Newspaper of Evening Star, February 5, 1858, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 5, 1858 Page 2
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EVENING STAR. WASHINGTON CITY: mftlAY Febraary 4, 1Mb. IET Mffrtlifwiti ik??U kc ml la hy 14 o'clock as.; ttkrrwlH they may act ap pear aatll Hif arxt day. H KIT OP THE MOtt NINO PRESS. The lrntoii, to-day, publisLes the able speech ^ Toombs, delivered on the receipt by the Senate of the recent Kansas message of President Buchanan, wherein that great State paper was so forcibly vindicated. The same journal also replies to the Phila delphia Pr**s upon the Lecompton Constitu tion question The editor makes plain the folly of the plea that the Topekaites of Kansas were disfranchised, except by and through their own action in refusing to exercise the rights of citizens, under the law. We also find in the Union, this morning, a contradiction of the foolish " Washington Cor respondence roorback saving that negotia tions are going on between the President and Dr Bernhisel. the I tab delegate in the House hall, for the withdrawal of the command ef Col. Johnson from Utah early in the spiiog. Presuming that everybody of common sense woald instantly realise the utter absurdity of the idea of such an occurrence as s ated in that roorback, we did not think it worth a con tradiction when it was first started. Its so universal republication as "news" from this city, however, bus made it* formal denial by the Umton necessary The fact that it evi dently found believers far and wide, illustrates forcibly the extent of the gullibility of <? the dear people." Rxscmfd ?pkci? Paymkxts.?The banks of Phlladvlptila on Wedae?day formally resumed specie pay menu, without previous announce ment of their intention. They bad been in sun pension since the last week in September, but for some time the snspension has been merely nomi nal. The resumption is now full and complete ? nd it Is expected all the banks in Pennsylvania will immediately follow suit. Axothkr Xiw Tmimi ?Iti. proposed to make an effort for a territorial organization of the upper peninsula of .Michigan, under the name of Superior or Mackinaw. The country embraces some sixteen thousand square miles abounds in mineral resources, and has an esti mated population of ten thousand At present it ?? * part of the State of Michigan, from the main portion of which, however, it is separated by the ?traits of Mackinaw, and with which it has no common luterests. .hTpKnA!L,Nl,WS|,AP,?K* ~A corres|?oiideiit of the^lphia Press contradict* the statement hat has been made, to the effec t that there are ten tn.*, a, many newspaper, printed in the German language in the United State, as there are in Germany. This statement is proved, by an examination of the ' German Newspaper Cata logue for 1356, published in I.eipzic, Sixony. to be a gross error. The total number of new.. *"d P'riodlral? published in Geimany is *,?*, of Which 1,318 are political in c haracter A G?A!?I> Exccbsiox is Paose^T-A proj^, t tha Journal of Commerce *ays, is on foot to make a grand excursion to the Mediterranean in the steamer Krlcsson. leaving New York about the 1st of May. and arriving back about the 1st Au gust According to the programme she w.ll touch at Gibraltar, Malta, Alexandria, Jaffa, (f?r Jerusalem,) Constantinople. Athens and Naples remaining at each place a sufficient time to ena ble the passengers to se? the sights. The num barofpa?eni;ersi,l,mited to 150, and the fare of each, If adults, will be *750. other expenses of the voyage, it is calculated, will raise the cost to about ?MNi General D. Antonio Lopez d-S inta Ana has written a manifesto, dated in Turlaro New Granada. which we Hnd in the Havana b a io .1 la Marina of the Wth ultimo. i? relation to the charges which General Pillow has preferred, that money was employed by General Scott to bribe the Mexican Commander and authorities These *lateinents of General P,ll?w are denied with the usual vehemence and verbosity of the Mexican hero The ' Infamous calumny" is re P^li-d with all the lengthy and high-sounding adjectives with which he i, ,u familiar The Mexican refers to the General Scott's de nial of Pillow ?t statements, and says that his own unshaken integrity_his refusal to betray the in terests or bis country, which should have awa kened for him only admiration and respect, rendered him odious to bands of his countrymen who conspired against him and endeavored to take from hi in that power which he would not prostitute to mercenary uses. He ^jve. a brief history of the^. conspiracies, and ends with a general denial of Pillow's calumnies, and all other reports ever circulated to his discredit. CE7" '? Omni',*.* quae prosunt sryamtiir," or "we labor for the good of all," is ,Le Inscription on one of the chime of bells given by Dr J C A yer 4 Co to the city of Lowell. That favored Mace mav have the bells, but they cannot monop ollze the Dr 's skill which is made available by hi- Cherry Pectoral and Cathartic Pills to all alike-not only in this country but in all countries where civilization ar.d commerce have gone W htle We admire the liberality and taste of those gentlemen In such a donation to their native town, we w; 11 remind our readers of the hallowing In buence a chime of bell, ha. over the whole com munity that bear, the,,,. They a.e few in thi. country, and their influence is little known, l.i.t v !k!:,il?Lfrr L'" ho,ne iM Germany, F.aace, Eagland, whether the chime on Trinity Church does not make bis heart leap into his mouth, a ,d his eyes>w.?, in the recollection it brings of the Mdeinn note. hi. childhood, bis boyhood aye and his manhood loved to hear at the soft ai - Proach of evening in his native land. We wi.h our generous townsmen, whom God wi,h mean., Would consider whether we too cannoe add thi. one more attraction to make our children and ourselves love dearer and stronger afld longer the pU,e we call our home Madtton. 