Newspaper of Evening Star, February 6, 1858, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 6, 1858 Page 4
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EVENING STA* i i I mM Ibrgst the*, had 1 oarer known Yq? sweet **Tipe* of r*?Sion, nor Iu4 felt Tk* h*art throb uatHt my own. ?*or dreamed of iMarw when on Iky lip* I __ tu vestal flame, that thou no lone if o On mi heart's alter kttlRtl witk thine MM, I TiH eaenobed by Lefb?b wnme, mast vididy glow, F*d by regret* nnd laaaed by oeeeetee* sighs. For oft ?y Iim hnre t rem Wed to tky kiss. And thon hat breathed sweet words of lovn ; and Wm bnnung look*. tbnt when tky toniue ?u Had thnlted my heart atrt*** with exeeaa of UiM, An tbe noft -?*hint of the aaiarner nir Awakee tbe masieef a tunele** intn. A Taiavmo EccLMtaeTiC ?Tbe Abbe D , al moner of tbe Inet praven nt to* Northern Ceme tery, Pnrl?. hnn just been convicted of n mont In reterate moaomaMa?<hat of theft For n long while tbe pearl flowers, the white wreaths, and otber soorenlra. placed on the tombs by wnrlr Ing friend* of toe dead, bare disappeared moot mysteriously. Every effort was made to detect tbe thief, and at last the Abbe wm caugbt In the net. He confessed tbe crime and is now In tbe hand* of Justice. He has confessed every thing Tbe article* stolen wer* distributed among vari ous monument makers, a* well as among friends \ and acquaintances \V be.her he sold them or not is not known. Tbe strangest thing is tbat among the article* stolen wer* some whose weight would bare alarmed professional street potters, sach, for Instance, as entire tomb*: He managed these by the aid of bis ample robe* and straps adapted to hi* shoulders. This apparatus was foaad and acknowledged by him. Jr Psy lograpbv Is the name of a new branch of art tbat ba* recently acquired great develop ment in Pari* It consists simply in cutting out sheets of black paper in sucb a way as to make it inte n picture?figures of landscapes?which has nil the finish of an engraving by tbe best mas ters It sppeara tbat psyllography Is a German discovery, its Colnmbus being one Herr:*chmidt who, armed with a pair of scissors and a sheet of paper, is able to repi educe tbe most complicated landscape; great Improvements bare been Intro duced by M Muratiri, an Italian, wbo has just arrived in Paris froiu Rarenna, whose scissors are far more skilful, according to competent judges, than tbe brush and pencil of many a limner. |fT Wbv I* a kiss 11k* >ome sermons? Be cause there are two beads and one application. AT* Tbe present population of Michigan Is es timated at 8W),IU) tcr A young man was arrested in Newark, N. J , on Monday evening, for disturbing tbe exer elses of tbe Franklin. M. E. Church. IP* Tbe Canada papers generally approve of the decision ef Her Majesty, in locating the seat of Government at Ottawa. yrr The Leg! slats re of Texas hare passed joint resolutions demanding the impeachment of Judge Watrous, and forwarded them to Curi os There are now one hundred and twenty eight counties in the State of Texas, twelve new ones having been named the present s salon of the Legislature. yn-"A woman is at the bottom of all mischief,'' aald Joe. "Yes," said Frank, '-and when I us? d to get Into mischief, my mother was at the bottom of me. fl^Measrs. Bowen. McNamee A Co., of New York, who suspended for a rery large amount, during the panic, "luve resumed payment, and meet all their obligatiohs as tbey mature, in Ml." "That Mersey I toothers show. Tbat Mersey show to me ? *' " - mjfET,. ? I i dwwt. _ ? ? ~ - ?--m- J ?*?VW aw tllC . was the pious cry of the Lire pool pilot brought orer by tbe Adriatic to .New York, wbere he was taken fa charge by the beys. [IT* A woman died not long since, near the residence of N. P. Willis, at ldlewild, N. Y., wbo was lltl years old. She was a young woman grown when Gen Washington was quartered in the neighborhood of West Point. IfT Tbe spirit of Daniel Webster was called up lately, in a spiritual circle ln~Nortbampt >n. Mass. tie confessed he had made many mis takes in hi* social and political life while on earth, and in hi* Dictionary. (L/~ "How do you and your friends feel now?'* said an exultant politician In one of our Western State*, to a rather Irritable member of tbe defeat ed pe'tv. "1 suppose," said the latter, ''we feel just as Lazarusdia when he was licked by dogs." ffT A new iron bridge bss just been comple tedorer Assanpink creek, at Trenton, N.J. On Thursday last its strength was tested by a weight of 125,000 pounds, whl*h was placed upon tbe bridge and drawn across it, causing a deflection of only half an Inch. irr* Tbe Yieuna correspondent of tbe London Time* writes : "It I* stated in tbe city as a pos itive fact that there is again a prospect of the Em press giving an heir tolhe throne, but the report cannot possibly be correct, for her Majesty daily passes some hours ia tbe saddle. try At Norwich, Conn., widow Ann Randall cam* to a horrible death by hydrophobia, con tracted by potting her baud, with a slight abra sion of the skin of one ffnger into a pall of water which she bad oAered to a cow that had been blUen by a road dog. The frotb from the cow1* mouth had become intermingled with tbe water ta the pall. Sbockiio Arraim ?Mr A Grimes, a promis ing young man residing in Crarkiin district, Montgomery county, Maryland, was frightfully mangled, one day last week, by falling from bis horse?bis foot having buug In tbe stlirup. be was dragged to tbe distance of about two hun dred ya:d>. When last beard from hi* recovery was considered doubtful. |[T It seems tbat the police and other officer* of Chicago have not had tneir pay for ten months, aad some shopkeepers and traders have adver tised tbat tbey will take certified bills and ac count* against tbe city for debu and in payment for goods The Mayor, bowerer, has by procla mation forbidden such transfer; and tbe police are la ? great quaulary whether to disregard Long John's proclamation or starve. Dabobbb or thb Rid Pbtticoat ?Three la dlee, says an English paper, were last w.t-k walking on the Xewuiarket roal, two of them exhibiting the favorite under-ga meutof tbe day, when the Ire of a passing bullock was excited by tbe glaring col r, and be made a dash at the par ty. The offending ladies succeeded in evading .Aim, but their companion, though iu a more ?ombre garb, was lifted upon a ga<e by the beast, but sustained no Injury beyond tbe fright. Ratmbb a Salty Lakb.?There is a lake 200 miles long, between Corpus Cbrlstl and B azos Santiago, so salt tbat a skit! cannot proceed but about forty miles from tbe latter place, because of Urge, solidified cakes extending clear across tbe passage?so says a writer in the Plaqoemine Sentinel, who has risltrd It Tbe same writer adds that, on tbe side of tbe main land, crystal Jaert salt Is to be seen piled up in blocks, one upon another, and shining In the sun like gla cier*. ARRIVALS AT PRINCIPAL HOTELS YVILLARD*' HOTEL ?W T Thelin snd sta ler. Md; E H Miller, W H McVicker, C Rallyo, SJ Tildes, 8 W Bavatd, H Seymour, O S Book stars, NY;C and H Carroll, W H Baldwin, Pa Capt Hetb and lady, U S Army: P B Key, W E Scbmerti aad lady, Mrs Wm Carr, T A Kam tuern, Pa; Samuel Bishop. L A Thomas. Ct; F Parke, Pa: W F Fletcher, USA. and lady. J S Croeerk, J Newhoose; Pa; H L Rngeley, NC W Johnston, do; W Rice, Pa. 8 W Walcott. Mass; G W I/efever, Pa W R Polk, Va; C H Hough ton, A C Rhlnd, Mfn , _?w ? j w as SS??V/V ? III, a a J . D O Thompson. NY; W H Smith. Tenn; Dr E U Wyvlll, Md; G F Harris, do: T B Edelln. do: D B; J K Johnson, NY; Dr W W Hox ton. J Baker, Va; Miss M Moody, Md; R J Moo dy, and lady, do; E G Ferryman, do. BROWNS' HOTEL ?G T Smith, Md; Jaa R Mitchell, O: E Wa.bburn, S J Harrison, Va; T L Wspies. 