no aapanor in the world. Pnt up in quart and pint bottles, and for aale by all the Druggiata and Grooera in Wsshirgton. t'DOLPHO WOLFE, Hole Importer and Manufacturer, Noa. If. 3P, and ti. Beaver atreat. New York. dec 12-3m V1INCE MEAT fok PI Eft. i*l An additional supply of MINCE MEAT of beat auaJitr. KING k. BURCHELL, jsn/T Corner Verm??ut a%'en?is and I.MIi street. XTKAORD1NARY INDlCfcwENTS TO P IRCHASLkS. The attertion of cent eiuen si><?at to parch'sa 1 INTER CWiTHlNG is cal'ed to the hue ai?? k of heavj Woo en# now offered ?t a esenhoe f?>r caah by the tuUacrilierr, and w.nch must pos't vely be diapoaed of us Ma-en. < >a< well eetabltsbed rep nt ?tion for the sup riority of o jr k?h d? eiial>'e? us with o rfid-?nc? to invite a oritieal e*ai?nt-?!i<?fi of our aU>ck.aud t ? defy competition from any aoaret. Theial n-e of or Wi-ter C) er G rmem?, c n aiatine ofaravi and lnht, Maok and ooiored Freneh a d Engli-h Beave'. Raglan, Clarendon, and Bo.?y Sacka, Moa ow. Bear. Raiian riifou i, Cioaka. Talinaa anJ SnawN must be diapoaed of dunas tac enaumg m -nths, offering arte opportamty of pu. - charing a aoperior G*rment at a greit ? redened prioe va e w. aid a'ao nail attcntica to our atoekof Winter Furni'h g <>mpnain<? Wo??lensBi ? arhmere Multl ra. Sta akin, Buek and W?? len Glovea, Caahmerea a Saxony Woolen I'nder Garments,A e Cali and reeat WALKEl k UOt* 3K8 Pa. av., Browna' Hotel Haildicga. N. B. A 6ne assortment ol BOY8'CLOTHING always na hand. i a> dtw $ 100,000 hooe, BROTHER k CC. Un TUESDAY MORNING. Februarr Jd. a superifcolleotlon of : hose 115 F.L OLNCED SILK ROBES which hare created aogreat aaexciiemeut ta Waah ington dur ns the past week. Pean. av., between i?h and ?h eta. N. C.?Tliese elegant c naicned goods will befotri t?n the s?rown Ft.noa of our eataMiai.mect, th??a > f forduuc the Ladies an ample opportunity ft?r a thor ough exumiuAtiou of the atyles and prioes before f? |.iw BRASS bKlRT HOOPS. FANCY H A I R **????, for parties, at fel-at LAMMO^D'S pRANKLIN PHIU^S, NEW ESTABLISH F. PH I LP respect fuii> nnnoanoea to hia fnenda and the put4io generally hia intent*;* B> oomni*noe ' iisi?>e?? a? a HOOK ELLER and STATIONER. IkMMiiMu io me ordinary urawm es ol trade, he proposes e?lnhltailing a permanent FINbAKT uaLLEd > , which wi.l p diem hitherto lov?1 to tic Mtuei:? cf Washington. . ... In eonaeeu tnoeof his nalility at preeent toobta.n a store ia a suitable looalu?. he has taken th? r? omt in aleaars. Wail, <li|h?aa k On ? n-w lmildt??g.iJ Pa. av., < <eceiitl? occupied by t?e " Raaoluta" pic ture and -Turner Gallery ,*') whieh will b- r?d> ta a few any a. In the meantime o<>m ?rntcat>ona an a re?sed to Franklin Philp < through ths post office w.n rw,??? Wti. inonMlittr ( <K KbVILW, IMltMlKIAI. RE 1/ sournes. Ac., edited by J. D. U. DeHow, pnh liabed motthly ; %S perannam. DeBow's Preaa, a weekU P**P*r devoted to P<?iiti oal. Social. Literary, Kdeeauoaal.and Indus trial Development: #2 per annam. Suliscr.p' 1?,D? received by jana FRANCK TAYtXjR. Area'. A LL OF HARRY SANDERSON'S COMPo A ....O- K'f M4.U ??