1*4 , Banner. PERSONAL .... John Mitcbel has been lecturing In New Qrl?an* on the " English in India." .... A son of the late Dr. Buckland, geologist, ha. published thk Vnrtoiities oj Natural His tory. .... Geo D Prentice I. al?out to deliver lec tures in Virginia on the " Tendenc ies of Amer ican Politic." ....Neal l)ow, author of the famous Maii.e liquor law, is lecturing in Baltlmo.e on temper aaaa. .... Mr. Mr-Corn, ck, of reaper notoriety, was recently married at Chicago, to one of the most beautiful and accomplished daughters of that nourishing city. .... A close student of the Bible suggests, in the Marietta IntflliKtmrtr, that there Is reason for suj losing that one of the descendant* of Aaron me High Priest, was a native of Ohio. See Kxra vii, t. which reads "The son of ? rahlah. the sou of I'zzi, the son of [?) HuLLi " .... The K ic hmond correspondent of the Nor folk Argus has a wicked hit at the memliers of the Virginia Legislature in hi. notice of th* equestrian statue of Washington He say* n m? eyes are fixed on the House of LMegates, and his right forefinger Is pointing to the pt'miUm hary in the iiiomI significant mariner possible." .... The Baltimore Republican say. that Tbo* W mans, of that city, ha. recovered a claim c f five millions of dollars against the Russian Gov* ernmeut. which make* his share of the proceed* from freight and passenger travel over the rail roads oftLat country, reach the sum of seventeen millions draft* for which on the banks of Kuiope have hern brought on to hiiu Horace Greeley publishes a card iu the Tribuue to the efieri that till recently he uever heard, nor never t<el,eved, or suspected, that Messrs I.awrence, Stone a Co ,or anybody else, paid or promised any money, whether to mem bers of Cougre.. at Washington, to editor, in New Yoik. or to anyltody cdse, to produce a change in the tariff ; " yet, if said committee suppose. 1 could shed any light on t lie matter, I am, very respectfully, very much at their ser vice." _ iw Ma yor Tiedaun ha* punished another Peter Funa auctioneer in New York, by makiug him disgorge the amount which he had swindled out of an unsuspecting Geimiu from Iowa, and ^ a* also Ukea away his liten-e to sal:. WASHINGTON NEWS AND GOSSIP Thk Proposed Virginia inter Continent Steamship Line?We continue to be skeptics as to the entire success of the mission of the Hon. Win. Ballard 1'reBton, though our Vir ginia cotemporaries seem to take it for granted that he baa made all the necessary arrange ments and contracts for the prompt inaugura tion of aline of mammoth steamship* between Norfolk, and France. What there may possi bly be in the way of trade to justify hope that the enterprise will, at the present time, prove a successful one, we do not know ; our opinion being that the absence of facilities for placing cargoes of suitable exports to France, on board promptly?the fact that such cargoes are not always to be had near the mouth of the Ches apeake when wanted?will greatly interfere to prevent the satisfactory success of the enter prise. Such enterprises must necessarily grow up from small beginnings. That is, the success I of a line of mammoth steamships must be preceded by that of lines of sailing ships and j smaller steamers, neither of which have ever yet been in operation between Norfolk and France. An ample supply of freight leaves the Chesapeake for New York and other Amer ican porta, doubtless, to sustain a line of screw steamers in plying to and from Europe. But, unfortunately, it will take time and arduous labor to change its present direction?to divert 1 it into a new channel. Freight represents capital, which is proverbially cautious of, and slow to change. We hope for a better fate for this enterprise, than, we fear, it will meet. In stead of dreaming of mammoth steamer lines to Europe, if those interested in the future of tho commerce of the Old Dominion, would only bond their energies to secure the prompt completion of the different lines of railroads destined to bring the produco and travel of Western Virginia, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Kentucky?indeed of the whole South and Southwest?to reach the ocean first at Vir ginia's capes, they will soonest secure the moans of the profitable establishment not only of the direct line of steamships to France, but I of similar lines to England and South America. To aid such an enterprise under present cir cumstances, as it is Mr. Preston's errand to inaugurate if possible, the State must neces sarily invest in it, from first to last, as much as is now required from her in aid of the comple tion of the various railroads in which she has already invested millions, none of which can yield her a dollar of interest until the appro priations asked for them now shall have been expended on them. When that maybe done, she will not only find all her money so invested yielding a fair return to her treasury, but will also find that the grand result of her railroad expenditures will then be the concentration at her leading port?Norfolk?of as much produce and other freight as now pusses over the Erie canal, and as many passengers as now pass over the New I York Central railroad. Then, there will be no difficulty in the establishment and maintenance of steamship enterprises from Virginia to Eng land. France, Oeruiany, or wherever tLere may be people requiring American merchandise, or producing merchandise required in this coun try Until then, we repeat, we have little faith in the possibility of the profitable employment of a regular line of steamships between Norfolk and any foreign port. The Chesapeake and Ohio Canal.?The meeting of the American party Internal-Im provement Commissioners of the State of Mary land. that took place at the chambers of the I Chesapeake and Ohio Canal Company in the Washington City city hall on the day before yesterday, was itttendel by the following Com missioners. Viz: Messrs Reynolds, Sly, Lank ford and Peter. The first named was elected President of the Board Besides electing direc tors on the part of the Slate for the various woiks under the supervision of the Board, they voted to call a meeting of the stockholders of the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal Company on the 13th of March next. Their purpose is, doubtless, through the exercise of the State's proxy vote, to oust the present direction and officers of the Company, and install members of the American party in their stead. We have steadily opposed such action in connection with such enterprises more especially, in the belief that politics never yet intule a man pecu liarly fit for the management of such trusts I Since the doctrine that ''to the victors (in poli tics) belong the spoils'- came in vogue, infi delity to such trusts and incompetency for their proper discharge on the part of those ap pointed or elected to them have become more and more common; until the world has seen and comprehended the utter rottenness and failure, otherwise, of the system on