111; E >1 Cooastock. Ind ; T L Wil J5! w Baldwin and ladv, Pa; O X B y sa. Md; pt John Pia?t, do ; John J M Rsed. NY; T H Frlerson, G?; Dr W W Hoxton; Va; R o Brlen, *d, Wm H ? M0?",,h- Ha II H Hubbard, Ga; J D McClosky, Pa. ' KIRK WOOD HOUSE -W WoodvUl? Md- <4 R Schley, do: W B Schley, do; A W McDonald J Calboua, Kan; R C Mliler. do; P a Kuusb Cal; S Barth, Md; G A Miller. Pa; J D Header! son Kan; C McKibbins Pa; T W Ransom, Va; C C Cameron, Md; F D Keanedv. Mo; C J Wag ner. Md; W M Reilley, Pa; Dr Sheppard, do; D P Wing ate. Me. NATIONAL HOTEL.?Dr Wynne, Ramsay McHenry, Md; M Robinson, D T Barnltx, Pa; A A Marshall, Va; Dr 0 B Loring, Mass; A D Jes sup. Rev T Rear don. Dr Bergen, Pa; J S Rock well, F K Robinson, J T Benton, New York; J S Robiason. NH; J H Pmltb. J W Howdoln, N Y; J C Flandera aad family, NH; T George, do. OCEAN STEAMERS' SAILING DAY8 V aoH in liiyii Stat a*. Hitmwurt. L<*w. For. Dmfl. Europe New York...Liverpool...Feb 3 Kangaroo New York...Liverpool...Feb 4 Fulton New York...Havre Feb ? Canada Bo* ton Liverpool...Fob 10 Atiaatlc New York...Liverpool...Feb 13 Faoii Eraora. Kangaroo Liverpool...New Vork... Jan 13 Fulton .Southam'n. New York...Jaa 13 Canada ..Liverpool... Boston .Jan 16 Glasgow Glasgow. ...New York...Ja? 10 AracTa ....Liverpool...New York...Jaa 33 City Baltimore. Live?pool...New York...Jan #7 Indian Liverpool...Portland Jaa 9B Niagara Liver pool... Boston .????.Jaa 30 The California mall steamers leave New York m U? Kk aa4 HDi ?# mU mmik. jtoeeUancous. ?1 RJiAT SALE OF CARRIAGES^ tSSSF monftS?te^HS? ?nd W,U *" warrnted for twefre ?very wile 017 lu*r*nfee being given with fi1?- ?,,rT*2t fanda required in every inatanoa. AI?ot Hand Buggies very cheap for cash, i.. ? ?. _*,CHAS. T. ttARDN ER ft SON Jan 30 2taw?w* ftaooeaaora to Gardner A Plane JJO! POR THE NORTHERN LIBER TIES' GREAT REDUCTION IN PRICES NEW GROCER*Y STORE. The undersigned begs leave to inform hi* friend a and the pubiio that he haa oommeneed the above business on the northwest oorner of 9th and L .ta" where he intends to k^p constantly on hand, a full norttiuitt sfe ?* ^ [tss * ?'? m?z ?rs. Gooda aent to all parta of the city. Jan 21-eo?w* and L itrVrt? Nolm T^^iV2?JiiRK8 OF A CAT. and a fine Th. aaSH:.??lored engravings; London, 18S7. <*nidventnrea of a B?-ar. and a great dear, too. Mlfanuia; London. 1357. ^VJSSi'/iCSiS?',00<'Do* ,0? r.n," b"'"1 i.f "? ?"???????> ?< from th. U.r u2S*i^Sdo"!SSf""h* Vo""'m" iVith m',nT <iu,?r Mw Books. English, Prenoh. and American, for youths of all ages. FRANCK TAYLOR. CHILDREN'S HOOKS POR ?8S*.-The Little Commodore, Mother's TrueStories. The Won of'HV-.u.,.? rrdA 1h? L'?n-hearted. Heroes PJ? of Sea and l.and, Inquisitive Jaok, D101 Boidhoro, What to do and how to do it Siberian Sable Iluuter, True Stories and FaUe r JtlSi- om 10,6 German, Kelle and Lit .j, or the Golden Rale. Aunt Major's Nursery Rhymes a"d Fa,r* Tal'? f,y the Coun !"? D Aelnoy, and miMiv others for youth of all j!i 1 them just from l<endon. _d2? FRANCK TAYLOR. (JARRIAGE lamps. ll)h?rh*Vn?lJi,/^ay beau Hpp??pted agents for Edw. Carriage and Engine Lamps. The attention of Coaohinakers and others interested ia res.ej5t.uHy called to the sample at our stor! * Orders solicited. elvans a THOMPSON, l?n,* CHRISTMAS PRKS VTu.iJ pi... A1"?' Melodeors, Violina, Guitara, Jliis-.1fov.?v-^rac??s.n""- *? P,:Hn?DM-tu NSViu Ku?e B,^?nO. of Giboon, ^ Macau lay, Hannroft. Irving, ???''a;!1/01?>. Roljertaon. Roflin, Plufaroh, Ros one, Goldsmith, Dean Swif? Hogarth, Mitford Mackintosh. Burnet, Kanke, Miltou Whewcll and C^rs?ore nfnt?Sr0,,e|Wr,ter,in,&y fwund Ht 'he form London" m?'tly im">n*d di -A? PR A NCR T AY LO R. f^HEAP PIANOS FOR SALE OR RRNT ? WWeaeh-eao,i': ^?* .d.?" ?IS; two Jo. il T 9 2? Wlc,t; ,n addition to a large JTi* ?r ??,tonftn? New York unrivalled Pianos -lilil J<?HN P. ELLIS. tJUPERIOR MEDICATED GIN.?Just re rfi?.i^i i i0*"?" of the ??'?ktatad I ondon Cor dial Gin and Invigorating Cordial, and for sale by w? io.w . . JONAS P. LEVY. oJriei^fn ^ ??rner of B ?tr*et north. Gro non^w niu IjiQuor Store, ^ iQ.ff ?T?HREE SEcm?nd HANDPiANOS. * One for A80. ..... .. Two for Jw. At the Musio Store of J5HA W. G. METZEROTT. T^O VER Y FINE SECOND-HAND PIAN Very 1beaR at "ur I>iano &Qd Musio S-ore 306 Pa. avenue, bet. ?th and 10th sts. J*"5 JOHN P. ELLIS. P'^.f,|i^?^RiI?'pF,.ne litmus, in fine binHinrii, lais ifsSfel' Duo'-. R*be ?? fciSro ' Delavigne, Montesquien. La Brn n/r R^ n u Chateaubriand. Cou n?r, tioirou, Baizne, Mftrmier, Voltnire. Si "eue^r ir'rrp ? Rn^?foummU! M^rC.S'r u f* "e/.r"*rtl' Guizot, Froissart. M011 strelet, Buchon. Moliere. Roch, Barthleinr Hi.d other sUndard Kreuoh authors, imported by ' _d* FRANCK TAYLOR. ONGFELLOW'S POETICAL WORKS bert n!!i!^r.i:'?PV TiItb onc bVr,dr?d designs, by Gil rwV*av othrra. fine r txiuiid in?^ London, 1?S8, finely bound, with 1U0 eugrav i^Ubnilr^und.?hM9' ,maJ1 ?Wto' 71 ?n?^ tri?^dLidAb,5nd?KH' ""'1J ?narto' fiM,y BRACEBRIDCE HALL, small eaarto, numer a 5PWIDJ" *?d finely Itound. And tine editions ol most other Endish and A me noan wntere, m Poetry and ProUVsome illuatraied. others riohfy bound, may be fouad at the -i55_ FRANCK TAYLOR. EAlH,LYpIN1J,^NATR,AI.SAND SKETCH ,R?niinisc?jiiees of the Pubiio < nilh r^i!^ ?! Stales. A o., *0.; by Hon. OH Sold lor the publishers by J>n21 PR A NC KTAY LOR V'?iy* AND OPINIONS OF AMERICAN Statesmen ??f a'l times on Foreign lininicration ooilected into one volume, with siatiatica 4? a2' One volume octavo ; price 75 eta. ' " FRANCK TAVT OR. r?c??v?<l Midi weekly ; Musio or M .??of u Vn^ "0,'t to Part ol the ooun ry Music Bound, A0 , Ao., at our Piano >Vareruo.n>' * ?? avenue, between 9th and Kth streetl iohm P. KLI.IW 48 ?o 7th street, under the Avenue Hoiae, CI.OT1IINO AND^jtKVt^S FURNISHINi; jV~ / " ' iur?' i^o. w Louiliantaveoiltf aeniitul ?S.rf?,2*i:WL "?*' ?"jUSmSSZ vL n lDe ,0M! every effort nffMi^rt ol.fSSirS!1" ?h,ul? "?"