which a large number of the leading "improvements" of the country are managed. This has proved to be the case in too many instances, irrespec-., tive of party. We regret sincerely that this Board of Commissioners are believed to be bent on perpetuating the custom which is at the bottom of most of the evil which we de I scribe above. S? n %torsMath&r and Schell.?Findingin distant paper stories attributing to tho Hon. I John C. Mather, a member of the Senate of the State of New York, from New York city, a disposition to avoid giving testimony before the committee investigating the circumstances connected with the sale of Fort Snelling and the balance of its '? reservation " not previous ly sold, we take occasion to say that there is no truth in them whatever. Senator M. was at first simply requested to come to Washington to be examined before the committee, the Speaker I not being satisfied of his right to bring him hither from the discharge of his official duties at Albany by the authority of a subpena. We hear that on the receipt of the request. Mr. Mather replied that he did not feel at liberty to leave his j>o8t on such a summons, but would obey the ordinary subpena ; which.he request ed might be issued in his case, as he waived all right to object to obeying it. It was according ly issued, he attended, and has been daily ex amined. As it would not do for his New York city colleague, Mr. Schell, to leave bis post at Albany at the same time, that gentleman, it is understood, will coine on to Washington also to be examined before the same committee as soon as Mr. Mather gets back to his post. Aruona and California?Tuk Mormons, thk Indians, and the Minks.?Herewith we present the Star's readers with a second letter from the distinguished man?the man of science and bard sense?to whom we were indebted not long sinccrtor perhaps the most interesting chapter concerning the present and future of our acquisitions on the Pacific side so far pub lished by the press of the Atlantic slope : Montkbey, Jan. I, IH?8. Eihtor of tKt Star. Mv Ukah S*ie: I have just received tiic Sur, you enclosed me, with my note about the Mmiiioii*, tlie n.ail route, \r. I am ?oriy I Lad not hint- to make a more romplete thui" for you; but | have had very bud htallb *i'"r1 * t-'i Jiicisco, and am only now vet ting letter. I be I ie?ideiit * menage In rerelvt d with |{reat plea*uie and gratification by the iK-opIr of Cali fornia, of all parties Hi* moderate, ju?|, is highly appioved about Kau*as a.d the Mor mon*; and the stand he haa taken about the Southern mail route, Gadsden ouicbase, and the Kail mad, highly approved of, where the very best judges of their meilta live and abide The matter of the land title*, mineral rights of all Spanish grant* in California, Arizonia, and New Meilco is coining up stronger every day The present state of the laud titles is woiking out most seilous evils?how they are going to be got over, time and <?od will till 1 see oy the New York Tribune correspond ence that the Shoshone*, Plntos and Utahs, liv- I ing in the fastnesses of the Great Basin, are as sumed to amount to the unexpected numbers of some 160,001) Indian souls. There is a country Northeast and South of Carson Vslley very little known to the United States, or even trapper* and traders. We hear tbat Lieut, Ives has not arriv ed at Fort Ynina, and fears are entertained for his safety. This expedition will be of great value in result* to the government I think theae Mormons ought to be shipped off to the island of New Guinea, at the expense of Uncle Ham. There is an inland continent there, and a Utah in the mountains, and they can find against the Darkey tribes whose hair hangs in bites?called by naturalists the Horaforas. They can turn sailors, traders, sugar planters, Mahom etans. or what not, there. They can never live in peace with us They are a raee of essential Arab blackguards. 1 should not be surprised to ?ee them turn American Bedouins. If the President wants to see what Arizona is in mines let him get Prof Bat d to read to him the chapters In Venega's History of California. 1757, on the Jesuit accounts of Sonora in 1700. He will there see tbat the Alta Pimeria (Gadsden purchase) Is a storehouse of silver likened to Po tosi. They said 157 years ago that they found silver existing pure in masses. The Territory is immensely rich lieyond a doubt in silver, as the n-?w American mining companies go to show I think in ten years it will furnish fifty millions, probably a hundred millions of silver a year, and that it will take two mints to work up their metal into dollars. It Is as rich as California, mark my word. The President's message will be of immense advantage to the settlers there The Alta California of the last month contains a great deal of useful news about the country. That mint business of San Francisco lias caused great scandal in California, and it wants thorough searching out. I should think the President might find three honest Democrats to probe the matter to the bottom. There have been too manv Dutchmen in tbat mint, as all California sa^s,. I has caused great scandal to our party. If you ever get the opportunity with the Presi dent tell him I take the lilierty to say that the people of California will hold his hands up during the coming struggle, until the storm of paper money, Mormon treachery, and Kansas craziness passes. We are in our once in four years crazy fevers, but good doctors and mild medicine will bring the patient round. Nature must have its perfect work and we must govern and hurry things like magnetism does the wires. The President has endeared himself to the people of the Pacific by his just and patriotic public senti ments and acts. 1 hope God may spare his life many years, and tbat he will retire from public, aftairs'with the country quieted and his country men rising up to bless his name as a follower of the eternal principles of Democratic conservative policy of \\ ashington and Jacksou. Yeurs, in great haste, *** A Failure.?Yesterday, the opponents ot the admission of Kansas into the Union as a State under the Lecotnpton constitutiou en deavored to engineer through the lower house of the Pennsylvania Legislature, at Harris burg. resolutions instructing Senator Bigler to vote against the introduction of the Territory into the Union under that instrument. But they were defeated by a majority of twelve. Had they proved victorious we should never havo heard the last of the fact from the Re