*'? ? kLn.?h.!lii;.LoIHI!,0j-^*?A,TJ'*!l,T w* <*n guaran ee ?lTi2 I' Perf"ot in poiut of durability, fit and ? b^cmie we make overythin< ouraeivet aiuI have no hesitation k saying our goods will h? fn mj e\v^Kthe mder *<"1 " f?JOd I v\ atehing the various ohanges of fashion oartie> way rest aa ured of finding the latest out and ma'-a '"i??"' ""fry to their inspection and approval 9l5,nun worth of Gooda for Men's, Boys'and Se* vant a Wear, will be sold at auction pnoes and du< ^nr*KW?ald do w#" to examineX iSt.' Thfs i." no humbug, as our assertions can be proved on 1> amirahon. Call and see ua at thVatere S^re dW ?tTn GASTON A CLARK L<,|^iBVfON,S WORKS. 6 vols., Murray's LomIob edition, in pnrplecaif binding. LMdon. g*reeves!f ^tU"tpaar#' 9 voU- octavo. oekh(is?irmtf0rd 8ilAk,p<mr?* 10 rolM" LonJon, in gilt.h* C*i>inet ^hakspeare, 12 vols., London, oloth British Poets. 4 vols . London, half oalf. full mJL 1,,OKraph,oaJ dictionary, 18 vols., London, nitm'haff^Tf?1 H"torT'2 TO's- London, many Daian* S ? Ift *? ?vi*"* l T?L?" London, half oalf. Lofe.te/UltVo,k,? R,"K)o<,," edition, 2 vols., " Novels, vol?., London, rreen oalf. -?? PRANCK TAYLOR. 1 c ATI ON ^Historical and Lega hxamiruLtiun or th&t D&rt of th* MHkrama Court9s decision in the Dred Soott case wk?? ds? ^>m!.e l ?' "V^,ty ?f"<e MWiV.Cor^: promise Act, and the self extension of the Consti. ?rritorisi, carrying slavery alonv with if" By the author of The Tfiirty Years'V?ew*?^ U^k: ^V,d App['ton 4 Co. New York, 18St?' The above Work juat laaued from the sreaa fnr Mle at the well knovn st?nd. oorner of Street and Peni.avIVHniaavenue. StereoCyee edition. beentU tullir printed on elean new type, lee white oaeer aod,ibi^kmk- bo"?Su, biaok 5ShT2sr ^ "P in a durable form lor permanent "p. rnoe ?|. amioiLVT0^1" T*1*4 itst'tle purports to be, aa ex liti<?!ii2?t0??ViKlJo th"*uth?r,<lseraa to be) the po tioe onk-iii Court's opinion, avoiding any no ^.oh related to theee/soSSu spint ofentir?Vii . ou r*oofd. It |e writen in a oountry. ai.d with ?!',&? institutions of our views. The authors m ?*"**?*? frj " /*** party, bat for all men^TL word# ' write for no ! snoeetors, and who wT,h *ecBrat? the wo-ks of our kept on the foundations "n.u*'' Qoverament l?.? AnditisMieved th?h ^.tbi:Lf*^dlLL (? kept in the work, end whietf J^L $!!**?* f ? b^? t patent ju.tres, as the most or^^^,,,,J^?re',? J* oom all the author's works, hud m P"l,fou?rf of new views to the oldest rseder,,*^1,^.*o present 'TiUliii.1,' 00 V>?rt, ' U iT ^adjViv. l vol.; #1^6. Juat pubiianed. ^ Pi??vr? tavi^>m. A NICE LITTLE PIANO for #3?, in good t^T. Eioellent for new b??iaer?. Call early at aud Pa avenue, i?n ? JOHN W. Kl.LIR. ir?mT?\si SSK^S^KSi *W*5dSS5fD*"r^SJ sale or sntxyalong the rowteaofsasd railroads which lie out aide of $tx miles oh ttth aid* of the Mid roads, situated in the ander-nmntionad townships, which havs not bean selected ia nrtaa of said graut or any other grant ?d? b? Congress. or legslly elaiwod by pre-einptioa, and which war* subject to private antry at the data of withdrawal, will ba re stored to pov?ts antry oa thedaysaadat theplaeea hereinafter specified, at the ordinary minimum of one. dollar and t wenty hve oantaaa aora. to wit: At tha land offioe at DUBUQUfcoa Monday, tha 15th day of Febuary nezt. Tit: North of tht base line and east of tk* Jiftk printi yat meridian Towns hips 85, 86,87. >9. 90 and 91. of ranr e 1. Townships 85,88.87,88, and 9?, of range 3. Township* 84, 86, 89, and 87, of range 3. Townahiaa 84 and 85, of range* 4,5, and 6. Township 84. of range 7. North of the base line and west of the fifth prrn ei pal meridian Town*hip* 85, 86 87, 89, 9n, and 91. of range 1. Townships &S 86. 87,89, 90, 91,98, and 93. of rani;a 2. Townshipa 85.86,87, 88,90,91,92, and 93, of ranges S, 4. aad 5. Townships 84, 85, 86, 87, 88, 90, 91, 92, and 9(1, of ranga 6. Townt. 7.8,9,10, Townshipa 85,86,87,89,90,91,<B, and 98, of ranges . 8,9,10,11.11.18 and 14. Townships 86,86,87,88,89,91,92, and 98, of ranges 15 and 16. Townshipa 36, 87, 88,89,91,92, and 98, of rangaa 17 and 18. At tha land office at FORT DKS MOINKS on Monday, tha 15ih day of t abruary next, tie: North of the bane line and ran of the fifth prin ripal meridian. Townships 77,79,80,81,82, and 8.1, of ranges 1 and 2. Townships 79, 80,81, and 32, of range 3. Townships 81 and 82. ol ranges 4. 5,6, and 7. North of the bane line and west of the fijth prin eipal meridian. Townships 77,80, 81.82, and 83, of ranga 1. Townships 76,77,79, 80,81, 82, and 83, of rangaa 2 and 3. Townshipa T6.77, 80, 81,82, and 83 of ranga 4. Townshipa 76, 77,78. 80,81, 82, and 83, of rangaa 6 and 6. Townshipa 76,77 78, 79, 81, 82, and 83, of ranges 7 and 8. Townships 76,77,78,79,82, and 83, of ranga 9. Townships 76.77, 78,79, ?>, 82, and 83, ol range 10. Townships 76,77,78,79, 81,82, and 83, of raugea 11, 12, 13,14,15, and 16. Townships 76.77,78, 79, 81,82,83, and 85, of rangea 17, 18, 19, ami 20. Townships 70. 77, 78. 81, 82. 83. and 85, of range 21. Townships 76, 77,78. 80,81,82,83, aud 85, of ranges 22 and 28. Townships 76,77,79,90,81, 82,83, and 85. of rangea 24. 25. and 26. Townships 76,77,79,80,81,82. 84 and 85, of range ?7. Townships 76,77,79,80,81,82,83, and 85. of ranges 28. 29,30, and SI. Townships 76,77,79, 80.81, 82, and 83, of range 32. Towuships 76,77,79, 80,81, 82,83, and 84, of range 33. At tha land office at CHARITON on Monday, the 1.5th day of February next, vix: North of the base line and west of the fifth prin cipal meridian. Towuship 73, of range 1. Townslu i>s 72,73, 74, and 75. of range 2. Townships 68, 69,71,72,73,74, and 75, of range 3. Townships 67,68,68. 71, Tt, 73.74, and 7S, of range 4. Townships 67,68,60,70,72,73, 74, and 75, of ranges 5,6, and 7. Townships 67, 63. 69 70, 71,73,74, and 75, of ranges 8,9, 10, II, 12, 18,and 14. Towuships 67,68,69, 70,71, 72,74, arid 75, of range 16. Townships 67, 68, <59,7?<, 71,74, and 75, ef range 16. Townships 67,68,69,70, 71,73,74, and 75, of rangaa 17.18.19, and 20. Townships 67, 68,89, 7ft, 7*1. 74 and 75. of range 21. Townships CT, 68. W, 7?, 71, 73,74, and 75, of raugea 22, 33,24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 3?, 31,32, and 33. At the laud offioe at FORT DODGE,on Tuesday the 23d day of February next, viz: North of tht bare line and west of the fifth prin cipal meridian. Townshipa 86 87.88,91. ai.d 92, of range 19. Townshipa 8 j, 87.88,90,91, and 92, of rangea 30, 21, 22. and &L Townships 36,87. 88, and W. of range 24. Townships 86. 87, 88, 9>, 91, and 92, of rangea 25, 26,27,and 28. Townships 86,87, and 88, of rangea 29,30,31,32, and 33. At the land office at SIOUX CITY on Tueaday, the 23d of February n> zt, viz: North of the base line and west of the fifth princi pal meridian. Towuships A6,87. and 88, of range 34. Towuships 87 aud 88, -f raugea35 and 37. Townships 86 and 88, of ranges 38,39, and 40. Township 91, of range 41. Township 9?. of range 42. Towuships 86, 87, and88.of ranges 43, 44, and 45. Townahip 86, of range 46. At the Land Office at COUNCIL BLUFFS, on Tuesday, the twenty-third day of February nezt, viz: North of the bate line and west of the fifth prin cipal meridian Townships 67. 