publican party and lishy Democratic presses. As the matter stands, however, they will ol course be as mute as mice on the subject. Senator Bigler has fairly won a very high posi tion hero as a public man, and in this action ol the Legislature of Pennsylvania the sensible reader will perceive a manifestation of the confidence of his constituents in him. such a: is rarely accorded in these days of bunkum State legislation. Naval Intelligence?The Navy Depart ment are in receipt of dispatches, bearing date January 4, which announce the arrival of the steamer Saranac at Peruambuco, after ten days1 sail from I'arbadoe*. All on board well Tbe Saranac was to sail for Rio Janeiro aboul the loth ol January. The Contempt Case.?We hear tbat Mr. J. D. Williamson, of New York, the alleged con tumacious witness before one of tbe investiga ting committees, is prepared to purge hiinsell from all suspicion of intended contempt of the authority of the House. Appoint* est or Justices op the Peace.? Messrs Henry Reever. John D. Clark, and John H. iloddard, have beeu reappointed Jus tices of the Peace for the District of Columbia and were confirmed by the Senate on the 3J instant. The Weather ?The following report of the weather for this morning ia made from the Mora Telegraph line to the Smithsonian Institution The time of observation is about 8 o'clock a m Ffhrlabv 5, Buffalo, N V c lear, cold. New York, N. V clear, cool. Philadelphia, Pa. cloudy, cool. Baltimore, Md cloudy,cool. Washington, D C cloudy, cool. Kichmoud, Va cold, raining Petersburg, Va snowy, wet. Norfolk, Va snowing, bail, rain. Kaleigb, N . C raining, cold. Wilmington, N . C cloudy, cold Columbia, S C cloudy, cold. Charleston, S. C cloudy, cold Augusta, Ga..... cloudy, cold. Savannah, Ga .cloudy, cold Macon, tia Ji....cloudy, cold. Columbus. Ga cloudy, cold Montgomery, Ala clear, cool. Lower Peach Tree, Ala....clear, cool. Mobile, Ala clear, cool. (iainesville. Miss cloudy, cool. New Orleans, La clear, cool. Fuok thk West Cumberland. Md cloudy, cool. Wheeling, Va clear, cool. Barometer at the Smithsonian, at 7 a m , (cor rected for temperature.) 30.056. Thermometer, on the Smithsonian tower, min lmum last night, 30 near the ground, 3*2*. The Collins Steamers xot to be Sold ? The New York Courier says We have authority for contradicting the reporl published in the Journal of Commerce respect ing an intended sale of the Collins steamers to the British Govern ment. Tbe Company is some what embarrassed by ihe withholding of the money due them by the Government for carrying the mails, but they have no idea of abandoning the enterprise which lias reflected so much honor on the American marine. Consequently the story tbat Captains Comstock and West have gone to Knglana for tbe purpose of making sale of the Baltlc*fend Atlantic is untrue. The Atlantic will leave Neto York on Feb 13, and tbe other steam ers will follow in regular succession. Sir heme Cocrt.?Before Hon. Judge Dnrirs. ?Mussina vx Belden and others.?Judge Davies decided this case on demurrer in favor of plain tiffs. This is well known as the celebrated Wa trous suit, which is now undergoing investigation before the Judiciary Committee'of the House of Representatives at Washington on a petition for the impeachment of Judge Wattous. The suit is brought to recover about half a million of pro perty. The Points decided are that tbe courts of New York have jurisdiction of the case; the property is situated in Texas, and that the de cision of Judge Watrous in the United States Court of Texas against Mussina can i?e reviewed and set aside, and is uot a bar to this case.?N. Y. Htraid. |?7" Beautiful Kxtract?Helping a pretty dam sel out of a mud puddle. lf~r* Gilbert Grace, a German, was poisoned in New York, on Tuesday last, by bis mistress. Grace intended to leave the. city, to which his mistress bad objected. HT H is said that quite a strife prevails in Richmond between the inspectors on tbe one hand and the merchants on the other, as to the amount of draft fiour that should be taken fr<jm each barrel. JO" The authorities of the Powhatan Steam boat Company are about making application to the Legislature of Maryland for the purpose of having their capital stock iacreas?d from SI00, tmo to the amount which the present charter allows them to issue, to $2UO,OUO, and it will, no doubt, be granted. JUT" At Canand iigua, this week, Thomas Dens more, indicted for rape, was convicted and sen tenced to tbe State Prison for fifteen years and four months. Tbe victim was bis own diu^bler, an intelligent girl of only thirteen years, who was tbe principal witness in the case. {?/* In Baltimore a suit has been instituted against the Gas Company for retailing whiskey without license. It appears that the company fill the metres with whiskey iu Ihe winter, to prevent freezing, and the party bringing the suit was compelled to pay thirty cents for it. Hence tbe suit. We saw a fellow the other day with a bun dle of J udge Douglas's speeches under each arm, a likeness in bis hat, and half adozeu autographs, in old franked documents, in bis pocket A year or so ago we saw him with his hair badly t ii ed by the fire be had kindled under his effigy' We, who had battled for tbe judge through bis whole Kaunas tight, were hardly allowed to look at hit M plcter7i'_F<r*l(M(f Patriot. CONGRESSIONAL. Thirty-fifth Caifrm?First SfuUa. 1m the Sbsatb, yesterday, communications were received from the Secretary of War???ne relative to the expense of sustaining West Point Academy, and the other respecting the expense of the armories. Mr. Crittenden, from tb? select committee to whom was referred the hill to provide for the ascertainment and satisfaction of Halloa of Aim ? lean citizens for spoliations committed by the Preach prior to the3l*t of Jnlv, 1801, reported it back without araeudment, and recommended Its passage. Tbe bill was made the special order for Thurs day. February 18. On motion by Mr Mason, a resolution was adopted instructing tbe Committee on Foreign Relations to Inquire If it is tbe intention of the govemmeat of Turkey to send to this country a naval officer of rank to obtain information con cerning American Improvements In aaval archi tecture, and to superintend tbe construction of vessels of war for that government at the abip yaids of ibis country; and to Inquire what steps should be taken by this government in relation thereto. On motion by Mr. Stuart, a resolution was adopted directing the Committee on Printing to inquire what amount has been paid annually/Tor the last five years, to tbe printing establishments of this city for printing and advertising for the government other than that ordered by Congress ; and also. whether any amendment'* in existing laws are necessary to secure proper economy In tbe expenses for those objects, and to report by bill or otherwise. In the matter of tbe Indiana contested election case, the question pending was on the resolution providing that the sitting member and contest ants be allowed to take testimony. Mr. Trumbull opposed this, and proposed to amrnd It by substituting that the Senate proceed at once to a tlnal determination of the subject Mr. Rayaul replied briefly, and on his motion the subject was la'd upon the table. The consideration ol tbe motion to refe?* to the Territories Committee the message of tbe Presi dent accompanying the Lecompton Constitution was resumed, when Mr. Douglas submitted a series of resolution* calling on the President for lufoimation relative to the census and registration of Kansas ; the re turns of tbe elections held on the 21st December and 4th January, Invoking tbe question of the Lecompton Constitution ar d the election of State

officers under the same ; all correspondence be tween the Executive departments relative to Kan sas affairs. See. Mr. D desired the immediate consideration ol tbe resolution; but Mr. Mason objected, and they were laid over under tbe rule. The question of referring the message was then debated at considerable Ivngth : Messrs. Brown, Green ana Bigler being in fa vor of the Constitution and advocating its refer etice Messrs Douglas, Stuart and Wilson opposed tbe Constitution and the course of the Adminis tration in relation to tbe matter. The Senate adjourned until Monday, without taking a vote on the question. Is the Hou*e, yesterday, the matter of deal ing with Mr. J II Williamson, of New York, the contumacious witness in the case of alleged corruption against certain iiienilterx of last Con gress, occupied considerable time after our re riort closed, and was Anally disposed of by allow r ug the witness tbe privilege of amending his answer, and remanding him into tbe custody ol the Serjeant-at-Arms until to-day at I o'clock. The House then resumed the consideration ol the Ohio contested election?the question belnjj on the adoption of the following resolutions: Re.Klmd, That it is inexpedient to allow far ther time to take testimony in this case, as asked for by the sitting lneiulter. Retolreti. That the pai ties, contestant and con testee, be allowed further time of sixty days fron tbe passage of this resolution to take and return further testimony. Mr. Marshall, of Ky , was in favor of the res olutions, and thought the sitting member, Mr Campbell, bad not been fairly dealt with. Mr. Stephens repli. d to Mr. M , and stated thai time enough had l>een allowed, and that the plet of the sitting member was only tor delaying tb< action of the llouse. Mr. Washburn, of Me., mov? d to amend, bu pending the question, on motion of Mr. David sou, the House adjourned. Proceedings sf To-day. The Senate were not in session to day. I* the House, Mr Harris, of 111., a*ked lea\< ( | to submit a motion to print certain papers in re lation to the contested-election case betweeei Messrs Krooks and Davis, of Md Mr. Quitman oflV-red a resolution Inquiiln:. from the Piesideut the nuuil>er of officers au<j soldiers engaged in the war of 1812, and iu tht Indian wars of that time and in the service ol the 13 uiie.i States from the Revolution "Until tb* war of also, tbe number of such persons a? have received bounty land; and, also, what wil l>e the expense attending the extension of tht laws relating to Revolutionaiy pensione s to th? officers and soldiers of tbe war of 1-lvi, and tb< attendant Indian wars Tbe Speaker laid l>efore the House sundry de partuu-ntal communications, of no general iuter est; which were referred Tbe? oiiside ation of the Ohio contested elec tion case was then resumed Mr Gilmer expressed himself in favor of tl * resolutions fit m the committee, which all -u sixty days more time lot the taking of testimony hi the i ase. H.? defended the course of Mr Camptell in delaying to lake testimony during the time allowed by law. Mr Trippe replied that be regarded the delay of Mr. Campbell as unjustifiable, and that tht objtc he now sought was only further delay. Mr Gilmer continued, and iu tbe course of his rema'ks said that Mr Vallandingham was uol entitled to tbe sympathy of the Southern mem ber*. ?s he had voted in the Ohio Legislature tn allow negroes to testify a?ainst white men. in the Courts of that S*t;ue. Mr. Vallaiidigbam denied this charge. M r G . proceeded to prove the charge, by read ing fr? m the journal of O'tlo Legislature. Mr Sewatd objected to the introduction of tht testimony, and said that the House would bavt enough to d i with negroes before the close of tht session, wnhoiit bringing it in now. He, there foie. raised th ' point of order to exclude it. Ci n iderabie discussion ensued; and the qu>* tiou of order, on b lug withdiawu by Mr. S., viai r newed by several other gentlrmen. Mr Gilmer continued his remarks, saying tlia1 he did not wish to raise this question, but thai it h d been raised by the opposition, and b? warned them that if they opened that d jor, their friend would Ite also found liable to criticism. Tbe matt* r was not disposed of when our repo:l closed. A Rich Letter.?A resident of Syracuse. New York, whose wife had left him. and gone We?i for the purpose of obtaining a divorce, was de sirous ot ascertaining when tlie divorce was ob tained, and wrote to several county clei ks t< inquire whether the divorce was granted in tbei counties The following is a copy of one of the replies : Ni'Sckk, Indiana, Jail. lw. '58. Dech Sir: There has not l?een an application for divorce iu tbe name of , iu our court, but I think we have divorced one-half of the citi zens of your State, aud if we have good luck, we will. I guess, flnish your State aud Massachu setts in a few more years. Yours, . JET" Santa Anna has a motive for returning to Mexico which may operate In stimulating exer tioiin to l>e retailed The property of his chil dren by the first marriage, held by him for their l?enefit, was confiscated to the State by a decree violative of all recognised law. It Is said these estates are worth more than a million of d "lla-s, ami he desires to reclaim them in such a way as will furnish protection against any future revolu tion. Although he is known to be iu possession of at lea*t two millions of securities outside of Mexico, the one-legged patriot is still auiions to preserve the thiid, as a resource against the haz ards of his cock-tlghtiug propensities. IE/" Tbe Napoleon dynasty is about to receive another guarantee of permanence. Information has been given to the newspaper correspondents that the Km press of Prance has, by the advice of her medical attendants, left oil riding. "As Orisios as is as Opisios."