68.69. 7". 72. 73, 74. 75, 76, 77. 79, 80, 81,82,89, and 84. of ranga 34. Townships 67, 68,69, 70, 72, 73. 74, 5, 76, 77,80,81, 82,83. and 34, of range 35. Townships 68, 99,7". 72, 73,74,75,76, 77, 78, 90, 91, 82. 83. and 84' of range 36. Townships 67, 09, 69.70, 73. 74. 75,76,77,78, 90,81, 82, 83. 84, and ?5, of ntnge 37. Townships 67. 68. 69,70, 71,73,74, 76, 76,77,78, 90,91, 82. 83,84, and 89, of ranee 38. Townships 67.68, b9,7U.7!, 73, 74, 75,76,77,78,83, 84, and 85, of mnae # Townahips <77,68.69,70,71,73.74, 75,76,77,79,80, II, 82, 83. 84 and 85, ot range 40. Townships 67. 68, 69, 7", 71, 73. 74, 75, 76, 78,79,90, 81, and 82, of range 41. Townships 67, 68. t9. 70,71,72,74,75,77, 78. 79, 90, 8l, and 82, of range 42. Townships 67, 68, 71, 73, 7o, 77, 78,7)4, 90, 81,92, a** 83, of range 43. Towrauips M, 73,79,8<>,81,82, and 85, of range 44 Townships 79, an, 81.82, and a5, of ranga 45. Township 85, of range 46. Given nnder my hand, at the city of W'aahington, this twenty-fourth day of Oeoember, anno bomiui one thousand eight hundred and fifty seven. TWOS. A. HENDRICKS, Commissioner of tSe Meneral l.aud Offioa. <4 9?-l? CHARLES VACKAV.-Swits lor Musio* by Charles Maokay, /5 oents. Ballads and Lyriual Poems; by Charles Maokay, 25 cents. The Sala-nandrine; b* Charles Mackay, 25 oents. Legends of the Isles; h? Ouarles Mvkay, 25 cents. Voices from the Cr. wd; by Charles Mackay, 25 oents. Voioes fioia the Mountains, by Charles Maokay, 25 oents. The Lump of Gold; b? Charles Mackay, 25 oents. Under Green Leaver by Charles Mackay ,25 cents. Poetical Works; by Charlts Maokay,antique ino rocoo, #2.75. For aale at TAYLOR A MAURY'S jan 2-tf Bookstore, near 9th street. PTHIKSKMAK. ROTEL'TED br Royal Letters Patent of Kngland, awl secured br the Seals ol the Kcnle ,1s Pbarmaciede Pari sand the Imperial College of Mad icine, Vienna. Tnesemar No. I is a remedy for Ke lazation, Spermatorrho-a, and Fxhaus'ion of the System. TrieeenJir No. 2 effectual It, in the short space ofthr*e d?vs, completely and entirely eradi cates all traces of those disorders which onpaviaand oubeba have so long been thought #h antidote for, to the ruin of the health of a vast portion of tha pop u lation. Tr.eseinar No. 3 is the great Continental remedy for that class of disorders which, unfortu nately , the English physioiau treats with mercury, to the inevitable destrucrion'of the patient's consti tution, and which all the sarsapariba in t >e wo*ld oannot remove. 1'riesemar \os. 1,2, and 3 are alike devoid of taste or smell, and ofall nauseating quali ties. They may lie on th? toilet table without their use being suspected. Sold in tin oases, and divided in separate doses as administered by Velpeau, Ij?I lera?n, Rouz, Kioord. A a., Ao. Prioe $3 eaoh, or four oases in one fur $9, which saves #3; and in I9Y7 cases. Sold by l>r. H. A. BAR ROW. No. 157 Prinoe st.,a few bloAs weat of Broadway, New York. Imme diatply on reoeip of the amount Dr. B. wil' forward the #9 cases of I'rioaeinar, and the large sixes, ear riaae paid, thus insuring genuine Kuropt an prepara tions. The 93 oases also sent, but not Iree of car riage. Consultations as usual, from II a. m. till 2 ?. m. and from 4 till 8 p. m.. at No. 157 Prinee at., a T?w blocks we?t of Broadway. S? Id also by J. 8TOTT, Washi?gton. fe 1 ly THR REASON WHY.?A oareful collection of many hundreds of reasons for things which, though generally believed, are imperfectly under stood. Copiously illustrated; Rrgltsh edition; prioe 90 oents! free by mail on reoeiptof ninety-six cents in stamps. Liiht m the Valley; My Rzperienoe of Spiritual ism; t>y Mrs. Newton Cresslatid; illustrated, ffl.25. Violet, or the Denaeuse, SB ots. ByographioaJ and Hiatonaal Sketches; by Maoau lay. Appleton's Railway Library.50ots. Puuoh's Pocket Book of Fun. do. do., Wets. The Biographical History of Philosophy, from its origin in Greeoe dowu to the present day; by George Henry l.ewes; 1 volume, 92.75. The same in 2 vol J ust published and for sale at - . TAYLOR ft MAURY'S jan 7 Bookstore n*er9thst. P*OR NORFOLK ANU PORTSMOUTH. Va. Tha steamer LOUISIANA leaves the Union Dock, foot of Conourd street. Balti- ir*sk Kre. every Tuesday, Thursday, and :urday.and the steame NORTH^^^^^?i?^ CAROLINA every Monday, Wodnesday,and Fri dsy, at 5o'clock p. m. M. N. PALLS, fe 6- tf President BaJtiaiore Steambo I Co. DEBIT AND CREDIT, translated fVoni the German of Gustav Freytag, by L. C. C? with preface, b? Chevalier Banaen: jriaa ?l. Lucy Huvards Journal, by Mrs. L. H.Sigoarney ; The Poeticial Works of James R. Lowell, S Tola., blue and gold ;7ft eents. Army Register for 4999; 6' oents. lust pun ished.aod ft?r sale at [ TAYLOR A MAURY'S {a,n g Bookstore, near 9th at. Thomson. Younf, Akenside, Rogers. Gay Rood, hheliy .l^ey,qy. tgordawoi noon, Scott, liowitt, Spenser, Dry den, ( _ and anany other Poet*, may be round at the Book store of the undersigned, mostly imported by him WiiiSSlCS. wlu - * ? FRANCt TAYLOR. W. 0, METZKKOTT. A I-L OF fa"** " J' Mtdioinat. [ Mr. inMn, af loitmj, hae d<?oo?ege4 ta aaa Vw ??iMWwwtwi e?wwe<fy tfaat tua ^*talWJxf 1tYn^"ver eleven"hundTeZTcaM^end ST ZtVtfioates ofite nlM. all within tweuty aulas ?1 Wttittla ?? WMTUt?J to eare a nursing Bora MuSrta three bottlee will eara the arorit kind ef '^fwiTSrX rea teeSae will dear tha syatem of Biles. Two bottiee ard vtmntMl to oare the worst Canker to tha Mouth and Stomaob. Three to five botti?a ua ttnuUd to care Om worst kiad of Erysipelas. ,, n Ona or two bottles are warranted to oure all Hb lor ia tha Eyee. Two bottlaa ua warranted to cure Running of tha Kara and Btotohaa among the Hair. Four to aix bottlaa ara warrantad to eara oorrupt andranning Uloers. Ona bottle will oure Soaly Eruption* of tha Skin, Two or three bottlea are warranted to cure tha worst killd of Ringworm. Two or three bottlea are warranted to oare tha ?oat inoat desperate aase of Rheumatiam. Three to foar bottlea ara warranted to oare Halt rheum. Five to eight bottlaa will oare tha worat oaae of Scrofula. A benefit ia always expei ienooJ from the firat bet Ue,and a perfect cure ia warranted when thealxne quantity ia taken. __ Nothing looks ao improbable to thoee who have In rain tned all the wonderful medio* aes of the day. aa that a oouiinon weed growing ou the pastures, and along old atoua Walla, ahoul J cure ever* uuiuoriuthe ayateni; yet it ia a fixed f'aol. If you have a humor, it bee to start. There are no IFS nor A N US, hums uor he's about it suiting some oaa?s, buftnot yours. I peddled over a thousand botliea of it in the vicinity of Boaton. 1 know the efhot* oi it lu every oase. St has already dono some of tue greatest cures ever one in Massachusetts. 1 save it to oiuldren a year Old. to oid peopie of sixty. I have seen poor, puny, wormy-loozinr children, whose flesh was soft and Oat>by, restored to a perfect atate of health by one

(n4tl?. To thoae who ara subgeot to a sick heculaohe, one bottle will al way a cure it. It gives great relief iu catarrh and dizziness. Some who have taken it had been ooative for years, and have been regulated by it. Where the body ia sound it works <4uit*: ?aay, but where there is any derangement of the fuuotious of nature, it will causa very singt-!ar feelings, but. sou mut t not be alarmed; they always disappear is rrom four daya to a week. There is uever a had re sult from it; on the oontrary, that feeling is cone, yon will feel yourself like a new person. I heard some of the most extravagant enoomiuuis of it that ever own listened to in mi own prnotioe i always kept it atrictiy for ha inors?but since its introduction as a (funeral family medicine^ treat and wonderful virtuea have been found in it that I never suspected. Several oases of epiieptiolits?a disease which was always considered incurable, have been cured by a few bottlaa. O, what a mere* if it will prove effec tual in all oases of that awful malady? there are but few who have aeen mote of it than I have. 1 know of several oases of Dropsy, all of them aged people cured by it. For the various diseases of tha l.iver. Sick Headache, Dyspepsia, Asthma, Fever and Ague, Pain in the Side, Diseases of the Spine, and particularly in Diseases of the Kidneys, Ac., the diaoovery baa dona more good titan any medicine ever known. No ohango of diet ever neocaaary?eat the beat yon can get ana enough of it. Uinctions for U.<r..?Adults one table-spoonful peraay?children over ten years dessert spoonful? ohiidren from five to eight years, toa spoonful. Aa no direction* can be applicants to all constitutions, take auihoieut to operate ou the bowela twice a day. msncsacti am> ay DONALD KENNEDY. A'?. 130 Warrin Strut, Koxbury, Masnckmsttti, Agent* for Washington.?Cha*. Stott A Co., Z. Giiman. Ktdwell A LAwrence, J. H. liardner, Hurry A Co., D. Walsh A Co.. F. S. Walxh, J. P. Stone. Martin Kiug, Nairn A Palmar. Schwartz A Co O Boswell, Daniel B. Clark, J. P. Milburu, Dunler S?yson, Ford A Bro. Agents for Georgetown.?K. . Ciaaell. O M Lentham. J. L. Kidwell, my 5-!y AVER'S Cathartic Pills, (SUGAR COATED.) The following remedies are of fered to the publioas the best, most W perfect, which medical science can afford. AYBITS CATHaRTIC PILLS nave beeu prepared with the utmost aknl which the medi oal profession of this age poetesses. Mid their etf ects show they have virtues which surpass any combi nation of medicines hitherto known. Other prepa rations do more or less good ; but thia cures such dangerous oomplainta, ao quick ana so surely..-is to prove an odicaoy ai.d a power to uproot disease f>e yond any thing whioh men have known before. By removing the obstructions of the internal organs ana stimulating them into henltby acti. n, their renovate the fountains of life and visror,?health ooursea anew through the body, and the sick utfu is well again. They ara adapted to disease, and disna^e only, for when takeu by one in health they produoe but little eflect. This ia the perfeoi ion of medicine. It ia antagonist to to d 1 aease, aid no more Tender ohiidren may take them with nripunity. If they are sick they will cure them, if they are weiltiiey will do them no barm. Dive them to some patient who ban been pros trated with bilious oompiaint; see his l>ent-up, tot tering form straighten with strength again ; tee hia long-Tost appetite return: aee his clammy features blossom into health. Give them to soi ie sufferer whose foul blood ha* burst out in scrofula till his skin is oovered with sons; who stands, or kita, or lies in anguish. He has been drenohed inside aud out with every potion?which ingenuity cihild sug gest. Give hnn these Pills, and mark the effect; see the scabs fall from his Uxiy ; see the new. isir skin that has crown under them: see the late leper that ia cleau. Give them to hnn whose an^ry humor* ha'-e planted rheumatism in his joints and tK>nes; move nun. and ho soreeuhea wan pains; tie too has beeu soaked thiouch every muscle of his bt?dy with liniments and salves; give fl:?*e 1'iLLs to purify Ins blood; thev ma> not cure loin, for, alas ! Ihere are cases winch no mortal p<.w <-r oanreaoh; but mark, he wa k* with crutches now. and uow he walks alone; they have cured turn. Give theiu to the lean, sour, hsg^ard dynpeptic, whose gnawing stomach has long a^o eaten every smue from his face and every mu&cle from his l>ody. S?e his appetite return, and with it Ina hea tn: see the new man. See her that was radiant with l.ea'rh and loveliness b asted and tooeaily witliering away; want of exercise or mental anguish, or aome Turkins disease, haa deranged the internal organs of di/eg tion. assimilation or aecretioii.till thev do iheir oth^e ill. Her Wood i? vitiated, her health is gone. Give her these I'ill* to stimulate the vital principle into renewed vigor, to cast out the obstructions, and in ftisea new vitality into the Mood. Now look aga u ?the rosea' blossom 011 her cheek, and where latel. sonow sat. joy buiats from every feature. See the sweet intnnt wasted with worms. Its wan. sickly features tall you without disguise, an.I painfull) dis tinct, that they are eating itk life away. Its pinched up nose and ears, and resile*;; sleepings, tell the dreadful truth in language which every mother kuowa Give it the in large doses to sweep these vile parasites from the Isnly. Now turn again and see the ruddy bloom of childhood. Is it nothing to do these tbiuga.1' Nay, are thev not the uiarvei of this age.' And yet they are done around you every dav. Have you the less serious symptom* of these dis temper*, they are tha easier cured. Jaundice < op tivenous. Headache, Sideaohe, Heartburn. Foul Stomnc!t. *au*en, Pain in the Howels, Flatulency, Losa of Appetite, Kmz'a Evil. Neu.alcia, Gout .and kindred complaints all arise from Hie derangemente which theae Pit.i.a rapidly cuie. Tak* thein perse veriugly, and under the counsel of a food Physician if you c?in; if not, take tin in judiciously by such advice as we cive you, an.l the distressing, dan^er oua disease* they <;ure. which afflict so many mil lions of the *<uman race, are cast out like the dovils of oid-they must burrow in the brutes ai d iu the aea. Price25 cents i>er box- .1 tsixes for Al. Z. I). GI1.MAN, Waahinzton; and by H. COOK A CO.. Alexandria, and all dealer* in Medioine everywhere. d 9 tin PRIVATE MEDICAL TREATISE ON THX FHISIOLOGICAL TISW OF MAKMA&E, Br M. B. La CROIX. M. D., Albany. N. V. SOO pacta and 190 fine Plain and Colored Lithcgraaha and Plalaa. ICT-PRICE ONLY a6CENT8.^J| KTS?t/rti o/rostmt* to mil pmrtt a/ tit Va<M. Dr. M. B. La Crolx't Phyaiolofiaal View of Mar naze. A new and rev edition of&u pa?