?On bearing Ike read In one of the papers that eighteen rams were to lx? used in an attempt to launch the Levi athan iu England, Mrs. Partington remarked that she believed that a few yolks of oxen would do a great deal better than rams. Another gratifti so sign of Better Times Chlckeriug A Co , tbe well-known piano forte manufacturers of Boston, paid oil' about &4i,(iUU to their workmen on Saturday and Monday. It will be recollected that In Septeml>er last their workmen exercised a generous spirit of accom in dation. They are now receivings geneious reward. |P* The New Orleans Picayune states that a private letter, dated at Marshall, Texas, on the I4lb ult.. says, iu lelation to tbe completion of the Southern Pact He Railroad : '? We are getting along with tbe woik very well. Sixteen will be finished to-nigbt. Abaut two hundred bands are now at work " Purtber, the letter states tbat there is no doubt that twenty miles of tbe road would be completed by tbe 1st Inst. |[T A girl in New York, named Jane Ham I ton, only 10 years of age. wboss parents reside m Toronto, C W ., has preferred a charge of sedu - tiou and desertion against Geo Lomax, a young Englishman, aged 18. The girl says tbat Loin: x indued ber to elope with him. promising to marry her on arriving iu New York. Having teduced ber, he was about to desert ber and lewve ber penniless among stinngers Justice Connolly committed Lomax to answer Both tbe com plainant and tbe accused are, It i* said, respect ably connected. Slav*** Dtscrsstoii.?Rer. Mf??ri I^ooid*? Rower a-d George W. Carter, of the Methodist Church, addressed the people of Salem, Roan oke, last week, on the question* that divide that church in tbeA'iiitcd S'alea, and In defence of the Southern church. Mr. R spoke bIm hours, and Mr. C roar and a half Their speeches a e Mid to have been characterised by K'eal ability aad eloquence. Rev. B H. Nadal defended the Northern church. A correspondent of the Lynch burg Republican reports Mr. Rosser to have propounded and fully sustained the following positions: I. The Methodist Chnrch North Is the most powerful and systematic organ nation on earth against slavery, and is doing more for the eman cipation ot the slave than anr other organisation on earth. 4 The Baltimore Conference has done more to divide the M E. Church in the United Stat?a than all of the Abolition Conferences North put together. 3 The Baltimore Conference is doing more to abolish slavery thanull the Northern Conferences put together. 4 The Baltimore is more danger ous in its influence on earth, on the ?objert of slavery, than the rest of the Northern M-thodl t Churrli combined 5 Tb% Baltimore Conference i* more decep tive in Its anti-slavery views, dec la a'ton*, reso lutions md measures, than the open-faced entiie abolition North 6 The Baltimore Conference Is in a more nlt ical position than any other Confereu. e in the Noithern Methodist Church Col Fuller thus gossips about the fair at Washington : ?' As I have before written, the New York I .dies, as a general rule, are the b?st dies*ed ladies in Washington. In this respert we are ha d to beat. Not that we wear richer fabrics or costlier Jewels. Tout tin comtraire, aoiue of your Southern belle* beat us in their nightly dtsplav of laces and diamonds, and in "low ire. k* and short sleeves " But the more tonnish of our New Voik ladies, whatever fondness they may have for precious stoues and spider web trim mings, think it vulvar always to w ar them ? And as to 4*low necks," we leave thein to 'low' people. In the p<es?>i ceof certain distinguished ladies here, I have felt grateful for the use of a pink fan to conceal my blushes, 44 Hide, O hide those hill* of snow." 4c. Now. do not think me squeamish or rudish I am not a bit of it. But there Is a time and a place far all things, ai l a iiilscellineons gather ing of promiscuous people is not the proper time and placc for a stunning exhibition of a iieautiful bosom." Irish Emiokatiom to tmi IJxitkd States.? The Kilkenny. Ireland. Journal says: For the last few months persons who left this city as emigtauts have returned to their old em ployments in Kilkenny, and cautiou their neigh bors against venturing to America at present Several members of the families of those who have left our city bave fallen victims to Ameii can fever. The story of desolation and death which these poor < migrant* relate is fearful, and we hope it may serve as a caution to others to turn their thoughts from emigation a id cling to the rock of the old country Annkxatiom?A writer in the Ust Christian Advocate proposes the holding of a Convention of the meiuliership of the Methodist I' -ml Church, composed of the counties of Halifax, Pittsylvania, Il^nry, Patrick and F ankliu, in o der t? take measures for the annexation of these counties, now iu the North Carolina Conference, to that of Virginia The Convention is to as semble in Danville on the *24th of this month TJ~! ? I.O.O. F.?The Grand I.odreof the District _ of Columbia will in et THIM Friday > liV K NTNG, 5th inst.. at the Halt, on 7th street at 7 o'clock, to make arrangements for the funeral ol P. G. Thos. Ba*6?, of Covs aut Lodge. No '3. 'I he funeral to take place on Sunday, at 2 o'clock p. m. It J. R. PIPKK. G. M lEACHEnS' MEETING.? I ne legu.a' II3 monthl* meeting of th ? Teachers' Associa tion will be held at 'he Smithsonian Institution on SATI Rl)AV. Feh, at II o'clock a. m. A lec ture will ue delivered by Dr. Olds. Su:?ject?"Fun damental Principles of Intellectual Developement aud Training." CHAS S. \OU*G. H? Rec. Secretary X KEGL LA K COMMUNICATION OF IJJf Hiram I.<h1<?. No. 1", F. *. M.. will be held atthesr Hall, on -9th street, TH I* < Friday t FN E 7o'clock. Master Masons in good stand ing are fraternally invited. By order of the W. M a It GEO . FLOOD. Sec. Y7=?|\U]AMA\S' DEM OCR AT1C CUB, There will be a meeting ot the ln"ianians I'emocratic Club in Temperance Hall, TO-MOM ROW (Saturday) EVENING, I- eb. 6th, at 7>i o'clock. The inenil>ers of the Club and all Demo era's f1 ? 