*a and 18b plate*. Priori* oenta a ocpy, A popular and ootn arehenatve treatise 011 the duties and aaaualtie* of aicgle ana married lifo-hajppy aud fruitful alliatioea, mode of aeourinK them?infeucitoua and infertile onea?their obviation and removal?nervoua debility, its oausea and oure, Ly a process at once ao aimple, aafe, and effectual, that failure ia impossible?rules for daily management?an essay ou Sper matorrhrra. with practical observations on a aafer and more auooessful mode o f treatment?precautionary hints on the evil results from empirical practice ; to which is added commentaries on the dmeaae* of fe male*? from infancy to old ace?each oaae graphical ly illustrated by beautiful plate*. It 'point* out the remedies for thoae aelf-iuffioted miseries and disap pointed hope* so unfortunately prevalent in the young. It ia a truth Ail advuer to the married, and thoae oontemplating marriage. It* perusal ia partic ularly recommended to persons entertaining secret doi ..a of their phyaioal condition, and who are oon soiouaof having hazarded the health, happiness and ^ - w ?leninsy nnpp'lxnB ftUU privileges to whieh every human being is entitled to. Pnoe 25 oenta per oopy, or five copies lor 91, mail ed free of postage to any part of the United states, by addressing Dr. LA CROIX, (poat paid,) Albany, New York, enoloaiac 25 oenta. K. B. Those woo preier may oonaalt Doctor ILA OIX upon any of the diaeaaee upon which hia baok treats, either personally or by mail. Hia medi otnea often oure in tae short space of six days, and oompletely and entirely eradicate all traces of those daorders whieh oopaiva and onbehs have so Ion* been thought an antidote, to the ruin of the health of the patient. His " Frenoh Beoret" ie the great con tinental remedy for that olaaa cf disorder* which un ily, fhyaieiana treat with naeroary, to tha uiie destruction to the patient'a oonatitu whiah all tha sarsapanlla in the wo hot eai Gbl< . r r_ r'oirlJ "offioe Na. S Maiden Lane. Albany, N. Y. 14?Ix THE BONOS OF SCOTLAND, with the en graved muaie.and Pianoforte accompaniments, by Graham, Madie, Dihden, Dun,and other eminent mosieiaoa. Complete id ane large volume, richly boand, and aaataming about three hundred melo dies, bsey tifully ecgraved. Price %6J0. Imported fr^Edmhar*; by fraWCK TAYLOR. A LMANACH DK OOTHA; Aenwalre Diplo land, booUaad, Ireland aadehe OnNrtw IK'S TRAVKl# mmt IwvMn taa* 1 *oL, tvo^ waa Maps and Kn FRANCK TAYLOR, TrtTtltti' Dimtorj. yyASHlNGTON BRANCH RAILROAD.' m > - Tiwm ran m follow*: Leave Washington at ?a. in. Do. do. atlt. ?. l'v. do. ttlia. Do. do. at4Ji? m. Do. do. at 5.15 p. n The Traim at 6 and I a. m and 4 JD I. m. oaaam di root Ij at Baltimore for th? hast and at Relay for (ImM mi. Th?* at 8 a. m. a- d 5 15a. va. for Ana* <?lis,and at 3 p m. for Krederiok and Norfolk. Tin fi a. m. and ?JO p. nt train* ar* Kiimi, aad stop only at Annapolis and Washington janetians. The K?wtera train i?r Saturday at 4 JU p. m. |um only ta Pmladeiphia. On Sunday only ona train?at 4 JO a. m, iaa? d T<4 g. PARSONS. Agent. Tk* Sktpt cpmpptimt lkit Lim4 %r$; ????? Th* ATLANTIC Capt. Oliver EldridM, The BALTIC Capt. Joseph ComstoSF The ADRIATIC Capt. Jaaaaa Waal. The** ahips harm* been built by oontract expreeely for Government servioe, every aare baa bean taken in tbeir uonstruct.on, aa aiau in their engine*. to in sure strength and speed, aad their noooawoaati?ini for passengers ara aufe*ualied fur aleganoe and aoaa # fart. The steamers of this line bare improved water tight compartment*, aad no f-x penee baa been a pared to make thein all aa good aa new, the thoruagh exam ination giveu them prov?a their mode of oonati uo tnHi yet auequalled. Pnoe o! passage Hon New York to Liverpool, it brat cabin, fl3u; in aaooud do., #75, From Liver pool t? Near York, 9* and *? guineas. As ax pen perieuotd Sui geon attached to eaoh ahip. No berths uau be secure* aatU paid lor. PROPOSED DATES OF SAILING. fttoM niv voat. i k'lui nvkkrooL. Situi.Ut. Jaii. 16 1Mb, Wednesday. Feb.3. 1MB Wednesday. M'ch 3 MM Wednesday , M 'oh Si 1M Wrdnesoay. April :? 185* \\ ednesday, May 12 IMS Wedueeday, May 2B I8j* ? a ? a ? - Saturday. Feb. 13 mitt Saturday , Maroh IS law NVurd.'iy, Apr I 10 18* Saturday, April 24 1*58 Sttur?J.H?, May JL IKS*. **at unlay, May 22 ... la.1* \\ ednesday, J une S .. Itua Saturday, June s I8.W] Wednesday, June .3 Saturday, Jane l? ?? !** Saturday, Ju y 3 Saturday,July tt |?* Saturday, Aug. J* SS&V. ?$>< wa=rr,: i33r?i? j - ? 1 * Wednesday, July 7 lta* Wedaaeday, Jely 2i .i|?? Wednesday, Aag. 4 1*8 Wedueeday, hept. I 1858 VV ednesday, Sept. i.V 1 ft* \V ednesday, Sept. Saturday, Oct. *3.... 1858 Saturday, Nov. 6 1858 Saturday, Nov. 2ti....1858 Saturday, Deo.4 I808 Wednesday. Nov. ]n'|fra? Wednesday, Nov. 34 1858 Wednesday, Deo. 8 18 8 Wednesday, Dee. 22 1858 For freight or passage, apply to EDWARD K. COLLINS. No. M, Wall New Yors. BROWN, SHIPLEY A CO., Liverpool. B. G. WAIN WKIUH 1 * CO.. l^ru. The owners of these ships wiil not be aoooantabig for gold, silver, ballion, apeoia, Jewelry, preoious stoues or metals, nnieas bills of lading are signed th -refor and tha vaiee thereof expressed therein. d 16 . ( )RANt>? AND ALEXANDRIA RAILROAD HEAT SOUTHERN MAIL LINM Twioe Daily, (Sanday mghU excepted.) beti WASHINGTON CITT and tue SOUTH. A l.K X AN 0 KIA, GO K DONS V1LLE AMD RI MONO, Leaves Washington at C o'cloofc a. m. " Waalaugton at 7 o'clock p m. be twees. r CH Por _ Leave LYNf 'HBI RGaod tbe SOUTH WKST. ?e Washing ton at 6 o'eiock a.*m? arrive U I.YNCHUI'RG neitmoriiiiifcat 4 a. m.,oonuacting with the trains on 'he Virginia and Tennessee Rail Road for MEMPHIS. Mail Stages from Cbar ottesville ft> I .y uehherg a distanoe of en miles. Fare from Waal, tug ton to Ly neb burg, #7.75. The steamer G FOR GK PAGE, foot of Seventh street, heiug owned t.y the Railroad Company, raae in oonreotion with t he trains. Tickets for Lynoftt>urg prooared on tbe Boat. nT'OvuuihUbesfind H?#ga?e Wagons will beat the Depot of the Washington Railroad, to oonvey paa ser.ttera and baggage to tbe Steamboat, for A!exaa dna, a distacoe oisut iniles, allowing ample time for mea.s. JAMES A. EVANS. Agent. Alexandria, Jaly.lS.97. It l-tf J^EW AND IMPORTANT SCHEDULE. FOR ALL PA?ri~OF THE WEST. BALTIMORE AND OHIO RAILROAD. The reoeut exteneionand improvement of its lead ing oonueotiug lines at tbe West has reauirod an en tire revision of th* t mining arrangements of this road It which highly important advantages to tne trav eler are secured. On ard after MONDAY, June 15, 1857, THREE DAILY TRAINS will be rut in both directions for tbrouch passengers. First-Tne ACCOM MODaTIONTR AIN start* from Caraden Station, Baltimore,at 7 A.M.,(except Sunday.) stops at way stations and arrives at Cum lierland at 4 P. M. S?oond?Tbe MAIL TRAIN starU (Sunday ex cepted > at 3 Sn A.M.. and arrives at Wheeling at 4 21 A. M., oounecting at Ben wood with Central Ohio Intins for CoiuniUis. Cinoiiinati. lndia>iapo!is, Lou isville, Chicago, St. Louis, 4c., and at cane p'%oe with trains A?r Cleveland. Toledo. Detroit, Ao.. by Cleveland Road, aud alio at ParkereUirg with Ni riottu R<wd. Third?The ST. LOUIS and CINCINNATI EXPRESS TRAIN leaves daily at 5.<? P. M., oon nectins at heuwomj at S A. M. with exp^ss train* from Uellaire to Cincinnati, {wiikovi ckuntt p) C*r? at Colwnbun,I and reaching there in but 25 hours from Baltimore and hours from Washing ton. It iJho oot noets direotly, in lioth directions, at (irnftou with oars bt Parkersburg and Marietta roiuls I'or Chlllioothe. t.incinnati, etc. These trains coi.nect at Xn la for IndiaiApolis. Chioago and St. Louis, aud at Cinoiur.nti with the Great Ohio and Mississippi Express lor Louisville Cairo and St. Louis through to St. I^inis in less than 42 hours fro* Baltimore, ily tins train the lim< to ail the oeutrai aud southern places in the West is much less, while th* is Irom 40 to !'?> miles shorter than l?y the shot test ol other roates. From the West theer oonuecHoiui are equally oi-jse and satisfactory, ar nvingat Baltimore at 8.J' A. M. J; /*" Bugrage ohocked through to all points. THROt OII TICKETS sokl at loweet rates ai Camden Station and at Washington. D. C. I'aaseiiKrr* from Baltimore or Washington may nne tHr eatirs road tv dnyh$kt, l>y taking morn icr trains, and lying over at Cum'icrlaud or Oak latKi, and resuming aext morning by Wheeling Ao ooinniiKlHtion train, leaving Cnmbertaud at k and Oakuuid at IU.50. F(t K KAY PASSENGERS. The Cumberland Aooominodatiou Tram at 7 A.M., wiil stop at a'l Stations east of Cumtterland, and thf Wheeung A?,c .minodation at all Stations tieyoud Cumlierland going West. Kastwardlv, the Mail 1'nuu leaves Wheeling at 8.9n A. M-.and Aoo<>mmo dation ieaves Cuiubeiiaod at a, reaching Baltimore I U P. M. I ON THE N4?RTHWESTERN VIRGINIA BK ANCH, t>efwe?n Grattor and Parkerstiurg, way p&ss<*ngeis will take the Express westwardTy and I Uie Mail easlwardly. i The FREDERICK TRAIN starts at 4 P. M . at way staUions. Lea ves Fredei 10k A. M,. arriving a'. Br.itimore 12 noon. The KLLU'OTT'S MILL TRAIN leaves at 5.44 A. M.. and 5.15 P. M. Leaves Fllioott's Mills all M. and 1 P. M., tixoept Sunday. FOR WASHINGTON AND THK SOUTH. Lehve B?lti:nore for Washington at 4.15 and 5>.U A. Af..3and5.15 P. M. On Sundays at 4.15 A. Mr. *rd 5.15 P. M.only. Leave Washington for Baltimore at 6 and 8J(> A \!.a.;d >and 4.2U P. M. Ou Sundays at 7 A. M., aar 4Si P. M. only. The first and fourth trains from Baltimore, and th? ie*ond ar^l fourth trains from Wasbinxton, will tx express mail trains, stopping only atW'asniiigtos Junction and Annapolis Junction. She 9.15 and 5.15 train* from Baltimore and ths 8 JO 4?i Sraina from Waahinstoa oonnect w>Ui the trains from Arnapolis. For tickets, intormation. fare, fto., apply toJ.T. ENGLAND, Agent, at tne Ticket ul.?, farndot Station. WM. S. WOODS1DE, Jy 13- tf M&ctor of Transsortation. Baltuaora, nn^E PACIFIC MAIL STEAMSHIP COM 1 PANY. One of the Steamships of this Company, carry it% ths lin'ted States Mails for ACAPULO. erii >, CALI FOR NI A, and OK EG ON, leaves^TnA Panama twiee eaf-h month, on the am-"*"""" valof the United States Mail S. S.Con,p\ny'ssteam ers, which leave New Orleans and New York regu larly on 5th and SMh of each month with the and passengers oonuecting via PANAMA RAIL ROADS. These steamships have been inspected and ap proved by the Navy Department, aodguaranty spssd and safety. Tbe Panama Railroad (47 miles long) is now oom K' >ted from ooean to ooaan, and is crossed in 3 or 4 urs. Tbe li&ggageof passengers is eheoked in New York througn to San F rancisoo, and passengers ars eml*rkedat Panama by steamer at the oompany's expense. The money paid m New York oovers all ex bouses of the trip. ^ Reserve steamers ar* kest in port ia Panama a3 San K ra . usoo. to prevent deteutioa in case of acci dent, so that the route is entirely rsft?6/s? no fail ure having occurred in eight years. Passengers leave Panama the sasss day they ar rive at Aspinwail. Conductors go through by eaob steamer, and take charge of womsnand ehiidrea without other protee tora. For throufh tickets at the loweet rate* apply at the agency, 177 West street. New York, to 1. W. RAYMOND,?or to ARMSTRONG. HARRIS* CO., JyM-tf C. L. BARTLETT. Boaton!*0*'" ?* JJN1TED STATES MAIL UNE ONLY REGULAR LINE AMD withoct TAiLtraa roa kioht VBaaa vet CALIFORNIA AND OREGON VIA PANAM_A^RAILROAD. Rigulmr Sailing Vapt.btk t%tk aI uuk m Carrtow.?So tions ofvs^ious 2o'u<m ?u ? i"* ??>, <? aa ? tli IMiVKNTH ffTEJbfil 5|| an-l aaited toevery ?? Reading. and I ; T slsuuiipae. M ? h^hii^i of M^MdMrnn^M !tU, ,M' *** ?. m w> ||j kl .1 ? JL - ii Tn _ _ _ Norrout. ?is Ths BhoU*m jfMt you Hit Mr bm as UlTW. TAKE WELL, tned * Mir of BMtthlM oUuaW ftw Mr. ~ had ikM ?f irw utiitwM to BiChLnad eorr** ponding with his daMnptioeof ths ?" '"?"""WS1TV-S.TBK .<?esse9S?5SSs which I ased. and found them of great ? -??rr to my deeaj iag ?!?!?tli; and my opinio* of hia ta. that h* ia skillful in the pcepemttoe of (L***?# for eyes aot toe hr<OM to be bwaitted by aueh iid. j. fTmay. Lthciitm. Nvrnriior7,IM. From aa examined* of Mr. tehees' Glaaeoa. aad Rom kit obeervateoes a ad remarks, am euaviaoed that ha ia a skillfal optioian. J. J. BLACK FOR D, M. P. LvBtaacae, Wmriakir is, not Mr. John Tobias. ha viae furnished aa with Glas ses, tty which I hava bean grsst'y aided. <my vteioa ny vm?fi i hava oeen treaty aided. < ai aseioa kavina aa#*rt-4 ireatly from is*?din? at night ta an eailier life.i it alortla air rbe highest pleasure to ?at that I consider kia a skillful pnctMai opt ?Mid Vail prepared to aid thoee who profeaaioua! aervioee. V\ M. M. R<?1 . Kldor of tlaa MfttHidiit Coal* WuuiNatTou, N. C.. Jaaa ?.MiM. Ma. J.Totiin-Deer Sir : f am nap*) to any that rbe Spectacle* which I obtained Irooi you lent week arc entirely aai.afactor*. Krom an inequality ia ttia viaual nuige ofm? eyes. I Bareheretofore foetid rreat difficulty ia jetting giaaaea of the proper fouai die - lance* It fuTord* m? pleasure to atate. Hot by tha aid of yoar optometei thia has iteea Bappiy obviated, so thm the O ia>?? you fur malted metre decidedly the heat adapted to my ay aa i< aay I aa? a aver yet isaed Very reaped fully j^our*, R. R. PRANK. Havinc been indaoed bt a friend to vtail the ear*r> lahnient of Mr. Tobiaa lor the yarpoae of trying hie (lease* | tat furnished with a pair ulightly colored nine, wince have adorded me more relief and gratih eation than any I have ever triad. My aisht. origin all* eery good, waa injured Ity writing anJreading at n|f ht, frequently to a rery late hour: l?at with the aia of thee* gleaeee I can atady at moat aa late aa ever, mid 'hat too witboet tbe ??? I ?????* prertou* ly auflered. JOHN WILSON. Lata CoMuaaioMer Uua'l Land ufllee. Deo. 11. ISM. I have lied Mr. Tobias's Bpegsslss far three or foar months, and take great pleasure in sayii* ti.u l zuxvuesr May 5U. 1896. I waa reoommended to Mr. J oh a Tobias aa a akilfkl optician ; audaa I have e*ea of remarkable peealian ty. I waa gratifeed to hnd that Mr. Tobias aeemeti to _ , to oomprebend them by laapeotina aad some alight meaaurement and he baa mads me a pair of Sparta olea th*t m?;,? me admiraUy. A. r. Bl'TLkR. Jaly 11. 