111 Ind 1 ma. who d- ire to join it, are earn estly requested to be business of impor tance will be brought before the "i^ft 1 rig. fe 5 2t* R. S. SPROCLE. Sec. NOTICE?'To the inhabitants of Washing ton County, D. C., residins between Rock Creek an t the Fas'ern Branch of the Potomac Yon are hereby notified ttiat an election will lie held at L. L Brtinnett's Str re. on 7< h street p ank osd. at its intersection with the Piney Branch r<?ad, on MON DAY. the 15th February, for the of accepting or reieo'mg tlie Cone of Laws iu pur suance of an act of Congress. The polls will be opeued at 9 o dock a. m. and oosc.t5p.rn. THos. P. BLAGDEN. II EN It % HA a, A. P. SHOEM A K I'.R. fe r.-eotd Judges ?f^V^DF.DICA riON.?'The Capitol Hill M. E I j Church, corner north A slid 3d street east. wiTl t>e dedicated next SABBATH. February 7th. Preaching by Kev. Alfred Cookmanat II o clock a., in ; Rev. John Emory Cookman at 7 o'clock p. m. I sous ol Rcv.tie.irre t'00kman. fo??oerly Chaplain to CoiikT *ss,I and by IIrv. Robt. L. Dashiell at 3J? o'clock p. n. The public generally are invited to attend. Y~=?ST. PATRICK'S CHURCH -On SUN \ 3 DA Y next. February 7th, a? the II o'clock mass, theauuualcha ity sfrmou.iuaid ol the object a of the Youns Catholics' Friend tViaety. Will l>e preached in this oni> reh by the Rev. E. J. L CB1S, of Baltimore Ou 'he a ternoon of the same d?y the regular monthly m<e!'iit of the Society wiii lie held in the basement or St. Matthew's Church, immedi ately alter vespers. A general attendance is re ""e'tTj' JAM ES J. MITCH ELL. Scc'y. I V ADJUI RNED MEETINGOF THE I * Merchants' Exchange Association will l?e held at the room corner of t"th street and Pa. ave nu^.on FRIDAY 7* o'clock. All business men ate invited to attend. Ie3 3t SAM L. BACON. Pres. rv^=? DR. POPE. L_3 Homtoyatkir P* ymrta* and Svrttom, DeMenou or Chain Buildiaics. No. 37b H street, nortli side, between 13th and t*th sts il IQ e?^?n T-5=? ICE CREAM AND WATER ICES, of the I best quality, in moulds or otherwise, at fjfl.Mi per gallon. Fairs and other public entertainment* furnished at less rates, *t the Philadelphia Confec tionery. corner Itth and F ata. , jan 22-1iii* r L 1<'g ^y-==? ICE CREAM! ICE CR EA M! ICE II ? CREAM!?The very l>est Ice Cream and Water Ices, Roman Punch.Ac., at 91 .W? ger tal'ou. Small and larte Cakes of all varieties. Jellies, Charlotte de Russe, Blanc Mange. Pies of al. kinds, and a large ejection ^[^."^KLD'S Baltimore Confectioner* and IceCream L)cp??t. No. 6th street, between G and H. P S.?Parties. Bails, and Weddiugs furnished with all kinds Confectionery and Pyramids of ditler ant kinds. FIVE lbs of Rioefor25oents: 27 lbs of Starch for 25 cents; 14 lbs. of pr.ine Sugar for %1; Adaman tine Candles only ^5 cent- ? Terms cash. It* JOS. W. DAVlai oor.9th and E streets. NOTICE?I fore warn all persons from negotia ting lor a Due Bil'. *i*ned by u e. in lavor of jno. Martin, for t'l", dated 111 Dejemiicr ia*t. as I ? iall not pay tbe same. fe 5 3t * M A R G A R ET WALTERS. BLUE BOOK.WW ?The new BUie lt?n?k or i.ov erninent Otficial Re ister of all oflioers in the I'nited States, c.vil. nuli'ary. an 1 n?v-1, with th^ir locations, salaries, Ac, Price Postage hfiy c lit* prepaid. For sale 111 Washington bv TAYLOR * MAl'RV. fe i Bookael era uear ath street [AND W A R R A NTS FOR SA LE.-Two I j?nd j Warraiits, duly assicned. one lor Wijnd one for 80 acres, will l?e sold Tor on" *nd one ha'f cent less an acre than they can ?>e purchased from.' h ? broker*. Inauire at No. Winder's Muilding. or at Mr George Burns's Shoe Store, on Pa. avenue, near the oorner of9th street. fc 5-3t * NOTICE.?'The partners ip heretofore exis'mg lietween l.iwu JoHJtsoJiand E?wae?S mm*. under the style ? f the Washington City ?-avinr? Bank having expired, the eenoral tanking business will le hereafter onducted by the undersigned, un der the hrm of L.w.s DAVID WALKER, fe ?.? L. J. DAVIS. (*LOCKS!? CLOCKS!!-CLO^K"* !!!?Just re / cfivml.ii treat assortment of ir? ?'10 i12'- c"i'R?BiNWi~!sr"~ yl 019 Pa. a v., opposite Browns' Hotel. ^ N. B?CLOCK MATERIALS, su^h as Oils, Keys. Balls, Cords, Ac., for sale,?the traue sud plied cheap. !? S-lf PELLISSIEK PORTMANTEAUS. A .Vrw Article 0f fitmf*' Hand Eng. This spleudid article is the nc rlm\ ultra of Triveli g Equipment*. Gents will please u <11 ai d examine this new and ?%??KNS ? CO . 332 Pa. avenue, bet. 9th and luth streets. fe S-eolm [?*iateaA Intel. 1 Brown stout, scotch and india A I.E. Fresh importation or following variety, Bark ey, Peikma A Co. *. Byaa'a Porter, pints and iwirti, . . Muir A Sou's Ale Edinburgh. 10 stone and ginas, Cameron's Strong Ale. Edinburgh. Hector Duve'a Falkirk Ale, Glasgow, Bass Eaat India Ale. . .... , For sale by SHKkELL 4 MILLER, 274 pa.avrnue,adj .M in* t? 5 St Kirkwo^J Houit, w A8HIN6T 0_N THEATIK. CKOWUIt) HOUSES ! L>a?t night Nit "?>???( tb? Fftiry mar, MIStT AGNES KU||KR1?U N. Wh<? will app< ar in two pieces MR. DION BoIRCICaL'I.T. A* l.ord Fipley. tk? London Exquisite THIS EVEnTnG. Feb S. LOVE AND MONEY Lad? Ram - ? Mies Robertson. l?oru Fipley - Mr. Ki*rMaa?il. After which, by daatr*. MILL V . Milly - -Mm* Agnes Ruberteoa. Tomorrow < Saturday ? Fare wall night of MIS? AGNKt> ROBERTSON -a ST" Ml. DION B"t R 'ICAI I.T. And their !ait appearance th a inwa. open at 7; performance oommeeeea at ?H \1ELODEON. _ IT I p?. A vise i. Riii Tbxth Strict. BUR L~E J* g U E OPEKA TKOl' HK, A Niw roamnktio* or TWELVE STAR PER FOR M ERS. I naarpawaJ by an* Troupe in the roaatrjr. D. CLINTON PRICE. Tha an.trailed American Gmiariat and Yoralitft, in hi* G aitar Solos and Songs. M ASTER WILLIE. The Juvenila Ji| Ihu oer and \\ onoer of tha Are, in favwrit ? lanotk. in oonneutioa with t be WHOLE COMPANY. wh> will npp*Ar Ever* Evening n NEW SONGS. NEW DANCES, I.AI OH A HIE Bt RLKSiUES. PANTOMIME* Ac. Admission 2ft cents. Doois open at CH; com m?r ca at 7*. fe 3 LEE MALI.ORV. Arwt P HI1.H A K MONIC HALL. HARRV SANDERSON'S ?;R \M?C i\( IIT imaiated hf M S?*ES FANNY AND AHNES IIFRON. and several other eminent / rtiat*. will take plana On MONDAY.Fab iih. Ticket a 9<- No extra oharge for securing aeata. fr? __ pHH.HARMONIC HALL. SUBSCRIPTION SOIREE FRIDAY. Feb Mb. Lie* now open at Metzerott'a Mime Store, fa J WA?T8. WANTED IMMEDIATELY-A COLORED M BOY, who thoroughly nneerstands waiting, to a'tend if a Hes'-urant Apply at *7# Pa. avenue, between loth ar.d 111>? *t?. It* I WANTED?by a youm mail who understands Did v* oare of hnrsee ?a ?i 1 ? ? I'lOrt m Cwchmim in a private family: lm no o'j etiou to |onn? Hi# aW M "l*r Oflw*. It* A 1.4 D\ \\ lit* HAS a SMALL. FAMILY IS deairoua of taking one or two Gent emeu to BOARD or will a commodate tiiem with a i^ww furtnble ROOM, with or without Board, if denred, on moder te terms. The situatu n la mo?t desira ble. aa the oomlorta of a home oa?. lie o' t*ine<! on reasonable terms. I'or further particulars inquite at No las. corner of lltli and B streets, Island. fe 4-3* * |> S. KlNSEY oilers hia ?ervioea aa a Clerk. !>? Collector of A coounta, Poster ol Books, and Cop* mt. Ilia in iu the building corner of 7th and M s're. t. near the cinal bridge, where he will be ready at ail limes to serve loose in need of bis aer vieee. te >-d>t* \R ESPEt TABLE ^ Ol N?. hi K I. V\ A NTd a situation a? I'l-atulieriitaid and Seamatrega. Please address K. M . C , Poat < iffioe, for three da* a. Ie3>t* WANTED. ?Permanent BOARD fora gentle m?nan i hia wife, hi a private fain.iy. batwaan fth and 'Jib streets : not lurher north than K atraat. Address Bog T?u. City Poat ODoe. fa 3 St* A YOUNG WIDOW LADY RESIDING IN the citv of New York wi?he? to hire a furnished lious ? in Washington, suitable for taking a tea ae la't loarder'. To a pa tjr of gentlemen who wou <1 go aecjrity for rent, or n eke an for ?be kame, she would aecure a pi asant, ooinfoi tab.e home, free from the nnoyances of hotel life. \Ad dress MRS. E. ti. DUNBAR. New York poat of fice . ir j-fit * EMPLOYMENT.?95? a month an I all expenses paid. An AGENT is W ANTED in ever; town and county in the United Stntea. to encage ia a re spectable and easy businesa. h? which the abova profits may hec?rt?in|y made. For ?uil particuiara addreaa C. MON N ETT A CO., corner of Broom and Meroer ata.. Now York City, incloaing one poa tage stamp. >an ?- Sw * WANTED I M M E D I A TELY-A funuaheJ HOI.SE, with five or aix chambers, parlors, and dining room. Apply to No. 161 Browns Hotel, d 18-tf LOST AITD FOUND. I OST.?On tbe 3d instant, a email \ El.\ E T 1^ CAPK, With ? t fruit". 'IV llid*' Will he r wa de<' bv leaving the same at tbe Wnefcie* * n Savings B n?. ora? this ??lfa ?. la*-* ? BOARDING. BOAR DING?PUa?ant Room* to root, wi ar Without Board, mi reasonable tenns. ??n th? cor ner ot -s1, street and .Misaoari avebue. No 45. fe 3-M * Boarding.?mrs. ruff. no. dstreet. ne^r Seventh, has take:: this large aijd c >anmo dious Houae. where ahe inteiMls to rent her rooina, furnished or uiilornished. ?o single Gentlemen, or Gentlemen and then Wivea. with Boaid. Traus>ai<( Boarde.a by the |>ay or week. Meak sent out at a.I hours of i he day . Also, wanted, i girla to do general housework, jaa II I m * '|MI THE Clir/ENS t?F WASHINGTON. WoLFR'a Sr-HKtnsW A?OW*Tlf Sr-MWA^ra. The proprietor beta leave to aall the attention ol atrantera and the citizens of W aa bin* ton, to a vei y superior article o( Holland t>m. which he mtr>?duceJ to the American pulNic under the name ol \\ olfa'a Sol.eidam Aromatic SiMuiApps. Tina Gin ia man u fact u red by tbe proprietor exolu aively at hia Diatillerv in Schiedam, hoi.and. It i? made from the best Barley that can lie procured in Europe,at any cost, and flavored and medicated, not by the annmou harsh l<err>, but by the most cboioe liotaiiical variety ol the Aromatic Italian Ju niper Berry, whose more varioua extract is distill ed and reotibed with its spirituous solvent, aud thus beoomea a eonoentrated tincture of exquisite fla vors and aroma, altogether transoending in its Cor dial and Medicinal properties any alcoholic t<evera? e heretofore known. The proprietor haa aubmitred it to nearly the whole Medical Faculty of the Unitid Stales, and haa received aiiiwera from aUiut four thoiiaaiiU Physiciana and Chemiata, who endorae it over their aigna'urea aa a most desiiable addition lo the Ma teria Medica. Persons who purchase should l-e careful to get the genuine article, aa the whole country ia Hooded with counterfeits ami imitatmua. Put up in quart and p,nt bott!ea, in oases of one dozen each, and for aale by'all the reapectable Drug giata aud (itooera in the United States. UDOLPHO WOLFE. Sole Importer at.d .Manufacturer. Depot, No. 22 Beaver atreet, New \ utk. dec 12 3in TVTFW SPRINii H.OU ERsTaT" IN MRS. B. E. GITT1NGS to^lay reoeive.1 a large aad bne aasortment of t>eau'iful Sprmrn^ Flowers, with a lot of new an<! \ er? n?r.o ItHr some Capes and Berthas, wait* Kid <?lov Ac., and invites the ladiea to call ami examine in mi belore they purchase elsfwuere at a tore ft o 14 p*. avenue. Iietweeu 8th and 9th a a. fe 4 HAMS FOR FAMILY LSE, direct te cuiiiati.?We have receiv*d to oay a lot .f SI tiAK-l.l RED HAMS which we recoinniei ias being very superior. KING ft BI RCH El.I.. fe 4 Corner Yermont avenue ai.d 1 sth st. A CHOICE LUTOFI.AR<>?- F R ESH tiNS TERS just received by T. R. B f SCHWARZE, southwest corner olflgvvl ) 12th and E streets. % a 1 ar Also, on hand, a superior 'ot of my so xjRjiJr favorbl* known Pickled and Spiced Oys tera. Just trv them. fe 4-eo4r |^ACE! LACE V. LACE !T!" The ruht place for barcaius ia at T*-* lakes' Fancy B.xaar. 5fi4 Pa. avenue. <W. Adams' Ex press! where \V. IIAVM AN <iffYrs his rrmainii4t stock of ROUND POINT, POINT APPLIOl't. HONITON, and other LACES in C4PJKS. SHAWLS, seta and aingle COLLARS. HaND KERCHIEFS. COFFfElRS. BARBS, and V El I .S. all at less than wholesale pi ices. I<adms, consult your interests and aall simmi, f-4 Iw I ANDRETH'S W ARK \NTKD GARDEN L SEED?. Just received, at the Agenoy for I andrefk'a Gar den Seedn 3*3 F street, between Mk aud loth, neai Patent Cittiee? 5<i bushels Laidre'tri Extra Earjy Peas. 75 di Large bite Main*(at. Early Fmine. Tom Thumb,and other Peaa. *1 bushel- Rej-speckl.d Va eutine and other Peaa. iljT Cousteutly oa band, fresh praaaed Heilis and RiMita, redicinal aud culinary, put up by tbe Shak err. le 4-at* t^RliM L??NDl?N BV LAST STEAMER | Russell's North Amcnoa, us Agricti.iare aad Climate. Scott's Seoiuar and Domestic Architecture, preaent aad future. Delamotle'a Practice of Photography. Mortimer's Pyrot< cliiiy, 3d edition. Knsou on t lockm ami I -ocks, mhos' Duties ol Judge Advocates. Jean's Navigation and Nautical Aatronomv. English Glees. Dueta, and Qaartetta with Piano accompaniments, 1 vol. Ludewis'a Liteiatureof American Aboriginal Lan gaagea. Rousseau's Emiliua, translated into Eagliah. Rousseau's Nouvelte Heloise, translated luto English. _fc4 FRANCK TAYLOR. ||ACAimAR OIL.M til BBS S