1MB. Waiiimtoi, Aaj.t, iM6. Haeing been for yeara aitder the neoeaaity of har two aeta of arlaaaea?one for uee tn daylight, and one for lamp-light?I pmenred one oet from Mr. Tot>iaa which auawered Itolh parpuees. I have a aad his for -a*-4 gsvitWH?M, Of Department of State. Mr. J Tobias. Sir. The pair of hpectaoiee yoa fnrniahe.: me yeelerday are particularly aatiafcotory U> me. They are van deotdedly the beat I possesa. ai^ I emihs owner of eight or aiae pair*, aarefu y ?elected m diflereut piaoea and [rem opticiana reo ommsitded to me on aoooaat of their |rsfsssiaaal -S - ? ??_. ? * ? -? " ? * ? ' fisaaed wish yoar remarks aad di ? treatment of the eyes, tor the par ing and improving the sight oara, CHJ?rCA LOWELL. Vofaaeor of M. C.. Loaisrilla. Ey. standing in France, Kaaland.and the L'ntted -I have I teen alao pleaaed wi reotiona on the pttae of preaerv Raspectfuly Professor Bkooklt* Omonnir Imstttvttob. April, ISM. Aflsr most oarafal sji ami nation of Mr. J. Tobias'? li'ASsea, I am enabled to teetify that their bardaeea. oiearneaa, polialiing, and exact oetisai a tape render them particalariy reoommspdabls to thoee wbxas merely optical impairment of the eyea ars ia waat of moh auxiliaries. I euaaider. moreover, Mr. Tobtaa fuilt <uaUhed to determrae the foeas ol the h by aia optical knowledge aad exparisesa. aai by tr.aans ol his itptoneter. la addition. I sac farther (tale that Mr. Tobiaa Uaa aupplied aome of ay pa tients with Glasses, to their 'and my aatielaotion LEW** BAI KR. M. p and J*urgeon, Berlin: Member of tha Koyai College of tiurgeona, Kaaland: Member of the Medico- Sooiety of I^iDdon.and a( tha Pathological Sociot* of New York; late Sar geon of tbe Roral Orthopaedic laatitatioa of Nnnchester. Kngland. aad Surgeon of tbe B. O. Institution. NoaroLg. VJu'? V. IkM. In the exaenenoe of even two year*. I nave four d great diftcalty in obtaining !*peciat;.ea that were ex actly adapted to the weakneea of my eight. Thia in oonvenience Mr. Totnaa enema to have removed for the pre*. ? t Ity the aulietitution for me of better and moreau:taI>le Uiaaaea. They ars dear, chrystaJ-lika Mid oomforultie to my aye*. I woald oommend him to thoee who fntm age or ether inirmitv reauire ar ahoiaJ aid m thia way. J. J. HIM RTNS. M. 1?. Wilmihstox, N. C., June II. IBM. To persona who ha* e Bad tbe aight of thu.r eyeaao a* to require the uee of Ulaaeaa. I would reortmmend Mr. John Totxa* aa a auitaltle pecaun from whom to obtain such G laaaea aa thej amy re euire. aa he has auited me wit.h a aair of Aprotavies for a ?r and near sight. Mr aight haa ItMi. impaired vary mucn ity a aervios of year* in the Poet iHfcee Department, which berth reeuired me Ut be oa duty from II o'clock at night till after day. darinr whiah time 1 used but one aght. W. A. W A Lit kit. lhtriBTHKNT or Ihtbbiob, May S. ISM. From natural defect?, and the unequal ranee of my eyea, I have been oompelied to um> glaawea Nti aev* ralyear*. I have tried ditfereut optimans witbeet obtaining glaae^* perfectly htted to my eyea. roar months a.not Mr. Totuaa made two pairs sapaoiaily for me. whieh I have found to aeive me perfect!*. By the aa* ofhia optometer he ia ens Ma J to adapt <>aa*v a moet m:uutr!y to ths eta 1 Must obeerfal ly recommend Mr. T?l>.aa Ut all liaving oooaaina to sae glaaitc*. and I tear my leaiiutont a* to his akill aa an optician. HKNRV K. B AI.L) WIN, a* aft Aaa't Seo'i to aiga laud Werraata. V*' ILDM AN'?* LAW OF HF.AKt'H, CAP H tuie. and Prize. I volume, l^udttM Thoiiipaou't. l^aa* of War. adaeting ahipping and ootuineice, 1 vniuiue. I .onJob. Hoaackou tlis Ruhtaof Neutral*, I volume. 1m doli. Hhiprine l<aw*,bT Mr. Sergeant Atkinaitti. I vol ume. Lond.m. Maiteu's of \a!mn?, tianalated by Wm Cul? twit, l volume. Le>?tdon. I aw of Nalntua, by Polaon and Home, I volume, Lrttidon. Tuaon's Britiah Cimaul'a M tnnal. 1 volume. Loc 4oa. Lynn'a British C.tnaui'a Hand Bo<tk, 1 rwliiM, lit *IH) t f 0 l? reeii on Cottaa!ar Service. (pamphlet I I .ondou. Pit Jaine* Mackiutoah Vm the l<aw of Natione, l pamphlet 11 .? ud u. Henshitw'* Manual for Ignited State* t'onuula. KegulatioBa lor Trnttd 5i*tea I'ouaula, 1 volume, ro. I'hihmorenn International I .aw, I Volume, ivo. Wild man'* litleraatotftal, X volume*, 8?o., London. Wheaton'a Ii.l. rnati..n*l, I volums. Ftliott's lMplomstic Code, 2 volume*, svo. Ftudea?l>iplomatiqus. psr la Vicomte de Boane val, I voiome. I'ana. De Clercq et Vallet?Guide dea Consulate,! vol ume. Pai ia. Combe*?DiploBAtiiius Kuropeenne, 1 volume, Paris. Gaase et Janet*?Manuel des J ages de Com merce. 1 volume, Paria. \V beat on? Hiatoire de Droit das gsas, 9 i^muiioi, I^ipste. Meuaoli-Manuel Pratique da Consaiat.l voi ni, l.eipaio. Marten*?<iu ids Diplomat ia ae. t voiumea, Leip tie. Martena?Cauaet Celebr?.t du Droit des (ana. > volumes. Letpsio. Mortens?NouvelleaCauaes Cclsbresda Droit dee Gena, 2 volume*, I.eipz'C. De Cuaay ?Pluwea et Cajaea Celebres da Droit de* Gen*. 2 volume*, Ueipxie.. Moreuil?Dea Agent* Coasutairss, 1 volume, Pu na. He CuM*y ? du Diplomats. jan 13 FRANCE TAYLOR. PHILADELPHIA. W II.MINfiTON AND BAlTIMitRL RAU.ROaD. Paaseuger trampf.trPhiladelphia Ware Preaidoat street depot, Baitim.i e, daily, exoept Sunday*, a* follow*. Vig: Kxarea* Tia a at ?.ec a m.: Wey Ma. 1 Train at II o'o ock a m ; Mail stp m O i **u rays at i .& p. an. ntly. a I. ir?i?i conneei with New York tr-ins exoept 6 4 p. m. Sat urdays. FOH HAVRK HE U RACE ONLY (.save Bal imnn a 4. ? o'clock p. m. From Philadelphia ana. m.. I p. m.. and 11 p m. F>i H RKAPOkP. OKL. Pa?t.engera leaving Ma.t im ti e ?t a. m. ?neaeot at Wi!mirr?< n with ?. :i p. in. tra n and t>4& p. m. fr 'in Baltimore with * ? a. m. train. Pare from Baltimore to feaford dS.*? Ie6 tf WILLIAM CRAWPoRD. Agent. History of thk rkplbijc of tue I'aited Stat "a. aa traced in the wntiuga of AF li&iiuiioii; b> J?>liii C* HuhIUia, viiIvvmI, "ilT-ker'p Hiat ?rr <tf ths I mied Statea, voiamea 8YxwfwtiJeTefoleYl"' Soott Cues, by Tboa. H. ^The'U ueene of England and their Timee; hv Fran ?* I?uoelot. KB?.3 volume*, ??. V^traiU of my Mairied Fne^da; by Lr.ole Ben, ^r^ori*8 ror ths Home Cirole,' * centa. Thr -e D ty* in Mempkis.or Sk.eic.hea of the Pub h? aid Private l ifs oftae Old Egyptian* ; \j Dr. Uhltman, T5 oenta. Meeran* ilt*?: Rn". J^'niah Clemeos, |l. ^rtt^utries, 1 volume. 7S cents. Life at the WhiM Sulphar Spriaga: by Mary J W indie, T> oenta. perils ef Certaia "tirlith Pri?om rs, a Christmas story; by D-okena. 25 cents, An Aoeouut of the *nirthaouisL Inatitntion; by Wm. J. Eheea, to oagita. Aimanacti pranuaia dca FLata 1 aia. IBM. Vote. Jan I F R ANCK TtYLOl _ \flhfCE MRAT'-MINCF ME \T!! |V1 We havoauapplv of D?me?tio Minos Meat whioh nsnnet bs earpasaed.. _ " KING A HTECMKLL, 4 9 a>ma? mt tti?i Mid Vhim^i rvhi ba. JOHN F. KIJ.lS. So's ^?ent f. r l*alkt. I *' .a A Co.'sand Aluua A Clarku'a Puan***, **.. ??* Pa. Bvaafta, MM 1UU BUUOC iu 4 .